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  1. m.2 is good, but it's a bitch to setup the bios so you can install/run a OS on them. other problems are they can run a bit hot (my m.2 is 41c, where as my sata is only 25c), and if your computer dies or can't be used for some reason then you will need to get a adapter to get any files off of it (because chances are you don't have another computer around with a m.2 slot.) glass side/front panels are like putting a plastic bag over your head, you may be able to see through it but you sure a fuck can't breath. also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqnCHa9qlxM
  2. that's actually the slow way, just yell "YOL" as loud as you can and they will all immediately fall apart.
  3. sorry about that, things just sort of happened....maybe wait a couple of days to see if any new problems show up with the draugrs/undead in LE. people will bitch no mater what you do, Eg: with v10 people bitched at me to remove the SLNC esps and make a "LE version" that only used one esp file, once i did that with v11 then people started bitching because they did not have all of the DLCs installed. the real question is why do people keep having problems with the new CF in SSE? with all the script savvy people on this site you would think someone could figure out whats going on.....did i forget a file? is jcon sse not compatible? is sexlab v1.63 too different? are people just being stupid? is Skyrim SE being retarded for no reason what so ever? right now i think you/we should probably not do anything to CF until the cause is found. i'm going to go and type up a new troubleshooting procedure, maybe it will solve some of the problems (unlikely but worth a shot).
  4. xEdit is faster and much easier, i don't use mod managers so i don't know.
  5. if you want to fight with the CreationKit then be my guest. yes.
  6. ...i miss stargate, fucking sgu killed everything.
  7. ...but skeletons are fragile, most of the time they go down in one hit.
  8. they should be fine. i don't know what "Growl" is, and who's version on SL Werewolves do you have installed? because the original causes some problems. also watch out for sos, it's werewolf settings mess with CF.
  9. that can't be done in a standard/normal way, sexlab has a 2 race limit.....the mammoth would need to be a AnimObject.
  10. yea...i'm not sure what to do about them, having a solid bone bend would look odd....need to make something new....
  11. you can delete your own posts by clicking on the "options" button.
  12. should do. well i guess you can try turning off anything made for m/m, but sexlab's mcm may have options better suited to your needs. well, horse on dragon exists, so technically i already have. that's a bit of a odd mix....i don't think i have ever seen those 2 races on screen at the same time.
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