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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

64 files

  1. Bad End: Purgatory

    Expiate Your Sins
    This is a death alternative add-on for AAF Violate's Bad End feature.  When you are killed by a Bad End, you will be transported to Purgatory, where you are given a choice: accept your fate and die permanently, or endure punishment before returning to the land of the living.
    Mod Features
    Creepy Atmosphere!
    The Restless Dead!
    Absolutely not a hint of lore friendliness!
    This mod gives you a short quest in a small dungeon, culminating in some BDSM action, after which you will be returned to Sanctuary.  There is an MCM to turn the mod on or off.
    Enable the mod in its MCM menu
    Enable Fatal Bad Ends in AAF Violate's MCM under Mod Integration Options.  You will only be sent to Purgatory if the Bad End is fatal.
    When I added the Bad Ends feature to Violate, I wasn't sure how people would react to the idea of a mod like this killing their character.  So I only made the Bad Ends actually kill you if you were executed by high-level enemies, and even that could be turned off in the MCM.  To my surprise, a lot of people asked for the option to make Bad Ends always fatal.  So I added that option to the latest version of Violate.  But then @WandererZero and I were talking about it, and we agreed that it would be nice if you had the option to respawn in the world afterward, rather than being forced to reload your save.
    We were inspired by Awakened - Immersive Respawn, which is another death alternative mod that lets you choose whether to respawn or stay dead.  We liked the idea, but decided it would be way more fun if you had to endure some kinky torments before being let loose upon the living again.  And so Purgatory was born.
    Notes and Future Plans
    The mod is pretty simple at this point, the focus for the initial release was making a cool looking environment and coming up with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing dungeon scene.  All of the BDSM action is done via AI packages and scripting, instead of using animation files.  This makes it really flexible; the scene randomly picks from two different restraints and four different torture implements, but we could add more and the mod would adapt to them.
    In the future we would like to expand the range of devices and punishments, and maybe add some other action like exotic sex animations.  We are also looking into making this a real death alternative mod, which will send you to Purgatory regardless of how you die.
    AAF Violate, and all its requirements.  Bad End Purgatory requires AAF Violate version 1.0 or higher.
    Gray User's Bad End Animations pack which is needed to trigger Bad Ending outcomes in Violate.
    The Nuka World DLC (DLCNukaWorld.esm)
    The Contraptions Workshop DLC (DLCWorkshop02.esm)
    @WandererZero - concept and level design
    @EgoBallistic - scripting, scenes, etc
    @ZaZ - BDSM assets from ZaZOut4 (used with permission)
    Veav - assets from Skeleton Ball mod (used with permission)
    Crimsomrider - assets from Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture mod (used with permission)



  2. Sawed Off Laser's AB Preset

    Posting my custom Atomic Beauty preset, for those who like huge breasts only.
    Also, beware there will be clipping on a lot of outfits. Fix it in Outfit Studio if you can.
    Requires Atomic Beauty, doesn't work for other presets.
    To install it, place the file in: Fallout4>Data>Tools>BodySlide>SliderPresets
    If something is busted, let me know. Peace~~~



  3. Vault-Tec Breeding Posters - Adult Version

    Hi all,
    This is a simple mod, which (currently) adds 22 Posters under Decorations->Vault->Posters. These Posters are themed around pregnancy and reproduction, while I tried to maintain the original style of Vault tec Propaganda posters. See preview file for an idea. The Posters are available in a new and an dirty state and cost 2 cloth each.
    Why not?
    I have made an non-adult version too: Non-Adult Version
    Both mods can be used together without conflicts or duplicates.
    But I wanted to keep them separate, since I still think, that the non-adult version is much more lore friendly, and some people might only want to use one or the other.
    Some People asked for some raider(slavery) stuff. This mod also contains 6 Posters themed around that.
    If you have ideas for some additional Posters or critisism for this, please leave a comment.
    I would like to have some more Posters, maybe also themed a little bit different ones for you, so your ideas are welcome.
    Version 4.0 is the MURRICA UPDATE. I wanted to catch the war-time patriotism displayed in the fallout universe and take it into the posters. With this update, the mod now contains 22 different posters in pristine and dirty as usual.
    Also, as an extra bonus, 6 Riader Posters were added.
    Hope you have fun with it.
    Some of the Posters are rather ... political incorrect. Be warned.



  4. Tradução de AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod 2.203

    Tradução do mod AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod 2.203 de EgoBallistic para o Português Brasileiro.



  5. Passive Radiation loss while Nude

    This is a simple perk I threw together in Fo4Edit.
    It checks your characters bodyslots and applies a radiation healing effect when those slots are empty.
    Now you have a reason to take off your clothes.
    (Your body expels accumulated radiation through the skin, when there is nothing in the way)
    Each slot, (Torso, Head, LArm, RArm, LLeg, RLeg,) is checked independently.
    I added the slots used by Dicky's Pinups and the Sporty and Lacy Underwear mods,
    so the upper and lower underwear slots of those mods is checked as well.
    The torso slot is 10x faster than the limbs at removing radiation.
    To acquire the perk, type "Help Nude 0" in the console, then "Player.addperk xx000800", using the number of the "Nude Rad Regen" perk..
    (The first 2 numbers are dependent on where the .esp is in your load order).
    To uninstall, simply type "Player.removeperk xx000800", save, and remove the mod.
    In order to not make it feel "Overpowered", the main file removes rads at 0.21 rads/minute, when completely naked.
    I added 2 more files for those who want it to be faster.
    NudeRads1 is 3.81 rads/minute
    NudeRads2 is 37.45 rads/minute



