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  1. Sexbound

    Sexbound is a mod that provides custom artwork, AI, animations, items, objects, particles, SFX, scripts, and an API that can be used by others to create custom sex interactions in Starbound. Alluring Toys Co. mod is included in version 5.11+
    ⁉️ Download and install only one file from the Downloads Archive: Pak or Src. The Pak version has better compression and loads faster, whereas the Src version is already unpacked for players who want a quick start into customization.
    Attention: If you're having trouble with the latest versions of Sexbound, then please double-check that you have not installed any of the incompatible mods listed farther down this page.

    Sometimes it can be confusing what changed when I am often updating the content on this page. So, you can always check here to see what I did!
    ❣️ Sexbound v5.12.1 - Change force actor head artwork for humanoid type actors only.  

    ChesterPiece - Artist
    Created all couples artwork and particle effects.
    Eixxxo - Artist
    Created sky glitter effect.
    Krystalic - Writer
    Created default dialog used by the Sex Talk plugin.
    Mahorych00 - Translator (Russian)
    Translated default species SexTalk dialog.
    Red3dred - Contributor
    Contributes bug fixes and new features.
    Servantesnc - Coordinator for SFX
    Helped to coordinate the creation of new moan & orgasm SFX.
    Salem - SFX Moans (Male)
    Created default male moan SFX.
    Shiyon - SFX Moans (Female)
    Created default female moan SFX.
    SirBumpleton - Lustbound
    Created custom positions for dildos, fleshlight, and milking machine.

    ? A special thanks goes out to the following Patreon supporters! 
    ⋆ Ananoke ⋆ BlastWint ⋆ CensoredGrunt ⋆ CodeRedAlert ⋆ Darling_Dingus ⋆ Devon Kelley ⋆ Fylix Aerou ⋆ HandHolding_CherryPopper ⋆ Jamie ⋆ Kasuno ⋆ Keryan ⋆ Kh0Rne ⋆ Kinadion ⋆ Kuroritas ⋆ Memeahen ⋆ MyonMyon ⋆ NibblesTheNightstalker ⋆ Owen Lee ⋆ Rei Tea ⋆ Remeus Artenawa ⋆ ShadowXprice ⋆ Skip Landren ⋆ Doggo Vox ⋆ ZappyCoffee ⋆ Shark_ ⋆ 奎尼昌 ⋆

    This modding framework was created for Starbound v1.3.2 & up.
    Installing the PAK version
    1. Backup + delete any previously installed version.
    2. Drag-n-drop the *.pak file directly into your mods directory.
    3. Finished.
    Installing the SRC version
    1. Backup + delete any previously installed version.
    2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to a single folder named 'sexbound'.
    3. Move the 'sexbound' folder into your mods directory.
    4. Finished.
    ⁉️ Unable to find your mod folder's location? Check the spoiler.

    Russian by Mahorych00

    Modding Guides & Tutorials
    [ HERE ] Species Support Mod (Full List)
    [ HERE ] Nippleswear Applier Mod
    [ HERE ] Miscellaneous Guides
    [ HERE ] Mod Image Cover (PNG - 512px x 512px) - Please overlay this on your mod's cover image so users can see that it is Sexbound compatible.

    ❗The following mods are not compatible with the latest version of Sexbound.
    As a warning to future Sexbound mod creators, please do not entirely overwrite any of the core *.lua files provided by Sexbound in your mods. If you need help about how to make a plugin to change a core functionality, then there is a safe way to patch single functions in Sexbound's core *.lua scripts via your own custom plugin; you can direct message me about how to do so. Sexbound is constantly undergoing restructuring of the core scripts to make it more flexible and optimized, so I need understanding and alignment from the modders to abide by the aforementioned rule for the sake of creating a good experience for all players.
    If you're a creator and you want to get your mod off this list, direct message me and I will help you make changes so your mod can be compatible.
    * Alluring Toys Co - All content from this mod is already included in Sexbound v5.11+.
    * Kitty the Space Cat - Compatible only with Sexbound v1 but not yet Legacy.
    * Lustbound - Tentacle Plant Improvement - Loads conflicting scripts from both Sexbound and Lustbound mods.
    * Merrkin Species Support Mod - Patches Butterfly sex position file incorrectly. Breaks the Aphrodite's Bow quest line.
    * Pregnant Males - Not compatible with the latest version.
    * SFX Improvements - Loads conflicting script and asset files from a much older version of Sexbound. Do not install this.
    * VENUS - Animated Body Mod - Does not use latest *.animation files.

