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  1. View File ✰✰✰ High Quality & Extreme Sex Animations for Skyrim ✰✰✰ These animations are designed more like SFM animations, using many variants in the same stages, using camera motion and all custom meshes, these are the longest, the most detailed and the most advanced animations you can find for Sexlab. Early Access, WIP, Videos & SFM animations available on ▹Patreon◃ You like this work!? Let me know your interest by putting upvotes bellow. Resume Public releases @ 100 upvotes You will take an aperitif? Not convinced by my skills and creativity? More Videos Under Spoiler: ▹MoviCam used in "KoMachine Enduro", "Pole Anal Sex" & "Lesbian Dildos" animations for now. ▹HDT currently in use in "KoMachinery Animation" & "Lebian Dildo Show", need " HDT Sextoys " from Bazinga. Hello everyone! Here are my animations 'pack' to use with 'SLAL'. These animations are made by giving priority to quality to look like little movies. Therefore they are long, contains many stages, transitions, varied smooth motions, and all custom built objects. Read the instructions below to get the best of this mod. Despite the "low amount" of animations and stages, This mod contains actually not far to 1 hour of extreme hot sex animations, Girls versus various objects, dildo, "pendulum", sexmachines, tentacles, creatures, Futanari, & M/F... Yeah that's my thing, girls and objects... If you like it too, I hope you enjoy. To see my progress check my topic or my Patreon, It's a daily work and I show my progress pratically daily. Animations List: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- /!\ Read Before launch Animations /!\ --------------------------------------------------- Required: Skyrim SKSE FNIS Sexlab SexLab Animation Loader MassMatchMaker HDT Sextoys (optionnal but Highly recommended) Mod using KomAnim: Shout Like a Virgin v1.50+ Sorlis Balarn's Treasure DEADLY PLEASURES Recommended HDT: Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and collisions Installation: - Install all the requirement. - Install KomAnim Animations Pack. - *Install KomAnim Update(s) - Put the mod after SLAL in your load order. - Do not forget to run FNIS. - Reset/reload Json data in Mcm SLAL menu. Credits: - Ashal for Sexlab and this fantastic forum. - orxx for Sexlab animation loader. - Pornphile for the skeleton controller rigs. - CEO 0S for his advice and guides. - CPU for many help and collaboration. - Bazinga for HDT Sextoys and help for collisions. - Big Thanks to all my Patrons who support my work! Permissions: Read Permissions on the Download Post VirginMarie has permission to edit KoMachine aravis7 has permission to edit some machines Delzaron has permission for many things, we work in direct collaboration Thanks for your consideration Submitter komotor Submitted 05/08/2016 Category Animation Requires SKSE, FNIS, Sexlab, SexLab Animation Loader, MassMatchMaker Special Edition Compatible No
  2. Beta build is for Skyrim Special Edition only More details on the version/beta coming later when I have more time. For now, I just want to get the beta out there for testing. So here it is. Non-SE users will likely have to wait until release for 1.63. I have no plans right now to release a non-SE version of the beta. Requirements: Skyrim SE 1.5.23 SKSE SE v2.0.6 SkyUI SE Changes since 1.62: Added a caching system to animation searches Increased animation slots to 750, decreased voice/expression slots to 375. A new scaling fix that finally solves the issue with some actors/creatures randomly changing sizes when animating (enabled by default) (partially implemented) a new hook system for developers that don't work on events, allowing them to fully complete their hook function before the thread continues. Solves some sync issues with more complicated or timing sensitive hooks. Some other stuff I'm surely forgetting because it's been a long time. Known Issues: Animations take longer to start than normal right now. Other Notes: Animation packs from non-SE version have to have their animations converted to 64 bit in order to work. This can be easily automated and done quickly by the pack developers. All existing basic mods should work as is as far as I know. As long as they don't require any other SKSE plugins that haven't yet been converted. This means Devious Devices and its mods won't work until DD gets its SKSE plugin updated. I haven't fully tested a lot of the plugin in SE beyond making sure basic functionality works. So submitting bug reports are critical here. Download: SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA1.7z
  3. View File The Selachii - Shark Race v3.18 Description: This mod adds a custom playable shark race with fully animated headparts and total support for Vampirism. The main race is intended for use with an UNP compatible body replacer for females, and with SOS Full for males. Includes native support for UUNP Special based bodies. CBBE is also supported (Support is WIP so far). SOS for Females is also supported! Both the beast sheath schlong and the two humanoid ones included in the main plugin have native support for females. The sheath schlong is built for the original UNP body, but SevenBase, UNPB or similar bodies witha a groin area equal or close to UNP should work fine as well. CBBE is only supported for the humanoid schlongs, but not for the sheath. Note that the mod includes a "No schlong for females" AddOn for SOS. The NPCs added by the follower plugin (male and female alike) that are supposed to have a specific schlong assigned depending on their backstory and lore will still have them, but other female characters not supposed to have it will automatically be assigned the "No Schlong" by SOS. The player character will be assigned one at random, including the "No Schlong" one if she is female. If you want to add (or remove) the schlong from your character, use SOS' MCM menu to manually assign the corresponding addon. REQUIREMENTS: FOR THE MAIN VERSION OF THE MOD: --- SKSE --- XPMSE --- RaceCompatibility --- SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim --- UNP Compatible body --- FemFeet Redesigned for SOS (Optional, only needed if you want male Selachii to have proper feet textures when wearing revealing footwear, i.e. Footwraps or Falmer Boots) And their respective requirements, if any. FOR THE MAIN NPC PLUGIN: --- Yiffy Age 4.2+ And its respective requirements. FOR THE CBBE PATCH: --- CBBE Compatible body FOR THE STANDALONE SHEATH PLUGIN: --- BadDog's Hoodie Schlongs And its respective requirements. FOR THE SL HOOKS INCLUDED IN THE FOLLOWER PLUGIN: --- SexLab (OPTIONAL, NOT A HARD REQUIREMENT) And its respective requirements. Race Information: "Native to the shores and seas of Akavir, the Selachii are an amphibious race descended from feral sharks. Known for their talent as warriors and sailors, they are commonly hired by trading and mercenary companies alike, and they are rarely seen far from the sea or other bodies of water. Their thick skin and their claws give them an advantage in combat, and they are even known to use their jaws as deadly weapons against their foes." SKILL BONUSES: One Handed - 10 Two Handed, Archery, Smithing, Light Armor, Restoration - 5 RACIAL POWERS/ABILITIES: Gills - Waterbreathing Apex Predator - increased movement speed when swimming (x1.75) Talons - 12 points of extra unarmed damage Thick Skin - 10 points of base Armor rating Cold Waters - 50% resistance to Frost Shark Bite - bite attack that also causes enemies to bleed. Damage value starts at 25 + bleeding and scales each 5 levels. OTHER INFO: --- Height: 1.05 (Male and female) --- Custom heads and head parts created by NightroModzz using assets from CITRUS. Hi-poly, detailed, and completely compatible with morphs, phonemes and facial expressions --- Approx. 