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Modders Resources

Adult oriented Fallout 4 resources for other mods or modders to make use of.

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  1. Living is Pain (alpha version)

    In post apocalyptic world, full of violence, it is hard to imagine that psyche of people remain intact. This is the framework that shows the idea how such world might affect psyche.
    Living is Pain (Alpha version)
    Disclaimer: work still in progress. No backward compatibility is assumed during alpha stage releases.
    This work was inspired by @twistedtrebla's Sex Attributes, so something could sound familiar to you.
    LiP Framework itself doesn't affect any aspect of gameplay, except cosmetic things that are not visible without mods like LiP UI. 
    The purpose of framework - provide usefull functionality for new mods building.
    Several sample mods are available. Probably some gamers will found them interesting

    LiP Framework provides:
     - set of new attributes for any sentient life form in the Commonwealth - by default: humans, ghouls, 3rd gen synths, supermutants. 
     - ability to extend sentient life forms list
     - many different customization points
     - logic of interdependency between these attributes
     - attributes value calculation routines
     - integration with other popular mods
     - large amount of configuration options
    Attributes and default dependencies:
    Actual purpose of attributes may vary depending on situation and game mechanics.

    Generic attributes, that reflects mental state of a character:

    Sexual attributes:
    Health attributes:
    Reasons of attributes changes available out of box
    Time elapsing
    Limits exceeding
    Combat finish
    Orgasm failure
    AAF scene:

    Additional Attributes

    Advanced Animation Framework
    Follow AAF FM to install and configure it.
    If you have AAF installed then LiP will automatically use information from AAF
      Dependencies if you want to have integration with AAF:  AAF Themes and AAF Informer
    Devious Devices
    If you have DD installed then LiP will automatically use information about DD wearing
    Real Handcuffs
    If you have RH installed then LiP will automatically use information about RH wearing
    Commonwealth Captives
    If you have EBCC installed then captives will have reasonable LiP attributes assigned
    Mod Configuration Menu
    If you have MCM installed, LiP configuration page will be available
    Know Your Friend
    If your have KYF installed then LiP attributes will be shown for NCPs.

    LiP Effects - initiates arousal animation when actor receives orgasm notification. more mechanics could be added later
    LiP Morph - vagina/anus morhping depending on health attributes. Designed for FusionGirl Morph+ from @StaticPhobia2. Depends on LooksMenu
    Use LiP UI if you looking for option to display LiP attributes.

    More detailed techical description will be added over time




  2. Main torture machine

    Well, for the kids of the nexus, I turned out to be too cruel, their children's anuses exploded and my resource was deleted (I will try to restore it again). But since the resource must be available for download, I post it here. If you are interested in helping with the development of the mod, you can do so in this thread:



  3. BodyConvert

    Body Convert program to convert your bodyslide xml to/from looksmenu json to/from bodygen



  4. Horse Dick

    I did not make this Its just modders resource hopefully you amazing modders out there can do something with this



  5. OhMiBod female sex toy modder's resource

    3D model modder's resource of a hugely popular female sex toy.



  6. Fusion girl 1.75 whole body and face morphs modders resource

    1)Contains a body FG 1.75 with all attached parts to copy boneweight, useful if you have outfit that goes over the connections of body parts
    Just import nif (FEMBODYWHOLE1.75.nif), set reference, copy boneweight, remove from project
    2)Contains face with morphs (facial animations)
    Can be useful if you want make mfg set for AAF, you can check how each slider change face
    Also can be used in creating/porting face:
    Add project -> [zzz_headmorphs].osp Edit imported (default) face for better fit your new face (I recommend to also make sure your new face does not diverge much from default in the mouth area for proper AAF BJ anims :D) Turn on slider "zzz_lowerjaw", mark part of default face that shifted down, then turn of slider, now you see part that you will need mark of your new face in next step Mark the lower part of your new face, turn on slider "zzz_lowerjaw", and move it down on 20 units, it will fit default face Turn off slider, set it to 100, Then press Slider -> Set Base Shape Now you can Set reference on default face and press Slider -> Conform Selected on your new face All morphs now should work on your new face, Only Lid morphs I always edit manually To export your new body parts at the top right, click on each part separately and select Export to Nif, Export to TRI (HEAD) How to apply them in game: example script for armor, CK plugin, later will add to some outfits here  



