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Regular Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of a non-adult nature.

78 files

  1. Housecarls Revamped SE

    A simple port to SE of my first ever "mod". (aww!)
    From the original mod page:
    So in short: all the housecarls are now male. The changes are purely cosmetic. The only change in the SE version is updated meshes and textures and change to Form 44 (whether needed or not *shrug*)
    Name Changes:
    Jordis = Yorrick the Sword-Polisher
    Iona = Ian
    Rayya = Rayyan
    Lydia = Lanius
    You can see screenshots of all the housecarls on the original (LE) mod page
    Skyrim SE (so all DLC)
    SexLab FULL SE
    SexLab Aroused Redux SE (+ dependencies)
    Highly recommended mods:
    The Manipulator SE
    SexTalk (gay) SE



  2. H2135 fantasy series for SSE CBBE

    SSE conversion of the H2135 fantasy series 1 by Veraly for SSE CBBE including bodyslide and smp cloth physics.
    Non-heels sound version of the esp added.
    Thanks to SunJeong for the images!



  3. Shimmer Heels CBBE SE

    Shimmer Heels SE
    A heel mod ported by zzlaq1 for Skyrim Legendary Edition. With additional credits for Shiremide1 for providing these originally for MMD. Skyrim Legendary Edition version found here.
    This mod adds 6 different colored heels each with a transparent version of itself for a total of 12 heels. 
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    RaceMenu High Heels for the offset
    1. Heels are Bodyslide-able, look for "Shimmer Heels".
    2. Obtain heels using AddItemMenu2 for Skyrim SE.



  4. Flame Atronach Revised

    This is my first public mod, its just a simple addon that changes the Flame Atronachs armor with  Sexy Flame Atronach created by DarkRavage (with permission of course) and my tweaked version of her nif file with bigger breast and butt.
    If i can figure out how to do it im wanting to add physics to her but sense shes using a different skeleton.nif the deformity is WOW



  5. Legacy of the Dragonborn Painting Replacer

    Be sure to Follow me on Lovers Lab!
    Legacy of the Dragonborn is my personal favorite when it comes to Skyrim mods. But the paintings you spend hours finding that decorate your beautiful new home, were absolute garbage. 
    So I fixed that with a new painting pack replacer featuring an assortment of downright delectable images from Legend of the Cryptids the card game. One of my favorite artists of all time, he marries beautiful and scantily clad women with fantasy elements that would put any Lord of the Rings movie to shame.
    Don't be the guy showing off his 100% completionist game of Skyrim with flowers and buffalos all over your walls. Upgrade to the sexiest painting pack on Nirn today!

    Simply drag the Data folder into your Skyrim SE folder, or install the RAR file with Mod Organizer or Mod Manager.



  6. Aether Suite – REDUX v 1.0.1

    1. Description : Aether Suite – REDUX

    This mod is based on the Aether Suite mod by Halofarm and Modern resources by Sinius, the idea was to populate it with NPC, reconnect all areas, expand it and carefully handcraft all locations
    it is fully functional but it is still WIP, download link for datas is in the .rar (about 3gigas), I will be a little busy at work these days, hope it will be ok, I'll try to support as quickly as possible
    Exteriors, 5 Main areas all connected together:
    Fort Knox - downtown : The heart of the city  
    Fort Knox - Black streets : living quarters area
    Fort Knox - main Gate : City entrance
    Fort Knox – Landing pad : located over an extinct volcano lake  
    OCTO-8 Island : A fisherman island accessible from the landing pad area (with a console located on the bridge)

    + middle sized Sub areas : Police Station, Sewers, Psijic Factory, Accord Tower
    Interiors (connected with exteriors):
    All Aether suite interiors are integrated and enhanced (Red robin lounge, The Undergrind, Basketball stadium, Finnegan’s board, Public swimming pool, Butterfly Hotel, etc)
    In addition, I’ve created new locations such Police station, town office, supermarket, school of art, factory and much much more
    NPC : in order to make it more lively there is about 400 NPC dressed in a modern way  
    Vendors :
    Restaurants/coffe shops : you can buy food in various location : restaurants / cafés / supermarket / street vendors (should be needs mods ready)

    Fireworks : a firework merchant in OCTO-8 Island

    Weapons/misc in the hardware shop (Fort Knox - Downtown)

    Cannabis : joints/blunts/pipes in the 420 Café (Fort Knox - downtown)

    Street vendors in Downtown

    Drug dealers in dark corners
    Vehicles : Minibikes and mini motos are also available (you can use them as a mount, pretty buggy but fun)  
    Changed days/months names to modern like 07 April, etc  
    Room rental in the butterfly Hotel and Finnegans (strict minimum implementation at this point)  
    Fully navmeshed  
    Weather : Fort Knox is in perpetual night, more or less shiny depending of the time of the day / OCTO-8 Island have a normal night and day cycle
    2. About the modder :

    Hi, I’m into modding since Morrowind, have mostly made mods for myself and it has lead me to work in the video game industry since 12 years from now.

    Few years ago I stumbled on the aether Suite and I’ve felt in love with this mod and always wanted to make something with it.

    I’ve started to just add few NPC to test, things went out of control, and I ended up with this Aether Suite – Redux build

    I’ve made it for fun with a lot of passion (it is nice for me to work outside of the video game industry boundaries) and I’m very happy to have something to give back to this community  (for free of course)

    + special Thanks to BlueStar who helped me to test and gave me nice ideas

    3. Requirements :
    SkyrimSE (+dragonborn/heartfire/dawnguard)  
    Aether suite SE:  
    ZAZ Animation Pack 8+:
    direct link:

    CBBE: ZAZ 8.0+ CBBE HDT Rev2 : https://mega.nz/#!nZQAyQTJ!5Bk5XOS8B60JAkud0EvK3pa2AlvryANI7ihkyswmfoU
    UNP:    ZAZ 8.0+ UUNP HDT Rev2 : https://mega.nz/#!bEgChJII!kMEg6xU8ERY2F94gn_CEqVfz5ARpCTuiGbe-kp5tD3Y

    (from this page: on this page:
    Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice to display subtitles (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109)  
    FNIS For Cannabis Animations
    4. Load order :

    Aether suite_redux.esp must be at the bottom of your load order and obviously placed after Aethersuite.esp
    Aether suite_redux Datas should be placed last too

    5. TO DO (depending of people interest ^^)
    Add a new location: space station relay,add a last part to the town (with a bank)  
    NPC scheduling (to make it lively, for now I’ve just tested few patrols / few specific behaviors but most of NPC are just sandboxing)  
    Set property/owners for locations/ objects, etc  
    Questing : got a lot of ideas, have factions in mind, a storyline, events, etc, sexlab implementation  
    Renting appartment system with weekly fees  
    Bug Fixes  
    Trying to add a realshelter system for rain  
    Add a proper way to acces Fort Knox  
    6. How to acces Fort Know :

    If you create a new character you will have a spell by default « Fort Knox teleport » (for an existing character the spell should be added automatically)

