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Animations - WickedWhims

Animations specifically intended for use with WickedWhims.

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  1. [Sims 4] 0nizu Sex Animations for WW

    Hi everyone, this is my first attempt for making TS4 sex animations, I already have some basic knowledge in 3D & coding, hope u enjoy it and feel free to propose ideas for next animations 
    Animations features:
    Animated vagina & testicles Animated boobs & butt Impact sounds Realistic face expressions ---------------------------------------------------------
    You'll need to download WickedWhims: https://wickedwhimsmod.com/
    List (4 animations): 



  2. [Sims 4] Beebavel's Femdom Animations and Many More! (WIP)

    Hey there, I'm Beebavel, an aspiring WW animator. 😄

    Animations Included / Previews:

    I'm planning to create more animations this month, all for free, so here you go!

    Shameless Art Account Plug: 🇵🇭 | Bernard (@beebavel) • Instagram photos and videos
    Future Updates Will Include:
    Beebavel - My Queen 2 - 6 Animation Beebavel - Lick Your Queen 1 - 7 Animation Beebavel - Sniff Your Queen 1 - 7 Animation Beebavel - Passionate Lovers 1 - 7 Animation Beebavel - BDSM Set Animations Beebavel - Cowgirl Set Animations Beebavel - Doggy Set Animations Beebavel - Blowjobs Set Animations Sounds (I will add sounds. I promise lol)
    I'm trying my best to add moaning sounds lol. 



  3. AWSOMEanimation

    Hello everyone! I am the previous take awsome1
    This time, some multiplayer animations have been added that support transitioning from 3p to 4p
    Need jv body, Bondage Devices, and simdulgence penis



  4. [Sims 4][WIP] DMort Animations for WickedWhims (6 NEW ANIMATIONS) (10/9/2023)

    Hi Everyone! 
    I've been creating some animations for WickedWhims Mod and wanted to share what I've done so far. My main interest is foot fetish animations although I do other types of animations too! 
    These are the first animations that I have created so there is still a lot to improve, it is possible that in the future I will modify some of these animations to improve certain details! 
    If you want to support me you can do it on PATREON 
    If you become a patron you can have early access to future animations! 
    Have a wonderful and fun day! 
    English is not my native language, please excuse any errors. 



  5. SyntheticX's WickedWhims Animations for TS4

    I'm SyntheticX. I've been eagerly waiting for this moment for a very long time, and now I'm finally starting to produce animations for The Sims 4. While I've had the desire to pursue this passion for years, I couldn't find the time or achieve the quality I desired in my work. However, I am now committed to taking this endeavor seriously. Many of the talented animators in this community have been honing their skills for years. I've witnessed both successful animators who have moved on and others who continue to be a part of this community. Maybe one day, According to you being able to stand among these skilled people would be a great achievement for me. I think this should be enough for the introduction :). Please don't hesitate to share your ideas, give any criticism in the comment section, and feel free to send me messages if you have any issue with the package.
    If you like my work, I would be very happy to see your support on patreon. I'd like to create many series that you might like in future as long as I got supported. These kind of animations will be a sequence and I will try to make them as if they goes like a storyline. For now, I will focus on these series. Later on, I'd like to give you a few custom cas parts that you can use with my animations. I really want to improve the gameplay immersion with your help.
    Animation List
    Patreon Previews
    Preview of All Animations with Sound (RedGIF)
    Special Thanks to
    @TURBODRIVER for WickedWhims and helps
    @simdulgence for penis meshes
    @dumbaby for body meshes and presets
    @Simite for control rigs
    Ciao for Now!





