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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

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  1. Nuka Ride World Patch WIP

    Nuka Ride World Patch WIP Version 1.0.6
    This patch is for Nuka Ride 6.6.0+

    IF you use either the CWSS or BYOP patches, you will need to replace them with the ones here.

    With that outa the road...
    The short version: This patch cleans up leftover construction items and makes Nuka Town, and many of the custom cells aah..prettier.

    The long version:
    This changes a shite ton of stuff.
    humm... maybe that should be the short version.
    This patch at the moment mainly deals with Nuka Town and the interior cells. It fixes al lot of z fighting, alignment, terrain, navmesh and left over/floating world items.

    It adds a helipad for the BOS & VIP's. It adds a few vehicles for them to get around in.

    It tastefully highlights the spot where Nisha is standing upon returning to Nuka World during the Apollo quest. You spawn directly in front of here and she's standing under a street light.
    So if you don't see her... you fuuuucked uuuup!

    It adds missing light strips on the buildings, decorations outside the Amphitheater & tattoo shop.
    Attempts to fill all the gaps left by removing the trash. Which btw is over 5K items.
    It fixes the floating light strings, and add a bunch of lights & light posts.

    The reason you'll need my version of the CWSS and or BYOP is because so much was changed in the effected cells that the current precombines are no longer valid and will make a total mess if the original versions are used.
    At some point JB will probably fold this patch into the main mod and the precombines can be dealt with then. But rest easy knowing it currently doesn't effect performance.
    Note that's on the interior cells. Nuka Town is still shite and needs rebuilt in a bad way. I'll do that when it's completely done.

    As with any mod. Just Do IT!
    Because of the changes this patch makes, a prewar new game is required.
    You can try a alt start, but IF you see weird doors, out of place stuff... well you know what to do.
    But you can't use a save that has ever seen Nuka Ride.

    Load order IS specific and should look like so;
    Nuka Ride.esp
    Nuka Ride World Patch.esp
    Nuka Ride CWSS WORLD Patch.esp
    and or
    Nuka Ride BYOP WORLD Patch.esp
    And a big thanks to @JB. and his crew for the awesome mod and allowing me for fiddle fart around with it!
    Change Log:



  2. Just Business Hunter

    Adds a customizable hotkey to Just Business for marking NPCs for enslavement. Similarly to default behavior, marked NPCs will enter bleedout once defeated. Player can then engage in a dialog with the NPC in order to enslave it. Mod also makes it so that the enslaved NPC will retain its appearance including the bodygen data.

    Custom hotkey for marking NPCs for enslavement Filters to avoid marking wrong NPCs. Main purpose of this is to avoid messing with unique NPCs. Fixes appearance not being retained over the enslavement process. (Bodygen etc)  Ability to list all marks Ability to clear all marks Option to make slaves flee from combat Option to fix the vanilla Just Business bug which causes slaves to return to their enslavement position once they are told to relax Minimal Just Business overwrite to ascertain compatibility  
    Disable Hunter Mode Unbind Hunter Mode key (Hunter mode is no longer needed) Bind Mark Target Hotkey Adjust filters Aim at a NPC Click Mark Target Hotkey Player should see red mist on the target indicating a mark attempt. There is also a notification. Defeat the marked NPC and enslave it  
    Apply Fix Hotkey: Will apply relax bug fix to a slave. Only required if the slave was not enslaved using Just Business Hunter while the fix option was turned on.
    Just Business 0.7.6 Advanced Animations Framework Extended Dialogue Interface DLC Nuka-World DLC Vault-Tec Workshop  
    MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Dassu Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. In other words: Do whatever you like with my code but I will not pay retributions if it ruins your save game. I would prefer receiving credit if the code is used in some other project.



  3. Just Business Voiced Dialogue (11ai)

    Currently WIP.
    !!!This mod has 2 versions: Generic and Real
    Generic version has generated voices, but all dialogue for not yet generated characters is replaced with GunnerFemale01 voice.
    I suppose GENERIC VERSION IS OPTIMAL, unless you don't mind that enslaved BoS soldiers or Magnolia will use same generic voice.
    Real version contains only generated voices, so not all NPC's will have voiced slave dialogue.
    Tired of very long pauses between dialogues with slaves?
    Than this mod is for you! With properly voiced phrases, dialogues are now skippable and won't look so awkward)
    Voices already generated:
    RaiderFemale  GunnersFemale01  
    Voices pending:
    FemaleRough FemaleGhoul FemaleEvenToned FemaleBoston GuardFemaleVault81 BoSFemale01 BoSFemale02 BoSSquireFemale01 ChildrenOfAtomFemale01 InstituteScientistFemaleVoice SynthGen3Female01 SynthGen3Female02 DLC04GangDiscipleFemale01 DLC04GangDiscipleFemale02 DLC04GangOperatorFemale01 DLC04GangPackFemale01 Unique NPCS (like Irma, Magnolia, Mags Black etc.)  
    Just extract archive into your fallout 4 folder and enjoy)



  4. Wasteland Eggspansion

    Wasteland Eggspansion is a pregnancy mod centred around laying eggs. Intended to be something light-hearted, embracing the ridiculous side of Fallout. Pregnancies are initiated without sex. The experience is customizable. Be sure to check whether the default MCM settings suit your needs. Please note that there are no quests to complete or NPCs. This is a background mod, not the main course.
    What it does
    Makes the player character and/or companions eager egg-layers. You get started by finding and consuming an item or giving it to a companion. A starter set can be found behind the statue next to the Sanctuary bridge. At the beginning, the capacity to carry eggs is limited, but it will improve gradually. The size of the belly is connected to how many and what type of eggs the egg-layer is carrying.  Simple labour effects: moans, crouching, eggs dropping on the ground one by one and controller rumble.  
    List of eggs types
    Most eggs are consumable items meant to be either sold or to be used for crafting using the cooking station.
    Egg-laying modes
    Modes are to determine how pregnancies happen.
    Pregnancy-related shenanigans (a few more to be added)
    Buffs, debuffs and perks
    All (de)buff-giving perks can be turned off via the MCM.
    Concoctions and other items
    Unique magazines
    Version 0.44 requirement changes: 1) Robco Patcher and its requirements. 2) SUP F4SE update might be necessary. Version 11+ is now the minimum. 
    2024/05: Eggspansion doesn't work properly with the next-gen version of Fallout.
    Hard requirements. All of these are of general use and non-negotiable.
    Fallout 4 base game (1.10.163) from before the next-gen update. F4SE  SUP F4SE Mod Configuration Menu For the morphs a suitable body (3BBB, Fusion Girl or Bodytalk for example) and the outfits for it built in Bodyslide Studio with 'Build morphs' box ticked on. Looksmenu for in-game morphs to work. Robco Patcher for consumable distribution and other features.  
    Optionals. Not-so-general-use but provide additional "stuff".
    For dripping fluids during labor 'Zaz Particle Effects.esp' enabled from UAP. Base Object Swapper and its requirements for spawning consumable items into the world. 
    For male character pregnancy belly morphs: FPE - Male Morph Support. 
    Might be of interest
    Immersive Animation Framework for eating and drinking animations for jellies and concoctions.
    MCM Booster for faster loading menus.
    Quick trade for accessing quickly companion inventories.
    Zetan-themed mods downloadable from Nexus.
    Mojave Wasteland species additions downloadable from Nexus.
    A more suitable crouching animation (maybe this?) if using the good old crouching method for labor. UI mod of your choice to make message boxes better and prettier.  
    Random information
    If starting the game from nowhere near Sanctuary, starter items can be obtained via MCM (Mod Management/Maternity Package). Supported body types without extra fiddling: anything CBBE-based (TWB, 3BBB, FVore), Fusion Girl, Janebod and Bodytalk. For other bodies custom sliders can be used, but if the body type doesn't have a pregnancy belly slider, not much can be done.
    All egg types can be unlocked even without the DLCs and associated mods. The necessary consumable item is found by dumpster-diving and is often dropped by raider types. On an old save visiting new areas or places that haven’t been visited lately does the trick. Or sleeping a month or two until the cells reset.. Making companions egg-layers works by putting jellies or jellied food into their inventory. Amount of egg-laying companions/NPCs is limited to 20. Companions won’t become egg-layers unless it makes sense for them to do so. If in a hurry and unable to wait to get the necessary companion affinity perk, sole survivors (or startmeuppers) are going to have to engage sneaky asshole mode and use a “jellied” food item in order to trick their egg-layer candidates. Recipes found inside magazine #1 and crafted items sometimes dropped by raiders. This can be bypassed with 10+ charisma or having a reputation as an egg-layer.
    Pip-Boy perks indicate what's going on with the player character. For companion/npc information, the alien device and MCM hotkeys need to be used.
    Jelly addiction and alien device influence system is designed to automate jelly consumption. Active effects in Pip-Boy show what's going on if the feature is enabled.
    If an egg-layer is in "dormant" state, it means that a cure has been activated. Giving them either a speed or growth concoction resumes production. Alternatively, the device can be used to restart the production of a misbehaving egg-layer.
    Mod management
    Can't recommend updating during labor due to some numerous changes, but it is probably fine in other states. Older versions are available using the Mega link provided in the download section, but you should never downgrade a mod mid-game.  
    Current state of the mod and future plans
    For now, the mod is done. Bug fixing continues when needed. Any kind of big update or "an actual release" is a long way off.
    Things left to do:
    A few lore-friendly eggs types haven't made it into the mod yet and some egg textures still need improving. A few random small-scale and self-contained shenanigans and environmental triggers for them. Workshop shelves and nests as displays for eggs. Need to stop adding and changing eggs before it can happen. This will most likely be an optional separate plugin due to the inevitable bloat. Some structural changes and cutting down a few unnecessary features and options.  
    Known issues and frequent topics
    AI generated voices sound terrible. Most of them were generated using xVASynth version 1 or 2 voice models. I won't be updating the sound files anytime soon unless there's a monumental jump in quality open source based solutions can provide. A posh sounding British Curie or 'Murican Cait is probably something to avoid. RVC perhaps. No jellies to be found inside rubbish bins or dumpsters. Either the area was already discovered before or there’s a scarcity mod getting rid off the items? Vendors, killing raiders and Basic Object Swapper might be of help. Alien device displays rubbish and is slow. The device isn’t supposed work properly at the beginning. There’s MCM setting to skip this phase and have the device fully running immediately. The feature will be later removed. Companions engage incessant sandboxing derp mode inside settlements and squatting may not happen during labor. Morphs if the same sliders are used multiple times. Can't be fixed. Egg hatching and offspring. There are two random happenings that can result in eggs hatching. As for offspring, FPER/WDF and Mojave Geckos already do that. The latter is integrated as much as it can be: bigger Gecko eggs come out as hatchable eggs if the mod in question is installed.  
    Disclaimer and warnings
    This is about gestating and popping out eggs of imaginary mutated species. One might find that distasteful. Sufferers of survival realism derangement may find everything lacking in dreadful misery. Stable Diffusion 1.5/SDXL were used to help texture creation. xVaSynth, Tortoise TTS and XTTS v2 were used to voice NPCs. Voices can be turned off from the MCM, but without textures there would be no mod.  
    Credits and sources for inspiration
    A lot of ideas, mainly the labor system, come from MorePrinniesDood's eggcellent EggFactory
    Fallout Vore convinced me that interacting with the vanilla game mechanics is the way to go.
    pepertje's Fertile Breeder lore inspired me to do this mod in the first place and gave a handy way to explain who/what is behind the nonsense.
    Tool tinkerers, general use mod makers, guide writers and information sharers.
    Kendri for the ideas of jelly activation option for pregnancies and burst mode for egg output.



