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  1. Sexbound

    Sexbound provides custom artwork, AI, animations, items, objects, particles, SFX, scripts, and an API that can be used by others to create custom sex interactions in Starbound.
    ⁉️ Download and install only one file from the Downloads: Pak or Src. The Pak version has better compression and loads faster, whereas the Src version is already unpacked for players who want a quick start into customization.

    Sometimes it can be confusing what changed when I am often updating the content on this page. So, you can always check here to see what I did!
    ❣️ Released Sexbound v4.5.0 - Minor Additions and Changes - Easier to enable using external head artwork  

    ChesterPiece - Artist
    Created all couples artwork and particle effects.
    Krystalic - Writer
    Created default dialog used by the Sex Talk plugin.
    Mahorych00 - Translator (Russian)
    Translated default species SexTalk dialog.
    Red3dred - Contributor
    Contributes bug fixes and new features.
    Servantesnc - Coordinator for SFX
    Helped to coordinate the creation of new moan & orgasm SFX.
    Salem - SFX Moans (Male)
    Created default male moan SFX.
    Shiyon - SFX Moans (Female)
    Created default female moan SFX.

    💕 A special thanks goes out to the following Patreon supporters! 
    ⋆ Ananoke ⋆ BlastWint ⋆ CensoredGrunt ⋆ CodeRedAlert ⋆ Darling_Dingus ⋆ Fylix Aerou ⋆ HandHolding_CherryPopper ⋆ Jamie ⋆ Kasuno ⋆ Keryan ⋆ Kh0Rne ⋆ Kinadion ⋆ Kuroritas ⋆ Memeahen ⋆ MyonMyon ⋆ NibblesTheNightstalker ⋆ Owen Lee ⋆ Rei Tea ⋆ Remeus Artenawa ⋆ ShadowXprice ⋆ Skip Landren ⋆ Doggo Vox ⋆ ZappyCoffee ⋆ Shark_ ⋆ 奎尼昌 ⋆
    The below spoiler contains previous announcements.

    Download previous versions of Sexbound from our official archive: Mega.nz

    This modding framework was created for Starbound v1.3.2 & up.
    Installing the PAK version
    1. Backup + delete any previously installed version of the API.
    2. Drag-n-drop the *.pak file directly into your mods directory.
    3. Finished.
    Installing the SRC version
    1. Backup + delete any previously installed version of the API.
    2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to a single folder named 'sexbound'.
    3. Move the 'sexbound' folder into your mods directory.
    4. Finished.
    ⁉️ Unable to find your mod folder's location? Check the spoiler.

    Russian by Mahorych00

    Modding Guides
    1) How to create a custom species support mod for Sexbound API v2.6.x and up.
    [ Click Here ]
    2) Miscellaneous Guides
    [ Click Here ] 
    3) Mod Image Cover (PNG - 512px x 512px)
    [ Click Here ]

    🛑 The following mods are not compatible with the latest version of this mod. If you're a creator and you want to get your mod off this list, direct message me and I will help you make changes so your mod can be compatible.
    * Human Eyes Reskin - Loads conflicting script and asset files from a much older version of Sexbound. Do not install this.
    * Kitty the Space Cat - Compatible only with Sexbound v1 but not yet Legacy.
    * Merrkin Species Support Mod - Patches Butterfly sex position file incorrectly. Breaks the Aphrodite's Bow quest line.
    * Pregnant Males - Not compatible with the latest version.
    * SFX Improvements - Loads conflicting script and asset files from a much older version of Sexbound. Do not install this.
    * VENUS - Animated Body Mod - Does not use latest *.animation files.

    Please read the below frequently asked questions before asking your question in our support forum.

    * 🔞 You must be at least 18 years old to view, download, or install this mod.