    7. Know issues :
    Weather : while testing the weather can be resetted by default, added fix for that but let me know if it happens (most of the time it happens when you leave Fort knox to exterior world of skyrim // fort knox is only built in interiors cells even if it looks like an exterior)  
    [CRASH] when using additemmenu, the game will crash if you try to browse the part 1 of th emod, part 2 is OK)  
    Playing « normal » skyrim or original Aether Suite with this mod enable is not recommended as I changed a lot of things (do not COC to old Aether Suite Cells, use the spell to teleport to the Redux part)  
    [Textures]Few people can have a texture issue with Aether Suite SE mod, if it happens use textures from the original mod  
    Distant objects fade : if you go back to skyrim world in an exterior cell when you come back the distant fade object could be broken and while in Knox downtown you’ll see half of the scene  
    PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO REPORT ANY ISSUES if you’re brave enough to test (performances issues / meshs placement issues / navmesh issues / naming issues)
    8. Credits :

    Aether suite by Halo / http://mod.dysintropi.me/ converted to skyrim SE by : Andreis
    Cannabis Skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8732/? Converted to Skyrim SE by fattyzhouse ALL credits go to MadNuttah and Virakotxa for creating the original Cannabis Skyrim
    Android Armor : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706093155
    Sin’s modern ressources
    few meshes from Skyrim Seaworld (http://crential.blog.jp/archives/69192937.html)
    Musical Maayhem : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40905
    Osare Food : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24759
    Balkan MiniBike https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81666
    Modern Firearms Mod
    Witcher ressource pack : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68755
    Hallgarth’s additional vanilla hairs : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78669
    9. Updates log :
    ----------    V 1.0
    Initial Release
    ----------    V 1.0.1 - Patch Note
    Fixed duplicate NPC in downtown(in front of Red robin) and corrected his factions
    Fixed a light clipping in front of Butterfly Hotel
    Moved a bag of trash to clear npc path in downtown
    Minor mesh fix on the bridge in downtown
    Cleaned some unused objects from Esp (haven't found the additemmenu crash yet T_T)
    Fix fog in The Undergrind
    Cleaned police Weaponery and Ammos
    water canal: fix light clipping and added a little bit more fog
    water canal: fix missing collisions for few walls
    water canal: make easier to use stairs to get out of the water
    Revert back to original mudcrabs in skyrim // special mudcrabs in Red robin are cleaned
    fix a duplicate dog in riverwood (stump)
    fixed a duplicate actor in Octo-8 Island
    cleaned cannabis system // no more cannabis init message // no more cannabis options item auto give // cannabis items are no more automatically added with additem menu // joint/blunts/pipes are still available to buy in 420 caffé (downtown) or any drug dealers
    revamped lighting in 420 Café
    Fix a crash in 420 café (Downtown)
    Fixed LOD in front of police station (for 2 posters and 2 lights)
    Add steam + sewer drains in fort Knox Downtown / Main Gate / Black Streets
    Add 4 new kind of robots: Dogbot / ProtectBot / BrainBot / R-Type Bot
    Added 3 robots followers: rocky/dogbot in Main gate Area, The Bain/Brainbot in Downtown, Bender/Protector in Landing pad area
    upgraded sewers decoration a little bit
    Changed music in Red Robin Main Lounge to a more club like music
    [Hardware Store] [DOWNTOWN] Mask of terror is now for sell and more boxe items to buy
    [Edi-Bot repair 24/24] [Sewers] Now Ed sells all police armors, all android armors + R-type Bot Armor
    added a dog (a "real" one, not a robot : p) in sewers
    Apparence revamp for 420 Café NPC seller
    [Landing Pad] added a ladder to help get out of water
    Added Skull ashtray in various locations
    few more npc in Octo-8 Island



  7. Armor and Clothes Patch for RS Children

    Just a simple patch to allow RS Children to wear armors and clothes.
    -Inspired by the Skyrim versions that almost did the same. (I made this from scratch, but I had a look at his patch first) 
    -I have not tested this patch much, so please post a msg here if something is wrong or missing.
    RS Children Overhaul (I have not tried the optional experimental version, it may or may not work.)
    EFF Extesible Follower Overhaul 
    (Enable "Outfit" in MCM menu to be able to equip outfits for NPCs, you can also force recruit them in MCM menu if not having another way to recruit)
    Ranaline for RS Children Overhaul.
    PlagueHush for the Skyrim version of basically the same patch.



  8. Egg Incubator

    When I recently found the mod Egg Factory I was immediately disappointed that the mod just ends at the egg laying. I mean, laying eggs is fine and all but simply using this Dragon Egg I just gave birth to as a simple alchemy ingredient? Come on. Thats why I created this mod: It allows you to incubate any eggs you may find into many things, ranging from petty soul gems, to chickens that follow you around, to loyal Chaurus or Spider armys to your friendly neighbourhood pet dragon. And if you ask how you incubate them ... I don't really now, but somehow your belly seems a bit bloated ...
    Egg Incubator
    Also available on the Nexus
    SKSE64 PapyrusUtilSE SkyUI SE (MCM) SLIF (optional) RaceMenu (or rather, NiOverride, when not using SLIF) A body and skeleton mod to enable BodyMorphs. (I recommend CBBE and XPMSSE) You do not need the last three if you don't care about your belly growing.
    Install all Requirements, choose freely if you want to use SLIF or RaceMenu (when SLIF is installed, it will always be used). Then, simply install this mod with your preferred method and enable it.
    Make sure that neither you nor any NPC is currently incubating an egg. Easiest way is to set all egg incubation times to 1 and wait for an hour. Then, simply remove the mod.
    What does this mod do?
    It allows you to apply a scan effect to yourself and any amount of NPCs (that you have to manually choose) that you want. Characters under this effect will automatically incubate any eggs that are registered with the mod and added to their inventory (the player has the option to choose if he want's to incubate or simply keep the egg). 
    Any Character can incubate as many eggs as he wants. Incubating an egg makes the characters belly grow larger, the amount of which can be set in the MCM for each egg. The time it takes until incubation finishes can also be set per egg type.
    When the egg is finished incubating, the character will give birth to the item specified in the MCM for the egg type. This can either be an item (like petty soulgems for bird eggs) or an actor (like a chicken for chicken eggs). If it's an actor, it will automatically start following the player and help in combat (or maybe not, if it's a chicken). Though it is also possible to spawn aggressive actors, those will be marked as such in the MCM.
    To summarize: stick an egg in you and incubate it into something else! Like a chicken! Or a spider! Or a dragon!!!
    (Though everything will just be half-sized. I mean they just hatched!
    Other Mods
    This Mod is written in a way that it is very easy to add new kinds of eggs to it, without any kind of dependency on either side! Currently, only eggs from Skyrim, Hearthfires and Egg Factory are included.
    If you want to see how to add your own eggs to the mod, see the spoiler below.
    Known Issues
    Dragons aren't really working right now. The friendly ones don't follow you and the aggressive ones get stuck in the sky.  Belly scaling won't work for males. But everything else will.
    Everyone involved in creating the required mods, like SKSE, PapyrusUtil, SkyUI, SLIF and RaceMenu MorePrinniesDood for creating the Egg Factory mod, which inspired this mod Bugthesda for the game



