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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

128 files

  1. NGamma's Skimpy Armor Keyword RobCo Patches

    This is a collection of Skimpy Armor Keyword patches created by me with Rubber Duck’s SAKR/RCP Gen for use with RobCo Patcher (RCP).
    If you have wishes and I have the time for it, I will gladly create more patches and add them to the collection.
    Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource
    RobCo Patcher
    How to install/use?
    1) Install Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource and activate its plugin
    2) Install RobCo Patcher
    3.1) If the patch's been made with default Plugin, you're good to go!
    3.2) If the patch's been made with ESL-flagged Plugin, you'll have to open the provided INI and change Armor FormIDs OR create your own INI using rubber duck's SAKR/RCP Gen tool.
    Patches for Armor mods



  2. Assimilation Beds n Stuff KP

    Adds Beds, Workbenches, and a Locked Safe to Camps that you are stuck at.
    First time I've made Linked Workbenches, along with adding some additional stuff, as well as giving you a Private Bed. No Booting out people from your Private Bed.
    I haven't found any problems, I am still testing this mod. But it really adds to the immersion, as you will spend a lot of time Assimilated.
    Tested it to Level 72 in a new game...
    Don't store your stuff in Vanilla Containers, they re-spawn monthly, and delete their contents. A Vanilla game feature.
    People will steal your Weapons and Ammo.
    New Linked Workbenches ...... Limited Linked Workbenches, put an item in one to see if it is linked with other's.
    New Safe's ..................................... Storage Option has been added, Personal Safe with a Note inside of them. Store your Ammo and Weapons to stop people stealing them.

    - Safe Storage Safe ........... Leave your Weapons and Ammo in here, to stop it getting stolen. Smaller than a regular Safe, with Instructions Note inside.
      If it doesn't have a Note, it's not a Personal Safe mod added Safe. This mod adds the Note, and Shrinks the Safe to 70% of it's size.
    - Linked Workbenches .................. Cooking, Armor, Weapons, Chem Bench, Power Armour. Linked...

    - Private Beds ......................... In Survival, you need a good nights sleep, so I added Beds.
    Navmeshes ..................... Navmeshed areas, removing some of old, and replacing it with custom Navmeshes. So no more NPC's walking into your newly added stuff, they can see and walk around the Workbenches and Beds.
    Precombines and Previses ... Designed around the world, to stop broken Previs's and Precombines. At present, on 2 Tiny Internal Cells have been altered, soo small that rebuilding previses and precombines was not needed.
    - Assimilation
    - Personal Safe 

    Load Order... Mod Organizer 2

    Mod Name...
    - Personal Safe
    - Assimilation ...................... Main Mod
    - Assimilation Beds n Stuff ...... This Add-On
    - PersonalContainer.esp
    - Assimilation.esp
    - Assimilation Beds n Stuff KP.esp

    - West Everett Estate ... Supermutant ... Cellar has all the Workbenches you need, and bunk beds. Next to Taffington Boathouse.
    - GeneralAtomicsFactoryExt 02 ... Supermutants ... building site, North of The Castle, across river.
    - Big Johns Salvage ... Supermutants ... North of Jamaica Plains.
    - Fallons Store ... Supermutants ... West of Jamaica Plains.
    - Fort Strong ... Supermutants ... Supermutant House, on island, South of Nordhagen Settlement.
    - Coast Guard Pier ... North of Egret Tour Marina Settlement.
    - GNN01 Gunners Plaza ... Gunners ... SW of Jamaica Plains.
    - Fens Evans Cul De Sac ... SE of Diamond City, near Molerat Warehouse
    - Cambridge Camp Kendall Skyscraper roof... SW of Bunker Hill Settlement, riverside.
    - Beantown Brewery... North of Oberland Station.
    - Lynn Woods... North side of the big lake.
    - Haymarket Mall... North of Goodneighbor
    Rust Devils...
    - Fort Hagen Satellite Array ............................ Commonwealth, halfway down West side
    - Railroad HQ ... Near Pickmans Gallery, in the Old Church Basement.



