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Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

105 files

  1. Freckle Bitches!

    She's all grown up now!
    Straight out of Stilwater!
    Have a gut busting meal with some catchy tunes courtesy of the Mix 107.77!
    Don't forget to try our funbags for special Freckle Bitches Merchandise!
    courtesy of IllWireless we deliver now.
    (Load up the game- follow the quest)
    Located near Oberland Station.
    Bodyslide files Included for fusion girl 1.75+ and CBBE.

    NOTE: DO NOT START A NEW GAME WITH THIS MOD ENABLED. Enable it after you exit v111. I will try to fix this in an update.
    Future upgrades - Transform other smaller locations into Freckle Bitches.
    Feel free to upload this but you gotta credit me and buy someone booze!
    - FYI- I do plan to add a censored version to bethseda.net (Thats why you can change the cook's uniform).



  2. SCEE - Japanese House

    From Playstation Home, the Japanese House meets Fallout 4.



    House may be entered by locating the Teleportation beacon at the Concord Water Tower.



    House also features a workshop, credits to Straw! 

    Works well with V-Furniture


    Installation is simple. 
    Drop files into the data folder.
    Enable the mod in manager of choice.




  3. Sexy Skye Looksmenu Preset and save file

    Skye save game just before you exit vault 111


    LooksMenu Customization.esp
    Lots More Female Hairstyles.esp
    Motoko Hair.esp



  4. Kill Settlers without guilt

    Hello everyone,
    i like to play with harassment mods like the included module of M.C.G. or others similiar to this. But if it happen at your settlement, you cant get your revenge.
    With this one you can change this.



  5. Vault Meat Looksmenu Preset

    This adds a Looks menu preset under the name of: A_VaultMeat
    Mods Required:
    Looks Menu https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631
    Looks Menu Customization Compendium https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830
    The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/133
    Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126
    After that, you can just select the preset during character creation (default button R, located in the left lower corner in the UI) or using console command:
    slm player 1

    ShowLooksMenu player 1



  6. Woodfuzzy Croup Manor Bug Fixes & Clean up

    Fallout 4
    Anything that edits Croup Manor
    What it does:
    Bug fixes:
    Changes the build area a bit which in turn stops settlers from spawning in the ocean. Because we all know that "current" settlers spawn at the build/sandbox volume center.
    Cleaned up and fixes Bugthesda's navmesh errors. Now, the settlers will path the entire house.
    Other Tweaks:
    Repaired the house, cleaned it up and added a greenhouse with a few crops along with a boat dock out back. There's a couple Bobbleheads if you can find them, & a magazine.
    And before you ask, this mod doesn't break the precombines.. cause I rebuilt them. HA!



  7. Reign of Rain


    Not much to say about this. Made it for someone i love and does exactly what the name implies.

    With this installed, it should rain in 99.9% of the map, at all times.
    Highly likely to conflict with weather altering mods. Duh. No scripts whatsoever. Safe to install/uninstall as you please.
    Installation & Instructions
    Install with Vortex or MO2. Enable after leaving the vault and load its plugin dead last or as close to the bottom as possible if you need certain plugin/s to load last. Should work straight up after leaving the vault and enabling it. Teleport somewhere else or wait for a couple hours for it to take effect.
    Thanks & Credits
    @CGi & @dagobaking for guiding me through the tedious method for making this. @Nebuchadnezzer2 and @Adelphia for testing and helping with a couple fixes. Bethesda, because.. It just works.  



  8. Woodfuzzy Vault 111 Tweaks

    Nuka World
    Far Harbor
    Anything that edits the Cryo Vault, for the most part.
    It does work fine with Deviously Cursed Wasteland.
    What it does:
    The short version.... Well, lets just say this a bloody arse cheat mod that will get you killed. You get a VIP lane to the exit of the vault and some custom, very over powered, weapons.
    The detailed version...
    Father. having learned of origins, decided to have you released and give you an advantage over the cruel Commonwealth. At least it seems that way. You see, Shaun has no emotional attachment, and thus, you really are just an experiment. And he has a somewhat twisted sense of humor.

