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Animations - WickedWhims

Animations specifically intended for use with WickedWhims.

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  1. [Sims 4] A. Trois Sex Animations for WW [10/16] - LL and PATREON

    Hi everyone, some animations for TS4. I'll try to release a pack here every month.
    =========== Problem: 'unzip' ============ 
    "If you can't unzip the files, you're probably using the old 7zip, update it or download the new winrar.
    new 7zip:  https://www.7-zip.org/
    This problem happened at the end of last month, they changed something in the new software. Updating will work, at least it worked with Patrons who complained about that."
    4 PACKS on PATREON AND GUMROAD:  https://www.patreon.com/atrois / https://gumroad.com/atrois   

    Short Preview (496 animations): https://atroisanimation.wordpress.com/
    Free Pack: 445 anims.  - Before LL Pack: 450 anims. - Basic Pack: 490 anims - Full Pack: 495 anims.
    Now the packs are available for download in PATREON posts
    ----------------------------------   I thank these people for their mod and recommend using it along with my animations for everything to work perfectly:   • TURBODRIVER
    WickedWhims (https://goo.gl/AgQHb9)
    • Tonicmole
    Bouncing Sim Boobies (https://goo.gl/WXbcLF)
    • Azmodan22
    Female Strapon Collection (https://goo.gl/ar1A2K)
    Improved Male Rig with Penis Bones (https://goo.gl/yuzrcW)  • autobanned
    Sims 4 tongue: (https://goo.gl/bsNnRG) • Cherry_Pie
    Cum Mesh: (https://bit.ly/30zytsN) • Podyssey
    Huge Dildo Set: (https://bit.ly/2Tsevhj)  
    Free PACK: 445 animations
    BEFORE LL PACK: 450 animations
    BASIC PACK: 490 animations
    FULL PACK: 495 animations
    CUSTOM PACK: 496 animations (ONLY ON PATREON)
    PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/atrois
    GUMROAD: https://gumroad.com/atrois
    I hope you enjoy it
    COMPLETE LIST - 496 animations
      ================================= LIST - 445 animations
    =================================   LL GIFs PREVIEW: https://atroisanimation.wordpress.com/ll-gifs/



  2. Savaccini Animations for WickedWhims

    Hi! I am Savaccini 😀and i am new with Blender, I have used similar tools in the past as a hobby, the animations are not bad but either perfect
    i just got the basegame a few weeks ago and a friend insisted me to publish my animations so am here to share some of the animations that I have done for The Sims 4
    my animations are mostly forced, i hope to not offend anyone with my animations!
    I also want to clarify that English is not my main language😅
    all animations uses a exported gun model from Counter strike with HQ texture (Is included in the file)
    i am adding versions without the gun 🙂 if you want rough anims but you don't like the gun in them, now there are version without it 😅

    Wickedwhims v166a is needed
    animations list:

    Thank you and enjoy my animations!



  3. [Sims 4] QuinSims Fetish Animations (October UPDATE)

    - - 13/10/2021 Update 
    - - 5 New BDSM Animations

    Hello everyone. I'm making animations for Sims 4.

    The animations requires Wicked Whims mod by Turbodriver. And some animations are designed for Kritical Naught Collection objects.

    The props required for some animations are listed down bellow.

    I wish to say thanks to all creators who are always helping each other in this process. In special, to Bobahloo and R-Lo.

    - Animations List (81):

    - Props Required for Fetish animations

    - About BDSM and me

    If you want to support me and have early access to my animtions and projects, you can check my Patreon page.



  4. [Sims 4] wild_guy's Animations for WickedWhims [21.08.2021]

    wild_guy's Animations for WickedWhims

    Making mods takes much time and this mod really can't progress without your support, so if you like my work and have the ability to support me then please do it on my Patreon page. You can get early access to new content. Gold and Platinum supporters also get access to exclusive bonus stuff.

    This mod adds sex animations to The Sims 4. You must have WickedWhims mod installed to make it work.
    I am a perfectionist and always try to do all my works with as high quality as I'm capable. I don't make simple and short animations and so making of every animation takes pretty much effort and time. I don't really like some cartoonish style of The Sims 4 and so I prefer all my creations for this game to look as realistic as possible. I always follow this purpose while making my animations.
    Huge thanks to TURBODRIVER for his amazing WickedWhims mod! Great thanks to Dentron47 for the possibility of breast animating and for their amazing TS4SoundTool, azmodan22 for the possibility of penis/testicles animating, autobanned for the possibility of tongue animating! Many thanks to Redabyss, Zorak42, YrSa, R-Lo for their help! And special huge thanks to A.Trois and azmodan22!
    Also thanks to all great animation creators who inspired me.
    Animations features
    All animations have breast movements if necessary (all breast movements are handmade and unique, no any automatic physics used).
    All animations have penis/testicles movements if necessary (all penis/testicles movements are handmade and unique, no any automatic physics used).
    All animations have tongue movements if necessary
    All animations have visual effects if necessary
    All animations made using the default WickedWhims penis model (this means that the default WW penis model is the most suitable one for my animations, however you may use other penis models if you like how my animations look with them).
    CC required for some animations
    Sex toys resized for animations
    List of available animations (the animations marked in red are currently available for early access on Patreon)
    Actor roles: M- male, F- female, B- both.



  5. Khlas Sex Animations and custom contents for The Sims 4 (Update 09.10.2021)

    PLEASE Credit me if you use my animations for anything. I still see people using them on twitter or whatever without giving any credit, please respect this favor at least. I'm not a tyran and not going to slap you for it, but you gotta credit people for their creations. Thanks.
    It's been ages I'm active on this forum and maybe you already know me as Alex788 from the nexus site.
    I recently started creating animations for the Sims 4, mostly NSFW sex animations for M/M. After sharing some of my WIP on another site and my patreon page, I decided to share some of my animations here.

    I learned how to animate in one month so please be gentle and do not insult me because it looks bad, but I accept every good criticism.

    There will be two categories of animations : My old animations that I'm too lazy to fix (it's the first animations that I created, there are not really old since they are being created one month ago, but there is some issues mostly with hands, im sorry) and my new animations (WIP and finished that seems to be better looking according to me).
    THE OLD ANIMATIONS ARE NOW BEING SEPARATED FROM THE NORMAL PACKAGE. I think the quality of the animations changed between those two kind of animations so if you want to still have them you have to install BOTH PACKAGES. 
    Consider supporting me on Patreon, animations takes a lot of time so if you want to see more it's a great way to do so. 

    I usually gives early access but animations will be released around two weeks/1 month after usually.