    Please read the below frequently asked questions before asking your question in our support forum.

    * ? You must be at least 18 years old to view, download, or install this mod.



  2. Teramons Gleap+

    I wanted to try my hand at some sprite work, and editing.
    This is a simple edit of temtemlovers teramons cutscenes.
    To Install it is easy.
    Go to your actor1 file, replace the male gleap, and the firegleap files.
    Just drag, drop, and replace.
    I'm no good at scripting so a big thanks to everyone who made the original mod, including temtemlover.
    I do not own his original artwork, really enjoy their works, and ideas.
    I repeat this is just an edit to the artwork, and credit should be given to the original people who did the hard stuff to make the sort of stuff work.



  3. RHPS Sexbound Eros Bow

    Adds a mini dungeon of Eros into the game, where you can get his traditional bow out of the myth
    which allows you to transform NPCs into sexnodes or raise their arousal with a secondary attack.
    Key Features:
    Adds the dungeon of Eros and his traditional bow.
    This mod is just a male equivalent and does not replace any of the other Aphrodite or Dibella mods and is fully compatible with them as there are no known conflicts.
    Modding Notes:
    The modder of the original mod was asked if they are fine with the upload of this mod.
    They did not voiced any objections. If the modder would subsequently wish for the mod to be removed, this will be done of course.



  4. Inertia Bodies (detailed vanilla bodies for Starbound...with bounce!)

    I was a little disappointed with the female body options available for vanilla Starbound so I decided to throw my hat into the ring. Introducing Inertia Bodies. Inspired by Extra Enhanced Body Shape (EEBS), detailed, shaded, nippled, genitaled, and, of course, bounced. I am happy enough with what I've got now to comfortably release it for you all to enjoy.
    What Is Done?
    Currently, I have completed all female idle and movement animation sprites (walking, running, jumping, and even swimming) for every vanilla race, including Fenerox and Shadow. Large breasts, nipples, subtle genital pixel, and bounce frames are applied to all 9 races (yes glitch breasts bounce as well).  I kept color schemes and patterns lore friendly if not identical to vanilla, but there were a few artistic liberties taken. No bodies currently have clothing support so tops will look stange, bizarre, and just plain wrong until you strip those pesky clothes off. Expect 'leakage' for any vanilla or modded clothing. EEBS clothing will do the best at keeping those puppies under wraps but it's not designed for bounce so...not perfect.
    I have also now completed male base body sprites. Schlongs are reasonably sized, swing with their respective animations, and [mostly] utilize vanilla color-detailing palettes for extra customization potential. The schlongs' look vary by species. Some minor 'leakage' on some clothes for certain animation frames is possible, but nothing as severe as the females. File includes optional 'ripped' alternate sprites for males. These are located in the species' folders.
    What Is Planned?
    Next on the list is a male makeover. This won't be nearly as complex an edit but I do plan to refine some of the other nude male sprites to squeeze as much detail into that handful of pixels as possible. I intended to maintain bounce/swing support for these and will attempt to create species specific genitals if possible (it is quite literally a dozen or so pixels we're talking about here).
    Complete with v1.1.0
    After males are in a good place, the real work begins. I will add clothing support for the new bodies (females for sure; males may not need any edits...we'll see). I hope to include all vanilla clothes and armors (there's a lot of them). Tops are the key difference and will need the most attention but I may skimpify some of the bottoms as well.
    Once clothing is complete, I would like to revisit all the the Sexbound animation frames and see if I can't integrate these new sprites seamlessly into sexbound animations as well.
    If and when all of that is completed, who knows...futa bodies? pregenancy bodies? my own modded clothing package?
    What (specifically) Is Not Planned?
    I (with emphasis on the "I") will not be offering modded race support. That would be a nightmare to undertake as this is a free-time hobby for me. However, I will not bar other enterprising individuals who wish to use these sprite assets as guides for recreating modded races as desired.
    Similarly, I cannot offer modded clothing support for a lot of the same reasons. I MAY release some form of modded clothing of my own to fit these bodies at some point, but that's well down the line.
    Easy-peasy lem---Hey! Quit horsin' around with those lemons, pervert!
    Download the latest version. Unzip...the file...and drop the now-unzipped 'InertiaBodies_v1.x.x' folder into your 'Starbound/mods' folder. Done.
    If you wish to use the alternate 'ripped' male sprites, navigate to the species folder inside this mod that you wish to ripify, and delete the non-ripped 'malebody.png' from that folder (feel free to mix-and-match which species you'd prefer ripped or soft). Finally, rename the remaining 'malebody_ripped.png' to 'malebody.png'.



