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Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Albino & Two More Dark Skin Options

    2020-12-25 - New Section - Screenshots Added - Other Information
    Three screenshots have now been added to better illustrate the new skin tones that were added, one for each of them. From left to right: Albino, Black & Very Dark. I hope that these screenshots assists people in wondering if this mod will help them create the character of their choice. If not, please let me know. Also, as these skin tones are "color forms" no different than the typical skin tones found in the menu, they should work for any type of model (CBBE, Fusion Girl, Jane Bod, etc.).
    For those who may not be adept at using the console commands to get to the 'looks menu' after you have initiially created your character in-game, the command is "showlooksmenu 14 1". This is how the screenshots shown here were created (my apologies for the Albino screenshot... She was very fidget-y!).
    2020-12-25 -End New Section - Screenshots Added - Other Information
    This is an .ESP that adds three additional skin tones to the Human race (namely, you): Albino, Very Dark & Black. All three are "color forms" (Creation Kit's terminology) that were already in Creation Kit but I have simply repurposed them to be available for use when creating a character. "Albino" is simply the "white" color form relabeled; "Very Dark" is unchanged (for whatever reason, Bethesda created it but never implemented it as an option); "Black" is literally the "black" color form but capitalized because I hear that capitalizing the word 'black' is the politically correct thing to do these days.
    The compressed package used 7-zip; Use that program to decompress the zip. Just place the .ESP in your DATA folder or use a mod manager. Remember to 'activate' the mod so that the game knows to use the mod with your game. I don't know why simply editing in 3 additional skin tones caused the ESP to be 127k un-zipped.
    Please do not re-distribute; It's merely a simple file and I want to see if this becomes popular; If so, I may include more colorforms in a future edition. Thanks.



  2. Encounter Zones Adjusted

    I personally find many of the locations unbalanced as they are capped at a very low level, so if you visit them at a higher level you can virtually just cough and the bad guys fall dead.
    This mod simply removes the many of location level caps, so when you visit you will get enemies at your appropriate level (e.g. Corvega upper level goes from L5 to L99) minimum stays the same at L1 so it scales with the pc.
    I have left a few (like Concord) at its vanilla setting (max level 5) for users of mods like AAF Violate for easy pickings if your gear gets robbed and you need to re-equip.
    I have also lowered the lower limit at three locations:
    Revere Satellite Array – you get this mission (BoS Lost Patrol) at an early level and although I have completed it a number of times it gets very tedious slowly drawing out high level Mutants, so I have lowered it from minimum 35 to level 10).
    Castle – L35 to L20 as it’s a bit tedious
    University Point L35 to L25 as you usually get this at fairly early in the Railroad quest line so it’s a bit overpowered at L35 in my view
    If you don’t like the minimum level changes then just revert them back to L35 with FO4Edit.
    One of the issues that also dogs FO4 (same with Skyrim) is that once you enter an area it’s level is fixed for the whole game, so I would recommend also using Encounter Zone Recalculation by Ea6t (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45674) which resets the zone when you return after a cell reset.
    This mod has no scripts and simply changes the vanilla levels so is safe to add or remove at any point in the game, but best early on to get the full effect. It should be compatible with all other mods except those that also change min/max location levels
    The DLC have not been adjusted so are not necessary for this mod and some locations were not changed as they were already maxed out or seemed inappropriate.



  3. Black Male Raiders

    Wanderlust's All Black Male Raiders

    Are you into interracial BDSM? Does the inclusion of BBC themed tats in Tattoos for Captives but not much opportunity to get fucked by black guys disappoint you? Well, despair no longer!

    This mod attempts to replace all vanilla raiders with new black characters made with faceripper and vanilla assets. As of V2 it seems to be completely working and I've made unique faces for each entry so I consider this complete unless something breaks.
    Recommended Mods
    I'm also using Male Takeover, I have not modified raider female records. If you want the raiders to be 100% black men, you'll need to use MTO's Enemy Males.
    To spawn more raiders without changing leveled lists or stats, I recomend you use Endless Warfare
    Anything else that modifies the default raider entries may cause issues with this mod. 

    The mod doesn't add any scripts, it just overwrites the default raider facegen data from the fallout4 esm. It should be safe to install/uninstall as needed but I make no garuantees!



  4. Cuties: The Sweet, Little Fallout Mod

    Ain't nothin' like a fresh, ripe, small, seedless Cutie picked straight from a California grove.

    This mod adds Cuties mandarin oranges to Fallout 4.
    Consumable Cuties may be found in the Super Duper Mart and a decorative box of such may be crafted via Decorations > Misc.

    Wanna keep up to date? Join the all new Discord! 

    Oh, there's like a version you can craft at the cooking station > Utility that allows them to be thrown. It's a really useless and broken option, I simply added it because someone asked about it.



  5. Mod_Backup_Mo-Z.7z

    Mod_Backup_Mo-Z.7z contains a compressed folder containing 16 mods.  Please view the provided picture for more information.
    These mods are being made available here as I've decided to quit supporting the popular mod site where they were previously hosted.  I'm sorry to leave them here with so little information but I will add to this page when I am in a better mood.



  6. Mod_Backup_A-Mi.7z

    Mod_Backup_A-Mi.7z contains a compressed folder containing 18 mods.  Please view the provided picture for more information.
    These mods are being made available here as I've decided to quit supporting the popular mod site where they were previously hosted.  I'm sorry to leave them here with so little information but I will add to this page when I am in a better mood.



  7. The Machine That Goes PING!

    If you are confused by this mod, then you have not seen Monty Python and the meaning of life.
    I urge you to see that movie then come back here.
    This mod adds the machine that goes ping to the commonwealth. Craft at settlement and activate it.
    -This is your favorite machine in the whole hospital
    -This machine lets you know your baby is alive!  
    -By leasing the machine back from the company you sold it to it comes out of your monthly current budget and not your capital account!
    Craft at any settlement and it goes "PING!" 



  8. Tramp Stamps and Pussy Tattoos For Fusion Girl

    this adds a whole mess of tattoo textures. For now they operate as just equippable body textures using the Fusion Girl body texture.
    TO DO: Eventually, I intend to add a modular mesh/material based version you can add/remove the tattoos you want to combine them at an armor bench.
    1. Tramp Stamps
    Tramp stamp (black and red)
    Barcode + for sale
    lipstick kiss (on buttock)
    2. Pussy/genital area
    dollar sign
    lipstick kiss
    Skyrim dragon (faded)
    3. Other
    Eagle - Whole back
    Eagle - chest
    Eagle- breast
    "No Ragrets" - chest
    Credit to Zex and the fusion girl team for the base .dds textures, credit to paint.net for bieng free.



