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Adult oriented Fallout 4 resources for other mods or modders to make use of.

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  1. Four-Play Attributes - Framework (4/21/2018)

    Four-Play Attributes
    Four Play Framework for managing player's psychological attributes and offering different consequences and outcomes!
    When your player gets sexually assaulted, he/she should not be walking around as if nothing happened. Conversely, if the player just saved the entire Commonwealth, he/she should get a confidence boost that positively affects the things he/she does. This mod aims to bring that idea to life! Your player's successes should bring further boost to her abilities and mental state and your player's failures should bring further consequences and put him/her in increasingly precarious situations.
    This mod tracks two independent attribute types: physical and psychological. Each can be enabled/disabled in MCM independently.
    Physical attribute is just your average run-of-the-mill wear and tear system. Have sex? Your wear and tear level increases, and adds physical debuffs to your character.
    Psychological attribute is the bread-and-butter of this mod and is divided into 4 pillars: Willpower, Self-Esteem, Spirit, and Submissive/Dominant orientation.
    Willpower is your character's ability and determination to overcome challenges in the Commonwealth. Weaker willpower should result in your character easily giving up to pressure or tough challenges while stronger willpower should result in your character being able to overcome tough challenges and having a do-or-die mentality.
    Stat-wise, lower willpower will result in lower perception, intelligence, and luck (lower pickpicking and hacking skills).
    Higher willpower will result in higher aforementioned stats.
    Willpower slowly regenerates over time, and is the most volatile psychological attribute; it can be viewed as a currency. The player loses willpower each time he/she is a victim of sexual assault. Willpower regeneration rate is affected by the player's spirit. 
    Self-Esteem is your character's confidence level and his/her view of self. Lower self-esteem should result in struggling to convince others and not believing in oneself while higher self-esteem should result in easily convincing others and being confident in one's ability.
    Stat-wise, lower self-esteem will result in lower charisma, slower AP regen, and increased damage taken (based on the theory that if you think you're going to die, you are more likely to die, and if you think you are going to make it, then you are more likely to make it).
    Higher self-esteem will result in higher charisma, faster AP regen, and decreased damage taken.
    Self-Esteem does not regenerate over time and only changes based on player's actions (successes/failures). Self-Esteem is increased by gaining experience (Winning fights against enemies, exploring new areas, completing quests, etc). Self-Esteem is decreased each time the player is a victim of sexual assault. Self-Esteem gain amount is affected by the player's spirit. 
    Spirit is your character's overall psychological health, integrity, and resolve. Weaker spirit should result in your character being heavily suggestible and influenced by others while stronger spirit should result in your character being more stable, confident, and resistant to external influences.
    Stat-wise, lower spirit will result in weaker bartering skills and persuasion chances.
    Higher spirit will result in stronger bartering skills and persuasion chances.
    Spirit does not regenerate over time and is very difficult to move in either direction. As such, it is the most permanent psychological attribute. The only way to accrue spirit points is to gain experience while already at 100 self-esteem. Any experience gained while at 100 self-esteem will "spill over" into spirit. Similarly, the only way to lose spirit points is to be assaulted while already at 0 self-esteem. Spirit increases and decreases at a 5% rate of self-esteem. That means if you were to lose 10 self-esteem points (from sexual assault) while at 0 self-esteem, you'd be losing 0.5 spirit point. Willpower affects how fast/slow spirit points are gained/lost.
    Submissive/Dominant Orientation is your character's natural inclination to submit to or defy others. Being more submissive should result in your character rather enjoying submitting to others while being more dominant should result in your character being defiant and enjoying the position of authority.
    Stat-wise being more submissive will decrease your barter skills and persuasion chance, but increase your resistance to wear and tear damage from aggressive sex and also increase your endurance (from being accustomed to pain).
    Being more dominant will increase barter skills and persuasion chance, but make the player receive increased wear and tear damage from aggressive sex, and become susceptible to "Frustration" debuff when being assaulted. Furthermore, dominant (and neutral) players will lose self-esteem over time when wearing Devious Devices (if installed).