  3. AAF Sex Em Up (French translation)

    Voici la traduction française de la version 1.16 du mod AAF Sex Em Up de Egoballistic.



  4. Commonwealth Captives (French translation)

    Voici la traduction française de la version 1.00 du mod Commonwealth Captives de Egoballistic.



  5. Very Naughty Paintings

    About This File
    Do you find explicit/pornographic images break your immersion?   Are you also a pervert?  Then this mod was made with you in mind.
    Very Naughty Paintings adds 18 custom and very naughty paintings to the workshop menu.  There are 9 landscape and 9 portrait (rectangle & square).  All paintings are aged, weathered, and very very naughty.  This was a result of me wanting to play around with different filters, effects, laying techniques, etc. 
    Future Plans & Custom Work
    I have many more in development so if you like these, keep an eye out for updates.  I am open to creating custom paintings as well.  If there are models or themes that you would like to see in this style, you are welcome to send me a message to discuss.
    1.       Use mod manager or drag contents of into “Data” folder
    2.       See step 1 and do the opposite



  6. Naked Perks


    NOW WITH ESL VERSION (only use one version)

    Have you ever wanted to run naked across the commonwealth, but thought you shouldn't have to be penalized for your scandalous ways?

    Or maybe you're playing a *true* barbarian character who has sworn off all forms of clothing?

    Whatever your reasons, the lack of perks that are conducive to a nice naked frolic is abysmal...
    So I aimed to fix that.

    There are two kinds of perks included: Paragon perks and the less powerful Balanced perks.
    Paragon perks cannot be taken alongside their more balanced counterparts, so its up to you whether you want the full payoff immediately or if you want to slowly increase your power over time.

    You can even mix and match, if you want!

    The current perk list:
    Paragon Perks: Paragon of Naked Falling: Immunity to Fall Damage Paragon of Naked Explosions: Immunity to Damage from Explosions Paragon of Naked Cold Resistance: +1000 Cryo Resistance Paragon of Naked Fire Resistance: +1000 Fire Resistance Paragon of Naked Toughness: +1000 Damage Resistance Paragon of Rad Resistance: +1000 Radiation Resistance Paragon of Naked Stability: Immune to Stagger Paragon of Naked Stealth: Nearly Undetectable while sneaking Paragon of Naked Charisma: Buy and sell prices 90% better and guaranteed charisma checks Paragon of Naked Energy Resistance: +1000 Energy Resistance Paragon of Naked Poison Resistance: +1000 Poison Resistance Paragon of Naked Carrying: +1000 Carry Weight Paragon of Naked Fisticuffs: x10 damaged with punches Paragon of Naked Experience: x5 XP Boost Paragon of Naked Ability: +10 SPECIAL Bonus "Balanced" Perks: Naked Parkour: reduces fall damage by 25%/50%/75%/100% Naked Toughness: adds 100/200/300/400/500/1000 Damage Resistance Naked Rad Resistance: adds 100/200/300/400/500/1000 Radiation Resistance Naked Explosives Expert: reduces explosion damage by 25%/50%/75%/100% Naked Conversationalist: Buy and Sell prices are 23%/46%/69%/90% better and improve speech checks by 25%/50%/75%/100% Naked Mithridatism: adds 100/200/300/400/500/1000 Poison Resistance Naked Insulation: adds 100/200/300/400/500/1000 Cryo Resistance Naked Refractor: adds 100/200/300/400/500/1000 Energy Resistance Naked Fireproofing: adds 100/200/300/400/500/1000 Fire Resistance Naked Storage: adds 250/500/1000 Carry Weight Naked Shadow: 25%/50%/75%/100% harder to detect Naked Specialty: +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 SPECIAL Bonus Naked Pugilist: 25%/50%/75%/100% more punching damage Naked Intelligence: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% XP Boost  
    As of right now, it is absolutely more of a cheat mod, as I mess around with values and figure out WHAT I can change/add and what is possible without scripting.

