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Skyrim resources for other mods or modders to make use of

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  1. MFG Console +

    This is a modder's resource, which does not do anything on it's own. Install it only as a dependency of other mods, or if you are planning to use it in your mod.
    MFG Console plus is a monkey-patched version of original MFG Console by kapaer https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44596
    Also note that it now requires StorageUtil from Papyrus Utility Scripting functions or Sexlab.
    It is the same as original mod with one new feature - expression locking.
    In original if mod A does this:
    MfgConsoleFunc.SetPhonemeModifier(myActorRef, 0, 1, 50) And mod B this
    MfgConsoleFunc.SetPhonemeModifier(myActorRef, 0, 1, 30) Actor will end up with value 30, and mod A has no way to know of this change, that expression it set was overwritten.
    With plus version, mod A can prevent any other mods from modifying it:
    MfgConsoleFunc.LockPhonemeModifier(myActorRef, 0, 1) MfgConsoleFunc.SetPhonemeModifier(myActorRef, 0, 1, 50) Then, when mod B tries to overwrite expression, instead of changing expression MFG will emit event MfgExpressionLocked, wich mod A can catch and process
    Event OnInit() RegisterForModEvent("MfgExpressionLocked", "OnExLocked") EndEvent Event OnExLocked(Actor akRef, int mode, int id, int value) Debug.Notification("I should process expression change") EndEvent Expression can be unlocked back with
    MfgConsoleFunc.LockPhonemeModifier(myActorRef, 0, 1) If for whatever reason you want to bypass expression locks, you can do it with 5th parameter set to true
    MfgConsoleFunc.SetPhonemeModifier(myActorRef, 0, 1, 30, true) )



  2. XunAmarox Modder's Resource

    I'll add some more stuff later after I finish my current project but I feel that these two things are severely needed by the modding community so I want to get them out there right away.
    What's Included
    As of right now there are just three scripts: One to create custom displays (e.g. for stuff like elder scrolls, thieves guild stuff, daedric artifacts, or whatever you want!), another for a disenchanting font which removes all enchantments and improvements from an item placed in a container and returns it to the player. Well, you could call it a renewal font or whatever you want since it pretty much renews the item to its original state before anything was done to it. And as of 1.3 a script to display animated objects (toggle their animation on/off) much like the display script does but it's set up for the Auriel's Bow Pedestal (a static version of it) so you'll need to edit the source and rename it for any other animated object you want to use it for. 
    I've also included an esp with a small test cell with the scripts implemented so you can study how the scripts work. You can go to the area via console with "coc 0xtestlab" and it's in the CK under 0xTestLab right at the top. As of 1.3 it's probably not too useful for showing the newer features. I recommend just taking a look at my Stormcrown Estate mod to see how I implemented the scripts if you're having issues.
    Tip: To create a static object of any item you don't need to extract it from the BSA just edit it in the Object Window and copy the entire line it lists under Model, something like Clutter\Containers\Satchel.nif and then when you create a new static object make sure you're in your Meshes folder then just paste that address and click Open.
    How to use
    -Create a static item that will be what you are displaying and set it to initially disabled.
    -Create a container (set to not respawn), and hide it off of the map like under the floor or behind a wall or something (hiding it is optional but recommended).
    -Add the script to a new trigger.
    -Go to Primitives tab and make sure player activation is checked.
    -Go to the scripts tab and then Properties and click Auto-Fill.
    -Hover over various sections for descriptions, it should be intuitive.
    Only one of DisplayArmor, DisplayWeapon, DisplayItem, DisplayBook, or DisplaySoulGem, should be used at a time and should point to the original item's BaseID. The words after Display are the category it falls under - Item is for MiscItem.
    DisplayReference should link to the disabled static item you added earlier, the script will enable/disable it based on whether the real item is added or not.
    DisplayContainer should link to the hidden container you created earlier. It doesn't need to be unique, you can use one container for your entire display setup.
    When activated, the script should take the item out the player's inventory, move it to the container, and enable the static item.  When activated again it will disable the static item and move the item back to the player's inventory. Any improvements or enchantments will have been retained.
    -Add the script to a container, any container will do.
    -Create a new Global under Miscellaneous/Global called RFontGlobal with variable type of short, value set to 0, and Constant left unchecked.
    -Create a new message under Miscellaneous/Message called RenewalFontMSG and keep Message box checked, inside the text box add a warning letting the user know what's happeing for instance "Items you place here will have all improvements and enchantments removed." or something.
    -Go to properties in the script and click Auto-Fill.
    -Done. Script will now work, any item added will be "disenchanted" and renewed to its original state. It'll also remove any smithing improvements done or renaming. Additionally, on its first activation the user will get the help pop-up that you wrote earlier.
    Currently this one only works for the Auriel's Bow pedestal which you'd want to create a static object for. If you wanted to use it for a different object you'd need to edit the source and change "AnimIdle01" and "AnimIdle02" to the appropriate animations but if you're going to do that then ensure you change the name of your script before distributing it so it doesn't conflict with anyone else's. The animation names are listed when you prevew an item (right click > preview)
    To set this one up you need to place a static copy of auriel's bow pedestal and then create an activator and add this script to the activator.
    --Go to Primitives tab and make sure player activation is checked for your activator.
    -Open the script and hit auto-fill, PlayerRef and defaultLackTheItemMSG should be filled for you.
    -Set the DisplayContainer to the hidden container where the bow will be stored for safekeeping.
    -Set the DisplayAnim to the static copy of the auriel's bow pedestal
    -Set the DisplayWeapon to Auriel's Bow (DLC1AurielsBow)
    Hit OK.
    This is a modder's resource. You are free to re-use it, modify it, and include it in your mods as much as you want as long as credit is given.
    Version 1.1
    -DisplayItem renamed to DisplayMiscItem to avoid confusion.
    -Linking the static reference to enable/disable to the activator is no longer required. It was just an oversight as we already set it in the script, now the script uses that variable rather than checking for linked references. It should be easier to do multiple displays now.
    Version 1.0
    Initial release.



