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SexLab SE mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

20 files

  1. SL Widgets

    A  plugin for iWant Status Bars to add sexlab related widgets to Skyrim. Supports 2 mechanics - Icons that have 9 stages and change dynamically - Icons that appear/dissapear on condition 113+ icons included. MCM for flexible configuration  
    Supported plugins and icons: 
    1) Stages (constantly showing status)
    - SLA SE (SexLab Aroused eXtended/SLAM) - Arousal (face) and exposure (girls face) icons
    - Apropos2 - w&t icons (vagina, anus and mouth state icons)
    - Fill her up (baka) - cum icons : total (body) + vaginal (womb) + anal (colon) + oral (stomach) pool icons.
    - MME - milk (breast) and lactacid (bottle) icons
    - PAF, MiniNeeds, Alive Peeing SSE - piss (bladder) and poop (colon) icons
    2) Toggles (appear on condition only):
    - SexLab-Parasite - spider eggs, chaurus worms (when infected)
    -  Pregnancy: HentaiPregnancy, BeeingFemale, EggFactory, EstrusChaurus, EstrusSpider, EstrusDwemer, SGO4, FM3 cum inflation(creampie icon)/ovulation (ovulation egg icon) /pregnancy (different icons belly  based  fetus/eggs/spider eggs/spheres)
    - Defeat: SLDefeat - weakened (raped) - man/woman sex icon

    - Install as any other mod. SE version is espfe based. (LE version - esp works for SE as well)
    - (Optional) Flexible icon configuration via SLWidgets MCM - rearrange, change colors, change bars 
    - (Optional) Save SLWidget properties via MCM (load for new saves)
    - (Optional) Configure icon placement/color/size in iWant Status Bars MCM. You can use multiple bars as well
    - (Optional) Use custom icons packs from download section. Just install as any other mode (dds icons only)
     Notes on installation
    - Maintain the load order iwidgets->ibars->slwidgets. (SlWidgets relies on ibars ready event).
    - When installing iwantwidgets make sure you don't end up with both esl and esp version of it (b. alternate option selected). This will cause overlapping issues.
    - (For LE version) Check LE version of the iWant Status Bars/iWant Widgets is included in the fomod of the SE version. 
    - Check the Incompatible mods section below.
     Hard Requirements
    - iWant Status Bars
    - iWant Widgets
    - PapyrusUtil
     Soft Dependencies
    - Sexlab Aroused SE (any version will do, including SLAX)
    - Apropos2 SE
    - Fill Her Up Baka Edition 1.90V+
    - Fertility Mode v3 Fixes and Tweaks
    - HentaiPregnancy
    - BeeingFemale
    - Egg Factory 3.0+
    - SexLab-Parasite
    - EstrusChaurus
    - EstrusSpider
    - EstrusDwemer
    - PAF
    - MiniNeeds
    - Alive Peeing SSE
    - SLDefeat
    - SGO4
     Incompatible mods
    - Affected indirectly by mods that impact iWant Widgets.  Mods significantly altering hudmenu.gfx directly or via a hudmenu.swf file may prevent image display.
    - Tested without issues in different mod lists with multiple UI mods (Tsukiro/D&DDC/Licentia/Nefaram/Masterstroke).

    - Check console messages
    - Make sure you have only 1 iWidgets.esp plugin
    - Check papyrus logs and slwidgets user logs
    - Check mcm debug page and dependency check
    - Try to disable/enable plugin (widgets are reloaded on menu close event)
    - Check ibars menu - if icons were added or not

    You can use your own icons. To do that put them into mod -  \Interface\exported\widgets\iwant\widgets\library\.. folders. Just follow the naming convention already in place.
    Supported icon format is .dds. Image size 100x100. 
    To convert you can use Gimp (pick bc3 compression/no mipmaps when exporting to dds).
    Changelog: https://github.com/crajjjj/slwidgets/releases
    GitHub: https://github.com/crajjjj/slwidgets
    Thanks to:
    randomuser123two for the aroused icons
    markdf for the idea
    Saber2th for custom fhu icons
    coreoveride for fetus icon
    dragonlord217  for colon icons
    Tip jar : https://ko-fi.com/crajjjj



  2. (BETA) Prison Alternative POP Addon

    This add-on aims to bring Prison Overhaul Patched (POP) style events to Prison Alternative. This is very much a work-in-progress so install at your own risk.
    Visitor Event Pillory Event (Whiterun only) Parade Event (Whiterun only) Public Whore Release Event Compatibility
    Should work with all SE versions. Based on preliminary testing, it may work on LE, post in the thread if something breaks.
    Prison Alternative SkyUI Sexlab PapyrusUtil Soft:
    Public Whore (for the release outcome) Practical Restraints (for the parade event) SlaveTats (for tattoos during events) and Tramp Stamps (for the default tattoos) Recommended:
    Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition (for crowds during events) and Crowd Control (if you only want crowds during this mod's events) ZAP 8.0+ Faster in and out of Furnitures Fix (for what it says on the tin) ZAP - No Collision Furnitures (for better camera movement) Sexlab P+ (for faster furniture sex alignment) Installation
    Install as you would any other mod, preferably with a mod manager If you are installing this mid-game, run clear registry, then register events in the Prison Alternative MCM but as stated in PA's description this is risky Ensure you run Register Animations in the ZAP MCM If you're getting mismatched animations, disable the ZAP Sexlab filter Future Plans
    Visitor Event Extension Follower handling Multiple randomized visitor(s) Visitor gender choice Parade Event Cage Event Rent-A-Prisoner Event Tattoo Release Event Credits
    Pamatronic for Prison Alternative Inte and XaZ for Prison Overhaul Patched If you'd like to support subsequent development, get early access to some stuff, and vote on what comes next, consider becoming a Patron:
       Patreon        Discord



  3. Gossip | A fame framework

    A new game should no longer be required
    Gossip - Main file
    For Gossip versions < 2:
    Gossip Events - Sends fame events based on sight and sex
    SLSFtoGossip - Unstable, not recommended for use other than as a reference... an xEdit script to convert mods that have SLSF conditions to Gossip - instructions to use here. Sources for MXPF and mteFunctions
    What is this?
    This is a free permissions fame framework, made for SE. The deisgn premise was meant to be lightweight and not overextend what it is meant to be; A central storage of fame.My ideals have eroded, call me long arms McGee cause I'm bout overextend the fuck outta this.
    The mod <-- This was goof on my end, I published without finishing it, but I think its funny how its almost a statement. Like "THE MOD OF ALL TIME" so I keep it
    State of Dress MCM helper Powerofthree's papyrus extender PapyrusUtil SE Jcontainers SE (Is being phased out) Keyword Item Distributor SPID  
    Supported Mods:
    Sexlab  Toys (Only gossip versions below v2)  
    What's in it?
    Fame Types:
    Fame types are the same as SLSF. The fame of the players current fame region are in Globals.     
    Every point of fame gained adds to the towns interest. Interest is used to calculate the chance for comments and the chance for fame decay. Interest decays every day at 8 A.M so long as the player has not been in that region for 24 hours. Interest decays at a random rate between 1 and the number of days since you have been to that region.  
    Currently, if a region succeeds its chance for decay, all fame decays by 1. This may/may not change based on more extensive testing.  
    Gossip events:
    Fame will be gained from sex events. Fame will be gained from sight(currently not togglable).  
    The future:
    Scandals: Will work essentially the same as the original jContainers implementation of Gossip, just not a pain in the ass to write more complex code for.
    Better Gossip to fame ratios that take interest/tolerance into account
    Better documentation
    Better fame decay
    Gossip/Fame transfer between regions
    Better comment calculation
    Reimplement getting fame by index, I really just don't wanna rewrite most of the getters
    For Modders: 
    SKSE Source