    Sub/Dom orientation is mostly a permanent, independent trait of your character. You can choose your player's starting D/s orientation when running the game for the first time with the mod. After that, your player's D/s orientation will remain fixed.
    To summarize, each psychological attribute (except D/s orientation) affects the other in some way. Self-esteem feeds into spirit, which then affects self-esteem gain/loss rate. Willpower affects spirit gain/loss rate, while spirit affects willpower regeneration rate. Essentially, self-esteem <-- affects --> spirit <-- affects --> willpower. This system creates an effect where if your player is depleted in self-esteem, spirit, and willpower, it is extremely difficult to reverse that, almost making it a permanent change to the player's psyche.
    Reset Stats
    Doctor Neura is an advanced neurologist who is able to reset your character's mental attributes, at the cost of some caps. The cost is equal to player's level times 100. If your player is broke and can't afford it, Neura is willing to do it with whatever money the player has; how generous! She is located in Memory Den of Goodneighbor and usually hangs out near Dr Amari.
    Ever felt that vanilla game's Charisma-based speech check was very one dimensional and boring? This mod brings possibilities for more variety! This mod alone doesn't change anything, as it's just a framework for it. But other mods can use APIs provided by this mod to greatly diversify player's interaction with NPC.
    Allows players to intimidate NPCs! Intimidation success chance is based on a combination of player's dominant/submissive orientation plus self-esteem. More dominant and high self-esteem will result in higher intimidation chance. 
    NPC Persuasion
    NPCs can now persuade the player! There are three persuasion difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. For example, Easy would be something like, "Hey, give me a Nuka Cola!", while Medium could be "Go clear settlement #999", and Hard could be "Come give me a handjob." NPC's persuasion chance is based on the persuasion difficulty and player's spirit. Lower spirit players will be much more vulnerable to persuasion by NPCs.
    Intimidation and NPC persuasion chances can be customized in this mod's MCM page.
    Mods using NPC interaction mechanics:
    Four-Play Sexual Harassment - NPCs will approach naked player and demand sex
    Wear and Tear: 0 ~ 100
    0  ~ 19.99: no stats change
    20 ~ 29.99: -1 AGI
    30 ~ 39.99: -1 AGI, -1 STR
    40 ~ 49.99: -2 AGI, -1 STR, -5% Movespeed
    50 ~ 59.99: -2 AGI, -2 STR, -10% Movespeed
    60 ~ 69.99: -3 AGI, -2 STR, -1 END, -20% Movespeed, +2% Dmg Taken
    70 ~ 79.99: -3 AGI, -3 STR, -2 END, -30% Movespeed, +5% Dmg Taken
    80 ~ 89.99: -4 AGI, -3 STR, -3 END, -45% Movespeed, +10% Dmg Taken, +3x Cone of Fire
    90 ~ 100:   -4 AGI, -4 STR, -4 END, -60% Movespeed, +20% Dmg Taken, +6x Cone of Fire
    Willpower: 0 ~ 100
    0             (No willpower)   : -3 PER, -3 INT, -3 LUCK, -50% Spirit Gains & +100% Spirit Losses
    0.01  ~ 20    (Low willpower)  : -2 PER, -2 INT, -2 LUCK, -33% Spirit Gains & +75% Spirit Losses
    20.01 ~ 40    (Lousy willpower): -1 PER, -1 INT, -1 LUCK, -25% Spirit Gains & +50% Spirit Losses
    40.01 ~ 59.99 (Avg willpower)  : no stats change
    60    ~ 79.99 (Good willpower) : +1 PER, +1 INT, +1 LUCK, +50% Spirit Gains & -25% Spirit Losses
    80    ~ 99.99 (High willpower) : +2 PER, +2 INT, +2 LUCK, +75% Spirit Gains & -33% Spirit Losses
    100           (Soaring willpower): +3 PER, +3 INT, +3 LUCK, +100% Spirit Gains & -50% Spirit Losses
    Self-Esteem: 0 ~ 100
    0             (No self-esteem)   : -6 CHA, -80% AP regen, +20% Dmg Taken, Begin to lose points into spirit for each rape
    0.01  ~ 20    (Low self-esteem)  : -3 CHA, -50% AP regen, +10% Dmg Taken
    20.01 ~ 40    (Lousy self-esteem): -1 CHA, -25% AP regen, +5% Dmg Taken
    40.01 ~ 59.99 (Avg self-esteem)  : no stats change
    60    ~ 79.99 (Good self-esteem) : +1 CHA, +25% AP regen, -5% Dmg Taken
    80    ~ 99.99 (High self-esteem) : +3 CHA, +50% AP regen, -10% Dmg Taken
    100           (Soaring self-esteem): +6 CHA, +100% AP regen ,-20% Dmg Taken, Begin to gain points into spirit for each exp gained
    Spirit: 0 ~ 100
    0             (Broken)   : -30% Persuasion success chance, +30% Buy price, -30% Sell price, No willpower regen
    0.01  ~ 20    (Vulnerable)  : -20% Persuasion success chance, +20% Buy price, -20% Sell price, -75% willpower regen
    20.01 ~ 40    (Insecure): -10% Persuasion success chance, +10% Buy price, -10% Sell price, -50% willpower regen
    40.01 ~ 59.99 (Normal)  : no stats change
    60    ~ 79.99 (Secure) : +10% Persuasion success chance, -10% Buy price, +10% Sell price, +50% willpower regen
    80    ~ 99.99 (High Spirited) : +20% Persuasion success chance, -20% Buy price, +20% Sell price, +100% willpower regen
    100           (Unbreakable): +30% Persuasion success chance, -30% Buy price, +30% Sell price, +200% willpower regen
    Sub/Dom Orientation: -50 ~ 50
    -50    ~ -30  (Extremely Submissive):
    PROS: +3 END, No wear and tear damage penalty for aggressive sex, immune to self-esteem drains from wearing Devious Devices
    CONS: -30% Persuasion success chance, +30% Buy price, -30% Sell price

