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Sexout mods that do not fit into any of other categories

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  1. Sexout Common Resources - Removed debug message

    included on the main SCR mod now, update it!
    Removes the annoying debug message "SCRS1MainFast: First PassOk, Version" from Sexout Common Resources that shows up every time you load a save
    requires Sexout Common Resources (SCR) 20230701.0, i suggest merging this plugin with the main SCR plugin to save on a esp slot and if SCR updates again make sure to check with fnvedit if there was a change on the script, hopefully dborg2 just integrates this on the main mod later



  2. traduccion

    two translated mods



  3. Sexout Fade To Black - miguick's Well Rested Overhaul patch

    Patches Sexout Fade to Black to work with miguick's Well Rested Overhaul. Requires both mods, load this one after.



  4. Spectrum's Toys Remeshed

    As someone interested in both men and women, I was always frustrated that the plugs and tails in Spectrum's Toys are only meshed for female bodies. 
    This mod simply adds male body support to the toys. 



  5. TTW Super Mutants & Ghouls fix - SexoutNG

    - Mod now include a fix to DC Ghouls
    after noticing that sexout always returned invalid actor when trying to have fun with Super Mutant in DC, I tried to find why and noticed that when TTW 3.2 was released they changed the default SM folder to a new one, So I tried to override the mutants to use the older nif files and now I can have sexy time with Mutants.
    This also changes FO3 AWOP Super Mutants and also the invisible Super Mutants from some Mods like (TTW QuestOverhaul + additions and Fertile Breader DC)
    Tale of Two Wastelands 3.2.x
    Includes a version that doesnt require AWOP4FO3 mod
    Attention: This was not tested extensible so it could have broke things because of the change of skeleton and the nif files, report if any anything wrong and I will take a look if I can Fix
    Note: New file Includes two esp files, use only one and the version AWOP4FO3 version if you have it.



  6. List of Sexout Mods

    Hello new users,
    This is a list of Sexout Mods that are verified to work with the current version ‘97 of Sexout NG, and also the Beta ‘98 of Sexout NG.
    While it depends greatly on your fetishes, almost all mods require the following:
    Now we come to the Sexout Mods. We have 2 options here. You can install SOFA and, by following the Installation Guide, install the Nexusmods for resources (Loverslab resources are included in SOFA).
    If your PC isn’t that strong, you dislike the pregnancy options, or dislike the number of plugins being used, you can install each step manually. Start with...
    Other Framework mods
    Note that even if you install all the mods above, you still don’t get any sex. All mods above are just the framework on which the sex-enabling mods are build. Below we start with basic mods and test mods.
    ** SexoutDrugging has been flagged as having possible incompatiblities with the newest xNVSE
    Simple unimmersive mods:
    Before you continue it’s advisable to start Fallout New Vegas, start a new game, run up to an NPC or animal and press ‘X’, to test if you’ve installed SexoutNG Correctly.
    Once you’ve tested that you can have sex, we can get to the fetishes. For this I'm very biased as I'm involved in some of these and at the same time haven’t played many others. At the top of each section are the bigger mods, at the bottom the mods that only add a bit of dialogue, or a small simple quest, etc.

    Normal Sex - Adding Sex-related stuff to existing and modded quests and dialogue.
    Normal Sex - New content
    Continued on Post 2



  7. Unethical Deeds Extensions

    As I'm playing with Unethical Deeds and it seem not anymore on maintenance I'll make some extensions/modifications for it to increase my fun playing with. I share that here if anyone play with the mod.
    Version 0.0.2
    - Can use the UD key on a slave even if it don't see you
    - Instant enslavement now send an alarm like other methods
    - Added an item (bindable) permitting the player to recall to the hideout
    - Extended the slaves limit to 32
    Version 0.0.1
    - Added a Mapmarker for the hideout
    - If target is already enslaved the UD key will open slave dialog
    - Slaves rags are now armored (so not frequently replaced by other armors respawning)
    Old threads :
    Good play