  4. SexLab Adventures SE

    SexLab Adventures SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Teutonic
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    I will also be maintaining, the updates as they become available.
    I removed the plugin; (SLAdv_GoldWeight.esp)  as it will be obsolete in the next update.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Teutonic some love, and check out their other mods!
    User @nopse0 made a Requiem Patch here.
    User @weiler made a Patch to add events in areas where no available hostiles are.
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    About This File
    BETA Version – Expect Bugs. Some features are missing or unfinished.
    An eclectic mod containing various features I wanted to be in the game or I have experimented with, some as a result of a request being posted here on Loverslab.
    The two main features as of now are:
    The Crime feature, which is a continuation and expansion of SexCrime (not to be confused with SexCrime Redux) The Rape feature, which is based on the rape feature in Deviously Cursed Loot. Sexlab Adventures is intended for female characters, but I tried to make it at least compatible with male characters.
    Feature Details
    Public nudity, public masturbation and sex and several other crimes are added. If reported, you will receive a bounty. You can customize what is and isn't considered a crime and how much bounty you will receive on a hold-specific basis. Exteriors are always considered public, certain types of interiors (like stores and inns) can be toggled as public or non-public in the MCM. Some crimes have be inverted, so the opposite is the offense instead.  Thanes can be made exempt from these crimes. Options to set who can report you and how often you can be reported. Some more misc options.  
    Based on the rape feature in Deviously Cursed Loot, you can be raped when conditions set in the MCM are met and valid attackers (based on customizable parameters) are in the vicinity. There are more elaborate conditions available, which are not necessarily self-explanatory. I tried to explain them on the Help page in the MCM, not sure if successfully. You can also uncheck “Use Advanced Conditions”, the system will then use simpler conditions (as in DCL). Valid attackers can be NPCs (any gender, customizable) or creatures (any creature that has Sexlab animations installed, customizable) Parameters whether to allow threesomes, and which animations to use (consensual / aggressive) If enabled, your attacker(s) will pursue you before the rape, allowing you to escape (Otherwise, you will be knocked down instantly.) Option to allow nearby NPCs / creatures to “join in” Option to be vulnerable when spotted masturbating, allowing immediate rape ignoring conditions (currently missing) Follower support: You can be forced to have sex with your follower and your follower can be raped as well (customizable). Sleep Rape: When going to sleep, there is a chance you’ll get company (customizable).  After Rape settings: Your attackers might do more than just rape you. Mod Support: Rape was designed with mod support in mind, enabling other mods to initiate attacks. (I will list mods that utilize this feature below when I become aware of them) Lots of options and settings.  
    Arousal & Cum based debuffs:
    Optional debuffs for being aroused or being covered in cum, from speech debuffs to lower damage and higher spell cost  
    Minor Features:
    Optional “Poverty” mechanic (Reduces maximum carry weight.) Optional “Vow of Nudity” mechanic (Slowly drains Stamina and Magicka to provide an incentive to remain naked.) Optional “Sleep Creep” mechanic (When going to sleep within a city, someone might visit you while you sleep. They might also steal from you.) Optional Tax mechanic (When spending too much time within a city, you will have to pay a tax, giving you a bounty.) A “Masturbation Button” for lonely moments Options to regenerate health, magicka and stamina during masturbation Character Renamer: MCM option to rename your character, allowing letters like the German ä, ö, ü and ß as well as special characters.  
    You need to go to the “Activation Center” page in the MCM and click the option to start/update the mod. Also please verify all installed mods are correctly labelled as “found”. A clean save is NOT required for updates. 
    Mod Support:
    Some mods add additional features.
    Devious Devices SE (Assets, Integration, ZaZAnimationPack SE): Basic support; additional “Restrained” and "Collared" rape conditions if DDa and ZaZ are loaded. Prison Overhaul Patched SE: Crime reports and Rape attacks are suspended while imprisoned; you can get jailed through POP as a result of rape (if enabled).  Simple Slavery SE: You can be sent to a slavery auction as a result of a Post Rape Scenario. Skooma Whore SE: An additional “Drugged” rape condition. Realistic Needs and Diseases SE: An additional “Drunk” rape condition. iNeeds SE: Additional "Drugged" and "Drunk" rape conditions. Follower Mods: Currently, EFF, AFT and UFO are supported.  
    Optional Plugin:
    The download package contains an additional esp (SLAdv_GoldWeight.esp). With this, gold has weight (50 gold has a weight of 1). I think this works well with the Poverty mechanic. If you don’t like this, you can disable or delete it. (This can be uninstalled from a running game without causing problems, Skyrim will give you a warning but you can ignore it.)
    Save / Load Feature:
    As of v0.70, there is a save / load feature which allows you to save your MCM options to a json file. You can provide a filename in the MCM. The file is saved under Data/SKSE/Plugins/SexlabAdventuresMCM/.
    As of v0.70c, there is also a feature that allows you to save crime settings for individual holds as a preset for later use in other holds. These presets are stored under Data/SKSE/Plugins/SexlabAdventuresCrimePresets/.
    Special Edition Compatibility:
    Teutonic will not be "Officially" supporting this version, as they have given me; (Nomkaz) permissions to upload and pass on the future updates as they become available.
    If you have any problems with the mod, please check the original download thread to see if a solution has already been posted. If it's a conversion issue that I missed,
    please post your issues under the SE download so I can address them.
    Troubleshooting / FAQ:
    Q: Some NPCs keep following me anywhere I go. Can I fix that?
    A: Yes, hit the reset button on the debug page in the MCM. This can happen if a gangrape is unexpectedly terminated. I would appreciate further information what has lead to this situation, so I can fix it.
    Mod Events:
    For information on mod events received by Sexlab Adventures as well as example setups, see the ModEventListener script. 
    File Permissions:
    This mod is only possible because others have released their mods open source and allowed me to use their code, so I want to do the same.
    You may use my code in your own projects if
    Your work is open source Your work is non-commercial You publish your work here on Loverslab You give credit (this includes the people I have credited myself when appropriate) Your work is not a fork / an edited version of mine, but a mod in its own right You allow others to use your code in a similar fashion.  
    Kimy for the rape feature in Deviously Cursed Loot leechlord and QLee for SexCrime (the latter for their edit) What's New in Version 0.72.4
    Released May 11
    Sexlab Adventures v0.72.4
    Added Horrible Harrassment support. An MCM option was added on the rape page to enable a struggle phase between the pursuit and gangbang phases, and gangrapes will not be triggered while HH scenes are running. The Save / Load system can now detect and show existing files. Added debug messages to crime reports showing how much bounty was received, for which crime and where. Added an Enslaved rape condition. Enslavement status needs to be set on the Misc page (default is not enslaved).  
    Fixed picking an NPC as secondary partner in a threesome with a creature as the primary partner. Fixed a problem in nudity detection if not using the Sexlab Aroused method. Fixed the incorrect behaviour of simple proximity rape conditions. Fixed interferences between sleep creep and sleep rape by making them independent. Fixed being pulled out of bed when no rape will actually occur. Fixed an issue that could result in the wrong version number being displayed.  
    Sexlab Adventures v0.72.3
    Sexlab Adventures v0.72.2
    Sexlab Adventures v0.72.1
    Sexlab Adventures v0.72.0
    Sexlab Adventures v0.71d
    Sexlab Adventures v0.71c
    Sexlab Adventures v0.71b
    Sexlab Adventures v0.71
    Sexlab Adventures v0.70d
    Sexlab Adventures v0.70c
    Sexlab Adventures v0.70b
    Sexlab Adventures v0.70
    Sexlab Adventures v0.69b
    Sexlab Adventures v0.69
    Sexlab Adventures v0.68
    Sexlab Adventures v0.67
    Sexlab Adventures v0.66
    Sexlab Adventures v0.65
    Sexlab Adventures v0.64
    Sexlab Adventures v0.63
    Sexlab Adventures v0.62b
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  5. Devious Training SE [TEST!]

