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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods quest mods

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  1. Raider Pet

    This mod provides a scenario for role-playing a Raider captive.  The quest is basically free-form, few quest markers or fixed objectives; it can be started anytime, simply by putting all your weapons in storage and walking into a Raider camp.  There's a demanding note (found and delivered by Jun Long in Sanctuary) providing some extra motivation, but that's entirely optional.
    The first raider who greets you will take various items (bobby pins, caps, DD keys) and lock you in a collar - with an explosive attached.  If you run away, or just stay away from Raider encounters for too long (20 min.), it will kill you... though there's a chance it'll misfire and spare your life.  If you manage to remove the collar, or equip a weapon, the raiders will turn hostile again (grenades or mines don't count, if you equip them while sneaking).
    The raider boss (if one could be identified) will have some additional dialogue, but other raiders are mostly generic.  He or she will also have a key to your collar.  If no boss could be identified, then the raider who put the collar on will have the key.
    If you don't have Devious Devices loaded, you'll have to use your imagination for the collar, and there won't be any keys to find.  In that case, the timer will be disarmed as soon as hostilities resume.  So DD is strongly recommended - but it isn't a hard dependency.
    The first time you escape, you will gain the Black Widow perk (if you don't already have it).  Every capture & escape will also provide a modest XP reward.
    The scenario is repeatable.
    NPC Interactions:
    Jun Long finds a ransom demand and delivers it to you. Several followers (Deacon, MacCready, Cait, Strong) may have scenes that play after you clear a location (any time after running the base infiltration scenario). Diamond City guards will be abusive, but not hostile, if you've been running with a Raider pack.  
    Start by putting away all weapons and walking into Raider territory unarmed.  Power armor does not count as 'unarmed', by the way. The first raider will collar you and take some items from your inventory. You'll be able to talk to the raiders, and may even get paid a little.  You can probably filch stuff from camp, while you're at it. With the right animations installed, gang options will be available.  Actors will be chosen from among the ones who've already greeted you, whether they previously participated in a scene or not.  Max of 5 actors, including the player character. Equipping a weapon will end the infiltration, and the raiders will turn hostile again.  Immediately. Equipping a mine or grenade (when sneaking) will not end the infiltration - if you can find or steal one.  Neither will placing a grenade in a target's pocket (though that usually kills you too).  Equipping brass knuckles (while sneaking) will also go unremarked. If you've picked up any weapons, particularly while outside the camp, raiders may notice and ask what you've got there.  You might be able to distract them from confiscating the weapons. Removing the collar, by any means, will turn the raiders hostile again. There is a risk that one of the Raiders will attack you in a jealous rage. One of the non-boss Raiders will be chosen as the special actor 'Lucky', who will have additional dialogue. Using a cookpot or chem lab with Rat Poison in your inventory will give you a chance that people you encounter will take tainted food or drugs from you.  Low level raiders may die, others will just be weaker.   Poison is slow acting, and doesn't affect everyone you meet.  Rat poison can often be found in garage cabinets (hint). Poisonings affect the path of Lucky's quest, as well as offering a way out of captivity. Pickpocket attempts are easier, for a short while after sex (i.e. distraction helps), but the DD keys are hard to steal.  Certain targets may react violently, if you're caught. Diamond city jail can be a risky place, for a Raider pet.  Bored guards need to relieve the tedium... This scenario is repeatable.  Assuming you can still walk afterwards.  
    Mod Interactions:
    Uses a collar and tape gag from Devious Devices, if available. Adjusts D/s orientation in SexAttributes, depending on dialogue responses (mostly towards the submissive side). Will try to work with Real Handcuffs, and can even remove them.  
    Current mini-quests, who gives them, etc.:
    The Get Lucky quest runs in parallel with the others, and currently has several endings:
    Modder Documentation and Example:
    This file is an example of various ways other mods can interact with this one, with extensive comments.  It's a working example, tested in game.
    Raiders not recognizing unarmed status:
    AAF Recommendations:
    Thanks go to the LL mods gang, for fantastic mod resources.
    Thanks to @CGi for the German translation, @Caiena for the Russian translation, @A.J. for the Italian translation, @JBpy for the Spanish translation, and @Benjou1 for the French translation.
    This mod requires AAF for animations (minimum version AAF 73Beta).  It won't load without that. 
    The new dialogue is not voiced, so turn on subtitles.
    Optional extras:
    Toxic Raider Armor
    SexAttributes (the AAF version of FPAttributes)
    Devious Devices
    Lord Escobar's Moddable Piercings
    Real Handcuffs
    Slave and Model Poses
    No known conflicts. 
    This covers some of the same territory as my Rogue Sexbot mod, so I don't necessarily recommend using both at once, but they shouldn't actually conflict.
    Version History:



