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Adult oriented Oblivion mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. FuroTrap Improved

    By feanor69
    (Reposted as original appears lost)

    FuroTrap gives the standard Oblivion Mine Traps a special effect.  When triggered, the mines trap the victim in a Daedric tentacle pit (a bath or "furo" as they say in Japan).  Once trapped, the victim is forced to give birth (or orgasm), which summons Daedric Scamps.  These Scamps then run wild, attacking and imprisoning any other victims they can find. Mayhem ensues.
    See screenshots included within this download manager.
    -= How do I use this mod? =-
    In addition to changing how Oblivion Mine Traps work, this mod also adds 3 new spells to the player's inventory:
    FuroTrap Summon (cast trap on a target) FuroTrap Summon Self (cast trap on player) FuroTrap Settings (adjust trap settings)  
    -= Who is to blame? =-
    Credit goes to unknown author for the trap, 921? from BBSPINK for the original files ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6935-furogeneratortrap-eng-and-more/ ) Credit goes to saddad for the initial English translation ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6935-furogeneratortrap-eng-and-more/ ) Credit goes to tsanm011 (aka larrytmc) for the pregnant body models ( https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39759 ) Credit goes to Uriel for helpful bug fixes ( http://www.loverslab...82736#pid282736 ) (Link indecipherable)  
    -= What does the Settings Spell do? =-
    -= Installation Instructions =-
    #1. Requires: OBSE v0020:  http://obse.silverlock.org/
    #2. Requires: Universal Skeleton Nif v1.81: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596
          Requires:  Also the LAPF skeleton if using with the LAPF/Lovers with PK system.
    #3. Requires: Improved version of the FuroGeneratorTrap v6.91:  (Alternate Links dead)
          Extract the contents of the .rar file's "Data" directory into your Oblivion\Data folder.
          Note that load order should be irrelevant since this mod doesn't rely on anything other than vanilla Oblivion.
    #4. Recommended: If you want sexy moaning sounds, install both of these mods:
          a. Estrus v1.9r5: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/28979
          Note that you don't actually need to activate the Estrus mod, you just need
          the contents in the Data\Sound\FX\Estrus folder.
          b. Lovers Resource Pack v2 or resources from LAPF itself : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/     
          For the contents in the Data\Sound\FX\Lovers folder.
    #5. If you are having an issue with the Message text disappearing too quickly, check out this fix:
          http://www.loverslab...feb-9/?p=322189 (Link indecipherable)




    A comprehensive mod that displays graphic icons representing the target NPC's gender, sexual encounters (options for LAPF built-in), status of being essential or respawning, enslaved status (options for LAPF or LST built-in), pregnancy status (options for  TamagoClub built-in), and more.


    None of the mods for the special features are required, and it isn't even dependencies for Oblivion's own .esp for use... granted, who'd play this without Oblivion.
    It does require OBSE 20+
    As this system relies upon tokens carried by the actors encountered, the use of LoversNpcStsSync is highly recommended. Actors that have been defined with the respawn flag will refresh themselves after a time and lose all flags it may have gained. The LoversNpcStsSync mod tracks these actors  and restores these flags.
    You have the option to use the MenuQue version (2.0) or the older Pluggy Version (1.5)
    For the Pluggy version you would want Pluggy 125 at the very least.
    * From Haama (Co-Creator of Pluggy): Use the lowest version required for your Pluggy mod(s).
    The previous Pluggy rendition is still available, but no longer being updated.
    (Any Systems)  Know the gender of your NPCs if masked or unmasked (Any Systems)  Know the actual Race of your NPCs if cannot determine (LC 2.5+ Req)  Know the gender of a creature if gender is defined (Oblivion Req) Identify NPCs that are Essential, Respawning, and more (Oblivion Req) Know which of the four main guilds the NPC belongs (LAPF Req)     Discover the NPC's sexual history (LAPF/LST Req) Identify enslaved NPCs in various states (Tamago Req)   Identify menstrual states of NPCs (Tamago Req)   Know the NPC's gender drives All options can be enabled or disabled in the INI file All options can be placed where you want based on the INI settings  
    All the features can be enabled/disabled within the INI file supplied.  The position of all the features are based on a modest 1024x768 monitor, so definitely feel free to edit the .ini file to suit your tastes.
    For those wishing to use the Pluggy edition, Pluggy can be found here .  Afterwhich, rename the OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll to OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_Hud.dll. The other OBSE_Elys_Pluggy files within do not need renaming. Only the .dll itself to activate Pluggy's graphic capabilities.  
    For those wishing to user the newer MenuQue edition, MenuQue can be found here.  
    NOTICE FOR PLUGGY EDITION USERS:  While Pluggy is used in various mods, some players have encountered crashes caused when entering load doors when the .dll has been thus renamed.  This cannot be helped. Still, there are other mods that do use Pluggy's graphic capabilities even with this issue known.
    This will not be the last update.  I do intend to add additional content some time.