    Animations availables (49 animations) :
    - "Old" animations :
    .Facefuck (long version)
    .One leg up Doggystyle (with impact sound) it needs unrealistic penis to look good or else the penis will be weird looking during animations.
    - New animations full list (animations on green are new) :  
    Number of Sims Name Where ? Is the animation part of a sequence ? Quality of the animation Object(s) used Is the animation finished ? Sounds ? Two Cockworship Stage 1 Chair Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes Yes Two Cockworship Stage 2 Chair Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes Yes Two Cockworship Stage 3 Chair Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes Yes Two Cockworship Full transtion Chair Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes None                 Two Deepthroat on the dining table Long Table dinner No Medium-low None Yes Yes                 Two Wanking Together Floor No (not yet) Medium None Yes None                 Two Gay Doggystyle Pounding Stage 1 Floor Yes but not finished yet Medium None Yes Yes Two Gay Doggystyle Pounding Stage 2 Floor Yes but not finished yet Medium None Yes Yes                                                 Two Sucking a Bodybuilder Huge Cock Floor No Medium-low None but need unrealistic dick size (like 13 inch) Yes None                 One Wanking Alone Stage 1 Floor Yes Medium None     One Wanking Alone Stage 2 Floor Yes Medium None     One Wanking Alone Stage Climax Floor Yes Medium cherry_pie cum mesh v2                     Two Facefuck on bathtub Stage 1 Bathtub Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes Yes but weird Two Facefuck on bathtub Stage 2 Bathtub Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes Yes Two Facefuck on bathtub Stage 3 Bathtub Yes but no climax yet Medium None Yes Yes                 One Barbell Squat Floor No Medium-low Barbell Object Test Animation for future project None                 Two Fucking your roommate buddy Oraljob Bunkbed Yes but not finished yet Medium-low None Yes Yes Two Fucking your roommate buddy Rough Fuck Bunkbed Yes but not finished yet Medium None Yes Yes                 Two Fucking Session on bed Sleeping Double Bed Yes but not finished yet N/A None Yes Yes Two Fucking Session on bed Oraljob Double Bed Yes but not finished yet Medium-high None Yes Yes                 Two Oral Special Bed Say Cheese Double Bed No Medium Phone prop (base game) Yes Yes                 Two Throatfuck on Floor Stage 1 Bulge Sucking BM Floor Yes Medium-high Bulge Mesh Clothes Yes Yes Two Throatfuck on Floor Stage 2 Oraljob Floor Yes High None Yes Yes Two Throatfuck on Floor Oraljob Climax Floor Yes High cherry_pie cum mesh v2 Yes Yes                 Two Chair desk anal WIP Desk Chair No Medium-high None WIP None One Fleshjack test Desk Chair No Medium-high Fleshlight by noir (mouth) Test Version None One Fleshjack Wanking Desk Chair No High Fleshlight by noir (mouth) Yes but need to adjust smth None One Fleshjack Wanking Couch Version Watching TV Couch No High Fleshlight by noir (mouth) Yes Yes                 Two FSOB stg1 Teasing Touch the bulge and kiss Double Bed Yes but not finished yet High Bulge Mesh Clothes Yes Yes Two FSOB Stg 2 Oraljob Double Bed Yes but not finished yet High None Yes Yes                                 Two FSOB Stg 5 Anulingus Double Bed Yes but not finished yet High None Yes Yes Two FSOB Stg 6 Rough Doggy Double Bed Yes but not finished yet High None Yes Yes Two FSOB Stg 7 Wheelbarrow Doggy Double Bed Yes but not finished yet High None Yes Yes                                 One Send a picture of dick inches to OnlySim Handjob Selfie Table Diner No High Measure taper, phone prop (base game objects) Yes Yes                 Two Sofa Stg1 Handjob Teasing while watching each others Sofa Yes but no climax yet High None Yes Yes Two Sofa Stg2 Blowjob/Deepthroat Spit Slap Sofa Yes but no climax yet High None Yes Yes Two Sofa Stg3 Handjob Teasing anus fingering Sofa Yes but no climax yet High None Yes Yes Two Sofa Stg 4 Anal Reverse Cowboy Sofa Yes but no climax yet High None Yes Yes Two Sofa Stg 5 Anal Laying Reverse Cowboy Sofa Yes but no climax yet High None Yes Yes                                 One Arousing Dick Couch Solo Version Sofa No High None Yes None One Arousing Dick Couch Solo Handjob Version 2 Sofa No High None Yes Yes One Arousing Dick Chair Solo Court version Living Chair No High None Yes Yes One WIP Solo Look at my bulge Double Bed No Medium-High Bulge Mesh Clothes WIP None Two Reverse Mating Press Anal Double Bed No High None Yes Yes One Barbell Bench Press Test Wip Bench Press (Custom Location) No High Barbell Object, Bench Press Test Animation for future project Yes                 Two Facefuck on bed corner (rough) Double bed           Two Long intimate kissing (request #1) Sofa                                                           Total :               47 animations                                
    You need the bulge mesh for some animations and the fleshjack mouth made by Noir, everything is on the archive. Thanks Noir for the permission. 
    I also create poses specifically for males and I have the project to make some "working out" animations, but it's not an high priority for the moment.
    Each animations has been designed with the top male having a big penis. I recommend to use the penises sliders of hokusai26 on LL or try the WW penis size feature.
    Credit me if you use my animations, don't sell it or make it as your own; see Terms of use in the archive. 

    Special thanks to turbodriver for the framework, simdulgence for the penis mesh used in my animations and Azmodan for the addtionnal bones to the EA rig, Noir for the fleshkack (https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2019/07/ts4-sex-toy-fleshlight.html)

    Happy simming.



  6. WW_TLayer_Animations

    TLayer is Creating Free Animation 16 sec no loop - "in Sim times around 50min", 5 stage Finish for WhickedWhims.

    Animation Preview

    Dance Animation Channel




    Production Around
    Rig: Edited Male and Female Rig - from remove Breast Physical
    Penis: Simple Lunar Eclipse
    Vagina: Realistic Pussy - BB female bottom, have pregnant problem but I like
    Boobs: Sopor's Allure Breasts - preview Sim is nearly max boobs



  7. [SIMS4] YrSa Animations



  8. [Sims 4][WIP] ooOLaLa World's Sex Animations for WickedWhims [TS4] (5th October 2021) [New Animations!]