  5. Fallout Vore

    Note: This mod was not made by me but the original creator is okay with this beta being public since there is no way to get the beta from other sources other than Discord servers or individuals that already have the link to the Beta.
    For those who wanna install this mod and get the features working here is an install guide, I can also help in the replies to the best of my abilities but please try and watch the video as it explains point for point how to correctly install and set up the mod and its features:

    If no video is here then here is a Mega io link for the video and a txt file for time stamps: https://mega.nz/folder/GhVhlDbT#mpZ2rPCOFuZOzKF8rloAnA
    Original Post NOTE this contains the old download for Fallout Vore 3.0, on the page are other useful download links.
    Fallout Vore 3.0 Credits

    Gat and Company - The original Fallout Vore mod (2.0.2 and earlier)
    Carreau - Scripting, game balance, level design, UI, character design, and writing
    Gaz - Scripting
    Übermensch Bodhisattva - Perk Design
    Bria's voice - Hestia
    Vocal direction and editing - Naomi
    Rasati - Dialogue
    Rando - Dialogue
    RakeVuri - Rebalanced sound files and voiceless sounds
    Vicyntae - Nate vore sound files
    Testing - Rasati, Rando, Gaz, Kavvan Shrike, Übermensch Bodhisattva, Naomi, Darek, Saucisson Sac, Fuzzy Taco



  6. Just Business Voiced

    w.i.p.  voiced files suggested by ShyGirlDanceParty many thanks and hope you enjoy and i know some words and lines are messed up but im working on it



  7. Sanity Framework

    Sanity Framework 1.96 (Whispers Release)
    -- Added a few bug fixes on April 9, 2022
    Clue: Next to the green bear in Rabbit Hole.  I can't be more specific than that!
    The story thus far... You are the sole survivor, and you just left the vault with the burden of the loss of your son, the loss of your spouse, and the end of the world.   How can you possibly help them if you can't help yourself?  Dread grips your mind and heart as you explore Wonderland, or now, Wasteland, just like Alice.  You find cryptic messages leading you around the ruins of the Commonwealth.  The more you follow these leads, the less you care about the problems in the world around you.  Your choices will ultimately decide your fate.  Your spouse, your son, your world is gone now.  And deep down you know, nothing will end well.
    Hard Requirements:
    AAF and all its requirements: by @dagobaking I will publish my own guide on what I need, based on the other mods that use AAF.  If you don't follow this guide, from @Saya Scarlett my mod will not work  All The DLC + Unofficial Fallout Patch -- Far Harbor and Nuka World add some exciting possibilities Sex Attributes (Spirit, Willpower and General Stats) @twistedtrebla MCM  
    Load Order:
    AAF custom installation Sanity Framework MCM Sex Attributes [Required with latest update]  
    Anything that edits Concord may have issues.  I will work on finding the exact conflict  
    Mod Integration: There are several key mods I intend to integrate with that will affect sanity.  The following are planned to date:
    Just Business (Slaves) by @ignotum_virum Family Planning Enhanced Redux (Pregnancy effects, Post-Partum, Abortion and Miscarriage outcomes.) Works with either version of the mod by @Invictusblade & @EgoBallistic Wasteland Dairy Framework This is in process with the new version by @Invictusblade AAF Violate (Completed) @EgoBallistic Hardship Beggar Whore by @Tentacus This is one of the most realistic mods I've seen to date around prostitution and addiction.  I plan to monitor this mod for the prostitution and addition attributes associated. Crackle by @Tentacus: I really like this realism of this mod. I highly recommend KitCat's Camping Gear for this. Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save : (Nexus Mods) This adds smoking, which reduces stress.  Joints Remove depression.  Not a hard requirement, but if its there, you'll get those extra bonus items. AAF Sexual Harassment by @twistedtrebla Already hooked into Sex Attributes.  I want to have a light integration with this one.  Hypnotism adds many possibilities. Sex Education by @spicydoritos Really nice expansion on the player's sexual history. Expanding this support.  
    Recommended Mods:  These Mods are my personal favourites, and they do add to the immersive experience. Not at all necessary. 
    AAF SexEmUp: by @EgoBallistic Nice for light prostitution and other sex approaches Cum Overlays: by @Nebuchadnezzer2 works perfect for me now that I installed Wash Out That Cum by @megururu Raider Pet by @stobor This mod is the best at abduction for raiders. RSE hasn't been updated in a while and causes many issues unfortunately. Devious Devices: by @Kimy I'm sure everyone has this, but it warrants a mention. Real Handcuffs by @Kharos Again, goes without saying. AAF Tattoo After Rape by @twistedtrebla This is perfect for the Sanity Framework as a reminder of what has happened to the Player over time.  (I will post recommended settings) AAF Bad-End: Purgatory: By Ego.  I love this mod because there are so many things you could do with sanity on this.  I may do an integration once I work through the other things. AAF Autonomy Enhanced Redux: By @Invictusblade At first it seemed silly that NPCs were randomly having sex, but when you think about it, what else do they have to do? AAF Dangerous Nights by @Jahem_kinkaid Truly a must for realism in the wasteland. Captive Tattoos by @JB. These are a must for Tattoo after Rape, and to be realistic with Hardship  
    Finally, if you have any problems with my mod, please feel free to always PM me. I don't need to use discord to help you. ❤️
    Please Report any Issues/Comments/Questions or Suggestions at my GitHub
    I ❤️ all the mod authors mentioned above and everyone who take the time to play.
    Modder Resources:



  8. Fallout⁴ Fantasy

    This mod just does too much to try explaining it in a single paragraph. So I will update the documentation as it goes (if it goes). No screenshots yet, but feel free to upload yours in case you don't mind me using it. I didn't find a good reason to upload mine here.
    DO NOT install:
    Mid-game. A new game is ABSOLUTELY required. IMPORTANT: As per reports: It is highly recommended to start the game with alternate start mods, such as Start Me Up. Otherwise there's a chance that the controller item added by this mod will be removed by the game during the main quest init sequence. With any serious playthrough in mind. It WILL have bugs, critical glitches and most likely will even cause you to CTD!  
    This version is only released as I don't see any other way for it to see the light of day and my hope is that I get some interest and support from the community. The mod is just too large in functionality for me to ever hope to address everything on my own.
    YOU GET:
    A massive extension to the Fallout4 gameplay experience. Fallout Fantasy is an addition to the game world that seeks to enhance character building and role-playing aspects of the game. You will get systems like races and classes as well as ways to immerse into some RP elements. The information on existing systems is updated in the main thread, but due to sheer amount of things it takes some time to cover it. Here's the list of the documented things so far:
    Races Classes Feats & Spells Alignment & Profile Sexuality & Mods (Still some to document)  
    But there are likely more systems in FF4 that I didn't yet mention in the main thread. With this in mind, I will update this post when I add new information.
    It does integrate with a lot of item mods (racial appearance) and some LL mods (Adult stuff), but none of any mods is required. You can install it on a game without any DLC and it should work (erm.. it theory. I never tested that scenario)
    "Be nice". You can take assets from this mod, but I'd like if you asked me first stating why you would want them. All of the content here is wither CC3 or commercial license which I bought for myself (like sounds on steam), so yes - I spent some $$$ on it. Anyhow, I did some solid research - or so I believe - to ensure my content is either fully original or is derived from the works where it's explicitly allowed by the license. Nothing in FF4 is taken without consent, license or permission. Thus I expect anyone who'd want to take stuff to abide by same principles.
    In fact, I'm hoping you will. Especially if you're a modder (because I for sure am not). Here's where I need support if this mod is ever to advance:
    Testing, obviously. There's just too much stuff I won't be able to get on my own Direct contribution: Adding spells (FF4 has it's whole spells system which can be extended with new spells), but I just didn't have time to wok on that a lot. Adding feats (same reason as spells) Animations - I'm willing to pay you some $$$ if you can help me with some of the stuff I have in mind Quests - to be honest, this whole mod is done entirely in FO4Edit, I never used CC properly in my life. But that has its limits. Namely, dialogues and quests are mostly out of my reach. I'd like to introduce some story line and racial / class quest lines - but.. alas, I have no knowledge to do so UI - if you can guide me to create my own UI widgets / plugins, this is also some stuff I'm willing to pay for.  