  3. Claudia's Little Diary

    For adventurers that are tired, stuck, and generally having a bad time because they cannot figure out how to finish the quest given to them.  Look no further.  The good folks at Condom House Publishing have released seven tomes about a mystery girl named Claudia, these seven which can aid those heroes and heroines in distress.  
    ( ie Guidebooks for 'Claudia's Little Secret'. )
    These fine books have wonderful illustrations from the talented artists at Hentai Foundry, and are available at the following book stores:  The First Edition and Southern Books.
    Be ready though.  These books are spoilers, and have plenty of information about the adventures they follow.
    Not required to have any of the adventures they describe.  They do not require any mod except for Oblivion itself.



  4. Genderbender

    v 4.3

    Dear friends, I hope you find this an entertaining mod. It allows you to change the gender of any NPC-based character in the game.
    Yes! This is a Sex Changing Spell Mod!!!
    You can find a very special book for sale, though it is not available in any book stores.  And be forewarned, the book's price is costly.  It allows you to change the gender of anyone or anything.  You're only limited by the mystical forces governing it (the configuration) and how much power you can control.
    You can throw targeted spells at an individual, or throw out an area-of-effect spell.  Are you immune to the effect?  Are you casting it upon yourself?  Will your targets be shocked by the change?  And how will they react?  Will they accept the change?  Will they love their new form?  Loathe it and want to be changed back?  All that and more is up to you.
    Please note that this system has some limitations.  Under normal circumstances, it will not change creature gender. However this can be performed on a rudimentary basis with the LAPF TamagoClub mod in use and can perform actual model-based changes if the LAPF LoversCretures version 2.5+ or greater is used.
    And while it can change the physical body of NPCs, it will not affect the faces of those changed. While face data is subject to the character's gender when being developed, I have yet to discern the command which updates the character's face as I had the character's body.
    While the OSBE plugin for Oblivion contains a command which lets you change the gender of an NPC, the command itself was buggy. Because of that, you will also need the EngineBugFixes package by Tiawar, also included in this set. Please, install it lest you find yourself 'CRASHING' each time you try to cast a spell.
    And if you wish to know the url for the EngineBugFixes package (v 1.9 being included in the download), it is http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085/?
    The original version of Genderbender was developed mainly for the Lovers with PK system in mind,  And because of that, three distinct .esps were initially packaged for you to choose.  But no more.  The current version of Genderbender comes with only one .esp within the package.
    And while Elys Universal Silent Voice is usually a must so shocked reactions play through for a bit, you may wish to upgrade the package with Dukky's Vocal Packs.
    Compatible with the following:
    Oblivion Shivering Isles Knights of the Nine Setbody Lovers with PK              (to take advantage of certain flags) LoversChorus               (changing voices used during LAPF Sex) TamagoClub                 (actual inclusion/removal of gender content - LAPF required) LoversCreatures 2.5+   (allows changing of creature model - LAPF required) LoversCrowningIsles LoversSlaveTrader LSTBravilUnderground  
    Special Note:
    For anyone using Setbody, the body is physically reset to its default form when the spell effect strikes.
    * * *



  5. Rev's Creature Compendium Addon

    I didn't do a very good job on this one. It may cause save game issues. Use at your own risk.
    Some new friends for you to play with...
    Game getting stale? Need a change to challenge and intrigue you? Maybe it's time for something new... Well check this out. How about 20 new creatures and 4 new NPC's. All worked into leveled lists where I thought appropriate. Not to mention... a new race! Caution this pack has some mean stuff. Designed for a heavily modded game, vanilla warriors beware! All of this is pulled from resources provided by Puddles I found on "The Assimilation Labs" website.
    Found here;

    If you have seen this resource before, expect that many things have changed. There are 2 versions of this mod. One with a CM Partner added for those who use CM Partners, and one without it added. I took heavy creative license, and a lot of time, to get everything as perfect and pretty as I could. I made 2 new ingredients and a customized vanilla mace. I also re-did the testing version for everything. If you want a peak, type coc testinghall in the console and find the door "TestRevComp" to see everything added by this mod. All of the inhabitants through the door are passive, unless attacked. Also, a table with the new items is in there too. A lot of other adjustment blah blah. I have done extensive testing and everything checks out. This mod isn't exactly lore friendly...

