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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. NismoMan's Exotic Wasteland Videos

    Well, it's about time I released a completely new video collection, and this time around I put more thought and work into them instead of just stuffing the wasteland with videos off of Pornhub.
    I decided to invest a bit of effort into these videos, picked some of my favorite 50's to early 60's songs and edited the videos to transform the fine girls of today to tantalizing vixens of the past.
    All the videos are in tinted black and white, more videos will be released later on when I have enough time to work on them, each volume will be released with 5 videos with merged ESPs available if needed.
    Videos of Naked girls, dancing and touching themselves on era-correct tunes from the 50's and 60's.

    5 Strip Teasing / Self Pleasuring Music Videos that should be as fun to listen to as they are to watch More coming later    
    Videos of the Wasteland 2.0+ Mod By RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight
    Download and Install the latest version of Videos of the Wastelands.
    Download this mod

    Mod Manager:
    Install through Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2
    Manual (Not Recommended):
    Copy the (data) folder within the downloaded archive(s) to your Fallout 4's installation folder, overwrite if prompted.
    How To Use
    1- Craft a Holotape player / projector from the VoTW Menu in your Settlement Workshop.
    2- Craft a tv/projection screen from the VoTW Menu in your Settlement Workshop.
    3- Craft a Holotape Crafting Workbench from the VoTW Menu in your Settlement Workshop.
    4- Craft the Holotapes from the Holotape Workbench.
    5- Provide power to your screens and players.
    6- Transfer the created holotapes from your inventory to the holotape player/projector.
    7- Profit!
    Tools Used
    Adobe Premiere CC Adobe Illustrator CC FO4Edit ffmpeg 7zip
    V1 Initial Release

    RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight for Videos of the Wasteland
    Bethesda (For FO4)



  2. AAF Violate

    It's a FP_Violate (based on 2.5.1) conversion to AAF with some changes. Feedback and sugestions are welcome.
    it's early build. and cause Violate was designed only for human + human scenes there is some logical issues (with dog or feral ghouls dialogs or robbing) i have plans to change it latter
    Original version of FP_Violate made by vinfamy
    Required: AAF beta 1
    Animations NOT included. i'm using: "AAF patches for Leito and Crazy animations", "FARELLE ANIM MOD DEV", "FO4 Animations By Leito - v1.4a", "FO4 AnimByLeito Alternate Female Voices v1", "Four-Play Animations by Crazy 1.3"



  3. RSE CWSS Redux V2 Patch

    This contains compatibility patch for RSE (AAF, Four-Play, and Basic Needs Lite - see below) and Craftable Working Showers Sinks (CWSS) - Redux V2.  The patch is fairly straightforward, and uses original scripts from RSE.  The CWSS items have been modified to remove their scripts in favor of the RSE scripts for toilet use and drinking.  I also added back the vanilla sound effects scripts for the drinking items - so they will not be silent.
    Modified items will be found in the Furniture>CWSS menu as usual, now with a modified name including [RSE-CWSS]
    All toilets/outhouse items Work with RSE Basic Needs Use original animations from CWSS Urinal - special case here - it now works with both genders (if you want to stand) Bubbler sink items Taking a drink will reduce RSE Basic Needs thirst Taking a drink will increase RSE Basic Needs bathroom needs  
    Showers and bathing items - as these have no current RSE Basic/Advanced needs features  
    Load Order:
    RSE_CWSS_pastch.esp <---- any place after the first two
    When installing - as the scripts relative to the CWSS have been removed and replaced, it is a good idea to scrap and replace any CWSS toilets or bubbler sinks
    The mod contains no scripts of it's own, and should be safe to install or remove at any time.  Please scrap any RSE-CWSS integrated items prior to removing.
    The mod was created with:
    CWSS Redux V2 - 2.1
    RSE -*  (this SHOULD work with earlier versions as there has not been a change to the script involved recently)
    *Note that this mod was created against a version of RSE that requires AAF.  An Four-Play should be possible and this might even work with FP RSE, but has not been tested.
    Thanks to steve40 for creating CWSS and allowing the patch to be created ("Compatibility patches are permitted as long as no assets are included in the patch.")
    MANY thanks to @Flashy (JoeR) for his hard work creating and maintaining RSE!
    >>Basic Needs Lite<< - now supporting this mod with a patch.  NOTE - if you have RSE you DO NOT NEED THIS.  This is ONLY for users of Basic Needs lite  Modified items will be found in the Furniture>CWSS menu as usual, now with a modified name including [BN-CWSS]
    >>Four-Play RSE<< - now supporting this version of RSE with a patch.  



