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  1. Just Business More Slavers

    This file is an addition for the excellent Just Business mod here on Lovers Lab.  What it does is make certain vanilla NPCs from the game into slave merchants using the same slave selling quest that's in Just Business.
    Fallout 4
    Nuka World
    Far Harbor
    Just Business and whatever Just Business requires
    How Does It Work?
    The same way you'd sell slaves with the main mod.  If you don't know how that works, then I recommend you read this excellent guide by @SlaveHunter311.
    Who Have I Added?
    From the main game:
    Penny Fitzgerald
    KLEO (I don't think she works for some reason)
    Joe Savoldi
    Tommy Lonegan
    Connie Abernathy
    Fred Allen
    From Far Harbor:
    Allen Lee
    From Nuka World:
    Monique Dunmore
    Katelyn Alden
    I've also posted up a pdf document of how I made the mod in the Creation Kit, but it's probably easier to look at it in xEdit and add more people there if you're so inclined.
    I usually play as either a good or amoral character who only takes raiders and gunners as prisoners.  The new slavers I added are mostly already vendors, some of whom have a good reason to hate raiders, or have some other need for fighters/weapons testing/synth testing/whatever.
    You now have some way to offload your excess slaves and make some caps right from the beginning of the game.  Also, if you're like me and run Depravity by Thuggysmurf, there's a conflict with the Auction House mod.
    2024-February-08 - I'm adding an optional version/patch to work with The Auction House (BETA 1.3.4a version) that will obviously require The Auction House.  I don't use that mod so can't really support it, but you would add Just Business and it's requirements, The Auction House, and then my Auction House version of this mod.  You would only need one version of my plugin or the other, not both.  Should let you sell to the vanilla vendors I added and still sell to the vendors added by The Auction House.
    One More (OK Two More) Things
    There are no scripts in this mod, it just adds conditions to the original quest in Just Business.  It's also flagged as an esl file, so it won't count against your 255 plugin limit.  Just install your prerequisites, then install this with your mod manager, and start selling.