30 hair styles for males and 50 for females, converted both from the vanilla game and from other sources like KS Hairs. --- 6 different fin ring (material) options for both males and females. --- Several eye color uptions using vanilla Khajiit and Argonian textures, for males and females. --- Neck cover accesory for females. --- Custom clawed hands for both genders. --- Limited tint options (based on vanilla Argonian tint designs). Note that the main follower plugin is built for use with Yiffy Age of Skyrim; a vanilla/non-YA version patch for the plugin is will be available soon for those that don't use YA. This is the content included so far (Note: the list is outdated and will need to be updated, so some newer content may be missing from here): Files: --- Shark Race 3.18 - MAIN - UNP and SOS: Main plugin of the mod. Required. --- Shark Race 3.18 - NPC Plugin: Adds several Selachii NPCs to the world, some of them with their own quests and stories. Also includes the SOS Sheath Schlong addon. Requires Yiffy Age v4.2+. Strongly recommended. Choose either this one or the one below, depending on whether you use YA or not. --- Shark Race 3.18 - NPC Plugin (Vanilla): Same as above, but lacks the YA requirement and is meant for use with a vanilla setup instead. --- Shark Race 3.18 - CBBE Patch: Makes the race and its assets compatible with CBBE bodies instead of UNP ones. Required if you use a CBBE body. --- Shark Race 3.18 - SOS BD Sheath: Adds the SOS Sheath Schlong addon. Requires BadDog's Hoodie Schlongs. For use only if you don't use the YA/Main version of the NPC plugin. --- Shark Race 2.75: AVAILABLE FROM THE FIRST (NAMELESS) LINK AS A DOWNLOAD FROM MEGA. Previous version of the mod, with the old and more cartoony heads. Notes for Character creation: --- Face tint sliders available: warpaint, lips, cheeks, cheek lower, forehead, eyeliner, eye socket upper, dirt. --- Complexion slider will change between smooth and ridged head texture for males. --- Brow type slider will add and remove fin rings for females and males. --- Facial hair slider will add and remove a neck cover accesory for females. Known Issues: --- As a side-effect of the way RaceCompatibility works, some vanilla Argonian head parts will show up for the sharks. They can (and should) be safely ignored. --- The Shark Bite attack had to be classified as a Shout in order to be able to trigger the "biting" anim and to properly cast the spell. If you have any mod that is triggered by/checks for any kind of Shout (and not only vanilla ones), using the Bite may interfere with it. Future Plans: --- Any requests I like and I have the skills to fulfill will proably be done, though I can't promise anything. --- If not posted here, possible WIPs and ideas may be posted in the thread itself. Load Order: Shark Race.esp (Required) *Other plugins* YiffyAgeConsolidated.esp (Where applicable) *YA Patches and plugins* Shark Race - Followers.esp (Optional, requires Yiffy Age unless you download the non-YA version) or Shark Race - SOS Sheath.esp (Optional, requires BadDog's Hoodies Schlongs) *Other plugins that need to go last: Merged/Bashed/Smashed Patch, and similar* Changelog: V3.18 --- Removed the built-in Hoodies system. Now the Sheath Addon is optional and requires either Yiffy Age (via the Follower plugin) or the standalone Hoodies framework (via a separate Sheath plugin). --- Overhauled the available SOS Addons. Now Human Cut and Uncut are separate options (also available for females) and probability settings have been tweaked. --- Replaced the male Uncut schlong mesh with a modified VP Regular one similar to the Cut one. --- Replaced the SOS underwear with BadDog's loincloth/fundoshi mesh. --- Revamped the female Bodyslide files to match the new setup of separate Cut/Uncut addons. --- Removed beast feet and replaced them with human ones. Females use whatever meshes are installed for all races, while males use built-in FemFeet Redesigned meshes. --- Tweaked several stats and data on racial abilities and skills. --- Follower plugin: Made the necessary changes for proper compatibility with YA v4+. --- Follower plugin: Removed some NPC's custom assets and returned them to using their corresponding race's default ones. Most notably Jena and Ko'Maru. --- Follower plugin: Added a system to hook onto SexLab with a light dependency. Some scenes will be available if SL is installed but will be harmlessly skipped if SL is not present. --- Follower plugin: Revamped Mizuno's quest with more (and better) dialogue and more options to progress to it (including a special SL option inspired by SL Solutions). --- Follower plugin: Restored Moku to her previous appearance. Izma has been given a separate NPC entry that will be used in later versions. --- Follower plugin: Added a missing note to Ko'Maru's room in the Hall of Countenance. --- Follower plugin: Added and tweaked content to some of the ingame books and notes. --- Several unlisted changes and edits. Credits: V3.18 CREDITS NightroModzz for the awesome new heads! Kuroyami for several major contributions to the mod. BadDog for lots of stuff, including beast schlongs. VectorPlexus, Smurf and others for SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim. AyyRofLmao for the original Sharkmer Race HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion V8.0 dimon99, Phygit, and thepal for DIMONIZED UNP Female Body Groovtama for XPMSE Caliente, Ousnius and others for Bodyslide and the UUNP Special body. Kalilies and the rest of the authors of KS Hairdos - Renewal ScrollTron1c and the authors of the original resources for FAMOUS - Fitness And Muscle Options Utility Suite Mandragorasprouts for Vitruvia - Skin texture overhaul. EvilReFlex for helping with texturing, as well as for Textures for "SOS schlong for females" and SoS - Schlong for Females BodySlide. Derok for Argonian Reptilian Feet, and for Better Claws and Gauntlets alongside Didact2401. blabba for CITRUS Heads. Calyps for some of the hair styles. Nuska for some of the hair styles. Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair, for some of the hair styles. nevenbridge81 for Natural Eyes. Leito86 for FemFeet Redesigned. Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible. ORIGINAL CREDITS Head and tail meshes have been modified from originals created/provided by thesholintiger and Force2013 Feet mesh is modified from Phygit's FemFeet Other meshes/textures - Bethesda Submitter Blaze69 Submitted 11/03/2016 Category Races Requires SKSE, UNP compatible body, SOS, RaceCompatibility Special Edition Compatible No
  4. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Post here your screenshots of your character in action. It will be good to share what mods you are using during the sex time, let people see your intimate life and fantasies. Photos: Videos:
  5. Anyone happen to have Mor Zhiamak? UUNP preferably but I'll make do with the CBBE if not. It's been hidden on Nexus for who knows how long now.