    After exiting the Cyro pod, your Pip-Boy will be right there. Equipping it will remove all the Radroaches in the Vault. (Yes you can still equip it running the Belted quest)
    When you open the first door you'll see a clear path to the exit. That's right.. no taking the long way around.
    At the entrance you'll find a table with custom modified weapons and some key supplies.
    To your right, you'll find an armor, chem and weapon workbenches that are well stocked.
    You'll notice the weapons are very over powered. But, they're not unique... thanks to Shaun.
    In the end... it's just for fun!

    Change Log:



  9. Tougher Raider Firepower

    One thing that annoys me in FO4 is how weak the Raiders are. For example I recently went through DB Tech at level 16 and hardly got a scratch, so I wanted to give them a bit more bite in their firepower.
    This is a simple mod to help make the Raider firepower a bit more powerful and so make them a bit tougher to deal with, but doesn’t turn them into bullet sponges or make them overpowered for low level characters.
    Vanilla low level raiders have a debuff so they only do 75% of normal damage. This has been removed and replaced with a buff to make them do 150% of normal damage. The same for all the other Raider levels, except for Legendary which I have left at its vanilla 125%.
    I tested with various settings at Normal game setting with a level 1 and level 17 pc and 150% seemed to be around the best, but it’s easy to adjust in xEdit or CK if you want to increase the values (just change the perk). Bear in mind that if you play on Very Hard or Survival then you may find the first Raider encounter at Concord rather interesting as the incoming damage factor will go from 2 to 3.
    It’s safe to remove or change mid game as there are no scripts and it simply changes the perks in the Raider templates.
    Many thanks to @EgoBallistic for pointing me in the right direction as to what files needed to be looked at.



  10. Woodfuzzy's Vault 101 Settlement

    This is my Vault 101 settlement from Nexus, but has been updated and fixed. The version on Nexus is outdated, and since... well.. we wont get into that shite.

    Vault Tec Workshop DLC

    Settlement Features:

    Vault 101 jump suits and Pip-Boy creates to outfit your settlers

    101 Power & 101 Water. (See what I did there...don't worry, the cheese doesn't end there)

    Radio Beacon.. just wire it up.

    Settlement attacks and MM/Help quests have been disabled.

    2 Beds: 1 in the Overseers and 1 under the stairs. (Might upload a fully cluttered to hell version later.)

    All clutter is lootable. Well.. most of it anyway.

    Some interesting items not normally found...a few items will only show up after you reach xx level.

    A fun little Find the Keys challenge. (Hint: crank up that Pick Pocket perk!)

    1 Brahmin and 2 pet Radstags.

    Idle markers all over the place. But not a silly amount!
    I tried to place them where they wont interfere with settlement stuff.

    The diner  booths have been fixed so the plates/clipboards are on TOP of the table instead of inside it. Each booth
    only seats 2, this prevents settlers writing on their neighbors food.

    The Overseers terminal has a bit of ramblings..
    Use whatever MM you want, or install manually. It's only 2 files for Pete's sake. LOL
    Any mod that edits the top left world cell.
    I'd like to thank the thousands of settlers that selflessly gave their pixels in the creation of this mod. A virtual plaque will be place in the bathroom.. once we have enough donations.
    And an honorable mention to the couple dozen Deathclaws who's lives were snuffed out, but in the end, was for no reason. (didn't use em)
    Change Log:



  11. Red Rocket Luxurious Underground Living Estate/Russian translation

    Red Rocket Luxurious Underground Living Estate/Роскошный подвал Красной Ракеты
    Перевод на русский язык мода Red Rocket Luxurious Underground Living Estate от Reginald_001
    - Полностью оформленное и оптимизированное жилое пространство.
    - Полноценный последователь (который работает вне системы последователей, поэтому вы можете нанять любого другого, кого захотите, в свою команду)
    - 2 синтетических кошки со способностями "Гипер-Бой"  и  "Лазерный глаз" по имени Майло и Люси.
    - WORKSHOP DLC (!)
    Содержит только файл ESP.



  12. Bunker Hills

    This is for a female play.

    What it does, is to change 2 female workers to male and adding 4 male npc to the location.
    Thats it.
    It it serves your game play, maybe this tiny alteration can enhance it.
    Anyway, not special requirements for this.



  13. Wutpickels AtomicGirl Bimbo

    Looksmenu preset.
    Should be going into this folder if you run Vortex. Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Presets
    Otherwise you can install it with MO2.

    It may be helpful if you use 2K textures to use this file if you use any 2K textures.
    Looks Menu Customization Compendium at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
    There two optional files that will help, so you do not get the buggy face.



