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  1. Natural Woman Two

    Natural Woman Skin Two.01
    July 3rd, 2020
    Original Author...unsure.
    A selection of various half & full size textures. Half sized textures are small, easy on the FPS, but still very detailed...good for actual game play. There could have been more but let's keep file sizes reasonable...lol. Some are ridiculous...but there are women out there with really BIG nipples/areola...don't ask Mr Dog how he knows that...

    Includes...Brown & Pink nipples...veins and stretchmarks etc to varrying degrees. If you can not preview dds files for whatever reason, less extreme tends to be A...higher letters more extreme.
    Various bruised textures for the naughty girls. Some are extreme...
    Just choose the one you want...copy & paste it somewhere...rename it to footfemale and put it in your....
    Data--->Textures--->Characters---->Imperial--->Female (this one)
    Don't forget the Normal Texture (footfemale_n.dds)...one fits all.
    Some turned out better than others. The majority require a high poly breast mesh with a good sized nipple/areola zone...SPD Curvaceous...DMRA....and such. Some nipples are HUGE...they distort on lower poly breasts.
    Due to 'Amber's Pussy' also being on this texture (a Club project), you'll want to install the files in the rather obvious 'InstallToFixRedHeels' folder...new (better) sandals. The old crappy stock ones had red splotches on their heels. Reason: the stock sandals get their flesh color from a part of the texture other than the foot, oddly enough. Adding the detailed Robert's feet to the sandals fixes this. WARNING: the sandals have red toenails. All NPCs wearing them will have red toenails. No longer part of the main DL...

    New versions likely as skills improve...
    This version has some new 'progressive' textures...from pale pink (A, AA, AB, AC, etc) to very darkbrown (BA, BB, BC etc)...see NaturalWomanOne folder.
    Version One (now included in 2.02)...Boobs in screenie below under the spoiler.



  2. Natural Woman Skin

    Natural Woman Repaint ver 1.01
    May 24, 2020
    A detailed hand repaint of...I'm not sure who the original artist was...but all credit to that person. I merely added to what was already there. This version was originally only in the Club section and I've decided to post it to the regular downloads.
    A new version is in the works that will include this skin plus numerous variations of it...bigger nipples...brown nipples...lots of stretch marks...etc. But why wait? Try out the basic skin...
    Includes...some blue veins/stretch marks/Montgomery glands...etc. Looks fairly normal on smaller girls but when stretched over a pair of big breasts...voila. Ideal for use with the SPD Curvaceous Chubby body.
    Also included...Amber's HGEC pussy textures (built-in). Due to the texture's location on the bigger texture, you might get red splotches on your female lowerclass sandals. Thus some (better) replacements for the sandals are included.
    Install like you would install any skin texture.
    Data--->Textures--->Characters--->Imperial--->Female (in here)
    Back-up your old skin. Just in case...

    If you're interested in what upper body this young lady is hauling around...it's (I understand) a rare HGEC upper that might be a bit of a search to find. I forget WHERE I got it...
    So here it is...
    Put it in one of the HGEC upper body folders  with Set Body installed.
    Data--->Meshes--->Characters--->Bombshell--->HGEC--->HGEC Normal Top--->K Cup (for example...whatever one you rarely if ever use)



  3. Western Saddles for Horses

    This is a file I uploaded to the Nexus. Since it was a ported model from the first Red Dead Redemption that I found on another site, I had to be clever in order to make sure no one reported it. So I created what is known as a Cornelia Style Archive which is one of the methods people use to post files on 4chan. You see that random mess of pixels at the bottom of the image? That is the files embedded in the image itself.
    To get the files:
    1. Download this image using the download button or save it from the screenshot.
    2. Open it in MS Paint, Photoshop, or GIMP.
    3. Convert/Save it as a 24-bit bitmap image.
    4. Open the image in 7zip. If that does not work then change the file extension to ".zip" and then open it.



  4. DMZ Vortex armor replacer in peaces

    Expect incompatibility and mesh clipping with some armour wore. In future some fixes will be made.
    I am not the creator of original armours! All endorsements go to original creators VortexZz and Darigaz17.
    Edited armours:
    Blades Light & Heavy
    Dark Seducer
    Golden Saint
    Iron (bbb added)
    Light Arena Raiment
    Heavy Arena Raiment (identical to light arena raiment)
    Mythic Dawn Armor
         - Imperial Dragon (Heavy / Light)
         - Imperial Watch (unplayable in vanilla Oblivion)
         - Imperial Palace (unplayable in vanilla Oblivion) 



  5. Tania Head Model

    Thought I'd post this just in case anyone wants to do something with it.
    It's Tania the Hermit's head model from here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58670
    For anyone who's spent hours trying to get FFrace head working, here's another challenge for you. The tri and egm should work (dunno haven't tested) but the head needs rigging and weighting. Textures you can rip from the original file.
    Credit: Magnificat (closer1223)



  6. Clarity Eyes

    Clarity Eyes
    Author: Victoria K. aka Victoria VII
    Date: 7-30-2014
    Game: TesIV Oblivion
    Eyes pack 5 colors as vanilla replacer (or resource) + 2 colors (grey and purple) as resource.
    Since I've made these eyes for a modder's character in anothr game, I made an Oblivion version too for release.
    The eyes have a vivid appearance with or without enb and the style could suit both fantasy and non-fantasy preferences.
    The sclera is also remade.
    Extract - Copy - Past in your Data folder.
    This will require to overwrite your current eyes textures, if you are not sure about replacing them, make a copy of your current eyes textures to be restored later.
    I've created this content to enjoy the game, no permission is needed and I ask any works based on this content, to be freely shared with same no-permission-needed policy.
    Thanks to Bethesda for this great game.
    Thanks to all who love and still play Oblivion.



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