  9. Barefoot Footstep Extended


    This is an extended version of the famous Barefoot Footstep mod. It adds barefoot sounds to metal, carpet and vault floor materials, as well as modifies stone / concrete and sand ones. This mod also adds barefoot sneaking sounds to all of the above. Credit goes to user GrozaTerroristow - his original mod served as a base for all my additions.
    If you prefer, you can also take a look at my modification on Nexus: Barefoot Footstep Extended . You can check some short videos presenting the sounds in-game there.
    This is my newest version (v. 1.4), but if for some reason you would like to use older ones, there are old versions available on my Nexus page in the Old Files section.
    The footstep sets include:
    - stone / concrete / rock (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - some sets were already covered by the original mod, which directed to the default barefoot footstep sets present in Bethesda game assets (although originally not present in vanilla Fallout 4) - I replaced the default sounds with new ones, hopefully a bit more immersive.
    - wood (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - most of these were also in the original mod; I left them untouched, but added sneaking sounds and the jump down function.
    - metal (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - a barefoot sound set for all metal surfaces.
    - carpet (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - a barefoot sound set for carpets and rugs (also for beds, matresses, armchairs and coaches).
    - vault floor (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - a barefoot sound set for vault floor surfaces (tile vinyl material).
    - sand / mud (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - partly based on the vanilla sand footsteps, but mixed with other samples and recreated to resemble a bit softer barefoot footsteps.
    - dirt (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - just vanilla footsteps (only slightly modified in some cases), but defined here as barefoot for consistency.
    - gravel (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - just vanilla footsteps, but defined here as barefoot for consistency.
    - grass (walking, sneaking, running, sprinting and jumping down) - just vanilla footsteps, but defined here as barefoot for consistency.
    In case of dirt, gravel and grass - these were included mainly because if I didn't do it, any mod that enhances boot sounds would overwrite the vanilla sound assets and as a result you would probably hear even harder and louder boot footsteps, while being barefoot. I hope it makes sense.
    None really, but if you like these barefoot sound features, you should go to GrozaTerroristow Barefoot Footstep mod's page and download his mod anyway, just to give him an endorse for his great work.
    Mod Structure:

    This mod consists of one .ESP file and a SOUND PACKAGE (which contains all footstep sounds necessary for the mod to work). There are two SOUND PACKAGES to choose from - the only difference between them is that of stone / concrete sounds for walking and running. In the original version package (from my initial release) these sounds are a bit longer and feel more "forcefull", with more shuffling effect of feet, while the ones in the alternative version package are shorter and feel less "forcefull". INSTALL ONLY ONE SOUND PACKAGE AT A TIME!
    There are also some versions of the .ESP file that should work with Unique Player related mods. These replace the main .ESP file from my mod, so you need to overwrite it if you are going to use one of these. Available files are:
    - Unique Player version
    - Unique Followers version
    - Unique Player + Unique Followers version (both mods merged together in this single .esp)
    - Fusion Girl Unique Player version

    - Manual:
    Just download the .esp file and one sound package and extract the contents to your Fallout 4 main folder (where the .exe is) and activate the .esp in your mod manager.
    If you want to use one of the Unique Player versions, just extract it to your Fallout 4 main folder (where the .exe is) after the main files and overwrite when asked.
    - Nexus Mod Manager:
    Install the .esp file and one sound package just like any other mod. Recommended method.
    If you want to use one of the Unique Player versions, just install it after the main files and overwrite when asked.
    - Other mod managers:
    I'm sorry, I never used Vortex or Mod Organizer, so I can't provide any instructions for these programs.

    - Manual:
    Just deactivate the .esp file in your mod manager or delete it in your Data folder. Sound files provided within the packages are specifically made for this mod, which means that they can stay where they are in case you don't remove them - these won't conflict with anything. If, however, you like to have a very clean install folder of your game, without any leftovers after deinstalled mods, you should look for folders: /Carpet/ , /Dirt/ , /Grass/ , /Gravel/ , /MetalA/ , /Sand/ , /StoneSolid/ , /TileVinyl/ and /Wood/ in this location: Data/Sound/Fx/FST/Player/ and inside them delete all .xwm files which have this name structure: FST_Player_Barefoot_[material name]_[movement type]_1st_[file number].xwm , so for example FST_Player_Barefoot_Carpet_Sneak_1st_01.xwm or FST_Player_Barefoot_MetalA_JumpDown_1st_01.xwm .
    - Nexus Mod Manager: 
    Recommended method, if you installed the files with this program. Just deinstall the mod how you do with other mods, the program should do everything for you automatically (by deleteing the .esp and removing all sound files from the Data folder).
    - Other mod managers: 
    If you use them, then you probably know much better than me what to do.
    Bugs / Issues:

    1. Few places, like wooden guard towers in settlements, or some concrete parts in Diamond City (i.e. stairs in front of Dogout Inn / Security, audience areas of the stadium and exit to the Fens), don't trigger a footstep sound, when you walk on them. Plain silence. No idea why, because stair impact sets and concrete material are covered by this mod. Suggestions are welcome.
    2. Another small issue is that sometimes while walking in third person view footsteps become silent just for a few steps and then get back to normal.
    IMPORTANT NOTE regarding these two issues: I did some testing without any footstep mods installed and wearing standard Fallout 4 clothing: both problems seem to be within the game, I suppose someone at Bethesda wasn't careful enough...

    Project Reality Footsteps - you can safely play it with my mod, because both modifictations do different things and have different records in FO4Edit (pretty much as in case of the original Barefoot Footstep mod). You just won't hear the footstep sounds provided by this mod (maybe except water sounds), if your character is naked or wearing a barefoot (and patched!) clothing piece.
    Other sound mods - unless they deal with the barefoot footstep set records, should be compatible.

    Barefoot Footstep - at the core both mods do the same thing, so they would conflict with each other. However, if you are unhappy with my mod and would like to go back to the other one, it's as simple as deleting / deactivating mine and reinstalling / reactivating the old Barefoot Footstep. No scripts / interface etc. included, so no problems mid-game.
    (CaN) Crimes against Nature - this mod appears to be incompatible. I tried to make a patch, but it still doesn't work.

    1. Some patches for clothing mods without shoes will be needed ofcourse, but the process is the same as in case of the other Barefoot Footstep mod. Either you make a suggestion for a standalone patch / make one yourself and publish or send me to publish on my mod page / or suggest the author of the clothing mod to make a patch. However, clothing mods that already have patches related to the Barefoot Footstep mod on their respective pages, should work fine. In most cases it's just a matter of adding a footstep sound set to some clothing parts of a mod - my mod uses the same main footstep set record in FO4Edit, so no changes here. Instructions on how to patch a clothing mod yourself, are provided in an image in my image gallery.
    2. There are some necessary patches for Unique Player related mods among the downloads.

    GrozaTerroristow for the great Barefoot Footstep - I wouldn't be able to do anything without his mod.
    ElminsterAU for FO4Edit.
    Bethesda for Fallout 4.
    HULKHOD3N for Project Reality Footsteps - thanks to his mod I had a chance to look at how you create some sound records in F04Edit.
    arecaidianfox for XWM to WAV Conversion - I wouldn't be able to implement the sounds without this great tool.
    Recommended mods:

    These clothing mods already work fine with my mod:
    Barefoot Wetsuit
    Katie's wardrobe - Casual Combat Outfit
    Katie's wardrobe - Militia Duster
    FCO - Fully Customizable Outfits RELOADED
    Dlx Clothes Pack
    and probably a couple more, which I don't know of.