    -29.99 ~ -20  (Submissive)          :
    PROS: +2 END, -75% reduced penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex, immune to self-esteem drains from wearing Devious Devices
    CONS: -20% Persuasion success chance, +20% Buy price, -20% Sell price

    -19.99 ~ -10  (Slightly Submissive) :
    PROS:  +1 END, -50% reduced penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex, -50% self-esteem drain rate from wearing Devious Devices
    CONS: -10% Persuasion success chance, +10% Buy price, -10% Sell price, 

    -9.99 ~ 9.99  (Neutral)             :
    CONS: Base self-esteem drain rate from wearing Devious Devices

    10    ~ 19.99 (Slightly Dominant)   :
    PROS: +10% Persuasion success chance, -10% Buy price, +10% Sell price
    CONS: +25% increased penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex. Frustration Debuff lvl 1, +50% self-esteem drain rate from wearing Devious Devices

    20    ~ 29.99 (Dominant)            :
    PROS: +20% Persuasion success chance, -20% Buy price, +20% Sell price
    CONS: +50% increased penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex. Frustration Debuff lvl 2, +100% self-esteem drain rate from wearing Devious Devices

    30    ~ 50    (Extremely Dominant)  :
    PROS: +30% Persuasion success chance, -30% Buy price, +30% Sell price
    CONS: +100% increased penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex. Frustration Debuff lvl 3, +200% self-esteem drain rate from wearing Devious Devices
    Frustration Debuff:
    This mod aims to be a framework that other mods can use to offer different choices (or lack of choice) for the player. Currently, the following are mods integrated with Four-Play Attributes:
    Mods Using FP Attributes:
    Four-Play Harassment
    Offers dynamic NPC dialogues that change based on player's attributes. The player can use willpower to resist NPCs, and NPCs can take advantage of player depending on player's attribute deficiencies. 
    Mods Used By FP Attributes:
    Devious Device
    Wearing Devious Devices reduces player's self-esteem over time. Dominant players will receive further penalty and lose more, while submissive players will lose less, or even not lose any at all.
    Remove Devious Devices with Willpower
    Currently, Four Play does not provide information regarding the type of sex, whether the sex was aggressive or consensual. So there's really no way for this mod to know what type of sex the player indulged in. So you have to tell the mod whether sex acts should be considered consensual or aggressive. I tried to make this as easy as possible by adding an MCM hotkey that you can press to toggle between different sex modes. But until Four Play gets an update, manual is the only way to go. 
    A simple plugin mod that displays the player's attributes in HUD. (Similar to widgets from Anghelos' Magno Cum Gaudio). This allows you to easily view the player's attributes. This plugin uses HUDFramework, which makes it a requirement. If you dont install this plugin, then you don't need HUDFramework.
    Note that if you do install FPAttributesHUD and wish to uninstall it later, press the uninstall button in that mod's MCM menu. Otherwise, you will get HUD widgets that stay even if you remove the .esp file.
    Four-Play and all its requirements
    (Optional) HUDFramework - only if you install my HUD plugin mod
    (Optional) MCM - if you want to be able to change settings
    (Optional) Devious Devices (and all its requirements) - for integration with DD
    Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual. Install FP_Attributes for base mod. Also install FP_AttributesHUD if you want to see attribute values in HUD
    BEFORE uninstalling the mod, turn OFF effects for physical and psychological (if you have buffs/debuffs on your character). Otherwise, your character might get permanent buff/debuffs.
    In the event that people are awaiting needed maintenance and/or new features, and I've gone MIA (say >4 months), I give permission to others to take the mod and its source code (included) and expand on it/maintain it. Just make sure it remains within the scope of the original mod - a modular, simple, framework for player's attributes. 



