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Skyrim mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

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  1. The Forgotten Island

    Travel to the Sea of Dreams. an Island in the middle of Morrowind & Akavir. Live in a new cozy tree house, take out the necromancer that caused the zombie outbreak in the Island.

    3 New Quests
    New tropical Island
    Zombie outbreak
    Pineapple & other exotic fruits
    New enemies Demons of Kamal
    Future Updates
    It might be possible, more zombies, etc.
    unique locations
    new plants
    more quests 
    new house
    Tamira - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc
    Blackflag & Hyperactivechild
    Markus Liberty (Tellmann) 
    edhildil -
    Antony Bellingham
    All right reserved
    (If you think you belong in the hall of fame let me know and I will update the list)



  2. [WIP] More Women LE/SE

    This mod greatly increases the spawn of non-unique female NPCs by removing or replacing male NPCs in the levelled lists. Wherever possible this includes enemy factions, guards and neutrals such as hunters and adventurers.
    This does not touch named NPCs at all so townsfolk and quest characters will not become female.
    This very early version requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs.
    If this turns out to be something people are interested in then non-DLC versions may be on the to-do list.
    SE v0.3 - A simple conversion of the LE mod to SE using Cathedral Assets Optimizer. v0.3 - adds female guards and soldiers to the Imperial factions including Whiterun and Solitude guards. These areas related quests will still spawn male soldiers and guards that are specified by voice type. The CW storyline missions will still spawn male ally soldiers. v0.2 - adds female orcs, khajiits and argonians to the bandit ranks. There might be slightly more of these races appearing than normal because of the shorter lists but I've tried to moderate somewhat. I'll leave previous versions up in case you have problems with the latest.
    Some spawns bypass the levelled lists in order to place specific unnamed NPCs, most likely to ensure particular voice types for scripted conversations. Other spawns may simply want very specific demographics such as all orc males or male Forsworn which you'll come across from time to time. Misc quests to eliminate bandits will likely spawn an NPC boss of either sex regardless of this mod.
    At the moment all this does is change the lists. One problem with such an approach is that there are lists which only contain male NPCs with no female alternatives. In some cases it's possible to just select some other female character from the same faction (male Forsworn berserkers will become female Forsworn mages), in others, such as many mini-bosses, there simply is no alternative so those males will still spawn.
    Known Issues:
    Duplicates: There are far fewer female templates than male so this radically reduces the variation in NPCs. In some cases the available female templates are outnumbered 4:1. As a result you're more likely to see twins. Certain small bandit spawns such as the Whitewatch Tower attack seem to favour a single sub-list which contains only four or five units pretty much guaranteeing that there will be duplicates.
    This mod may affect game balance.
    For the current version both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC are required
    Drop the esp and bsa files into your Data folder or use a mod manager and make sure the esp is activated in your load order. Typically you'll want this as high in the order as it will go below your DLC to let it be overridden by other mods.
    Note that this only affects new spawns, so male NPCs that spawned in an existing game before installation will still be there until they are killed or despawn. If you install this to an existing game expect the bandits, guards, etc. to still be male for the next thirty days. Even after that, as discussed above, the occasional male will still show up in specific locations (i.e. quest spawned NPCs, Imperial soldiers, White River Watch bandits, etc).
    Overwrite the existing MoreWomenDGDB.esp and MoreWomenDGDB.bsa files with the new versions. It will take up to thirty days for the changes to start taking effect.
    In general, do not uninstall mods mid-game as this can lead to unpredictable results and contribute to save file corruption. Otherwise, just remove the MoreWomenDGDB.esp and MoreWomenDGDB.bsa files It will take at least an in-game month for the spawns to return to normal. You can speed things up for specific areas by clearing bandit camps and interior cells (cleared areas reset after ten days). For versions using the bsa file you may find that straggling female units added by this mod may have the grey-face bug until they despawn.
    Compatibility / Conflicts:
    This mod replaces a lot of modified NPC levelled lists. If you have other mods that alter these lists you should probably place this one above it in the load order to allow it to be overridden. This does not alter item levelled lists so randomly spawning custom items like Deviant Devices For the Masses should still appear.
    This mod has been cleaned in TES5edit. There is a conflict with Dawnguard since DG adds male units to the vampire lists which this mod then removes - this is intentional.
    This mod is released under GPLv3
    Open Source means more and better mods for everyone.
    Please consider releasing your own mods under recognized open source licences
    such as GPL or MIT and help build a foundation for future mod developers.
    Feminised Leveled Lists
    Masculinized Level Lists
    Skyrim Scaling Stopper with the Men Not Usually Warlike patch which requires Skyrim Monster Mod as a master.



  3. Active Overlays

    Upgrading to v0.3 requires a clean save.

    This mod uses scripts to actively change racemenu overlay colors based on conditions and colors set in the MCM.  Currently only supports the player character.

    There are two main conditions, driver and pulse. The driver of a slot indicates what is being looked at and scripts calculate the appropriate color based on the driver and color limits set in the MCM.  The pulse of a slot indicates a condition that triggers the pulse color to be applied and then fade the slot back to its calculated current color once that condition is no longer met.  The mod comes with several baked in setting for each, as well as the recently added method for plugins to add more.

    Each area has its own page, body, hands, feet, and face. On each page you can select which slot number you are defining.  For the slot to be fully defined you'll need to select a few options.  First you'll need to tick the enable slot button.  Then you need to select your pulse and drive conditions, details about the options are below.  Next you define the driver minimum and maximum.  These two numbers define the lower and upper limits for the calculation of the current color.  For example if the driver is set to Destruction and your minimum is 25, maximum 75 and current skill level is 50 then the color of the slot, both tint and glow, will be set to half way between the min and max colors.  If the skill level is at or below 25 then the slot color is set to the minimum, if the skill level is at or above 75 then the slot color is set to the maximum.  Finally you need to set the minimum and maximum colors. For each condition, minimum, maximum, and pulse, you'll need to define the tint color and alpha level and the glow color and alpha level.  The default colors are black and alpha 0.0, which will leave the slot hidden.  In order to have a color show up the alpha will need to be greater than 0.  The colors can be defined in three ways, you can select the color from the color menu, you can define the colors in racemenu and use the collect slot colors button (this will pull the tint color and alpha as well as the glow color and alpha currently set for the slot), or, with excessive color mode on, you can define the RGB for each color with the sliders.

    Warning: there is currently no restore previous color button so if you turn off the mod after colors have been changed they will remain at their current colors, you'll have to redo any overlay colors via racemenu at that point.  Also, this being my first attempt at scripting, use at your own risk.

    This new version requires a clean save as well as some editing to avoid any known issues.  I recommend the save settings function in the utilities page before updating.
     1 - Turn the mod off in the MCM and wait a couple minutes then make a new save.
     2 - Exit the game, uninstall active overlays.
     3 - Load the game with the save you just made, then create a new save, then exit the game.
     4 - Open the latest save with a save cleaner, search for scripts and script instances starting with "zao" and delete all that come up.  Save and exit.
     5 - Install the latest version of active overlays.
     6 - Open the game and load your cleaned save.

    MCM general options:
    Enable mod: does what it says, if this is off then nothing happens. Turn off this option and exit the MCM to remove all spells before uninstalling. Pulse options: these options create the list of pulse options that show up for each slot. Default includes No Pulse, OnLevelUp, OnSkillUp, OnCombat, OnHit, OnSpell, OnContinuous.  The animated pulse options are experimental and include OnAnimCastLH, OnAnimCastRH, OnAnimLoopPulse, OnAnimLoopDriver.  The external option will add pulse options from other plugins if any are available. More details below. Driver options: these options create the list of driver options that show up for each slot.  Default includes Character Level, damageresist, magicresist, game time increasing, game time decreasing. Skills includes all 18 base game skills.  Stats includes health, magicka, stamina. External drivers will add driver options from other plugins if any are available. More details below.
    Pulse options:
    These are global settings that affect all slots that have relevant pulse options selected.
    "Fade combat pulse on hit": all slots set to OnCombat will drop to the current color then fade back to the pulse color when hit, uses the same timing as OnHit. the "current" color refers to the slot color calculated based on the slot's driver. "Reduce glow intensity when sneaking": this option will change the glow alpha value of all slots by the multiplier on entering sneak mode and return them to normal on exiting sneak mode. "Hit Pulse duration": the duration that the pulse color lasts before fading for all hit events.  if the fade combat pulse option is selected this timer is also used for the current color duration. "Pulse duration": the duration that the pulse color lasts before fading for any momentary (usually event driven) pulse options, eg. OnSkillUp. "Hit Fade duration": approximate time it takes for fading between pulse and current colors for on hit events.  The way the script works this is the target time but could take longer depending on script load.  This is also used to fade back to the pulse color for the fade on combat option above. "Fade duration": the approximate time it takes for fading between pulse and current colors for most other pulse events. "Spell Fade duration": the approximate time it takes for fading between pulse and current colors for spell pulse options. Here because some spell animations are longer or shorter than others. "OnContinuous Fade duration": the approximate time for a fade cycle for OnContinuous pulse option.  Due to this one being a continuous cycle the fade timer is separate to allow for longer full cycles. "Sneak glow multiplier": if the "Reduce glow intensity when sneaking" option is active, this number is multiplied with the glow alpha to reduce the intensity when sneaking. "Time for complete anim chase cycle": the approximate time it takes for a complete animation cycle.
    Pulse details:
    The slots that pulse on level up are triggered by the level up event, which triggers after the level up menu is exited.

    The slots that pulse on skill level up will trigger any time the skill level up event fires and the slot is driven by the skill that leveled up.

    The slots that pulse on combat will set color to pulse when weapons / spells are readied, or if the player enters combat.

    The slots that pulse on hit will apply the pulse color and fade back each time an onhit event fires. the script is set up to handle multiple rapid consecutive hits.

      - "OnSpell"

    The slots that pulse on spell cast will fade up and remain at the pulse color while the spell is held then fade back once the spell is cast or otherwise is no longer held. the script also accounts for ritual spells by using a different fade time.
        - Left hand only: restricts the pulse to only trigger if the spell is cast from the left hand.
        - Right hand only: restricts the pulse to only trigger if the spell is cast from the right hand.
        - Skill driver magic school: restricts the pulse to only trigger if the slot's driver is a magic school skill and the spell cast is from that school.