  9. JB - MaleDom

    Two short FO4 submods primarily aimed at male dominant characters
    JBKink is a Just Business submod giving you new options in the "In order to teach you obedience" menu. Instead of random sex scenes, you can use these to directly call five rape-like animations (and giving the slave a submission score). Same as the version I added as a comment a while ago so if you have that no need to download again.
    ZazReduced simply reduces the damage of the cane and crop from 10 to 1, to avoid killing slaves. Does not add submission.
    How to play maledom in FO4? Install Just Business, all requirements, plus the mods mentioned there, the mods JB are integrated with, Zaz, TortureDevices etc. Obviously load my submods after them. Go get some slaves. Tip: play Nuka World raider, slaves doing agriculture in your raider settlements do not raise raider unhappiness, and you can control vassal settlements with JB. This is an immersive way to play maledom.
    Build crosses (torturedevices) and hydropillaries. Assign slaves to them in building mode.  Get the console up, type help cane 4  and then help crop 4, then player.additem that number 1. Use the cane and crop to beat slaves in crosses or hydropillaries. Just for fun, does not give more submission. My submod prevents them from dying as the damage will be just 1 or 2.  Use the new dialog options in JBKink to rape them.  The sex action viewing angle is awkward, AAF does not handle it well, I use the tfc console command to give me a free camera.
    Protip: e.g. the kneeling hands behind back prisoner mat (from Prisoner Mats mod or CrimsonRiders Unique Furniture) are very well combined with the wrist ropes from Devious Devices.
    Install the AuctionHaus mod and sell them. Or set them up as prostitutes.
    There is a Slave and Model Poses mod on Nexus. If installed, press Home to stat AAF, and set a slave to a single-player animation, these ones are the av1-av100. My favorites are av11 av15 av16 av17 av25 av26 av4 av5 av84 av91/92 av 96 SHOULD I ADD SOME OF THEM AS DIALOG OPTIONS TO JBKINK?
    SHOULD I make a submod to AuctionHaus where you can buy slaves, not just sell them?



  10. Lucrative Augments

    <|__|> Lucrative Augments <|__|>
    |> The Chemistry Perks System <|
    Created By : Michael P. Stanich (Spirit Shard)
    Site : https://www.michaelpstanich.com
    YouTube - https://youtube.com/michaelpstanich
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/Michael_Stanich
    Discord (The Broken Chatbox) : https://discord.gg/v9cbQrx
    NOTICE : This mod is still in the early stages and may contain unforseen bugs, back-up your save before trying!
    Latest News :
    Lucrative Augments v0.04 has released! This update primarily focuses on setting up the framework and getting everything functioning properly. Also added in some proper scaling and caps based on Player Level to keep augments feeling more in-line with the game's default scaling (Hopefully these changes keep the mod balanced, no matter what level the player is at).
    Note : In these early stages I really need ideas to expand the mod and advice about balance, because, well, I'm new to Fallout 4... So if you got ideas for the concept or have any comments on balance please let me know!

    |> What Is Lucrative Augments? <|
    Lucrative Augments adds a new (self-contained) Augments System to Fallout 4! These Augments are crafted at the chem station and, when successfully applied to the player, add various passives that can either help or harm you! This allows some additional character alterations and a bit of its own depth! Think of it as an additional perk system that has it's own limits and scaling.
    |> What are Augments? <|
    They're enhancements and alterations to one's DNA using new research on mutation and the effects of radiation! By applying these you can alter your DNA and basic biological structure to change characteristics! (or for the non-lore friendly description, they're drugs you craft at the chem-station and when you use them they give you gameplay passives simlar to perks.)
    |> Augment Types and Augment Strength <|
    As you apply different Augments they'll effect the overall strength of other Augments, which is known as "Augment Strength" or "AS". There are 3 types of Augments...
    - Aug+ (Positive Augments) will give you gameplay perks/advantages but will decrease your overall Augment Strength.
    - Aug- (Negative Augments) will give you harmful or inconvenient effects but will increase your overall Augment Strength.
    - AugX (Neutral Augments) alter traits of Augments or your Character. (These can also give permanent upgrades)
    Aug+ effects are increased by your Augment Strength, the higher it is the better the benefit. If you drop below 100% Augment Strength then Aug- effects will start to get stronger, so be careful! The total effect an Augment will have on Augment Strength is called "Augment Weight" or "AW" (AugX will be uneffected by Augment Strength.) Augment Strength has a cap based on level, chose your Augments wisely to get the best effect!
    |> In-Depth Info / Description <|
    Augments are crafted at the chem station in their own category for [1 Stimpack + 3 chem/mats which change depending on the Augment]. To rank up an Augment that has multiple ranks, simply use the same Augment again to strengthen the effect (Not all Augments can be strengthened and will say "(Maxed)" when checking status when they can't be strengthened any further). As Augments are enhanced future enhancements to the augment gets more difficult, often requiring multiple injections (chance based, chance increases the more injections that fail). Augments work with a sudo-points system, the more Aug+ you apply the more of those points you'll use, if you excede the max you're allowed Augment Strength will begin to decrease. Using Aug- or AugX Strength Boosters can increase your available points, but this increase caps based on player level. Augments applied can be checked at anytime using the "Check Augments" option in the MCM, and will display whenever an Augment is Injected.
    |> Augments List <|
    (Includes, but is not limited too...)
     - * Aug+ Cream Catch : Catch extra liquid from male partners.
     - * Aug+ Sexual Growth : Gain XP from Sexual Acts.
     - Aug+ Killing Spree : Build-up bonus XP exponentially on kills. Claimed and Reset when Sleeping.
     - Aug+ Rad Sleeper : Decrease Radiation when sleeping uninterrupted.
     - Aug- Gentle Tummy : Reduces AP when eating or drinking.
     - AugX ___ Body : Modifies body definition
     - AugX Strength Booster : Slightly increases Augment Strength
     - AugX Remove All Augments : Does what it says...
    |> Modules and Difficulty <|
    Modules are optional 'modes' and settings that can be applied to the game at any time. Settings that increase difficulty (including the base-game's difficulty setting) will slightly increase Augment Strength, while settings that make things easier will decrease Augment Strength.
    |> * Seduction * <|
    By pressing "B" near an NPC (like, litterally touching) you can attempt an instant seduction and being an AAF act (chance based on Charisma). After an attempt, succeed or fail, the skill will go on cooldown. [NOTE : This feature was originally meant for testing but may be expanded in the future. It's recommended to use other mods to initiate acts]
    |> The Death Override Module [ DOM ] <|
    Death Override Mode is a simple respawn system that will respawn the character instead of letting them die. Upon being knocked down the player will be sent to Limbo (WIP) where they can then return to the normal world when they choose to.
    |> Known Issues <|
    - Augments may fail to enhance but still show a rank increase without actually increasing in effect. (Caused by rounding errors thanks to float percision, a work-around would require more work than it's worth since it happens so rarely)
    - Augments don't effect NPCs yet. (Certain Augments like AugX Body may in the future)
    - Not all NPC types are captured by scripts (Keywords are used to capture Actors in an area, some NPCs lack said keywords. Let me know of any NPCs that seem to ignore my scripts and I'll investigate!)
    - DOM can break certain quests if going down during cutscenes or in scenarios that are meant to be instant-kills.
    - DOM sometimes glitches out when dieing to Radiation (has to do with Bethesda's Healing Code, implemented a work-around but it may not always work)
    |> Requirements <|
     - - Fallout 4 Base Game (Also supports DLCs)
     - - F4SE - https://f4se.silverlock.org/
     - - (optional) MCM to configure Modules and check status - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497/
     - - * (optional) AAF for 'Adultify' integration - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31304
    |> How To Install / Uninstall <|
    To install simply drop the Data folder into your Fallout 4 install and enable the esp. To uninstall completely delete "Lucrative Augments.esp" and the files/folders prefixed with "LuA_" that came with this mod, and remove the "Lucrative Augments" Folder from your Data/MCM/Config foler.
    Q : "Is this an "Adult" mod?"
    A : Technically no, the Nexus version has the Adultify option removed so it contains no "Adult" or "NSFW" content. The feature complete version available on my website comes with an optional "Adultify" option that enables some NSFW and AAF Integrations.
    ChangeLog :
    * = Requires "Adultify" to be enabled and AAF Installed
    Lucrative Augments 0.04
    - * Changed All Augments have increased Effects and Augment Weight (Cream Catch exempt from effect increase)
    - * Changed Increased Augment Strength gained from difficulty settings
    - * Changed Augment Strength now caps at 120% (was 200%)
    - * Changed DOM submit code to not trigger when taking self-hit damage (or most environmental hazards)
    - * Changed DOM submit to now check all NPCs in combat, and then if that fails it'll attempt to grab another actor
    - * Changed DOM submit to temporarily ignore Actors tagged as "female" (Prevents some issues with the current AAF version by ignoring a large sum of actors it struggles to distinguish)
    - * Changed DOM submit should now animate at the player (rather than randomly teleporting somewhere)
    - * Changed Sexual Growth now scales with player level
    - Changed Killing Spree now scales with player level
    - Changed Killing Spree message will now display less often
    - Changed Augments now have a 100% chance to get rank 1 (Strength Booster exempt)
    - Changed Augment Strength now caps with level (Meaning you can have more augments at higher levels - essentially)
    - Changed all Augment recipes now take 1 Stimpack instead of 1 Plastic
    - * Added Seductress Module
     - - * Enable Close Range Seduction : Press B to attempt instant Seduction! (Chance based on Charisma)
     - - * NOTE : This was mostly added in for testing, other mods are still recommended for triggering acts
    - Added "Grace Period" to DOM, when respawning back into the normal world the player will be invincible but can't use weapons for a moment. (This prevents instant-death when spawning back into an area that has hostiles)
    - Added Aug Weight or "AW" to augment item descriptions to detail how they effect Augment Strength
    - Added Aug+ Rad Sleeper Augment
    - Added AugX Slimer Body Augment
    - Added AugX Muscular Body Augment
    - Added AugX Thicker Body Augment
    - Added DOM now detects Creature types (or trys to at least)
    - Fixed DOM Limbo room throwing up errors from Button code
    - Fixed Augments always saying they 'failed' even when they didn't (Also adjusted messages)
    - Fixed MCM menu not working (I put it in the wrong folder, silly me X.x)
    Lucrative Augments 0.03 [Initial Public Release]
    - Has Basic Functionality
    - DOM Module Added (As well as various options)
    - New Augments Added
     - - Killing Spree
     - - Gentle Tummy
     - - Strength Booster
     - - Remove All Augments
     - - *Sexual Growth
     - - *Cream Catch
    - *Added AAF Integrations to DOM and Augments
    - *Added Adultify Option