    Any and all feedback, suggestions, and ideas are welcome!
    Naked Perks: The Original mod. Both Paragon and "Balanced" Perks included. Must choose between Paragon Perk OR Balanced perk when levelling up. Naked Perks - No Paragon: Removes the Paragon perks completely. Naked Perks - paragon Only: has ONLY the paragon perks and  lowers requirements to the bare minimum (level 0, SPECIAL 1) You CAN TECHNICALLY use all 3 versions of the mod together, but it will just further unbalance the already broken stuff and you'll have every perk doubled. The latter two also remove the check that prevents doubling up on both paragon and balanced perks.
    NOW AVAILABLE: Optional Jetpack Perk. Fly through the skies with the power of... don't think about it too hard...
    Requires All In One version. Adds a 5th level to Naked parkour and a Paragon of Naked Jetpack perk. 
    Credits to PTMC2112 for the addition
    LevelUpMenuEx - By Neanka F4SE  
    possibly split "Paragon" perks and "Balanced" perks into separate plugins. LevelUpMenu might start feeling cluttered. More creative perk names? Would like to keep it obvious that these are for naked gameplay, though... hmmm
    Credits to:
    nielzz91 - charisma.swf from Sexy Charisma on Nexus thingy123 - for the mod Custom Legendary Modifications that I used as a reference for some of the effects as I learn exactly how the CK works Bethesda - Creation Kit and Fallout 4  



  7. DD Armorbench Unlocker - deutsch

    Deutsche Übersetzung von DD Armorbench Unlocker
    DD Armorbench Unlocker 1.07
    Installiere zuerst die Original Mod und deren Voraussetzungen, überschreibe anschließend die Dateien der Original Mod mit der Übersetzung.



  8. Devious Devices - deutsch

    Deutsche Übersetzung von Devious Devices
    Devious Devices 2.0
    Installiere zuerst die Original Mod und deren Voraussetzungen, überschreibe anschließend die Dateien der Original Mod mit der Übersetzung.



  9. Devious Devices Slave Heels (Fusion Girl) 1.6 - deutsch

    Deutsche Übersetzung von Devious Devices Slave Heels (Fusion Girl) 1.6
    Devious Devices Slave Heels (Fusion Girl) 1.6
    Installiere zuerst die Original Mod und deren Voraussetzungen, überschreibe anschließend die Dateien der Original Mod mit der Übersetzung.
    CBBE Version wird noch folgen



  10. Videos of the Wasteland : Blowjob Hentai Tapes

    10 tapes. 
    Videos have no sound btw. 
    Can be crafted with the Videos of the Wasteland bench. 



  11. Lupine Compatibility Patch

    Just a simple patch to allow the Lupine Race Replacer to play a bit more nicely with various other mods.  In most cases, it simply changes the race of added NPCs, but in some cases, the mod actually checks for race and without a patch it will not recognize the Lupine Race.
    Currently patches:
    Human Resources
    Commonwealth Captives
    Devious Devices
    I am open to suggestions for new mods to add to the patch, provided the mod can be found either here on LL or on the Nexus.
    I PLAN to increase the variety of presets to use on the replaced NPCs, but no guarantees.
    Permissions: None required.
    Im not treating this mod as if it is my property.  If you want to make changes and upload it, that's on you.  If it appears I'm a little too inactive for your taste and want to take over, be my guest. (Although a quick message sent to my inbox wouldn't hurt)



  12. Voice Pack for Boston Devious Helper Femboy Edition

    Changes all dialogue of Boston Devious Helper to match a femboy / male player character and adds voice files. 
    Supported voice types in version 1.5.0: 
    Boston Devious Helper and it's requirements. I could not get it to work with BDH as a master so the esp will be replaced but all the other files and folders provided with BDH are still required. 
    If you have the silent voice files from the original mod installed you have to remove it because it uses lose files and i packed it in a bsa to improve loading times. The game loads lose files first so the voices will not work if you got both installed!

