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Weapons & Spells

Fallout: New Vegas mods that replace or add new weapons or spells

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  1. SecurityCertifiedPerkV1.rar

    SecurityCertifiedPerkV1.rar - no AWOP required
    +25%Damage to Pistols            (Rank 1)
    +25%Damage to Energy Pistols(Rank 2)
    -25%Damage to SMG/s Rifles
    side note:
    Does not affect shotguns/Heavy Weapons/Etc.



  2. SecurityCertifiedPerkV1AWOP.rar

    SecurityCertifiedPerkV1AWOP.rar - AWOP integration (that means you need AWOP)
    +25%Damage to Pistols            (Rank 1)
    +25%Damage to Energy Pistols(Rank 2)
    -25%Damage to SMG/s Rifles
    side note:
    Does not affect shotguns/Heavy Weapons/Etc.
    https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/1080388 - AWOP Base



  3. TES Artifacts

    I had these Skyrim weapons that I ported over to New Vegas on my hard drive for +5 years and almost completely forgot about them. Finally, I decided to share them with anyone who interested in having Skyrim weapons in their Fallout: NV playthrough. I also made an esp file that will add these weapons to the game world with almost similar enchantments from past Elder Scrolls games.
    You can find each artifact in remote locations throughout the Mojave wastelands waiting to be found.
    - Volendrung can be obtained from the Devil's Gullet, you'll first have to defeat a Super Mutant Overlord to gained this powerful weapon.
    - The Mace of Molag Bal can be found inside a Deathclaw infested cave call Dead Wind Cavern, it can be found right beside a dead prospector.
    - Mehrunes' Razor is located inside of Bloodborne cave and is on top of a large rock towards the end of the cave. It requires a bit of jumping to reach.
    - Keening is found at an irradiated area call Toxic dumpsite and can be pick up immediately where all the containers sit in the center.
    - Sunder is located at Nellis Air Force Base inside one of the buildings call Nellis workshop.
    - Wuuthrad can be found on the outskirts of Jacobstown on the left side of the hills near an unmarked location call Griffith Peak. It requires a bit of jumping to reach.
    Each artifact also has a unique effect.
    - Volendrung can send enemies flying and paralyze them temporarily and reduces their health by 5 points for 20 seconds. 
    - The Mace of Molag Bal will drain an enemy strength for 10 seconds and can KO enemies temporarily knocking them out. Also, it does bonus damage against limbs.
    - Mehrunes' Razor has a new effect call Daedric Banishing which is a replica of the Oblivion enchantment which will increase the death chance the higher your luck is, from 1% to 10%. Also, each hit ignores 15 points of DT.
    - Keening will empower you with Keening's Craft which increases your overall S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and heals you slowly over time. However, you will be inflicted with a mortal wound that reduces your health by 50 pts.
    - Sunder will empower you with Sunder's Craft which increases your overall S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and regenerates AP slowly over time. However, you will be inflicted with a mortal wound that reduces your health by 50 pts.
    - Wuuthrad is especially deadly to robots and power armor users and can deliver a tremendous amount of electrical damage to them.



  4. JASPM

    JASPM 1.0
    What it is, how it happened
    JASPM stands for "Just Another Stash Pack Merge". Well, it started out as one.
    The 4 packs' plugins are obviously screaming to be merged, so that's what I did at first, for myself, but due to the packs' use of record injection, simply merging invites incompatibilities with mods that alter the items etc, so I duplicated the formIDs to mimic the same thing.
    While I did that, I noticed just how completely sloppy the stash pack system was made:
    - You get spammed with 4 messageboxes.
    - FalloutNV.esm continually checks which packs you have installed, every 5 seconds throughout the game session, although once on load would be enough. It uses a silly script too
    - Each of the packs' quest scripts continually run, every 5 secs throughout the game session, to add the items if checking with the FNV handler quest determines you either run the pack for the first time, or un- and reinstalled it. Again, once would be enough.
    - Not only does the vault canteen script spam you with the notification that you're drinking from it, every 5 minutes in the game, but it also runs this quest script whether you have the canteen on you or not.
    I'm not even talking about, or touching, the fails with stats and weapon mods for the weapons.