  2. Milking Human Kindness

    Welcome to your new home, breeder! Alternate start scenario and unique location with lightweight quests, lore-friendly stories and so many super mutants...
    Hello beta testers. This is a prerelease of the first phase of what's planned to become a much larger mod. I have playtested it extensively and fixed all the bugs I encountered, but I'm certain there are plenty more for you to find. Please let me know in the support topic if you run into problems with the setting or new gameplay features. I can also try to answer specific questions there, within reason, but first make sure you've read everything on the file page and initial few support posts where frequently asked questions and known bugs will be tracked. No offense, but for now I'm not interested in your ideas on what else I could add, I already have a planned feature list longer than a behemoth's belly bat. What I need help with is improving what's already implemented, so if you're interested in doing that your assistance is most welcome.
    Please be aware that this mod includes references to non-consensual sex, human bondage, extreme violence, snuff, bestiality, drug and alcohol use, forced breeding, breastmilk, fat fetishism, degrading speech, pee play, and all sorts of similarly perverted fare. Engaging in any such activities is entirely optional, but if you're easily offended by these ideas then this mod is not for you. This mod will theoretically work with a male protagonist and even alternate race mods, but it's designed around playing as a human female (sorry guys!).
    So what the hell is in this?
    Without giving too much away, the mod consists of a central area where super mutants are fertilizing human women the old fashioned way, and using them to incubate new super mutants. You'll also find that the Commonwealth strain super mutants have learned to harness F.E.V. based fertility hormones which improve their chances of reproducing, and they may occasionally inject you with some during sex (as well as confiscating any birth control you're carrying, you won't be needing that any more). While under the lasting effects of the drug, you and any followers will be able to move freely among super mutant camps as long as you remain naked and don't equip any weapons (the included HUD indicator can help to warn you whenever you forget you're armed or clothed).
    Anything to know about installing?
    Not much... it's a FOMOD package, so use a modern mod manager that can support those. You do need all the DLCs since it takes assets from most of them for added flavor, and F4SE because the game's scripting engine is somewhat limited without it. Other mods are optional. Dialogue in this mod is currently unvoiced; silent voice files are included to handle lip movement and make it skippable, but it's strongly recommended you turn on both dialogue and general subtitles from the in-game display settings.
    There is no actual pregnancy mechanic included, but the scenario is meant for use with Family Planning Enhanced with its separate FPESuperMutantAddon.7z or Family Planning Enhanced Redux with Wasteland Dairy's Offspring plugin, and has some soft script integrations with either of those if present. AAF is, of course, strongly recommended (and no, I won't even attempt to explain how to install AAF) but is not strictly required to use the mod, you just won't be having any sexy-time animations without it. With AAF you'll want either Creature Resources or Ultimate AAF Patch so that greenies have appropriate sex organs and a dismemberable skeleton. Installing Mod Configuration Menu will make it possible to toggle some of the mod's features off and on, adjust settings or access debugging functions. HUDFramework is used by the optional on-screen indicator for armed and clothed states.
    There's also soft integration with or support for additional mods which may enhance your experience: Unhealthy Craving, Skimpy Armor Keywords Resource, LooksMenu, Better Living Through Cumistry, Provocative Perks, TSEX, Sex Attributes, Sexual Harassment, Animated Tentacles, Commonwealth Captives, Kziitd Fetish Toolset, Real Handcuffs, Devious Devices, DD Armorbench Unlocker, Bound in Public, Advanced Needs 76, Light 'Em Up, Myopia Simulator, Get Dirty, More Ways of Washing, BYOP, CWSS, Immersive Animation Framework, Immersive Nail Polish. Many of these integrations rely on RobCo Patcher configuration, so will activate transparently if it's installed.
    Additional mods you might want to consider using with this: Chem Visuals, Alias Settlers, Alias Mutants, Behemoth Weapon Variety, Super Mutant Behemoth 4k, LC's UHD Super Mutant Hound 4k, Suicider Replacement, Super Mutant Workshop, Autonomy Enhanced Redux, and Splashzone's NSFW Texture Mashup.
    Conflicts with other mods?
    The perks in this mod were inspired by, and are therefore mostly redundant with, Beneficial Nudity Redone (thehurtbear) and Passive Radiation loss while Nude (Modfreak). If you plan to acquire the perk books from the Colostrum Cave Adventure quest, you should probably uninstall those mods.
    There are also some vanilla Fallout 4 locations where this mod adds items or characters and, while it's kept to a necessary minimum, anything altering these locations could lead to accessibility issues: Vault111Ext, WestEverettEstates01, WestEverettEstatesExt02. In particular, load plugins which include "previs" for those locations like PRP or UWBF after MilkingHumanKindness.esp if you use them, or else you'll get missing landscape in affected cells (PRP) and the bathroom in the Backyard Bunker won't be full-featured (UWBF).
    For custom random events, a new stacked event branch is inserted in the story manager. This necessitated setting the child field of the vanilla game's REBranchNormalTriggers from REBranchSpecialTriggers to the new MHK_Encounters (which in turn has REBranchSpecialTriggers as its child). Any mods which add or alter random encounters will conflict if they similarly adjust the relationship between those two REBranch nodes, in which case a patch plugin may be required.
    Armorsmith Extended and Equipment Crafting Overhaul remove underarmor coverage from many vanilla outfits, which causes this mod's internal nudity tracking implementation to think you're unclothed when wearing them, but optional SAKR based nudity tracking is strongly recommended (used automatically if SAKR is installed) and won't be affected by underarmor slot patching by mods like AE and ECO.
    Early game quest mods like Commonwealth Slavers, Deviously Cursed Wasteland or DLYH Light Alternate Start can be problematic if you start the captive scenario for this mod without first completing any similar sorts of slavery and bondage quests that are already in progress, since you might otherwise end up stuck without the resources or freedom you need to survive. You can use them together, just be careful to plan out what order you'll play them in and don't start the scenarios for more than one at a time.
    Mods which perform extensive setup routines when first installed can cause severe script lag, resulting in noticeable delays for actions in this mod. For best results when beginning a new playthrough, wait for any startup notifications to scroll off the screen, and maybe even explore the area around the vault for a minute or two before you interact with the safe. You might consider using Baka MaxPapyrusOps to reduce script contention and startup times, but if you're still experiencing issues with script-driven features then test with SKK Script Lag latency detector to help pinpoint the cause.
    How do I start?
    Find an innocuous looking safe just outside Vault 111, and you should be able to figure out the rest for yourself.
    This is intended for entry-level characters fresh out of the vault so is best used in a new playthrough, ideally loading an unmodded save like Ms. Vault 111 (you'll be given options to reset your name, special stats and appearance anyway). It should also work with more seasoned characters, but probably won't be nearly as much fun. If you're carrying a lot of things in your inventory, or in companion/follower inventories, you should store it all somewhere like a settlement first; the scripted inventory transfer could take a long time to complete and make it seem like your game has frozen.
    Of course, keep a save from before you installed this, and don't uninstall  it mid-play either since it does have scripts. Removing it probably won't break anything as long as you use the shutdown opion in its debugging page in MCM, but I'm not responsible when your game catches on fire. If you get stuck, check out the FAPs (Fucking Amazing Pointers) post for some possibly fun-spoiling details.
    Credits and Permissions
    All assets in Milking Human Kindness are reused from Fallout 4 or are the creation of the author, and are supplied free of charge to anyone who wishes to play. An exception is the perk images, which are modified mash-ups of artwork by Shadman, distributed under open permissions.
    You're welcome to reuse any of the assets or scripts in your own creations, but don't repost this mod itself anywhere, and please let others know if you use any of its contents in creating any of your own published mods.
    I could never hope to assemble a complete list of all the people whose work has inspired me either in concept or through example, nor those who have provided invaluable assistance on this journey. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly thank the LoversLab community, all the modders who answered my endless stream of questions, and the countless mod authors whose creations titillated while showing me what's possible. Your generosity (and perversity) knows no bounds. If in doubt, fuck it; if not in doubt, get in doubt!



  3. SexHarassment 1.19.4 Traducción al Español

    Buenas, he traducido varios mods y los estare subiendo mas tarde, cabe recalcar que la traduccion fue hecha con traductores como google y deepl mas sin embargo en algunas partes que los dialogos estaban muy incoherentes ya los corregi manualmente no obstante hay cosas que se me fueron como por ejemplo "Abanico" que en realidad significa "Fan", "Gorras, Tapones, Corcholatas" que en relidad son "Chapas" pero la verdad es que por hueva no lo corregi XD
    Si desean que traduzca algun mod en especifico favor de decirmelo y con gusto lo hare gratis (ya si me quieren donar pues no les dire que no xd)
    Este mod fue traducido por UNIONDOJO, y si ustedes quieren corregir los errores ya sea de coherencia o esas cosas que mencione arriba con todo el gusto pueden usar mi traduccion y modificarla. 
    Para que el mod funcione correctamente se necesita intalar primero el mod original el cual es: 
    Evidentemente con todos los requisitos que este pida, esos requisitos los puedes ver en el mod original, sin mas espero volver a verlos luego con mas mods traducidos para la comunidad y cualquier duda que pueda surgir con mucho gusto puedo ayudar a solucionarla, que tengan un exelente dia