  3. NMM Installer Tutorial - FOMOD - FOMM

    This is a tutorial and example file of how to make a fomod NMM installer for your mod. Inside the download you'll find an Instructions.rtf - read it. It'll explain all of the tags of the xml files required, what they do, and how to use them. Some example xml files are also provided so that you can see how it's done.  
    Personally I wanted one when I was trying to figure out how to make an NMM installer but I simply couldn't find one. The only ones I could find were extremely long and far more complicated than they needed to be. This one just covers the basics of exactly what you need to do to make yours work for your mod.
    I go into detail with what all of the tags and fields do, to a point, but if you have a basic grasp of any kind of code, even basic HTML or BBCode will do, then you can probably just check out the provided xml files and you'll have a pretty good idea of what's going on and what you need to do and then you can check the instruction file if you come up with any questions you need to reference.
    If you've looked at the xml files and read everything in the Instructions.rtf and are still scratching your head then it may be helpful to go ahead and head on over to my CBBE Innies mod that I based this installer on (WARNING: It's NSFW and contains adult content, and nudity). You can download that file manually and check out how I have the xml files set up. They should be almost identical to this but with the fields filled in so you can see how one works in action if you can't figure it out. It shouldn't be necessary, but I'm just going to suggest that as a last resort.
    Also as an important note: I didn't mention in the instructions that you'll need to open the xml file with notepad (or ideally something like Notepad++ for syntax highlighting), because you're not going to get much use out of it if you just double click it and let it open in your browser. So make sure you're editing it with the text editor of your choice.
    1.2 - August 26th 2013
    -It turns out that NMM isn't actually smart enough to install your mod if you only put the source folder and leave the destination blank. It'll go all the way through then when you click finish it'll say "Mod Not Activated" - this is at present time of editing with NMM 1.45.6. Each file needs to be explicitly defined and linked to.
    1.1 - August 9th 2013
    -added information explaining Flags and made the moduleConfig much more complex
    -a simple moduleConfig is still included
    -added information about file source and destination that will save people a lot of time
    -explained what the config tag up at the top of the xml file does just to make a certain someone happy
    1.0 - August 2nd 2013
    -initial release
    Don't upload this anywhere else.
    You have my permission to translate this mod to your language and do not need permission to upload a translation to this site or any other as long as it is very clearly credited to me originally. You only need to send me a message informing me that you've made a translation.



  4. HuossaDraco

    Кому-то не хватает костей, познакомлю с маленьким драконом очень страшным и опасным)))
    так же как и остальные моды - можешь использовать как хочешь,
    модель я взял из игры dragon's prophet.
    вы можете редактировать и добавлять в свои сборки

    HuossaDraco> Humus  ossa  Draco> Ground Skeleton Dragon  ( Swe-DivX )



  5. [Tobi] MFG Console++ [ModdersResource]

    Its better MFG Console for ppl who makes LEWD Videos in Skyrim
    its not a MOD its a MODDERS RESORUCES... last time when i uploaded DragonLord MR i got so much spam xDD
    Look at videos:
    I made this Script for my "Friend" that is making LEWD Videos in Skyrim
    so his content can be better and more animated ❤️
    If You need help and You make Videos just talk to me on Discord:
    Maybe i will create something i already called "FilmStudio Mod"
     Mod that allows you to manipulate every thing and even use Pose2Pose Animation in Skyrim ( i already made it to work in CK so its just GUI implementation <333 )
    at this moment:
     PushMeTest -> Scripts that allows You to bind MFG Console to Keyboard Keys ( look at tutorial )
     PuthToTalk -> Script that move your Lips to animate "talking" / "Speaking"
    well... its probably waste of time to write about that...
    but You need MFG Console and SKSE... waste of time because probably every1 have it...
    PushMeTest Download Tutorial:
    PushToTalk Download Tutorial:



  6. [Tobi] DragonLord Skin [ModdersResource]

    This is DragonLord Skin Texture, You can use it for anything You want!...
    :: < UPDATE > :: ( Temp Message )
    2020-11-25: ( 19:30 - my time zone xD ) Ty, for reporting that CBBE is missing Hands and Head Textures ❤️
    tbh. i was always using UUNP but only by looking at CBBE UV Map... gosh its way better than UUNP... 4.7% more texture space is used by Mesh and also UV Map is way better placed...
     :: Permissions?...
    - I don't fking care, do anything You want... if You do... then plz. let me know, maybe ill download :3...
    <!> tbh i was using something what i had in my Textures but i don't remember what it was xD my Skyrim is 260GB big atm. i don't controll all this xD but at least 51% of texture is mine :D...
     :: Discord -> https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
     :: Patreon -> ... Hee xD i was like typing another reason "why i don't upload patreon" but then i said to myself "ok fuck it, let's launch Patreon" so i clicked "Launch"... there is veryfication xD
    <!> Tbh. i have no fking idea how Patreon works... i made some cool Badges and other stuff... but atm. im gonna leave it like it is... ( just use Discord )
    Textures Preview:

    I uploaded this Texture because many ppl ask...
     And because i want Tatsu to have a lot of Dialogues
    It will take much longer to finish
    Right now i focus on EclipseCity
    So i was not working on Tatsu for last 3 weeks
    This is Modders Resource...
     as Title & File Type says...
    But i was using it for long time so if u want to
     use it in Your game but u dont know how...
    just ask on DISCORD...
    Hope that pic. is working fine...
     first time doing something like that :D...
    If this pic. works fine, from now im gonna upload only like that
    Because i can type on left and upload pic-s on right
    Thats amazing xD lol....



  7. one galaxy sky mesh

    edits the sky mesh so there is only one galaxy circling the world, not 3 copies of one.
    do note that it will need texture editing to look good, eg: if using "HQ Milky way galaxy" ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/810/? ) you will need to crop it down to 4096x768
    if your using a different galaxy texture then i would suggest going up to 6114x1024(tested and works) or 12288x2048(not tested) and combining it with other textures for a more impressive sky (Eg: see the screenshot)
    ...also you should go get the "High-density starfield" from "Enhanced Night Skyrim" ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85/? )



  8. Full Body Collisions

    So, I watched some dint 999 tutorials on HDT and he has a full collision body that doesn't seen to be included in his tools pack (at least I didn't find it)
    I made my own and I'm willing to share it with you to save your time going through this painfully tedious work.
    You may need to change some capsules radius to match your hair/clothes. Do this under TaperCapsule instead of rescaling it (works best for accuracy in my opinion)

    -3ds Max 2011
    -Havok content tools 2012-2
    -Autopilot 1.0
    Good luck in your mods ^^



  9. Furniture Alignment Correction for NPC´s (No esp)

    This is a very small script which can be attached to furnitures, to correct the position of NPC´s entering said furnitures.
    If you have ever used something from Zap, you should know the problem.
    this mod ads the script "pamaFurnitureAlignmentHelper"
    attach it to any furniture added by a mod, and the problem should be gone.
    install with mod manager of your choice or drop manually into data folder (Or your own mod Folder if you want to make new furnitures yourself.)
    The propertys can safely be ignored. only use them for Furnitures which have An Offset to their entry points.
    (vast majority of Furnitures don't have one. IF they do, you can find the values for them with nifscope in their respective .nif Files)
    Full sourceCode:



  10. Huan's Voice File Powershell

    four powershell files currently, might be more 
    These commands are made for modders who want to import existing voice files to their own mod. 
    they are ps1 files, use Notepad or other text editor to open. But I suggest using Windows Powershell ISE
    Replace the parameters and directories in the file to fit your needs. It's mandatory.
    Need to have the xWMAEncode.exe and the fuz_extractor.exe ( I downloaded "LazyAudio" and have them in its folder ) 
    These commands are made for modders who want to edit voice files in their own mod. 
    So you need to want to add some dialogues and want to do some voice over. Then you may find out that the original valina game has exactly the words. That's where the powershells are going to be in use.
    Skyrim Add Voice Basics:
    Once you learned all the stuff in the basics, you can continue.
    So once we press save in the "Edit Response Window", the ck saves the temp.wav to all the voicetype folder for you. If your dialogue is only valid for one or two voiceType then that's not a big deal. You can assign your dialogue to one voicetype, save it and assign the dialogue to another, record and save again. 
    The problem happens when you are making voice for every possible voiceType and using valina audio resource.  You might feel tired to do the procedure again and again. (Expecially the copy, convert and delete procedure repeatly in each voicetype folder) 
    Then you may use the "copyVoices" powershell. It copies valina resources directly in your mod's sound folder.
    And if you've already have wav and lip files of many different voice types in your mod folder, then you can use “wavLip2Fuz” to convert them to fuz in a minute!
    The shell is useful because unlike "LazyAudio" or other tools, the shell convert the files exactly in their own place, so you don't need to copy them to the audio folder LazyAudio told you to, and you don't need to copy the converted files back as well
    If you don't want a voice of a line any more, you can use "removeXwm" or "deleteWavAndLip" to quickly delete them! Replace the dialogue name parameter in the file to delete your file. Change the extension in the powershell to "lip", "wav" or "fuz" to remove the type you want to remove. These are very useful because the creationkit itself won't delete any files for you!
    you might need to unlock the powershell file by right click -> property -> unlock.  See https://4sysops.com/archives/powershell-bypass-executionpolicy-to-run-downloaded-scripts/
    My files are completely ok because they are shell commands. You can examine them by yourself.



