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Framework & Resources

Frameworks and resources of various types related to SexLab SE

23 files

  1. ZAZ Animation Packs for SE

    This has been ported privatly for a long time now. T.ara allowed me to load the ZAZ Packs up officially, so here we go.
    This will also be a base for all people that already ported the packs, where they can share their expieriences and problems to make ZAZ even better than it has been before in Oldrim. 
    With tears in my eyes I'm thinking back at the time when Ashal released SL 1.63Beta1, and a lot of people shared their stuff, helped each other and tested the hell out of things what finally leaded to a release of a working version of Creature Framework. And that all without participation of the original authors.
    I really wish we can do this again.

    About ZAZ 7 :
    I tryed to keep this as close to the original as possible and added just edits that seemed neccesarry to me.
    Skyrim SE edits, that I have made so far:
    1. Added the fix for the doggy animation.
    Thanks to Cedec0 at this point.
    2. Removed/edited textures that were not SE compatible. (I have checked if they were in use someway and haven't found them so far, but you never know.)
    Reports on that are welcome.
    Thanks to Osnious for SSE Nifoptimizer at this point
    With out this a lot of stuff would not have been possible.
    3. Brought the .esm into a SE compatible shape.
    Thanks to the Wyre Bash Team at this point

    4. Checked and corrected errors in Tesedit.
    There is a copy of the original .esm in the 'Docs' folder.. I keeped it as emergency back up. I have not cleaned the new .ESM with SEEedit, but i have checked it for errors and so far there are none.
    Thanks to ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team at this point
    To cut it short:
    Thanks to all people that have been involved in creating this pack (especially the original authors), the tools for converting mods to SE and all the people who helped me with getting this going. I hope noone gets dissapointed because he/she/it gets not mentioned by name. for now the list would be too long.
    The main point in starting with Version 7 is, that it is needed as dependency for a lot of other mods and I see not much progress on further official SE releases as long as this one is not officially. I called the file Beta, because I don't know into which issues I might run into in the future.
    The packs of ZAP 8 can be found here:
    ZAZ 8.0 CBBE Rev2 : https://mega.nz/#!rJghkKBZ!Orm3SQ4_W7Icpbnjs--FzvX2cJQlZg82WlywEct_Jfw
    ZAZ 8.0 UNP Rev2  : https://mega.nz/#!7B5RFTIS!M5PL4MZvVPSTM6UfoVkXbJcBzN0GQxH52IszrKvylaM
    The packs of ZAP 8+ can be found here:
    ZAZ 8.0+ CBBE HDT Rev3 : https://mega.nz/#!WEgGDaCa!wAho2Rphy47Lcd55DEmV50GgN07CMnTjhQ_r9s6dq-I
    ZAZ 8.0+ UUNP HDT Rev3 : https://mega.nz/#!7ZQjmABY!5slFVs_5YB7DphHCrd2m1nzDTiIwpFoLyRKq6WUt6ek
    Thanks to:
     @tasairis for the Patch for the Doggy anim is now also included in the 8+ version. Send her some Flowers!
     @Yinklefor fixing some of the furniture markers
     @CliftonJD for pointing me into the right direction with the errors in the .esm's
    If someone has fitting slidersets for CBBE SE, please share.
    Todo list:
    Bodyslide reports an error on a missing file. This error can be ignored, but i have not managed to erase that error.



  2. Furniture Sex Framework

    This is a framework for starting Sexlab animations that align with in-game furniture.
    This works by using invisible markers that are hand-placed in the exact spot your character needs to be standing for the sex animation to line up with the furniture.

