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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Real Handcuffs - Better Locational Damage

    A small plugin-free script patch for Real Handcuffs and Better Locational Damage.
    I have been using this change I made for a while now and I decided to release it and let others enjoy it as well. Whenever I cut a pair of handcuffs at a workshop I didn't like how a flat 30% of my base health was always lost if I accidentally cut myself. Now if you cut yourself with BLD installed you will at least have a chance to do something about it if you have a bandage, or at least have a reduced chance of dying.
    With Better Location Damage:
    You will either get a small, medium, or large wound. Mostly likely a small wound. Less likely a medium. Least likely a large.
    Without Better Location Damage:
    A random percent of your base health, 10-30%, will be dealt as damage. I added this as a fallback behavior that players without BLD can use.
    Created for:
    Real Handcuffs version 0.4.14 and up
    Better Locational Damage version 6.6.3 and up (not required)



  2. Hfoods-Hentai Prewar Foods

    Mod Description:
    Replace textures of package foods to Hentai exclusive version.
    This replaces five foods at now, may work on others in future.
    Poster mod at behind is still on working.
    Artist of the Arts used in this mod:
    Credit to their Amazing works.
    Added texture for the damaged-packages too. Now mod replaces both Clean version and dirty version.



  3. Onahole of Commonwealth - Onawealth 1.0b

    What does this mod do:
    Adds 5 Onahole boxes as consumable item.

    It doesn't shows animation that actually 'use' it, however, gives some jerking sound.
    Each one can be crafted in chem bench, having different effect.
    Feedbacks are always welcome.
    Used Artworks/Original Artists:

    Credit for their amazing works.
    Known Issues:
    1) Mesh issue
    I tried to make instamash mesh stood up, and use two enormous boxes.
    However, when I make object stood up in nifskope or outfit studio, the physics itself didn't changed.
    For two big boxes, I implanted wooden box inside it to apply physics, however, this behaves in strange manner.
    If you are able to add proper physics to these meshes, please help me. Or change it as you want. I couldn't solve it. Sorry.

    2) Texture issue
    I tried to connect new texture to Mr. handy box nif file in my custom mesh folder,
    however, It just keeps connects to the Original texture.
    So I just planted texture to the Original box(the one shows up in pre-war, when you make your own character in the opening scene) to apply it.
    You're welcome to solve it.   
    I'm totally new to modding.
    Please give me feedbacks If you like it. Thanks.




  4. Vault 88 Extras

    Adds some missing Vault objects such as doors with override boxes as well as adding a whole slew of other stuff. New placards and ceiling signs, tons of one-way painting disguised windows, some missing lights, and Vault 88's blueprints. Read on to find out what all is added...

    DLC requirements
    Vault-Tec Workshop
    Adds over 40 one-way windows disguised as classical paintings (like Vault 75) so you can spy on all the things! Also moves all the windows into their own window category rather than being grouped into doors, which didn't make much sense. I recommend Vault 88 Room Corners Plus if you want to use these without wasting too much space (no middle slot necessary if you can use them in corners :P). 

    Paintings include:
    Alexandre Cabanel - The Birth of Venus
    Jules LeFebvre - Mary Magdalene in the Cave
    Jules LeFebvre - Odalisque
    Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - La Grande Odalisque
    Marià Fortuny - The Odalisque
    Henri Pierre Picou - Venus
    Henri Pierre Picou - Jeunes femmes au bain
    Henri Pierre Picou - Sea Nymphs
    Henri Pierre Picou - The Birth of Venus
    Eugène Emmanuel Amaury Duval - La Naissance de Venus
    Frederic Leighton - The Fisherman and the Siren
    Gustav Wertheimer - The Kiss of the Siren
    Edward Armitage - The Siren
    Herbert James Draper - Ulysses and the Sirens
    Knut Ekwall - Fisherman and The Siren
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - The Birth of Venus
    Sandro Botticelli - The Birth of Venus
    Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night
    Caravaggio - The beheading of St. John the Baptist
    Hieronymus van Aeken Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch
    Edouard Manet - Olympia
    Auguste Renoir - Dance at the Le Moulin de la Galette
    Emanuel Leutze - Washington Crossing the Delaware
    Claude Lorrain - Ascanius Shooting the Stag of Sylvia
    Diego Velázquez - The Toilet of Venus
    Giorgione - Sleeping Venus
    Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry - The Pearl and the Wave
    Michelangelo - The Creation of Adam
    Hovhannes Aivazovsky - The Ninth Wave
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - The Wave
    Katsushika Hokusai - The Great Wave Off Kanagawa
    Peter Paul Rubens - The Fall Of The Damned
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Dawn
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Bather
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Psyche
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Biblis
    William-Adolphe Bouguereau - The Remorse of Orestes
    John Singer Sargent - Orsetes Pursued by the Furies
    Théodore Géricault - The Raft of the Medusa
    Alexandre Cabanel - Cleopatra testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners

    Speaking of doors! Adds the 5 missing vault doors with functional override boxes. I have no idea why Bethesda didn't include the override boxes even though they designed the doorways with slots clearly intended for them. The one you'll most likely want to use is the "LL" version which has override boxes on the left side of each end of the doorway like the doorways are designed. You may also want to use the L version (one override box on one left side only) for doorways that don't have a spot for the box on the other side. The others are just sort of extra. RL/RR/R. The one real caveat to keep in mind is that the door included with the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC crumples up into itself when it's opened so the door panel that just raised into the ceiling isn't actually there. These don't. They function with a bit more realism. You'll have to design your vault with door awareness. If you have a doorway above a doorway below then if the door below is opened then the bottom half of the doorway above will be blocked off. The same goes for hallways. So you'll need to ensure your design aligns lower level doorways to a wall above. If you do that though, they work wonderfully.

    Build responsibly.

    Placards & Ceiling Signs!
    Adds over 20 new placards, and matching ceiling signs for a few areas that you might want but just didn't have any kind of label for. These include: Laundry, Overseer's Office, Elevator, Showers, Armory, Bar, Stairs, Gym, Casino, Weapons Depot, Armor Depot, Clothing Depot, Trade Depot, North Sector, South Sector, East Sector, West Sector, Robotics, Restricted Area, and Firing Range. The existing arrows snap right onto the placards, just like the originals.

    New in 1.1: Upper Level, ↑Upper Level↑, Lower Level, ↓Lower Level↓, Level One, ↓Level One↓, Level Two, ↑Level Two↑, ↓Level Two↓, Level Three, ↑Level Three↑

    Adds 4 missing vault lights. Two variations of a curved sort of L-shaped light that is used pretty extensively in Vault 81, along with a round one for the ceiling that is also used pretty extensively in Vault 81. The last one is a double light that goes in the fixtures in one of the walls of the Overseer's room. It fits perfectly. The big problem with that one however is that once placed it is unmoveable and unscrappable. You'll need to use the DELETE console command to get rid of it. So I suggest you quick save before attempting to place it in case you don't get it just right.

    Also adds the Vault 88 blueprints as a painting since it's just kind of lost if you scrap Overseer Barstow's original desk. Just kinda something nice to have. Those designs are horribly off though. I recommend this reddit user's Vault 88 blueprints if you actually want to use them to plan anything.
    I had to edit the keywords for the 3 existing vault windows to move them out of the doors category and into the new windows category. I also edited the ceiling signs and wall placards to add the new ones into those respective sections, and the vault menu to add the new window category. So if anything edits those directly without using script injection it'll probably be incompatible.
    In regards to the double light for the overseer rooms... It's like that because it was never actually intended to be used so it has no collision mesh. I have all the tools needed to give it one, I've just never learned the new process. I haven't really done much 3D modeling after Oblivion when the import/export process got so darn complicated. So that's something I'll be looking into. 
    Along those same lines, I'd also put out some standalone static non-functional override boxes that could be placed in doorways that are recessed ~6 inches less than any of the boxes were designed to go.
    See list of painting artists.
    Rhutos - for the standalone override box script.
    Version 1.3
    • Added functional standalone override box. Place one next to any door and you will be able to open/close the nearest door. Works for even non-vault doors. Script generously created by Rhutos.
    • Added collision to the overseer double light. You can now move it and scrap it once it's placed, though it is somewhat difficult to place. I recommend disabling surface snap via Place Everywhere's F4SE plugin.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Adds the missing Level Three DOWN signs and placards that were accidentally overlooked in the 1.21 update.
    • Minor change to Level Five ceiling sign texture paths. Shouldn't affect anything. Not even important, really.
    Version 1.2
    • Adds a free Cafeteria floor piece
    • Adds 12 new signs and placards: Observation, Optometry, Surgery, Recovery, Storage, Waiting Room, Level Four, Level Four UP, Level Four DOWN, Level Five, Level Five UP, Level Five DOWN
    Version 1.1
    -Improved Elevator placard UV (it was a lil wonky)
    -Added 11 new Placards, and 11 new Ceiling Signs:
    Upper Level, ↑Upper Level↑
    Lower Level, ↓Lower Level↓
    Level One, ↓Level One↓
    Level Two, ↑Level Two↑, ↓Level Two↓
    Level Three, ↑Level Three↑
    Version 1.0
    Initial release.
    Optional Files
    • Fix that Radiation Sign-22519-.7z - A bat file to put the fallen radiation sign in the reactor room back on the wall. Install to game's exe directory and use "bat fix-that-sign"; you may need to change the first 2 numbers after prid.
    • More Vault Rooms Compatability Patch-22519-.7z - Adds the Window category to MVR and moves the window it adds there. Without this patch you will see none of the spy windows added, or probably any windows at all for that matter except the one MVR adds.
    • Windows Patch-22519-.7z - Use this if you don't have the Windows category, or if the vanilla windows are showing up in the Doors category. Should be last in load order. Can be used in place of MVR patch if MVR is updated but MVR's windows would be in Doors category without patch.



