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Regular Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of a non-adult nature.

238 files

  1. Vie101010 Male Casual Clothing SE

    Modern clothes for the 4th Era man.
    Just a simple port of the Vie101010 Male Casual Clothing mod originally created by vie101010 and taken over and fixed up by Setekh.
    Description from the Oldrim page:
    I haven't made any changes even though I have a tweaked version for personal use because it would make me feel weird to toy with someone else's mod and then upload it. However, if there are any problems, I will try to fix them if I can. On that note, these clothes were made for a vanilla body, so I will also try to convert them for SOS, but the neck seams are minor and I'm a world-class idiot, so no promises.



  2. [SE] Team TAL's TW Yennefer SMP 3BA

    This is converting Team TAL's 9204 Witcher Yennefer from LE to SE and hdt-PE to hdt-SMP.
    This file's body is CBBE and support 3BBB amazing body.
    Also, CBBE Uniboob patch applied.
    Highly recommeneded AdditemmenuSE.
    3BBB (Latest version would be fine)
    9204 Witcher Yennefer by Team TAL



  3. OSA GS Poses Poser Module

    This is an OSA module which covers all GS Poses.
    Osa - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine
    GS Poses
    If you use other poser modules providing meshes\0SA\_MyOSA\anim_1\_declare.xml
    Open it and paste this line under the other lines
    <declare doc="GSPoses" n="GS Poses" i="mheart"/>
    Install as usual. Using a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 is the best) is recommended.
    Disable it in your mod manager or delete the following files:
    If you edited _declare.xml open it and delete the following line from it
    <declare doc="GSPoses" n="GS Poses" i="mheart"/>
    Refer to OSA modpage for controls. Use exactly the same as other poser plugins. Navigate to inspect self -> interact -> animate -> gs poses. In little words, press enter on the numpad and the following numbers on the numpad: 887878787
    •It seems like you can disable _GSPoses.esp You can disable _GSPoses.esp, but objects won't appear in object animations (AnimObjects)
    •I flagged the file regular edition compatible yet it hasn't been tested. I am sure it works, but let me know if you have trouble using it in LE.
    •This module is very similar to Toby OsaPoser. The difference is that in my module I didn't rename the poses (i.e. I used the same names that you find in GS Poses' "ring-menus", giving them a name if it was missing). Furthermore, Toby's module does not include all poses, and this module does. His module has a different (probabily better) section scheme, so check it out.
    •I tried to assign different icons to the poses. It was a long and useless process, they didn't make the module clearer. I leaved them anyways because they don't hurt. See images.
    •I used the same section scheme as the original author: normal, futa, object, object futa, high heels. See images.
    Tools used
    OSelector by Hyperenor
    You can sell this pretending you made it for all I care, this file didn't require much work. If you want to include this is a modpack I'm just glad
    I used the same color scheme as Toby's OsaPoser. Thank you!
    CEO for OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine. RIP ceo. Hope you'll come back some day.
    Gunslicer for GS Poses
    In the screenshot (crappy but fairly good for my potato) I used:
    Aether suite by Halofarm and Andreis
    TAWOBA remastered by SunJeong and Nisetanaka
    Shiva Body by Shiva182
    Demoniac skin by ReGenBot03 and Daymarr
    Bijin NPCs by rxkx22
    Copy Character Appearance by Felisky
    FreeFlyCam by kingerik1992
    Screenshot Hotkeys by Mattiewagg
    Sunstarved Tanlines by DomainWolf
    Luminosity Lighting Overhaul by JonnyWang13
    Beautifully Textured Skyrim by godescalcus
    Reshade by Crosire
    CBBE 3BBB by Acro
    KS Hairdos physics by ousnius
    CBBE by osinous and Caliente



  4. Horse Headlights SE

    You are standing around in the dark (thinking to yourself, "damn this enb looks good but I can't see shit right now!") and want to ride somewhere fast on your x200 speed horse but decide to fast travel because you can't see a thing and don't want to accidentally ride off a cliff.
    What if... when you get on your horse at night time it's eyes magically become headlights lighting your way?!!
    Enter Horse Headlights!
    PO3 Papyrus Extender
    esl flagged plugin, mcm menu for key settings (light radius, light fade and time of day to use the lights)
    Suggestions for improvements or additional functionality welcome. Enjoy
    Note: if you want lots of light, set the radius and fade values high in the MCM



