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Skyrim resources for other mods or modders to make use of

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  1. Python Tools

    I've been making some Python as I go to make life easier when working on the Slaver's Spellbook. Nothing earth-shaking, but I thought I'd post in case someone else found them useful.
    Currently there's two modules in two files, each with some sample code.
    Book Tools
    This is collection of context managers for the CK's almost HTML book format. So for example, this is the first couple of pages from Opus Korneum:
    # # frontspiece illo, maybe a bit much? # img( "Textures/docbook/illos/well_behaved.png", width='288', height='252', caption="Well behaved slavegirls pay close attention to their master." ) para("<br>") pbreak() # # don't know if I'll keep the drop caps # with Para(): cap( "Seeker! Know you now that you hold in your hands the life's work " "of the great mage Korneum, often called \"The Objectionable\", " "though rarely to my face and always by lesser minds, jealous of my intellect." ) # # it's not a purely mental collection though, even if it started out that way # with Para(): cap( "Seeker! Know you that with this book you can gain insight into " "and indeed control over, the bodies and minds of Man and Mer, and other races besides. " "Know that the potential to cause harm spells is very great; " "With these magics, minds can be twisted into helpless dependency, " "their owners reduced to sad, twisted parodies of their former selves." ) The context managers make sure the tags are closed correctly and there are a pile of convenience functions. Cap()  for instance, applies a normal paragraph with a Drop Cap on the first character. You'll probably want to fiddle with the funcs or write your own, but the classes should be farily solid.
    Spell Tools
    This is a parser for esp/esm files. It reads the data in, finds the SPEL group, find the spells and gives you a list with the name, editor_id and formid for each of them. I wrote it mainly so I could auto generate some json I could feed to JsonUtil to auto load some spell lists when you read the spellbook. That script is in there unaltered, but briefly, it works like this:
    def main(): ss = Plugin("slavers_spellbook.esp") slhp = Plugin("slavers_spellbook_slhp.esp") ss.find_spells() slhp.find_spells() #print [ sp.editor_id for sp in slhp.spells ] print_json(ss.spells + slhp.spells) Of course, you don't have to make json files with it, and it can probably be extended to make lists of other records.



  2. BookTxtAPI - Write In Books, Read the Output! [Experimental/Modders Resource]

    BookTxtAPI, quite simply, allows the user (or modder) to write into books, and for modders to receive the written content and do something with it. 
    This is an experimental plugin. To our understanding, it is stable and robust. However, you should be prepared for unexpected behavior and even a rare crash. There is no defined character limit. The user can type until the SKSE plugin runs out of memory, which probably wouldn't even stand a chance of happening until 10,000+ characters.  When more then one page of content is entered, each character returns it back to the first page. This makes multi-page entry technically possible, but impractical.    
    1) Attach the included script BookTxtAPI.pex to books you would like to use for text entry. Notes are supported as well. Input is sent to the ModEvent (step 3) when the book is closed. Book Input support all alphanumeric characters (A-Z,0-9) and some special characters (!,@,#,$,%,&,*,(,),:,',-,_) plus comma.
    2) Set the properties for BookTxtAPI.pex. These properties change the book's behavior:
    DisableResetOnClose_ThisBook Set to TRUE if you would like to retain the written content after the book is closed. EnablePickUp_ThisBook (EXPERIMENTAL) Allows book to be picked up. You cannot write into books within your inventory. SkipIntroPage_ThisBook Skip the intro (creation kit default) text and load right into any custom text. DisableUserWrite_ThisBook Disables user's ability to write in the book. Used if you would like to dynamically create books but not allow theuser to write in them (ex, wanted posters) 3) (OPTIONAL) Set the book's text via script:

    Book Text can either be entered in papyrus prior to opening the book, or by the user. In a script that will fire before the book is opened, write:
    ;PROPERTIES BookTxtAPI Property API Auto ;CODE Function FiresBeforeBookOpened() API.SetTextByObjectReference("Hello, World") EndFunction Set the property BookTxtAPI to the ObjectReference of the book you would like to modify.
    4) Catch events by using our ModEvents:
     Registration:  ; on each game load  RegisterForModEvent("BookTxtAPI_TextEntered", "BookResult") ; catch book text  Event:  Event BookResult(Form sender,string BookText) ; catch book text ;form sender is what sent the event ;booktext is the user input from the time the book was opened until it was closed and reset.  EndEvent   
    This software is licensed to you Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.
    - You may not modify (fork) the code. 
    - You may only use the work in a non-commercial manner, with attribution.
    - Commercial uses of the work (paid mods) will be considered if we are notified and give prior approval with mutually agreed upon terms.
    - We will not charge for the usage of this content, if the user is not profiting upon the distribution of this content, at any time.