  8. SexoutTTWPregPodFix [just a little Bugfix]

    While wandering through the Capital Wastelands the Lone Wandering Courier realized that soon she wouldn't be alone anymore. Yes, she was very, very, very pregnant. She wasn't good in fighting, sniping or sneaking anymore. And so she decided to keep on searching for her Daddy - Oh, what would Daddy say when he realized, that his babygirl would soon make him a granddad?
    So she came to Vault 112 and got a nice Vaultsuit. She put it on and it tore immediately.
    And then she had to realize, that she didn't fit into the pod anymore ...
    Ok, ok, ok ...
    Playing "Tales Of Two Wastelands" with a pregnant Lone Wanderer / Courier you can't enter the pod in Vault 112 to get to Tranquility Lane, because the game checks if you are wearing the Vault 112 Suit. And obviously the game doesn't recognize the torn and/or pregnant versions as "Vault112Suit".
    So I added those versions to the condition checks in the "MQ04PlayerPodShellScript" and the "MQ04PlayerPodScript".
    Not very much and still the Bots will tell you that you should wear your Vault112Suit, but now you can enter the simulation while pregnant..
    Yes, thats all!
    Maybe someone finds this helpfull.



  9. Advanced Medical Scanner

    The Advanced Medical Scanner
    Requires Fallout NV, NVSE, and NVSE extender, Mod Configuration Menu.
    Recommended: Sexout, Sexout Common Resources,Sexout Pregnancy, Spunk, and Body Morph.
    you don't need these but it will give all zeros for the data.
    What does This mod do?
    It adds a MCM menu to your game with the following Data.
    -- Basic Scan -- health (curr/max), damage Threshold, resistances, Body Conditions, Karma, Lust, Arousal.
    -- Role Scan 1 and 2 -- Spunks count, xp, and Enjoy of various types of sex. (Giving Birth is masturbation role)
    -- Species Scan 1,2 and 3 -- Spunks Count, Xp, and Enjoy of Species. If the Enjoy stays at zero it is because there are no animations for that species.
    -- Pregnancy Scan -- Total semen, sperm, in womb sperm, ova, Father?, Mother?, Preg Percent, Stage, Time left, Miscarry/mutation chance, Total #orgasms, lust multiplier, arousal multiplier.
    -- Drug and BodyMorph Scan-- Drug scan stolen from the medical scanner and gives the BodyMorph scales if installed.
    -- Special and Skills -- Current and Base Values.
    -- Wear And Tear -- Diseases and Wear/Tear amout (0-1000)
    How does it work?
    Walk up to a NPC, get them in your crosshairs and open The mcm menu. Then just go through the menus.
    What about the Player's?
    point your crosshair at NOTHING and open the MCM menu and go through the menus.
    Will this work on anyone?
    Yes and creatures and custom followers and tables and beds and oops.
    Can you add.....?
    Maybe. I have 1 more menu That I can add, and if I can call the NX variables then yes, but If I have to make it dependent on another mod then no.
    Why not, no one else did it. I made it mostly for me, but I am willing to alter it if there is a good enough reason.
    New Version AMS.esp
    Requires Fallout NV, NVSE, and NVSE extender, Sexout Pregnancy
    This one adds a Book to your Inventory -AMS-
    If you were looking at a character before you open the PIPboy, then You can Store them (8 NPC's MAX) for Later retrieval of Information.
    or just view their Information
    Pregnancy DATA from SCR Medscn
    Drug Data from SCR medscan
    Wear and Tear
    Mood (Lust, Lust multiplier, Arousal, Arousal Multiplier and a few other things)
    I left The original MCM medscanner up for those that want the Species and Role Data as I have yet incorporate that data into the limited space provided by the Message Window.