  5. NetImmerse Override Cleaner SE (SKSE64 Co-Save Cleaner Utility)

    A modified version of IronBrother8800's NetImmerse Override Cleaner.
    For general information about what this tool does and how to use it, see the original tool's page.
    This version has been modified to support both Classic and Special Edition NetImmerse Overrides.
    When loading a .skse file, the tool automatically determines which cleaning routine to run.
    The cleaning logic for SSE has been written from scratch to be more failure proof to avoid removing data for excluded characters.
    The downside to this is that it is very likely that cleaning a file will fail if it has been manually edited beforehand.
    As long as it hasn't been modified after SKSE created it, everything should be fine.
    I've included the modified source code in the download for anyone interested.
    IronBrother8800 - for the original tool



  6. [SE] Team TAL's 9204 DR Alicia SMP 3BA

    This is converting Team TAL's 9204 DR Alicia from LE to SE and hdt-PE to hdt-SMP.
    This file's body is CBBE and support 3BBB amazing body.
    Also, CBBE Uniboob patch applied.
    Highly recommeneded AdditemmenuSE.
    This outfit was converted orginally by Pinipini last year.
    But it has some problem on HDT-SMP skirt and it's body was legacy 3BBB(3BF).
    So I modify it's HDT-SMP xml and convert it to latest 3BA.
    Preview : https://gfycat.com/fatherlysilentcockroach
    3BBB (Latest version would be fine)
    9204 DR Alicia by Team TAL
    Originally SE Converted by Pinipini



  7. Noora - CotR Follower with BodyGen plus RM preset

    A CotR follower I've had running around in my game for a while, thought I would share.
    Noora Ironstride is a rather mighty Nord archer/ranger character with included CBBE BodyGen template. Noora will retain the same body shape if you dress her in different armor & clothing, provided it has been built in BodySlide with zeroed sliders and "build morphs" enabled (assuming you have RaceMenu). When you first meet her, save your game and reload to see her body shape.
    You will find Noora either in Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath, or Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead, or somewhere wandering in between. She's good with bows, one handed and sneaking with perks for all that stuff. She also has a tattoo. Don't ask me what it means.

    Noora's voice is "Female Nord" so you will need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul to recruit her. CotR is also a dependency for the head parts, but she uses her own body separate from CotR's.
    She has a very entertaining physics-enabled nude body that will have breast, hand & arm collisions if used with CBBE SMP (recommended to use the config included with my All Shapes bodygen mod).
    She should also look fine with 3BBB and regular CBBE but without the collisions, unless you can somehow get collisions to work on her with 3BBB (I'm still not sure how all that works).
    RaceMenu preset for CotR also included.
    Aside from CotR assets, Noora uses Bijin skin with a customised specular (she is a bit shiny), a KS hairdo and some recolored pieces from Gigaduex's lovely armor sets.



  8. [SE] Team TAL's 9204 DR Aris SMP 3BA

    This is converting Team Tal's 9204 DR Aris from LE to SE and hdt-pe to hdt-smp.
    This file's body is CBBE and provide 3BBB amazing body.
    Also, CBBE Uniboob patch applied.
    Highly recommeneded AdditemmenuSE.
    This outfit will support 4 textures by using FOMOD-Team TAL's four texture.
    I made a ZAP slider to support option which remove stockings.
    Depending on your body preset, viewpoint, .etc, there would be clippings on the stockings.
    3BBB (Latest version will be fine)
    9204 DR Aris by Team TAL



  9. OBIS Renamed

    This simple plugin will remove the term “bandit” from most OBIS names, providing more immersion during battles.
    The plugin have the tags delev and names, and can be exported into a bashed patch, for better compatibility.