  6. Axent Wear

    View File I shamelessly hijacked Fox6000's port of the Axent Wear and did some modifications. Now it's craftable at no cost at all under jewelry, and also wearable by female AND males. This file is to commemorate my purchase of the said headphones (I have to ship from abroad it since it's not available in my country, I bought the wireless color-changing model since I always had trouble with cords. DAMN it's expensive, my PS4 will wait for some time.) I was in love with these after I saw it in the internet in Indiegogo during high school, never thought it would become the real deal. credits- Fox6000 for the skyrim port mayuasuka23 from the xnalara port (lol I just credited myself) Submitter HusbandoTech Submitted 03/23/2018 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  7. Axent Wear

    Version 1.0.0


    I shamelessly hijacked Fox6000's port of the Axent Wear and did some modifications. Now it's craftable at no cost at all under jewelry, and also wearable by female AND males. This file is to commemorate my purchase of the said headphones (I have to ship from abroad it since it's not available in my country, I bought the wireless color-changing model since I always had trouble with cords. DAMN it's expensive, my PS4 will wait for some time.) I was in love with these after I saw it in the internet in Indiegogo during high school, never thought it would become the real deal. credits- Fox6000 for the skyrim port mayuasuka23 from the xnalara port (lol I just credited myself)
  8. The Goal: Create a new female body replacer for Skyrim/SE. Limitations/Experience/Expectations/Reasons etc: I've always thought that the original body models in Skyrim, were made by people who have never looked at a naked body on the 'internet', or indeed in real life. This is especially true when it comes to the female body, you know, bo*bs flow to the side and down naturally, especially big b*obs ... they don't jut out like cannons... unless you are watching some cookie cutter american p*rn. The natural 'sag' for a better word, is what is most alluring. Maybe that's not what people like, and I'm the odd one out. Reasons I've literally just started 3D sculpting (a week) and thought I'd see if i couldn't change some of the aspects that have bugged me, and generally add femininity. Hands - King gong would be proud of those hands Feet - Can they even be called feet, I've seen more attractive feet on an elephant. Bo*bs - see above Butt - two round comically large hemispheres does not a butt make. I couldn't understand why some experienced modeller hasn't added a truly nice replacer... until I started looking into the work flow myself. To say that it is a pain in the proverbial, is akin to saying North Korea can be a bit mean to it's people. It's just not fun. Experience There are my limitations of modding experience, and the limitations of the tools to streamline the addition of wholly new meshes. I know enough that most body replacers are as they are (using bodyslide etc), not because of technical limitations but universal acceptance... unfortunately this constrains what you can do model-wise. Limitations My body replacer will not be compatible with any other skin texture because it will use a custom optimised uvmap The idea is to keep the body very close to UNP, I've only been sculpting for a week, and although I can already see the anatomical stance of the skyrim model is wrong, I'll work around that for compatibility (XPMSE etc). I first tried sculpting just the body, sans feet/hands but the extra time needed to make a perfect match to existing extremities ( e.g snapping vertex ), I decided to sculpt the whole thing. I've already had the body, or a variant of it, working with the new physics for SSE, and was surprised how well it worked. I will initially stick to one size, i.e 100 (femalebody_0 and _1). I did use a size 0 and size 100 but that complicates the mesh making process. Unless you are really careful, you get the mesh explosion in-game, even if the vertex count and order are the same. It can work but it necessitates double checking at each stage of the workflow. The hands, oh god the hands! I made some changes there but since I'm worried about in-game issues, I've kept the fingers the same length, slightly reduced the actual sausage'ness but mostly sculpted to mimic shapeliness, without really going hard on the dimension reduction. I hated the original thumb, so that is definitely smaller. It's a trade off, I will need to adjust the bone positions. The feet should work with existing footwear.. comprehensive testing of the whole project, will tell me more. The toes are spaced apart for now, as it makes it easier for sculpting purposes. I get the argument that lore friendly (not something the community here probably minds much) might mean a seasoned female fighter will be bulky, well, I'm going for the strong athletic, form over force that could be used for other characters as well. I probably wont (at least initially) manually retopo. I had an auto generated version working without issue in SE... the purists out there might curse a pox on upon my heretic backside but hey, you can't please everyone. What this wont be, is a traditional highly game friendly optimised model. Oldrim has a limit of 65k tris. SE, although you can convert the mesh to nif without issue, the limit is still their, as nifskope later throws an error. You can split the body into partitions giving you greater flexibility but it's not really designed for that purpose. E.g. You get invisible legs when still wearing boots, until you take them off etc. Anyway, I will target 65k tris, as this worked without problems. End Product Initially: Body Model Body Textures Later: Custom built outfits Thoughts This is where you guys/girls come in, any (critical but) helpful comments are welcome. To be honest, with the interchangeability of existing body types, I expect there wont be enough interest, so it will likely be a personal project, even if I eventually upload a fully working documented mod. Question. (hopefully some kind sole might take the time to answer) If I create a completely custom body mesh at say size 0, I think I can import (nif or obj) into OS, and make some presets to go with my mod. I've never used bodyslide but if that does work, presumably people should be able to adjust outfits to fit the preset? I'm not familiar with the head making process. Does anyone know of a workflow where I can also add custom heads, and then generate Skyrim compatible morphs/facegeom etc Finally, is it worth making a completely custom body replacer. Why don't we see more variants (that are not just bodyslide changes), is it the reasons I suggest above. i.e pain in the butt, and universal compatibility.
