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  1. [Stellaris] Lustful Void

    Lustful Void Download Page
    A Stellaris lewd mod! Basically, I plan on fully updating and integrating old mods (with permission from the authors), with ideas and mechanics from other mods such as SG (Sexual Gameplay) and SSX (Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more) as well as completely new ideas. A lot of progress has been made so far, and LV has grown to a point where it has many of its own unique things made by me and others that contributed to it so far.
    Although a little less so these days, this is still very much a WIP. However, I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible while still maintaining quality. This mod is made with ALL dlc's in mind, but should still work just fine if you don't have a specific one or any. Also unless stated otherwise, it should work with the latest Stellaris version (look at the upload date and any paradox major update release dates!).
    Current Features:
           14 Lewd Leader Traits.        50 Lewd Biological Traits.        12 Lewd Robotic Traits.        Some traits have synergy bonuses with each other and more will be added with time.        4 Origins, 10 Civics and 14 Sexual Technologies., which have various special mechanics, policies and decisions.        MASSA is now for the most part integrated. (Thanks Darkspleen!)        Lots of anomalies and events, many of which have been updated and integrated from MASSA, but also new ones unique to LV.        My own custom hybrids system with inspiration from other mods like Sexual Gameplay and MASSA.        Mono-gender and Futanari mechanics with the ability to convert entire planets to one or the other with the right tech.        Lots of sexual jobs from Milk Cows and Whores to Gem Incubators and Sexologists. All which are affected by LV traits in some way!        Lewd Megacorp branch office buildings and 2 civics which can change by combining them with certain base game civics.        All non-leader traits affect LV jobs, usually in the form of a bonus or malus to production (bigger breasts give more milk ofc).        Breeding tradition (first of many!)        Sexopolis fully integrated. (Thanks Buttson117!)        Lewd Advisor (voiced by LalaLexxi).        21 Lewd (and optional) rooms.        Lots of optional loading screens as a way to say sorry for taking so long lol (all credit goes to the actual artists!)        Many things I can't remember! lol  
    You can also find an options menu in the edicts tab where you can turn off any event pop-ups if they start to get annoying. Also please report any bugs you might find! (preferably on the discord server)
    Loading screens have been moved to their own download page to unclutter the main mod a bit. You can find them here!
    Required: The main Lustful Void archive (Lustful Void.zip). Extract the contents to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod), if you don't have a "mod" folder create one there. Portrait Patches: You need the Base Game Portraits Gender Patch for pops to change when using mono gender (and futa) traits. Unfortunatly I don't have time to make patches for other species mods anymore, but I did write a basic guide you can find here to make your own! Optional: Everything else. Also, only use one loading screen set! All credit for loading screen art go to their respective artists (see credits).  
    Another note...delete all the old mod folders and .mod files! then extract the new .zip file's contents to the mod folder. You will have duplicate and broken mods if you don't do this!
    If you experience any weird problems, I've heard it helps some people to extract the .zip file's contents to a separate folder first, then move them to the mod folder after.
    Any portrait mods that change base game files or have separate sets of portraits for genders will need a patch. Basically, pops won't change gender without it, only leaders will. Here's a quick way to know if you need Protrait Patches.
    You use the mod it patches. (Note you actually need the original mod!) Do you need all of them? No, look at the first step. Do you need them at all? No, they are optional. LV works just fine without them. How do you install them? Just like any other non-steam mod, extract in (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod).  
    I recommend using this UI mod - UI Overhaul Dynamic...or gene modding will be a nightmare. Seriously though get a UI mod!
    Q: Why does x feel empty or unfinished?
    A: Sometimes it's just a placeholder and sometimes my time is taken up by something else. But just because I'm not working on it at the time doesn't mean I won't move back to it in the future, so just be patient.
    Q: Is "Lustful Void" a community project with a team of people working on it?
    A: Nope, it's mostly just me (Lithia). People do provide ideas and contributions now and then though, and many parts of LV are from old mods I updated and maintain. The credits section can tell you who contributed what.
    Q: Are there any translations for this mod?
    A: Yes! But new ones have to be made with every update and relies on people here on Lovers Lab or Discord to share their hard work.
    Q: Where can I share any translations?
    A: Here!
     New Changelog:
    Old Changelog:

    You can join the discord server here. If you want help, you're more likely to get it there.
    Tip Jars!

    Any support helps keep me motivated! ❤️
    Please ask me before using anything within this mod. This does not include artwork from the listed artists and any directly copied ideas from other mods. Also don't upload this anywhere else please!  