  11. 3ds max Creature controller rig

    Just a simple rig of trolls for modders.
    (Can't find trolls\Werewolf legacy rig, so I made it)
    If you got some bug, tell me about that and I 'll fix it.
    if you got error coz wrong skew\scale when exporting, check this:
    Really thanks to babo (ABC)



  12. Thor Infinity War Models and Textures Resource Pack

    Due to my lack of skill in making Armour I thought i'd put this here in case someone with more skill knows how to make this and upload it because I really want this armour in my game.
    hopefully I am allowed to upload this but I am unsure as the assets are from Marvel Future Fight. If this does go against LL's terms and conditions I will take it down.



  13. The Custom Voice Resource - CVR

    Welcome to the Custom Voice Resource!

    Here in this resource are brand new voice types that will enhance your
    Skyrim experience. There are over 100 lines of dialogue per voice type
    and well over 1000 lines from all voice types!  The files are in WAV format. They are not plug and play, they will require to be added to a follower of your choosing via Creation Kit.   The download link will take you to the Nexus Mod page to download as the files were too large to upload directly.
    Alternatively you can click here to download

    Permissions of Use: 
    Supply credit link back to this page so that others may utilize this resource.
    Credit the voice actor of the voice set you use and this page in your credits section.
    Thank you.
    02/21/2020 Update : Permissions have changed. Audio edits are now allowed in spirit of Nanoreno2020.

    Dialogue Writer: Kerstyn Unger

    Voice Actress for Female Voice Types: Kerstyn Unger

    Voice Actor for CHARMING: Christian Gaughf

    Voice Actor for PURE/LILAC: Mr.Bromin SubStar Ko-Fi Youtube

    Voice Actor for JADED/DAGGER: Blue Jei Twitter Ko-Fi
      Voice Actor for TRADER/SQUALL: Jonas Fresh Twitter Ko-Fi

    Female Voice Types:
    (Viewable on Nexus)

    Male Voice Types:
    (Viewable on Nexus) Addons
    Additional Player Voices Version
    PC Headtracking and Voice Type Version
    CVR Framework & SSE Version

    Followers Available
    Sahra The Pirate by damakarmelowa & SSE Version
    Lilissa The Druid by damakarmelowa & SSE Version
    Markus The Knight by damakarmelowa & SSE Version
    Shalahad the Reaper by Liadys
    Ariella by Kittyness & SSE Version
    Seductress Faye by Xiderpunk
    Beatrix by Taoxue & SSE Version
    Xyviona SSE by ratBOY68
    Nylvalyne SSE by ratBOY68
    Kaelyn Tsai by sp4rkfist & SSE Version
    Amethyst by THEpsyco44
    Xanthe by ratBOY68
    Tyas Wulandari by sp4rkfist & SSE Version
    Sorsha the Ember by sp4rkfist
    Dana'Ka & Sisters by WarMachinex0
    Maria Theresa Standalone Follower by Taoxue & SSE Version

    Fallout 4 Followers
    Zoey by Gaming4lif3
    James by Gaming4lif3
    Jennifer by Gaming4lif3
    Chloe by Gaming4lif3
    Bella by Gaming4lif3
    Gemma by Gaming4lif3



  14. Chest Resource

    Chest Resource
    Join the Discord
    This is a  High Poly chest Resource/Replacer. Comes with custom meshes and textures.
    Chest is also animated, using a modified Chest01.nif animation.
    Chest01.nif Vanilla - 41kb
    Chest01.nif "Mine" - 309kb
    If you are looking for some more improvements to meshes and haven't looked at my SHIT MOD yet, it contains many improvements to areas and things not touched by normal mesh improvement mods, such as Riften's blocky railing.
    Want a more dynamic world? Check out my Destructible Urns or my High Poly Animated SMP Barrels.