  3. Rabbot modder's resource

    Untextured Blender model of Rabbot from the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
    I'm sure you can find a use for it.



  4. Metal Gear REX modder's resource

    This is a 3D model that I made using the 3D modeling program Blender, of Metal Gear REX from the 1998 game Metal Gear solid.

    I hope that someone can rig, animate, texture it, and then somehow turn it into a vehicle mod in Skyrim.

    Obviously this would be an extremely long, complex, and daunting task, but if you
    have the technical know-how or are a career professional in the game
    development field and think you can do it, then by all means, please do!

    I realize that this mesh is somewhat of a mess, and you have permission to polish and clean it up.

    According to this game footage from Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots,
    REX"s walks with it's legs slightly outwards and in a steep downward

    Also, it's lower legs are move up and down like shock absorbers. They retract slightly when sitting down, and extend slightly
    when standing up or walking.

    If you're going to animate it walking, study this video very closely and try to replicate it's walk.




  5. Women's Wristwatch

    This is just a free modder's resource/blender file because I have absolutely no idea how to turn it into a wearable/equippable item into Skyrim. If you have the technical knowledge of how to do this, please do so, but please give me credit for it.
    The only requirement that I know of is the latest version of blender.
    Getting it into the game as an item might require nifskope and/or outfit studio, and since it comes in a zip file, you might need to use winrar.
    This mesh has an extremely high polygon count, over 30,000 in fact, so scaling that down might be important for in-game use. It also needs to be textured accordingly, preferably white plastic, but silver would also work well.
    This was designed after an actual women's sportswatch, and is intended for female characters, but there is no reason why it can't be worn by men as well.



  6. Emfy Cleric UNP Black.zip

    Emfy Cleric UNP Black retexture.
    property of Deserter X and Mitosuke
    requested by TyMatt
    only what is needed is included.
    drop it in your data folder if you intend on using it.
    if you want to decrease on increase glossiness, you will need to change the meshes in nifskope.