    Recommended Mods:
    Mistress Piper Dialogue Overhaul - Femboy Edition if you plan to submit to Piper and become her sub. Maybe i'll create something similar for cait in the future but no promises.
    Femboy CBBE Male if you want to play a male femboy with a cute girly body.



  13. Porn Movies for VoTW - VicaTs

    Adds 3 holotapes and reels featuring VicaTs to play with the Videos of the Wasteland Plugin!
    If you liked it you should check my profile for many more VotW adult (an non-adult!) mods.
    Videos of the Wasteland is required for the holotapes, and the DriveIn plugin for the reels! You can download it in the link below:
    A sample:

    Untitled video (2).mp4    
    I do these silly mods for personal use, and I will always share them for free. But if you want to donate, here's how:
    Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/AVAX Networks 0x370A2080579bfc1882669496ceDFA951A9b6Ee38

    Wax Network q34na.c.wam

    Solana Network AA7bzP5ykR9Nyjo3R7PxuQ3oQ5RKcxZ4HKUSxs8bJshM



  14. Porn Movies for VoTW - Mia Khalifa

    Adds 3 holotapes and reels featuring Mia Khalifa to play with the Videos of the Wasteland Plugin!
    If you liked it you should check my profile for many more VotW adult mods (an non-adult!)
    Videos of the Wasteland is required for the holotapes, and the DriveIn plugin for the reels! You can download it in the link below:
    A sample:

    Untitled video (1).mp4    
    I do these silly mods for personal use, and I will always share them for free. But if you want to donate, here's how:
    Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/AVAX Networks 0x370A2080579bfc1882669496ceDFA951A9b6Ee38

    Wax Network q34na.c.wam

    Solana Network AA7bzP5ykR9Nyjo3R7PxuQ3oQ5RKcxZ4HKUSxs8bJshM



  15. Mistress Piper Dialogue Overhaul - Femboy Edition

    Replaces 132 vanilla dialogue lines in order to have Piper act more dominant. I've made it for my own use so it's clearly meant for a femboy player character.
    The nickname "Blue" is replaced with "Bitchboy" in (hopefully) all the lines.
    This is more like some addon for Voice Pack for Boston Devious Helper Femboy Edition than a standalone mod. Of course it can be used without it but it makes more sense in combination.
    A lot of generic lines related to anything that happens in game i left untouched or just replaced  "Blue" trying to keep it somewhat lore friendly.
    Some idle lines are completley replaced (like the one in the screenshot) others are changed a little. 
    Have fun! 🙃



  16. Voice Pack for Boston Devious Helper

    Adds voiced dialogue to Boston Devious Helper. 
    Supported voice types: 
    Player Female
    Player Male
    Maybe i'll add some more in the future but no promises. 
    Boston Devious Helper and it's requirements.
    If you have the silent voice files from the original mod installed you have to remove it because it uses lose files and i packed it in a bsa to improve loading times. The game loads lose files first so the voices will not work if you got both installed!



  17. Rubber Duck's SAKR/RCP Gen

    Rubber Duck’s SAKR/RCP Gen is a simple tool to help you patch armor and clothing mods for Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource (SAKR) and RobCo Patcher (RCP). It’s designed to be easy and convenient to use.
    Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6
    xEdit (FO4Edit)
    Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource (v1.1.0+)
    RobCo Patcher (v2.8.1+)
    Some clothing mods...
    (optional) BodySlide & Outfit Studio
    How it works
    RD’s SAKR/RCP Gen reads data from CSV file. To get the proper CSV file, one must use xEdit to export all the necessary data to it. Obviously, the xEdit script I'm using is included as I wrote it myself specifically for this program.
    Once CSV file has been loaded, it shows you the content of the loaded file and allows you to select SAKR keywords for every item inside the file. Once you’ve added keywords to items, it writes your changes to INI which you then need to copy/move to proper location. I know this sounds vague, see the tutorial for details and step-by-step instructions (with screenshots!).
    User Documentation
    Available here.
    My SAKR Repository
    Check it out here.
    Special thanks
    twistedtrebla for amazing work on SAKR (as well as other mods!)
    Zzyxzz for RobCo Patcher as well as other mods
    People who provided their patches for my SAKR Repo
    Microsoft for VS22 & .NET
    Source Code
    Available once I polish some things out; will probably become available for v1.0.0.