  5. Karna's Erotic Main Menu Replacer

    It replaces the main menu video with an erotic one filmed in Fallout 4 and contextually appropriate.
    There's no sex, but it's highly suggestive. It's meant to be pretty, not lewd.
    Elements in the video include:

    The installation was tested with Nexus Mod Manager.



  6. Milkcow Mandy

    Made this for myself and decided to share its NSFW and I'm just an old perv don't like it don't download it . This is Milkcow Mandy , she is a CBBE\VaginaMorphsPhysics\ Preset 
    body re-placer for body-slide . she has XXXXX large Super Nips , cameltoe and an open butt , I use her as a general body replacement as I just like the way she looks sorry no screenshot , also no clothing , have been unable to get my outfit studio working so if someone can make some clothing for her please do love to see them. This is as far as I am going with this project anyone who wants to take it up can , just give me credit as the originator . Some say the nips and butt are a bit much , I say it a radiation mutation and looks great in the game hahah !
    CustomPreset 09.xml



  7. VotW H0rs3 Videos

    Adds videos made by H0rs3 to Videos of the Wasteland 2.
    Install using MO2 (or any other manager)
    Manually extract in the Fallout 4 directory
     > If you do not want to use the DriveIn, remove H0rs3DI.esp
    Updating: Uninstall the old version > load your save > save > install the new version
    Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435 (optionally the DriveIn plugin)
    - I was asked to
    - I was bored



  8. New Paintings - Booty GymGirl

    NexusMods Version V1: 5 Paintings
    Patreon Version V2: 20 Paintings >>>>> PATREON
    5 Paintings to the Workshop Menu under Decorations>>Wall Decorations>>Paintings.
    Art by PsBoss
    Installation: Extract all included files into the Data folder



  9. Whispering Hills: Golems

    This is a modification of Whispering Hills allowing you to contract incubi from the Otherworld to protect your settlements. However, all deals with demons have a catch. Once per day, each demon you contract will indiscriminately seek tribute from those they protect. They make use of their hellish powers to ensure compliance.
    You can create these in any settlement using the workshop menu. Just look for the "Golems" section. They will each seek tribute to initiate their contract, so watch out for that. The summoner is not immune to their powers!
    Things to be aware of:
    Not all golems are implemented yet. Their AI may be a bit buggy for now. I don't plan to fix anything about their AI until I finish importing them all (around v0.9) The "once a day" timer begins when you or the golem loads into the cell, including when you create them. So, if you summon a bunch of them at once, they're all going to get busy whenever you show up. It uses your AAF settings as to which races they think are an acceptable target. There is an eye texture shift which lingers after being a part of tribute. It will go away after the next 3D reload. Try fast traveling if you need it gone ASAP. This will not affect the player if you have AAF use a doppleganger in the scene. There are 9 different eye textures to choose from, so pick your favorite! You could probably insert your own by renaming them and replacing the ones I included. The eye shift and other settings can be altered in MCM. I accidentally saved some of the DLC as prerequisites for this mod, but you can safely remove those in FO4Edit. No assets from the DLC are used in this mod. If you have the DLC, you don't have to do anything. It shouldn't cause any problems.  
    You can find the original, amazing mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46871
    This mod makes use of assets from the following mods. You do not need to download any of these. I am just giving credit to them.
    Fun Eyes: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7215 Supernatural Eyes: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7593 Bag of Dicks: Future plans:
    Import the remaining enemies (see screenshots for those remaining) Add unique properties to each golem Example: Apply a buff to anyone targeted for tribute Add fun, unique AI to each golem Add balancing to golem material components Add various MCM options Currently planned options Maximum number of simultaneous tributes If you have other ideas, please suggest them. I will try to add any that don't require extensive work. If (big if) I pursue a v2.0, I plan to make constructable portals that summon the golems instead of directly creating the golems. I also have ideas for a couple traps (one involves that demonic monkey from vanilla FO4).  