  14. Wutpickels Uma Looksmenu Preset

    Looksmenu preset.
    Should be going into this folder if you run Vortex. Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Presets
    Otherwise you can install it with MO2.

    It may be helpful if you use 2K textures to use this file if you use any 2K textures.
    Looks Menu Customization Compendium at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
    There two optional files that will help, so you do not get the buggy face.



  15. Wutpickels Gina

    Looksmenu preset.
    Should be going into this folder if you run Vortex. Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Presets
    Otherwise you can install it with MO2.

    It may be helpful if you use 2K textures to use this file if you use any 2K textures.
    Looks Menu Customization Compendium at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
    There two optional files that will help, so you do not get the buggy face.



  16. Dugouts Secret Room

    Well, i hadn't anything to do on my weekend. So i thought i create a small room of Dugout's bar. This should be space that wasn't used by the game. Just big enough for a bed.
    Purpose? None. Though you could use it for some special time. Or just sleep without paying.
    I tested it a little and seems to work fine. All assets are Fallout 4 assets. So there isn't anything special added.
    I hope it works for you too as it does for me.

    p,s, an NPC is using it right now. Not sure if i can make them not use it besides locking it.



  17. Kelly Drifter

    Looksmenu preset.
    Should be going into this folder if you run Vortex. Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\Presets
    Otherwise you can install it with MO2.

    It may be helpful if you use 2K textures to use this file if you use any 2K textures.
    Looks Menu Customization Compendium at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
    There two optional files that will help, so you do not get the buggy face.



  18. Diamond City Male Change

    This is a very simple mod that i made mainly for myself.

    What does it do?
    It will change existing prop female NPC into male. 
    Additionally, i added some male NPC. Though they are copies of existing NPC, i tried to give them some other uniforms.
    No, quest individuals were altered.

    I am currently working on changing their faces which is not that easy.
    Mainly, it supposed to enhance female character play. Though perhaps it can also enhance same sex play. More opportunities.

    This was just made with the Creation Kit. So nothing special at all. Just takes time.
    I tried out some mods that add NPC, but they did not work for me. 
    So use it with caution. It should work best with a new game start. It does not change anything as far as i can tell.
    P.s. i am just learning to mod and scratching the surface of modding. Anyone can do something like that anyway.



  19. Eli's Armour Compendium precombines for Commonwealth Reclamation Project

    Eli's Armour compendium is an excellent mod, but breaks precombines in the area around Diamond City, one of the most performance taxing in game. There's a patch for vanilla FO4 on Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37260
    This patch provides rebuilt precombines for Commonwealth Reclamation Project (available through ShadowOfTheWind's discord)
    Required mods:
    - Eli's Armour Compendium
    - Commonwealth Reclamation Project
    Plugin flagged as ESL, load after CRP1.esp