  9. View File This mod adds different type of cockcages designed for horsecocks. These are only for females, at least for now. Also no Fairy Drop at this point. Keep in mind that these are supposed to be barely erect horsie cocks, just out of their sheats, so I recommend using them around 1.3 Base and 1.2 Scrotum sizes. Expect clippings if you scale them up too much. Currently they are available in the following versions: With FloppySoS: Horse Penis 1 for CBBE, UNP and SOS Males 0.6c - For the cock textures. Use AddItemMenu or type "help horsie" into the console, then use the "player.additem xx" command. They are also craftable at forges. You might have to change your armor to "Revealing" under SoS MCM settings to wear them together with armors. Mensis Cage headwear from Bloodborne - The item that the Mensis horsiecage was based on. It will clip with most hairs and poses, my excuse is that it clips in BB too ^^ Was not tested with beast races. Horse Penis 1 for CBBE, UNP and SOS Males 0.6c - For the horsecock. FloppySoS - Recommended with "Balls only" option ^^ If you want cages for human cocks, you can check out my other mod or Darkconsole's Male Chastity Device here. Please do not reupload this to other sites and do not use my meshes without permission. Submitter Vivi Submitted 01/28/2018 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Evil's Horse Penis 1 for CBBE, UNP and SOS Males Special Edition Compatible No
  10. View File CBBE SE - Ultimate Lingerie Collection A ultimate collection of over 20 unique outfits and sexy lingerie for Skyrim SE - WHAT'S INCLUDED - Bikini Onepeice String Bikini Swimsuit Monokini v1 Monokini v2 Monokini Ouvert Lingerie Baby Doll Brandeau Bra Bralet Brazilian Panty Nighttie Passionate Panty Sexy Bra Sheer Panty Shirt Lovely Lingerie Lovely Bra Lovely Panty Short Top Sport Outfit Sporty Body Sporty Bra Sporty Panty Strapless Bra String Tanga - REQUIREMENTS - CBBE SE Body HDT physics compatible skeleton (Groovtama's XPMSSE) The latest Bodyslide (Optional) CBP Physics or HDT SMP (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle) - INSTALLATION - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Obtain in-game via the chest located in Whiterun or by using AdditemMenu SE 3. The default body is CBBE Curvy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on. 4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility. 5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Nezzars..." 6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created. - Credits - Nezzar for the permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother Nezzar via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 01/21/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires CBBE SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  11. View File What this mod does: This is a simple prostitution mod that allows sex between the player/companion and other npc's. You progress by unlocking skills (currently 11) each skill you unlock gives you another animation set "Oral" for example. You also get a little more gold for each act (5-150) the more you progress. I will work on and add to this mod in my spare time and take all suggestions under consideration. Current Features: Requirements: Skyrim latest version skse latest version FNIS by fore latest version SexLab v1.60.2 by Ashal and all requirements for SexLab Fuz Ro D-oh by shademe version 6.0 or higher if you don't want to use this then just use the optional sound files and enable subtitles in game. SkyUi by SkyUi team Not required but highly recommended: Prison Overhaul by xaz This mod goes very well with the guard refusal option in this mod. I would recommend setting the Major Crime Threshold in Prison Overhaul to 1000 so you can get the full punishment when triggered with my mod (I'll change this to the default PO value in next update) The mod features guard rape in your cell,whipping, the jailer taking gold from citizens to have there way with you among other things. The perfect compliment to this mod. Installation: Just drop the data folder in the skyrim directory The SexLab Working Girl sound file is only needed if you don't use Fuz Ro D-oh In testing using the optional sound files also reduces the delay in most of the dialog Special Notes: Before Updating to a new version make sure you turn off Companion Whore mode in the MCM and collect from any companions that you used if you have not already.. Make sure PC whore mode is off as well. In order to use the companion whore mode in the MCM you must first talk to the companion/innserver/spouse you wish to pimp out then activate the whore mode toggle key. Do not deactivate companion whore mode while there having sex wait untill they finish up. The mod officailly supports one companion at a time but if your in a crowded enough area you can normally use more than one Both Random Approaches and Companion whore mode work indoors/outdoors there is a limited range so make sure if you outdoors to be in a semi-populated area not out in the woods. Although both modes work through load doors and fast travel I would recommend disabling it first except in the case of Random approaches after the client is following you your free to go where ever you like, just not while waiting for one to Approach. If you play a straight male PC I would recommend turning off the Gay/female PC dialog option in the MCM and activating the Straight male PC dialog. If you refuse to service a guard you will be arrested I currently have no additional content after being arrested so you need a mod like Prison Overhaul to enjoy it further also once arrested random approaches are automatically stopped so you will have to turn it on,off and on again to get it working after your arrested. MCM Options/Dialog added by this mod: Updating from previous versions: Uninstalling: Translations: Italian translation by RocMic German Translation by zaira German Translation by Blindmankind version 6.7 (can be found in the Download section) Russian Translation by Torn Russian Translation by Huili for version .6.4 (can be found in the DownLoad section in previous versions) Known Issues: Future Plans: Updates: Credits: Ashal: For making a great framework to use and offering excellent support with any questions I had Fotogen: Special thanks for helping me with the 3-way problem Skse: For making the ck function like it should have to begin with Fore: For making it possible to use animations in skyrim Modders: For making the meshes,textures,items and all the other things we take for granted to make the game more enjoyable Lovers Lab: For giving me a place to put this Lovers Lab community: for trying out the mod, reporting bugs, and all the idea's which may be used at somepoint RocMic: For providing an Italian Translation zaira: For providing a German Translation Blindmankind: For providing a German Translation Huili: For providing the Russian Translation Torn: For providing a Russian Translation Submitter shane4244 Submitted 09/18/2013 Category Dialog Sex Requires skse,Lover Lab framework latest version Special Edition Compatible
  12. Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    It is said that in about a year (early 2019) there will be the Skyrim VR Version for PC also. Now thats fun. I mean it could be. For actual gameplay and for some of... well... the kinky stuff too. Although I myself am not sure if the VR Version would allow modding/ mod changes or if it does to which extend it will. Not heard anything on that yet. But to be honest - if modding would be available in that version too, then I think its gonna be a must have (for me at least). Of course that would make me play out some stuff kind of differently... I guess xD If modding wont work on it, no way I am buying Skyrim VR & all the stuff for it just to play the lousy vanilla (including that SE). Thoughts, news and brabble on this?