    View File

    YOU MUST BE 18+
    Use this mod at your own risk.
    Made possible by TURBODRIVER's Wicked Whims Mod
    Inspired by the pros: Amra72 (Since Sims 3) & Mike24 (Sims 4)
    ooOLaLaWorld (TS4) meets WickedWhims
    Animated Penis  - Animation Showcase
    Click 'show' next to "spoiler" to view
    Available Animations List:
    - All animations are fully equipped with sound in-game -
    Click 'show' next to "spoiler" to view

    TUBRODRIVER for making this even possible.
    Amra72 & Mike24 for inspiring me personally.
    Cmar for the original penis mesh
    Denton for the enabling breast movement
    Azmodan22 for the animated penis mod
    Autobanned for the tongue mod
    Thanks to you all on the forum who show your support for ooOLaLaWorld.
    You're awesome!
    For ooOLaLa World to work you need TURBODRIVER's WickedWhims Mod.
    Read the thread to find out how to download and use the mod:



  9. Yummy-o-Tummy: [Animation Pack#40] + 6 Animations

    Hey guys!
    IMO the adult content in Sims 4 adds some realism to it. I like it, since you are here, I think you do too ;))
    I'm self-taught. My ideas are taken from my head.
    I am very pleased to have like-minded people and it's cool to know that someone really likes my animations! This is the highest praise for creative people.
    I create romantic animations with objects and sound effects for Wickedwhims mod by TURBODRIVER :))
    I hope you will like it !
    As my patron, you will automatically receive early access to my content.
    Thank you:3
    If you have any problems with my animations, please feel free to write me about them!
    New patrons will be charged the day they become a patron, then on the 1st of the month going forward.
    Support me on Patreon.

    Your Yummy-o-tummy.
    let love warm you this cold autumn...

    I'm creating sensual erotic story sims pictures on Patreon
    Join if you are interested :3

    Adult Content NSFW +18
    Unfortunately, my gifs on this site very often crash. In any case, you can see them here.

    *click*  All Preview  *click*

    WickedWhims by Turbodriver
    Thank you!
    LoversLab Release :

    Patreon Release :


    *click* All Animations *click*

    I hope you like it ❤️ Please delete the previous version! If you have any problems with my animations, write me about it please! Thank you for support :3



  10. [Sims 4] Anarcis' Animations for WickedWhims

    This mod adds sex interactions to Turbodriver's Wicked Whims mod framework. It is an ongoing project which is expanded upon on a monthly basis.
    I try to make animations that are specific to situations and objects, for use in story-driven scenarios. I would like to inject as much diversity as possibly, whether that means, straight, same-sex, group or roleplaying situations. I add new animations roughly every week exclusively on my Patreon. These are then added to LL later.
    At the moment, these animations are available:
    Make sure you have Turbrodriver's Wicked Whims installed. Download either the .zip or .7zip version. Use 7Zip or similar to unpack WW_Anarcis.7z. Place the .package file in The Sims 4's mod folder. You're done.


    If you like my work and/or wish I had more time to spend on it, please consider having a look at my Patreon Page.



  11. [Sims 4] Alonely WW & DD/Pets/Cottage Living Animations [2021-09-24]