  6. AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod

    This is a conversion of Chosen Clue's great mod Family Planning Enhanced to the Advanced Animation Framework,  now supporting CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod bodies.
    This mod is based on Chosen Clue's Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced version 2.102, with all the added features from the following:
    @fedim's AAF 79 FPE @Chosen Clue's FPE 2.102 "Cold Fix" @TheBottomhoodofSteel's Fusion Girl morphs Tag Filtering to prevent non-sex animations from causing pregnancies, based on @Flashy (JoeR)'s version of FPE Integration, optimizations, and bug fixes by @EgoBallistic  
    Mod Features

    For a game all about death, there's very little life being brought into it. Specifically, from kinky times.
    Family Planning Enhanced, or FPE, is a pregnancy mod with a host of options to customize its behavior. Straight from installation, it works like this:
    If you are male
    You have intercourse with a female until she becomes pregnant. That's really all there is to it. There are options that help you determine if you succeeded in impregnating your partner, such as notifications about your virility, the chances your partner was pregnant, and when she becomes pregnant.
    If you are female
    Have intercourse until you become pregnant. As with males, you can enable notifications about your fertility, post-intercourse notifications about the chances of pregnancy, and notifications about conception and the stages of pregnancy.
    What about NPCs?
    They can get pregnant too, either through intercourse with the player, or with each other.
    What happens next?
    Pregnancy, of course! Women will have their bodies grow accordingly, if you have the right mods. Then, after 9 FPE months*, she will give birth, and after a certain amount of FPE months, the baby will grow into a child. Then after some more time, they will grow into an adult.
    *Note, that FPE months are different from actual months, and can be customized to last however long the user wishes.
    This is pretty vague, I thought you said that FPE had a host of options?
    Hell yes it does. 4 pages, 30 settings, all available via the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). Every option affects things differently, so be sure to hover over them while in the MCM menu to learn about each, or find out something you didn't know FPE had!
    Full list of features:
    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
    CBBE by Caliente, Fusion Girl by Vioxsis, Leito86, TheBottomhoodOfSteel, and ZaZ, or Jane Bod by Nightasy
    Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000
    LooksMenu by Expired6978
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking
    AAF Themes by Halstrom And of course you need to install animation packs.   Installation
    Install the prerequisite mods, listed above. 
    Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder. If using CBBE, be sure to install the F4EE morphs when installing. If using Fusion Girl or Jane Bod, build your body in Bodyslide with the "Build Morphs" option enabled after installing. For all body types, always use the "Build Morphs" option whenever you build a body or outfit in BodySlide.  
    Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:
    Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations.  Open the MCM and view some mod settings. Make sure your body and outfits show up in game  
    Then, install AAF Family Planning Enhanced (this mod!)
    Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF FPE MCM and choose your settings.  Then go forth and procreate!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Do I need Four-Play to use this?
    A: No, this mod does not use or require Four-Play at all
    Q: Do I need Vinfamy's Control Panel for this?
    A: No, this uses MCM and does not communicate with Vinfamy's CP in any way
    Q: Do I need the original Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced to use this?
    A: No, this is a self-contained port of the mod, not a patch.  You only need this mod.
    Q: I am using the "AAF 79 FPE" version, or Flashy's version.  Can I upgrade to this version?
    A: Yes.  Make a backup save, then uninstall the existing version and install this version.  FPE will detect the old version and update itself.
    Q: Do third party add-ons work with this version?
    A: Yes.  The add-on interface is unchanged from previous versions.  AAF FPE Addon Pack or FPE More Creatures work with this mod, as do the add-ons in the Download section.
    Q: Is there an option to create random NPC pregnancies?
    A: The only way FPE can create pregnancies is when an animation occurs.  Any mod that allows NPCs to have sex with other NPCs will work.  Shenanigans, Autonomy, prostitution mods, companions in an AAF Violate event, or simply using the AAF wizard can make NPCs get pregnant. 
    Q: How does the position filtering work?
    A: FPE looks for certain tags on animations, and will prevent pregnancy if any of those tags are found.  The list of excluded tags is: Kissing, Hugging, Cuddling, Blowjob, 69, Cunnilingus, Scissor, Handjob, Footjob, Jackoff, Masturbation, Spanking, Dancing, Pose.  This is in addition to the other requirements, i.e. there must be at least one actor capable of becoming pregnant, one actor capable of fathering a child, etc.
    Q: Does this work with Unique Player?
    A: Yes, but you must copy the morph files for your chosen body. When you build the female body in BodySlide, you must copy the .tri file (the morphs file) from the Characterassets folder into the PlayerCharacterAssets folder under Data\Meshes\Actor\Character
    Q: Can I prevent certain actor types or individual actors from becoming pregnant?
    A: Yes.  Version 2.201 adds a formlist, FPFP_ProhibitedKeywords (XX017743) for this purpose.  Actors with any keyword in this list cannot get pregnant.  So you can add keywords like ActorTypeGhoul or AnimArchetypeElderly to this formlist to prevent those actor types from becoming pregnant.  The formlist includes the new keyword FPFP_NoPregKW (XX017742), so it can be added to an individual actor to prevent them from becoming pregnant.
    Q: Is there an API I can use to make my mod cause or end pregnancies or find out when an actor gave birth?
    A: Yes.  The main quest includes a GetAPI() function which you can use to access the API.  The primary function you will use is GetPregnancyInfo(akActor) which allows you to call all of the internal functions to manipulate pregnancy.  As of version 2.203, the mod also includes a FPFP_GiveBirth event which mods which will be sent out when a pregnancy ends, successfully or not.  The FPE_Interface_Script available in the Downloads is a modder's resource illustrating the use of these features.
    Credits @vinfamy for Family Planning
    @Chosen Clue for Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced, which is 99% of this mod
    @Z0mBieP00Nani for the Condom Boy texture on the condom box
    @TheBottomhoodofSteel for the Fusion Girl morph sliders
    @fedim for the original AAF 79 port of FPE
    @Flashy (JoeR) for suggesting Tag filtering
    @WandererZero for quality assurance