    I made this because I was bored. Also there are only really 3 types of chests that appear in Skyrim, the basic chest, the regular Nordic chest, and the large Nordic Chest. More variety is always nice, now it just needs to be implemented.
    Rules on Usage
    -This resource can not be used in any form that would net monetary gain in any way.
    -To make it easier to use based on credits, I require no credit, only a message that you will be using it, and preferably a mod link.
    - View my other mods here -



  15. Python Tools

    I've been making some Python as I go to make life easier when working on the Slaver's Spellbook. Nothing earth-shaking, but I thought I'd post in case someone else found them useful.
    Currently there's two modules in two files, each with some sample code.
    Book Tools
    This is collection of context managers for the CK's almost HTML book format. So for example, this is the first couple of pages from Opus Korneum:
    # # frontspiece illo, maybe a bit much? # img( "Textures/docbook/illos/well_behaved.png", width='288', height='252', caption="Well behaved slavegirls pay close attention to their master." ) para("<br>") pbreak() # # don't know if I'll keep the drop caps # with Para(): cap( "Seeker! Know you now that you hold in your hands the life's work " "of the great mage Korneum, often called \"The Objectionable\", " "though rarely to my face and always by lesser minds, jealous of my intellect." ) # # it's not a purely mental collection though, even if it started out that way # with Para(): cap( "Seeker! Know you that with this book you can gain insight into " "and indeed control over, the bodies and minds of Man and Mer, and other races besides. " "Know that the potential to cause harm spells is very great; " "With these magics, minds can be twisted into helpless dependency, " "their owners reduced to sad, twisted parodies of their former selves." ) The context managers make sure the tags are closed correctly and there are a pile of convenience functions. Cap()  for instance, applies a normal paragraph with a Drop Cap on the first character. You'll probably want to fiddle with the funcs or write your own, but the classes should be farily solid.
    Spell Tools
    This is a parser for esp/esm files. It reads the data in, finds the SPEL group, find the spells and gives you a list with the name, editor_id and formid for each of them. I wrote it mainly so I could auto generate some json I could feed to JsonUtil to auto load some spell lists when you read the spellbook. That script is in there unaltered, but briefly, it works like this:
    def main(): ss = Plugin("slavers_spellbook.esp") slhp = Plugin("slavers_spellbook_slhp.esp") ss.find_spells() slhp.find_spells() #print [ sp.editor_id for sp in slhp.spells ] print_json(ss.spells + slhp.spells) Of course, you don't have to make json files with it, and it can probably be extended to make lists of other records.



  16. BookTxtAPI - Write In Books, Read the Output! [Experimental/Modders Resource]

    BookTxtAPI, quite simply, allows the user (or modder) to write into books, and for modders to receive the written content and do something with it. 
    This is an experimental plugin. To our understanding, it is stable and robust. However, you should be prepared for unexpected behavior and even a rare crash. There is no defined character limit. The user can type until the SKSE plugin runs out of memory, which probably wouldn't even stand a chance of happening until 10,000+ characters.  When more then one page of content is entered, each character returns it back to the first page. This makes multi-page entry technically possible, but impractical.    
    1) Attach the included script BookTxtAPI.pex to books you would like to use for text entry. Notes are supported as well. Input is sent to the ModEvent (step 3) when the book is closed. Book Input support all alphanumeric characters (A-Z,0-9) and some special characters (!,@,#,$,%,&,*,(,),:,',-,_) plus comma.
    2) Set the properties for BookTxtAPI.pex. These properties change the book's behavior:
    DisableResetOnClose_ThisBook Set to TRUE if you would like to retain the written content after the book is closed. EnablePickUp_ThisBook (EXPERIMENTAL) Allows book to be picked up. You cannot write into books within your inventory. SkipIntroPage_ThisBook Skip the intro (creation kit default) text and load right into any custom text. DisableUserWrite_ThisBook Disables user's ability to write in the book. Used if you would like to dynamically create books but not allow theuser to write in them (ex, wanted posters) 3) (OPTIONAL) Set the book's text via script:

    Book Text can either be entered in papyrus prior to opening the book, or by the user. In a script that will fire before the book is opened, write:
    ;PROPERTIES BookTxtAPI Property API Auto ;CODE Function FiresBeforeBookOpened() API.SetTextByObjectReference("Hello, World") EndFunction Set the property BookTxtAPI to the ObjectReference of the book you would like to modify.
    4) Catch events by using our ModEvents:
     Registration:  ; on each game load  RegisterForModEvent("BookTxtAPI_TextEntered", "BookResult") ; catch book text  Event:  Event BookResult(Form sender,string BookText) ; catch book text ;form sender is what sent the event ;booktext is the user input from the time the book was opened until it was closed and reset.  EndEvent   
    This software is licensed to you Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.
    - You may not modify (fork) the code. 
    - You may only use the work in a non-commercial manner, with attribution.
    - Commercial uses of the work (paid mods) will be considered if we are notified and give prior approval with mutually agreed upon terms.
    - We will not charge for the usage of this content, if the user is not profiting upon the distribution of this content, at any time.