  13. Chapter One: The Young Queen

    The story I'm going to tell you is not the typical fairy tale. There are kings, queens, kingdoms in war, murders, desire, envy, and all the sins you could imagine. Once upon a time there was a little kingdom ruled by the king Tellington III. He had a guard named Krevish, the best knight of the kingdom, or so he thought. One night, Krevish killed both the King and the Queen, leaving their only heiress all alone. His name was Alana. Krevish told the people that the enemies of the crown sent spies to murder the monarchs, and he would revenge their deaths. Later, he would be crowned king of that kingdom. In the meanwhile, Alana was growing up beautiful as her mother, so she was desired by all the men in the kingdom and envied by almost all the women of the castle. Alana had not a chance to become queen because the king Krevish didn't want Alana to learn how to do so. Instead, he was always sending her out of the castle the half of the time. She started to ask questions, why she could not stay all the time in the castle, why she always had to go out. Krevish got mad and told her that if she was really looking to help others, then he would give her a royal quest. He said "Look, I will send you out of this castle for the last time. You must go to our neighbor kingdom, that one which we are in war, and there you MUST do all the things that the men want. If you want to become a great queen, you must know what the enemy want and only then, you could unify the two kingdoms when the time has come." Alana thought that was a great oportunity, she had the chance to become the queen she always wanted to be. She started packaging her belongings so the next day she could start her journey. . . . Who would have thought that Krevish sent that poor young princess to a world of madness and lust... Willingly. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ Downloads: Some Screenshots:
  14. View File DAEDALS PRESETS AND REQUESTS ALL IN ONE "amazing" "so cool, innovative, friendly, amazing, truly shows mastery of bodyslide." "I'm still trying to figure out whos mans this is?" "i've never seen a man put so much effort into making over 70 different presets" so i thought, im more active on loverslab than on the nexus (making presets and whatnot) so why not upload a file for once? always accepting preset requests through message or on the support topic (info below, which you need to read or you'll send a bad request and it'll be all messy and make it hard for everyone) INCLUDES: Lean Lady Legendary The Super Booty Body Perky Curvy Petite for Bodyslide 2 The Blank Slate AND all of the variation presets THE SUPER BOOTY BODY: general just supa thicc ass has more mass than a black hole sculpted booty LEAN LADY LEGENDARY: 0 weight: lean 50 weight: lady 100 weight: legendary curves of doom super nipples a little gravity THE BLANK SLATE: all sliders set to 0, made the other bodies and request with this so i gave it some spotlight PCP: originally made by some guy on the nexus a few years back, people wanted a conversion for bodyslide 2 and i did it (and made it better) TSBB EXTRA VARIANTS: THE SUPER FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY removes the boobs for a flat chest but keeps the ass. THE SUPER EXTRA FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY the flat chested body with a bigger ass n hips and smaller waist. THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY the above, but bigger THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY the above, but even bigger THE SUPER SUPER BOOTY BODY SMALL base body with smaller assets if the normal ones too big for your taste THE SUPER EXTRA BOOTY BODY base body with up to 20% bigger assets, if you think bigger is better use this THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA BOOTY BODY the extra booty body but even bigger, i dont know why you would want this but here you go THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BOOTY BODY ITS 3X THE EXTRA, CONTAIN YOURSELVES CUSTOM SUPER BOOTY BODY base body but with somewhat smaller boobs, more gravity on boobs, smaller ass on 0 weight and slightly smaller ass on max weight, less anorexic looking stomach, smaller thighs. CUSTOM SUPER BOOTY BODY SMALL VERSION custom version but smaller CUSTOM SUPER BOOTY BODY BIG VERSION since i made the small version might aswell, not super big though to stay true to the custom part. MAXIMUM CAKES EDITION by request there is now a preset which gives you some kind of godlike cake, for fans of the super booty body. MAXIMUM CAKES EDITION VERSION 2 bigger ass since i said it was ultimate cake and it really wasnt THE SUPER BOOBY BODY essentially a smaller ass, hips and all that but keeps the boobs, if you only liked the boobs use this. THE SUPER BOOBY BODY EXTRA the least important one here, the super booby body extra, once again no ass just boobs and the boobs are bigger now THE SUPER BOOBY BODY EXTRA EXTRA even more irrelevant, the super booby body but 2x the extra. (NOTE: super booby body extra variants only make the boobs bigger, ass is still untouched cause otherwise it would just be a normal extra) THE SUPER BOOBY BODY EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA: ...you know exactly what this is but imma tell you anyway, its the booby body with 3x the boobies. THE SUPER BOOTY BODY MUSCLE: UUNP only, built like it has muscle lol u need your own textures tho SUPER BOOTY BODY FANTASY: BIGGER ASS, BOOBS, NIPPLES. EVEN SMALLER STOMACH, LESS GRAVITY (like there was any to begin with) GENERALLY JUST 100% MORE HENTAI LOOKING THE SUPER BOOTY BODY FANTASY 2: super nipples, slightly bigger ass and boobs than the first one. THE SUPER BOOTY BODY FANTASY 3: version 2... but even more fantastical LLL VARIANTS: LEAN LADY LESSLEGENDARY LLL but with smaller assets LEAN LADY LARGELEGENDARY LLL with bigger assets LEAN LADY TSBBLEGENDARY LLL with the TSBB lower body LEAN LADY LEGACY LLL but 100 weight is now 50 weight now featuring: "a bunch of request 1-56" 56 request i did for people so why not share them with the world? IF YOU SEND ME A REQUEST INCLUDE (if possible): -pictures (that actually help, no odd angles, no fully armored pictures. 