  4. Problems of Survivor Voiced

    UPDATE: For some reason, creating ba2 files on my computer is very finicky.  The most recent version updated on May 12, 2023 Seems to be working. 
    @DSHV Recently released another huge update to his popular Problems of Survivor mod. This is a simple companion mod that uses xVA Synth to add voiced dialogue to problems of survivor. 
    v. 1.6.1 is untested but should work. Please report missing voices or other problems in the support section. Include the NPC name and Quest name if possible.
    The files are now too big to simply upload the files here, so you can access them on the Mega download site. The download button should direct you to the Mega site, or you can click this link.   Make sure to download as a standard download, not as a zipped download.  The files are already zipped.
    This file adds a second esl flagged .esp file that overrides the original esp. The other version (Replacer) changes the original .esp itself.  The only reason you should need this is if you are at the .esl mod limit and just can't add any more mods to your load order. Both should work fine, but only choose one. The original mod is required no matter which version you download.  
    The voice files themselves are archived into .ba2 files.  This should keep their impact on performance as low as possible for a mod this size. (loose files would be well over 1gb).
    Testing is ongoing, but it should work.  Please report any problems, missing dialogue, or weird character/voice combinations in the support forum.
    Required Files: 
    New file (MCF2gZgR, uploaded May 12, 2023) requires 
    Old file (sftCgb6A, uploaded April 3, 2023) requires Problems of Survivor v. 1.5.2 and all of its required files.
    I should mention that this mod uses voice types from Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Vault Tec Workshop DLCs.  If you don't have one or more of those DLC's, then you'll get some NPC's with unvoiced dialogue.



  5. Commonwealth Slavers

    Content Warning
    This mod contains entirely fictional events based on fictional characters for adult entertainment purposes only. It shows no real people or events.
    All characters are 18 years old or older and no actuals bits were harmed in the making of this mod.
    Commonwealth Slavers is a quest mod where the player is enslaved by raiders and forced to do cruel quests for them. This mod is violent, cruel and ruthless. If you are sensitive with this type of content, you should not install it. If this type of content scares you, please back away slowly. Be aware that all claims will be ignored due to this warning.

    The raider gang leader in Corvega had an epiphany: The Sight foretold him power, caps and joy, and to that end he will put into action his plan to unify all the gangs of the wasteland into a single powerful one.
    Commonwealth Slavers is a descent into hell where the character is destroyed physically and mentally. But it is your final decision to let yourself be devoured, flee, or light the fire of rebellion and destroy the chains that have taken the Commonwealth. 