  11. JB Fair & Square

    NOTICE: I'm leaving FO4 modding for now due to time restrictions and personal sanity, probably I'll come back when a sexout framework comes and Bethesda stop being stupid with their updates. Thank you all for your support!
    Also this mod is outdated a lot!
    Well, I have what you need then!
    Presenting Just Business FAIR & SQUARE, another addon that aims to make enslaving more rewarding and immersive!
    What this addon does?
    Instead of you activating hunter mode, aiming your gun to a poor unsuspecting victim, now you have to work to profit. Get a Syringer Rifle, go to the chem workbench with 2 aluminium, buffout, fertilizer and a grape mentats (Be sure to have the Chemist perk level 1), craft the newest Supressant Syringe under "syringer ammo" tab, equip on your syringer and happy hunting!
    You didn't disable the conventional "hunter mode" button, is it supposed to be like that?
    It is. I tried to keep everything as the same as the master mod. Just with some additions:
    I can enslave Supermutants... How's this?
    I've added Supermutant support (tried ferals to but their head dissapear and that's just troublesome). However, animals and creatures are disabled too (It would have made not goddang sense).
    I think the requirements are too steep...Can I suggest to make some changes?
    Of course! I tried to keep it "fairly fair", but maybe I exaggerated a bit. Feel free to point me out on that
    JustBusiness from Ignotum_Virum and his requirements, I think you should try too Syringer Weapon Rework, available on Nexus. I find that it makes the syringer a totally available weapon for main use. 



  12. The Auction House BETA

    (27/02/2019) NOTICE: I'm leaving FO4 modding for now due to time restrictions and personal sanity, probably I'll come back when a sexout framework comes and Bethesda stop being stupid with their updates. Thank you all for your support!
    (I'll update this mod tough since it's my most popular)
    feel free to comment your issues on the chat below, but please, don't expect that I can solve every error on your specific game, as always 
    check your load order and game files!
    A humble room on the top of Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor
    Why u made this? (You mad bastard)
    This mod was specifically made for Ignotum's JustBusiness mod as a way for you sad slaver to trade your slaves outside of Nuka World in a nifty, lore friendly-ish, place on the center of the Commonwealth...Well...that was the idea at the start, It's safe to say that the Idea..."developed"
    Wonderful! But wait, that means...
    The Auctionhaus is not only a slave market! It's a bar! It's a Clinic and if you want, a mini dungeon with veeeery hard enemies and some unique legendaries! (or you could just...cough...pickpocket...stuff).
    The Auctionhaus features some secrets too as well some history on how the place started, a way to not break (too much) your slavery immersion! Now we have slavers roaming around the Commonwealth to delivery faster and more efficient your unwanted slaves to our loving abode!
    You can only sell slaves yet. To do it, press the extended interaction button you set up on Just Business MCM and then you'll see a prompt next to *Talk* called *sell* press *sell* when hovering over the servants or a snatcher and you should be golden (This mod requires that you have Just Business ver. 0.6.7 or above)
    All of that sounds wonderful but...
    This mod, as I said before, is a BETA and my most difficult mod, and there's Bethesda CK that is...funny to say the least. Just keep in mind that the mod it's not completely optimized so fps drops should be expected, I hope I get more time to optimize it more, but I'm afraid that the Gamebryo Engine is just too old for it to run smoothly...
    Hey! I downloaded this and now you flipped up my game!
    Whoa, Jeez m8, just relax and post on the comments exactly what's going on! My mod only changes the vanilla Hotel Rexford cell in Goodneighbor, but could happen that your game won't look as beautiful as the screenshots above, I use a Ultra modded game and obviously, I use ENB.
    Be polite and I'll listen to you, trust me, I know what's frustration over mods failing and flipping up.
    OK, the mod is great and all, but may I make a suggestion to improve it?
    Feel free to post your suggestion, just mind that my mod deeply requires Ignotum's Just Business, AND I DON'T DO SCRIPTING, don't ask anything that changes how his mod works, I can add NPC's, cells, maybe even models from other mods, but I won't touch on scripting!
    That said, these are the future plans to be implemented to this mod:
    already added
    being worked on
    impossible to me (requires scripting)
    Make the Servants not only buy, but sell their displayed slaves
    add random travelling traders, transporting slaves throughout the Commonwealth and available for you to sell yours.
    Make the displayed Slaves randomize
    fix the easy stealing and some doors being improperly open by aggroed  NPCs



  13. Common Actor Lists

    This is just an esm and esp for Sex Mods to use as a common resource. Its not used by anything yet, though it will become a requirement for my SynthPlayer mod.

    There are 30 or so Formlists, currently most are unpopulated for storing actors with preferences. most will be done in the esp which people can change/overwrite with their own preferences. The idea is lower level mod creators who can't script can just use these lists in dialogues etc.
    I have added a lot of Actors like Vertibirds, Robots, Voices and Narrators so far to the following lists:
    Future plans include scripted populating or altering of lists according to actor values, maybe adding keywords too. Maybe a MCM setup for Setting Lesbian/Bisexual Actors etc.
    This is a community project, I'm just kicking it out there, any ideas or thoughts on the Stats and Lists please feel free to discuss. Feel free to populate it or submit your preference lists here too.



  14. Auto Eat and Drink in Survival RSE edition

    This is my edit of Auto Eat and Drink in Survival (ESL) by wim95, adding support for RSE's Advanced Needs system. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work as expected for me. I've officially been blessed by wim95 with the permission to redistribute here. I've only tested with the latest AAF-RSE release If you don't have Advanced Needs activated, you should still be able to use this mod for a Hardcore playthrough.

    Description from the official page:
    As description - copy/past from Fallout 4 Mod Requests
    "This is a simple request: 
    I am tired of using hotkey and open pip-boy to eat food and drink water in survival mode. It is game braking when facing tons of combats.
    Please create a mod ... that can auto detect hunger and thirst level. Then auto eat and drink proper food and water in your inventroy."

    Since v.1.1.0 added Mod Configuration Menu support.
    With MCM you can turn off notifications, tweak consumption options.

    Without MCM will use the default settings:
    "Not Found" notifications - ON "Items Left" Notifications - ON Consumption of caffeinated products - ON Number of caffeinated products that can be consumed - 3 Consumption of caffeinated products containing alcohol - OFF Ignore "State" condition - OFF Consumption of products from category "Never Eat" - OFF

    What food and drinks consumed and in what order?
    All food and drinks are categorized and placed on lists of consumption.

    Categories for food:
    Food to Never Eat. Has buffs "Cure All Addictions", "Fortify Carry Weight", "Fortify Strength" Simplest Clean Food. Has only one buff "Restore Health" Simple Clean Food. Have buffs to health "Restore Health", "Incr. Heal Rate", "Fortify Health", "Restore Action Points", "Fortify Action Points", "Remove Radiation", "Radiation Resistance" Clean Food with Buffs. Has other buffs Radioactive Food. Has debuff "Radiation Damage" Food used in Crafting. Has debuff "Radiation Damage" Food with Standard Disease Risk. Has different buffs or debuffs Food with Standard Disease Risk used in Crafting. Has different buffs or debuffs Food with High Disease Risk. Has different buffs or debuffs Food with High Disease Risk used in Crafting. Has different buffs or debuffs
    Categories for water:
    Clean Water Simplest Clean Water Simple Clean Water Clean Water with Buffs Radioactive Water Water used in Crafting Water with Standard Disease Risk
    Categories for caffeinated products:
    Caffeinated products to Never Drink Caffeinated products

    Caffeinated products can be consumed after sleep in "Tired" and lower state. (With MCM can be turned off.)
    With MCM configurable from 1 to 10 times, but recommended no more than 3 times. Why only 3 times?
    Copy/past from HC_ManagerScript: "To prevent staving off sleep forever by caffeinating, we increase it by the standard value scaled by the number of times caffeinated." End copy/past.
    First time caffeine/extra caffeine sleep delay: 2.3/7.0 hours
    Second time caffeine/extra caffeine sleep delay: 1.2/3.5 hours
    Third time caffeine/extra caffeine sleep delay: 0.8/2.3 hours
    Fourth time caffeine/extra caffeine sleep delay: 0.6/1.8 hours
    It turns out that more than three times does not make sense

    Items for consumption are taken randomly from a category. Consume before "State" state or before end consumable items in this category.
    With MCM you can turn on ignore "State" condition and it will happen: "Also i want to eat as soon as im hungry no matter what i have, as well as drink whenever im thirsty with whatever drink i have".