    Slots that use this pulse continuously fade between the pulse and current colors. the fade is continuously updating so the color adjusts as the current color gets updated by the driver.
    "OnAnimCastLH" & "OnAnimCastRh" 

    Left hand an right hand versions of animated on spell.  This pulse requires 1 body slot and 1 hand slot. If you forget to set up both the script will select an available slot and set it up for you.  Each version, as indicated in the name, only triggers when a spell is cast by the corresponding hand.  The animation will overwrite the textures in the slots used and drivers are disabled.  Allows for external texture sets / animations to be used.  Please keep in mind that these animated pulse options are very experimental and may cause issues such as getting stuck or other odd behavior.
    "OnAnimLoopPulse" & "OnAnimLoopDriver" 

    Plays a looping animation which can be selected and allows for external texture sets / animations.  Allows for multiple slots to be picked, creating a trailing effect.  The pulse version disables drivers and only uses the pulse color(s).  The driver version continuously updates the color(s) based on the driver selected.  Each slot using these will have their textures overwritten.  As with the spell animation, this is very experimental and can get stuck or out of sync.  If something breaks it is recommended to go into the MCM and exit, or save and re-load, as this will force the mod to reload all spell effects.

    Also please note that all anim types included in the base mod are based on UNP / default male body, other body types might experience issues.
    If you have SexLab / SLSO:
    "OnOrgasm":  Triggers a pulse event when the orgasm event is sent.  The code can handle restarting if multiple events are sent by SLSO in rapid succession. "OnSex":  Fades up to pulse colors at the start of the scene and fades down at the end.     
    Driver details:
    All drivers have 2 common options, hide below minimum and hide above maximum.  These do as you'd expect, if a slot's driver is below the selected minimum or above the selected maximum, respectively, then the alpha for tint and glow for that slot are set to 0.0 until the driver comes back in range.
    "Character Level": uses the character level number and the minimum and maximum limits set in the MCM to calculate the current color based on the defined min and max colors. "damageresist" and "magicresist": uses the armor level and magic resist value, respectively, as the driver value. "game time increasing" or "game time decreasing": increases or decreases the driver value for the slot based on the selected time interval in game hours by the selected increment value. the script polls every game hour and checks against each slot's selected interval before updating. allows for direct setting of the driver in case you want to start somewhere other than zero. - "Add to counter when hit": if selected each time the character is hit the driver counter is increased by 1. the script attempts to filter out the multi hit issue from enchanted weapons.
    - "Time interval for slot": the time interval in game hours between updates.
    - "Amount to add or remove per interval": as stated, the amount by which the driver value is adjusted on update.
    - "Set driver value directly": does what it says.
    Skills: uses the value of the skill selected as the driver and calculates the color based on the min and max settings selected. health, magicka, stamina: uses the value of the selected stat as the driver, continuously updates rapidly when below 100% and when levels are changing. 

    - "only active in combat": hides the slot when not in combat.
    - "only active out of combat": hides the slot while in combat.
    - "use percentage not magnitude": uses the stat percentage instead of the full magnitude. also reduces and limits the maximum possible driver max to 100.
    If you have SexLab / Aroused:
    "Arousal":  Driver tracks arousal and updates slots accordingly.  Driver maximums above 100 won't be reached. "SL partner":  Driver tracks sex partners that are human, creature, or the difference between those.  These stats are tracked internally or can be pulled straight from SexLab. "Enjoyment":  Driver tracks enjoyment variable during sex scenes, hides the slot once the scene ends.  From what I can tell the variable doesn't go above 120 but I'm not sure. "SL stats":  Tracks the 3 default SexLab stats directly from SexLab on the scene ending event.
    External pulse and drivers:
    This version now allows for plugins to use this MCM to offer pulse and driver options not hard coded into the base mod.  To facilitate this, and because of how hard a time I had compiling things with frostfall scripts, I've separated the frostfall exposure driver into its own plugin.  I've also included an example plugin, zao moon and star, that shows how to use the system.  This plugin offers two drivers and one pulse option.
    "OnFullMoon": Fades up to and maintains pulse color at the first day of the full moons and fades back down to current once the moon phase changes.  This script uses the method of calculating the moon phase described in the creation kit wiki so if something in your LO plays with the length or start of moon phases then this might de-sync. "day time" / "night time": Both drivers monitor the time of day and increase the driver value as time passes through the day / night.  The cut is 6am/pm.  For example the night time driver starts at 0 at 6pm and increases to 600 at midnight, then decreases back to 0 at 6am, remaining there until the next 6pm.
    Info for merging plugins:
    If you decide to merge plugins for this mod you will also need to change the json files for each plugin merged.  First you need to change the "modname" variable of each file to point to the name of the merge plugin.  Then you also need to update the form information for all spells in each plugin's json file.  I haven't tried converting to ESL yet so I'm not certain how easy that is to do here, but as long as the json file correctly points to the spells added then it should work, in theory.

    For modders:

    For adding animation sets:

    FISS - technically optional

    I've also built in compatibility for some mods found on LL.

    Conflicts with any other mod that plays with overlay colors, like RaceMenu - Animated Overlays.  This mod can be made to play nice with that one by leaving any slots controlled by Animated Overlays deactivated in this mod.  The same goes for any other mods that adjust color or alpha of an overlay slot.

    Known Bugs:
    For some reason the color swatch doesn't always recognize certain values from the blue color component slider, but the slot color definition works anyway, no idea why this sometimes happens. There are certain occasions where the pulse function will miss a condition, such as pulling out and putting away a weapon several times too rapidly.  To fix this simply cycle through weapon out / away giving a second pause after each action. If you are casting spells in rapid succession the script monitoring that may miss a trigger and you might end up holding a spell without the pulse active.  To fix this put the spell away or finish casting, the script should catch the next iteration.
    Thanks to Hawk9969 and Monoman1 for their scripts and help, and AthenaESIV for beta testing.  And I'm not sure who all else, I dug through so many scripts trying to figure out what I was doing.



  4. Pulled Across the Verse (WIP/Learning Quest)

    First things first!
    This quest is more for me to tackle creating quest mods in a more sable size. the goal here is to solidify my own skill, story second - that's why its a silly little mod that could be considered Lore Friendly, depending on your definition.
    Brief Description:
    This is the story of a hero summoned from another world! hear about isekai? there you go! don't know what that is? Click the link to find out! http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=isekai 
    OK so, from this point on there might be spoilers! so if you care about that stuff just know this, Adds NPC and their fate is in your hands.
    Alice (The Heroine of the story) was Isekaied, (adding to that trucks kill count!) She was told that she would save the world. Unfortunately for Alice, and perhaps the world, she was supposed to go to, there were some really shady men in Skyrim at the time trying to perform a devastating ritual and she got pulled off her path and slammed into Skyrim. Does that deter her? no, in fact, she doesn’t know anything went wrong! it was so "lucky" that you happened to accidentally your way into that cave when she was summoned. with your guidance, you can help her discover the mistake, help train her to face the challenges ahead and send her on her way... or not?
    Little miss hero comes with her own Emotional State Barrel ( a must for every cross-world traveler!) this starts off with two items, counting 100 each. "Currage" and "Emotion State". No, I did not misspell courage. There, I did in-game and I don’t want to fix it in case it brakes something and rework will take to much time for no gain. 
    Now the point of this Barrel is to keep track of four things;
    Trust - The level of witch the Heroine Trusts you
    Fear - The Level of Which the Heroine Fears you
    Emotional State - How stable is she emotionally
    Courage - how brave our Hero is
    Trust and Fear will determine how the heroine interacts with you while Emotional state and Courage deal with how the heroine will interact with the world. For example, with a low emotional state, the heroine will act more like an empty shell of a person and increase the chances of her death while low courage will have her cower in the city, practically begging you not to force her to travel outside the safety of the wall. 
    Currently, this barrel is visible for all to see, however, this will not be the case once this questline is completed. For not it’s open to testing purposes. 
    The Story!
    Currently Available,
    Alright, this one REALLY spoils things, so fair use? I mean warning!
    That’s all for now, Ask questions if you want, I’m better at answering questions about my story then guessing at the wants.
    So please feel free to call out anything and everything!
    Pythus, has a hard time finishing.



  5. Triss Merigold Voiced Follower patch

    A PATCH  for
    Triss Merigold The Witcher Voiced Standalone Follower CBBE
    This work in progress is a patch for imAarwyn's great mod Triss Mergold from The Witcher universe. (Triss Merigold The Witcher Voiced Standalone Follower CBBE).
    Unfortunately RL is limiting her abilities to move this mod a step further.
    So, I experimented a bit to add or change a few things for my personal taste. Now, I think it's ready for others to test it. If it works, I will release it here on LL as patch v1.
    Please comment, if you see anything odd, bugs, more ideas ... 
    But please keep in mind, that I am a bloody novice and a just-now-deflowered-virgin when it comes to programming Skyrim mods. My own RL permitting, it will not be the fastest developent of this world.
    Dependencies and requirements
    Skyrim Legendary Edition The original mod "Triss Merigold The Witcher Voiced Standalone Follower CBBE", version 1.2, 1st, february 2016 and all it's requirements The patch will not work without these, or with any other versions.
    Updating the original mod with this patch or updating this patch from previous versions is NOT safe in an ongoing game!
    An update will always require a new game or a clean save!
    In ModOrganizer
    install the original mod install this patch, I suggest to add it as a separated mod priority order immediately after the original mod allow to overwrite files from the original mod, nothing else (please report any oddities)
    In NMM, Vortex, ...
    I do not have a clue, you are on your own. But please comment if you know of a safe way
    install the original mod manually in your /data folder overwrite it's files with the ones from this patch archive esp in /data *.pex in /data/scripts overwrite only the files from the original mod, nothing else (please report any oddities)  
    Features, plans & further ideas
    Current features
    cleaned esp dismiss and rehire her as often as you like (bug in the original mod) she was nude/in underwear under certain conditions -> fixed -> she should always wear her clothes now (bug in the original mod) added a limited barter feature, unvoiced yet (new feature) Further plans and ideas: please see my development blog entry https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8056-ship-yard-patching-triss-merigold-mod/.
    Credits & Thanks
    Since this whole work is based on imAarwyns effort, all credits, praises and thanks belong to her!
    If you like Triss, please go over to the original mod and tell her.
    imAarwyn   https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/9734839 Triss Merigold  mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69893 Whenever imAarwyn would like this patch to her mod to disappear, I will do so!
    And since she had help along the way, I cut&paste the following from her credits:
    I can only add my thanks to all those.
    Further, I would like to add my own thanks to Andrzej Sapkowski for his great novels and creating our lovely red headed sorceress.
    And finally, special thanks to @Ashal for making all of this here on LL possible.
    Since this is just a patch for imAarwyn's work, I can't and won't comment on any permissions of the original mod.
    You may do with my own patch addition whatever you like, if
        * it is unpaid, free of charge, no money involved and you earn nothing with it, and
        * it is always available with all sources, and
        * it is published and hosted here on LoversLab (https://www.loverslab.com), and
        * always credits imAarwyn and all others above
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69893 Triss Merigold by imAaarwyn The Witcher (wikipedia) Triss Merigold (gamepedia) Further development, plans and ideas in my blog



