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Sims 4 packages that add or change game mechanics.

23 files

  1. DD for Kritical's Devices

    DD for Kritical's Devices
    This is a script mod for '[Kritical]s' devices.
    To use this mod install DD and remove WW.The mod injects into the interactions to make them compatible with DD.
    It does not require any of Kritical devices, but to make use of this mod you may want to install one or more of these files:
    * `[Kritical]StyxUrinal1f.package`
    * `[Kritical]PracticalSexArcade1f.package`
    * `[Kritical]BlowjobArcade1.package`
    * `[Kritical]MilkingMachine1.package`

    Remove these scripts:
    * `[Kritical]StyxUrinal1.ts4script` # or similar versions
    * `[Kritical]PracticalSexArcade1b.ts4script` # or similar versions

    This mod has been tested with the versions mentioned above. Obviously it requires S4CL and DD, both mods should be already installed.

    The ZIP file should be extracted into the `The Sims 4` folder to make sure that the folder structure is set up correctly.
    Commands may be executed shortly after an interaction starts and shortly before an interaction stops. It's not perfect but hopefully good enough for TS4.

    Sex and BJ Arcade
    * Customers will undress the lower body and dress up afterwards properly, the initial state (nude, underwear, outfit) will be restored.
    * The gender check has been removed, customers without a penis will use a strapon.
    * Customers with a penis will get a boner during animation and if they were nude they go flaccid. Also the cum level will be reduced.

    Styx Urinal
    * Customers will undress the lower body and dress up afterwards properly, the initial state (nude, underwear, outfit) will be restored.
    * Not modified: The game may rotate the sim or the effect 180° and it may look odd.

    Vanilla Toilet
    * Sims will undress when they use the toilet.

    Milking Machine
    * Sims with a Basic, Upgraded or Reward trait can use it.
    * Sims will undress the upper body and dress up afterwards properly, the initial state (nude, underwear, outfit) will be restored.
    * The milk level will be reduced after milking. This is not related to the amount of milk available in the machine.
    * Sims will no longer fade-out and fade-in as it didn't work reliable for me.
    * Pregnant sims can milk themselves.

    Copyright and License
    © 2022 Oops19
    https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ unless the EA TOS for UGC overrides it.

    Have fun extending this mod and/or integrating it within your mod.
    * Please don't put it behind a paywall.
    * Please don't create mods which break with every TS4 update.
    * For simple tuning modifications use Live-XML  https://modthesims.info/d/666111/live-xml-tuning-editor.html.
    * For complex tuning modifications write a mod like this one.

    DD Downloads
    No direct links to DD as I'm not sure whether we are allowed to use them.
    F95Zone - https://f95zone.to/
    NSFWMods - https://nsfwmods.com/
    synthia.ru - https://synthira.ru/l


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  2. Charley Atwell - Loading Screens

    Charley Atwell - Loading Screens Mod (Instagram)
    Download Mirror:
    1. Navigate to your mods folder by copy/pasting the following address into your File Explorer's address bar:
    C:\Users\%UserProfile%\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
    2. Extract the folder "Charley Atwell - Loading Screens" from the archive directly into the mods folder.
    3. Check the previews and enable only one package at a time by removing the ".bak" file extension so the file has ".package" at the end instead.
    Note: "Charley Atwell - Loading Screen 01.package" is enabled by default so if you want to enable another package instead, disable the active one first by adding ".bak" file extension then follow step 3.
    Example of:-
        Active Package: Charley Atwell - Loading Screen 01.package
        In-active Package: Charley Atwell - Loading Screen 01.package.bak


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  3. Sims 4 Mia Khalifa Loading Screen

    I present you some Mia Khalifa loading screens!! If you suggestions for any porntstars you would like to be in a loading screen, feel free to comment it down below.
    They are numbered respectively to pictures down below so that you can download whichever one you desire. 
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in your mods folder!


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  4. Sims 4 GodZilla Loading Screen

    Here you can find some amazing Godzilla loading screens. They are made from classic movie posters and some other images provided and suggested by JanePavi ❤️
    The loading screens are numbered respectively so, you can download whichever one you like (personally, I like the classic 2000 poster)  
    If you also have any suggestions like Jane did, comment down below.
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in your mods folder!


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  5. Sims 4 Star Wars Loading Screen

    Got some cool Star Wars loading screens for ya! Now, I'm gonna be honest here and say I haven't watched any Star Wars movies (sorry) so idk which ones to pick so I decided to go for some cool looking pics. Hope ya'll like it ❤️
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in your mods folder!
    The loading screens are numbered respectively 


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  6. Sims 4 Moody Girl Loading Screen

    A dark and moody loading screen which has a depressed girl who is naked for some reason and is also wet lmao. 
    Any suggestions are welcome in the comments below
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in you mods folder!


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  7. Sims 4 Lena Paul Loading Screen

    A loading screen consisting of various pics of the pornstar Lena Paul...
    If you guys want some personalized loading screens, just suggest it in the comments below and I'll have it made in 2 days or so.
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in your folder!


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  8. Sims 4 Sexy Ebony Loading Screen

    Another loading screen that I made for personal use but ending up sharing it now. This includes just 1 loading screen which has a bunch of sexy ebonys in it. The background is transparent so dont worry, its not glitched.
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in your mods folder 


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  9. Sims 4 Sexy Anime Loading Screen

    Just a loading screen for sims 4. Includes just 1 loading screen which has a bunch of anime girls in it lmao. Made it for personal use but thought why not share it.
    If ya'll want anything, just suggest it.
    Make sure you only have 1 loading screen package in your mods folder


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  10. SpentCL Cum Layers

    This is a custom set of Cum Layers for WickedWhims!
    29 New Textures!

    To Enable, simply click on a sim and select: WickedWhims Settings ->Sex Settings->Cum Settings->Cum Layer Package Selector->SpentCL
    Now Featuring 7 Facial cum layers and 4 chest layers!


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  11. X-Ray for DD

    X-Ray for DD
    This mod detects the orgasm of a penis (attached to a sim) and if it is inside a vagina the sim with it will become transparent. This will not work properly for various animations as they are tagged correctly.
    The sim with a vagina stays semi-transparent for 5 seconds and turns then back to normal. It relies on DD data / calls, in v4.1 it may be possible that all female sims get transparent temporarily. This mod doesn't include a config file or a UI, so all values are fixed.