  10. StaticPhobia's Final Farewell

    A backup to all my files. Don't think I'd leave without saying goodbye!
    Simple Patch Requirements:
     - Fusion Girl Females ( Download )
     - Body Talk Males ( Download )
     - Zex Skeleton ( Download )
     - Body Slide ( Download )
     - AAF ( Download )
     - AAF Themes ( Download )
     - AAF Creature Resources 1.1.3 ( Download )
     - Savage Cabbage's Animation Pack V 1.2.5 ( Download )
     - BP70's Animation Pack 2.4 ( Download )
     - Grey User's Creature Animation Pack V 3.0.1 ( Download )
     - Wash Out That Cum ( Download )

     - Recommend Elzee's banner for other animations like ghouls, as a placeholder ( Download )
     - Recommend Tats after rape by TwistedTrebla ( Download )
     - Recommend Inderello's Fusion Girl Tweaks so vaginas and anuses work with creatures ( Download )
     - Recommend my Script Tweaks ( Download )
     - Recommend some kind of physics like FunkyFysics ( Download )
    SSG Requirements:
    Zex Skeleton ( Download ) Fusion Girl Females ( Download ) Body Slide ( Download )  
    ScriptTweak Requirements:
    Violate ( Violate ) Family Planning Enhanced ( FPE ) Combat Strip ( CSL ) Maybe something else  
    FunkyFysiscs Requirements:
    OCBPC Physics (+ its requirements)  
    Do whatever with them. Respect the original authors! Don't load to paywall stuff and don't load to region blocked sites. No need for credit, StaticPhobia is no more! Good luck with your mods!



  11. WanderLust's Pornstar FusionGirl Preset and Face Presets

    Hey everyone!

    I recently made the switch from CBBE to Fusion Girl and find and found the bodyslide preset selection quite limited! After tinkering to create a preset to my tastes, I wanted to share mine to save other people's effort.

    I was targeting a realistic but idealistic curvy/busty preset. Wide hips, plenty of thighs, narrow waste and nice thick assets. 

    Also, I've included my facial presets! My goal is to provide attractive faces that don't look like the default "nora". In version 1, there's two faces included. Kelsi is a cute blonde while Ivy is a similar face with black hair and a more gothy look. Both also include an RS variant with CaptiveTats and different hairstyles included. To get the same results, you'll need Commonwealth Cuts, Cute Oni Asian Face Parts, The Eyes Of Beauty, and Tattoos for Captives.