    Alonely Animations~! ❤️
    Disclaimer: I do not condone violence, and my pet animations are not supported by my Patreon, it supports my numerous non-pet animations. If you hear or think otherwise, it's false information.
    -Check out my Discord if you wanna share juicy or tentacle images. ;D
    -And if you enjoy my mods and animations and have the ability to support me, please do so; they take a lot of time to make! And grab tons of bonus animations while you're at it. ^.^
    Alonely now brings you supporters...DOLPHINS, LLAMAS, COWS, CHICKENS, & FOXES!
    *Previews and more previews*
    Required for dolphins:
    Island Living expansion pack, custom dolphin object, and dolphin's dick ("Free Willy")
    Required for llamas, "horses", cows, chickens, & foxes:
    Cottage Living expansion pack
    Required for "horses":
    TheKalino's llama-based horse (she also makes other fun animals!)
    Required for llamas and "horses" to have dicks in some animations:
    Noir's horse dildos (alternative download link)
    Public service announcement for running animations with these animals in the Sims 4:
    These kinds of Sims are actual full Sims:
    Humans Dogs Cats Foxes  
    These kinds of "Sims" are actually just objects according to the game's logic:
    Dolphins Llamas Cows Chickens Rabbits other birds (tentacles too!)  
    That's how the game handles them, I can't change that. So:
    If you want to start a human x dog animation, you shift+click your Sim, go to Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time -> Have Sex, then select two Sims, the human and the dog. If, however, you want to start a human + cow animation, you start with the same process, but then you select only one Sim, the one you want to have sex with the animal. Then find the cow animation from the list, for example by clicking the "Select by Tag" option, and since I've tagged each animal animation, you just look for the "COW" tag.  
    ***You can always check the package contents lists at the bottom of this page to find out what's in which package! ^.^ You can also download the previews at the bottom too.***
    Also, check out the first-person camera in-game by pressing Shift+Tab, which lets you see through the selected Sim's eyes. This can lead to very hot views during animations!
    The following mods will be required for some animations:
    Devious Desires (for pet animations, update to the latest version to enable sex for Cottage Living animals) which in turn requires S4CL and ModSettingsMenu You can find support on Discord (make sure you have "testingcheats true" in the shift+ctrl+c cheat panel in-game, then shift+click a Sim to access DD settings) IF YOU DO NOT WANT PETS SIMPLY DON'T INSTALL THE PETS PACKAGE OF THIS MOD. This mod's pet package is a REQUIREMENT for pets, meaning even if you installed my DD animations package too - which is the only one that contains pets - you would never see the pets animations, and there is no way to accidentally do so without also having the pets package. The above mod used to be called WickedPets. Devious Desires mod = Wicked Pets + Kinky Whims  
    The following custom content objects will be required for some animations:
    asketo's TS4 objects (for tentacle animations) Alonely's Dolphin (for dolphin animations) Podyssey's Dragon Dildos (for dolphin animations) Noir's horse dildos (for some llama and horse animations) (alternative download link) TheKalino's llama-based horse (for the horse based on the llama and other fun animals) Gun (for gun animations)  Wine bottles (for wine bottle animations)  
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
    Can I ask you something about your pet animations? Sure, on this forum or on Discord. To clarify: *If you want to talk or ask questions about pet content seen here, you should NOT do it via Patreon. That is not the place for it, it does NOT support these animations as these are a separate project. Patreon does not support bestiality content period, and any pet-related comments or messages on my Patreon will be unanswered and deleted. If you have a question about these animations, you can message me here on LL or via my Discord username, nowhere else.* Do I need the Devious Desires mod for tentacles to work? / Do I need asketo's objects for the pets animations to work? No, you do not need Devious Desires for asketo's objects/tentacle animations to work, and you do not need asketo's objects/tentacles for Devious Desires animations to work, they do not depend on each other. If you do not like one or the other, just do not install either the DeviousDesires mod or asketo's objects and that content will not show up in-game without breaking anything either, simple as that. ^.^ If I start a Cottage Living animation at an animal like a llama, cow, or chicken, the animal sometimes stops the animation to go back to their regular behavior after a while - how can I lessen the chance that this happens? Yep, this is why I advise you to use the versions of the animal animations that you can start at the floor using only one Sim (shift+click a location -> Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time -> Have Sex -> select your single Sim, then select the animation by tag or find it in the list) instead of starting sex at the animal itself, that way the spawned animals don't go back to their regular "idle" behavior after some seconds (except for the chicken for some reason, which is an asshole birdy rebel and always tries to go back to its normal behavior). 😂 A permanent fix for this would be for me to make a custom object for the llama, cow, and chicken like I did for the dolphin (which would otherwise swim away after 10 seconds), but I'm not sure it's a big enough issue to do yet since starting the animation with one Sim at the floor doesn't have this problem.   Which package are your tentacle animations in? I am trying this structure of putting them in the normal and Patreon packages, because I have been pointed to some tentacle content on Patreon and other sites. I did a bit of research, and it turns out that tentacles are one big gray area on several donation sites, and they are not explicitly banned; there instead seem to be rules about them that can be a bit subjective. So I'll try this, but if by their guidelines I meet any resistance whatsoever to this decision from ANY site, I will put the tentacles into a separate package without hesitation. This pet animation isn't working! / My dog or cat's snout is misaligned in this animation! For the Devious Desires mod, you may have to shift+click and go to "Configure Mod Settings -> Devious Desires -> DDPets -> Ignore Zoophiliac Trait" to enable it for all Sims without them having the Zoophiliac trait. If it looks like the mouth or tongue is not making contact on certain animations, it's because your dog does not have a long enough snout (like the Dalmatian breed), same with cats. Other than saying this, I cannot offer troubleshooting support for ColonolNutty's mods, as I did not write them. Please make sure it's only my animations specifically that aren't showing up before you ask me about it, and not all creators' animations, else I most likely can't help you. How do I start pet x pet animations? Shift+click on a location like the floor or couch, then go to Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time and choose your pets. How do I start a threesome animation in Wicked Whims/Devious Desires? To start a threesome/foursome/etc. animation in WickedWhims, you often have to start a twosome animation first. So first, start an animation with two Sims, then click on your Sim and go to WickedWhims -> Ask to Join..., choose the appropriate number of additional Sims, then choose the target object, easiest if it's in the same room (the Move Sex Location to Here... option in WickedWhims is sometimes only available for objects in the same room depending on your settings) and pick the threesome/foursome/etc. animation. The multiple-person animation should then start. To start an animation in newer versions of DD, just shift+click a spot and go to Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time. You can also even make a Sim leave an animation at any time and pick an animation to resume sex with the leftover Sims, isn't that nifty? How do I enable your female receiving animations for both male and female Sims? If you want to enable my animations for all Sims (including males participating in receiving-vaginal animations - since buttholes are sometimes near enough to the same spot), make sure to set the WickedWhims/Devious Desires setting to allow animations for all genders, which is in "WickedWhims -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Gender Settings", and in the shift+click "Configure mod settings" menu for Devious Desires! The Mother Plant from the StrangerVille expansion is confusing, help! She confuses us all.   Okay, so the Mother Plant is a very very tricky plant, both to work with and to have sex with, hah! Because not everyone has a big-ass lot of space to put her on, I made single animations with her available as standalones! So if you click on any floor and start a solo animation, you'll find the "Mother Plant" animations in that list too, and she'll frickin' pop up wherever you want her to like a scary sonofabitch. ^__^ But, if you want her in your game more permanently, to find and place her or her pit, press shift+ctrl+c in-game to open the cheat console and type "testingcheats true", then bb.showhiddenobjects, then search for The Mother in Build/Buy mode. She requires kind of a big-ass lot! You can place her either in her pit or not, as seen in this gif:  
    Hello all! I've always enjoyed making character relations - whether in a story in my head or one that actually gets put into a word processor - and I feel that animating allows me to act these stories out in a tangible way. So, I've made animations for The Sims 4! The story that I had in my head involves the Dead or Alive girls (especially Helena, Hitomi, and Marie Rose) in some, and in others, Connor, an android from the PS4 game Detroit: Become Human (and a human female he has begun cohabitating with after the events of the game). So these are the Sims you'll see in a lot of the previews. :3
    Feel free to keep checking back and give this thread a follow, as I've always got yummy stuff planned! ❤️
    -I focus on rough, fetish, and cunnilingus animations (though I do plenty of others), and I try to pay attention to each bone and joint to make these animations all look as natural as possible.
    Hey there guys!
    Dolphins and other animals! By downloading this custom dolphin object and Podyssey's dragon dildos, you can play my animations with dolphins! Dolphins are objects and are not considered a separate actor, so a female-dolphin animation, for example, will be available in the animation list when you have only one Sim selected. ^ TheKalino's llama-based horse and Noir's horse dildos Tentacles! By using asketo's TS4 objects, tentacles will be enabled in my animations! They are objects and are not considered a separate actor, so a male-female-tentacle animation, for example, will be available in the animation list when you have two Sims selected. You can see my "Dazed" series, comprised of animations where one party is a lil loopy! I also introduce to you my already beloved "Shown Off" series, all dedicated to Sims showing off their private bits to others! Funny story situations! "Ugh, fine, I'll never ask you to do faxes for me anymore - just please don't make me ever have to put this in my mouth again." And be sure to check out the first-person camera for your favorite animations by pressing Shift+Tab in-game, which lets you see through the eyes of the currently selected Sim, offering fascinating or funny views! CUM! O_O I have now started adding cumshots to my climax animations! Because why not?! Thanks CherryPie! Maybe we should call you CherryCreamPie? *ba dum tss* O_o Pet x pet animations! SOUND!  
    I'm so excited to be on this fun journey with y'all!
    When the creepy pervert finds and captures the superstar and gets his way, showing her goods to millions of viewers! :<<<

    I get a bit carried away with putting gifs on this page sometimes, I'm so sorry. xD
    The animations that each package contains are listed on the bottom of this page.
    The WW_Alonely_Animations package contains, among others (spoiler, large-ish gifs):
    So, you lovelies know what to do! Have your Sims go forth and multiply! ;D
    This mod adds sex animations to The Sims 4. You must have the Wicked Whims or Devious Desires (required for animals) mod installed in order to make it work.



  12. [Sims 4] MOTHERLODESIMS Sex Animations for WhickedWhims (NEW UPDATE - 09/22/2021)

    WARNING: 18+ (NSFW)
    Hi guys,
    I am creating animations for THE SIMS 4, the available packages are exposed to support in PATREON or GUMROAD.
    PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/motherlodesims

    Wait for me, you'll have my packs from my patron soon inside LoversLab.

