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  1. Sexbound

    Sexbound is a mod that provides custom artwork, AI, animations, items, objects, particles, SFX, scripts, and an API that can be used by others to create custom sex interactions in Starbound. Alluring Toys Co. mod is included in version 5.11+
    ⁉️ Download and install only one file from the Downloads Archive: Pak or Src. The Pak version has better compression and loads faster, whereas the Src version is already unpacked for players who want a quick start into customization.
    Attention: If you're having trouble with the latest versions of Sexbound, then please double-check that you have not installed any of the incompatible mods listed farther down this page.

    Sometimes it can be confusing what changed when I am often updating the content on this page. So, you can always check here to see what I did!
    ❣️ Sexbound v5.12.1 - Change force actor head artwork for humanoid type actors only.  

    ChesterPiece - Artist
    Created all couples artwork and particle effects.
    Eixxxo - Artist
    Created sky glitter effect.
    Krystalic - Writer
    Created default dialog used by the Sex Talk plugin.
    Mahorych00 - Translator (Russian)
    Translated default species SexTalk dialog.
    Red3dred - Contributor
    Contributes bug fixes and new features.
    Servantesnc - Coordinator for SFX
    Helped to coordinate the creation of new moan & orgasm SFX.
    Salem - SFX Moans (Male)
    Created default male moan SFX.
    Shiyon - SFX Moans (Female)
    Created default female moan SFX.
    SirBumpleton - Lustbound
    Created custom positions for dildos, fleshlight, and milking machine.

    ? A special thanks goes out to the following Patreon supporters! 
    ⋆ Ananoke ⋆ BlastWint ⋆ CensoredGrunt ⋆ CodeRedAlert ⋆ Darling_Dingus ⋆ Devon Kelley ⋆ Fylix Aerou ⋆ HandHolding_CherryPopper ⋆ Jamie ⋆ Kasuno ⋆ Keryan ⋆ Kh0Rne ⋆ Kinadion ⋆ Kuroritas ⋆ Memeahen ⋆ MyonMyon ⋆ NibblesTheNightstalker ⋆ Owen Lee ⋆ Rei Tea ⋆ Remeus Artenawa ⋆ ShadowXprice ⋆ Skip Landren ⋆ Doggo Vox ⋆ ZappyCoffee ⋆ Shark_ ⋆ 奎尼昌 ⋆

    This modding framework was created for Starbound v1.3.2 & up.
    Installing the PAK version
    1. Backup + delete any previously installed version.
    2. Drag-n-drop the *.pak file directly into your mods directory.
    3. Finished.
    Installing the SRC version
    1. Backup + delete any previously installed version.
    2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to a single folder named 'sexbound'.
    3. Move the 'sexbound' folder into your mods directory.
    4. Finished.
    ⁉️ Unable to find your mod folder's location? Check the spoiler.

    Russian by Mahorych00

    Modding Guides & Tutorials
    [ HERE ] Species Support Mod (Full List)
    [ HERE ] Nippleswear Applier Mod
    [ HERE ] Miscellaneous Guides
    [ HERE ] Mod Image Cover (PNG - 512px x 512px) - Please overlay this on your mod's cover image so users can see that it is Sexbound compatible.

    ❗The following mods are not compatible with the latest version of Sexbound.
    As a warning to future Sexbound mod creators, please do not entirely overwrite any of the core *.lua files provided by Sexbound in your mods. If you need help about how to make a plugin to change a core functionality, then there is a safe way to patch single functions in Sexbound's core *.lua scripts via your own custom plugin; you can direct message me about how to do so. Sexbound is constantly undergoing restructuring of the core scripts to make it more flexible and optimized, so I need understanding and alignment from the modders to abide by the aforementioned rule for the sake of creating a good experience for all players.
    If you're a creator and you want to get your mod off this list, direct message me and I will help you make changes so your mod can be compatible.
    * Alluring Toys Co - All content from this mod is already included in Sexbound v5.11+.
    * Kitty the Space Cat - Compatible only with Sexbound v1 but not yet Legacy.
    * Lustbound - Tentacle Plant Improvement - Loads conflicting scripts from both Sexbound and Lustbound mods.
    * Merrkin Species Support Mod - Patches Butterfly sex position file incorrectly. Breaks the Aphrodite's Bow quest line.
    * Pregnant Males - Not compatible with the latest version.
    * SFX Improvements - Loads conflicting script and asset files from a much older version of Sexbound. Do not install this.
    * VENUS - Animated Body Mod - Does not use latest *.animation files.

    Please read the below frequently asked questions before asking your question in our support forum.

    * ? You must be at least 18 years old to view, download, or install this mod.



  2. Lewdbound

    Lewdbound, originally created by the /sbg/ (Starbound general board) by users "Elmo, Jessie, Jizzlord, Soma" and many /sbg/ anons, is a mod that adds lewd items of a variety of types. Clothing, "crops", food, usables/guns, and even fuel!