  10. Sexout Kennel

    Warning: This mods contains bestiality and non-consensual sex acts
    Note: This mod does not promote bestiality, rape or any other non-consensual or illegal sexual acts.
    So I have been using Sexout Tryout for a few months now and I really liked the kennel but it only allowed intercourse (no oral) and it was only in the legion camp so I thought a standalone kennel mod with more options was a good idea. Cate's Kennel can be found near Yangtze Memorial.
    Feel free to give suggestions for this mod
    What this mod does:






    Full changelog (change logs that aren't the newest version):




  11. Vault 112 Jumpsuit Pregnancy Fix

    This mod changes dialog and scripts in TTW to look for the Vault 112 jumpsuit and its pregnant versions instead of just the base version. Without this, pregnant characters cannot get into a Tranquility Lane lounger.
    If you like this mod and would like to support me, check out my Patreon.



  12. Stealth armor mark 2 Spectre Style

    What new with this version.
    Added in some sweet looking shoulders for female players to use that will spawn in with the armor.
    Also did some base scripting to pave way for hal to add pregnant support through his mod to remove any chance of problems down the road.
    If you already completed the stealth suit quests it should now switch you over to brokencrash spectre suit.
    Let me know if they are any problems with the new scripts.
    This mod replaces the stealth suit mark 2 with ghost armor by brokencrash and includes pregnant support for the armor as well.
    All spoken components are tied to all four versions of the armor as well as the stimpack usage and med-x as well.
    My comp is having overheating issues while gaming so cannot play for long periods I need people to test and make sure all the quests are still working. Once that is done I will think about adding in other effects on to the armor.
    1. ghost armor by broken crash please delete his esp http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/41657/
    2. sexout common resources and all of it requirements http://www.loverslab...le-version-scr/
    3. pregnancy by halstrom http://www.loverslab...stable-version/
    4. old world blues must be installed as well.
    5. This current version overwrite hals pregnant swapping scripts with ones for my mod any updates in his area can cause problems tell we get it resolved.
    this mod is in alpha stages I need people to test it and make sure it works. It works with his current version of stable pregnancy as of 3-17-2015.
    If there is a demand for the shoulders, gloves, and goggles I will put them in a container in the x13 lab somewhere for you all to find.
    did not create any of the textures or meshes used in this mod I give all credit to the original armor marker
    brokencrash for his amazing armor works here http://www.nexusmods...gas/mods/41657/
    I wish to thank Halstrom for all his advice and getting my squared away when working on the mod.
    Pride thanks for telling me how to post something in the download section.
    If you guys want other colors on the red shiny pieces let me know and I can try and put something together.
    What is next
    I plan to add more quests to further upgrade the armor I am open to suggestions on what they could be or do. They will most likely be in a separate testing grounds in the Mojave desert area. I intend for it to eventual lead to the armor having a stealth boy effect while crouching down the road after a long quest chain.
    What needs to be tested is the perk that upgrades the suit. I need to know if it applies to all four of the suits if you complete it while only wearing one version of it.



  13. SexoutSubmit(Obsolete)

    This mod is obsolete and is no longer supported.
    Check out new Unethical Deeds which has all features of this mod



  14. SlaveCollection (Obsolete)

    This mod is obsolete and is no longer supported.
    Check out new Unethical Deeds which has all features of this mod



  15. SexoutSlavers2 dialogue fix

    WARNING: Provided screenshot might be considered a spoiler. Only use as an example if you've played SS2 before!
    SexoutSlavers2 is a great mod, but the dialogue was killing the immersion for me. This is my attempt to fix that.
    Some things you need to know:
    - I've never modded anything before. This should be a basic fix, but back up your .esps/.esms and save files just in case.
    - This fix only changes dialogue, notes, terminals etc, hence the small file size. It does not add or alter any mod features, nor could I.
    - This is not a replacer for SexoutSlavers2.esm - you must include that file. Drop this .esp somewhere in the load order beneath it.
    Some things you might want to know:
    - I took a lot of liberties with this. Sometimes it wasn't clear what the mod author meant in his writing, and I just rewrote the text completely. Sometimes I added flavour text or quips. I also added some definition to the slave/master dialogue and the 'mind break' training scenarios, and some cusses when you get rejected. Everything was intended to fit the situation as I saw it, but the changes might not be to your personal taste. In theory, you could just disable the esp and it should return to the old writing. In theory.
    - I didn't clarify the Jeannie May quest, but hopefully you know where to look by now (she didn't spend all her time at the motel!).
    - I might not have caught everything in amongst GECK's thousands of expandable categories, so let me know if anything major hasn't been rewritten. There might also be some Britishisms - I tried to go back and Americanize everything (as per the setting) but again, I might have missed a word or two.