    When the storm seems to overpower you, hold tight. Tough storms don't last, but strong people do. 🔥
    How to start?
    A person is injured under the security booth outside Vault 111.
    This is a mod that offers an alternate start so you need a new game where you exit the Vault. Or at least a game where you have not cleared Corvega of enemies. The mod will not start if Corvega is cleared of enemies, and you will get a warning, before the mod shuts itself down.
    Through the mod you will get various vanilla perks to improve stealing, stealth, scrapping, chemistry and even to master animals of the wasteland, so it is intended for a real start with no perks. To access the mission that will give you perks for the animals you must activate the option in the MCM, bestial content is disabled by default.
    The mod frankly imposes a lot of restrictions once you are enslaved, but you can cheat in the MCM to bypass these restrictions. Under normal conditions, you won't be able to wear clothing, armor, equip yourself with weapons, or access workbenches without permission. And in certain missions you won't even be able to sit, sleep or even take stuffs. I did it this way because I like to have a sense of helplessness in the PC.
    Preston, the Mayor, Piper and other characters are not encountered during the course of the mod and only at the end, when you gain freedom, will you be able to meet them and start a vanilla adventure if you want, or start your personal vendetta against your former slavers. If you have Nuka Ride installed you will be offered to flee to Nuka World to seek protection from the Pack and Golden Globes Studio, once the mod ends.
    However, you also have the option to remain a slave forever, once the option arises.
    It is intended to be played in Survival mode, however, it is not mandatory. A new drug is implemented (Slavers Jet) that relieves hunger and the need to sleep, although it gives addiction. You can choose whether your character ends up addicted, which has consequences in both appearance and speech.
    If you have the latest version of the UAP 👽 (v2.6.64-1), make this small manual fix. Thanks to @lee3310
    A tip for those who play Horizon by @Evelynith
    1 Intro quest
     “Lucky Day”  
    18 main quests
    “The Truce” “The Pet” “Pest Control” “The Fighter” “The Hooker” “The Scaver” “Pet Walk” "The Weapon" "The Runaway Slave" “The Threat” "The Pit" "The Porn Studio" "The Scientist" "The Bomb" "The VIP" "Green Market" - during Pet Walk, ask Trudy for a job.  "The Mule" - during Pet Walk, ask Wolfgang for a job.  "The Snuff" (AKA Dead Ending)  
    1 Ending quest, which is included in 4 quests. 
    “The Hero” "The Harvester" "The Correctional" "The Harvestress"  
    3 Optional Miniquests 
    You can help Dr. Duff during "The Hooker".  You can help Abbot during "The Hooker". You can recruit Snoopy, the dog, as a companion. Only available if you unlock the True Ending.   
    This Ending is unlocked after you have done n amount of successful repeatable quests (configurable in the MCM).  So each time you complete a quest successfully - you may fail some of them - you will receive one point.
    Once you have finished the basic missions, you will have an option to go out and roam the wasteland as a reward for doing your chores. However, you will have a time limit and you will also have to bring money to your gang. In this mode you can go anywhere but the locals will not ask you for help (the typical missions to unlock settlements are not activated while you are enslaved).
    Likewise, as well as roaming freely after finishing the basic quests, you will be able to make your own clothes.
    Hard Requirements
    Nuka World DLC Far Harbor DLC AAF Themes Savage Cabbage Leito Animations Rohzima Animations Real Handcuffs Torture Devices Absolutely Skimpy Attire (CBBE or Fusion Girl Version) Sex Attributes   
    Soft Requierements
    Fuz Roh Doh Amputator FO4 - Amputation events are optional. If you haven't installed this mod there will be no amputation events.  Kziitd Fetish Toolset Devious Devices  (Bodyslide files for Fusion Girl here)  New milking and devious costumes (CBBE or Fusion Girl)  ☝️ You need specifically the plugin "Milking And Devious Costumes NO WDF.esp" ❗ Pretty important soft.   
    Animated Tentacles - Same. Don't install it if you are not interested in this. Custom Camera (No need for Barber and Surgeon Camera Fix)  Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch  MCM BP70 Animations (Soft) Bad End Animations (Soft) - Slavers will use this mod if they find it installed. Plugs of the Commonwealth (Soft)- Slavers will use this mod if they find it installed. Lord Escobar Piercings (Soft) - The slavers will decorate you. In their own way. Captive Tattoos (Soft) Family Planning  (Soft) Slave and Model Poses (Don't download the ESL version)  
    Recommended Mods
    I played with these mods to spice up the experience.
    Get Dirty and AAF Dirty Sex - For aesthetic reasons. Be careful! You don't want to swim to get the dirt off. The Get Dirty mod will remove your collar and that will have deadly consequences with my mod. Use the soap instead. I personally recommend you to disable the Dirt Radiation Hazard mode of the MCM. It's just too much unnecessary difficulty.  
    Classic Holstered Weapons - I like that the characters have their weapons visible, it gives them a more menacing look. It reinforces the difference between the PC and the raiders.
    Random Overlays Framework - this mod will put various tattoos on raiders.
    LooksMenu Body Tattoos and Tattoo Collection - the tattoos that the Random Overlay Framework will put on the raiders.
    Hardcore Raiders - a mod included in the fomod. Raiders will wear their best armor and weapons.
    Remove Infection - Honestly this Survival mode disease is so unbalanced and just a nuisance, especially in a mod like mine. Even if you don't play this mod, if you get this disease in your first few levels you are doomed to learn chemistry perks in order to heal yourself. Use this mod to block this disease.
    Unlimited Survival Mode - A must-have. You will be able to save in the middle of Survival mode and every time you enter/exit a cell. 
    Cough - It seems pretty realistic, you cough when you eat radioactive food and when you're sick. You can modify options in your MCM to not cough so often.
    SKK Fast Start New Game - FastStart a new game in less than 2 minutes from Main menu. 
    Gender Ratios - For all raiders or gunners to be all men -or as you prefer-.
    Diamond City Expansion - More customers. 
    Up To No Good - Fantastic decoration for raider bases. 
    Looksmenu Player Rotation - Quite convenient when using the "Looksmenu Mirror" item, which you can create in the chemical workbench, section Utility.
     If you use Vortex, here's a little tip to give priority to my mod. Put it in the Dynamic Patches group: 
    Any mode that spawn random enemies/random encounters is a big NO due to the nature of this mod because they will cause interruptions. I REALLY wanted to make a mod where you have to walk the wasteland, live the experience of being herded like an animal. Part of the transformation of a character requires living through those experiences in which you realize that you have no other choice, you have lost your freedom. And that has its costs: you must get rid of those mods that interfere with that experience. 
    I have tested with "The Forest" and "Desperados" and it goes really well, but The Forest has no navmeshes so NPCs will always get stuck against trees. I included a cheat in the MCM that can help in these situations, to transport the slavers to you in case they get stuck.
    Incompatible mods that have emerged thanks to user reports
    Doc Mitchell Player Home Tales From The Commonwealth   Commonwealth Settlers Children of Ug-Qualtoth Zetans - Alien Invaders in the Commonwealth Scavers Closet Knockout Framework ❗ Sexual Harrasment (Suspending all approaches in the MCM works just fine) Boston Breeder  Sentinel Control System Companion (Creation Club) Combat Drones Assimilation ( Just make sure you turn off the assimilation chances to 0% so you don't get sucked away to service another faction) Combat stalkers, More enemies, Npc travels. Hangman's Alley Modification - Modifies Diamond City's navmeshes. Recruitable Settlers Crime and Punishment - Break the scenes in the security office.  Gun for Hire  Diamond City Interiors Redone (D.C.I.R.) - nav meshes and moved walls Diamond City Outskirts - settlers outside the city will be killed by Gristle. DC Guards will just watch so it's not game breaking. Fallsouls - Due to the heavy use of timers in this mod.  Combat Strip Lite turn off destruction and check through settings in Provocative Perks to make sure they don't interfere with anything (or remove them using the MCM Debug Settings).  
    Not incompatible, but maybe troublesome if use together whit C. Slavers
    Raider Pet Troubles of Heroine  
    Guide with Quests and Stages
    LINK 🎉
    Special Thanks
    This mod has a lot of routes and it would be impossible for me to test them all without burning myself in the attempt, so thank you very much to those who participated with the testing and also for suggesting a lot of ideas that ended up being implemented! 
    This was from June 17 to July 31.  
    Grammar correction thanks to @xSapphire who proofread more than 7.000 lines of dialog! ✔️
                                                           Assets & Musics
    Youtube Playlist with all songs
    Why are objects and textures in Corvega flickering and disappearing?
    Pre-culling issue. To resolve it, place Commonwealth Slavers.esp in the bottom of your load order
    Third Party Support
    Frankly I barely know what I'm doing but I've created a simple script so that any other mod can start my mod if the conditions are met, without hard dependencies.



  6. Cursed DD Enchantings - reloaded

    Hello everyone,
    This is a mod I made about 2 years ago.
    Essentially it contains 2 features
    - Added buffs or debuffs for the special attributes to all Devious devices (Usually debuffs)
    - Containers, corpses and safes (!) can be bewitched and equip devious devices on the player. (This is an expansion of Kimy's cursed Loot but without the StartingQuest)
    Both features can be activated via an MCM.
    In this version both features are activated immediately after installation! If the player is already restrained, the MCM shows only a limited extent, therefore it is better only   to install it if the player is not yet heavily restrained.
    All visible armor's of the original Devious Devices mod is overwritten to add the required Enchantings.  So if you have already patched Devious Devices for your game using Fo4Edit recheck everything after installation.
    Required: F4SE, MCM, Devious Devices including all dependencies.
    Incompatible mods : Cursed Wasteland
    I added a testing version 1.61 on page 5 in the support thread.
    ANYONE who want's to adopt this mod, feel free to do it.
    For improved compatibility with DEVIOUS DEVICES RC8, I have added a file on support page 3.
    Since it needs to be tested I do not place it into the download section.
    If you do not use DEVIOUS DEVICES RC8 you do not need to install this file.