  7. Real Handcuffs

    Bind Your Enemies!
    Bind Your Friends!
    Bind Yourself*!
    * Warning, may cause difficulties surviving the wasteland.
    Real Handcuffs
    Latest version: 0.3 (2019-06-30)
    Hard requirement:
    F4SE [https://f4se.silverlock.org/], Version 0.6.14 or later
      Soft requirement but heavily recommended:
    Mod Configuration Menu [https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497/], Version 1.34 or later  
    Real Handcuffs converts the handcuffs found throughout the Commonwealth to a armor item that can be equipped to bind both the player and NPCs.
    Handcuffs can be modified at the armor workbench to make them more secure, or to replace the lock with a timed lock.
    You can find handcuffs and keys wherever you find handcuffs normally: Traders who trade misc items (salvage), police stations, and sometimes as random loot.
    Does this use the Devious Devices framework?
    No. There is a compatibility plugin for devious devices users, though. Real Handcuffs can serve as a replacement for Devious Devices wrist cuffs. Please note that it is not a 1:1 replacement, it is much more restrictive both for players and for NPCs.
    Can I use this as a mod author?
    Please do. There is a ThirdPartyApi script that is made for modders that want to use it as a (soft) dependency. This script will stay stable between releases, even if the internal structure changes. There are also some additional hooks and keywords if you want to set up scenes, please ask me if you need help.
    If you want to instead take meshes from this mod or get inspired by its scripts, you are can do so, too. The license is CC0 and included in the zip file. Script sources are included. Mesh source files and animation source files are not included because they are too large, but I will provide them on request (most meshes are just modification of Fallout 4 meshes).
    Thanks and Acknowledgements:
    Vader666 for Torture Devices [https://www.loverslab.com/topic/68652-torturedevices/]
    This started it all, and looking at it taught me how to do a lot of things. Vader666 for the guide "Adding custom Animations to Fallout 4" [https://www.loverslab.com/topic/69722-adding-custom-animations-to-fallout-4/]
    After reading this, arm offset animations finally made sense :). Kimy for Devious Devices [https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3796-devious-devices/]
    Used in my playthroughs, and served as an inspiration even though I disagree with some design choices. Also the comments on DD_RestraintScript:DD_Equipped brought me back on track when I struggled with missing events and greatly improved my spirits ("A kingdom for a proper programming language!"). Vugluscris for the guide "Creating armor and clothing with Blender" [https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17785]
    After that I was finally able to import Handcuff.nif to Blender, attach it to the skeleton, modify it, and bring it back into the game. Ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio [https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25]
    The tool for converting between nif and fbx (and back) in the above workflow while keeping UVs and weights. ShadeAnmiator for the Fallout 4 Animation Kit [https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16694/]
    This got me started on doing animations for Fallout 4. I would probably not have been able to do it without this kit. The Creation Kit Wiki [https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Main_Page]
    The essential documentation (though I often wished that it was better). EgoBallistic and Stobor for their feedback about the ThirdPartyApi script.
    I was not sure if it worked. They proved to me that it did not and helped me find a way that it did.
    Full changelog:



  8. Auto Staged Animations Please

    Made some XMLs which makes some animation packs auto-stage. This will only overwrite the original position xmls (enumerates the animations that appear in the AAF wizard list) because I merged the separate animation nodes into one animation group so that only my staged animations are listed. I can probably do a non-replacer version (so you get the original position list and my staged position list) if anyone is interested. This was made using the guide posted by Dagobaking https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/wiki/Guides/HowToMakeStagedFurnitureAnimationsWithTransitions

    All animation groups (when the original mod has stages) are grouped and will play in sequence automatically. I've tested most of them myself, but if something bugs out, please do tell me and I'll try to fix it as quick as possible. Some animation groups have more than 8 stages so the whole animation takes long to finish, so these may be adversely affected by other mods calling for a timer.

    Supported packs (just load mine after their files)
    1. SavageCabbages animation pack (1.04)
    2. Gray User's creature pack release (2.0) [for mirelurk, radscorpion, mirelurk queen, yao guai, bloodbug, bloatfly, stingwing ; mirelurk hunter and mirelurk king is still being diagnosed]

    3. Leito - FO4 Animations (2.0a) - works with Leito compatibility patches, as long as you load mine last (overlays and MM and FF animations introduced by the patch still functions)
    Note1: The method I used selects the first and last of an animation group as the entrance and exit animation, and lists the applicable animation nodes between those two. When there is no exit trigger (manual end in AAF wizard, or a timer in other AAF mods) the animation shall cycle between the animation nodes, some animation groups look good during this cycling, some dont. When there is an exit trigger, the last of an animation group will be called, some animation group handles this well, some dont. This method is merely a placeholder for the next iteration of staging (automatic/manual) which is the tree xml to be introduced in full when the next AAF update includes it. For now we make use of the animationgroup + transition xmls to make multi-stage animations.

    Note2: Supermutants, dogs, and creatures generally behave weirdly when staging. They will flicker back to the original standing position before animating. This is "vanilla"

    Note3: Dogs have weird head tracking, and I think is being addressed in AAF beta versions

    Note4: I did this in a few hours, there may be errors (typo's) please inform me ASAP so I can fix it.