  12. Commonwealth Captives

    Adds bound captives to Raider and Super Mutant lairs that you can rescue and recruit for your settlements.
    Mod Features
    Commonwealth Captives randomly spawns captive settlers in various states of distress throughout enemy lairs in the Commonwealth.  You can find them crucified, strapped to metal frames, lashed to torture devices, or bound on their knees.
    Once freed, the settlers become followers who can be given equipment and who will fight alongside you.  You can also request sexual favors from them in return for your gallant efforts.  When you are ready, you can dismiss them or recruit them to one of your settlements.
    The mod works with devices from Torture Devices, Prisoner Shackles, CRX - Workshop Crosses, and ZaZOut4.  These devices are not included in this mod, so you will want to install those mods if you don't already have them.
    The mod uses its own lists of unique settler NPCs.  It does not modify vanilla NPCs or settler leveled lists, so it is compatible with mods that add new settlers like Better Settlers, Lots More Settlers and Enemies, etc.  The settlers do not include their own meshes or textures, so they will use whatever body mesh and skin textures you have installed.
    All dialogue is fully voiced, using vanilla player and settler lines. 
    Italian, Portugese, and Spanish translations of the mod are available, thanks to @Gothuska.
    Dynamic Placement
    Commonwealth Captives makes no edits to any vanilla records, including cell records.  This means no mod conflicts and no broken precombines.  The mod detects when you approach Raider camps and Super Mutant lairs and dynamically places captives near the inhabitants.  The chance of captives appearing is controllable via the MCM.  Captives you do not set free, or ones that you set free and then dismiss, will be de-spawned when you travel far enough away from them.  The only captives who persist in the game world are those who are traveling with you, and ones that you have recruited to settlements.  This means no save bloat and no crowds of NPCs to cause performance issues.
    If there isn't enough room in a particular spot for large contraptions, prisoners will simply be found tied up and kneeling.
    Not every enemy lair will have captives, and captives won't appear in the same place or with the same restraints, adding variety and unpredictability to the encounters.  And because it is dynamic and based on factions, the mods also works with new Raider and Super Mutant camps added by mods.
    Playing the mod
    Everything is driven by dialogue.
    When you first talk to a captive, the Set free and Let's go options let you free them from their bondage.  The None of my business and I'll be back options exit the conversation, much to the captive's dismay.  You can talk to them again if you decide to free them later.  Note that if you are bound with Real Handcuffs or Devious Devices, you won't be able to free the settlers until you free yourself from your restraints.
    Once the captive is free, they will follow you, sneak when you sneak, and fight enemies.  You can talk to them; the Trade option lets you change their equipment, Get out of here dismisses them permanently, Work for me lets you pick a settlement to send them to, and Return the favor lets you have sex with them.
    If you give your captives new armor or clothing, they will continue to wear it if you send them to a settlement.  If you didn't give them a new outfit, they will pick one up on their way to their new home.
    The MCM options are:
    Enable Mod - allows you to enable or disable the mod.  Disabling the mod will only prevent new captives from spawning, it will not affect existing freed captives or ones who have been turned into settlers. Chance of first captive - determines the chance that there is at least one captive in a location Chance of additional captives - the mod scans the location for additional enemies, and this setting controls the chance that a captive will spawn near each enemy Chance captive is male - just like it sounds Animation duration - sets the duration of animations when you ask a captive you have freed to return the favor You can also enable or disable the use of any of the supported restraint mods that are installed.
    AAF is a hard requirement, the mod will not work without it.
    Mod Configuration Menu is required if you  want to configure the mod.
    At least one of the following is highly recommended.  The mod is really intended to work with all of them, as this will give you the most variety of devices:
    Torture Devices
    CRX - Workshop Crosses
    Prisoner Shackles
    ZaZOut 4 Repack - only works on females.  The version at this link is safe to install.

    Credits and Thanks
    RayV12 for settlers from Rez's Settler Makeover
    veter75n for settlers from The new settlers a plus Overhaul vanilla
    @ZaZ for ZAP bondage ropes I converted from Skyrim, and for making ZaZOut4
    @Oakern for making CRX - Workshop Crosses
    @Vader666 for making TortureDevices
    mlucke for making Prisoner Shackles
    @Gothuska for multiple translations of the mod



  13. looksmenu extremely extended sliders

    extends the looksmeny body sliders.
    this mod is an extension for the looksmenu body sliders extended by cornflakes1023.
    you can now freely customize your character.

    min: -10000 (-1k in bodyslide)
    max: 10000 (1k in bodyslide)

    before you install
    create a backup file for the data folder in case of any problems happen
    doing so will also help you uninstall

    drop the data folder in your main directory
    and youre all set

    copy the backup file of the data folder in your main directory     looksmenu extremely extended sliders (nexus mods): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/47742?tab=description