  2. Sexbound-[Mod-Collection]-43Mods

    i just want to spread sexbound in china before
    but now my collection can help to anyone——that they want to install sexbound by 3 step:click-moving-dorp in
     we must thank to they——all hard working authors
    and I will be full of apologies and respect to you all because of my offensive collection and upload
    mod list



  3. [SxB] Aphrodite's Bow

    Aphrodite's Bow is  a Sexbound compatible mod that provides players with hours enjoyable adult-content in Starbound. In the latest major update, player's can craft their own Aphrodite's Bow (i) at Aphrodite's Retreat, and they can discover bonus content through exploration.
    ⁉️ Having trouble completing the quest line? Please download the latest version which should fix the problem for most players.
    If you enjoyed this latest content, then please consider supporting me by becoming a patron or by sending me a one-time tip.
    Previous Versions
    Download previous versions of Aphrodite's Bow from the Official Archive: Mega.nz
    In the latest version, a lot has changed, but a lot of new content was added too. The new changes might be confusing to players who have been using a previous version of Aphrodite's Bow. So, I'll quickly highlight the changes that were made, and I'll explain what to expect when installing v4 of Aphrodite's Bow.
    Aphrodite's Bow no longer has its magical ability, but you can expect to craft and obtain a new imbued version of Aphrodite's Bow. The new imbued bow will have the same magical ability as the previous bow, but it'll feature a new critical shot projectile. You will be able to craft a new Aphrodite's Bow (i) during a new quest line where you actually get to meet Aphrodite at her secret retreat. Players can begin the new quest line by finding Aphrodite's lost staff which is a legendary item that can be randomly found as a valuable treasure in chests on any world. If it takes longer than you like to find Aphrodite's Staff, then you can always find one in the chest under the Outpost.
    All other information about how to complete the new quest-line and craft the new Aphrodite's Bow (i) can be found in-game. In addition to crafting Aphrodite's Bow, players will enjoy finding hidden content and rewards within Aphrodite's Retreat.
    This mod requires the latest version of the Sexbound.


    1) First, you must download and install the latest version of the Sexbound API.
    2) Extract the contents from the .zip file.
    3) Move the extracted .pak file into your Starbound Mods directory.
    4) Finished.
    Players can use Aphrodite's Bow Stringer at Aphrodite's Retreat to craft Aphrodite's Bow or Aphrodite's Bow (i).
    During Aphrodite's Retreat Questline, the Bow Stringer will produce a rare Aphrodite's Bow that will not have any interesting special ability until it is imbued with magical powers by Aphrodite. Essentially, the Player must turn-in the crafted Aphrodite's Bow to receive an Aphrodite's Bow (i) from Aphrodite.
    After Aphrodite's Retreat Questline, the Bow Stringer will produce a legendary Aphrodite's Bow (i) that will have the desired special ability. It does not need to be imbued by Aphrodite since the player has already completed the questline.

    Obtaining the ingredients. Players can obtain all of the ingredients needed to craft Aphrodite's Bow during the Aphrodite's Retreat Questline. There are two ingredients required to craft Aphrodite's Bow, and they are Aphrodite's Staff and Aphrodite's Twine.
    Aphrodite's Staff
    : Obtained by searching almost any treasure chest in any world. It requires the Player to accept a quest upon picking it up for the first time.
    Aphrodite's Twine
    : Obtained as a reward during the Aphrodite's Retreat Questline; however, there is an alternative method to obtain Aphrodite's Twine for players to discover.

    You may choose to obtain some of the new items by using the /spawnitem command, but make sure that you have admin privileges. Naturally, I've hidden the spawn codes behind the below spoiler.

    1) What does it mean when the word 'obstructed' appears?

    'Obstructed' means there is an object behind the NPC that is preventing it from transforming into a SexNode object. Or, it means that there is not a suitable below surface on which to place a spawned SexNode object.
    2) What happens when I consume a Golden Apple of Discord?
    The Sexbound sub-gender 'futanari' will be applied to your player character. You must have the Futanari plugin enabled, and your player character must be female gender in order for your character to convert to be a futanari actor while having sex.
    3) What happens when I consume a Golden Apple of Discontent?
    All in-game applied Sexbound sub-genders are removed from your player character.
    Mod Assets Permissions: You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.