    Note5: Do NOT turn off NPC AI (tai / tcai) or else they will not stage. Use relevant AAF mods to call for an animation (start and end) such as AAF Violate, AAF sex em up.

    Credits to:
    Dagobaking and the AAF team. Without them all this would not be possible.
    SavageCabbage. Great animations and his file structure and naming made it possible for me to quickly do this
    Grey User. Several animation packs with various stages, currently supports creature pack V2
    Leito. The one, the only.

    Future Plans
    1. Do all other animation packs with multi-stage animations
    2. Make use of the new tree xml which will better streamline auto-staging (under development). Currently only the player can select through the branches using the AAF wizard. Will make them in anticipation of the AAF update thereof
    3. Introduce taggings and overlay functions compatible with existing XMLs that do the same

    Link to the support page: 

    Post your comments/reports there, so I can address them



  9. geigerzaehler CBBE BodySlide Preset Pack

    Meet Linda, Mary, Wendy and Sarah! ?
    Here is how to use the preset:
    Copy the XML file to ..\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets Run BodySlide.exe Look for presets called geigerzaehler: ... Select your outfit and build it



  10. Destroyer's Files

    This is just a collection of modifications I made for my own game or for others, I will place them here for anyone who wants and doesn't know how to do it himself. Latest updated files will be marked with * to avoid confusion with updates.
    AAF SEU Servitron
    This mod will make Servitron 'work' with AAF Sex Em Up. Only works for playercharacter, no companions.
    ZaZOut beta v.003 - damage patch
    Will lower the damage the cane does and should prevent NPC's from becoming hostile when you hit them.
    Xarna Height Adjustment
    Will change Xarna's height to the size of a normal female, so animations with AAF don't look offset.
    Texture Replacer
    A texture replacer so small, I didn't even want to make a seperate page for it. It is meant to be used together with other texure replacers on this site so it shouldn't overwrite (except when I found something more appealing)
    * LooksMenu Skins
    This mod will add textures from Silky Smooth Skin to LooksMenu. Only LooksMenu is required. You can make requests for other skins if you want.
     - V1.1: Added WET Skin
    Staged ZaZOut Animations
    Will add staged animations to ZaZOut4.
    Servitron CBBE Texture
    This mod is just a simple texture replacer to make the "plastic boobs" version of Servitron less ... dead.
    ZeX - CBBE Texture replacer
    This mod will replace the textures of ZeX Fusion Girl with those from CBBE without making the genitals look weird.



  11. VotW Breaking the Quiet by Animopron

    This mod includes the 3 episodes of Breaking the Quiet (divided into 8 tapes) by animopron. All the tapes can be crafted in the holotape workbench.
    Install using Nexus Mod Manager
    Manually extract in the fallout 4 folder.
    How to update:
    Uninstall the old version and load the game. Save and close the game, then install the new version.
    Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435
    Related mod:



  12. Aution House/Just Business067 patch

    its a simple patch , so you can sell your slaves in the Auction House after Just Business 0.6.7
    also addet Jack Cabot
    and Dr.Roslyn Chambers (Covenat Hole)
    thx fred200 for testing the first version



  13. AAF Atomic Lust tweaked XML

    first things first!
    Thanks to @Rufgt for his animation pack with still some rather unique pieces. I hope you will not be angry because i did not ask you before changing some XML-Files belonging to your mod. Feel free to revise and utilize to update Atomic Lust so this little patch is not required anymore ?
    I have spend some time to look into Rufgt's XML Files für the Atomic Lust Animation pack, because in the AAF Sex 'em up discussion thread people where complaining about "Atomic Spanking" is not playing as a sequence. A new AnimationGroup XML Definition should solve this problem. I have added some other changes as well, for example switched required gender on several animations like kissing, because i did not see any reason why these should be male/female only. Added some "stay dressed" versions as well.
    Included Files:
    Atomic Lust_animationData.xml           
    changes to gender requirements + changed some animations playing shorter
    Atomic Lust_animationGroupData.xml
    (New) Added Staged Atomic Spanking animationGroups with rufgt's animations playing in sequence (hopefully in a good way) Despite Spanking is not exactly what i am looking for by myself the animation i feel comfortable the way it works now. First kneeing, transition to spank-ready, then spank 4 times before animation starts over
    Atomic Lust_positionData.xml
    Added the new staged versions of Atomic Spanking as well as undress-armor-only versions of existing anims
    Atomic Lust_transitionData.xml
    i commented out every entry here. This file seems to be reserved for transitions from none to animation and vice versa. It is not working for transitions inside of looped animations. Thats what animationGroups are for. Since there are no transition animations into and from Atomic Lust animations this file is now empty
    (New) This file adds two new equipmentSets only un-/redressing armor pieces and hats/helmets. (Added because having people always undress completely before kissing feels odd to me...)
    (New) Adds missing Tag data for newly defined positionData, probably should be added to AAF Themes at some point so this file becomes obsolete as well

    I did not really try installing the 7z File via mod manager, but directory structure should be ok. Otherwise extract files an copy XML-Files to "Data/AAF" folder and confirm overwrite. Installation should be after installing Atomic Lust
    Thats it. Changes tested with AAF wizard and to some degree with AAF SEU V0.21.



