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    1. LAPF version 1.6a1

      Lovers Animated Penis Framework (LAPF)

      You need to install OBSE v20 (or higher): http://obse.silverlock.org/
      You need to have the latest version of oblivion (complete with patch
      Shivering Isles is not required for this plugin, but is for many others.
      New 1.5 body switch menu:


      Ok, I'll bite you say, what in the blue bells of St. Mary is this nonsense and why another freaking version?
      This is designed to be the best and hopefully easiest version of LPK to install.
      It includes an animated penis\futa\dildo (meaning it is able to be moved by the animations), as well as 134 reworked or new animations, with more on the way.
      This package includes all core files as well as Lovers MB2 (its animations have been updated to be AP ready as well).
      Technical details of what is included:

      You do not need a Resource Pack and Base Pack anymore - all needed core files are included. This one plugin takes the place of the old Lovers Base Pack and the Lovers Resource pack.
      After you install this please proceed to the LPK download section and grab any plugin that interests you.
      Please make sure that it is AP ready or that it has an alternate AP ready version.
      LPK plugins download section: http://www.loverslab.com/files/category/5-lovers-with-pk/

      In an effort to make installing Lovers Plugins a might easier I have put together several bundle packs for you as well.
      Here is the LAPF Supplemental pack: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/355-lovers-supplemental-plugin-pack/
      Here is the LAPF MBP based Lovers packs: - coming soon
      Please see the requirements listed in the description of each for specific information.

      Install Instructions:
      (Note: This information is available in txt form inside the download archive file as well - see the docs folder.)
      Please use 7zip to extract all archive files!


      Question: Help! Why don't my animations line up?
      A) If you are on uneven ground, too close to another object (walls, stairs, chair and so on) it can screw up the alignment. If none of those are the issue then just hit the 1-4 or 9, 0 keys at the top of your keyboard to adjust the alignment while your PC is having sex. Any changes you make will be saved in your saved game. If you start a new game however, those changes are lost and you will have to adjust them again.
      NOTE: You can only have one adjustment per animation. If you play with races that are taller or shorter than the default imperial race then animations could be off a bit.

      The unknown Japanese and Russian modders who created lovers with PK.
      Donkey and Ashal for all the work they did translating and improving\updating Lovers with PK.
      Donkey for the new ini format and tons of advice and help along the way to make this pack and overhaul the animations
      Vorpal & HanPL - unknown what contribution they made, but Ashal thanked them for version 2 of this pack.
      Nusbie, TDA, Donkey, Northern, Kasimir, ThatOne and Grumpf - tons of animations from these wonderful folks.
      WappyOne for all his help scripting and troubleshooting.
      Grumpf for male animated penis.
      TDA for the female animated futa mesh.
      Grumpf for the reworked female animated futa\dildo meshes.
      WappyOne again for scripting wildness and so much more.
      Ger4 for helping with v1.5
      Fejeena for his dildo meshes
      Supierce for the 1st person skeleton
      All those folks who had a hand in creating BBB! Bless every last one of you!
      Anyone else I missed that may have had a hand in creating, updating or improving lovers with PK.
      Hats off to all of you, for one of the most complex and yet flexible sex systems for any game.
      Hot Fixes:
      Notes for LAPF v1.6:
      - It is now possible to set default lower body types used during sex either in-game (Sexual Exploits -> Settings for Body and (Un)Dressing -> Penis Display Settings -> Set Default Futa/Penis Body Type) or in the .ini.
      - Small bug in Cut camera mode miscalculating the value of minimum angle change fixed and smooth cut vertical movement smoothed out.
      - String setting in .ini that sets individual camera adjustments on position by position basis. Two sets of values included for just LC 2.0 & LC 2.0+MotionNT(default) installations.
      - Rings & Amulets can now be set to strippable in the settings spell and .ini alongside all other equipment slots. For mod authors the new Off/DefNudeFlags are 32768(Rings) & 65536(Amulet).
      - Equipment can now be set to unstrippable. To set items as unstrippable use 'Sexual Exploits -> [ My Sexual Diary ] -> Set My Equipment Untrippable' for player and 'Sense Sexual Exploits (Other) -> Set Their Equipment Unstrippable' for NPCs. You can remove items from the unstrippable list at 'Sexual Exploits -> Options for Body and (Un)Dressing -> Remove Stripping Exceptions'.
      - First Person: Warning given if Enhanced First Person Camera OBSE plugin is not detected in settings menu.
      - First Person: View is correctly returned to 1st person after sex instead of fake 3rd person view.
      - Added preview mode to voice settings menu.
      As usual this is just a drop-in replacement .esp, no clean save required.
      NOTE: alternate body packs have been removed as they are now included in version 1.6
      NOTE: YOU MUST either reinstall Lovers Creatures 2.0 after installing this plugin (if you have already installed LC 2.0) or replace the two files listed below with the ones from LC 2.0:

      Menu Options Guide by the Awesome Mem4ob4:


      A. If you use DR 6 or UV 2 or some other plugin that uses 3rd person animations in 1st person view then give the LAPF Enhanced 1st Person Skeleton a try.
      It was made by Supierce and can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37432-lapf-enhanced-1st-person-skeleton/
      Note: If you are looking for a Russian Translation of the LAPF, just pop over here: http://adultmodslocalized.ru/topic/562-lapf-rus/



    2. CM moonelves REPACKAGED 1.0.0

      Hey guys,
      This mod is by no means my content. It is something that abriael made a long time ago but that is now incompatible with Xenius' races. What is different in this mod. I just changed the dependancies since the mod author has abandoned the mod for a long time now as it seems so i took it on myself to do it in his place. If for some reason he comes back and does it himself, this will probably be deleted. But that is highly unlikely since he hasn't been active fore a couple of years now.
      The mod should already be structured accordingly, so just unpack and past it in the NORMAL oblivion folder (again NOT data folder but the one before it, if i see someone claiming that they can't find it in their load order THAT is probably the reason why). Also you still need the Original mod for this to work since this is only a .esp file so overwrite it when it asks to.
      Anyway have fun with this little bundle of joy.



    3. CombatOmega

      Combat Omega
      A combat mod that alters/merges Deadly Reflexes 5, Denock Arrow, Finite Ammo, Eagle Eye Realistic Archery, Duke Patricks Actors Can Miss, Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Alert Npcs, Duke Patricks Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert, SM EncAndFatigue, Sm Combat Hide, Ragna Parry, Unequip Broken Armor, Average Run Speed, Throw Any Weapon, Stealth Redone, Stealth Overhaul Redux, Double Tap Dodge
      I removed the enemy explode spell completly, all horse related stuff since it wasn't in use in this version, stopped the npcanger spell from being added to the player, removed the dodge/flip system in favor of another and various other script changes.
      Stealth Overhaul Redux
      Removed assassination spells, set to use CombatOmega.ini
      SM mods and UBA
      Altered scripts and quest names to make all 3 use CombatOmega.ini
      The rest are just merged in.
      === Thanks and credits to ===
      -Skycaptain for DR5 and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
      -HeX for Throw Any Weapon and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
      -Maskar for Uneqip Broken Armor
      -Strategy Master for Combat hide and EncAndFatigue
      -Ragna for Ragna Parry
      -Pashok for "Eagle Eye" Realistic Archery Mod
      -Sca for the Duke Patricks mods
      -Scruggs for Denock Arrow
      -Ocfordite for Finite Ammo
      -Seldalore for Average Run speed
      -Samuro_ for Stealth Redone
      -JOG for Stealth Overhaul
      -Sandman53 for Stealth Overhaul Redux
      -Documn for Double Tap Dodge
      If you are receiving an error about SM Bounty, I had accidentally uploaded a mistake. Bounty was meant to be removed, to make for better compatibility with other mods that would alter such.
      If you want to use SM Regional Bounty, it is compatible.
      11-5-17 UPDATE!!
      The new esp fixes that green expanding magic effect. As in, it's gone. This make throwing more stable and much less like to crash the game.



    4. ITS ALIVE!!

      Happy Halloween everyone. In the name of the holiday I present a classic monster with an Elder scrolls twist. Frankenstein's monster or the Frankensteinian as I have called it is a tough race built to take a hit really well. Unfortunately just about everyone hates it. This race suffers reaction penalties from all but one of the races. The only ones that give a positive reaction are the orcs who relate to the monsters brutish nature and lack of social grace.
      I have included the psd files in the extras folder for easy editing if you wanted to customize your own monster. Personally I use a few components from IAJOT race replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40284/? Since I have a few of its components installed. I wanted to include these as alternate textures but I had to get multiple permissions from different people and I was running out of time to get this out for October.
      Anyway this is my first real mod so I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. Anything I make is open use. Feel free to use any of it, no asking necessary.



    5. Monster Girl Blockhead Edition 2.00

      Some people might ask 'Why did you want to fix Emily's mess?!', and the answer is...I don't know. I might be suicidal! I'm also a total lore nut and spent countless hours trying to make everything mesh as neatly with TES's canon as possible. As such, I took a number of liberties renaming items, races, and...other stuff, to comply within the bounds. The Amazonians warriors are now the Sovngarden Eidolon, spirits from Shor's Sovngarde, the Nordic warrior paradise, come to challenge mortals to glorious battle. The Ageha are fiendish Daedra aligned with Molag Bal. The bee monsters are Daedra that heed the whims of Meridia and loath undead. The ghouls are now Kothringi, an ancient tribe who was turned into immortal undead through an ill-fated deal with Clavicus Vile. If you aren't a fan of me taking liberties, well...the old one is still somewhere in that other thread and I'll be happy to help troubleshoot CTDs with it.
      This is still a total WIP that I intend to continue working on, but I want to have what's done so far online for posterity in case I suddenly croak or lose interest, or something.
      Download the four zips: Meshes, Textures, Sound, and Core links lead to MEGA to install v1.75. Download the subsequent additional versions in order and install over it. f you use Wrye Bash, you -must- tag the .esp as a relvl so it's added into the patch's compiled Leveled List, otherwise very few of the monsters will ever show in-game!
      Please post any and all bugs, no matter how minor they might seem!



