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Sexual Content

Adult oriented Fallout: New Vegas mods that add sexual related content

3 files

  1. Simple equipped condom resource

    Always was wondering why there is still no such thing so made one myself. Simple resource model of Robert male body with equipped condom on erect penis.
    Condom model made by me. It is rigged so works perfect with Sexout and any Sexout animation. Has barely visible texture seam, if I will not be too lazy I'll fix it. Archive includes RM body with equipped condom and separate condom model so it can be used as accessory to be equipped as standalone item.
    As this is mostly modders resource, here's terms of use for modders (if someone need it, duh; making them mostly so I can use modders work result myself because I play only male characters hehe):
    -You are not allowed to use this for any female-only, submissive female-related mods and mods which content made mostly for female PC.
    -You are allowed to use it without asking permission for:
    gender-neutral submissive-related mods
    general gender-neutral gameplay mods
    Male-related mods
    Male-only mods
    Softcore female-related mods (romance, etc)
    -Not necessary, but I suggest You ask for permission first just to avoid unpleasant situations.
    And don't forget to credit me, please.



  2. SpectrumsToyPack (Re-Pack)

    I am uploading this copy per request. All works belong to the original creator Spectrum Warrior. Source found here. Files compressed using 7zip.
    NOTE: Not all items listed are available in the container provided. Many are hidden. If you are skilled enough to use FNVedit or GECK to find the item code you can use the "player.additem" command to add it to yourself or NPC's in game. Otherwise access to these items will be through other mods. This is to help with tech support and prevent conflicts with the various mods that use this "Resource". I cannot give you info to obtain these items.
    The SCR version can be found here, or you can use this one just delete the esp (st.esp) after installation.
    If you haven't deleted st.esp for use with SCR you will find the container holding the toys under the gas station sign in Goodsprings. (See Photo)
    SCR provides alternate ways of obtaining the toys.



  3. SpectrumsToyPack

    I am just rehosting these for Spectrum Warrior as he doesn't seem to be around
    I had to break it up into smaller files due to my crappy upload speed.
    Original files are here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/3833-fonv-wip-adult-resources-for-scr-on-hold/
    Do not use the ST.esp if you are using SCR, as it is a box containing duplicates of the SCR item that Sexout doesn't recognize
    4 Anal Beads
    9 Anal Plugs
    8 Anal Tails
    3 Vibrators
    20 Collars
    7 Strapons
    4 Dildos
    17 Headgears
    7 Weapons
    4 Chastity Belts
    4 Symbiotes
    Milker (BNB body)
    Location GoodSprings Gas Station Sign base