    Thanks to the hard work of the community, as a test, I am publishing here a port of the DT mod for the special edition version.


    Oryginal mod

    What does not kill you makes you stronger?
    Maybe it will strengthen you or maybe it will only cripple you. Or both.

    This mod should intensify your bondage experience.

    The mod tracks your in-game behavior and allows you to improve your skills in the body trapped by Devious Devices.

    About mod

    What is in box?

    Devious Training Core - Core
    Devious Training Textures - Textures which are used by other mods.
    Devious Training Martyr - Extra skills - Life in bondage developed new talents. Make your bondage your new freedom.
    Devious Training Mayhem - Body changes - Long-term use of various devices causes deformations of the body. You can damage your feet or get a hourglass waist or swan neck. And much more!

    I recommend
    SLSO - limit your orgasm and enjoy more realistic sex
    SLIF - SexLab Inflation Framework some functions are avalible only with SLIF

    I integrated
    SLIF - SexLab Inflation Framework (without slif mod will use nioverride)
    BAC (and BAC) - partial support for hooves (TODO: add all variants)
    Deviously Cursed Loot - experimental support for gag talk (TODO: need to rewrite/change it)

    Current status
    Very playable beta, at this moment Im working on:
    rewrite descriptions
    add new powers and side effects.


    Training -  Devious Training Core

    The longer you wear devices, the more you improve your skills.
    For example, wearing a corset for a long period of time strengthens your spine so that you can carry more. Long-term use of tall shoes strengthens your feet which makes you run faster.
    Over time, your body becomes addicted to bondage and the only way (barring some option in MCM) is to stay in your devices.


    Special powers -  Devious Training Martyr


    Body changes -  Devious Training Mayhem



    For Full expiriance you need textures, core, martyr and mayhem (4 files = 3 mods + assets)

    1Euro = 3days in chastity




  6. Sexlab and SLSO SetPosition patch

    This is out of date and never worked correctly. If you're trying to use it, you're not living right. Just don't do it. Switch to Scrab's Sexlab P++, which doesn't even have the problem that this was supposed to solve.
    This is a patch for Sexlab that removes most uses of Actor.SetPosition() from the sslActorAlias script.
    Calling SetPosition() on the player in exterior cells can cause the landscape and grass to be reloaded. When this happens, the result in a very noticeable stutter and all the grass disappearing and then reappearing. Even on NPCs it results in a somewhat jarring teleportation.

    They're replaced with calls to TranslateTo() with the speed set very, very high. As long as the actors are relatively close together, this looks better than SetPosition(). For NPCs further apart it may look a little silly.
    I've been testing this and I haven't had any problems at all. But every load order and playstyle is different, so it could (and probably does) have serious issues that I simply haven't noticed yet.
    Sexlab Framework SSE 1.63 It may work with 1.64 but I haven't tested it because I haven't made the jump to AE yet. SexLab Separate Orgasm SE 1.7.7 SL1.63 An adventurous spirit -- I'm not kidding when I call this alpha. It's a small modification but one that could potentially mess things up in fascinating ways.  



  7. DBF beta and testing for Skyrim Special Edition (April 2023)

    I set up this page to post early version of my mods for Special Edition for anyone who wants to take them for a spin and test them.
    Over time, I will create a proper download page for each one of them if not done already.
    Some notes about these files:
    - As much as possible, they match the latest content of the files on Github (https://github.com/SkyrimLL/Skyrim/tree/main/SE)
    - Some files were too large for Loverslab. I split them into a main file and a texture file. Make sure to get both.
    - Some of these mods may still have debug messages on screen or in the logs that I would normally hide for a proper update.
    - I included a few patches to other mods with tweaks and bug fixes I created for my own games. The original versions of these mods are required before installing my updates.
    Files included in this page:
    - Alicia: Featuring a new haircut and more clutter in her basement
    - Family Ties: Only minor tweaks to age tracking and effects. Starting with an older age grants you perks accordingly.
    - Hormones: Introducing a new system for multiple body morphs (fit, fat, sexy) and fixes to body changes triggers
    - Parasites / Kyne's Blessing: Introducing a new system for 'parasites thoughts and comments', and fixes to the event timer for these comments
    - Sanguine Debauchery: Added background resources for the final stages of the main quest (still under development)
    - Sisterhood of Dibella: Added support for male player characters
    - SexLab Stories / Stories Devious: Various tweaks. ELLE should now follow you at all time and only help with attacks when she is powered. 
    - SexLab Dialogues: Minor tweaks only.
    - Skyrim Immersion Patch: Added an optional esp file to add effects to the Gildergleam (glow, falling leaves, healing effect). Meant to work with the Erd Tree replacer but can work on vanilla as well.
    - SexLab Mind Control: Only ported to SE, no major changes yet.
    - SexLab Warm Bodies: Added support for torches. I will release this one as a standalone mod under a new name 'Warmer bodies'
    - Patch for DangerousNight2: Patched to tweak some of the dialogues and remove reliance on beds. 
    - Patch for Redbag's Rorikstead: Added clutter around the farm and chimney smoke.
    - Patch for Puppet Master: Only ported to SE. Not fully tested yet. May not be working yet.
    - Bodyslides Settings: My personal Bodyslides shapes and groups
    - RunicReshade: My personal files for ENB and Reshade



  8. Dynamic Animal Variants SPID - More Nasty Critters (MNC) Patch

    Alright, now that the warnings out of the way, here's the potential fix between DAV and MNC!