  10. VatsSoundrReplacesForAnswer[JP]

    Required MOD: None About this mod Armored Core Operator Voices now play when VATS and some PERKS are activated Is a mod Corresponding PERK Grimreaper CriticalHit Quest start End of quest This MOD is a test version, so I couldn't implement the following features due to poor mod production Sound sounds at HP 75/50/30% Sound sounds at AP75 / 50/30% Random sound after the battle ends Random playback of audio at the start of the quest If you have any ideas to implement these features please contact me on Twitter I am very happy Twitter @delvershine  
    About competition Conflicts with VATS, PERK, PERK that changes the sound at the start and end of quests Since the development environment is Japan version, unintended audio may be played in other languages. The author is not very good at English, so I can not understand the opinions using slang



  11. Hair for All Race Patch - For DOA (and all other custom race)

    Hello, i've made just a small patch for use Hair mod's with all Custom Race (Vulpine Race, 2B Race, DOA Race, etc...)!

    I use DOA Race (i personally use Marie Rose), and i cant select custom hair from other mod, so i've made this patch for some popular Hair mod.
    Now you can choose your own Hair and also change color!
    You need ORIGINAL mod, in my mod there are only .esp file.
    Here a list of patch i've made:
    CommonwealthCuts - KSHairdos
    KSHairdos - Addon with Physics
    Donwload and install Original Mod
    Install my mod and replace .esp file
    Its all! Enjoy



  12. CRACKLE - Comforting fires for the discerning hobo -

    What it is:
    I felt like something was missing from Fallout 4. I start a lot of new games where my character has nothing, and nowhere to go. Often using my light alternate start mod DLYH. Many times I'd get caught out in the rain only to come upon a fire. I usually roleplay being grateful to have the warmth, but the game itself gives me no such feedback and after a while such willful  "making your own fun" gets tiresome, so I thought: "What if the fires did SOMETHING... Anything... even if very small. So I made this little mod.
    What it does:
    Exposure and warmth:
    Now when you come upon a open fire in the world, such as a bonfire, campfire, or fire barrel, it will grant you a little bonus to endurance and added protection against diseases in survival mode. You have to sit by the fire a while to warm up before the effect starts, but once it does it will persist as long as you stay near, and for a few minutes after you leave (less if it's raining) The disease protection is particularly useful if you eat in front of the fire, or sleep by it. I personally think this is very realistic and immersive.
    Rain will now cool you off. There is no negative effect to this except if you get too cold it will take you longer to get warmed at the fire and receive the buff. If you are cold and not near a fire being under shelter will warm you up slowly, until you no longer have the cold time penalty at a fire. I didn't feel it was necessary to make rain more punitive as the vanilla game already raises your disease chance from being out in rain. It also works with snow.
    Swimming makes you soaking wet, which makes you cold. You will slowly warm up when cold if the sun is out. as well as when in cover, but you will not warm up without a fire at night, unless you are under shelter, you will however dry from being soaking wet to merely cold. (If it's not raining)
    Forage for wood, with potential dangerous encounters. However if your legs are crippled you won't be able to do this!
    It works with fires in the world, as well as with the Workshop campfire and fire barrel added by Wasteland Workshop. It also works out of the box with the following camping mods:
    Kitcat's camping gear (Recommended. Fires and tents as shelter!. Get "Firewood" item, and manual from MCM, and then forage for wood!)
    Campsite (Fires, Forage for firestarting kits instead of wood.)
    Advanced needs 2 (Fires)
    Conquest (Fires)
    Buildable burning campfires and fireplaces  (Fires)
    Woody's Wasteland Stuff (Fires)
    Sit or sleep anywhere, with Survival mode saving:
    Now, you can sit on the ground, or on top of most even surfaces whenever you like. You have several positions to choose from including a wounded sit. After you sit you'll be presented with a menu. You can either just sit and look around with the free camera or wait for increments of one hour or 5. Unlike Vanilla waiting this is instant which is a RL time saver. (The method used is safe and will advance AI and scripts properly, it's the same one used in the firewood foraging) When you are done sitting and get up. (Re-open the menu by hitting the hotkey/MCM button again) if you waited the game will then save.
    Now you can sleep on the ground (and again most even surfaces), as well as benches and couches. The mod uses AAF which will scan the area for couches and benches you can sleep on If none are found you sleep on the ground (or whetever you are standing on/in.) By default you will only actually latch onto the furniture 75% of the time. If you want you can up that percentage to 99 in the AAF.ini but if you do I suggest that you you reduce the furniture scan distance to something smaller like 200, that way you can decide if you want a particular piece of furniture more easily by standing by it..
    When you lay down after a moment a menu will appear and you can choose to sleep, lay there with free camera or get up. If you choose lay there simply hit the hotkey/MCM option again in order to bring back the menu.
    Unlike waiting this uses the vanilla sleep system. In survival mode, sleeping not near a fire is treated the same as using a sleeping bag. (3 hrs by default), wheras sleeping by a fire is treated like a Mattress (5 hrs) Because it uses the vanilla system mods that affect sleeping on sleeping bags and Mattresses will affect it. I've subtly altered the 2 messages warning that you can't oversleep on these items to be more immersive and frankly fit better with other vanilla messages and not sound like a preachy tutorial.

    When near a fire an option to play a hand warming animation (either standing or kneeling also occurs. To stop warming your hands simply hit the Hotkey/MCM option again. (May take a few seconds) 
    Known issues:
    If it stops raining while you are warm and by the fire you may temporarily have both the long and short version of the of the effect. I dunno if this actually makes the effects stack but they'll only overlap for 2 minutes so... have at it. 😛 
    Do not load the game while sitting, lying down, or warming your hands. Get up, stop what you are doing, or finish sleeping first. Otherwise you will break your pipboy and interactions completely and have to quit all the way out of Fallout 4 and reload.
    Occasionally if you try to sit on a CHALLENGING spot AAF which is used to handle the sitting and laying animations may get confused and take you for a walk like you are a mind controlled zombie. Just wait it out... eventually it'll resolve and usually put your body where you wanted it... Though your camera may be far from it.
    Wasteland Workshop
    Mod Configuration Menu
    Advanced Animation Framework v161.1 or above
    The source code is provided for you to make personal changes, should you wish to. It is not provided for you to alter, compile and redistribute your own version of the mod. The mod, Crackle is only allowed to be hosted and downloaded from Lover's Lab, and the Nexus, under my specific user accounts. 
    @dagobaking for AAF which makes animation mods like this possible.
    @requiredname65 for script input.
    Those of you that actually come in the non adult section 😛



  13. Arc's Transfer Settlements startup Blueprints

    These are transfer settlement blue prints that you can load after taking over a new settlement, instead of building the basics yourself.  It is best to do some clearing before loading them.  The blueprints Range from just adding turrets, to adding buildings and gardens.  
    At the very least there is enough food, water and beds, to keep everyone happy and allow adding one new person for the provisioner job.