  7. AAF Nuka Ride: A Porn Studio Mod

    A mysterious eyebot travels the Commonwealth handing out fliers to every girl he meets, in his never-ending search for the next Golden Globes Studio porn star.
    But while there are many pretty girls in the wasteland, the real problem is finding the one who is up to the task.
    Nuka Ride is intended as an alternate start mod and is written with a woman as the protagonist.
    Quest mod. Broken english - I don't speak English. Very focused on dialogue, not gunfights. Domination content. Transformation. Bimbofication.  I don't recommend it for sensitive people. Bestiality (totally optional)  
    How do I start? 
    Duke, a yellow eyebot, will interact with you. If you are near Vault 111 you will find him immediately as he is looking for you. If you're not around, you can fast travel anywhere or sit and wait, and Duke will come to you.
    Hard & Soft Requirements
    Workshop DLC
    Nuka World DLC
    Far Harbor DLC
    Fully functional AAF:
    F4z Roh Doh  RealHandcuffs -thanks to @naaitsab Torture Devices Fusion Girl Or CBBE HN66's Easy Girl - I only use textures & materials. You can disable the plugins if you want. HN66 TRS - same, just textures & materials. Captive Tattoos (soft) Sex Attributes (soft) MCM (soft) High Heel System (soft) Family Planning Enhanced (Original or Redux) (soft) OverQueen Armor (soft) HBD DressBox (soft) Plugs of the Commonwealth (soft, I suggest use the slot 56 one) Commonwealth Moisturizer (soft) HN66 nails (Fusion Girl Version) (soft) Black Male Raiders - (soft, optional. It will make all raiders in Nuka Town black and therefore comment as if your protagonist were the only white girl in the place. )   
    The current version has the following quests, some of them are used to unlock new furniture in the Porn Studio, and to be able to film new scenes.
    The Audition Becoming a Porn Star (Main Quest, repeatable) The Motorcycle Apollo The Flagpole  Visiting Mason (repeatable)  
    Next set of missions start once you win "Becoming a Porn Star" -you can talk to Shank or any Nuka World raider will let you know that Shank wants to talk to you-
    A New Name  A New Ride  Tattoo Shop - Repeatable VIP Party - Repeatable Rising Porn Star  Posters Golden Globes Radio Visiting Vadim - Repeatable Lucy in the Sky  A Date with the Boss Made In Heaven Lost in the Jungle Being a Mule – Repeatable The Dog Walker – Repeatable The Special Girls Propagandistic Porn - Repeatable Kill Me Softly The Studio - Repeatable The Mirelurk King - Repeatable Night Fever  Fans - When you win Night Fever, the mod will enable fans to come up to you (Diamond City and Settlements). The Nuka Club - Repeatable The Rescue - Repeatable Heart of Steel   
    ❗  The next set of missions (Nuka Ride 6) starts here. After filming at least once the movie "The Rescue", talk to Charlotte and ask her if there is anything to do.
    The Way You Say My Name Dolled Up Head for Business Night Movie Fly Me To The Moon The Student War Rig Semper Sexy Scooter Refill Quest - Repeatable Porn Movie: Golden Girls - Repeatable A Place called Home - Talk to the new tattoo shop pet after you get back from Far Harbor to start this.  

    General recommendations
    This mod is programmed to stop and auto turn off if you enter the Nuka Train Station (since this is where the quest to kill the Overboss starts). The Overboss is a mayor character in this mod and we need him alive. If you are new to AAF, I recommend the Official Guide by Saya. This is an alternative start mod. I need many living Npc that in a late game could be dead, so I strongly recommend using it in a new game. Activate the subtitles. You can also download the synthetic voice file made by Axary and Kalistara.  This mod will take you throughout many parts of the Commonwealth and Nuka World, and so it is incompatible with many mods that change the locations and interiors of places it takes part in.  To avoid conflicts, put Nuka Ride among the last of your load order.  I do NOT recommend playing it together with other story mods. They can be very invasive. Otherwise very bizarre things are going to happen and take you out of the immersion. I recommend XDI for a better experience, but it is not required. If you have a problem with AAF loading at 68%, reinstall Savage Cabbage version 1.2.9 or superior, and check all animation boxes. Don't worry, non-human animations are completely optional in my mod. But you need to have them installed. I would advise you to use a character without tattoos, since in this mod there are characters who put tattoos on you as the story progresses and obviously I don't know if your character normally have tattoos that could overlap with mine. Nuka Ride is going to doll you up a little: NPCs put you clothes, piercings and jewelry too. To advance or start some missions, you must wear any of the clothes they give you or else they will simply ignore you.  Don't clean your Nuka Ride save with ReSaver. I did it once and never again. Everything, absolutely everything, was upside down. Packages, aliases, dialogs. Don't do it.  I suggest you disable the Bokeh Effect if you have BethIni, because it conflicts with my special cameras. Here is an example of what I am saying.  
    Why are objects and textures in Nuka Town flickering and disappearing?
    Pre-culling issue. To resolve it, place Nuka Ride.esp in the bottom of your load order

    Made a Playlist in Youtube with all songs.
    Nuka Ride Spotify Playlist thanks to @neeceerae ! 
    Golden Globes Radio
    Thanks to Katy Webb and @steelpanther24 for the publicity for Golden Globes Radio!
    Abernathy Farm commercial Voiced by Wyatt Henry
    Atom Cats voiced by TheEmpireStrikes1st
    Drumline Diner voiced by fluxmarsh
    Myrna commercial voiced by QueenJamJam
     SQr17 (Sneaking Idle) from his New Idles mod!
    Langnao (Bimbo-like walking animation)
    @RohZima For the new poses!