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



  2. [3.5] nobody's Lustful Void patch

    Replaces hair_selector with attachment_selector for the LV portraits
    sexbots should have its normal hair and tentacles should not have hairs now
    Old Description



  3. Lewd Galaxy

    Glory to the Old Gods!
    I was working on a another mod but since Paradox changed how portraits work i had to make one combined mod or else it wouldn't work.
    I created this with help of my friend Supreme Grand Master Kaldor_Draigo.
    This mod adds 16 new portraits to existing species classes.

    New biological portraits include:
    - Eldar (Warhammer 40k) - 33 (Humanoid)
    - Argonian (TES) - 62 (Reptilian)
    - Deathclaw (Fallout) - 50 (Reptilian)
    - Eliksni (Destiny) - 48 (Arthropoid)
    - Floran (Starbound) - 35 (Plantoid)
    - Hive/Krill (Destiny) - 28 (Necroid)
    - Vessel (Hollow Knight) - 91 (Arthropoid)
    - Jiralhanae  - 31 (Mammalian)
    - Nurse (Silent Hill) - 24 (Necroid)
    - Predator/Yautja - 32 (Humanoid)
    - Quarian (Mass effect) - 45 (Humanoid)
    - Sangheili (Halo) - 64 (Reptilian)
    - T'au (Warhammer 40k) - 58 (Humanoid)
    - Viper (Xcom 2) - 44 (Reptilian)
    - Wurae (By @ArtLegionary) - 60 (Reptilian)

    - Turians (Mass Effect) - 36 (Avian)

    Also this mod adds 5 robot categories from my previous mod:
    - 90 portraits of Warframes
    - 36 portraits of Assaultrons (from Fallout)
    - 45 portraits from Risk of Rain
    - 169 Misc robot Portraits (divided into 2 categories)

    More portaits and species on the way

    Warning! May contain easter eggs.



  4. xxWorld Project

    xx World Project
    Feedback is welcome as it is still very buggy, I guess.
    I am not an English speaker, so the translation may be wrong. (I am looking for translators)

    Only humanoids are confirmed to work. It may possibly not work for other species.
    I wanted to animate the event, so some events are animated.
    Functions being added
    ∙ New ship (addition of girls' ships)
    ∙ New origin (sex hegemony countries: start with a genus)
    ∙ New proclamation (start of events to humiliate the gentry) 
    How to install
    (PS) Nemesis DLC is required.
    Load the mod in the following order
    ・ZS animated portraits
    ・ZS animated species
    ・xxWoorld project
    Referring to the zs mod for the race of the garrison. ( url : 
    Plans for future additions
    ・Chain events (girlships, genships)
    ・Addition of traditions (traditions for the genus will be added)
    ・Addition of tribes for the genus.
    ・Adjustment of UI
    ・Numerical adjustment
    Source of this
    All images used are the property of their creators
    - Lustful Void
    - Mango's Lewd Diplomacy 
    tweitter: (just a moment ,please)
    Thanks for reading.
    This is completely within my personal taste and I have no intention of causing offence to others. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will deal with it immediately.