  4. UX61 BodySlide Preset

    This is a preset for CBBE BodySlide that allows you to take your favorite clothes and fill them out nicely (and then some).



  5. VotW Animo Pron's Lara With Horse 2

    Animo Pron's Lara with Horse 2 for VotW 2.1.1
    all 4 epsiodes of Animo Pron's Lara With Horse 2 featuring the  XRay version of episode 4 edited together then split into 5 holotapes, each approx 10 minutes long.
    This is my first ever uploaded mod so please go easy on me.
    Installation: using MO2, simple install all 3 parts with the same name and use the merge option. Other Mod Managers, extract all 3 parts top a single folder and create a new archive. Manual, extract and drop into the data folder. 
    Tapes are available at the Holotape Workbench
    Requires Videos of the Wastelandver 2.1.1 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435
    Credits: Animo Pron for the video used in this mod   https://animopron.com/
               RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight for Videos of the Wasteland   https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435



  6. AAF Compatibility Patches - 07/27/2018

    AAF Compatibility Patches - V2.7 - Changelogs available.
    This place is now the only place where you can download the Compatibility Patches for the Advanced Animation Framework. As this file isn't the main focus of Dagobaking, CGi and myself decided do take care of these patches while Dagobaking continue the development of AAF.
    If you want installation instructions, please refers to this post. 



  7. Deviously Cursed Menu

    Provides a simple MCM for Deviously Cursed Wasteland and Devious Devices.
    Install it with Mod Organizer 2.



  8. Debby's Good Girl adult cribs

    Hello all, I finished my newest mod....  Again this is something I made for the ABDL community.     So I wanted some beds for my characters & I wanted something cute, But most bed mods out there are just normal beds though.   I wanted beds that were more then just a cute texture on a normal bed, I wanted beds that would really stand out from other beds.   So I thought to myself what kind of bed is super cute for women to sleep in?, The answer (For me personally) was adult cribs.   Then I realized there was a VERY low chance of finding such a mod anywhere on the net, So I decided to make one myself,   And I love sharing with people so I've made this mod page, I want to share this mod so everyone who wants something like this can have it.   So this is for all you ABDL peeps out there who want that extra cute touch for your bedrooms.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   There are three adult cribs in this mod, They're all different variations of black blue & pink.   Each crib has a VaultTech SPECIAL book on the mattress & they're own mobile toys above the crib.   These adult cribs are all fully functional as settlement beds usable by both player's & NPC's.   -------------   1.The first crib's color scheme is black blue pink & it has a little nuclear bomb on the mobile.   2.The seconed crib's color scheme is blue pink black & it has a rocket ship for the mobile.   3.The third crib's color scheme is pink blue black & it has a big teddy bear on it's mobile.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   A very special thanks & partial credit goes to Gamohlik for collision work & bed physics data.   Please support them to.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   To install this mod just drop the data folder in your game folder & turn on the plugin,   Then you should be able to find the cribs in the bed section of the workshop menu.   Everyone enjoy. ^^



  9. LX61 BodySlide Preset

    This is a preset for CBBE BodySlide that allows you to take your favorite clothes and fill them out nicely (and then some).



  10. bordello_paintings_1.0.zip

    Hi, do you have a bordello, brothel or whore house that you want to decorate with appropiate paintings, well look no further I have you covered.
    Currently the Bordello collection is of black and white photos of prostitutes from the 1900's, although  since I have over a hundred slots free I plan to keep adding pictures.
    Want to include some strippers and burlesque performers from the 1950's and any old timey prostitue pictures, even old west ones if I can find them.
    I have to say this is just a repackage of the personal paintings mod with some of the blanks filled in.
    I would suggest not filing in these yourselves because like I said I am planning updates to it, till its completely filled with pics.

    I also have included in another file the original pics, enjoy.