    Many, not to say all, animations do not care when the sim has an orgasm and do also not specify the right time for it. There is no cum or internal vagina to see (yet) but I'm sure animators will add inappropriate details soon.

    This version (v0. is compatible with DD 4.2.2 and may break with further DD updates as it injects into private methods.
    It is compatible with TS4 v1.89.214 and very likely all upcoming TS4 versions.
    Tested with S4CL v1.77 and v.1.78-beta3.
    The version is compatible with DD 4.1.3 and 4.1.4 - do not download this file unless you use this old DD version. The version is compatible with DD 4.1.2 - do not download this file unless you use this old DD version. The initial version (v0.2.0) is compatible with DD 4.0.
    Unless not yet installed: This mod requires DD, install it.
    The ZIP file should be extracted into the `The Sims 4` folder to make sure that the folder structure is set up correctly.
    This mod is not and will not made be compatible with Pose Player or Wicked Whims.
    Most people do not merge script mods. This mod may be merged with a ZIP program with other mods. The file name may be changed, it is not used to reference anything.
    License and Copying
    Feel free to share and improve this mod including sources with everyone interested.
    As long as not the EA TOS license applies the code is licensed as CC BY 4.0:
    https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode
    I don't work with authors who added malware loaders and/or code to break other mods who reserve the right to do it again. ==> Do not ask me for WW support.
    DD Downloads
    No direct links to DD as I'm not sure whether we are allowed to use them.
    F95Zone - https://f95zone.to/
    NSFWMods - https://nsfwmods.com/
    synthia.ru - https://synthira.ru/l


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  12. Cumshine

    A Mod for Cum Lovers
    *requires Wicked Whims
    This mod adds a whole creamy new element to your game.
    As your sims receive multiple cumshots during climax animations they will become Soaked and eventually Drenched in Jizz. Depending on your sim's mood after being covered in cum they may decide the love it!...  or not so much. Each additional level of glossy cum brings with it moodlets that reflect your sim's preference in the way of spooge.

    Also watch out, If your sim forgets to shower before heading off to work they will be in for an embarrassing day on the job.
    To activate: go into Wicked Whims Settings > Sex Settings > Cum Settings > Cum Layers > and select "Classic Default"
    Cum can be applied to ANY SIM!  options are located in their own separate cheat menu (Shift+Click --> Cumshine :  to add /remove cum or set your sim's cum preferences)

    Notes: There should only be one file with "cumset in the filename in the cumshine folder (unused one may be kept in the cumsets folder)
    TLDR: Just delete the old cumshine folder and paste in the new one when installing
    Shine may appear in surprising places. Usually on top of clothes, but hey, that's kinda realistic. Also, unfortunately, each animation may be scripted differently and there doesn't seem to be a way to differentiate between a short 2 person climax animation that loops vs a literal bukkake animation, so just keep trying and you'll get there.  So there may be a few quirks ♥
    Also I'm shifting my focus to the newest Wicked Whims (which has cum layers and some of the things I hacked together here. A proper update may be a ways off, sadly.


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  13. T1me's Virginity trait

    This is a simple trait mod.
    1. This mod adds the virginity of sim (default all the sims will be virgin).
    2. After sex interaction (WickedWims) sims will be losing their virginity and get Grew up trait.
    3. sims can ask other sims is or not virgin.
    Yes, that simple.
    Compatibility & Requirements
    1. WickedWhims  (for sex interaction detect)
    - Chinese (me)


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  14. CinErotique's Porn Videos for the Computer [additional content for Wicked Whims]

    This mod extends the number of porn videos available to watch with Wicked Whims' "Watch Porn" computer interaction.
    Just grab some new content from here, sit your sim in front of a computer, and enjoy the show...
    (All videos are Exclusive Original Content, shot/edited by me, and includes simlish speech and text for maximum lore-friendly immersion)

    ✅ Compatible with Wicked Whims version 170a or later

    2022-MAY-01 ~ New Free Public Video Package:

    Angelina J. Lee - Simturbate Masturbation Show
    Interaction: Solo | Subcategory: Simturbate | PREVIEW VIDEO
    -Additional Notes:- 
    ★ I publish new content regularly, so if you don't wanna miss out, consider giving this mod a follow.
    ★ I rigorously test each of my new mods/videos before release, to make sure they work properly!
    ★ This mod is uploaded and maintained exclusively only on LoversLab & Patreon!
    ✘ I take no responsibility and/or provide tech support for any Unofficial / Third Party Site Mirrored releases!

    You can download and install as many or few videos as you like! there's no limit! Wicked Whims automatically recognizes installed content and adds it to the computer's playlist. You can download the individual video package files from the #DOWNLOAD THIS FILE# section.
    If you want to mass download all files, please refer to this forum post for details. Don't forget to unzip the downloaded files with 7zip before you copy them over to your Sims 4 Mods folder. Please consider subscribing to my -PATREON-, where you can get access to all my back catalog of videos and other mods, including some exclusive content, and also downloadable 1080p MP4 versions of all videos.
    Lesbian themed content is marked with a -LEZ- tag. Untagged videos are featuring straight M/F sex or Solo F content. Videos marked as -PATREON- are available on Patreon. ONLYSIMS - OnlyFans style content. (Click on the titles for preview)
    Belle Linguine - Bunny Bun Girl File: OS_belle-pack1-bunnygirl.7z Belle Linguine - Pink Dream File: OS_belle-pack1-pinkdream.7z Belle Linguine - Belles Hells -PATREON- SIMTURBATE - Chaturbate web-cam style content. (Click on the titles for preview)
    Angelina J. Lee - Strip Show File: SMTB_ajlee-pack1-stripshow.7z -NEW- Angelina J. Lee - Solo Masturbation File: SMTB_ajlee-pack1-mastshow.7z CORNHUB - PornHub Style tube site. (Click on the titles for preview)
    Casting Couch #03 File: CH_cc03-cweiner.7z  

    Feedback is always appreciated! If you liked this mod, found a bug or in general have something to say, you can leave a comment in the mod's #official#forum#thread#.

    If you have problem unpacking them, you can download 7zip from here.
    ★ Before asking for support, please make sure you've read, understood and properly followed the installation guide provided above!
    Big thanks to TURBODRIVER for the excellent Wicked Whims mod!
    ★ For personal use only.
    ✘ Please DO NOT re-distribute this mod or any parts of it on LoversLab or other 3rd party sites.
    ✘ Please DO NOT include this mod in bundles. Just link to this site please.
    ✘ Please DO NOT bundle/include this mod's video files in other mods' playlist.