  7. Sex Appeal Framework

    A framework to diversify sex appeal and forget about shallow charisma measurements
    What Is It
    Sexual Appeal Framework (SAF) is a resource that can be used to bring the "Sexual Appeal" term into the game. Key point is: it is a resource. By itself it will do almost nothing The idea is that by now almost every mod that deals with sexual appeal of a character at best implements its own way of addressing it or at worst just relies on the charisma S.P.E.C.I.A.L; It's about time that's changes
    SAF attempts to integrate into the game world and seemingly affect RP experience for the player. It is not a battle mod and I doubt I will ever make any sort of combat-related effects to it (though I'm open to suggestions, provided those are in line with the mod vision and are interesting enough). Currently, there are several following features:
    Game world SA effects
    Currently, only drugs effects are supported. Consuming drugs will penalize the SA values for quite some time. For the RP purpose the duration of these penalties are not tied to the duration of the original drug and are longer - you can expect that the appearance takes a much harder toll from drugs than the internal body health. This can be disabled in MCM.
    This allows to define your items SA effects. You can specify any SA attribute with a value and then equipping this item will grant the corresponding bonus to the specified attribute.  You can rename an item normally on a workbench or use Rename Anything to do it on the fly. More about tagging feature you can read in a dedicated post.
    Persuasion effects
    Allows SAF to add a modifier to game internal values for persuasion success chances. The idea behind this is that Charisma still governs the base check but with SA it will have more (or less) "weight". For positive SA, easier speech checks are affected more and harder checks are affected less. For negative SA - in reverse, i.e. harder checks will be affected more and easier checks - less.
    Integration with other mods
    Some of the mods can be affected by SAF (or, in reverse, SA values can be influences by something in those mods). At the current version, v1.12-beta, Hardship and SA Attributes are supported, (see recommended mods section). The effects are:
    SA Attributes: Sexual wear will affect SA for certain body / face parts. Oral wear will affect lips / tongue SA; vaginal wear will affect vagina / belly SA; anal wear will affect butt / back SA. Half of oral wear SA modifier will be applied to face SA; quarter of vaginal & anal wear will be applied to body SA Hardship: crossing certain thresholds of total SA score will change the appearance. The scale is done by total SA as follows: -100..-50 ugly; -50 .. 50 plain; 50 .. 100 good looking  
    Sex Appeal Framework (SAF) will need all DLCs installed F4SE - without that tagging feature will not work (and further updates will rely on F4SE)  
    Just install it with any mod manager If you see conflicting files for LL_Fourplay - it doesn't matter which to load first, the library should be identical (it is packed in SAF in case you don't have any other mods using it)  
    Please pay attention to the changelog. Depending on that:
    If nothing is mentioned about clean save, you can proceed with just installing the update as is If it is stated that clean save is required, then you will need*: Before updating, load your existing save with SAF and in the MCM chose "Uninstall" Wait till SAF is uninstalled and then save your game Uninstall SAF with your mod manager of choice. Load your game (ignore the prompt about missing file "SexAppealFramework.esp" ) and save it again Download the updated SAF version and install it with your mod manager of choice Load your game and wait till SAF installs itself. Check that the version corresponds to the updated one.  
    Important: the mod is in beta stage which means that errors and mishaps are to be expected. For that reason for all beta builds of the mod the debug level is set to the maximum by default. If you don't want that, you can use MCM page to change the debug level. It is recommended to keep it at least at level 40 because the mod is still in beta and if things go wrong it will not be possible to retrieve useful information from the log when debug level is low.
    Framework Module (SAF)
    Main requirement for anything else. Defines all attributes, dependencies between them, magic effect, object mods etc.
    What Is "Sexual Appeal" (SA)