  10. [Tobi] SausanHotel SE

    What this =Mod= do?...
    Its a new location for Skyrim, at this moment mostly for ScreenShots and this kind of stuff :3...
    Download on LL is for Sausan LE esp
    LoversLab have limit for File Size ( 200 Mb ) so i can't upload whole file here
    Download it from Mega: https://mega.nz/file/XEA3wIqA#0tGiZ5vHSPl5i_uPLYQK3N3oucKZaDGPJrO4Zwc2bYo
      Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
    - I don't know how to convert Mods from LE to SE, this was converted by someone else but he don't want to be mentioned here
    If You find any BUG or something, you can let me know but i probably can't do anything about it...
    - I'm not sure how stable is this version, Author says that it works fine... i don't have Skyrim SE ( i do have it on Steam but i'm playing LE )
    - If Download link is gone, let me know... ill ask Author what happend and i will ask for new Download Link



  11. Metallurgy and Gem Crafting

    Metallurgy adds four ingots to Skyrim: mithril, calcinium, galatite, and rubedite. The ingots were added to two leveled lists for ingots. I didn't touch the nodes, so there are no ores for it. You will have to loot it, or buy it from blacksmiths. Mithril is natural to Cyrodiil, and the others are from Hammerfell. So, the idea is that they would be "imported" into Skyrim. The asset for mithril was extracted from the DX Stella Mithril mod, and the two assets for calcinium and galatite were extracted from CCOR. The rubedite is a retexture I made over the vanilla quicksilver ingot.
    Gem Crafting allow you to make flawless gems, as long as you have a jewelry kit in your inventory. There are two recipes: the first one at Meric Smithing I, will turn two flawed gems in a flawless gem, and the second one at Meric Smithing II, will turn one flawed gem in a flawless gem.
    Both recipes requires a abrasive compound, which can be made in the alchemy retort, with dwarven oil and moonstone dust.
    The moonstone dust can be made at the smelter, using ores or ingots.
    The jewelry kit requires one mithril ingot, two steel ingots, and a piece of leather. The asset was provided by Oaristys.
    This plugin requires CACO and Ordinator, and should be loaded after Metallurgy.
    Update: fixed a issue with the keywords. They are now in line with Skyrim Recycling.
    The prices for the flawless gems were increased, and now can be exported to a bashed patch.



  12. All Shapes BodyGen Randomizer plus Enhanced Physics

    Provides a wide and almost endless variety of both female and male body shapes using RaceMenu BodyGen, CBBE (SMP works best, though regular physics and 3BBB also work) and Sam Light. Specially designed physics settings based on CBBE SMP is included for extra fun (though CBBE SMP is optional). Extensively tested! No more cookie-cutter NPCs!
    Remember when you first met Lydia and you thought, wow... just... wow.
    Well, she's been a bit down these last few years waiting for her thane to show up, and now she's a little on the "plus" side.  
    And who can forget Adrianne, that fiery brunette working the forge all day?
    It seems those Battle-Borns have been working her so hard she barely has time to eat, and now she's thin as a rake!

    And how about that Eorlund, huh? He might be an elderly chap, but dayam!
    Okay, so these days he's developed a serious meat pie addiction, and now getting up those steps to the Skyforge is a bit of a struggle...

    And who can forget Elisif? Poor, lovely Elisif...
    Well, she got sick of General Tullius treating her like a child, so she decided to hit the gym and start lifting. She committed, and now she's ripped!

    And they're all beautiful in their own, unique way.  

    This add-on uses Racemenu's BodyGen system, CBBE's in-game morph sliders and (optionally) morphs provided by the Sam Light body, to randomly generate an (almost) limitless variety of body shapes for all NPCs in the game, including those added by other mods!

    Also included is an enhanced HDT-SMP physics config based on CBBE SMP, designed specifically for use with this BodyGen system.


    1 CBBE for SE
    2 Bodyslide
    3 RaceMenu
    4 HDT SMP
    5 Optional, but highly recommended - CBBE SMP - I posted some instructions on Nexus on how to greatly improve the performance of the CBBE SMP body using Outfit Studio (it's very easy). This BodyGen config also works with the regular CBBE physics body, and 3BBB also works from my initial testing, but some NPC's will look a bit funny with their clothes off (but hey, don't we all?). If using 3BBB, make sure my defaultBBPs.xml file doesn't override 3BBB's.
    7 Optional - Remodeled Armor for CBBE + Girl’s Heavy Armors - other armor replacers may also work, but these two handle the wide array of body shapes very well without clipping. The standard CBBE refits also look great. I haven't tested every armor mod out there so there may be clipping on some extreme sizes.
    8 Only required if you want the men included, and this stuff will be a bit more taxing on your system so be warned (if this doesn't interest you, skip to step 11) - Sam Light
    9 Also from VectorPlexus - Sam Light high poly body - this includes all the clothing and armor refits for this BodyGen to work
    10 And finally for the men - SAM Morphs for Racemenu - you'll have a choice here whether to use my BodyGen (in which, case choose "no" to installing the bodygen files) or to use KouLeifoh's. The difference? My bodygen is more random, so anyone you meet could be muscly, fat or a bit of both. KouLeifoh's is based on class, so 2H warriors for example will always be big muscly dudes, regular citizens more likely to be fat, etc. I prefer the randomness, but take your pick. If you choose KouLeifoh's, it will overwrite mine (even if you install mine later)
    11 And of course XPMSSE and SKSE