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  15. [Sims 4] wild_guy's Picture Stories [15.06.2022]

    Hey! Let me present you my creation for adult The Sims 4:
    Picture Stories

    Making mods takes much time and this mod really can't progress without your support, so if you like my work and have the ability to support me then please do it on my Patreon page. You can get early access to new content. Gold and Platinum supporters also get access to exclusive bonus stuff.

    Did you ever think about we have painting descriptions in the build mode but sims aren't able to read them in the live mode? I always lacked such a function, I have many painting replacements and I can write any creative description for them but my sims couldn't know these descriptions, I could only see them while in the build mode and that really sucks.
    I long wanted to make paintings more meaningful so that any of them could have its own story that sims could remember and now they can.
    This mod adds additional interactions for photos and buyable paintings that allow you to name them and give them their own stories (descriptions) and these stories are shown as notifications when sims remember them.
    The maximum story length is limited to 2000 characters. Sims get +2 inspired custom buff for 3 hours after they remember stories.
    Additional interactions currently work for photos and the vast majority of paintings and it may not work for some paintings that use their own special tuning resources. For example the mod works for Spooky Stuff DLC paintings because I added their support on purpose but it doesn't work for specific paintings from Paranormal Stuff because I didn't do that for them.
    I hope you like the idea of the mod. Happy simming!
    How to use the mod
    Everything is pretty simple. If you click on any photo or buyable painting (except some special paintings), you can use 'Picture Story' option to give it a name and tell its story. After that any sim except children can remember that story using the 'Remember Picture (Photography) Story' option.
    Once the name of a picture is set, you can change it as well as picture story using 'Rename' option. Untitled objects continue with 'Picture Story' option even if they have stories.
    Thus, when you create quite a lot of stories, of course you can't remember them all with all of details, so It is quite fascinating to read them later while visiting different households, this can give the game some storytelling tone if you want that.
    Translations included:
    English, Russian - By default
    Polish - Thanks, Astercholik


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  16. Basemental Inspired Sex Addiction Mod

    This mod was heavily inspired by the great work of the Basemental team and their Basemental Drugs mod. This mod would not exist if their's didn't.
    This mod adds the possibility of your Sim developing a sex addiction due to having too much sex.
    After having Woohoo at least 2 times in 24h your Sim will get a buff, showing the increasing desire for the Sim to continue having sex. If your Sim ignores this warning, or in other words acts on this desire, he/she might acquire an addiction debuff, it will last 5 days and will be renewed every time the Sim has WooHoo. Your Sim will also experience increased fun and social need decay. If your Sim manages to abstain from sex for 5 days straight, he/she will have beaten the addiction but has an increased likeliness of reacquiring their addiction. Additionally, addicted Sims may loose small amounts of reputation when having Sex.
    If your Sim is unflirty and gets addicted, he/she will have their trait removed and replaced by the romantic trait.
    Your Sim may confess their unfortunate condition to other Sims. This can lead to a myriad of different outcomes...
    When having Sex, Celebrities may have the fact that they are Sex Addicts leaked to the public. This will lead to a huge gain in fame but an equally huge loss in popularity. The probability of this occurring is based on the Sim's fame, meaning a Sim with a high celebrity level has a greater chance of this leak occurring than one with a low level.
    If you want your Sim not to get addicted, limit their WooHoo interactions to max 2 in 20h and don't let your Sim have Sex if he/she has the "I wanna do it again!" buff and your Sim will not develop any Addiction. (or just don't use this mod, that works as well...)
    Compatibility & Requirements
    This mod does not require any other mod to function. WickedWhims is NOT required, though highly recommended, both WW sex as well as the default WooHoo interaction can trigger the effects of this mod.
    BasementalDrugs is also not required. While the Sex Addiction is conceived in a similar way to BMD's addictions, there is no actual overlap and this mod may be used independently from BMD.
    - Brazilian Portuguese (Thank you simlover124)
    - Chinese (Thank you wwwby886622)
    - English (Obviously)
    - German
    - Russian (Thank you farinelli)
    - Spanish (Thank you 121415)
    You are free to re-upload a translated version of this mod if you give credit via linking here. Please let me know if you do, so I can link to this translation.


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  17. °•.Movie Characters Pack.•°

    Enjoy with the movie characters! ?
    Lucifer (Netflix)

    Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series developed by Tom Kapinos that premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016. It is based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg taken from the comic book series The Sandman, who later became the protagonist of a spin-off comic book series, both published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. The series is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. 
    The series revolves around the story of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles where he runs his own nightclub named 'LUX' and becomes a consultant to the LAPD. The ensemble and supporting cast include Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel "Dan" Espinoza, D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, and Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin. Filming took place primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, before production was relocated entirely to Los Angeles, California, beginning with the third season. 
    The series focuses on Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), a beautiful and powerful angel who was cast out of Heaven for his betrayal. As the Devil, Lucifer tires of the millennia he's spent being the Lord of Hell, punishing people. Becoming increasingly bored and unhappy with his life down there in Hell. He resigns his throne in defiance of his father (God) and abandons his kingdom for Los Angeles, where he ends up running his own nightclub called "Lux". When he finds himself involved in a murder investigation, he meets the intriguing Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and accepts the subsequent invitation to become a consultant to the LAPD. Throughout the series, he learns he's changing into someone who is completely an opposite of the devil he is. But with his stubbornness and selfishness, he ends up getting the detective confused with who he actually is. As the events unfold, several celestial and demonic threats come to Los Angeles; at the same time, Lucifer and Chloe end up allowing their love for each other to bring them through the darkness. 
    Lucifer Morningstar

    Chloe Decker



    Lucifer's Penthouse

    Download (with CC,All in one)

        Leon: The Professional titled Leon in the UK and Australia (and originally titled The Professional in the US), is a 1994 English-language French action-thriller film written and directed by Luc Besson. It stars Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and Natalie Portman (in her film debut). The plot follows Léon (Reno), a professional hitman, who reluctantly takes in 12-year-old Mathilda (Portman), after her family is murdered by corrupted Drug Enforcement Administration agent Norman Stansfield (Oldman). Léon and Mathilda form an unusual relationship, as she becomes his protégée and learns the hitman's trade.
    Leon and Mathilda Lando