    SAF defines SA as a multilayered set of actor values which can be used to describe the appeal of a certain part of the body or face. Multilayered idea means that there are several aggregating actor values which are inheriting the influencing values of the underlying actor values. At the moment, it is implemented as:
    So there are 32 attributes in total of which 13 are underlying for the face and 16 are underlying for the body.
    On the mod start-up, the in-built way to enforce the dependency between the attributes will engage. It will enforce the following dependency table:
    Attributes Rules
    Accessibility: the attributes should only be manipulated via SAF API calls. If you attempt to do so otherwise, SAF will restore the values. For instance, calling Actor.SetValue() or using console equivalent will do nothing and the attribute value will be restored Dependencies: when modifying an underlying layer attributes, their influence will be cascaded up to the main SA attribute. SAF API calls will reflect that in the respective returned values. Boundaries: The attributes are bound to change between -100 and 100. If you will try to use SAF API to modify it beyond bound, it will truncate the value to the corresponding limit (100 for positive, -100 for negative values)  
     How To Integrate SAF?
    This section is only meaningful for modders.

    Recommended mods
    I am (trying to) working on some sort of UI integration for the SAF/SAFI because it's difficult to see the attributes and effects in-game without resorting to console commands. Until I figured out how to do that, I strongly recommend using UI mods, such as Active Effects - it might not be what I have in mind but it provides a good way to see the current state.
    Since version 1.6 SAF supports tagging which means that renaming items on the fly could come handy. I like Rename Anything for doing that.
    Mods which SAF is currently integrated with. None of these are mandatory, but if detected, SAF will gracefully attempt to integrate with them:
    Sex Attributes Hardship  
    Future plans
    .. and limits of what sort of integration is possible from within SAF
    This section is mostly meaningful for modders. But if you have ideas - please share!
    Known Issues
    If trying to get SA values in a non thread safe ways, it is possible to catch SAF mid-update especially if several update processes were fired with no delay. It is not harmful, though, because eventually (1-2 seconds) those updates will always catch up because SAF ensures consistency via threads queue If trying to set SA values in a non thread safe ways, it can break things in theory (for now). I will work on eliminating ways to do it but I can't account for everything at once. SAF persuasion feature may conflict with mods changing persuasion mechanics, like Binary Speech Checks. In this case I recommend to disable the persuasion feature. Propagation delay. Yes, this is a thing, especially on a heavily modded games. Bad news are - your SA values are likely to arrive with a noticeable delay (sometimes in a measure of several seconds - enough for you to see it in your pip-boy or console if you closely track them). Good news are - it is consistent, meaning that whatever changes should happen - will happen. Read: if you think that SA change "didn't work" - wait a bit. It will arrive. Tested on my game with 300+ mods and every time that was the case. Additional note here: the consistency despite propagation delay is only true when SAF calls are made in a thread-safe way. By default, SAF itself does it this way, but if there will be future mods what integrate with SAF and won't opt in for thread-safety (since it's much slower) - all bets are off.  
    (Console setav / getav and Co are non-thread safe ways to work with SA)



  8. NSFW Sound Pack

    NSFW Sound Pack
    A big thanks to both Ashal and Leito for letting me sounds from their mods.
    Summary: This is a pack of sounds for FO4 that can be used as a resource by other
    mods. Since I'm planning to release several mods that use these sounds, it doesn't
    make sense to package them separately with each mod (and doing so would probably
    cause NMM or whatever manager people use to shit itself over all the conflicts).
    Instead, I will maintain a this as a single pack that has the sounds for all of my
    mods. I will not change the file pathways of existing sounds, so other modders are
    welcome to use this pack as a resource for their own mods.
    - Do not post these files to sites outside of LL. Basically, don't be that person who
    puts this up on Nexus or Bethesda.net...
    - You cannot charge for mods that contain these sounds.
    None. But these files won't do anything unless another mod references them.

    Copy the files in the Data folder to your data folder. Be sure to maintain the file
    structure, otherwise the sounds won't work in game.
    Includes a bunch of new sounds for upcoming animation packs.



