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  1. seems ok to me, but i'm not a fan of Adata's stuff. also don't bother with water cooling, air (with lots of heat pipes) cools better in many cases, hell i'm still using the stock cooler that came with my 3700 (but i also have 5 case fans).
  2. your "Scene Root" is a bsfadenode when it should be a ninode, and the mesh is a BSTriShape when it should be a NiTriShape.
  3. i have a small stock pile of pre made tail animations that can be used: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89622-3ds-max-tail-animation-guide/ but sadly the other animators are being lazy/dicks about using them. tip: if you run a animation that uses a tail animation and then switch to one that does not the game will continue to run the last tail animation used.
  4. click on the small "Hentai Creatures" on the left side.
  5. "hey cat, bend over and let my dog "chase you" for a bit" "hey scaly, come here and let me polish your lizard"
  6. i don't think you would need to edit any meshes or esp files in this case, you just need to setup a json file to redirect things to MNC's aroused meshes.
  7. looks like "InvisFurn" is the tag edit: added it to the list
  8. that makes sense to me, but just watch out for sexlab's "BedOnly" tag edit: "InvisFurn" is the tag getting used for that. Doggy is just the short form of DoggyStyle, (but DoggyStyle should be the only one getting used) and Canine is already used for race identification, along with wolf and dog. most of those tags are already tags. the "Aggressive" tag covers that, sexlab itself uses that one tag to identify these things. scripts are binary, do or do not, there is no maybe.
  9. did you have a older version of "SexLab Utility Plus" installed? because i was getting problems like that with a older test build. it should have been fixed in the newer versions, also make sure you hit the reset button in SexLab's debug MCM when you install or update that mod. contact OsmelMC if the problem persists.
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