  7. TimeMissionController

    Sorry.. .upload the bad version... Fixed in 0.6

    I'm a bit bored of Skyrim and this my apportation to make it more atractive...
    We can make all that we want in skyrim.. we can make any of the availables quest when we want or make none and make it how we want.. and of course, if we load a savegame ALL the game have exactly the same state that when save...
    This mod control the following things:
    Time passed in Skyrim
    Number of Fast Travel
    Number of RELOAD'S
    Yes... Number of RELOAD'S...
    I change the Radiant Bounty Quests availables from the Tavern Keeper and Jarl Steward, but only for test and demo.
    When you install my mod the missions are controled by TMC and you can have 2, 3 or 4 of them as the same time.
    Simply exit the Inn or the Jarl House, enter again and ask again for job. Must exit and enter because the misions are availables only when fire the event change location.
    Probably, you can get 2 quest(BQ01 and (BQ02 or BQ03)) from the same Tavern Keeper and/or Jarl Steward but the third quest must be requested in other location because not all cities have Bandit camp + Forsworn camp + Giant Camp.
    And for get BQ04 you must advance in the Story until kill the first dragon after deliver the Dragon Stone in Whiterun.
    The quest's must be made in 2 days with 2 fast travel and 2 Reloads...
    If you excess the Time, the Fast Travel or the Reload.. the quest's fail...
    Every 12 hours i give you updated info about yours Controlled Quest and say you Time, Reload and Fast Travel remaining on each.
    If you DIE.......... you are FORCED TO RELOAD YOUR GAME... AND I COUNT IT...
    If you have a enslavement mod you can be enslaved and, maybe, you cant make the mission because you can't scape.
    If scape with small time.. make fast travel is not the way... because i count it...
    Of curse, this is a Resource for Moders.. all the work is made with events in the most easy way that i found...
    If you are a moder and whant see how work one of your quest with my mod you only must make 4 things. Is too easy and simple.
    1 - Register your mod for catch the event TMC_MissionFail
    2 - When your quest start send a event TMC_RegisterMision
    3 - When your quest end send a event TMC_UnRegisterMision
    4 - UnRegister your mod from the event TMC_MissionFail
    Of course, you must be too carreful when you cacth the event TMC_MissionFail because near none quest in Skyrim are designed to fail, and you MUST change the design of your quest to FAIL and restart. Before this mod the posibilitys of fail a quest are minimal.
    This mod is specialy designed for small missions like: Go to xx location, get xx item, deliver the item to xx.
    The idea of make this mod come from the simple missions of Captured Dreams about the simple quest Delivery and Recover. The Master of the house say that the mission are urgent and they count time. But none of that are true.
    Now, when you fail a quest, you must asume the consequences... you can be punissed, enslaved, lost items, lost future quest... any can append...
    Of course, you can use my mod for control EACH step of your big quest. You only must Register and Unregister for each step.
    I can manage all the quest that you want at the same time with diferents conditions and, of course, i compute each condition of each controlled quest.
    But think.. they are cumulative.. if you Register 2 quest in the same time whit the same conditions they have the same caducity and reload count... then all quest can fail in the same second.
    This is designed for have 1 long quest with a lot of time MERGED with small quest with lite time. The player must select carrefull what quest make in what order to be free of the consequences...
    Technical info for moders:
    Event's are the less intrusive way for two mods colaborate. Your mod not have HARD dependency of my mod and the user is free to install my mod or not.
    If my mod is NOT installed NOT affect your in any way, because your mod only make a register for a event that never ocurr (TMC_MisionFail) and only send two events that none catch (TMC_RegisterMision and TMC_UnRegisterMision).
    This only affect the game in some miliseconds.
    Skyrim core game have a lot of events but not have one event for Fast Travel, Wait or Teleport.
    Had event for sleep, and i catch it, but for control Fast Travel i monitor a mix of cell and time.
    If the actual cell is not the same and time has advance a lot i presume player make fast travel. This have some problems:
    If the player wait and inmediatelly cross a door before my control routine is fired i catch an erroneus Fast Travel, because cell is not the same and time has advanced a lot because player has wait.
    The other problem reside in the use of teleport because teleport change cell but not advance time. I cant catch it. Tecnicaly is not a fast travel, but i want catch it.
    If any know how can i fight with this errors i can be very gratefull.
    I go to explain HOW use my events in your mod and control your quest.
    Dont worry if you don't know papyrus.
    You can make it with Creation Kit.
    The metod and code need for Register are exactly the same if you start the quest manualy or when the quest is started automatically.
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    RegisterForModEvent("TMC_MisionFail", "On_TMC_MisionFail")
    SendModEvent("TMC_RegisterMision", "BQ01", 48)
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    The metod and code need for UN-register are too simple.
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    SendModEvent("TMC_Un_RegisterMision", "BQ01", 0)
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    In the call SendModEvent("TMC_RegisterMision", "BQ01", 48) the parameter "BQ01" is the name of the quest and the number 48 is the number of skyrim hours for make the quest
    In the call SendModEvent("TMC_UnRegisterMision", "BQ01", 0) the parameter "BQ01" is the name of the quest and MUST MATCH with the parameter 'name of the quest' used in the call for Register
    With this simple call I asume 2 reload's and 2 Fast Travel and alert the player every 12 hours. THE QUEST ARE MANAGED BY MY MOD
    Look the COMPLEX CALL for understand what mean ---->> THE QUEST ARE MANAGED BY MY MOD <<-----
    If you want more control you can use the COMPLEX CALL in the Register like the following example:
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    RegisterForModEvent("TMC_MisionFail", "On_TMC_MisionFail")
    SendModEvent("TMC_RegisterMision", "BQ01&48&2&3&12&1", 0)
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    I use the common call used in the url of web pages with '&' separator and is too simple and effective.. i use it in a lot of developents and is the most easy way for pass a lot of parameter to another function.
    The strip of the parameter is this:
    BQ01&__Your quest name
    48&_____Time alowed in skyrim hours
    2&______Reload's permit
    3&______FastTravel permit
    12&_____Alert when passed time in skyrim hours
    1_______0 = sendEvent(you manage) 1=Management by my functions
    And when join all the parameter you get this: "BQ01&48&2&3&12&1"
    You can use this complex call on Creation Kit and use diferent parameters for each quest.
    All the parameter are too evident, but the last parameter is TOO IMPORTANT:
    If the last parameter is 0 my mod ONLY send the event TMC_MisionFail and make NONE more... YOU MUST catch the event and YOU must manage your quest
    If the last parameter is 1 my mod MANAGE YOUR QUEST.. I NOT SEND the event TMC_MisionFail and i call FailAllObjectives() and Stop() OVER YOUR QUEST. This is the default state for SIMPLE CALLS...
    I put the last parameter thinking on people that not know papyrus and only work with Creation Kit...
    People that are good moders and designers but tremble when see a script because they not are developers and cant understand what make the code.
    But you must be prepared.. i STOP your quest and you MUST give the option to the player of START your quest, usualy with a dialog (after the corresponding punishement, of couse.... JAJAJAJAJA)
    If you ALWAYS use SIMPLE CALL or ALWAYS put the last parameter in 1 you not need use RegisterForModEvent and UnRegisterForModEvent because i not send the event.
    But if you are developer and know how manage multiple script i explain you how catch and manage the event.
    In a generic script of the quest you must put this:
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    Event On_TMC_MisionFail(string eventName, string strArg, float numArg, Form sender)
    if numArg == 1 ;time expired
    ;put it in a property if you want
    elseif numArg == 2 ;reload excess
    ;put it in a property if you want
    elseif numArg == 3 ;fast travel excess
    ;put it in a property if you want
    Debug.Trace("On_TMC_MisionFail ERROR.. invalid parameter")
    Debug.Notification("On_TMC_MisionFail ERROR.. invalid parameter")
    MiscUtil.PrintConsole("On_TMC_MisionFail ERROR.. invalid parameter")
    ;put here the code for re-generate your quest... for example...
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    In this code you have the node if.. elseif.. for know the motive of fail and some lines for manage the quest.
    I add some screnshots and the download have the modified source code of the Radiant Bounty Quest.
    You can open my esp with Creation Kit and see the modified code in the steps 10 and 200 in BQ01, BQ02, BQ03 and BQ04.
    If any need MORE explications can ask in the forum...
    But i think the instruction are TOO clear and explanatory...
    Sorry.. .upload the bad version... Fixed in 0.6