  14. DotC - Droidstats on HUD

    This is a simple plugin that adds some widgets tracking the droid stats from Droids of the Commonwealth by trykz.
    Currently tracks SPU, Power, Firewall and Temperature. Will try to update this when more stats are added.
    Stats are updated/synched every 3 in-game minutes (every ~3-5 seconds or so for the player).
    If the mod is detected you should see a notification on game load saying "Droidstats on HUD v1.05 installed"
    You will not see any widgets until you become a droid, after becoming a droid the widget should appear within about 15 seconds, the tracked numbers might be off initially but synch to correct values after 6 in-game minutes.
    If you install it when you are already a droid the widgets should pop up pretty much directly
    Note: If there's some hiccup with the HUD on first load, try to save and reload.
    The mod configuration menu
    In the MCM there's a uninstall button you can (and should) use to unregister widgets from the UI prior to uninstalling.
    In the 'Debug' page you can click 're-register & load widgets', this button should put back the widgets on the screen and start synching immediately - will lead to issues if you click this while not being a droid yet.
    In the 'debug' page there's also a 'remove legacy widgets' button. If you see stacked/double widgets in some old save you can try to click this button, then save & reload which could, perhaps, fix the problem.
    Should be packed properly for mod manager install.
    For manual installation just extract into your data folder
    Upgrading from a previous version
    I recommend getting a clean save:
    * Use the MCM 'uninstall' button, save & exit
    * Uninstall the previous version (with modmanager or manually remove all files)
    * Load your save, resave & exit (it will say droidstatwidgets.esp missing)
    * Install new version
    From version 1.0.1+:
    First use the MCM menu option 'Uninstall UI widgets'. Click it, leave the menu and the widgets should disappear. You can then proceed with uninstalling.
    Uninstall the mod with your mod manager or manually remove the files. 
    To uninstall from version 1.0.0 I recommend upgrading first then uninstalling with the MCM option
    In addition to Droids of the Commonwealth and its requirements (duh):
    HUDFramework https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20309
    Tested/built with v1.0f
    Mod Configuration menu https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497
    It's my first time doing any widget/ui stuff for fallout 4 & HUDFramework, just done things with skyrim & SkyUI before.
    If there's issues let me know and I'll do my best to figure things out.



  15. DickChick Addon for WDF

    Addon for Wasteland Dairy Framework
    Now you can use the semen extaction for female charakters with DICKS!
    The files belong to Invictusblade. I just fitted the postion of the items and scale them for the body in OutfitStudio.
    I choose the midhard position of the dick beacuse it matches better with diverse sex animations.
    -just overwrite the old files-
    Special Thanks for Invictusblade
    This is my first publication, sorry for my bad grammar.



  16. Atomic Muscle Body for Pyramid Head (Whispering Hills)

    Mangaclub and co for the original assets


    Whispering Hills is a very nice mod that will turn your fallout 4 in silent hill experience with new monsters, soundtrack, sound effects and environment.

    In order to gain access to pyramid head:

    For more information please see the Whispering Hills mod page description

    I recommend to only activate Whispering Hills in different save or in a different profile if you are using MO2 and Vortex. That's because this mod may contain many scripts and uninstalling it mid playthrough is not safe.


    ? Bodybuilder Nude Body for Pyramid Head so he can actually look tough (and attractive)
    ? AAF Compatible, ready to get you on fours and pound ya ass

    ? Comes with prebuilt meshes with 0 sliders (NO NEED TO BUILD IN BODYSLIDE, JUST CUSTOMIZE IN LOOKSMENU)


    The original Whispering Hills mod to be installed:



    Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. You want the original mod, like this:


    During FOMOD installation you'll be given an option to install the bodyslide files. Those are meant for modders only to be used on any projects they may have.
    ? The bodyslide projects will be named as the following in your Body/Outfit dropdown menu:


    Follow me in the | Twitter | if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4
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    Join us in the Bearhood of Steel | Discord |  NSFW Gay oriented server. Get in to be update with my stuff and to share yours too. A place for men who enjoy men.
    Follow this | File | if you want to be aware of new updates!

    If you feel like supporting what i do and just want to buy me a coffee, you can donate to my paypal account!



  17. Sleep Undress

    Mod is at early stage of development, so it needs to be tested. If you are not prepared for the fact that you may encounter bugs when using this mod, please wait for the stable version.
    This mod is developing for AML (russian community). You can use it for your own, of course, just keep it in mind ?
    It's lightweight mod that allow NPC to take clothes off  before lying to bed (and takes it on, when standing up).
    There is MCM menu that allows to define what NPC will take off for each "bed type". On the first screen there is some examples with different settings for different "bed types".
    Only vanilla  (non DLC) beds are supported for now, but I have plans to create "addon" files for beds from other mods.
    There is also "Sleeping Suit" option available for those who dislike nude bodies. But currently there is only one suit for all NPC. I'm having plans to force NPC wear different sleeping suits depends on their faction.
    There is no strong dependencies but some AAF compatibility is built-in to avoid known possible conflicts with AAF mods that uses furniture.
    Comments, and bug-reports are welcome. 
    version history:  



