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  1. Drab to Fab: Magazine Edition By Nuverotic

    Discover a transformative overhaul to the magazine covers in Starfield. While the original designs by Bethesda offered a certain charm, this mod aims to inject a blend of allure and sophistication into each cover, making your in-game finds all the more intriguing.
    Using advanced AI technology, each cover features an enhanced AI-rendered female, seamlessly integrated into a meticulously recreated background. The final product isn't just an AI rendition plastered onto a cover. Instead, with careful touch-ups in Photoshop and strategically placed text, these magazines are brought to life, promising an authentic yet enhanced experience.
    The mod strikes a balance between being tantalizing yet tasteful. All covers are designed to be Safe For Work (SFW) and streamer-friendly. So, while they offer a more enticing aesthetic, they maintain the game's respectful ambiance.

    I experienced some differences with The Nexus administration due to the presence of a "Liberal Tears" coffee cup in my content, despite also featuring a "Conservative Tears" version. It's important to remember the value of balanced dialogue and understanding in today's digital age. Some modders have expressed concerns about the use of their work on The Nexus without explicit consent. I advocate for platforms that promote freedom of expression. I've found Lovers Lab to be more accommodating in this regard.



  2. German strings without *

    Bethesda made a very poor choice deciding to use the unaccepted and partly forbidden gender * in their German translation.
    In these German federal states, gendering in written language is prohibited
    In Saxony, gendering with special characters inside words is prohibited, and not just in administration. At school, points are deducted for using gender asterisks, colons, etc. But the issue is not only handled this way in Saxony.
    In Schleswig-Holstein, too, students gendering with symbols are blamed as a mistake and, if repeated, as a subsequent error. Education Minister Karin Prien (CDU) had already issued a decree to schools in 2021. She also referred to the official regulations, which do not provide for gender.
    BUT the uncomprehending moderators at Nexus banned this mod/translation because of diversity discrimination. They have no idea what this mod does. 
    I hope it will survive here.
    Removes the unnecessary gender * in the German translation
    Entfernt den unnötigen Gender * in der deutschen Übersetzung
    In das ..Steam/Starfield Hauptverzeichnis entpacken
    oder mit MO2 / Vortex installieren.



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