    Available for download now:

    Here are the previews animations of The Sims 4 that I made, and soon we will have more, I hope everyone likes: https://motherlodesimsww.wordpress.com
    Recommended Mods TO USE with my package:
    Recommended Mods
    WickedWhims https://cutt.ly/PlfniBp
    • Tonicmole 
    Bouncing Sim Boobies https://cutt.ly/WlfnfsN
    • Azmodan22 
    Female Strapon Collection https://cutt.ly/clfnbRA

    Improved Male Rig with Penis Bones https://cutt.ly/GlfnQc8

    Bondage Devices https://cutt.ly/qlfnUph
    • .Noir. 
    Toys: Clutter Set https://cutt.ly/ClfnPvE
    • autobanned
    sims 4 tongue: https://cutt.ly/SlfnDVK
    • Kodenu
    fleshlight https://cutt.ly/YlfnHgH
    • Cherry Pie's Cum Mesh
    Cum Mesh https://cutt.ly/8lfnLMU
    • blackboard CC
    https://cutt.ly/ilfnCS5 (page)
    • cams

    • BONDAGE CHAIR and machinedildo's by Kriticals
    Find Through this page
    Using the following files:
    Kritical's Posture Bondage: 
    Dildo Machine (One_Bar_Prison_)
    Animated Dildo Machine in blender
    • mermaid tail with penis (working wip):
    inside my patron: 
    or mirror file 

    All animators or modders from this community, all of you are a inspiration.
    Thanks for all of you making great mods and sorry for who i forgot,  thanks.



  13. Bondage/BDSM Roleplay Animations by bobahloo

    Bondage Pack
    This pack focuses on Damsel type bondage/restraint and bound sex machine animations.  While the majority of the animations are solo, there are some that have multiple sims waiting in "peril". Either way, they are tied, horny and waiting for attention.?
    These animations are not random enabled, since I have them set to loop endlessly with both player and NPC sims. 
    Depending on your WW settings, the NPC's may not respect the endless loop.
    BDSM Roleplay Pack   
    This Pack focuses on BDSM sex and roleplay. Continuing the scenario's started from the other pack, or creating entirely new situations. Allowing you to tie your subject, or be tied and waiting, then jump in there and play.
    These animations are random enabled and will play out a normal run time.
    You'll need to download my CC BDSM furniture as well as some other objects/props for some animations to play as intended.
    Asketos objects   
    Ozzzy objects
    Hyperdrivers objects  (BDSM Ropes are the only object needed, any other item in this zip that you may find "offensive" can be and should be removed manually)
    bobahloo objects   
    A.Trois ankle ropes
    Whipping Frame by Kodenu
    Resized Sex Toys by wild-guy
    Un-Electric Chair by Necrodog
    YrSa BDSM Devices
    SalarmoJ's Objects
    Kritical Naughty Collection  
    azmodan22 Bondage Devices
    Dailiaa Vampire Illuminated Below Blood Cabinet
    Kodenu BDSM Toys Pack
    Zoraks Workshop
    llazyneiph Open Casket   Recolors (optional) HERE
    CherryPie CumMesh V2
    Syboubou Daguerre - Reica Camera
    SIMcredible  Vogue wine bottle 2
    ANIMATION LIST       PDF  Animations list available in the downloads section
    Join my Patreon to get early access to new content and Support Future works ...
      bobahloo's PATREON



  14. Scarlet Devil's horny (and not as horny) Sims 4 animation collection

    hi! you can simply refer to me as scarlet devil (or scarlet, but i think someone already goes by that name)
    i'm an amateur animator who picked up animating in blender as something to occupy myself, because at the moment i'm rather sick and bored out of my mind. so what better way to spend my time than to... animate my sims fucking?
    i intend to focus primarily on wlw couples, though may have a few polyam animations. expect a mix of sfw cuddles and slow stuff! and lots of smooching
    my animations are usually ~200-300 frame loops that loop a couple of times
    again, i'm an amateur! which means im new to this. i just wanted to make gay shit. i hadn't properly animated in blender until like a week ago. so like, expect clipping and joint weirdness as i improve 🙇‍♀️
    also none of the animations have sounds because i personally don't like sims sexytalking in simlish. maybe i'll add em in the future if people want them
    i'm not confident enough for patreon and kofi doesn't allow being linked on R18 websites , so im just doing this cuz i like playing virtual barbies! regardless, my animations will be free forever. i'll try and release future animations in batches of 3 or 5
    animations list:
    to-do list
    t4t frottage bro we are gameing but horny more polyam cuddles because i need m o r e i do take requests, but keep in mind i am primarily comfortable animating women and will under no circumstances do pets or dub/noncon
    as expected, these animations require the wicked whims mod for the sims 4 to function
    thank you to turbodriver for the mod + tutorial on setting these up ^^



  15. CIPHER WickedWhims Animation ㋡ [ 18.08.21 ]

    Thanks For Checking Out My Animations ?
    Im Unable To Upload My File Here , So Please Download It Here [ LAST UPDATE 18/9/21 ]
    No New Animations Added, I Just Update The Link . Someone Delete It . Im
    Sorry For The Inconvenience . Will Update Here Soon . TQ
    : : Onedrive : :
    You Need This:
    CherryPie Cum Mesh
    Installation :
    Extract WW CIPHER Animation.Rar And Put WW_CIPHER_Animation.package In Your Mod Folder Thats It .
    Remember To Always Overwrite When There New Update .
    Feel The Need? Need Of Sexy Sims ? Sorry I Don`t Upload My Sims On LL Anymore?
    Check Out My Patreon , My Sims Is Available For Public ?
    There Are 2 Version Of My Animations LL(Public) & Patreon Version Now ~
    ✔️Big Thanks To GreyNaya & Khlas For Helping Me Out With My Animation ?
    Currently I Have 66 Animation On Loverlab . 20+ More On My Patreon .
    If You Like To Support Me . You Can Do It On My Patreon .

    ‼️ CHECK OUT MY CC ‼️
    Cheers ~ Bye Bye ~ ?