  18. Flashy's Crime And Punishment Baby Addons

    Hard Requirement Oppai Milk Pasties - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562
    (will CTD without it)
    Here is my WIP baby addon for Flashy's Crime And Punishment.
    This is a lighten version of Family Planing Enhanced Baby Addon's
    Abandoned Babies in Trash Bins, Trash Dumpsters, Gore Bags, Raider Dead Bodies, NPC Inventories
    Different holding styles for babies
    Allows you to modify babies to have features like life detect and SPECIAL enhancement
    Turn yourself and settlers into milkable cows.
    via the use of milking devices
    Blood Needles - Turn NPC's into bloodbank, creating bloodpacks for your usage.
    Milk Machines - Turn NPC's into Milk Cows, creating Breast Milk for your usage.
    Infected Milk Machines - Infect yourself or others with the Mad Cow Virus to enhance production
    Additional features
    Added a new workbench - Wasteland Dairy
    Added Addictions - Cum Addiction & Breast Milk Addiction
    you can craft recipes using semen or breast milk with the following drugs
    Buffout infused Milk
    Jet infused Milk
    Radaway infused Milk
    Several different recipes from base game has been enhanced by cooking with Breast Milk
    Added a consumable that can change abandoned and bloody babies to settler babies
    Added two new methods to create growing babies from Abandoned Babies and Bloody Babies.
    by wearing the baby with a few items in your inventory and then unequip the baby to clean the baby.
    Impregnation Addon's
    Adds Pregnant Raiders and Gunners to the Commonwealth Containing a bloody Baby
    In the following body types - CBBE & Fusion Girl & Jane Bod
    (CTD will occurred later on(unless you have a truly awesome machine)



  19. (Legacy) Wasteland Dairy

    This Mod has been discontinued, its successor is found here->
    Wasteland Dairy (Standalone Milk Mod from Family Planning Enhanced Assorted Addon's)
    Turn yourself and settlers into milkable cows.
    via the use of milking devices
    Blood Needles - Turn NPC's into bloodbank, creating bloodpacks for your usage.
    Cum Milker - Turn NPC's into spermbank, creating semen packs for your usage.
    Milker - Turn NPC's into Milk Cows, creating Breast Milk for your usage.
    Infected Milker - Infect yourself or others with the Mad Cow Virus to enhance production
    Additional features
    Added a new workbench - Wasteland Dairy
    Added Addictions - Cum Addiction & Breast Milk Addiction
    you can craft recipes using semen or breast milk with the following drugs
    Buffout infused Semen / Milk
    Jet infused Semen / Milk
    Radaway infused Semen / Milk
    Several different recipes from base game has been enhanced by cooking with Breast Milk or Semen
    Requires Oppai Milk Pasties - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562
    Please give me constructive feedback



  20. VotW MLP Animations

    This mod will add holotapes (and film reels) about ponies being fucked to your world. You can make them in the holotape workbench.
    Install using Nexus Mod Manager (or any other manager)
    Manually extract in the Fallout 4 directory
    UPDATING: Remove the older version -> Load your save -> Save and close the game -> Add the newest version
    Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435 (DriveIn addon is optional but why wouldn't you download it)
    I don't like this
    - Don't watch it
    Why did you ..
    - I was bored



  21. Devious Devices - Blindfold Effect Remover

    This mod removes the blindfold effect when wearing Devious Devices.
    Devious Devices 2.0
    Thanks to Kimy and everyone else who helped bringing Devious Devices to Fallout!



  22. VotW Hentai Videos

    Mod that adds hentai animations to you projector and tv screens, requires Videos of the Wasteland.
    Install using vortex or any other mod manager
    Manually extract the files from resources into your Data folder.
    - When updating: Remove the mod (or only the esp), load your save, close your save and then add the newer version.
    Videos of the Wasteland: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435/
    No DriveIn?
    - The individual animations are already cut in many parts, it would have to be even more to add them to DriveIn, you may to do that yourself if you really want to.
    The audio is desynced from the video
    - This happens with long animations. Maybe I'll manage to fix it later.