    Let us run down the list;
    Axolotl; Passive. 3 different colors. There are just cute. They are in the water.

    Nixad; Aggressive. 2 colors. Nice To look at. Find them amongst imps.

    Narwhal; Passive. Find this cool guy in the water.Aetheric Kite; Aggressive. Found in the water.

    Orca; Aggressive. Sorry about the texturing, couldn't solve it. Still is a good addition. "Whale Meat" ingredient added be me. Found in the water.

    Corrupted Shade; Very aggressive. Defender style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.

    Mistman; Very aggressive. Archer style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.

    Wrathman; Very aggressive. Defender style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.

    Death Hound; Deadly. Servants of Sheogorath sent out to hunt and kill unwary adventurers. Primarily found with Skinned Hounds in Dementia. Every pack needs an alpha...

    Burnt Spriggan; Aggressive. Think of it as a sub-daedra, or a "turned" spriggan, that now fights for oblivion. Found amongst Flame Atronachs.

    Burnt Spriggan Matron; Very Aggressive. A much stronger version of Burnt Spriggans. Found amongst Flame Atronachs.

    Abyssal Fish; Deadly. A beautiful killer. Found amongst Slaughter Fish.

    Daedric Leviathan; Deadly. Sleek and furious. Found amongst Slaughter Fish.

    Sandrose Mauler; Deadly. If you fear anything, fear this. Massive, fast, and mean as oblivion. They have been known to be seen levitating, and are mostly passive in this state. Beware the water...

    Gremlin; Aggressive. Small, green, and quick. Kinda like a treasure goblin... that attacks you. Found amongst Goblins.

    Hammerfell Gremlin; Passive. Just for show, unless using the CM Partner version. In that case, "Pinky" is present as well. Found in the Harborside Warehouse, Anvil Bay.

    The new race has not been set up for player use, though it is playable. The following are new NPC's and they require body mods to work properly (included nude versions). The females use HGEC M lower and D Cup Upper, very nice. The males use Robert's male v5.2 muscular athletic upper and lower, also very nice. A one piece male mesh is provided in case of that need. If you already use body replacers or don't want all of your npc bodies changed to nude, don't install these meshes. But I highly recommend it, and again they require HGEC female and Robert's male bodies to look proper. Otherwise the skin textures will be all wonky. Be aware, the head and upper body neck seams are not seamless, so that is normal.

    Fire Daedra;Male; Aggressive. Strong combat and fire magic users. Special faction, weapon, and looks. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Female; Passive. Strong Combat and fire magic users. They are a special NPC that has betrayed the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Be warned, these are allies. To attack and kill one constitutes an assalt and murder on your record! Special faction, weapon, and looks. They will re-cast after 5 minutes. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.

    Frost Daedra;Male; Aggressive. Strong combat and frost magic users. Special faction, weapon, and looks. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Female; Passive. Strong Combat and frost magic users. They are a special NPC that has betrayed the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Be warned, these are allies. To attack and kill one constitutes an assalt and murder on your record! Special faction, weapon, and looks. They will re-cast after 5 minutes. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.

    Cleaned with Tes4edit

    All needed resources included, except a bbb skeleton. 

    HGEC female body (any or included) and Roberts male (any or included) and a compatible skeleton (not included) 
    CM Partners mod and anything it requires if you want to use "Pinky".
    Shivering Isles for Death Hounds to spawn only. Not an absolute requirement.

    The original mod Read Me (included) states the resources are free to use.
    Raiar's HGEC female body and Robert's male V5.2 are well known free resources.

    Credits;Puddles, Nuska, and others mentioned in the original Read Me's (included available Read Me's).
    Raiar for HGEC female body and Robert for male V5.2.
    DrakeTheDragon for making the script for the female daedra dancers. Thanks a bunch!

    If I missed anyone for anything(hopefully not), let me know and you will be gladly added.

    Your gonna love this!