  2. AAF Vanilla Fudge

    AAF adaptation for FP Vanilla Fudge by @vinfamy
    If you'll find any bugs or need to add some fuinctionality - report please.
    Original mod page:



  3. Rogue Sexbot

    There are several excellent mods available that let you wander the Commonwealth as a sexbot, but it's a bit jarring that nobody seems to recognize your nature.  So this mod aims to provide some of the key NPCs with additional dialogue and behavior to make this a more immersive experience.  It doesn't provide a story quest, in the traditional sense - just some extra role-play opportunities to fit into your own tale.
    The A.S.I.A. mod is an excellent option for this, there should be no conflict between these scenes and it's terminal-driven storyline.  Another good choice is the Rogue Prototype armor mod (with Unique Player to create a unique nude body for the player).  But you can use any body you like, it doesn't affect this mod's behavior.   It's written for female characters, but gender roles are not enforced in any way.
    NPC Interactions:
    Sturges may proposition you, anytime after completing the settlement tutorial quest for him. Deacon (as a follower) has several new dialogues, mostly in major settlements, provided you have Devious Devices and/or RSE. MacCready (as a follower) may proposition you, once he gets to know you a bit (kill off the Gunners at the overpass). Piper is curious about how lifelike you feel (does not require that she be your follower) Hancock may demand tribute of a personal nature (does not require that he be your follower, does require Fahrenheit to still be alive). Nick Valentine may comment on your similarities.  And the nicer packaging. Random passerby may make rude (or admiring) comments.  Some of them are specific to Good Neighbor or Bunker Hill, to give each community a more unique flavor. ASIA sexbots have a few new dialogue scenes of their own, including one to cadge Nanite Overclock drugs from the player. Patrick (Trudy's Jet-addict son) has a bit of new dialogue as well. Knight Rhys has a scene of his own, once you've completed your first radiant quest for him (Brotherhood quest line). Travis has an option to start an Infiltration mission, at the appropriate point in the Confidence Man quest (i.e. to scout the Beantown Brewery). Sturges can also start an Infiltration mission, once you've done a scene with him - though he won't follow you.  This makes Infiltration a viable option for the Corvega Factory mission: get in, hack the Protectron, and escape in the resulting confusion. Strong can also proposition you.  Codsworth cannot, but may have other comments from time to time. Several of these scenes are repeatable, and responses are slightly different after the first time.  
    Once they get to know you a bit, either Deacon or MacCready will have a new dialogue option:  they'll offer to hold your guns while you go off and infiltrate a raider or supermutant camp... as their toy.  Should also work with Strong (as of v1_3). You'll be able to talk to the raiders or mutants, and may even get paid a little.  You can probably filch stuff from camp, while you're at it. With the right animations installed, gang-bang options will be available.  Actors will be chosen from among the ones who've already greeted you, whether they previously participated in a scene or not.  Max of 5 actors, including the player character. Equipping a weapon will end the infiltration, and the bad guys will turn hostile again.  Immediately. Equipping a mine or grenade (when sneaking) will not end the infiltration - if you can find or steal one. Using a cookpot or chem lab with Rat Poison in your inventory will give you a chance that people you encounter will take tainted food or drugs from you.  Low level raiders may die, others will just be weaker.   Poison is slow acting, and doesn't affect everyone you meet. This scenario is repeatable.  Assuming you can still walk afterwards.  
    Mod Interactions:
    Uses a collar from Devious Devices, if available. Notifies SexAttributes if scenes are aggressive or consensual, and may defer scenes if the character's too worn out. Adjusts D/s orientation in SexAttributes, depending on dialogue responses (mostly towards the submissive side). Uses 'Pickaxe Body Spray' from RSE in one scene, if available.  
    Thanks go to the LL mods gang, for fantastic mod resources.
    Thanks to @Caiena, for the Russian translation.
    Thanks to @CGi, for the German translation.
    This mod requires AAF for animations.  It won't load without that.  FP-based mods should (mostly) work with it, using the AAF FourPlay proxy.
    The new dialogue is not voiced, so turn on subtitles.
    Optional extras:
    New A.S.I.A with BoS Addon 
    Rogue Prototype ( and Unique Player to provide a unique nude body based on it )
    Recommend adding the SavageCabbage animation pack, if you want gang scenes to work.
    SexAttributes (the AAF version of FPAttributes)
    RSE (either FP or AAF)
    Devious Devices
    No known conflicts.
    Version History:



  4. Bloods Vs Crips II by Kylie X & DJ Red Rad

    Watch the video to figure out the location. It's in Warrens Theater Back Bay
    Bloods Vs Crips Chapter II by DJ Red Rad & Kylie X
    Update coming soon! I will make a total of 12 chapters you can also get this on Bethesda.net
    Many fans requested that I start modding Fallout 4! Chapter III coming soon 
    Chapter II Rise of the Bloods. I will make a total of 12 chapters. Participate in new quests, join the bloods of the crips, new waz zones, more action and fun.
    1. Bloods Vs Crip - Talk to Kylie watch the video to see her location, once you complete the quest you will join the crips.
    More quests coming soon to expand the fun& action + join the bloods etc
    2. Contract Killer
    3. Rise of the Crips
    4. Adrenaline Fix
    Authors Note
    Expect more voice actors, more quests I'm working really hard this year!
    DJ Red Rad - Coder, Editor, Artists
    Kylie X - Voice Actor



  5. Happy Hookers Inc. (24/06/18)

    ordo ab chao
    I am Australian so please excuse my poor English. Thank you.
    Current version: 0.923 (24/06/18)
    Next Update:
    The Z.A.P. (Zodiac Assembled Portal) - more info soon


    Happy Hookers Inc makes zero edits to the fallout game files or other mods (to help with compatibility).
    If you use this mod I recommend finding a mod which increases the terminal output speed to preserve your sanity (you most likely already have one).
    Enable general and dialogue subtitles in settings.
    Hard Requirements: (mod won't run without these)
    Latest version of F4SE. (Link)
    Latest version of Extended Dialogue Interface (XDI). (Link)
    Optional Requirements: (add them later, if you decide you want them/don't already have them - though you'll probably want Leito's mod )
    The following mods are looked for at runtime. They're not required (and can be installed later/removed etc) but if they are present, additional features will appear in Happy Hookers.
    FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp (Leito86) (Link) - Allows the player to use the included animations. If not installed, client interactions will randomly calculate your rating and interactions will fade the screen instead. Use of this mod can be overridden at any time via the 'other mod' settings pages in the holotape and at portals.
    Z_Horizon.esp (zawinul) (Link) - If it is installed, this mod will make use of certain items within Horizon and offer them as potential rewards for agency companions. Use of this mod can be overridden at any time via the 'other mod' settings pages in the holotape and at portals.
    AAF.esm (dagobaking) (link) - If detected an option will appear in the other mod AAF page under gameplay (check agency holotape or one of the portals). It is disabled by default. If you enable it, Happy Hookers will notify AAF when an encounter has ended (passing actors involved, idles used etc).
    Property mods: These will allow the player to use those premises as a place for client encounters in tandem with the client booking list. Don't worry, if you don't want to install any of these wonderful mods (they really are). You will still be able to access the client booking list at settlements (if you purchase the settlement permit) and future bespoke agency properties.
    Eli_MarlboroughHouse.esp (Elianora) (Link)
    Eli_Chestnut Lodge DLC.esp (Elianora) (Link)
    RRTV_CambridgeBungalow.esp (RedRocketTV) (Link)
    RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Oberland.esp (RedRocketTV) (Link)
    RRTV_EdenCinemaHome.esp (RedRocketTV) (Link)
    Where to start? (Read this)

