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These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of a non-adult nature.

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  1. Veronica - The Flirty Imperial Milf - SE

    A port of Veronica The Flirty Imperial Milf, shared with permission from the original creator, Silver Wolf.

    Didn't do a whole lot of testing with her, but she should be fine.
    If you find any bugs, let me know through the support topic.

    The following was taken from the original mod's description, and adapted where needed.
    This mod adds a new companion to the game - Veronica. You can find her at Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth.
    She is a stand-alone follower, which means that you don't need any other mod to make her look like in the screenshots. You still need XPMSE for her to work normally, latest version is always recommended.
    She comes from Cyrodill, and is a far-relative of Abigail The Lusty Imperial Maid - SE  
    Background Story
    (Well, another made-up story from a man with horrible English)
    Veronica once lived happily in a small town in Cyrodiil near the border of Skyrim with her husband - an officer of the Imperial Legion. Her husband and his men kept the people safe while she took care of the children of the local orphanage. The children show their gratefulness by calling her "mother Veronica" for her kindness. Veronica was once a delightful and inspiring young lady, people said she was blessed by the Goddess Dibella and believed with their husband, they will bring a bright future to the town.... but that all soon changed...
    One day, the town was attacked by a bandit lord. Somehow all the bandits have banded-up together into a great force. The town people were suprised.... and Veronica's husband died with most of his men trying to defend the people.
    With a broken heart, Veronica was desperate. She was no longer the delightful lady people used to know anymore. Tragedy has taken away her happiness, but it could never take away the kindness of her soul. For the next few years, she lived like a shadow among the people, alone with her grief. Until one night, in her dream, the goddess Mara appeared and showed her a vision. The Divine told her to go to the cold northern lands, she told Veronica something will soon happen there and she will be needed.  
    Veronica saw it as a sign, she decided it was time to leave everything behind and move on with her life. She said goodbye to her town's people and started her journey to Skyrim, to the City of Solitude, to start a new life there. Unfortunately, by the time she arrived Skyrim, the Civil war was tearing the land apart. The roads are full of bandits and marauders. And with the Forsworn taking the mine and attacking any traveler they meet, Veronica is now stuck at the Silver-blood inn in Markarth city... until she meets the one called "Dragonborn".
    Ever since her arrival to Skyrim, Veronica has become quite open, chatty and maybe even a bit... Flirty. Could it be that she really left everything behind and is moving on with her life? Or is she still trying to hide away a wounded heart? Is it just coincidence? Or your meeting has been planed by the Divines?

    Well, that depends on what you see in her...
    About Veronica
    She's a conjurer capable of attacking enemies with Bound Sword, conjuring familiars and attronachs. She can protect herself with flesh spells (with perks), wards and healing. So you shouldn't give her armor or weapons; She can manage decently in combat; Her body type is 7B oppai! UUNP Generated! 7B HDT vagina supported; Marriageable; You can find her at the Silver-Blood Inn, in Markarth. From 10 AM to 5 PM she might be around the market, just infront of the inn; If it's the first time you arrive in Markarth, she may be inside the Inn, while other npcs react to Weylin's attack at the market.  
    Recommended mods
    HDT-SSE Physics and Framework (her body is AMAZING with it, look it up!)
    Skimpy clothes (7B oppai, 7B cleavage)
    EFF/AFT/UFO, or any follower management mod of your choosing
    Sexlab and plugins (If you know what I mean)

    Credits for the SE port:

    Original creator: Silver Wolf
    Conversion to SE: terciogustavo



  2. Abigail - The Lusty Imperial Maid - SE

    A port of Abigail The Lusty Imperial Maid v2, shared with permission from the original creator, Silver Wolf.
    I ported her over, corrected a couple of things and poked her until she was ready. (heh)

    I didn't find any bugs while testing her, but if you do, let me know through the support topic, and I'll see what I can do
    (Can't promise anything tho, still learning the way)

    The following was taken from the original mod's description, and adapted where needed.
    This mod adds a follower to the game - Abigail, a buxom maid.
    You can find her at Breezehome, of course you have to buy it first. She is a standalone follower, comes with her own outfit, that mean you dont need anything require, well, almost nothing. You still need a TBBP/BBP skeleton. And sure, she may be just another eye-candy follower 
    Background Story
    (well, just a made up story written by a man whose English is not very good)
    For once, her family lived in Breezehome when she was a lilttle girl. When she was 14, he parents passed away and left a huge debt. She could not pay it so they took their home. After changing owner many times before became Whiterun property. Abigail went to Solitude city and worked as a servant in Blue Palace. As she grew up, Abigail is now 21 years old beautiful young lady, years of hardworking give her a nice buxom figure with sweet sweat on her skin. The men here, even the guards, know she's all alone with noone to protect her always try to grope her everywhere, the other female servants always bully her and call her "slut". She became every man's dream and every woman's nemesis. Deep inside, she has strong desire, but also doesnt want to be man's toy, so she keep it for herself. One night, like many other nights, on her bed, she got excited and start touching herself, then suddenly Thane Erikur came out from nowhere and forced her to please him. She fought back and broke his nose. Then she know she cant stay here anymore and ran back to Whiterun. Without money and all alone, she cannot afford to rent a place to live, so she hide inside breezehome - her childhood house and live day-by-day eating only her stolen.... sweet rolls. Until you came along....
    About Abigail
    She has her own outfit and uses flesh spells, so dont give her armor!
    Her body is 7B oppai (hence the name!) at weight 100
    She's good with one-handed weapons, preferably daggers - because that's the only thing she can use in the kitchen
    She's not a strong follower, so don't expect a tank follower like Lydia or AoE damage like the funny ice witch. EYE-CANDY
    You can marry her
    After you buy Breezehome, at the morning she will wandering around Whiterun's market, in the afternoon she will wander around the plains district
    Recommended mods
    HDT-SSE Physics and Framework (her body is AMAZING with it, look it up!)
    Skimpy clothes (7B oppai, 7B cleavage)
    EFF/AFT/UFO, or any follower management mod of your choosing
    Sexlab and plugins (If you know what I mean)

    Credits for the SE port:

    Original creator: Silver Wolf
    Conversion to SE: terciogustavo



  3. Moonlight Standalone Follower SE

    **Brazilian delight**

    CBBE version only for SE. Essential, can be married, Dual capable, single sword, explosive fire archer. Located in Windhelm.
    In her own way, Moonlight likes to be a fair fighter with her shield and sword, with a fully equipped Nord bow and 2000 explosive fire arrows, she will surely give a good death.
    Take away her shield and she will dual slice and dice the enemy like butter!
    "Oh, the humanity!!!"
    Location: Windhelm, Candlehearth Hall
    Voice type: default nord
    Height: .93, Weight 100
    Levels: 30 - 600
    Marriage: Yes
    Armor type: Light (mix of ebony and leather)
    Be sure to take away the default hunting bow
    *NetImmerse Override needed for the heels in Racemenu.*
    RaceMenu and additional link for the SKSE

    Highly recommended:
    Face Light SE by tktk1
    I'm not going to make a UNP version for now.



  4. Lykaios Joy of Perspective Patch

    This is a quick and dirty patch for the "Lykaios New Version' Race for Skyrim SE to allow the race to work with Joy of Perspective. All I did was removed the first person meshes from the NakedtTorso object in the Creation Kit for the Race, and the result seems to work as far as I've been able to test (HDT hasn't been working for me at all in this install, so it might or might not work for you there). I'd load this after any other Lykaios patches.

    I spend 99.99% of my games clothed, but the fact the body disappeared annoyed me enough to install the Creation Kit to fix it. I figured I wouldn't be the only one to notice it, so here you are.

    : Future updates
    If anyone has HDT working with JOP (or in general with the latest SKSE), let me know how to fix it so I can test this.



  5. Submitted

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  7. Heroes Regina - CBBE SE - Bodyslide - Physics - SMP Cloth

    A mod that adds about 10 outfits with accessories including SMP wings and skirt! Mod also comes with a wig and 3 weapons.




  8. DS3 Weapon Pack SE

    Dark Souls III Weapon Pack SE
    Old Skyrim Version
    A port of [100] weapons from Dark Souls 3
    Recommended - Animated Armoury - Rapiers and Pikes with third person animations
    (For Rapier/Pike animations)
    This is an early SE port, all meshes have been converted and textures have been compressed into BC7.
    Normals were BC7 by default but using red/orange/yellow/green instead of blue/indigo/violet so they have been removed for now.
    This file will most likely not be updated until I feel I have finished the Old Skyrim version.
    Normals will have to be fixed for the old version before I move them to this version.
    Give me something, it is free after all. http://www.youtube.com/c/NamelessGod
    Special thanks to:
    CPU for making the paired weapons script
    Weapons Ported
    -Corvian Great Knife
    -Corvian Great Scythe
    -Dragonslayer Sword Spear
    -Earth Seeker
    -Follower Javelin
    -Follower Sabre
    -Follower Torch
    -Four Pronged Plow
    -Friede's Catalyst
    -Friede's Great Scythe
    -Handmaids Dagger
    -Harald Curved Greatsword
    -Lothric Knight Long Spear
    -Lothric War Banner
    -Millwood Battle Axe
    -Murky Hand Scythe
    -Murky Long Staff
    -Pontiff Knight Great Scythe
    -Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
    -Quakestone Hammer
    -Rotten Ghru Curved Sword
    -Rotten Ghru Dagger
    -Scholar's Candlestick
    -Storyteller's Staff
    -Tailbone Short Sword
    -Yhorm's Great Machete
    -Cleric's Candlestick
    -Gotthard Twinswords
    -Irithyll Straight Sword
    -Morion Blade
    -Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords
    -Dancers Enchanted Swords
    -Sellsword Twinblades
    -Warden Twinblades
    -Winged Knight Twinaxes
    -Onikiri & Ubidachi
    -Crow Quills
    -Brigand Twindaggers
    -Drang Hammers
    -Drang Twinspears
    -Crow Talons
    -Manikin Claws
    -Old Wolf Curved Greatsword
    -Exile Greatsword
    -Wolnir's Holy Greatsword
    -Lothric's Holy Sword
    -Lorian's Greatsword
    -Twin Princes' Greatsword
    -Crucifix of the Mad King
    -Splitleaf Greatsword
    -Frayed Blade
    -Aquamarine Dagger
    -Gael's Greatsword
    -Man Serpent Hatchet
    -Hammer of the Great Tree (Cut Content, Not craftable)
    -Great Machete
    -Spiked Mace
    -Executioner's Greatsword
    -Ancient Dragon Halberd (Cut Content, Not craftable)
    -Black Knight Halberd
    -Gundyr's Halberd
    -Immolation Tinder
    -Red Hilted Halberd
    -Winged Knight Halberd
    -Gargoyle Flame Spear
    -Carthus Curved Sword
    -Carthus Curved Greatsword
    -Storm Curved Sword
    -Carthus Shotel
    -Crescent Moon Sword
    -Demon's Greataxe
    -Old King's Great Hammer
    -Onyx Blade
    -Arstor's Spear
    -Hand Axe
    -Dragonslayer Greataxe
    -Reinforced Club
    -Storm Ruler
    -Bastard Sword
    -Greatsword of Judgement
    -Hollowslayer Greatsword
    -Moonlight Greatsword
    -Drakeblood Greatsword
    -Firelink Greatsword
    -Astora Greatsword
    -Black Knight Greatsword
    -Cathedral Knight Greatsword
    -Farron Greatsword
    -Fume Ultra Greatsword
    -Lothric Knight Greatsword
    -Profaned Greatsword
    -Dragonslayer's Axe
      -Anri's Straight Sword
    -Astora Straight Sword
    -Barbed Straight Sword
    -Broken Straight Sword
    -Dark Sword
    -Long Sword
    -Lothric Knight Sword
    -Ringed Knight Straight Sword
    -Sunlight Straight Sword
    More weapons to come
    Things to do
    -Create a scythe blade FX for Friede's Catalyst
    -Make Harald Curved Greatsword a new Env Map
    -Make some weapons have pseudo physics (Lag bones around a specific axis)
    -Create Inherent Damage for:
    Dragonslayer Sword Spear - Shock
    Corvian Great Scythe - Bleed, Small Bleed on player
    Follower Torch - Fire
    Friede's Catalyst - Frost
    Friede's Scythe - Frost
    Handmaid's Dagger - Absorb Magicka
    Murky Long Staff - Dark
    Murky Hand Scythe - Dark
    Rotten Ghru Curved Sword - Poison
    Rotten Ghru Dagger - Poison
    Storyteller's Staff - Poison
    Scholar's Candlestick - Magic damage buff by 12.5%/25%
    Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords - Fire
    Dancers Enchanted Swords - Fire & Dark
    Warden Twinblades - Bleed
    Onikiri & Ubidachi - Bleed
    Brigand Twindaggers - Bleed
    Claw(s) - Bleed
    Crow Talons - Bleed
    Manikin Claws - Bleed
    Old Wolf Curved Greatsword - Heal/Damage Boost after consecutive hits
    Frayed Blade - Dark, Bleed
    Aquamarine Dagger - Magic
    Executioner's Greatsword - Restore Magicka on kill
    Immolation Tinder - Fire
    Gargoyle Flame Spear - Fire
    Carthus Curved Sword - Bleed
    Carthus Curved Greatsword - Bleed
    Carthus Shotel - Bleed
    Crescent Moon Sword - Magic
    Demon's Greataxe - Fire
    Old King's Great Hammer - Fire
    Onyx Blade - Dark
    Arstor's Spear - Poison
    Dragonslayer Greataxe - Lightning
    Reinforced Club - Bleed, Heavy Stagger, Pseudo Poise
    Greatsword of Judgement - Magic
    Moonlight Greatsword - Magic
    Firelink Greatsword - Fire
    Lothric Knight Greatsword - Lightning
    Dragonslayer's Axe - Lightning
    Ringed Knight Straight Sword - Fire
    -Create Pseudo Weapon Arts (On Bash/Heavy R2/L2)
    Corvian Great Knife - Damage through shields
    Earth Seeker - Stagger/AOE Retextured Water Splash FX
    Follower Torch - Fire AOE/?Dragonbreath?
    Friede's Catalyst - Frost AOE
    Lothric War Banner - 20% Damage Increase
    Murky Long Staff - Tracking Dark Ball
    Pontiff Knight Great Scythe - Frost AOE and Frost Weapon Buff
    Pontiff Knight Curved Sword - Frost AOE on Sideways Power Attacks
    Quakestone Hammer - Stagger AOE
    Storyteller's Staff - Poison AOE
    Yhorm's Great Machete - Stagger AOE
    Valorheart - Shield bash against blocking enemies stagger
    Wolnir's Holy Greatsword - Damage AOE/?RetexturedSunBurst?
    Lothric's Holy Sword - Missile on Block Bash
    Lorian's Greatsword - Fire trail on Heavy R2
    Twin Princes' Greatsword - (Lothric's Holy Sword and Lorian's Greatsword combined)
    Crucifix of the Mad King - Random effect on Block Bash (Timed explosion on character, 100% Stagger resist and bonus damage resist, AOE "Scream")
    Frayed Blade - Dark shockwave on heavy R2, Attacks speed up and damage is reduced for a certain time with Block Bash
    Aquamarine Dagger - Increase damage and speed on Block Bash? (And show blue blade)
    Gundyr's Halberd - Heavy running attacks stagger or knock down
    Immolation Tinder - Fire trail on Heavy R2
    Crescent Moon Sword - Blue Crescent Projectile on Block Bash
    Demon's Greataxe - Fireball explosion on heavy R2
    Old King's Great Hammer - Fireball explosion and lava pool(Hazard)
    Onyx Blade - Buff weapon on Block Bash (Fire Buff)
    Dragonslayer Greataxe - Lightning explosion on Heavy R2
    Storm Ruler - Self Buff on Block and wind thing on Heavy R2
    Greatsword of Judgement - 5/s Self Buff on Block, Wave attack on Sideways Heavy R2
    Moonlight Greatsword - Wave attack on Sideways Heavy R2
    Firelink Greatsword - Fire Trail on Heavy R2
    Profaned Greatsword - Self buff on Block R2
    Anri's Straight Sword - Regen
    Sunlight Straight Sword - Self buff on Block
    I am looking for assistance with this project, some things I need done are:
    -Armor weighting
    -Bow weighting
    If you can offer any assistance PM me.
    Anyone? Hello?
    Destroyed UVs Fixed
    -Lorian's Greatsword
    -Aquamarine Dagger
    -Demon's Greataxe
    -Sunlight Straight Sword
    Rules on usage:
    You may not use this in any attempt of monetary gain, ex. YouTube Monetization, adf.ly links, pay walls or any other form.
    You may not modify the files in this mod in any shape or form unless for personal use.
    You may not redistribute this file in any shape or form.
    Further use outside of gameplay and basic modding requires my permission.
    You may not use this file in any way other than for personal use, redistrobution prohibited CC



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  11. Updated

  12. CBBE Rogue's Toe Rings - SSE

    Rogue's Toe Rings - SSE - CBBE BodySlide
    Adds three types of toe rings to the game
    Single Gem (Diamond)
    Two Gem (Diamond/Ruby)
    Three Gem (Diamond/Ruby/Emerald)
    They are pre-enchanted with the top three Sneak Ranks respectively, and
    each is fully craft-able. I added no perk requirements as I felt the gem requirements
    themselves were a tall enough order. Their value is reflective of their gems/settings.
    This was just a little BodySlide experiment that I honestly didn't even think
    would work LOL



  13. H2135 fantasy series 3 for SSE

    Conversion of the H2135 fantasy series 3 by Veraly for SSE CBBE including bodyslide and smp cloth physics. LE version available for free on his Patreon here
    Thanks to SunJeong for the Screenshots



  14. SKYRIM SE NPC OVERHAUL Version 1.0

    NPC Overhaul For Skyrim SE
    Dear Reader!
    This is the older Skyrim NPC-Overhaul in Version 1.
    You need the Apachii Hair & Male & Female.
    A lot of newer Overhauls I did not like, so I played with this old one for years,
    now it´s also part of my SKYRIM SE - installation, because it´s the best overhaul I have seen yet.
    All credits belong to Rops1981, who made this phantastic mod in the past, the original files can be visited here:



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  18. Bakurai Zeros's New World Items

    Bakurai ZERO's World - W.I.P.
    Originally was Stormbreaker now expanding

    VERSION 7.0 Alpha is HERE! *May Need A Clean Save*
    *Vanilla Start May Take Time As Sometimes DRAGONIC BUZZARDS Will Appear*

    Bow - Massive Range - Enchantment ZERO
    Bow-Zero Enchant But will soon have its own specific arrows(WIP)
    Axe - Special Effect boosted range - Enchantment Stormbreaker
    Staff - voice slot ultra powerful effect (do not use in town) 
    Ring - special effect  - Enchantment Divine Will
    Ring - Merlins Ring - Enchanted(do not disenchant)
    Amulet - Merlins Pride - Enchanted(do not disenchant)
    Glove - Fist - Enchanted (do not disenchant) -(bug Fixed)
    Rags - Fist - Enchanted (do not disenchant)
    Torch - Enhanced Light and duration 

    Lantian Set: All have LANTIAN Enchantment Except Weapon!
    1-H Sword
    Shield = Increased Weight And Def + Enchantment
    Helm = Increased Weight And Def + Enchantment
    Glove = Increased Weight And Def + Enchantment
    Armor = Increased Weight And Def + Enchantment
    Boots = Increased Weight And Def + Enchantment
    Amulet = Enchantment Only

    Genarations (bug fixed)

    Fire Dragon King
    Thunder Gods Wrath
    Ice Devil Slayer

    Light Cannon
    Grand Fireball (Useful Vs Titan Monsters) WARNING! DO NOT USE IN A TOWN i have reduced its AOE for now. Original AOE was 1000+
    (Forgot Name but starter) Lightning-Beam Style if its hitting else just blows smoke/dust(WIP)
    Divine Magelight - Much Brighter But Can also do damage (Base Cost 200)

    Summon Chibi (W.I.P)
    Summon Inferno(W.I.P) = Small Fire Wolf (May Bee seen in Whitrun )

    Shadow Skeletal Ghost Horse - Stronger and faster than others - Floats around Whitrun unless its run off to fight.

    **Spider TITAN!
    1 can be found inside Whietrun Near Companions Building and more spread around the world - WARNING! THEY ARE WAY STRONGER AND BIGGER

    **Nano Spiders
    Left Side of Whiterun has been invaded by Nano Spiders. Just as strong as Their Titan Brethren Only Way smaller and can replicate.
    They are also found in other locations

    **Mammoth Titan

    " ** " =  Can walk on water

    Dragonic Buzzards May Be seen in whitrun, helgen and few other places
    these dragons have decent drops make sure to get them however they will not give souls! (they drop ebony and arrows etc)

    Uber Werewolf - Venom can be seen outside whitrun where you first see vanilla giant in vanilla start
    NOTE: Venom Can Be Recruited With The Right Mods or enslaved

    Kaijin: small Dragonborn khajit trained by Lantian Mages.
    Uses Voice and Lantian Magic. Can be found Near a ship somewhere in the ocean however she may randomly teleport to you.
    Aelas Daughter: stronger than her mother and uses some Lantian gear.
    Sara: just a loitering wanderer with skills

    AXE is in chest in helgen keep room 1 as Is The GAIA BOW
    BOW and STAFFis in whitrun in room to front left when you enter.(left side)
    RING and AMULET is in water under bridge in whiterun where you enter(right side)
    BOOKS are found in water in whiterun near the tree in center, look around.

    Lantian gear is under water in dragons reach.

    Merlins Ring and The Gloves Can be found in a cart at Riverwood (hint : cart also has 4 cabbages)

    staff is unique and has a special way to activate - once fired the power wont stop so easily.

    Version 7 items can be found in helgen keep use the coc command and you will land ontop of them.
    look carefully as some of the items are hard to notice.
    think the coc code is: coc helgenkeep01
    but the actual location is on a square rug where you get asked to look for potions in vanilla run but do not the vanilla start lol

    only disenchant Stormbreaker and Zero
    with Level 100 you can combine them to make Zerobreaker Enchantment (Ultimate Attack Enchantment)

    *Now Needs All DLC and Apachii Hair *

    **If Anyone wants to help me with fixing bugs please message me.**
    **also i have 2 races i want to add but am having issues still.**



  19. Women's Pink Wristwatch modder's resource

    This is a blender model and modder's resource of a popular women's wristwatch for Skyrim Special Edition.

    It is not textured, but if you can texture it using the watchface from the provided photos, and then get it into the game as a wearable in-game item, then that would be absolutely fantastic!

    Requires blender, nifskope, SSE creation kit, and I'm not sure what else.



  20. AMORE CASUALE.docx




  21. MyTCP_SE

    Rewritten the script and removed the other camera stuff. This is a new file! Complied for SE.
    MyTPC is a camera mod I made mostly for Sexlab back when free camera in Sexlab crashed a lot. 
    The current state of the game has made free camera a bit more useful but this mod has its merits since most importantly the facial animations are possible with the NPC and player since the camera is still attached to the player.
    The functions are basic move the camera +/- 1000 units in x, y with a zoom from - 2000 to 1000 which is considerable distance. it is sort of a cheat since moving the camera can activate things and access things not normally available.
    This allows you to zoom in on the scene. This mod is absolutely a must for scaled down characters!
    The function to set the speed of the camera and increments for precise placement with 0.005 precision
    default key to activate the toggle is scroll lock - can be configured in MCM
    default keys to move the camera are arrow keys - can be configured in MCM
    in process is a better system with toggle being in combat also.
    to install.
    remove old customizable camera install MyTPC with mod manager and your good as gold.
    Remove other camera mods.
    extract My_TPC_SE.7z in root directory
    to remove this mod
    use mod manager
    manually delete the following




  22. TeenDolls - VampireLord

    This is a simple mod that will make your sassy teen doll have a custom "Teen Vampire Lord" look. Granted this was not made to work on a full sized adult so take that into consideration.

    Be sure you have the latest Sassy Teen Dolls file. 





  23. [GR] Merida Hair HDT SMP Wig Revival

    Hello friends.
    I was going to post this mod for a long time, waiting for the author's permission, but after 3 months I did not receive an answer to any letters. Therefore, I decided all the same to lay out my adaptation to this wonderful mod for your judgment.
    The author of the mod is @Yoo and I hope that he will appreciate my work. I am grateful to him for creating such an unusual haircut and you can give all respects and gratitude to him. Original mod.
    This is a standalone mod, includes 8 different hairstyles: long and short, and 4 hair colors - blond, red, brunette, black. 
    Can be acquired with AddItemMenu or using the console command "help merida" and "player.additem XXXXXXXX 1"  without quotes. 
    Strong Requires: HDT SMP core files (hdtSSEFramework, hdtSSEPhysics).
    Possible issues:
    - hair trembling -  is difficult to solve due to the limitations of collision physics and the design of the hairstyle itself.
    - spots on the hair (especially blond color) - this is due to the design of the hair (flat springs) that are rendered with lighting on both sides. Depending on the lighting varies.
    Special thanks:
    @Yoo - author of Merida Hair HDT
    RequiemWings - the man who helped me in a difficult moment and thanks to him I was able to continue working on this mod (?)
    authors of programs without which this would be impossible (NIFScope, MeshRigger, OutfitStudio, Blender, and some for Windows:) ).
    In the attachment there are several options for textures.
    MeridaHair_Optional Textures2K.7z
    Original Textures 1k.7z



  24. [GR] Inari Tails HDT SMP SE Port

    Conversion of the beautiful tails from the  Siegmeyer`s post.  
    Adaptation for use with SMP physics and Special Edition. 
    Can be crafted or acquired with AddItemMenu. 
    Requires SKSE, XMPSE and HDT SMP core files (hdtSSEFramework, hdtSSEPhysics). It won't work with cbp or cbpc mods.  
    All credits and rights belong to Siegmeyer and many thanks to him for permission to post my work here. 
    Special thanks to @Gunslicer for the animation in the screenshot.



  25. [Yinkle] DOA Costumes

    Skyrim SSE port from DOA resources. This mod adds smp cloth physics and re-skins a few costumes to skyrim sse CBBE.
    You need HDT SMP for this to work (no it won't work with cbp or cbpc) this is a must. This is an initial release so it might not be perfect, please be kind when reporting issues
    Includes bodyslide files, items are craftable at a forge and temperable too.
    Thanks to SunJeong for some fab screens
    Credit to the DOA developers!



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