  5. Cum for Breakfast: Remastebated Edition [ Russian Translation Update ]

    After several months the acclaimed mod Cum for Breakfast is finally back !!
    Now with more stuff to do with it !!
    This mods adds extra "hats" and allows players to cumsume "soup" from various methods including but not limited to: Standing in a pool of "soup", cooking some candies, force feeding your friends by throwing them inside balloons, and so on !!. It's a great meal replacer, because it restores hunger, I mean duh it's "soup" !!

    The hats can be obtained by collecting "used soup packets" inside trash containers when NPCs are done using em.
    The food can be made from the cooking stations and not the firecamps.
    The balloons can be made with your bare hands assuming you have "soup" on you already, because that's how you learn the recipes.

    New Item !!
    The Souptapult !! It works similarly to the Aphrodite's Bow
    I'll add a crafting recipe and race variants on demand only, it's such a drag to do so I'm not doing it unless someone wants it
    There's a recipe now, it uses Sexbux which can be obtained passively by having intercourse or looting from containers

    Consume the Cum Chalice unless you're a coward, it's a new recipe under "Drinks" in the food crafting station, no not the campfire.

    I've included FOUR versions
    The No leak version only adds the content into the game
    The Regular version adds all the content AND it also patches the sexbound climax files to allow "soup" to be spawned after climaxing.

    There's now also the Russian Translated Versions, no you don't need the non-Russian and the Russian version, they're standalones.

    One important little thing called how to install
    You have to grab the zip file and extract the folder (7zip is recommended for this step)
    inside to then slap it into your mods folder.
    That's it, literally it, if you don't know where those things are located or how to unzip a file.. make sure to check the bathroom..

    One final thing called how do I even get "soup" in the first place
    You see, when using the Regular version, "soup" engulf the area by turning itself into a liquid, only appear in an enclosed area and once an Actor (one of the segs participant) reaches a certain amount of white bar (you need to press it to manually cook some "soup", by Sexbound default configs NPC/Monsters will do it automatically), meaning it needs a background wall as well as blocks around the area otherwise it'll be drained in the abyss, liquids can then be gathered using the Matter Manipulator, an important tool for every player, however by default you cannot gather liquids, you first need to upgrade the Matter Manipulator with Upgrade Modules found randomly in containers (chest, crates, etc) or alternatively (if using the No Leak version or not) by using different Sexbound related mods to buy, extract, etc the liquid as an item form.
    It's bothers me greatly that I HAVE to explain beginner features of the game but as it turns out it's not obvious enough for people who only play for the horny.