  5. No More AI Abortion

    No More AI Abortion
    Version 1.2.1
    (for CK3 Update 1.7.1)
    Ever wonder why your lovers are pregnant one minute, and then the next they're mysteriously no longer pregnant, ill, or even dead after trying to cure themselves of some unknown affliction? It turns out that AI mothers may choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, even when the Player is the father. The decision appears to be based solely on the mother's "ai_rationality" value and whether or not they belong to a faith with the polyamory tenet. This means that the game does not take into account whether they are your soulmate, if they are in your court, if they have been pardoned for giving birth to a bastard in the past, etc.
    This mod simply adds a game rule: "Pregnancy Termination", which when enabled, prevents the AI from doing so. This does not affect the Player's ability to do so, nor does is affect pregnancies from ending prematurely due to natural complications. Luckily Carnalitas already has a game rule, that when enabled, prevents natural pregnancy complications and works seamlessly with this mod. For those not using Carnalitas, I've included a second game rule in the standalone version of this mod: "Pregnancy Complications" which has four different options to allow you to tailor your game exactly how you'd like, including the ability to even the playing field by removing a hidden advantage the player normally has over the AI:
    Default (no Player exception): The Player will no longer have the reduced risk of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth that they do by default. No changes are made to the risk of complications for the AI. Default: No changes will be made to the risk of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. The Player has a reduced risk of suffering complications compared to the AI. Disabled (Limited): Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth will no longer occur for the Player and their close family members. No changes will be made to the risk of complications for the AI. Disabled: Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth will no longer occur. Complications may still arise as a result of attempted termination, if enabled.  
    While the options for the "Pregnancy Termination" game rule are as follows:
    Default: No changes will be made to the AI's behavior. The AI may choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, even when the Player is the father. Default (Player exception): The AI may choose to attempt to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, except when the Player is the father. Disabled: The AI will no longer choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard. Pregnancies may still end prematurely due to natural complications, if enabled.  
    Speaking of Carnalitas, to ensure all of the features related to pregnancy from Carnalitas are preserved while running both of the mods together, I've decided to have this mod's file incorporate elements of and carefully override Carnalitas', meaning running this mod without Carnalitas may lead to errors. For those not using Carnalitas, a standalone version of this mod is also available, which does not have any requirements. The standalone version may also be downloaded from the Steam Workshop, found here.
    I've designed this mod to be as lightweight as possible. It should be compatible with all mods that don't change the events/pregnancy_events file. The standard version of this mod is designed specifically to be compatible with Carnalitas. If not running Carnalitas, please use the standalone version of this mod instead. This mod is not achievement compatible.
    Installation Instructions
    If using Carnalitas, download the standard version of the mod, and if not, download the standalone version instead. Locate and open the appropriate .zip file using 7-Zip/WinRAR/etc. Inside, there should be a folder named "No More AI Abortion" and a file named "No More AI Abortion.mod". Locate your mod folder. On Windows this is generally found at C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Delete any older versions of the mod in the mod folder, if applicable. Copy both files to the mod folder. Run the CK3 launcher, navigate to the Mods section, and click the "Manage Mods (x/y)" button. Find No More AI Abortion and click on the grey button to the right of "Disabled". It should have turned green and now read "Enabled." If using the standard version of the mod, make sure you've similarly installed Carnalitas using the instructions found in that mods' Installation Instructions section. If using the standard version of the mod, click and drag the three horizontal lines to the right of the "Enabled/Disabled" button until this mod is placed below Carnalitas in the load order. When starting a new game, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the game rules screen where you will find this mod’s game rules. Here you can select the combination of settings that will give the desired experience. Note: To enable this mod for existing save games, you’ll need to learn how to edit the desired save file in order to add the game rules. The method will also allow you to change the game rules mid-game if you change your mind later.  
    Version 1.2.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.7.1 Version 1.2
    Updated for CK3 Version Added a third "Pregnancy Termination" game rule option, "Default (Player exception)". Improved the game rule presentation to be more in-line with Carnalitas'. Version 1.1.2
    Updated for CK3 Version Standalone version of the mod first uploaded to the Steam Workshop, found here. Added a "Pregnancy Complications" game rule with four options to the standalone version. Version 1.1.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.6.1 Added "dummy" localization. When playing in a language officially supported by CK3 other than English, this mod's text will default to English rather than showing the raw code strings. Both standard and standalone versions of the mod are available and will be supported moving forward. Version 1.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.6 "Castle" / Fate of Iberia. Standalone version of the mod that does not require Carnalitas. Version 1.0
    Initial release of the mod.  
    No More AI Abortion
    Myself Carnalitas
    Full list of contributions on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Upcoming Features
    I welcome any and all ideas regarding potential features for the mod going forward as well as any constructive criticism. I'd like to incorporate the additional "Pregnancy Complications" game rule options included in the standalone version of the mod to the main version as well. I briefly attempted to do so but had trouble overriding just the necessary components of the appropriate Carnalitas files, (namely carn_game_rules and the carn_game_rules_l localization files), without just overriding the entire file outright. I would really prefer not to do this as it would be unnecessarily messy compatibility-wise. I also wasn’t able to test the "Pregnancy Termination" game rule option, "Default (Player exception)" as much as I’d like, so please let me know if you encounter any bugs with this or any other parts of the mod not working as intended. For whatever reason, CK3 takes forever to launch for me, making testing inconvenient.



  6. SE - Restyled - Plus Plus

    A submod for SE - Restyled, a rework of the original SE mods (including fixes for 3.2), enabling clothing (or lack thereof) not found in the Plus setting.
    Users of SE - Restyled may find SE - Asset Repackage useful as it saves loading over 100mb of duplicate textures compared to SE - Human - Modest, SE - Humanoid and SE - Humanoid - DLC1: Humanoid Hives.
    SE - Restyled is currently in alpha, and contains placeholders for planned clothing that doesn't exist in the originals. See screenshot for example of new clothing.
    Yes, it is now possible to play as sexy rogue servitor maids (with the right mods).
    Users and modders can request support for SE - Restyled, including:
    Bug reports (e.g. crashes, wrong clothing, visual errors) Additional settings submods (e.g. if they feel Plus Plus doesn't go far enough) Adding support for jobs/civics/authorities in the Portrait Trigger Pack for their mods (or help in using the pack for your own portrait mods)  
    Extract the contents of the zip file into your mod folder.