  20. Assorted Mods by Invictusblade

    so as Some of you know, I am going on an extended break (I don't know if I am coming back to modding(I do like modding but the game is pissing me off))
    I decided to share some of my other mods
    Haircut Mod
    one of the things I attempted to do with Random Overlay Framework is to add different Haircuts to the game. (so an random Raider could have a haircut from KSHair for example)
    and this project ended in failure because of two reasons
    1. It would only affect Unique NPC's
    2. when I made the mod for Advanced Hair Mods such as KSHair, it has a serious issue with Extra Hair parts (Hats, Ponytails, etc) that the extra parts couldn't be removed afterwards
    so the mod posted uses hairs from the base and DLC's and require one of the haircut magazines (Not sure which) and you can craft an Aid item which will randomly change your hair cut.
    BodyGen_DeadBodies - Raw
    so hands up, if you have the disappeared dead body bug,
    this is cause by using BodyGen to generate different shaped bodies
    and when it reads a dead body, it freaks out and doesn't update it
    (at least, this is what I think it does)
    so here is my patch to prevent that
    Raw (you will have to source the clothing yourself)
    but there is a few steps before this works
    1. copy and rename from \Data\Meshes\actors\character\characterassets
    MaleBody to MaleBody_dead
    FemaleBody to FemaleBody_dead
    2. find an assorted clothing mod (such as Eli's or GrafPanzer's Classy Chassis Outfits)
    Build them to NOT have Body morphs
    and put the leveled lists into the Dead_bah_LL in the mod
    BodyGen_DeadBodies - GrafPanzer's Version
    so hands up, if you have the disappeared dead body bug,
    this is cause by using BodyGen to generate different shaped bodies
    and when it reads a dead body, it freaks out and doesn't update it
    (at least, this is what I think it does)
    so here is my patch to prevent that
    GrafPanzer's version (I really like this series of mods)
    I use all of GrafPanzer's clothing mods(Cheeky, Foxy, vulgar, and saucy) and I use both downloads
    Replacer for everyone living
    Craftable for the dead (I also added Player_cannotEquip keyword to them as well)
    and then rework the recipes to turn the Craftable into the replacer (so reverse them)
    but there is a few steps before this works
    1. copy and rename from \Data\Meshes\actors\character\characterassets
    MaleBody to MaleBody_dead
    FemaleBody to FemaleBody_dead
    2. find an assorted clothing mod (GrafPanzer's Classy Chassis Outfits)
    you need to download the mods from this author here->
    Build the craftable clothing to NOT have Body morphs
    My Tattoos Overlays
    I love Overlays, I loved making them
    and here is my personal file of Overlays (it should work)
    (I based it of another overlay mod)
    it contains content from XXX, Manga, Comics and Other Games as well as Random Fallout content
    as well as other peoples work whom I am big fans of such as Dialup Hero (btw when I made this, I thought he was finished)
    this contains a blank file for non Random Overlay Framework
    as well as Random Overlay Framework version
    Boston Breeder - Main
    I am a big fan of Boston Breeders, I love the concept of micro stories in the commonwealth
    but there are issues with the mod, Mainly the Loose Blank Voice Files (and issues with that)
    so here is a 10meg file that unpacks to a 1gig file (this should speed things up if you have issues at startup)
    1. check the /sound/voice/ folder of Your Fallout 4 Data (there should be two folders that look like /sound/voice/Boston Breeder.esp & /sound/voice/Fallout4.esm)
    2. delete both folders (I believe that Boston Breeder is the only mod to use the /Fallout4.esm/ folder)
    3. unpack zip into Data (so Boston Breeder - Main is next to Boston Breeder.esp)
    btw there is a chance that I missed some voice files (but i don't know what it does)



  21. FO4 Starlight Drive In Blueprint

    Here is the Blueprint for my Starlight Drive in settlement for Fallout 4. Mod required to import the settlement is Transfer Settlements which can be found here. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22442
    That is the only hard requirement of course, however I used assets from the following mods.