  9. Bloodborne Pack by Team TAL [HDT-SMP]

    ◆ Credit ◆ 
    Original Contents from Dark Souls series, From Software.
    Team TAL (https://www.patreon.com/takealook) are:
    9204, Project leader, Main engineer
    ReGenBot03, Texture Engineer, Mod polishing
    BakaFactory, Effect Editting
    Dovahking, DSR Patch
    ◆Skyrim Special Edition porting◆
    full_inu - meshes, textures, skinned mesh physics configs
    ◆ Requirements ◆ 
    HDT Skinned Mesh Physics
    RaceMenu for SSE
    ReGenBot03 - for permission to make this mod ported on SSE
    hydrogensaysHDT - for physics system for both LE and SSE
    FromSoftware - for game series, that changes my life)
    What's new in version 0.1:
    - added physics to Executioner Set
    - added physics to Foreign Set (male & female)
    What's new in version 0.2:
    - all collisions were removed because they didn't work anyway. I also tweaked armor to have more realistic cloth movement. But it means that it'll also clip through body in several places. This will be the case until I figure out how to made cloth collide with body in Skyrim SE.
    - fixed glitch in Maria Hunter Set
    - tweaked Executioner and Foreign sets
    - added physics to Constable Set
    - added physics to Gascoine Set
    - added physics to Hunter Set (male A & B and female A & B variants)
    What's new in version 0.5:
    - all outfits converted to SMP. This mod no longer WIP
    - tweaked to have more consistency between sets and less clipping (where's possible)



  10. Be Trainer Vendor SSE (aka BTV)

    Be Trainer Vendor SSE (aka BTV)
    A simple mod that allows almost any actor (even creatures if wanted) to offer Trainer & Vendor services.
    BTV is a standalone mod and does NOT EDIT or touch any VANILLA game assets at all.
    Originally I wrote this for oldrim a while ago.
    While setting up SSE I discovered I still had it on one of my drives.
    So thought I'd convert and offer it here on LL for a bit.
    Optional (Recommended):
    Fuz Ro D'oh (for actors that don't have generic shared dialogue which BTV uses)
    Extract the contents of BTV_SSE.7z to your data directory.
    Enable BTV.esp in your load order and play.
    After Install Tip:
    Default when installed any Actor will offer Trainer Vendor services.
    Simply configure via MCM to get things to your preference.
    Point at controls in MCM and read what they are or do.
    General Info:
    There are multiple methods you can use to permit or deny actors to offer BTV services.
    These range from basic MCM Presets or by manually adding actors via target and a configurable key press.
    Manually added actors have per actor full control of exactly what they can offer you.
    You can talk to any actor that offers BTV services and tell them not to offer services any more.
    All manually added or ignored actors can be cleared at anytime via MCM options.
    All manually added actors can offer remote training via options listed on there MCM page
    All manually added actors you can also quick travel to them via MCM.
    Vendor Info:
    Vendor services can offer one or all types with any actor.
    You can boost the amount of cash that the BTV vendors will have (via MCM).
    You can specify if vendor stock and cash is reset every access (via MCM).
    Trainer Info:
    Trainer services still cost the standard amount of money
    Unlike the vanilla trainers you can not pickpocket or take the paid money back.
    Any single actor can offer one up to all types of training services.
    You can configure who offers what type(s) of training for any actor offering BTV services.
    You can specify how many Training Per Level is permitted (only affects BTV trainer dialogue).
    Trainers can be set to offer services that match your level (configurable level crossover via MCM).
    Trainers can can also set to be master 100 trainers ignoring your level (configure in MCM).
    MCM Translations:
    BTV has translation files for MCM, but all languages are presently in English only.
    For those that want to translate MCM the translation files can be found in:

    Use BTV or any part of it as you please.
    No need to ask for permission or give credit.
    Source is in the BSA.
    For problems, errors or general questions feel free to post.



  11. Arrow-in-the-knee and other stuff you never missed in Skyrim

    Now that I became a contributer it is time to contribute something....
    It has been a long time since i have been working with 3DS Max, so I decided to start with something simple.
    An arrow in the knee.... 
    For all those poor guards who used to be an adventurer like me

    And Ysgramor's soup spoon: It's a fork... You can use it as a dagger.



  12. Exotic beauty Persephone - a racemenu preset

    Racemenu preset for an ashen-haired exotic-looking female Nord named Persephone.

    When the download of this file is complete, enter the following directory (if you're using microsoft windows) my computer/local disk/program files x86/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim special edition/data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets

    Copy and paste the .jslot file contained in this download into the presets folder. Keep in mind that the preset folder won't be there until you've already created and saved a preset in racemenu.

    I made this preset in enhanced character edit, and tried porting it over to racemenu, but I didn't know how, so I installed both ECE and racemenu, and then saved this preset in racemenu.

    There might be some compatibility issues.



  13. NiOverride Pose Adjustments + Objects SE

    NiOverride Pose Adjustments + Objects SE
    A utility mod that allows you to adjust poses directly while you play skyrim!

    - Requirements -
    Racemenu SE
    PapyrusUtil SE
    UIExtensions SE
    - Installation -
    1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or Vortex, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder).
    2. Let the mod overwrite XPMSSE's skeletons nif files.
    If your character use a custom race like YgNord, please overwrite 4 skeleton*.nif of that custom race with skeleton*.nif in this file.

    - How To Use -

    Before Adjustments

    After Adjustments

    - How to change posture of NPC -

    1. Register to member list
    - Get and use “Spell Tome: Add to list - NIOPA” (AddItemMenu etc.)
    - Cast magic to NPC and register to member list.
    -The maximum registration number is 100.

    2. Select target from registered members
    - Select the NPC you want to adjust from the member list
    - You can adjust posture of NPC you selected like your character. 
    - Regardless of life and death you can adjust. 
    - Posture save data is common to all characters.

    3. Remove unnecessary members from the list
    - Please remove NPC whose posture adjustment is unnecessary from member list.
    -Please select NPC to be removed from member list from the menu.
    -Players can not be removed from member list.
    -When removed from member, selected NPC will return its posture to default.
    -When removing NPC in operation from member list, NPC will be deleted from member list and operation return to player from NPC.
    -If NPC can not be found for reasons such as uninstallation or outside the area, NPC will be removed from member list without posture being reset. If you modify it, please register NPC to member list once and then reset.
    -When uninstalling this mod, please remove all but player from member list. (to restore posture to default)
    - How to search NPC nearby the player -
    -Select “Search NPC Nearby” from member list in menu.
    -After a while, NPC will be displayed as a list.
    -If NPC whose attitude you want to adjust is on list, please select that NPC.
    -That NPC will be registered in member list and can be adjusted.

    NPC on member list will not be displayed in this list.
    NPC that are using unsupported skeletons will not be displayed in this list.
    Disabled NPC will not be displayed in this list.
    Some NPC will not be displayed due to unknown reasons. In that case please register using spell.
    - Objects - 
    Use AddItemMenu SE to get the items.
    Description of each item shows armor slot and name of bone to operate with NiOPA.
    Equip item and operate the designated bone with NiOPA, you can move the equipped object.
    - Credits - 
    Sesamin for providing screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys!
    Please don't bother Sesamin via his own page about this SSE port!