  8. Modified Niftools export Script for Blender

    What is this?


    This is a modified version of the Niftools python script for the blender nif export, I made it for myself some time ago but decided maybe someone else could use this too.
    I edited the script so no material files will be exported when using the fallout 3 export options. These material files are not needed for skyrim.
    This has the advantage of not having to manually delete the material files in Nifskope everytime after a nif gets exported from blender.
    All you have to do now after export is changing the version number, setting the bodyslot and copying a BSLightingShaderProperty from an existing nif.

    How to Install


    You need blender 2.49b and a matching niftools version already installed. Then put the export_nif.py file into your blender folder under ".blender\scripts\export".



  9. Idler

    Brings simple idles within easy access for mod makers
    This is a modders resource to play suitable idles with an easy papyrys call.

    Current state and plans
    229 animations included so far, currently adding more variety and improving tag quality. Includes poses and gestures, suitable for spicing and enhancing dialogues, scenes and events.

    This mod can ONLY be used as a resource in free mods. Credit for authors must be mentioned.

    Halofarm for animations Dooge for the mod hafertaler for help

    Run FNIS for users


    Known mods using this resource
    SLUT Sexlife (planned) Showcase sample project (hafertaler)

    Calls SKSE plugin to return random animation file name that matches required tags. Since it is external dll it is fast. Tags are passed as bitmask, see code in the first post in support .

    Using Animator it is relatively easy for anyone to add and help classifying idle animations. Tip me off about animations free to use. Submit your own animations, discussion gestures on a standing pose would be useful, such as giving the finger, facepalm, simulated blowjob, a-a-aa (no, with finger) etc.



  10. Morrowind Dwemer Resources

    Original | Special Edition

    Morrowind Dwemer Resources is a conversion of David Brasher's Dwemer Ruins modders resource for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It brings The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind-style Dwemer architecture and dungeon tilesets to Skyrim.

    What has and hasn't been ported
    Almost all of the original models from the TES4 modders resource have been ported.

    Those that couldn't be converted to work properly in the TES5 engine have been excluded, including the NPC dwarven constructs.

    All but one piece of clutter has been excluded in favor of redirecting modders to download InsanitySorrow's Dwemer Clutter resource, which contains higher quality models and textures.

    Additional modders resource recommendations
    For more classic Dwemer resources, the following mods are available:

    Insanity's Dwemer Clutter Insanity's Dwemer Weapons Lore Weapon Expansion* (includes TES3 dwarven dagger) Old Dwarven Katana and Daito*

    * = requires author's permission to use in mods
    TES5 - Original & Special Edition Compatibility
    This resource's assets are compatible with both the original TES5 and TES5 - Special Edition. The included plug-ins intended only for reference have been saved in the original Creation Kit, but will load just fine in the SSE Creation Kit.