  9. Bondage Position Animations

    For the immediate future, updates will be through EgoBallistic's pack:
    In the long run, there will probably be a major release that integrates this and a couple of other projects I'm working on. If you are developing a mod that uses these and have questions or requests, please PM me.
    Bondage Position Animations v01.00
    The whole LL modding community, to whom I feel I owe something in return, but especially Kimy, Vader, Min, Guobu, Zaz, and all the other folks who have worked on Skyrim and FO4 mods here over the years.
    Shadeanimator, for the indispensible FO4 animation tutorials.

    This is not a finished mod, it is just a pack of animations and assets for modders or end users to integrate into existing mods. I have not included an esp/esm, since I figure any modder who is going to be working with these already has a set of 'test animation' files linked in an esp that they can use. If this is a serious issue for mod designers, I can make an esm with all the animations in it, but that will complicate mod development more than just pointing your own esm files to these animations. These are all intended for use with the default CBBE body. They may clip with other bodies.
    You are free to use any of the animations in this pack, with the following conditions:
    - Do not post them to sites outside of LL without asking me. Basically, don't be that person who puts this up on Nexus or Bethesda.net...
    - You cannot charge for mods that contain these animations. If you have an optional payment, that's fine, as long as users who don't pay get the same functionality

    The contents of this pack:

    Each animation has an hkx file that has been tested in-game and should work. Note that the default arm position for all poses is the armbinder position from my bondage devices pack, but the arm position should be overridden by any bondage gear, based on your '...injury.hkx' files. That means that, in theory at least, any of these animations should work with any cuffs, armbinders, etc.
    All animations are 300 frames long (should be exactly 10 seconds) and start and end in the common pose for that animation family (e.g. all hogtie animations start and end in the same position). Each family has an 00 pose that is a breathing idle, followed by one or more struggle animations.

    - I may redraft some of the existing animations at some point.
    - I'm working on some additional positions (sitting with legs in front, spreadeagled, kneeling), but the joints on the CBBE model are...tempermental. If I can make animations I'm happy with that don't have terrible clipping at the joints, I'll release them in an update.



  10. Bondage Device Animations

    Bondage Device Animations v01.00
    The whole LL modding community, to whom I feel I owe something in return, but especially Kimy, Vader, Min, Guobu, Zaz, and all the other folks who have worked on Skyrim and FO4 mods here over the years.
    Shadeanimator, for the indispensible FO4 animation tutorials.

    This is not a finished mod, it is just a pack of animations and assets for modders or end users to integrate into existing mods (Devious Devices, etc). I have not included an esp/esm, since I figure any modder who is going to be working with these already has a set of 'test animation' files linked in an esp that they can use. If this is a serious issue for mod designers, I can make an esm with all the animations in it, but that will complicate mod development more than just pointing your own esm files to these animations. These are all intended for use with the default CBBE body. They may clip with other bodies.
    You are free to use any of the animations in this pack, with the following conditions:
    - Do not post them to sites outside of LL without asking me. Basically, don't be that person who puts this up on Nexus or Bethesda.net...
    - You cannot charge for mods that contain these animations. If you have an optional payment, that's fine, as long as users who don't pay get the same functionality

    The contents of this pack:
    Restraint poses:
    Restraint poses work by simulating an 'injury' to one or more limbs that tells fallout to fix those limbs in a particular postion no matter what is going on with the rest of the model. This makes it so we don't need an 'armbinder' version of every vanilla pose (run, sneak, etc, etc), and is genius (not mine though - I'd guess Vader came up with the idea).
    Armbinder model and arm pose file (arm offsets):
    I have included a different armbinder pose, with the shoulders pinned back rather than up (see included images). In order to make this work, I had to modify the armbinder nif pretty substantially, so a revised version of armbinderblack.nif is included as well.
    (The hkx file in the custom armbinder folder replaces meshes\Torture Devices\DeviousDevices\Animations\Armbinder\MTBothArmsInjured.hkx)
    Arm cuffs pose files (arm offsets):
    I have included 4 customized cuffed arm animations. In theory, these can be used in place of or in addition to the cuffed arm animations in Tortue Devices. To replace the TD arm cuff idles, use one or more armcuffs hkx files to replace the various 'MTBothArmsInjured.hkx' files in the 'meshes\Torture Devices\wearables\Generic\BoundHands' folder and subfolders.
    Yoke pose files (arm offsets):
    I've included two yoke poses. The first (Yokeidle01) works with the bar and cuffs yoke, while the second (Yokeidle02) should work with both the bar and cuffs yoke, and the heavy steel yoke.