3+ if you can) -politeness -examples/descriptions -general information -consider the possibility of creation -make sure you've actually looked for the original if you want me to duplicate -and if possible, a screenshot of the body in game after i make it -and a thanks >BUT I HAVE A LIFE AND OR MAY NEED TIME< ORIGINALS ON THE NEXUS (more screenshots on those pages): TSBB: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75352/? LLL http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77542/? THE BLANK SLATE: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75436/? PCP http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64285/? REQUIRED: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? REQUIRED FOR HDT: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? REQUIRES EITHER CBBE OR UUNP ALL PRESETS WORK WITH BOTH Q AND A: Q: "CLIP CLIP CLIP, THOSE BOOBLES ARE CLIPPING" A: sucks to suck Q: "What if i don't LIKE butts or boobs dad?" A: theres a dick mod somewhere Q: "what if i don't LIKE big butts or boobs dad? A: thats what the variations are for Q: "why did you do this to yourself?" A: it had to be done. Q: "Do you even use these presets" A: at the time of writing this i use the super booty body thicc edition Q: "Can i take screenshots" A: yes of course i love seeing other people use my presets Q: "Who the fuck even are you?" A: your father luke, master of the bodyslide force. Q: "Why are you in my house?" A: you forgot to pay our child support and i am here to collect Q: "How long did it take for you to make these jaw dropping presets?" A: It took me years of training with master roshi, so atleast 4 episodes. Q: "but HOOOOW do i install it?" A: if your familiar with bodyslide you already know but if your not, heres the directory you put it in to use it with bodyslide: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets\ A2: OR you could just extract this file or install with a manager Q: "can you make me a preset?" A: yup just hmu on the forums or via message Q: "can i judge this preset and or criticize" A: dont be a dick if you do Q: "can i review and or send screenshots?" A: hell yeah i love feedback Q: "should i post on the forums?" A: yes just do it im lonely Q: "are you sonic on nexus?" A: yes but dont tell anyone Q: "do you like butts?" A: i think so Q: "has anyone reviewed this?" A: if they did i dont know about it (please do ) Q: "are you gonna make any more presets?" A: probably, if you wana help me like i said earlier hit me up Q: "why are the boobles clipping?" A: personally i don't experience any clipping, but if necessary just smallenize your boobs. Q: "what the fuck does smallenize mean?" A: it clearly means make smaller you CHUMP Q: "is it true that there are secret read mes in this?" A: yup and you better read them!!!! Q: "i heard you had a blog on loverslab?" A: i do and i think its pretty cool so check it out!! Q: "you know man, you do your best, you post pictures for the world, you make presets for free, is there anything we can do for you?" A: im still waiting for a damn mod review lmao, but likes are great those keep me going CHECK OUT MY BLOG WHERE I TAKE SCREENSHOTS AND POST THE PRESET MAKING PROCESS SOMETIMES: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/blog/878-daedals-dangerous-domain/ NOTES: yes i do like seeing screenshots yes i would like to know if you post screenshots or videos none of the above things are a requirement BUT dont upload these anywhere else without my permission por favor SINCERE thanks to Miyu MIyu and Boocefus for taking screenshots and being there on my bodyslide themed adventures <3 they're pretty cool THANK YOU LOVERSLAB FOR PROVIDING ME WITH FRIENDSHIP AND SEX AT THE SAME TIME Submitter daedal Submitted 05/20/2017 Category BodySlide Requires bodyslide and stuff Special Edition Compatible theres a SE version on nexus
  15. Skyrim setup for 2018

    I spent most of the past year improving performance of my load order, especially load times. Using the CrashFix plugin and SKSE Plugin pre-loader helped a lot. So did carefully editing out redundant or script heavy mods I didn't need that much after all. The hardest mod to part with was Rigmor of Bruma. In spite of the great storytelling and scripted events, changes to the environment were just too great for my system to handle. Removing that one greatly reduced loading times. As for an ENB, I am still using SnowFall Weathers (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79335). Seeing random snow falls all across Skyrim is just too compelling. I will post my custom settings for that ENB later. I broke down the load order roughly by types. Positioning of the mods was done over time, using TES5edit to verify conflict winners. Here are some of the things I did to improve stability and smoothness this year. - Replaced windowed mode by borderless full screen mode (I tried disabling the FPS limiter but that screwed up the physics engine and sent objects flying all over the place) - Created a TESMerged plugin in addition to a bashed patch - Installed mod to remove smoke effects on loading screen (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/7901/? ) - Enabled pre-loading of SKSE plugins (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75795/? ) and the CrashFix plugin (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? ) - Disabled Rigmor of Bruma (I love that mod but the toll on my game was just too much) In addition, reducing the quality of Ambient Occlusion effects in ENB and lowering the distance of level of details improved smoothness of the game in general but did not have an impact on loading time. Running the skyrim performance monitor (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6491) showed I am running well below the limits of my RAM and VRAM, so that wasn't the issue. I also tried to run the SKSE launcher and skyrim executables in administrator mode, but that had no effect on load times. Edit: Two more things I did today to make my game even smoother. - Optimized my textures using Optimizer Textures (Ordenador) (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801/) - Generated LOD objects for all my mods with spectacular effect and very little performance impact using Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59721/)
  16. I don't even know if this is possible, but here's what I want to do. I need to create a simple animation over a mesh which has bodymorphs applied to it. Since the mesh varies dramatically between it's min and max states, normal animations don't really seem possible. But I think it would be possible if I were able to animate the normal maps of the mesh, since all I need it to do is move in and out from the rest state. Can this be done?
  17. i want to make some changes to freckle, and since i love you guys, and since she SEEMS *cough* to be the fan favorite, i have multiple detailed customization questions, the most voted will be employed by the next time you see her. another thing, i changed some things about her while i was taking these pictures so you might not see them, but they're all seen here (with an amalgamation of the options): changed her chin and jaw cheeks and cheek bones, also added more freckles but they arent visible because of the lighting note: i dont have any favorites besides one of the hairs (primarily because of the bangs and the no boob collision.) FIRST: 1. eyes A B C D E F G H 2. hair A B (my favorite ) C D E F G H I J K 3. ears you probably didnt notice these but she had elf ears at first. A B 4. lips, slight but noticeable difference for me A B 5. weight (may give you a glimpse of all the new bodies weight sliders) only up to 75 since i intend to give either the blonde or steel 80-100 A B C D - gravity i'll be taking away some gravity on the body soon, so consider this while voting. thanks for reading, thanks for voting, thanks for everything have fun. (i'll be doing that redguard + elf thing soon.)