    What next? (and this)
    See next post for FAQ (You can also read them in game at portals)



  6. Four-Play Vanilla Fudge

    Bang your way to get past speech checks or ask for sex as any quest's reward. Or offer your companion in your place. Or sleep with your companion.
    Click on Follow this file above to keep up-to-date with this mod's developments
    Inspired by SexLab Solutions by Bromm83 and WraithSlayer - but adapted to Fallout 4's dialogue wheel system (no vanilla records were changed - for maximum compatibility).

    Pass a speech check using your sexuality
    Every time a speech check option show up, you'll see the notification "Should I use my sexuality?". From here, if you select the persuade option within five seconds (by default), you'll flirt instead (same vanilla dialogue but with Flirting face expression). If you don't want to flirt/ just want to use your Charisma, wait 5 seconds (the message "Maybe not ... " will show up) and proceed with the dialogue normally.
    If you flirted, as soon as the vanilla dialogue finishes, Vanilla Fudge will kick in seamlessly and the person you flirted with will ask for sex.
    Ask for sex as quest reward (thank you, KitKatKseniya, for the suggestion)
    The NPC who you talk to complete each quest in the game will offer his/her body as reward for your efforts.
    Lovers' Embrace (requested by many LL members)
    Once a day, if you sleep with a companion around, they will offer to have sex with you.
    Future Features to be Added:
    The generic dialogues that the quest giver/ speech challenger says to ask for sex are pretty much placeholders while I work on completing the main features of the mod. Eventually, they will all be replaced by specific unique dialogues based on the NPC and the quest just like Solutions to provide more context, plot and immersion. Once you sleep with someone once, that person becomes your lover/ fuckbuddy and you can return for more Not 100% success chance with flirting - based on sexual orientation and arousal perhaps, which I have to wait for later versions of Four-Play and SexTec Aroused

    With any mod manager or manually extract into the Data folder. No need to do the quicksave and load thing.

    Four-Play - read my installation guide for help
    Vinfamy's Control Panel - gives you some customization options
    Four-Play Community Patch

    All comments, feedbacks and suggestions welcome as always



  7. Boston Breeder

    Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
    Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
    For this mod to work smoothly, I highly recommend installing the BLANK AUDIO FILES, this allows you to skip through dialogue and keeps the camera focused on the NPC talking.
    A sequel to Fertile Breeder.
    The cherry on top: this time I've taken male characters in account and male characters have some unique dialogue options where appropriate.
    NOTICE: Currently, I have put out a contest for prospective writers. For more details, see this message.
    Install instructions:
    -Add the Boston Breeder .rar file to your mod manager, install.
    -Install the Voice pack as well (Blank audio files. Optional, but not having them WILL be a pain in the ass until something like Fuz Ro D'Oh comes along.)
    >To install the Voice Pack, you will first have to unpack the archives into a seperate folder and then repackage them. Sadly, LL doesn't allow for files larger than 100MB to be posted, so for now this is the only option.
    Required files:
    -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky.
    -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.)
    -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously)
    Plans for future:
    (Items stricken through are already in or are being worked on.)
    -Quests focusing on being captured and forced to breed. (Still trying to find a way to make it work properly for male characters )
    -Settlement implementation.
    -Turning other characters into companions, including personal quests.