  16. [WIP] Golden88's sex animations for WickedWhims

    Hello Guys!
    I just uploaded the new animation “ Standing Doggy 01!” for Floor setting!
    Sorry.. it had been long time since the last update, During past few years, I had tried to create some new animations with my own rig for couple time, but it didn’t go well.. Until I use the efficient rig which been created and refined by many awesome creators on Loverlab.
    Really thanks for the creators who shared their knowledge and experienced of using the rig. it really help me a lot to finish this animation
    I hope you guys like the new animation, and hope you guys have great weekend! Cheers!
    Installation Instruction:

    In order to perform my animations, users need to download WickedWhims mod first then download my animation package.
    Once you have both files, move them into to the one of the Sims 4 file name "Mods" (the file is located at User\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods).
    Download Link/Recommend Mod:

    Here is the download link to WickedWhims mod: (Requirement)
    Awesome skin mode I recommend:
    Animation List:
    Standing Doggy 01                (New)                      
    Doggy on the Floor 01
    Doggy on the Floor 02
    Doggy on the Floor Climax
    Standing Doggy 01
    Standing Doggy 02
    Standing Doggy Climax
    little note for the Window Doggy series animation:
    the series of Standing Doggy animations only worked for french windows, it will act strangely while performing with other types of window...
    Really thank TurboDriver for making the WW mod, and thank Turbo for helping me troubleshooting and solving all kind of technique problem.
    Thanks Simite for refining the control rig and making it friendly to use! And also thanks for sharing the knowledge of using the rig!
    Thanks Azmodan, Autobanned, NaoDong, Noir, Oraya for refining the rig!
    Thanks Dagger for developing the efficient rig!



  17. Kzero91 Animations mainly Pets

    I'm a new animator and this are the first animations I made and I want to share it with you guys, but don't expect anything perfect i just started working with Blender😅.
    Pussy Rub - Toilet F
    Wake Up (1. Stage 1) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM
    Fun in the Shower - Shower F/SDB
    Asslick from Dog/Cat - Big Wall Mirrors F/SDB,CB 
    Threesome Dom (2. Stage 6) - Floor F/F/LDM
    Fun with Cat - Lounge Chair F/CatMale
    Dog Foot Humping - Toilet F/SDM
    Handjob Dog (1. Stage 2) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM
    Dog Pussy Lick - Toilet F /SDM
    Cat Pussy Lick - Toilet F/CatMale
    Dog and Cat Pussy Lick - Toilet F/CatMale/SDM
    Deepthroat from Small Dog (1. Stage 3) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM
    Throatfuck - Floor F/LDM
    Suck and Lick - Lounge Chair F/CatMale
    Threesome Dom (2. Stage 1) - Floor F/F/LDM
    Threesome Dom (2. Stage 2) - Floor F/F/LDM
    Threesome Dom (2. Stage 3) - Floor F/F/LDM
    Need a Drink (3. Stage 1) - Lounge Chair F/LDM
    Need a Drink on Cam (4. Stage 1) - Lounge Chair F/F/LDM
    Fun with Small Dog - Lounge Chair F/SDM
    Pussy Play with Pussy - Lounge Chair F/CatMale
    Fun in the Hottub - Hottub F/SDM
    Threesome Dom (2. Stage 4) - Floor F/F/LDM
    Doggy Anal (1. Stage 4) - Single/Double Bed F/SDM
    Threesome Dom (2. Stage 5) - Floor F/F/LDM
    Milking and Drinking (3. Stage 2) - Lounge Chair F/LDM
    Milking and Drinking on Cam (4. Stage 2) - Lounge Chair F/F/LDM
    Pet on Pet Pack:
    so far
    2x Large Dog M / Large Dog F
    1x Small Dog M / Small Dog F
    1x Cat M / Cat F 
    1x Small Dog M / Large Dog F
    1x Large Dog M / Small Dog F
    so far
    BB Droid / Female (Unfortunately only works properly when the droid is in the correct position, if i can fix this i'll upload a new version)
    2x R Droid / Female
    Animations that i have already started that may or may not come next
    All animations can have clipping issues based on different breastsize feet, Pets Races and so on...
    Thanks to
    TURBODRIVER, for his great tutorial here and of course for WickedWhims here
    ColonolNutty, for Devious Desires here
    bearlyAlive, for his IK-PET Animation Rigs here
    Cherry_Pie for the Cherry_Pie Cum Mesh here



  18. 🐐 ε404ρ αηιмαтισηs ∂σωηℓσα∂ (υρ∂αтε∂ 9/12)

    👉🏾 #goatshit 👌🏾

    WW_E404P_Animations (227 Animations)
    E404P_Machinima_Animations (15 Animations)
    or HERE & HERE
    Want Early Access? 👋🏾
    Then join my Patreon. 👍🏾
    You can get my Patreon Animations for a discount on Gumroad 👊🏾
    *Gumroad is ONLY updated at the end of each month*

    Machinima Block
    A place where Sims 4 machinima makers can meet, share, and hang out!
    check out my SimmedUp Mag interviews
    sept 2020 |pgs 19-24|   HERE        may 2021 |pgs 18-22|    HERE
    more FREE content from me:
    Check out my PornHub channel for sexy sim vids.
    Love storytelling and need animations? Then check out my Youtube or Wix site.
    Please feel free to leave a comment.



  19. [Sims 4] Jaybee Animations for WickedWhims (Updated 11th of Sept, 2 new animations!)

    And thanks for checking out my animations!
    The reason I started animating was because I wanted to make animations suitable for more than one body, as I was missing animations for trans sims and fat sims. I try to make my animations versatile by avoiding limbs too close to the stomach, chest and thigh area (when I can, not all positions allow this). Also, all my animations have animated tits, dicks and balls, regardless of the gender categorization. As of now I am very, very new to animating, so my animations might stutter and suffer from hovering hands or floating limbs, but I get better all the time!
    Any animations requiring other CC has the CC linked in the "requirements" section and the .txt file that comes with the download. If you want a list of just the required CC (with links) scroll to the bottom of the page.
    If you enjoy my animations, please let me know! Comments fuel me. And a special thanks to khlas for helping me with an XML problem!
    IMPORTANT: Animations marked [R] play with nonconsent. They are disabled for random, so you need to seek them out to see them. Animations marked [Somno] play with somnophilia.
    List of animations (sorted by location)
    Single bed
     Required CC
    Horsecock on back
    Noir horse dildo set
    Double bed/single bed
     Required CC
    Horsecock grinding
    Noir horse dildo set
    Double bed
     Required CC
    On your own
    Resized Noir metallic dildos
    [Somno] Real heavy sleeper
    2 sims
    No CC required.
    [Somno] Don't wake daddy up STAGE 1
    Male/male (or any)/any
    3 sims
    No CC required.
    [Somno] Don't wake daddy up STAGE 2
    Male/male (or any)/any
    3 sims
    No CC required.
    [Somno] Don't wake daddy up STAGE 3
    Male/male (or any)/any
    3 sims
    No CC required.
    [Somno] Daddy woke up STAGE 1
     3 sims
     No CC required.
    [Somno] Daddy woke up STAGE 2
     3 sims
    No CC required.
    (New!) [Somno] Morning breath STAGE 1


    2 sims

    No CC required.

    (New!) [Somno] Morning breath STAGE 2



    2 sims

    No CC required.