    Turns out /SBG/ still lives, albeit, with some lost members, and lots of reboots to their community. They know about the mod and contacted me back!

    Disclaimers apart, here's a chunk of what Lewdbound has to offer, including my additions and edits, and integrations into the Sexbound mod:
    Lewdguns of varied races and types, they fire projectiles that spawn liquids upon impact, of the semen and piss variety and will cause NPC's to become sex nodes akin to the Aphordite's Bow. A Fishing-harpoon-bow called the Fish poker. (? Yeah i don't know either.) A bound-floran "crop" that can be grown to acquire Floran Flower-cones (Their dicks, yes), used in food crafting, and acquiring the floran lewd-gun by normal means, Supposed to be sold at the Penguin Bay. Pregnant Scientist clothing. A variety of food items made from the liquids generated by the Lewdguns. All of which are probably going to cause your clothing to become invisible temporarily. Lube to produce semen liquids without using a lewdgun. Cum-fuel-cells! For your ship! (FTL fuels) (Requires Frackin' Universe for this feature) A cum-powered generator Appears to be disfunctional, is not compatible with FU. Cum and crafting-recipe unlocks support for the following species: (Feel free to request a compat for dick and liquid for your species)
    Additions of my own and contributions of others:
    Shot-lewdgun, a joke weapon that is actually a very viable weapon. Just beware that its primary fire will still turn NPC's into nodes, or at least try to. The Lewd Magazine and the Hole Bibel: Prototypes of what Sexbound can do with the "Arousal" system: One will cause NPC's that are hit to reach out to sexable furniture akin to the Diabella Statue, while the other will not only remove them from sexables, but also prevent them from becoming "aroused" for 5 minutes. These have no impact on players. A vending machine (Sprite by Eiko, much appreciated!) from which to acquire most of the unobtainable Lewdbound items (Lewdguns, mattresses, magazines, etc) The Donglenator (Box of dicks) using the LewdScripts! It spawns functional and animated dicks for your character, inherits your character's name and species. Removed. CleanMattresses! Like the sexbound_prisonmattress, these thin objects have all 6 positions enabled, aren't too ugly, and include racial tags, so you too can get your tenant's prefered species and theme right! Currently has 20 variants, for the 7 playable species. Liquid interactions between semen types and other liquids, making the liquids consolidate into other liquids, making less floating pools of liquid squares, and resulting in things such as ruined semen blocks and lively semen blocks. These blocks are not obtainable normally, and instead drop crafting materials. Blobs of lively semen culture can be used for much cheaper lewd fuel cells.



  3. Have permission to give a race sexbound support? Share here!

    I'm willing to make sexbound support for races, but I find myself not social enough to go out and get permission to make those supports. In the race requests post I saw people mention having permission for some races but not willing to make support. Turns out if we work together we can make things happen. As a disclaimer, these supports may not be fully tested so if you find a bug, hopefully I will be able to fix it. Some problems, like what happened with bohemian lions, I could not even begin to fix.


    Step 0) Please make your request on this forum topic, not in my private messages.
    Step 1) Name of the race you want supported.
    Step 2) Link to where the race can be downloaded.
    Step 3) Screenshot of the dev of the race giving permission.
    If the race was uploaded by DrPvtSkittles, they give permission by default so you can fulfill step 3 by just mentioning that and I will be able to confirm it when I open the link. I will not go out of my way to support their races without them being requested since it is quite the amount of work to make each support when there is a good chance that race will never be used for sexbound anyways.

    Requests found here:



  4. Lustbound Omnibrowser Unclogger

    Lustbound Omni Unclog
    Playing with the Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon for all those juicy hot collectible monstergirl trading cards, but finding yourself increasingly frustrated at them clogging up normal treasure spawnpools individually? Running around exploring only to find the up to 540 unique card items exploding even your heavily expanded inventory space after just a few trips? Fret not, for I have the unclogging solution! Compress that mess into a single stack! Only unfold the chaos when you're dealing with card stuff anyway!
    What's (left) in the box?
    Now let me explain what exactly this mod does, and how, alongside some insights on the nightmare you've been carrying around this entire time.
    This mod:
    > Patches the treasurepools file the Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon uses to distribute cards. The pool "cardsLoot" (drops from boosterpack) now rolls six times instead of one. The pool "cardsOtherLoot" (actual loot in random treasure containers) now rolls once. It also give the new cardpack item instead. Finally, it adds a new lootpool "cardsWildLoot" which is used as loot pool for the cardpack item; it's a copy of "cardsLoot" that only rolls once.
    > Replaces the script file used by the boosterpack item to fix coding madness that rivals Starbound itself. It's a direct copy of the original code with only one miniscule change: Instead of making seven individual loops to generate a treasurepool with only one item result, it now only rolls once for six items.
    > Adds a new item; the cardpack. It's a slightly different colored version of the boosterpack that, when used (opened), only gives one card. This item replaces wild spawns of individual cards 1on1, with the difference being that this single item can be stacked and then opened into its individual contents on demand.
    Instead of spawning up to 4 individual, unique, unstackable trading cards in wild loot, now it spawns up to 4 "packed cards" that are stackable up to 1000. Oh, and the boosterpack is now less of a coding nightmare.
    Requirements & Incompatibilities
    Since this is a patch and not a fork, you need the original Lustbound: Omnibrowser Addon which can be found as a download file on the original Lustbound thread.
    The only things that can break this are any other mod (or your own editing experiements) that already meddles with the sexbound_boosterpack.treasurepools file. In which case the patches fail and you still get dozens of individual cards in loot. The cardpack item is unobtainable outside of the modified loottable.
    1. Download .pak
    2. put in /mods folder
    3. Profit
    If you find my work helpful and want to support me in continuing to make the adult modding world a better experience, consider buying me a coffee and making a catgirl happy.
    This mod is a simple standalone patch and as such fully released as is. Unless there is a bug in it, no updates are planned.