  17. Rabbot modder's resource

    Untextured Blender model of Rabbot from the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
    I'm sure you can find a use for it.



  18. Women's Wristwatch

    This is just a free modder's resource/blender file because I have absolutely no idea how to turn it into a wearable/equippable item into Skyrim. If you have the technical knowledge of how to do this, please do so, but please give me credit for it.
    The only requirement that I know of is the latest version of blender.
    Getting it into the game as an item might require nifskope and/or outfit studio, and since it comes in a zip file, you might need to use winrar.
    This mesh has an extremely high polygon count, over 30,000 in fact, so scaling that down might be important for in-game use. It also needs to be textured accordingly, preferably white plastic, but silver would also work well.
    This was designed after an actual women's sportswatch, and is intended for female characters, but there is no reason why it can't be worn by men as well.



  19. Emfy Cleric UNP Black.zip

    Emfy Cleric UNP Black retexture.
    property of Deserter X and Mitosuke
    requested by TyMatt
    only what is needed is included.
    drop it in your data folder if you intend on using it.
    if you want to decrease on increase glossiness, you will need to change the meshes in nifskope.



  20. TimeMissionController

    Sorry.. .upload the bad version... Fixed in 0.6

    I'm a bit bored of Skyrim and this my apportation to make it more atractive...
    We can make all that we want in skyrim.. we can make any of the availables quest when we want or make none and make it how we want.. and of course, if we load a savegame ALL the game have exactly the same state that when save...
    This mod control the following things:
    Time passed in Skyrim
    Number of Fast Travel
    Number of RELOAD'S
    Yes... Number of RELOAD'S...
    I change the Radiant Bounty Quests availables from the Tavern Keeper and Jarl Steward, but only for test and demo.
    When you install my mod the missions are controled by TMC and you can have 2, 3 or 4 of them as the same time.
    Simply exit the Inn or the Jarl House, enter again and ask again for job. Must exit and enter because the misions are availables only when fire the event change location.
    Probably, you can get 2 quest(BQ01 and (BQ02 or BQ03)) from the same Tavern Keeper and/or Jarl Steward but the third quest must be requested in other location because not all cities have Bandit camp + Forsworn camp + Giant Camp.
    And for get BQ04 you must advance in the Story until kill the first dragon after deliver the Dragon Stone in Whiterun.
    The quest's must be made in 2 days with 2 fast travel and 2 Reloads...
    If you excess the Time, the Fast Travel or the Reload.. the quest's fail...
    Every 12 hours i give you updated info about yours Controlled Quest and say you Time, Reload and Fast Travel remaining on each.
    If you DIE.......... you are FORCED TO RELOAD YOUR GAME... AND I COUNT IT...
    If you have a enslavement mod you can be enslaved and, maybe, you cant make the mission because you can't scape.
    If scape with small time.. make fast travel is not the way... because i count it...
    Of curse, this is a Resource for Moders.. all the work is made with events in the most easy way that i found...
    If you are a moder and whant see how work one of your quest with my mod you only must make 4 things. Is too easy and simple.
    1 - Register your mod for catch the event TMC_MissionFail
    2 - When your quest start send a event TMC_RegisterMision
    3 - When your quest end send a event TMC_UnRegisterMision
    4 - UnRegister your mod from the event TMC_MissionFail
    Of course, you must be too carreful when you cacth the event TMC_MissionFail because near none quest in Skyrim are designed to fail, and you MUST change the design of your quest to FAIL and restart. Before this mod the posibilitys of fail a quest are minimal.
    This mod is specialy designed for small missions like: Go to xx location, get xx item, deliver the item to xx.
    The idea of make this mod come from the simple missions of Captured Dreams about the simple quest Delivery and Recover. The Master of the house say that the mission are urgent and they count time. But none of that are true.
    Now, when you fail a quest, you must asume the consequences... you can be punissed, enslaved, lost items, lost future quest... any can append...
    Of course, you can use my mod for control EACH step of your big quest. You only must Register and Unregister for each step.
    I can manage all the quest that you want at the same time with diferents conditions and, of course, i compute each condition of each controlled quest.
    But think.. they are cumulative.. if you Register 2 quest in the same time whit the same conditions they have the same caducity and reload count... then all quest can fail in the same second.
    This is designed for have 1 long quest with a lot of time MERGED with small quest with lite time. The player must select carrefull what quest make in what order to be free of the consequences...
    Technical info for moders:
    Event's are the less intrusive way for two mods colaborate. Your mod not have HARD dependency of my mod and the user is free to install my mod or not.
    If my mod is NOT installed NOT affect your in any way, because your mod only make a register for a event that never ocurr (TMC_MisionFail) and only send two events that none catch (TMC_RegisterMision and TMC_UnRegisterMision).