    Leg Cuff/Hobbleskirt Custom Files:
    This includes a standing idle for legs cuffs (or other situations where the model's legs are held together), and a corresponding walk animation. I've included arms in these animations as well. The major limitation is that because of the way the vanilla animations are set up, these will only work when the player is standing or walking without a weapon. If the player sneaks, runs, or draws a weapon, they'll go back to using vanilla movement animations.

    Each animation has an hkx file that has been tested in-game and should work. Note that the arm position should be overridden by any bondage gear, based on your '...injury.hkx' files. That means that, in theory at least, any of these animations should work with any cuffs, armbinders, etc. I have most use my custom armbinder position as a convenience, but that position should be overidden by any gear you have equipped.
    Armbinder struggle animations:
    These all have the model's arms locked back, and each has a different set of upper body and pelvic twists. Each animation is 300 frames long (10 seconds) and starts and ends start and end in the default standing leg position.
    Armbinder horny animations
    Each animation is 600 frames, and should be exactly 20 seconds long. They should all start and end in the default standing leg position. These are made to be usable in pairs - the 01 series has the model's knees come together, and the 02 series has her legs crossed. For each series, the 'a' animation as a writhing animation, and the 'b' animation as something more orgasm flavored.
    *These should be usable for any type of arm restraint - if the restraint has an '*injury.hkx' file, that arm position should show up. If not, the default armbinder arm position will show up.
    Unrestrained horny animations
    These are identical to the armbinder horny animations, except that they include arm/hand movements. I have tried to keep the starting/ending arm positions the same within each series (e.g. 01a and 01b should have similar start/end arm positions) but these are approximate rather than exact (I haven't been able to get 3ds to copy keyframes between animations).
    *In theory, you could probably use these with arm restraints, and the '*injury.hkx' file should overwrite the arm positions.
    Collar animations
    These are variations on the 01a series of horny animations. The normal collar animation has both hands tugging on the collar, while the collarhorny animation is a mix of Standinghorny01a and tugging on the collar.
    Chastity Belt animations
    This is basically an additional unrestrained horny animation. It's 600 frames/20 seconds, and has the default start/end positions.

    - If I get really ambitious, I may also go through the existing animations and refine some things. In particular, hand and finger positions may get smoothed out at some point in the next month or so.
    - More device specific animations, and more general use 'struggle' or 'horny' animations may happen as inspiration strikes.
    - If you are using these in a mod and there is something that you'd like to see along these lines or one of the animations is causing you problems, you're welcome to contact me. If it's something I can do fairly easily (e.g. not a movement animation or something that is going to require hours of posing individual finger joints), I'll try to help out. 



  11. CRX add-on - dead restraints

    This add-on modifies the CRX restraints in order to keep the dead bodies crucified on their crosses.
    Note: the entire point of this add-on is to get serious about crucifying NPCs and leaving them to their fate (or killing them yourself). There is no point in installing this add-on if you just want some harmless bondage play.
    To install:
    1. install CRX 1.7 by @Oakern
    2. download this add-on and overwrite with the included files (meshes, scripts, esp)
    Changes to the original mod:
    - the dead bodies will stay crucified (hopefully across re-loads as well)
    - replaced ropes with spikes in all configurations
    - for each cross type, there are two variants: "spikes feet" and "ropes feet" - in fact, both variants will place spikes, but with slightly different dead body positions (for now, CR01 and CR05 have identical restraints between sp_feet and ro_feet - WIP)
    - eliminated some logical constraints from the original script - select "add/keep all spikes" / "add/keep all ropes", and you're done, it will now disregard the initial configuration
    - CR01 features a Skyrim model, instead of the original cross
    - upon expiring, the crucified victims will spasm a few times - both for "artistic impression", and to stabilize their position in the restraints
    - CRX 1.7
    - Dead body collision
    Screenshots: to illustrate the available variants for CR01, 02, 03 and 05
    Future plans:
    - different variants for CR01 and CR05 sp_feet / ro_feet
    - further tweaks to positioning
    Possible bugs and issues:
    - CR01 (Skyrim) cross may feature spikes with purple or invisible textures - let me know if that's the case, the intention was to replace the steel texture with a rusty one
    - various positioning issues - let me know if they occur immediately after the victim expires, or after a re-load
    - you need to delete the restraints (select the restraint in console, then disable; mark for delete) in order to re-use an already used cross
    Original credits, and thanks, to @Oakern, author of CRX
    Permissions: as per Oakern's terms



