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Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. diamont city radio replacement

    Diamont city radio replacement
    Beach party
    french house, funky house, house, electro house, progressive house, EDM, synthpop, dance pop, electropop, future bass, future rave, deep house
    To enable mods:
    Change Fallout4.ini (located in the same folder that your saves folder is in) 
    where sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ 
    sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, textures\, meshes\, scripts\, sound\, music\, misc\, shadersfx\, interface\, programs\, materials\



  2. 100 Custom Songs For 2029 Radio - Pipboy Custom Radio

    100 canciones personalizadas para la radio 2029 - Pipboy Custom Radio s50, s60, s70
    1. descargue e instale la canción 2029 Radio - Pipboy Custom Radio 100 by backporter
    2.elimina las canciones que viene con
    3.instale o copie 100 canciones personalizadas para la radio 2029 - Pipboy Custom Radio
    I recommend this mod Useable Turntable by TheRealKrisJay



  3. Invisible Dead Body Fixer

    so I have finally made an invisible dead body fixer that (should) work on every dead NPC in the game (including all mods)
    so the mod is extremely simple
    install it and run it
    so the basic idea of the mod is that it will equip and unequip an invisible armor piece on a dead body, which will force the body to reappear.
    and this will be maintained for a short while until you decide to move on.
    More details
    So a new game isn't required but be aware that existing dead NPCs will remain invisible. (This mod adds an armor piece upon spawn)
    This mod also contains a mechanic to cancel this fix (for performance reasons)
    if you are outside of 8192 units(a three to five-ish minute walk) of the dead NPC, the next load will start the cancellation of the script, and then the load after will revert the NPC to its invisible state.
    (you can resume the fix by going to the body, go into Console, Click on the NPC, and type 'equipitem armor_Tick' and enter)
    You need the latest version of Robco Patcher (At least v3.5)
    because while the script and mod is easy, the distribution of it is the insanely hard part.
    Thanks to aGuycalledB's Project PACER for some of the screenshots (needed to test modded corpses)
    Please note, the screenshots are in the correct order. and I am using my other mod called Random Overlay Framework to define the invisible bodies.
    Please let me know if there is any issues or complains



  4. IKAROS Androids Immersive 1st Person Item Fix

    This mod does the same thing that gamefever's First Person Items Fix-Realistic-Immersive-Awesome already does for the normal human race.
    The mod adds more slots to the IKAROS Android race that are displayed in the first person view.
    This results in a more immersive first person view that shows more than just the gloves your character is wearing.
    This works for accessories like watches, bracelets, sleeves and tops that use the slots seen in the picture.





  5. Dark Furry Main Menu replacer

    It simply replaces the main menu with a meme I found cropped and edited.
    The video is still in 720 pixels cant change it much. Will keep working on it.
    I don't know the rules for copyright here but if the original creator of either the video or song wants them down then down they will go.
    Original Video and song



  6. Loading Screens for All 130 Base Game Skill Magazine Issues (With Limited Rotation)

    This is an alternate version of my mod Maximum Chance & Less Rotation for Skill Magazine Loading Screens which I made because I got a bit bored looking at the same 17 skill magazine loading screens over and over again. What it does:
    1) Adds loading screens for all 113 base game skill magazine issues that didn't have one before so now the game has 130 to pick from.
    2) Sets the chance value for skill magazine loading screens to 99 percent so almost all loading screens will feature skill magazines.
    3) Limits the automatic rotation of the skill magazine loading screens so you only see the front and not the boring blank back cover.
    The mod is of course intended to be used with mods that replace the vanilla skill magazine textures such as Yet Another Adult Magazine Cover Replacer, but if you're just a huge fan of the vanilla magazine covers you can of course use it without a texture replacer as well.



  7. Extended Mechanist's Lair

    I hid all of my mods from Nexus in July 2021 to protest the removal of mod deletion. People still ask me for them on occasion, so I'm reuploading them to various alternative sites. I have no idea if this still works, as I haven't done modding for Bethesda games in years, so use at your own risk.
    Original description from Nexus:
    This mod extends the settlement boundaries of the Mechanist's Lair by approximately 100x, which should be enough to cover the entire interior.

    Place this mod below DLCRobot.esm in your load order.



  8. The Omnicidal Maniac Mod - Kill Everyone

    I hid all of my mods from Nexus in July 2021 to protest the removal of mod deletion. People still ask me for them on occasion, so I'm reuploading them to various alternative sites. I have no idea if this still works, as I haven't done modding for Bethesda games in years, so use at your own risk.
    Original description from Nexus:
    Warning: I am not responsible if you break your save by killing a quest-critical NPC.