    Order of consumption:
    Caffeinated products (consume 1 item) Clean Water. Consume before "Hydrated" state. Simplest Clean Water. Consume before "Hydrated" state. Simplest Clean Food. Consume before "Fed" state. For Horizon users "Well Fed" Simple Clean Water. Consume before "Parched" state. Simple Clean Food. Consume before "Peckish" state. For Horizon users "Hungry" Clean Water with Buffs. Consume before "Parched" state. Clean Food with Buffs. Consume before "Peckish" state. For Horizon users "Hungry" Radioactive Water. Consume before "Thirsty" state. Radioactive Food. Consume before "Hungry" state. For Horizon users "Very Hungry" Water used in Crafting. Consume before "Thirsty" state. Food used in Crafting. Consume before "Hungry" state. For Horizon users "Very Hungry" Water with Standard Disease Risk. Consume before "Mildly Dehydrated" state. Food with Standard Disease Risk. Consume before "Famished" state. For Horizon users "Famished" Food with Standard Disease Risk used in Crafting. Consume before "Famished" state. For Horizon users "Famished" Food with High Disease Risk. Consume before "Famished" state. For Horizon users "Famished" Food with High Disease Risk used in Crafting. Consume before "Famished" state. For Horizon users "Famished"

    Don't forget to replenish supplies of first categories!

    List of products in categories

    Mod does not change any records or scripts in the game and does not conflict with anything.

    Mods adding new items:
    Wild Plants Farming - supported
    Give Me That Bottle - supported
    Canteens of the Commonwealth (Wearable) - supported
    Military MREs - Meal Ready to Eat - New Food - supported
    Wasteland Imports - Goodies from all across the Wasteland... - supported
    New Recipes - supported
    Them's Good Eatin' - supported
    Vegetarian Food and Recipes - supported
    Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack from Creation Club - supported
    Survival patch for Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack (Creation Club) - supported
    Sim Settlements - supported
    Wasteland Venturers Sim Settlements AddOn Pack - supported
    Wasteland Venturers 2 - Sim Settlements Addon Pack - supported
    Altairp's Animal Farm - Add-On for Sim Settlements - supported
    Sim Settlements Add-on pack -- VaultLand - supported
    Urban Food Expanded - supported
    Horizon v1.5 - supported

    ESL version available in the optional files

    Cannibal perk not fully tested. Report any issues.



  15. AbductionLite

    Originally a personal mini-mod put together for a new playthrough it gradually grew with tweaks, fixes and some new functions so I decided to clean it up a bit and release as an alternative "flavour" of Abduction.
    Disclaimer - This is a very work-in-progress WIP project and as such comes with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Please make sure to read this description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road
    TLDR: Makes it possible to clone NPCs Institute style and have the result work as a settler or basic follower
    No edits to NPCs required - Eliminating both the risk of conflicts as well as making anyone abductable
    No DLC requirement - Works with any version
    Abduction collar removed - Tied to above, replaced with non DLC asset - the "DNA sequencer"
    Abduct and restrain perk actions removed - NPCs are now captured by having the DNA sequencer put in their inventory. Now any mod or way that makes it possible to access NPCs inventory like reverse pickpocketing or Knockout Framework can be used to capture with.
    Knockdown spell removed - No longer needed. For those who still want to abduct NPCs in a state of vulnerability there's the "Simple Abduction" mode will allow instant cloning of sleeping, bleeding out, restrained or paralysed targets
    Holotape menu removed - Added a MCM interface, the slow and clunky terminal interface is finally gone
    Perk toggle - Hotkey support added making it easy to make the actions only show when needed minimizing conflicts with other perks and mods
    Improved voice management - NPCs detected as settlement vendors, doctors or radiant quest targets will automatically be assigned a compatible voice. No more silent stare "conversations"
    Improved maintenance - Now completely event and on demand driven making it near instantanous and very resource friendly.
    Custom outfit system reworked - Only one variant is now supported but it should now work better with weapons
    If a function present in Abduction isn't mentioned above it's likely not included in this version, it's Lite after all.
    How to use
    Craft a DNA sequencer at any chem station
    Sneak it into a NPCs inventory
    That's it
    No dialogue to trade or control NPCs - Default raider, gunner or other NPC voicetypes don't have support for much dialogue besides shouting combat stuff. To access their inventor and other functions make sure to have the perk option enabled and use the quick menu options instead. Keep in mind if the clone is recruited they'll have the basic follower dialogue options so if that's all you need use the perk to recruit them and then toggle it off again.
    Can't add weapon ammo to outfits - Since it's not possible to equip ammo and trigger the Event necessary for the outfit system to detect it you have to hand this out manually. There's also a console workaround by using the console command "player.equipitem ammoIdHere" to forcibly equip and get it added Weapons should spawn with a few bullets which is all they need for infinite ammo to work.
    Can't change the appearance - Due to the way clones work they'll always keep the appearance of the original. You can however edit the target before abduction (provided they support it) and that'll be passed on instead
    Resurrected NPCs are stuck in one place - Death will often screw up their AI but it can be fixed by targeting them in console and type "resurrect 1"
    NPCs walking away when editing appearance - Recruit them and tell them to stay put. Also keep in mind moving too close can trigger the default behaviour of moving out of the way. Also keep in mind editing resurrected NPCs before applying the stuck fix (see above) is a good idea since it keeps them in one place
    (Win10) Mod won't isn't loaded or don't work partially/at all - Try renaming the esp. Seems the word "abduction" is on some of Microsoft blacklist so it's blocked from loading properly
    0.10.0 Notes below. Leaving this up in case someone wants to use the old version requiring edits. Offers more functionality at the risk potential conflicts with other mods changing the NPCs or reverting them back to hostile behaviour
    To get more diversity in your ranks of "volunteers" I highly recommend  Unique NPCs and Better Settlers 2.0
    Since I made this for myself I haven't tested it with any other mods or game mechanics than the ones I use. For example the arena fight system, Nuka World settlements and mixing non-abducted settlers with abductees isn't. Should these or other game functions not work with an abducted the only advice I can give is to unregister the NPC to release them from this mod and try again.
    Source included. Papyrus log keyword to filter for is "AbductionLite". Feel free to tweak or change things for your own use.
    This is a Loverslab only release, please do not upload this or modified versions elsewhere



  16. Potion 66

    Warning one: This mod should be considered WIP and could break things or future updates might contain breaking changes. Having given the warning I think its fairly safe and things that go wrong should only have something weird happen during an encounter.
    Warning two: This is mostly a goofy, I want to see what happens and minor sort of cheat mod so I am not too worried about lore friendliness or really balance impacts right now.
    Warning three: I had some of story and a workshop crime syndicate thing I was building around this, but I came to the conclusion I would rather poke my eyes out than work with the quest and dialogue parts of them creation kit, so these chems were ripped out of that mod so I may have missed testing some things.
    Warning four: This mod mostly means having sex within in combat areas so any alignment issues can be more pronounced. This also means that there is higher chance than normal of you being attacked or your partner being killed during the animations.
    The mods basic premise is to add a few chems that for lack of a better word weaponize sex.
    The chems added:
    Potion 66 - This tries to pacify any npc's that are attacking the player. (All the effects below last about 5 min before they become hostile again if they are still alive).
    If the npc is in the four play allowed race list it has a 100% chance and these 3 things can happen:
    1. 40% chance of causing the npc's to go into a frenzy and try to repeatedly force sex on the player. If after a certain period they are put off, they will start attacking their former comrades before finally just collapsing dead.
    2. 30% chance that become so horny that if they don't get enough sex before the effect wears off they will drop dead. Basically, they will try and force sex with random characters close to them, prioritizing the player if they are within a certain distance.
    3. 30% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
    If the npc is not in the four play allowed race list there is a 50% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
    If the npc is not in the four play allowed race list there is a 50% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
    For 60 seconds after taking the chem any new npc's that were not effected by the original use will be affected when they attack and hit the player. The player will be in a walking state for these 60 seconds.
    One thing to note with Potion 66 if you have your weapon drawn the effects will not work, the idea being you seem too hostile for it to effect those around you.
    If attacked by the player while under the effect, the effect will cancel and they will become hostile again.
    Potion 66 Black Widow - This will cause the player to pretend to submit to the closet target under the effects of Potion 66 above and have sex with them until you kill them. (This was mostly created if you were using Potion 66 in a area and you really needed to kill that one npc to finish a quest).
    Like Potion 66 if you have your weapon drawn the effect will not work.
    Potion 66 Protection - This adds damage, energy and radiation resistance allong with some base stat buffs. (Idea of this one is more than anything to be an armour re-placer.) The effect lasts 30 min.
    Potion 66 Inspire - This is meant to boost the players current followers damage output.. (Right now it adds a custom perk that gives 200% dmg on anyone following the player). The effect lasts 5 min. On the end of the effect the follower will attempt to force sex on the player.
    All the chems can be crafted at a chem station under drugs in packs of 10 for 1 fertilizer.
    Things I was thinking about next:
    Add Side effects to prolonged usage. Balance pass.  