    The plugins listed are not hard requirements, if you do not have them installed it will skip adding the items. I believe the option to skip mod items exists in the Import menu for Transfer Settlements. To better explain if you want/need each of them, here is what each added.
    ArmorKeywords - Added the Armorsmith Crafting table, used to avoid using the Chemical crafting station for various downloadable Armor.
    Homemaker - Added various new lights, trees, hedge fence, and stairs. (Highly recommend)
    BetterStores - Adds the Neon Signs shown in the picture as well as various objects in the settlement (Highly Recommend)
    Eli_Crafting Shiz (Can be found listed as Crafting Fury 9000 on Nexus) - Adds various objects to the settlement
    Colored Workshop Lights - Adds the colored lights like above.
    Very easy, Unzip the folder and paste it into -> Fallout 4 -> Data -> F4SE -> Plugins -> TransferSettlements -> Blueprints
    In Game craft the Transfer Settlements tape in the Chemical Crafting station, go to Starlight Drive in after its been cleared of Mole Rats and claimed as a settlement. You will want to scrap all the cars, the radioactive barrels in the water, the speaker poles, and perhaps all the skeletons. You will also need to go into the Screen building and scrap all the shelves in the locked backroom as well as the fridge, grill, and crib in the side room, otherwise Crafting tables will be clipping thru them.
    Use the Transfers Settlement tape and chose Import and pick file 12, should be labeled Octavia Starlight etc (basically the name of the character who built that settlement). Shouldn't need to touch any of the options and import it as is, but like I said, if any of the addons are not present, might be able to click an option to not attempt to import them. The mod will import the settlement in a rather flashy way. Best thing to do once its imported is Fast Travel away, stay a night, and Fast Travel back and things should be situated.
    Highly recommend the mod Scrap Everything. It allows for things that normally cannot be scrapped, like those pesky Mole Rat holes. Just be careful as you can scrap the entire building and projector and even the roads in any settlement. There might be a safer version out there but this is what I have been using for years to clear unwanted clutter from settlements.
    Many objects were placed into walls or the floor using a mod called Place, allows for actions such as the Water purifier that is currently buried into the water and Wood/Concrete foundation placed over it. (originally was open beneath it but settlers would phase thru the floors and roam around in the water beneath the floor).
    The blueprints take up the courtyard between the Projector and the Screen and doesn't add anything to the buildings themselves. The crafting Tables are located in the back 2 rooms of the Screen itself. The center of the settlement has 9 planters with the various food needed to make the Adhesive item in the cooking station plus a few extra types. Should provide a total of 24 food if fully staffed.
    Side building has 3 stores, level 3 Trader, Level 2 Weapon, Level 3 Armor. Main building lower level has the Bar on the right side as well as a Medic station, assuming you have Homemaker (Medic's station is the rug in the left corner) and Better Stores for the Bar. Left side of the bar is the players house, tried to make something like a interlocking door system. Lock the outer door when you are home to keep people out of your place, and lock the inner door when you leave (mostly for Roleplaying, I've come home to Settlers sleeping in my bed).
    On either side of the lower level and the upper level are settler homes, I left the far right room on the lower level with a open wall to the bar so the bartender could walk into their own room, just need to assign it to the bartender. Should be beds suitable for 14.
    Turrets are set in the most common attack spots, the hedge fence behind the Settlement tables shed keeps most enemies at bay long enough for the turrets and defenders to clear them while the turrets on the opposite side and the guard stations to defend the other side. In my game I have 2 guards, one set for the 2 larger guard towers on either side and the one closer to the gate and they patrol between them and one loan guard in the middle. There is a turret at the very top of the Screen, for those curious why the hell thats there, well I use a mod True Storms and for the Rad Storms option I enabled Ghoul Swarms, 30% during a Rad Storm that packs of ghouls will begin spawning, they tend to spawn up there so that turret clears them out.
    The Settlement is as current "finished" tho I have been tweaking it here and there in my play thru, its what has been my players home in my current play thru and is the state of it when I exported it (hence the lvl 2 weapon seller). If people just want a bare bones version of the settlement without decorations, crafting stations, trader posts etc, I could upload one, but its easier if you did it yourself. Just make a save, import it, scrap what you don't want, export it to a new file, reload the save and import the clean location.
    Credits go to the various modders who made the plugins. Feel free to change and alter the design, just don't upload it on the Nexus or here claiming it as your own. Any questions feel free to make a post or message me.



  22. Dynamic Cinematic Face Lights

    Automatically adds a light to faces during dialogue when it's dark!
    Fully configurable. 15 different light combinations (5 colors, 3 intensities).
    How to use the mod
    You can install the mod at any time in your game progress. The mod will 'unlock' once you load your game and move into a new area. You will receive a new (settings) keyworded holotape in your inventory, which you can use to configure the lights with.

    Compatible with all other face light mods
    Note: This mod is primarily meant as aid during gameplay. It's not meant as a tool for beautification shots (but it can be used that way when in dialogue). The light is not bound to players or NPC's and cannot be turned on permanently.

    Light Intensity Configuration
    You can configure the light to 3 intensities: Dark, Normal and Bright.

    Light Placement Configuration
    You can configure the light to 4 preset locations:

    - Low (Chest height)
    - Medium (Right above face height) (Recommended setting)
    - High (Above head)
    - Very High (High above head)

    Important: The light will always be placed between you and your first dialogue target.

    KNOWN ISSUE: With 'High' and 'Very high' the light sometimes is not visible in areas with a low ceiling.

    When to trigger the light to appear Configuration
    You can configure the light to trigger as follows:

    - Always during Dialogue (Recommended setting)
    - Only when it's Dark (light level is beneath 50%)
    - Only when it's Very Dark (light level is beneath 25%)
    - Only during night time (From 18:00 - 08:00)

    Important: When triggered to dynamically turn on/off depending on light level. The script will check the AVERAGE light level between you and the NPC's you are talking to. If you are 100% in the light and your NPC is 0% in the light, then the average calculated will be 50%.

    KNOWN ISSUE: The light could 'blink' on and off when NPC's or players are standing under the shadow of a tree.