    I've been working on this for a bit too long, as issue after issue would be solved but risen after I tinkered with the mod. I sooner or later went into this forum to ask for help from MadMansGun themselves, and their fix, while prevented the armor swapping from DAV's custom armor back to vanilla's armor, it would not swap... at all.

    This is where you all come in, as I know there have been a couple of people looking for a compatibility patch between the two, and while the technicality of my mod and .json file seems sound (at least to me), the mod doesn't work. That, with the issue of Creature Framework not really providing concrete information on why something isn't working, led me to do this.

    Also, @factoryclose, this includes an altered mesh from ABC, so if you are not comfortable with your altered assets being up on this mod, please ask me and I will hastily take it down and reupload my older version of the mod without your assets.

    Now, that's it! Please go to the Support section for any feedback or suggestions aimed at me!



  9. Rustic Chastity Belt

    This mod adds a rustic chastity belt into Skyrim. It is based off of the Devious Devices framework, and as such requires it to be installed. This mod is currently in version 0.1 so I would be happy to accept advice or assistance in any form. In particular if someone were able to test this mod I and give me feedback I would be extremely appreciative.

    Currently this mod only adds a single item to the game, a Rustic Chastity Belt. Its design is based off of one that is sold at Fancy Steel. As this mod is still a work in progress, there is no way to obtain the item without the use of console commands. However, it does retain identical functionality as the stock DD belt.
    Known Bugs
    Bodyslide group improperly configured, device won't build to morph Issue with clipping in groin  
    Future Plans
    Register device as generic device in DD Tweak minor clipping issue in groin region Add matching pieces to set (bra, collar, cuffs, etc...)  
    Version History
    V 0.1 - 4/11/2021
    Initial WIP version  
    Fancy Steel for the design of the belt
    Kimy and the whole DD team for both inspiring me to make this mod and providing the framework to create it. Thank you so much!



  10. SexLab Alicia - Open Cite Patch

    This is the Open Cite Patch for 《SexLab Alicia Painslut - SSE》
    Requires the original mod to work properly.
    I used the Open Cities Skyrim xEdit Converter and Patcher for most of the tasks, and used xEdit to edit the basement exit leading to the Open Cities world of Windhelm.
    DeepBlueFro has created the SexLab Alicia Painslut - SSE
    Arthmoor has created the Open Cities Skyrim.
    hishutup has created the Open Cities Skyrim xEdit Converter and Patcher.



  11. SexLab Alicia - Devious Devices Tweaks

    Prevent Alicia from stripping during combat when she is bound by Devious Devices.
    I have added a keyword check in the "Alicia_AliasFollower.pex" script and programmed it to interrupt when it finds "zad_DeviousHeavyBondage."
    ; Chance of undressing before combat If ((Utility.RandomInt(0,100)>60) && ((AliciaActor.WornHasKeyword(ClothKeyword)) || (AliciaActor.WornHasKeyword(ArmorKeyword))) ) If Game.GetModByName("Devious Devices - Integration.esm") !=255 If AliciaActor.WornHasKeyword(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x05226C, "Devious Devices - Integration.esm") as Keyword) ; zad_DeviousHeavyBondage Debug.Notification("Alicia can't undress while binded") Return EndIf EndIf ; AliciaActor.unequipall() form[] FemaleEquipment = SexLab.StripActor(AliciaActor) EndIf  



  12. Alicia - Traditional Chinese Translation

    This is the Chinese Translation for 《SexLab Alicia Painslut - SSE》
    1、本模組是基於《SexLab Alicia Painslut - SSE》的(Scripts與ESP)進行正體中文化的正規版本,請搭配《大學漢化》。
    2、本模組會根據《SexLab Alicia Painslut - SSE》視需要與否來更新,若本翻譯之版本與模組最新版本不符,歡迎來信提醒。
    Thanks for making this mod DeepBlueFrog
    This is just the Chinese translation file of the mod.
    Translations need the original mod to work properly.



  13. Skyrim Lustful Animals Beta (AKA Futanari Animals)

    New penis and vagina for creatures, made with the intention of making futanari creatures, some features:
    All animals now have penis and vagina, with the exception of the chicken only having cloaca: creatures that now have penis and vagina are mudcrab and slaughterfish. All penises and vaginas are rigged, so can be used with ABC Animations, even creatures that didn't had rigs before, like the rabbit. Added collisions too, including new collision for chicken, rabbit and slaughterfish, Mudcrabs don't have animations to test. Added bodyslide files for all creatures, you now can personalize a little bit your animals, including pregnant slider for many creatures. New skeletons compatible with ABC. Fixed some collisions problems on ABC and some skeletons have been cleaned (Don't worry) Added NIPPLES to some creatures, including dogs and deer, you can edit ti on bodyslide. Fixed some UVs, Added Hard and Limp penis option, really basic for now, Some fixes that need to be made:
    I only added a texture for the new meshes, I will try to get more textures for more diversity. better weights and collision configurations, the hardest one are the chicken and mammoth. Add a plugin that makes possible to have both sexes spawn, like the deer. Better looking vaginas. Add anuses for male counterpart, instead of vagina. Maybe new sound. Maybe new animations. HDT Collisions instead of CBPC Add creature framework. Maybe SOS System instead of CBPC Compatibility:
    My mod should, and need to overwrite everything, including MNC and ABC or other creatures mods, It uses the same collisions with some fixes and teaks.
    My mod should be compatible with any TEXTURES MOD, no meshes mod that edit animals.
    This is a beta, so expect some bugs.
    Version 0.7
    Added meshes for female variations, with placement and leveled list too, so now creatures will spawn with both, male and female.
    I cut the file on parts, tell me if you can install will parts, because I overcome the 250mb limit.
    Next update will add creature framework



  14. Skyrim Lustful Animals 0.3 Alpha (aka Futanari Animals for Skyrim)

    This is an attempt to creature Futanari creatures for Skyrim, first I'm working on the creatures, This mod will only edit Animals, minus the netch, The new meshes are High Poly too.
    Some features I need to continue to work:
    Limp penis variations that use the same testicles, I already make the testicles separate from the penis. I made everything from scratch by myself, the textures use vanilla assets, maybe I can search for better ones or make branc new ones. The vaginas are only diamond shapes, penises are easy, but vaginas are harder. Add collisions for penis and vagina, I figured how to make and ABC-Like system, and that will make this work with animations that use ABC. Bodyslide Options, to let people customization of how they want their creatures. Creature Framework Options. Make the new female variations and futanari variations spawn normally. Maybe new sounds? can be harder. This mod is incompatible with any other mod that edit creatures, the idea of this mod is mostly to add futanari creatures, Humanoid-like and dwemer are planned for the future.
    I didn't use other people assets, I made everything.
    You can help with feedback, or if you know how to make Vaginas for creatures, maybe you can teach me.
    I added skeletons but they are mostly placeholders.
    Some SKSE Files are added, made for the chicken and Rabbit, you can check them to have an idea of what I'm doing.
    Version 0.2
    Added new vaginas for many creatures, I want some feedback for them, Still working on how to make new textures, Skeleton for placeholders
    Version 0.5
    Every Animal now has penises and vagina, rigged with collisions too, including the ones not included on MNC or ABC or any other mod, like Mudcrabs,
    This is the final alpha, next update will be the beta, THANKS!!!
    New Beta Here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/26726-skyrim-lustful-animals-beta-aka-futanari-animals/



  15. Chicken With Vagina or Fleshlight Chicken

    This is a beta mod or a showcase for a future big mod I'm working, the vagina should work properly if you have 3BA installed, because it uses the vagina from 3BA, you can use this assets if you want to make other mods.
    Credits to CBBE 3BA
    The new chicken has more vertices, to be smoother.