    6. Dynamic Underwear System 3.0

      Dynamic Underwear System (also referred as DUS) changes the way that underwear items work in Oblivion. When a shirt or trousers are taken off, your character or any other NPC will have their underwear equipped instead of going commando.
      Screenshots in download page - NSFW!
      DUS keeps track on the player and surrounding NPCs for any changes in their appearance. If a shirt was removed, an underwear item will take it's place if found from the inventory. A dynamic distribution system is also included that will aim to give everyone around you at least something to wear the very first time they are detected.
      An "underwear item" is defined by a simple "(underwear)"-tag in its name. This means that DUS can easily handle basically any clothing item as underwear while that item doesn't need to be dependent of this mod at all. This makes it very compatible with any clothing or armor mod out there and maybe can even used to give some "extra functionality". However, if those items are wanted to automatically appear on NPCs, they must be set up appropriately.
      Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
      For underwear models
      Universal Skeleton - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596/? (for some underwear models)
      Roberts Male Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40532/?
      One of these:
      HGEC Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24078/? Roberts Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15624/? TGND2 Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30914/?

      ...nude versions obviously.

      Seamless Equipment - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45855/?
      See below.
      Wrye Bash
      The archive is BAIN-formated. Numbers represent categories, SE means seamless equipment version.
      Create mod and add archive. Load omod convertion data and activate.
      Please use your mod organizer if you used one when installing. To uninstall this mod manually, remove the following files or folders:
      Data\Dynamic Underwear System.esm
      Data\Mod Settings\Dynamic Underwear System\
      Functionality with other mods
      DUS includes an expandable exception system to prevent any underwear from popping when you don't want it. First of all, there is an exception token that will prevent any actions being made to a given person if found from the inventory. Secondly, a token of some sort from any other mod can be used for the same effect.
      Some mods are even natively supported (outdated):
      - Lovers with PK
      - Lovers MB2
      - Player Slave Encountes (not tested)
      Known issues or bugs
      None at the moment
      Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
      Thanks to the authors of Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) and their contributors
      Thanks to shadeMe for the Construction Set Extender
      Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
      Thanks to Comrade Fienyx for tweaks and ideas
      HGEC underwear items are work of Exnem, RAIAR, MadCat221, coronerra, Saaya, Dryad & stricken618.
      Robert's underwear items are work of Robert himself.
      TGND underwear items are work of Luchaire, Kalia, Sickleyield, Kristoffer & alt3rn1ty.
      All seammended versions of equipment are work of junkacc.
      Generic ground model used by this mod is made by Nessa.
      I don't care what you do with the main mod. However, most of the assets included here are work of others, for which you must follow their own licenses.
      I tried to make sure that I'm allowed to upload all content here but in the case that I messed up, please inform me so that I can remove violating content.
      Female Underwear Pack




    7. DMRA Wardrobe for DMRA-GUTS 1.3

      DMRA Wardrobe collection for DMRA-GUTS
      A conversion of 2pac4eva7's DMRA Wardrobe for DMRA-GUTS

      Diano shows up twice, but only the full set is converted (the one with the sukato, ultra light, and mizugi swimsuit options). The extra set remains regular DMRA.
      Sorry for the lack of pictures as it is a number of outfits (partial list):
      Exnem's Amazon, Rogue, Warrior Bikini
      Growlf's Chain, Cut Leather, Sharp, String Tanga, and Fishnet
      Tiff's Sexy Kunoichi
      Shadow Watcher

      Recommended skeleton:
      BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99
      Recommended animations:
      NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer by fore
      the original outfit creators
      Mktsang, Alexscorpion, Hellknight, Coronerra
      and anyone else involved in the HGEC / GUTS / DMRA / Manga bodies and BBB / BB systems.
      Gerra6 for the great blender scripts.
      Feel free to re-use in a non commercial fashion within the wishes of the original mod authors and with credits given.