  6. trapdoor for brideynas fetish girl 2.0 dmra guts/se

    just a trapdoor for the 2.0 dmra guts se edition of brideynas fetish girl
    i did this because the 2.0 version doesn't have the trapdoor on the inside option like 1.0 had, it just has the outside option
    this is really just for people who use 2.0 and better cities or some other mod that covers the outside trapdoor
    brideyna fetish girl dmra guts version 2.0 link in credits
    and original version plus trainer addon links in credits
    Brideynas Fetish Girl for DMRA-GUTS and UMK-RA-GUTS by samhain6
    Brideynas Fetish Girl by Brideyna
    Trainer Addon for Brideynas Fetish Girl by Brideyna



  7. Dr. Kingsley, V1

    Dr Kingsley's Expedition
    Written by Katemck
    Version 1...20th January 2019
    A collection of books detailing the expedition of Dr Ben Kingsley.
       The books detail the journey of Dr Ben Kingsley in the newly discoverd lands of the Dunmer. Known as the Morowinds.
    He discovers for the first time the exotic gynaecological differences that all elven females' posses,
    And the very curious elven form of lovemaking called Pirowing!
    In which all elven women perform upon their lovers, and its Highly addictive and disturbing nature.
    He discovers the impotency of Dunmer men, The primitive Dunmer female adolescent practice called the Hunt! 
    In that Kingsleys very life could be in danger!
       To find the collection of books, travel to the Imperial city Market District and look for them in a locked trunk
    in the cellar of the Merchants Inn under the staircase....the inn owner Velus Hosidius.
    ***********This version is a pre-release version, as yet not completed******
    I am simply pre-releasing as the story has developed considerably.
    WARNING contains Explicit Sexual content.



  8. Loading Screens (hardcore sex)

    Loading Screens replacer, most of frames are harcore sex fantasy pictures.
    Some of them are photoshopped (cropped or panned to achieve optimal aspect** and resolution), some are "shadered" with color\atmosphere effects.
    **optimal for me is 1.6, i'm playing with resolution 1440x900.
    I use them with tweaked version (included) of LoadingScreensNoText.esp (nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5663), in which i expanded loading screens number and re-arranged them to get more variants for some conditions - for example, now it's three variants of Arena theme.
    Credits for pictures are (or should be) with their original authors - alas, not all names of them i know:
    Plaatsen (i'm not sure it's person, not just compilation title)



  9. Mesh Extended Swap System

    Dynamically switches armor/clothing replacers (meshes) based on races, bodytypes, and player.
    Break Armor and TamagoSetBody conversions included.
    What does this do?
    - NPCs with different bodytypes can have separate equipment replacement meshes. No longer a "one size fits all."
    - The player-character (PC) can have an entire replacer set just for him/her.
    - Each race can also have their own replacer sets to better reflect their unique traits.
    - TamagoSetBody conversion to be compatible with the other MESS mods.
    - Break Armor conversion will detect other MESS mods and search for BA meshes in MESS replacement paths.
    How does this work?
    MESS uses Blockhead to handle mesh swapping.
    When MESS mods have an overriding replacer available they will submit it to blockhead with a priority value.
    When multiple mods compete for a particular item swap Blockhead picks the highest priority.
    What does it have?
    * SetBodyMess.esp - Swap clothing/armor meshes according to SetBody bodytypes
    * RaceMess.esp - Swap clothing/armor meshes according to race
    * PlayerClothingReplacer.esp - Swap clothing/armor meshes for player character
    * BreakArmor.esp - Armor will visually go through stages of degradation (breaking) as its health decreases. (converted and enhanced for MESS)
    * TamagoSetBody.esp - Switches clothing/armor/bodytypes for pregnant actors using TamagoClub (converted for MESS)
    * Blockhead.dll - Features equipment mesh swapping
    - Included file is current beta available at time of this release (version
    - Big THANKS to shadeMe for distribution permission
    How many do I need?
    - Blockhead is needed to use any of the esp files in MESS.
    - SetBodyMess, RaceMess, PlayerClothingReplacer are all optional, and you can install whichever one(s) you want.
    - Break Armor (MESS conversion) is recommended if using BreakArmor and any MESS mods.
    - TamagoSetBody (MESS conversion) is recommended if using TamagoSetBody and any MESS mods.
    * Blockhead (ver 11.0.10 or later) (Included)
    * PlayerClothingReplacer.esp - [meshes]
    * SetBodyMess.esp - SetBody.esp
    * RaceMess.esp - [meshes]
    * TamagoSetBody.esp - TamagoClub, SetBody, [Pregnant meshes](Tamago Outlet)
    * BreakArmor.esp - [break armor meshes] (BreakArmor for Vanilla Armors, BU Armors Compilation)
    0. Install requirements
    Wrye Bash
    1. Tick boxes of desired mods
    2. install
    1. Put esp files in data
    2. Put ini files in data\ini
    3. Configure ini files (see documentation)
    Issues and Stuff
    Issue: Included Blockhead.dll does not automatically unequip (player's) item when switching to new one.
    Solution: manually unequip the unwanted items
    [everyone involved in the original mods]
    Version History
    * SetBodyMess.esp
    - Added Unlimited pathsets for a bodytype combination and ranking
    - Added Scanning for all possible pathsets for a bodytype and return highest ranking one