  7. Carnalitas - Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3

    Version 1.7
    Carnalitas is a unified sex mod framework for Crusader Kings 3. It provides a set of systems that modders can use for their own projects, such as a database of sex scene events. It also implements features that were common in many CK2 sex mods. All these features can be toggled by players through game rules.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads) Carnalitas Wiki Carnalitas Discord Server Important: We will never upload this mod to Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza. If you see it on either of those sites, it is against their Terms of Service and a breach of the GNU General Public License.
    No DLC is required to use Carnalitas. (Although some submods may include DLC-dependent features.)
    English French - Français German - Deutsch Korean - 한국어 Russian - Русский Simplified Chinese - 简体中文 Spanish - Español Note: Translations may sometimes be incomplete after a new update. Please be patient while the translators are working.

    Features for Users
    Sex Interactions: Adds character interactions allowing you to have sex with your spouses, consorts, and lovers, or rape prisoners. Slavery System: An immersive slavery framework allowing you to enslave characters, free slaves, and buy and sell slaves, depending on your faith's attitudes toward slavery. Prostitution System: A prostitution framework allowing you to force your slaves into prostitution or work as a prostitute yourself. Lactation System: A lactation framework allowing you to lactate from pregnancy and keep track of your milk production through a widget in the character window. Fetish System: A framework for characters to gain fetishes upon becoming Deviants, which are shown in the character window and can be tracked by mod scripts. Body Part Traits (Dicks & Tits): Adds new congenital traits for breast and penis size, which can be seeded on game start. Stress from Arousal: Adds a game rule which makes you gain stress over time if you are lustful. STD Immunity: Adds a game rule to turn off Lovers' Pox and Great Pox, as well as the ability for modders to make characters who are immune to STDs. Remove Pregnancy Complications: Adds a game rule to turn off stillbirths, sickly children/mothers, and deaths from pregnancy. GUI Improvements: Includes custom GUI that combines Better Character UI and Show More Traits, while also showing fetishes and lactation in the character window, slaves in the relations tab, and Enslave buttons in the prison window. Comprehensive Tutorials: Provides in-game tooltips and encyclopedia entries for all new gameplay concepts added by Carnalitas. Full User Control: All features can be toggled on or off in game rules. Features for Modders
    Sex Scene System: Provides a unified tag-based database for sex scene events, allowing other mods to easily add new sex scenes or request sex scenes with specific tags. Character Initialization Pulse: Adds on_character_initialization_pulse, allowing you to easily seed characteristics like racial traits on all spawned characters with a single on_action (with only a few delays here and there because it's impossible to catch certain guests). Custom Pregnancy System: Provides a timer-based framework to define your own pregnancy-like effect (e.g. oviposition) that will override vanilla pregnancies and play nicely with other modded custom pregnancies. Pregnancy Suppression Library: Provides flags to suppress the vanilla on-birth and on-pregnancy events and replace them with your own custom events under specific conditions. Abortion Library: Provides scripted triggers for mods allowing termination of pregnancies to play nicely with mods that add custom or scripted pregnancies. Absolute Birth Control: Provides a way to silently replace all pregnancies of a character without affecting her fertility stat in game. Health and Transformation Library: Provides a huge amount of effects for transforming characters by stepping up/stepping down genetic traits, healing wounds and diseases, setting disease immunity, and so on. Personality Replacement Library: Provides scripted effects to easily replace personality traits for slave training, brainwashing, and the like. Dominant/Submissive Relation: Adds a unified relation for Dominant or Submissive lovers. Extensive Character Flags to Expose Vanilla Triggers: You can make a trait grant immunity to disease, force nudity, disallow granting of titles, etc. without having to edit vanilla files and break compatibility with other Carnalitas submods. Heavily Customizable: Hook into any of Carnalitas's features with extensive documentation, scripted effects and triggers, and mod-friendly design. Comprehensive Documentation, Examples, and Wiki Upcoming Features
    Carnalitas is currently in maintenance mode and no new features are planned. But if you're interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, feel free to join the Carnalitas Discord Server.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Carnalitas and a file named Carnalitas.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Carnalitas and Carnalitas.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas to your current playset. On this page you can also download my submod, Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines, which adds religious doctrines for slavery that are accurate to every faith in vanilla CK3 based on historical research. The submod is separate from the main mod for improved compatibility with total conversion mods.
    Load Order
    total conversion mods all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines (if using it) mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Adroit's Divine Prostitution Carnal Consequences Carnalitas Arousal Framework Carnalitas Dei Carnalitas Mundi Carnalitas Submod - Forced Labour Carnalitas Submod - Slave Prostitution Doctrine Character Body Overhaul CBO Carnal Court Daughters of Lust Intimate Encounters No More AI Abortion Nudist Kings Physical Attributes Prostitution Tweaks Random Sex Scene Generator  
    Most mods updated after Royal Court release (Feb 2022) Atalantea: A Tentacle Themed Hyperpregnancy Mod Regula Magistri  
    Not Compatible:
    Carnalitas edits the character window and court window. If another mod edits the same windows (such as Better UI Scaling) then one of them will end up overwriting the other. Will conflict with other mods that edit sex, pregnancy, or adultery effects. For best results, only use Carnalitas with sex mods that are designed to work with it.  
    *Note that some of these mods may conflict with each other, even if they don't conflict with Carnalitas.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I installed Carnalitas but I don't see any new features.
    A: Check that you turned on the Carnalitas game rule options. If you don't see any new game rules, check your mod installation. The Paradox launcher is notoriously bad at loading custom mods, so you may have to troubleshoot and/or restart your game.
    Q: My username contains non-English characters (e.g. accents, Chinese characters) and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is a known bug with the Crusader Kings 3 launcher. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory that doesn't include non-English characters (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.
    Q: I have Microsoft OneDrive and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is an issue with Paradox's launcher and OneDrive. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory outside of your Documents folder (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.
    Q: Does Carnalitas include sex animations?
    A: No, for animations download Character Body Overhaul.