    8. LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

      LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix
      Modification of LoversBitch 5b -- Original by Chase Roxand
      Version 1.51 BB fix
      By fejeena and WappyOne
      You don't need the Original Mod. ( It is advisable to delete original LB, make a clean save, then install LB Gone Wild)
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z, and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
      No clean save needed for LB Gone Wild updates.
      LBGW 1.51 BB fix
      Special is, all dogs and wolves have dicks.
      I add dicks (dogd.nif) to all city dogs and vanilla dogs/wolves. And "xLoversBitchNoDogdToken" to all SkinnedHounds(so no flickering double dicks in game)
      I did that to avoid the CTDs when the script add dick to a dog/wolf. See also script changes in "script work by WappyOne!!!!"
      Oblivion.esm (Shivering Isles version)
      Lovers with PK.esm
      Lovers with PK.esp
      OBSE v20
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z
      and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
      New in LB Gone Wild
      Extreme (many dog sex pictures) and normal version in one esp, can be changed with the setting menu (the bag on Rena's table)
      WappyOne aditions: summon wild wolf spell. Wolf type summoned depends on player level and location. (you can get it from Meara after first training lesson)
      ! You must tame the wolf! In some regions are no wild wolves, e.g.Cities.
      Old and new
      Rena's shop and Maera's house with 50+ pictures, statues, tapestries, Bitch throne, shelf with dog statues, store sign .....(dog sex)
      new Bitchthrone mesh (extreme Version)
      Wolf cave UL compatible.(Unique Landscapes - Chorrol Hinterland)
      Bigger kennels, 8 kennels, only normal dogs.
      All "special" dogs are only player-dogs.
      Bigger player kennel room
      15 new player-dogs.(available with console)
      faction rank icons.
      "The Book of Canines" text is corrected = the Bloodhound text ( corrected Doberman too Bloodhound )
      You can buy "The Book of Canines 2"
      Renas diary ( her first dog sex. Not my text/work ! I found a free story in the net and modify it a Little)
      9 Eastereggs (real eggs, totaly useless)
      Decorative egg holders added to case in shop, activate to place/reclaim found Easter eggs.
      new egg textures (If you do not like the new textures, the old textures are in the "Old egg textures" Folder)
      3 Teddys (useless but nice. female,male and shemale Teddy)
      2 possibilities to place your Teddies ( one in sex positions, other next to each other)
      Wild Wolf summon spell.
      Options menu reworked for clarity.
      Hold parties in the kennel room! Invite your best friends (or worst enemies). A Switch behind the Bitch throne.
      Slave bitch key can now be set independently of main all fours key. If not set Ctrl or Alt+player mount all fours key = slave bitch key.
      -Reworked Training quest. You or your slave can do the quest.