    Download (with CC,All in one)


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  18. Real-Time Body Physics

    Real-Time Body Physics is a highly experimental mod for the Sims 4 that attempts to add real-time body physics to sims. Currently, only the breasts and butt are targeted, but other parts could be added in the future.
    The mod works via a fake DirectX 9 DLL that behaves just like the real deal, but injects a little extra code into the rendering loop (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooking). The source code is included for those that want to see how it works.
    Please read the included "README.html" file before using this mod. It explains how to install, configure, and control the mod in-game.
    Note for those with an Intel GPU:
    You'll need to tweak a Sims 4 configuration file for RTBP to work. Go to your game installation directory + "/Game/Bin/" (the same place you put "d3d9.dll"), and open the file "GraphicsRules.sgr". Find the line that says "setProp $ConfigGroup EnableSoftwareSkinning true" (for me it was on line 117) and replace the part that says "true" to "false".
    This will enable hardware skinning for Intel hardware and allow RTBP to work.

    RTBP 2020-08-12.webm Butt Physics.webm RTBP 2020-08-12.webm  
    Bonus: If you'd like, you can try out the super duper, highly experimental, RTBP GUI tool that allows you to Alt+Tab out of the game and change settings on the fly via the RTBP Command Server using a user friendly GUI interface:

    * Screenshot is out of date.
    The RTBP GUI Tool is a work in progress and more features will be added soon. Beware that you can send values to RTBP that might break it and cause body parts to disappear.

    RTBP GUI Preview Breasts.webm RTBP GUI Preview Ass.webm RTBP GUI Preview Breasts.webm  
    RTBP Commander v0.3 2021-11-24.zip
    Bonus 2: Having a bit of trouble installing RTBP? Try out the RTBP installer. Just select the RTBP zip file you'd like to install, your Sims 4 installation directory, and your Sims 4 mods directory. The RTBP Installer will attempt to automatically detect these paths, so if you're unsure, I recommend going with the default values.
    Update 2021-11-18: The RTBP Installer now has an uninstallation wizard.
    RTBP Installer v0.3 2021-11-18.zip


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  19. ? High Heels & Boots ? - Auto Slider Adjustment [Beta]

    This is still an experimental mod for beta testers, content creators and developers. It allows to configure and apply CAS slider values and allows to set the walk style based on the outfit. For most base game + packs shoes and heels default settings are included. Settings for most DallasGirl heels  and a few asty96 shoes are included. It's not possible for me to include settings for all random available CAS items.
    Shameless update to be on the first page again for at least 3 hours.

    Memory Dump Error
    If you updated TS4 after July 23rd and experience a crash after the household has been loaded please download and install (overwrite utilities/walkstyles.py) the provided patch file and let me know whether it helps. The mod calls native TS4 functions with - from my point of view - valid parameters (a TGI resource). TS4 crashes if the parameter is invalid and obviously also if a valid parameter is provided but the tuning / definition is incomplete.
    I tested it with S4CL v1.62 and v1.72-test-build-1 without issues.
    Many thanks to ColonolNutty for supporting also in this area.

    EOL Announcement
    My current location has a very bad uplink to connect to loverslab. I often can open only one connection and the bandwidth is below 1 MBit/s. Even if it is related to my local internet provider for me it became a pain to use this site.
    For now I'll provide patches here. The mod will be moved to GitHub and there a standard (.ts4script) package will be provided for simple setup.
    This will not happen today, I just want to inform you in time.
    Hopefully fixed a small bug affecting some users.
    I added two UTF-8 icons to the title, the heels look really weird on Windows. But as a Windows user you may be used to things like this already.
    2020-10-20 Add-Object added
    The zip file contains an additional installation readme file. Old settings can not be migrated to this version and before you consider updating: The start time is quite high and removal of hoverboards does not always work. You may need to start a new game to get rid of hoverboards unless you disable this feature. Making a backup of the save game is highly recommended.
    For all new users
    This mod comes with configuration files to apply random sliders (actually only two sliders which are included here but all installed sliders are supported) based on the worn CAS item. 95% of the Basegame+EP+GP+SP shoes and some CC heels are supported. The CC links are below @2020-10-06 and in the INSTALL file.
    Most clothing CC modifies the mesh already so there is likely no need to apply push-up or waist sliders but it's possible to create such a configuration file. Or a ring to create a long nose or deform the sim otherwise.
    The mod allows to set the walkstyle based on a random CAS item, this makes most sense for shoes.
    It allows to attach build items to all sim bones (similar to Debug > Attach As Head) based on the CAS item.
    This version contains cloned Basegame shoes with a unique ID - wearing them will attach the hoverboard (download @2020-09-17 and in the INSTALL file). The walkstyle is set accordingly.
    This mod requires S4CL by ColonolNutty.
    The mod does not contain a PIE menu, use "Change Outfit" as usual and let the mod do its work.
    Additional documentation regarding the used sliders is available in Oops19-Documentation 2020-09-20.zip. Unless you want to create your own bone sliders do not download this file. It is not required.
    History Data
    2020-10-08 Tiny WIP Update
    Attaching objects works now quite good. The 3rd image above is static but the fountains emit water, shake and rotate with the hands. The objects have the in-game IDs 59591 and 59598 while the current release allows to set only one and not both or even more.
    2020-10-06 Configuration Update
    Some more slider configurations by Exorbitant!
    A JoshQ TS3 to TS4 conversion by cooper322: Empress Impossible Heels TS4
    Another JoshQ and Dallasgirl79 mesh used by Camillaleao: Camilla - High heels TS4
    2020-10-05 Configuration Update
    Exorbitant was so kind to provide more slider settings for DallasGirl79 heels and pointed my to some heels I missed. Hopefully all her slider heels are supported now. I added also the latest ones (oh no, new sandals released today) and hope that the configuration works also for them.
    To use this update download the 'preset.DallasGirl79.ini' file and overwrite the existing one in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\_Oops19-Debug_\Scripts\high_heels\configuration\ (Mac users may use ~/... and hopefully find the configuration directory).
    2020-09-20 Update
    Code cleaned up a little bit and hoping to get some feedback. A 'works as expected and no issues' reply would also be helpful. Changing cloths in-game (Outfits > Change Outfit ... or WW > Outfit ...) should adjust the total height of the sim for selected shoes and heels. If you have some heels and want to get the preset added here you may reply or send a PM. Unless I release the docs to do it it may be hard digging into the cheat command descriptions below. Installation as before. Make a backup of your save game. Download and extract Oops19_High_Heels_2020-09-20_v0.2.0.zip into Mods and make sure that you have set up this directory structure: Mods\_Oops19-Debug_\Scripts\high_heels\[main.py] and that S4CL by ColonolNutty is installed. The older versions are not required but still available for reference / developers. Tested with - The Disney update may break this mod and I didn't test it yet to keep my CC working. 'Set object as head' as seen @ 2020-09-17 is not yet implemented. Additional documentation regarding the used sliders is available in Oops19-Documentation 2020-09-20.zip. Unless you want to create your own bone sliders skip this file. The cheat commands below may no longer work as expected as a few things got renamed (to o19.dump, o19.slider, o19.walk)  
    2020-09-17 Update
    This is a very small update, here the 'Set object as head' cheat is used a little bit different, currently standalone. This will be integrated in the mod and allow to "wear" build items based on the outfit. The  hoverboard is from ATS4 https://sims4.aroundthesims3.com/objects/special_06.shtml and my sims are all black because of HQ issues. Anyhow it does not always work as TS4 sets random walk styles for short and long distances. The code can be found in 'add_board.py", as a standard user you want to wait for an upcoming release where this code is embedded in the mod.