  14. XML Builder

    Author: Reniastyc(天道玄虚)
    Current Version: 1.02E
    If you find something wrong, please tell me and then I can solve it.
    --New Preset Rule: Add a attribute [auto] to leave out a void attribute.
    --New Preset Rule: Add a attribute [condition] to leave out a attribute when the selected attribute is void.
    --Update the preset file used the new feature.
    --Add a New Preset to set win10 visual element manifest.
    --Interactive optimization: Optimized the execution logic of some operations and adjusted some of the button functions.
    --New page: Add a page about the basic usage of the program.
    --Adjusting the terms: modified some terms and English translations to make it more relevant.
    --Optimization for UI: If the basic path has been set, when you execute save dialog or open dialog, the initiate directry will be the same.
    --New Preinstall rule: You can set the default file name for a preinstall file by using the attribute [file] in the file header. e.g. <xmlbuilder file="ModuleConfig">
    --BugFix: It may not get the full xml file if you don not change the main tab into Origin Structure tab.
    --Optimization for UI: Adjust the layout.
    --New function: File association added.
    --Optimization: Adjust the loading for multi-language preinstall files.
    --New Preinstall rule: You can make a multi-language preinstall file.
    --BugFix: The Basic Path function may go wrong sometimes.
    --BugFix: when the flag is "file" or "path", xml files may not change.
    --New Function: you can choose a Basic Path, the file path will be a relative path. e.g. When the Basic path = "D:\Test", the File Path "D:\Test\AFile.esp" will be "AFile.esp".
    --New Preinstall rule: if the flag is "option", the tag should also contain the label of each option. e.g. <type flag="option:SelectAny|SelectOnlyOne" tag="Select Type|Select Any|Select Only One"/>
    --BugFix: Attribute Index may go wrong at some time.
    For Chinese, here: http://www.9damao.com/thread-133026-1-1.html
    Ubiquitous--You can deal with any type of xml files with a suitable preinstall file.
    Multi-language--You can change UI language with translation file.
    How to create a module config by this app?

    UI (ver1.02D)

    If I use this to read the fomod config file of Module "Know Your Enemy", I can get this:

    Then I shall choose a PreInstall File:

    And then, I get this: (The Tab turned into PreInstall Struct)

    When I select any Item, I can change the details.

    If I want to create a new module, I will click New in the Left Menu, and then Add Child.
    If you want to Add A New FilePlugin, you should Choose A FileGroup, not a FilePlugin.
    Notice: if you select a file or a path with the Button"...", remember change it into Relative path.
    e.g. D:\Module\Fomod\ModConfig.xml --> Fomod\ModConfig.xml
    How to write a translate file?
    That is easy.
    Translate Files are located in Data\Languages\
    You can see Four Files named: Default, English, 简体中文, 繁體中文. Do not change the file named default.
    Open the English.txt and you will see this.
    $New    New
    $Open    Open
    $Save    Save
    $Exit    Exit
    $Attrib    Attribute
    $Value    Value
    $Lang    Language
    $PreIn    PreInstall
    $Item    Item
    $AddCI    Add Child
    $ClrCI    Clr Child
    $DelTI    Del Item
    $NewAt    New Attrib
    $OStru    Origin Struct
    $PStru    Preinstall Struct
    $PFile    Preinstall File
    the structure is : $Word[tab, #9]Word.
    This is a tab, not serveral spaces.
    Also you can translate the english word and then save the file as another name.
    If you want to translate the application, just create a new translate file. You can send the file to me by e-mail.
    And you can also upload the translate file as you like. There is no need to tell me that you have translated my application.
    If you have any problem with this, you can send me an e-mail, or post comments here.
    I'm not sure whether you can send an e-mail to QQ mail, but I don't have other e-mail.
    And you can post comments here.
    How to create Preinstall File?
    Thas more difficult. I'm sorry but I don't know how to describe in English.
    If only you can read Chinese.
    Add a English translation, but I may not explaim how they work clearly.

    Preinstall file is also a xml file, and the first line or file header must be <xmlbuilder>.
    To distinguish the aim object, the first child item must have the same name and attributes as the aim xml files do. For example, if we want to deal with mod config file, the header of it is:
    <config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://qconsulting.ca/fo3/ModConfig5.0.xsd">
    Therefore, the preinstall file should be:
    <config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://qconsulting.ca/fo3/ModConfig5.0.xsd"/>

    After the first one, all of the child items should have the name of <structure>, and each of them will represent a level of structure.
    There are two available attributes: folder, unique.
    [folder] the value of it should be the where the child items are. e.g. In the fomod config, first level of structure: folder="installSteps", and the second level of structure: folder="installStep\optionalFileGroups"
    [unique] You can use this only when the item should be unique. When exists, the value should be "true".

    The child items of [structure] verify the way to show attributes, or to create a folder.
    If the child item has attributes, it's a statement for an attribute.
    If the child item has no attribute, it's a statement for a folder.

    There are serveral parameters: flag, tag, default, text.

    [flag] verify the type of the attribute. The value can be:
      option: [option:A|B|C] In this case, the tag should be [optionName|AName|BName|CName]
    --e.g.<type flag="option:SelectAny|SelectOnlyOne" tag="Select Type|Select Any|Select Only One"/>
      file (point to an exact file)
      path (point to a folder)
      hide (the attribute will be hide. In this case, you should give it a default value)
      name (the attribute will be the item's name)

    [tag] verify the label showed with the value. If you want to translate a preinstall file, you should translate the value of tag.
    [default] declare the default value of the attribute.
    [text] is a special parameter. When the attribute points to the item's text, you should set it to "true" and let the name be "text".

            <text flag="name" tag="" text="true" default="New Module"/>
    Multi-language Preinstall File:
    For attributes named [tag] and [default], if the value starts with '$', then the app will search for the translation of current language. If there is no correct translation, the first one will be chosen.
    Multi-language statement:
    e.g. the statement for fomod config could be:
        <config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://qconsulting.ca/fo3/ModConfig5.0.xsd">
            <language name="English">
                <string name="$NewMod" value="New Module"/>
                <string name="$NewStep" value="New InstallStep"/>
                <string name="$NewGroup" value="New FileGroup"/>
                <string name="$NewPlugin" value="New FilePlugin"/>
                <string name="$Condition" value="Condition"/>
                <string name="$GroupOption" value="Select Type|Select Any|Select Only One"/>
                <string name="$Description" value="Description"/>
                <string name="$PluginImage" value="Plugin Image"/>
                <string name="$SourFile" value="Source File"/>
                <string name="$SourPath" value="Source Path"/>
                <string name="$DestPath" value="Destination"/>
                <string name="$PluginOption" value="Plugin Type|Required|Recommended|Optional"/>
            <language name="简体中文">
                <string name="$NewMod" value="新模组"/>
                <string name="$NewStep" value="新步骤"/>
                <string name="$NewGroup" value="新组别"/>
                <string name="$NewPlugin" value="新选项"/>
                <string name="$Condition" value="条件"/>
                <string name="$GroupOption" value="类型|任意选择|唯一选择"/>
                <string name="$Description" value="描述"/>
                <string name="$PluginImage" value="选项图片"/>
                <string name="$SourFile" value="源文件"/>
                <string name="$SourPath" value="源路径"/>
                <string name="$DestPath" value="目标路径"/>
                <string name="$PluginOption" value="选项类型|必需|推荐|可选"/>
            <language name="繁體中文">
                <string name="$NewMod" value="新模組"/>
                <string name="$NewStep" value="新步驟"/>
                <string name="$NewGroup" value="新組別"/>
                <string name="$NewPlugin" value="新選項"/>
                <string name="$Condition" value="條件"/>
                <string name="$GroupOption" value="類型|任意選擇|唯壹選擇"/>
                <string name="$Description" value="描述"/>
                <string name="$PluginImage" value="選項圖片"/>
                <string name="$SourFile" value="源文件"/>
                <string name="$SourPath" value="源路徑"/>
                <string name="$DestPath" value="目標路徑"/>
                <string name="$PluginOption" value="選項類型|必需|推薦|可選"/>