  5. Sexbound Reborn

    Sexbound Reborn
    Sexbound Reborn is a fork of the original Sexbound Mod created by Locuturus and Co. It takes off where the old mod was left over a year ago, fixing many flaws and adding many more features. The focus of Sexbound Reborn is set onto immersion and pseudo-realism, as well as pulling Sexbound out of it's indecisive part-API-part-mod state and making it a proper standalone mod to enjoy.
    Installation & Usage
    Sexbound Reborn comes in two versions - the pak-ed version and the source version. The pak-ed version is a compressed, minified version of the mod that sacrifices modability and readability in order to save space and make the mod load faster. This is the version suitable for most users. In order to retain configuration options even with the pak-ed version, the zip also includes a second "mod" which solely consists of the config files for easy access. The source version of the mod contains all the source files in raw state and is most suitable for modders trying to understand the inner workings of Sexbound Reborn, aswell as maybe write their own addons.
    ⁉️ Download and install only one file from the Downloads Archive: Paked or Source.
    ⁉️ Sexbound Reborn is basically a new Sexbound update. Do NOT try to use Original Sexbound and Sexbound Reborn at the same time!
    In addition to the two versions of the main mod, the download section might also contain patches for other mods. These patches are installed like any other mod and might be necessary if you want to use the additional mods the patches are for with Sexbound Reborn. See the "Compatible Mods" section for up-to-date information.
    ⁉️ Only install the patch for a mod if you are using the mod the patch is for too, otherwise your game might crash.
    Detailed installation, usage and troubleshooting instructions can be found in the wiki.
    Before reporting that things "don't work", go through the troubleshooting guide!
    Changelog & Roadmap
    Sexbound Reborn changes many features compared to original Sexbound, and many more will come. The detailed changelog is very long, but major changes include a greatly revamped pregnancy system, proper actor and position management (i.e. working three+-actors), modular body traits (i.e. properly working sub-genders) and many changes that offer more possibilities to addon creators.
    Version 1.1 further focussed on pregnancies, adding many long wished for features like proper kids, custom dialog for families, multi-pregnancies (but as a good feature), color genetics and many options for modders to add even more variety.
    The current changes of any new version can be found at the bottom or in the GitHub Release notes. The full, detailed changelog is always included in the mod files for anyone interested.
    Future development plans can also be followed in the wiki.
    Documentation & Guides
    Documentation on mod features and guides for modding will be found in the wiki.
    Mod documentation:
    > The UI explained
    > Mechanics explained
    Modding Guides:
    > The Basics
    > POV Modules
    > Translations
    Supported Mods
    A list of mods that have official support to be compatible with Sexbound Reborn. For an occasionally updated list of all known mods to be working or not working with SBR, check here.
    > Omnibrowser
    > Teratophilia
    > Aphrodite's Bow (WITH PATCH)
    > Lustbound (ADDONS ONLY)
    > POV Redux (V4.2.0+)
    > Teratophilia Scenes (V0.21+)
    > Most Race Compatibility Patches
    > Every other mod that does not alter Sexbound Scripts
    ⁉️ Naturally Horny, Extended Dialogues and Lustbound Base are integrated into this mod. Do not try to use them!
    ⁉️ Why a "compatibility" list and not an "incompatibility" list? Check the FAQ.
    It is suggested to use StarExtensions to fix the look of kid NPCs. Learn more.
    Sexbound Reborn is a fully free to use mod just like its predecessor. However, a lot of time and effort went into this and continues to be put into this project by mainly a single person that isn't funded via Patreon. If you find my work helpful and want to support me in continuing to make Sexbound a better experience, consider buying me a coffee and making a catgirl happy.
    Not able to get the mod to work?
    Make sure to read the troublshooting guide before creating a topic in the GitHub Discussions.
    GitHub is easier to manage and hence will always be prioritized over the forum here on LoversLab!
    Found a bug, wanna request compatibility with a mod or share ideas?
    Everything is managed via the Issues on the official GitHub repository.
    Want to report a mod that already is compatible?
    You can do so in the thread of this mod here on Lovers Lab. Don't try to link to adult only downloads like LL on GitHub.
    Want to contribute?
    Sprite artists are always direly needed around here. Get in contact with me or @red3dred and we can see what we can arrange.
    If you want to contribute other types of assets, feel free to send me a message here or on GitHub.
    If you want to help improve/expand the code of Sexbound Reborn, request collaboration on GitHub.
    Official Mod Sources
    Due to the GPL Open-Source nature of the mod, people have been starting to distribute copies in other places. The following list is a complete list of all official, maintained sources where the mod can be found:

    > The official GitHub Repository
    > LoversLab (You're here)
    > Nexusmods (Mod ID 1015)
    Any other source where the mod might be found is inofficial, not affiliated with me, and will most likely not receive any form of maintenance or support. Use at your own risk.



  6. CritterBang!

    This mod allows you to have sex with many different creatures and monsters from many different universes. Currently the mod features 78 different creatures, with more to come in the future!
    Current list of creatures supported
    How to install:
    Download this mod and Sexbound API if you haven't already OPTIONAL: get Relayer to avoid any potential issues with layers OPTIONAL: get MorePoses and PoV Redux to see proper PoVs (use PoV Redux 4.0.1 instead of the latest version, unless you're running Sexbound Reborn) Put the .pak file into the mods folder in Starbound's directory  
    How to use:
    Craft CB!Station at Inventor's Table Use CB!Station to craft capsules with monsters Throw the capsules either on the ground, at other creatures in this mod, NPCs (requires Aphrodite's Bow) or Starbound monsters (requires Teratophilia)  
    Capsule protips:
    To retrieve the capsule - just hit the monster with any weapon Creatures can also participate in threesomes If you want to take control of the scene without becoming the third actor, just use the Blank CB!Capsule located in the OCs tab (however this will prevent switching top/bottom actors)  
    Currently supported PoVs:
    Ееvее Lamb Vароrеоn Quilаvа (original PoVs by Charizdad#6769) Raichu Pikасhu (actor1) Corpel Ziplock  
    Q: I can't see PoVs!
    A: Make sure your race supports PoVs and that you have PoV mods installed. Also make sure that the monster is on the PoV supported list right above.
    Q: Do you take requests/commissions to add new critters?
    A: I sometimes open a few commission slots for monster additions. As for requests - very unlikely, since I already have many other things I want or need to get to.
    Q: How do I get the creatures I see being posted on your Twitter?
    A: Most of them are just previews for upcoming monsters, but if you *really* wanna check em out before release (and hopefully leave some feedback) - try out beta versions on Patreon!
    Q: Will there be an Android version of this?
    A: There's a standalone mobile app version of this mod currently in the works. I don't know how long it's gonna take till it's done (and whether it's gonna be done).
    Q: Some of the sprites (especially big ones) seem misaligned.
    A: I'm positive it's the API's fault, so I'm not sure I can fix it, sorry!

    red3dred - for supplying the base for the mod and general help
    TemTemLover - for helping with implementing creature-on-creature animations and general help
    Sir Bumpleton - for making my life easier by rewriting the mod
    My patrons  - for financially supporting me and my hobby ❤️
    And all the people who have shown interest in the project 🤗
    Twitter: @LewdGuard
    Discord server: https://discord.gg/VanBPS3A9W
    I also sometimes take commissions for adding OCs and other monsters to this mod, so hit me up on Twitter or Discord if you're interested~