  4. Sexbound-avali[support],but mammal version

    now the avali is mammal!
    drop in the mods file and make true the avali race MOD is already
    i just edit the female avali actor 1-2,and they are all same as the red3dred one,so don`t let they loading together
    and let us thank the red3dred
    and i has not allowed to upload this MOD,sorry



  5. EB's Terramons Rework From BlakeTheFlareon's Terramons (Includes Optional Defeat Support!)

    Includes Defeat Support! Terramons have been adopted and reborn! All Terramons from BlakeTheFlareon's Terramons have been revamped by this vigilante modder, a huge fan of their work.
    This mod aims to provide a version of Terramons that focuses on balanced monster stat bonuses, aligned sprite animations, proper monster sexes, monster moan sfx, natural world spawning and SxB Defeat support!
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    This mod requires the latest version of Sexbound. Link is below.
    This mod is not compatible with the original Terramons/Terraphilia mod. When installing this mod, make sure to delete the BlakeTheFlareon's Terramons and BTF's Sexbound Terraphilia mods. 
     This mod DOES NOT require the Defeat pak (EB Terramons Rework Defeat pak) it is optional if you want Defeat features.
    Teratophilia is recommended, though not required. Link is below.
    There is no need for an "EB's Sexbound Terraphilia Rework" mod. This mod is an all-in-one Terramons pack with instant SxB compatibility.
    For those with the original modpacks, Terramons are now only assigned female genders. Terramons captured in the original version of the mod may have mixed genders and will result in minor issues. It may be necessary to discard old Terramons when switching to this pack. Do not fret as you will encounter many more Terramons.
    To install this mod, drag and drop the pak file into your Starbound mods folder. It's just that simple. The hardest part is finding it.
    Defeat support requires Red3Dred’s SxB Defeat Custom mod. It can be found by downloading Teratophilia and choosing the SxB Custom Defeat pak. Sexbound Teratophilia is recommended, Terato Defeat is not required but optional. Link is below.
    EB Terramons Rework Defeat works together with the EB Terramons Rework mod. They are both required if you want Defeat features.
    DO NOT USE Sexbound Defeat 2.4.0 by Locuturus!!! It is a deprecated mod that does not support ANY type of monster interactions!
    *** balance changes ***
    All Terramons are now equally viable in combat. They have been reassigned health and damage pools to mimic that of an adult poptop, which is the most powerful obtainable vanilla monster in the game. They all now share the same base health of 180, and a base damage of 13, so everyone's favorite Terramons are equally decent combat companions. Terramons, however, have heightened awareness radiuses and decreased attack cooldowns, in addition to specialized resistances and elemental based status-inflicting attacks.
    While Big Sis strikes no unique qualities of her own, she remains to be an all around reliable powerhouse.
    Coco Big Sis continues to find herself at home on Desert biomes, remaining resistant to fire, whilst vulnerable to the cold, all while surviving solely on her deep gashing claws. Coco Big Sis no longer sets enemies on fire.
    Pumpkin Big Sis's heart of fire illuminates and warms the world around her, though her flammable exterior will char in an instant, holding no resistance to fire, but able to stay warm in icy cold winter.
    Witch Big Sis continues to shine with twisted arcane magic, however, she no longer attacks with a poison element, and now attacks with electricity, allowing her poison resistances to be used more effectively on toxic planets.
    Our snowy Alpataur friends continue to thrive in the coldest of icing Tundras, and continue to find themselves weak trekking along scorching volcanic rivers of lava.
    Alpataur Huntresses are persistent warriors who find no weakness in any area. They find no vulnerability to fire nor resistence to ice, allowing them to be useful where their Alpataur sisters are not.
    Capritaurs are no longer resistant to fire, as a fish out of water and would not find their place among lava planets. However, their moist exterior comfortably sheds that of small embers. Capritaurs now utilize their tridents to harness the powers of thunder, but find themselves vulnerable to toxic pollution.
    Mitzitaurs continue to glow with their nose so bright in the darkest and coldest of nights, all the while striking their foes down with holiday themed sugary sweets, so sweet that the essence of evil receives it as poison to their darkness. Mitzitaurs find themselves vulnerable to toxic elements.
    *** monster id ***
    bigsis (naturally spawns in woodland themed biomes)
    bigsiscoco (naturally spawns in sandy themed biomes)
    bigsispumpkin (naturally spawns in woodland themed biomes)
    bigsiswitch  (naturally spawns in woodland themed biomes)
    alpataur (naturally spawns in snow and ice themed biomes)
    alpataurhuntress (naturally spawns in snow and ice themed biomes)
    capritaur (naturally spawns in ocean biomes)
    mitzitaur (naturally spawns in snow and ice themed biomes)
    (do mind the spelling of the alpataur variants, previously capritaur was caprituar, and mitzitaur was mitzituar)
    *** KNOWN ISSUES ***
    Older worlds that had spawned in the previous versions of Mitzitaur and Capritaur will attempt to spawn in those previous versions, which no longer exist and will result in errors. Fortunately, spawnrates were bugged in the previous version so they are very unlikely to occur. BUT...
    If one does encounter a world crash, all one would need to do is delete that single planet from the save files and can freely explore it again. (Apologies)