    Mirror/Window (Looks best on the ones that reach the floor)
     Required CC
    Horsecocksucker in training
    Noir horse dildo set
     Required CC
    [R] Facefucked to sleep
    2 sims
    Cherry Pie Cum Mesh
    List of required CC:
    Resized Noir metallic dildos Noir horse dildo set Cherry Pie Cum Mesh



  20. [Sims 4] Zorak Sex Animations for WhickedWhims [05/09/2021]

    Zorak Sex Animations for Whickedwhims

    I'm creating some animations for the awesome Whickedwhims mod.
    I welcome suggestions for animations and locations you might want, if i like it, i will do it.
    I'm on patreon! You can read more about it on the patreon page and how i plan to do things. But basically it is for early access and supporting me while I start to create animation with a higher standard than before.
    Animations that are included right now:
    Total: 500+  (I'm actually note sure at this point)
    I have some gifs previews here.
    NEW For this update 3.4.2

    She is the one in charge (Spawn chair) MF Vaginal Desk A steady rythm gets the work day to pass (Spawns chair) MF Vaginal Desk Cunnilingus under the desk (spawns chair and need computer) MF Oraljob Desk Entice him to feed you what you want MF Climax Dining Table Shove the sword in from behind MF Anal Double Bed, Spawns Dildo Sword (CC) Hold her up for a better swording MF Anal Double Bed, Spawns Dildo Sword (CC) Sit on him, you are in charge MF Vaginal Double Bed Smooth Facefuck MF Oraljob Double Bed Pussy Worship Cunnilingus MF Oraljob Double Bed A little bit of everything nice MMFF Oraljob Ottoman Double Doggie MMFF & 2 MF versions Vaginal Ottoman Double Matingpress MMFF & 2 MF versions Vaginal Ottoman Double Blowjob MMFF Oraljob Ottoman A licking teasing of the shaft MF Oraljob Ottoman Deep blowjob MF Oraljob Ottoman Double Cowgirl MMFF Vaginal Ottoman Swing that ass up and down on his dick MF Vaginal Ottoman Grind and jump on that dick MF Vaginal Ottoman Double Fingering MMFF Handjob Ottoman Hold her legs up and finger her MF Handjob Ottoman Hold her from behind and pleasure her with your fingers MF Handjob Ottoman Double Handjob MMFF Handjob Ottoman Work that dick MF Handjob Ottoman Slow and closeup handjob MF Handjob Ottoman Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Cowgirl on the toilet MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Doggy on the top of the toilet MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Turn him upside down and milk him MF Oraljob Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Climb up on him and fuck MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Doggy MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Face Fuck her MF Oraljob Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Matingpress MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Hold her and fuck her MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Cowgirl on the toilet MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Doggy on the top of the toilet MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Turn him upside down and milk him MF Oraljob Toilet Stalls Use him as a dildo in the stalls: Climb up on him and fuck MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Doggy MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Face Fuck her MF Oraljob Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Matingpress MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Use her as a fuck doll in the stalls: Hold her and fuck her MF Vaginal Toilet Stalls Get them ready for the activity (Handjob and Blowjob) MFM Oraljob Double Bed Prep her for the action to come (Eating Ass and Sucking Dick) MFM Oraljob Double Bed Start the main action with slow anal doggy (Gentle anal, stroking dick and kissing) MFM Anal Double Bed Let the guys take more control (More gentle anal and stroking dick) MFM Anal Double Bed Give her what she came for (Double penetration doggy) MFM Anal Double Bed Rev up and get what you want (Double penetration rev Cowgirl) MFM Anal Double Bed Wake him up (Handjob) MF Handjob Double Bed Morning Massage (Thighjob) MF Teasing Double Bed Get this morning workout started (Fast Cowgirl) MF Vaginal Double Bed End in an explosion (Fast cowgirl) MF Climax Double Bed Continue the fun workout (Sex with her on the side) MF Vaginal Double Bed  

    Link for the CC black board  http://sims4.aroundthesims3.com/objects/room_kids_03.shtml
    Link for the CC lounge chair https://lunararcsimsstuff.blogspot.com/2015/07/luana-lounge-chair.html
    Patreon early access animations 
    CC Display cage and
    CC Dildo sword is available here
    Special thanks to
    and all my patreons!



  21. Fouyaya Femdom & Fetish Animations for WickedWhims (06/09 September update +7 animations)

    I'm creating animations for Wickedwhims, I mainly focus on fetish animations (foot worship/ass worship/facesitting/trample/fart/goldenshower/...) and general femdom.
    Although my animations are created with a female dom and a male sub in mind, feel free to switch the genders, a bunch of my animation will still look fine.
    Though bear in mind that the dom sim won't have any penis/testicles action. The sub however will have boobs/testicle/penis action. (my older animations don't have boobs jiggling on the sub)
    There are 2 animation packages available : "WW_fouyaya_animations" and "WW_fouyaya_animations_extreme", the extreme package is optional and contains animations that might not appeal to everyone (piss, farts, toilet domination)        put one or both .package in your Electronic Arts/The Sims4/mods/wickedwhims folder and enjoy.
    The "fouyaya_pieceofshit.package" is a prop needed for the scat animations, download it only if you want those animations.  
    The "fouyaya_toiletbox.package" is a custom toilet made to fit the toilet domination sequence, it's also a functional toilet and I added the "sit" interaction to it. see picture below  
    Animations starting with "SNUSNU" are meant to be played with an height mod, they won't look good without as the animations are created with a rig where the dominant sim is roughly 10% larger than the average sim while the sub is 10% smaller. (Note that you can also tweak the actors' positions further with the sex positioning tool available in Wickedwhims settings)  
    There are also animations meant to be played only once. (transition type animation) You will need to have sex stage progression on, and not override the duration of animation in wickedwhims settings for it to work properly. You'll also need to have the auto-undressing setting on for the undress animations.  
    Animations starting with "WITCH" are meant for magic inclined sims, you need the Realm of Magic DLC for these animations to look and sound as intended. However note that you should still be able to play them without it. (use the "ignore occult sims restrictions" in gender settings in WW to avoid needing a witch/wizard sim to trigger them)  
    To play all my animations smoothly you'll also need :
     The Sims 4 with latest update (some DLCs might also be needed, e.g. Spa Day for the massage table, realm of magic for the WITCH series)  WickedWhims with latest update  A height mod to play the amazon animations correctly (animations named SNUSNU), I suggest this one  (a reminder, the animations are made to fit a sim 10% taller than standard height with a sim 10% smaller which is roughly the max height lost/boost you can get with the mod linked above -the heightslider1.package-) Yr_sa Bondage Devices for the Bondage Cross and the steel hole Azmodan22's Bondage Devices for the pillory (optional) Kritical's slaveset1a headpiece fits well with some animations (e.g. the "fuck face" animation) Serinka's Sport inventory for the barbell and barbell stand Big Boobs Waifu, a flirty book recolor to play the "big boobs/butt waifu" sequence Cherry_Pie Cum mesh for some climax animations Nintendo Switch Tablet by littledica for the "gaming chair" animations  
    I am on Patreon if you want to support me
    ( this keeps me motivated to make more animations and to make them better, also you'll get early access to additional animations )
    (preview gallery here)(and here for the most recent content)
    list of animations (226) :
    ++NEW++Early Access++ 