  14. VotW Shadbase Animations

    This mod adds several animations found on Shadbase, surprisingly (or not) a lot of them are furry stuff but ... eh. This mod requires Videos of the Wasteland 2
    Install using Nexus Mod Manager (or any other manager)
    Manually extract in the Fallout 4 directory
     > If you do not want to use the DriveIn, remove ShadAnimationsDI.esp
    Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435 (and the DriveIn plugin)
    Is shadman ok with this?
    - For as far as I know he even encourages it.
    Why do you do this?!
    - Boredom
    Other VotW stuff:



  15. VotW DriveIn Lara with Horse by Animopron

    This mod includes all 4 episodes of Lara with Horse by animopron for the Starlight DriveIn. All film reels can be crafted in the holotape workbench.
    Install using Nexus Mod Manager
    Manually extract in the fallout 4 folder.
    Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435 (with the DriveIn addon)
    -Why so many film reels
      Each can only hold 3 minutes 24 seconds, you will need to ask the maker of Videos of the Wasteland 2 to extend it.
    My other mods:
    - VotW Jenny's Odd Adventure by SlipperYT
    - AAF_SEU - Servitron Patch



  16. AAF Prostitution

    Many thanks to @Torn for actively testing the mod and suggestions for its improvement.
    This is FP Prostitution (based on 2.71) conversion to AAF API with some changes.  Original mod was made by @vinfamy
    AFF 0.36+ is REQUIRED! (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5584-advanced-animation-framework/)
    If you turn on "Bed using" feature you need those mods:
    * SavageCabbages Animation Pack (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5983-my-animation-pack-updated-25082018/) 
    * Various AAF XML files 2.21 is required (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7057-fo4-various-aaf-xml-files/). When Install it choose "SavageCabbage - Crowd", "SavageCabbage - FF" and "SavageCabbage - Ground"

    Main features
    General checks information

    Prostitution Mode
    Role assignment mode
    MCM Settings
    Original mod page (with detailed descrition) is:



  17. RSE Crafting Bench

    Moves all RSE Items from the regular chemistry station to a custom chemistry station you can build in your settlements under the RSE workshop menu. The bench is a modified version of Elianora's Chem Lab from Eli's Crafting Fury 9000. Why did I make it? Because I am cleaning up my regular Chemistry Station, and while the items from RSE do fit in it, the category is too compressed with different types.



  18. Betty CBBE BodySlide Preset

    Look at the pictures, you'll understand the concept. ?
    Here is how to use it:
    Copy the XML file to ..\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets Run BodySlide.exe Look for presets called geigerzaehler: Betty Nude and geigerzaehler: Betty Dressed Select your outfit and build it



  19. VotW Jenny's Odd Adventures by SlipperYT

    This mod includes all 4 episodes of Jenny's Odd Adventures by SlipperYT. All holotapes can be crafted in the holotape workbench.
    Install Part 1, 2 and 3 using Nexus Mod Manager (MO2 should work too)
    Manually extract the parts in the Fallout 4 folder.
    For using this mod at Starlight DriveIn you will also need the file VotW_JOA_DriveIn
    Install the VIS-G patch when using VIS-G Item Sorting.
    Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435
      I was bored, leave me alone.
    -Why the big filesize?
      I used 8k textures instead of the generally used 4k. It looks better.
    My other mods:
    - VotW DriveIn Lara with Horse by Animopron
    - AAF_SEU - Servitron Patch



  20. [FO4] Various AAF XML files

    30 June 2019 - Uploaded 2.4, an update made by EgoBallistic, to be in line with the latest version of Themes and AAF. I left the previous 2 files (2.3 and 2.3 patched) just for "historical purposes", but if you keep your game updated you should definetely use this latest 2.4 version.
    06 May 2019 - I was warned of some change in the latest AAF who made necessary a correction in the syntax of some xmls. So I uploaded the same 2.3 but it should be patched to work properly with the new framework version. It's untested, now tested, please tell me if there's issues. Other than that, I still stand on what I wrote below, even if this time I didn't put a password on the archive for practicity of those in need to update. (PS sorry if I made a couple of reuploads, I needed to make corrections)
    01 May 2019 - The life of the latest version 2.3 has ended. Until a new updated version won't be made, no user should install it. I leave the file here as a reference for whoever wants to pick it, modify, copy/paste IDs etc., it's a file intended for modders' reference and not for users. The password to extract the archive is sunnysmile.
    These XML allow extra combinations with the existing animations, so you can have more possibilities when choosing actors / animation / furniture. I'm making some XML files while I'm learning how things work. I'll dump them here if they seem interesting enough. Please let me know what you think.
    - Corrected some strapons, thanks to Torn for test
    - Removed Leito Beta files, I saw he introduced furnitures on V2
    Since v. 2.2, there's a practical FOMOD All-In-One installer (tested with NMM and MO2). Many thanks to Roggvir to help me solve all the issues that came out in the creation.
    You can install them manually if you know what folders / files need to be installed and where.
    - AAF
    - SavageCabbage vanilla pack. If you have the full, I think it works anyway, I'm just not using its animations
    - Leito FF patch (which will want you to install Vioxis Strapon too)
    - Horizon patch requires Horizon mod
    - Vs patch requires V's Stylish Decor mod
    - If you have an error, first of all please remove the XML file and see if the error goes away. These XML files are loaded everytime you load your save, you are safe in doing it.
    - If the error goes away when you remove the XML, check if you installed the Requirements.
    Old description, it's not important, it's only for reference:



  21. AAF Guides - Official Thread (PDFs + web link) by RitualClarity and forgets

    RitualClarity and I, with a  little  lot of help from our friends, have been working together on two different general help/informational guides to AAF. My guide is a simple quick-and-dirty thing that spells out the basic installation, troubleshooting, and save cleaning process visually, using flowcharts. RitualClarity's guide is a more in-depth textual manual introducing a user to AAF, its functions and general usage with reference to existing AAF-compatible mods. It also covers installation, load order, save cleaning and updating. Our feeling is that the two documents complement each other, and so should be available for download in the same place--so here you go.
    RitualClarity also has a live weblink to the latest version of his guide. Note that only a certain number of users can access it at any given time, so if you have trouble viewing it, maybe just look at the PDF for now and try the link again later.
    Those of you who use RSE, and I know there are very many of you, will be excited to learn that Paeantrix is in the process of making a guide specific to AAF + RSE. As I understand it, it should be published quite soon, and what I have seen of it is excellent. Look for it soon in the RSE forum post and/or join the RSE Discord if you are interested.