  16. Sexout for SeducingWomenTTW

    This mod is now obsolete. Some of its content remade from scratch is included in FalloutTTWQuestOverhaul 1.06.
    My second attempt at modding. Again, I did this mod for myself and decided to share with you guys.
    This mod adds Seducind Women content(http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/2341/?) to Fallout TTW and uses Sexout animation instead of blackouts. All credits go to werewofl2000ad.
    You need Fallout TTW and Sexout. Then unpack all files from archive(Don't download files from the Nexus page - they are not converted for TTW) in fallout data directory. I believe the load order is:
    Seducing Women.esm
    Seducing DLC03.esp
    Yearlings glasses.esp
    Now.. This is very alfa version because I only tested the encounter with Scribe Yearling (because I don't have to finish any quest to get it) and scene worked. Just type "coc ArlingtonLibraryExterior" in console, enter the building and check if this works for you(player has to have lady killer perk and high speeck skill). But other scenes SHOULD work well(Except for Lyons and other Brotherhood women paladins - I might have misses some of the dialogues(most of them should work though) because they have a different quest and a lot of dialogue topics)
    Update: Already checked most of the encouters and they work
    Update2: 1.02 version can break your game since I added some dialogue line to the ms11 quest(Take it back). But it works well on my game.
    I will leave 1.01 version if someone wants to do something with reproguide quest.
    1.01 Now you can start reproductive guide quest with Moira.
    1.02 Deleted the Reproduide quest, added dialogues with brothehood members(Cross and Sarah). Also I added some additinonal dialogue lines to the fallout3 end quest.You will get even more lines if you have Fawkes as companion.
    -Added Sarah dialogue option after Fallout 3 ending
    - Now you can't start reproguide quest at all
    - Fixed Moira encouter(sex didn't start)
    1.04 Small fixes



  17. Sexout for "Slavery simple"

    This mod adds Sexout dialog choices for Slavery simple mod.
    You can download it here(http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/43785/?)
    I made this mod for myself and decided to share it with the commynity.
    Now sexout has only 2 slavery mods Sexout Slavers1 and Sexout Slavers2. I didn't like the first mod because it was too complicated and some features of the slavers camp were sick in my opinion like dismembering people etc(I deleted this mod when I saw a baby in the camp -that was too far). So, I started looking for slavery mod at nexus and found Slavery simple. The problem was there was no sex option(obviously) but I liked the concept(it even allows to enslave Quest NPC characters which cannot be done via SexoutSlavers).
    1)Install Slavery simple mod
    2) Put this esp after Humantrafficking.esm
    Now about legal issues(there are some)
    Basicly this file is edited version of SlaveryExpanded - the patch which was made by author himself(http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44156/?) I made changes directly in ESP file(because I don't know how to make additional esp. The maker of this mod didn't tell anything about the permission or prohibition of editing his files. So, if administrator of this site will consider this a violation of rights and delete the mod - so be it.
    Again - All the credits go to igli(http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/1769944/?tb=feed&pUp=1). And if someone chooses to expand this mod further - You are welcome.



  18. Sexout Character Resize - NO LONGER NEEDED

    Sizing is now included in Sexout NG. Leaving this for posterity in case someone comes back after a LL hiatus.
    Special thanks to prideslayer, DoctaSax, Halstrom, and T3589 for answering "I'm new to modding for Sexout and what is this" questions.