    2020-09-10 Update
    There are still some open issues.
        It may be impossible to modify the sim sliders in CAS after this mod modified or added sliders.     I added new custom sliders which may overwrite other slider mods. An upcoming release will contain the sliders also without CAS controls. So one can modify them only via script and CAS will not be touched. The sliders max-value 1 shoud grow/move the sim 1 meter up. A value of 0.1 is about 100 (in-game) mm and a good starting point for many heels.     Code tested with the July-version. The StarWwar-update may cause issues. The log file will grow very fast as many useless debug information is logged.  
    This version comes with presets for these shoes:
        Base game and many packs (EA didn't send me all packs so far)     NightingaleSims_DallasGirl_shoes_Petite Feet V2 Tiptoes_EDIT(Pia).package [CAS shoes] (+NightingaleSims_PiaHeels_S4_as_Tights.package [CAS thights] & DallasGirl_Toenail Colors HQ [ONLY For My Shoes].package [CAS socks] - complicated setup but looks nice)     DallasGirl_shoes_SLIDER_Louboutin Botalili Boots HQ.package     DallasGirl_shoes_SLIDER_New Year's Party Pumps.package     DallasGirl_shoes_SLIDER_DIESEL Ankle Booties HQ.package     astya96_shoes_trs_no.4_slider_remaster.package     astya96_valentine_heels_vers.2.package     astya96_valentine_heels_vers.1.package     astya96_shoes_lolita_boots.package     astya96_shoes_mary_jane_high_heels.package     astya96_shoes_embrace_venus_princess_slider_remaster.package     astya96_shoes_balet.package     astya96_shoes_mary_jane_high_heels_with_socks.package     
    Also the configuration file format is new and not compatible with the old one. To update rename the 'Scripts' folder to 'Scripts.v0.1' and extract the zip file.

    Some feedback would be great, even though I understand that most users prefer a PIE menu.
    2020-09-04 Update:
    Here's a very small update with a new walkstyle.py mod which is not yet included in the High Heals mod. Do either use Walkstyle or HighHeels, they are currently not compatible. The High Heels config file will change and allow to specify the walkstyle to select a slowly walk style. Also WW interactions will be detected in the next update to make sure that fly=0 during animations.
    Currently the walkstyle priority is MAX_INT32 and overwriting any other mod which is trying to change the walkstyle. It also lists all available walkstyles, priorities and of course a new walkstyle can be set. There may be still some issues with the request queue.
    It offers pseudo auto-completion when entering Sim names or walkstyle IDs in the cheat console by using 'startswith(), endswith() and contains()' tests. The entered sim name 'F#B' will match 'Foo Bar' - which may be the wrong sim if you were looking for 'Fun Bags', but with 'Fu#Ba' the sim should match. With this feature it's again easy to enter sim names in the console even though sometimes the wrong sim may match.
    'os.walk' will display the help message, there are list, info set, stop, exit, fix and init options available.
    2020-09-01 Release
    With this mod one can modify random sliders when changing the outfit in-game. It's meant for heels but it should also work for push-up bikinis etc. These screenshots were made without going into CAS. The outfit was simply changed with WW/Instant Undress.

    The shoes (body part 8 with 2 sliders) are used to adjust the leg length and sim size.
    The mod is not plug & play ready. If you like to play with settings or want to try it out you are welcome but please understand that this is an early access alpha preview version with bugs. I intentionally added many bugs to make sure that things can be improved in future.