    Q: Can I use Carnalitas with an existing save game?
    A: No.

    Q: Are the bust size traits shown on the 3D portraits?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I turn off (feature)?
    A: Yes. Every single feature can be turned off.

    Q: Where are all the body part traits?
    A: Like vanilla "Beautiful" or "Strong" characters, only characters with extraordinary penis or breast sizes will have body part traits. Everyone else is assumed to be average.

    Q: When do children get body part traits?
    A: When they become adults.

    Q: I don't like the Make Love cooldown.
    A: There is a game rule to turn off the cooldown, see above. Also, that's not a question.

    Q: Are you going to add (feature not in the upcoming feature list)?
    A: Probably not. We are building a framework first and foremost, and leaving actual content or game balance changes to other modders. That said, if you have a good idea for a basic feature that could be implemented, contact us.
    Contact Us
    For various reasons, we will not be looking regularly at the LoversLab forum thread for this mod. If you have a pressing issue or suggestion, contact us through the Carnalitas Discord Server  
    Cheri - lead developer, project director, systems programmer, English localization Triskelia - senior developer, git manager, artwork, French localization Ernie Collins - senior developer, systems programmer Full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Support This Mod
    If you are a lewd modder, feel free to use Carnalitas features and scripts for your own projects. If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, you can fork our git repository and join the Carnalitas Discord Server I am the project lead for this mod, responsible for overall direction and about 80% of the code. If you like this mod and want to show your support, please consider donating to me on SubscribeStar.  
    Carnalitas is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. You are free to use it for any purpose. You can modify or redistribute it, as long as you use the same license, provide the source code, and acknowledge the work and copyright of the original contributors.
    Note that the requirement to use the same license prevents you from posting Carnalitas on Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza, as mods there are placed under a more restrictive license. An easy way to credit Carnalitas's creators is to provide a link to the full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki.