    What it does
    There are other mods that change how these items end up in your game. Me, I don't go for adding them to the world or in levelled lists - these are after all only useful in the beginning of the game, and I don't like cluttering my wasteland. Others simply give you a message menu so you can decide which one you want, or all, but then you can never get the others if you change your mind later.
    When JASPM first loads, you also get a message menu, you can choose either one, all, or none. Whichever ones you don't choose get added to the wardrobe in Doc M's bedroom.
    There are 2 versions here, one 'vanilla' that can just replace your stash pack esm's, and one that's compatible with YUP by copying Yup's edits as well (these are Yukichigai's own, which he says are permissions-free). The one for YUP relies on YUP to inject most of the items so its fixes get loaded with that, the other one does it himself exactly like the stash packs did.
    They both:
    - disable NV's monitoring quest
    - don't spam you with "shit you just installed is installed" messages, don't add them to your game either
    - don't run the individual packs' quests because without the pack esms present and these plugins not adding them they don't exist
    - only start the canteen quest when it is added to your inventory, stop the canteen quest if you no longer have it next time it runs
    - remove the canteen message spam
    - remove the stash pack esms
    - make sure you have some way of loading the bsas, either by renaming them similar to vanilla's, renaming them to start with "JASPM", or let MO handle them if you use that
    - pick the JASPM you want
    - if you have the one for YUP, load that after YUP
    Issues, incompatibilities, headaches, heartaches, heartburn, indigestion, constipation...
    Existing items should still be in inventory after changing, they kept the same FalloutNV.esm formIDs so to the game you should be good. You will get the choice menu anyway.
    Other mods changing anything about the stash pack that have either or all of the stash packs' esms as a master won't work (missing master). That's on them - since the packs use record injection, they should've too.
    Will be incompatible with other mods depending on FalloutNV's monitoring quest script to know if you have a pack. That's on them too. IsModLoaded is your friend. Luckily I don't think many mods look that up.
    If you don't have all stash packs, picking an option that gives you the items of one you don't have will give you items without assets (meshes, textures, statics) because you don't have the BSAs. Picking that option is on you. Not picking ones you don't have will end up adding such items to Doc M's wardrobe. If you're raiding it later on, don't forget you don't have the BSAs.
    If mods editing the unique items refer to the falloutNV.esm formIDs, then whichever conflicts you see are the exact same as if you either had the packs installed for the vanilla version, or had both the packs and YUP installed for the YUP version. Figure it out. The only exception is the weathered pistol - YUP adds a duplicate to your inventory with better weapon mods, my YUP version adds the same thing.
    Permissions stuff : feel free to do whatever you like with it
    For the cheaters
    To run the choice menu again after you already have, type
    set "xx000DBB".iInit to 0
    startquest xx000DBB



  5. falloutNV ak103 port

    this mod adds a new gun a scoped version and an unscoped version you will find data for silenced versions you can try fix them while i try myself but its a bug carried over from this port they have sound now since i edited them but no bullets fire from them i know its probably a simple fix but im a noob at times
    i made this mod more of a starter kit with 2 guns 1000 rounds of each type of 5.56mm ( trust me that isnt alot with these guns )
    i also left a trenchcoat 20 stimpaks ncr armor ( it says ncr infantry armor in my game thats another replacer mod im using )
    location : goodsprings in the docs home
    installation : use nmm , fomm or manual
    disclaimer this is a port from an fallout 3 mod that uploader didnt make the fallout 3 version and to be honest he didnt need permission the nexus have left him with the fallout 3 version for over a year which is strange because they love banning people so by me uploading this im not doing anything wrong this is a port so keep in mind i made a new esp and esm edited the textures and meshes so its basically a different file anyways enough of me ranting here is the fallout 3 versions page
    and be sure to tick both the esm an esp in my file sorry if thats a problem but i plan on fixing it soon (esp offers more stuff i.e ammo , 20 stimpaks )
    sorry about my game standard look for some reason my texture mods went off
    this is my old character in these pictures so go easy on me it was my first modded character lol ( these silenced versions are still being fixed )



  6. Special Ammo and DLC Gear Integration (Lite)

    Adds some DLC gear to Mojave, and sometimes non-standard ammo types to certain NPCs (instead of them only using standard ammo). The changes are small, most of the time its same as vanilla.
    For some reason most merchants only used to stock 1-10 rounds of any special ammo (9mm +P, hollow points, etc), this increases it a little.
    There is another DLC gear integration mod already, but I didn't like it because it made the DLC gear more common in the Mojave than the normal stuff, and some of it didn't fit very well. I think Project Nevada may do something like this already too, but this is for if you like keeping your gameplay mods seperate.
    This mod is reversable by disabling it, unlike many others which require starting a new game, because it doesn't directly add items into vanilla leveled lists, it adds mod-contained lists instead.
    FNV, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners Arsenal
    Does not require Courier's Stash.
    (The screenshot is just to make the page look more interesting, its actually from an Another Kick in the Head dream)



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