    You will need to batch build your female body, clothing and armors in Bodyslide with zeroed sliders (make sure "Build Morphs" is ticked). Solid armors like steel, iron, dwarven etc. tend to look a bit funny due to their lack of physics - so I've included a quick and easy Bodyslide preset so you can build these armors separately. If using regular CBBE body physics or 3BBB, you can tweak the Pushup slider before building your meshes - especially for 3BBB which seems to add a lot of "droop" in its CBPC config.
    Note that you don’t need to build anything for the males – they work out of the box.

    Some important things to note about BodyGen, and in particular my settings:
    With this BodyGen setup, female NPCs will be random! You’ve been warned! You won’t see anyone hugely overweight or anorexic, but you might be surprised by what you see – that’s the whole fun of this mod! Also don't expect to see ridiculously proportioned women - no enormous hips or impossibly thin waistlines (though some women are impressively well endowed) Male NPCs will be somewhat influenced by their base weight due to Sam Light's body morphing, so blacksmiths for example will rarely be skinny, however you may occasionally come across a strangely well-built beggar or a scrawny mercenary - such is the rich tapestry of Skyrim! If you load BodyGen in an existing save, NPCs you have already encountered in your save will not get the bodygen morphs. If you’re using BodyGen for the first time or if you’ve made major changes to the presets, this is always best experienced on a new save. Even if this weren’t the case for practical reasons, it makes sense for immersion – it would be weird if Lydia suddenly got fat for no reason. If you want to clear bodygen from your game try NetImmerse Override Cleaner. The bodygen morphs will cover NPCs added by other mods, except for standalone followers e.g. Sofia (unless you swap out their body with your standard NPC body). But there’s a catch - they won't get their morphs straight away. After you first encounter these NPCs in a cell, you will need to save and re-load to see their body shape. Note that this only applies to totally unique NPC mods like Immersive Wenches, or basically any follower mod. NPCs added using leveled lists, like Warzones or Populated Skyrim Civil War edition, will get their morphs straight way. Bodygen will add a lot more data to your save files, so depending on your setup, this may produce longer load times and/or occasional CTDs especially later in a very extensive play-through. Obviously this will be compounded by other mods that cause save game bloating. But this is always a risk when playing a heavily modded Skyrim. I’ve been using BodyGen for a long time now with a crap-ton of mods and I’ve never found it to be an issue. If your mod load is light on scripted mods, you'll be fine. Also I just want to point out that there really isn’t much to this particular mod – literally just two .txt files for the BodyGen and two .xml files for the physics – so there are no potential conflicts (except with other mods that change these files) and no load order to worry about. The other mods listed above however do have some assembly required, so please read the descriptions on those pages and follow their instructions carefully, and remember to endorse/like!
    I plan to release a series of followers based on this BodyGen system, so keep an eye out for those. BodyGen is the way to make followers truly standalone and unique!

    Credits, flowers and hat-taking-off:
    Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE, CBBE SMP and Bodyslide (thanks to ousnius for giving me permission to include the modified xml config)
    Expired for RaceMenu
    hydrogensaysHDT for HDT SMP
    rxkx22 and Shiva182 for Bijin skin
    ChronoTrigger77 for Remodeled Armor and GIGADUEX for Girl's Heavy Armor
    KouLeifoh for SAM Light, SAM Light high poly conversion and SAM Morphs for RaceMenu
    Team XPMSE and Groovtama for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended SE
    All the mod authors who made my heavily-modded screenshots possible