    Four-Play and any of its requirments for file Potion66 V1.2.2 or lower AAF and any of its requirments for file Potion66 V1.2.2 AAF (Super Mutants and Creatures were included as allowed races, so should have an animation pack that includes the corresponding animations.)  

    MCM: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497/?  

    Updating should only require replacing the old files with the new files.
    V.1.2.2 AAF 
    Added File version to support AAF  
    V 1.2
    Added option to adjust numbers used in the Potion 66 Effects through MCM Bug Fixes (biggest would be a last ditch call to check if an npc is dead before calling four-play).  

    V1.1 Changes
    Fixes to reduce the occurrences of the four play busy error. Changed the chance of the Frenzy Effect from 50% to 40%, Horny Effect from 35% to 30%, Basic Pacify from 15% to 30%. Reduced the damage from the Potion 66 Black Widow by 50% (This probably still needs to be reduced more). Changed that npc's under one of the 3 Potion 66 pacify effects will go hostile when attacked by the player. Other small bug fixes.



  17. Just Business [WIP]

    This mod allows you to enslave NPCs. Enslaved NPCs can be sent to settlements to work there or can be used as companions.
    Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World DLC Vault-Tec Workshop F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Extended Dialogue Interface Advanced Animation Framework LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin (Included in AAF)  
    Rename Anything TextInputMenu [AAF] Themes (beta) - BasicAnimations, SexAnimations, Kinky/CreatureSexAnimations  
    To install simply extract all files into Fallout 4 folder and enable "Just Business.esp" in any plugin manager.
    To update just extract all files to Fallout 4 folder and allow newer files to replace old ones.
    If you are updating from version 0.3.2 or higher use "Update" option in MCM-menu.
    Warning: Clean save is strongly recommended if you are updating from versions lower than 0.3.0.
    For version 0.6.7, a clean save is recommended. Upgrade is possible only from version 0.5.8.
    Attention: If you decide to update the mod, you need to, before installing the update, to dismiss slaves from any work and from the followers and just settle them in the settlement.
    Be sure to wait for the message about the end of the update!
    This mod adds new "Hunter mode", in which you can mark victims. While marked, NPCs will become essential and once their health reaches "0" they will enter "bleedout state".  When NPCs is in "bleedout state" player can talk to them and decide their fate (kill, enslave or let go) .
    To enter "Hunter mode" you need to press "H" (can be reassigned in MCM). To mark NPC press "R".
    Enslaved NPCs can be used as companions (you can have more than one companion slave at once) or sent to any player settlement.
    All enslaved NPCs have "submission level"  which represents their escape chance. "Submission" is being increased automatically while slave wears "Shock collar" or works in your settlement. You can see slave's "submission"  in information option in dialogue. There you can also change NPC's name and appearance.
    If NPC's "submission" reached 100 you can assign this NPC to be a "Quartermaster".  This allows NPC to have "Pack Brahmin" in which you can store your items.
    Companion slaves can take orders in command mode(same as vanilla game companions), you can ask them to relax, show their inventory, use power armor and instantly unequip all their clothes.
    In settlements NPCs can be assigned to any settler activities except some, that have slave "submission" level requirement. These activities are: stay on guard post (requires at least 80 "submission"), use trading post (50 "submission") or use trade caravan post (100 "submission").
    If you leave slave with "submission" lower than 100, then this slave will have a chance to escape depending on his "submission" value i.e. the lower "submission level", the more chances are that slave will escape. When slave escapes, player will receive "Escaped slave" quest ,which will show runaway slave location.
    To prevent slaves from escaping - assign them to pillory in settlement (DLC "ContraptionsWorkshop").
    Slave capture by SlaveHunter311
    You can toggle:
    slave tracking unlimited ammo for slaves ability to rename settlers (not slaves) reassign "Hunter mode" button allow teleport to Institute (and not only) allow management of vassal settlements switch the quest "Runaway slave" Enables and assigns a hotkey to "Additional Dialogs Mode" Settings sex scenes with slaves.  
    DMC500 for translating the description into English F4SE Team for F4SE reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410 - registrator2000 for Mod Configuration Menu and Extended Dialogue Interface registrator2000 for Rename Anything Neanka for TextInputMenu DocClox for Four-Play vinfamy for Four-Play Community Patch dagobaking for Advanced Animation Framework jaam for LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin  



  18. Physics Butt test CBBE FO4 (concept only, WIP)

    Just a concept test to make CBBE butt bounce in FO4.
    I use the same concept as the breasts physics.



  19. [Pre-Alpha with bugs] The Sins-titute [WIP]

    "This is the reality of the Institute, these people.........."

    If you aren't a modder, don't bother installing this unless you are crazy, I'm mainly uploading it to get help on some features, it roughly works but is bound to have some quest breaking bugs. There's no CTD's that I know of but make sure you have some game backups before using this.
    Version Numbers are only by date of the rar file 20160911 = 11/9/2016 (I don't do that US 9/11 dating crap, its stupidly confusing to order numbers like that in computer stuff )

    ArmorKeywords: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091
    NanoSuits: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7451/?
    Fortazella: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10692/?
    Apal Leotard: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13195/?
    TortureDevices: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/68652-torturedevices/
    DeviousDevices: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/73925-devious-devices-13/
    FourPlayResources.esm: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/75834-four-play/

    If you uses the Clothing esp as well it just adds more outfit variations and allowed me to get around CTDs caused by viewing some outfits in the CK:
    Pampas: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19263/?
    Armorsmith Extended: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2228/?
    AnS Wearable Backpacks and pouches: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3258/?
    Thanks to:
    Vioxsis for the Collars and Shackles http://www.loverslab.com/topic/66027-institute-slave-collar/
    Ralfetas for his outfits http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10692/?
    CPU and Veniat for coding help

    Installation is manual, if you can't work out how to install it you probably shouldn't be trying it (for some reason Archiving in CK doesn't work).

    Current features:
    No sex yet, though there are little stories in the terminals.
    An alternative start for the institute quest stuff to get into the institute, but you are forced into striping everything and wearing a collar. The collar allows you level 1 access to doors in the Institute. I'm pretty sure I've relocated all necessary markers to allow main quests using the normal relay to work as designed.
    Most of the doors are now locked but open automatically for people with correct security level passcards or collars on approach. Many of the doors are factioned so being caught picking them results in conflict.
    I have personalised the quarters of all the NPC's with their uniforms and other items.
    Most females have been disarmed.
    Only Gen1 and Gen2 Synths are armed. Gen 3 & 4 have proven untrustworthy due to their AI like intelligence, so they are not armed and they are collared.
    All male Gen3 synths swapped to female or Gen2.
    Female Scientists and Female Coursers are now using color coded clothing for their departments.
    Added 3 new departments, Medical, Genetics(breeding) and Human Recreation(prostitution).
    Added a lot of terminals and a linked terminal network accessible by Hacking level or cards adding Email, Diary and Files for all major NPC's.
    Removed weapons and armor from sale.
    Added extra corridors and rooms to Robotics, lots of work to go there adding the factory area.
    Added extra barracks and gunnery range to SRB, still need to finish furnishing and lighting.
    Relocated Facilities all to one area.
    I've swapped the 2 girls and boy for young adults to avoid any awkward or pedo stuff in it. Haven't decided what to do with Synth Shaun yet.
    Added Non-irradiated Institute munchies.
    Adjusted contents of Bathroom mirror cabinents to be more bathroomy.

    Some Major Current Issues I need help with:
    My Dialogue for arrival via the intercom isn't working, I have some MessageBoxes to prompt for now.
    My Turrets in the arrival area have gone invisible and when they are visible refuse to shoot back.
    I can't get the collars Shock spell to work on the actor when they reach over 9 infringement points.
    I need to manually Navmesh my new arrival Teleport Relay rooms somehow.
    I plan to use the bodysuits as well but currently they work in game but crash the CK, making them a pain to use.
    Quite a bit of incomplete work with furnishing new rooms an expanding the Robotics area, I want to make it a conveyor factory where the Gen3 Synths going through that hole in the wall come out naked and are equipped and programmed. And also where Gen 1 & 2 are serviced.
    Archive in the CK doesn't seem to work so I had to assemble the file manually, I hope it works.

    Future features:
    Collars to have Tracking, Teleport and Stimulation features. Also they will be modable allowing the player to hack them or mod them on a workbench to disable features like shocking and tacking etc.
    Swap all single beds in quarters to double beds to allow them all to be tagged as sexbeds later.
    Auto opening to be added to balcony doors.
    A New General staff Quarters/Recreation cell with pool, barracks and Human Recreation Division area etc for all the unnamed NPC's
    Named NPC's for Genetics and Human Recreation.
    A seperate Medical Division area.
    Some imported better faces for NPC's.
    Extra corridors for BioScience with Genetics added behind it and cage areas for wasteland creatures and breeding experimentation.
    Extra corridors and lab rooms for Advanced Systems.
    Voicing for new NPC's, New Gen3 NPC and Female coursers, I'll need some for new NPC's eventually, but little steps first.
    Alternative starts for institute to get to it much earlier in the game.
    I want to tone the conflict from property crimes to be non-lethal capture.
    Some good old fashioned waste pipe tunnels and air conditioning ducting to allow another means of accessing some areas.




  20. Abduction!

    Obsolete, use AbductionLite instead.

    This is a very work-in-progress WIP project and as such comes with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Please make sure to read this description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road.