    为识别预设模板作用的对象,第一个子项应与对象文件的文件头有着相同的名称和属性。例如fomod config文件的文件头:
    <config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://qconsulting.ca/fo3/ModConfig5.0.xsd">
    因此,作用于fomod config文件的预设模板应:
        <config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://qconsulting.ca/fo3/ModConfig5.0.xsd"/>

    【folder】的值应为下一级子项所在的目录,例如fomod config中,第一级的【folder】应等于:installSteps

    ——1.01B:当属性声明的flag标识为option时,tag应分别包含标签和选项标签,并以“|”分割,例如:<type flag="option:SelectAny|SelectOnlyOne" tag="Select Type|Select Any|Select Only One"/>
            <text flag="name" tag="" text="true" default="New Module"/>



  15. Exotic beauty Persephone ECE preset

    This is an enhanced character edit (ECE) face preset that was (more or less) made in the likeness of a curiously sexy, young ex of mine 'whose name was actually Persephone.


    Drag the .slot file contained in this download to the following directory folder. Documents\My Games\Skyrim\, there will be a CME_Save folder.

    After that, boot the game, go into showracemenu, and then load presets, load the slot that this file occupies, (slot #2) make sure you have all of the prerequisites mods installed beforehand, and then it should work.


    *Enhanced Character Edit
    *Realistic Faces - Skyrim SE Character Overhaul
    *KS Hairdos SSE
    *The Eyes Of Beauty
    *Kyoe's Bang'n Brows Female Eyebrow Replacer
    *Better Female Eyebrows Standalone
    *Seductive Lips HD SE Edition

    *Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer.
    *Left hand rings



  16. Submitted

  17. Another Sleep Mod SE

    A conversion of the Another Sleep Mod for SSE. 
    Now when your character chooses to sleep in a bed, bedroll, or tent, you can now see him/her sleeping in Skyrim SE!  Also includes functionality to wear a sleep outfit that automatically re-equips your previously worn clothing/armor once you wake up.
    No plans to add additional functionality beyond what is already provided.
    Pevey who developed the original Another Sleep Mod for Oldrim



  18. LazyBikiniArmor

    TLDR:  Configurable in-game applicator of armor from The Amazing World of Bikini Armor and Bikini Ascend SE mods.
    DISCLAIMER: This mod manages about 500 pieces of armor all added and set up manually. Testing every possible combination isn't possible so please consider it a very work-in-progress WIP project with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Make sure to read the entire description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road.
    Quick start
    Install mod That's it  
    Now whenever you encounter random female enemies like bandits most of them will be wearing bikini armor. If you want to make it so fewer has it or remove certain parts read on below.
    Setting bikinization outfit chance to 100% issues everyone matching the criteria (see "Npc Selector below") bikini armor, set it lower if you want it to be more rare.
    Increasing a slot's risk to 100% means the pieces covering that area will never be applied, useful to disable helmets to show faces or manage slot conflict with other mods like Devious Devices or Schlongs of Skyrim.
    Outfit variety
    The mod selects a random piece from all the available options for each slot. Combined with the risk of a piece missing entirely this assures encountering two NPCs wearing the exact same outfit is very low.
    Excluded items
    Four or five full coverage chest pieces and helmets
    The steel "bunny ears" headgear
    NPC Selector
    The mod has three different modes
    Enemies only = Only non-unique NPCs hostile to the player are outfitted. 
    Non unique only = Only non-unique NPCs hostile OR not are outfitted
    ALL = Everyone including named NPCs, followers, their sisters and that distant cousin they no longer talk to. USE WITH CAUTION, WILL REMOVE EXISTING WORN ARMOR
    Besides the above a few extra checks are done to make sure only the right people get to look absolutely fabulous
    NOT in combat (prevent outfit switching mid-fight)
    HAS one of the default female voicetypes (excludes custom/important NPCs + makes sure the armor is only applied to females)
    HAS at least one armor piece worn with the ArmorLight, ArmorHeavy or ArmorClothing keywords
    Armor matching
    Mod will replace the worn armor with a matching bikini based on what they're wearing on the body/slot 4 (generally chest piece) location. E.g, someone wearing steel cuirass, iron gloves, elven boots and leather helm would get a steel bikini set.
    There are a couple of exceptions though:
    Only Nords get Nord plate Only Orcs get Orc armor Only NPCs in the Thalmor faction get Thalmor clothing * Only NPCs in the Blades faction get Blades armor ** Only NPCs in the Companions faction get Wolf armor ** No one might get Falmer armor since AFAIK there are no female NPCs wearing it in the vanilla game  
    * - Only works if the player is an enemy to the Thalmor faction or "Enemies only" is unchecked
    ** - Most if not all (?) NPCs in these factions are unique so bikinis may never be assigned
    As of 0.11.0 there is also the option "Default outfits" that assign a standard outfit to NPCs wearing armor that doesn't have a true bikini equivalent. There are two exceptions however, Imperial NPCs will always get steel outfits. Stormcloaks nord armor. If you have a mod that add custom gear to either of these it's recommended to turn this option off to avoid unbalancing it.
    NPCs that have been scanned can't be scanned again until the player has left the area and the game unloaded them from memory. This to prevent situations where leaving and immediately returning to an area makes someone appear to changed an entire suit of armor in seconds. If you want to test your settings there are NPCs included for each armor type. Just type "help mjoll" in console and pick whichever clone of her you want to test. Tip - run "resurrect" on the NPC to randomize a new outfit. A full set of bikini armor will cover most of the available slotmasks so make sure any other mod reserving one or more are properly configured to avoid issues such as armor being removed/hidden or the body turning invisible. The outfit is assigned directly to the NPC, not the ActorBase it's spawned from so anyone else placed by it will not "inherit" the outfit. The NPC selection is done with the _TAWoBANPCScanner quest so if you want to remove or add restrictions it's easy to do in the CK or with SSEEdit by just changing the conditional checks on the aliases it contains. The only thing modified on the NPCs are their outfits, no scripts are attached, no factions modified etc. Worst case if things fail is ending up with a bunch of armed, angry and naked females charging at you. Mod actions are prefixed with "TAWoBa" in the papyrus log.  
    Known issues
    The outfit-check is triggered whenever the player is switching cells OR location. If the NPCs aren't present when this happens due to script lag or spawn quests still working they wont be processed. NPC already assigned bikini armor from other mods will still have an outfit assigned (there's no ArmorBikini or similar keyword to check for the NPC selector). Make sure to verify any problems with the test NPCs, in an unmodded game if necessary, to rule out interference from other mods.  
    Might do's
    Levelbased assignment - Settings are modified on level up making both outfits and parts more common (and enemies tougher) automagically.
    Boss or boss chest loot only option - Provided there's a simple way to detect/add it to them
    Manual option - Hotkey to assign a bikini outfit to targeted NPC without restrictions
    Nisetanaka, Kofman77, Andreis and everyone else making and porting mods to make Skyrim SE a better game.
    No rights reserved, if you want to change, add or use something from this mod knock yourself out



  19. Rabbot modder's resource

    Untextured Blender model of Rabbot from the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
    I'm sure you can find a use for it.