    extreme animations package (piss/farts/toilet domination)
    regular package
    (animations in orange are in early access on my patreon)
    (sofa animations will look best with the "size-sensitive Sofa") 
    (chair animations will look best with the "Arrmless dining chair" or "armmed dining chair")
    (stool chair animations will look best with the "retro dinette bar stool")
    (living chair animations will look best with the "deep delight living chair")



  22. 【MISSME】♥ 𝙎𝙚𝙭 𝘼𝙣𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 ♥

    My name is MISSME and I make a variety of content for The Sims 4! I've been doing so since 2014, took a break then jumped back in on May 9th 2019! I've been making CC ever since! I Hope that you enjoy my content as much as I loved making it!
    Please read this post before downloading!
    These packages will add about 78 animations & 4 props to your Devious Desires & Wicked Whims installs, please enjoy!
    Love & credit to @Villianize for helping me with my Milk Machine and re-making my Milk Bottles~

    List of Animations [Patreon early access animations are marked in orange]
    You can find the list & object download links on my tumblr~
    You can preview all animations here~

    I am forever grateful to the people who like my content, even more so if they choose to pledge to my page! When you do so, you receive little goodies from me:
    Tutorials for Blender & Marvelous Designer [+Support] Access to early previews to content [animations & clothing] through weekly Journals Ability to request Clothing, Sims and/or Animations Early access to my Wicked Whims animations Monthly gift consisting of anything from Clothing, Body Presets, Animations, etc... Access to Google Drive with all of my content  
    Even if you don't want to pledge, a follow is just as appreciated. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to simply visit and give my content a download!
    If you're looking for more information on my Patreon rewards, please visit my Tumblr~




    Hi there!, I love the site and I'm inspired to do something because I like the animations and the mod is really great, I know that my English is bad and I hesitate a lot before uploading this but here it's, I would like to know What do you think, I know there are very few animations but I would like to start well, so suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.
    Use this mod, at your own risk.
     -Objects CC by SalarmoJ's:
    If any partner animator wants to make animations with my objects it would be great,
    you just have to download the file "Salarmoj's_Objects". Any questions you can contact me.
    -Update your decompression application to avoid problems when unzipping the file or more recomended use "Winrar" for decompressing the file.
    -The objects and the animations come in 2 files .rar separately, it is important to download both files since some animations require of these objects.
    -Extract the folder "SalarmoJ's_Sex-Animation" and the folder "Salarmoj's_Objects" and paste it inside the folder "mods".
    The usual location of this folder is:
    documents / ElectronicArts / thesims4 / mods.
    -R-Lo for help in doubts, thanks.
    -A huge thank you! to the donors who support me to continue animating, as well as those who encourage me with their comments. Thank you!!
    -Thanks to Noir and Dark sims for letting me use your creation "Bunben Chair"
    -Thanks to Ozyman44 for the creation of the "Police Car"
    -Thanks to 20/44 sims for the wonderfull "Taxi remesh"
    -Thanks to Cherry Pie for the creation of the incredible "Cum Mesh"
    -Thanks to Mathcope for the amazing work on "Open Towel"
    -Thanks to MonsterMadness for the incredible "Retro Arcade Games"



  24. [Sims 4] GreyNaya Animations for WickedWhims [UPDATE 16.08.21 +9 new animations]

    GreyNaya Animations for WickedWhims

    Hi community!
    I'm creating animations for the great Wickedwhims mod by TURBODRIVER. I'm most interested in quality and realism so if you share my thoughts and you like this style of gameplay - you might be interested in what I create. Feel free to contact me in case you have any difficulties via DM, Discord or write in my topic on the forum.
    Also I have PATREON page if you want to support me and my work or you can get animations in Early Access 
    LL Animation List

    Cherry Pie Cum Mesh
    Required СС:
    for teasing animations of the "cooking can wait" sequence
    Apple by Severinka - link
    Funny kitchen by SIMcredible! - link
    for the"Failed drive" sequence
    car by LorySims - link
    for the"Romantic date" animation
    wine glasses made by Quiddity  link
    bouquet by RightHearted    link
    for the "Once at the campfire"sequence
    Industry Blanket by BuffSumm  link 
    Flashlight by soloriya  LINK 
    Guitar by Severinka  LINK
    for the "The games people play" & "Gift of the Sims" sequences
    Nintendo switch by redheadsims LINK
     wine glasses made by Quiddity  link
    for the "We love to have fun_Desire of lust 2"
    Sex toys resized for animations by Wild Guy (0.6 Scaled Noir Sex Toy - 04) LINK 



  25. hi-lands (gay ass) wicked whims animations

    hey yall! some of you may know me for my body presets/sliders, but i am now trying to venture into new kinds of cc making. im obsessed with wicked whims (not just for the sex lmao) but for how easy the mod makes it to add new animations to objects, so im here to share some animations i made. most are gonna be used for my machinimas on youtube (shameless plug yeah) but others are just for fun. technically these are not my first animations because i had made a pack similar to this weeks ago, but then my computer broke and i lost everything (including all 150gb of cc and my sims  ) so im slowly trying to get everything back in order. dont expect much from these, as they are my first released animations and im terrible at everything i do. also make sure to check the issues below so you dont come yelling at me in the comments with issues i already stated were there. okay, lets get started. 
    follow me:
    tumblr | patreon
    15 animations (all previewed at the top) mostly catered to m|m or f|f, but can work with str*ight sims too ig (some animations allow it or you can disable the gender rules in the ww settings) no sounds at all (idk how to do it   someone help me, im dumb!)  
    final thoughts:
    i dont believe i will be fixing these, unless there are major issues i will most likely revamp them entirely for future projects, but i just wanted to put these out i know they arent fantastic, but i dont want to throw these out and waste the countless hours i worked on them i hope you still enjoy and expect to see me come back with something (hopefully) much better than this i am open to suggestions for future animations! just send me an ask on tumblr! all my shit is free and will most likely stay free forever  (unless i go homeless idk) follow me on tumblr, become a patron if you would like to support me, and have a great day! i love yall!



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