    Required Files: 
    Recommended Files: 
    (Just Sexbound-Teratophilia, the other two are optional if you want Defeat features)
    Required Files for Defeat support:
    (Yes this is the correct link, download like you would be downloading Teratophilia, but only have to click SxB - Defeat Custom. Sexbound-Teratophilia is recommended, SxB - TeratoDefeat is optional)
    (Do not use this)
    Link to the legend!
    (Credit to the Original Creator, give them a like to show them some love, but do not use this mod if you plan on using the Rework)
    ^ Plz do visit the Original Creator, give them a like to show them some love ^



  6. EB's Lovely Whips Released (easy futa enabler!)

    This pack adds 5 new SxB whips to the game. When the first two are combined, they have the same functionality as an Imbued Aphrodite's Bow. The first whip transforms NPCs into nodes and the second maxes out Arousal. The third whip removes pregnancy status. The fourth and fifth whip add and remove futanari sub-genders.
    Enable all the SxB nodes to your heart's desire with the ease and precision of a whip! No more lines of sight, no more waiting around charging up weighted arrows, no more getting cucked by random NPCs!
    Just, point, click, and fuck!
    Visit the Infinity Express at the Outpost to get started. Find the new codex for sale and you'll learn everything about the mod. From official released content, to existing experimental content, to containing all item ID codes; it will all be there right in the game's UI. 

    Have fun and get crackin! (haha funny joke cuz its a whips mod lol)

    Note: While this mod is meant to supplement the need for the (objectively) clunky Aphrodite's Bow, I highly recommend having the Aphrodite's Bow mod in addition as it is a much more accessible way of interacting with SxB in the early-mid game. The mod has much more to offer than just a sex bow and acts as a comfortable stepping stone for accessing SxB content later with the Lovely Whips mod.
    *Beginner tips for Aphrodite's Bow: Poke around the Outpost, there's a guy with a long nose (and maybe something else that's long... like a staff?

    Lovely Whips Demo 2.mp4  

    The pack requires the latest version of Sexbound (4.0.0):
    Not required, but it's a must-have in my book:



  7. Sexbound - Avali as Floofy Raptors

    A version of Sexbound Support for the Avali, focusing on the details, and no breasts included. Breastless version? Something along those lines.

    This is my first OFFICIAL species being supported for spriting and fixing/ updating in the future, would appreciate any comments towards making it better/ criticisms.




  8. Teratophilia

    With the introduction of monster supports into Sexbound, it was odd that only a couple supports for a few known or common monsters existed-- or for that one custom monster people really don't stop bullying on the workshop... Well, here it is, Teratophilia! The vanilla monster support compilation!
    The first update, namely the "Garden" update, features unique creatures found in the starting planet, Garden biome, on the surface, plus a few extras.

    Currently supported: Snaunt, Tentacle Crawler (Or Ruin Crawler), Nutmidge, Nutmidgeling, King Nutmidgeling, Punchy, and Satan Gleaps, Fire-Satan Fire Gleaps, Smoglin, Poison Smoglin, Adult Poptop/Mother Poptop/Albino Adult Poptop, Poptop, Albino Poptop, Scandroid, Paratail.