  18. SAKR Patch

    Patch - as Sleeve Patch. These are not fixes.
    This small mod adds new Object modifications, Attach points and ModAssociation keywords to the game to apply the SAKR keywords to any clothing and armor through the armor workbench.
    For the mod to work successfully, the keyword ma_Railroad_ClothingArmor and the Attach point ap_Railroad_ClothingArmor (Ballistic Weave) must be set on the modifiable armor. You will find the starting section in the "Weaving" section called SAKR Keywords.
    What if my clothes don't have ma_Railroad_ClothingArmor and ap_Railroad_ClothingArmor?
    Just add this via xEdit to your armor:
    ma_Railroad_ClothingArmor - to the KWDA section
    ap_Railroad_ClothingArmor - to the APPR section
    For those using the FIS (FallIU Item Sorter) ECO (Equipment Crafing Overhaul) sorter, it is possible to add this keyword (ma_Railroad_ClothingArmor) and modification point (ap_Railroad_ClothingArmor) also through the armor workbench. See the description of the Equipment Crafting Overhaul mod.
    Fallout 4
    Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource 1.1.0



  19. Just Business Vanilla Voiced

    Just Business to me is a staple, basically the SexLab Defeat of FO4, so it really surprised me to see it still hadn't been voiced. After looking around and not wanting to wait for the handful of (probably abandoned) AI voice attempts, I went ahead and tried to cobble something together.
    What this mod does: Changes all the Just Business dialog to be voiced, both by the male player and any female NPCs with a non-unique voicetype. Note that the actual lines themselves had to be changed a bit, obviously, since I'm just using voice lines from the game, but hopefully you still get the message.
    The non-unique voices are all covered, ie FemaleBoston, Gunnersfemale01, female raiders, etc. other than the Synth one, because that voice has like a dozen lines total and all of them suck. That includes the DLCs. So any NPC with those generic voice types (which is the vast majority in the game) should be fully compatible, but Piper will unfortunately still be silent.
    I didn't do the female player either, so those lines will likely just be silent as well.
    NOTE: If you use a silent protag mod and it doesn't automatically apply to this, I would imagine that all you have to do is go in and delete the playervoicemale01 folder and they'll be mute. Untested, but probably works.
    This was made using Just Business 0.7.6. I've also included an optional file for the Just Business Addon (the latest version, I think just 1.0 still) in case you use that too. I'm going to be honest with you, I don't know if it's actually necessary because the Creation Kit is confusing as shit sometimes, but if you come across some problems with starting dialog and you're using the Addon, it might fix it.
    If you'd like to mess around with this mod, edit anything, or add on to it in any way (maybe you WANT to hear Piper's voice, for some reason), I've included a .txt file with some documentation on all the filenames and what lines they correspond to in the main file. Feel free to use it however you want.
    Finally, be aware that I am really not a modder, and all this does is change some lines and include some .fuz files. I can't really make any "patches" or edits for Just Business itself, my abilities pretty much end at changing dialog text and swapping out voice files.
    I have not playtested this very extensively, but I did start a new game, spawned some random NPCs of various voice types and they all seemed to work fine with the various options available. If you notice any fucky dialog or silent lines or something, let me know, it's probably a quick fix.



  20. RealHandcuffs 0.4.16 - german translation

    Deutsche Übersetzung von Real Handcuffs
    Real Handcuffs 0.4.16
    Installiere zuerst die Original Mod und deren Voraussetzungen, überschreibe anschließend die Dateien der Original Mod mit der Übersetzung.
    Edited 4 minutes ago by N.Gamma



  21. GetDirty WOTC Addon

    Get Dirty WOTC addon
    This handy little addon will now wash out any cum overlays when using the soap washing function from the mod Get Dirty.