  12. Working noose - proof of concept

    Important notes to please pay attention to before installing 6.0.1
    1. this mod is meant to be used with extensive console use, it is not “plug and play” and is not very user-friendly; please do not try to use unless you are familiar with the console and you are willing to put in some effort (sometimes) for things to look and work right
    (if the codes listed for the items below don't mean anything to you, then you should not install this version)
    2. if you have any previous versions of this mod, the new version will erase the previously placed furnitures because the form ids changed; don’t install if you want to keep already placed nooses and furniture
    3. for convenience in commanding NPCs (placing them in setcommandstate mode), I highly suggest FO4 hotkeys https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11664
    (I am attaching my own hotkeys.ini file, either rename “SAC Hotkeys.ini” to “Hotkeys.ini”, or copy/paste my commands to your keys of choice – I mapped F1 to getting a NPC into commandstate and F2 to release them)
    4. all the furnitures in this mod will kill the NPCs, including essential ones (it will kill Preston); don’t hang NPCs that you don’t mean to die, or be prepared to reload
    5. the placed furniture / nooses usually needs some position alignment
    (I am using Autohotkey object mover https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24773)
    6. all the objects must be obtained or placed via console, there is no constructible object, recipes or similar
    Main new features of this new release:
    -          It will play a random mix of Grayuser’s hanging animations, mixing and switching the animations mid-scene
    -          The furnitures are no longer constructible, just use the weapons provided as directed or spawn them from console
    -          It will place random hands and/or feet restraints which persist after death (they will look weird sometimes)
    -          There are a number of facial expressions for the hanged NPCs, AAF is required to this to work
    -          Streamlined the scripts a lot behind the scenes
    -          Allows for many NPCs to be hanged simultaneously
    -          The player can now hang themselves (sort of, in fact it will hang a doppelganger of the player, otherwise the camera just doesn’t work, AAF is needed for doppelganging to work)
    -          Other stuff I’ve probably forgotten
    Scripted furniture (scripted = when NPC sits in furniture, the hanging starts automatically); use console PT to spawn the furniture
    Gallows T scripted, 2 “seats” (28EAF)
    Gallows TT scripted, 4 “seats” (28EB1)
    Gallows Beam scripted (28EB2)
    Hanging Pole (BE4D7)
    Hanging Pole straight (BE4D9)
    Hanging Plain (DBE93)
    Use cases for the scripted furniture:
    Setcommandstate the NPC, direct them to “sit furniture”, or
    Shoot the NPC with the Noose IDLE gun, the IDLE gun will snap the NPC into the nearest furniture (either noose or gallows) – make sure you have previously directed them nearest to the furniture / noose you mean to use
    Unscripted furniture (unscripted = the NPC will kneel and wait to be hanged later with the Hanging Gun) – this is useful for simultaneous hangings
    Gallows T noscript (28EB5)
    Gallows TT noscript (28EB4)
    Gallows Beam noscript (28EB3)
    Gallows with 3 nooses (BAFA4)
    Gallows with 4 nooses (4F5DB)
    Use cases for the unscripted furniture:
    Setcommandstate the NPC, direct them to “sit furniture”, then shoot them with the Hanging Gun – it will spawn a noose and hang the NPC, or
    Shoot the NPC with Hanging gun IDLE, they will kneel into the furniture, then shoot them with the Hanging Gun to hang them
    Hanging Gun (58BF4) – spawns a short noose at the NPC location, hangs the NPC
    Hanging Gun IDLE (AC438) – snaps the NPC into the nearest gallow seat (if the gallow is scripted then they will kill the NPC automatically, if the gallow is not scripted the NPC will kneel and wait) or noose (all nooses are scripted)
    Hanging Gun Furn (150359) – will spawn a scripted furniture at the NPC location and hang the NPC