  19. [Tutorial] SCR Resources Folder Creation

    Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR):
    Questions related to use of this tutorial:
    This tutorial covers the how to create the Resource folder and install it. Support will only cover any issues related to these two issues.
    Any questions related to issues downloading, extracting or obtaining these files should be directed to the threads host the resources. Please refrain to posting missing requirements here unless they have been added to Halstroms SCR thread. This tutorial is based off of his thread and any new or missing requirements need to be posted there first before being added to this tutorial.
    FYI: This is the brief tutorial, general instructions and such. For the full step by step instructions download the PDF. It is very large and complete with pictures.
    Do not PM me with questions on the tutorial. These PMs will be ignored. If it is valuable enough for you to take time to send a PM then it is valuable enough to actually post in the forum. There are others here that can answer many of the common questions I get in PMs.
    Anybody that wishes to make translations of my tutorial is welcome to do so. Please cite your source (this tutorial) appropriately. However keep in mind if you translate you will be expected to provide support for that language. Please also let me know you have done this. I will be happy to post a link for your language version to help those people with a native language speaker support for SCR Resources.
    Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR):
    This tutorial is for those individuals that can use tools such as FOMM and 7zip.
    A Downloadable PDF for convenience.
    Step 1: Prerequirements
    Make sure you have all the SCR pre-requirements installed and setup properly.
    7zip installed and configured. Required for this tutorial and useful for modding in general. FOMM installed. Preferably the version hosted here on LL. Fallout New Vegas Astymma’s BnB Body Extender FAFF NVG compatibility skeleton. New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) Most current version available. NVSE Extender (Most current available) SexoutNG Sexout Common Resources (SCR) by Halstrom An Account with both Loverslab.com and Nexus.com to access the mods needed. Create a SCR Resources folder on the desktop or where you want to work. Create an SCR Archive folder to keep you from having to re-download the requirements again.  
    There is an excellent tutorial by BruceWayne on Sexout installation and its requirements found
    Still have problems go here, here and here.  

    Step 2: Installation Prep
    These requirements installed in this step aren't available in game without some mod accessing them. If you desire to access these outside of mods and gameplay my advice is to install SexoutStore so that you can access these armors and other items when you desire. Provided you have the caps. Keep in mind in order for SexoutStore or Halstrom’s Pregnancy mod to work properly you need all the resources installed.
    General Concept:
    Download all the requirements to the SCR Archive folder. Extract the requirements to a convenient location then drag the textures, meshes and sound to the SCR Resources folder. Finally delete the extracted folder and move on to the next requirement.
    It is advised to follow the list of requirements in order. Remove all esp's from these resources. There will be special instructions to rename files. This must be done in order to get a functional SCR Resource. If you do not follow the instructions properly many issues may occur. In some cases there will be two sets of records (clothes, toys etc) in the game which only one is controlled by SCR. Other cases the items won’t be available and giant red exclamation marks, pink skin, or floating head and hands will be the result. The worst effect of not following the instructions would be your game will crash when you start it. You have been warned!

    Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements:
    [SCR] Spectrums Toy Pack by Spectrum Warrior.
    Refugee Outfits for Type 3 by Exter (Delete the esp(s)
    T6 M CH Raider Armor by Izumiko (Delete the esps)
    Raider Chains Armor T6m – T6BB – TN – BerryK2 .2 by nagothm (Delete the esp(s)
    Sexout Clothing System by Evilrunner (Sexout Clothing Damage Updated with Combat Armour! Only) (Delete the esp(s)
    Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs by Norland
    GSB’s BDSM Files 20130227 by GSBmodder
    You now have all the base and specific resources installed. If you desire to have SexoutStore, or Halstrom’s Pregnancy installed continue with the tutorial. If not you can skip to Step 3.
    The Following are required if using SexoutStore, Halstrom’s Pregnancy, and/or Tryouts mod.
    The following are mod specific resources and are only required if using specific mods, SexoutStore, or Pregnancy.
    Tryout's Meshes, Textures and TryoutAudio by Loogie:
    Sexout Maternity Clothes – Old by Evilrunner
    Mantis Zero Suit Samus and More - Type 3 for NV by Primantis. (Delete the esp(s)
    Reflex Armor S-07 for TYPE 3 a Mantis Retexture by static07 and Primantis (Delete the esp(s)
    Bunny Suit for Dimonized Type3 by Backsteppo (Delete the esp(s)
    Ghost Armor Conversion FNV Revamp by Ken1945 - Bunsaki – Rikai (Delete the esp(s)
    Vegas Chokers by adriant1978 (Delete the esp(s)
    You have to rename the BSA to SexoutCommonResources – VegasChokers
    Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors by revang. (Delete the esp(s)
    Requires Pack 1, 2, and BB Sexy Sleepwear. The Dragon Girl Dresses Do not use the one on this page. Use this one instead.
    Julia Chang Set by GSBmodder (Delete the esp(s)
    Ghost Variants by Brokencrash. (Delete the esp(s)
    Extravagant Half Masks FNV by t3589.
    T6M Competition Swimsuit NV by Shimaneko (Delete the esp(s)