  7. EB's Terramons Rework From BlakeTheFlareon's Terramons (Includes Optional Defeat Support!)

    Includes Defeat Support! Terramons have been adopted and reborn! All Terramons from BlakeTheFlareon's Terramons have been revamped by a vigilante modder, a huge fan of their work.
    This mod aims to provide a version of Terramons that focuses on balanced monster stat bonuses, aligned sprite animations, proper monster sexes, monster moan sfx, natural world spawning and SxB Defeat support!
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    This mod requires Sexbound 4.0.0 or 5.0.0. Link is below.
    This mod is not compatible with the original Terramons/Terraphilia mod. When installing this mod, make sure to remove the BlakeTheFlareon's Terramons and BTF's Sexbound Terraphilia mods from your mod folder.
    This mod DOES NOT require the Defeat pak (EB Terramons Rework Defeat pak). It is optional if you want Defeat features.
    Teratophilia is recommended, though not required. It can be found in a link below.
    There is no need for an "EB's Sexbound Terraphilia Rework" mod like you would expect from BTF's Terramons/Terraphilia. This mod combines Terramons/Terraphilia all in one.
    For those with the original modpacks, Terramons are now properly assigned female genders. Terramons captured in the original version of the mod may have mixed genders and will result in a bug with summoning them. All you have to do is put the pet through a Healing Station to fix it.
    To install this mod, drag and drop the pak file into your Starbound mods folder.
    Defeat support requires Locuturus' SxB Defeat mod. It can be found in a link below.
    EB Terramons Rework Defeat works together with the EB Terramons Rework mod. They are both required if you want Defeat features.
    *** balance changes ***
    All Terramons are now equally viable in combat. They have been reassigned health and damage pools to mimic that of an adult poptop; the most powerful obtainable vanilla monster in the game. They all share the same base health of 180, and a base damage of 13, so everyone's favorite Terramons are now equally decent combat companions. In addition, Terramons have heightened awareness radiuses and decreased attack cooldowns, in addition to specialized resistances and elemental based status-inflicting attacks.
    Big Sis strikes no unique qualities, but she remains to be an all around reliable powerhouse.
    Coco Big Sis continues to find herself at home on Desert biomes, resistant to fire elements, yet she is vulnerable to the cold. Coco Big Sis now solely relies on her deep gashing claws; she no longer able to set enemies on fire.
    Pumpkin Big Sis has a heart of fire that burns and illuminates the world around her. Yet she has a fragile flammable exterior that will char in an instant. She holds little resistance to fire but can stay warm in the cold of winter. 
    Witch Big Sis continues to gleam with twisted arcane magic and is immune to the toxic elements. However, she attacks with lightning rather than poison, allowing her poison resistances to be more effective on toxic planets. Witch Big Sis is vulnerable to electric currents and lightening.
    Our Alpataur friends continue to thrive most in the frozen Tundra, and feel faint when trekking along scorching volcanic rivers of lava.
    Alpataur Huntresses are persistent warriors who find no weakness in any area. They find no vulnerability to fire nor resistence to ice, allowing them to be useful where their Alpataur sisters are not.
    Capritaurs are no longer resistant to fire. Capritaurs now utilize their tridents to harness the powers of lightning and are able to defend themselves against sources of electricity. But, they will find themselves vulnerable to toxic pollution.
    Mitzitaurs continue to glow with their nose so bright in the darkest of nights, all the while striking their foes down with holiday themed sugary sweets. Their attacks leave foes feeling weak and sick. Mitzitaurs are pure of heart and are vulnerable to toxic elements.
    *** monster id ***
    bigsis (naturally spawns in woodland themed biomes)
    bigsiscoco (naturally spawns in sandy themed biomes)
    bigsispumpkin (naturally spawns in woodland themed biomes)
    bigsiswitch  (naturally spawns in woodland themed biomes)
    alpataur (naturally spawns in snow and ice themed biomes)
    alpataurhuntress (naturally spawns in snow and ice themed biomes)
    capritaur (naturally spawns in ocean biomes)
    mitzitaur (naturally spawns in snow and ice themed biomes)
    (do mind the spelling of the alpataur variants, previously capritaur was caprituar, and mitzitaur was mitzituar)
    *** KNOWN ISSUES ***
    Older worlds that had spawned in previous versions of Mitzitaur and Capritaur will attempt to spawn in those previous versions. Because they no longer exist, it will result in errors. Fortunately, spawnrates are bugged in previous version so they are unlikely to occur.
    If one does encounter a world crash, they would need to remove the planet which caused the crash from Starbound's Storage files and can then freely explore it again. 




    Required Files: 
    Recommended Files: 
    (Just Sexbound-Teratophilia, the other is optional if you want Defeat features)
    Required Files for Defeat support:
    (Credit to the Original Creator, give them a like to show them some love)
    (Do not use this mod if you plan on using the Rework)
    ^ Plz do visit the Original Creator, give them a like to show them some love ^



  8. Titillating Tentacle Porn Pack (TTPP)

    This mod provides tentacle porn and tentacle porn accessories.
    Currently this mod has:
    -500+ dungeon files
    -more than 50 unique tentacle porn decoration animations (available in three different body colors)
    -tentacle porn doors, switches, furniture, clothes and more
    -everything from blocks to background objects to build your very own custom tentacle lair
    -and even more tentacles!
    1. Copy the TTPP file into your starbound mod folder
    2. Use an Inventor's Table and craft a "Tentacle Prime"
    3. Place "Tentacle Prime" onto any background
    4. Use "Tentacle Prime" as a shop and buy all the tentacle porn objects you ever need.
    -common objects with white border are not animated
    -uncommon objects with green border have moderate animations
    -rare objects with blue border have advanced animations
    -use the crystals on the top left of the shop to sort by rarity
    LMS has joined the crew!
    Credit to @Cocein for their many Addon content contributions and fantastic script knowledge we included in the mod
    Mod Changelog History:



  9. Sexbound Brothel

    This is a very simple mod I made for myself. You can craft the brothel crafting station from the inventors table which allows you to exchange sexbux for pixels.
    You can also craft beds that use the same script as the gnome in a jar. These beds when placed will appear with an npc. The npc goes away when the bed is broken, just like how GIAJ works. You can reroll the npcs by breaking and replacing the bed. Unfortunately the npcs that come with the beds are always human since they are meant to be gnomes.
    There is an issue with the z layer of the of the actors displaying as if they were meant to be in the backround. I tried fiddling around with the z layers but I wasn't able to produce good results. I recommend not keeping other objects above the bed where the actors are meant to be in.
    Sexbound or Sexbound Reborn is required