    Currently included Settlement blueprints
    Red Rocket                                 (clear office and area behind counter near office)
    Starlight Drive in                         (Clear rooms in Screen, and area from screen to concession stand)
    The Slog
    Egret Tours Marina                     (clear Piers and building furtherest to right when facing the water)
    Abernathy Farm                          (Clear all trees)
    Sunshine Coop                           (Clear fields, long building with tables in it, the inside of all the Cabins and the trees)
    Oberland Station                        (Clear all trees)
    County Crossing                         (Clear trees and red building)
    Requirements Needed, also be sure to install their Requirements.

    I use versions that say vanilla, and no SKE
    Transfer Settlements  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22442
    Homemaker-expanded Settlements https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1478
    SOE Settlement Objects Expanded https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10075
    Ground https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17691
    AWKCR https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091
    G2M Workshop https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17088
    Easy Homebuilder and working double Beds https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17521
    Create your own planter https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15900
    Build your Own Pool https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13316
    Used, but less often
    Workshop Decorations Pack https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27787
    Settlement Supplies expanded Main File https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1145
    Used but Optional. 
    Convenient Stores https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5181
                                   If not used no store assignable marker
    Settlement Activity Markers https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20651
                                                 if not used no relaxation markers
    Pimp workshop https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/185
                               Not sure what I used from this mod, I would not worry if you do not use it
    Celebs Fake Posters

             I put up two paintings in the Abernathy farm
    All Credit goes to the required mod creators.



  14. SCAVVER'S CLOSET - One size does not fit all -

    - One size does not fit all -
    What's new:
    I added an optional download of vanilla eyeglasses without facebones. This is to prevent them from deforming with custom faces. You may need to adjust your character's ear position for best results. It's unknown if this will negatively affect any npcs, but the glasses are just models so they are safe to uninstall at any time.
    What's new in 1.1.3:
    Bug Fix.
    What's new in 1.1.2: 
    Improved Backpack system:
    Backpacks are now additive rather than replacing the base carry amount. This offers more flexibility and less bugginess, and is just generally more realistic.
    Perishable fusion cells:
    The Gun condition sorting ignores energy weapons for compatibility reasons, but I personally think laser weapons are far too easy to get. If I can't have the guns be broken why not the ammo? I mean, yes Fusion cells are modern marvels, but no battery is gonna lie around for 200 years and work 100% of the time. When selected this makes only 1 in 3 Fusion cell pickups viable.
    Hardcore encumbrance for food, drinks, meds, chems, ingredients, empty water bottles, and Molotovs:
    These are all handled by one set of sliders. Imagine how nerve wracking it will be to have to choose between food, water and stimpacks... Suddenly that psycho addiction seems a whole lot worse.
    "Why molotovs?" you might ask... Well if everything else that comes in a bottle is covered why not? Unlike grenades you can't attach molotovs to a belt or bandolier, or easily pocket them. It makes sense to me anyway.
    What's new in 1.1.1: EXTREMELY VITAL UPDATE!
    1.1.1 Introduces a LOT of vital bugfixes. It will be the only version abailable and all users are urged to update. It adresses issues I did not know about the Fallout 4 Inventory system, such as the fact that keywords on items in the players inventory or containers DO NOT PERSIST after a reload. This means that the Gun system introduced in 1.1.0 is basically useless for actual gameplay.
    The info in this section only applies to guns and mod added clothing that is in the sorting list:
    I've made every effort to address that in this update. Now on load, all guns and mod added clothing items that need it will be sorted and have their ownership keywords restored. Likewise the backpack will run the same procedure on it's contents whenever you put it on. This works pretty much seamlessly.
    Somewhat stickier is the issue of containers. Containers have the same issue with eating keywords. The way I've come up with to get around this is whenever you add an item with the _T_ Owned Keyword to a container it will get an keyword of it's own to tell the mod that you own whatever is inside. This can be exploited potentially so RP responsibly. When you first add an owned object to the container you will get a warning telling you to close the container so that it can be sorted.  DO THIS. After the message about the keyword being added you can freely add more items to the container. 
    When retrieving owned items... ESPECIALLY after a reload it is of VITAL importance that you remove them one at a time (You will be prompted when this is necessary) 