    The supported kinds of furniture are:
    Walls Tables Beds/Double Beds Chairs, Benches and Thrones Alchemy Tables Enchanting Tables Counters  
    These are the furniture types included in Billyy's SLAL pack. If more furniture animations are made in the future, then this mod can be updated to support more furniture types.
    SexLab (1.63 for SE, 1.62 for LE)
    Supported SLAL Packs (Original pack required)
    Milky  (This is the LE pack. The SE pack is outdated so you need to convert this to SE yourself)
    How to Use
    Download and install the main mod and the SLAL patches for the SLAL packs you use. Register only the InvisFurn versions of the furniture animations, these versions of the animations are listed under "InvisFurn Billyy", "InvisFurn Leito", etc Open the Furniture Sex MCM and select "Update Furniture Types" to set up the furniture data. This needs to be redone when you update the mod or change SL animations.  
    Test Spells
    Your character will have 2 new spells, Furniture Marker Highlight and Furniture Marker Sex.
    The highlight spell will mark the 4 nearest furniture markers with quest arrows. You can only have sex at one of these markers.
    Stand next to one of these markers and cast the sex spell at an NPC and a sexlab scene will start on the nearest marker.
    The spells are made for example/testing purposes. This is intended to be a framework used by other mods, so playable features are minimal.
    SexLab Override
    In the MCM you can set the chance for normal sex scenes to be replaced with furniture scenes.
    Sex scenes will only become furniture scenes if there's furniture nearby and you have animations that fit the scene.
    Aggressive scenes won't be overridden yet because nobody has made aggressive furniture animations.
    Furniture that is added or moved in plugins can't be detected or be misaligned. You'll need to make a compatibility patch for this using the CK. The Sexlab filter/override features might conflict with other mods that also change Sexlab animations before they start (eg. devious devices)  
    Make sure you Rebuild SexLab Animation Registry and Update Furniture Types in the MCM after you update this mod!



  3. More Nasty Critters Special Edition

    Latest Version of MNC and Hetai Creatures for SE. Now with sorted Scrip folders and resaved ESP's
    Last Change: Upload Version 12
    See MadMansGun site for changes.
    Notes: By now I can't reproduce the crashes on the horses anymore. The Bear is fixed, As a temporary fix for the lurker, replace the Skeleton with that one of the Giant or install Animated Beast Cocks. Don't let XPMSSE overwrite the skeletons.
    To make MNC run with the OLD CF it is better to install CF without MNC present in your loadorder. You can test if it is working with Hentai Creatures: Spawn a Husky, target it and mark it with 'N' and check if it shows up in the CF MCM puppeteer. If it works, install MNC and keep it from overwriting the old CF. 



  4. Anubs Animations for SE

    These are the actual animations from Anub' animation dump converted for Skyrim SE with permisson of AnubiSs2167
    Like all my other uploads here 'innofficially' for those who can't, who are too scared or too lazy.
    Thanks and Flowers go to AnubiSs2167
    Please support Him via PATREON, if you like him to continue my work.
    Note: I have not touched the ESP's to keep this an 'inofficial' version. If you want the correct header, don't complain, do it yourself.



  5. SOS - Futanari CBBE SSE - Small Version Preset

    A preset for a smaller SoS Futanari CBBE
    This is a BodySlide preset for SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE
    Personally, I like it petite, ass, breasts and Futanari schlongs. The original Futanari schlong, while excellent, was already to large and not delicate enough for my taste.
    I am sharing here my preset for BodySlide. You see the settings in the picture. I use the same schlong settings for either end of the weight scale. There are a couple of negative values - you need to type them in manually, as the sliders won´t allow it.
    You can also download the preset xml, remember though, it contains some other slider settings too, which you obviously need to adjust or override with your other personal BodySlide settings.
    I hope someone enjoys.



  6. SOS - No Futanari Schlong - Addon

    This is an empty (non-existent) futanari schlong addon for Schlongs of Skyrim.
    You may ask yourself what you would need this for ... girls don´t have schlongs anyway, right?
    Well, the futanari fans will know the problem:
    Once you add futanari schlongs (schlong addons for females), they will automatically be selected for all female NPCs.
    Yes, you can restrict the races. And you can set the probability for a particular schlong type. However, the probability chance will select between the schlongs which are available. So if you install two female schlongs, the chances will be distributed between these two. And if you install only one for females, then there is only one to select from, hence all females will get it, no matter what percentage you define. There is no possibility in SoS to define a "chance of none".
    This addon changes that by simply adding a futanari schlong which has no mesh and no textures. It´s simply not there, and you will see the vanilla female. You can now distribute the chances of the futanari schlongs you have installed and this new one, and get a mixture of futanari- and non-futanari-females exactly to your liking. And of course, you can remove a futanari schlong from any NPC manually by giving them this one.
    After installing this schlong, SoS will identify it and add it to your list of available schlongs.
    Don´t forget to then set the distribution percentages in SoS.
    However, it will not have effect on any of the NPCs you have already met - as those are already set.
    If you want to redistribute all female schlongs, you will have to click on "remove schlong" for each of the female schlong types. This will remove all of them and give them new ones according to your new percentage chances.
    PS: No idea if this also works for LE, you´ll have to test it.
    PPS: It was pointed to out to me that one empty schlong just like this, already exited!
    So please, if you want to support the one who was first, please check out this one and support the author:



  7. Decaying Draugr - More Nasty Critters add-on

    This is based on the excellent "Draugr - True Decay" for SE by Adonexus34, used and uploaded here with explicit permission.
    If you like the look, please head over to Nexus give Adonexus34 a thumbs up. 👍
    While the orginal mod targets not only the Draugr textures but also their meshes to change and remove some of their clothes, this mod uses only the decaying skin textures so it doesn´t mess with the More Nasty Critters meshes.
    More Nasty Critters makes Draugr naked anyway, revealing their groin as well as adding schlongs. Therefore this mod also contains a replacer for the MNC Draugr schlong to match this new texture. If you don´t use MNC, I would suggest installing the original mod for all the beauty.
    Install: Just add this mod in the load order after MNC, and done.
    PS: Since this is just a texture replacer, no esp, no scripts,  it may also work with LE, but that´s a theory only.



  8. Devious Devices - Beast Race Refits (+orcs) SE

    SE mirror of the main mod page. View the LE page for more information.
    Both pages contain the same download, so it doesn't matter where you download it from. The archive contains versions for both Regular and Special Edition.
    Devious Devices SE
    Bodyslide (Some collars need to be built, they will be invisible if you don't)
    And their own requirements.



  9. Devious Devices SE BETA

    Devious Devices SE V4.1

    By The DD Team:
    - Kimy (Lead Maintainer)
    - Min (Founder)
    - Feuertin
    - El Duderino

    Past Contributors: Zadil, Coopervane, Koffii, Aelie, zenetx, Srende, Lordescobar666, xaz, Cedec0, MaikCG, Heretical, Pincopallino, Princessity
    DD SE is currently in beta state. There are several known issues, most of them related to NiOverride not currently working properly. As with all beta software, stuff might nor might not break left and right. Please report other issues in this thread, so we can have a look at them!
    This release is based on a conversion done by Pfiffy, whom I wish to thank for letting me have the files and saving me a lot of work in the process. Thanks also go to Javi for adapting the SKSE plugin, Tasairis for converting the scripts and SFll for their work on the textures!


    Forbidden knowledge is usually forbidden for a reason...but that wouldn't stop a brave, and might I add, beautiful, adventurer like yourself, would it? What is it that you seek, then? Daedra summoning rituals, maybe? Dark magic to siphon the very souls from your enemies? Lost Dwemer artifacts, one of those gargantuan machines of theirs, perhaps? The most secret of histories from Tamriel's past? Sheogorath's favorite sweet roll recipe?

    No? None of that, you say? You want something even more...devious than all of that, do you? Aren't we the adventurous sort? Your sheer bravery must match your most lovely countenance, then. Well, my girl, allow me to share with you a rumor that I heard about a week ago down in Riften at the tavern. There was a young mage apprentice there, looking for some moldy old tome or another, as mages are so fond of doing, who happened to enjoy her wine a bit too much. Thank you for the drink by the way; you're looking better by the minute, my dear.

    She was quite the trollop as I was told, going from one patron to the next, man, woman, even lizard if you can believe that. Well, she wasn't shy with her body, nor was she shy with her secrets. She let slip a juicy bit of information about her college back in Winterhold, about the library there. See, there's a bookshelf there that nobody is allowed to open, a shelf filled with the most devious of knowledge one could imagine. The old Orc librarian nearly threw her out of the school for trying to peek inside, she said! Why, what devious knowledge could be found inside there, I wonder? It must be something if they threatened expulsion for just trying to look inside.

    Oh, no my dear, no more drink for me, I'm afraid. I must be off, lots of old, filthy dwemer ruins to delve and all that. Hmm? No, no, I'm not going alone, of course not, that would just be silly. My traveling partner is tied up around here somewhere. You would make quite the lovely specimen, though, er, companion, yes, companion! Why don't you be a good girl and head on up to the College in Winterhold, then, and take a look at that forbidden bookshelf for yourself, hmm? I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there...and just forget all about me while you enjoy that last drink. I'm sure we'll meet again, my sweet, and then perhaps you'll be...better equipped for what I have in mind.