    Mods that use this resource pack
    If you want your mod added to this list, you may post a comment or send a PM to Enter_77.

    Maids II: Deception Morrowind Dwemer Resources - Skyrim Textures


    LOD models David Brasher
    Dwemer Ruins (original model and texture source) Enter_77
    Model conversion and resource compilation for TESV InsanitySorrow
    Insanity's Dwemer Clutter (high resolution textures used to replace David Brasher's where applicable)

    This mod's resources may be distributed & uploaded without explicit permission from the mod author(s) as long as the original author(s) are credited. They may not, however, be included in a mod intended to be monetized.


    AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Nexus Mods TES Alliance



  11. mlee3141's Library

    Here, you can find a complete collection of lines, dialogue, quests and stories I've written for my various Skyrim projects thus far. Feel free to use them for your own mods, as long as proper credit is given, and no profit is made. Thanks!



  12. NiO Diagnostic 2016-07-10

    Hello ladies, gents, and everything in between!
    Fed up with trying to figure out what scales were applied to my actor through other means, I decided to make a simple MCM menu that lists all modkeys associated with a given player skeleton bone! Finally a mod to diagnose those scaling bugs!
    NOTE: Present version is only capable of retrieving modkeys and listing transforms in a numeric manner. Future versions may have the ability to remove or manipulate transform data.
    Usage note: When entering a node name, the name must appear exactly as in the skeletal structure. For example, the pelvis node is "NPC Pelvis [Pelv]"... for some reason. If you enter part of the node's name and the node is being modified by NiO, the mod can now help you out by suggesting the full node name. (E.x. type "NPC R C" and hit enter, the mod will suggest "NPC R Clavicle [RClav]")
    Installation instructions:
    Get the mod and its files recognized by Skyrim, then wait for the MCM to pick up the menu. Nothin' else to it.
    Update instructions:
    As a simple MCM that only accesses data when the menu is open, there's no need for clean saves or anything so complex. Just overwrite the old version and you're done.
    Special thanks:
    expired6978 for NetImmerse Override, and all its wonderful compatibility.
    CPU for help with translation_LANG files.



  13. FallrimTools -- Script cleaner and more

    WARNING: Unattached Instances are a normal part of how Fallout 4 operates. Until I've determined how to distinguish between important unattached instances (still in active use) and the other kind (left behind by mods that were uninstalled), I recommend that you do NOT use the Remove Unattached Instances action on Fallout 4 savefiles.
    NOTE: If you're having a problem with a savefile, and you want my help, you'll need to post the savefile here in the support thread so that I can run tests on it.
    ReSaver is a savegame editor for Skyrim Legendary, Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4. It is designed to provide more information that earlier tools, and to work with savefiles that other tools wont touch. It is relatively stable and reliable. Performance has gotten pretty good!
    The interface is modelled after Save Game Script Cleaner; it's not quite as fast (because of Java instead of super speedy assembly language) but it is actively maintained and has a much richer feature set. Like filtering using regular expressions, and scanning your scripts and esps for context! For Skyrim Legendary, it should read and write saves that exceed the string table limit, as long as you're using Crash Fixes v10 or later.
    Unzip the archive into a folder somewhere. Double-click on the file "ReSaver.exe".

    Unzip the FallrimTools archive somewhere. Double-click on ReSaver.exe. Choose your savegame. You should see a tree structure that has all of the save's script elements.

    The #1 thing that most people need is to remove script instances that are left behind when a mod is uninstalled.
    Go to the "Clean" menu and select "Show Unattached Instances". This will filter the list and show only the script instances that aren't attached to anything. Go to the "Clean" menu and select "Remove Unattached Instances". Save to a new file. Load your savegame in Skyrim/Fallout and make sure it's working properly.

    ReSaver is quite stable and I use it myself. Fallout 4 support is still new and in a beta state.

    I have hundreds of mods, including dozens of major quest mods. I NEED a serious save editor. That's why I wrote one. I can't promise that it's perfect. It's possible that it will ruin your savegame, hard drive, childhood, and kidneys all major organ systems. In other words, there is no guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose, etc. But it's pretty good.
    Java is a requirement -- ReSaver is written entirely in Java.