  16. Devious BHUNP Refit

    An organized dump for my WIP BHUNP conversion and refitting tinkering. Reboot of the work due to release of BHUNP v3.

    Following description is outdated and is not used anymore, but I still left all files on my Mega drive.

    New conversions are in the folder that is not marked as outdated.
    Current progress:
    Iron and both variants of padded belts - original CBBE mesh converted to BHUNP, removed unnecessary bones to give metal feel.
    Catsuit - converted and adjusted original mesh from old body rig, applied edits to certain vertices to make better look, uniboob treatment. Optional - "Dampened" bone effect to give catsuit more rubbery movement, might cause clipping if anything body-related is worn upon it (breast and thigh areas are affected)

    Installation: download mod folder as ZIP file, drag and drop it to your mod manager, install as normal. Go to bodyslide, type "Refit" in outfit filter and batch build (currently no outfit group, will do later). May require resaving your slider preset in order for it to recognize new outfits. (If anyone knows how to link new outfit group to existing presets - please lmk in comments).
    Credits and Thanks to:
        Ousnius for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
        BakaFactory for BHUNP
        Kimy, The DD Team and SE version mod porters for Devious Devices



  17. Fertility Mode+ - Immersive Effects

    0.8 Preliminary Release: See This Post for a guide!
    Fertility Mode is great, but it hasn't really had an equivalent for the BeeingFemale Animation addon in LE, to add more comprehensive effects of pregnancy in Skyrim Special Edition.
    Well, this mod fills that gap! What started as a simple port of BFAP to Fertility Mode+ has added a couple of new effects, with more on the way!
    This is VERY EARLY WIP Still. There will be bugs, there will be problems, mod incompatibilities I haven't encountered. Due to other commitments, I can't promise any "bugfix timelines", but I will add problems to my list of "things to look into".
    Hard Requirements
    Fertility Mode
    Fertility Mode Tweaks (v2.24 or later) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46820
    PapyrusUtil SE (For loading customizable JSONs): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048?tab=files
    SFO - Skin Feature Overlays (for Stretchmarks) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20183?tab=files 
    CBBE 3BBB Amazing (Due to Lactis being a hard reqirement ATM, this is the only option until that mod gets more body compatibility. Sorry BHUNP Users.)
    Fuz Ro D-oh - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109 (Until I get around to using xVASynth2-ing every single line for every viable voice)
    Soft Requirements:
    Lactis Addon* (OStim/OSex aren't needed) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54017
    Sexlab (I use Beta 8, haven't tested with Beta 9 yet) with facial expressions and Necessary fixes (ex. Lipsync, MFGFix)
    Milk Mod Economy by Ed86
    TitKit by Monsto SSE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39987?tab=description
    *See FAQ for questions regarding this and MME.
    This allows some of the events to have sound effects (player) and facial expressions. The mod will auto-detect if these are present and use them accordingly.
    Implemented Random Events
        Throughout Pregnancy/Recovery
        Cravings - Player Character will randomly eat food from 3 categories, sound and facial expressions (w/SSL installed)     Dialogue - NPCs comment on the PC's state, and their own state, particularly when experiencing random events!     1st Trimester
        Morning Sickness - ISM, Damage Stamina and Magicka, sound and facial expressions (w/SSL installed)     2nd Trimester
        Fetal Flutter - ISM, Damage Stamina and Magicka, sound and facial expressions (w/SSL installed)     3rd Trimester
        3T Fetal Flutter - ISM, Damage Stamina and Magicka, sound and facial expressions (w/SSL installed)     B-H Contraction - ISM, Stagger, Damage Stamina and Magicka, sound and facial expressions (w/SSL installed)     Colostrum - Overlay, Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed), Add Lactacid to character pool if MME Installed     Recovery
        Lactation - Gives milk at end, corresponding to event level (levels 0-2 in Lactis), sound and facial expressions (w/SSL installed); Add Milk to character pool if MME Installed  
    These Events will be updated with new/different effects as the mod evolves.
    Dynamic Visual Effects
    Stretchmarks - via RM overlay, SFO SFO Stretchmarks are applied when scaling starts, and slowly become more and more visible as the pregnancy progresses, and fade away during recovery. Consider this the most "work in progress" feature at this moment. how "immersive" these look largely depends on the PC/NPC's starting skin color (I tuned it pretty conservatively, but future plans will open it up) Darkening Nipples - via RM overlay, TitKit by Monsto TitKit Overlays are applied when scaling starts, and slowly become more and more visible as the pregnancy progresses, and fade away during recovery.  
    Planned Improvements
    New Events Motion Pain Effect improvements Generally, mild bodymorph effects are a possibility (baby kicking, etc.) MCM This is probably the thing that will keep this mod in "WIP" for the longest. It should (in the end) allow for about the same "tunability" as BFAP's MCM, along with tuning the "color endpoints" for the current and future dynamic effects. Currently, the Dialogue and Color Endpoints are changeable via JSONs!  
    Q: Does it work in LE?
    A: I don't think so. There are a LOT of SE-Only mods (Lactis is SE only and body/SMP/CBPC dependent, FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks is SE only) that would need to work just right in LE before FM+ - Immersive Effects would be functional.
    Q: Has everything from BFAP been converted over?
    A: Not everything. The major, working events from BFAP 1.4 have been converted over, but there's no MCM to tune mod settings (Although there are JSONs now!). An MCM will come with time, and there are several events in the BFAP source that I'd like to complete!
    Q: Are there any other changes that have been made?
    A: The way random events are handled has changed as well, it's no longer a "counter" but a genuine probability calculation thanks to some of the functions built into FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks. The debug message is still present in both the "random event choosing" spell and the "overlay updater" spell, but these will be removed when they've proved to be reliable on a large scale.
    Q: Do I really need FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks?
    A: Yes! There's a faction that has been added to track pregnancy progression (ex. FactionRank 54 implies pregnancy is ~54% complete), and the functions that update pregnancy have unique FM+ - Immersive Effects paths thanks to integration into FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks.
    Q: Why is it missing ((Feature from BFAP))?
    A: Other than "It's a work in progress", there are some BFAP features that are made redundant by being based on Fertility Mode (ex. the Debug functions for 3rd trimester are no longer needed). Additionally, due to the fact that I've decided to implement an MCM after I've created all of the planned effects, some of the features that require the MCM will be added last (ex. Armor Stripping, dialogue probability, offensive dialogue, etc.). That doesn't mean these features won't be added, they're just lower on the priorities list for now.
    Q: Is it Lactis OR MME, or Lactis AND MME, or both?
    A: For now, it's either Lactis OR MME, due to some incompatibility between Lactis & MME. I've heard of people working on patches to get them to work together, but nothing's working/available for that yet.
    Dialogue Suggestions
    Here's the Google sheets link for suggestions, with submission guidelines at the top:
    sub-human - For help with scripting and making this mod a reality!
    Sleepy_Soul - For allowing me to use BFAP and its source!
    orbusNinus - For allowing me to use Lactis's APIs for the events!
    DomainWolf - For allowing me permission to use SFO as a requirement for its great textures!
    SkyrimFet - For a bit of code modified from BAC's Github to do direct Racemenu Overlays!
    Monsto - For originally creating TitKit!
    LamaKreis - For converting TitKit to SE!
    Any code/API usage that I have made has either been with the mod author's permission (ex. the Private API in Lactis for the Colostrum Effect), or from a publicly available source with credit to the original author (ex. public BAC Github).
    I expect myself and others to do the same for future changes to this mod, or mods that use any or all of its code.