    Green Check-marks are supports that are pretty much finished, open to suggestions and changes, but otherwise "complete".
    Pink Check-marks are supports that aren't finished, or are open to suggestions and improvements, planned or otherwise. EG: Smoglin could use some polish.
    With all that said, these are very experimental supports, trying to make use of the assets and options i have, so some animations will look funky, some others funny, and mostly dumb. So feel free to offer criticism, suggestions, and questions about the support.

    And very much thank you to all users who appreciate the project, and submit contributions, fan-art, and heck, even code if they feel like it! I work with both the Sexbound API and these mods, if anyone feels like they can improve upon what me or anyone does, they can feel free to submit it, and i won't complain. Such users have already done so;
    > CommanderAli and their rare monster contributions!
    > Sex maniac / The No More Hero and their monster animation contributions!
    > NegaTheImpmon9508 and their monster animation contributions!
    > It could be you too! (This is sounding too much like a advertisement so i'll just stop and be more self aware)
    Once installed, just hit a monster with the Aphrodite's Bow, or equivalents, and they'll become a node just like a NPC.



  9. Animated Tentacles - Improved

    This is my personal improvement of the original Animated Tentacle Mod. As such, all credit for its creation apart from my own alterations goes to there.
    This is an improved/tweaked version of that mod, I have added a couple of useful features to it.
    You can now craft race-specific versions of each plant. If you absolutely WANT an avian version, you no longer have to keep planting and destroying them until you get one. You can still craft a 'random' version that creates one of the chosen race, however. Very useful for those who want specific races for their tentacle dungeon. They now use the sexbound moans instead of the default ones. Which means each race has its own moans. (Note: Fenerox still use the default 3 moans since they don't have moans of their own in sexbound) Tentacle plants may start fucking their victim without your interaction. This is random, however.  They have cute eyes instead of the souless one pixel ones.  
    Unfortunately, Nuru is no longer a possible victim due to her being 17 (underaged) in lore. You cannot craft one with her, and she won't spawn on a random one.



  10. Drop it in your felin humanoid folder

    My take on the felin race nude body based on the enhanced nude body. I did most of it from scratch taking reference from the main mod.



  11. Get rid of that underwear (Starbound nudity, bounce physics and more)

    Get rid of that Uncomfortable underwear and get yourself some space for your bouncy assets (including tails!)!
    Supports every vanilla race and yes it is compatible with FU(Frackin' Universe) of course.
    Supported Mod Races list and screenshots can be found in the steam page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1299574409
    For help or contributing in the mod: https://discord.gg/8ZsxusHwXe
    nexusmods: https://www.nexusmods.com/starbound/mods/823/?tab=files
    Female only mod(steam): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1305302880
    Use only one of the lifes at once, femonly or the standart one.
    (fulldragon is a patch to be used with draconis full dragons version, it requires base mod.)



  12. Sexbound Lastree Support

    = If you're going to make a modpak, please notify the authors first before you do so =
    This patch adds support for the SexboundAPI for the Lastree of Arsenalbound
    Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Lastree Race Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    = Steam Version =
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Human Ningen ??? "Feel free to request any more race pairing, although I will only select any viable human-like and demon races only"  
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located on the Sexbound Unpak Edition: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\-.
    Changelog :
    1.0.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    Credits to the OG Race Author:
    = rooki12k =
    Credits to the Permission Requester:
    = Sorathos =
    Be Advised:
    = For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.
    = Permission/Consent has been approved by the OG Race Author. =



  13. Zoologist Nude Mod

    Listen, I literally wasn't able to click any other category under "Rimworld" under any circumstance, as I was aiming for Misc Adult Gaming, so I just opted for uploading the terraria thing here and I'm extremely sorry



  14. [Sexbound Race Addon] Dreemurrers

    After being expelled from Earth after a magical incident during a great war,
    They've united and formed a nation of monsters that is now called the 'Dreemurrers'.
    This mod adds a species support I'm surprised wasn't added already by now, for the Dreemurrers.
    The spritework and such is open to any form of critique.



  15. Naturally Horny

    The Naturally Horny mod is pretty straight forward and simple:

    It aims to create a natural cycle of Sexbound interactions with NPC's.