    This only affect the game in some miliseconds.
    Skyrim core game have a lot of events but not have one event for Fast Travel, Wait or Teleport.
    Had event for sleep, and i catch it, but for control Fast Travel i monitor a mix of cell and time.
    If the actual cell is not the same and time has advance a lot i presume player make fast travel. This have some problems:
    If the player wait and inmediatelly cross a door before my control routine is fired i catch an erroneus Fast Travel, because cell is not the same and time has advanced a lot because player has wait.
    The other problem reside in the use of teleport because teleport change cell but not advance time. I cant catch it. Tecnicaly is not a fast travel, but i want catch it.
    If any know how can i fight with this errors i can be very gratefull.
    I go to explain HOW use my events in your mod and control your quest.
    Dont worry if you don't know papyrus.
    You can make it with Creation Kit.
    The metod and code need for Register are exactly the same if you start the quest manualy or when the quest is started automatically.
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    RegisterForModEvent("TMC_MisionFail", "On_TMC_MisionFail")
    SendModEvent("TMC_RegisterMision", "BQ01", 48)
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    The metod and code need for UN-register are too simple.
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    SendModEvent("TMC_Un_RegisterMision", "BQ01", 0)
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    In the call SendModEvent("TMC_RegisterMision", "BQ01", 48) the parameter "BQ01" is the name of the quest and the number 48 is the number of skyrim hours for make the quest
    In the call SendModEvent("TMC_UnRegisterMision", "BQ01", 0) the parameter "BQ01" is the name of the quest and MUST MATCH with the parameter 'name of the quest' used in the call for Register
    With this simple call I asume 2 reload's and 2 Fast Travel and alert the player every 12 hours. THE QUEST ARE MANAGED BY MY MOD
    Look the COMPLEX CALL for understand what mean ---->> THE QUEST ARE MANAGED BY MY MOD <<-----
    If you want more control you can use the COMPLEX CALL in the Register like the following example:
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    RegisterForModEvent("TMC_MisionFail", "On_TMC_MisionFail")
    SendModEvent("TMC_RegisterMision", "BQ01&48&2&3&12&1", 0)
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    I use the common call used in the url of web pages with '&' separator and is too simple and effective.. i use it in a lot of developents and is the most easy way for pass a lot of parameter to another function.
    The strip of the parameter is this:
    BQ01&__Your quest name
    48&_____Time alowed in skyrim hours
    2&______Reload's permit
    3&______FastTravel permit
    12&_____Alert when passed time in skyrim hours
    1_______0 = sendEvent(you manage) 1=Management by my functions
    And when join all the parameter you get this: "BQ01&48&2&3&12&1"
    You can use this complex call on Creation Kit and use diferent parameters for each quest.
    All the parameter are too evident, but the last parameter is TOO IMPORTANT:
    If the last parameter is 0 my mod ONLY send the event TMC_MisionFail and make NONE more... YOU MUST catch the event and YOU must manage your quest
    If the last parameter is 1 my mod MANAGE YOUR QUEST.. I NOT SEND the event TMC_MisionFail and i call FailAllObjectives() and Stop() OVER YOUR QUEST. This is the default state for SIMPLE CALLS...
    I put the last parameter thinking on people that not know papyrus and only work with Creation Kit...
    People that are good moders and designers but tremble when see a script because they not are developers and cant understand what make the code.
    But you must be prepared.. i STOP your quest and you MUST give the option to the player of START your quest, usualy with a dialog (after the corresponding punishement, of couse.... JAJAJAJAJA)
    If you ALWAYS use SIMPLE CALL or ALWAYS put the last parameter in 1 you not need use RegisterForModEvent and UnRegisterForModEvent because i not send the event.
    But if you are developer and know how manage multiple script i explain you how catch and manage the event.
    In a generic script of the quest you must put this:
    ------------- Code Fragment-------------
    Event On_TMC_MisionFail(string eventName, string strArg, float numArg, Form sender)
    if numArg == 1 ;time expired
    ;put it in a property if you want
    elseif numArg == 2 ;reload excess
    ;put it in a property if you want
    elseif numArg == 3 ;fast travel excess
    ;put it in a property if you want
    Debug.Trace("On_TMC_MisionFail ERROR.. invalid parameter")
    Debug.Notification("On_TMC_MisionFail ERROR.. invalid parameter")
    MiscUtil.PrintConsole("On_TMC_MisionFail ERROR.. invalid parameter")
    ;put here the code for re-generate your quest... for example...
    ----------- End Code Fragment-------------
    In this code you have the node if.. elseif.. for know the motive of fail and some lines for manage the quest.
    I add some screnshots and the download have the modified source code of the Radiant Bounty Quest.
    You can open my esp with Creation Kit and see the modified code in the steps 10 and 200 in BQ01, BQ02, BQ03 and BQ04.
    If any need MORE explications can ask in the forum...
    But i think the instruction are TOO clear and explanatory...
    Sorry.. .upload the bad version... Fixed in 0.6



  21. Modified Niftools export Script for Blender

    What is this?