    This mod allows the player to subdue, abduct and control encountered NPCs. They can either be put to work at a settlement or be ordered to act like a simple follower/bodyguard. This is done through a system similar to the Intimidation perk and works as follows
    * Player crafts the holotape at any chem station
    * Player makes sure the control quest is running in the MOD menu after which they can add the perk
    * Player approaches NPC and when close enough issues the "SUBDUE" command while looking through iron sights
    * While subdued the player can issue the next command in the same manner by aiming and issuing the "ABDUCT" command
    * The shock collar is equipped and the NPC can now be send to the settlement of your choice and will start to travel there as soon as the selection is done
    When the equipment requirement option is active the above actions are done with the Abduction Baton equipped with the extra options like dismiss/recruit displayed by BLOCKING
    After being set to a settlement the player also have the option to immediately RECRUIT, again by aiming, and naturally also DISMISS the NPC similar to a follower.
    While in a settlement the NPC will function as any other settler and can work farming, scavenging, guarding etc. They can also work as a trader but since the enemy NPCs have no recorded dialogue for this they'll do so silently, just pretend they're sulking and giving you the silent treatment you evil slaver you. The player will address them similar to what the Intimidation perk does and the NPC should also respond in the same manner, at least when active as follower. They'll also keep their default quips so you'll hear their faction specific shouts when in combat. Keep in mind they also seem to retain the "infinite grenade" option enemy NPCs have so things can get messy. Besides that they're also given the keywords for infinite ammo and to be stimpackable.
    The customization options are fairly extensive ranging from changing voice, outfits, combat style and is continuously updated. For a complete and current list please see the changelog entries.
    Regarding doctor or vendor assignment dialogue
    Mod not working?
    Two main areas, implementation and completeness
    Implementation issues
    * The workshopnpc script necessary to allow settlement functions is attached to template actors. This means you might potentially have a whole lot of (enemy) NPCs running scripts in your game. I do not know if they actually take any resources or even are active when the NPC isn't in a settlement but anyone familiar with the vanilla game bug where settlers break in pretty much every way possible except imploding you know the workshop/settlement system is unstable as it is.
    * Since the scripts are attached to template actors it also means any mod that relies on them being intact and behaving as they should (that is, shooting the player in the face rather than tending to their mutfruits) might have problems
    * And naturally since the mod changes rank 1 and 3 of the Intimidation perk any mod that does the same might also have problems
    * NPCs does not have the stimpak option - It's there but not shown, "E" still works
    * NPCs does not have "STAY" dialogue command when set to follower - It's there but mislabeled as a second "Talk" option
    * If you have no settlement to send them to the NPC will linger - Keep them as a follower until you capture/get one
    * NPCs will sometimes attack "free" settlers - Unknown why, they have their faction affiliations stripped and are assigned to the workshop-faction on abduction. If it's a problem make separate settlements for those you capture
    * Not all NPCs are capturable - You can only capture NPCs equal to or under the player character level. Also, any NPC that doesn't use the template, most random encounter ones and hand placed for specific events/quests/scenes/etc for example, wont have the necessary workshop-script attached and the SUBDUE command won't show for them.
    * NPCs act differently in settlements - I haven't touched their sandbox packages so they'll use whatever default they have
    * NPCs run off in combat when companions - It seems some are set to sandbox/linger in a specific location and it might draw them back. Their combat AI isn't modified either so in any situation where they'd normally flee they'll still pick the option regardless if it means leaving the player fighting alone.
    * The perk is overwritten or overwrites the Intimidation one - pick one or the other.
    * NPCs assigned as doctors and other unique dialogue vendors only have the trade/barter option - There is no recorded dialogue for enemies to work as these rather unsurprisingly. Set a default voice supporting these functions
    Completeness issues
    * While being able to subdue someone with a gun is plausible making them abductable might not be, changing the requirement to a stun gun/rod similar to Fallout 2 might be more realistic.
    * NPC wandering off to a settlement instead of simply running away as soon as the player is gone isn't good either, adding a requirement for the player to craft and attach an explosive slave collar or other restraint would be an option
    * A faction to trade slaves should be added so the player can sell captured ones or buy to work in their settlements
    * Affinity should be added to companions, negative across the board mostly
    * Reactions should be added to other factions/NPCs, for example the Railroad or Minutemen probably wouldn't like if the player came to pay them a visit with a bunch of slaves in tow. Certain NPCs would also have an issue with the whole thing.
    * Having many slaves from one side should prompt increased frequency and level of threat from the associated faction, they probably want their friends back right?
    And probably a bunch of other stuff I forgot.
    Stuff that's loosely planned to be added
    * Option to change the voice type of NPCs so they get the recorded lines to function as doctors Added in 0.41
    * Option to change combat variables so they work better fighting in follower mode Added in 0.41
    * Option to change facial expression and body language
    * Option to remove the NPC from the intimidation quest which would remove the related threat / mercy dialogue. Added in 0.41



  21. [WIP] Slavers Rule The World (Preview)

    Slavers Rule the World (SRW) will be a slavery mod oriented on slaves and settlements management, with some quests.
    If a LL sex framework is developped SRW will evidently integrate sex-oriented features.
    Be patient, for now the mod is in developpement and there will not be any beta or stable version while no stable version of F4SE is not disponible.
    ATTENTION : this mod is in very early developpement and surely won't be compatible with future versions. It can also break quests so use it at your own risk.

    << insert here the bla bla bla on slavery ... >>

    So the mod is here as a demo or a preview to give you an idea of what it can be and to have some returns from players. It is (I play with) enough stable to be a caps giver and a settlers spawner. Many more features will be ameliored, updated or added later.
    See the second post to have more informations.

    Sorry for my bad english.



  22. 3D Pubic Hair for Fo4

    Adds multiple 3D pubic hair styles for CBBE with BodySlide support to fallout 4.
    Comes in 2 versions;
    1, As a body replacer (recommended)
    2, As an add on that changes colour to match your hair.
    The 1st is simple, you just open bodyslide select the one you want and then build, It will replace the body with the one you just built.
    The drawback are it does not change colour (it gets it from the albedo which you can change if you want) and will only show up when the nude body is shown (so it won't be present on outfits unless you add it yourself).

    The 2nd adds the pubic hair as an hair part (still built in BodySlide but does not replace the body), so it changes colour with your hair colour choice.
    Its drawbacks are that it will permanently show, even when clothed, it will poke through. But once that problem is solved it will be the better version.
    You will also have to switch face presets to get it to show up.
    (You can save your preset with looksmenu http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631/? and then load it to get your face back).

    If you have an idea how to solve the problems with the colour change version, feel free to share.
    If you are looking for a specific pubic hair style but don't see it in this mod then post a request (i guarantee nothing though).
    Just be as descriptive as you can when you do.

    Due to their size i had to upload to mediafire and mega.
    Order on the download page should be.
    1, MF Replacer
    2, MF Colour Change
    3, Mega Replacer
    4, Mega Colour Change

    OniNigma for http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7747/?
    Without his mod i would probably still be wondering why setting shader fags had no effect...



  23. Strip Enemies Via Combat

    Updating from v0.06 to v0.07:
    The only changes were to SS_Strip_MonitorEffect.pex and the .esp itself. You can overwrite those two files from your current install or overwrite everything or uninstall all of v0.06 and install v0.07 (using mod manager).
    In-game, the only problem will be that NPCs you've already met since installing v0.06 will still have the invisible armors on slot 57, so if you wanted something else in that slot, you'll have to re-equip it on them ("openactorcontainer 1" could be helpful).
    Updating from v0.05 or older to v0.07:
    The mod no longer uses SS_CombatStrip.pex, but I didn't provide any way for that script to stop running mid-game. Completely removing all of the mod's files and then installing the newest version might solve everything, but there might be some lingering effects, especially on Raiders, Gunners, and Children of Atom that you have already encountered but not killed since installing the older version. Then again, edits to leveled NPC IDs have been removed, so the old scripts might not be running on them anymore. Best to save in an empty cell with no NPCs and then do the update.
    This mod has gone through some changes, enough to warrant a new description I think.
    To prevent clutter, original description (applies to v0.05 and older) enclosed in spoiler tag.
    Some of it still applies to v0.06+, but some of it is outdated.
    What does this mod do?
    With this mod installed, any time the player damages a female NPC, there's a chance that the NPC will be stripped of one or more articles of clothing (or pieces of armor).
    The lower their health, the higher the chance that they'll lose multiple pieces of armor. This is to simulate gradual (and exaggerated) damage to their clothing through battle (see Soul Calibur, Senran Kagura, etc.)
    That's stupid?
    Yep. But a few people might like it. I do. You could think of it as an alternative to the gore system, or not.
    My implementation is really basic, but I'm trying to improve it so that fans of mods like Break Undies Plus for Skyrim have something to tide them over until something better comes along.
    So it just unequips items? What else you got for me?
    Basically it just unequips items. But I've tried to tweak it to make the process gradual and dynamic.
    With permission, v0.06+ of this mod now features removable bras and panties "underneath"* women's body armor/clothes.
    As a result, SEVC now requires the Lacy Underwear and Sporty Underwear mods.
    Many thanks to the magnificent ousnius and the talented Nezzar84 for their awesome underwear.
    Additionally, v0.08+ features additional bras and panties from Nightasy's Hmm What To Wear and from WhiteShades' Wearable Underwear.
    (they're not included in this mod, you must download all the originals for my mod to work properly.)
    Some women will have a matching set of bra and panties, but most will have whatever mismatched pair they managed to acquire.
    Some will not have one or either. Clean undergarments are hard to find in the wasteland.
    In v0.08 there are 180+ top-and-bottom combinations (if you count "none" as a possibility [2 unique matching sets + (12 tops * 15 bottoms)]).
    Changes to stripping effects since v0.05:
    To improve the "gradual stripping" effect, v0.06 makes changes to how the stripping progresses. Above 55% HP, female enemies can only get their limb armor and torso ("overarmor") knocked off (small chance). Changed to the same effect as next phase, but lower chance. Between 25% and 55% HP, the above can happen but also their body armor (clothes, long johns, etc.) can get blown off, revealing the bra and panties "underneath". Below 25%, above can happen but the bra and panties can also be knocked off, individually or together (it's still random, not targeted). Erring on the side of caution, the stripping logic will only activate the first time you encounter an NPC. (It's intended for stripping generic enemies, after all). This means that if you find a raider camp, leave without killing them, change cells and come back later to kill them, the stripping probably won't work (unless the actors completely reset). This is so that, over time, the mod doesn't register every single female, enemy or not, that you've ever encountered, for onhit events that might never happen.