    NPC's will slowly grow horny over time, and eventually will use sex-enabled beds on their own, including crew-members.
    I mean it, crew-members getting horny is a big problem during exploration, because of tables!
    Once in bed, they will only leave once they've had enough, or by using the books from Lewdbound, one can make them stop being horny.
    This mod is currently outdated! (For Versions v3+) and there are reports of it causing issues in the long run! Beware when downloading this mod!
    Well, it seems to be updated? Please report issues.
    This was requested by a user, so i ended up making it a modular edit. It is meant to only work for the Sexbound version of same number, so beware when updating. I'll try to keep with Sexbound and keep this up-to-date as long as necessary.



  16. Sexbound - Sleeker Glitch!

    Sexbound support meant to match the Sleeker Glitch reskin (https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/sleeker-glitch.6060/)
    Just alters the glitch sprites during Sexbound interactions, shouldn't involve any other steps to install other than slapping it in your folder, along with Sexbound itself of course.
    There were some hiccups during the early stages of this mod that caused a lot of issues with miscolored pixels. I worked hard to weed them out as best as I could, but if you find any hiccups, throw'em my way and I'll try to fix them asap!



  17. Sexbound - Icthysian Support

    Adds Sexbound support for the Ichthysian race from the Super SBG mod!

    Does anyone still use that mod? Did anyone else even use this race?
    Probably not, but if you needed incentive to, here's some now!

    I've had this sitting in my folders for a long while now, figured I might as well polish it up and post it.
    If you encounter any bugs or issues, give a comment and I'll try to fix it in a timely manner.
    Maybe if I can get my ass in gear I can try my hand at updating some of the other SBG races, but I wouldn't count on it



  18. Lustbound

    Lustbound is a passion project made by me, along with the help of many important contributors, that is a large content expansion for Sexbound.
    Dependencies ~
    Lustbound: Base
    KawaiiStuff+ KawaiiStuff+ Supports Sexbound API 4.2.0+ Lustbound: Aphrodite's Bow Addon
    Aphrodite's Bow 6.0.0+ Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon
    Omnibrowser 1.6.0+  
    Make sure you have Lustbound Base and the Lustbound Base Manager installed in order for the mods to work properly!
    Note: Do not download both the .pak and the .zip
    The .pak is solely to use the mod ingame
    The .zip is solely to see through the assets, and customise your experience
    Where do I get access to the content? ~
    Opening up your default crafting menu (C), you can make an object called the Sex Toy Presentoir, which will give you access to a handful of utility items as well as the mod's main star; the Sexboxes.
    The utilities in this mod mainly expand on some of Sexbound's innate content. Here's a short description of them:
    The Hormone Patch, when equipped, transforms the player into the corresponding subgender. Males become cuntboys and females become futanaris; The Contraceptive Patch completely removes any possibility of pregnancy when equipped; The Birthing Pill immensely accelerates the pregnancy cycles, allowing any organism to give birth within ten seconds; The Ticket To Lustia allows you to access Lustia, this mod's new outpost.  
    Speaking of Lustia, it is a place dedicated to anything sex-related, in which you can buy any item that is either sexy or has sexbound functionality. From left to right, there is:
    A shop for sexy/sex enabled outfits; A shop for sexy/special objects; A shop for sex-enabled monsters (Requires Teratophilia to fuck the monsters); A shop for other miscellaneous items related to sex.  
    The Aphrodite's Bow Addon adds:
    A new secret item that requires obtaining six special stones and a core to obtain.  
    The Omnibrowser Addon adds:
    The Slut2go cellphone, that allows you to summon a hooker on demand; The Direct18 television, that allows you to browse a wide variety of porn channels.  
    Note: With the 1.2.0 update, the mods have been fragmented into smaller mods, to allow more control over what control gets added and what doesn't.
    Lustbound: Base and Lustbound: Base Manager are the core files, and add the main content.
    Lustbound: Aphrodite's Bow Addon adds content that requires Aphrodite's Bow to function properly.
    Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon adds content that requires Omnibrowser to function properly.
    The Lustbound patchers solely patches items and objects of other mods into Lustia's shops.
    With the 1.1.0 update, the mod contains the content of alot of old, abandoned mods that contain lewd objects or items that the original source of has been lost. If you are the author of some of these and wish for me to remove them, contact me and I will remove them in the next patch.