      Quest (! by WappyOne !) available after mounted by 20 or more unique dogs. Some nasty rumors have been flying around Chorrol.! reward is the Southlander Wolf !
      The player dogs/wolves: you can buy or get as quest reward: dog, wolf, collie, doberman, mutt, german shepherd, hellhound, bloodhound, Southlander wolf.
      Only available with console: wolf statue, tundra wolf, shadow wolf, spectral wolf, brown collie, spotted dog, hyena, damn dog, armored battle dog, rune dog, teddy dog, order dog, madness dog, amber dog, skinned dog, brown werewolf, golden werewolf, grey(black/white)werewolf.
      Other things can not be seen.(they are all in the wolf temple, which is not yet in use. Statures,new cell,new NPC, flying bone and beef,....You can cheat and unlock the door to see it)
      script work by WappyOne!!!!
      From the activate menu (not bitch bone) can return to kennel/send away kennel/wild canines.
      Re-tamed wild or summoned canines (not if killed, but sent away then re-summoned) retain their stats.
      Watching your canine companion mount someone else raises your lust. Likewise, your companion watching you have sex with someone else raises their lust.
      Tamago In Heat crossover fixed. Was toggling itself on/off every 10 seconds. Lust gain was based on frames per second instead of time. Now shuts itself off after bitch has been thoroughly bred (>25 sperm present). Messages added to warn player of what is happening to them.
      Different canines now gain lust at different rates. The more tame canines will now not rape the player at lust > 95, losing ability points instead. When those are exhausted they will rape.
      Canines now have differing lust gains and ease/difficulty to tame.
      Specific warnings are now given as your companion's lust rises before a forced mounting occurs.
      Trapped in Oblivion" quest startup routine (strip, slave, remove all possesions) broken into 3 parts, done once per frame update to prevent CTDs.
      In Heats "fix": If Player is forced to all fours by high lust, he will attract some attention after a minute if not otherwise serviced.( A dog is summoned by the script.) Problem was: When the player was forced in position and there were no dogs/wolves near by, he had to crawl till he found a dog/wolf.He can not use spells in mount posion(like "Call Wild Canine")
      Added check for dogs becoming invalid while knotted (disappearing summons).
      Removed dynamic adding of dog penises due to CTD issues.
      Script effect spells no longer forced to use Burden Icon.
      Fixed: Player forced to all fours due to rising lust no longer causes slave bitch to strip.
      Fixed: In some locations the attract/invite to mount internal spell would fail to work.
      Fix for mounting while forced to all fours not working if slave with Bitch collar is far away.
      script change (At the request of mem4ob4)
      To make the mod more compatible with other mods.(other mod makers can use the "onAllFours" command, without add LB as master).That does not change anything to LB !
      new in VERSION 1.51
      ---WappyOne's work---
      XXX- New setting available "All Fours Strip". If one of the slots options is chosen those slots are the only ones that will remain stripped when mounting starts. Clothing is re-equipped when standing up. Four choices:
      XXX- As per Lovers (default): When getting on all fours an actor is stripped as if Lovers sex had started.
      XXX- Upper+Lower: Only upper and lower slots are stripped.
      XXX- Lower: Only lower slot is stripped.
      XXX- Nothing: Clothing is left as is when getting on all fours.
      - Dog behavior during attraction phase has been cleaned up:
      - Dogs not eligible for sex will not start chasing.
      - All dogs chasing a target will stop once that target is no longer eligible for sex, be it by mounting, standing up, death, etc.
      - First dog to reach chase target will immediately mount instead of waiting a few seconds.
      - The player's dog will resume following the player after a chase is finished.
      - New dogs now become available for sale in Rena's shop after a certain number of unique dog mountings.And and you can gain two more ranks.
      - Fix: After losing a tamed wild companion the player is no longer automatically friendly to all future members of that type of canine.
      - Fix: Some dogs that are already loyal pets are no longer tamable.
      -player room: the store garret,a store with no comfort. Available after the Chorrol nasty rumors quest.
      -loading screens(7). If you do not like, there is a extra esp without loading screens.
      new in Version 1.51 BB (Better Bruno)
      - CTD fix: removed the strip function because of CTDs. see the XXX marked lines in "new in Version 1.51"( if you don't like/need the playerroom and have no CTDs with Version 1.51 you can use 1.51 with the strip function)
      - more playerroom ( Dog Filters cigaretts, a chest with the kennel Irons, CTD and many more )
      - more pictures
      To have music in the playerroom you must add your own music wav file in the folder data\Sound\fx\LoversBitch
      There are only "silent voice" placeholder files in the folder.
      CTD1.wav to CTD9.wav
      Version 1.51 BB fix
      nothing new, only "strip clothes when on allfours" fixed.
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
      Version 1.51 BB fix3
      Test Version for all those who have CTDs with far away Dogs try to mount/reach the Player on all fours. And dog/wolf Sound correction.
      Nothing new !
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and Version 1.51 BB fix3 esp and readme.7z
      New Oct. 2016
      if you have the old 1.51 BB LC3 version you don't need it !!! Nothing new !!!
      Only for easier installation the animations from the Creatures Overhaul-Workshop in the file.
      Version 1.51a BB LC3
      For animated penis animations/Skeleton from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop
      All you need: meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z
      Install LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z last and let overwrite ! Read the Readme !!!
      YOU DON'T NEED THE FILE FROM THE CREATURES OVERHAUL _ WORKSHOP ! animations and skeleton are in my file.
      DO NOT INSTALL "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z" !!
      All dog and wolf meshes with animated dick.
      All Mods that use vanilla dog,wolf,SkinnedHound meshes now have a dick.
      There is also a Folder with some dog meshes from other Mods with added animated dicks.
      You don't need the "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z" it is for the older LoversBitch versions, if you want animated dicks.
      Player room Pictures and things you can do or activate in the Player room.
      http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15876-loversbitch-gone-wild-151-bb/page-33?do=findComment&comment=582870 Shit, the pictures does not work anymore.
      Here the "What you can do and activate in the player-room" Pics

      Difference between Normal version and extreme version.

      See pictures below in the download thread. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/128-loversbitch-gone-wild/
      Dog meshes replacer: file "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z"
      for animated penis animations/Skeleton from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21315-creatures-overhaul-workshop/
      Rune dog variations: 4 Rune dog color variations (see last screenshot at the bottom of the download thread. The blue is the original)
      Old egg and Picture textures: the old egg textures and one old Picture. see Pictures download side or in the download file.
      Kennel Irons replacer:DMRA ( 2 versions Glossiness 10 and Glossiness 300)
      Default Kennel Irons(Larger Breasts) = from H cup to DMRA
      GSB Kennel Irons = from H cup to DMRA
      not changed
      Default Kennel Irons (D cup)
      Uriel Kennel Irons (H cup)
      Credits: Chase Roxand, GSBmodders(for GSB kennel irons), mem4ob4 (for change tattoos to DMRA), Ark of Truth and Mailamea (for DMRA seamless)
      Other replacers:
      Lovers Bitch Gone Wild Art Replacer . by QLee NEW 10.2015
      A picture replacer: some pictures, handbill and Trainer wanted poster.
      A picture replacer, "Manga style" by QLee
      "beware of wolves" poster(put it in folder textures\k9\art\ )
      freshly printed.
      Other Mods:
      If you play with Tamago you can sell your creature and human children
      Some extra stuff: Bitch tattoos, collars, tail-plugs
      Update Version5 my Bitch Tattoo chest.
      Some pictues and download are here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/280-wearable-tattoos-and-body-writings/
      Oh shit.....
      To make it short
      meshes and textures:All modders in the world
      Bitch throne mesh by KOBJ (SurrealRoom mod)
      pictures:All artists in the world (all pictures are changed more or less by me, I downloaded the originals from "hentai foundry".)
      Maigrets Battle Dogs(Waalx for the meshes and textures)
      Werewolf creatures designed by jcarl904
      And special thanks to Chase Roxand (original LoversBitch mod) and WappyOne for all the fixes and the wild-wolf summon spell.
      Poontank for the lector work (Renas diary and all other books)
      Some cheats and tip. And quests and things you can do.

      My other stuff:
      BravilUnderground addon
      different stuff



    9. Basic Instinct v2 2.0

      NOTE: I am not the author/creator of Basic Instinct, I simply made some slight modifications to accommodate clothing options for certain companion mods.
      Basic Instinct is well known at this point and is included/integrated in some other mods and pose packs (i.e. sexlivion, etc). No one seems to really know who the original author was but the work is generally regarded well. However I kind of found it personally disturbing that none of the female NPC actors had any facial expressions during the 'exercise'. So I began some modification to add facial expressions to the NPC's animation files. Then it got to the point where I also made changes to the script and spell. So finally here is a list of changes made before I called it a rest.
      - Spell class is now fully in the restoration school and the duration extended to a full 2 minutes.
      - The beginning quest message box is also the completed stage.
      - The spell script now correctly checks for alternative NPC inventory containers when in sleep (i.e. Vilja's pajama bag).
      - The "going basic" token is also scanned for and removed if left in the NPC inventory after a forced dispell and/or script termination. Just cast the spell on the NPC a second time.
      - A "keep cloths on ring" item is now included. Place the ring in a female NPC inventory if you what her to still were some cloths (Vipcxj's real high heels is a good add).
      - Corner messages added.
      - NPC no longer removes cloths until they reach the bed(roll). Clothing packages are re-evaluated after the spell terminates.
      - Female vocalizations are now moved to the animation files and synced to facial expressions.
      - Facial expressions are random and include mouth, cheek, eye, and eyebrow movements. She now blinks every now and then, like she's suppose to. Distinctive plateau vocalizations.
      - Breast animations are still exclusive to Eshme's bodies.
      Future To do:
      - Random leg movements.
      - Breast movement for HCEG/Exnem bodies.
      - and attempt to try whatever anyone else thinks is a good idea.
      Use it freely, enjoy!
      They belong to everybody else, no need to even mention me.
      Who am I:
      Noble N'wah
      WARNING: adult content. Do not install if you are under the legal age for it or consider adult content to be offensive.

      After mod activation you should see a welcome message. A new spell will be added to your spellbook.
      It is a nastier version of the stark reality spell. Make sure there is a bed or a bedroll available
      nearby for your spell target. Animations work properly only on female NPCs.
      I do not recommend using this spell on the quest NPCs as it forcefully resets the AI package on the target
      (i.e. it probably would be a bad idea to cast it on Martin when he follows you, LOL ).

      I do not expect many conflicts with other mods. This mod adds a new folder into the sleep idle animations
      that is more or less self-contained. Still, I did not test it with lots of other mods and cannot promise it
      will work in all situations. Please consider it an early betta and back up your savegames.
      Animations are a bit choppy sometimes - right now I am more interested in a two-actor version than in fixing them.
      The new spell can make game rather unbalanced in some situations as it removes all armor/rings/amulets from the target.
      I tried to balance it out by adding a restore health effect for the duration of the spell.
      1) Oblivion
      2) Eshme's better bodies highly recommended. I fully expect some ugly results without it. I have not tried it with any
      other female body replacement mods.
      1) Copy the contents of the Data folder into the oblivion folder. The mod does not replace any oblivion files.
      Below is the file list:
      2) Activate mod in the "Data Files" section of the oblivion launcher.
      Mr.Cellophane - for the awesome animation tutorial and examples
      Psychos - for the good script to get actors undressed
      Authors of Eshme's better bodies mod for the inspiration
      People who created all the tools/tutorials to make the animation export/import possible.



    10. Lovers Heartbeat 1.2

      Just a basic mod which plays heartbeat sound effects during player sex and for a period of time afterward.
      Please let me know about any bugs. Enjoy



    11. Nusbie Sound Pack 1.0

      Not mine, but I already uploaded this to Mega and post a link a while ago. This is the best loverspk voice sound pack out there for Oblivion, so I thought it should be available for people to access.
      Since the file is larger than 100MB, it had to be split into several parts in order to upload to loverslab.
      To Re-Join the files, use this http://www.hjsplit.org/windows/



    12. More Realistic Rape Sounds 0.66

      More Realistic Rape Sounds by Tirem12 v0.66
      This is a set of replacement rape sounds for the Lovers framework that makes rape victims sound as if they are in actual distress/trauma. I was dissatisfied with the default rape sound sets included, as they sound mostly like normal sex, so I used some free voice samples to create replacements.
      As of v0.66, this pack contains replacements for voicesets ns1-ns4. ns5 and ns6 are not currently supported, but the other sets may easily be copied over. Each set included has sounds for all 5 stages, so allocating some time to the second and third stages is recommended to appreciate the progression.
      ns1 is the highly afraid and submissive voice set- she knows that she can't stop it and is just trying to endure it, knowing a scream would result in her being harmed.
      ns2 is the standard voice set- she makes multiple pain noises and the occasional despairing cry for help.
      ns3 is the chatty voice set- she is constantly saying no, pleading, screaming for help, etc. All in vain, of course.
      ns4 is the low/throaty voice set- she starts out in distress, but as the stages progress, her evocations change from despairing to erotic as her body betrays her.
      Permission is given to use these sets in whole or in part anywhere else, with or without credit.
      Just extract to the Oblivion folder and allow it to overwrite the existing sound files, or convert to an omod and use a mod manager.



    13. Seamless OCO Body Textures

      A range of seamless body textures for OCO V2. Requires this http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45859/? as well as OCO V2. Altough these textures are seamless around the neck, they still have hand/foot seams in some cases, alough hopeful these shouldn't be very noticible.
      They are all for the imperial race (given that many races you the imperial textures for their body), although I may do others in the future.
      I'll update this from time to time.
      1 - Krista HGEC Oblvion body texture.
      2 - Ziher Highres Textures For Exnems Body (HGEC Version): http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/14780
      3 - Nec High-Res Textures HGEC: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/21531/?
      4 - Shockwolfs Real Skin - For HGEC: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42414/?
      5 - High-res High Elf/Golden Saint HGEC Texture based on NEC.
      6 - High-res Dark Elf HGEC texture (based on Ziher Highres Textures For Exnems Body).
      I've also made seamless textures from these, but the authors don't give permission for redistribution. I can't use the nexus messaging service for some reason, so I can't ask.
      Ok, the messaging is fixed. I'll try asking.
      Additional seamless textures can also be found here, although they do not include normal maps. You will need to get those from here or elsewhere http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46937
      UPDATE - I've uploaded the other two textures. I got permission for one and the author of the other has not been online since 2013. I will, of course, take that one (NEC textures) down if they ask.
      Credits -



    14. Creatures Replacers with Dicks

      I placed this file in the PK section, because I think only LoverCreatures- users use it. (dear moderators feel free to place it in the Fallout-resources section. )
      Full Vanilla Creatures Replacer with Dicks
      Download file: fullVanillaCreaturesReplacer.7z
      No dicks:
      Jyggylag, Gnarl, Rat, Slaughterfish, Willothewisp, Hunger
      Extra folders:
      female deer with dick ( the deer buck has a dick). Put the skindoe.nif in Data\meshes\creatures\deer
      Hunger use their tungue for sex. They need no replacer. The thin pointed vanilla tongue is sufficiently.
      But you can install the thicker LoversCreatures tongue. Data\meshes\creatures\hunger
      The difference between Vanilla and LoversCreatures see picture "Hunger tungue.jpg" in the download file (or in the Support Topic post 2)
      If you use "LoversBitch Gone Wild" delete the folder meshes\creatures\dog of this file ( not your game dog Folder ) then install the replacer.
      LoversBitch adds dicks to all dogs and wolves, you would have 2 dicks with the NIFs from this Replacer.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Alternative horse penis textures http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14619-lovers-creatures-20/page-15?do=findComment&comment=689122
      Alternative Spiderdaedra with bigger sting (and breasts) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/33424-creatures-replacers-with-dicks-addon-spider-daedra/

      Vanilla Zombie replacer with Penis
      Download file: Vanilla Zombie replacer.7z
      3 versions:

      Version B is in the "Full Vanilla Creatures Replacer"
      Install only one lefttorso01.nif AND lefttorso02.nif
      You can choose one Version (both NIFs) or you can mix (e.g.Version B lefttorso01.nif and Version C lefttorso02.nif)
      NIFs must be placed in meshes\creatures\Zombie\
      Version B needs the textures folder.
      Vanilla and LoversCreatures horse replacer
      Download file: vanilla and LoversCreatures horse replacer.7z

      Vanilla horses are in the "Full Vanilla Creatures Replacer"
      If you only wants 'LoversCreatures horse with dick' you must copy the "horsearmor.nif" AND "skeleton.nif" (meshes\creatures\horse) and paste them into your game Folder (data\meshes\creatures\horse).
      Without the "skeleton.nif" the horse dick is stretched ! (like BBB titts without BBB Skeleton)
      If you use the "Full Vanilla Creatures Replacer" and wants to add the 'LoversCreatures horse with dick' you can install the meshes and texures Folders (What is overwritten is identical).
      Alternative horse penis textures http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14619-lovers-creatures-20/page-15?do=findComment&comment=689122
      Vanilla Rat replacer update Version2
      Download file: dog-rat2.7z
      The dog-rat

      My Rat replacer
      Download file: My Rats.7z ! fixed 25 Sep 2015 !
      If you want facehuggers all over Cyrodiil . Not all rats were altered in facehuggers, but most rats in the landscape, sewers and Caves are facehuggers.

      Vanilla Sheep replacer
      Changed all Sheeps into Pigs. 3 different Pigs, boar Sound. suitable for Lovers.
      Download file: Sheep to pig.7z
      CREDITS: all stolen!
      I did only a little bit mesh copy, UV edit and textures changes.



    15. LoversCrowningIsle K no MBP patch

      LoversCrowningIsle K

      no MBP patch

      No MBP patch for LoversCrowningIsle 1.03.6K SpecialFix
      Some NPCs have new clothes.
      The Sirens use the Angelic Siren race from AsharasSirensAndTritons Mod
      You need:
      You need AsharasSirensAndTritons Mod ( not the MBP version. Use this http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/19103/ )
      And of course the CrowningIsle1.03.06K_Animation_update.7z ( NOT the LoversCrowingIsle__esp_Only_1.03.06J.7z ) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/270-loverscrowningisle/
      The Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm is empty (included in the download), only a dummy file (so it is easier to update the no MBP patch) you can use a "real" Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm

      ! the LoversCrowningIslenoMBP+Sirens esp fix.7z is for the first 48 downloaders ( before 8.Dec 2014)
      The LoversCrowningIsle K no MBP patch.7z is fixed ! no need to download the fix.
      For German users

      All esm and esp in load order( of course not directly after each other )
      Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm (my fake version or a real MBP.esm, included in the download)
      Lovers with PK.esm
      Remember that CrowningIsle use the old animation system, if you use LAPF some dialogs not fit with the animation (Talking about blow job and fucking your ass)
      And LAPF does not have all 200 animations (human-human) but CrowningIsle use some of the missing animations. ( so sometimes no animation is played )
      You can "filling the holes" with the old animations:
      use the "Revised BBB 11-200 Animations Pack 12-12-12" http://www.loverslab.com/topic/11501-lovers-animations-workshop-old-one/?do=findComment&comment=255685
      post 4 the last Link "Revised BBB 11-200 Animations Pack 12-12-12.7z" Do not overwrite LAPF animation ( or backup the LAPF animations)
      Hope you know each animation has 4 Off kf and 4 Def kfin Data\meshes\Characters\_male\idleanims\ani2 and a INI file in Data\ini .
      In an old CrowningIsle Version galgat added the animations he used in the mod. Not missing animation! All the animations are also in LAPF but they differ.
      You can use them if it bothers you that dialog and ani does not fit.
      The animations are in the "galgat animations" folder. (backup your LAPF animations before install).
      You can use the Lovers CrowningIsle BBB replacer ( a mesh replacer) or the LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon (esp version)
      You don't need the LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon (esp Version), all 4 clothes are in this Mod.
      You can download it if you want a different Moanett (Siren Queen) Outfit and replace only the mesh ( In this Mod is the original Outfit. so you can replace it with Version 2 or 3 )
      original in this Mod, Version 2 and 3 in LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon. ! only replace the meshes ! you don't need the esp !
      These Outfits are in LoversCrowningIsle K no MBP patch (and in LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon (esp Version) ) So don't use/install the LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon (esp Version)

      NEW: Booty clothes version2 replacer (20 Dec 2014)

      Download it here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20041-lovers-crowningisle-bbb-replacer/?do=findComment&comment=468683
      File: Booty version2 gloss and no gloss.7z
      Meshes and Textures fix ( 16 Dec 2014 ) Not in the main file.
      Mesh Texture fix2.7z
      Fix for Ms. Greaves clothes and the Queen Armor.And the original CockGag from galgats Mod. And a textures fix for Bootys clothes.
      I always thought in the Crowning School are too many whores, that's why I have some stuttering ( My Graphics Card wanks )
      But it was the Ms. Greaves clothes mesh.
      The Cock-Gag fix: was partially transparent

      Credits: galgat