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES hit the take all button!!
    Upon removal of all owned keyworded items the container's keyword will be removed.
    NOTE: If you do accidentally take all, you can save the game then reload, and the keywords should be restored on load!
    Added support for several clothing mods:
    Militarized minutemen:
    Full support
    (note MM backpack autoequips much slower than the Scavvers packs... no idea why. Can be added with MCM like the Scavver packs)
    Mojave Manhunter:
    (Encumbrance only)
    Vesta new armor is picked up
    (Vest uses new torso armor encumbrance system )
    Brotherhood Recon:
    (Leveled items have full support, constructable encumbrance only).
    Torso armor encumbrance:
    Functioning similarly to how heavy gun emcumbrance works, you can only pick up one torso armor at a time and it auto equips. On enequip it drops. (The vest added by Mojave Manhunter can be unequipped but will still drop if another armor is added, I had to do it this way to accommodate a script on the armor) Can be toggled in the MCM.
    What's new in 1.1.0: 
    1.1.0 is a ground up rewrite, with many more features than the previous release, as such I'll be treating it as essentially a new mod, so please carefully read the entire mod page.
    Have you ever been playing fallout 4 and felt un-immersed by the fact that every single piece of clothing you find fits you perfectly? That it's all in good enough condition to wear? That every gun you find is in working order, even the shoddily made pipe pistols? that as long as you have the carry weight you can seemingly cram as many huge objects as you want into thin air? Have you wished that scavenging could be more difficult and nerve wracking like we see in post apocalypse movies like The Road Warrior?
    Well, that's what this simple mod seeks to accomplish!
    What it does:
    Most of the features listed below can be activated , deactivated, or adjusted in the MCM:
    Clothing check:
    Now, when you pick up a clothing item from the ground, a corpse or a container, you will try them on. If the clothing fits, it will be renamed (IE: Your Road Leathers) This owned version of the item will behave exactly like normal, you can drop it, mod it, rename it, whatever.  There is an MCM option to determine if you automatically wear the new item after finding out if it fits, or not.
    If the clothing didn't fit... you'll be given a non wearable version of the item that you can scrap or sell like normal. (junk) When trading with NPCs such as merchants you'll always receive the version that fits.
    Some item types, (wasteland clothing and rags mostly) have a chance of being completely unsalvagable.  I've made an effort to ensure that unique and rare items either aren't touched by this part of the mod or always fit perfectly. Prisoner rags aren't affected as many mods add them. That said I may have missed something so save often, or turn the mod off temporarily when in doubt.
    Bonus loot:
    Select if you are RPing a nearsighted person in the MCM and recieve extra glasses loot. This is mainly intended to be used alongside the great mod:  Myopia Simulator (Immersive Glasses) As with the clothing sometimes the glasses are broken or the the wrong prescription, but you may get scrap.
    If you have the mod Commonwealth Vans - CBBE - JBE - EVB Male - Fusion Girl - FG-JBE installed, you will also have a chance to find shoes with the ruined clothing. These may or may not fit as well.
    Weapon check: (See What's new in 1.1.1 for updated information)
    Guns you find might be broken. If it's a prewar gun and you have the Gun nut perk and a screwdriver, you can strip the weapon for parts. If you have the Scrapper perk you will also get screws. Gather enough and you can repair the next broken weapon you find. Some weapon types will always be functional and some are more or less likely to be damaged.  For example, revolvers and bolt actions are far more reliable than automatics. Pipe weapons are FAR more likely to be broken, and don't yeild weapon parts, but they can be stripped for minor scrap and unlike prewar guns no special skills or tools are required. 
    Again, I've made every effort to protect uniques.
    Heavy weapon Encumbrance:
    No longer can you slip a minigun into your pocket! Now heavy weapons like Fatman and flamers, must be equipped and drawn to be carried (Think of the way Halo treats the turret guns Masterchief pulls off.) If you attempt to holster or unequip the weapon it will be dropped on the ground, and you can only carry one at a time. Doesn't count against your hard core encumbrance. For the purposes of this mod bulky guns like Railway, and Gauss Rifles are considered heavy.
    Hard Core Encumbrance:
    Limits the number of clothing and weapons you can carry on your person at any one time. By default this is extremely restrictive, however you can carry more by equipping a backpack Requires the mod Scavver's backpacks (no relation) Each item type has it's own maximum value (Clothes, pistols, long guns) These can be individually adjusted to your liking in the MCM. Even clothing not included in the clothing check is affected by this.
    Special Backpack effect:
    When backpack is unequipped, it's dropped on the ground taking all the non equipped weapon and clothing items (fitting and not) with it. If you pick up your non backpack limit while the backpack is off then try to pick it back up you'll have to drop what you are carrying. Once you pick the pack back up it will automatically re-equip and return all the items to your inventory.
    I've done my best but there are still a few quirks.
    When weapons are checked they are momentarily dropped from the inventory, this may result in the occasional odd moment of seeing a phantom gun in front of you for a second. This also means you will see a weapon dropped notification whenever you pick up even owned guns (no way to silence this sadly)
    Some pipe and laser pistols will be counted as long guns, there is just no way around this given the way the lego-gun system in FO4 works.
    This mod is intended for a new game and the main functions shouldn't be started until after the vault, or  any alternate start operations. If you add this to an existing save where you already have vanilla clothes you can use a function in the MCM to convert them to the "owned version" If they don't convert they are probably one of the items not covered by clothing check, such as vault suits, hazmat suits, companion outfits, bath robes, and quest rewards.
    Lastly I removed the DLC requirements, that means however that clothing and weapons added by Nuka World and Far Harbor aren't covered. It honestly wasn't worth the effort for the benefit IMO.
    Mod Configuration Menu
    Scavver's backpacks (optional, but HIGHLY recommended)
    Commonwealth Vans - CBBE - JBE - EVB Male - Fusion Girl - FG-JBE  (optional)
    Cross Mojave Manhunter   (optional)
    Cross Brotherhood Recon  (optional)
    Militarized Minutemen (optional)
    Give Me That Bottle  (optional)
    Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save (optional)
    The source code is provided for you to make personal changes, should you wish to. It is not provided for you to alter, compile and redistribute your own version of the mod. The mod, Scavver's Closet is only allowed to be hosted and downloaded from Lover's Lab, under my specific user account. 
    To @EgoBallistic for providing some example code that made the weapon sorting possible.
    To the Hardship fans who've been patient while I worked on this instead.