  23. Face Morphs for Devious Devices Gags

    This mod automatically applies face morphs when Devious Devices gags are equipped.  Gagged actors now look like their mouths are being forced open by the gag they are wearing.
    Mod Features
    The mod applies the morph effect to the following items from Devious Devices:
    Ball Gag (Harness) Ball Gag (Strap) Panel Gag (Harness) Panel Gag (Strap) Penis Gag Tape Gag The morphs are automatically applied when a gag is equipped and removed when the gag is unequipped.
    Some clipping may occur with certain faces, especially if they have extreme jaw sizes or mouth proportions. The pear gag mesh included with Devious Devices is too high and clips with the upper lip.  To get it lined up, edit the mesh in Outfit Studio and lower the Z value of the mesh by 0.7.  It will then look like the one in my screenshots above.  I will try to get permission to redistribute my edited version. The morphs are not permanent; they reset when the game is loaded or if an actor speaks dialogue that has lip-sync animations.  To remedy this, the mod reapplies the morphs on a timed interval.  So it is possible that you will briefly see the actor's mouth return to its normal state, but it should always pop back open within 5 seconds. Requirements
    Devious Devices The LLFP F4SE Plugin, version 35 or newer.  Note that AAF version Beta 103 or newer already includes this version of the LLFP library, so you only need to download LLFP separately if you are using a version of AAF older than Beta 103. Installation
    Install the mod's requirements, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager.  Ensure that this mod loads after Devious Devices.
    This uses the F4SE functions added in LLFP version 35 which allow Papyrus scripts to access the functionality of the "MFG Morphs" console command.  The mod's plugin attaches a script to each of the "rendered" gag objects which applies and maintains the effects.  All of the objects use the same script; the morph IDs and intensities that each object applies are set in the script properties.
    The plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP so it will not count toward your 255-plugin limit.
    For Mod Authors
    Anyone may freely use the script from this mod to add this functionality to their own outfits.  You will need to attach the MFGOutfit script to the ARMO objects in your mod.  The script properties are an Int32 array of Morph IDs, an Int32 array of Morph Intensities, and a Float refresh interval.  I recommend leaving the interval at 5.0 seconds, though I have not seen peformance impacts from shorter values.  Valid morph IDs are 1 through 48, and valid intensities are 0 to 100.  A chart of morph IDs can be found on this page at Nexus Mods.



  24. Bazinga's assorted Fallout 4 fixes

    Hey there,
    I already uploaded a few things that I felt needed improvement as separate files, like a fixed CBBE and Fusion Girl version of Lordescobar's Piercings.
    But there's constantly new stuff coming up and it doesn't make sense to give all these tiny mods their own download imo.
    So here's a work in progress thread/mod collection for all that.
    So far it includes the following fixes/modifications:
    Vagina and Anus Morphs for Fusion Girl - also got its separate thread here. Vioxsis' Strapons for Fusion Girl - fixed morphs and weight paint - erection morphs to use with AAF are named Up and Down   => requires original mod Gray User Gag Equip for AAF - similar to this mod here but without the Devious Devices dependency - all credits still go to the DD authors of course, requires 50 Shades of Fallout 4 Staged version of SavageCabbage's animations for AAF - took this mod here as a template and edited out the wrong/outdated use of the time variable and the transitions (those were pretty pointless) -> edit: This time (v1.0.1) I actually replaced the time variable. I forgot to add the corresponding xmls in the initial release.



  25. FO4 Animations by Leito - Voice Fix for FF animations

    this is a fix for the female on female animations from Leito's Fallout 4 animation pack that are using strapons (thanks to the AAF One Patch). So far they all had male sounds for the second actor, which is hilarious but also not very immersive.
    What I did is I hex-edited the hkx animation files from Leito to change the voice package in them from the male and male raider voices to female (could have used hkxpack but that tool changed too much in the file, I don't trust it). To not also change the male on female animations I had to copy the male hkx files into separate ones and edit those.
    The sounds folder is copied over from the female vanilla sounds from Leito's mod, but I removed some "oh god" samples from the aggressive package.
    FO4 Animations by Leito v2.0a (duh!)
    The One Patch to Bang Them All
    Just load this after the Bang them All patch, it has to overwrite xmls from that or it won't work.
    @dagobaking for AAF
    @Leito86 for his animations
    @an3k for the Bang them All patch



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