  2. CRX add-on - dead restraints

    This add-on modifies the CRX restraints in order to keep the dead bodies crucified on their crosses.
    Note: the entire point of this add-on is to get serious about crucifying NPCs and leaving them to their fate (or killing them yourself). There is no point in installing this add-on if you just want some harmless bondage play.
    To install:
    1. install CRX 1.7 by @Oakern
    2. download this add-on and overwrite with the included files (meshes, scripts, esp)
    Changes to the original mod:
    - the dead bodies will stay crucified (hopefully across re-loads as well)
    - replaced ropes with spikes in all configurations
    - for each cross type, there are two variants: "spikes feet" and "ropes feet" - in fact, both variants will place spikes, but with slightly different dead body positions (for now, CR01 and CR05 have identical restraints between sp_feet and ro_feet - WIP)
    - eliminated some logical constraints from the original script - select "add/keep all spikes" / "add/keep all ropes", and you're done, it will now disregard the initial configuration
    - CR01 features a Skyrim model, instead of the original cross
    - upon expiring, the crucified victims will spasm a few times - both for "artistic impression", and to stabilize their position in the restraints
    - CRX 1.7
    - Dead body collision
    Screenshots: to illustrate the available variants for CR01, 02, 03 and 05
    Future plans:
    - different variants for CR01 and CR05 sp_feet / ro_feet
    - further tweaks to positioning
    Possible bugs and issues:
    - CR01 (Skyrim) cross may feature spikes with purple or invisible textures - let me know if that's the case, the intention was to replace the steel texture with a rusty one
    - various positioning issues - let me know if they occur immediately after the victim expires, or after a re-load
    - you need to delete the restraints (select the restraint in console, then disable; mark for delete) in order to re-use an already used cross
    Original credits, and thanks, to @Oakern, author of CRX
    Permissions: as per Oakern's terms