    Devious Devices is a collection of restraining devices and toys to torment your Dragonborn, including, but not limited to: chastity belts, collars, cuffs, vibrators, gags, armbinders, yokes, slave harnesses, straitjackets and even hobble skirts! And don't worry about wiggling out of them: All devices lock in place, and only the correct key can open the locks! And these devices don't just look restrictive, they ARE! These shackles really lock your hands on your back and make you unable to fight. Running in leg irons? No way! And yes, wearing a gag will make you speak gibberish!
    Escape system: Nobody likes to be tied up. At least not against their will! Try to escape your bindings by attempting to struggle out from them, cut them, or pick the locks! You might succeed! Or you will just tighten your restraints, or break your lockpicks. If you are really unlucky, you will jam the lock and be unable to unlock yourself even if you have the key, unless you manage to repair the lock. Framework: Want to create your own bondage mod? Kinky quests? Custom restraints? DD is providing all needed functionality for that, so you don't have to! Want to create custom bondage items? Just make your item use the DD scripts and customize dozens of properties to your taste and create your own toys without writing one line of code! Items with custom keys? No problem! Multiple locks? For sure! Timed locks? You bet! Cuttable material? Yep, got that, too! Impossible to struggle out from? Check! Items that cannot be removed as long as another is locked on? Yes, even that! And if all of that isn't enough, override the item behavior with a custom script. If you think it can't be done, think again! Devious Effects: Unique and devious effects to tantalize, titillate, and torment the Dragonborn and her companions! Whether it's inflatable, vibrating, or simply impossible to remove, you'll find something different with each item! All plugs increase stimulation, and do so at different rates based on what you do; sitting down or riding a horse is much more intense than just walking around! The inflatable plugs can be squeezed manually for more stimulation, or by accident as you travel around Skyrim! Want something more intense? Try the vibrating soulgem plugs! Some are activated by magic, others will have a mind of their own and activate randomly or after building up for a good strong burst of vibrations. But watch out, there are some plugs out there that are much more devious: the victim will be driven to the edge by these relentless plugs, but never allowed sweet release... Full NPC Support: All devious devices are capable of being worn by NPCs, and most devious effects will function on them as well! Show your companion who's in charge, or teach that annoying bitch in the shop a lesson! Intuitive Interfaces: No need to use spells, shouts, or other quirky methods to enjoy these devices! Just click them in your inventory and choose what you want to do with them via the easy to use interaction menu! Sexlab Support: While in a chastity belt, the Dragonborn's (or any NPC's) most intimate of intimates will be off limits! The actors will be unable to use any sex scenes involving the "Vaginal", "Anal", "Masturbation", or "Fisting" tags. In most cases, the scene will be replaced by a chastity-friendly scene, including Oral, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Boobjobs, and whatever else may be available. While wearing gags, the Oral animations will be off limits as well, unless it happens to be a ring gag. Sexlab Aroused Support: Being locked away in cold steel may not seem so bad at first, but the longer the Dragonborn is locked away, the more she'll crave that sweet release! Animations, on-screen messages, and even sounds will change depending upon arousal level; same with NPCs!

    General remark: The point of this mod is locking the player in restraints hard to remove. This feature might cause issues with other mods not expecting the character to wear unremovable items. Known issues will be listed in this section. Feel free to report incompatibilities in the support thread.
    Frostfall: While wearing restraints the player might be unable to keep herself warm. Player Succubus Quest: Transformation will wipe restraints from your character, so this function is generally incompatible with DD. Disable Transformation if you want to use this mod with and DD mod. Trapped in Rubber: is using custom restraints not compatible with DD in general. Solution: Make sure you're not wearing any DD items before you start the quest and suspend any mod that might equip DD items on you while playing TiR. SPERG: Works fine, but set Hand to Hand combat to "Manual" in its MCM to avoid annoying clicking sounds when wearing wrist restraints. Play Random Idle - can break custom idles used by our restraints.
    SKSE64 SexLab SE 1.63+ SexLab Aroused Redux SE FNIS SE Racemenu XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

    1. Install ALL requirements listed above using your favorite mod manager, including THEIR respective requirements.
    2. Install ALL three mods from this download.
    3. Run FNIS when done
    4. Run Bodyslide to batch build the assets. Half of all user support requests root in them not running Bodyslide and batch building the devices. RUN BODYSLIDE!!!!
    5. Start up Skyrim, and either create a New Game, or load your Save.
    6. Save the game, and then load the save you just created (DD will not register Animations / Events until you load a save after it has been installed).