    You cannot incorporate any of the code in any for-profit project (ex. CC).

    You can use the code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion and give credit with a link.
    For use of the requirements assets, you must follow the original author's permission guidelines and reach out to the original mod authors.
    For now my development GH is private, but once I complete most of the "Planned Improvements", it should go public (will likely call that release 1.0).



  18. Maria Eden SE

    This version is for fun and for translators only. There are so many known bugs that I definitely don't need additional bug reports now.
    This is the successor of Maria Eden for Skyrim SE - you can get all the information there until this version leaves the alpha phase. The Maria Eden SE port of @nomkaz is the better choice if you don't understand German and want to have a more stable version
    I made the mod for my own pleasure. My play style is starting a new game, having some fun, drop the game. This is how MEP is organized - not intended to play the vanilla quests. Lots of things are broken I play MEP solo - no other BDSM mod - so I can't guarantee that it works well with other mods - especially other slavery mods. Please don't waste your time with bug reports now until it reaches the beta phase - and you better avoid this mod if you are inexperienced with mods. Languages
    German Maria Eden Prostitution installation Guide
    If you don't follow the advices in this document don't expect any kind of support!
    Unlike the previous versions of MEP, this is a complete overhaul of the Vanilla Skyrim Environment.
    Changes are made everywhere, NPCs react on you depending on visible and invisible properties.
    This is the reason why MEP don't plays well together with other mods that affects some of the properties.
    It is a BDSM / Prostitution sandbox and not meant to be used for vanilla gameplay.
    NPC dialogs NPC reactions NPC factions Taverns Jails Some landscapes like Solitude execution place Requirements (always the latest versions)
    SkyUI SKSE UIExtensions FNIS ZAP Sexlab SlaveTats Devious Devices Assets Devious Devices Integration (only the resources, ESP/ESM is not needed) Recommendations
    Mini Needs MfgFix Sexlab Cumshot SSE Engine Fixes More Nasty Critters for beast fans SLAnimation Loader HavokFix64 (when using frame rate > 50) ENB Helper (if you use ENB) Gamepad - MEP is built with Gamepads in mind Notepad++ or a Json editor if you want to configure things because MEP does not provide a MMC No manual modification in Skyrim / ENB configuration files - only changing the framerate My ENB Settings for high frame rates