  13. [SE] Melodic's Summer Flirt SMP 3BA

    This is converting Melodic's Summer Flirt from LE to SE.
    This file's body is CBBE and provide 3BBB amazing body.
    Highly recommeneded AdditemmenuSE.
    This is my maiden work inserting HDT physics by using 3ds max.
    Cardigan of this outfit has HDT physics and a little collision clipping.
    Preview : https://gfycat.com/impressionableadoredharborseal
    3BBB (Latest version will be fine)
    Melodic's Summer Flirt



  14. Luxury Collection 3BA Conversion

    This is a 3BBB Amazing conversion of the Luxury Collection by @ApoKrytia. I did not make this mod!
    Original file (with previews!) here:
    Included in the file are:
    -BodySlide Files, with two slidergroups. One of them containing outfits you might want to build differently. I added alternative bodyslide files for a couple of files.
    -Ground object meshes & meshes for non-bodyslide accessories
    Prebuilt outfits not included! Build your outfits!
    There are some clipping issues with some stockings and shoes (not shoes themselves). Couldn't for the life of me to get them match perfectly.
    -Added a fixed esp to downloads.
    -A lot of ARMA records were missing additional races.
    -Fixed some texture issues.
    -Removed unused HDT High Heel spell effects.
    Credits from the original mod page:



  15. DDWardrobe - Gothic Prince (UNP-CBBE)



    Recreation of an outfit of the same name from the iOS game "Blood 'n Roses" + some boots. Despite the name, this is a female-only outfit as I can't be arsed to do anything for men (though I'm not at all opposed to male conversions of my outfits). Sorry about that, folks.

    For the UNP version: The top has 2 versions - one that contains the legs of the body and one that doesn't. The latter is to be used with the boots (as the tights will clip / z-fight with the legs of the body) while the other is meant for being barefoot or wearing other footwear with it. This doesn't apply to the CBBE Bodyslide version made by SunJeong.

    No multiple colors for this one, sorry. Just didn't seem to fit the style as much as I tried. I didn't set up the meshes right for better optimized texturing either so the texture folder for this would have ended up being agonizingly huge if I did do re-colors, if that's any consolation.

    This mod uses high-poly meshes and uncompressed, 4K textures by default. 2K textures are optional.


    - Weird stretching when the arms are raised. This is pretty much unavoidable.

    - For some reason the boots may have weird clipping / z-fighting with certain angles and camera distances. I've done all I can
    to fix this and it's specific to the SE version of the mod.


    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

    For the CBBE SE physics: CBPC or HDT-SMP.

    - HOW TO GET -

    AddItemMenu or type help "gothic prince" into the console.

    - CREDITS -

    Dimon for Dimonized UNP, Caliente and Ousinius for CBBE, UUNP, and Bodyslide.

    SunJeong for the CBBE SE Bodyslide version.

    All the amazing mod creators who have inspired me by making their own outfits and armors for Skyrim.

    The modders on Discord and elsewhere who have personally helped me with my work and about modding in general.

    My wonderful Patrons for being generous enough to support me, including: Amber, MaiaraZephyr, Hermannesque, SunJeong, and R57B.

    - TOOLS USED -

    Marvelous Designer
    Blender 2.7+2.8
    Substance Painter
    Outfit Studio


    - Body(slide) conversions can be shared without asking, so long as I'm always given credit and the original mod is linked.
    - Otherwise, do not re-upload the meshes/textures elsewhere or use them in your own mod without my express permission.
    - Recolors and retextures are permitted provided that the meshes are not included - if they have to be, for some reason, contact me.
    - No part of this mod (textures, meshes, etc.) is allowed be paywalled or otherwise sold personally adjusted or otherwise.

    - LINKS -




  16. [SE] Team Tal's DM BDOR Caroxya SMP 3BA

    This is converting Team Tal's DM BDOR Caroxya from LE to SE and hdt-pe to hdt-smp.
    This file's body is CBBE and provide 3BBB amazing body.
    Also, CBBE Uniboob patch applied.
    Highly recommeneded AdditemmenuSE.
    This outfit will support 2 texture by FOMOD-Team TAL's two texture.
    3BBB (Latest version will be fine)
    DM BDOR Caroxya by Team Tal