    Version History ~
    1.2.0 : The Grand Fragmentation
    Lustbound Base
    - Lustia has been fixed up! Now, plenty of annoying bugs and slight design errors has been checked out
    - Lustia is now bookmarkable
    - Lustia has quests! Get ready to fetch stuff
    - New machine obtainable from Lustia Quests that allows you to improve your sex boxes' odds, reset sex toys that generate using RNG and a few more features
    - Many many internal improvements
    - More polish
    - Common dildos, fleshlights and tentacle plants now generate a random color upon first placement
    - Current common dildos, fleshlights and tentacle plants will get replaced by a new and improved version upon pickup
    - Improved icons for some fleshlights
    - New racial toys
    - New body pillows
    - Moved the Direct18 TV over to the Omnibrowser Addon
    Aphrodite's Bow Addon
    - New secret item obtainable from doing specific tasks! Defeat Aphrodite to find the guide
    * If you can't find it, here is the cheat sheet below:
    Omnibrowser Addon
    - Moved the Direct18 TV over to this mod
    - Groundwork files made for the next update
    - Actually fixed the bugs in the previous version
    - Fixed Lustia not loading
    - Fixed radios being broken on slut2go
    1.1.0 : The Legacy Content Update
    - Added many objects and special outfits to Lustia's vendors for players to improve their sex world with.
    - Updated Lustbound Patcher
    - Fixed the Tentacle Plants decapitating the player during sex
    - Fixed the mod breaking Sexbound's pregnancies from working properly
    - Changed Birthing Pill's appearance and name
    1.0.0 : Lustbound is available to the public
    - Initial Release
    Want to contribute to the mod in some way? Contact me through the Sexbound Discord server, and I'll gladly be willing to cooperate!
    Credits ~
    Thank you so much Redstark (red3red) for all the immense help you've given me in coding this monster of a mod! Thank you heichou for all the amazing spritework you've done for the mod! Thank you saint apollyon for the additional spriting aid! Thank you ManaUser for your thorough testing, spriting and coding help!



  19. Lustbound: Patchers

    This mod is a thread of all Lustia Shop Patches there is for Lustbound.
    Each patcher requires the associated mod with it to work properly.
    Available so far:
    Alluring Toys Blake's Terramons * Frisky Felin Globaura * Go F*** Yourself Lewdbound Lewdbound Mattresses Teratophilia  
    * Those mods require both Teratophilia and the appropriate support mod for the creatures they add.



  20. [Sexbound Race Addon] Crewkin

    don't talk to me



  21. Sexbound Lombax All-in-One Races

    This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of the Lombax Races requested by CaylePolin. This supports includes 3 races: Lombax Pointed, Lombax Striped and Markazians.
    Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder if Non-Steam Version/
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Lombax Races Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    = Steam Version =
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Lombax Pointed Lombax Striped Markazian  
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\-.
    Changelog :
    1.0.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    Note :
    Screenshot GIF preview seems to be slow due to 100+ frame per sec without delay and CS6 converting a video to GIF seems to be not a good idea.
    Credits to the author:
    = CaylePolin =
    Be Advised:
    For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.



  22. Sexbound yoru Support + yoru Race

    저는 영어를 할줄 몰라요. 구글 번역을 이용해주세요 미안해요 ..
    Kitsune Race를 수정하여 사용해도 된다는 약식 허락을 받았습니다.
    허락 해주셔서 감사하지만, 혹시나 문제 될시 말씀 해주세요!