  15. Rad Morphing Redux

    This is simply a copy of @Invictusblade's Rad Morphing mod, reimplemented as a quest mod with configuration through MCM. It should work with all bodies that use BodySlide as long as you enter the correct slider names in MCM.
    As you accumulate rads selected BodySlide sliders are raised or lowered according to your settings. If rads get high enough clothes may be unequipped from some slots.
    Initially I created this mod just for myself. After sharing an early version with @Invictusblade he suggested I'd upload it here for everyone else.
    All source code is included in case anyone else wants to build on it.
    Cover image on LoversLab graciously provided by @Narsdarknest
    By default this mod is disabled.
    You need to open MCM to configure and enable it.
    Install with your mod manager of choice. The FOMOD installer asks you to select one (optional) preset for MCM that sets up the same slider names for boobs and butt for the selected body type that are used in the original Rad Morphing mod.
    Before uninstalling, disable this mod in MCM to restore the original body. If you uninstall without disabling the mod first in MCM you will be stuck with a morphed body.
    MCM to configure the mod. LooksMenu to apply morphs. You must build your clothes with morphs enabled in BodySlide. F4SE 0.6.20 for Fallout 1.10.163
    if you are using an older version of F4SE you should still be able to use this mod by downloading a matching version of the LL_FourPlay library  
    Combat Strip Lite or Combat Strip Lite, Sound Replacer (Ripping Sounds)
    Installing either of these mods (or both) allows Rad Morphing Redux to play a sound from that mod when clothes are removed due to rads.  
    I would expect this mod to conflict with any other mod that changes the same sliders that you configure in this one.
    The mod comes with the LL_FourPlay library (LL_FourPlay.pex/psc/dll) that is also included in e.g. AAF. When your mod manager complains about a conflict I would suggest letting AAF overwrite this file.
    The FOMOD installer comes with default settings for Atomic Beauty, CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod. However, you can configure it to your liking with up to 20 sets of sliders with individual morphing strengths and ranges.
    Start or load a game, pause, open the MCM, and select Rad Morphing Redux.
    General Settings
    On the general settings page you can enable / disable the mod (it is disabled when you first install it), decide whether to show a warning when it is disabled, and set the update interval (how many seconds between rads are checked and sliders adjusted).
    Enable Rad Morphing
    Enable or disable this mod. Display disabled warning
    Whether to display a warning message when you load a game with this mod disabled. This warning really only exists for first installs since the mod is disabled by default.
      Update type
    Whether to update every x seconds (update delay) or only after sleeping.
    When this is set to "After sleeping" morphing will increase by the current amount of rads, i.e. after sleeping four times with 25% rads morphs will reach the maximum value. With "After sleeping" only doctors can reset your morphs since 0% rads just means that no further morphing happens while sleeping. Update delay (when update type is set to "Periodically")
    Seconds between checking rads and updating morphs.
      Radiation detection
    Actual radiation: Use the player's current rads (red part of the health bar) to determine morphing strength.
    Random: Use random rads (random value between random rads lower and upper limit) per second while the player is taking rads (red "+X RADS" shown above health bar). Use this if you are playing with god mode or other ways that keep your rads (red part of the health bar) from increasing. Random rads lower limit
    Minimum rads to take per second with random radiation detection. Random rads upper limit
    Maximum rads to take per second with random radiation detection.
    Total rads that the player can accumulate is 1000. Don't set this value too high.  
    Debug Tools
    Some helpful actions for debugging and testing this mod.
    Reset mod state
    Reset the mod to its initial state without restoring the original body.
    This does not reset your MCM settings. It makes the mod "forget" everything that it remembers about your current game. This includes the original body shapes of you and your companions. Add irradiated blood
    Puts 50 bags of irradiated blood (20 rads) into the player's inventory. Helps with testing the mod without finding other sources of radiation.  
    Slider Sets
    This is where you set up what will change and by how much.
    A slider set is a group of sliders that will all react the same way when the radiation level changes. Each of the 20 available slider sets consists of four settings:
    Slider Names
    Enter the names of the sliders that should be affected. When entering multiple sliders separate them with "|" (e.g. "Boobs Yuge|Bum Chubby").
    Unfortunately you cannot just take the labels shown in BodySlide as we need the internal name here. You can look these up your body's XML file in BodySlide's "SliderCategories" file. In that file each slider has a "name" attribute and a "displayname" attribute. The value for "name" is what we are looking for.
    One example from Fusion Girl (ZeX-FusionG.xml): <Slider name="Boobs Yuge" displayname="Breast Size (Larger)" />
    The internal name for the slider labeled "Breast Size (Larger)" in BodySlide is "Boobs Yuge". So "Boobs Yuge" is what you need to enter in MCM if you want this slider to change. Target size increase
    How much the slider will change when fully irradiated. These are absolute percentage points (not percentage of the current slider value). If the slider on your current preset is at 50% and you set the target size increase to 100% you will end up with 150% when fully irradiated. When set to -100% you will end up with -50%. Lower radiation threshold
    Percentage of irradiation at which the slider changes start. With rads lower than this threshold there will be no slider changes (all sliders are at their original values). Upper radiation threshold
    Percentage of irradiation at which the slider changes stop. With rads higher than this threshold you will see no further slider changes (all sliders are fully adjusted). Armor slots to unequip
    Enter the numbers of the armor slots to unequip when your rads get too high (e.g. "9|11|15"). You can only equip them again once you have lowered your rads.
    To see what you are currently wearing in which slot, use the button labeled "Show worn clothes" at the top of the "Slider Sets" config page. Unequip threshold
    When x% of your target morphing has been reached the selected slots will be unequipped. This is a percentage value that refers to the range between the lower and upper radiation thresholds. Only doctors can reset morphs
    While RadAway, decontamination arches, or other means of reducing radiation still work they will no longer restore your body's shape. Only healing rads at a doctor will restore your original body. Additive morphing (when Only doctors can reset morphs is enabled)
    If enabled rads you gain after reducing rads through non-doctor means will increase morphing, even if you are less irradiated than before healing.
    If disabled morphing only happens when you are more irradiated than before healing (keeps the linear relationship between rads and morphs intact). Limit additive morphing (when Additive morphing is enabled)
    If enabled you can set a limit as to how far additive morphing can exceed the target size increase.
    If disabled there is no limit and you can morph until Fallout crashes... I would keep this enabled. Additive morphing limit (when Limit additive morphing is enabled)
    Percentage how far additive morphing can exceed the target size increase.
    0%: morphing will stop once the target is reached.
    100%: morphing will stop once 2x the target is reached. Appy to companions
    Apply this slider set to companions. Choose from none (only applies to player), female (player + female companions), male, or all companions.
    Companions are morphed and undressed based on the player's rads value since companions don't get irradiated.  
    The morphs are applied linearly between the lower and upper threshold with rads lesser or equal to the lower threshold resulting in no morph and rads greater or equal to the upper threshold resulting in full morph (= target size increase).
    How to restore your original body if you are stuck with a morphed body
    If you are stuck with a morphed body you can follow the below steps to restore your original BodySlide preset.
    Looksmenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631 BodySlide: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25 BodyConvert: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/41781?tab=files  



  16. transfersettlement Sanctuary covenant walls

    This mod is a transfer settlements  blue print to use at the start of a new playthrough, or anytime you have not done much building in Sanctuary.  It includes Convenant walls  
    a couple stores
    a couple special workbenches
    I install this just after sturges asks for help building beds.
    It is best if you clear all the furniture items from all the bedrooms, and clear all trees and junk on the ground around the bridge and in the water.  Also, remove all the unusable houses and their foundations.
    The walls are not perfect, but look good from the inside, couple spots from the outside view that I could not fix.  everything else is just there to get Sanctuary going you will want to move the stores and other stuff eventually.
    Transfersettlements recommends that you go away after adding blue print, I just go do the first Minuteman settlement quest, and come back.
    Requirements really needed, be sure to install any requirements these mods have.
    Transfer Settlements  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22442
    Homemaker https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1478
    AWKCR  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091
    Easy homebuilder and working double beds   https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17521
    Ground  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17691
    best dirt adding mod out there as far as navsmesh.  I use vanilla version
    Settlement Objects expansion pack  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10075
    I love this mod, good stuff, easy to find, always seems to work when I mess everything up Lol
    Soft requirements
    America rising  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23923
    I do not know why this is listed 90 percent sure you can leave it out, it may of changed something in Sanctuary
    FPE family planning enhanced
    these two loverslab mods are needed cause I built their workbenches.   So now they get free advertising here!
    FPE baby Addons 
    removed a requirement as it was merged into the homemaker mod
    All credit goes to the mod creators be sure the thank them and endorse their mods.



  17. Chiisana Naked Bows Fix

    Fix for bows turning invisible when naked
    Requires AnimeRace Style Clothes - Chiisana Amai Koi
    I'll delete this mod after the main mod fixes this.



  18. Raider Queens - Legendary Female Raider Faces Revamp

    I got sick of looking at named female raider bosses with shit on their face.



  19. The Silo House

    Ahh, the coke fueled dream of the 80's modernist! 

    Upon moving in you'll find an empty, rotunda, neon drenched canvas.

    With a workshop included, what is your envisioning? 

    Fighting till death, or dancing the night away?

    Whatever it may be, it's fully customizable and includes new workshop pieces.
    New pieces may be found in the "chairs" section of the workshop

    A room fit for sleeping quarters, workshop or anything else that suits you.


    Just locate the trailer behind Abernathy farm, then let your imagination do the rest.

    A very, very special thanks to XV-Versus for sorting out / setting up the workshop, and greatly cleaning up the esp.
    A very, very special thanks to Deuce2416 and Veratai for testing.
    And a very, very special thanks to those of you who patiently waited for my slow ass to finally release this after however many months it's been. 
    Originally this was going to be on Nexus, but me being me, and Nexus being Nexus, I've ultimately decided against that.
    Make sure you're running game version or later.