  11. Roggvir's DD Items Manager

    Allows the player to control which "Devious Devices" items can be put on
    Toggle which items are allowed or not, and set probability of picking random item from each of the 26 categories
    ...currently ignores actor's sex (female is presumed), but that shouldn't be a problem for now.
    - Items are distributed amongst several Categories.
    - When picking items, all Categories are considered.
    - Each Category has a configurable probability/chance of picking ONE randomly chosen item.
    - Individual items can be allowed/forbidden from the picking procedure.
    - Uses lists of "mutualy exclusive items" to prevent picking conflicting items (by function, or visually)
    Supported by mods:
    Four-Play Violate v2.5.1 - requires patch available here RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters - natively supported by RSE v3.1.9 (and onward)  
    Version 1.0.2 now has MCM menu, so MCM is required for 1.0.2.
    If you do not have MCM installed, stick with version 1.0.1 - the only difference is that 1.0.2 has the MCM menu, while 1.0.1 does not use MCM.
    If you are updating from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, simply uninstall the old version and install the new one, then in game use the "REPAIR MCM SETTINGS" button. No special cleaning steps neccessary.
    You should be given the "Devious Devices Manager" item automatically.
    If not, you can craft it at any Chem Station (recipe can be found under Utility).

    To use the "Devious Devices Manager", click on it as if you are trying to equip it.
    (you can of course bind it to some quick item slot, but i dont think you are gonna use it that often)

    Toggle Allowed Items.
    Any items you set to OFF, will be ignored by this MOD's procedure for picking random items.

    NOTE: I do want to make a proper user-friendly variant using MCM later, but no guarantees.
    Review and Configure the Probability settings.
    Each category contains items that are somewhat distinct from items in other categories - by their looks, by their function, sometimes (not always) by used slots.
    When picking up random items, the probability setting affects the chance that ONE random item (allowed only) will be picked from that category.
    The system considers lists of "mutually exclusive items", so it won't try to put on both hood AND a blindfold, and it tries to pick items from EVERY category in sequence (from highest probability to the lowest).

    Pick a Category...

    ...and set its Probability

    NOW, obviously this wont do much, unless...
    ...some MOD makes use of the provided functionality (for example, a patch for Four-Play Violate v2.5.1 is available on this mods download page).
    Use the following to fetch a list of random items to be put on:
    Rogg:DDManager DDManager = Rogg:DDManager.GetAPI() form[] _items = DDManager.PickRandomItems() ; now you can call the EquipDevice() from DD:DD_Library to equip the items one by one  



  12. Roggvir's No-Strip Items Manager

    Allows the player to select items that shall not be stripped
    In a simple, efficient, reliable and COMFORTABLE way
    ...individually for males, females, synths, and super mutants
    (also, read the WARNING at the end)
    You should be given the "No-Strip Items Manager" item automatically.
    If not, you can craft it at any Chem Station (recipe can be found under Utility).

    To use the "No-Strip Items Manager", click on it as if you are trying to equip it.
    (you can of course bind it to some quick item slot, but i dont think you are gonna use it that often)
    Select the sex or race you want to manage items for.

    NOTE: If you have your Pipboy opened at this time, close it after clicking any button, and the next screen will pop up.
    Drag items from one side to the other, like you do when trading or looting containers.
    Whatever you put in the container, will be set as a no-strip item for the sex/race you selected in previous step.
    Obviously, you need to actually have that item first.

    NOTE: Items will be "cloned" into the container, so you can still keep your item.
    Consequently, any items you "remove" from the container will not be added to your inventory (to prevent cloning items - if you wanna cheat, use the console :)).
    NOW, obviously this wont do much, unless...
    ...some MOD makes use of the provided functionality (patch for Four-Play is available here).
    Use the following to check whether an item is listed as no-strip item:
    Rogg:NoStrip NoStrip = Rogg:NoStrip.GetAPI() if NoStrip.IsListed(form TheItem, race ActorsRace, int ActorsSex) ; TheItem is listed as a no-strip item for ActorsRace and ActorsSex ; Note: in case of synths or supermutants, the ActorsSex parameter has no effect, but is still required by the function. endIf  
    If you give the container a modded item, you will receive back its bare unmodded version!
    So, if you dont want to loose the mods you put on your precious thing, craft (or find) a new unmodded thing and feed that to the container.
    (looking for solution)
      Do not feed the container with any of your quest items!
    Not sure if that could really break something, but better be safe than sorry.  