    Noose arrow (10358B) – is a grenade that flies in straight line and spawns a long noose on contact with any surface; aim it at a beam or tree branch, fire like any grenade (straight line!), and you get a working noose
    (sometimes the tree braches have no collision for the “arrow” to impact into, so the “arrow” will fly into the sky and spawn a noose very high up; be prepared to TCL, fly near the noose and delete it in console)
    Noose arrow exec (8B283) – same as the noose arrow, but spawns a type of noose that doesn’t kill the NPC, rather they will animate indefinitely (until you kill them somehow else, like with a bullet, then they will hang dead)
    Absolute requirements: F4SE, AAF
    Version 5.0+ requires Gray User's Bad Ends Animations ; his NSWF pack is recommended if you want sound during the animation phase
    I really do recomment installing FO4 Hotkeys and assign one hotkey (I use F1) to the command "pna; setcommandstate 1" (this will enable you to command any NPC just by pointing at them and pressing F1)
    Place Everywhere is highly recommended
    An autohotkey manager for object manipulation (like this one) is highly recommended, to position the nooses freely outside workshop areas
    - ag12 for his invaluable help in setting up the script, thank you!
    - Oakern, for his awesome CRX mod, which is a must-have for me (hopes he keeps adding content to it), for providing the inspiration and for giving me permission to use his assets (which I did)
    - Vader666, from whom I took the hands-bound animation and helped me figure out how to add animations to furniture (thank you!), check out his Torture Devices mod
    - LazyGirl, check out her Abduction mod
    - steve40 for giving me permission to use his dirt shader from CWSS
    - Crimsomrider, for giving me permission to distribute my modded versions of his outfits
    - Gray User for his hanging animations
    - others who kindly helped me at various stages along the way
    Use it - and hopefully improve upon it - in any way you want, but please let me know in a comment or PM if you managed to create a better version, so I can enjoy it myself. This is the reason why I uploaded it under modder's resouce.
    I cannot speak for the assets I took from Vader666, Crazy, steve40 and Crimsomrider - those assets belong to them.
    Future plans
    - A flexible rope for the noose - help needed
    - More animations - help needed
    This is my first scripted mod ever. It may break your save, your game, or your life (shouldn't, really, unless it's already fucked up) - I take no responsibility. The scripts are not tested for performance or for persistence. If you get bloated saves, or bloated Papyrus logs, or orphan scripts, or whatever, sorry, I don't really know what I'm doing, so use this mod(der's resource) on your own responsibility.
    Detailed change log (please take the time to read this)



  13. Vault Meat - Sex Tec Visual Assets

    This modder's resource contains vault meat assets made for the purpose of supporting Sex Tec or any other fallout 4 sex animation mod. The resources have most scenarios considered as well as contain variations for both a full animation sequence as well changing the purpose of the asset in the first place.
    Hence once animated these resources can be used in multiple ways and for multiple purposes.
    For example:
    The sex training asset, first previewed image, shows Vault Meat in a happy & docile state however the assets also contain different faces & body position variations that show her struggling to free herself. Most assets provided here contain workfiles that include these variations.
    File Types
    The assets provided are both in .psd and .ai formats to help animators to fully animate these files similarly used in the game without having to re-draw anything or needing to draw Vault Meat accurately from scratch. The modder in question needs to have experience with animating via vector lines to be able to properly animate these assets and bring Vault Meat to life in FO4.
    These files are free to use by anyone as long as they get in touch with me before starting work on them.
    I simply hope to be involved.
    All these arts & assets have been made by Ruthless Peasant
    (If you like his work please consider supporting him on Patreon!)



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