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  1. So real talk, does anyone know if the following mods are working for SSE? The mods in question are: Paradise Halls, Paradise Halls Enhanced, SexLab Sex Slaves 6.2, Zaz Animation Pack V7.0, Devious Devices - Assets, Devious Devices - Expansion, Devious Devices - Integration. Sorry for asking about so many mods, I just downloaded SSE today and I have no idea what is going on. Also, sorry for being so far behind, I'm just trying to get all caught up with the latest loverslab happenings and I figured starting a thread would be best.
  2. View File GomaPeroPero Poser SE A pose mod featuring 729 unique poses for many type of screenarchery scenarios . - SSE conversion - HKX files converted to SSE Object Nifs optimised Form Version changed to 44 - Credits - GomaPeroPero for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 12/14/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  3. GomaPeroPero Poser SE

    Version 1.0.0


    GomaPeroPero Poser SE A pose mod featuring 729 unique poses for many type of screenarchery scenarios . - SSE conversion - HKX files converted to SSE Object Nifs optimised Form Version changed to 44 - Credits - GomaPeroPero for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port!
  4. I've been looking for HDT hair for males for a while now, and only found Kai's HDT Vanilla Male Hairstyles which only seem to work on non-elven human races. Would unlocking all hairstyles to all genders and races help with this? I was also thinking about downloading HDT female hair packs, since many of those are unisex anyway, and unlocking it to males. Problem is, I have no idea how to unlock it. Are there any HDT hair mods for (elf) males? Or could unlocking work with female hairs? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm looking to get a friend of mine into some of these fun, open world Bethesda games. Christmas is around the corner, and I'm thinking this is my chance! He lacks a PC or even a laptop, though I HAVE managed to "sell" him my old Playstation 4 (in all honestly I really just wanted him to have a decent current gen gaming system, and selling mine to him for cheap did the trick). If I want him to play one of these games, it'll have to be the Playstayion 4 version. I'm curious where to start though! Skyrim is of course the more popular and epic game, but Fallout 4 is newer and a bit more on the fun side when it comes to tone. I believe both have limited mod support on the PS4, but I'm not sure whether Skyrim: Special Edition or Fallout 4 is getting better attention in that regard. Which would you recommend I stuff in his stocking (does that sound like a euphemism to anyone else), and why? Thank you!
  6. Hello. I've decided to try a pure warrior build; no magic, no enhancing, possibly no alchemy and smithing. I'll manage these through Honed Metal. The base will be Requiem. I'll invest into every warrior skill, both one- and two-handed as well as heavy- and light armor, since it wouldn't make sense to be an expert in one and a complete beginner at the other - plus I can change up my gameplay with that. I think his moral alignment will be "true neutral" when he arrives to Skyrim -- maybe even through the vanilla start --, and may change from there. He's not Dragonborn (yes, I'm still playing male characters, shame on me ), however, his friend (a follower, I'm not sure whether it will be Minerva or another elf character from Anna NPCs) is. I'll turn down all EXP gain -- maybe with the exception of Speechcraft --, and only level up through trainers. This will create an insane need for money all throughout the game, so I won't end up overly rich, especially since I will also have to pay for my enhancements, potions/poisons and smithing. I'll combine that with Morrowloot and Scarcity (I don't think Trade and Barter offers something I can't re-create through SkyTweak (fBarterMin and Max). +/- 5% difference in price from certain races doesn't make any significant difference to me, and Requiem already raises the amount of gold merchants have, so there aren't too many things left that would make it adding to my load order -- correct me if I'm wrong). I'll use iNeed combined with You Hunger, because I found that without limiting the availability of food in game, needs mods are much more of an annoyance than something I should actually take into consideration. I'll use Mines and Farms sell stock and Hunterborn to make up for the difference in a reasonable way. Wet and Cold, Footprints and Frostfall would burn my PC to the ground, so I won't be using those or similar mods. I'm considering making a religious fanatic and using no armor, only a sword and shield -- justifying that by saying that the Gods will protect him, something I've done with my cleric playthrough --, but I'm not sure yet. The Dunmer seem reasonable people -- however, the Gods did protect my cleric, so... Some other mods I use to better roleplay this character: Interesting NPCs, RDO, Guard Dialogue Overhaul, Player Head Tracking with voice types using Morrowind Dunmer voice, Religion 2.0 for Daedra