  6. Skyrim Capacity Limited

    Skyrim Capacity Limited is a mod that adds some effects of eating on actors, such as slowing actors down for eating too much and visually showing the results of that last feast. It also features systems to increase one's stomach capacity and to store various items in there for later retrieval.
    This is a completely new code base from the old(er) Stomach Capacity Mod, and as such the two are not compatible.
    Documentation Blog: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/712-stomach-capacity-documentation/
    Recommended Version: SCL 0.32
    (for MCM)  
    Modern Brawl Bugs Fix  
    (not a strict requirement, but still recommended)  
    (Required for optional menus)  
    or Netimmerse (Required for inflation)  
    Also requires a skeleton and body with a belly node  
    is the best option for this  
    built with Bodyslide is recommended for females  
    For males, I think SOS has a HDT body  
    with HDT is also recommended  
    Has out-the-box compatibility with  

    Install prerequisites with your favorite mod manager Install this mod the same way Open Skyrim Open the MCM and find this mod Click "Start SCLimited" Close MCM, and open it again Adjust options to your liking Play!
    Should be compatible with everything except things like Enderal  
    Items added by mods may not work as intended (You might end up eating a poultice), patches are needed  

    Highly Recommended that before closing out the mod, you erase the database in the MCM. This will help clean your save.  
    Otherwise, it should be safe just removing it.  



  7. Do You Know Who I Am?

    Are you the Dragonborn, slayer of Alduin, savior of the world, the most powerful mortal in existence?
    And are you tired of various self-important NPCs telling you that you're worthless and weak?
    Are you irritated at the simpletons who threaten you with bodily harm, when it's obvious that you can destroy them with a flick of your finger?
    Do you occasionally wonder, after Unrelenting Force-ing a snarky NPC off a cliff, why nobody seems to recognize your greatness?
    Well, wonder no longer, for you can now ask these sanctimonious bastards that all-important question...
    Do You Know Who I Am?
    Many NPCs throughout Skyrim, who previously would have tried to block your progress, totally convinced that their positions of petty power lent them some sort of protection, will respond to the question appropriately. Assuming that you are, in fact, Dragonborn.
    NOTE: Just uploaded a conversion for SSE. As far as I can tell, everything is working just fine.
    It requires the SSE versions of Fuz Ro D-oh, SkyUI, and SKSE 64.
    The deModCracy made a video too.
    This mod alters several NPCs (More to come! Stay tuned!) who think they're somehow better or more important than the savior of the world. It adds that six-word question to their dialogs, allowing you to bypass or complete their particular sections of those quests without violence. Other NPCs have unique dialog for noticing that you're Dragonborn. This does not add, nor do I plan to add, any ability for bandits or other always-hostile beings to recognize your greatness. That's something for another mod, if at all. I made this mostly because I got irritated playing the College of Winterhold quest "The Staff of Magnus" and running into Estormo, who somehow believes that he can kill you, even though you just plowed through a dungeon full of undead horrors and magical monstrosities that he couldn't have begun to scratch at. Jordisslave then suggested the radiant thieves, and this mod was born. I'll add in some more NPCs as I find them, or as people suggest them. Don't expect anyone to recognize your awesome power if you haven't been formally recognized as Dragonborn, and don't expect anyone to stand in awe of your combat prowess if you haven't killed Alduin. While playing Oblivion, after beating the main quest, I do remember getting irritated after a while with every single person in the game praising me constantly. So as of v16, I've added an MCM option to toggle the global hello/greetings lines off.  

    Fuz-Ro-D'oh for the silent dialog lines.
    Dawnguard and Dragonborn official DLC, as of v15.
    SkyUI as of v16 (should work fine with SkyUI version 4 or above).
    This mod is a work in progress. It currently affects the following NPCs:

    I am taking suggestions and requests for other asshole NPCs. Leave a comment in the support thread!
    Anything that alters the dialog trees for the quests mentioned above might conflict.
    Things that alter the NPCs themselves (like their physical appearance) should be fine.
    Note that the entries for Nepos the Nose, Riften Gate Guards, Mogrul, and the Valtheim Towers bandit edit vanilla scripts... hopefully I didn't break anything.
    There is a confirmed conflict with Sexlab Solutions and Prison Overhaul.
    Current list of (possible) conflicts with Solutions (according to TES5Edit, thanks to Destynova99):
    Sanuarach Mine quest Brawlers Toll payment at Valtheim Towers Beggars (all beggars blocked, not just Degaine) Riften gate guards Riften jail guard Radiant thieves (this conflict has been confirmed)
    Note that these are not major conflicts, nothing game-breaking... just whichever mod is lower in the load order will take precedence... so if you're using this mod and Solutions together, I recommend putting Solutions lower in the list. Same goes for XPO.
    Destynova99 has, out of the goodness of his heart, made a patch for this bug located here. It's for v10 and Solutions 3.1.4 only, and the patch probably won't work if either of those mods is updated beyond that point. When this mod is "finished" (for a given value of "finished") I'll try to do the same.
    NB: Also included in that archive are patches for Prison Overhaul and LAL.
    NB: I forgot to add those into v15. You'll need to download v14 for the patches, and overwrite with v15. Derp.
    This mod is technically incompatible with Birds of Skyrim. That is, the mods will work together just fine, but after defeating Alduin, some birds may speak to the player from time to time. It's probably incompatible with any other mods that add in NPCs that are technically playable races.

    Bugfix for Solutions and Prison Overhaul located here, thanks to Destynova99. The fix will still be valid until this OP says otherwise (that is, probably forever).
    Note: Version 15+ now requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Sorry to those of you who don't have them!
    Also, I forgot to add in the Solutions and Prison Overhaul patches into the archive. Use the link above for the patches.
    Remove "Do You Know Who I Am.esp" from your data directory, and all scripts starting with "dyk" from your scripts folder. You'll also need to remove the following four scripts:
    --jordisslave for inspiring this mod's existence
    --Estormo for being an unperceptive dick
    --Everyone who made, and continues to make, suggestions for target NPCs!
    --Destynova99, who located the conflicting dialogue bits and made a patch for v10 and Solutions 3.1.4 and Prison Overhaul.
    Russian translation: LINK (not current)
    Japanese translation patch: LINK (for v20) and continued thanks to y_sengaku. Older patches can be found in the support thread.
    Link for v18 japanese translation for people who do not have Hearthfire (required in v19+)
    Link for v21 translation for SSE: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/44432-do-you-know-who-i-am/?page=13&tab=comments#comment-2141191
    A whole two people have requested permission to translate this mod, so I figure that's "frequently," because I cannot count. So I figure I might as well put up a FAQ.
    Q: I'm having a problem with this mod.
    A: That's not only possible, it's likely. I'm a newb to modding. Leave a comment in the support thread and I'll get back to you. I can't guarantee I can fix a problem, but I'll do my best.
    Q: I have a question about this or any other mod. Should I PM you?
    A: No, please. Use the support thread. That's what it's there for.
    Q: Your mod conflicts with <other mod>.
    A: That's also highly likely. There's a good chance one of the NPC dialogue nodes I've edited is being referenced by any other dialogue-style mod. In general, for stuff like this, put whichever one you want more lower on the list.
    Q: Can I suggest <feature> or <NPC>?
    A: Yes please! I can't guarantee the request will get into the mod, because as I've said I'm not very good at modding, but I'll certainly consider it!
    Q: Can I translate your mod?
    A: Certainly! I didn't write it with any sort of translation in mind, though, and I do tend to use American English idioms and phrasing, so... good luck! Go ahead and post your translation in the support thread and I will link to it in the OP.
    Q: Can I or you upload this to another site?
    A: Nope. If I want it uploaded elsewhere, I'll do so. For that matter, I already did put it up on Nexus.
    v1 - Estormo, The Caller, and Tolfdir
    v2 - Added Calcelmo, Nazeem, Farengar
    v3 - Added Valtheim towers guard, Calcelmo, Nepos the Nose
    v4 - Added Aela, Degaine, Erikur
    v5 - fixes a bug with v4, and adds radiant thieves
    v6 - Added Sergius Turrianus, Urag gro-Shub, and generic dialog for brawlers
    v7 - Added Harrald and Atar, and changed Urag's lines (thanks to Jfraser)
    v8 - Added Maul, Hemming, Haelga, Nelkir, Dagny, Delphine, and the Riften jail guard
    v9 - Added Summoned Dremora (master spell quest), Malborn, Wuunfurth, Riften gate guards, Odfel, Farengar (again)
    v10 - Added Bolgeir Bearclaw, Bendt, East Empire Company dockmaster, Taarie, Kayd
    v11 - Added some stuff to previous NPCs, and fixed a Malborn bug
    v12 - Added wandering adventurers, Enthir, Galmar, Rikke
    v12a - Fixed a missing script, added Rhiada
    v13 - Added the Jarls in the Thane quests (except Riften)
    v14 - Added Grelka
    v15 - Added Mogrul, Isran, Delphine, and a bunch of hello/greetings dialogues.
    v15a - Fixed a bug that made a hello/greetings comment visible for pets and horses.
    v15b - Hopefully squashed that bug that made hello/greetings visible for pets and horses. Also, added in Silver Hand to hello/greetings.
    v15b - Yep, same version number. I think I was an idiot and uploaded the wrong version last time. Here's hoping this one actually works...
    v16 - Nothing much, just added an MCM option to toggle the global hello thanks for killing Alduin. Otherwise, identical to 15b.
    v17 - Added Irileth and Urzoga.
    v18 - Braith vs Ustengrav. Also modified the hello/greetings dialogues, hopefully fixing the Birds of Skyrim bug. Neloth and Kodlak will have some new dialogue too.
    v18b - Fixed a bug where Galmar would have the Harbinger dialogue when joining the Stormcloaks if you had not become Harbinger yet.
    v19 - Included tnu's condition fixes for Realistic Dialogue Overhaul compatibility, hopefully fixed Delphine/Esbern's Paarthurnax issue
    v20 - Fixed a bug with Braith's line about fighting people (hopefully fixed anyway), and updated the MCM version (hasn't been done for a while).
    v21 - Fixed Braith's bug (hopefully for real now), added some dialogue during Trinity Restored.