    The following are mods that have been removed by the author. They are no longer publicly available for download.
    A Collection of Sexy Attire by Shadowtroop (Delete the esp)
    Step 3: Verification of Installation
    Check the SCR Resources folder and you should only have the following:
    Meshes Textures Sound SexoutCommonResources - VegasChokers
    If you have anything else you did something wrong go back and figure out where you went wrong. If your folder has only the files I mention above and you are completely satisfied that you have everything ready move to Step 4. If you think you made mistake go back and repeat any or all the individual steps for the requirements.

    Step 4: Installation Instructions
    Create an FMOD that can be used when installing SCR.
    Open FOMM and select Fallout New Vegas. Click on Package manager. Click on the arrow pointing down on the “Add FOMod” button. Select Create from Folder. A window opens up select the SCR Resources Folder and click OK. Wait until done. This will take quite some time. When done you will see SCR Resources entry in the Package Manager. Select that and click the Activate button and wait some more. When done you can close the package manager and move on to Step 5 if you desire to add some of the available options from the mods mentioned above, if not move to Step 6.
    Step 5: Optional Patches
    (Optional) SCR Resources Patch
    Used in case there are some options that are desired from the SCR Resources Tutorial above or files added in the future to SCR and SCR’s family of mods. You can also create a patch if you are concerned there might be a mistake or problem with your SCR Resources folder. Patches can be installed separately ( after the base SCR Resources folder of course) and the installation will prompt you for overwrite. After verification that it is what you desire you can later merge this into the SCR Resources folder and overwrite those files.
    Benefits to creating a patch:
    Flexibility and expandability without risking the core base folder created by the above instructions. Ability to make multiple patches and numbering them or giving them a brief name at the end. For example SCR Resources Patch – Ghost Armor. This can make it easier to figure out which patch is which in the future. This also allows you to make smaller changes. My suggestion is make a patch for each mod or resource used or added. Patches can be added, removed, altered, and tested until just right. When finalized and determined as “perfect” the folder then can be merged with the SCR Resources folder created in the tutorial above. More info further down under “Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder”.
    How to create the SCR Resources Patch:
    Create a folder named SCR Resources Patch Open up the mod desired and look for the Textures, Meshes, or Sounds desired. Might have to dig down onto the folders and move specific files over. Make sure you follow the instructions of the author on how to place these extra folders as some options means manually creating a file, placing a single file into a folder in a specific location etc. When finished return to Step 5 and import the new patch into the game and test. When reinstalling your mods remember that the SCR Resources folder needs to be installed before an SCR Resources Patches.
    Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder
    You have determined that the patches you have created are perfect and what you want to use going forward. You would desire to merge these together to easy the management of your mods in your manager.
    Grab the SCR Resources folder you created earlier. Make a copy. Might take a bit of time. Rename the old copy “SCR Resources Original” This is to designate it is what was started with. You might change your mind later and decide to go back and rework the files. It is always a good idea to have the same base files to start from that everybody else will have. Grab the files out of the SCR Resources Patch