worship (I'd like alternate animations here, I wonder if anyone could help me replace the default ones), Daedric Cloaks, Immersive Dialogue, Immersive Speechcraft, Temple of Azura, Expanded NPC Dialogue, Paper World Map, Take Notes and ESF Companions (if you don't know this mod, you're missing out). However, I need a few suggestions regarding mods. First of all, the only male Dunmer follower mod with custom voice I know of is Atvir Dres. I have several problems with him, the most obvious one is that he has no compatibility patch with Requiem that I know of (which means he would be extremely weak). The other is that he supports the Empire and/or at least hates the Stormcloaks. This doesn't make any sense what-so-ever to me. Hear me out. I'm roleplaying, not loreplaying. There was this thing, called Oblivion, where the Daedra invaded the mortal realm, and since Morrowind, the Dunmer mostly worship the Reclamations -- meaning, Daedra. What do you think is the public opinion of the Empire towards the Dark Elves? If they don't burn them at the stake, at the very least they should descriminate them to the point of them having no choice but to leave. They are religious outcasts in the Empire. Who are the other religious outcasts in the Empire? Guess what, the Stormcloaks. The Dark Elves and the Stormcloaks should be natural allies against the Empire, not enemies! Another way for this alliance to happen is by the relocation of the Tribunal Temple (since they were declared an untrue way) to Windhelm, and thus the remaining followers of the Temple -- who are also Dunmer, thus disliked by the Empire -- could have a good reason to join the Stormcloaks. This Stormcloak - Dunmer hatred is so artificial in vanilla, it doesn't make any sense, and ignores a great opportunity to make more sense and consistency in Tamriel. So yes, I will be joining the Stormcloaks, and Atvir constantly whining about it would not fit in with that. My questions are: - Are there any mods in regards to what I described above with the Stormcloaks and Dunmer? Maybe Dunmer in the Stormcloak army, or a Tribunal / Temple of Reclamations in Windhelm? - Are there any Requiem-compatible Dunmer follower mods? My best bet right now is the Dunmer guy in Anna NPCs. - Are there any HDT hair styles for Dunmer males? I found HDT vanilla hairstyles, but they only work for non-elf human races. - Aside from EEO which I'm already using, how could I make elves look better? - Is there a Jorrvaskr overhaul that is compatible with ESF Companions? - Perhaps the most importantly, how can I make my dialogues look like in the video below (around 02:08)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amsSVyh-3go Here is her mod list: https://modwat.ch/u/Nagaborn/plugins S/he uses Face to Face Conversations and Customizable Camera, but I don't know which mod could add the black lines on the top and bottom. Thanks in advance.
  7. guys any good mod for pervert nawty sluty facial expresion of pleasure
  8. Hey all, If you use Stereoscopic NVidia and Skyrim SE acts weird, be in the know that it does not work with some systems. I had all kinds of issues with it like main screen in game just shows vegetation and terrain. It does not connect to player so the position is 0,0,0. NOW if this is wrong and anyone able to run it please tell me how to set it up. I have no issues with FO4 or 32 bit Skyrim but SE just won't work.
  9. Been using Racemenu for years now and I just notice that the Sculpt feature is not perfectly even on each side. I usually only use sculpt to fix small, sharp ridges, but this time I wanted to use the feature to shape the eyes. Got the left one to how I wanted, but then I notice the right one is a bit off. I know it's a very small detail, but I'm quite picky about these stuffs :X Wonder if there a slider somewhere that will match both side to 100%? Or maybe turn off auto matching so I can edit each side individually? Here another example. I used move feature on the left, it ended with a single point, but right side end with 2 points and distance is shorter.
  10. hey guys iam seaching this hair style anyone can tell me the hair mod where i can find this hair style??
  11. Is there any way I can get vanilla and DLC armor and clothing to adapt to my characters body? Many of the Sotteta sets do so, growing in the chest or butt as my character's grows, but the vanilla armor always stays the same. I've tried a few mods, but they either don't do what I want, or I've failed to install them correctly.
  12. Where I can find this armor mod? I saw it here: https://elder-argadia.tumblr.com/post/168324764387/httpcafenavercomelderscrolls7896002
  13. View File Nise's Poser SE 81 poses that mostly consist of one handed weapon style poses - SSE conversion - HKX files converted to SSE - Credits - Nisetanaka for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys Please don't bother Nisetanaka via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 12/11/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires Public Poser SE, FNIS SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  14. Nise's Poser SE