  8. The Potion of Harkon's Pact

    Harkon made a pact with Molag Bal. While it's widely known that he became a vampire as a condition of this pact, it's not so well know that he also keeps a book in which he recorded a two recipes and some brief rantings about his wife, as well as mortals.
    In his book, Harkon recorded the recipe that he was given by Molag Ball himself, as well as a potion that he devised himself.
    The recipe that was given to him by Molag Bal is that of the Potion of Blood. The other, well, that was an inspiration that has to be seen to be believed (WIP, remember).
    As you enter Harkon's chambers in Castle Volkihar, look around for a book that doesn't look like it belongs there. Also, don't lose it or sell it; it doesn't respawn.
    I'm still planning a couple of more things to do with this, so don't get all bent out of shape when you find out that it isn't really that great yet.
    Also, the new potion uses the texture of the original Potion of Blood. I want to recolor the red part of the bottle, if I can, to a black so dark that it looks like a void, rather than a bottle. Tutorials help.
    Thanks for stopping in here, folks.



  9. OpenSkiesTradingPost_09062014

    No longer abandoned. If anyone decided to try to pick up the project, you have permission to continue, as the direction we each will take with it will likely be completely different. Just please give your project a new name. Thanks.
    Welcome to Open Skies Trading Post.
    This is a player home turned business property. The goal is to make the player the crafter/vendor, and let Skyrim buy from the player.
    Near future plans
    -Possibly make the player buy the property from the Jarl
    -Navmesh the perimiter of the building to keep followers from getting stuck against the outside walls
    -Investigate cloning NPCs and generating generic NPCs
    -Write quests and dialogue
    -Remove the supplies from the outside chests
    Two people have offered to help get some of these plans accomplished. We will see if they even have the time. If not, then this may be a long time in coming.
    There isn't much to say other than check out my blog that better states my goal with OSTP.
    Have fun, folks.



  10. A Study In D

    A personal take on the dwemer dissapearance theme. Linear freeform adventure mod focused on story and puzzles.
    "I have no idea what happened to the Dwemer. I have no sense of them in the timeless divine world outside of mortal time. And, in fact, if I did believe they existed, I would be in no hurry to make contact with them. They may, with some justice, hold the Dunmer race responsible for their fate. My intuition is that they are gone forever -- and that is perfectly fine with me." -- Vivec
    In late 3E' 4th century, a series of discoveries made by a loose group of like-minded mages and scholars across Tamriel has led them to believe in a possibility of a new insight into the events that led to the disappearance of the ancient Dwemer race. The efforts of that group had resulted in an expedition that had found itself approaching the slopes of the Red Mountain on Vvardenfell in 3E 414 and shortly after, vanished without a trace. While this occurrence along with other large-scale efforts to unravel the great Dwemer conundrum have been all but forgotten and abandoned due to numerous turbulences in modern history and studies on the Dwemer per se have been reduced to isolated and misguided attempts of a few self-centered individuals of dubious skill and intentions, it may well be that it would fall to but a single person, albeit one of unfathomable talent and dedication, a champion, of a kind, to discern the elusive edge between a truthful path and a road leading to inevitable peril, discovering and possibly making use of, the nature of those world-shaping forces behind one of the greatest known mysteries of all time.
    This mod primarily attempts at two things:
    - Providing a plausible from a lore point of view explanation to the Dwemer disappearance. The explanation comes mostly in form of text or unvoiced dialogue, uncovered during playthrough.
    - Increasing variety and challenge of stock gameplay by adding puzzles, that are essentialy fairly basic combinatorics with occasional lateral thinking involved. For puzzle commentary & solutions please refer to this post
    The structure is basically a series of caverns/ruins with a freeform approach; no displayed quests or quest markers, but a self-evident objective of surviving and finding a way out. As such, the playthrough may have a bit of a no-frills old school feel to it: while attempting to remain as user-friendly as possible, the mod will not tolerate obvious or intentional mistakes (such as jumping into lava or locking oneself behind a magical barrier); hopefully, this will encourage the player to be more aware of his/her actions and their consequences.
    Beta status.
    No game-breaking issues have been found during testing, but making a save prior to installing this mod to revert to if something goes terribly wrong, is, as always, highly recommended.
    Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe with its required SKSE, Skyrim with Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
    In-game soft requirements.
    As it should be obvious from the mod's location and theme, the player character must be able to handle Blackreach on chosen difficulty/rebalance setting, and should express certain interest in Dwemer lore, in form of having completed most of vanilla Skyrim's Dwemer-related quests. There are no hard checks for those quests' completion, but the story can become somewhat less meaningful from role-playing point of view.
    There are no installation flavors. Use whatever method you prefer, as long as mod's files end up in corresponding folders and its .esp is activated.
    Uninstall the old version and install the new one, while meeting the requirements for both installation and uninstallation.
    Use a back door in cell "War Quarters" in Blackreach.
    The mod should have no active scripts once its main quest (exsd_qmain) stops, which should happen at the end of the mod's storyline. After finishing it, exit any of the mod's cells as well as "War Quarters" cell, save and uninstall. As a general rule though, it is recommended to revert to a save made prior to mod installation.
    Any mod that overwrites the cell blackreachzcell03 ("War Quarters") is expected to conflict. A possible workaround is 'coc exsd_blackreachpre' at the console. Any mod that overrides this mod's behaviour, like interfering with scenes or substantially modifying stock gameplay, is a potential threat.
    Known issues.
    1. Distracting a certain NPC while he's casting a potent spell may get the player char hurt.
    Severity: inconsequential. Consider it an immersion feature. May get randomly resolved during upcoming development.



  11. Riffling Crime

    In real life, if you enter someones house and wander around looking in their knicker drawers and bedside tables your host would probably say "Oh! No, what the hell are you doing?". In Skyrim, your host will probably just look on in total disregard to your actions unless you actually take their knickers out of the wardrobe and wear them on your head.
    So this a simply horrible mod to make a check if someone is actually looking at you while you go through their things and, if they do, will raise a trespass alarm. Actually if lots of people see you do it, (and care), they will all raise the alarm - thus increasing the bounty.
    SKSE - and it's requirements
    This uses totally misappropriated and rejiggered code from 'Deviously Enchanted Chests', (BaneMaster) & a very old version of 'Sexlab Defeat', (Goubo). So thanks to you both for that. (and probably also Princessity/Ms Leeches who came up with the FormsList/Perk idea for stuff back in the day, which looks like it saves a shit load of work).
    1) Well it's work in progress and if there is a thing out there already which does this I apologize, (i.e. I couldn't find one, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered).
    2) Probably loads of other things I haven't considered.



  12. Bless Weapon Collection

    Weapons port from upcoming MMO Bless Online (currently in 2nd closed beta).
    As for now mod contains 45 fully working craftable and upgradable weapons.
    Version 0.2:
    Added scythes
    Added crafting and tempering recipes
    Minor fixes
    Type "help bless" to get barrel ID.
    Sample screenshots:




  13. [WIP] Hooves for CBBE HDT / UUNP HDT Special

    27.08.16 : THIS MOD ISNT DEAD , READ MY POST ON PAGE 4 ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON.... Now im working on this https://gyazo.com/cfca2548c9aeafad81305b848a2180c2 and made a post about that on page 4 aswell.
    Hello everyone ,
    [im pretty new to this modding thing and as such don't be to harsh on this initial release
    As i was browsing through the Forums i stumbled upon some requests for Hooves , either for Succubus characters , Races they want to make and Etc.
    I found an very old file on my Computer , which basically had the Hooves that im presenting you now ( Which is why i don't know whom to credit for making the initial model).]
    After finally learning how to use Blender , I'm able to make smooth and goodlooking ( atleast i think so ) models. Now after my Initial release , I'm happy with the current results, and will still try to optimize the hooves. Enjoy
    1. The UUNP HDT Special body or CBBE HDT ( CBBE Version has been posted on page 2 by Karmilla )
    2. Bodyslide
    3. New [3.0] - HDT HighHeels System
    And that's it i guess
    ShortHooves NEW!:
    1. The UUNP HDT Special body (CBBE WILL BE ADDED AFTER I FIXED UUNP WHICH MEANS HighHeelsystem AND Shadow!)
    2. Bodyslide
    3. HHS will be added soon
    PS: If you have tips for fixes or a better texture for the hooves to offer , you can send them to me and I'll take a look at them ! Report Problems so we can fix them together!
    You should be able to just use a Modorganizer or put the files in the folder manually into the Data folder in the Skyrim directory
    How to Obtain :
    Type "help Hooves" into the console and then just type player.additem [the items ID] , now it should be in your inventory ( Yes my mod isn't very immersive..)
    To do list :
    I. Make the Forumpage look better
    II. Better 3D model for the Hooves
    III. Better Textures (ATM they look bad .. ) ; Multiple colours or even bodytint colour
    IV. Better Screenshots (With actual poses)
    V. Start creating the Credit list
    VI. More 2.0 Pics
    VII. Make a CBBE 3.0 Blend
    ?. Add new things to this list
    ! Warning / Things that Occur when using my Hooves ! :
    II. LONGHOOVES: Everything should be fine by now , and clipping might only be caused in a very minor fashion by having heavy distortions!
    Support :
    Obviously .... I'm alone with this Project atm. But it doesn't have to be that way.
    You guys or girls can help me creating a good hoove mod. Like I mentioned , I would love to get help from people that actually can use 3D modeling softwares or can create good textures for the hooves. (Or both at the same time )
    Obviously I will give you credit once you help me (I'm not a dick )
    Permission :
    You can use this mod as long as you dont use it for purposes such as monitizing. And ofcourse you should mention me as the publisher of this mod somehow (Credits)
    Soo that's basically it for now Enjoy the initial release , and give me some feedback
    17.05.2016 Initial release of CBBE and UUNP Hooves
    18.05.2016 Black and White retextures
    26.05.2016 An even better blend that fixed clipping and you can use Armor [Very soon] now .
    31.05.2016 Fixed Clipping even more , ARMOR CAN BE USED NOW!!! PLEASE DEINSTALL 3,0
    27.08.2016 New Short Hooves!
    After a hard , bloodsweating mess of Bugfixes , frustration and Blending its finally here. The new , Blended hooves. On my way to become a somewhat decent modder , I found a new friend called Zquad1 who patiently helped me fight through the mess I had . It went as far as calling my blender possessed and the niffiles that came out of it were.... (you only would understand if you wouldve worked with me on that ... and trust me .... it wasn't nice... they had their own mind NOT EVEN KIDDING ). From now on , the both of us will work on future projects ( well for now the hooves ) , and I'm happy to do so.
    The Hooves will take a lot of work , and will have some clipping issues ( 25.05 ) BUT THAT WILL BE GONE SOON [i hope].
    So for now , have fun with the new created hooves
    At the current time I'm very busy , so I ask for your patience. I can't use that much time on this project anymore , which won't stop me from making more stuff , but delays it , since im pretty ocd about working in blender and trying to make perfect meshes , so bare with me C:
    You can download the UV map and create your own textures ( Dont be afraid to share them ) and If they are really good , we can feature them in this mod as well , also , please take the clipping with a grain of salt >.> should be gone now
    Creditlist :
    MY NR.1 Zqaunt1 for helping me a huge lot and working with me on this from now on <3
    II. Everybody who worked on the UNP UUNP and UUNP Special bodies ( There are a lot to name , so if you wanna be here , just contact me ill add ya)
    III. For whomever made the first Hooves that i uploaded so that this thread got some attention
    IV. Thanks to hydrogensayshdt for creating HDT HighHeels System



  14. Crash fixes

    Made a plugin to help try and fix some of the crashes I've been seeing in http://www.loverslab.com/topic/46913-how-to-debug-ctd/. You can turn each individual fix on / off in the SKSE/Plugins/CrashFixPlugin.ini, default settings recommended but if you have problems with something and you know what you're doing you can change. If you want to see exactly what crashes are fixed (with addresses) and a small explanation of my best understanding of the crash then check the INI file or readme on the nexus mod page.
    This plugin is meant to fix some common crashes AFTER you have followed STEP guides and sensible modding rules! It does not fix problems that come from modding irresponsibly or conflicts between mods.
    How to use the memory allocator patch?
    1. Open CrashFixPlugin.ini and find "UseOSAllocators=0"
    2. Change it to "UseOSAllocators=1"
    3. Download and install SKSE Plugin Preloader
    4. Start game, if you get an error saying that memory patch could not be applied read the message for help, otherwise you're good to go.
    (5.) Causes game to crash and you use ENB? Set ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false in enblocal.ini
    (6.) Causes game to crash more frequently (especially with UNP RaceMenu sliders)? Try AlignHeapAllocate=1 in CrashFixPlugin.ini
    Tips for additional stability:
    (These are things I've observed and Not 100% fact!)
    If you don't have some lines listed below in your INI it means they are set to default value.
    Data/SKSE/SKSE.ini (not needed if UseOSAllocators=1 in CrashFixPlugin.ini):
    Set DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB:Memory to 768. If you are using a lot of mods or higher uGrid than 5 then set 1024. Helps with CTD during save load, especially if you can load the save after qasmoke. Max value is 1280. If you are using ENB you may get CTD on startup with higher value than 768 and ExpandSystemMemoryX64 true in enblocal.ini! Set ScrapHeapSizeMB:Memory to 256. Game can't use more than 256 of this and setting higher serves no purpose.
    uExterior Cell Buffer:General - setting this too high causes crashes more, especially when game wants to unload many cells at once. If you set 0 or just remove it from your INI then game decides this and that's the best way. bPreemptivelyUnloadCells:General - setting this 1 will mean game purges cell buffers and unload cell whenever it is possible. Default is 0 which means keep cell in memory until we need the space for other cells. I find 0 to be better, there's no reason to unload cell immediately, the buffer was implemented for a reason. fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS:Papyrus - setting higher will cause longer loading. Mine is 500, seems to work well for me. You can try 750 or even 1000+ if you have a lot of script-heavy mods. fUpdateBudgetMS:Papyrus - remove (this sets to default 1.2). If you have a lot of script heavy mods and a good PC you can set higher for example 2.0, however this can reduce your FPS when a lot of things are happening. fExtraTaskletBudgetMS:Papyrus - remove (this sets to default 1.2). See above. bEnableLogging:Papyrus - set 0. There's no reason to log papyrus unless you are developing a mod. Writing to file constantly is not good for performance. Papyrus logs have nothing to do with finding causes for crashes, although you can use this to find misbehaving mod scripts which can be helpful, I'd recommend to disable it for normal gameplay though. bEnableTrace:Papyrus - set 0. See above. Any other papyrus setting - delete. Changing the papyrus from default will just cause instability or lagged scripts. iPresentInterval:Display - VSync enabled or disabled. You shouldn't need to change this as default value is 1 and that's good.
    Safety Load (not needed if UseOSAllocators=1 in CrashFixPlugin.ini):
    Install Safety Load if you have a infinite loading screen or freeze at any point. It fixes a bug in memory allocation that causes deadlock. Yes you still need this if you have SKSE memory patch, no they don't do the same thing. SKSE memory patch hides the problem of deadlock for longer because it allocates a larger memory block. If you don't have freeze or infinite loading screen at all then you don't need this!

    Stable uGridsToLoad:
    Don't use this. It causes memory corruption and does nothing unless you are changing your uGridsToLoad setting in INI often (I don't know why you would).
    I'm not an expert in ENB, but these two I recommend in enblocal.ini:
    Bashed Patch:
    You should make this. It helps resolve a lot of conflicts between mods, especially related to leveled lists which can be a big problem. If there are no conflicts this doesn't really do any harm but even a small mod list usually has some.
    LOOT can be a good tool to help resolve issues with ordering, but it is not perfect, sometimes it places mods incorrectly, use your best judgement. LOOT can also warn you about other potential problems with mods.
    TES5Edit cleaning:
    Do this! LOOT can tell you which mods need cleaning.
    Don't install or uninstall mods (with ESP files) in the middle of playthrough. Even changing the order can be very bad, especially if you use bashed patch or anything with SkyProc (requiem, perkus maximus). This of course applies to ESP files! Graphics mods and pure SKSE plugins are fine most of the time.
    Common issues:
    UseOSAllocators=1 and crashing when touching sliders in character creation or otherwise.
    Set AlignHeapAllocate=1 in CrashFixPlugin.ini, downside is increased load time and increased memory usage.
    UseOSAllocators=1 and crashing on game startup or loading save or shortly after.
    Set ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false in enblocal.ini
    Game says message box "running out of memory" and crashes.
    Set ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=true in enblocal.ini
    Ground textures flickering weird.
    Set ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false in enblocal.ini
    12 - 28/08/2016
    Errors or warnings from Crash Fixes is now also logged to file - enabled by default. The file appears in Data/SKSE/Plugins/CrashFixPluginLog.txt Added automatic crash dump analysis, disabled by default. It creates files in Data/SKSE/Plugins/CrashLog/crash_timestamp.txt Warn user if they have bad ENB settings on startup. Added a crash fix related to Enderal. Added a crash fix related to magic effects list. Skyrim will display warning if actor has unexpectedly NULL TESCombatStyle form. It tries to display the actor form ID so you can check it out yourself. Changed a bit how the corrupt NIF crash is detected, it might help avoid some false positives.

    Check out my other mod Bug fixes.



  15. Battle Bard

    At this time, this mod is as complete as it can be as far as my skills will allow. However, I filed it under the category of WIP because there is one particular aspect that I want to add that I simply do not have the knowledge to do. That is animations. With Fore's FNIS Alternate Animations feature, I would like to add proper lute-playing animations to replace the default attack animations. Certainly, the LoversLab community has some of the best animation artists for TES games around. And that is why I have released this here and now. In addition to mod users who might be interested, I'd like to invite mod-makers who are familiar with animation-making to try out this mod and, if it shows promise, to consider helping me accomplish that goal.
    This mod brings a playstyle from Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer to Skyrim. Dragon Age: Inquisition's Virtuoso is primarily a support class with a diverse arsenal of magical abilities. But the method by which the Virtuoso readies these abilities for use is rather unique.
    The mod will add a Lesser Power to the player called "View Bardic Perk Tree". This Lesser Power will bring the player to an area where they can obtain the Lute Weapon (which is the player's access to the majority of the mod's features). Here, the player can also choose from a selection of 18 Perks specifically designed for this playstyle. 3 of the perks are offered for free. The others will require perk point investment, sufficient Speech skill, and prerequisite perks. 10 of the 18 perks allow your character to use unique abilities with their Lute. Using the Lesser Power again or activating the floor returns the player to their original position.
    With a Lute equipped and out, the player can queue Fire, Frost, and Shock "Notes". The keys used to queue these must be configured in the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) of the SkyUI mod. Up to 3 Notes can be queued. When 3 Notes are queued, but further Notes are added to the queue, the earliest Notes queued will be replaced. Using normal attacks will fire off basic projectile spells with the type corresponding to the earliest note queued. These projectiles deal very modest damage, but allow the player to regenerate Magicka. Using Power Attacks cause the player to play "Songs". Songs are your special abilities and which Song is played depends on the combination of Notes queued. To play a song successfully you must know it by obtaining the corresponding perk. Songs also consume Magicka.
    The effectiveness of the player's Songs and basic attacks are governed by the attack rating of their lute, whose damage scales highly with Speech skill.
    The majority of the Songs give a buff to the player and their allies while delivering debuffs to foes, within a 12 foot radius (shown visually with a ring effect). This is designed for a support class playstyle that enhances the combat efficacy of followers and nearby non-hostiles, while delivering little damage from the player him/herself.
    A list of the Songs' effects is below:

    SKSE v1.7.3 or later
    SkyUI v4.1 or later
    Qsleeves on Looperman for sounds
    Sampleswap for sounds



  16. The Coming Black Empire

    I'm looking for an experienced modder to look over the file The Coming Black Empire. I've worked it to a point at which I can't get any method of paralyzing the player to work. So far I have built poisons, enchantments, and spells to try to make it work but I'm missing something. If someone who knows how to figure out this problem, I'll send the current version in a private message. I'm just in a spot where the road seems to end, but many others have made such things work. Help? thanks, folks.
    I need feedback, so I can know how to proceed with future updates. Include how you are using the mod please. Thanks.
    It may be worth noting that, if you use Angrim's Apprentice, you will not make it to the trap door at a low level. I placed the Black Empire goons at the same place as Skyrimll's trap door. I forgot about this, and meant to warn folks sooner, but now is still a good time to issue a warning. Have fun.
    This mod expands my first mod, Crippling Poisons, and replaces it altogether.
    Among the features in Black Empire are:
    -Four new poisons with nasty effects (aimed at capturing actors, including the player)
    -A new craftable alchemy/food ingredient (visit the nearest cooking workbench)
    -Modified vanilla food recipes (original recipes still exist)
    -A new NPC vendor who sells poisons (from a leveled list) as well as other alchemy related items
    -Bandits carry poison leveled list
    -Forsworn carry poison leveled list
    -The poison health drain effect counts toward DAYMOYL bleedout.
    Near future plans:
    -Create a mess of NPCs for the Black Empire faction
    -Create a poison attack (similar to charus attack) that bandits and Forsworn will use against the player and followers
    -Make Skyrim less safe
    -Maybe Dawnguard and Dragonborn food recipe modifications (don't count on it)
    -Move Black Empire to "adult mods" catagory
    Known Issues
    -Poisons may drop too frequently
    -Vendor carries a poison that is too high in level for my PC (lvl 20), but not the appropriate poison



  17. Immersive First Person View

    1. Description
    2. Requirements
    3. Installing
    4. Uninstalling
    5. Compatibility & issues
    6. Credits
    7. Similar mods
    8. Changelog
    1. Description
    See exactly what your character sees. Look at screenshots or videos for what the mod does.
    As of 2.0 the mod no longer has a MCM or ESP. It's now a pure SKSE plugin. There is a text file for configuration in Data/SKSE/Plugins/FirstPersonPlugin.txt
    Press Numpad 8 to reload configuration file during playing. You can configure this key in the file as well.
    Press Numpad 4 to toggle helmet view. This only makes sense with open face helmets.
    2. Requirements
    SKSE 1.6.16 or higher: http://skse.silverlock.org/
    Skyrim latest version
    3. Installing
    Exctract Data folder over your Skyrim Data folder or use a mod manager to install.
    4. Uninstalling
    Make sure you are not in IFPV when you save game (so headtracking is reset). Then remove files you added when installing or use a mod manager.
    5. Compatibility & issues
    Doesn't work properly with 360 degree animations! If you see your character face when running backwards you are using 360 animations.
    If nothing happens in game when you switch to first person you must install latest version of SKSE. If you are installing with MO make sure the DLL file ends up in Data/SKSE/Plugins. You may have to manually do this. You can also try starting SKSE loader with administrator privileges.
    See comments / posts section for solutions to other problems.
    6. Credits
    All people who test and report bugs.
    7. Similar mods
    Skyrim - Enhanced Camera
    The Joy of Perspective
    8. Changelog
    3.4 - 09/04/2016
    Setting near clip dynamically based on the angle where you look (up or down). See the three profiles above Main. Added lower near clip value indoors. Added option to increase vertical angle restriction past 90 degrees so you can look at your own body better. When you are looking ahead then near clip value is not modified at all (default 15). Should remove all mountain flicker or ENB brightness weirdness. However if you look down you may notice the near clip value change at 45 degrees if you have ENB. Best fix is to re-enable near clip under Main profile with value of about 8 or 10. Slightly increased the view angle restrictions of default configuration. Meaning you can look left or right and up or down more than before.




  18. Ananasi3Pre-Alpha(DarkTeutonic)

    What is Ananasi Mod:
    When this mod is finish, it will be a Custom race Mod with a custom follower.
    Is it working ? What state is it at ?
    OK, so the current state of this mod is; WIP (Work in Progress, it doesn't do much for the moment)
    I am desperately trying to fix a problem with the Character's Menu (Inventory, Map, Spells etc...) (as of right now, when you transform (Using this spell) you lose all access to your spells and inventory). I am trying to fix that.
    But what is it about ? Can you tell me more about it? Any lore ?
    For those of you, who are wondering, what this mod is about, you can read a very early version of the lore about this mod in the first link(Below) on the Nexus Forum, my original post.
    The second link, was me asking help for the last transformation (What is it/that ? = read the mod description in the first or 2nd link(Below), either way, it has been removed from the, To do list - The Final state of the mod will ONLY have 3 forms NOT 4).
    But, how come it isn't out yet ?, these threads are old.
    Well like a lot of people, I got tired of Skyrim(Back then in 2013) and moved on, I just recently started playing again.
    But weren't you almost finish ?
    Well when I stop playing(back in 2013) I deleted everything, my unfinished mod included... Yes I know, I am still angry at myself as I am writing this.
    Hey...This name, the name of your mod, it reminds me of something....
    If you are a fan of the WOD (World of Darkness) tabletop games, you might have recognize the name, for everyone else, this mod is inspired by the Shapeshifter race of the same name in the Tabletop PnP RPG game; Werewolf: The Apocalypse. They are essentially Werespiders.
    But why spider!!!!!?
    If you hate spider and you don't want to see them ever, this mod is not for you, it basically turns your character into one(a spider), so don't download this mod if even the vanilla Skyrim's spider disgust you and/or if you can't stand them, this mod is not for you.
    Personally, I hate spider and I suffer from a mild level of arachnophobia in real life, that being said, its just a game and I know that. The fact that I am the spider, preying on others, I am not sure how to describe it (I feel empowered, it's like your are the monster, stalking instead of being the prey). Did that make sense ? no anyways..
    Plans for the future
    If I get help, I would like to add a Quest and a custom voice to my follower, but I am still a very amateur modder with little experience in modding.
    Call for Help
    [To anyone who has experience in scripting or modding in general]
    To experience Modder out there; (Oh! you silly darkteutonic it's easy you just have to do this...)
    If you happen to know what is causing the problem with the character's menu please, please let me know so I can finish this mod and upload the full version of it, so that everyone can enjoy it.
    I have an open thread regarding this problem in the Non-adult related mod section of this forum;
    What is currently included in this version;
    The mod adds a Spell [Form of the Swarm]
    How do I get the Spell?
    You have 2 options;
    1) Use the game's console, and type;
    Help Swarm
    Then use one of the following command;
    then add the number of the code for the Spell or the Spell Book.
    2) For a more Lore-Friendly way to acquire the spell, simply make your way to Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn. The book is located on the nightstand(the small table) next to the bed in the 2nd room on the left side.
    P.S. Do not forget to close the door behind you before picking up the book, as stealing the book, will increase your bounty and you will have to fight your way out of the Inn.
    Info about the Spell
    Name: Form of the Swarm.
    Duration: Unlimited
    Any bug I should know about ?:
    Yes, as mention multiple time above, this is a work in progress and I am currently baffled by a bug which prevent the player from opening the inventory, the spell or the map, after changing into the Spider form. I am currently working on the problem and as soon as I figured out, the problem will be fix, and the mod will be re-uploaded.
    What does it do then ?
    It does 2 things;
    1) It transforms your Character into the Ananasi's Swarm Form (What is that ? - Just a fancy name for the Spider form) But what does it look like ? Well, skin/texture wise, its basically a normal Frostbite Snow Spider. But under the hood, it comes with interesting bonuses such as In combat health regeneration (There are other bonus as well). I will reveal those in time, when I am finish balancing the mod.
    2) It summons at your sides, 4 smaller version of yourself (4 Frostbite Snow spiders). For the time being they are Essential, and cannot die. They will follow you everywhere and will only attack those who are hostile to you.
    Description of the spell;
    This power is meant to enable the caster (if you haven't guess by now), to transform into a swarm of spiders. Due to multiple reasons, such as the engine limitation, entrance being block by these little guys couple with the fact that many of us (myself included) are already using more than 1 follower...[these are just a few reason why,] I have decided to limit the number of spider summoned by this spell to 4. Think of it like this; 1 spider for each of your legs, 1 spider for each of your arms and 1 spider for your main body and head.



  19. [WIP] Pretty Males in Skyrim - Whiterun

    Author : © MenManMen
    Version : 1.0 (Work In Progress)
    Release date : 02/11/2015
    Requirements :
    KS Hairdos - Renewal & all of it's requirements : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/
    Beards : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28363/
    Brows : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30411/
    Recommended (but not required) :
    Shape Atlas for Men (SAM)(NSFW) & all of it's requirement : http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/files/file/1-sam-shape-atlas-for-men-recoded/
    Ixum's Smooth, Hot'nSweaty Muscles Re-texture (require SAM)(NSFW): http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/files/file/27-sam-ixums-smooth-hotnsweaty-muscles-re-texture/
    Cute Eyes : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13076/

    ~~~ This is my very first mod, so be comprehensive please ~~~ (and i'm french, so sorry for my bad english :/ )
    I was scared by the ugliness of the vanilla males, so I created this little mod that replace the faces and change the hair of all Whiterun men.
    Each male have its mod (.esp), so you can choose the ones you want. This mod was originally created for my personal use, but finally i want to share it with you.
    AT THIS POINT, THIS IS NOT A VERY SERIOUS MOD (to know more, read the "WIP, Help needed" part below)
    (in alphabetical order)

    Amren Andurs Anoriath Athis Avulstein Balgruuf Belethor Bjorlam Brenuin Brill Caius Eimar Elrindir Eorlund Farengar Farkas Gloth Heimskr Hjornskar Hrongar Idolaf Jenssen Jervar Jon Kodlak Mallus Maurice Mikael Nazeem Olfrid Proventus Quentin Cipius Sabjorn Severio Sigurd Sinmir Skjor Skulvar Torvar Ulfberth Vignar Vilkas Wilmuth



    So bugs can appear, if a bug (that is not already reported below) appear in your game please report it !
    I need help to :
    1 - Merging and modify ESPs and BSAs files
    2 - Fix the first Issue below
    I think I have to completely rework this mod. This is mod is entirely created with the NPC Editor. So have to learn how to use the faces i created in the NPC Editor in a new original mod, and if you want to help Me, i will be very happy ;-) !