  22. Raider Slaver Camp, Brothel, Strip Club(Egret Tours Marina)

    This mod changes Egret Tours Marina settlement into a raiders theme slaver camp, brothel, strip club with lots of cages to keep and sell slaves.
    This mod uses all vanilla & DLC assets, I did all the navmeshed by hand and cleaned it with F4edit. Version 2.0 is just the raider camp, Version 2.0a comes with 10 slave girls that are vanilla settlers you can use Looksmenu to change there appearance anyway you please. They slave girls cannot be kill ---YOU MUST MOVE THEM TO A SETTLEMENT BEFORE THEY WILL DO ANYTHING!--- I left the place mostly unfurnished so let your twisted imagination go wild and enjoy.



  23. RSE Compatibility Patches [OBSOLETE]


    1.  RSE - Diamond City Expansion Patch
         Puts the redemption chair back in the DCE edited cell.
         Compatible with RSE 4.0 and DCE 1.4
         Just put it after DCE and RSE mods in your load order.
    2.  RSE - Better Settlers Patch
         If RSE is loaded after BS, it resets head parts and default outfits to vanilla.
         If BS is loaded after RSE, it deletes RSE scripts and madame faction attached to settlers. This one resolves those issues.
         Compatible with RSE 4.0 and BS 2.0 (Clean Faces)
         Load order of BS and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
    3.  RSE - Horizon Patch
         This edits some conflicting item and npc records and also adds tags to RSE items for Horizon's item sorting.
         Compatible with RSE 4.0 and Horizon 1.6
         Load order of Horizon and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
    4.  RSE - Better Settlers - Horizon Patch
         If you have RSE, BS and Horizon all three, you'll need only this one. You shouldn't install other (RSE-BS and RSE-Horizon) patches.
         Compatible with RSE 4.0, BS 2.0 (Clean Faces) and Horizon 1.6
         Load order of BS, Horizon and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
    5.  RSE - VIS Patch
         It just adds tags to RSE items for Valdacil's item sorting mod compatibility. It's also compatible with VIS-G sorting.
         Load order of VIS and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
    6.  RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch
         Thanks to @AWP3RATOR for this amazing work.
         RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch download page
    -  Updated all patches (NMM users: select [overwrite files] when installing).
    -  Updated AAF_RSE-Better Settlers-Horizon and AAF_RSE-Horizon patches for GenericDoctorsScript compatibility (NMM users: select [overwrite files] when installing).
    -  Updated AAF_RSE-Better Settlers-Horizon and AAF_RSE-Horizon patches for RSE v3. compatibility.
    -  Added some missing tags of ingestibles to AAF and FP versions of Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch.
    -  Initial release of AAF and FP versions of Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch.
    -  Put FP versions of the patches back to the front page for people who want to roll back to FP_RSE. Renamed esps's to prevent confusion.
    -  Added AW3RAPTOR's RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch link.
    -  Initial release of AAF versions of Diamond City, Horizon and Better Settlers patches.
    -  Initial release of FP versions of Diamond City, Horizon and Better Settlers patches.
    Anyone who wants to add more RSE patches is always welcomed.
    And thanks to @Flashy (JoeR) for this amazing mod.



  24. NismoMan's Exotic Wasteland Videos

    Well, it's about time I released a completely new video collection, and this time around I put more thought and work into them instead of just stuffing the wasteland with videos off of Pornhub.
    I decided to invest a bit of effort into these videos, picked some of my favorite 50's to early 60's songs and edited the videos to transform the fine girls of today to tantalizing vixens of the past.
    All the videos are in tinted black and white, more videos will be released later on when I have enough time to work on them, each volume will be released with 5 videos with merged ESPs available if needed.
    Videos of Naked girls, dancing and touching themselves on era-correct tunes from the 50's and 60's.

    5 Strip Teasing / Self Pleasuring Music Videos that should be as fun to listen to as they are to watch More coming later    
    Videos of the Wasteland 2.0+ Mod By RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight
    Download and Install the latest version of Videos of the Wastelands.
    Download this mod

    Mod Manager:
    Install through Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2
    Manual (Not Recommended):
    Copy the (data) folder within the downloaded archive(s) to your Fallout 4's installation folder, overwrite if prompted.
    How To Use
    1- Craft a Holotape player / projector from the VoTW Menu in your Settlement Workshop.
    2- Craft a tv/projection screen from the VoTW Menu in your Settlement Workshop.
    3- Craft a Holotape Crafting Workbench from the VoTW Menu in your Settlement Workshop.
    4- Craft the Holotapes from the Holotape Workbench.
    5- Provide power to your screens and players.
    6- Transfer the created holotapes from your inventory to the holotape player/projector.
    7- Profit!
    Tools Used
    Adobe Premiere CC Adobe Illustrator CC FO4Edit ffmpeg 7zip
    V1 Initial Release

    RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight for Videos of the Wasteland
    Bethesda (For FO4)



  25. AAF Violate

    Being defeated in combat can result in your character and companions being violated rather than killed.  Violators may also take your valuable gear, leading to a quest to exact vengeance and retrieve your stolen possessions.  Likewise, you have a chance to violate and rob your defeated enemies.
    This mod was originally based on Four-Play Violate by @vinfamy, initially converted to AAF by @Jahem_kinkaid and maintained and expanded by @EgoBallistic.
    Combat Defeat: You and your companions can be forced to surrender and be violated by your enemies when you lose in combat Companions: Choose whether your companions can be violated.  Decide whether only male, only female, or both genders can be victims Multiple, simultaneous animations: if there are more aggressors than victims, everyone gets assaulted at the same time - no waiting in line! Gangbangs!  Threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes are possible if you have the right animation packs and XML installed. Assailants: Restrict the gender of your assailants to male, female, or both.  Limit assailants to a few races or allow any race to be an assailant Robbery: Assailants can not only violate you, but leave you stranded in the wasteland without your gear Enemy Surrender: Injured enemies may surrender and become your victim Devious Devices integration: Your assailants can slap you into Devious Devices restraints Real Handcuffs integration: Your assailants can slap you into Real Handcuffs Restraint Keys: the assailant who robs you (or just the first assailant if robbery doesn't happen) will have keys to your Devious and/or Real Handcuffs restraints Perversion: Your character can start begging for more after a selectable number of assaults Exhaustion: After you've had enough, you lose consciousness and your assailants abandon you Teleport to safety: Instead of awakening on the spot, you can be teleported to your nearest settlement after your assailants are done with you Bad Endings: Not satisfied with violating you, your captors can inflict additional torment on your character, including possibly fatal outcomes Raider Pet mod integration: If you surrender in a Raider owned location, they may decide to keep you as their slave FCOM support.  If you use FCOM - Fallout Commander, you can install the separate patch which will allow your FCOM troops to surrender with you. All options are configurable via the in-game MCM menu.  
    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
    Advanced Animation Framework version Beta 73 or later Mod Configuration Menu is required to configure the mod options AAF Themes.  You will want to enable Sex - Kinky Animation Support as well as all of the Race/Creature animations you will need. Animation Packs.  The exact packs you need will depend on the options you select for gender, threesomes, races, etc.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod. Optional:
    Devious Devices.  AAF Violate will automatically detect if this is installed.  Enable support in the MCM. Roggvir's DD Items Manager to control which Devious Devices items can be randomly applied AAF Bad End Animation Pack to allow additional torment to be inflicted on your character Bad End: Purgatory which provides a death alternative for fatal Bad End outcomes Real Handcuffs.  AAF Violate will automatically detect this if installed.  Enable support in the MCM.  Version 0.3 RC3 or later is required. Raider Pet.  AAF Violate will automatically detect this if installed.  Enable support in the MCM.  Version v1_3 or later is required.  
    Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements above.
    Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder. Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:
    Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations.  Open the MCM and view some mod settings. Then, install AAF Violate using your favorite mod manager.
    Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF Violate MCM menu.
    Go to the Global Options page and set your Aggressor Races and Aggressor Gender options according to the animation packs and mods you have installed.
    Finally, go into the Player surrender options page.  There you will find the Hotkey for surrender option. Set your prefered hotkey to complete the installation.
    Q: I get violated, but my companions don't.
    A: Either your MCM settings prevent your companions from being violated, such as "Follower gender" set to the wrong value, or your companions are an unsupported race.  See the FAQ below for supported races.
    Q: I can surrender to enemies, they surround me, but no animations play and I immediately get the "I neet to retreat" message.
    A: This usually means that AAF responded to the animation request with an error.  Violate will end the violation scene in this case. 
    After you see the "I need to retreat!" message, you can bring up the AAF Admin console and see what the error was.  Hit the Home key to bring up the AAF menu, then the Del key until it says MODE: Admin.  Then hit Enter to bring up the window.  You'll see something like this:

    The Admin console shows all of the errors and warnings AAF has logged, with the most recent one at the top. 
    The most common error is that AAF was unable to find any animations matching the combination of actors and tags.  In the above example, I disabled the AAF Creature Pack mod, then surrendered to some Mirelurks, so AAF returned an error indicating no suitable animations were found.  To avoid this error,
    Make sure your AAF Violate MCM options match the animation packs you have installed Make sure you enabled all of the required options when installing AAF Themes: enable Sex - Kinky Animation Support as well as all of the Race/Creature animations you will need. This can also happen if your MCM options make it impossible for Violate to play animations, for example setting both "Player can be violated" and "Followers can be violated" to Off.
    It is also possible for this to happen if "Player can be violated" is Off and your companions are an unsupported race.
    Q: I can surrender to enemies, they surround me, but then no animations play and everyone stands in place forever.
    A: This means your AAF install is broken.  Violation scenes depend on AAF sending event messages back to Violate.  If AAF experiences a fatal error, it won't send any events and Violate will be stuck waiting forever.  As stated in the installation instructions, you should verify that AAF works by testing it with the Home key before installing Violate.
    Q: I installed the mod, I see it in MCM, but I don't see the startup messages and nothing happens when I hit the surrender hotkey
    A: This means you don't have F4SE installed properly.  See the installation instructions.
    Q: I don't hear any dialogue!
    A: Nearly all of the dialogue in this mod is silent.  But you will see it if you turn on subtitles.