  13. Family Planning Enhanced - German Translation

    This is just a german translation of Family Planning Enhanced. The original by Chosen Clue is still needed and should be overwritten when installing this translation. Check out the requirements.
    Hierbei handelt es sich lediglich um die deutsche Übersetzung von Family Planning Enhanced. Das Original von Chosen Clue wird weiterhin benötigt und sollte beim Installieren dieser Übersetzung lediglich überschrieben werden. Die erforderlichen Dateien bzw. Mods, sind unter Requires ersichtlich.
    Fragen zum Original werden bitte direkt auf der offiziellen Seite von Chosen Clue gestellt. Verbesserungen, Vorschläge und auch Ratschläge zur oder für die Übersetzung, können gerne hier in den Kommentaren veröffentlicht werden.
    Die vorherige Datei habe ich vollständig gelöscht, da Chosen Clue die Version 2.0 vollständig überarbeiten und zu einen späteren Zeitpunkt veröffentlichen möchte. Bei dieser Übersetzung handelt es sich um die aktuell, veröffentlichte Version von Family Planning Enhanced. Zukünftige Versionen werde ich ebenfalls hier veröffentlichen.
    Die Installationsanleitung findest du hier: Zur Installationsanleitung
    Denkt bitte daran, dass ich nur die .esp Datei übersetzt habe. Auch musste ich Strings so umschreiben, damit sie für uns Sinn ergeben! Dinge die direkt übersetzt formal wären, habe ich auch korrigiert.
    Chosen Clue für die tolle Mod und der in Kürze veröffentlichten Version 2.0!



  14. FPE Immersive Pill

    While I appreciate Vinfamy's & Chosen Clue's contributions to the cause. This 1 day wonder pill could do with some nerfing.
    The contraceptive pill must now be consumed on consecutive days to achieve protection. Each dose adds to a counter, which also decays each day.
    It will take 7 days of consecutive use to reach protection. Accidentally missing an occasional dose shouldn't pose a risk.
    The price of pills has been lowered to reflect an increase in use, additionally a 21 piece multipack should be available at doctors.
    Finally this mod will detect the period Debuffs of Flashys RSE and Max the contraceptive counter, during this time consumption of pills is not required, just follow on once it is over.

    The source is included, feel free to use as you see fit.
    Hope it works, i have no idea what i'm doing.

    In the console
    set FPFP_tHorm to 100 if you cba waiting 7 days



  15. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters - German Translation

    This is just a german translation of RSE. The original by Flashy (JoeR) is still needed and should be overwritten when installing this translation. Check out the requirements.
    WICHTIG: Verwendet bitte die Übersetzung von CGI - sie ist aktueller!
    Hierbei handelt es sich lediglich um die deutsche Übersetzung von RSE. Das Original von Flashy (JoeR) wird weiterhin benötigt und sollte beim Installieren dieser Übersetzung lediglich überschrieben werden. Die erforderlichen Dateien bzw. Mods, sind unter "Requires" ersichtlich.
    Fragen zum Original werden bitte direkt auf der offiziellen Seite von Flashy (JoeR) gestellt. Verbesserungen, Vorschläge und auch Ratschläge zur oder für die Übersetzung, können gerne hier in den Kommentaren veröffentlicht werden.
    Klickt für weitere Details zu den einzelnen Versionen, einfach unten auf die jeweilige Version.
    Die Installationsanleitung findest du hier: Zur Installationsanleitung
    Denkt bitte daran, dass ich nur die .esp Datei übersetzt habe. Auch musste ich Strings so umschreiben, damit sie für uns Sinn ergeben! Auch Wörter wie "Jesus" habe ich umgeschrieben, damit sie mehr zur "Lore" passen. (meiner Meinung nach)
    Die deutsche Version steht jetzt immer hinter dem | der offiziellen Version (Beispiel: 2.7.5 | 1.0). 1.0 ist immer die erste Übersetzung der offiziellen Mod. Wenn ich Korrekturen an einer offiziellen Version vornehme, dann verändere ich lediglich die Version hinter dem Strich.
    Flashy (JoeR) für die tolle Mod!
    winny257 für die schnelle Hilfe bzw. Auskunft!