  3. Working noose - proof of concept

    [v4.61 bugfix]
    - fixed a significant havok bug
    - if you downloaded v4.6, please download 4.61 and replace all
    - if you haven't downloaded 4.6 yet, then you are fine, you can install 4.61, the link to the bugged 4.6 has been removed
    [/v4.61 bugfix]
    [v4.6 update]
    - adds the "Noose Arrow" - a "grenade"-type "weapon" which places a long noose furniture upon contact; behaves like a bullet, flies in straight line, but has to be "launched" as a grenade
    - the "noose arrow" id is xx810358b (player.additem xx810358b 100)
    - the "noose arrow" is useful to place nooses on high spots, especially outside settlements - shoot the arrow at the target object (a tree, for example), tweak the position using FO4 autohotkey positioning, then command the NPC to "snapintointeraction"; I'll upload a tutorial in the support thread
    - tweaks the convulsing havok yet again... hopefully with more consistent results; factored in the NPC mass
    - adds random collision objects around the hanged NPC's neck/head, which force the hanged NPC to twist the neck into random positions for a more "diverse look" - I am still tweaking this, it's a recent addition, so it may lead to weird positions or NPCs being forced out of the noose
    - there are now approx 30 different hanging outfits, feet pointing down, mostly female versions
    - due to the outfits, the file is now over 100MB, meaning LL will not accept the upload - I am uploading a txt file with a link to mega, and will be posting the mega link here as well; this is the first time I'm using mega for uploads, let me know if it doesn't work
    [/4.6 update]
    Best to do it manually, I haven't tested installing through NMM. Just copy my data folded into your data folder, overwrite anything. Make sure you read my caution in the 3.5 changelog, and the disclaimer.
    To Use
    Hanging Gun
    - Acquire the Hanging Gun via console (xx058BF4), fire at will
    [3.5 update] Do not use the HangingGunIDLE, will always be (is, until v4.1) broken / work in progress
    [4.1 update] This version has a functioning HangingGunIDLE (xx0AC438), you can use it to reanimate the sequence once the body is dead/hanging
    Hanging Furniture
    - the furniture needs to be built in God mode (!)
    - I highly recommend using Place Anywhere from Nexus, to be able to position the nooses more freely
    - build a noose from the workshop menu, just place it freely as of 3.7beta1
    - or build a hanging pole
    - console click the NPC, setcommandstate 1, or intimidate the NPC
    - exit console, hover on the noose around the slipknot area, the prompt changes into "sit"
    The NPC will play the furniture's specific animation, die, kick, swing
    Option 3 (start with a dead NPC) - this is more difficult
    - build the noose, and select it in console, then close the console
    - grab the NPC by the head, keeping it in an upright position
    - open the console, and autohotkey modpos the noose in position, around the neck
    - once the noose is around the neck, close the console and release the grab on the NPC
    Absolute requirement: Dead Body Collision, from Nexus
    And I really do recomment installing FO4 Hotkeys and assign one hotkey (I use F1) to the command "pna; setcommandstate 1" (this will enable you to command any NPC just by pointing at them and pressing F1)
    Place Everywhere is highly recommended
    An autohotkey manager for object manipulation (like this one) is highly recommended, to position the nooses freely outside workshop areas
    You can always spawn a workbench anywhere in the world by using pt c1aeb, and build freely in workshop mode around it.
    All DLCs and Armorsmith Extended required for version 4.1 (hopefully removed in 4.5 beta)
    - ag12 for his invaluable help in setting up the script, thank you!
    - Oakern, for his awesome CRX mod, which is a must-have for me (hopes he keeps adding content to it), for providing the inspiration and for giving me permission to use his assets (which I did)
    - Vader666, from whom I took the hands-bound animation and helped me figure out how to add animations to furniture (thank you!), check out his Torture Devices mod
    - LazyGirl, check out her Abduction mod
    - Uses one animation from Crazy (the crazy assfuck)
    - steve40 for giving me permission to use his dirt shader from CWSS
    - Crimsomrider, for giving me permission to distribute my modded versions of his outfits
    - others who kindly helped me at various stages along the way
    Use it - and hopefully improve upon it - in any way you want, but please let me know in a comment or PM if you managed to create a better version, so I can enjoy it myself. This is the reason why I uploaded it under modder's resouce.
    I cannot speak for the assets I took from Vader666, Crazy, steve40 and Crimsomrider - those assets belong to them.
    Future plans
    - fix the kneeling noose alignment (easy, but a tedious process) - in v3.5 it's pretty much solved... approximately
    - add proper animations - I need help here (!!!) I don't know squat about making animations
    - add swing to the noose - added some havok to the dead NPC, will continue to look into this - [3.7b1] added rotation and swing
    - add havok to the noose - no idea how
    - add more content to the kneeling nooses
    - a strappado
    - garotte devices - [v3.7b1] done, check out the immersive garrotte shithouse
    - additional restraints - [v3.6] added feet restraints to the hanging pole (straight)
    - look into introducing a hanging hook
    - introduce additional props
    This is my first scripted mod ever. It may break your save, your game, or your life (shouldn't, really, unless it's already fucked up) - I take no responsibility. The scripts are not tested for performance or for persistence. If you get bloated saves, or bloated Papyrus logs, or orphan scripts, or whatever, sorry, I don't really know what I'm doing, so use this mod(der's resource) on your own responsibility.
    Detailed change log (please take the time to read this)



  4. Vault Meat - Sex Tec Visual Assets

    This modder's resource contains vault meat assets made for the purpose of supporting Sex Tec or any other fallout 4 sex animation mod. The resources have most scenarios considered as well as contain variations for both a full animation sequence as well changing the purpose of the asset in the first place.
    Hence once animated these resources can be used in multiple ways and for multiple purposes.
    For example:
    The sex training asset, first previewed image, shows Vault Meat in a happy & docile state however the assets also contain different faces & body position variations that show her struggling to free herself. Most assets provided here contain workfiles that include these variations.
    File Types
    The assets provided are both in .psd and .ai formats to help animators to fully animate these files similarly used in the game without having to re-draw anything or needing to draw Vault Meat accurately from scratch. The modder in question needs to have experience with animating via vector lines to be able to properly animate these assets and bring Vault Meat to life in FO4.
    These files are free to use by anyone as long as they get in touch with me before starting work on them.
    I simply hope to be involved.
    All these arts & assets have been made by Ruthless Peasant
    (If you like his work please consider supporting him on Patreon!)