  8. Deviously Cursed Wasteland

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland - A bondage mod for Fallout 4
    Beware when looting containers in the Commonwealth. In a dark nuclear shelter somewhere in the Wasteland, someone had the devious idea to construct restraints that would automatically lock on hapless girls touching them. They left these devices really everywhere where there is the slightest chance that an unlucky girl scavenging for food or materials would accidently find them.
    This evil person also created a very inescapable slave collar that would force the poor girl wearing it to continue her journeys a little less well protected than before. In other words, she might have to roam the Wasteland naked. Somehow the prototype got placed in a container and was forgotten. It is still waiting for an unlucky adventuress to touch it and get trapped in it. The good news is that there is a key for the darn thing. It must be hidden in one of these containers, somewhere in the Wasteland. Yes, it could be any of them. Yes, there are many of them. That will take a while!
    Also featuring:
    Cursed Loot
    You can get equipped with random regular restraints from the Devious Devices library when opening a container.
    This...errrm..."enhancement" to the main quest will spice up the first bit of the game. Somebody put a chastity belt on you while you were frozen. And a few other toys. Not quite sure why anyone would do such a thing to a helpless girl peacefully sleeping in a cryopod, but here you are, locked in that thing that also happens to prevent you from putting on any other clothing. Have fun looking for a way out, and be almost naked in the meantime! The rest of the Commonwealth will find your lack of decency surely amusing, even if you don't!
    Note: The Belted quest is -not- an alternate start scenario. It assumes you are waking up in the cryopod during the normal main quest. If you start the game using a different scenario, this quest will NOT trigger. Since the quest is designed to be very robust against 3rd party changes to the main quest, it -is- compatible with Start Me Up, if you use it to bypass the pre-war scene only. If you do NOT want to experience this quest for one reason or the other, use the console and enter "set dcw_enableBeltedQuest to 0" -before- leaving pre-war Sanctuary.
    Jack the Belter
    This evil misogynist pries only on the most beautiful women in the Commonwealth, locking chastity belts on them in their sleep or sometimes even in a brazen assault. Nobody ever caught him, and none of his poor female victims ever managed to escape their belt. Some have been belted for years, with no hope to escape and have sex again. You better don't fall victim to him. And if you do...well...good luck finding him!
    Combat Surrender
    If your character gets defeated in combat, she will no longer get killed. Instead she will surrender to her enemies, who might put her in some devices for giggles. If you don't like this feature, it can be disabled by setting dcw_enableCombatSurrender to zero.
    - The DLCs. All of them.
    - Devious Devices (version 2.0 or higher) - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/73925-devious-devices-11/
    - Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR): http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091/?
    - Being female. No, not the Skyrim pregnancy mod! You need a female player character for this mod to do anything.
    Make sure you have installed ALL requirements listed above and any of THEIR requirements. Then install this mod using your mod manager of choice. That's...it.
    None known.
    There is no convenient way to facilitate user settings in Fallout 4. However, the mod still lets you customize many features to your liking using the console. Here are the settings:
    - dcw_HidePipBoy: 0 disables the built-in PipBoy hider, 1 (default) enables it.
    Cursed Loot:
    - dcw_cursedlootchance: % chance to get a random restraint locked on you when opening a container
    - dcw_keydropchance: % chance to find random keys
    - dcw_keylosechance: % chance to lose keys when a restraint is equipped
    - dcw_restraintsdropchance: % chance to find random restraints without them equipping on you.
    Slave Collar:
    - dcw_slavecollardropchance: % chance to get the slave collar locked on you when opening a container.
    - dcw_slavecollarkeydropchance: % chance to find the slave collar key when opening a container (and wearing the collar).
    Belted Quest:
    - dcw_enableBeltedQuest: 0 disables the quest, 1 (default) enables it. Use the setting in pre-war Sanctuary or it won't do anything.
    Jack The Belter:
    - dcw_jackquestchance: % chance to activate the quest when opening a container.
    - dcw_jackquestchancesleep: % chance to activate the quest when sleeping/waiting.

    - You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) outsides of LL without my explicit permission.
    - You can NOT incorporate any of my code in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary and don't offer the donor any tangible advantage over non-donors)
    - You can NOT incorporate any of my code in mod that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way.
    - You can NOT use any of my code in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. I won't give it. Even in my wildest dreams I can't think of a good reason not to publish a mod's source code.
    - You can NOT publish a fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without my permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games.
    - You CAN otherwise use my code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply!