    Do you want to kill all the NPC's in Fallout 4? Do you agree not to file a bug report when you irreparably break your game? Then have I got the mod for you!

    Does exactly what you think it does; allows you to kill any NPC, including essential ones [with the exception of children and NPCs you can't actually access.]

    Put at the top of your load order.



  9. SSEX Settlement Keywords Patch

    I hid all of my mods from Nexus in July 2021 to protest the removal of mod deletion. People still ask me for it on occasion, so I'm reuploading it to various alternative sites. I have no idea if this still works, as I haven't done modding for Bethesda games in years, so use at your own risk.
    Original description from Nexus:
    Patch to make SSEX compatible with Settlement Keywords. Place after Safe SSEx.esp and Settlement Keywords.esm in load order.



  10. Fallout 4 NPCs Reworked

    A mod that changes nearly every base game NPC's ethnicity to one of European descent A total of 21 NPCs.
    A total List of the 21 NPCs:
    Knight Sergeant Gavil Knight Lucia Senior Scribe Neriah Horatio Holt Combes Cedric Hopton Daniel Finch Jake Finch Abby Finch Eustace Hawthorne Pastor Clemments Jun Long Preston Captain Kells Glory X688 George Cooper Clair Hutchins Rufus Rubins Barnes  
    Read README for Master requirements



  11. Videos for VotW - Classic Cartoons

    Adds 3 holotapes and reels featuring Classic Disney Cartoons from the 1930's to play with the Videos of the Wasteland Plugin!
    This is my first non-adult mod for VoTW, but I do have many adult mods for it, if you are interested in those you should check the files page in my profile!
    Videos of the Wasteland is required for the holotapes, and the DriveIn plugin for the reels! You can download it in the link below:
    A sample:

    Untitled video.mp4    
    I do these silly mods for personal use, and I will always share them for free. But if you want to donate, here's how:
    Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/AVAX Networks 0x370A2080579bfc1882669496ceDFA951A9b6Ee38

    Wax Network q34na.c.wam

    Solana Network AA7bzP5ykR9Nyjo3R7PxuQ3oQ5RKcxZ4HKUSxs8bJshM



  12. "Mother" Shaun is your daughter, not your son.

    "Father" is now "Mother"
    Mother's looks are still dependent on the looks of your characters, and your installed textures, and other mods. Your Mother will not look like mine.
    Mine is using the mod "Genetical Father", and the last screenshot shows her mother, who is created from my preset found here:
    Also consider using female X6-88, alternate version refers to Shaun as "Mother" and female pronouns for this mod.
    The extra file (2KB) can replace mother.esp if you want the 10 year old Shaun and Synth to be female. 



  13. Virgil's FEV mishap. Female voiced

    When Virgil takes the cure for his mutanism, there are some side-effects.
    "There were some side effects to the process. I seem to have hair again. And I've grown some nice tits."
    ^Yes, that is said in-game. His tape is still read in his male voice, as it should be.
    The voice is from Liara, so the inflection is jittery/Adderall  especially combined with the AI speech. I chose it because it kind of matches. 



  14. Rad Morphing Redux Trigger: Cleavage

    Simple on/off equipped slots trigger (player and companions) for Rad Morphing Redux.
    Checks equipping and unequipping of user-specified slots on the player as well as active companions and lets Rad Morphing Redux know whether any of the slots are occupied or if they are all empty.
    Inspired by @sullysam's idea for a pushup effect toggle.
    Rad Morphing Redux - without RMR this mod does nothing. MCM - to configure the slots to observe and the keyword sent to RMR.  
    Install with your mod manager of choice. Then configure the armor slots to observe in MCM.
    By default the trigger uses the name "Cleavage: Player" and "Cleavage: Companion Name" (e.g., "Cleavage: Piper").
    Uninstall with your mod manager of choice.
    Without setting up armor slots to observe in the trigger's MCM and a slider set in RMR, this mod does nothing.
    Open this mod's MCM. Pick the actor you want to configure. Define the armor slots to observe.
    Separate multiple slots with | (e.g., 9|11|15).
    When any of the slots are occupied, the trigger value will be 100%.
    When all of the slots are empty, the trigger value will be 0%.
    This trigger will only ever have one of those two values. Open RMR's MCM. Configure a slider set to use the Cleavage trigger (or the trigger name you set in this mod's MCM).
    Since the trigger value is either 0% or 100%, the thresholds should be at 0% and 100%.  
    Source Code
    Source code is provided with the mod.