    In Racemenu, the number of hair can be disproportioned and it can be very hard to choose the hair you want :
    Until I fix this bug, If you want to modify the hair of your PC (by the showracemenu command), please load your game without checking any of this mod's ESPs, load your save, change your hair, save, and exit the game. You can now load the game with the ESPs checked.

    Open the archive, and copy .esp files (and the respectives .bsa files) of each man you want, to your DATA folder.

    Foretrenty for "Skyrim NPC Editor"
    Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for "KS Hairdos - Renewal"
    Hvergelmir for "Beards" and "Brows"
    VectorPlexus, Earrindo, lxlHunter & Hymnaru for "SAM - Shape Atlas for Men"
    Ixum for his "Ixum's Smooth, Hot'nSweaty Muscles Re-texture for SAM"
    TKTK for "Cute Eyes"



  20. Just Too Sticky

    The Problem
    Your toon is a delicate flower. Picking through the mangled remains of dead bodies for apparel which is covered in blood, (most likely fecal matter), and then carrying it around is not the sort of thing they want to do.
    The Solution
    Let them use linen to clean off the blood and fecal matter from the piece of apparel.
    (In fact they won't take it off the dead body unless they are carrying some linen to clean it off with. The piece of linen is made all messy in the process and your toon will lose it somewhere)
    Don't think there are any other than really hating your toon. (Actually SKSE is probably needed).
    Mods Which Make It Interesting(*)
    Loot & Degradation (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55677/?)
    Temper Clothing - for Loot and Degradation(http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68898/?)
    Linen Craft (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21394/?)
    More Believable Carry Weight (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48929/?)
    Any mod which makes the economy more realistic
    Any mod which makes running around naked a bit risky, (When paired with Loot & Degradation)
    (*) Subjective obviously.



  21. Interesting Vanilla NPCs - Demo


    This is only the very first part of the Onmund romance/friendship storyline, which is about 1/5 of the story. In the demo, you will know the basic concepts of the mod, but it's not everything we'll be doing (say, quests that require "doing and killing something").

    Please also note that this mod is NOT to be used in a serious save (playthrough). Its purposes are to show players what this mod's concepts are, and to attract voice actors/actresses to help in this project. The content in the demo might change in the future, so what you see in the demo might not be the "real" story.

    This is an unfinished mod, and is supposed to be used in a separate test save. We hold no responsibility for breaking anyone's playthrough. Be sure to uninstall it after you finish the demo.

    And to clarify, there's NO sex and romance in the demo, just friendship. You'll become intimate with Onmund in the middle of the story.

    Lastly, all the dialogues are currently unvoiced, so it's strongly advised to use Fuz Ro D-oh while playing the demo. We're still looking for voice actors and actresses.

    Features of the final product:
    - Enriched vanilla NPC personality and background story
    - Realistic romance with vanilla NPC
    - Player's decisions and words have impacts to your relationship with the NPC and the whole story
    - Flirting, kissing, and sex
    Brief introduction:

    I am looking for people who know CK and scripts to make a follower romance mod, that adds in-depth romance and friendship for VANILLA followers. At first, I only knew a few about CK, the best I could do was doing facelifting; but thanks to WraithSlayer's guidance, I know how to make the dialogues and very basic scripts. My major talent is composing stories and doing writing stuff.

    This mod will add new locations as well, and might involve complex scripts in the middle and after. If no one offered help in these parts, I would have to learn making new regions, but complex scripts might take me very much time to learn, which I might just cancel the parts that involve certain degree of complexity; so, your help is needed to make the mod more awesome, and to speed up the development.

    In the mod, the player will get to truly romance some MALE followers (and some non-followers made followers). I don't plan to make female ones, at least for now, as Amorous Adventures had already added plenty of qualified female romances, such as Serana and Elisif.

    The mod is temporarily named Interesting Vanilla NPCs.

    We'll do Onmund first. If the Onmund story is successful, then we'll proceed to other people, possibly Brynjolf or Marcurio.

    Why do I want to make this mod:

    I know three mods that introduce male romance: Skyrim Romance Mod (SRM), Amorous Adventures, and Interesting NPCs.

    In SRM, the PC is unnaturally attractive. Every man added by this mod has irresistible desire to bang the PC, and most of them are similar in a lot of ways. They also speak unnaturally sweet, and I'm embarrassed whenever a man of SRM speaks to me. Only a teenage girl who fancy love stories like Twilight would find SRM exactly what she needs. The romance of SRM lacks depth as well.

    Amorous Adventures adds 3 male romances: Vilkas, Farkas and Ralof. The "romance" of Ralof is not a romance at all, and that of Vilkas and Farkas lack depth; also, all three romances haven't even a single interesting point. In short, they're lame. But in fact, the author confessed that (s)he doesn't find making male romances easy or interesting, and won't do male romance in future; so we shouldn't demand too much in Amorous Adventures' male romances, as the author didn't intend to make them in the first place.

    As for Interesting NPCs, romance is neither a main part or an important feature, so it shouldn't be enlisted at all.

    Meanwhile, I also noticed that the romances in SRM and AA didn't provide much choices for players to pick during the romances. All of the storylines are set and the players just need to follow. To make it sound clearer- you do realize that there's only one dialogue option for you to pick each time you're going to speak in SRM and AA, don't you?

    Basically, I have few romance choices when I'm roleplaying as a straight female, but to romance my badass Familiar Face character - in my brain only; and when I say romancing him, it's just imagining that we speak something about the last battle and then we feel quite horny and get laid. That's lame.

    Therefore, I wish to add some solid male romance options, which are not overly-sweet, Twilight-ish or lame. I want to make male romances that are natural and realistic, interesting and not lackluster, and most importantly- they should have depth for players to think about and consider.

    Sexlab (the story has romance, and there's kiss and sex in the romance; neither is in the demo, but they will be in the final version)

    Whom I'm looking for, desperately:

    A CK worker who knows how to make new places
    Voice Actor(s)
    Voice Actress(es)

    Or, if you know more than 1 of the above, you can definitely apply to both jobs.

    Whom I'm looking for, but not in urgent:

    A CK worker who knows script

    What I'll do:

    Writing stuff, NPC making (eg. Onmund's family), making dialogues and quests in CK, voice acting (better not, unless no one is offering to voice act).

    If you're interested in helping, inbox me or leave a reply, and I'll inbox you.

    Anbeegod for mod idea, story and dialogue writing, CK working
    WraithSlayer for scripting, teaching me to use CK (this is very important, without that, this mod won't even exist)