    Installation steps
    Use a mod manager and isolate MEP in a separate profile! Use MO or Vortex Disable all other slavery mods Disable all other mods that controls player behavior Disable all mods that changes vanilla taverns - only changes of textures won't matter Disable all quickstart mods - MEP provides an own one Disable devious devices integration.esm and devious devices expansion.esm. MEP uses DD assets and animations but I can't guarantee that DD mechanics don't affects MEP gameplay Prepare you environment for as much FPS as possible, the Papyrus engine synchronizes with the frame rate and this means that MEP is running much more smoothly with high frame rates enter directory <skyrim>\data\sound\voice\MariaBase.esm and execute create_junctions.cmd enter directory <skyrim>\data\sound\voice\MariaProstitution.esp and execute create_junctions.cmd Run FNIS ! Maria Eden Prostitution game play guide
    Maria Eden is a BDSM / Prostitution sandbox and not meant to be used for vanilla gameplay.
    Maria Eden consists of the following mods:
    BDSMMechanics.esm - provides keywords and some basic furniture and restraints mechanics MariaBase.esm - base mod containing keywords, several managers and base mechanics SimpleSlavery.esp - install this if you want that Maria Eden handles simple slavery events - it has it's own auction quest MariaDevices.esp - adds ZAZ furniture's in almost all city taverns in their cellars, some in Castle Volkihar and in Solitude on the execution stage. Although it is optional it spends a lot of fun. MariaProstitution.esp - provides all quests MariaQuickstart.esp - quick start in a small cell with some startup goodies ZEPSlaveLocations.esp - some important locations, focused on Solitude - Slave auction, Slave shool - the others are not yet supported by quests ZEPWhoreLocations.esp - several brothels - most of them in the major cities Startup
    I strongly recommend to use the MariaEden startup mod, however - before starting your journey into prostitution and slavery you should wait until all mods has started and all Sexlab animations are registered.
    You should start with a clean game and I also recommend to save the game after all mods are up and running and restart Skyrim. Some dialog options are only available after a game reload.
    Outfits - Outfit Manager
    In Maria Eden outfits have a strong meaning and there are several outfit classed and reserved outfit names.
    So one of your first tasks into the Maria Eden world should be to setup outfits.
    Outfit categories
    cat - used for pet play. The outfit DogSlave is used in the Slave of dog quest. cult - used for the religious oriented quest Whore of Dibella. The following outfits are used: Dibellas High Priestess - boss of the temple of Dibella Dibellas Novice - outfit of the bystanders of the boss Dibellas Priestess - outfit for the priestess dancer - used for dance quests femdom - outfits for your female master fetish - just for fun guard - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all female slave guards maledom - outfits for your male master pimp - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all female pimps of the brothels pimphelper - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all female brothels assistants ponygirl - outfit for the pony girl quest slave - outfit for ... guess what ... succubus - outfit succubus, not yet supported wedding - outfit for the marriage scene whore - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all whores. The body part of a whore outfit is enchanted with an effect that discovers the wearer as prostitute. Slave tats are considered as part of an outfit, there are some nice lingerie tats available that fits much better to your body shape than armor based lingerie.
    But also war paints, cum effects and branding signs are available and can become part of an outfit.
    Outfits stores your equipped weapon and arrows as well.
    NPCs - Actor Manager
    The actor manager allows you to modify NPCs - or put them into the list of managed NPCs.
    You can treat every NPC into special factions - for example recruit them as followers or marry them.
    Managed NPCs
    The outfits of managed NPCs are stored permanently and there are functions to fetch or jump to a managed NPC.
    On every encounter managed NPCs try to convince you to become their whore or slave.
    If they see you naked or wearing a slave collar they will take over the control.
    The managed NPC outfit stores a reference to the base outfit - so if you modify this base outfit later your NPC adapts this changes during next game load.
    If you delete the base outfit it will not affect the NPC because the stored outfit contains a copy as fallback.
    Location Manager
    Since most of the quests are related to their location you can use the location manager to teleport to certain locations.
    You can also record own locations
    Animation Manager
    All animations are managed by the Animation Manager
    You can define own animations
    A animation can be mapped to an animation ID
    The animation ID is used in certain conditions - for example the kneeling animation is assigned to the ID 1.
    In several quests you are commanded to play an animation.
    Restraints Manager
    Maria Eden comes with a pre-defined set of restraints that are used in several quests. They are all based on ZAZ and DDa. You can change these assignments so that Maria Eden uses other restraints.
    Sexlab Animation Manager
    Before every sexlab animation you can choose the animation by tag or by name and you can define a list of favorites
    After the animation you are asked if you want to put the animation to your favorites list
    My future plan is a black list and then patching the SLAL files to whipe out all blacklisted animations from the sexlab registry.
    Visual properties
    Every NPC react on visible properties - and the reaction is permanent. There is no way back. So keep attention where you play as a slave, a whore or a pervert slut, the more encounters you have the less opportunities you have to play vanilla Skyrim
    If a managed NPC observe you naked (while you are free) he will become your pimp and whore you out.
    Slave collar
    Every NPC who sees you wearing a slave collar (ZAZ only) considers you a slave forever from now on
    Merchants don't sell anything to slaves, but you can persuade some of them with offering sex.
    But the prices are really bad.
    Every child who observed you will never talk with you anymore.
    If you are not enslaved or whored out some followers, every managed NPC and every Pimp will enslave you if they meet you.
    Whore outfit
    Every NPC who sees you wearing a whore outfit considers you a prostitute forever from now on.
    Whenever you equip a whore outfit the body part gets marked. So you should only define whore outfits with body parts.
    Most merchants demands free sex before they are willing to trade with you.
    Every child who observed you will never talk with you anymore.
    If you are not enslaved or whored out some followers, every managed NPC and every Pimp will whore you out.
    Animal Whore Tattoo
    If you are marked with this tattoo (you get it in slave school after some beast jobs) and you are naked, hostlers wont sell you horses but enforce you to fuck their horses.
    Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.
    Beast sex
    Whenever a NPCs see you being involved in a sex scene with an animal he treats you as a perverted slut.
    Some merchants don't want to trade anything with you.
    Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.
    Dog slave
    Whenever a NPCs see you being a dog slave with a cat outfit he treats you as scum.
    No merchants will trade anything with you.
    Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.
    Other visual properties like wearing nipple clamps, clitoris sealing, having whip marks or cum effects just lead to humiliating comments.
    Clitoris sealing (triggered by slave shool or master) impacts the arousal level (Sexlab aroused) - it cannot cool down and the player cannot have an orgasm.
    Invisible properties
    Some properties are invisible but they have an impact on the game - especially in dialog scenes.
    Your master won't allow you vaginal penetration sex until you are sterilized.
    The sterilization can be triggered in the slave school, in a brothel or by the master if there is an apothecary in the current location.
    Partly circumcision
    Your labia is cut so your clitoris is exposed.
    Sitting and riding increased arousal (Sexlab aroused)
    The circumcision is done in the slave school
    Fully circumcision
    Your clitoris is amputated.
    Player can no longer be aroused (Sexlab aroused)
    The circumcision is done in the slave school
    Category Main Start Autostart Status Playable This quest is the main bootstrap for Maria Eden and provides the furniture mechanics
    Category Zone Start Location Status Playable This quest is triggered whenever the player enters a place where prostitution is expected. It does not provide own functionality but it registers a lot of random encounter quests.
    Only in these locations people are asking you for sex.
    Military camps Orc camps Towns and cities Taverns Brothels MEPSlaveZone
    Category Zone Start Location Status Playable This quest is triggered whenever the player enters a place where special restrictions apply to slaves.
    A slave has to be restrained, a slave has to wear blindfold in temples and in the jarl house.
    The master will take care of the restrictions
    Jarl houses Jails Temples MEPBrothel
    Category Zone Start Location Status Playable This quest is triggered whenever the player enters a brothel. It triggers random guests and registers a lot of random encounter quests with prostitution as main subject
    The random guests are NPCs from the brothel town location
    You can ask the pimp for a job as a prostitute.
    There are NPC whores doing their busyness.
    If your enter the brothel while wearing a slave collar the pimp will enslave you.
    Known issues: Sometimes the NPC whore jobs stucks, use Cheat manager to kill the NPC whoring quests.
    Sometimes the NPCs do not recognize that a bed is occupied by you.
    Category Main Start Keyword, triggered by other quests or ask auctioneer API MariaAuctionKeyword
    Ref1=seller (optional)
    Ref2=customer (optional) Status Playable In this quest the player will be auctioned off. It is sometimes triggered by other quests, eg. the master gets bored, the pimp is unsatisfied, punishment for a major crime after leaving the jail, slave training in slave school finished
    If you have installed SimpleSlavery.esp from this mod, all SimpleSlavery events are captured and driven by this quest.
    If the quest starts without a seller the player is escorted to the auction house.
    The player can sell himself to the auctioneer via dialog.
    Potential customers
    Managed NPCs Pimps (from brothels) Potential followers from the city of the auction house. Random NPCs from the city of the auction house. Known issues: There are some pathing issued when the auction guests are going home.
    Category Main Start Keyword, random encounters and manual offers (talk to NPC) API MEPInterestKeyword
    Ref1 = john
    Ref2 = second john (optional)
    value1 = 4711: free sex without dialog value2 = 1: free sex with dialog Status Playable This quest prepares a whore job - usually a john asks you for a sex or torture job.
    It is mostly triggered be encounters when a NPC considers you a whore and you are in a whoring location.
    But sometimes it is also triggered by your pimp if he finds a john for your.
    If your john considers you a slave you cannot reject.
    If you reject and your pimp is nearby it can lead to punishment.
    Category Main Start Keyword API MEPJobKeyword
    Ref1 = john
    Ref2 = second john (optional)
    value1 = job type that was negotiated in MEPInterest
    value2 = bitmask : 1 = john will lead to sex, 2 = sex right here, 4 = forced BDSM, 8 = free job Status Playable This is the main prostitution quest and it is triggered by MPInterest or sometimes directly by your master.
    The success of a job depends on the time spent for sex.
    If you fast forward the sex scene to much the job will fail and the john won't pay.
    If you are not a free prostitute your master or pimp may punish you.
    If you are a free prostitute and doing a job in a tavern the job may gets interrupted by the innkeeper.
    You should ask the innkeeper before and if he accepts whoring in his tavern he wants a cut and he takes the payment from your johns.
    Ask the innkeeper for your cut.
    Every john remembers your meeting and humiliate you with vulgar remarks
    Known issues: Sometimes the NPCs forget to re-equip their clothes.
    Use the cheat manager to reset them manually.
    Category Main Start Keyword API MEPPaymentKeyword
    Ref1 = john Status Playable After a whore job the Payment quest starts.
    Depending on the outcome of the job (john satisfied or not) different things will happen.
    If you are a free prostitute you receive the payment.
    If you are a free prostitute in a tavern, the innkeeper receives the payment.
    Otherwise your master or your pimp receives the payment.
    If you are not a free prostitute and the john is not satisfied your master or your pimp will punish you.
    If you are not a free prostitute and a new john asked your master or pimp for a job during a running job he immediately triggers a new whore job.
    Category Main Start Talk to Senna in the temple of Dibella in Markath Status Playable If you want to become a temple whore of Dibella go to Senna and ask. She gives you a task and if you have fulfilled it you go back to Senna for the initiation rite.
    You will receive special clothes - especially a flower circlet. If you wear this circlet you are recognized as a temple whore.
    As a temple whore you will not receive payment from your johns.
    Category Main Start Keyword, ask a dog or ask a hostler API MariaDogFollowerKeyword
    Ref1 = dog
    value1 = if != 0 then player becomes slave of the dog
    value2 = if != 0 then the dog will initially rape the player Status Playable Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.
    You can ask any dog to follow you.
    As long as you don't ask the dog for sex nothing special happens.
    If you asked your dog more than 3 times for sex he will become your master (cheat = setstage MEPDogFollower 20).
    As your master he will rape you whenever he wants
    If you had sex with your dog more than 6 times he forces you staying naked (cheat = setstage MEPDogFollower 21).
    If you have defined a DogSlave cat outfit it is equip and whenever you un-equip one part of the outfit he forces you to re-equip it.
    If you had sex with your dog more than 9 times he forces you crawl (cheat = setstage MEPDogFollower 22).
    If you wearing a DogSlave cat outfit you are recognized as a dog slave.
    You can ask any hostler for a dog and you can convince him to give you a dog for free - but you immediately start as a dog slave.
    Category Main Start Keyword, ask managed NPCs or potential followers, or ask anyone while kneeling API MEPPimpKeyword
    Ref1 = new master or pimp
    value1 = if 1 then player becomes slave, otherwise a whore Status Playable This is the major quest, the NPC will fully take over the control over you.
    If he is only your pimp he just take a major cut of your income and collects whore jobs for you. He sometimes triggers harmless quests to increase your notoriety.
    If he is your master almost every aspect of the game changes and he starts several tasks, most of them triggered by encounters.
    He has two major goals - earn much money and humiliate you as much as possible.
    Two factors controls his behavior - his actor value "mood" and his relationship rank to you.
    Most of your activities have an positive or negative impact on these factors.
    If the factors are really bad he will send you to slave school to teach you how to obey or he will sell you.
    The only way to get free again is the dead of your master, or you might find a potential follower who buys you.
    Category Main Start Triggered by other quest or ask slave trainer Status Almost playable, work in progress You are treat as scum in a cage. Every hour (or press Escape) a new (training) session is started, sometimes people from the current city visits the training.
    The visitors remember seeing you in the school and humiliate you verbally.
    Some sessions end up with player execution.
    The school finishes with player execution, player sellout to an NPC or slave auction.