    This mod requires S4CL by ColonolNutty. Thanks for this library and your support.
    This mod is still in alpha state. It has no PIE menu interactions to click and is not yet bundled as a package. This mod alters game settings (only the sliders) so please make a backup of your savegame before you use it. It may break your game.  
    Getting started
    Make sure that you have set up this directory structure: Mods\_Oops19-Debug_\Scripts\high_heels\[main.py] - You may rename '_Oops19-Debug_' but do not copy it in any other folder or rename the 'Scripts' folder. Otherwise it will not work. Start the game. Choose your Sim and create an outfit with a flat shoe or barefoot. Clone it and replace the shoe with high heels of your choice. You may add as many outfits with different heels as you like but getting started with only could be a good idea. Open the cheat console (Shift + Ctrl + C) and enter testingcheats true cas.fulleditmode o19.hh.dump This will write 'debug/outfit.$sim_id.$outfit_category.$outfit_index.$sim_name.txt' and 'debug/slider.*.txt'.
    Change the outfit ('Change outfit ...' or if the game is paused and in WW enabled 'Wicked... > Instant Undress ...').
    You will be likely disappointed here as the mod does not yet work as intended. Enter
    o19.hh.dump This writes two more files. The slider.*.txt files should be identical as the sliders did not change.
    The outfit.*.txt are not identical, hopefully only the shoe id will be different:
    8: { 'Shoes': 173424 <-- FLAT, 1st outfit [0] 8: { 'Shoes': 9223372040721740311 <-- HEEL, 2nd outfit [1] 2020-09-10: Each color has a unique ID, it makes sense to gather all IDs. The tool to do this for mod creators is not yet documented.
    Now you can go into CAS and adjust the slider. Or if you prefer to do look up the slider names and IDs open the slider*.txt file and adjust them on the command line like this.
    As we modify the active sim we don't need to get the sim_id or specify the name:
    o19.slider.set_sim o19.slider.set_slider 3484085079657901585 2 o19.slider.to 0.3 If you wonder what the slider does enter a few times
    o19.slider.toggle And when you are finished
    o19.slider.toggle off To restore the previous slider settings. This is not really needed but your sim may end up looking like Angelina J. Hopefully you have a backup.
    When your back from CAS or happy with the cheat console results enter once again:
    Now the sliders.*.txt files should differ and you should take a note of the keys and values. For example:
    2: { 3484085079657901585: {'yfheadFeet_Big unknownAuthor_Height': 0.0 # old value 2: { 3484085079657901585: {'yfheadFeet_Big unknownAuthor_Height': 0.3 # new value Do not worry if the standard description does not match properly. It may be a CAS overwrite or clone or whatever.
    Now go back into CAS or use the cheat console to reset the slider to the default value. When used for the 1st time the mod will store the current slider value(s) as default for your sim.
    If the new value is lower than the old one the difference is negative. The difference of both values will be applied to the standard (old) value, with a limit from 0..1. If the sim has a 0.8 height value and we add 0.3 the result is 1 (not 1.1, so scaling will not be perfect).
    Now we bring everything together and save the file as "config/setting_for_heels.ini". Choose any random file name, folder must be config and suffix '.ini'. Use this template:
    { CAS_ITEM_OutfitTxt: { BODY_ID_OutfitTxt[0..256, often 8]: { 0: { SLIDER_GROUP_SlidersTxt[1..2]: { SLIDER_ID[big]: SLIDER_VALUE[-1.0..1.0], SLIDER_ID[big]: SLIDER_VALUE[-1.0..1.0], SLIDER_ID[big]: SLIDER_VALUE[-1.0..1.0], ... }, } } } } It should look like this afterwards as we need only one slider.
    { 9223372040721740311: { 8: { 0: { 2: { 3484085079657901585: 0.3 }, } } } } 2020-09-10: Please copy 'preset.default.ini' to 'preset.yourname.ini' and look at it. The format is documented in the file itself. This old format is no longer supported.
    I included also my small ini file so you can have a look. In the best case this mod comes with one or more ini files for all base game heels so users can use it.
    If you make a mistake the file can not be parsed and will fail. There is no nice error handling available at the moment.
    Read the file with (unless you want to restart the game to update the configuration):
    o19.hh.readini If everything works as expected the next "Change outfit ..." to the configured heels should work as expected.
    Open Issus
    The configuration files may change in future not being backward compatible. Set walkstyle depending on selected CAS item. Add hidden no-CAS sliders with the same ID as the Oops19 CAS sliders. Cleanup the source code, replace some bugs with others, add calf sliders (see below) for this mod. Reduce logging to a reasonable amount. Add support for default  
    Getting Help
    Do not expect a 24x7 hotline to get a solution for a bug, it will likely take much longer than expected.
    If you find a bug you may fix it in the source code and reload it with 'r high_heels.main' (for main.py) if you have https://modthesims.info/t/534451#post5484995 installed.
    Actually the source code is still a mess, as it is included you can confirm this on your own.
    Looking for some help from you
    As you read this until here you may be able to help creating a bone calf slider to make sure that the ankle-knee distance does not change. TS4 reduces it for heels and there may be a better way to fix it but a slider should also work.
    Thank you all for contributing stuff for TS4.
    With special thanks to AndaBelem, CmarNYC, ColonolNutty, JoshQ, Scumbumbo (RIP).


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  20. STOC : WW Cum Replacer

    - Shit Tons of Cums -
    Cum Textures replacer for TS4 Wicked Whims
    By ecobot

    This mod replace the Cum Texture for Wicked Whims so you'll need
    Wicked Whims
    To work

    Thank you Turbodriver!

    There are other cum texture replacers out there for WW but I want to adds a more volumic bukkake style for it.
    This is not intended in anyway to be a "better" version of the originals.

    Originally I wanted the cum to have more weight and gloss but my modding skill is quite limited so this is it for now.
    A little credit would be nice if anyone wanted to share this stuff somewhere

    Also a shout out to Madrix and Mass Cum Mod!
    My mod is based on that very mod, so please check them out!

    - ALMOND -


    Basically a default version (from previous version)
    A bukake galore with updated alpha.


    Bring all the boys in the yard.
    An ultimate cum bath. Goes in every nook and cranny.

    - SOY -

    Lite Version.
    A more "realistic" take, kind of believable for a single person's load.

    - M I X E D -

    A bit of everything.
    A mixed between not too much cum and too many cum, personally a version I used.

    75A or 50A?
    This is basically just 75% opacity version and 50% -ish opacity version.
    Use 50A if you plan on "using" this mod on a darker skin sims so it wouldn't look too much like a white paint.

    I N S T A L L

    1. Enable custom contents in game settings
    2. Install Wicked Whims
    3. Delete old versions of this mod if you have them.
    4. Download this mod CHOOSE ONLY ONE FILE - there can be no more than one cum replacer mod in your folder.
    5. Put the .package file in your Mods folder which is usually - My Document\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods - AND DON"T PUT THEM IN FOLDERS WITHIN FOLDERS
    6. Launch the game and test it out!

    Some Bugs
    -There are several reports of new cum textures not changing.
    If that happened - try putting this mod in your WickedWhims's folder.


    I did this just for fun and I hope you have fun with it too. Enjoy!


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  21. CinErotique TV - A Lore Friendly Porn TV Mod

    Tired of your sims watching the same old things on the TV?... It's time to spice things up!
    Welcome to the CinErotique Network! Featuring 7 standalone custom TV channels - that plays all the sexy exclusive adult content your sims will ever need to have a good time. ❤️
    (All videos are Exclusive Original Content that cannot be found anywhere else, and includes simlish speech and text for maximum lore-friendly immersion)

    ✅ The mod is tested, and is compatible with TS4 game version 1.89.214 or later.