  17. dwagonbown goes uwu


    if you complain about this mod or say anything bad about it, i will cry and i will fight you, but not necessarily in that order


    kin, comrades, if you'd be so kind, so gracious, as to lend me a moment of your time, a few brief minutes, i've a warning that i simply must deliver to you. for there is an evil blighting these lands, an evil unlike any of the horrible tragedies that have plagued us prior. an evil forged in the deepest, darkest depths of oblivion. an evil forged by daedra so malicious, so sadistic, even the princes themselves shunned them, cast them out.

    that great evil, that i implore you to take up arms against, to shelter yourselves and your loved ones against, is this mod. this terrible, cruel mod, that ruins and corrupts the intent of the brave, valiant people who put their blood, sweat and tears, the very things that make them human like you and i. it is an offense to those who wrote our beloved, wonderful game. an affront to all things good and just in this world and beyond. our ancestors would be rolling in their graves, rustling in their urns, if they knew such a heinous abomination exists.

    now i'm sure you're curious, like all fine folk are, what makes this so evil, why i say it is a scourge that torments all things that draw breath. and if information is what it takes to ward you against it, it's information that you'll receive. this horrible thing curses our dear protagonist, interferes with their faculties and makes them talk like a, like a...well, it'd be easier to tell you. just the other morning i was on my way to katla's farm to purchase some crops for dinner and on the way i passed by our brave hero, the one defending us all from all manner of terrible things, talking to a carriage driver. i stopped for a moment, to admire our savior, and can you imagine my surprise when the words that they spoke, and i quote, were "i-i'd wike to wide youw c-cawwiage daddy."

    to say i was taken aback at first would be an understatement. our hero might have a storied history, but it's right their in the title, they're heroic. or at least, were heroic. now i know not how or when they received such a deplorable malediction, but i realized then and there two things. that we can no longer count on them to protect us, that it is a duty that once more falls into our own hands. second, and most importantly, we must band together to find a cure. i don't know about you, but i can't fight a bear on my lonesome, let alone an atronach or a vampire. we need our hero back and right now, they're too busy stumbling over their own words, sniffling and sobbing, and talking about riding all manner of things.


    tldr: protag goes uwu haha
    will conflict with other stuff that changes dialogue.
    put it late? let loot sort it? idk im not your mom
    i can make patches for mods that add new dialogue if the authors dont mind me ruining their mods.


    you're all cute, even if you rightfully hate this mod.
    and i know its awful but im not sorry.
    #1 comic sans fan girl na
    shoutout to all my friends that supported me when they should have just taken me out back like old yeller




  18. [SE] Team Tal's DM BDOR Vedirdate SMP 3BA

    This is converting Team Tal's DM BDOR Vedirdate from LE to SE and hdt-pe to hdt-smp.
    This file's body is CBBE and provide 3BBB amazing body.
    Also, CBBE Uniboob patch applied.
    Highly recommeneded AdditemmenuSE.
    This outfit will support 4 texture set-2 of them is original Team TAL's one and the other is retextured by Pinipini.
    If you want to change another texture of Team TAL, then just overwrite of this armor.
    And then change the name of new cubemap "Metal_1_e.dds" to  "Metal_3_e.dds", or just change armor's nif on nifscope.
    3BBB Advanced(3BA; if you want to use 3BBB bodyslide, latest is best)
    CBPC Physics
    DM BDOR Vedirdate by Team Tal



  19. Being a Cow - Tail HDT-SMP Conversion

    Not much to say a smiple hdt port from the tails in "Being a Cow" for HDT-DMP.

    I created the tail physics for my own liking its not like the one in LE.
    Maybe i will port other stuff from it too, not sure right now.

    I dont created the tails only converted them for HDT-SMP pls honor the creator of the tails.

    Thanks to Schaken for helping me with thy Bone-weighting



  20. Skate fast eat ass Coin Replacer

    I was bored waiting for a file, made this in like 10 minutes and maybe someone as stupid as me will find this funny (like i do every time that i see it in game), Enjoy?



  21. Vampiric Thirst - small patches

    Vampires Don't Leak patch
    For now I just publish a small modification of the VT main script that decreases the "leakage" of the blood pool depending on your age. I used to keeping this on my cloud drive, I don't see a reason not to publish it here.