  22. Dynamic Naming

    Dynamic Naming
    Version 0.52 Beta
    Main Changes:
    - Reworked the way naming works for the final time, Names are no longer directly changed instead Display Names are used.
    Currently 50 Display names are available for use at any one time. Once the maximum is reached Actors will stop receiving names.
    - Names will now stick with the assigned Actor until one of two things happen:
    #The Player has left the cell for a set amount of time (Default is 10 hours Game Time), however if the player returns to the cell the Countdown is stopped and will restart from it's original duration when the player leaves again.
    #The NPC has died for a set amount of time (Default of 2 Hours GameTime)
    - Added Format Randomisation Each race has a pool of 4 formats 2 used for everyday NPCs and 2 for Guard NPCs
    When a NPC is assigned a name one of the 2 formats will be taken and used. This is temporary and will be improved in the future.
    - Added new keywords for use in formats, \\n, lvl and <BaseName>:
    # \\n makes everything after it move to the next line instead allowing for multiline names.
    # lvl will show the current level of the actor.
    # <BaseName> will show the original name of the actor.
    -Re-Added the MCM it currently includes the following options:
    #NPC Finder - Allows the player to turn off the Naming Cloak (Useful in case of a brawl bug)
    #Lore Names for NPCs - While Enabled NPCs will recieve lore names when this is disabled all naming for Playable races is stopped
    #Lore Names for Dragons - While Enabled Dragons will recieve Lore Names. Note: Lore Names for NPCs must be enabled for this to work.
    #Purge All Given Names - Clicking this option will Restart the Lore Name quest causing all assigned names to be reset and all NPCs to be removed from the quest.
    #Name Fade Time - Allows for changing of the time it takes for a NPC to lose their name after the player has left their cell
    #Corpse Name Fade Time - Allows for the changing of the time it takes for a Deceased NPC to lose their name.
    #Select Race - This Menu is used for the Format Options. Has all Playable races + an ALL option which will apply changes to all Races.
    #Format - The two Format options allow for customisation of the naming formats everyday NPCs use the mod will randomly select one of the two each time a name is assigned.
    #Guard Format - This performs the Same function as Format except for Guards.
    #Current Formats-
    "Given Affix"
    "Guard Given"
    "Guard Given Affix"
    "Guard AffixGiven"
    "Guard Affix"
    "<BaseName>, Given"
    "<BaseName>, Given Affix"
    "<BaseName>, AffixGiven"
    "Given Affix \\n Level lvl <BaseName>"
    "Given \\n Level lvl <BaseName>"
    "Level lvl <BaseName>"
    "<BaseName> \\n Level lvl"
    "Given Affix the <BaseName>"
    "Given the <BaseName>"
    "AffixGiven the <BaseName>"
    - Added Lore Naming for Dragons. Dragons will be assigned a Randomised Name while Lore Naming Is enabled Currently they are not effected by formats.
    The Dragon name pool consists of 120 Words spread over 3 Seperate Pools, A Pre, Mid and Suffix pool. random words are taken from these pools and added together to create a name.
    The used words are then removed from the pool. When a pool is low it will be refreshed.
    - Requirements -
    Skyrim Script Extender (http://skse.silverlock.org)
    - Optional -
    SkyUi 3.4+ - While this is not needed to run the mod you will be unable to customise Names, Formats or what the mod effects.
    - Overview -
    Randomised Naming:
    - NPCs of Playable Races* can recieve Lore Names, Like Gavus Severa for a Imperial or S'Barri for a Khajiit.
    All names assigned as a Lore Name will be based upon the Race and Gender of the NPC, you won't see a Nord with an Imperial name or a Imperial with a Nord Name.
    Though the naming is randomised you won't see repeats for a long while(if ever!), Between the 10 Races there are over 1200 Names and 800 Affixes.
    With names that are used being removed and only refreshed when the pool is low.
    - Dragons can now also recieve Lore Names, their names are constructed randomly from 3 words of the Dragon Language.
    Naming Formats:
    - All Non-Unique NPCs can have different naming formats(Locked to race) don't want a Lore name? You could instead use a Base Format instead or Base and Level (Would show Level 1 Bandit for example.)
    - The MCM allows you to customise different features of the mod, formats, Name fade times, Allowing Lore Names, Purging all given names are all options which can be turned on/off, modified or swapped.
    *Argonian, Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Ord, Redguard, Wood Elf
    - Compatibility -
    Dynamic Naming will be compatible with any added NPCs from mods as long as the following conditions are met:
    - The NPC is of a playable race (Argonian, Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Redguard, Orc, Wood Elf)
    - The NPC is not Unique.
    As long as those two conditions are satisfied added NPCs will be named.
    - Installation/Uninstallation
    Nexus Mod Manager:
    Simply Download via Nexus Mod Manager and install.
    Loose Files:
    Extract DynamicNaming.esp and DynamicNaming.bsa into your Skyrim Data Folder
    When updating from 0.45 move into an area where no NPCs are and then save and uninstall the mod be sure to remove ALL _DNAM labeled scripts from your Scripts Folder.
    After follow the Installation Instructions
    With MCM-
    With MCM Disable the NPC Finder and Lore Names for NPCs options in the MCM, move to a new cell or interior, then save and uninstall the mod.
    Without MCM-
    Without MCM Move to a cleared out location (Has No Nearby NPCs) then wait for 12 Hours. Save then uninstall the mod.
    Nexus Mod Manager-
    Uninstall the mod via Nexus Mod Manager.
    Loose Files
    Remove DynamicNaming.esp and DynamicNaming.bsa from your Skyrim Data Folder.
    - History -
    0.45 -Dynamic naming will now NEVER rename a Base Object (This is added as sometimes it would rename a
    baseobject of an Actor naming all the following actors the same.)
    -Affixes for some Races will now only appear around 50% of the time.
    -A number of Script optimisations.
    -Prepped the Formatting script for MCM and Also for the Alternative which will be added in a future
    0.42 - is a complete overhaul of the Mod the following has changed (Also the entire underlying scripts were rebuilt
    from scratch.)
    -All Races are now supported (Argonian, Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Redguard, Orc,
    Wood Elf)
    -Between the 10 Races there is over 1200 First names and 800 affixes.
    -Area detection now works properly, Look to assign was removed
    -MCM has been removed and will be reintroduced in a later version.

    0.30 - Main Changes:
    - 195 New First Names for Imperials and Nords of both genders (Approx 65 New male Names and 130 Female).
    - 161 New Suffixes for Imperials and Nords of both genders (60 Nord, 101 Imperial).
    - You can now enable or Disable Suffix Naming for NPCs via the MCM Menu.
    - You can now enable an area based detection instead of looking at the NPCs via the MCM Menu.
    - The Mod no longer needs to be started via the Menu first time it will automatically start.
    - Added Code for to allow for updates without having to reinstall each time.
    - Fixed Issues with names not being shown due to a incorrect call.
    0.26b - Initial Release
    - Credits -
    Bethseda's The Elder Scroll series (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim)
    SoulofChrysamere - For being a human name generation on demand, brilliant work.
    Tamerial Rebuilt's Name Generator - http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/?p=modding_data/ngen
    UESP's Lore Section - http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Names



  23. Roadside Bath House

    Currently still WIP but updated with a few cosmetic changes still have not found a suitable place to put it but might be looking at the area around Dark Water Mine and in through there but nto really at the mine itself. Though there are so few mods for a place like that might place it there.
    I did setup a cell where you an go to it and visually look at it:
    coc mytestcell
    I will add benches in the water later so you can sit and be merry. Looking for help adding an NPC with basic dialogue merchant preferably with items since npcs are so beyond me. Some scripted effects when bathing in the water to get some buffs and perks per bath.
    If there is anyone willing to help please drop me a message.
    !Due to the creation kit derping on me and giving me a mess of problems this mod cant be finished by me. I have selected that farm house near the ruined watch tower from the start of the main quest i had a nice place built up but creation kit kept crashing on me when trying to save it. If there is anyone using this resource as a full mod please post a link to it as i would like to see how it is being used.



  24. TrueDovakhinPerks


    by Hal3023 (aka Harald9000)

    I felt like the vanilla perksystem was lacking indepth thoughts, so I made this mod to my pleasure. As I use tons of mods and know how ugly mod conflicts can get, I kept it as simple as possible. And as I use a lot of mods from LL I felt like giving something in return that I can do by myself.
    So here is it, my mod:  

    Th is mod rebalances the whole perksystem.
    If you were ever annoyed by the simplicism of magical perks, or wished melee weapons would be cooler to use, or you want to have more difference between usage of heavy or light armor (or none ). Then this mod is just for you.  

    What does this mod do?
    It adds some indepth features to some perks, adds new perklevels and even adds some custom made spells (why would you be able to enchant items with fire resistance but not use a fire resistance spell on its own?).  

    Greater difference between weapontypes, Hammers deal a lot of damage and ignore armor, swords deal damage and can strike extremely critical (imagine you pierce your opponent), axes cause bleeding and can leave horrendous wounds in its targets.
    Greater difference between weaponsort: Two-handed weapons are more efficient than a single one-handed weapon. (the boni for two-handed are bigger)
    Bows were too efficient on low-level (as you can kite all enemies to death) so i weakened bow damage earned from early accesable perks and moved it to later acessable perks. (No worries bows are still good, and even mightier when you become a grandmaster of archery)  

    You will gain extra toughness when spending perk point in heavy armor tree, and the boni to armor value are bigger than earlier.
    If you spend points in the light armor tree instead, you will be more flexible in battle (regain stamina quicker) AND all non armor relevant boni are granted to you wether or not wearing light armor as long as you don't use heavy armor (Why should you ONLY be faster when you wear light armor? is it some sort of powersuit?).  

    Instead of the 50% less magicka cost of each rank in each tree of magic, I placed a smaller boni to magicka cost to each perk rank that also affects the next rank of spells (e.g. You got the Novice Restoration Perk and instead of -50% magicka cost to novice restoration it grants you -25% zo novice and -10% to apprentice level restoration spells) Ofcourse those boni will get bigger when you get higher ranks of magic perk (e.g. You got the Apprentice Restoration Perk, and it grants you -40% to novice, -25% to apprentice and -10% to adept restoration spells)  

    Slight changes to Sneak: a little bit smaller bonus to hide rate, you have a chance to cause bleed while using a bow in sneak
    Also small changes to Speech: smaller bonus to Haggling, higher bonus to allure (so use your charms ladies and gents)
    More power to alchimists: Why would i use alchemy if i can buy potions that are just more powerful than mine? greater boni to potion and poison effectiveness.
    Enchanting and Alteration: weaker elemental and magical resistance enchantments, therefore added new spells to Alteration magic: e lemental resistance spells which can be bought by any spell merchant (created with vanilla animations and effects).  

    Well that's it  


    Should work fine as long as none of your mods change vanilla scripts from the speech-tree.
    Conflicts with any other mod changing vanilla perks.  




  25. Blackreach Experiments

    What in the world is this?
    This is many locations I used in a story I was doing. It starts (minus the prologue) here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-561-the-blackreach-experiments-part-1-and-2/
    There are many interesting locations spread throughout the world. If they are on the surface, they have map markers and should be visible as soon as you install the mod.
    All the Blackreach parts are you will need to use "coc BE_SoulEngine_MapOrigin" to reach the cells. They are connected by doorways buttons etc. They are not navmeshed though.
    What is actually in this?
    Good question.
    There is a worldspace you can reach with "coc BE_SoulEngine_MapOrigin". This space contains, the soul engine, alpha control, and the Refgormation Chamber. Pretty much all the cool dwemer stuff in the pics.
    There is a Ephemeral Glade near Markarth and a Tech Shrine near Riften. Both have markers.
    Inside Mistvale Keep there are some staic scrolls, journals, and notes on the alchemy table.
    The animated backpack meshes are also in a folder but I could never get them to work. They just sit there in an off position,
    What can I do with this?
    You can take some cool screenshots, and ....well that's about it realy. If you want to make this into a set of working locations by navmeshing it and making it usable, then feel free. I actually hope someone does because I just don't have the time.
    Notes for the modder/player:
    All cells and items start with AAA or 000 or BE. I usually stick with one or the other but I made this over a very long period of time so I switched it up unintentionally.
    It is stable. I have run this over a long period of time with no problems.
    I also ran it through TESVedit.
    Other than that, enjoy it and have fun.
    Cell Locations:
    Worldspace: BE_ManaEngineWorld (Dwemer Tech Stuff)
    Worldspace: AAA_MeetingPlace (Sovernguarde area)
    AAA_Sky_Test_Cell (actually a worldspace where I was playing with sky settings.)
    nothing here really
    000ManaEngine01 (cell with a working float )
    AAA_CelineBedroom01 (copy of Whiterun Jarls bedroom)
    aaaBlackreachExperimentRuin (a cell with a few odd things I found in the game)
    contains some bleeding vampire statues, ideal master gem, a object version of the apocrypha sky, and a static Alduin



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