  20. Sexout: Another Kick in the Head

    This plugin extends the Another Kick in the Head mod with some additional dreams and effects.. For the clean content only, see here.
    Mod adds an effect that simulates you being knocked out, robbed and then rescued; bandits are now more interested in your loot than your life.
    You will lose some of your equipment, but it can be recovered from either your attackers, a stash box or wasteland merchants.
    Since you'd otherwise load game, it makes 'dying' a lot worse, and stops the game getting too easy because you have all the best gear. The wasteland becomes a much more threatening place and you start to think twice before entering combat if you can avoid it, and selling rather than stashing your spare gear.
    There is a short dream sequence between your knockout and rescue. Most of these become available only after completing different game events and link in to them. Some dreams are connected in an overarching story.
    Who you are rescued by depends on your location and standing with the various factions, your 'hero' will give you some new equipment dependent on the same factors and what was not stolen to get you back on your way. You may also be required to complete a quest to repay them and get back some of your gear or risk minor infamy.
    There are 14 possible Heroes, if the local one is unavailable (enemy/dead etc) or you fail an easy luck save then there is sometimes a small luck chance to be rescued by the next closest hero or the Mysterious Stranger (with perk), otherwise you will wake up wounded and alone at some nearby shelter, having lost more equipment than otherwise- Your character blacked out and managed to crawl there.
    The Merchants who may have your stuff are random major ones.
    The Loot Box may be in one of the bases of the faction who knocked you out
    When your health drops to a low level your character begins to black out, while this occurs any further hits may cause a knock out. (In engine terms, damage taken is greatly reduced while blacking out which prevents you from dying and instead triggers the knock out)
    MCM Options

    Requirements and Extensions
    The main .esm requires only this mod's data pack and New Vegas. It does not interface directly with sexout.
    The sexout extension plugin
    Adds extra dreams and a chance based on your health and how drugged up you are of getting the 'Another Kick in the Head' effect after sex... Psycho, Buffout and Mentats reduce the chance, whilst most other drugs increase it.
    Requires Sexout NG, Sexout Common Resources (including the BDSM items and SpectrumsToyPack (SCR version)
    Known Issues
    - If using NVSE 4.2, non-vanilla companions may briefly appear and then disappear when moving through doors, this is fixed using NVSE 4.5.
    NX Variables for other modders' use
    - Sexout (only) KO's can be disabled using 'PLAYERREF.NX_SetEVFl "AKH:iDisableSexKO" 1'. This variable must be set before every sex act you want to disable (my mod resets it)
    Future Plans


    Except assets noted in credits: BSD / Public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.
    Upgrade Note
    August 2
    The main .esm has been update, and now requires NVSE v4+
    August 2
    Sexout extension updated
    August 2
    - The included data pack is now updated, and should be installed via FOMM
    August 2
    - DLC extension is now redundant, although harmless to load.
    There is also a readme included, which gives FAQ/Help/Spoilers (how to unlock all dreams, etc)



  21. Sexout CheckMeOut

    Sexout CheckMeOut is a little immersion mod that has NPCs commenting on how you or others are dressed. That’s why it’s called how it’s called.
    It does this by checking whether you or they are wearing anything that is in SCR formlists related to opinions about clothing. You add outfits to those formlists by using a functioning version of clothing evaluation, which at the moment is sen4mi's Clothing Eval MCM Supplement .
    CheckMeOut focuses on the following descriptions in clothing eval:
    - “exposed crotch”, “exposed nipples”: Comments run the gamut of shock, outrage, disbelief, worry, concern for your mental health, and a few cat calls. Males tend to get a few more shocked and apprehensive comments than females if their crotch is exposed. Exposed nipples are only a factor for females.
    - “slutty”, “sexy”, “pretty or handsome”: Generally positive comments and flirtation. Some overlap between the three, because as in real life, people don’t always bother to tell the difference. Also as in real life, "slutty" doesn't apply to males.
    -“classy”: mostly respectful comments. Or the occasional jealous one. There’s also a chance the White Glove Society will be making negative comments if you’re not wearing anything marked as classy.
    - “homely”: mostly bored and uninterested comments, some of them a bit rude.
    - “ragged”: people mostly tell you to get out of their sight. You’re the poorest of the poor, so you stink and you’re probably trying to steal
    shit, after all. Yes, I know that's discrimination. But it's true in your case
    - Some tidbits.
    The comments are redirected vanilla bits of dialogue, mostly because for this sort of thing to work you need audio – wouldn’t be very immersive with just subtitles. That also means that the availability of comments is largely determined by which voicetypes had audio for specific lines, in addition to the conditions I set. This means you’re not swamped by them.
    In general, I’d advise just turning it on and making sure you’re wearing something that you added to one of the above categories.
    Especially later in the game, you still run a higher chance of people bitching about Benny getting whacked or the NCR bringing in rangers, so there’s little point standing around a bunch of npc’s waiting for somebody to say something about your outfit. Let it surprise you as you
    go about your business.
    Note: as of the 20150609 release, you can't just plunk checkmeout into your install, but need to run a conversion first. See the readme and screenshots under the "conversion" folder to see how.
    I’m sure some things may show up too much & others too little. Because it’s the sort of thing that you install to run in the background,
    showing up now and then, it’s not easy testing it thoroughly. I’ll make some adjustments depending on what people say.
    SCR, NG
    Permissions: GPL3