    2022-JUN-17 ~ CinErotique Mod Framework is updated to version 6.1d
    2022-JUN-25 ~ NEW Public Video Package available for download:

    The Dark Obsession - a video made by CDMG93.
    Interaction: FM | Format: Movie | Channel: CineSnob | WATCH FULL VIDEO

    The continuous creation of new content and the upkeep of this mod is ensured by my wonderful supporters over at -PATREON-, as a reward, they get priority Timed Early Access to all my new stuff. ~~~ Below you can find the list (and previews) of all the Latest Early Access Videos that are available right now on Patreon:
    -FRESH!- -GAY- Beach Session | -NEW- That's Amore | -NEW- Bear... in Mind
    Also available:
    -Additional Notes:- 
    ★ I publish new content regularly, so if you don't wanna miss out, consider giving this mod a follow.
    ★ I rigorously test each of my new mods/videos before release, to make sure they work properly!
    ★ This mod is uploaded and maintained exclusively only on LoversLab & Patreon!
    ✘ I take no responsibility and/or provide tech support for any Unofficial / Third Party Site Mirrored releases!

    Standalone mod features:
    Custom Porn Channels: Adds seven brand new porn channels to your TV. Custom Buff: Your Sims will get a massive  FLIRTY +4  moodlet that lasts for 45 minutes, and the basic -FUN+- from watching. Optional personal watch preferences: Personal watch preferences can be set individually for each sim, so they watch only certain kinds of porn (straight, gay, lesbian). - see Manual for details. Custom Whim: "Watch some Porn" (25points) - Available when your sim is in a romantic mood. It can be completed by your sim watching any porn channels. Custom Thought Bubbles: Your sims will have some very dirty thoughts while watching... Optional always-on display: Can be found in Buy mode / Electronics / Misc - for §1.  
    Additional features when used alongside Wicked Whims v170 or later:
    "Watch Porn" interaction: All CinErotique video files are now also available for viewing through WW's new "Watch Porn" video-on-demand interaction. "Masturbate to TV Porn" interaction: Your sims can rub a quick one out while watching any CinErotique Porn channel.  
    This mod is localized to the following languages:
    🇺🇸 English (included in the mod)
    🇧🇷 Brazilian/Portuguese translation by Php13
    🇹🇼 Traditional Chinese translation by KIDQQ
    🇮🇹 Italian translation by MassimoSims
    🇩🇪 German translation by Jorak84
    🇵🇱 Polish translation by Astercholik
    🇷🇺 Russian translation by wild_guy 
    🇪🇸 Spanish translation by lpty

    Please note that these third party translations are not made/maintained by me, I only link to them.
    If you'd like to make your own translation for this mod, please check out this forum topic for details and resources.

    For the mod to work, you have to Download and Install the CinErotique Mod Framework first.
    -IMPORTANT:- When updating the MOD FILES to a newer version, always overwrite older files when prompted to. 
    Download the mod framework from the #DOWNLOAD THIS FILE# section (File: !CinErotique_Mod_Framework_[v6.1d].zip ) Unpack it with 7zip or other compatible zip/rar software. Copy the whole "CinErotique" folder AS IT IS straight into your Sims4 "Mods" folder.
    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, as the PECO_MOD_CinErotique.ts4script file can not be more than one folder deep within the Mods folder! Move any video package files you might already have into the "CinErotique/Videos" folder. Make sure you've enabled both "Content and Mods" and "Script Mods" in the game's Game Options > Other settings. It is also recommended to delete the localthumbcache.package file from your "Sims4" documents folder.
    Don't worry, it only contains thumbnails, and the game will just re-generate it the next time you run it. The core framework installation is now done, so let's move onto the "Pick Your Videos" section and download some actual video content for the channel(s)... If you are a noob to sims modding and feel unsure, here's a step-by-step guide for first time installation.
    While it's not required, I recommend you to install the following mods as well:
    Wicked Whims by TurboDriver - Enables the "Masturbate to TV porn" interaction for all CE channels, and provides video-on-demand accessibility for all CE videos. No More Video Distortion (NoMute version) by Scumcumbo - A very handy mod that disables the static TV distortion overlay that is automatically applied to the TV on higher game speeds.  

    You can download and install as many or few videos as you like! there's no limit! The mod automatically recognizes installed content and adds it to the ingame TV playlist. You can download the individual video package files from the #DOWNLOAD THIS FILE# section.
    If you want to mass download all files, please refer to this forum post for details. Don't forget to unzip the downloaded files with 7zip before you copy them over to "CinErotique/Videos" folder within your Sims 4 Mods folder. All public video package files available here on LoversLab are formatted using Maxis' STANDARD RESOLUTION (512x288p), but if you feel like upgrading, please consider subscribing to my -PATREON-, where you access to all my back catalog of videos and other mods, including all the video package files in a more crisp HIGH DEFINITION (1280x720p), and also downloadable 1080p MP4 versions of all videos.
    Lesbian content is marked with a -LEZ- tag. Gay content is marked with a -GAY- tag. Untagged videos are featuring straight M/F sex. Videos marked as -PATREON- are available on Patreon Early Access. CINEROTIQUE CHANNEL CONTENT
    Channel content style: Movie and TV Porn Parodies and General Sexy Entertainment programmes.
    Channel content style: "Reality" type videos, castings, etc.
    High brow porn. For the sims with a sophisticated taste.
    Music Videos.
    Channel content style: Shorter sex scenes, no elaborate story-lines.
    Gay videos. All videos for this channel were made by Kyle Woohoo and Pixboy Tales.
    Lesbian only videos.

    Feedback is always appreciated! If you liked this mod, found a bug or in general have something to say, you can leave a comment in the mod's #official#forum#thread#.

    If you have problem unpacking them, you can download 7zip from here.
    ★ Before asking for support, please make sure you've read, understood and properly followed the installation guide provided above!
    ★ In case the Always On Display screen freezes or the audio/video gets out of sync, have "testingcheats true" turned on in the console, then just SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on the screen, and select "Reset Object". If that doesn't fix the issue, restart your game.
    (If you're interested on how and why this happens, I wrote a detailed post about the issue. - in a nutshell: Sims 4 was not designed to run videos without hiccups for hours)
    Q: Where can I download sims featured in your videos?
    A: Here. There are only some of them available for download at the moment, but I will keep adding more of them in the future.
    ★ No known conflicts reported at the moment.
    Big thanks goes out to Simser der Deutschen for the groundwork he made on Sims4 video conversion techniques, and to TurboDriver for helping me with the scripting and WW integration.
    ★ For personal use only.
    ✘ DO NOT re-distribute this mod or any parts of it on LoversLab or other 3rd party sites.
    ✘ DO NOT include this mod in bundles. Just link to this site please.
    ✘ DO NOT bundle/include this mod's video files in other tv mods' playlist.