  19. SKStim

    About:  A mod and a sound player application that lets you feel the actions you take in Skyrim via electrical stimulation.
    Sound based Estim device is required, preferrably stereo. Files were made with Tri-phase setup in mind, simultaneous events can create unique interferences.
    Warning: Use this at your own risk!
    Be aware of proper use of your device, turn it off before you touch the electrodes with your hand, never stim above waist etc. Play safe!
        - A folder structure to place your own signals in.
        - Menu to select a separate output for the signals. 
        - Stimulation when you get hit in combat.
        - Stimulation when you cast spells (only vanilla so far).
        - Stimulation for sex scenes.
        - Stimulation for Devious Devices events and plugs.
        - Stimulation for movement while wearing plugs
        - more stimulation to come...
    This is a work in progress, the features are there but they need more testing, compatibility and content. Expect bugs.
            SKSE64: http://skse.silverlock.org/
            SexLab Framework: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91861-sexlab-framework-se-163-beta-8-november-22nd-2019/
            and its requirements.
            SexLab Aroused: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5482-sexlab-aroused-redux-sse-version-29/
            Devious Devices SE: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5878-devious-devices-se/ 
            follow the link for installation instructions and for all its requirements.
       Soft requirements are any mod that lets you access the content of above mods, such as Cursed Loot or SexLab Eager NPCs.
    VR compatible.
    LE compatible. since 0.4
    Installation & Usage: Use a mod installer or unpack and drop it in your game folder. Connect your device to the PC. Fire up SKStim.exe from ...Skyrim/Data/SKSstim/ and choose the appropriate output for your device. Wire up and play the calibration signal to find the right strenght for you. Then activate the app by clicking "Listening to game:" ON.
    Signals: Each stim file is placed in a subfolder in Skstim/Signals/..., you can replace these files in the subfolders or add multiple to the same folder for variety (in this case a signal will be randomly chosen from the specified folder once an event with that name triggers). If you leave a folder empty a signal from the associated _Default folder will play. Filenames dont matter, extension needs to be .mp3 .wav or .ogg . 44100Hz 32bit .

    Looking for testers!  If you like this stuff please help with your feedback. You can check out volumeReport.txt in the apps folder to get an idea whats going on when something is not playing as expected & send it to me. Share your own signals! I'd be happy to get signals that are more enjoyable or sync up to the events better, we could be making different signal packs or just diversify them if there is interest. Sex scenes are not meant to sync for now instead the signals are continous, but DD events could be synced better. Spells are also poorly categorized, I dont have the capacity to check which animation matches which category better, but it would be easy for me to put them elsewhere or create a new category or two based on feedback.
    Known Issues: 
        - Not all shocking events are implemented, sometimes it doesnt play a signal.
        - Horse riding signal plays when the horse stands still.
        - Healing signal might play for healing potions.
        -a few AV on virustotal reports a false positive for my exe. If anyone knows pyinstaller I might need help with building a custom bootloader for it. I think all reputable and almost all others let it pass though, defender is fine too.

    Credits: Huge thanks to Mr.Private creator of the controller-vibe mod for letting me use his script as a basis and solving many of my issues.
        Visio Diaboli & SkyLover37 for helping with papyrus and Steinfunk for feedback.
        Some signals are from lolol2-s amazing Estim Tower tease on Milovana.



  20. iWant Arousal Widgets

    A quick and dirty plugin for iWant Status Bars to add arousal and exposure widgets for SLAR.

    It currently only uses the default icons that come with iWant Widgets. If you happen to have some good icons to contribute, I'd love to incorporate them!
    There's no particular reason to think it's incompatible with Legendary Edition other than the fact that I made it an ESL.



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