  18. So I was going around that modding site killingdoll.com & found a really cool looking armor mod. It has both a CBBE & UNP version so I used the CBBE version & it fits on my character well after building it in Bodyslide but the textures are missing. All of it shows up as violet & the scythe it comes with is missing. I have the files killingdoll.com said it requires so am not sure what happened. If anyone else uses this mod or knows about missing textures can help, message me here pls. Here's the link from killing doll: http://killingdoll.com/?p=24641, here is the link showing the requirements which I already have: http://killingdoll.com/?p=16454, & here is the original download link that leads to the mod itself: http://kp4068.tistory.com/2357
  19. View File Warning This mod contains animations depicting non consensual sex acts. Description I wanted to give you something different to the usual stuff you have available. a lot of my stuff involves, groping, coercion, passed out, that kind of thing. The animations are good quality, and involve a lot of ideas which you won't find in any other mods. Future Plans Click 'Follow' at the top of the page to be notified when I upload new animations Check out my upcoming SLAL packs here >>> https://rohzimaupcoming.tumblr.com/ Check out some animated Gif previews here >>> https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/blog/913-rohzima-ero-anims-previews/ I will be adding at least one new SLAL pack per month, for as long as I can sustain it. It takes a significant amount of work to produce quality animations. My goal is to be able to keep creating animations which are well made, unique and help keep the Skyrim modding scene alive. Help with my goal and get early access to my animations here >>> https://www.patreon.com/rohzima Animations so far: Style I do not make Non Humanoid Creature animations and never will. Mostly I will be making paired with some solo & threesome stuff thrown in. I will be making at least one set for a 'Petite' body type. If you use ECE, I recommend the Youngmer race. No Futa or Shota. AnimObjects I plan to do extensively. Note I say 'AnimObjects, rather than Animated Objects, which I don't intend to do. You are more than welcome to make suggestions and if it interests me I will certainly give it a go. Installation Ensure you have Sexlab Animation Loader installed Copy contents of my zip file to your data folder, either manually or with the mod organiser of your choice Ensure that the JSON and source data copied over (\data\SLAnims\) because some MO's ignore them. You can drag the SLAnims folder from my mod into your \data\ folder, overwriting the 'RohZima.txt' & 'RohZima.json' files if your are updating to a new pack version Fire up Skyrim and in your MCM menu go down to 'SL Anim Loader' then on the 'General' tab, click to reload then re apply json settings, only necessary when updating Go to RohZima animations and click 'enable all' then 'register animations' & the message box will tell you how many registered To play them, go to Sexlab MCM, go down to 'Animation editor' click on the animation list in the top left of the screen and scroll down to pick an animation, then click 'Play Animation' Note that for paired animations you need to select a second actor by walking to them, get them in the cross hairs and click 'N' (default) For more than two actors you must use Sexlab Mass Match Maker or some other mod in order to trigger it I also strongly recommend you to go to the timers tab in sexlab and change the timers to like, 20 or 30 seconds for all stages, including the cumming stage. My stages tend to be longer than most peoples and you might miss something, especially on the final stage because the default is very short. All My animations are cyclical so don't worry, put them all to 30 seconds to see everything in detail with the free cam! Next, make sure no one is around, and you know what to do next Permissions I have been contacted by a number of modders who want to use my animations in their mods! This is exactly why I am doing it, so please, if you desire to use my animations for your sexy mod, go ahead, but please remember to give credit on your mod page, ideally linking to my relevant mod page. Now all you need is some quiet time, lol Thanks! -Roh Submitter RohZima Submitted 02/06/2018 Category Animation Requires SLAL, Sexlab, Your right hand Special Edition Compatible No
  20. Soul Cairn Content

    One problem with the Soul Cairn, although it can be seen as very subjective, would be that the location does present some base stories on how it's inhabitants found themselves there. However, the way this is achieved, can mean that, possibly, a single NPC can suggest various different ways they arrived there. Meaning, save for perhaps, four characters in the vanilla/DLC Soul Cairn, you do not see any static stories. Such as... So this will be the basis used for a few added characters, along with a few other precepts. -All added NPCs will be Selachii - not any of the vanilla races. -They will not speak to the player at all, i.e no random lines like other NPCs, and they will not have any dialog. -None of them will be followers - it would make no sense, given that they cannot leave the Cairn. -Quests may be possible, but not planned at the moment. -These characters will likely feature very, mature content. Perhaps just in writing, but still... Mayaku, TSF - Born to parents who had several expectations for her. However, most of them were broken with the fact that their daughter was not exactly as they wished. While she grew to view herself as female, her body was not entirely that. This by itself drove a rift between them, which could not be bridged - at all. After some time, this dissonant relationship became, abusive. At ten years of age, in a drunken stupor, her father broke one of her arms, and it was only then that they seemed to care. She spent a night with the Healers, which she was fond of, but some of her memories in the Iyashino-ka, were not to be good ones. Planned Content Mayaku's Story -Link(W.I.P) Character Info Naki, M - Once nothing more than a simple explorer, he sought the sort of adventure that he had heard of in stories. Always, in spite of the fact that the dangers were never things that people would make unclear. It was while visiting a Selachii village close to the border with Cryodiil, that he heard the people there speak of a few boys that had gone missing days ago, and it was no secret where they went. It seemed odd to him, how some were doing nothing but citing worry for these boys, while others were remarking on how foolish it was to go to such a place. Which, as it seemed, was an Ayleid ruin, just over the border. Volunteering to go in search of the missing boys, he was warned of possible danger. The people there were aware of the tales - suggesting that the Ayleid crypts were dangerous places, home to all sorts of dangerous entities. But he nearly ignored this, choosing to go anyway. In spite of the fact that the ruin was barely that - the stone was still bright, and most of the structure seemed intact. There were signs that the path into the ruin was traveled recently, so it was obvious that someone had entered. When he went inside, he was greeted by a thick, greenish smoke, that had an overpowering smell, to the point were even a few breaths had him on the verge of retching. He soon became a pawn of an ancient Ayleid King, who had sustained himself beyond death by becoming a undead Lich. Only, his best creation was not exactly himself, but others. The missing boys were, in a sense, still alive, and used as nothing more than an experiment for this King, and the real subject was to be this very foolish explorer. What he was to become, was an entity on the verge of death, which could only be brought back, by the consumption of flesh, blood and bile, along with other viscera. Over time, in spite of the fact that he could not truly fight against his master, he had tried. Not in escaping, but merely in attempting to resist his new nature. For this, he was split in two, his real body an empty, obedient shell, while the rest was sent, elsewhere. Planned Content Naki's Writing - Complete - Link Selachii Legacy(Same no Isan) - "Curse of a Dead Empire" Character Info Tawake, M - Once of a pair of adventurers, he and his brother traveled the land in search of history, treasure, and good times. For years their tales were ones they remembered fondly, as did those whom they told. However, their end would come in such a place that would have tested the skill of even a battled-hardened soldier. Perhaps their deaths would have been more merciful, a end to the story that no one would ever hear, or read. But in the end, it was a pitiful one, where he had already seen the death of his brother, and the only end left to him was to be by his own hand, or rather by an unusual dagger, bought perhaps foolishly from a shady merchant. The "end" for this one was indeed quick, but it would be nothing more than a gateway to an eternal torment. Planned Content Character Info Akari, F - (W.I.P) Planned Content Character Info Keeper - (W.I.P) In-Game Details NOTE: Images of these characters may be shown twice, due to the "ghost" effect that will be applied to them once they are in-game.