  20. INVB_BodyMorphs

    This mod allows you to change your breast and butt size via the workbench
    Build a Body Implant at the chemistry workbench to increase or decrease body sizes
    Build a Scalpel at the chemistry workbench to remove body sizes
    Size modifiers (this depends on your players body size so it may be different for everybody)


    Body Types
    CBBE (Default)
    CBBE Breasts
    CBBE Butt
    Atomic Beauty
    Atomic Beauty Breasts
    Atomic Beauty Butt
    Fusion Girl
    Fusion Girl Breasts
    Fusion Girl Butt
    Jane Bod
    Jane Bod Breasts
    Jane Bod Butt
    TBOS Butt
    Custom (Edit RadMorphs in xEdit, alter the strings in the armor to your choice)
    Requirement - You will have to build clothes with Morphs in Bodyslide for this to work properly
    Let me Know if there is any issues?



  21. Rad Morphing

    if you uninstall or update the mod, please unequip the rad mood ring before changing and unequip and equip the pipboy after changing
    This mod allows you to change your breast and butt size via the effects of Radiation.
    this mod uses the players Pipboy(or crafted Rad Mood Ring) to alter the effects of the mod in several different ways by Armor Workbench
    Body Types
    CBBE (Default)
    CBBE Breasts
    CBBE Butt
    Atomic Beauty
    Atomic Beauty Breasts
    Atomic Beauty Butt
    Fusion Girl
    Fusion Girl Breasts
    Fusion Girl Butt
    Jane Bod
    Jane Bod Breasts
    Jane Bod Butt
    TBOS Butt
    Custom (Edit RadMorphs in xEdit, alter the strings in the armor to your choice)
    Size modifiers (this depends on your players body size so it may be different for everybody)
    0% (Default)
    Timing (controls the timing between updates)
    0.5 Second
    1.0 Second
    1.5 Seconds
    2.0 Seconds (Default)
    2.5 Seconds
    5.0 Seconds
    10.0 Seconds
    Start and end times
    0%-100% - Normal (this works all of the time) (Default)
    25% - this starts at 25% percent radiation
    75% - this ends at 75% percent radiation
    Please Note (for old save game users)
    this uses the Pipboy so it should only effect the player. (however it may get overrided by other mods)
    player.removeitem 21b3b
    player.additem 21b3b
    player.equipitem 21b3b
    (this should start the script)
    Requirement - You will have to build clothes with Morphs in Bodyslide for this to work properly
    Let me Know if there is any issues?



  22. GoldenBrew3's SCORNED - Fallout 4

    Will never be fully playable
    As altered files cannot be uploaded

    This is the Ms. Anna save from SCORNED Let's Play Fallout 4 modded from my former / suspended / terminated YouTube channel GoldenBrew3.
    This upload page is a work in progress (WIP) and final at the same time.
    As files and info is finished on my end I'll be uploading it as a download on this page.
    I tagged it as 'save' as well because that is the next step. I have now added the save. (1/27/2020 8:15pm CT)
    I decided against doing a massive upload at one time due to my continued recovery from a stress induced suicide attempt attempt.
    Double attempt is intended. It was an attempt to make an attempt.  It was fucked up.

    Facebook page is GoldenBrew3 as well as GoldenBoy Gaming

    - In SCORNED I Role Played a 2077 submissive 1950's styled house wife of a War Veteran.
    Never actually married Ms. Anna kept her Maiden name Anna as well as the prefix Miss.
    Pre war Career: Lawyer.  Ms. Anna was a Defence Counsel operating at the R. P. D. to ensure fair treatment of all.
    Upon her "husband" 's return they moved to Sanctuary to settle down and start a family.
    Upon arrival to Sanctuary they discovered that it was a swingers club.

    A quick break down of the story for those that missed the show or missed out on the last episodes:
    - Aided the Minutemen and BoS with the aid of Dogmeat/Piper.  
    - Killed Kellog before he could talk with a mini nuke.
    - While living out Kellog's memories in the Memory Den Ms. Anna accepted that Shaun is either in good hands or dead already.
    - After Helping BoS Ms. Anna got her first glimpse of the Glowing Sea.
    - After New Years Eve Ms. Anna decided to listen to a DC guard and visit the Combat Zone.
    - Expecting it to be similar to boxing Ms. Anna wore a dress and was forced to fight Cait.
    - After being betrayed by Preston for the second time Ms. Anna was raped in DC inside Home Plate.
    - This lead to an unfortunate series of events that left Ms. Anna distrusting of new locations and new people.
    - One of these people Ms. Anna distrusts is Gabriel in the Hunting Cabins after he hinted that he doesn't like Ms. Anna.
    -  While out on patrol with her newly recruited companion McCready Ms. Anna was tricked by him into leaving her APC.
    - Facing off against 2 Bounty Hunter groups Ms. Anna surrendered after getting shot.
    - Taken to a secure site where Ms. Anna was injected with a serum to force her to lactate. 
    - The purpose of the milking was to retrieve anti bodies that have kept the Mole Rat virus at bay.
    - Upon gaining sufficient amounts of Ms. Anna's milk, eggs, blood, and soft tissue they released her.
    - Ms. Anna, dressed in a revealing V-string bikini boarded the train to Nuka World.
    - Forced to ruin the Gauntlet in barely nothing Ms. Anna gets to the end only to find a man in a tin can, Overboss Colter.
    - Using a powerful speech, a watergun and her knowledge of men Ms. Anna offered herself to the crowd so she could live.
    - Having the tittle Overboss bestowed upon her Ms. Anna searched for much needed soap and nutrition while pleasing the men of Nuka World.
    - Banned from the Nuka World market Ms. Anna relied on Porter Gage to give her gifts.
    -  After a rougher then usual sexual encounter with Porter Gage, Ms. Anna plans to leave him and Nuka World behind.
    - After a revenge BJ given to a Operator member Ms. Anna receives a mission that requires her to leave Nuka World.
    - Upon reaching the Commonwealth Ms. Anna runs from the Gunners until she reaches Abanathy Farm.
    - Cait doesn't recognize Ms. Anna.  Ms. Anna sleeps half naked on a sleeping bag in the shower room.
    - Ms. Anna was informed by Jun Long that the Raiders want her to turn herself over to them.
    - Recruiting only female companions Ms. Anna has some fun.  Ms. Anna tells them some of what happened and discusses whats next.
    - Slowly rebuilding her confidence Ms. Anna takes her time and plans more then just the mission at hand.  Sleeping/water/food/bathing/caps/escape.
    - Rumors spread over the commonwealth of Ms. Anna being a sex worker.  Not knowing any better Ms. Anna thought it would be a good idea.
    - Eventually men stopped taking No for an answer. 