  16. Basic Needs Lite - Urination and Defecation Mod

    Basic Needs v1.0.8
    (Urination and Defecation)
    Release Date - January 22, 2018
    About: Version v1.0.8 is now available for download. The v1.0.8 update adds a functional MCM hotkey, that you set in the MCM and when you need to go, you use THAT key now! This mod allows you to pee or poop anywhere in the game. This is a direct port of the basic wilderness basic needs function from my other mod RSE. When you consume vanilla fallout 4 liquids or food items, you will receive a notification after a certain amount of time that you need to either pee or poop. If you do not heed this warning, you will suffer a minus five penalty to endurance until such a time as you do relieve yourself. There are no toilets in this mod, so you can stop drop and go literally any and everywhere in the world. Also, when you wake from sleep, you will need to go pee, every time. There are MCM controls to enable/disable the basic needs functions, the notifications, the sounds and also to enable or disable player nudity while going to the bathroom. There are now separate animation poses for male and female peeing. Pooing pose is the same as the female peeing pose. Females now have streams of urine coming from them and splashes as it hits the ground. Males have urine streams when standing to pee. There is now a toilet you may build for your settlements in the SPECIAL settlement build menu. You must now exit power armor to go pee. Magic effect stacks every 30 game minutes until you go pee. END debuff has been replaced with STR debuff on bladder pain effect.
    NOTE: If you are using RSE, you should NOT download and install this mod. Furthermore, as this is a port from RSE, it will NOT receive further updates - this is an appeasement release for those that did not wish to install RSE in order to have Basic Needs. There are no file dependencies with this mod, aside from the base Fallout4.esm and F4SE.



  17. Family Planning Enhanced

    Family Planning Enhanced
    By Chosen Clue
    Based on Vinfamy's
    Family Planning  
    Users who have FPE 1.16 and below, READ THIS

    For a game all about death, there's very little life being brought into it. Specifically, from kinky times.
    Family Planning Enhanced, now will be referred to as FPE, is a pregnancy mod with a host of options to customize its behavior. Straight from installation, it works like this:
    If you are a dude
    You just cum in a girl's vag until she's pregnant. That's really all there is to it. There are options that help you figure out if you put the bun in the oven, like notifications that appear after you've finished to see the chances of pregnancy and if she got pregnant or not.
    If you are a chick
    Keep getting came in! Then you get pregante.
    What happens next?
    Pregnancy, of course! Women will have their bodies grow accordingly, if you have the right mods. Then, after 9 FPE months*, she will give birth, and after a certain amount of FPE months, the baby will grow into a child. Then after some more time, they will grow into an adult.
    *Note, that FPE months are different from actual months, and can be customized to last however long the user wishes.
    This is pretty vague, I thought you said that FPE had a host of options?
    Hell yes it does. 4 pages, 30 settings, all available via the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). Every option affects things differently, so be sure to hover over them while in the MCM menu to learn about each, or find out something you didn't know FPE had!
    What about a full feature list, rather than me installing and trekking through the MCM just to understand your silly mod?
    Okay fine jeez.
    Four Play  
    Four Play Community Patch  
    (Soft Requirement)
    CBBE ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/? )
    (Soft Requirement)
    Mod Configuration Menu
    The soft requirements aren't really needed for the mod to function, but you won't get any female pregnancy morphing(Baby bumps) without them.