  6. [Polyfractal Animations] My Doctor's Forbidden Love

    The hallmark of my animations consistently has audible crying. I release a new single animation every three weeks. If you want early access downloads to my many more animations, please support my hard work at Patreon.
    For more previews, please visit my Patreon page (I upload a new animation every week there). I am creating sexual animations between a doctor and patient. All animations are provided for free eventually.  
    Released Animations (2) - Patreon Animations (7) - Coming Animations (22)
    1) Crying on His Lap (office chair, teasing) 2) Touching My Chest (double bed, teasing) 3) Sleep on Me Sweetheart (double bed, teasing) 4) Rubbing My Heart (lounge chair, teasing) 5) Sit on Lap Genital (office chair, teasing) 6) Being Bathed by Him (normal bathtub, teasing) 7) The Kiss of Depression (sofa, teasing) 8 Traumatized Position Crying (floor, teasing) 9) Kissing Side Neck (sofa, teasing) 10) Sucking Foot (sofa, footjob) 11) Floor Rape (floor, vaginal) 12) Held by His Waist (window, teasing) 13) Crying on His Knees (lounge chair, teasing) 14) His Gentle Touch (double bed, handjob) 15) Visiting His Hospital (get to work EP hospital sign, teasing) 16) Hospital Bed Rape (get to work EP exam bed, vaginal) 17) Hospital Drip Rape (get to work EP hospital drip, vaginal) 18) Licking My Chest (double bed, oraljob) 19) Toilet Restraints Rape (toilet, vaginal) 20) Seclusion Room Fapping (get to work EP security door, handjob) 21) Eating Trash Bowl (cats & dogs EP pet bowl, teasing) 22) Shrugging Shoulder Dance (floor, teasing) 23) Popping Heart Dance (floor, teasing) 24) Seductive Curve Dance (floor, teasing) 25) Crawling to Him (lounge chair, teasing) 26) Touching My Hand (hospital stretcher, teasing) 27) Hospital Shower Rape (hospital shower, vaginal) 28) My Doctor Licks Me (hospital bed, oraljob) 29) My Doctor Holding Wheelchair (wheelchair, teasing) 30) Surgery Blind Rape (surgery bed, vaginal) 31) Feeling My Scars (custom hospital bed, teasing)

    Required Downloads: 1. Bath Water Rug 2. Hospital Stretcher & Bed 3. Hospital Bed, Hospital Shower, Wheelchair 4. Surgery Bed 
    Terms of Use: 1. Do not reupload in any format 2. Do not claim as your own 3. Do not modify the original content



  7. LPGS Sims 4 Sex Animations for WickedWhims

    Hi, my name is LPGS and I will be making sex animations for TS4, a lot of my animations will be inspired from hentai including ahegao and some cute positions ^_^ 
    Animation list:
    [Redgifs] Animations preview: redgifs.com/users/lpgs667
    Patreon: patreon.com/LPGS
    If you choose to support me on Patreon you will receive early access to my animations, thank you so much for your generosity!! 💕



  8. Pizza_girl's Sex Animations for WickedWhims

    Every animation comes with custom set of sound effects, you can check the sounds and in game animations from Animations preview section below.
    New animations will be added soon.
    Get early access to animations and Exclusive content by becoming a patron and Supporting me
    Become a supporter

                                                                                                                       Animations Previews
                                                                       (headphones warning)



  9. [The Sims 4] 🍦 𝘊𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘺𝘥𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘰𝘶𝘴 🍦 animation with custom sound effects 🍑 (+5 new animation 11.09.2023 🔥)


    SOON 👀


    Here you can check out pictures of my animations taken by you.If you want your photo to be here, you can send me it and I will include it. Thank you!

    Please keep in mind that I'm just starting my animating journey. I've got a lot to learn but I'm learning.
    If you like my animations and want to see more you can support me here!

    Thank you everyone ✨




    @Nevely42 for your help! 😉
    @TURBODRIVER for help (explain to me how to add animations etc.) ❤
    @Fruitydelicious for your help! 🍑 
    @Denton47 for a wonderful soundtool! 😫
    @KatsuKitty and @Khlas for control Rigs 🔥
    Enjoy and have a wonderful day! ❤



  10. [Sims 4] Biggie WickedWhims - Exclusive Big Dick Animations

    Hello ! I've started creating animations for The Sims 4, all of my animations will require a large size dick.  I noticed that there aren't many animators exploring this & that's why I've decided to start this project.
    🚨Required mods:
    WickedWhims I personally use the Huge Thick Pornstar Cock but your not forced to use it as well,
    just make sure to equip your sims with a big sized dick.

    📑Animation List:

    If you would like to support me feel free to do so by becoming a patreon 😁

    Patreon early access animations ⬇️

    📹 Sims 4 in game animations preview ➢ here



  11. [Sims 4] Lukazluka Animations for WickedWhims - Stand kiss

    Hi! My name is Luka.
    I create regular animations and NSFW animations for Sims 4. I specialize more in LGBTQ+ animations (but they can also be used on hetero). There are also animations specially created for hetero interactions.
    I have been studying the WWmod not so long ago, I am trying, and I will be very glad of your support.
    More animations can be downloaded Patreon or Boosty .
    This package includes:
    Animation pack KISS N2.mp4    
    Stand kiss
    - WickedWhims



  12. FOXSI WickedWhims Animations

    Hi! My name is Foxsi.
    I'm just starting to create NSFW animations for Sims 4.
    You can see my gifs here.
    *click* All Preview  *click*
    You can support my work on PATREON and get early access to my work, it will help me to devote more time!  Thanks!