    Install like any other mod. Use vortex or another mod manager.
    You can safely uninstall this mod AFTER disabling it through the holotape.



  23. Albino & Two More Dark Skin Options

    2020-12-25 - New Section - Screenshots Added - Other Information
    Three screenshots have now been added to better illustrate the new skin tones that were added, one for each of them. From left to right: Albino, Black & Very Dark. I hope that these screenshots assists people in wondering if this mod will help them create the character of their choice. If not, please let me know. Also, as these skin tones are "color forms" no different than the typical skin tones found in the menu, they should work for any type of model (CBBE, Fusion Girl, Jane Bod, etc.).
    For those who may not be adept at using the console commands to get to the 'looks menu' after you have initiially created your character in-game, the command is "showlooksmenu 14 1". This is how the screenshots shown here were created (my apologies for the Albino screenshot... She was very fidget-y!).
    2020-12-25 -End New Section - Screenshots Added - Other Information
    This is an .ESP that adds three additional skin tones to the Human race (namely, you): Albino, Very Dark & Black. All three are "color forms" (Creation Kit's terminology) that were already in Creation Kit but I have simply repurposed them to be available for use when creating a character. "Albino" is simply the "white" color form relabeled; "Very Dark" is unchanged (for whatever reason, Bethesda created it but never implemented it as an option); "Black" is literally the "black" color form but capitalized because I hear that capitalizing the word 'black' is the politically correct thing to do these days.
    The compressed package used 7-zip; Use that program to decompress the zip. Just place the .ESP in your DATA folder or use a mod manager. Remember to 'activate' the mod so that the game knows to use the mod with your game. I don't know why simply editing in 3 additional skin tones caused the ESP to be 127k un-zipped.
    Please do not re-distribute; It's merely a simple file and I want to see if this becomes popular; If so, I may include more colorforms in a future edition. Thanks.



  24. Encounter Zones Adjusted

    I personally find many of the locations unbalanced as they are capped at a very low level, so if you visit them at a higher level you can virtually just cough and the bad guys fall dead.
    This mod simply removes the many of location level caps, so when you visit you will get enemies at your appropriate level (e.g. Corvega upper level goes from L5 to L99) minimum stays the same at L1 so it scales with the pc.
    I have left a few (like Concord) at its vanilla setting (max level 5) for users of mods like AAF Violate for easy pickings if your gear gets robbed and you need to re-equip.
    I have also lowered the lower limit at three locations:
    Revere Satellite Array – you get this mission (BoS Lost Patrol) at an early level and although I have completed it a number of times it gets very tedious slowly drawing out high level Mutants, so I have lowered it from minimum 35 to level 10).
    Castle – L35 to L20 as it’s a bit tedious
    University Point L35 to L25 as you usually get this at fairly early in the Railroad quest line so it’s a bit overpowered at L35 in my view
    If you don’t like the minimum level changes then just revert them back to L35 with FO4Edit.
    One of the issues that also dogs FO4 (same with Skyrim) is that once you enter an area it’s level is fixed for the whole game, so I would recommend also using Encounter Zone Recalculation by Ea6t (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45674) which resets the zone when you return after a cell reset.
    This mod has no scripts and simply changes the vanilla levels so is safe to add or remove at any point in the game, but best early on to get the full effect. It should be compatible with all other mods except those that also change min/max location levels
    The DLC have not been adjusted so are not necessary for this mod and some locations were not changed as they were already maxed out or seemed inappropriate.



  25. Black Male Raiders

    Wanderlust's All Black Male Raiders

    Are you into interracial BDSM? Does the inclusion of BBC themed tats in Tattoos for Captives but not much opportunity to get fucked by black guys disappoint you? Well, despair no longer!

    This mod attempts to replace all vanilla raiders with new black characters made with faceripper and vanilla assets. As of V2 it seems to be completely working and I've made unique faces for each entry so I consider this complete unless something breaks.
    Recommended Mods
    I'm also using Male Takeover, I have not modified raider female records. If you want the raiders to be 100% black men, you'll need to use MTO's Enemy Males.
    To spawn more raiders without changing leveled lists or stats, I recomend you use Endless Warfare
    Anything else that modifies the default raider entries may cause issues with this mod. 

    The mod doesn't add any scripts, it just overwrites the default raider facegen data from the fallout4 esm. It should be safe to install/uninstall as needed but I make no garuantees!



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