    KonataInoue (The PickUp and the Scooter!)
    FlashyJoer (Poop mesh)
    Annarietta (The fancy purse and Nuka Ride boxes!)
    FeatherDer ( for the backpacks!)  
    Sebbo and Kinggath's Mod School Resources for the dancing idles.
    @Axaryfor creating a tall flagpole for me so poledance would look good in heels.
    Icestorm for the mirror mesh!
    Laptop – Pra (Laptop Terminal)
    Oil Rig World – Otellino (America Rising)
    Kali Preset – Astraea Preset by csxx520 
    Bubbles and petals - keungkeung
    Thank you very much for allowing free use with acknowledgment of authorship.

    You can recognize them by the prefixes in Bodyslide!
    @Axary (Overboss Piercing, Overboss Clit Piercing & Queen of Spades Choker) @hwybee4996 for the belts in Bubblegum & Primadonna outfits! Fallout Demon Hunter II Hell Kitty Outfit (shorts & top) – Delyte & Charm HN66 (Human Nature 66) GamoHolic (You will see it as GH in Bodyslide) Maibatsu Heels! (Corsican and Maxson Heels) Kharnet and En Masse Entertainment and BlueHole Studios for TERA POLICE Snakel101 (Patreon) - Belt in Adolf Outfit Icestorm Heels! (Patreon - Adolf Heels & Gage Heels-) Newermind - Nisha Outfit! Vanvid - Dancer Heels  
    Recommended Mods
    Brawl Bug Fix by ErshinPL - Necessary for those who have many mods in order to have a clean and bug free brawl. You can install the loose version, it has no plugins. You don't need it if you use Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch. FallSoul, with this mod you will be able to see your character make different idles when using the Nuka Ride mirror. Note that this mod does not work very well with other mods such as Devious Devices and who knows what else.  Dynamic Cinematic Face Lights by @Reginald_001 - I can't play without this mod. Natural lighting during dialogues when it's dark. Rusty Face Fix - by Seb263 - Install it and brown faces will be a thing of the past.  Nuka Ride: Pornstar Outfit Patch  by @belegost- if you use outfits from the Pornstar Outfit. Nuka Ride: FFO Patch by @poblivion - Furry patch for those who like the theme.  

    This mod disables a lot of triggerboxes in Nuka World, as the ultimate goal is to replace the DLC. All unlockables will be unlocked little by little with Nuka Ride. So basically don't uninstall the mod. If you want to play the classic DLC, start a new game without Nuka Ride installed.

    Thanks to! 
    @EgoBallistic, @dagobaking, @Operand, @fish00, @requiredname, @Tentacus, @lee3310, @vaultbait and @Invictusblade for the invaluable help with the scripts.
    @Saya Scarlett for the AAF guide!
    @spicydoritos for random comments from NPCs!

    @Gamaramdi, @RileyAP, @cosworth, @Splithorse @osculim @MrNicoras @kaxat @orcking12 @Rangerguy @kazeha9 @caveman74 for patiently testing the mod! ?
    @ecobotstar for the posters!
    kirkieballox by White Dog Meat!
    @Snapdragon_ for the idles for photo shoots!
    Vexenonifi por the tattoos resources!

    Seddon4494 for his Creation Kit tutorials!
    Bethesda for CK and Fallout 4. It's an amazing tool for doing amazing things.
    Stuck on a Quest?

    Guide with all the quests and stages 



  8. Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon - Portugues do Brasil

    Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon -
    Tradução Portugues do Brasil
    *pt-BR (texto em português a seguir do em inglês)
    ATENÇÃO: A tradução da versão 5.3 da  JÁ TEM ESSE ADICIONAU, eu o deixei aqui atualizado por acaso, se voce já baixou a tradução da 5.3, ela já tem o mesmo arquivo que está aqui, não precisa repetir com este, use só o outro e bom proveito, link abaixo:
    This is a Brazilian Portuguese translation file, from Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon
    About Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon
    The quest is to find the rare pornographic magazines for Ivy's collection, spread throughout the game map
    This mod is an add-on and works well with Companion Ivy 5.3, when downloading and installing Companion Ivy, you will see in the files the option to also download Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon
    This is a very interesting adult mod that inserts into the Fallout 4 universe, “real” vintage pornographic magazines that can be found in vaults, mailboxes or invaders' camps, there are more than 69 magazines spread throughout the community,
    There was a lot of work and research to find images of the real covers of magazines of the time, between the 60s and 70s, and the true story of when it was printed and its impact on society at the time.
    Every time she finds a magazine and is with Ivy accompanying you she makes comments and tells something about the story of that publication, very fun and interesting.
    To use this mod in Brazilian Portuguese you must first install the Original mod: Companion Ivy 5.3,  and Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon.
    Creio que você use o MO2 ou outro gerenciador de mods, então, não tem segredo, é só abrir esse arquivo compactado e ele vai sobrescrever os arquivos originais. Claro que esse arquivo de tradução deve ser instalado “depois” da instalação do arquivo original que está qui:
    Este é um arquivo de tradução para português do Brasil, do Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon

    Sobre o Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon
    Esse mod é um adicional e funciona bem com o Companion Ivy 5.3, quando for baixar e instalar o Companion Ivy, vai ver nos arquivos a opção para baixar também o Companion Ivy - Magazine Addon
    Este é um mod adulto muito interessante que insere no universo Fallout 4, revistas pornográficas vintage “reais” que podem ser encontradas em cofres, caixas de correios ou acampamentos de invasores, são mais de 69 revistas espalhadas pela comunidade,
    Houve um grande trabalho e pesquisa para encontrar imagens das capas reais de revistas da época, entre anos 60 e 70, e a história verdadeira de quando foi impressa e seu impacto na sociedade na ocasião.
    Toda vez que encontrar uma revista e estiver com a Ivy te acompanhando ela faz comentários e conta algo da história daquela publicação, muito divertido e interessante.
    Para usar esse mod em português do Brasil você precisa primeiro instalar o mod Original
    Companion Ivy 5.3 WITH Porn Mag Addon  que tambem já tem tradução em Portugues do Brasil

    ATUALIZAÇÂO: esta tradução foi inclusa no outro pacote completo, use do link abaixo e esqueça essa
    Um pouco sobre a Ivy
    Por favor, não se acanhe em fazer algum comentário ou sugestão para melhorar a tradução.
    lembre de depois deixar uma comentário incetivando o autor da Ivy, Reginald lá na página do mod original
    Então é isso, Aproveite bem a Ivy, ela é muito especial.