    [ Russian Translation ]
    <---[ mahorych00 ]--->




  6. SxB_Pregnancy Rules Patch

    I got a little distracted defining some flimsy head-canon rules for SxB pregnancy and thought this might save others some time tediously copy-pasting species names.
    What Does This Do?
    Almost nothing. Seriously.
    This is my edit to the Sexbound sxb_plugin.pregnant.config (specifically to the 'compatible species' table) to include a comprehensive list of species in vanilla Starbound. Having a complete table will allow you to really fine-tune the details of how pregnancies occur between species in-game. I've taken some time to break down and categorize the entire list of monsters and rare variants by type (as determined by my own head-canon). Your opinions on how pregnancy 'should' work will likely vary. Fortunately, you can make your own edits to this patch pretty easily as I've done a lot of the clerical leg-work for you in simply listing all the species individually. Based on the bulk of the work involved in creating this, this patch is primarily intended to be used in conjunction with Teratophilia.
    I have also replaced the diapered-baby 'pregnant' status icon from SxB with an icon that I think is more universally 'descriptive'.
    What Does This NOT Do?
    This will not magically create Sexbound 'support' for all vanilla monster species. You will still need mods like Teratophilia in order to interact with vanilla monsters in the first place. Obviously, if no SxB interaction occurs, there can be no pregnancy. However, if and when Teratophilia adds support for more monsters, they are, in a sense, 'pre-registered' in this patch so pregnancy rules will automatically apply without a need for me to update this file. Creating pregnancy defeinitions for these species before they even have SxB support does not cause any issues as far as I can tell.
    What Are 'My' Pregnancy Rules?
    Again, this is all editable according to your own tastes, but, if you make no changes to this configuration patch, here is a summary what you can expect:
         -Apex, Avian, Fenerox, Human, and Hylotl can impregnate [and be impregnated by] each other in addition to monsters I've categorized as 'fauna'.
         -Florans can impregnate [and be impregnated by] other Florans in addition to monsters I've categorized as 'flora'.
         -Glitch can impregnate [and be impregnated by] other Glitch in addition to monsters I've categorized as 'mechanical'.
         -Novakid can impregnate [and be impregnated by] other Novakid in addition to monsters I've categorized as 'ethereal'.
    Punchy. Punchy is an enigma and an all-around creep-ass weirdo (kinda like Mr. Mime for poke'mon). I didn't really know how to categorize Punchy so I've put him in his own 'uncategorized' category. Feel free to make your own determination on how pregnancies work or don't work with Punchy.
    Any mod that might revert or change the same SxB pregnancy values that this patch changes; namely:
    I don't know of any mods that specifically interfere but there might be a few out there.
    Download the latest version. Unzip the zipped file and drop the now-unzipped 'SxB - PregnancyRules_v1.x.x' folder into your 'Starbound/mods' folder. Done.



  7. Teratophilia

    With the introduction of monster supports into Sexbound, it was odd that only a couple supports for a few known or common monsters existed-- or for that one custom monster people really don't stop bullying on the workshop... Well, here it is, Teratophilia! The vanilla monster support compilation!
    Update v0.4: The full Forest update is now here, many thanks to @Hexagun!

    There are several files available for download, should you be confused with what they do, they are:
    Teratophilia TeratoDefeat To any and all users, feel free to offer criticism, suggestions, and questions about the mods.

    And very much thank you to all users who appreciate the project, and submit contributions, fan-art, and heck, even code if they feel like it! If anyone feels like they can improve upon what me or anyone does, they can feel free to submit it, and i won't complain. Such users have already done so;
    > CommanderAli and their rare monster contributions!
    > Eiko Biko for and their monster animation contributions!
    > Sex maniac / The No More Hero and their monster animation contributions!
    > Kibukibuki for their monster animation contributions!
    > NegaTheImpmon9508 and their monster animation contributions!
    > Ralfa and their many monster animation contributions!
    > Puddles and their monster animation contributions!
    > LewdGuard / HighGuard (Their Patreon!) and their monster animation contributions!
    > Hexagun for their monster animation contributions and more!
    > It could be you too! (This is sounding too much like a advertisement so i'll just stop and be more self aware)

    With the above said, we've launched a little modding-focused Discord for Starbound adult mods, and i'd hope users who plan to contribute to the project pay it a visit!

    Other Mods I definitely recommend:
    To-Do list!
    <This new section showcases what i'm planning to do in the future, to provide users with what to expect, and what is being worked on to improve the supports.>



  8. King gun and Cerberus bow

    op gun and bow



  9. RHPS Male Human Nude Penis

    Adds anatomical realistic penis male human sprite.
    Key Features:
    Tired of Ken-like guys? Be a man with an actual penis!



  10. RHPS Sexbound Eros Bow Add-On

    Adds a non-tagged quest to gather the ingredients for the creation of the gun of Eros in the secret area of the Lustbound Outpost.
    - Sexbound
    - Lustbound
    - RHPS Sexbound Eros Bow
    Key Features:
    Adds a special weapon of Eros.
    This mod replaces the aphrodites pistol by the gal gun so the original gun as well as an Eros Gun are still spawnable by command (aphrodite gun only if you also have the aphrodite bow add-on)
    Modding Notes:
    The modder of the original mod was asked if they are fine with the upload of this mod.
    They did not voiced any objections. If the modder would subsequently wish for the mod to be removed, this will be done of course.