  15. Rad Morphing Redux Helper

    Helper tool to set up slider sets and body morphing for Rad Morphing Redux.
    With RMR Helper you can completely configure Rad Morphing Redux and preview the morph changes without starting Fallout 4.
    Completely configure Rad Morphing Redux Preview morphs at all stages via BodySlide Automatically set up RMR slider sets to morph from one body preset into another Load, save, switch between multiple RMR configurations  

    Rad Morphing Redux BodySlide  
    Install with your mod manager of choice.
    The application should end up in .../Data/Tools/RmrHelper/
    Uninstall with your mod manager.
    RMR Helper does not interact in any way with the game itself, so it does not affect your savegames.
    How to use
    Start BodySlide Open the preview window Select the body (naked body or an outfit for that body) and preset you are using The BodySlide window does not have to be in the foreground, but must not be minimized. Start RMR Helper (your current RMR configuration is automatically loaded) Select the body you are using Select the preset you are using Use the Triggers tab to add additional triggers and change the trigger value to morph BodySlide's preview Use the Slider Sets tab to configure your slider sets. Descriptions for each settings can be found on RMR's mod page. Use the Overrides tab to configure overrides for the slider sets (see Global Overrides in RMR's settings). Preset-to-Preset ...
    Let RMR Helper automatically set up sliders to morph from the current preset into a second preset. Reconnect BodySlide
    If you opened RMR Helper before BodySlide or for other reasons RMR Helper loses track of BodySlide, click here to find it again. Save RMR INI
    Save the current settings into the MCM ini file used by Fallout 4 Save as ...
    Save the current settings into a file somewhere on your system. Open ...
    Open an MCM ini file from somewhere on your system.  
    Apparently using RMR Helper with MO2 is a little more complicated. Thanks to @Chupacabra Gonzales for providing a quick how-to.
    Starting with version 1.1.0 of RmrHelper, a log file is generated in the same directory as the application. If you are experiencing issues getting RMR Helper to work, please provide the log file (.../Data/Tools/RmrHelper/RmrHelper_log.log) for investigation.
    Source Code
    The full source code is available on GitHub.



  16. Rad Morphing Redux Trigger: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats trigger for Rad Morphing Redux.
    Periodically checks the player's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and informs Rad Morphing Redux about the current values.
    Rad Morphing Redux - without RMR this mod does nothing. MCM - to configure frequency and the keyword sent to RMR.  
    Install with your mod manager of choice.
    By default the trigger uses the prefix "SPECIAL" followed by a colon, space, and the name of each stat (e.g. "SPECIAL: Strength") and updates every 10 seconds.
    The prefix and the update interval can be changed through MCM.
    Uninstall with your mod manager of choice.
    If you want to make sure the timer is stopped and event listeners unregistered, call Shutdown on the mod's quest before uninstalling.
    cqf LenARMT_Rads_Main Shutdown  
    Source Code
    Source code is provided with the mod.



  17. Rad Morphing Redux Trigger: Rads

    Radiation trigger for Rad Morphing Redux.
    Periodically checks the player's radiation and informs Rad Morphing Redux about the current radiation value.
    Rad Morphing Redux - without RMR this mod does nothing. MCM - to configure frequency and the keyword sent to RMR.  
    Install with your mod manager of choice.
    By default the trigger uses the name "Rads" and updates every 10 seconds.
    Both of these settings can be changed through MCM.
    Uninstall with your mod manager of choice.
    If you want to make sure the timer is stopped and event listeners unregistered, call Shutdown on the mod's quest before uninstalling.
    cqf LenARMT_Rads_Main Shutdown  
    Source Code
    Source code is provided with the mod. The full project including build scripts for VSCode is available on GitHub.