    Q: Is this a port of Deviously Cursed Loot for Skyrim?
    A: Sort of. It's inspired by DCL. It doesn't mean it will grow to be an exact clone of it. It will have its own features and quests fitting the Fallout universe. But yes, the dreaded cursed chests are back!
    Q: Can I adjust the drop chances for the restraints and key drops?
    A: Yes, but since we don't yet have MCM for FO4 either, you will need to do this in the console.
    Type "Set dcw_cursedlootchance to X" (X being any value between 0.0 and 100.0) to adjust chance to get randomly locked in a restraint when looking a container.
    Other parameters are:
    - dcw_keydropchance for finding random keys
    - dcw_keylosechance for losing keys when a restraint is equipped
    - dcw_restraintsdropchance for finding random restraints without them equipping on you.
    Q: Can I adjust the drop chances for the slave collar and key, too?
    A: Type "Set dcw_slavecollardropchance to X" (X being any value between 0.0 and 100.0) to adjust the collar trap chance. "Set dcw_slavecollarkeydropchance to X" will do the same for the key. The default settings are 2% and 1% respectively (which -does- mean that you will spend more time naked than clothed!)
    Q: So you AGAIN wrote a mod that doesn't support male player characters?
    A: Yes.
    Q: This slave collar is stripping me naked? This makes the game unplayable, no? How can I survive?
    A: Fear not! The collar also will buff you. Substantially so. It might even be more powerful than some of the armor you're normally wearing. So just continue whatever you were doing before getting collared. You should be able to handle these raiders and other nasties quite nicely. The collar will NOT prevent you from using Power Armor as well.
    Q: I don't like this mod hiding my PipBoy. I love having a TV attached to my arm! How can I make it not hide?
    A: Set dcw_HidePipBoy to 0. Note: This setting will not influence the DD framework hiding the PipBoy when certain restraints are worn.
    Q: Will there ever be a DLC free version of this mod?
    A: No, never.



  9. MMAppetizer.esp

    There is a distress signal somewhere. If you follow it, this being a sex quest, you just might end up as the sex toy of a deranged loner. If he doesn't annoy you past the breaking point...
    I called this Appetizer because it should whet your appetite for longer and more complicated adventures later. Without sex animations there's not much that can be done... but with a few tricks a short sexy story can be told.
    Warnings and such
    Save your game before loading the mod. Don't forget to turn on the mod using the Mods menu.
    The zip file contains the scripts. Extract it into your Data folder (not Data/MMAppetizer).
    Turn on subtitles! There is no voice acting.
    Tell your companion to stay put. I tried to do this in a script but it didn't work. The quest will work with a companion in the room but it will be a little silly.
    No mods are required, but you should have a nude mod. The dialog is written for a female character.
    The quest will remove your items temporarily. (They are available when the quest is completed.) If you have special body parts you need to be there, I suggest you re-apply them using the console.



  10. Lusty lizard (fallout 4 edition)

    (On loverlab only)
    The best of lusty lizard game and magazine to fallout 4 with this permission. All of the holotape game work.
    All the credit go to lusty lizard team and liz caverly( i only put the game in fallout 4 no make it)
    (Lusty lizard holotape and magazine, picture,coffee cup, toy truck, lunch box, some weapon ,all standalone!)
    Find the lustylizardshop marker on the map(glowing sea) and just fast travel to it! you will find the all you need here!
    (Game in colors)
    Change yours fallout4custom.ini and add
    (Control controllers)
    use LT to open the square, A to active the square and the joystick for move the square. Check the screenshot for a image of the controler
    (The lusty lizard virtuel whore house)
    ​You can play with the virtuel whores for free! We have Fisto, a Sex slave, Bruce, a horny raider and a sleeping lady.(more to come)
    (Report bug please!)
    yes, one bug for the moment. You need to remap the hotkey for the keyboard. Use a mod for that, http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/6000/?(Grecoor find the solucion) Check in the support topic for more info to how to play with a keyboard and a txt file by Grecoor
    ​(to play the game without the mod)
    ​(How to install)
    ​Download the lusty lizard holotape game.zip and the current version of the lusty lizard mod(use a mod manager like nmm)
    ​The old version files is only to return to the old version if you have trouble with the new version.



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