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    1. LAPF

      Lovers Animated Penis Framework (LAPF)

      You need to install OBSE v20 (or higher): http://obse.silverlock.org/
      You need to have the latest version of oblivion (complete with patch
      Shivering Isles is not required for this plugin, but is for many others.
      New 1.5 body switch menu:
      See download page

      Ok, I'll bite you say, what in the blue bells of St. Mary is this nonsense and why another freaking version?
      This is designed to be the best and hopefully easiest version of LPK to install.
      It includes an animated penis\futa\dildo (meaning it is able to be moved by the animations), as well as 134 reworked or new animations, with more on the way.
      This package includes all core files as well as Lovers MB2 (its animations have been updated to be AP ready as well).
      Technical details of what is included:
      You do not need a Resource Pack and Base Pack anymore - all needed core files are included. This one plugin takes the place of the old Lovers Base Pack and the Lovers Resource pack.
      After you install this please proceed to the LPK download section and grab any plugin that interests you.
      Please make sure that it is AP ready or that it has an alternate AP ready version.
      LPK plugins download section: http://www.loverslab.com/files/category/5-lovers-with-pk/

      In an effort to make installing Lovers Plugins a might easier I have put together several bundle packs for you as well.
      Here is the LAPF Supplemental pack: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/355-lovers-supplemental-plugin-pack/
      Here is the LAPF MBP based Lovers packs: - coming soon
      Please see the requirements listed in the description of each for specific information.

      Install Instructions:
      (Note: This information is available in txt form inside the download archive file as well - see the docs folder.)
      Please use 7zip to extract all archive files!

      Question: Help! Why don't my animations line up?
      A) If you are on uneven ground, too close to another object (walls, stairs, chair and so on) it can screw up the alignment. If none of those are the issue then just hit the 1-4 or 9, 0 keys at the top of your keyboard to adjust the alignment while your PC is having sex. Any changes you make will be saved in your saved game. If you start a new game however, those changes are lost and you will have to adjust them again.
      NOTE: You can only have one adjustment per animation. If you play with races that are taller or shorter than the default imperial race then animations could be off a bit.

      The unknown Japanese and Russian modders who created lovers with PK.
      Donkey and Ashal for all the work they did translating and improving\updating Lovers with PK.
      Donkey for the new ini format and tons of advice and help along the way to make this pack and overhaul the animations
      Vorpal & HanPL - unknown what contribution they made, but Ashal thanked them for version 2 of this pack.
      Nusbie, TDA, Donkey, Northern, Kasimir, ThatOne and Grumpf - tons of animations from these wonderful folks.
      WappyOne for all his help scripting and troubleshooting.
      Grumpf for male animated penis.
      TDA for the female animated futa mesh.
      Grumpf for the reworked female animated futa\dildo meshes.
      WappyOne again for scripting wildness and so much more.
      Ger4 for helping with v1.5
      Fejeena for his dildo meshes
      Supierce for the 1st person skeleton
      All those folks who had a hand in creating BBB! Bless every last one of you!
      Anyone else I missed that may have had a hand in creating, updating or improving lovers with PK.
      Hats off to all of you, for one of the most complex and yet flexible sex systems for any game.
      Hot Fixes:
      Notes for LAPF v1.6:
      - It is now possible to set default lower body types used during sex either in-game (Sexual Exploits -> Settings for Body and (Un)Dressing -> Penis Display Settings -> Set Default Futa/Penis Body Type) or in the .ini.
      - Small bug in Cut camera mode miscalculating the value of minimum angle change fixed and smooth cut vertical movement smoothed out.
      - String setting in .ini that sets individual camera adjustments on position by position basis. Two sets of values included for just LC 2.0 & LC 2.0+MotionNT(default) installations.
      - Rings & Amulets can now be set to strippable in the settings spell and .ini alongside all other equipment slots. For mod authors the new Off/DefNudeFlags are 32768(Rings) & 65536(Amulet).
      - Equipment can now be set to unstrippable. To set items as unstrippable use 'Sexual Exploits -> [ My Sexual Diary ] -> Set My Equipment Untrippable' for player and 'Sense Sexual Exploits (Other) -> Set Their Equipment Unstrippable' for NPCs. You can remove items from the unstrippable list at 'Sexual Exploits -> Options for Body and (Un)Dressing -> Remove Stripping Exceptions'.
      - First Person: Warning given if Enhanced First Person Camera OBSE plugin is not detected in settings menu.
      - First Person: View is correctly returned to 1st person after sex instead of fake 3rd person view.
      - Added preview mode to voice settings menu.
      As usual this is just a drop-in replacement .esp, no clean save required.
      NOTE: alternate body packs have been removed as they are now included in version 1.6
      NOTE: YOU MUST either reinstall Lovers Creatures 2.0 after installing this plugin (if you have already installed LC 2.0) or replace the two files listed below with the ones from LC 2.0:

      Menu Options Guide by the Awesome Mem4ob4:

      A. If you use DR 6 or UV 2 or some other plugin that uses 3rd person animations in 1st person view then give the LAPF Enhanced 1st Person Skeleton a try.
      It was made by Supierce and can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37432-lapf-enhanced-1st-person-skeleton/
      Note: If you are looking for a Russian Translation of the LAPF, just pop over here: http://adultmodslocalized.ru/topic/562-lapf-rus/



    2. Nier's cosplay outfit

      ——— About this Mod ———
      (Sorry guys my English is no good, hope you can understand the translations below)
      This is a clothing MOD that contains a piece of clothing, two accessories (Sabre, and Pod), and two helmets. The two helmets have a 2B face (no expression), one uses the player's own face (expression, if you have confidence in yourself can try this) There is a simple physics effect on clothes and hair (this is the second time I've done physics, I can use it, if I'm doing it a bit, I'm going to wear it a bit)  
      Get Method: ChemStation/Console/etc  
      Notice Because I was a high imitation Miss 2B, I didn't do a Bodyslide file. Yes, this dress does not support BS, but uses a CBBE stature skeleton, so you will need to have a front-mounted CBBE  
      Known BUG and related conflicts MOD have not been found  
      I didn't use gloves and the texture material was normal. The left hand's feathers would wear with the Pip-boy. I originally intended to remove the feathers of my left hand, but I didn't think much about it. If you don't like it, you can open the model and delete it yourself.  

      1 download


    3. Tera heavy armors for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl

      Conversions of Tera heavy armors 1-4 for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl.
      Located in a chest in the testing hall.

      Vipcxj's Real High Heels System:
      (optional if using the Muscle Girl versions)
      Oblivion Muscle Girl Body / Race and pre-requisites

      Recommended skeleton:
      BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99
      Recommended animations:
      NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer by fore

      Zomb_killer & Tigersan
      and anyone else involved in the HGEC / GUTS / DMRA / Manga bodies.
      Feel free to re-use in a non commercial fashion within the wishes of the original mod authors and with credits given.
      SHA-256:  d2deae2eab1aa869208dd42e3ad24fa7f32f4f36f87bebfeef260e66bc01d163



    4. Lovers Creatures 2.0

      From the great minds that brought you Lovers Creatures, the New and Improved Animations Project and ShadowRunners\WappyOnes RaperS comes a breakthrough of ominous proportions:
      Lovers Creatures 2.0
      From the dark, dank and smoke filled laboratories deep inside the catacombs of Lovers Lab and Wolflore comes a most heinous and troubling development.
      A revision to plugins that you all know and love! The horror, the gall, the abomination that is lovers creatures 2.0 arrises.
      Feast to the fullest and suck from its marrow........
      Question: Ok, ok, enough sappy nonsense! What the heck is lovers creatures 2.0 and why the hell should I install it?
      Answer: Well, if you have been lucky enough to catch glimpses of the Infamous Donkey's videos, you would have noticed that he figured out a way to enable creatures to switch positions during sex. Something that many folks desired, but no one other than the great Donkey himself had any idea how to make happen. Recently Donkey (who has retired from modding) contacted me over at Wolflore and asked me if I would be interested in taking the scripting work he had done and implement it into the lovers plugins. Since I have made it abuntantly clear to all, that I am scripting stupid, he suggested that I contact the very capable WappyOne to help out. WappyOne did far more than help! He took the project on his shoulders and completed it far sooner than I ever thought possible.
      Here are the changes from 1.4.1 Revised to the Lovers Creatures 2.0:
      1. Pose switching is available with the grab key for creatures with multiple animations.
      2. General cleanup/removal of unneeded files.
      3. Disabling or adjusting how often a specific animation shows is possible by editing Data\ini\xLoversCreature.ini
      4. New slots have been built into the Idleanims esp file so that new creature animations can be added easily. Hopefully I and other animators from the Lovers Animations Workshop can put together a few new animations to fill these spots in the not too distant future...
      NOTE: To be able to use the grab key to cycle animations you MUST upgrade to Lovers with PK rev96v2!!!!
      Installation Instructions
      1. Extract the 1 file to a temporary location.
      2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
      3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
      4. Start OBMM or Wyre Bash and place a checkmark beside the .esp and .esm files to enable them.
      In this revised version all fixes and patches are already applied.
      You need not download any other files besides the LAPF.
      I can't thank both Donkey or WappyOne enough for all the hard work that they put into making this plugin a reality. Cheers to both of you!
      Optional MotionNT Installation Instructions
      1. Install Lovers Creatures 2.0 first.
      2. Extract LoversMotionNT files into (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
      3. Copy files from \Data\ini\LoversCreaturesExtraIni\MotionNT to \Data\ini, overwriting the MotionNT .ini files (this will enable pose switching for the NT files).
      4. Note: the esp from MotionNT is not needed so you can leave it disabled or delete it.
      Unknown Japanese Modders
      Several of you have asked about the ini file and weights so here is a breakdown from WappyOne on the grimy details:
      NOTE: I have put up a dog texture patch but that is only needed for those who have already downloaded Lovers Creatures 2.0 prior to 2-27-2013. Those installing after that will not need it as it has been added to the main file now. If your dogs willies are not show up just install the patch.
      Another patch (same note as above on installing) I had the wrong animations for the tentacle monster so she wasn't working correctly.



    5. Monster Girl Blockhead Edition

      Some people might ask 'Why did you want to fix Emily's mess?!', and the answer is...I don't know. I might be suicidal! I'm also a total lore nut and spent countless hours trying to make everything mesh as neatly with TES's canon as possible. As such, I took a number of liberties renaming items, races, and...other stuff, to comply within the bounds. The Amazonians warriors are now the Sovngarden Eidolon, spirits from Shor's Sovngarde, the Nordic warrior paradise, come to challenge mortals to glorious battle. The Ageha are fiendish Daedra aligned with Molag Bal. The bee monsters are Daedra that heed the whims of Meridia and loath undead. The ghouls are now Kothringi, an ancient tribe who was turned into immortal undead through an ill-fated deal with Clavicus Vile. If you aren't a fan of me taking liberties, well...the old one is still somewhere in that other thread and I'll be happy to help troubleshoot CTDs with it.
      This is still a total WIP that I intend to continue working on, but I want to have what's done so far online for posterity in case I suddenly croak or lose interest, or something.
      Download Instructions: Download the large 1.9X GB file linked on MEGA, then download Update 0520218. Install the main files, then install the updated ones over it. I fixed some broken meshes. If you use Wrye Bash, you -must- tag the .esp as a relvl so it's added into the patch's compiled Leveled List, otherwise very few of the monsters will ever show in-game!
      Please post any and all bugs, no matter how minor they might seem!



    6. Gorangas Economy System Katemck V 1

      Gorangas Economy System Katemck Version 1
      The changes in the dialogue concerning the restaurant job have been extensively changed and added too by myself.
      contains responses from both male and female customers now.
      ************Appropriate adult content warning.**************
      Yes there's lots of it, ooodless! so if your of the mind to be easily offended by sexual content, well i cant help you.
      Maybee you should consult a doctor.
      The ..F word is used...you can guess the rest. Oh and specific genitaliya pertaining to Elvish women. Gynaecological differences.
      This mode is re-written as to be played by a female character only, and assumes you are in every aspect of daily life a woman in Oblivion.



    7. Lovers CrowningIsle BBB replacer 2.3

      Lovers CrowningIsle BBB replacer
      version 2.3 Update: new Student Dress and Siren armors(meshes by kingkong) and some fixes
      I tried to keep the original clothing look (exept the Student dress). All E cup except the No.9 armor (H Cup)
      And I also replaced the slave Irons. The edged feet with Robert feet.
      Student Dress, No 9 armor, CRggMaMaArmor, Siren armor and pregnant Dress(Body) have alternative Versions. Othes clothes only one Version.
      !!! Galgats no 9 armor is BBB, I added 2 sadistic Versions.
      Not my meshes (stolen from different mods and add Crowning textures)

      You must install meshes and textures folders.
      Then you can look at the pictures if you want to replace some of the replacers, and install the meshes folder of the replacer you want.
      The textures for all replacers are in the textures folder.
      Update fix: There was a hole between the upper and lower Body in Student Dress Version 3
      download the "Student Uniform version3 fix.7z" normal and gloss Version included.
      Crowning Isle replacer BBB gloss meshes v2.3
      oily Skin (like galgat's original meshes)
      You need the textues Folder from the CroIsle replacer BBB v2.3.7z
      All in one BAIN friendly Folders made by Oblivion_Cat ( 21 Dez 2014)
      Inclued all updates and gloss Versions.
      I have not tested it, I don't use Wrye Bash.
      PM all angry complaints or thank you to Oblivion Cat.
      ESP Version
      update:textures path correction
      19.6.2014 update esp mesh path correction
      ! ! ! You must download the CrowningIsle BBB replacer ! ! !
      First install the "CrowningIsle BBB replacer" (meshes and textures folder)
      Then install the "Lovers CrowningIsle Clothes Addon" ( esp, meshes and textures)
      Then you can look at the pictures if you want to replace some of the replacers, and install the meshes folder of the replacer you want.
      Inside: unique clothes for Booty, Ms. Greaves, Moanett (Siren Queen) and Moana (Siren Mother).
      ( In the original, Booty, Ms. Greaves and Moana use Vanilla clothes. Moanett use Siren armor)

      Booty Clothes Version2 ( 20 Dec 2014)
      File: Booty version2 gloss and no gloss.7z
      Gloss and no Gloss Version. copy-paste the meshes Folder in your data Folder.

      LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon gloss meshes
      oily Skin (like galgat's original meshes)
      You need CroIsle replacer BBB v2.3.7z
      Load order: LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon.esp direct after LoversCrowningIsle.esp
      Or you can merge my esp with galgat's esp (use Tes4Gecko)
      All in one BAIN friendly Folders made by Oblivion_Cat ( 21 Dez 2014)
      Inclued all updates and gloss Versions. ( also Booty version2)
      I have not tested it, I don't use Wrye Bash.
      PM all angry complaints to Oblivion Cat. or say thank you.
      For both Versions Lovers CrowningIsle BBB replacer and LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon
      Meshes and Textures Fix ( 16 Dec 2014 )
      File: mesh texture fix.7z
      Reason: unclean meshes, caused stuttering and/or FPS drop. Especially the Ms.Greaves clothes.
      For the Cro-Isle replacer BBB
      Siren armor version 2 small and the original CockGag from galgats Mod.

      For the LoversCrowningIsleClothesAddon
      Ms.Greaves clothes and the Queen Armor. And the original CockGag from galgats Mod. And a textures fix for Bootys clothes.
      Queen armor Version 1 (original)
      All 3 Ms.Greaves clothes Versions.
      All armor-clothes meshes No-Gloss and Gloss Version.
      Readme in the download !
      galgat's excellent LoversCrowningIsle Mod: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/108-loverscrowningisle/
      If you do not like my Replacer, you can download "Backup of original galgat meshes.7z" and copy back all or some of the original meshes.

      kingkong for add BBB to the Ashara Shells, the new Student Dress, some piercings and Siren armor v5 and 6.
      ImaGHS BBB Mod ( Nipple torturer in No9 armor)
      Oblivion Cat
      All those I've forgotten.



    8. Pubic Hair Growth

      Pubic Hair Growth
      This mod simulates pubic hair for female characters. The hair updates over time, and can be trimmed or shaved.
      In-game configuration
      A mirror item is given to the player after the tutorial is completed. Dropping the mirror into the game world and activating it will allow the player to choose pubic hair color.
      If the player places a Knife, Pewter Knife or Silver Knife onto the mirror first, activating the mirror allows the player to trim or shave their pubic hair instead.
      Ini file configuration
      Growing intervals can be adjusted by changing the "days" variables in the ini file.
      The mod can announce when the hair has changed, by setting announce to 1. The announcement messages are also configurable, by adding and editing the following lines to the ini file:
      set PHGMain.stageBaldMsg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for fully shaved" set PHGMain.stageStripMsg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for shaved into a strip" set PHGMain.stage20Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 20 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage40Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 40 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage60Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 60 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage80Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 80 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage100Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for fully-grown hair" Compatibility
      This mod is implemented as hidden clothing which uses the tail slot. Males, Argonians and Khajiit characters are not supported. It requires the latest version of OBSE.
      Meshes are based on nude lower M option from HGEC Body with BBB v1dot12 (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34442/). Other body types might work, but clipping or other visual issues could occur.
      Version 1.0.1 uses a .bsa file instead of loose assets - make sure to remove the previous version's files before upgrading.
      Known issues or bugs
      Sometimes a knife will fall through the collision mesh when dropped from the inventory directly onto the mirror - tipping the mirror over will fix the problem.
      There are no other known issues at the moment. If you have a problem with the mod, please let me know.
      Licensing and legal notes
      The body meshes are based on work by Exnem, RAIAR & MadCat221, coronerra, Saaya, Dryad, stricken618 and Rivelle. If you wish to modify or reuse that content, you will need to follow the licenses related to that content.
      Everything else is my own work, and you are free to use as you want.



    9. Lovers Prostitute V 2.4 - DukkyFeej Version

      Lovers Prostitute V 2.4
      DukkyFeej Version
      Original version by A Mage in His 30s
      Initial Translation by HanPL
      Edited version by LongDukDong
      Additional work by Fejeena
      Assistance by Sladen2019  for Better Cities compatability
      Like title says this mod adds Prostitutes and Brothel to Oblivion Universe.
      By HanPL:
      When you get bored of killing mobs or have to much gold in your pocket you can go visit one of the girls spreaded around Tamriel and have some fun. Girls take Male and Female customers.
      Just as before, there are new girls roaming the streets of Tamriel,  taking up residence in a few cities.  Along with them, a wandering gigolo travels across the lands selling his wares.   While the girls have found a home of sorts, the guy doesn't keep in one place for too long.
      Fortunately, you will be given a handbook to know where to find them all.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      To install, copy the BSA,  the INI folder  and one of the .esp files into your game's data folder.  Rename your chosen ESP file to 'LoversProstitute.esp' and you are done.
      If you're not satisfied with the 'Gold Route Bar' sign in Anvil,  the download file has a folder named 'Other Textures' with optional signs. If you prefer to use one of these instead,  copy the chosen .BSA file  into the data folder and rename it to 'LoversProstitute.bsa'.   Examples of each  different texture  is visible in the BSA Examples.jpg file.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      There are three .esp version of this mod, one that uses the "Modular Beautiful People" mod, and two the do not.  Use only one.  And whichever one you use, have its filename set to 'LoversProstitute.esp'.
      Again, ensure the NAME or both the .esp and BSA files are LoversProstitute and nothing else..
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      This version of Lovers Prostitute  is very much different from the original, in that a number of features that were hardwired are now setup within an INI file. Compared to some, the new LoversProstitute.Ini file might be a bit cleaner than most others. And for your convenience, the file is divided into three sections.  These sections covers costs for services rendered, NPC gender preferences and the sex acts/animations available. 
      There have been many changes to the dialog, with an effort to keep the original spirit of the game while continuing to replace the machine-translated texts.   As far as the quests, they are fully functional, though a good portion of the dialog and quest messages had to be rewritten.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      The player may have issues when using the system with Lovers with PK Extender due to its built-in lovers embrace feature.  The player may also find him/herself in trouble with nearby citizens or guards if the 'Immoral Guards' mod is in use.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      There are three .esp version of this mod, two that use the "Modular Beautiful People" mod, and one the does not.  Use only one.  And whichever one you use, have its filename set to 'LoversProstitute.esp'.  And if you choose not to use the default .bsa but one within the Other Textures folder in the download, have its fulename set to 'LoversProstitute.bsa'.
      Again, the NAME of both the .esp and .bsa must be LoversProstitute.
      Included within the download is a copy of the original LoversProstitute.zip translated by HanPL.  Also included is a new Modder's Document, "How to make a Prostitute" which discusses the several points needed to create a prostitute.    So anyone wanting to make a hooker or gigolo add-on... GO FOR IT!
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Version 0.25  - Original Version by A Mage in his 30s
      Version 0.25a - Translated Version by HanPL
      Machine Translated Additional dialog and quests converted into English  
      Version 2.0   - Edits by LongDukDong
      Reworked all known dialog Repaired/Cleaned the two quests Cleaned the scripts of Machine Code garbage (NEW) Added an INI system to handle sex positions and more (NEW) Introduced the first 'male' prostitute in the mod  
      Version 2.1   - Additional Edits by Fejeena with advise & testing by Sladen2019
      Eliminated unneeded rent scripts conflicting with other mods Relocated two structures for Better Cities compatbility Removed MBP dependency for No-MBP version Fejeena Custom No-MBP version with Anvil Bar still in Anvil Harbor (NEW) Graphic content for Anvil Bar  
      Version 2.2   - MBP and NoMBP versions.
      Rewrote dialog and QUest for No-MBP and Fejeena versions Rewrote handbook for structure's new locations Fixed dialog for prostitutes denying client on gender Added more factions, now existing in every major city (NEW) BSA file now included (based on Fejeena's work) (NEW) A 'How To' document for making a prostitute added (INCLUDED) A copy of the original LoversProstitute mod.  
      Version 2.3   - Faction Fix
      Corrected factions applied to two NPCs appearing in Bruma Corrected readme on which esps are and are not MBP using  
      Version 2.4   - Current Versions:  Book Fix
      Corrected name of Church in Leyawiin  
      OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Shivering Isles.esp Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better MBP 1.4a and MBP++ .098a    (Unless No-MBP versions)  



    10. DerkBloodlines Fix

      Dark Bloodlines Fix
      V 1.2
       by LongDukDong
      thanks to Odema, Vorpal and Galgat for the initial mod
      This mod is an add-on  to Dark Bloodlines originally by Odema  (translated by Vorpal, and tweaked by Galgat if you're lucky).   The purpose for this mod is to take care of a few issues, including some that relates to its use with the current version of the LAPF package.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Fixes issue that occurs if/when the player chooses two hookers Ports all sex animation poses into an INI file Adaptive Token for use with LAPF Extended Patch   
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Mod Order:
      This mod must be placed after DarkBloodline...  duh.  
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      As this is a patch for DarkBloodline, , it would not do any good to use this mod without the mod.  You can find this entertaining mod  at the link:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/423-darkbloodline-galgattweaked/
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Version History:
      Version 1.0   - Original Version
      Version 1.1   - Fixed Issues with Dryad actions
      Version 1.2   - Corrects dialog mis-naming a character.  Applies flag application to certain rapes.  Permits an already existing topic to function.
      OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better Dark Bloodline  
      LAPF Extended Patch (if LAPF Extended is used)  



    11. Player Slave Encounters V0.70 (Updated 28 Apr 18)

      All the meshes, textures and sounds required for Player Slave Encounters plus the ESP
      External links:
      ESP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/077kv07x79lngp7/PlayerSlaveEncounters_V0.69.esp
      Meshes http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361789151
      Sounds http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361790336
      Textures http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361793003
      Patch http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3bk1t7xv3oxnzhh
      DMRA Boobie Stocks is optional for those who use it
      ESP updated 23 Aug 14 (place this in your Data\ folder)
      Meshes uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Meshes\ folder)
      Textures uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Textures\ folder)
      Sounds uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Sound\ folder)
      Patch uploaded 27 Apr 13
      Your textures, sounds and meshes should be in the base folder not sub-folders. (e.g. Data\Meshes\ not Data\Meshes\Meshes\)
      Gaebrial's ESPs:
      - Merge the dialogue options from LoversPayBandit and PSE. It expects PSE to be before LoversPayBandit in the load order, and should go just after the latter.
      - Merge the appearance changes to the Hackdirt residents and brethren from HackdirtAlive with the responsibility changes from PSE. Doesn't actually have PSE as a master, because they are all vanilla NPCs. In fact, it may not even be required.
      - Fix a landscape tear near to Lord Pelham's estate in Pell's Gate caused by having LostSpires loaded as well as PSE. (Lost Spires is not needed for PSE)
      Oldwolf58's Fix ESPs (6-8-14):
      With Ichabod's permission I'm posting my fix to the V0.691 esp. This fix is for the Dog Days quest " I have no dialogue" bug with Gendrahel. Included is a patch esp for those of you who have LoversBitch installed and prevents all the dogs in Player Slave Encounters from becoming companions, which in most cases will cause a serious problem with the PSE quests.
      V0.691 is the last version I created.
      V0.694 and the LB patch is now here courtesy of Siskin



    12. Dynamic Underwear System (Continued)

      Dynamic Underwear System 3.2 "Trust Issues Edition"
      Dynamic Underwear System (also referred as DUS) changes the way that underwear items work in Oblivion. When a shirt or trousers are taken off, your character or any other NPC will have their underwear equipped instead of going commando.
      DUS 3.2 is an update by Sandalwood, to the original mod by Puuk. This update attempts to work around the issue of NPCs equipping underwear worth more gold than the clothes they were originally wearing. 
      The original mod and screenshots can be found here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2067-discontinued-dynamic-underwear-system/ 
      An optional underwear pack for TGND and HGEC is available in the downloads section.
      DUS keeps track on the player and surrounding NPCs for any changes in their appearance. If a shirt was removed, an underwear item will take it's place if found from the inventory. A dynamic distribution system is also included that will aim to give everyone around you at least something to wear the very first time they are detected.
      Unfortunately NPCs cannot be trusted with expensive underwear, and would often show off their lingerie in public. In these cases their underwear is kept in escrow, and only provided to them if they somehow lose their clothes. (I'm looking at you, Mage Apprentices - this is a place of magical learning, not a "Palonirya's Secret" fashion shoot.)
      An "underwear item" is defined by a simple "(underwear)"-tag in its name. This means that DUS can easily handle basically any clothing item as underwear while that item doesn't need to be dependent of this mod at all. This makes it very compatible with any clothing or armor mod out there and maybe can even used to give some "extra functionality". However, if those items are wanted to automatically appear on NPCs, they must be set up appropriately.
      Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/ 
      Universal Skeleton - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596/? (for some underwear models)
      Roberts Male Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40532/?
      One of these (nude versions obviously):
      HGEC Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24078/?  Roberts Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15624/?  TGND2 Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30914/?   
      Seamless Equipment - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45855/? 
      Manual - Not recommended.
      Wrye Bash - The archive is BAIN-formated. Numbers represent categories, SE means seamless equipment version.
      OBMM - Create mod and add archive. Load omod convertion data and activate.
      Please use your mod organizer if you used one when installing.
      To uninstall this mod manually, remove the following files or folders:
      Data\Dynamic Underwear System.esm
      Data\Mod Settings\Dynamic Underwear System\ (if installed from v3.1 or earlier)
      Data\ini\DUS.ini (if installed from v3.2)

      For best results, it is recommended to make a clean save without the original mod (and any underwear expansions) before installing this update.
      Functionality with other mods

      DUS includes an expandable exception system to prevent any underwear from popping when you don't want it. First of all, there is an exception token that will prevent any actions being made to a given person if found from the inventory. Secondly, a token of some sort from any other mod can be used for the same effect.
      Some mods are even natively supported (outdated):
      Lovers with PK Lovers MB2 Player Slave Encounters (not tested)  
      A new faction, DUSEquipFaction, has been added. An NPC can be given a rank in this faction to specify which equipment slots they may be given underwear for.
      Rank 0/no rank - given top and bottom pieces Rank 1 - given top only Rank 2 - given bottom only Rank 3 - no underwear is given  
      An example mod is available for Bravil Underground, which makes NPCs in Prostitutes's Mansion "Song of Vivek" topless again. Players who have already visited this area will need to make a clean save without DUS to see the changes.
      Known issues or bugs
      Fully-armored NPCs will have underwear in their inventory as usual. NPCs wearing low-cost clothing will only be given underwear if you or they remove their clothes first, which means you might have to re-loot them to see what underwear they had.
      This update has been used in a normal playthrough for several hours, including hanging out at the Arcane University, which was a problematic area. If you have any issues please contact Sandalwood. Although all effort has been made to ensure this is free of issues, it is recommended that you do not use this mod with any save-games you value.

      Thanks to Puuk for creating the Dynamic Underwear System.
      Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
      Thanks to the authors of Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) and their contributors
      Thanks to shadeMe for the Construction Set Extender
      Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
      Thanks to Comrade Fienyx for tweaks and ideas
      HGEC underwear items are work of Exnem, RAIAR, MadCat221, coronerra, Saaya, Dryad & stricken618.
      Robert's underwear items are work of Robert himself.
      TGND underwear items are work of Luchaire, Kalia, Sickleyield, Kristoffer & alt3rn1ty.
      All seammended versions of equipment are work of junkacc.
      Generic ground model used by this mod is made by Nessa.

      As with the original mod, you may do whatever you wish with this version. The included assets are unchanged from the original, and most are work of others, for which you must follow their own licenses. I re-checked the original asset licenses; please inform me (Sandalwood) if I've made a mistake so that I can remove violating content.



    13. LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

      LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix
      Modification of LoversBitch 5b -- Original by Chase Roxand
      Version 1.51 BB fix
      By fejeena and WappyOne
      You don't need the Original Mod. ( It is advisable to delete original LB, make a clean save, then install LB Gone Wild)
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z, and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
      No clean save needed for LB Gone Wild updates.
      LBGW 1.51 BB fix
      Special is, all dogs and wolves have dicks.
      I add dicks (dogd.nif) to all city dogs and vanilla dogs/wolves. And "xLoversBitchNoDogdToken" to all SkinnedHounds(so no flickering double dicks in game)
      I did that to avoid the CTDs when the script add dick to a dog/wolf. See also script changes in "script work by WappyOne!!!!"
      Oblivion.esm (Shivering Isles version)
      Lovers with PK.esm
      Lovers with PK.esp
      OBSE v20
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z
      and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
      New in LB Gone Wild
      Extreme (many dog sex pictures) and normal version in one esp, can be changed with the setting menu (the bag on Rena's table)
      WappyOne aditions: summon wild wolf spell. Wolf type summoned depends on player level and location. (you can get it from Meara after first training lesson)
      ! You must tame the wolf! In some regions are no wild wolves, e.g.Cities.
      Old and new
      Rena's shop and Maera's house with 50+ pictures, statues, tapestries, Bitch throne, shelf with dog statues, store sign .....(dog sex)
      new Bitchthrone mesh (extreme Version)
      Wolf cave UL compatible.(Unique Landscapes - Chorrol Hinterland)
      Bigger kennels, 8 kennels, only normal dogs.
      All "special" dogs are only player-dogs.
      Bigger player kennel room
      15 new player-dogs.(available with console)
      faction rank icons.
      "The Book of Canines" text is corrected = the Bloodhound text ( corrected Doberman too Bloodhound )
      You can buy "The Book of Canines 2"
      Renas diary ( her first dog sex. Not my text/work ! I found a free story in the net and modify it a Little)
      9 Eastereggs (real eggs, totaly useless)
      Decorative egg holders added to case in shop, activate to place/reclaim found Easter eggs.
      new egg textures (If you do not like the new textures, the old textures are in the "Old egg textures" Folder)
      3 Teddys (useless but nice. female,male and shemale Teddy)
      2 possibilities to place your Teddies ( one in sex positions, other next to each other)
      Wild Wolf summon spell.
      Options menu reworked for clarity.
      Hold parties in the kennel room! Invite your best friends (or worst enemies). A Switch behind the Bitch throne.
      Slave bitch key can now be set independently of main all fours key. If not set Ctrl or Alt+player mount all fours key = slave bitch key.
      -Reworked Training quest. You or your slave can do the quest.

      Quest (! by WappyOne !) available after mounted by 20 or more unique dogs. Some nasty rumors have been flying around Chorrol.! reward is the Southlander Wolf !
      The player dogs/wolves: you can buy or get as quest reward: dog, wolf, collie, doberman, mutt, german shepherd, hellhound, bloodhound, Southlander wolf.
      Only available with console: wolf statue, tundra wolf, shadow wolf, spectral wolf, brown collie, spotted dog, hyena, damn dog, armored battle dog, rune dog, teddy dog, order dog, madness dog, amber dog, skinned dog, brown werewolf, golden werewolf, grey(black/white)werewolf.
      Other things can not be seen.(they are all in the wolf temple, which is not yet in use. Statures,new cell,new NPC, flying bone and beef,....You can cheat and unlock the door to see it)
      script work by WappyOne!!!!
      From the activate menu (not bitch bone) can return to kennel/send away kennel/wild canines.
      Re-tamed wild or summoned canines (not if killed, but sent away then re-summoned) retain their stats.
      Watching your canine companion mount someone else raises your lust. Likewise, your companion watching you have sex with someone else raises their lust.
      Tamago In Heat crossover fixed. Was toggling itself on/off every 10 seconds. Lust gain was based on frames per second instead of time. Now shuts itself off after bitch has been thoroughly bred (>25 sperm present). Messages added to warn player of what is happening to them.
      Different canines now gain lust at different rates. The more tame canines will now not rape the player at lust > 95, losing ability points instead. When those are exhausted they will rape.
      Canines now have differing lust gains and ease/difficulty to tame.
      Specific warnings are now given as your companion's lust rises before a forced mounting occurs.
      Trapped in Oblivion" quest startup routine (strip, slave, remove all possesions) broken into 3 parts, done once per frame update to prevent CTDs.
      In Heats "fix": If Player is forced to all fours by high lust, he will attract some attention after a minute if not otherwise serviced.( A dog is summoned by the script.) Problem was: When the player was forced in position and there were no dogs/wolves near by, he had to crawl till he found a dog/wolf.He can not use spells in mount posion(like "Call Wild Canine")
      Added check for dogs becoming invalid while knotted (disappearing summons).
      Removed dynamic adding of dog penises due to CTD issues.
      Script effect spells no longer forced to use Burden Icon.
      Fixed: Player forced to all fours due to rising lust no longer causes slave bitch to strip.
      Fixed: In some locations the attract/invite to mount internal spell would fail to work.
      Fix for mounting while forced to all fours not working if slave with Bitch collar is far away.
      script change (At the request of mem4ob4)
      To make the mod more compatible with other mods.(other mod makers can use the "onAllFours" command, without add LB as master).That does not change anything to LB !
      new in VERSION 1.51
      ---WappyOne's work---
      XXX- New setting available "All Fours Strip". If one of the slots options is chosen those slots are the only ones that will remain stripped when mounting starts. Clothing is re-equipped when standing up. Four choices:
      XXX- As per Lovers (default): When getting on all fours an actor is stripped as if Lovers sex had started.
      XXX- Upper+Lower: Only upper and lower slots are stripped.
      XXX- Lower: Only lower slot is stripped.
      XXX- Nothing: Clothing is left as is when getting on all fours.
      - Dog behavior during attraction phase has been cleaned up:
      - Dogs not eligible for sex will not start chasing.
      - All dogs chasing a target will stop once that target is no longer eligible for sex, be it by mounting, standing up, death, etc.
      - First dog to reach chase target will immediately mount instead of waiting a few seconds.
      - The player's dog will resume following the player after a chase is finished.
      - New dogs now become available for sale in Rena's shop after a certain number of unique dog mountings.And and you can gain two more ranks.
      - Fix: After losing a tamed wild companion the player is no longer automatically friendly to all future members of that type of canine.
      - Fix: Some dogs that are already loyal pets are no longer tamable.
      -player room: the store garret,a store with no comfort. Available after the Chorrol nasty rumors quest.
      -loading screens(7). If you do not like, there is a extra esp without loading screens.
      new in Version 1.51 BB (Better Bruno)
      - CTD fix: removed the strip function because of CTDs. see the XXX marked lines in "new in Version 1.51"( if you don't like/need the playerroom and have no CTDs with Version 1.51 you can use 1.51 with the strip function)
      - more playerroom ( Dog Filters cigaretts, a chest with the kennel Irons, CTD and many more )
      - more pictures
      To have music in the playerroom you must add your own music wav file in the folder data\Sound\fx\LoversBitch
      There are only "silent voice" placeholder files in the folder.
      CTD1.wav to CTD9.wav
      Version 1.51 BB fix
      nothing new, only "strip clothes when on allfours" fixed.
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
      Version 1.51 BB fix3
      Test Version for all those who have CTDs with far away Dogs try to mount/reach the Player on all fours. And dog/wolf Sound correction.
      Nothing new !
      You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and Version 1.51 BB fix3 esp and readme.7z
      New Oct. 2016
      if you have the old 1.51 BB LC3 version you don't need it !!! Nothing new !!!
      Only for easier installation the animations from the Creatures Overhaul-Workshop in the file.
      Version 1.51a BB LC3
      For animated penis animations/Skeleton from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop
      All you need: meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z
      Install LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z last and let overwrite ! Read the Readme !!!
      YOU DON'T NEED THE FILE FROM THE CREATURES OVERHAUL _ WORKSHOP ! animations and skeleton are in my file.
      DO NOT INSTALL "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z" !!
      All dog and wolf meshes with animated dick.
      All Mods that use vanilla dog,wolf,SkinnedHound meshes now have a dick.
      There is also a Folder with some dog meshes from other Mods with added animated dicks.
      You don't need the "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z" it is for the older LoversBitch versions, if you want animated dicks.
      Player room Pictures and things you can do or activate in the Player room.
      http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15876-loversbitch-gone-wild-151-bb/page-33?do=findComment&comment=582870 Shit, the pictures does not work anymore.
      Here the "What you can do and activate in the player-room" Pics

      Difference between Normal version and extreme version.
      See pictures below in the download thread. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/128-loversbitch-gone-wild/
      Dog meshes replacer: file "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z"
      for animated penis animations/Skeleton from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21315-creatures-overhaul-workshop/
      ! Of course you don't need this replacer if you use 1.51a BB LC3 esp.
      Rune dog variations: 4 Rune dog color variations (see last screenshot at the bottom of the download thread. The blue is the original)
      Old egg and Picture textures: the old egg textures and one old Picture. see Pictures download side or in the download file.
      Kennel Irons replacer:DMRA ( 2 versions Glossiness 10 and Glossiness 300)
      Default Kennel Irons(Larger Breasts) = from H cup to DMRA
      GSB Kennel Irons = from H cup to DMRA
      not changed
      Default Kennel Irons (D cup)
      Uriel Kennel Irons (H cup)
      Credits: Chase Roxand, GSBmodders(for GSB kennel irons), mem4ob4 (for change tattoos to DMRA), Ark of Truth and Mailamea (for DMRA seamless)
      FIX / Troubleshooting :
      Lovers PK Extender does not work well with creatures sex.  Foreplay with creatures ??? If you have trouble, animations never end, ... Use   https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97403-lapf-extended-patch/ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      Other replacers:
      Lovers Bitch Gone Wild Art Replacer . by QLee NEW 10.2015
      A picture replacer: some pictures, handbill and Trainer wanted poster.
      A picture replacer, "Manga style" by QLee
      "beware of wolves" poster(put it in folder textures\k9\art\ )
      freshly printed.
      Other Mods:
      If you play with Tamago you can sell your creature and human children
      Some extra stuff: Bitch tattoos, collars, tail-plugs
      Update Version5 my Bitch Tattoo chest.
      Some pictues and download are here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/280-wearable-tattoos-and-body-writings/
      Oh shit.....
      To make it short
      meshes and textures:All modders in the world
      Bitch throne mesh by KOBJ (SurrealRoom mod)
      pictures:All artists in the world (all pictures are changed more or less by me, I downloaded the originals from "hentai foundry".)
      Maigrets Battle Dogs(Waalx for the meshes and textures)
      Werewolf creatures designed by jcarl904
      And special thanks to Chase Roxand (original LoversBitch mod) and WappyOne for all the fixes and the wild-wolf summon spell.
      Poontank for the lector work (Renas diary and all other books)
      Some cheats and tip. And quests and things you can do.

      My other stuff:
      BravilUnderground addon
      different stuff



    14. LAPF Extended Patch

      LAPF Extended Patch V 1.0
       by LongDukDong
      thanks to Akor for OBSE insight
      Have you ever had a problem when using 'Lovers with PK Extender' by Donkey with other mods or systems like Lovers Creatures, Lovers Bitch or other various systems that might have different sex effects?  If so, this patch is for you.
      This patch modifies or bypasses various features  built into the Mod,  as well as being compatible with the later written 'Lovers Satisfaction' mods.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Automatically sets Extended's Sex Stage system without Player need Fixes issues with Creature Sex Fixes issues with Hiyoko Shooter birth Allow lists of mods that disable built-in features: Default Embrace, Pose Hotkey, Premature Orgasm
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Mod Order:
      This mod must be placed after Lovers Extended.  If Lovers Satisfaction (and/or Lovers Satisfaction Extender) is used, it must be placed after as Satisfaction as well.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      As this is a patch for Lovers Extender, it would not do any good to use this mod without Extender itself.  You can find this entertaining mod by Donkey at the link:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/218-lovers-with-pk-extender-243-re-up/
      And if interested, you can find the Downloads to Lovers Satisfaction and Lovers Statisfaction Extender at the links below:
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Mods Listed:
      Within the Mod's own INI file, there are three sections which deactivates/disables/blocks some functions built into the Extended mod itself.
      Within the list of mods that prevent the 'Lovers Embrace/Cuddle pose' before sex begins, the newest version of LoversProstitute and LoversHookers are listed.  The 'form ID' used by the newest version of LoversHookers points to a sex performance flag that the player wears when sex begins.  The Form ID used within LoversProstitute is the token used by the prostitute's sex-negotiation scripts.  There is a third 'LSTBravilColdHarbor' mod listed, but currently not available.
      Both LoversHooker and LoversProstitute use those same two form IDs to prevent the player from switching from one sex position to another.  So if a prostitute offers to perform an action... that's the action that is going to be done and NO OTHER.  You won't be able to use the [Z] key to change sex positions with NPCs participating with these flags.
      A flag was set up for the LSTBravilColdHarbor mod (again, not currently available) which prevents the player from continuing sex if the player's partner finishes early.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Version History:
      Version 1.0   - Original Version
      OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP Lovers with PK Extended  



    15. Lovers Hooker 3.0 - Dukky Version

      Lovers Hooker V 3.0
      Dukky Version
      Original version by Callipygic
      Initial Edit by Gaebrial with aid by Manzor
      Edited version by LongDukDong
      Now you can make a little extra cash, just by lying on your back performing the oldest profession.
      This is a new update to the mod created by Callipygic, later updated and improved by Gaebrial. Links to both of their mods listed further below in this file.
      Gaebrial offered a number of improvements to the original,  with some modifications made by Manzor.   The primary change was the addition of an INI file that lets you control nearly all mechanical aspects of the system.  Along with that, Gaebrial also performed  a thorough job of cleaning the scripts  and overhauled all of the dialog while expanding the system to include male prostitution.
      This new version of Lover Hooker  is very much different from the original,  in that all of the sex poses that were hardwired within the mod are now set within a brand new INI file.  This new LoversHookerPoses.Ini file is smaller by comparison, but much desired if those that update the Lovers Package alter the poses used.
      ** If the LoversHookerPoses.Ini is not found,  it will generate random poses in   place of the missing ones.
      This is an error prevention feature. This version also includes a special hidden flag  that is applied to the player during sex, this flag used only when engaged in prostitution and a flag that is detected by an upcoming LAPF Extended Patch mod. Meanwhile,  this version also includes a means  to detect other known mods that have prostitutes.  Thanks to this detection system, the NPC hookers and gigolos from the other mods will now turn down the player's services.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      To install, copy the contents (.esp and ini folder) into your game's data folder. 
      It comes with the same LoversHooker patch  for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP as does Gaebriel's.  Include it too.    Just make sure the SSP patch loads after Lovers Hooker.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *

      From Gaebrial:
      The mod "Daily Income Revised"is highly recommended for use with LoversHookers. ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/953-daily-income-for-loversadultplayplusplusforssp-10/ or https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40484/ ).   This mod gives NPCs a income depending upon their faction, rank, social class and city of residence.  Without this mod,  most NPCs,  including those supposedly wealthy ones,  will only have a small amount of gold with which to purchase your services.

      From Callipygic:
      The usual beautification mods.   A sexy walks mod  (Mur-zik is my favourite so far). And a slutty clothes mod (I really like Colourwheels stuff).
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Older Versions:
      The link to the original version by Callipygic:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/2290-outdated-lovershooker-11
      The link to the edited version by Gaebrial:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6053-lovershooker
      If you're missing the LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP patch, the LAPF version of Gaebrial's mod holds a copy.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      The player may have issues when using the system with Lovers with PK Extender due to its built-in lovers embrace feature.  The player may also find him/herself in trouble with nearby citizens or guards if the 'Immoral Guards' mod is in use.
      *    *    *    *    *    *    *
      Version 1.0   - Original Version by Callipygic
      Version 1.10  - Revision by Callipygic
      If I've managed to update it correctly... This should add some more (and hopefully working) robustness Killed off for once and for all the tendency to turn itself off Should also limit chain approaches so you can take a few steps before another approach  
      Version 2.0a  - Revision by Gaebrial
      Various dialogue 'Goodbye' fixes. The gold calculation for NPC payment streamlined Related to the above, more options for the NPC to offer added Minor tweaks added to the greetings when you're well known  
      Version 2.1   - Revision by Gaebrial
      The diary and on/off hooker options are now lesser powers Dialogue option added to allow the player to offer their services to an NPC Compatibility patch for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP included The options for male players revised so the player will be the submissive Various other minor bug fixes and tweaks.  
      Version 2.1a  - Revision by Gaebrial
      Added the ini setting sFutaFan to handle female fellatio / cunnilingus options Fixed a potential mod conflict with the rank-based greetings  
      Version 2.20  - Revision by Gaebrial
      Added ini settings to control the number of clients needed to advance in rank Added ini setting to allow the use of a nearby bed when entertaining a client Prospective clients will now follow you through doors following A couple more bugs squashed  
      Version 2.50  - Revision by Gaebrial
      Completely reworked the approach calculation Altered the calculations for client rape if option is allowed Added four ini settings to allow the selection of favourite positions Added an option to toggle approaches on or off with a hotkey. Added a compatibility check for LoversBitch Added an option to the lesser power to stop the Charactergen quest
      Version 2.51  - Revision by Gaebrial
      Cleaned scripts Rewritten dialog Inclusion of INI file  
      Version 3.0   - Current Version - Edits by LongDukDong
      (NEW) Added an INI system to handle sex positions and more (NEW) Flag included for LAPF Extended Patch mod (NEW) System to detect other prostitute mods and alter dialog  
      OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Shivering Isles.esp Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better LoversHooker Patch for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP (Included)