    For animation, you will need:
    CumMesh v2
    1.mp4 2.mp4 3.mp4 4.mp4 5.mp4 6.mp4



  13. LAMABOY Adult Animations for WickedWhims

    For The AFTERSHOOT set uses a camera from the island living pack, so For anyone who doesn't have the pack Download The BG version




    Animations are so time consuming so if you want to see more of them consider supporting me on Patreon



  14. [Sims 4] Lukazluka Animations for WickedWhims (v.1)

    Hi! My name is Luka.
    I create regular animations and NSFW animations for Sims 4. I specialize more in LGBTQ+ animations (but they can also be used on hetero). There are also animations specially created for hetero interactions.
    I have been studying the WWmod not so long ago, I am trying, and I will be very glad of your support.

    Animation package version for the mod WW v.1.
    More animations can be downloaded Patreon or Boosty .
    This package includes:
    MxM Kiss Stand (animation locations: door, window)
    MxM Stand Kiss Floor
    MxM Stand Handjob Floor
    MxM Stand Oraljob Floor
    MxM AnalSex Floor 1
    MxM AnalSex Floor 2
    MxM Oraljob Bed 1
    MxM Oraljob Bed 2
    MxM AnalBed 1
    MxM AnalBed 1 (animation places: double bed, single bed)
    MxM AnalBed 1
    - WickedWhims



  15. Sims 4 | WickedWhims | Animation pack couple talk on the bed

    The animation can be viewed here
    You need only WickedWhims



  16. Rough! Animation [WickedWims]

    Hello everybody !

    I make NSFW animation for the sims 4 and i will majorly create MFM animation ♂️♀️♂️
    I just learned to animate so it will be a little bit goofy
    It take me quite a long time to make a proper animation. For the moment, i make 1 animation in 2/3 week. So consider that my next animation will come in 14/20 day 😴

    If you feel genereous (or don't know what to do with your money) don't hesitate to support me on my patreon. In general, money is  the best boost for artist 😏

    If you like, or hate my work, if you have a problem or a tip to give, feel free to message me

    👁️‍🗨️ MY PATREON 👁️‍🗨️
    🎥 Preview 🎥
    Animation list



  17. Exotica's Ultimate Sex and Fighting Animations For WickedWhims

    This is the first part of animations for Ultimate fight and Sex animations. New animations will be added every week on patreon. Please Enjoy.
    If you want to support me and get the benefits of being a patron, you can join with the link below.
    Put .package files in The Sims 4 Mods folder. For threesome animations you'll need to start animations and ask a Sim to join. Octagon cage is just decor if you want to play the animations inside the cage you'll need to utilize WickedWhims' built in
    Positioning Tool

    Animation List:
    Animations Available on Patreon: 



  18. [Sims 4][WIP] BaiQing Animations for WW 23/08/2023

    For my animations to work correctly you need:
    WW from TURBODRIVER My objects Cum_Mesh V2 from Cherry_Pie (Thanks Cherry this tool is the best) To make the Incubus animations make sense, download (if you want) Incubus Dreams from MiniGiles. And then download my fix so that it has support with animations. Details below.  
    Hi guys and girls, I recently started creating adult animations for TS4. I'm not new to the forum, I met him a few years ago looking for mods for skyrim and I stayed for everything.
    But two weeks ago I wanted to remove all the animations from other creators (animations from all of them that are great) to fill my world of sims with my own creations from my mind, and why not, also from yours.
    so i came to stay