    The 'equipped' indicator for the belt may not update immediately following player interaction. This can be solved easily by closing and reopening the inventory or selecting another item (It is simply a display quirk). Attempting to interact with a specific device while having multiple instances of it in your inventory is ill-advised, due to a limitation with Skyrim. Doing so will unpredictably cause Skyrim to not send the Papyrus events that the devices require to function (OnUnequipped / OnEquipped), leading to a device visually being equipped, despite being unequipped in your inventory. If you encounter this issue, remove all but one copy of the problem-device from your inventory, then re-equip said device.

    Q: How to best report any issues with Devious Devices?
    A: Post your issue in the support thread and describe what happened, and how. In enough detail that we might have a chance to understand what went wrong there. Oh, and post a Papyrus log if you can. While we might be able to guess the cause of your problem every now and then, chances are that we will never find out what went wrong unless you provide me with the log. DO NOT PM THE DD TEAM WITH SUPPORT REQUESTS!!!

    Q: I have this and that problem with an older version of Devious Devices.
    A: Please don't ask about older versions. Ever. We release patches for a reason. Use them! Some of them even might have fixed the exact bug you're reporting to occur in your ancient version of this mod. Only the newest version is supported at any time. Don't post any questions in the support thread unless you're running the -newest- version of this mod AND all of its requirements.

    Q: I have a support question and wonder if I should PM it to you.
    A: Please, PLEASE do NOT use PMs for support issues and bug reports. We might/will ignore them and delete them without responding to them! Support requests belong in the support thread and nowhere else, so other people having the same issue can see the reply as well, or even help each other, so I don't have to answer ALL questions people might have.

    Q: Can I suggest new features?
    A: Absolutely! We have implemented a lot of user-suggested features and will continue doing so. But please understand that we cannot implement them all and that some others we really just won't like enough.

    Q: Will this mod ever support male player characters?
    A: Not officially. There are conversions for male characters available on LoversLab. YMMV.

    Q: Why are the bundled items changing my body when equipped? Why are some items invisible? Why is everything so messed up???
    A: Use Bodyslide, Luke! It's listed in the requirements for a reason. You need to actually build the assets with Bodyslide!

    Q: Is this mod compatible with <obscure mod you found in a remote corner of the internet and nobody else but you ever seems to use>?
    A: Ummm...I dunno.. You tell me! We list all known incompatibilities in this ReadMe, but there are really a lot of mods out there, and we can't possibly test them all.

    Q: Why don't you add <items from this and that other restraint mod available on LL> to DD's item library?
    A: If the other mod has been out on LL for more than a couple months and we haven't added the items, chances are that we don't like them enough and/or their creators didn't give permission.

    Q: Can I translate your mod?
    A: Yes. But please re-post only the files needed for the actual translation, as a patch with a link to the offical mod! Do NOT re-distribute the entire mod. If you want to post the translated files outsides of LL, please ask for permission first.

    Q: I found this awesome model that would be a perfect fit for a DD item. Will you include it?
    A: We will not put in anything in DD that doesn't support both CBBE Bodyslide and UUNP. The model AND the sliders obviously also need to come with permissions to freely include and distribute it in 3rd party mods. If it does, feel free to suggest it!

    Q: Where can I get the items in game?
    A: DD itself won't equip anything on you. It is a library of bondage items and mechanics related to them. You will need mods actually using the framework, such as Captured Dreams, Shout Like a Virgin, or Deviously Cursed Loot.

    Q: Will this mod ever support another body than CBBE Bodyslide or UUNP?
    A: That's very extremely unlikely. Unless another body completely takes over the market in the future, we will not even think about it. CBBE and UUNP are good enough and support pretty much any imaginable body shape through Bodyslide. There is zero reason for more body mods, really.

    Q: I unequipped an item, but it's still visually on my character!
    A: See the "Known Issues" section.