    What does it do?
    If you have been using the mod Get Dirty, you might have noticed that the option to wash your dirty character with soap, only removes the mods own dirt effects by default.
    With this addon, It will now also remove any cum overlays that are usualy added by AAF animations.
    The method of removing is pretty much the same method as used in Wash Out That Cum.

    But, there is already a mod for this!
    True, GrimGrim31 made a mod for this called More Ways of Washing
    His mod adds more functions to the washing system.
    You can view this mod as a light version only expanding on the current systems. Just an edit on the existing esp and scripts.

    - Get Dirty by 7StarC
    - LooksMenu by expired6978 (For overlays to work)
    - Any LL mod that adds cum overlays Like This or This one.

    Manual extraction of the zip contents to your Fallout4 Data folder (Overwrite when asked)
    By Mod Manager (Overwrite or load after in Vortex)



  22. Voice Pack for AAF Hardship

    Adds voiced dialogue to Tentacus' amazing AAF Hardship - beggar whore -
    Final version - 87 voice types. If anything is not voiced now it's because xVASynth has no model for that voice type. 
    Supported voice types: 
    Tentacus the creator of AAF Hardship was NOT involved in creating this voice pack.
    AAF Hardship and all it's requirements.
    As usual unpack into Data folder or dump in your mod manager.
    Special thanks:
    @lee3310 for all the support!
    @Tentacus for the amazing mod!



  23. Horizon Patches

    I am making an assortment of patches for compatibility between various adult Fallout 4 mods and Horizon. I use them for my own playthrough, but feel free to download and use them too.
    Currently supporting Horizon 1.9.1 (unless the file states otherwise) All patches must be placed in the load order after both the respective mod and Horizon. As a rule, Horizon should go after the adult mod, but usually it doesn't matter with the patch. For now, I haven't been doing much about balance. Most changes were to avoid conflicts, to update various mods' elements that have been changed in Horizon (e.g. replace perk levels with appropriate skills) and to add DEF_UI tags. As I'm only making these patches for my own install, they may not work properly with mods that have different options for .esp files. Some patches are WIP and will be updated when I have time for it. No guarantees though. Use your favority mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 recommended) to install and update.  
    Supported mods:
    Real Handcuffs (note: most RH parts are now produced in Tech Lab instead of Chem Lab) Idiot Savant to Idiot Slut XXX of the Commonwealth 1950's Feminine Outfits  
    More to come (maybe).
    Let me know if there are any bugs or balance suggestions.



  24. Bad End Purgatory-Death Penalty

    I was messing around with two mods to practice papyrus script modding and thought this was funny enough to share.
    Bad End Purgatory, which only triggers on Bad End of AAF Violate, will now trigger for all deaths.
    When you exit purgatory, you will teleport back to where you have died instead of Sanctuary.
    Requires Death Penalty by Ultimate Coffee and Bad End: Purgatory by EgoBallistic
    Unless you want enemies to follow you to purgatory, disable "essential player" in AAF Violate's settings.
    Any mods that make the player essential/protected etc. will not work well with the original mod Death Penalty. How it works is that the game checks if your health goes below 0%, it will either put you in a state where you will use a regenerative item, or kill you thus sending you to Purgatory.
    Additional notes:
    In original Death Penalty, time passes from death to respawn and the amount depended on how far you were from the last bed you used or the closest safest bed. That is no longer the case because I felt it redundant due to Purgatory. Due to how it combos, some options in Death Penalty MCM are either redundant or doesn't work.
    UltimateCoffee and EgoBallistic for the original mod and code.



  25. Adult Mainmenu Replacer

    This main menu replacer is a compilation i put together from videos i got off the internet.
    Not to be used in paid projects
    18+ FO4 players only



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