    Test the tools! Report any problems! Report any annoyances! Try cleaning a few savegames with ReSaver, see it the new tool works at all. Play with the tool, try to get it to crash in exciting ways. Let me know how you crashed it. Find problems or annoyances with the user interface.

    If you would like to donate, Steam gift cards are good, or donations through Nexus. Really, I'll accept anything. :-) Seriously, I'll take a high-five, or a photo your cats. An envelope full of your pubes? Sure! But it's not necessary. I wrote these tools because I love Skyrim and Fallout.



  14. R.Mika Modder's Resource

    First and foremost, this is a modder's resource!
    In other words, it's not in the game.
    I'd love to rig this myself for Skyrim or Fallout 4 but I don't know how to rig for Skyrim...
    Regardless, feel free to use this however you want just give credit where credit is due.
    If anyone is interested, I can upload the whole model, just shoot me a PM.
    It is not rigged either!
    Capcom- base model
    Model/Textures rip- Sticklove
    All I did was convert from .mdl to obj and .3ds along with removing the exposed skin.



  15. Dwemer Toilet modders resource

    Just an edit of the Dwemer throne mesh I did for personal use. The mesh has a working furniture marker node and (mostly) accurate collision. Use it, sell it, burn it; I don't really care. No permissions or credit needed.



  16. Actor detect override

    Simple plugin that allows to overwrite actor detection from papyrus. Needed it for something, posting here in case anyone else finds it useful
    ; Function AddUndetectable(Actor target, Actor detector) Global Native ActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(target, None) ; <- target can't be detected by anyoneActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(None, detector) ; <- detector can't detect anyoneActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(target, detector) ; <- detector can't detect targetActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(None, None) ; <- nobody can detect anything; Function RemoveUndetectable(Actor target, Actor detector) Global Native
    Read Scripts/Source/ActorDetectPlugin.psc for all the commands and how it works.

    Detect means that the NPCs will completely ignore you even if you run into them. Sneaking is not necessary. If you hit someone while they can't detect you they will start to search but won't find anything even if they walk into you.
    Could be useful alternative to disabling the AI completely.
    If this is already possible with papyrus then I'm dumb and ignore this.

    You have permission to include it with your mod if you use it. It's not likely I will update this unless some bug is found.



  17. Werewolf Head Resource

    Werewolf Head Resource (V1.0)
    Made by MadMansGun
    these are the werewolf heads from my Hermaphrodite Werewolves mod.
    this has been released as a modders resource because i hate the original & MLT heads.
    the files in this 7zip are for the following:
    For Moutarde421 Female:
    this is made to fit the Female werewolf body made by Moutarde421
    For Everything Else:
    this will fit most other bodies like...
    the original skyrim Werewolf
    Derrax's Male Werewolves
    HDT Werewolves by Jacques00
    Note: if you replace the "BSLightingShaderProperty" with your own, go to "Shader Flags 2" and enable "SLSF2_Double_Sided"
    unlike the original mesh, this mesh requires Double sided rendering.
    {0,0} ________________________________________________
    /)__)> |creative commons, give credit, No One May Profit|
    -"-"- """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
    here is a compatible tutorial for using this resource:
    note: use Ctrl+Delete to remove the old head and teeth mesh.



  18. SKSE - Register Custom Animation Events

    This SKSE plugin allows registering custom animation events on ObjectReferences.
    Pretty much like the existing Form.RegisterForAnimationEvent, but not limited to
    the vanilla animation events.
    I might need to run papyrus code triggered by animations called from arbitrary
    mods. I thought it was not possible registering custom animations, until I found
    these amazing work: https://github.com/towawot/DLL-GunsmithSystem
    Copy the contents of the Data folder into Skyrim\Data
    Or use any mod manager.
    Register animation events, for a specific object reference or globally.
    For example:
    ; registers the animation only for the player
    RCAE.RegisterForAnimEventOnRef(Game.GetPlayer(), "MyAnimationEvent")
    ; registers another animation for any character
    Then an OnAnimationEventEX callback event is called whenever a reference plays
    the registered animation event. This event has some restrictions, read the notes
    Event OnAnimationEventEX(ObjectReference akSource, string asEventName)
    if akSource == Game.GetPlayer() && asEventName == "MyAnimationEvent"
    - Won't work on ObjectReferences that are not actors. I think it could, but
    currently is hardcoded just for actors (NPC or player)
    - The OnAnimation Event callback only seems to work when its script points to
    the player character. Actually I'm not sure on this.
    I've successfully tested the callback on ReferenceAlias and ActiveMagicEffect
    scripts, both pointing to the player.
    The callback is not called if it's on a quest script, neither on a NPC's
    I think this is because the player character is being used as a base object when
    the SKSE plugin sends the event to Papyrus.
    - The stuff registered is stored in memory and is lost when the game is closed
    - towawot for https://github.com/towawot/DLL-GunsmithSystem
    - himika for https://github.com/himika/libSKSE
    - SKSE Team for http://skse.silverlock.org/