    * RaceMess.esp
    - Fixed: Multiple entries not registered
    * BreakArmor.esp
    - Added partial support for bound items
    - Removed legacy bloat purging
    - Minor bug fixes
    * RaceMess.esp
    - Fixed Initialization
    * SetBodyMess.esp
    - Fixed Initialization
    * PlayerClothingReplacer.esp
    - Fixed Initialization
    * TamagoSetBody.esp
    - [no changes]




  10. Gone Native

    Unequips selected clothing from selected races.
    Separate settings for male/female
    (Optional) Setbody support to alter body type
    You wouldn't put lipstick on a pig. So why pants on a lizard?
    The Argonians and Khajiit felt the pressure of society and have become slaves of fashion.
    It is now the time to stop going native and conforming.
    It is now the time to go back to their native ways.
    You can free them of their shackles by freeing them of their clothes,
    and letting it all hang freely.
    Originally designed to strip the beast races of their clothes, this mod was
    expanded to allow any race to be declothed via the ini.
    Only clothing is unequipped. Armor is left untouched.
    Compatible with Lovers (hopefully)
    User settings:
    List of races to modify (Default: Argonian,Khajiit)
    Clothing to strip (tops, bottoms, head, hands, feet) (male/female)
    Use Setbody support
    List alternate body types for the selected races (male/female).
    List multiple body types and one will be chosen randomly for each NPC
    1. Extract files to data folder
    1. Delete "Gone Native.esp" and "ini\Gone Native.ini"
    yeah, about that. See, here's the deal.
    The good news is all the unequipping will stop and clothing will go back to normal.
    The bad news is there isn't any tracking for the Setbody changes.
    So uninstalling won't reset the NPCs to their original bodytypes. Sorry about that.
    version 0.1
    -Initial release



  11. Cursed Plug

    This is a tweak of sfvibrators. Now, it watches your magicka, and if it gets to 10% or lower, you magically get a deviltail buttplug shoved up your bum, your fatigue drains and your magicka replenishes. When your fatigue hits 0, it is unequipped and removed.
    It replaces the lower body while buzzing away, and it currently uses the female HGEC body from bloodymess here
    Feel free to do with as you please.



  12. THERMAE a Roman Bath


    a Roman Bath

    Copy the Data folder into your Oblivion directory.
    German esp folder: esp with german Talos Plaza Distric name: Kaiserstadt, Talos-Platz-Bezirk. All other things are english. Copy esp in your data folder.

    only Oblivion.esm
    The thermae is located in Talos Plaza Distric. ( See screenshot )
    6 male and 6 female NPCs ( not essential ) they bathe naked ( if you use a nude body Mod) the male baywatch...Thermaewatch is dressed.
    The NPCs visit the bath at different times and days.
    some ancient Roman wall paintings and other nude pictures.
    The following "blessings" can be received at the thermae once per day:
    Restore Health, Fatigue, and Magicka 100
    Fortify Health, Fatigue, and Magicka for 45 minutes, from 20 to 30 to 40 pts each, depending random selection.
    Health = small pool; Fatigue = big pool; Magicka = ???
    ? Don't know if it works with Better Cities Talos Plaza Distric ?
    No vanilla NPCs are used.
    compatible with the original Thermae Mod ( different esp-,folders-,ID- names )
    chigga original author of the thermae Mod ( bathinterior.nif,Benches, romanhanginglamp )
    Kani Hime ?