    This is a modified version of the Niftools python script for the blender nif export, I made it for myself some time ago but decided maybe someone else could use this too.
    I edited the script so no material files will be exported when using the fallout 3 export options. These material files are not needed for skyrim.
    This has the advantage of not having to manually delete the material files in Nifskope everytime after a nif gets exported from blender.
    All you have to do now after export is changing the version number, setting the bodyslot and copying a BSLightingShaderProperty from an existing nif.

    How to Install


    You need blender 2.49b and a matching niftools version already installed. Then put the export_nif.py file into your blender folder under ".blender\scripts\export".



  22. Idler

    Brings simple idles within easy access for mod makers
    This is a modders resource to play suitable idles with an easy papyrys call.

    Current state and plans
    229 animations included so far, currently adding more variety and improving tag quality. Includes poses and gestures, suitable for spicing and enhancing dialogues, scenes and events.

    This mod can ONLY be used as a resource in free mods. Credit for authors must be mentioned.

    Halofarm for animations Dooge for the mod hafertaler for help

    Run FNIS for users


    Known mods using this resource
    SLUT Sexlife (planned) Showcase sample project (hafertaler)

    Calls SKSE plugin to return random animation file name that matches required tags. Since it is external dll it is fast. Tags are passed as bitmask, see code in the first post in support .

    Using Animator it is relatively easy for anyone to add and help classifying idle animations. Tip me off about animations free to use. Submit your own animations, discussion gestures on a standing pose would be useful, such as giving the finger, facepalm, simulated blowjob, a-a-aa (no, with finger) etc.



  23. Morrowind Dwemer Resources

    Original | Special Edition

    Morrowind Dwemer Resources is a conversion of David Brasher's Dwemer Ruins modders resource for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It brings The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind-style Dwemer architecture and dungeon tilesets to Skyrim.

    What has and hasn't been ported
    Almost all of the original models from the TES4 modders resource have been ported.

    Those that couldn't be converted to work properly in the TES5 engine have been excluded, including the NPC dwarven constructs.

    All but one piece of clutter has been excluded in favor of redirecting modders to download InsanitySorrow's Dwemer Clutter resource, which contains higher quality models and textures.

    Additional modders resource recommendations
    For more classic Dwemer resources, the following mods are available:

    Insanity's Dwemer Clutter Insanity's Dwemer Weapons Lore Weapon Expansion* (includes TES3 dwarven dagger) Old Dwarven Katana and Daito*

    * = requires author's permission to use in mods
    TES5 - Original & Special Edition Compatibility
    This resource's assets are compatible with both the original TES5 and TES5 - Special Edition. The included plug-ins intended only for reference have been saved in the original Creation Kit, but will load just fine in the SSE Creation Kit.

    Mods that use this resource pack
    If you want your mod added to this list, you may post a comment or send a PM to Enter_77.

    Maids II: Deception Morrowind Dwemer Resources - Skyrim Textures


    LOD models David Brasher
    Dwemer Ruins (original model and texture source) Enter_77
    Model conversion and resource compilation for TESV InsanitySorrow
    Insanity's Dwemer Clutter (high resolution textures used to replace David Brasher's where applicable)

    This mod's resources may be distributed & uploaded without explicit permission from the mod author(s) as long as the original author(s) are credited. They may not, however, be included in a mod intended to be monetized.


    AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Nexus Mods TES Alliance



  24. mlee3141's Library

    Here, you can find a complete collection of lines, dialogue, quests and stories I've written for my various Skyrim projects thus far. Feel free to use them for your own mods, as long as proper credit is given, and no profit is made. Thanks!



  25. NiO Diagnostic 2016-07-10

    Hello ladies, gents, and everything in between!
    Fed up with trying to figure out what scales were applied to my actor through other means, I decided to make a simple MCM menu that lists all modkeys associated with a given player skeleton bone! Finally a mod to diagnose those scaling bugs!
    NOTE: Present version is only capable of retrieving modkeys and listing transforms in a numeric manner. Future versions may have the ability to remove or manipulate transform data.
    Usage note: When entering a node name, the name must appear exactly as in the skeletal structure. For example, the pelvis node is "NPC Pelvis [Pelv]"... for some reason. If you enter part of the node's name and the node is being modified by NiO, the mod can now help you out by suggesting the full node name. (E.x. type "NPC R C" and hit enter, the mod will suggest "NPC R Clavicle [RClav]")
    Installation instructions:
    Get the mod and its files recognized by Skyrim, then wait for the MCM to pick up the menu. Nothin' else to it.
    Update instructions:
    As a simple MCM that only accesses data when the menu is open, there's no need for clean saves or anything so complex. Just overwrite the old version and you're done.
    Special thanks:
    expired6978 for NetImmerse Override, and all its wonderful compatibility.
    CPU for help with translation_LANG files.



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