  20. Nether's Follower Framework

    Nether's Follower Framework is designed as a simple, multi-follower system that is light on game resources and allows for up to 5 companions at one time.  It provides a host of additional features, including immersion and quality-of-life functions to allow you to adventure with a small team of characters.

    It does not alter nor include any standard dialog, such as recruiting, dismissing, asking to wait/follow, trading and so on, making it safe to use with dialogue overhauls (RDO, etc).  It works behind the scene to translate requests into the framework.

    This framework is intended for use with Followers that use the default follower system versus custom followers, which often have their own integrated system for joining the player.  However, this framework includes an import system that allows you to use some of the quality of life features on custom followers.


    - Allows up to 5 (non-animal) Followers.
    - Followers will not set off basic traps (equivalent of LightFoot perk). Optional via installer.
    - Followers get out of the way when you get very close to them.
    - No starter bow or arrows.
    - Teleport your followers to you at any time.
    - Catch-Up system (teleport) if followers are too far away. Optional.
    - Allow your followers to sandbox when you rest (and only in town if you prefer). Optional. Can be set globally and on individual followers.
    - Improved Steath AI when following. Followers will not initiate combat nor chatter and move in close to the player. Optional. Can be set globally and on individual followers.
    - Give your followers a minor movement speed boost (+25%) when following. Optional.
    - Set combat and non-combat distance of followers (even across multiple followers at once). Optional.*
    - Tell your party to wait, follow or dismiss them all at one time.
    - Ask your followers to come to you if they have wandered off somewhere.
    - Insist that your followers wear certain armor (this is not an outfit manager).
    - Put a magic-using follower into a healer role.*
    - Show common stats of a follower (Character Sheet). Includes primary stats, resistances and best skills.
    - Compatible with Blades recruitment. Can optionally add the armor to a follower's inventory versus forcing an outfit on them.

    - Import system to allow Custom Followers to use many the highlights. Items above with "*" cannot be used on Imported Followers. Custom followers here means those with their own follower framework outside of the vanilla system, so it this includes Serana.


    - SKSE64 - Required for simplifying some functions. Will not work properly without. SKYUI is not required.
    - Dawnguard - Must be installed and enabled for some dialogue functions to work.


    I recommend using a mod manager to install this mod. It is in FOMOD format.

    The following scripts, if they are present, will be overwritten:
    - DialogueFollowerScript (and QF_DialogueFollower_000750BA) - retains original functions but alters their contents to segway into the framework controller script.
    - FollowerAliasScript - as above.
    - TrapBear - Altered to not affect followers. You can optionally remove this script if you want vanilla follower trap behavior.
    - TrapTriggerBase - as above.
    - BladesChangeOutfitScript, FreeformSkyHavenTempleAScript, QF_FreeformSkyHavenTempleA_000E38C9 - For adapting to the Blades recruitment and adding equipment option.

    New Game
    This is the recommended approach. You can begin your game with this mod enabled. Startup impact is minimal.

    Existing Game
    Likely works best if you have never installed a multiple follower mod (AFT, EFF, UFO, etc).
    1. Follow the directions for uninstalling your multiple follower mod, including uninstalling the mod.  Your followers should all be dismissed.
    2. Make sure your current follower is dismissed, along with any animal follower.
    3. Travel to a new cell (any indoor location, for example).
    4. Save your game.
    5. Exit and Install Nether's Follower Framework.
    6. Load your game. You should get text on the screen saying that the mod is installed.
    7. Save your game and then load the save you just created.
    If all went well you should be using the framework. I cannot guarantee it will work flawlessly in an older save file, especially one that previously had a different framework installed. You may wish (at your own peril/comfort) to use a save game cleaner. Personally I use Fallrim Tools and I haven't had an issue with it.

    If you are updating from a previous version and currently have followers, use - Sort Follower Slots - under [Show Follower Slots] to refresh the followers and their packages.

    Load Order
    Place this mod near the end of your load order.


    Compatible with most mods that affect followers, including:
    - Convenient Horses
    - My Home is Your Home
    - Simple NPC Outfit Manager
    - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

    This framework will not make any followers explicitly compatible with any of the mentioned mods.
    Mods that affect marriage or children should be fine as those systems are untouched.

    Not compatible with:
    - Any multi-follower framework mods (AFT, EFF, UFO and similar).
    - Any mods that directly affect the recruitment of Blades.

    Potential Conflicts:
    - Mods that enhance follower combat AI will likely override this mod. This affects the Healer Role and Combat Distances.
    - Mods that affect how followers travel with the player will likely override this mod. This affects Follow Distance. moving out of the way, Sandboxing, Stealth movement.

    + THOUGHTS +

    Just wanted to let everyone know where my mindset is with this mod.
    - Suggestions are welcome but I am going to heavily weight any options before including them. I don't want to break my or anyone else's game or do anything that permanently changes a follower.
    - The goal is more to build a highlighly mod compatible, simple follower framework that is dedicated to doing that well instead of competing with the feature set of other multiple-follower manager mods. Use what best works for you and your game, always.
    - I don't plan on increasing slots beyond 5.
    - I am not adding a training system to followers to add skills or change stats.
    - I don't want to include anything that turns followers into vampires, werewolves or something else.
    - Some features like riding horses, setting home location, setting up custom outfits and so on are best handled in mods dedicated to those things and I am unlikely to add them at this time.
    - The Import System (where you can import fully custom followers that use their own follower system) is not foolproof. It may not work with all followers. If I can patch the system and it looks doable, I will try. I will not create follower patches. It is possible to attempt to import a npc who is temporarily your teammate, usually during a quest. I would refrain from doing this as it could cause something to break in that quest.
    - If you use the Healer "Package" on a follower there are rare occasions where the follower will freak out during a combat. This is a general issue with any custom package. It will often sort itself out once the follower changes animations. You can also use any power on them that causes stagger (Unrelenting Force, etc) to snap them out of it (usually).
    - I am capable of building a LE version if there is enough interest. I only really use LE at this point to build character faces though, so testing would be minimal.



  21. NPC body framework (different bodies for different NPCs)

    This Mod is a FRAMEWORK, the required body files are NOT included. This mod contains no actual meshes or textures of any kind. you must provide them and follow my READ ME instructions describing how.
    What is included is an ESP that has all the recorded  changes, and the appropriate texture folders for you to drop your chosen pubic and muscle woman textures in.
    What this framework does is allow you to set up a body replacer that works along side your main file to add Pubes to pre selected npcs (in the esp), and muscle tone to females who I generally felt should have some (some come out as pubes and muscled, you just need to add the right texture files). The default body for this file is Shaved Pubes.
    So cbbe, cbbe SSE, UNP, UNPB, 7 Base whatever your preference all you need to do is find the "pubes" dds. file, and then find a compatible muscled normal map msn. file.
    a good option (the one I used in my game, can be found here:
    YOU MUST INSTALL THESE FILES MANUALLY, USING A MOD ORGANIZER TO ADD MSN OR DDS FILES WILL NOT WORK. Once you have done that, then you can re-zip the folder and install w NMM or MMO. whatever your preference. Or just install my framework first then manually add your chosen body files.
    Future additions:
    1- convert this mod to make the Player totally unique, so that the ones in the mod that are by default have shaved pubes will have that regardless allowing you to install a separate body mod for player. 
    2- Male versions. Possible, but I am not familiar enough with the workings of mods like shlongs of skyrim to make any additions to that that would work flawlessly and offer different penis shapes and sizes. A male extra muscled body or pubic region is an option for now. 