  13. fantesy house

    a house mod more like a building mod, it is highly unfinished mod still working on ( i just take a little pause to think and get some ideas. it takes time to make meshes and textures and Scripting and specialy more time to use CS )
    you can add and replace anything Inside the esp i will gladely update the mod with your addon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you have ideas to make it better by anyway just post or pm me the idee let me judge if i can do it or not !!!!!!!!!!!
    i suggest you to use torch or light spell when you enter the building
    - only the first floor is with shower , bath , bed and lights .
    - the ground is just with spellmaking and enchanster .
    - the second floor is with walls 4 rooms.
    - the third and forth floor is completely empty waiting for your ideas
    - i have an idee for the basement and will add it later . ( thinking about adding a new race 5 / 6 NPC to keep the building. )
    - the roof is almost finished with a diskobar ( i need to set drinks and i want to add some plants or trees in a pot )
    you can use the lift to visit the house , switch on / off light and roof , open the helicopter front doors and sit Inside !
    only the helicopter is a Hughes 500 model that i did not make but had to work on texture mesh and textures.
    credits Inside orignial Creator Makrushin Andrey ( fees for any commercial use )
    i have mixed up the fixs , had to upload it in one piece , next time you will find the updates separated .
    Hope you like !!!



  14. Secret Sanctuary v1.69

    Secret Sanctuary v1.69

    House mod for Oblivion by VexyRage

    This mod adds a hidden safe haven for the player character somewhere north-east of Chorrl (spoiler at end of text).
    Oblivion Shivering Isle Version.
    Oblivion.esm, BBB Skeleton, HGEC Body
    ? OBSE ?
    The SeSa69 Fix.7z only people who have downloaded the Mod before May 6 2015 !
    ( two meshes with fixed textures path, and one fixed mesh and one optimized script)
    All other People download only
    SeSa69 meshes sound and esp.7z
    and SeSa69 textures.7z
    ( !!! NOT Secret Sanctuary v1.7z , Secret Sanctuary update.7z and Secret Sanctuary update2.7z !!! Old files !!! )
    Drop the files in your oblivion\data folder ( or in an empty folder if you want to create a OMod)
    Activate esp in Modmanager.
    In the "eye replacer" folder are 4 eye textures for an NPC ( see picture and Readme )
    Music in the cave and the bath: No sound files in the Mod ( copyright issues ) All wav files in the download folder are empty/silent.
    You must add your own files
    The cave music:
    The Bath music:
    ! Warning / Info ! there is one vanilla mesh in the Folders. "LeyawiinBasement03.NIF"
    The original mesh and the one in the Unofficial_Oblivion_Patch have a missing collision.
    You can find a note about the Secret Sanctuary in the boat just outside the sewer exit ( the exit after character creation/tutorial)
    * Spell Making Alter
    * Enchanting Alter
    * Necromancer Altar(Black Soul Gems) works like the normal Necromancer Altar, you need a soul trap spell.
    * Master Alchemy table and a hidden Master Alchemy set
    * Containers for all your possessions
    * A garbage for all your junk (a respawning barrel)
    * A-cup piercings (tail amulet slot ) and bodies with piercings
    * collars
    * pictures ( most real Vexy)
    * lights can be switched on and off
    * Plus a couple of surprises ( teleport spell to the sanctuary, prison cells, a transportable Container to reduce your load, you can sit on 2 bed posts, a dildo machine, ... )
    * Cesca Dialogs ( with voice files) , you have access to her inventory. She can follow you. She serves food and drink ( new custom meshes ! drop them from your inventory and watch. )
    * a chest in the dungeon with one E-cup and 4 H-cup clothes.
    * new prison rooms and cells. 12 Safes to store the belongings of your slaves, and collars and misc-items with numbers you can give your slaves, so you know in which Safe are their belongings.
    * Torture Chamber ( only decoration. But two weapons you can use)
    * a spell-scroll to create a skeleton guardain.
    * a hidden treasure chamber ( NO SPOILER ! Get in and out yourself. Why not something secret in the Secret Sanctuary ? )
    * a bath, you can swim (with rubber ducks)
    * two diaries (335 and 386 pages)
    * two porn magazines ( 18 and 50 pages), two books about anatomy ( 6 and 8 pages), Necronomicon (29 pages).
    ALL containers inside the Sanctuary and cave are safe storage, with the exception of the garbage barrel, thus designed to "destroy" unwanted/unneeded items.
    ----SPOILER: Finding the key ! ----
    Mods which use the same World cell (-11,30 and 11,20)
    The old Secret Sanctuary v0.04 Mod
    May conflict with Castle Domrose
    A note from fejeena.
    No permission to use the pictures or voice files in this Mod is given! Unless, after contacting Vexy & Cesca, they decide to allow it. (Don't get your hopes up)
    All other custom meshes & textures permissions required from their respective creators as listed in the Credits section.
    All other things in the mod, only for free Mods! No paid Mods! Otherwise feel free to use in whichever way you wish, just remember to credit us for the initial work.
    More infos in the readme.
    Bethesda for an awesome Game!
    avebrave for the statue mesh in the bath
    kingkong for some E and H-cup clothes , the guild lecterns/altars and the moving dicks.
    Order of the Dragon team.
    MrPwner's Marihuana plants
    Cesca for her sexy voice & pics
    And all those I have forgotten.
    ~ Vexy Rage
    Vexy told me I had to add this Link to the main page or...