  8. [Stellaris] Vanilla Framework

    Vanilla Framework 1.7.5
    What is it?
    Vanilla Framework is a small(ish) mod I made to replace all the vanilla portraits with ones that are a bit more interesting. I used a mod to remove them, and it did decent enough, but the little blighters always managed to sneak into my games through things like events or Pre-Sapients. Not the sort of thing you want after going through the trouble of installing all those other portrait mods.
    What does it do?
    At present it adds;
    6 Aquatics sets (244 images) 7 Arthropoid sets (236images) 8 Avian sets (267 images) 2 Fungoid sets (127 images) 13 Humanoid sets (569 images) 3 Lithoid sets (114 images) 8 Machine sets (496 images) 13 Mammalian sets (1,021 images) 4 Molluscoid sets (201 images) 6 Necroid set (290 images) 5 Plantoid sets (174 images) 8 Reptilian set (438 images) 5 Toxoid sets (173) Crisis sets (49 images) Pre-Sapient (20) Enclaves (21 images)  
    Total Mod Images: 4,445
    All species DLC
    There have been reports of the game crashing during empire creation and its related to not having 1 or more of the species dlc. If you are experiencing these issues then drop the relevant files (whatever species you're missing) below into the "common/species_classes" folder. This just switches their graphical culture to humanoid instead of one the game can't find. When/if you do get the dlc, you can just delete the file(s). If the game still crashes, them please let me know, as well as which of the species you don't have, so I can come up with another solution.
    _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Plantoid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Necroid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Lithoid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Aquatic_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Toxoid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt  
    This mod is designed to be fully compatible with Lustful Void's gender traits but can still be played without them.  This mod is incompatible with other mods that affect base games Species Classes.  Compatibility patches will be made as mentions of conflicts arise.  
    By default, each species will use the Male and Female image sets, but when used with Lustful Void, you can also use the Futa images. When creating a species, select their appearance, then a gender trait (All Male/Female, Futa), then change the rulers appearance.  The rulers image won't update itself in the creation menu when you choose a gender trait, so you'll need to do that yourself.  
    Compatibility Patches
    There is a folder inside VF named "PATCH FOLDER" along with a Read Me to explain installing. It also contains the More Vanilla patch.
    Mods that have a patch;
    Tons of Tits 2.6.3 Se Human + Se Humanoid (All of them) Stellaris Sexy Xenos and More (SSX) Lewd Galaxy  
    21/09/2022 - Hotfix-ish
    A number of solar system files got updates with the dlc's release, main issue is that people will find they can't select toxic Sol stuff. The updates also mean that VF no longer needs common/solar_system_initializers/sol_initializers.txt , so everyone can just delete it and it'll solve the issue.  
    20/09/2022 - V1.7.5
    This is the update for the just now release Toxoid DLC. It adds Soft/Face Masks(42), Hard/Full Masks(47), Modseven art as Mutants(18), Muk(15), and Goodra(51) Also adds 1 pre_sap image for toxoids, Vault Girl, which may get changed. Total images: 174 This was a rather odd one to source for, and also unexpected. Plague doctor stuff not as prevalent as I'd thought it'd be for one. There was a few dev notes about place holders, so this could break with a patch, but I'll be keeping an eye out for that. Things are ramping up again, so these updates will be slower.  
    Delete any old versions you might have installed
    Download the latest Vanilla Framework.zip Extract its contents into Documents/ Paradox Interactive/ Stellaris/ mod Make sure there is a folder named "Vanilla Framework" and a file called "Vanilla Framework.mod" This mod should be the last active mod in your launchers mod load order To install a patch, like the More Vanilla Patch, open the Vanilla Framework mod folder Open "PATCH FOLDER" Select relevant patch .txt file, then copy and paste into Vanilla Framework/common/species_classes  
    Changelog (Old)
    19/08/2022 - V1.7
    This updates adds 2 new Aquatic sets, 2 Arthropods, and 3 Avian. Aquatics get Penguins(18) and Vaporeon(45), Arthropods get Eliksni(14) and Hollow Knight(35), Avians get Corvids(31), Harpies(40), and Toucans(13). Also happy to add 4 new donated images to Lithoids (latex). Total new images: 200 Really feeling the lack of content with some of these. Going forward, if I can't find enough images for new sets for a species, I'll try bulking up the existing ones instead. Huge thank you to Armchair who really helped test and bughunt a new unexpected issue. Seems Stellaris will consistently crash right before loading the main menu if there is no prescripted empires (or possibly pre-made custom empires), and that broken custom empires (missing mods, dlc, etc) can spawn into games as fallen empires. To fix this, VF now has a custom prescripted empire courtesy of Armchair. Next update will focus on Fungoids, Molluscoids, and Reptilians. I don't hold much hope of finding a new set for Fungoids, so I might revert them back to non-gendered and have each gender as a separate set. Maybe for Lithoids too. Please let me know what you think about this.  
    01/08/2022 - V1.6
    This updates adds 5 new Mammalian sets (honestly, they are by far the easiest species to source for); Giraffes(64), Wolves(72), Goats(56), Tigers(84), and Pandas(67). Total new images: 343 Next up is Avians, Aquatics, and Arthopods. Content is running a bit dry now, so maybe expect 1~3 per species. I'm openly taking suggestions for sets people would like to see included.   
    15/07/2022 - V1.5