  22. LazyThiefTargets

    Makes it possible to select target city or cities for the thieves guild radiant quests. This mod does not edit base scripts, dialogue or main quests and should (hopefully) be safer to use than the "popular option" some users have experienced problems with.
    It changes the conditionals for one alias in each of the seven radiant handler quests.
    * Finish or abandon any active thieves guild radiant quests
    * Install mod
    * Use "The Lazy Thief" book, automatically added to inventory to select desired cities
    If the book is lost you can craft a new one at any tanning rack.
    I only made this mod to play through part of the thieves quests so it hasn't been tested beyond that. While the edits are as minor as possible, only to the radiant quests and the unofficial patch changes are included that does not guarantee problems may arise later in your playthrough.
    Tested with Less Tedious Thieves Guild and All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently



  23. CBBE SE - Tera Succubus Armor

    CBBE SE - Tera Succubus Armor
    An armor mod featuring 4 different colored succubus outfits from Tera for Skyrim SE!

    Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Collar [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Collar [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Collar [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Collar[Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Red&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Black&Gold]
    Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Black&Purple]
    Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Brown]
    Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Red&Gold]

    CBBE SE Body
    HDT physics compatible skeleton (Groovtama's XPMSSE)
    The latest Bodyslide (Optional)
    CBP Physics or HDT SMP (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle)
    Lazy Tools or Racemenu Alpha for the Heels effect


    1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or Vortex, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder).
    2. Obtain in-game via crafting at any blacksmith forge (Daedric Smiting Perk required) or by using AdditemMenu SE
    3. The default body is CBBE Curvy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.
    4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility.
    5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Tera Succubus..."
    6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created.
    - Credits -
    Veraly for the original version!



  24. SkyHunks for SSE

    This is a conversion for SSE of Skyhunks by ffabris
    This mod beautifies a lot (143) of the male NPCs in Skyrim. It also makes the random spawned NPCs (guards, soldiers, bandits) all male. 
    For more info and images see the page of the original mod. I'm going to make some screenshots in the coming few days.
    - All DLCs
    - Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
    - Apachii Hair - Full and Male
    - KS Hairdos Renewal
    Installing the mod on an existing save will cause neckseam on some of the NPCs. It is best to use it with a new game. 
    I have exported the facegen of all changed NPCs so there should not be black faces in the game. If you see black faces try this file instead. 
    Credits / Thanks
    - ffabris for the excellent mod
    - infiniteone for the converted ESP
    Like the original mod this convertion is published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.
    █-)  works with SkyrimVR



  25. BeeingFemale SE

    Pregnancy and menstrual cycle mod that will give a complete new and better feeling to Skyrim. Just give it a try

    Version 2.8 SE Fix 1
    Thanks to Zerantha for helping converting the files!

    BeeingFemale is a menstrual cycle simulation mod that allows female character to have a menstrual cycle and even to become pregnant.
    It's a very complex mod based on reality with a lot of realistic features like simulating the LH and FSH Hormones, sperm life-time, egg and sperm traveling duration, and way more.
    It's a high advanced mod with many features that won't touch other mods except you want it. It's compatible with most other mods.
    The born children will have an own leveling system, too as well as there own skill and perk tree.
    They can follow you, doing some favours and more.
    If you are a woman in Skyrim, after having sex you can become pregnant - depending on your hormones and your menstrual cycle phase.
    After some many days you can born a little cute girl or a strong cute boy.
    For sure NPCs are supported, too! So even when you are a Men in Skyrim, you can have a lot of fun with this mod and you will have your own child that will give support.
    BeeingFemale is based on reality. It was a lot to read about the menstrual cycle, birth, hormones and stuff.
    1) Install the requirements
    - SKSE SE
    - SkyUI
    - PapyrusUtil SE
    2) Install BeeingFemale
    3) Install XPMSE32
    4) Install a body with Belly Node (for example UNP with TBBP option, or CBBE with HDT option)
    5) Install armor mods (for example CBBE Armors with HDT Option, most of them got the "NPC Belly node")
    How does it Work / FAQ:
    As I said, BeeingFemale is based on reality. So it works like it does in reality. It's a bit complicated to explain how everything works - only having sex won't impregnate a woman. That's why i wrote 3 Books you can find in your inventory after starting the game.
    Q: The Menu is black
    A: scroll a few lines back. below the Installation guide I've wrote an "important" note
    Q: How does it work?
    A: There are 3 Books in your inventory. It is way to complex to explain everything in a FAQ. But it works like it does in reality - an egg is traveling thought the female body, a sperm can concive it and the woman will be pregnant.
    Q: What are those AddOns?
    A: AddOns are specific mods that include content to BeeingFemale. They can specificate races (changing the duration of a phase, the pain level, the kid of child that will born, and even more, adding more PMS Effects, menstrual effects, ....)
    Q: Where can I find a pregnancy Body / Skeleton / Clothes - and what should i use?
    A: On Lovers Lab! Depending on you body you are using, the textures, the skeleton, the physics there are diferent mods you need. But the good answer is, you can find all of them on Lovers Lab, just use the search function. The first set up of those mods can be a bit anoying but when it works it looks great
    Q: I've got a problem with the Body / Skeleton / Clothes
    A: I'm sorry to say that, but this is the wrong thread for that. The creater of the body / skeleton / clothes can help you way better with you problem.
    Q: My character is spinning when she gives birth
    A: Isn't it funny? I'm sorry i'm not an animator. Those were the best looking animations for birth i could find. If someone could create new realistic bith animations it would be great
    Q: Is Female / Female suported?
    A: Yes, if you have SexLab installed. Even when this is not realistic at all, i made it possible. Just enable the Female sperm effect in the SexLab MCM Settings.
    Q: Are creatures suported?
    A: Yes, if you have SexLab installed. Just enable it in the Beeing Female MCM Settings.
    Q: I had sex with a female guard / thief / ... but she won't become pregnant - why?
    A: Those are non-unique characters. There would be to many problems to make them work correctly. Non-unique characters may change there sex. Sometimes they are female, sometimes male, ... sometimes they are Nord, sometimes argonian.... and when they will respawn after killing them, they may change again. If i would store them it would slow down everything and create massive stored data. Male non-unique can still impregnate female unique.
    Q: Is the Sourcecode included?
    A: Yes! Except the widgets everything is included
    (A typo happend, the Source files are located in a folder that is named "Scource" - Just copy and past all files into your Source folder and you can edit them.)
    Q: Will the childs grow to an adult?
    A: No. This got many reasons. The most imporant is that children won't grow to an adult in just 10 days. Another thing is that this would be realy dificult to make, because of the AddOn System, and stuff.
    Q: I'm suffering on an infection - will my character die now?
    A: Cure it - just buy a cure potion! otherwise you will die.
    Q: Why the min duration of a phase is 2 Days?
    A: This was the easiest way to fix problems with the calculation and the AddOns.
    Q: Why are children / elder forbidden / blocked?
    A: Elder won't have a menstrual cycle anymore... same to children.
    Q: Are there crafts i can create?
    A: Yes. There are many crafts you can create. Contraception Fluid so you can't become pregnant, Anti Sperm Fluid (aka: Wash out sperm fluid) to wash out the sperm that is already inside you, sanitary napkins to fetch the menstrual blood.
    Q: The Conecption Widget says i've got 6% chance to conceive and i'm ovulating - what does this actualy meen?
    A: Such low conception chances are like 0% + tollerance. I don't think your character will become pregnant. Seems the egg won't nist in the utherus or there was no egg when ovulating or something else happend. Wait for the next cycle maybe next time it will work.
    Q: I've got a negative 'State Time' and it's falling even more - what can i do?
    A: This is a bug i couldn't figure out right now. It happens when the BeeingFemale Timer is resumend after a pause (disabled via MCM Menu or Estrus Chaurus Pregnancy). The only way to fix it is a reset the Player Stats using the MCM Menu. I'm still working on this bug.
    Q: Are you a doctor or a midwife or something like that?
    A: Ähm no, not really, i'm software developer who liked Trixy's "Procreation" and continued his work. I've asked some many female friends, reading forums, reading wikiedia with the result - really really to much informations!!! Now i know a lot about FSH Hormones, LH Hormones, even how often and how much menstruation blood drips out.... uuuuhrs.... But i think it was worth it.
    Q: Do you spend hours for just feeding your own fetish?
    A: No. First of all, i spend less time. Sorry for that but i'm busy with my real life as I already said. I love developing and it's better then base jumping when releasing a mod or a bug fix. I don't even play skyrim anymore. Maybe sometimes when I have nothing else to do but most of the playing is just for testing bug fixes in BeeingFemale.
    Q: Is it possible to keep the widgets visible?
    A: Yes, keep the hotkey pressed for 1.2 sec or longer. Press the key again to hide them again
    Q: Are there any console commands?
    A: Yes, there are a few. The most important is "bf:code" (without the quotes) this will display an error code that I need, for fixing some bugs. But I will ask for them, you don't need to send me the code for each request. There are a few more for healing the baby, adding contraception, give contraception bottles to the selected NPC, impregnation, sperm adding, and so on..... Maybe you will find them out sometimes
    Items and Crafts:
    There are a few items you can craft.
    Using the cooker (you can find in a kitchen or a camp fire) you can create the Contraception Fluid and the Wash Out Sperm fluid.
    The Contraception fluid will raise the chance of contraception depending. But don't use them all at once! You must wait around 3 - 4 days till you can use the next contraception - otherwise it won't have the full effect. There is a How To note in your inventory, please read it first!
    Using the Wash Out sperm fluid you can wash out the sperm that is already in you so it won't impregnate you anymore.
    But beware - sperm that is to long (by default 6 game hours - can be changed in the MCM Menu) is in you, already reached the utherus and can't be washed out anymore.
    Then there are the sanitary napkins. You can craft them in the forge -> Leather.
    They will fetch the menstrual blood so you won't have any bloody legs anymore.