  9. Four-Play Vanilla Fudge

    Update 22 Nov 19: All my mods for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are up for adoptions. All their source code is included in the download packages and can be used in whatever way any other modders see fit - no need to ask me for permission. I have retired from Bethesda games' modding to focus on my own indie game project LifePlay (check it out here, it's an life simulation RPG on Unreal Engine. It's also moddable and open-source, and completely free.).
    Bang your way to get past speech checks or ask for sex as any quest's reward. Or offer your companion in your place. Or sleep with your companion.
    Click on Follow this file above to keep up-to-date with this mod's developments
    Inspired by SexLab Solutions by Bromm83 and WraithSlayer - but adapted to Fallout 4's dialogue wheel system (no vanilla records were changed - for maximum compatibility).

    Pass a speech check using your sexuality
    Every time a speech check option show up, you'll see the notification "Should I use my sexuality?". From here, if you select the persuade option within five seconds (by default), you'll flirt instead (same vanilla dialogue but with Flirting face expression). If you don't want to flirt/ just want to use your Charisma, wait 5 seconds (the message "Maybe not ... " will show up) and proceed with the dialogue normally.
    If you flirted, as soon as the vanilla dialogue finishes, Vanilla Fudge will kick in seamlessly and the person you flirted with will ask for sex.
    Ask for sex as quest reward (thank you, KitKatKseniya, for the suggestion)
    The NPC who you talk to complete each quest in the game will offer his/her body as reward for your efforts.
    Lovers' Embrace (requested by many LL members)
    Once a day, if you sleep with a companion around, they will offer to have sex with you.
    Future Features to be Added:
    The generic dialogues that the quest giver/ speech challenger says to ask for sex are pretty much placeholders while I work on completing the main features of the mod. Eventually, they will all be replaced by specific unique dialogues based on the NPC and the quest just like Solutions to provide more context, plot and immersion. Once you sleep with someone once, that person becomes your lover/ fuckbuddy and you can return for more Not 100% success chance with flirting - based on sexual orientation and arousal perhaps, which I have to wait for later versions of Four-Play and SexTec Aroused
    With any mod manager or manually extract into the Data folder. No need to do the quicksave and load thing.

    Four-Play - read my installation guide for help
    Vinfamy's Control Panel - gives you some customization options
    Four-Play Community Patch
    All comments, feedbacks and suggestions welcome as always



  10. Deviously Cursed Wasteland

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland - A bondage mod for Fallout 4
    Beware when looting containers in the Commonwealth. In a dark nuclear shelter somewhere in the Wasteland, someone had the devious idea to construct restraints that would automatically lock on hapless girls touching them. They left these devices really everywhere where there is the slightest chance that an unlucky girl scavenging for food or materials would accidently find them.
    This evil person also created a very inescapable slave collar that would force the poor girl wearing it to continue her journeys a little less well protected than before. In other words, she might have to roam the Wasteland naked. Somehow the prototype got placed in a container and was forgotten. It is still waiting for an unlucky adventuress to touch it and get trapped in it. The good news is that there is a key for the darn thing. It must be hidden in one of these containers, somewhere in the Wasteland. Yes, it could be any of them. Yes, there are many of them. That will take a while!
    Also featuring:
    Cursed Loot
    You can get equipped with random regular restraints from the Devious Devices library when opening a container.
    This...errrm..."enhancement" to the main quest will spice up the first bit of the game. Somebody put a chastity belt on you while you were frozen. And a few other toys. Not quite sure why anyone would do such a thing to a helpless girl peacefully sleeping in a cryopod, but here you are, locked in that thing that also happens to prevent you from putting on any other clothing. Have fun looking for a way out, and be almost naked in the meantime! The rest of the Commonwealth will find your lack of decency surely amusing, even if you don't!
    Note: The Belted quest is -not- an alternate start scenario. It assumes you are waking up in the cryopod during the normal main quest. If you start the game using a different scenario, this quest will NOT trigger. Since the quest is designed to be very robust against 3rd party changes to the main quest, it -is- compatible with Start Me Up, if you use it to bypass the pre-war scene only. If you do NOT want to experience this quest for one reason or the other, use the console and enter "set dcw_enableBeltedQuest to 0" -before- leaving pre-war Sanctuary.
    Jack the Belter
    This evil misogynist pries only on the most beautiful women in the Commonwealth, locking chastity belts on them in their sleep or sometimes even in a brazen assault. Nobody ever caught him, and none of his poor female victims ever managed to escape their belt. Some have been belted for years, with no hope to escape and have sex again. You better don't fall victim to him. And if you do...well...good luck finding him!
    Combat Surrender
    If your character gets defeated in combat, she will no longer get killed. Instead she will surrender to her enemies, who might put her in some devices for giggles. If you don't like this feature, it can be disabled by setting dcw_enableCombatSurrender to zero.
    - The DLCs. All of them.
    - Devious Devices (version 2.0 or higher) - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/73925-devious-devices-11/
    - Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR): http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091/?
    - Being female. No, not the Skyrim pregnancy mod! You need a female player character for this mod to do anything.
    Make sure you have installed ALL requirements listed above and any of THEIR requirements. Then install this mod using your mod manager of choice. That's...it.
    None known.
    There is no convenient way to facilitate user settings in Fallout 4. However, the mod still lets you customize many features to your liking using the console. Here are the settings:
    - dcw_HidePipBoy: 0 disables the built-in PipBoy hider, 1 (default) enables it.
    Cursed Loot:
    - dcw_cursedlootchance: % chance to get a random restraint locked on you when opening a container
    - dcw_keydropchance: % chance to find random keys
    - dcw_keylosechance: % chance to lose keys when a restraint is equipped
    - dcw_restraintsdropchance: % chance to find random restraints without them equipping on you.
    Slave Collar:
    - dcw_slavecollardropchance: % chance to get the slave collar locked on you when opening a container.
    - dcw_slavecollarkeydropchance: % chance to find the slave collar key when opening a container (and wearing the collar).
    Belted Quest:
    - dcw_enableBeltedQuest: 0 disables the quest, 1 (default) enables it. Use the setting in pre-war Sanctuary or it won't do anything.
    Jack The Belter:
    - dcw_jackquestchance: % chance to activate the quest when opening a container.
    - dcw_jackquestchancesleep: % chance to activate the quest when sleeping/waiting.