    The reason I made it is simple - while VT increases your blood pool as you age, the idle loss of the blood is still high enough to force you into daily feedings all over and over again even if you don't use blood magic at all, and it gets kinda annoying having to run looking for someone to feed on when you're high level. At least it was for me, so I've fixed it. The speed of idle blood pool leakage is the same as the vanilla when your age is "fledgling", it's 1/2 at the "child" age, 1/3 at "neophyte" age etc. All other mechanics is left untouched - the blood magic still costs you the same amount of blood as it was originally.
    The installation procedure is simple - if you use MO2, place the mod low enough in the left pane so it will override any playervampirequestscript.pex instances. including those added by patches (like the Requiem patch). The source is included. This patch will work on both LE and SE, since it's only a script.
    Playtested - a lot. I didn't find any problems and it works as it supposed for me. If you have any problem with the patch - let me know.
    The licensing of VT is unclear to me, but since Requiem Patch Central also includes this script and distributes it on Nexus as a part of Requiem - Vampiric Thirst patch, I guess I can do this too.
    The reason for choosing the name of the downlooad is that I may add a couple of other patches in the future. I like VT, I don't always play vampires, but when I do - I use Vampiric Thirst (the most interesting vampire in Tamriel)



  22. Bsama Sabian

    Femboy follower for Femboy Race Reborn, located in Rorikstead, outside the Rorik Manor House.



  23. Bsama Melienne

    Femboy follower for Femboy Race Reborn found at the farm in Kynesgrove.



  24. LazyBikiniOutfits Remastered

    Updated for Sun Jeong's TAWoBA Remaster. 
    The old version for the non-remaster TAWoBA release can be found here.
    Dynamically replace NPC armor with bikinified variants. Customizable variance and frequency. Armor is replaced by the bikini equivalent, leather armor -> leather bikini. Exceptions are companions in steel armor who get the wolf armor and nords in steel who get the nord plate version instead.
    This is just a homebrew tool with no safety checks or undo buttons. Unless configured properly for your load order there might be issues.
    If you're not experienced with mod behavior/conflict resolving just use the levellist addon included in the Remaster to distribute the armor
    How to use
    Click "mod active"
    Modes - NPCs processed
    Enemies = Only non-unique hostile NPCs 
    Non-unique = Enemies + all non-unique NPCs
    Non-unique + nude = Non-unique mode + all NPCs lacking the ArmorHeavy, ArmorLight, ArmorClothing keywords
    All = Everyone wearing armor, including uniques
    All + nude = Everyone wearing armor, including uniques + nudes
    The basic and recommended setting is Enemies mode and Default outfits off. Activating anything else increases risk of conflicts with other mods including dynamic equippers and spawners.
    The nude modes will assign armor based on which skill is higher, HeavyArmor or LightArmor
    "Enemies" mode uses the IsHostileToPlayer function. Some mods will spawn NPCs that are detected as hostile with this but still are set as friendly through other means
    Mod will output what it does to the papyrus log with the "TAWoBA" prefix
    Major - TAWoBA Remastered HighHeel version support only
    New -  Autoschlong option, Automatically (un)sets all slot 32 as revealing in Schlongs of Skyrim. Might not be immediately  noticeable if SoS still has to process/update the NPCs.
    New -  Player support. WARNING - while I haven't had any problems myself it's possible other sources might trigger a refresh of the outfit removing anything the player have equipped later
    New - Support for humanoid mannequins (they're ignored)
    New - Added carved armor
    New - Additional scanner modes to assign default outfits to naked npcs. Can't differentiate between naked due to removed armor/clothing mods or simply temporarily undressed. Use only if you're sure the first scenario is true.
    New - Fallback/support for Imperial and Stormcloak heavy + light armor replacing
    New - Besides the OnLocationChange and OnCellLoad events there's also a timed trigger. The player standing still will no longer pause processing missing any NPCs entering the area later.
    New - Toggle to enable/disable mod
    Change - All scanmodes ignore NPCs in CurrentFollower and dunPlayerAllyFaction. Your naked friends will stay naked. Hotkey will still work on them though
    Fix - Cloth/thalmor scanner will now properly manage shields
    Fix - ElvenGilded armor is now correctly identified/replaced
    Fix - Change to bikinify was checked twice
    PERMISSIONS - No rights reserved whatsoever. Add/remove/change whatever you want. Just link back to this page if you upload it anywhere.



  25. BsamaNieto.esp

    Femboy follower for Femboy Race Reborn, found in the Bee and Barb Tavern, in Riften



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