  18. Prettier NPC Bosses

    What is this?
    This mod changes the (facial) appearance of (some) unique female NPCs to be more appealing. (See the sceens for examples)
    Check this handy list to keep track of your captured/not yet captured Unique NPCs, created by Furfi:
    Currently altered NPCs are (also included in the list above):
    If you know more of some other unique Raiders/Gunners or some other hostile/non hostile NPCs that you'd like to be altered in similar fashion, put a comment in, and I'll see about adding them to list.
    Mainly for using in conjunction with mods like: Human Resources, Just Business etc. this makes your unique slaves more appealing.
    I also highly recommend using something like: A Bit Prettier Gunners Faces & A Bit Prettier Raider Faces.
    Another recommendation: Toothpick Stretching Mouth Bug Fix
    If you are having issues with multiple conflicting Leveled list etc. edits, use Wrye Bash, it'll solve that.
    Files come packed into BA2 archive.
    Reruired Mods:
    MiscHairstyle1.6 Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar KS Hairdos - Addon(s) with Physics Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair Kat's New Hairstyles Looks Menu Customization Compendium The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition HiPoly Faces REDUX  

    If you need to clean up your save from un-used records from disabled mods etc. please use the Resaver to clean up your saves.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.



  19. Companion Ivy Main Menu Replacer

    This replaces the main menu background with Ivy's cellar. And replaces the main them with her 'affinity' music.
    That will be all.
    Thank you for downloading.
    Have fun using it.



  20. CRACKLE — Russian Translation

    Original mod made by @Tentacus

    Дальше будет перевод описания оригинального мода.
    Что это:
    Мне казалось, что в Fallout 4 чего-то не хватает. Я начинаю много новых игр, где моему персонажу нечего делать и некуда идти. Часто я использую свой легкий альтернативный стартовый мод DLYH. Много раз я оказывался под дождем и натыкался на костер. Обычно я ролеплею, что благодарен за тепло, но сама игра не дает мне такой обратной связи, и через некоторое время такое своевольное "создание собственной забавы" надоедает, поэтому я подумал: "А что если огоньки сделают хоть что-то... Что угодно... Пусть даже очень маленькое". И я сделал этот небольшой мод.
    Что мод делает:
    Облучение и тепло:
    Теперь, когда вы встретите в мире открытый огонь, например, костер, костер или бочку с огнем, он даст вам небольшой бонус к выносливости и дополнительную защиту от болезней в режиме выживания. Вам придется немного посидеть у огня, чтобы согреться, прежде чем начнется эффект, но после того, как он начнется, он будет действовать до тех пор, пока вы находитесь рядом, и в течение нескольких минут после того, как вы уйдете (меньше, если идет дождь). Защита от болезней особенно полезна, если вы едите перед костром или спите у него. Лично я считаю, что это очень реалистично и захватывающе.
    Дождь теперь будет охлаждать вас. Это не имеет отрицательных последствий, за исключением того, что если вы слишком замерзнете, вам потребуется больше времени, чтобы согреться у костра и получить бафф. Если вы замерзли, а костра нет, то нахождение под укрытием будет медленно согревать вас, пока вы не перестанете получать штраф за время пребывания у костра. Я не считал нужным делать дождь более наказуемым, так как в ванильной игре уже повышается шанс заболевания от пребывания под дождем. Это также работает со снегом.
    Плавание делает вас мокрым, что делает вас холодным. Вы медленно согреетесь в холод, если выглянет солнце, а также в укрытии, но вы не согреетесь без костра ночью, если только не находитесь под укрытием, однако вы высохнете от мокрого до просто холодного (если нет дождя).
    Добывать древесину, с возможными опасными встречами. Однако если ваши ноги искалечены, вы не сможете этого сделать!
    Он работает с кострами в мире, а также с мастерским костром и костровой бочкой, добавленной Wasteland Workshop. Он также работает из коробки со следующими модами для кемпинга:
    Kitcat's camping gear (Рекомендованно. Костры и палатки в качестве укрытия! Получите предмет "Дрова" и руководство из MCM, а затем добывайте древесину!)
    Campsite (костры, заготавливайте растопки вместо дров)
    Advanced needs 2 (Костры)
    Buildable burning campfires and fireplaces (Костры)
    Сидите или спите везде, с сохранением режима выживания:
    Теперь вы можете сидеть на земле или на большинстве ровных поверхностей, когда захотите. У вас есть несколько положений на выбор, включая раненое положение. После того как вы сядете, вам будет предложено меню. Вы можете либо просто сидеть и смотреть вокруг с помощью управляемой камеры, либо ждать с промежутками в один час или пять. В отличии от ванильного ожидания это мгновенное, что позволяет реально экономить время. (Используемый метод безопасен и будет правильно продвигать ИИ и скрипты, он же используется при заготовке дров) Когда вы закончите сидеть и встанете. (Снова откройте меню, нажав горячую клавишу/MCM) Если вы ждали, игра сохранится.
    Теперь вы можете спать на земле (и на большинстве ровных поверхностей), а также на скамейках и диванах. Мод использует AAF, который сканирует местность на наличие диванов и скамеек, на которых вы можете спать. Если таковых не найдено, вы спите на земле (или на любом другом месте, где вы стоите). По умолчанию вы будете прикрепляться к мебели только в 75% случаев. Если вы хотите, вы можете увеличить этот процент до 99 в AAF.ini, но если вы это сделаете, я советую вам уменьшить расстояние сканирования мебели до 200, так вы сможете решить, нужен ли вам конкретный предмет мебели, просто стоя рядом с ним.
    Когда вы ляжете, через некоторое время появится меню, в котором вы можете выбрать сон, лежание со свободной камерой или вставание. Если вы выбрали "лежать", просто нажмите горячую клавишу/опцию в MCM еще раз, чтобы вернуть меню.
    В отличие от ожидания, здесь используется ванильная система сна. В режиме выживания сон не у костра считается таким же, как и сон на спальном мешке. (3 часа по умолчанию), в то время как сон у костра рассматривается как сон на матрасе (5 часов) Поскольку он использует ванильную систему, моды, влияющие на сон на спальных мешках и матрасах, будут влиять на него. Я слегка изменил 2 сообщения, предупреждающие о том, что вы не можете проспать больше на этих предметах, чтобы они были более захватывающими и, честно говоря, лучше сочетались с другими ванильными сообщениями и не звучали как назидательный учебник.
    Wasteland Workshop
    Mod Configuration Menu
    Advanced Animation Framework v161.1 или выше