    Anyone that wishes to use this mod as a dependency for their own work is quite welcome to. Proper credit is appreciated.
    You can NOT bundle/re-distribute any parts of this mod with your own (e.g. include patched versions of DD's files in your mod) as future updates to DD might break your and other mods if you do You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) outsides of LL without explicit permission. You can NOT incorporate any parts of this mod in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary and don't offer the donor any tangible advantage over non-donors) You can NOT incorporate any parts of this mod in a project that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way. You can NOT use any parts of this mod in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. It won't be given. You can NOT publish a fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games. You CAN otherwise use code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply! For art assets, please contact their respective creator directly.
    For all third party assets used by this mod, all conditions set by their original creators apply instead. Please contact the respective author for further information on permissions etc.


    API Documentation can be found in zadlibs.psc (code comments within that file). Feel free to ask team members if you need assistance creating a mod using the resources provided by this mod.
    Devious Devices utilizes Github for source control: You can view the Integration, Assets, and Expansion repositories at https://github.com/DeviousDevices/.
    Furthermore, a wiki documenting the project can be found on the GitHub repository as well!


    Zadil for his excellent Assets upon which this mod is based, and writing the dialogue used by The Forbidden Tome.
    Princessity for her awesome effort in coding the AA animation system and countless other contributions.
    Coopervane for his enormous contributions to Devious Devices - Expansion.
    Srende for code contributions, and testing.
    Zenetx for his Gags Overhaul, which has been officially adopted.
    Xaz for code contributions, as well as his development of numerous animations used by this mod.
    ZaZ Chris for some of the custom animations and assets used by this mod. Some assets from the excellent ZaZ Animation Pack have been rebundled with DD as per ZAP's general use permissions.
    Lordescobar666 for code contributions.
    Veladarius and UrbanSniper for their continued help with quest-design and dialogue.
    Cedec0 for the bound combat that is now a part of this mod.
    MaikCG and Feuertin for the revised bound combat animations.
    Heretical for contributing Heretic Resource Pack models
    Pincopallino for all the awesome items.
    Aelie for the code contributions.
    Jbezorg, UrbanSniper, Ms Leeches, Aelie, Coopervane, Veladarius, Stobor, Pinute, Srende, KomradePavlov, Slorm, Skeuomorph, Aareyn, Zacko, KestrelSky, Naaitsab, MixedupJim, Mord Sif for participating in the Beta, and beta-testing new releases.
    LoversLab Forum Members for some great suggestions and putting this mod to good use.


    If you run into issues, please read the FAQ first. If this doesn't solve your problem, use the search feature: Most questions you're going to ask have probably already been answered. If you're still unable to find the answer to your issue, please post in the support thread proving a Papyrus log and an in-depth description about your issue to allow us to figure out what went wrong there and why. Do NOT PM maintainers with bug reports. Bug reports go in the support thread and only there! Bug reports not accompanied by a log and/or sent via PM will likely be ignored.



  10. Billyys Animations for SE

    The new Versions of Billyys SLAL Packs converted to SE. He allowed me to share my ports with the ppl who are lacking the abilities or the courage to do this themself or who are just to lazy as long as he does not release the SLAL packs himself.
    All credits go to Billyy:
    His patreon:
    Thanks to him, for comments see his threat in the oldrim section... I have not tested them all, but I have seen the most important for me.
    I have just uploaded a version of Billyy human Furniture anims with that includes the missing textures from ZAZ... Thanks for pointing this out. 



  11. Sir Nibbles Anim Pack SE

    These is the SLAL Animation Packs by Sir Nibbles converted to SE
    Thanks and Flowers go to Sir Nibbles foe creating thess anims and allowing me to share my conversion with you. 
    He has just started a patreon account, so if you want to pay tribute to his work:
         https://www.patreon.com/NibblesAnimations (just a warning though, I don't offer anything extra if you donate; all my stuff will be released free without delay here on Loverslab)



  12. SLAL Animation Pack by Leito SE

    Here comes my conversion of Leito's SLAL Pack for SE.
    As usual for thos who can't, who are too afrait or just too lazy....



  13. K4 Anim Pack for SE

    The K4 Animations by Kur4n ported to SE with permission from th autor.
    Flowers and thangs go to Kurg4n: www.loverslab.com/topic/69716-k4-animations-slal-package/
    Another Release in the 'for those who can't, are too scared or to lazy' series. 