  11. RHPS Lustbound Alpha Omega

    As in the Omega Verse Fandom this mod allows male characters appearing as normal male, if equipped with the futamode back item
    to become omegas while in the description at least female become alphas. 
    - Sexbound
    - Lustbound
    Key Features:
    Instead of the usual futanari and cuntboys, futamode backitem turns females into alphas and males into omegas.
    The same happens by eating an apple of discord. Furthermore, spawn a male poledancer with /spawnitem sxbold_humanpoleboy.



  12. RHPS Statue of Eros

    A statue with a hunky member, which maximizes the arousal of all NPCs within range.
    - Sexbound
    Key Features:
    A statue of the god Eros which cause max arousal upon activation.
    Modding Notes:
    The modder of the original mod was asked if they are fine with the upload of this mod.
    They did not voiced any objections. If the modder would subsequently wish for the mod to be removed, this will be done of course.



  13. RHPS Male Neko Nude Penis

    Adds anatomical realistic penis male neko sprite.
    Key Features:
    Tired of Ken-like guys? Be a man with an actual penis!



  14. Sexbound Ningen Race Support

    This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of Ningen race mod
    Place the content in the starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Ningen Race Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    - Original Version -
    = Steam Version =
    - Original Version -
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Ningen Human Apex ??? Kemono Neko Felin  
    Changelog :
    2.2 - Added unique moan path script to use the human voice pack instead the default voice which is the Apex sounds.
    1.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\-.
    Credits to the Original Race Author:
    = ODABUTSU / 織田仏 =
    Be Advised:
    For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.



  15. Sexbound Viera Race Support (Thanks to Freyjasvalkyrie13 for Confirmation)

    Please for the love of god, Read and Choose only one file.
    This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of the Veira of Ivalice
    Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Viera Race Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    = Steam Version =
    File Info:
    [ SxB-Races_Viera_v.3.0 ] = The latest Sexbound API patch for Viera race.
    [ SexboundLegacy_Viera ] = The old version of Viera for Sexbound Legacy API.
    Screenshot is limited to png/jpg image right now due to some problem on uploading .gif here.
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located on the Sexbound Unpak Version: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\pregnancy.config.
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Bunnykin Human Ningen Feel free to suggest other race that will be compatible with this race.  
    Changelog :
    1.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    3.0 - Updated to the latest SxB version with PoV function
    Credits to the Original Race Authors:
    = Freyjasvalkyrie13=
    Credits to the Permission Requester:
    = Eireann =
    Permission from the original race author has been reserved for evidence purposes which can be distributed for the eyes who wants to see if its the real deal, please do not harass the mod authors or other people for answers regarding to this mod unless you haven't or can't even read any of the descriptions which provided already here.



  16. GROTU - Get rid of that underwear (Starbound nudity, bounce physics and more)

    Get rid of that Uncomfortable underwear and get yourself some space for your bouncy assets (including tails!)!
    Supports every vanilla race and yes it is a nude mod with bounciness and yes it is compatible with FU(Frackin' Universe) of course incase you will ask for some damned reason.
    "Those are just pixels so calm down you flaggy bois"
    grotu is a nsfw/nude/lewd 'whatever the f*ck you wanna call it' mod also alters the terramart and other shops' looks in a lewder way, will most likely overwrite most mods cause lewd purposes.
    It's tedious having to update the description in 3 different websites so just go to the steam page for a list of races and links, and even a collection of all the compatible races. (You can also find alternative patches linked there aswell)
    Other places: 
    Discord server



  17. Teratophilia Scenes (PoV Addon)

    This mod uses the default sexbound pov window in a slightly different way. With supported monsters during sex scene you will geta small general cutscene with climax, instead of usual pov view.
    While I think there is OK amount of supports right now - this is still an initial release, so there's still lots of work to be done! (But it had to be started somewhere)