    Q: How do I control the number of violations that take place?
    A: This is determined by two things: the number of aggressors, and the Exhaustion MCM setting.  Normally, violations will end either when every aggressor has had a turn, or  when the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, whichever occurs first.  A "turn"' for aggressors means being part of an animation, whether individually or as part of a threesome.  So with 4 aggressors and an Exhaustion setting of 4, the scene will end after the player has been double-teamed two times, since all 4 aggressors will have had a turn.
    Enabling the Sex until exhaustion MCM setting changes this, so that the violations continue until the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, regardless of the number of aggressors.
    Q: How do Companions factor into the number of violations?
    A: When a companion is part of an animation, that counts as a turn for the aggressors.  So if the player has one companion with them, and there are 4 aggressors, the scene could end when the player and the companion have each been double-teamed, since all 4 aggressors will have been part of an animation.
    If the Player can be violated setting is turned off, then Exhaustion applies to companions instead of the player.  So the number of animations should be about the same.
    Q: How does Perversion work?
    A: The Perversion MCM option sets the number of times a victim can be violated before they start enjoying it.  When they become Perverted, their facial expressions will change and their dialogue will have them begging for more rather than insulting the violators and begging them to stop.  If the "Use Tags" MCM option is  enabled, Violate will call for animations tagged as "Aggressive" before Perversion starts and allow consensual animations afterward.
    There are no lasting effects; once the violation scene ends, all Perverted characters return to normal.
    Q: What races can be aggressors in violations?
    A: By default, i.e. with the Aggressor races setting in MCM set to Default, aggressors can be Human, non-feral Ghoul, Synths, and Super Mutants.  If the Extended setting is used, then dog races, feral Ghouls (including Bloated, Glowing Ones, etc), and Deathclaws are added to the list.  If the Everything setting is used, then the added races from the AAF Creature Pack 01 are added to the list.
    Note that you must have animation packs installed that match your Aggressor Races setting, or AAF will generate errors when you try to do animations with those races.
    Q: What companion races can be victims in violations?
    A: As of Violate version 0.91, companions who can be violated are Human, Ghouls, Synths, Servitron, Vulpine, and Crimes Against Nature races.
    Q: How do the Gangbang options work?
    A: If the Allow Gangbangs option is enabled, animations with three or more actors can take place.  Animations with four and five actors will only take place if SavageCabbage's animation pack is installed, since that is currently the only animation pack with  those types of animations.  AAF Violate will automatically detect that mod if it is installed and enable four- and five-person animations.
    By default, only male actors can join in gangbangs.  This is because there are very few animation packs that include MFFF or FFFF aggressive animations.  If you do have such animations installed, you can turn on the Female aggressors in gangbangs option.  You must also have Aggressor gender set to Female or Both, or this option will have no effect.
    Finally, there is the Chance of joining gangbang option.  Each time Violate selects a set of actors to put in an animation, there is a chance it will look for another actor to add.  This option controls how likely that is.  The selection process is a loop: after Violate has chosen two actors, it has a chance of choosing a third.  Then if it chose a third, it has a chance of choosing a fourth, and so on.  Note that setting this to 100% does not actually guarantee that every animation will be a gangbang, but it makes it much more likely than default. 
    Q: What does the God Mode toggle do in Player Surrender Options?
    Turning this setting to ON causes the player to become unkillable as soon as surrender is initiated, either by the manual surrender hotkey, a crippled limb, or reaching the health threshold.  The purpose of this is to prevent accidentally being killed by an attack that was already under way, a nearby explosion, radiation damage from enemies, etc.  God mode will be turned off again once the surrender scene ends.
    With the setting OFF in the MCM, Violate will never set or un-set God Mode.  If you normally play with God Mode enabled, i.e. via the "tgm" console command, you should leave the MCM setting OFF so that Violate will not disable it after a surrender.
    Q: Does this mod require Four-Play or the original Four-Play Violate?
    A: No.  This mod only uses AAF, and does not require Four-Play or the AAF Four-Play Proxy.  It is completely independent of the original FP_Violate, and the two cannot be used together.
    Q: Is this mod compatible with XYZ that does similar things?
    AAF SEU works fine alongside this mod.  However, you should take care not to use the SEU hotkeys while in a surrender scene from Violate, or vice versa. RSE mods can also work alongside this mod, but you must ensure that CSA and Violate do not start scenes at the same time or they will clash.  A good solution is to set one mod to do manual surrender, and the other to do automatic surrender. Magno Cum Gaudio works if you disable its combat surrender and NPC approaches options.  As of version 0.70, AAF Violate is compatible with MCG's sex statistics features. Deviously Cursed Wasteland is compatible but you must turn off its Combat Surrender feature. Knockout Framework can also be used alongside this mod.  The only issue you can run into is that, depending on how AAF Violate is configured, an actor might surrender before they are knocked out.  This is not really a problem, and you can always use the MCM to reduce or eliminate the chance that the actors will surrender.  If you set the chance to zero for enemies, for example, then they will never surrender and you will always be able to knock them out right away. Q: What is the Update! button in MCM used for?
    This forces AAF Violate to reconfigure itself the same way it does when you update it to a new version.  You normally do not need to use this, because Violate detects when it has been updated and configures itself automatically.  However, you need to use this button whenever you update a mod that Violate interfaces with, such as AAF, Devious Devices, or Rogg DD Items Manager, to ensure that the Script Objects that Violate uses to talk to those mods are up to date.
    @vinfamy for Four-Play Violate
    @Jahem_kinkaid for initially converting Violate to AAF
    @WandererZero for additional dialogue, writing, and playtesting



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