    Spoilers below if you did watch the show and missed episode 362 onwards
    (episode 362 ->) - After being raped by the Mayor Ms. Anna responds to a settlement under attack.
    - Arriving too late Ms. Anna finds half of the settlers have been captured by Super Mutants.
    - Searching for the abducted settlers inside Medford Memorial Hospital Ms. Anna is beaten by Super Mutants. 
    - After surrendering in hopes of finding the abducted Settlers Ms. Anna finds out that there are Super Mutant men.
    - After Hours of Rape by Super Mutants Ms. Anna runs away naked and hides inside Medford Memorial Hospital.
    - After finding/making clothes and weapons Ms. Anna fights back.  Picking off 3 of the 4 Super Mutants.
    - Unable to kill the one Super Mutant that raped her the most Ms. Anna surrenders to him.
    - Transported, while unconscious to a Super Mutant outpost Ms. Anna has no idea where she is nor the time and date.
    - After only half a day of rape Ms. Anna is approached by a Super Mutant female.
    - This one pity's Ms. Anna and desires the male Super Mutants. 
    - Using hypnosis on Ms. Anna.  Installing confidence to ensure that she will leave.
    - In the evening after being face loved by a Super Mutant Ms. Anna finds an old pipe pistol.
    - In the rain, with the sun setting Ms. Anna decides to run while she can still walk.
    - With a sore everything she makes it to the river and swims away.
    - With no way to tell direction Ms. Anna gets turned around in the current and ends up right next to the same Super Mutant outpost.
    - With some luck on Ms. Anna's side the BoS drop two Knights nearby.
    - They have been searching for her, but do not accept that Ms. Anna is Ms. Anna.
    - Filthy, smelly, and unable to walk nor talk normally while only wearing restrictive boots and a leather slave harness Ms. Anna is turned away as an impostor.
    - Seeing a small building in the distance Ms. Anna approaches with caution. 
    - Hearing a radio inside and outside with a conversation by humans inside she enters.
    - Rex Goldman.  The Rex Goldman.  He recognizes Ms. Anna.  They bath, feed, and cloth Ms. Anna.
    - Upon hearing Ms. Anna's story the two men inside leave in the night to find the BoS members that had turned Ms. Anna away.
    - Convincing the BoS members they return with her Pip Pad and a vertibird signal grenade.
    - Ms. Anna stays the night and in the morning uses the grenade to call in a vertibird.
    - Landing and taking off under heavy ground fire Ms. Anna is relived when they finally dock at the Prydwen as a rad storm hits the area.
     - Upon entering the Prydwen Ms. Anna collapses to the ground and sobs uncontrollably.
    - Elder Maxson orders Ms. Anna to go to her room to prepare a full mission log of her time in Super Mutant Captivity.
    - Ms. Anna is now a field operative only and is disallowed from physical contact with BoS members.
    - She is given a blank holo tape and is ordered to keep a journal from now on.

    This is where I left off.  This is where you begin.

    More personal back ground information coming soon!!!




  23. Fallout 4 dynamic CWSS furniture placement

    This is a simple xEdit script to replace some of the vanilla furniture in the game with CWSS furniture - toilets and showers, so you can finally have a shower at your Institute quarters and poop without having to go to the mines every time. Mostly for those who use Advanced Needs, but it's not required. Since it's a dynamic patch, it should be compatible with everything, with all mods adding the supported furniture etc. Tested on vanilla locations and Lexington Interiors. 
    Simply put the file into the "Edit Scripts" folder of your FO4Edit installation, load all your plugins, right-click anywhere and select "Apply Script...".
    Then choose "Fallout4 - CWSS Dynamic Placement" to run. Run it, enter the name of the plugin you're going to generate. That's it.
    In version 1.2 the patch to fix CWSS shower activation has been added. Install it with a mod manager of your choice or simply unpack it to the Data folder of the game. For this to work you need either
    A new game Clean install of CWSS (remove it, save, use FallrimTools to clean up the scripts, install again, add the patch, make a patch using the script) Clean up all CWSS shower scripts from the game, using FallrimTools. If you have no idea how to use it, just start a new game. Sorry. If you have - load a save, add a filter for CraftableShowerScript in FallrimTools filter (the one in the top left corner) and remove the script CWSS_CraftableShowerScriptF and all its instances.  
    Let me know if something isn't working as expected.
    Things to check if it's not working as expected:
    It doesn't replace the furniture:
    Is the furniture actually supported? Check with the list in the first comment Did you allow FO4Edit to generate references and not skipped that step (it's possible to skip in by holding the Shirt key, IIRC - don't) Did you forget to enable the generated plugin?  
    "Access violation" errors
    Are you using the 64 bit version of FO4Edit? When xEdit developers say it's not really stable, they mean it. Even the 32-bit version is kinda wonky, and the 64-bit version seems to be broken IME in many ways.  
    The script itself released under the BSD license. Meaning - do whatever you want, but if you redistribute it or your own work based on it - crediting the original author is appreciated.
    The CWSS patch is not for redistribution.  According to the original CWSS permission, modification or redistribution of its content require author's permission. I have a permission to redistribute the modified copy with the patcher, but that's all. So please don't.
    I haven't tested this with CWSS 3. You certainly can't use the patch provided. Hopefully it works w/o it, if it's not - let me know.
    WARNING: the script breaks PreVis so you'll need mods to recover it.
    First - Boston FPS Fix - aka BostonDT PreVis-PreCombine for exteriors.
    Seconds - Previs Repair Pack for interiors. Download the Interiors version, which is complete, unlike the one for exteriors, and you don't need it for now, thanks to Boston FPS fix which also has patches for some other mods.
    Place them at the very bottom of your LO. If you use Smashed Patch, Previs Repair pack goes below it.



  24. The Lionhouse - A Dockside Retreat

    ***DISCLAIMER: This is a re-upload of the same file found on Nexus at: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42329?tab=description
    as a member of their mod team I have permission to upload this file, no other permission has been granted to upload elsewhere***
    A new 4-story, fully customizable, player home/settlement now rests on a peaceful pier near Bunker Hill

    This mod features a new mini quest, new player home/settlement, that is fully open to customize beyond your wildest dreams.



    The Lionhouse is a major mansion-like player-home nestled on the docks of the Charleston

    4 Floors,
    Fully Customizable,
    Player Workshop settlement.




  25. Heroines Pain AddSound Caiena

    Only for female character.
    Replacing the cry of female pain.
    I made a substitute for the cry of pain that a woman makes when she is wounded or shell-shocked.
    The Mod file extension is an ESP, but the flag - ESL.
    The mod is made in several versions:
    1. Heroine Pain - Replacement of the original sound. (Without ESP File)
    2. Heroines_Pain_AddSound_Caiena - Replace original sound + 27 additional sounds in Ba2-archive + ESP-File.
    3. Heroines_Pain_AddSound_Caiena - Replacement of the original sound + 27 additional sounds in the Ba2-archive + ESP-File + Sound of pain when using a Stimpak.
    4. Heroines_Pain_AddSound_Caiena - Replacement of the original sound + 27 additional sounds in the Ba2-archive + ESP-File + Sound of pain when using Stimpak, RadAway, RadX, MedX and Adrenaline.
    I did this mod for personal use, but recently decided that this mod can be shared with someone. I will be glad if someone likes my work.
    All sound files are made by me personally. If someone wants to use them in their work, I will be very happy. Tell me thank you and use the sound as you want.
    Русскоязычные пользователи могут скачать эту работу с Adult Mods Localized.



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