  21. View File Hello everyone. I and many others have wanted cum meshes for quite some time and I took it upon myself to learn more about 3ds Max and Nifskope and decided it was time to learn how to do more than animations lol so I made some cum meshes. This is my first time doing anything other than animating so be gentle. I want to thank Azmodan for the meshes and textures used (I used the meshes and textures from his amazing Sextreme Loading Screens Mod. Its AMAZING.) Now I will be working on meshes for the Cbbe body for the next few days (hopefully it will only take one day lol) I'm going for different bukkake looks and styles. Stay brutal and enjoy! Azmodan has blessed me with his permission and new Meshes for me to use so I will continue to build this mod:blush: Tanookitamatachi made the LOWER and UPPER body cum meshes BODYSLIDE compatible for CBBE and UUNP HDT! For cum meshes on males I HIGHLY recommend Tweens SOS HDT body! --> http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3065-sos-body-hdt/ **You need to install the Funnybizcummeshes file first then install TTT Funnybiz CumMeshes_CBBE_UUNP_HDT file over it!** About the Facial meshes: The Facial mesh was completely redone And looks great with mouth closed or open! YAY! Thanks again to Azmodan. [ ] *****I checked and males can equip the meshes also**** *****SLOTS INFO**** CumMesh: Slot 55 TearsMesh: Slot 44 CumVagPelvis: Slot 49 TheLowerBodyMesh: Slot 48 TheUpperBodyMesh: Slot 46 How to get them: Open console command menu and type in help "cum" and the items and ID's should show up. CREDIT: Azmodan for creating and allowing me to use his AMAZING meshes and textures! tanookitamatachi For creating the cum meshes for CBBE and UUNP HDT BODYSLIDE!!! PREVIEWS incase you can't open the gifs here... https://gfycat.com/InferiorSelfassuredAfricangroundhornbill https://gfycat.com/SlushyThunderousAfricanjacana https://gfycat.com/OfficialImpishAlligatorgar https://gfycat.com/ScentedPleasingGibbon Submitter Funnybizness Submitted 02/02/2016 Category Sexual Content Requires Skyrim, CBBE, UUNP, Bodyslide,HDT Special Edition Compatible  
  22. Having a Girlfriend

    Sometimes I really wish I didn't have a gf so I could just play my game with these mods all day and night. I know that if she saw some of this stuff she'd be like ew wtf. She's so in love with me I doubt she'd dump me but still. I mean she already saw a nude loli on an anime I watch and was like wtf. (Btw I don't really like the whole loli thing but this show just so happened to have one) but still, ugh, I just wanna play my games.
  23. its been a minute here are the final results: 1. eyes G with 3 votes 2. hair D with 2 (and +1 since i voted for D aswell) 3. ears B (no elf ears) with 4 4. lips 4 votes for A 5. and the B weight with 4 here are the results: (short due to sickness but longer than usual) HAVE A NICE DAY THANKS FOR READING GIVE FEEDBACK TELL ME WHAT YA THINK AND W/E PAIRED ELF AND RED NEXT
  24. View File This is a vanilla voice replacement for SexLab! These voices are tweaked with an audio editor, considering the vanilla voices are very limited to sexually appealing sounds. SexLab Vanilla Voices This version is the vanilla voices with the least amount of spoken words. It's almost the same as the last version. Use this version if the words are too repetitious, or you want them say words far less. SexLab Vanilla Voices (Euphoric) NPCs or your Dovahkiin sound like they're enjoying having sex. This has spoken words and some sound like aggressive happy sex. Only females talk in this version. SexLab Vanilla Voices (Rape) This version has words you'd usually hear with someone getting raped. They sound good using rape plugins. Males and females talk in this version, with the males being the aggressors. SexLab Default Voices FemaleClassic FemaleBreathy FemaleYoung FemaleStimulated FemaleQuiet FemaleExcitable FemaleAverage FemaleMature MaleNeutral MaleCalm MaleRough MaleAverage Voice Types FemaleArgonian FemaleCommander FemaleCommoner FemaleCondescending FemaleDarkElf FemaleEvenToned FemaleElfHaughty FemaleKhajiit FemaleNord FemaleOrc FemaleShrill FemaleSultry FemaleYoungEager MaleArgonian MaleBrute MaleCommoner MaleCommonerAccented MaleCoward MaleDarkElf MaleDrunk MaleEvenToned MaleEvenTonedAccented MaleElfHaughty MaleGuard MaleKhajiit MaleNord MaleNordCommander MaleOrc MaleSlyCynical MaleSoldier MaleYoungEager Special Skyrim Characters! Serana from the Dawnguard DLC! Frea from the Skaal Village in the Dragonborn DLC! Mirabelle Ervine from the College of Winterhold! Lovable Vex from the Thieves Guild! Karliah the Nightingale! Installation ***Remember to backup your files if you do it manually!**** 1. Remove the previous SexLab Vanilla Voices version from your game! 2. Use NMM,MO,Wyre Bash. 3. Select which version of SexLab Vanilla Voices you wish to use. 4. Go into the mod configuration menu click "SexLab", go down to "Rebuild & Clean" and select "Reset Voice Registry". How to Use this Mod! 1. Target an NPC with the letter "N" on your keyboard if you have the framework default keyboard settings. 2. Go into the voice and SFX settings of the framework MCM menu you'll see the targeted voice, click on voice type of your desired choice, make sure to have "NPCs Reuse Voice" checked to have it remembered for that NPC. Sounds to Repetitious? Increase the male or female voice delay to 12-15 seconds, it helps immensely. Troubleshooting If you notice some of the voices aren't showing do this to fix the problem. 1. Download the file Save Game Script Cleaner by Hadoram on Skyrim Nexus 2. Open the application and click the button on the top right corner "Open" 3. Navigate to the Skyrim save game directory e.g. Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves/ click on the name of your Skyrim player character folder, select which save game file you wish to edit for the fix. 4.On the left hand bottom corner of the column scroll down you'll find the script sslVanillaVoicesAlias and sslVanillaVoicesFactory, use the top left hand button named "Delete Script" to remove those scripts in the save file. 5. Click the "Save" button on the top right corner and reset the voices in the framework settings, or if that don't work try cleaning the framework. Credits Thank you Ashal for all the help in getting this mod working! Sorry I'm such an ignoramus! Now the mod shouldn't have any issues and it should work well for us from now on! Props out to CGi for this single installer he made for our various versions of this mod! He's been very helpful to us, very much appreciated! THANK YOU CGi! To enchiwhatever thanks for uploading the form ID information and trying to help out! Thanks to Volfin on trying to help with getting this BAIN compatible, I appreciate it! Changelog Fixed Papyrus log errors Added four new special voiced characters Submitter sunspotz Submitted 08/21/2013 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework v1.57+ Special Edition Compatible