    I don't have a favorite category of animation and I don't plan to specialize in just one.
    I will update this post at the end of every month with new animations from different categories.
    I will specialize in one category at a time per month and I will vote on patreon so you can decide what you are interested in and/or need.
    Voting will only be available on PATREON the last week of each month.
    In case you can and want to help me with this project to dedicate more time and quality to it, I leave you my PATREON.
    Leave the voting on pause because I still have to finish like 4 more sets of HAREM animations for the classic pack. It takes me quite a while to animate the 4 sims and for all 4 of them to have interactions with each other, plus the details and the physics and the sounds... it's like a week of work for 4 animations. So I'm doing them little by little while doing the ones these days. The last votes I did deal with occult sims because there are not many animations for special sims. The three most voted were: Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids.
    So I'm making animations of these three species, plus the harem ones that I still need to finish and the special animations that they ask me for on patreon. Have a little patience, apart from this I have 2 jobs and if I don't turn in my homework they'll kick me out XD
    Thank you very much to everyone who joins my patreon and to everyone who tries my mods.
    Without further ado I leave you with a list of animations for now available for download. And if you want a sneak peek, you can watch it HERE.
    Patreon Animation Listing:
    Dildos can be kept in inventory to give the game more immersion, but I still haven't figured out how to make it a requirement to be able to use animations that need them by running them directly on the animation site, like the bed. , the floor, a table. Animations run directly with the sites they were created for. I find it a bit annoying having to put the dildos on the floor for them to play the animations and it gives me little freedom.
    Incubus Penis

    I made an arrangement to a body part THAT IS NOT MINE, but I always liked it a lot and I always wanted special animations with this to play Nisa's mod more pervertedly XD
    So I downloaded it and found that it was ''broken'', so I found a fix for this penis, which belongs to someone else but it wasn't what I needed to do the animations I wanted.
    It was time to fix it on my own and I painted the weight of the bones. Changes:
    the bones of the testicles control the mouth and the penis has softer weights. I think it still needs tweaking but it works and the animations look great
    How to install this:
    Download the body part of MiniGiles HERE
    Then download my fix HERE and replace the original.

    There are a couple of people who asked me to do tutorials on how to create animations (I think for WW), I don't have a problem with this but I'm not having much time and apart from that I speak Spanish, not English so that I can explain and show all the process, I would have to make video tutorials. But a quick solution for those who want to start making their own animations and don't know anything about the skeletons of the characters, I give you my riggs with IKs. With this the animations look smoother and more realistic. They are free and they will always be free obviously.
    IKs of eyes IKs of eyelids IKs of the knees and elbows IKs of hands IKs of foot Rotation controllers for fingers  
    Download Here
    Base Sim Female
    Base Sim Male
    Sim Mermaid Woman
    Sim Mermaid Woman (with genitals)
    Sim Incubus Man
    Sim Male Werewolf
    Future projects:
    I learned a lot how to make body parts that work with WW so I'll be working on some crazy or weird body parts. My first idea is to make a tentacle penis
    Most penises only use 5 bones but the rigg has 8 bones, there are 3 that never use them. I WANT TO USE THEM.
    It also occurred to me to make more types of penises for the robots.
    And what if I venture to make a vagina for mermaids?
    If anyone knows, has an idea or whatever of what a mermaid with a vagina would be like, send me your idea or your image.  



  19. Melodark Animations for WickedWhims

    Hello! I've recently started creating animations for The Sims 4. The pack includes several animations that are perfect for roleplaying your wildest domination fantasies, and I plan to add many more in the future.
    My animations will be mainly focused on forced, domination & submission themes but I might do some more "normal" animations later on
    Important note: My animations are intended only for roleplay purposes within the game. They are fictional representations meant to enhance storytelling and do not endorse or encourage real-life harm, non-consensual activities, or violence.

    ‣Glock 17

      -ˋˏ👇LoversLab Animations👇ˎˊ
    -ˋˏ👇Patreon Early Access👇ˎˊ

    All animations preview → <Click Me>

    If you appreciate my work, kindly consider supporting me on Patreon at patreon.com/Melodark 
    Your support will greatly motivate me and inspire the creation of even more captivating animations.



  20. Default Dancing for Male Strippers

    In trying to teach myself how to make mods and animations, I decided to try and make a basic Wicked Whims animation, just for practice. I noticed that there is a distinct lack of masculine dances for the strip club feature, as well as the fact that the default dancing animation from the base game looks pretty similar to a basic gogo boy dance, so I extracted that particular dance animation, made it a clip, and added it a WW snippet XML file. Oddly took way longer than I expected to figure out the XML file, despite the tutorial, then again, using Notepad was probably not the best way to edit it. Once I had the "Oh duh" moment and realized you can edit the XML right in Sims 4 Studio which gives you all the tunings you need. 
    Anyways stay tuned because now that I've conquered the XML, there will definitely be some original animations from me.