    v02: Added thread safety
    v01: Initial release



  19. Frosted Skin - Alpha Release (8-19-15)



    This is just a quick mod I threw together for myself (trying to come up with a frost alien theme in my Skyrim atm


    This may or may not work for your game as I'm using it as a texture replacer for the Succubus Race instead, but I figured if people wanted

    to play around with the textures and put them on their own favorite custom race they could. At present, it will install over the regular

    female textures, so if you like your current ones, either manually back them up, or don't install it.


    To install just use NMM (if you don't mind replacing your default female textures)

    I suggest using a frosty blue skin tone with this mod, but feel free to experiment with other colors




    Currently the only requirement for the mod would be:

    Any CBBE based body, I recommend one done via BodySlide

    (Currently no plans for a UNP version, depends on direction the mod goes)




    The original textures that I used for the body, face, and hands (I've changed my textures so many times with edits

    that I've completely lost track of what the ones were before I edited them to this), so I can't really know who to

    give credit to for the original textures, if anyone knows who they are from by looking at them, please let me know,

    and I'll be more than happy to give credit to them for the originals


    Change Log


    (8-19-15) Alpha Release - Just the release of the mod, based on feedback, will continue work on it from here



  20. A simple basement resource

    This mod is going to add a bunch of basement themed rooms for your slavers needs. It's meant for those who are too lazy or just don't have the time to create entire rooms from scratch. Though at the moment it only adds one basement called "markarthbasement" that isn't linked to anything at the moment. It just consists of walls, bars and a load door. That's it. I will add lights and other basic things later on but not too much so that you guy's can do whatever you want with it.
    Added a second .esp with one dwemer basement. This one is considered experimental (see the notes for more details). If you see anything weird in the tamriel landscape around the area of the mod i mentioned in the notes then please put it in the support forum so that i can maybe fix it.
    If you would like it added onto an actual player home then check out the mod "Garash Murug - basement addon" on the nexus.
    Btw uploading mods on the nexus is a friggin NIGHTMARE! That's the last thing i will ever do that unless otherwise specified by the original author of a mod.



  21. MESKSEUtils

    This is a separate release of my SKSE plugin that I have written for Maria Eden.
    Only usefull for modders and especially for modders that don't use Maria Eden.
    It contains several function that I miss in Papyrus - and that might be useful for other modders too:
    You can create and copy Outfits dynamically You can add and copy keywords to forms You can replace a form by another form You can get a list of filenames (without path and fileextension) You can move one file to a different location

    I use outfits instead of putting armor to a NPC because it is much faster and a NPC will never un-equip armor from the current outfit.

    I use the keyword feature to clone keywords from ZaZ devices to several devices (ZaZHDTWorkshop, DD, other blindfold mods) so that they behave like native ZaZ devices.
    Use it on own risk. Source code is available on personal demand. Dynamically created outfits must be recreated after game load AddKeywords produces (very) small memleaks - you should prefer CloneKeywords Maria Eden contains always the latest version This is W.I.P





  22. ConsoleUtil

    1. Description
    2. Requirements
    3. Installing
    4. Uninstalling
    5. Compatibility & issues
    6. How to use
    7. FAQ
    8. Changelog
    1. Description
    A modder resource that implements few papyrus functions related to console. You can execute console commands, change selected reference and some other things.
    2. Requirements
    SKSE 1.7.1 or higher: http://skse.silverlock.org/
    3. Installing
    Exctract Data folder over your Skyrim Data folder or use a mod manager to install.
    4. Uninstalling
    Remove files you added when installing or use a mod manager. Any mod that requires this mod will not work properly (at least the console parts).
    5. Compatibility & issues
    Don't think there are any.
    6. How to use
    Once installed, open Data/Scripts/Source/ConsoleUtil.psc. You will see which commands are available and how to use.
    Change field of view to 90.

    ConsoleUtil.ExecuteCommand("fov 90") Open actorRef inventory to allow taking items.