  14. Funnybizness SLAL Packs SE

    This is the SLAL Animation Packs by FunnyBizness converted to SE
    Thanks and Flowers go to FunnyBizness and Shaahanki for creating thess anims and allowing me to share my conversion with you. 



  15. SLAL SH Furniture anims SE

    A nice little pack for horse lovers, with permission from the author
    Thanks and Flowers go to SpaceHams3r



  16. SL MasteMike Animation Testpack SE

    This my conversion of MasterMike's TestPack to Se with permission of the author for those who can't, ar3e to scared or to lazy to convert animpacks on their own.
    Thanks and Flowers go to MasterMike8800



  17. Znaroks SLAL Animations for SE

    Znarok asked me if I could upload a conversion of the Znarok SLAL Pack 3.0, so here we go...
    Thanks and Flowers go to Znarok: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3975-znaroks-animations-with-slal-pack/
    Another file for those who can't, who are too scared or too lazy to do it themself.
    Check the Authors post for Updates:



  18. MilkySLAL for SE

    By request:
    Here are the Milky animations by MilkyTabboo ported to SE, with permission of the author.
    Thanks and Flowers go to MilkyTabboo :
    If you want to give support: 



  19. Mike24 Skyrim SE Sexlab animations unofficial conversion

    I ported Mike24's Sexlab animations for original skyrim to skyrim SE.  I got permission from Mike24 to post this.  All Credit goes to Mike24 for the animations.  All I did was convert them to Skyrim SE.    The Original Mod For Oldrim: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3771-slal-mike24-animations-classics/



  20. SexLab Inflation Framework SE

    SexLab Inflation Framework SE
    SKSE SE 2.0.8+
    PapyrusUtil SE 3.5+
    RaceMenu SE 0.2.6+
    XPMSSE 4.51+
    SkyUI SE (MCM Menu) 5.1+
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 3+

    This Mod was not created to replace any existing systems (like C.A.N.S.), it was created for my personal use and to provide an alternative.
    I would be happy, if mod authors would try out my system and I will answer any questions you might have about my framework.
    If you have suggestions, questions, bugs, etc. please let me know in the support thread!

    I created a Google Translation Document, feel free to contribute!
    Be sure to unhide columns you hid, after you are done.
    You can also send me translation files via pm.
    If any of the translators wants to be credited for their work, shoot me a pm and I will gladly add you to the front page, please also state, for which languages.
    The documentation for the implementation of my mod, can now be accessed either:
    via SLIF_Main.psc via the scripts, that are either in the .7z folder or in the folder you installed the mod to via a manager, which are located in the following folder: Data\Scripts\Source\SexLab Inflation Framework\ via the SexLab Inflation Framework Documentation via the SexLab Inflation Framework implementation without dependency
    SLIF Installer Backup: Dropbox Folder
    SLIF Patches Backup: Dropbox Folder
    How to add custom Bodymorphs to the Bodymorphs page.
    Since I'm tired of repeating myself over an over, here is a blog post, with quick steps, on how to report errors.
    The Inflation Framework is the first SexLab mod I ever created. It can be installed at any time into your game. The mod itself does nothing on it's own (except for the sliders in it's mcm menu) and needs some changes in scripts of mods, which want to use my framework.
    The mod idea sprung from the simple frustration, that the mods I installed were fighting all the time, who gets to inflate my character and sizes changing rapidly, while using mods like: Beeing Female, Fill Her Up, Milk Mod Economy, etc.
    It was created for personal use, but with the intention of sharing it on this board.
    Support for new mods will follow in the future, but I would like to encourage mod authors to check out my system.
    There may be similar mods, but this one is my two cents for this problem.
    Most features are implemented, but I will continue to update it as long as I have ideas for it.
    For mod users:
    Just install the framework, place the esp anywhere in your load order and install the compatibility scripts for the mods you use. Let me know in the support thread what you think of my mod and if you like it?!
    Let me know about any bugs, suggestions etc. in the support thread.
    For mod authors:
    All sources for the scripts I made/changed, are in the subfolder "SexLab Inflation Framework" of the source folder, the sources of the mods I made compatible are in the same folder, but in a respective subfolder for each mod.
    I would recommend installing it with a mod manager of your choice.
    make sure all mods have the same versions as the patches placement of the SLIF esp is irrelevant For Mod Organizer:
    place the main file anywhere on the left side place the patches after all mods it patches on the left side place the files generated by SLIF in a different folder (example: SexLab Inflation Framework - Generated Files) For NMM:
    let SLIF overwrite all scripts and don't overwrite SLIF scripts For Wrye Bash:
    place SLIF after all mods it patches on the Installer page Updating:
    For Mod Organizer:
    click "replace" Todo:

    A very special Thanks to my Patreons (past and present)!
    Art Credits:
    SassaAria for the splash screen Translation Credits:
    LavaCreeper for the French translation Credits:
    Mod support log
    Full Changelog



  21. SLAL SE Animations by Sailing Rebel [SRB] (2018-08-09)

    These are a few animations I've put together using Blender. Right now it's just three horse animation intended to liven up the non-consensual options for SexLab Aroused Creatures SE. I am by no means an experienced animator and the workflow for this is tortuous so I'm not sure when or if I'll be doing any more.
    Sexlab Animation Loader SSE and all of its requirements.
    Install with the mod manager of choice (see Known Issues below). Run Generate FNIS for Users. Once in-game go to the SLAL MCM select SRB Creatures, enable the animation and select Register Animations.
    Install over existing installation and run Generate FNIS for Users. Enable new animations in SLAL MCM. New names may not display for existing animations in UI.
    Creature Animations
    SRB (Horse) Horse Rape Doggy - 5 Stages - Aggressive SRB (Horse) Horse Rape Doggy 2 - 6 Stages - Aggressive SRB (Horse) Horse Rape Missionary - 5 Stages - Aggressive SRB (Horse) Horse Cowgirl - 7 Stages - Consensual  
    Change Log

    Known Issues
    An apparent bug in later versions of NMM may prevent proper installation. Renaming the mod file to remove spaces from the name is reported to work around this. The animations have been created using UUNP and the nude meshes from the current MNC, all at scale 1.0. Using other meshes and/or not using Even Actor's Height in the SexLab options may result in clipping. These animations are not intended to be in any way "realistic."
    CC BY-SA 4.0



  22. Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE Version 29

    Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE
    This is an SSE conversion of the original Sexlab Aroused Redux.   You can check out the description on the linked page.
    I have removed the alpha tag on this because it has been problem free for a while now.  I have tested this a fair bit and it looks like works like the oldrim version.
    If you want aroused animations, make sure you turn them on in the MCM.



  23. SexLab Animation Loader SSE

    Sexlab Animation Loader SSE
    SLAnimLoader registers custom animations with SexLab.  It reads information
    about the animations from Data\\SLAnims\\json\\
    This makes it possible to add new animations without needing to edit any mods
    or do any scripting.  This also makes it easy to change animation tags, actor
    positions, sounds, mouth positions, etc.
    Dependencies For Users
    If you just want to load an animation pack that someone else has already built, this is all you need:
    SexLab 1.63+
    JContainers SE
    Dependencies For Animators
    If you want to build your own animation packs, you will also need:
    Python 3.x
    Just install this normally like you would install any other mod. This mod doesn't come with any animations though, so you will likely want to also install some animation packs as well.
    Installing animation packs:
    Install animation packs just like you would any other mod. (They need to be unpacked and put into your Skyrim data directory.)
    (SLAL packs made for Oldrim must be converted first in order to work in SSE)
    After installing the mod, open the MCM menu, select the animations you want to register, then click "Register"
    Rebuild the SexLab animation registry after uninstalling this mod to remove any animations it added.
    Upgrade Procedure
    No clean save or special upgrade steps needed. You will generally want to rebuild the SexLab animation registry after upgrading animation packs, to make sure you pick up the new pack data.
    Creating animation packs
    Rydin has written up an excellent guide describing how to create animation packs.
    The mod itself contains a readme and an example animation pack source file.
    Normally you'll want to edit your animation pack source file, then run SLAnimGenerate.py to generate the FNIS lists and the JSON data read by this mod.
    You will need to run GenerateFNISforModders.exe if the FNIS lists change.
    An example animation pack can be found here.
    Additional documentation can be found in the README or in the example source file.
    - Credits -
    Orxx for the original Skyrim implementation and the permission to port it to SSE
    Please don't bother Orxx via his own page about this SSE port!



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