    This updates adds 5 new Humanoid sets; Angels(45), Cyclops(32), Ogres/Oni(29), Twi'lek(28), and Warcraft Trolls(26). Total new images: 160 Not as much as I'd like, but I'm running out of ideas of what to add. While making this update I had to drop about 5 races because I just couldn't source enough images.  I'm openly taking suggestions for sets people would like to see included.   
    18/06/2022 - V1.4
    Finally had time to get some work on the mod, but at this point I think I'm hitting a content wall in certain areas. I can't find one fecking thing extra to add to the Fungoids sets for example. Another is the Molluscoids, it would start out fine then it turned into an utter drought of content. So assume that if there isn't 5 sets to a species, it's because I just can't find anything, or enough of something to work.  Anyways, what's been added is Cactus (25) and Florans (20) to Plantoids, Ants (25) and a mix (38) of stuff that almost worked on their own for Arthropoids, Chickens (31) and Eagles (26) for Avians, Latex (25) for Lithoids, 8 new for Pre-Sapient, 9 for the Salvagers, and 12 for the Shroudwalkers. A total of 219 new images. I'm not 100% sure the Salvagers are a good fit, something like dwarves would have been more accurate but they'd be better as a playable race. The mixed set was supposed to be either mantis or beetles, but there wasn't enough so I just mashed them together with other failed ideas. I might replace it in future, but it'll most likely stick around, the only other feasible set would be hollow knight.  
    01/03/2022 - V1.3
    The last of the donated images. Well, there is some more but they'll get added piecemeal. Not a whole lot (again), but this update adds two new Reptilian sets; Crocs/gators(42) and Dinosaurs(44). I'll be trying to get all species up to 5 sets now, when I have time. I've noticed that people have downloaded the experimental dlc patch, but haven't said if it works or not. I kinda need the feedback.  
    06/02/2022 - V1.2
    Things have been rather hectic lately, and scedual changes means I haven't had that much time to work on VF. This update isn't as substantial as I was hoping for but it's something at least. What it adds is 3 new Mammalian and 2 new Necroid sets; Deer (60), Dog (58), Foxes(48), Succubi (45), and Demon (53) for a total of 264 new images. The next update will include the last of the donated images, but I'll also be working on an experimental build for people who are missing some or all of the species dlc since that seems to be the cause of crashing during empire creation.  
    04/12/2021 - V1.15
    I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year? I know I said the next update would be a Mod It Yourself guide, but that's turning out to be harder than I expected (I tend to ramble and rewrite a lot). In the meantime, this update is thanks to a very helpful Anon who donated all the work they never published! Honestly, it took like three days to put this update together, it was so nice not to have to mask art for a change. This update is an expansion; 8 Slimes, 9 Dark Elf, 22 Elf, 5 Draenei, 16 Bovine, 19 Equine, 40 Feline, 22 Rabbit, 9 Shark, 3 Dragon, and 7 Draconid. This is only a part 1 of 2 as there's still more artwork left over, but it'll need a bit more work as they'll be new sets. I'm still working on the guide but I just wanted to put something out for Xmas/New Year (even if it is a bit late)  
    04/12/2021 - V1.10
    This update is for the new Aquatics DLC. It adds 4 sets; Merfolk (think mermaids), Orca, Shark, and Zora for a total of 172 new images. Took a bit longer then expected, even though I was kinda rushing it, mainly because there was an unexpected lack of images for certain sections. Zora and Merfolk were really lacking in Futa content so to make up for that I added the Orca set. I'll be keeping an eye out for them as I'm doing other updates. Gonna take a week off, I'm under the weather and finding it hard to concentrate. I spent a half hour trying to get the update to work before I figured out I messed up the image paths. Next update is going to be a 'Mod It Yourself' guide so people can make there own portrait sets/mods and comparability patches. After that, well it's going to be a new round of expansions with a pleasant surprise (for me at least).  
    17/11/2021 - V1.0
    Fixed the Fungoid Mushroom set, (mixed up the number of images for Futa and Males) Added 12 images for the Extra-dimension species (Novakids), added 32 images for the Swarm (Xenomorphs), and 5 images for the AI. Novakid images were largely carried over from Xenophilia but I tried to source some more for variety, of which there is surprisingly little. While Xenomorphs were my first thought for the Swarm, I did look into using either Zerg or Tyranids but also found those surprisingly lacking or unusable. Might offer Xenomorphs as its own species as there's plenty of images to work with, but I think there's already a mod that has them, so we'll see. And with this, I'm moving VF out of Beta. ? I'm going to prepare some sets for the upcoming Aquatic species pack, after that I'll be looking at making a pdf guide so people can tinker with VF and add to VF themselves. This isn't to say I won't work on it anymore though, I'll still be doing a second run through to up the number of sets. Might even start doing event modding.  
    26/10/2021 - VF Beta 0.9
    My god, I've been busy, but the new update is finally here. Vanilla Framework has now incorporated Xenophilia. Mostly. What was added, plus the images I sourced to make make up for any missing aspects, nets 387 new images. The Bovine and Equine sets got a big boost, but VF now includes Draenei and Quarian for Humanoids, with Death Claws, Kobolds, and Sangheili for Reptilian.  Protoss should also have been added but they are very troublesome to source for. Next update will be on the Crisis portraits, plus I might start from the top of the list again if the new DLC doesn't mess with anything  
    30/08/2021 - VF Beta 0.8.1