    - PapyrusUtil (or SexLab)
    - SKSE SE 2.0.7
    - SkyUI 5 SE
    - FNIS
    - RaceMenu
    - A SexLab compatible sex mod so you can have sex
    - Body with pregnant belly support
    - Skeleton with pregnant belly support
    Not compatible with:
    - Most other pregnancy mods
    - There is a little bug with Skyrim Romance - will be fixed soon
    Change Log
    2.8 SE
    - Update BeeingFemale to BeeingFemale64
    Translations and AddOn Links
    - comming soon
    There are 4 guids planed (2 guides released, 2 guides will follow soon)
    - BeeingFemale Developer Guide - This guide is about creating AddOns for BeeingFemale. Race AddOn, CME AddOn and Misc AddOn.
    - BeeingFemale Perk Guide - Create your own perks for your children!
    - BeeingFemale Make your mod compatible without requirement - All you need is SKSE. There are a bunch of "ModEvents" beeing female supports.
    - BeeingFemale Translation Guide - (must be redone) This guide explain how to create translations for the MCM Menu and the game content.
    - BeeingFemale Script Guide - In this Guide i will explain how to create simple and advanced scripts for BeeingFemale... how to impregnate any woman using scripts only and what options there are.
    - BeeingFemale Modder Guide - This guide descripts how to make mods based on BeeingFemale. For example you talk to an NPC who needs help, rescue her pregnant wife.
    For Developer
    Beeing Female is made for player and developer!
    There are many diferent ways to make developer happy - For example the AddOn Manager. It's easy to create new AddOns like menstrual syndromes, PMS effects, and stuff. It's also possible to create race specific settings or gain access to the BeeingFemale Events.
    Another way to make developer happy is the FWController Class. You can gain access to all NPCs even when they are not loaded or never were loaded. You can impregnate a NPC with just one command, damage / heal the unborn baby, reading and writing the stats and way more.
    There are also functions included to gain access to BeeingFemale without including it to your mod, using the SendModEvent Command.
    Here is a short list for SendModEvent examples:
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "AddContraception", 100) ; This adds contraception to the woman
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "AddSperm", MaleActor.GetFormID()) ; This will add sperm to the woman
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "WashOutSperm", 100) ; This will wash out 100% sperm
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "ChangeState", 3) ; This will change the state to 'Menstruation'
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "InfoBox", 100) ; This will open the info window with all informations
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "DamageBaby", 30) ; This will make 30 damage to the baby
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "HealBaby", 60) ; This will heal the baby with 60 Health points
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "CanBecomePregnant", 1) ; This will make the FemaleActor able to become pregnant in this cycle (0 for disable)
    FemaleActor.SendModEvent("BeeingFemale", "CanBecomePMS", 1) ; This will make the FemaleActor able to become pms in this cycle (0 for disable)
    MaleActor.SendModEvent("AddSperm","", FemaleActor.GetFormID()) ; this is basicly the same as above, except that his is called from the male actor
    More informations can be found in the Guids i've uploaded
    Console Commands
    Most of the console commands may have a selected NPC. If no NPC is selected, it will take effect at the player.
    after the command itself there may follow arguments, written in angle brackets. Some of them are only numeric
    Arguments written in square bracket [<...>] are optional and can be set, or not.
    Some commands may take a few second!
    This meen, it will display the error message, that the command could not be found, untill the command is was done successfully.
    Just wait a few seconds
    Special Thanks
    Trixy - for Procreation
    Muon Shan - for your active help
    Huili - for your rus. translation
    Aravis7 - for your france translation and your help with the baby mesh
    xiaomiza - for your chinese translation
    jbezorg - for help with the baby mesh
    Slorm - for sharing his bug fixed FWSystem
    Leito - For the birth animation
    Corum - For the PMS "Depressive" fix
    Lactina - For the Baby-Armor-Mesh
    Vader666 - For converting the Baby-Armor-Mesh
    Vioxsis - For converting the Baby-Armor-Mesh
    Bane Master - For his BeeingFemale Patch
    Chosen Clue - For his BeeingFemale Patch
    qotsafan - For his BeeingFemale Patch
    zarantha - Thanks for updating to Skyrim SE

    Lovers Lab Community for the realy great support, help, bug fixing, and way way more!
    Everyone who made a donation! This is realy realy great! Thanks!
    Visit the BeeingFemale Blog, too!
    Here some background informations can be found.