  21. Swee3 Animations for WickedWhims (UPDATE 07-09-23)

    Hello everyone
    I have been visiting this site for a long time and using many of the wonderful animations that other animators do, and I have been inspired to make my own animations, since I had many ideas in my head for animations. I personally love Kritical's CC, so I plan to use a lot of his CC in my animations, I also plan to make more "situational" animations that can enrich the gameplay.
    As I already said, for my animations you will need the Kritical's CC, which you can get here.
    And sorry for my English but is not my main language.
    For the gags you will need the file "[Kritical]DiscreetFrame1a".
    For the plug you need the file "[Kritical]DungeonClutter1b".
    For the cane you need the file "[Kritical]DungeonClutter2".
    If you like my work feel free to support me on PATREON.
    If you have any questions about my animations please DO NOT send me a private message, ask me in my topic. Your question may also help someone else.
    Thanks to 
    Khlas for the new rig (honestly this was one of my big motivations, it was something we needed)
    Kritical for the wonderful CC



  22. TicklerM Tickling animations (Both Genders)

    Hello, I am uploading these animations to start a project. Open a patreon to be able to provide them with a constant update.
    Patreon:  patreon.com/user?u=84733161
    Despite the fact that the test images are in male individuals, it's fully functional in women characters, don't worry about it
    For a better experience it is recommended to have the "Feet HD" mod although it is not mandatory to have it for its functionality
    Remember that the animations are in the "Teasing" section.



  23. s4u Animations

    Hello everybody, I´m creator of sims and animations s4u.
    I´m here to share my work with Loverslab community.
    If you like my work and want to support me and gain early access, visit my patreon page.
    I´ll be really grateful for any support from you.

    Hey everyone! Time to release our new animations to public. This time it is blowjob in a hot tub.
    I also added new previews of animations, which are available on my patreon, if you want to check them out.
    Enjoy and have a good one!
    1# You need only WickedWhims made by Turbodriver atm, which you can download here 
    1# Animated vagina & anus
    2# Jiggly butts & boobies
    3# Custom sounds
    4# Facial expressions + lip sync
    5# Only multi-staged animations 3+ including climax.
    My other creations



    Many thanks & credits
    Turbodriver for creating WickedWhims and tutorials!
    Nevely42 for helping me on multiple occasions! ♥
    Khlas for being helpful!
    Dagger, Simite & Khlas for making rig, which I’m using!
    Denton47 for making SoundTool!
    Loverslab owners & community for making this site possible!
    Patreon & Patrons for support and boosting my determination to keep working!  ♥



  24. [Sims 4] StubbornDevilAnimations (+2 NEW ANIMATIONS)

    Hi there, I'm making sex animations for The Sims 4, my main goal is to create different kind of sexual animations, from "basic" to "rough". I'd like to satisfy all palates.The most extreme animations, like BDSM/maledom, will be put in a special animations pack. I suggest to use Pornstar Cock V6 for my animations, especially "big penis" and "thick big penis" models.
    You need to download Huge dildo set by Podyssey, Asketo and Ozzzy's objects to use animations involving sex toys and BDSM tools.
    If you want to give me the chance to continue my work, please, consider to support me on PATREON.  You'll get early access to all my animations and get exclusive animations for patrons only. I'll post new animations each week and two custom sims each month. I have also a special pack where monthly I publish my CGI adults movies for the most enthusiast fan of NSFW Art.
    Thank you!
    Visit my REDGIFS profile
    Check out my custom sims here
    😈 😈 😈
    Animations list - LL
    Early access basic animations list - Patreon +2 new
    Early access rough animations list - Patreon +2 new
    You can see preview animations HERE
    Exclusive animations for Patrons only list - Patreon 
    You can see exclusive animations preview HERE



  25. [Sims 4] SexyLunella Animations for WickedWhims 🆕 SEPTEMBER Update

    I'm creating sex animations for The Sims 4.
    Feel free to ask me any questions, share suggestions, or request assistance by sending me a direct message or posting your inquiry under this topic.
    • Animations GIFS preview HERE
    • Support me on Patreon for exclusive early access to all of my animations!
       PATREON : patreon.com/SexyLunella
    Basic Animations:
    Rough Animations:
    Cherry_Pie Cum Mesh for most climax animations  BondageCross animations: [Azmodan22] BondageCross  Dildo animations: [Noir and Dark] Double Dong Plug animations: Noir Metallic Plug Resize ExtraBig animations: [Noir and Dark] PornstarCock_ExtraBig_Thick_Cut_V6 (or you can use any other large size penis) BigBooty animations: Elena Body Preset (or you can use any sim with a big breast)



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