    Old Version

    Secret Sanctuary v1
    with update 1 and 2

    House mod for Oblivion by VexyRage

    Old Version description:



  15. The Teddy Shrine

    The Teddy Shrine
    Yes this is an adult Mod: sexual organs, cum shot, fetish, piercings, SM, Futa, drugs, dildos, animal sex, violence ...
    Teddy shrine with Teddy chest. 57 Teddies. All Meshes are set as Misc.Item: movable, tangible, placeable
    2 versions, two different chests.

    Choose only one esp !

    A small "quest" to get the chest. (not shown up in your Journal)
    2 Teddies with script:The Nurse-Teddy can heal you,and you can milk the Milk-Cow-Teddy (healing potion)
    A lot of animated Teddies: cum shot, pole dance, needles, dildos, tail wagging, butterflies, twitching burning, stars around head, pissing.
    You can switch on/off the campfire. And the frying pan is a blunt weapon.
    Install meshes and textures folders and ONLY ONE esp in your Oblivion data Folder.
    In the "not used Teddies" folder are 2 static flat Teddies(driven over Teddy furs), 1 static Teddy on a spit, and 1 movable Norvegian Blue.
    13 new Teddies. 5 with Animation.
    Install meshes and textures folders from the main Mod and meshes and textures folders from the update and ONLY ONE esp from the update in your Oblivion data Folder.
    The Teddy Bear mesh and original texture is by Dhkoster. Additional textures were created by Xiamara and modified by me.
    movomo, GSBmodders, Santa Claus, Nexus for the Nexus label, monty python, ...and all Oblivion modders
    Thank you Poontank for the Teddy group Picture.



  16. Break Armor Framework

    BreakArmor Framework 1.10f
    Break Armor 1.10 improves performance, adds Break Weapon support, and fixes all known bugs and incompatibilities.
    Break Armor 1.10f resolves the reported problems with OBSE save game bloat and incorporates a fix to the way that Break Clothing calculates health.
    What is Break Armor?
    Break Armor is an entirely new approach to the Break Undies system that allows breakable meshes to be used on any and all compatible clothing and armors.
    The framework has the ability to automatically detect Break Armor, Break Weapon, and Break Clothing compatible meshes without the need for external ini files. This greatly simplifies the process of adding additional Breakable meshes to your game.
    Break Armor uses mesh paths, and mesh paths alone to determine whether or not a particular piece of armor is Break Armor compatible. This means that all that is required to make a piece of existing armor Break Armor compatible are meshes for each desired break state.
    All that you need to do is place appropriately named meshes in the appropriate folders, and the Break Armor framework will automatically detect them and start swapping meshes.
    That's all it takes.
    1. Break Armor can potentially work on any existing armor, clothing, or weapons. All that is required are the meshes.
    2. Break Armor is fully compatible with user-enchanted armor and clothing, dynamically generated armor and clothing, etc. All that matters are which meshes the items use.
    3. Modders Resource: Break Armor features a custom callback function that will report the current break status and coverage of any items worn by the passed NPC.
    4. BreakArmor can also be used without extra ini files. Break Armor has the ability to detect and load appropriately named BreakArmor compatible meshes with no external ini files. This works for clothing and weapons as well.
    5. BreakArmor can process BreakUndies style ini files, if desired (optional).
    Recommended Mods (Perhaps even Required):
    Because what's the point of Break Armor if you don't have anything to break?
    Break Armor for Vanilla Armors
    BU Armors Compilation
    Modding with BreakArmor



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