    Version 1.0.0


    Nise's Poser SE 81 poses that mostly consist of one handed weapon style poses - SSE conversion - HKX files converted to SSE - Credits - Nisetanaka for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys Please don't bother Nisetanaka via his own page about this SSE port!
  15. Version 20170302.1


    Traduction du mod Apropos classic Ce mod permet d'ajouter des effets négatifs, des cicatrices et coupures sur le corps du personnage et des pnj après un acte non consensuel. requiert le mod d'origine: Non version originale: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/818-apropos/ auteur: gooser J'ai traduit le maximum que je pouvais dans le menu Mcm sans causer de bug en jeu. J'ai procédé à plusieurs tests pour m'assurer que tout fonctionne. Si toutefois vous constatez des erreurs ou bug, faites moi remonter l'info que je puisse corriger. Par contre ne sont pas traduits les messages qui s'affichent sur le coter gauche de l'écran, je n'y arrive pas tout simplement.
  16. SCK Trap Question

    Hey guys, im trying to make a trap in a specific area where, when the person steps on it, spears act like a gate, trapping the player until he/she can find a lever to open up the path. what i want to ask is, how do i make it so that the spears stay where they are when the trap activates
  17. Hey there fellas, I want a outfit mod which adds the outfit of Felix 'Ferris' Argyle from Re:Zero. Anyone that got a mod like this? Because I didn't found anything on nexus and this side.
  18. hey guys i got place aether suite nice place with room photo session , my questio is there some mod allow me to put pictures for use liek back ground for my photos ??
  19. Long story short - I have 6 years old broken save (carried since first Skryrim release) which used to work with 255 mods at some point. Recently I tried to clean it up by reinstalling all mods (rebuilding Skyrim from scratch) and it's definitely REALLY error-prone operation so all in all it's broken and I don't really know since when because oldest version I have is already broken. Anyways - some monsters are friendly. Not all of them. For example wolves and bears are hostile but skeevers and spiders are really friendly (relationship 3) and never attack. Some are neutral eg. Chauruses and attack only after I attack them first. player.removefromallfactions fixes issue BUT... I'm not sure if it doesn't break this save even further. I mean I'm not sure what factions my player belonged to and as it's REALLY old save with fuckton of completed quest lines (eg. that vampires DLC and that other DLC with dragon dude and werewolves, dark brotherhood so on so on...) thus I guess I may belong to plenty of factions rn. So is there any way to determine which factions my player belongs to? It may be possible that player belonged to some factions created by mods I no longer use I guess? But I don't really know it's hard to say really. I guess we all know with this many mods installation of new ones is basically like bruteforcing all possible combinations of collided files overwrites until it somewhat works...
  20. First Christmas gallery for 2017. Already featured in "post your sx screenshots" but as usual I like to keep quality content close in a safe place. Also there will be others if everything goes well. Smaller ones but good ones. This gallery was 95% fun and 5% problematic (the usual crap with taking videos ingame and the tilting camera command missing the fov and some animtions performing the wrong way ...) So overall i was really fun, especially the first part with those beautiful pictures with red and blue clashing (and panty shots =p). I also took a certain pleasure in building the environment for the sex scene with Jaxonz. Seeing the stage taking shape and suddenly popping actors into it to see everything coming alive is always a great moment
  21. Chapter 45: Rebirth (4/?)

    “You're going down” Authors Note: A HUGE THANK YOU TO COLLYGON. This skilled mother fucker is the mastermind behind the poses for that kissing scene at the end of this part. Thank you Collygon, I really owe you one. Keep being awesome. And another one for Blazingsai who the night I was doing this scene discovered how to make that thing in Emily’s hands, thanks’ for teaching me that dude, truly appreciate it. On another note the other parts will not be coming out as quickly as this one simply because I was basically done with the fight scene when I started uploading this, I was just in the process of sorting and deleting screenshots then writing. Also screenshotting lesson of the day: Stay away from water when using Tattoo mods, they cause them to disappear. Part 1: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5769-chapter-45-rebirth-1/ Part 2: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5771-chapter-45-rebirth-2/ Part 3: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5777-chapter-45-rebirth-3/ Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7:
  22. Is there a mod that each npc looks physically different? Some women will have small breast and some will have big breast. Same for the males. Some will have small dick and some with big dicks.
  23. The Story of the Red WitchChapter Eighteen: Shared Dreams My bad guys, I got caught up doing some things. Expect more releases soon. XD NOTES: