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These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of a non-adult nature.

524 files

  1. Nether's Follower Framework


    Looking for a multi-follower framework that is easy on game resources and gives you the choice between animal or humanoid companions, with as little as one or as many as 10 at a time? How about a system that also provides a wealth of interesting features, both immersive and quality-of-life, to allow you to tailor the framework to your own style of gameplay?

    Look no further,  Nether's Follower Framework is that and more!

    This mod has 4 goals in mind:
    - Be compatible with as many other mods out there as possible, so that you can use it alongside your favorites.
    - Provide companion features that are familiar and useful but also engaging and interesting.
    - Make preferences optional and undoable, so that companions (and your game) don't get broken along the way.
    - Offer interesting options but also keep it resource-friendly and script-engine light.

    This framework is intended to be used with followers that use the default follower system. In other words, hook into the standard Dialogue Follower quest (most companions on the Nexus). However, there is also an optional feature that allows you to Import custom followers so that they can also make use of many aspects of this mod (no guarantees, of course, but has been tested with many unique followers out there).

    This mod does require SKSE and SkyUI, but those components allow me to deliver streamlined and engaging options to you, that wouldn't be possible without.

    NOTE: This mod makes use of scripts and scripting. Every attempt is made to deliver scripted features in an efficient way and to have them work as problem-free as possible. The presence of scripts isn't inherently bad (the game uses many, many scripts - even opening an inventory requires a very small script to accomplish). Badly written scripts are bad and I attempt to catch every issue that I can detect (via logs or results I observe in-game). This is, and will always be, an ongoing process.

    NFF is crafted by a follower fanatic with many years of gaming and programming experience who loves putting together a rotating group of adventurers together to accompany his dragonborn on adventures in Skyrim. For the Nerds! (ahem...) Nords!
    Installer is the same for both editions of Skyrim (SSE and LE) and is a FOMOD (install with Vortex, MO2, NMM or similar)

    ** Disclaimer **
    Optional File - SSE Only
    - There is a test file NFF_HomeBase_98_SSE.zip that is an ESL flagged esp that lower's NFF"s Home Bases Quest to 98 priority. This is for compatibility quick-fix for Follower Goes On a Trip.

    How to Solve Some Issues:
    - Sort your Mods with Loot.
    - Put nwsFollowerFramework.esp at the end of your load order, even if Loot puts it somewhere else and no, I don't care where it puts it. Heck, even make a rule in Loot to put it at the end.
    - Make sure that NO OTHER MOD is changing any of the core pex scripts in the game, except for SKSE. These are the core scripts (at the top): https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Category:Script_Objects . Long story short: Reinstall SKSE and see if that fixes any issues.
    - If you are having follower recruit/dismiss issues with regular followers, go to the System tab and on the right side, last entry "Restart Main Quests", put a check in it. All current followers will be dismissed and the DialogueFollower quest will be restarted.

    Combat Gameplay Overhaul:
    - Initially there were reports of issues between NFF and CGO but I was unable to test since Nemesis would not install for me at the time. I have it installed now, along with CGO. I was skeptical that NFF was a cause of issues since NFF does not provide any animations or changes to animations. From my brief observations:
    - In the MCM, under CGO, uncheck NPCs Change Grip. This will correct a bug where NPCs will no longer re-equip 2-handed weapons. It affects ALL npcs, so this is not an NFF follower based bug and therefore I have no "fix". If you have any other issues, I would recommend to uncheck NPC's Dodge. Unsure if this causes any issues but the smart thing to do when narrowing issues would be to eliminate settings that could affect followers.

    Core Features
    - Up to 10 Followers (flexible, can be humanoids or animals).
    - No starter bow or arrows.
    - Support for Serana (doesn't override Dawnguard scripted features, such as sandboxing).
    - Support for Sofia (short time after intro dialogue has completed).
    - Plenty of options, below, all at your choice, set with a robust MCM menu. If you don't like something, it's very likely you can turn it off.
    - Verbose description of MCM settings via mouse-over text.
    - Optional (vanilla + DLC) scripts replacement if you have a problem getting the framework to "stick". Option as well for RDO.
    - 3DNPC is supported natively, like vanilla followers. Make sure the option in the FOMOD is checked.

    -- Allow Followers to Sandbox when you are doing passive tasks.
    - Set Followers to only Sandbox In-Town.
    - Auto-Sandbox in Town Interiors, Your Homes or Locations you determine.
    - Toggle off for any specific Follower.
    - Allow Followers (and other NPCs) to Sandbox multi-level interiors.
    - Followers can be individually set up to craft and/or interact when sandboxing. "Craft" in this sense is not a sim, but it does give them something actual to do while hanging around with some minor conveniences/buffs. Interaction is currently limited to ordering drinks at the taverns.

    Mount/Riding Support
    -- Allow Followers to use spawned horses provided by this mod.
    - Allow Horses to disappear when not being ridden or have them stay around.
    - Select breed and effects of their horse, select breed globally.
    - Provide Riding Package support only if another mod provides a horse system but no packages.
    - Toggle off for any specific Follower.

    -- Set combat and non-combat distance of Followers.*
    - Place Followers in a Healer or Tank Role.
    - Choose from 10 different combat styles for Followers.
    - Reduce Infighting between Followers.
    - Optionally Disable bleedout recovery keeping them down during a fight.
    - Revive fallen followers with health potions.

    - Catch Up teleport (and On-Demand Ability for player)
    - Can Control distance and polling time.
    - Enable a +25% Movement Boost for faster following.
    - Reduce interpolation between walk/run state changes (faster reaction).

    - Create/Manage up to 20 "Home Bases" for your followers, where they will go when you dismiss them. Can set up work and relax locations, optionally. You can rename Bases and all locations, move followers to/from bases and visit your bases at any time (up to a max of 100 followers across 10 bases).
    - Regard System for Followers - relationship system that is more of their respect for you as an adventuring partner. Awards some abilities and benefits.
    - Improve Follower Stealth AI when out of combat. They will not initiate combat, chatter and they move in close.
    - Extinguish Torches when you and Followers are stealthing.
    - Cause Follower Torches to Expire when being used.
    - Stop Idle Chatter on all or selected followers (or only allow it while sandboxing)
    - Prevent Followers from drawing weapons when you do.
    - Followers will not set off basic traps (equivalent of LightFoot perk). Optional via installer.
    - Followers get out of the way when you get very close to them.
    - Followers can Auto-Recharge weapons they use or use filled soul gems (not player filled).
    - Learn skills from your followers when fighting with them in combat (Affinity system).
    - Teach Followers spells by trading spell books to them and/or directly teaching the spells you know. Works with spell mods!
    - Set any Follower to Essential (or reverse it). While in the Framework, all Followers are Protected.
    - Change the Behavior of Followers (morality, crime, etc).
    - Set the Damage Multiplier of followers, affecting their attack damage.

    Outfits & Gear
    - Create Outfit Sets for up to 200 individual, unique followers.
    - A set can include Standard, Town and/or Home outfits.
    - Safe, additional storage for any follower with an outfit through NFF to hold wearables (but you can put anything you want in it). Helps to prevent a bug where worn items could be overwritten when setting an oufit.
    - Copy their default outfit into your inventory (for custom armor, mainly).
    - Set a Follower to only equip headwear, shield, quiver and/or weapons while in combat.

    - Issue Commands to all Followers or individual ones at a distance.
    - Commands for All Followers: Wait/Follow, Toggle Sandbox, Combat/Follow Distance, Summon and Dismiss.
    - Commands for Single Followers (when facing follower and in your sights): Wait/Follow, Trade, Favor, Set Adventuring Gear and Dismiss.
    - Variety of hotkey customizable commands.

    - Much like a character sheet, you can view Stats, Skills, Perks and Abilities of your followers.
    - Convenient History feature allows you to see where your past followers are and either move to them or move them to you (up to 100 former followers, you can change history size in MCM).

    - Enlist the help of non-essential (inconsequential) NPCs by bribing them to join you, adding them to the framework.
    - Offer them varying amounts of gold, with more gold equaling a greater chance they will join you.
    - Repeatedly hiring the same NPC will eventually make them join you free of charge.
    - Experimental feature but works on most non-essentials, even those provided by other mods. Use with caution. They will retain vanilla dialogues, so be wary of some options while they are with you.
    - You can bring them to your level and allow them to go up in level as you do by using the optional batch file (install MANUALLY to your main Skyrim directory). Open the console, make sure they are selected and type: bat nfflevel

    - Divorce your wife or husband and marry someone else (follower or not!).
    - Apply a Weekly Follower Cost to Followers (as a gold sink).
    - Share the Wealth with Followers when you find big hauls of gold (gold sink).
    - Call Player Horse ability with hotkey support.
    - Track the whereabouts of Follower via a quest.

    * Custom Followers are usually completely outside of the Framework but can be Imported to use any feature not shown with "*" above. Importing allows them to "borrow" a Follower Slot, so they count towards the max limit. Custom Follower here specifically means any Follower with their own follower framework outside of the vanilla system (Serana, Sofia, Recorder, Arissa, and so on). This includes Custom Pets that have their own follower framework outside of the vanilla system. Not all imported followers are compatible.

    -- Pets (Animal Companions) under this Framework use most of the features that Followers do. However, all races in the game are governed by behavior files meaning that pets will do what they want to do at times. Example: Dogs will sit when the player stops whether you have them set to sandbox or not.

    Do Not Import These Followers (incompatible):
    - Inigo
    - Shingchen Holysee Knight Followers
    - Recorder (reported issues)
    - Lucien (reported issues)
    - Anna's NPCs (not recommended)
    - Any follower that says "do not manage with a follower manager", "do not manage with AFT" or similar.

    If you wish to try an imported follower anyways, make sure Use Default Follow is checked so that they will use their own packages, not NFF's (there is an update for this coming in 2.5.1, right now leave them out of the framework if they are wandering off or not using their own features). Do not change their combat style or class. Do not at all change their Traits (Aggression, Morality, etc). If they have issue with NFF's sandbox or stealth ai, turn it off for that follower. If they have issues with crafting (requires sandbox), turn it off for that follower. Trying to offer means to make it more compatible with tricky followers but you have to use your common sense here. There are a lot of these kinds of followers that I don't use and I'm not going to spend 6 hours with in game to know how they all work, because I'm playing the game the way I want to play it, like you are.

    - SKSE64 or SKSE (for LE)
    - SkyUI
    - Dawnguard - Must be installed and enabled.

    OPTIONAL (but recommended)
    - Fuz Ro D-oh - recommended for unvoiced text
    - PapyrusUtil SE -required for saving/loading profile or individual follower settings.
    - ConsoleUtilSSE - used for some features that can't be done with scripting: set level, heal animations, set class
    - Unofficial Skyrim Legendary or Special Edition Patch - this mod tries to line up with these fixes

    Don't like some aspects of this mod? Here are some alternatives.

    Horses/Mounts (Special Edition)
    Convenient Horses
    Immersive Horses
    Horses/Mounts (Legendary Edition)
    Convenient Horses
    Immersive Horses






  2. Molag Bal's Gift

    Ever wish to cast the (original) Vampire Seduction more than once a day ? 
    (with Sacrosanct one can feedkill, don't know, if this is available in Dawnguard)
    Molag Bal's Gift, hidden in the bottom of the Bloodstone Chalice, Harkon never found it.
    What it does.
    Cast Seduction, then the spell is disabled for one day, or disappears when feeding.
    Select any other power, equip the ring, the power should be there again (might be you need to unequip and equip again, it uses the Aetherial crone glitch)
    Cherry on top, you will get the Ritual Stone Power, procedure same as above with Vampire Seduction. Level here raised to 100.
    Craftable at a forge, 2x dark filled soulgem, one gold ingot.
    FE flagged
    LL exclusive, do not upload other sites



  3. Taylor Swift for COtR

    https://www.patreon.com/daxosscontent (if you want the scuplt files and the body preset + more content)
    Taylor Swift for COtR
      You can use "COtR" mod and "High Poly Head" together because COtR uses a custom race and therefore does not affect vanilla races like High poly.   requirement:
    COtR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM
    RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition
    The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
    COtR x The Eyes of Beauty - Updated Patch
    KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) not really required but i save the presets with one of them.

    Install with your mod manager or put the uncompressed files into data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets.
    In game, open Racemenu, choose "Norddz" race and load the preset (the name of the preset end with "COR")
    edit:  You can choose an another race like imperialdz or bretondz if you want, it also works!
      Recommanded: HDT-SMP Physics Wigs Package for Great modders' work
    HDT-SMP Hair Wigs - Xing - Dint999 - Fuse00 - HHairstyles - KS - HG - SG - NO RING Version If you want some hair like the pics
    Facelight Plus SE
    Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
    Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations
    Mfg Fix


    and more



  4. Death Note Main Menus with Epic Music For SE + LE

    I made this for myself i share for anyone love Death Note series.
    Music used on mod here:



  5. Delete Orphan Save Files

    Actually deletes all files with no associated save file.
    Free many hundreds of MB by just double-clicking a file.
    This is a quite simple program I made for myself and doesn't require any kind of configuration or sorcery.
    Just put it in the folder where all your saves are located and double click to run it. Do that each time you want to delete junk files that are not longer needed but still manage to be creeping around there.
    It will tell you which files it deleted and how much disk space it freed.
    Files are outright deleted, not sent to the trash bin.
    It's not like you are ever using them again, but beware about this fact.
    I'm aware this is something SSE Engine Fixes is supposed to do, but has never seemed to work for me (yeah, I actually activated that option in the *.toml file).
    Does this work for LE?
    Most likely.
    I suppose orphaned files have the same extensions as the SE ones.



  6. Kats smelt everything 2.0

    This is the Lovers lab version of my Kats Smelt everything mod, It's a simple mod that should not conflict with anything that does not edit smeltable items.
    Almost all generic none pre-enchanted armor, weapons, arrows, clutter, and Dwarven items can be melted down into ingots of the matching material, IE iron sword = iron ingot, etc. Equipped gear can't be smelted down unless they're a weapon in your left hand (engine limitation?). Items do not show up in the smelters' window unless you have the item in question (this includes the vanilla smelt-able Dwarven items) IE you will not see hundreds of new recipes only the ones you can make at the time.
    This version of the mod also includes bulk ore smelting, simply put you can smelt 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 or 10 ingots at once as long as you have the ore needed. So you can smelt 100 ingots in 20 clicks instead of 200!
    NOTE: Items you enchanted CAN be smelted down. This is because the items you enchant don't have a new item id and the game sees them as normal unenchanted items I have no idea how to fix this .
    Smelting return chart Below



  7. BDOR Rosa Cassius SSE 3BA

    Click the banner for more good stuff UwU

    This is the armot set original ported by Dint999 in his darkknight pack.
    I converted it to SSE, remade the physics in SMP,
    and did some texture/shader retouch.
    You can preview the outfit in a short video here.

    Get in game with Additem Menu.



  8. Bloodborne & Dark Souls Pack by Team TAL

    Pack of armors and weapons from Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Also includes poser minipack by BakaFactory with Dark Souls gestures.
    FROM SOFTWARE - source content
    Team TAL - adaptation and physics
    full_inu - skinned mesh physics configs (Bloodborne pack)
    yiliang626, just4u37 - skinned mesh physics configs (Dark Souls pack)
    Requirements: SKSE, HDT-SMP, XPMSSE, RaceMenu SE
    Use AddItemMenu to get items.



  9. Shapeshifter

    When travelling through the mountains North of Whiterun, the Dragonborn comes across a unusual scene… A body in the snow covered in burns. On further investigation, it appears only the person’s skin is charred. The injuries don’t seem to be caused by fire magic. A dragon attack is unlikely to have caused this either. Even the snow hasn’t melted! What could have happened here? There’s an object in the snow: A strange orb. After picking it up, it feels like the orb radiates magic! But there’s no heat. Another dead end? Suddenly a disembodied voice can be heard!
    “Well, what do we have here? How intriguing, you might be the only one able to unlock its full potential! What are you waiting for, mortal? Toss that thing into a smelter already!”
    The Shapeshifter is a weapon mod. Yes, another daedric artifact…
    As the story above suggests, you’ll first have to use the orb at a smelter to make the weapon itself. You can then restore the orb itself to its former glory as well. After that, you can change the weapon into one of the 17 different weapons at any time using the lesser powers.
    The weapons cover all types and have unique models. Early game, the damage output will be OP since their stats are close to daedric weapons. They also have a custom enchantment (and the staff a similar spell) that can be unpredictable depending on the opponent.
    A heavy and a light shield that fit the weapons appearance have been added. These can also be crafted at the smelter with a few pieces of ore if the corresponding weapon is equipped.
    Arrows and bolts don’t have to be crafted anymore. The bow and crossbow will never run out of ammo. When changing weapon, the arrows and bolts left over remain in your inventory.
    The treasure hunt to improve the weapons (and some extra stuff) is finished for now. How to start: After completing the quest “The Mind of Madness”, just walk a bit further down the hallway. The sign should be hard to miss (it falls over sometimes).
    For those having trouble with the daedric writing, the translation of the riddles:
    Two versions available:
    File A : Lesser power for each weapon
    File B : Only one power, switches to random Shapeshifter weapon
    Only one file: All lesser powers are learned when the orb is restored.
    If updating: Drop the orb and pick it up again to learn all powers.
    With the optional patch, weapons will use proper animations if Animated Armoury – DAR version & New Weapon Types and Animation Support are installed.
    I also added a keyword for scythe weapons.
    Future plans:
    - Adding more weapons (any suggestions?)
    - Other events to continue “quest”
    - Add side-effects from lore (devious devices, transformations,…)
    The original models of the weapons are from various games. The models used in this mod are resources not created by me. As far as I’m aware, no credits necessary (correct me if I’m wrong). I only made some modifications and converted them to Skyrim.
    Scripts made possible by all of the talented people both on LL and Nexus for their help, teaching me and fixing my poor attempts at scripting.



  10. Realistic Natural Skin Tones by Asherz ESL

    *Posting here for those that don't want to use Nexus*
    Needs USSEP not USLEEP
    Description ripped from Nexus
    Some users report incompatability with SOS, author says it works for him
    Realistic Natural Skin Tones ESL is a color extender that adds 21 natural color skin tones based on real human skin tone values. This mod also comes with optional Racemenu presets with all the skin tones that you can use as reference.
    Realistic Natural Skin Tones is a color extender that adds 21 natural color skin tones based on real human skin tone values. This mod also comes with optional Racemenu presets with all the skin tones that you can use as reference.

    When you go into character creation ( console ~ ShowRaceMenu) this will add 21 skin natural skin tones to the following races:
    High Elf

    This should work for ECE and Racemenu users.


    Additional option for Racemenu users:

    I also added the Skin Tones to Racemenu presets (Jslot files)
    You can find them in SKSE/Plugins/Chargen/Presets/Realistic Skin Tones folder. 
    There is nothing glorious about these presets, they are just there for reference to help you identify which skin tone you currently have selected.
    Each preset is named after the Skin Tone, such as:

    Asian Dark R141 G82 B57
    Asian Medium R180 G103 B71
    Asian Light R229 G155 B125 
    Common Generic R170 G104 B80
    Common Light R234 G176 B152
    And MANY MORE!

    Each preset also has the RGB color in it's name. You can also load a preset and copy the skin tone then load one of your presets and paste the save color onto your presets skin tone. (just one of many work arounds)


    I don't know of any... yet... 

    I would suggest not to load this mod with any other color extenders because it'll be really hard to find and pick these skin tones if you have many different skin tones loaded in your game.


    These are natural skin tones and may appear bright in your game, much of it depends on your settings and ENB BUT if some of the color tones do appear too bright in your game, simply adjust the brightness with RM or ECE sliders. 



    I took a slight creative liberty on African skin tones 02 to 04.. Darker skin doesn't always show up well in game. Lighter skin textures and bright ENBs play a HUGE role. The mixed race which is actually natural black color tones and scaled them down while keeping the same ratio of the rgb. End result some sweet Redguardish skin.

    man, I hope I explained that without sounding like an asshole. 


    Future Plans:

    That's about it, future plans to add skin tones that are lore friendly for the elves. At the moment all realistic human skin tones can be used by the elf races but the skin tones are human like not elf like So in the near future I like to add lore friendly tones for the elf races.



    Do whatever your heart desires 


    Question to self:

    Why this?

    Answer to self:

    Don't get me started. 

    The real answer is because while there are many different color extenders available, almost all of them have way too many color tones to go sliding through. Most lack realism, I don't want to slide through 70 colors of yellow or 80 colors of red just to get to something in-between the two. I mean gee whiz Louise, gotta leave showracemenu sometime. I rather have realistic skin tones without the multiple of unrealistic color variations. Which is the purpose of this mod.

    I figured 21 skin tones is more than enough for anyone to use  or to even use as a starter point to find their characters perfect skin tone.

    I mean don't get me wrong, I'm amazed by other color extenders with 100s and even 1000's of tones. Maybe there's a trick I don't know about but I did each one of these manually, Create the color forms, put them on the races both male and female are separate and the interlope or alpha slider on the race form.. oh man each one of them needed to be adjusted from 0 to 1. I first tested it and I was like oh man they all look the same tone.. Then I realized it was on 0. xEdit was good with that issue. Then I remembered both males and females are separate on the race form. So I had to drag all those colors forms onto the males and move them from 0 to 1..

    Seems simple enough right? It still takes quite a bit of time. So yea much respect to you all color extenders that went ape shit crazy making 100s on top of 100s of color tones.

    BUT I ain't getting that dirty, i'm keeping this clean and simple


    Noice Body Slide Preset with Optional Racemenu Presets at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
    CBBE 4k Female Skin Replacer NUM 25
    Creation Kit

    Screen Shots

    Mythical ENB
    Free Fly
    Slave Leia
    KS, holiday hairs and so much more.



  11. Spell PUBS

    working all day long on the alchemy table, fogged within strange smelling fumes and odors, I got a flash of thought.
    Make a spell for this !  PUBS
    This spell is a 4 in 1, improves Pickpocket, Unlock, Barter, Sneak.
    Should have a base level of 80%, skill in Alterarion increases this value. Lasts 2min.
    Book can be crafted, FE flagged.
    LL exclusive, do not upload other sides.



  12. Fox46 Armor CBBE - 3BBB - Light Armor Variant

    Hello modding family! Today I am uploading my personal copy of the Fox 46 armor (original by nokou) which was converted to SE and CBBE 3BBB by duduomito here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/34483 . 
    While nokou and duduomito did all the great work of creating and converting this mod to SE, I found that the conversion had the outfits classified as Heavy Armor and as such, it included the heaving clunking sounds while moving around in it. Since I use this outfit for my Hammerfell assassin character, I found it to be immersion breaking. Essentially, I reclassified the armor as light and applied the appropriate sounds so as to maintain a beautiful but stealthy feel. 
    Also, this mod goes great with the Lady Masks conversion that I uploaded earlier this year! 
    Happy Modding!



  13. Vanilla eyes crushed into alchemy dust

    Yes that is a Low Tier God reference.
    This gives the default human, elf and beast eyes more of life's beauty and variety while seeming natural in Skyrim.
    No anime or "photorealism", .esp only edits Skyrim.esm assets
    Does not make human eyes available to elves or beasts
    Left as .esp since making light requires compacting form ID
    May conflict with some other eye replacers, either let this one load after or copy/paste to this mod's texture folder 
    Credits to HHaleyy as this uses eye assets from Fair Skin and Cover Eyes
    Like or get timed relentlessy



  14. All vanilla Skyrim+DLC headwear invisible

    Simply makes all helmets, hoods, circlets, DP masks and hats invisible while retaining armor and/or enchantment bonuses. I don't know how to do FOMOD unfortunately so it's all or nothing. I ran it through SSE only CAO to confirm that it works as intended(was still showing hats before CAO for me)
    Update 9/3: Can confirm LE compatability using old CK and CAO, functions identically to SE
     Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC required if using in Oldrim



  15. Eyebrows for High Poly Head SSE

    *Finally got everything situated, shouldn't need to do anything else*
    Adds 11 standalone "lore-friendly" eyebrows for High Poly Head based on vanilla brows
    Female human and mer supported
    Super lightweight only 700 kb
    Change face part to high poly head.esm in race menu then go to the brows selection and find High Poly Head Eyebrows SE.esp
    Not uploading to Nexus after the HG hairs shitstorm but upload permission is granted to whoever wants it there
    You have permission to modify to add male support or back port to LE or make a vanilla replacer
    You can use in making High Poly followers, RM presets or NPC overhauls like High Poly NPCs or NVICO
    Please don't put on Schaken or other sites that support paid modding but it don't matter
    All I request is that you link to High Poly Head if creating a mod that requires this mod since it requires that one and credit KouLeifah
    Credit to KouLeifah for High Poly Head
    High Poly Head 1.4



  16. doa marie rose bhunp body SE

    hello ppl its my again this time i bring to you this marie rose i found on my searching of mods around the world,this is a china version se  translate to english.
    this is marie rose custom dialogue. body bhunp enjoy.
    location; riverwood
    any donation  to keep my work is welcome
    if wanna be my sponsor you get early and vip acces to unique mods i show my sponsors



  17. Incaendo's Overlays

    Incaendo's Overlays

    This mod adds 30 new RaceMenu overlays that look like tattoos. Texture size available in 4k or 2k.
    The .esp file is flagged as esl to save a plugin slot.
    Do you use the mod? I would love to see screenshots, feel free to share them here or send me a private message!

    HD Tintmaps config: see instructions in the RaceMenu description or download in the miscellaneous files of Community Overlays.



  18. [Tobi] Console Binder

    :: Hello!... 
    This is cool Mod that allows You to bind all Console Commands to Keyboard Keys
     You can create many useful things with this mod
     every command  You can type in Console, You can also use in that Mod
    :: Update :: ( First and last Update ) ( 2021-09-04 )
     + Option to add Multiple Commands to single Binder ( up to 8 Commands )
     + Option to add "Alt" Key ( so You can use Combinations like ALT + E or CTRL + X etc. )
    !!Hey!! i forgot to add that thing "QLG_RemoveMe" to remove selected Command... I'm too lazy to fix it xD
     just saying that its not working :D.... hehe xD
    Making Update Video: ( im always recording and i think this time im gonna publish it xD )
     Join Discord -> discord.gg/CDkcv22
     Patreon? -> patreon.com/MrTobi
    I'm uploading my Mods on LoversLab and Discord, Patreon is only optional
    But i have few warrnings to You:
    1) using COC command is not safe ( especialy when cell is not loaded!... You should avoid using COC )
    2) using more than 128 Binders is not safe ( my Script can handle that, but MCM can cause CTD )
    For now thats all :)...
    What You need to run this Mod?...
     - Skyrim LE or SE ( it rly makes no difference what version You use )
     - PapyrusUtil
     - ConsoleUtil
     - SKSE
     - SkyUI
    Watch Video !... ( Sub Like Comment? xD #lol )



  19. Royal Daedric weapons and armor standalone

    Adds a standalone version of GarryG's improvement for daedric weapons and armor. Comes in light and heavy, support for males and females.
    Does not retexture vanilla daedric gear as the original version does, get original or AMidianBorn
    Can be obtained with add item menu or the Skyforge in Whiterun
    Packed into a BSA so no jiggle or bodyslide support but go for it if you wish
    Credit to GarryG for the 2014 original verson



  20. Phillipa Eilhart dress from The Witcher 2 with BHUNP and other options

    Adds Philippa's dress from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings to Skyrim for females. Also included are BHUNP bodyslide, retextures and removing collar to avoid clipping with hair.
    If using BHUNP conversion build it in BS before entering game. If using retextures copy and paste them in the game texture folder and "replace files."
    If removing collar copy to meshes folder and "replace files" AFTER building BHUNP version
    Had to seperate main download and BHUNP due to missing textures when in one archive
    Doesn't have jiggle/SMP cloth physics I'm afraid, don't know anything about that but please do share with us if you can do it
    I don't use CBBE/3BA/SMP so I don't have bodyslides for those, sorry
    Plugin is ESL flagged with no compacting formIDs needed
    Credits to CD Projekt RED for The Witcher games and Andrzej Sapkowski for the books from which the games are derived
    You’re free to do whatever the fuck you want to these files.



  21. TBBP Dragonfly animations(as seen in SeveNBase)- without twirling idle

    Adds the walking, running and sprinting animations from the 7B body replacers. Will conflict with other mods like Leviathan or 2B
    Download and install using a mod manager
    Install and run FNIS/Nemesis, check "Gender specific animations"
    You're done

    Oh, and make sure that you have the XPMSSE skeleton installed. Use Physics Extension or Fake physics, please.



  22. Mortarball The First Basketball Game For Skyrim Physics


    A small first-person-view videogame that has nothing to do with warriors, mages, nordic explorations, ancient Eras and fantasy adventures.Since it uses a little number of Skyrim resources, it will need to be booted via SkyrimLauncher. From the Skyrim main menu, people will be
    able to access to the Mortarball main menu (just open the console and write coc LaunchGame).
    Mortarball will challenge your intuition, spatial intelligence, precision, quickness and - as a rookie - your patience.

    Note : before installing and launching Mortarball, disable the 4 autosave features from the Skyrim settings submenu. Otherwise, you might overwrite your last Skyrim (auto)savegame...especially if "save on travel" is enabled!!!
    For more videos, please visit the Mortarball Youtube channel --> MORTARBALL YOUTUBE CHANNEL - CLICK ME







  23. Hybrid Race 1.2.6

    Hybrid Race
    feeling bit to strong this update might fixes that. this is just the esp update so one of the main files is still needed



  24. Hybrid race mod

    Now you can be born as a half werewolf

    Your mother suffered from lycanthropy during pregnancy. When she went into labor it was a full moon and she shift into her wolf form, this causes you to ben born between Human and Wolf form. And for ever to be walking around between the 2 forms, maybe you're still able to transform in to a really were wolf or even find a way to become a vampire...? Bur never will you be able to turn fully human.


    One handed12
    Block   12
    Light Armor10
    Alteration    25
    Block   10

    you also gain the special blood of being always between 2 forms called The Hybrids Blood,
    because your body is part fur it comes with a bit of weakness to fire

    Male option - WIP
    Frostfall hands and feet exclusion - not started
    High poly head - not stared
    Other base races - now only based of imperial
    Balancing tweaks - WIP

    Its not required but highly recomanded since my texure base is made for it
    to have cbbe base body type like: 3ba,3bbb, cbbe, cbbe smp

    the idea comes from axmedxan and their HUBRID mod from oldrim
    the fully ears and tail are from the Inari race from Oblivion made by hidemaro
    [GR] Equippable Inari Ears and Tails for SE SMP  for the conversion on the inari race ears and tails by Gromilla 

    Armours used in screenshot
    [immyneedscake] RyanReos Elf Paladin
    [COCO] Battle Angels [SE] - CBBE - BHUNP

    body slide preset used made by my self
    have a look at it to you may like it
    CBBE 3BA Smooth Hourglass Preset



  25. Dragon Age II Champion Mage Armor

    Original model from Dragon Age II by Bioware

    Physics made with HDT-SMP
    Acquire with Additemmenu



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