    - You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) outsides of LL without my explicit permission.
    - You can NOT incorporate any of my code in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary and don't offer the donor any tangible advantage over non-donors)
    - You can NOT incorporate any of my code in mod that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way.
    - You can NOT use any of my code in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. I won't give it. Even in my wildest dreams I can't think of a good reason not to publish a mod's source code.
    - You can NOT publish a fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without my permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games.
    - You CAN otherwise use my code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply!

    Q: Is this a port of Deviously Cursed Loot for Skyrim?
    A: Sort of. It's inspired by DCL. It doesn't mean it will grow to be an exact clone of it. It will have its own features and quests fitting the Fallout universe. But yes, the dreaded cursed chests are back!
    Q: Can I adjust the drop chances for the restraints and key drops?
    A: Yes, but since we don't yet have MCM for FO4 either, you will need to do this in the console.
    Type "Set dcw_cursedlootchance to X" (X being any value between 0.0 and 100.0) to adjust chance to get randomly locked in a restraint when looking a container.
    Other parameters are:
    - dcw_keydropchance for finding random keys
    - dcw_keylosechance for losing keys when a restraint is equipped
    - dcw_restraintsdropchance for finding random restraints without them equipping on you.
    Q: Can I adjust the drop chances for the slave collar and key, too?
    A: Type "Set dcw_slavecollardropchance to X" (X being any value between 0.0 and 100.0) to adjust the collar trap chance. "Set dcw_slavecollarkeydropchance to X" will do the same for the key. The default settings are 2% and 1% respectively (which -does- mean that you will spend more time naked than clothed!)
    Q: So you AGAIN wrote a mod that doesn't support male player characters?
    A: Yes.
    Q: This slave collar is stripping me naked? This makes the game unplayable, no? How can I survive?
    A: Fear not! The collar also will buff you. Substantially so. It might even be more powerful than some of the armor you're normally wearing. So just continue whatever you were doing before getting collared. You should be able to handle these raiders and other nasties quite nicely. The collar will NOT prevent you from using Power Armor as well.
    Q: I don't like this mod hiding my PipBoy. I love having a TV attached to my arm! How can I make it not hide?
    A: Set dcw_HidePipBoy to 0. Note: This setting will not influence the DD framework hiding the PipBoy when certain restraints are worn.
    Q: Will there ever be a DLC free version of this mod?
    A: No, never.



  11. MMAppetizer.esp

    There is a distress signal somewhere. If you follow it, this being a sex quest, you just might end up as the sex toy of a deranged loner. If he doesn't annoy you past the breaking point...
    I called this Appetizer because it should whet your appetite for longer and more complicated adventures later. Without sex animations there's not much that can be done... but with a few tricks a short sexy story can be told.
    Warnings and such
    Save your game before loading the mod. Don't forget to turn on the mod using the Mods menu.
    The zip file contains the scripts. Extract it into your Data folder (not Data/MMAppetizer).
    Turn on subtitles! There is no voice acting.
    Tell your companion to stay put. I tried to do this in a script but it didn't work. The quest will work with a companion in the room but it will be a little silly.
    No mods are required, but you should have a nude mod. The dialog is written for a female character.
    The quest will remove your items temporarily. (They are available when the quest is completed.) If you have special body parts you need to be there, I suggest you re-apply them using the console.



  12. Lusty lizard (fallout 4 edition)

    (On loverlab only)
    The best of lusty lizard game and magazine to fallout 4 with this permission. All of the holotape game work.
    All the credit go to lusty lizard team and liz caverly( i only put the game in fallout 4 no make it)
    (Lusty lizard holotape and magazine, picture,coffee cup, toy truck, lunch box, some weapon ,all standalone!)
    Find the lustylizardshop marker on the map(glowing sea) and just fast travel to it! you will find the all you need here!
    (Game in colors)
    Change yours fallout4custom.ini and add
    (Control controllers)
    use LT to open the square, A to active the square and the joystick for move the square. Check the screenshot for a image of the controler
    (The lusty lizard virtuel whore house)
    ​You can play with the virtuel whores for free! We have Fisto, a Sex slave, Bruce, a horny raider and a sleeping lady.(more to come)
    (Report bug please!)
    yes, one bug for the moment. You need to remap the hotkey for the keyboard. Use a mod for that, http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/6000/?(Grecoor find the solucion) Check in the support topic for more info to how to play with a keyboard and a txt file by Grecoor
    ​(to play the game without the mod)
    ​(How to install)
    ​Download the lusty lizard holotape game.zip and the current version of the lusty lizard mod(use a mod manager like nmm)
    ​The old version files is only to return to the old version if you have trouble with the new version.



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