  10. Saturnians/Thaumoths Race Support

    Patches in support for the moths (both of them) in the Saturnians for Sexbound.
    Sexbound, and Saturnians (Duh)
    The downloaded folder contains two mods, "saturnians_SBaddon", and "saturn2(thaumoth)_SBaddon". Both species are completely identical. Why are there even two?
    Install either or both. I separated them so people could mix and match with the "Cute yet Buggier" mods.
    Thanks to red3dred for their super helpful templates and tutorials!
    Do not upload any of my NSFW mods to the Steam Workshop. I will not give permission to do this.



  11. Sexbound - Arcana Support

    Adds support for three of the races from the Arcana Mod for Sexbound.
    Even the wings that the Gilten can wear are supported. 
    Please feel free to leave any feedback that you have. 



  12. Sexbound - Halfsea Race Support

    Adds support for the Halfsea Race from the Kitsune Race Mod for Sexbound.
    Now includes the option to remove Halfsea Underwear.

    This is my first mod, so let me know if there is anything that needs fixing or adjusting.



  13. Sexbound - Mechit Race Support

    Adds basic support for the Mechit race to Sexbound. Currently, they use the Glitch soundbank for moans. No NPC data exists. Both 'genders' have dicks.
    Permission + proof of user:



  14. [mod] Shin's Races Makeover

    I present to you my Starbound mod :
    Shin's Races Makeover
    by Shinlalala
    Shortly what this mod does is rework every playable vanilla races appearance.
    I also applied the changes to all SexBound's animations.
    - About it :
    I wasn't satisfied with the many other mods that changed the looks of the vanilla races. So I decided to make my own full races makeover from scratch. It is not an attempt at making it more lore friendly or anything, it's just based on personal preferences.

    I don't intend to make a SFW version of this mod because it would go against the original intention. But you are free to modify it however you want as long as you credit me as the original creator (Either jakesnake128 or Shinlalala are both my usernames online).
    This is my first time making a mod for Starbound, don't hesitate to give me feedback, especially if you encounter any bugs or incompatibility. Also sorry if my English is not perfect, it's not my mother tongue.
    - How to install :
    Just drop the .pak file into "\Starbound\mods" for the full mod.
    You can also use the "unpak" version if you ever want to modify it or remove some of it to make it more compatible with other mods.
    For exemple : to remove the changes to the humans, remove those folders : "Shin Races Makeover\artwork\humanoid\actor1\human" ; "Shin Races Makeover\artwork\humanoid\actor2\human" ; "Shin Races Makeover\humanoid\human".
    - Recommended mods :
    There's no requirement to make this mod work, but I recommend a few mods to make it better.
     SexBound Reborn - Not required, but recommended as it was made initially to work with it.  Argle Bargle's Alt Heads & Hair (Floran) - I initially wanted to redo the faces and hair of the Floran, but Argle Bargle already did an amazing job with his mod. I use it in my screenshots.  aiigca's Avian Emotes - Avian are really inexpressive, this mod corrects this.  
    - Detailed modifications :
    Here's a list of what I did precisely with this mod.



  15. Lewd Fluid Scan Descriptions

    A tiny mod that adds some scan dialogue for the racial cum liquids (and also piss) introduced in Lewdbound. Lewdbound is required for this mod to do anything!
    Does not change the scan dialogue for the generic Semen and Ejaculate fluids introduced by Sexbound.
    Does not include race-specific scans for each liquid, as Starbound doesn't actually support raceDescriptions for liquids.
    Does not alter the properties of the modified fluids in any other way.
    Installation: Dump Lewd Fluid Descriptions.pak into your mods folder. It just works.



  16. Saucy Tech Stations

    Replaces the tech station interface textures with versions with wider hips for females, broader shoulders for males, and of course, correct anatomy.

    The base textures are based on a depreciated mod called "Improved tech station interface" by The Zeesheer on steam, and I've added the adult bits on top. As well as making new sprites for the Slime race, the Draconis, and the Avali.

    All the sprites support any tech UI highlight fix too. (in vanilla the body, head, or legs do not glow when selected. They are supposed to)

    If you'd like a mod species to be added to this then just let me know, I'll see what I can do!



  17. SxB Hylotl POV Addon

    This mod adds custom SxB POV animations for the vanilla Hylotl race. These artworks were made using the currently existing human POV artworks as a base template, which were then heavily edited by myself. 