    If you have a save that uses the older Family Planning by Vinfamy OR Family Planning Enhanced before 2.0
    THIS ENHANCED VERSION REQUIRES YOU TO UNINSTALL THE OLD FAMILY PLANNING OR FAMILY PLANNING ENHANCED V 1.x, LOAD YOUR SAVE, WAIT 30 SECONDs, SAVE, THEN QUIT. Once you've done that, use a save game cleaner to remove any of the old stuff. Then follow the FPE installation instructions and you should be fine.
    Of course, you should really be starting a new save for the optimal experience.
    Install F4SE, Four Play and its requirements, and Four Play Community Patch and any of its requirements.
    (If you haven't done all of that, click this link to learn how to properly install F4SE, Four Play, and the Community Patch. If you've never modded Fallout 4 or any Bethesda Game Studios games, I recommend you read what's in that link.)
    Install Mod Configuration Menu
    Install Family Planning Enhanced (This mod!)
    ------FAQ and other helpful things------
    "Will FPE Version 2.0 transfer the data from older versions?"
    Unfortunately, no. With the way I've made 2.0 work, it's almost completely different in implementation from the older Family Planning and the FPE version 1.x that came before it. Which means, yes, you will lose all of the old Family Planning data on pregnant people and growing babies. Version 2.0 should be the last of these kinds of updates to FPE, as the system has shown to work and now can be set in stone, and has update capabilities.
    "Will I need Vinfamy's control panel anymore?"
    For this mod, no. However, if you still use other Vinfamy mods, you should keep it. Otherwise you're free to remove it.
    "Wait, I don't like the sound of this option..."
    Well you can go into the MCM and disable it most likely. I've made it to where most of the settings and the mechanics have options on how they work and whether they're active or not.
    "Do I really need MCM?"
    Well... technically not really. However you're gonna get a bunch of notifications begging you to install MCM.
    Otherwise the mod will just roll with the default settings and you can configure them via "Set *GlobalVariable* to #.#". But If you do that, please tell me in your bug reports. The MCM is used to keep all the numbers within a valid range so the mod doesn't break, so if you ever have to manually set it up, I can tell you when you might have set a setting to something invalid.
    Instructions for sharing MCM settings
    In this new MCM menu, you can grab your mod settings and upload them to share with others.
    This applies to Family Planning Enhanced as well, and FPE always loads the data in the FPE INI file in the MCM/Settings folder, and any missing data is assumed to be the default values.
    So if what you have as your options aren't desirable anymore, you can grab someone else's FPE settings and shove them into your MCM/Settings, and FPE will load them as soon as you start the game.
    This works best when you're starting FPE for the first time on the save and know that you already want specific kinds of settings
    For Custom body morph users
    Family Planning Enhanced uses these morph nodes to change the shape of your body. Make sure your custom body has these morphs!
    "PregnancyBelly" "DoubleMelon" "BigButt"
    For custom body morph compatibility with Unique Player
    When you do a batch build involving the female body it's imperative that you place the .tri file (the morphs file) from [the built assets in] characterassets into PlayerCharacterAssets. - Thank you, AnorexicPenguin
    Bethesda for the game
    F4SE team for their great work in providing extended modding tools to us
    DocClox for the beginnings of Four Play
    Vinfamy for Family Planning and the Four Play Community Patch
    @Z0mBieP00Nani for the Condom Boy texture on the condom box (nice work!)
    LooksMenu team for the morphing scripts and plugin
    And anyone who's made morph compatible bodies
    DISCLAIMER: I don't condone real life sexual assault nor bestiality. Use your noggin and don't abuse or hurt real people and animals, living or dead. Okay?