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  22. ? FASHION POLICE ? Updated : 2020-03-10

    Latest News:
    July 19, 2020
    Mini-update: Added 174 Outfits for the Eco Lifestyle EP. All outfits were added to both Adults, and Elders. The numbers in the charts have NOT yet been updated to reflect that.  
    Thank you to everyone who showed so much interest in this project; It was much, much more than I had expected. First things first; The mod itself is Deaderpool's MC Command Center. This is a .cfg file that contains an extensive list of acceptable outfit combinations. This list is necessary for the mod to dress sims in such a manner. You can get MC Command Center here;
    This is still a work-in-progress (WIP), and does not yet include Children or Toddlers. This is a CC-FREE version, and as such makes use of various EPs/GPs/SPs. The less packs you own, the more likely you are to get "broken" outfits (outfits which have part of it missing, or replaced with an undesired piece). Broken (or even unwanted) outfits can be removed permanently from the list (see GUIDE). If there is an outfit you do not like on a specific sim, you can load a new random one without removing it from the list (see GUIDE). NOTE: When adding or removing outfits from the list, 'Teens/Young Adults/Adults' are one age group, while 'Elders' are a separate one, and must be added or removed separately!
    There is an easy to use, Outfit Filter made by @erplederp. The Outfit Filter is an application that allows users to easily remove outfits from the list, that contain items from unwanted packs. This is an essential tool for any user who does not own all the packs, and is still useful for those that do. Simply, check off the packs you want potential outfits to use. Any outfit using a pack that is left unchecked will be deleted. The Outfit Filter is a 64b Windows application and may not be usable by all users. As such, I have included a "Base Game only" version of the .cfg file as a separate download option (includes the Free Holiday Pack). Anyone who cannot use the Outfit Filter, and would like a different combination of packs filtered, may post a request. I will gladly add it at my earliest convenience.
    Current outfit count (Including MAXIS sims);

    Current CC outfit count;



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  23. AEP_Pornography 4.3.3a - 'The Starlight Venus Award' - July 25, 2021.

    AEP Pornography Mod

    Supports Game Version
    Mod Requirements
    Get to Work
    City Living
    Get Famous
    Recomended Mods
    Wicked Whims by TURBODRIVER
    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions by NisaK
    The AEP Pornography Mod adds Pornographic Film Studio Career at 'Adult Entertainment Production' with two branches: Production and Acting. You start as Webcam Model and climb the ladder of the Adult Industry. You will get the opportunity to build your career officially or just be an independent camgirl and earn your money streaming at home. You also can record sex videos and upload them on the Simternet! You will get fanmail from loyal fans and invitations for Erotic Photoshoots in which you can actively participate! You even can get Starlight Venus Award for your achievements in Adult Industry! Don't wait! The glamorous life of a famous Porn Star awaits you and there is so much more to discover!
    This is a short description of the mod and its features. Some functions quite intricate and need a more detailed explanation. For that, please check out Change Log or Installation & Gameplay guide. If you have any problems, please read the FAQ and if you still do not find the solution to your problem, message me on the Discord in AEP_channel. 

    There is a new menu on a computer 'AdultWorld.com' where you can find interactions to 'Watch Porn' and also 'Create a Channel' at AEP 'Live Cams'. After creating a channel you can start earning money by doing live streams and Vip shows. There is a 24 hours cooldown period for 'Livestream' interaction. You can also talk to your subscribers and gain fame. 
    After creating a channel at 'LiveCams' and getting enough subscribers your Sim will start to get Fanmail from the fans. If you want your Sim to get naughty items, you will need to download a couple of CC. You can find a list of the items with links in here or in the ChangeLog and Installation & Gameplay guide.
    If your Sim chose to pursue Porn Star career through the official job, then on Acting Branch they will get access to the Advertisement Deals on the computer. The higher your level, the more deals you get. You will get money for this and even can get send some custom condoms to try. If your Sim in the Acting Branch of the career, they can sell their phone interview. You can find this interaction on the phone. Pay depends on the success of the interview. If you have a channel at the 'LiveCams' you can get an invitation to the Erotic Photoshoot. You will get the call after which you will be automatically transferred to the event. It's an active event where you will need to perform tasks and your pay will depend on how well you perform. You need a place a custom venue for this to works. You can find it DOWNLOAD section here or download it on my website. READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION carefully! Especially if you use custom venues from other creators!

    After the photoshoot you can get your photos by 'Ask for Photos'. You can take just one photo at a time.  You can also Hire Photographer at home. For this, you need 'In a Flash Photo Studio. You can record sex videos and upload them on the Simternet. For this, you will use custom camera Vivus 3000 to record and video stations from 'Get Famous' pack to upload. Type of the video you get in the end depends on the satisfaction buff of your Sim. To get more detail on the recording module, please check out the ChangeLog or AEP Installation & Gameplay guide.
    There is also a Media Studio menu on the computer where your Sim can practice editing skill. More interactions will be added later.   ******
    Download just one version of the mod.
    Extract files from the .zip file.
    Put .package file and .ts4script file into your Mods folder. To do this, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. 
    Download Photo Studio Venue here or here and follow installation instruction in the post.
    Make sure you have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. KsuihuhVenueList already contains all other existing venues of other moders I'm aware of: LittleMsSam's, Zerbu's, Basemental's, Coolspear’s Multipark Venue and  itasan2's Get To College Mod. So If you use one of these mods delete their VenueList and keep just KsuihuhVenueList.
    Make sure that Script Mods are enabled in your game. To do that go to your game setting, click Game Options, Other, and see if Script Mods are allowed.
    !Check out the Change Log to learn what new features are added to new versions of the mod!
    Thank you to everyone who translated my mod! It's amazing and I'm really grateful!  
    You can translate my mod for personal or public use and upload your translation anywhere.
    I started Patreon page, because... everyone does it?
    Please if you can support, any amount will be deeply appreciated. If you can't it's also perfectly fine!
    Any support counts, even if you just leave a comment. I do what I like very much and I really appreciate all the people who enjoy this mod.  I just would like to do my bests and develop this mod further and I can't do it by myself.
    Become a Patron and get early access!
    Join my Discord Server for help and conversation!

    Visit my site! I upload different CC, Lots and Sims and other mods I create.


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