    It's now less likely to 100% strip an enemy; they'll usually be killed before the undies come off, but you can remove them via inventory if you want (they're very lightweight and worth a few caps to collect), or you can continue to wail on their dead bodies and everything will eventually be stripped off (no judgment here).

    *undies only appear via combat strip to prevent clipping.
    I say "underneath" in quotes because, although every woman has a set of undies in their inventory, they only appear on the body when the armor in slot 33 is removed via combat strip.
    This is to prevent the underwear clipping through worn armors, and currently I can't find a way to make the undies appear from any generic bodyslot unequip. If you remove their armor from the inventory menu, or they undress themselves (somehow, like from another mod), the undies won't appear.
    Because the underwear isn't actually "there" until you remove the body armor, this mod looks more "believable" with non-skimpy outfits.
    If you use skimpy outfits, it will look weird when you can see the undies appear where there used to be exposed skin.
    (Of course, nonsensical stripping is something we've dealt with since FO3 vanilla, where some raider armors revealed plenty of female skin then suddenly a thick undershirt appears when you loot them).
    Maybe if F4SE provides the functionality to monitor specific unequips, I'll eventually create a standalone "distributed removable underwear" mod, unless someone more talented beats me to it.
    Lacy Underwear - CBBE - BodySlide by ousnius and Nezzar84
    Sporty Underwear - CBBE - BodySlide by ousnius and Nezzar 84
    Hmm What To Wear by Nightasy AND HWTW - CBBE BodySlide by SBx82 (or any conversion)
    Wearable Underwear v0.8b by WhiteShades (credit to Monno for the original meshes from Skyrim)
    and of course CBBE and BodySlide by Caliente and ousnius
    Make sure to follow the installation instructions for the individual mods, and use BodySlide/Outfit Studio to make things fit.
    You shouldn't need the .esp's from the above mods to be activated if you just want my mod's effects. But if you want them craftable and with whatever other features the individual mods have, you need their .esp's.
    You definitely need the meshes, textures, materials, etc., from the above mods, so I recommend you install them via a mod manager.
    Just install SEVC after you've installed the above mods.
    Shouldn't need to overwrite anything from them, but my .esp relies on the file structure of the above mods.
    In the future I may make a settings holotape to allow tweaking the strip chances, toggling a "never strip undies via combat" option (so you can only remove them from looting), and providing the "uninstall mod" option in-game.
    This mod doesn't alter any vanilla forms or scripts (if there's still pesky NPC edits in there, whoops; those are from older versions; pretty sure I removed all those though).
    The only compatibility issue that might arise is that this mod makes use of slots 58 and 61 59 for the panties and bras, respectively.
    I really hope nothing important in vanilla NPCs use those slots. Some other mods might, though, and I'm honestly not sure how the winner is decided in such a conflict, besides load order. Put my mod high in your load order so that any potential conflicts favor the other mods that do more important things than mine.
    This can/will sometimes strip females of their power armor frame... so be careful not to damage any friendlies in power armor. For enemies, this is ugly and bad but not a gamebreaking issue. Their naked body will be kind of warped and contorted and seems still subject to PA frame physics. I'll see if I can prevent this. Fixed in v0.07 Animals can have underwear in their inventory. Fixed in v0.08 Companions and other friendlies will accumulate many pairs of underwear and keep reverting to their default outfits. Fixed in v0.09 Sometimes female NPCs just refuse to be stripped, even if they just spawned and the script should be running on them. They still have underwear in their inventory, though. I'll keep investigating this. More bugs will be found soon, I'm sure.


    A note on performance and stability:
    As the category implies, this is a work-in-progress (beta) mod. I've only tested the new implementation myself for several hours, and I haven't noticed any diminished performance or crashes, but that doesn't mean they won't happen.
    I hope you'll try this mod out, but definitely make a backup save before installing. This mod is not yet recommended for use in a full playthrough, just for testing.
    I don't think bloat or instability is going to be an issue, but it remains to be seen. If you want to help test the mod by making it a permanent fixture in your load order, I'd be glad, but know the risk that it's largely untested.
    The script will run a periodic check on every NPC in range, but it's trivial unless they're female and should only run the "give me random underwear" segment once per female per game.
    But it's monitoring every eligible female in the cell for attacks from the player at all times, so mods that add dozens of NPCs at once, coupled with something like Mostly Female NPCs or Beautiful Female Enemies, could result in a performance hit.
    I can't promise a perfect clean-up, so ideally you should revert to a save from before you ever installed this mod when you remove the mod.
    If you want to try going on without it, I recommend you first go to an empty cell with no NPCs (I'd even leave any companions outside).
    Then use the console and enter "set SS_Strip_CloakSwitch 1.0" (without quotation marks). Wait for the "SVEC cloak disabled" message to appear in the top-left corner (could take up to 15 seconds), then save, quit the game, delete all the mod's files (or uninstall from mod manager).



  24. The Naked Commonwealth

    Apologies for not responding to thread posts, life and learning the CK still were slowing me down.
    This is my first released mod. It's a mod that assist in Nudist Playthroughs, most of the perks, added through magazines, are Charisma based.
    There are probably going to be future updates with more perks, also maybe balancing, flavour text, textures and what have you.
    The screenshots show/give hints to where the mags are these placements are subject to change in future updates. (Also sometimes the magazines vanish/ clip through things)
    With the new update I added flavour text to some of the mags and rewrote the perk descriptions to give a better idea of what the perks are meant to do. Some may have noticed the similarity to The Naked Gun mod for FO3 and FNV, this mod started as a new version of that but I haven't recived word from the original creator of the mod so I changed the functionality.
    I also noticed that mags already in your inventory don't gain the new flavour text I think storing them somewhere safe then changing cells and returning should fix this but I'm not sure.
    Nudist: You feel compelled to emulate the people in that magazine. With you being naked it often distracts everyone around you, allowing you to hit harder and talk faster. And without your clothes rustling as you move you're harder to detect when hiding.
    Masochist: After you discovered your spouses plan for your training you become obsessed with being the masochist whore they desired.
    While naked, like your late Master wanted, you are able to take more abuse.
    The Streaker: Now that you know the joy and have the desire to run onto the field naked all you need is the field... Pity the world ended. Then again there is always the battlefield.
    You now run faster, dodge better and the endorphins in your system from your constant arousal allow you to carry more.
    The Nudist Gun 1-5: You're getting back to nature, rather than using smarts you're using your sexy instinct to fight.
    While you are without clothes you speCial instinct adjusts your damage and armour.
    It has been brought to my attention that an alternate start mod makes it difficult if not impossible to get the first mag, I don't use this mod and haven't researched it yet so I haven't a solution at the moment. the mod is:
    Another Life: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14253/?
    Also that alternate texture mods for magazines may cause ctds I will most likely replace the textures with my own/borrowed ones later to avoid this, but as I haven't yet learnt or found appropriate images it remains a conflict.



  25. Fallout 4 Player Surrender

    When your character gets defeated in combat (or gets caught while running around naked) this mod will stop combat and play one of the selected scenarios.
    Since there's no SexTec, no MCM, and F4SE is in very early stage, this mod has a very limited functionality. When we get all this stuff, my plan is to make a simplified version of Death Alternative with some Sexlab Defeat/Submit and Deviously Helpless features (check Skyrim section if you don't know what I'm talking about).
    Surrender conditions:
    Low health Crippled Caught without a weapon
    Surrender scenarios:
    Lose all items, move to some random location with a quest to recover your gear. If you "die" again without recovering your gear, quest just expands. Move to some random location (no quest, no items lost). Pacify enemies for a few seconds to let you heal and escape.
    What does "Essential player" mean?
    If you chose the "low health" surrender condition it makes your character immortal. You still take damage but you can't die, similar to some important NPCs. Unfortunately it means every time your health hits 0 you have to wait ~12 seconds lying on the ground before you can continue. I hope there will be some way to fix that in the future. - Fixed, but camera is still freaking out.
    Known issues:
    UPGRADING FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS DOESN'T WORK, START FROM A CLEAN SAVE IF YOU WANT TO TRY THIS MOD Settings menu is kind of clunky, it will be replaced later when mod configuration menu comes out When you surrender in Far Harbor you move back to Commonwealth Damage over time doesn't trigger any events It's WIP, so don't install it on your 100 hour save.
    This mod takes a lot of ideas from these Skyrim mods:
    Sexlab Defeat (Goubo)
    Sexlab Submit (dkatryl)
    Deviously Helpless (Srende)
    Death Alternative (BralorMarr)
    If you want something similar in Skyrim, check them out.
    Mod Review by VatiWah:
    Full changelog:



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