  18. Buffout Plus

    Hey all! First upload!
    Buffout Plus is a very bare-bones implementation of mechanics inspired by the line of "Macromancy" mods for Skyrim which allow you to manipulate your character's size. Specifically, it adds two new chems to the medicine tab of the chemistry workbench: Buffout Plus and Reducinol. The first is made from normal buffout and nuclear material and increases your character's size in small increments, granting you buffs at certain thresholds. Reducinol is made from nuclear material and med-x, each shot of it will reset your size to the default (so far you cannot shrink past the default size).
    There are some engine-related restrictions such as a total size-cap of 10 times the default and a blindingly fast run speed in third person (I reduced movement speed to account for the increase in overall size, but it only takes effect in first person)
    Really, my purpose in releasing this is to give anyone else who would be interested in making a size-changing mod a headstart, so feel free to take this and do anything you want with it and redistribute it however you'd like. No credit needed!



  19. Femout4 - All NPCs Now Futanari

    TL:DR; Turns all NPCs into futanari.
    Comment thread here-
    *V4 is the latest file. It should be safe to update with ongoing saves.*
    The main mod and screenshots are hosted on the Nexus due to large file size. Get it here-
    The Nexus version only converts NPCs into females. You will need to install it as a pre-requisite for any and all patches found on this page.
    This is the page for patches for Femout4 to convert all NPCs into futanari. These patch several loverslab mods together to make all NPCs use schlongs during Four-Play sex scenes. However, NPCs won't have schlongs outside of sex scenes; this is because Four Play doesn't have transgender support yet, and there aren't any good full-body futanari mods available yet.
    The patch should apply futanari schlongs from Bag of Dicks to feminized male NPCs during sex scenes for Four Play. It should also apply them to females when they are in a penetrative role during sex scenes.
    It should also replace strapons with futanari schlong from Bag of Dicks.
    Currently, the patch will NOT apply schlongs during regular gameplay, or to females when they are being penetrated in Four-Play sex scenes. This will be corrected when someone makes a futanari body that is compatible with sex frameworks.
    The current version of the mod is just a temporary version, until I can find a way to make all NPCs have permanent futanari schlongs that will be compatible with sex frameworks.
    Extra Patches
    Now includes a patch for RSE 3.7.8. This is to fix the ghoul eyes changes RSE makes. I forgot to add masters to the file so remember to load it after Femout4.esp and any RSE plugins.
    Skyrim version is found here-
    Femout4 0.15beta (available on Nexus)
    Four Play Nudesuits v2.18 by Chosen Clue
    Bag of Dicks (Equipable penises for Fallout 4) - Fourplay Compatible v1.5
    Strap-on's of fallout 4 V2
    Credit goes to the original mod authors. This merely patches them to work together with my mod.



  20. Four Play Stats and Personal Sex Log

    * Updating to version 0.2 will reset your four-play saved stats because of a new optimized data saving structure
    After activated, this mod starts tracking some basic four_play stats and adds a custom book '[FP] Personal Sex Log' to the player's inventory.
    This is my very first scripted mod and an early work in progress.
    Tests and bug reports are welcome !
    Stats tracked are shown in the screenshot
    Obviously, four_play is a requirement. In the current version of four-play it's not possible yet to track animations metadata like consensual/non-consensual, . Let's wait for the updates !
    Planned features:
    - Assign titles to the player based on stats (Gay Slut, Faithful Girl, Ghoul Lover, etc ...)
    - Add NPC comments about the player sex stats
    - Track consensual/non-consensual and sex type count (anal, oral, etc...) [This would need a keyword/tag system to be implemented into four-play animations]



  21. Four-Play Family Planning (Skin Colors, Growing Up)

    Female player and NPCs have a chance of getting pregnant after intercourse (no matter what mod triggers such intercourse). Bodies change gradually and dynamically (everyone's bodies change at different rate) accordingly during and after pregnancy. Can buy condoms (keep in inventory, used automatically) and pills (consume, last 24 in-game hours each) from doctors to reduce this risk. Chance of fertility period every day you wake up.
    Also a quest to find your baby daddy (you'll be given a list of up to 4 'suspects') or to abort the child. Give birth to a baby which you could then drop into your settlement. After 36 months, this baby will grow into a child.
    Four-Play - read my installation guide for help
    In order for the pregnancy body changes to work:
    CBBE - tick the F4SE morphs checkbox during installation (see screenshot) - CBBE Curvy/ Slim/ Vanilla or any BodySlide presets are all okay
    If you use Unique Player/ Unique Follower type of mods that affect males, you'll need to overwrite whatever male mesh files used by those mods with malebody.nif and malebody.tri from Dongs of Fallout (Data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets)
    If you use a Bodyslide preset. Make sure when you batch build, you select a slider set (like CBBE Zeroed) that has "Pregnancy Belly" slider (should be right at the bottom) and also tick the "Build Morphs" checkbox.
    For customization options:
    Vinfamy's Control Panel - requires version 1.1 or later
    Future Plans:
    Marriage and Relationship Child based on parents' race + non-human child Child growing up



  22. Diamond City Penthouse

    Welcome to


    The Diamond City Penthouse


    So I got a bit tired of cluttering up the A.S.I.A. Orbital Station yesterday.

    So I got to thinking, "why not do something quick and fun"?

    I've been wanting a player home in Diamond City for quite some

    time, but Home Plate just never quite did it for me. I fact,

    settlement building in general has never really appealed to me.


    So I went looking around Diamond City for that "perfect spot"

    to build something practical and homey, but with a sense

    of architectural style that was different from many of the

    other player house mods I've seen floating around.


    So I built this.


    Then I entered the game to test everything. And that's

    when things got "interesting"


    I was standing in the living room when I asked myself:


    "I wonder what will happen if I put on Vinfamy's Prostitution ring"?


    Well, I won't spoil it too much for you, but I made over 3000 caps,

    right from the comfort of my own home
    That's right.

    No more standing on the street corner for me.