  21. HOTC Lite - Standalone Clothing Replacer

    A clothing replacer for Hookers of the Commonwealth Lite - Standalone.
    This mods does a few things:
    1.) It allows you to use the clothes from Easygirl Outfits with your body slide/body gen. (replaces the prebuilt clothing from HOTC, so you can use FG/CBBE.)
    2.) It adds different clothing to npcs depending on what location they spawn in. (Exclusive outfits for Dugout Inn, Colonial Tap House, Third Rail, Hotel Rexford.)
    3.) it adds new clothing for the npc's.
    Not all clothing pieces added from each mod, just those that I thought fit. They are filled by leveled list, but they should not be any overlaps. Occasionally some npc's won't equip the clothing they are given in inventory. Seems to be from the leveled tops. Not sure why, so some hookers might rarely be topless. Exclusive outfits seem fine. 
    This could probably work with other HOTC editions if you use my leveled list and Wyrebash to replace appropriate the master. And if you want to add new clothes you can look at the leveled list and probably figure it out.
    Full requirements see post:
    Clothing added from the following mods:
    FrenchMaidFO4-CBBE.esl by Derpsdale Nexus
    Venus_Nine_FG.esp by kharneth LL
    Stylish_Bloomer_FG.esp by kharneth LL
    Crimson_Punk_Outfit.esp by kharneth LL
    VtawWardrobe5.esp by vtaw Nexus
    VtawWardrobe6.esp by vtaw Nexus
    VtawWardrobe7.esp by vtaw Nexus
    HN66Fo4_EasyGirl_BS.esp by humannature66 Nexus
    HN66Fo4_TRS.esp by humannature66 Nexus
    DX_Pornstar_Fashion.esp by deserterx dianka33 Nexus
    Note: I do not know an (easy way) to make the level list pull all the various material swaps from vtaw and DX pornstar fashion. So don't expect to see material swap variety for the various pieces. This also should be safe for anyone not using all the various material swaps from vtaw I think. But if you see purple clothing you know why.



  22. Door Fix for CC Neon Flats and Better Goodneighbor

    A ESL-flagged ESP micro-patch to remove a second double door appearring in Goodneighbor when using Creation Club's Neon Flats and Better Goodneighbor.