    The PoV Scenes mod will NOT override situations where both actors have their pov scene drawn. The PoV will play as normal.
    The whole philosophy of what started as an experiment is to give more lewd freedom for artist for slightly higher resolution monster smut.
    For this reason I also attached sources to the downloads, feel free to tinker with aseprite files (Although excuse me not always keeping them clean with naming). If you feel like you can improve the animations, add more, or improve the climax - don't hesitate to show me the results!
    Teratophilia, obviously.
    Most recently updated Pov Redux
    (Big thanks to red3dred for implementing my scenes code)
    Thanks to LewdGuard Hexagum for contributing to the mod! (And Hexagum specifically for experimenting and making me make more varied features)
    Currently supported monsters and their amount of animations:
    Green is change from most recent update:
    Known issues:
    - Climaxing when the ending return animation is played will cause it to loop
    That is more or less it for now.
    If something doesnt work - let me know.
    If you are interested in contributing - you are welcome to try!
    Some notes in case you want to try making something, but too shy to ask:



  18. [SxB] - Fenerox Race Support

    Cutting to the chase, here's the Fenerox race with support for the Sexbound mod. I did it with the help of a post from one of the creators of the mod who taught how to make a mod of this type that I'm posting now, if you want to learn too, here's the link: 
    Requirements: - Sexbound v2.6 or above } https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-sexbound/
                            - Mod "Playable Fenerox" } https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/starbound-1-4-playable-fenerox.3716/ 
    If you have something to add or a bug to fix, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
    Hope you like it



  19. Titillating Tentacle Porn Pack (TTPP)

    This mod provides tentacle porn and tentacle porn accessories.
    Currently this mod has:
    -more than 50 unique tentacle porn decoration animations (available in three different body colors)
    -tentacle porn doors, switches, bed and a chair
    -everything from blocks to background objects to build your very own custom tentacle lair
    -and even more tentacles!
    1. Copy the TTPP file into your starbound mod folder
    2. Use an Inventor's Table and craft a "Tentacle Prime"
    3. Place "Tentacle Prime" onto any background
    4. Use "Tentacle Prime" as a shop and buy all the tentacle porn objects you ever need.
    -common objects with white border are not animated
    -uncommon objects with green border have moderate animations
    -rare objects with blue border have advanced animations
    -use the crystals on the top left of the shop to sort by rarity
    LMS has joined the crew!
    Credit to @Cocein for their many Addon content contributions and fantastic script knowledge we included in the mod
    Mod Changelog History:



  20. Buff races Vanilla + Schlong

    This Mod combines DrPvtSkittles Buff Races Vanilla with Undares Schlongbound! Finally you can have the whole package; Abs AND a massive cock!
    To install, simply drop the .pak file in the starbound mods folder.
    All I did was to combine the different sprites (with some minimal fiddling to make it all fit together), so all the praise goes to the original creators! Thank you Undare and DrPvtSkittles for letting me use your sprites! The original mods can be found here:
    Schlongbound by Undare: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3412-schlongbound/
    Buff Races Vanilla by DrPvtSkittles: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611708768



  21. Glitch Knight Horse Penises

    I once thought to myself: "Wow. I wish the Glitch Knight's horses had cocks." So of course I spent about 30 minutes drawing and implementing a cosmetic mod that;
     Gives the Glitch Knight horses Big, 100% necessary, eternally erect horse cocks.  Shortens the Saddle blanket over the horse so that you can actually see them. Naturally I also decided to post this mod here incase anyone else wanted more robot horse dick in their Starbound universe.
    (The cocks added in this mod are purely cosmetic and have no bearing on gameplay. I don't really do any kind of modding for this game at this point and I did not feel like figuring out how to make the robot horses fuckable.)