    Now, my "clients" come to me. And when they've

    finished, they leave through the elevator that leads down

    to the Diamond City gate.


    That reminds me, I need to send some goons after the Mayor.

    Fat bastard owes me a LOT of money


    The elevator is located outside of Diamond City,

    and just inside of the gate to the left.


    Known Issues


    Clients will "warp" to you rather than use the elevator.

    But they will use the elevator to leave the penthouse.

    This is because the penthouse and it's entrance are

    in two different cells.


    Clients are restricted to the bedroom, living room,

    and kitchen areas by the cells navmesh. I didn't want

    sandboxing around the workbenches, so I didn't

    navmesh that area. Otherwise, the rest of the

    space is very follower friendly.







  23. Vinfamy's Control Panel (+Hotkey, No Biped Slot)

    Offers a bunch of customization options and extra functionality to all my Four-Play mods:
    15 July - Not a new update. Just reuploaded the file as it was down after LoversLab's server upgrade error.
    Works with the following Four-Play mods. You don't have to install them all, the CP will detect which one(s) you have and give you the options accordingly:
    Violate (v2.0+): Customization options + Ability to Surrender Kidnapped (v2.0+): Customization options + Instant Toggle Autonomy (v2.0+): Customization options + Instant Toggle + Disable "Sixth Sense" quest Vanilla Fudge (v2.0+): Customization options Prostitution (v2.0+): The Control Panel is a hard requirement for Prostitution 2.0 onwards - replacing the ring as toggle + customization options Family Planning (v1.0+): Customization options General: options like scene duration, walk and comment, etc

    Like any other mods. Load any save. You will see Vinfamy's Control Panel in the Armor section of your inventory. Hotkey it and use it to turn on the menu.

    From 1.3 onwards, the control panel can also be brought up with the right Ctrl key. To change this hotkey, use console command:
    set Vin_Hotkey to #
    With # being one of the numbers from here: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=DirectX_Scan_Codes
    Then quick save and load.



  24. Devious Devices - Bondage Grenade

    Add into game "Bondage Grenade" (based on fragmentation grenade). It tightly bounds all targets in explosion radius.
    Grenade available via console. (Type help "bondage grenade" 4 and then player.additem <id> <count>)
    Also some ingame mines (bottlecap and fragmentation) and fragmentation grenade bounds player.
    Added config variables.
    0 - (default) adds only one random DD piece on player. (NPC still tightly bound)
    1 - tightly bound player and npc
    -1 - disables adding DD equipment
    Example of usage (open console and type):
    set be_hardbondage to 1
    0 - (default) dont pacify bound enemies
    1 - try to pacify bound enemies (will be pacified enemy who was bound, so man, animal and other races are unaffected to this feature)
    Example of usage (open console and type):
    set be_pacify to 1
    Mods made just for fun and now under development. Consider it as beta.
    0.4+ Devious Devices 2.0+ and its requirements.
    0.3 Devious Devices 1.3+ and its requirements.
    Permissions: Free to copy/use any part of mod inside LL.



  25. Synths Enabled FP Violate

    Synths Enabled FP Violate

    A simple script edit that enables players to be violated by Synths using Four-Play Violate V.1.2 by Vinfamy.
    This is just a temporary solution until Four-Play Violate is updated. Vinfamy is currently busy with another project but once he's back and his mod is updated, this will eventually be removed for it being redundant. I'm uploading this here instead of hosting it with the original Violate is so that I can maintain it while we wait for an official release.
    NMM (Recommended):
    Add the archive and install, overwrite when prompted.
    Extract the content of the archive to your Fallout 4's Data folder (ie. "...My Games\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data")
    Overwrite when prompted
    Four-Play by DocClox
    Four-Play Violate v1.2 by Vinfamy (Not required with the latest update, but deserves a thumb's up)
    Synth Clamp-Ons by LegacySlayer and Co. (This should provide Synths with the necessary "tools" to violate you. Unless, of course, you want some cool air humping action )
    Current Issues:
    If you have Leito's animation's set up with Four-Play, you'll hear Leito's default male/raider sounds. I didn't get around to unraveling that mystery yet but I'll try to make some time soon to tackle this.
    DocClox for Four-Play
    Vinfamy for Four-Play Violate
    LegacySlayer for Synth Clamp-Ons
    ag12 for the technical know-how and being awesome!