  18. GROTU - Get rid of that underwear (Starbound nudity, bounce physics and more)

    Get rid of that Uncomfortable underwear and get yourself some space for your bouncy assets (including tails!)!
    Supports every vanilla race and yes it is a nude mod with bounciness and yes it is compatible with FU(Frackin' Universe) of course incase you will ask for some damned reason.
    "Those are just pixels so calm down you flaggy bois"
    grotu is a nsfw/nude/lewd 'whatever the f*ck you wanna call it' mod also alters the terramart and other shops' looks in a lewder way, will most likely overwrite most mods cause lewd purposes.
    It's tedious having to update the description in 3 different websites so just go to the steam page for a list of races and links, and even a collection of all the compatible races. (You can also find alternative patches linked there aswell)
    Other places: 
    Discord server



  19. SxB Race - Bunkin

    Made cause I was bored it works. I might not do others or may do other races that were approved upon.

    1.0.0 release 
    -added the whole mf mod for shits



  20. Fuchsia the Floran Slut Returns

    I've been hard at work to revive legacy mods.... well, not really. Lazily poking at code until things seemingly worked. But at least i got this done...

    Fuchsia the floran slut returns, now up to date, with 6 positions, and full dialogue! And also a futa version, for those interested!

    Many thanks to Locuturus, ChesterPiece, Alastor Void Watcher, and Dibz666 (Original creator of Fuchsia!), all you helped a lot! If not for Locuturus, we wouldn't have Sexbound in the first place, and ChesterPiece for the glorious animations, along with Alastor for supporting more species and keeping things clean! And of course, many thanks to Dibz, for making more content for Sexbound, so early in its development!
    This version of Fuchsia is basically, the same in function as the Legacy one, except for the Custom UI. And also, visual pregnancy support.

    Quick word, though; Pregnancies are supported, but are only visual and temporary. Fuchsia won't keep her pregnancies, and you won't stay pregnant (for long)-- As of 2.7, pregnancies for furniture NPC's was a bit fixed, but since they're not a real species, the pregnancy will end and nothing will happen, for the player at least, so you still can get pregnant, but it won't do anything.
    How do install!?!?
    Well, its as simple as downloading it and dropping it in the Mods Folder. Its a Pak file.
    How do get!?!?
    Assuming you have Alluring Toys Co installed, as part of the requirements, just interact with the machine and purchase your favored version of Fuchsia. Place it down, and interact. Object is 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks tall.

    If you have a issue, please report it as best as you can, and include your "starbound.log" file found within <your installation directory>/storage, in whichever way you prefer; Pastebin, annex it to the post, but for the love of all that is holy, don't paste over 500 lines of logs into the post.
    But can we do better?
    I'm open to criticism and suggestions, feel free to suggest and comment new content, improvements, nitpicks, and even submit your ideas to turns into new mods!



  21. Teratophilia

    With the introduction of monster supports into Sexbound, it was odd that only a couple supports for a few known or common monsters existed-- or for that one custom monster people really don't stop bullying on the workshop... Well, here it is, Teratophilia! The vanilla monster support compilation!
    Update v0.4.6: The Safari Update is now here, many thanks to @Hexagun!

    I am totally gonna have to thank them every update, dude's absolutely beasting and making all the supports i swear
    Also, sadly, this banner is no longer animated. as those files get pretty big...
    Installation: To install the mod, simply download the desired ".pak" and drop them in your Starbound's mods folder. That easy!
    To find that folder, either open it's installation folder (Steam users) or go to where it is installed, and you'll see a folder named "mods".
    Drop the mods/files inside of that folder, and done.
    Do not unpack/unzip/edit in notepad the .PAK files.
    There are several files available for download, should you be confused with what they do, they are:
    Teratophilia TeratoDefeat To any and all users, feel free to offer criticism, suggestions, and questions about the mods.

    And very much thank you to all users who appreciate the project, and submit contributions, fan-art, and heck, even code if they feel like it! If anyone feels like they can improve upon what me or anyone does, they can feel free to submit it, and i won't complain. Such users have already done so;
    > CommanderAli and their rare monster contributions!
    > Eiko Biko for and their monster animation contributions!
    > Sex maniac / The No More Hero and their monster animation contributions!
    > Kibukibuki for their monster animation contributions!
    > NegaTheImpmon9508 and their monster animation contributions!
    > Ralfa and their many monster animation contributions!
    > Puddles and their monster animation contributions!
    > LewdGuard / HighGuard (Their Patreon!) and their monster animation contributions!
    > Hexagun for their monster animation contributions and more!
    > It could be you too! (This is sounding too much like a advertisement so i'll just stop and be more self aware)

    With the above said, we've launched a little modding-focused Discord for Starbound adult mods, and i'd hope users who plan to contribute to the project pay it a visit!

    Other Mods I definitely recommend:
    To-Do list!
    <This new section showcases what i'm planning to do in the future, to provide users with what to expect, and what is being worked on to improve the supports.>



  22. SxB Draconis Full dragon (Addon Pov)

    (AddonPov) Draconis Full Dragon This mod adds pov support for race draconis pov full dragon. This mod is in development. I'll be updating it from time to time.. 



  23. Cum for Breakfast: Legendary Edition

    After several months the acclaimed mod Cum for Breakfast is finally back !!
    Now with more stuff to do with it !!