  22. SexoutStore

    This mod adds a cell with vendors that sell every playable item included in SexoutCommonResources, with the exception of the pregnant versions of armors that the Pregnancy mod auto-replaces (in those cases I sell the original base armor only). This very likely includes some mod-specific items that shouldn't be available to the player, so I will remove those on request.
    A map marker is added (but not fast travel enabled) on load and is marked S.O. Bunker. The entrance is a bit before Primm.
    Anyone who has a series of outfits/items/whatever added to SCR is welcome to request that I remove them from the Store altogether, move them from the main generic vendors to a special room/NPC, or anything like that. As long as I have the ability to do it and it doesn't somehow make it so inconvenient it defeats the purpose, I'll implement it.
    This plugin takes the items contained within SCR and creates a location and vendors for them to be sold. None of the items for sale are actually present within the SexoutStore plugin. In other words, problems with the cell or the vendors (not selling things they should, for example) should be reported in this thread. Problems with the sold items themselves (such as missing/incorrect/broken/old textures/meshes/stats) need to be reported to the SexoutCommonResources thread as I am simply referencing the records within there and can't fix any errors that may be occurring. Any and all items held by RS officers (identifiable by the existence of a rank before their name in case their clothing is what's having a problem) are resources provided by this mod's .bsa and should be reported here.
    During the period that SexoutStore (henceforth referred to as "the Mod") is under active development, the following restrictions shall be in effect:
    The Mod may be translated into other languages and hosted without my permission as long as only the .esm file is hosted and the player is directed to this thread for the assets.
    With the exception of the above, the Mod may not be hosted in any form on any site, with the exception of Lovers Lab, unless permission is requested and granted. Requests shall be made via PM and a lack of response shall be considered to be equivalent to a "No".
    New mods requiring the Mod as a master may be created without permission as long as they do not alter or utilize existing NPCs, concepts, or events from the Mod.
    New mods that alter or utilize existing NPCs, concepts, or events from the Mod must be approved by me to ensure that it properly fits within the current structure and future plans for the Mod.
    The Mod will be considered to be inactive when/if one of two things occur; 1) I specifically state that the Mod is no longer under active development using a post in this thread, 2) I fail to log on to Lovers Lab for a period of ninety days. If the Mod is in an abandoned state, it, and all its original assets, may be freely distributed and modified as long as credit is given to me, with the exception that the mod may not be hosted in any form on the Nexus. Another Lovers Lab user may take over active development of the inactive Mod if they so desire. If no user has taken over active development, I reserve the right to remove the Mod's inactive status and resume active development myself at any time.
    As the Mod is a resource, it will not at any point be in a finalized state.
    If the Mod's status changes from inactive to active or finalized to active, any site that is currently hosting the Mod will be permitted to continue hosting the Mod in the form it was in when the Mod was declared inactive or finalized. Future updates may not be hosted without first satisfying the restrictions. This rule also applies to any site hosting the Mod before these restrictions were published.



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