    ConsoleUtil.SetSelectedReference(actorRef)ConsoleUtil.ExecuteCommand("openactorcontainer 1") Print message to console.

    ConsoleUtil.PrintMessage("Hello") Check installed version of mod.

    int version = ConsoleUtil.GetVersion()if(version == 0); not installedendif
    7. FAQ
    Why make this?
    Some commands were not available from papyrus but are from console.
    Can I include this with my mod?
    I would rather you didn't, if there's an update and multiple mods include this then the versioning becomes confusing and would cause problems. Include link here as requirement or write your mod with optional support ConsoleUtil.GetVersion will return 0 if mod isn't installed.
    I screwed up my game
    Console commands are powerful and can cause a lot of problems if misused. Make sure you (or mod author) knows what they are doing.
    It doesn't work
    Create a text file in Skyrim's directory called "ConsolePlugin.txt", start Skyrim and get to the part where it doesn't work, then open the file and see if any errors were written. If no errors then your script is incorrect or plugin wasn't loaded in SKSE.
    8. Changelog
    3 - 14/10/2015
    Added a command to read last line that was written to console. Fixed bug where sometimes SetSelectedReference would not work immediately. Thanks to Kerberus14 for that.




  23. Heels Sound

    This is a reupload with permission. The original author is my friend ybsj520. Here is the original link: http://www.skycitizen.net/post/66517
    Ever think that high heels should have their own "click" sound? Now, the dream comes true!
    This modder resource let high heels have standalone sound without replacing any vanilla sound files. Sound variants including different surfaces and movements. For now, there is only sounds for pumps.
    From now on, I take care of the updates.
    And of course any high heels mod.
    Reassign the foot step set(in AA) of the high heels to "AngelFSTHeelsFootstepSet". The esp you modified will make "Heels Sound.esm" as master.
    If you are using TESVEdit, you have to right click the esp to add "Heels Sound.esm" as master, first.
    For newbie:
    Open TESVEdit, right click and select none. Check Heels Sound.esm and the esp you want to modify. Right click the esp and select Add Masters. Check Heels Sound.esm and click OK. Expand Heels Sound.esm and expand Footstep Set. Copy FormID of AngelFSTHeelsFootstepSet. Now expand Armor Addon branch of esp. Select the high heels you want to modify. You can see the reference tab at bottom for help. Browse to SNDD – Footstep Sound. Paste the FormID to this column. Repeat again with every heels. Close TESVEdit and click OK with esp checked.
    High Heel Footstep Sounds by Indrisblake - For some sound files.
    prm399 for sound resources.



  24. SolitudeHouse

    This is a House in Solitude without anything.
    You can use this as Playerhome or for your mod.
    Furnish the house according to your images
    Ext.: Navmeshes ,Doormarker ---YES
    Int.: 2 Fireplaces Doormarker
    working Navmeshes ---- No



  25. SkeletonUtils

    This is a small SKSE plugin that I needed in order to rotate skeleton bones programatically.
    I think there was no way to do this using existing Papyrus functions. Maybe because rotating specific bones it's not that useful.
    There is the limitation that bones must not be affected by animations / Havok / HDT or the rotation you set is overwritten by the other animation systems. I'm using this with the dummy CME bones from XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended version 2.06.
    The SKSE plugin adds a new Papyrus script (SkeletonUtils.pex) that provides these funcions:

    float Function GetNodeRotationX(ObjectReference ref, string node, bool firstPerson) native globalfloat Function GetNodeRotationY(ObjectReference ref, string node, bool firstPerson) native globalfloat Function GetNodeRotationZ(ObjectReference ref, string node, bool firstPerson) native global; examples:; SkeletonUtils.SetNodeRotationX(Game.GetPlayer(), "CME Genitals03 [Gen03]", -45.0, false); SkeletonUtils.SetNodeRotationZ(Game.GetPlayer(), "CME Genitals03 [Gen03]", 45.0, false)Function SetNodeRotationX(ObjectReference ref, string node, float x, bool firstPerson) native globalFunction SetNodeRotationY(ObjectReference ref, string node, float y, bool firstPerson) native globalFunction SetNodeRotationZ(ObjectReference ref, string node, float z, bool firstPerson) native global; this is like calling the 3 previous functionsFunction SetNodeRotation(ObjectReference ref, string node, float x, float y, float z, bool firstPerson) native global Requires SKSE 1.07.01 or higher.
    The C++ source files are in the archive if you want to take a look.



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