  22. Sexbound - Buff Vanilla

    Do you like your vanilla species to have chiseled muscles and shapes? Perfect, because now these seven playable species keep them when they fuck! This mod replaces the vanilla artwork of the Sexbound API with "muscular" sprites! More precisely, the sprites body_female/male actor1/2.
    This mod has 3 files that work independently of the others.
    • Sexbound_BuffVanilla: This is the basic one, all VANILLA species are buffed during the act
    • Sexbound_FBuffVanilla: Only females are buff, male sprites remain the same, Buff Girls Supremacy!
    • Sexbound_MBuffVanilla: Only the “males” are buff, the female sprites remain the same, only for real men!
    Place the .pak file in your starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [Buff Races VanillaRace Links ]
    = Steam Version Only =



  23. [SxB] Sexbound POV Addon For Custom Races [ Outdated ]

    This mod is outdated due to the updated version of POV.lua and artwork assets of POV Redux.
    Maybe rework in future.
    Disclaimer : This POV mod is early access / WIP. Some parts of body may frequently replaced.
    If you mind this, you should't download this mod until it is finished.
    Some POV addon may be removed if the creator(s) of different custom race(s) denied permission to the POV addon.
    MorePoses - POV addon mod already included in this mod. You don't need to download it separately.
    Target of this mod is to create POV addon for custom races and maybe some vanilla races. ( But I am bad at art so only few POV addon will be added. )
    Supported races :
    races which already included in MorePoses mod
    Shadowppl ( Pose 1~4 )
    Novakid ( Pose 1~4 )
    Felin / Cuter Felin ( Pose 1~4 )
    Requirements :
    1. Framework ( of course you will need this )
    Sexbound API (5.6.1 or later) : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-sexbound/
    2. POV.lua ( without it you can't normaly display the POV. )
    3. Each support mod for custom race(s)
    Shadow Race : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5652-vanilla-cream-sexbound-api/
    Felin Race : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5826-sexbound-felin/
    Felin Race ( Cutebound version ) : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8341-sexbound-cuter-felin-patch/
    Installation : 
    POV Artwork Module
    1. Delete previously installed version of POV mod
    2. Download 'Sexbound_POV_Addon_For_Custom_Races.rar'
    3. Unzip 'Sexbound_POV_Addon_For_Custom_Races.rar'
    4. Move the 'Sexbound_POV_Addon_For_Custom_Races' folder into game mods folder
    POV Scripts ( POV.lua )
    1. Download pov.lua
    2. replace the original one in \mods\starbound-sexbound-latest.src\interface\sexbound\sexui\submodule\pov.lua
    Notes :
    1. Feel free to modify any or all of these files. ( You don't need my permission. ) ( Suggested program to modify files : Paint.Net )
    2. It's welcome to leave your comment if you have any suggestion(s) or bug(s) report.
    3. Some POV addon may be removed if the creator(s) of different custom race(s) denied permission to the POV addon.
    ( Please comment in the comment section if you want me to remove the POV addon. )
    Credits :
    Locuturus : Developer of both Sexbound API and Sexbound POV module.
    Elias.Alias : Developer of More Poses - POV addon mod.
    anonnumber9512 : Pose 1 & 2 of shadow and novakid races.
    red3dred : Developer of Vanilla Cream.
    Kawaoneechan : Developer of Felin race patch.
    Fluff the Felin : Developer of Cuter Felin race patch.



  24. Sexbound Race SpaceKidds - Base Compatibility

    This patch adds Sexbound support for the Spacekidds Race, This patch is only has base files and no PoV available yet.
    Place the .pak file in your starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Spacekidds Race Links ]
    = Steam Version Only =
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located on the Sexbound Unpak Version: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\pregnancy.config.
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Spacekidds Suggest any race that is compatible with this race, be reasonable though.  
    Changelog :
    1.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    Credits to the Race Author:
    = If you're going to make a modpak, please notify the authors first before you do so =
    = Permission/Consent has been approved by the Race Author. =



  25. SxB Fetish Enabler

    Common question: "How do I enable pregnancy?"
    Solution for being lazy and have someone else do the work for you: this mod.
    Enables nipples, lactate, spawn liquid semen and ejaculant on climax, allows males to become futanari, allows futanari to impregnate themselves (don't ask me how I don't know), PREGNANCY, and face masks will rondomize color for those who enable the social distancing plugin.
    If you are someone who wants the social distancing plugin and still don't want to enable it yourself, an alternate version of the sexbound.config.patch file is available to download as well. Just remove the " - alternate" from the file name so that it replaces the file in the mod when you drop it in the mod folder.
    When you INSTALL the mod, extract the folder inside the zip to the starbound mods folder so that your file path looks like "Starbound/mods/SxB Fetish Enabler/.metadata". Anything else is wrong.



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