  23. HBD_DressBox

    # DressBox
    # What
    Provides a command or aid item that opens a custom container which returns and equips any armor/clothes placed into it.
    # Why
    The pipboy is a pain to use when you have a bunch of awesome clothes mods from the community and you want to get your fashion on.
    Since the container transfer UI is a transparent overlay over the game, you can use this mod when 3rd person (or even TFC) so you can view your character as you try on different armor/clothes.
    # Commands:
    Commands can be triggered through the DressBox MCM page directly, or by MCM hotkey.
    Or via Aid Items which can be added via the Add Command Items button in the DressBox MCM page.
    Items are tagged [CMD][DressBox] so you can organize it in your inventory sorting mod how you wish, or set up a category for the Wheel Menu mod.
    1.Open DressBox - Opens the dressbox container.
    Alternative to the aid item.
    # Notes
    The MCM Open DressBox command will run once the MCM is closed.
    The most recent item equipped via the dressbox temporarily won't reappear in the players inventory list, and the previously equipped item for the slot will still show the equipped indicator.
    In the case of having multiple items of the same base type, all items of that base type temporarily won't appear in the players inventory list.
    They are actually returned to your inventory, the list just isn't updated to show it for whatever reason.
    They will reappear once the next item is equipped via the dressbox, or upon closing and reopening the dressbox.
    # Requirements
    # Installation
    Install as you would any other mod in your mod manager.
    DressBox is flagged as .esl



  24. Store Caps in Container

    Allows the player to store their caps in containers.
    It's a simpler version of 'Stash those Caps'. However, no more than 60000 caps can be stored per container, after that another container must be used.
    It is the player's responsibility only to use safe, non-respawning containers.
    I made this micro mod while trying out Hardship Beggar Whore. But it's also very useful in other ways.
    Do not use or activate it if you are planning to cheat with adding caps using the console.



  25. Far Harbour Paradise UPDATE 2

    For all Players, who love Dirt, Trash and disgusting Waste, go on this Mod isn´t for you, cause this Mod makes Far Harbour a little Paradise and not a Waste Bin!!!
    For all are newer to Modding! Best you start a Fresh New Game, so all i modded can take Place!!! 
    As i promised, its so far, Far Harbour a much better Far Harbour, with an Luxury Acadia,  a absolute clean Harbour, a clean NAKANO House, Mitch BAR CEAN+Mitch Face hehe, Roads clean, Environment Cleaner, Acadia has now a NEW FENCE! In Acadia in YOUR private Suite a Surprise awaits you, in Form of a Megastrong Weapon!  
    OCEAN is absolute clean of Nuclear Slime and Trash!!! So yes, now you can take a little Bath.
    Echo Lake is now Clean, Flat and the four Shops belong now also to you, so the building Area is a bit bigger than before, the only Thing is, you need to move the Boss Trunk down from above you, i set it in CK on Ground, but well, seems the Trunk dont wanted to. You can move her down in the Building Menu , means V.
    Visitor Center Settlement is Clean and Flat, you can even build behind the House, The House is total rebuilded, no holes or broken Walls anymore, it also has now a cool Gazebo in front of it.
    Cause i´m still work on it, the Dalton Farm will be next, so you dont have to build on Hills and Rocks, Flat, yes i will do it with the next Update.
    Cleared Radiation + Fog out of Echo Lake and Visitor Center, cause Radiation in a Settlement only SUCKS! Reopened and Navmeshed that Building in the Echo Lake Lumber Mill, once was boarded up! So now you can use it!
    I hope you like what you see and like the Overhaul of Far Harbour.
    Friends and Players, Badly i found myself an BUG that let dissapear the PUMP in the BAY of the NUCLEUS!!!!!!  BIIIG Promis i will fix this and with the next UPDATE ALL WILL BE GOOD AGAIN!
    Meanwhile you can solve the Problem, if you also dont find the PUMP for Sister Maii ´s WASHSALON, do this:
    1.) Open Console
    2.) Than Type in this Code for finishing her quest:     SetStage DLC03CoA_FFNucleus03 40
    40 is for Quest is Done.
    You still have to push the Button on Top under the Arch and you will hear a Peep Peep, but the Quest is anyway complete!
    As i said i fix this in the next three Days, depends on the Time, where i got not to Work RL, and the Fix comes with my next Update, where also the Dalton Farm is flat and clean, but also the Edge Cliff Hotel  + the Vault inside will be repaired outside and cleaned inside + a PLAYER ROOM with all you need as Bonus!
    Sorry again to all, that happened with the Pump!
    Thank you all
    What's New in Version 1.1.
    Released 1 minute ago
    The Last Plank looks now even more Better.
    Food is no more Radiated so won´t harm you! Nuka Colas  all Sorts of no Radiation Free!
    New Location added!!!
    All works now Properly and i hope you enjoy it.
    TYSM All
    UPDATED:   Dalton Farm is now FLAT AND CLEAN!!!!!! V.1.1.



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