    1.이 레이스는 완전한 바닐라 상태입니다. 아무 종족 추가가없는 테스트 버전입니다. 천천히 업뎃하다 다른 곳에 업로드 할 예정입니다.
    2. 캐릭터들은 전부 21 세 이상 성인입니다
    3. 기본적으로 한국어로 만든 모드입니다. 영어 버전을 따로 받아주세요.
    4. 영어 버전은 그냥 구글 번역을 통해 복사해서 넣어 넣은 수준입니다. 저는 영어를 할 줄 몰라요 ..
    영어 번역과 요루 레이스 섹스 바운드 지원을 설치하세요!
    pak 버전으로 다운받으셔서 모드폴더에 넣으세요!
    요구하는 선행 모드
    현재 알려진 버그 (도움이 필요합니다!)

    요루 종족 전용 대사가 하나도 안 나옵니다!
    눈을 감을 때 다른 표정으로 나옵니다!
    사용 된 원본 모드
    사용 금지 요구시 수정없이 삭제 될 수 있습니다.




  23. sexbound Sex factory yoru

    I don't speak English.. Please use Google Translate. Sorry..
    1. Sex-bound, furniture made by integrating all my favorite modes and races. All of these mods came out because you have good mods!
    2. Almost all npc has run object
    3. Most of them are turned on and off by connecting electricity, and they actually give food.
    4. Currently, there are only men, and the scenes shown here are adults over the age of 21.
    5. This mode is basically made in Korean. If you want to use the Korean version, you need to apply the Korean patch, so please download the English version separately.
    6. The English version is just a copy and paste level through Google Translate. I don't speak English..
    7. It's just furniture. You cannot put your own character.
    8. It is very large. It can cause lag, and it is recommended to arrangement it on the planet.
    9. The tentacles become Spawn in the jungle terrain. and When crushe a yoru will appear.
    The speed of the update will be very slow, and other races and female versions will be updated very very slowly.
    8 crafting tables
    Add 19 furniture * 7 types + 2 
    영어 패치는 제가 할 수 없습니다. 따로 도움을 받아야 할거 같습니다.
    I can't do the English patch. I think I need help separately.
    How to use
    It can be installed on the woodworking table.
    pak file in mod folder


    Leading mode
    Yoru race + yoru sex bound is required
    (You need 3 pak files as extra prerequisites!)
    Bugs I've figured out so far (I need help!)
    Farm furniture is a bug that can not be harvested because the electricity is cut off when the npc is activated!
    The available hardcore makers were selected as women
    A bug that causes the head to disappear when selected as a male + When pregnant, the head of the playing character disappears.
    I am the person who wrote your code. I don't know how to make the code...
    If there is a problem, I will correct or delete it.

    I will give you a psd
    If you have any plans to use it, feel free to use it!

    I respect the creators of Sex Bound and Star Bound..
    The current code is very dirty and the capacity is very large
    이 모드는 제가 개인적으로 좋아하는 모드를 넣은 모드입니다 삭제 요청시 부분 혹은 완전 삭제 할 수 있습니다
    This mod is a mod that I personally like and can be partially or completely deleted upon request.



  24. Sexbound Frisky Felin Dancer 2.0

    Introducing: Frisky Felin Dancer 2.0! 
    Now with exciting new interactive holobody technology for those loney nights (or days) for cats felin frisky! Simply order the projector from your nearest Alluring Toys Co. vending machine, place on the ground, and prepare for days and nights full of hot, sweaty fun with our frisky blue hologram! Comes in male and female versions.
    Comes with cuter face mode, for those who prefer cute eyes over dotty dots!

    *Does not include dialogue. Does not actually dance. We are not responsible for any side effects including inceldom, messy floors, broken relationships, and/or unexplained pregnancies. 
    Frisky Felin Dancer and Felin mod+support by Kawa Cuter Felin patch by Fluff the Felin. Fuchsia the Floran Slut on which this is based by Redstark Magnusson.



  25. FFS Dungeons and Encounters: Sexbound Patch

    A little something I made. Because it was bound to happen sooner or later, and because I'm a horny fuck myself Because I just love you guys.

    This patch allows you to have sex with the gun merchants in my mod... and the captives. 

    Now, you can hard work in liberating them from the pirates/cultists, you can take sexual advantage of highly traumatized, and probably heavily abused very grateful ex slaves with mind control who just want to teleport back to the outpost in safety totally want to fuck you to feed your horny ego show just how grateful they are, you sick, horny fuck great hero, you!



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