    New Legendary Edition features!!

    All DLCs release to this point are included, even the soup balloons and the pre-order bonus of and many more!!
    This mods adds extra "hats" and allows players to cumsume "soup" from various methods including but not limited to: Standing in a pool of "soup", cooking some candies, force feeding your friends by throwing them inside balloons, and so on !!. It's a great meal replacer, because it restores hunger, I mean duh it's "soup" !!

    The hats can be obtained by collecting "used soup packets" inside trash containers when NPCs are done using em.
    The food can be made from the cooking stations and not the firecamps.
    The balloons can be made with your bare hands assuming you have "soup" on you already, because that's how you learn the recipes.

    Cum for Breakfast is part of the:
    "modding-focused Discord for Starbound adult mods"
    Come over and say howdy if you'd like !!

    New Item !!
    The Souptapult !! It works similarly to the Aphrodite's Bow
    I'll add a crafting recipe and race variants on demand only, it's such a drag to do so I'm not doing it unless someone wants it
    There's a recipe now, it uses Sexbux which can be obtained passively by having intercourse or looting from containers

    Consume the Cum Chalice unless you're a coward, it's a new recipe under "Drinks" in the food crafting station, no not the campfire.

    I've included FOUR versions
    The No leak version only adds the content into the game
    The Regular version adds all the content AND it also patches the sexbound climax files to allow "soup" to be spawned after climaxing.

    There's now also the Russian Translated Versions, no you don't need the non-Russian and the Russian version, they're standalones.

    One important little thing called how to install
    You have to grab the zip file and extract the folder (7zip is recommended for this step)
    inside to then slap it into your mods folder.
    That's it, literally it, if you don't know where those things are located or how to unzip a file.. make sure to check the bathroom..

    One final thing called how do I even get "soup" in the first place
    You see, when using the Regular version, "soup" engulf the area by turning itself into a liquid, only appear in an enclosed area and once an Actor (one of the segs participant) reaches a certain amount of white bar (you need to press it to manually cook some "soup", by Sexbound default configs NPC/Monsters will do it automatically), meaning it needs a background wall as well as blocks around the area otherwise it'll be drained in the abyss, liquids can then be gathered using the Matter Manipulator, an important tool for every player, however by default you cannot gather liquids, you first need to upgrade the Matter Manipulator with Upgrade Modules found randomly in containers (chest, crates, etc) or alternatively (if using the No Leak version or not) by using different Sexbound related mods to buy, extract, etc the liquid as an item form.
    It's bothers me greatly that I HAVE to explain beginner features of the game but as it turns out it's not obvious enough for people who only play for the horny.

    [ Russian Translation ]
    <---[ mahorych00 ]--->




  24. [SxB] Vanilla Races Animation Retexture as Anime Style

    It is not replacing character's whole sprites. It only replaces sex animation sprites in SxB Mod.
    It makes Five (Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human) vanilla races' sprite style as Barb-tan's Make the universe a cuter place Mod.
    I didn't make some races' arms, because there wasn't much difference between those two Mods.
    Also, it only includes female character sprite.


    Locuturus's Lastest Sexbound Mod
    I made and tested this mod on old SxB, so I'm not sure if it'll run on SxB Reborn. But this mod is just a bunch of image files, so it probably works fine on SxB Reborn too.

    Just Unzip it and copy-paste on right directory: sexbound/artwork/humanoid


    Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions. 
    However, please note that I may not be able to check your message immediately.
    Also, If you want to make a male version, use this mod as you want.

    This text is written in a translator, so the sentences may be grammatically incorrect or not smooth.



  25. [mod] Sexbound "Sheep-looking Rats" Race Support

    This mod adds support for the Sexbound mod to the Kìrhos race, our beloved sheepy looking rat people!
    The original creator of the Kìrhos race mod has been contacted and has approved this patch, but the creators of FU that have later merged this species into their project - and continued supporting it after its original discontinuation - disagree with the creation of sexbound patches for the races included in their modpack. So if you want to respect their stance and play the amazing FU modpack as intended, you might not wanna download this patch.
    That being said, this patch uses 100% original material (made by me) that is based on a race included in Fracking Universe, which is under a creative common license.
    Files versions & Installation (YOU NEED ONLY ONE OUT OF THESE TWO):
    Packed ".pak" version: Smaller and faster version.
    INSTALLATION: Place the file into the starbound mod folder Unpacked ".zip" version: Useful if you want to edit parts of the patch (mostly artwork)
    INSTALLATION: Unzip the content into the starbound mod folder  
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Loxodon = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    If you find anything broken, let me know in the topic comments!
    Changelog :
    1.0 - First Release
    (the creation of this patch was approved by the original race creator)
    Yako (Original race author)
    The FU team (Later support and modifications, and inclusion into their great modpack)
    Edits and redistribution:
    For anyone that wants to edit and redistribute this mod, please contact me before doing so.
    If you want to include this into a modpack, you can freely do so by crediting me.



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