    More of a hotfix than a real update but different enough to be a minor update. The comparability issue with Sins of the Prophets should now be fixed. It was an interesting little problem that made me rename all the species classes files to take advantage. Fungoids, Plantoids, and Lithoids are gender enabled like every other species. This was to fix the portrait problem they had with the new gender policy. Some big new though! I've got permission from Snowcraft to merge Xenophilia into VF! New update will be focusing on getting that all set up and hunting down any additional images needed to fill out a set. I'm also taking suggestions for what the Prethoryn Scourge and Extra-dimensional Invaders should look like. I was thinking maybe Xenomorphs and Novakids but I'm open to ideas.  
    07/08/2021 - VF Beta 0.8
    This took longer than expected (I guess I say that a lot?) but it's finally here, some 300 new images for Machine/Robot. Trying to come up with decent criteria to decide them up was rather difficult since most of the time the images could go either way. So, for the most part, I divided the Robots and Android into two subsets based on their squish factor. So the breakdown is 2 Robot sets, 2 Android sets, 1 Synth Female set, 1 Synth Futa set, 1 Futa-bots set, and 1 Man-bots set. The last two are more like place holders until I can get enough images for their sets (they're basically robots, androids and synths in one set) I've also added more preview images to this page so everyone can get a better idea of what's in this mod. Right now I'm going to work on the gender policy which, thanks to Banana Banana, should be should be done soon, the main issue is that it'll be tedious. As it'll just be a policy and not a major change I'll post it as a quick drag and drop folder, but I'll also be updating the main download to.  
    08/05/2021 - VF Beta 0.7
    This took a lot long  than expected because I got a lot more images than expected. This update adds a whopping 440 new images; Fungoids got 96, Lithoids got 68, Molluscoids got 172, and Plantoids got 104. Image sets are Mushrooms, Slimes, Elementals, Statues, Cephalopods, Gastropods, Inklings, Slugs, Flowers, Fruits, and Planets. I've made a few format changes to the files which will, hopefully, make things easier. For now, VF has a folder inside it called PATCH FOLDER that has all the now updated patches plus a Read Me oh which file is used with what mod and how to install or uninstall. I got this new patch system to work reliably, but if people are having problems with it then I can put up the separate patch mods again. Gonna take a bit of a break and see how stable the update is for everyone else. Next update I think will be Machines and maybe some crisis species like the Prethoryn Scourge  
    06/04/2021 - VF Beta 0.6
    This update adds 3 new sets to Necroids; Zombie, Mummy, Ghost, for 127 new images. Vampires got expanded with 45 new images. The overdue Humanoid expansion got done with Humans getting 48 and Goblins getting 42. There's now a compatibility patch for SE Human and/or SE Humanoid. There are 3 patches in the one folder for using with either or both of those mods) This update was a bit of a slog. I decided to tone down the gore factor for zombies as I figured most people (such as myself) wouldn't particularly enjoy it, so they're more like Frankenstein's monster, or modern zombies that can mix and match body parts if they have need and thread. Also, there's not a lot of mummy or ghost images, so I had to double down in some places. Werewolves would have been an obvious addition but I'm holding off on them until I get canines done for Mammalians and see if I can make them more distinct. For the next update I'll be lumping in Planoid, Fungoid, Lithoid, and Molluscoid as they seem to be the harder ones to source for.  
    06/04/2021 - VF beta 0.5
    This update replaces the old Reptilian set with 3 new ones, Draconid, Dragon, and Naga, for a total of 160 images. Some code got tidied up from earlier releases, so things should run smoother. To address some concerns over crashes that might be related to not owning DLC, this release is in two versions. The normal version, Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5, has the DLC species set to only appear if you have the specific dlc. Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5 Ex, has my portraits set to always be available. I suspect there might be an issue with not having the correct ships, greetings, etc, if so then at least there's the normal version to use. My schedule is utter chaos so I can't keep a regular release going. From now on, updates come out whenever I get them done. Necroids are next on the list, I'll be doing the humanoid expansion with them this time,( I swear).  
    09/02/2021 - VF beta 0.4
    This took a while to do because I'm short on time for the next few weeks, when I have more time things should pick up again. This update adds 3 portrait sets to Mammalians; Equine, Rabbit, and Feline The Bovine and Ratling sets also got expanded for a combined total of 259 images this update. The Humanoid expansion got pushed back because, again, I'm short on time and wanted to get something out soon. Next update will focus on Reptilians as I already have some images sourced so I should hopefully get the next update out a bit sooner than this one  
    20/01/2021 - VF beta 0.3
    This took a lot long than intended because I'm currently in a busy period.  Next update is likely to be delayed too, but I'm trying to keep a good and regular pace going. This update adds 3 (or 2, depending on how you look at it) portrait sets to Humanoids; Orcs, Elves, and Dark elves I wanted to expand the existing Human and Goblin sets, but thought it better to get something out soon. Their expansion will likely get rolled in with the next update. I was going to include a succubus/incubus set, but thought that they might be better for Necroids (who don't have a wide variety to work with)  
    07/01/2021 - VF beta 0.2
    The old Avian portraits are replaced with 3 new ones (Parrot, Owl, and Duck). I'm no ornithologist, I work with what I find, so if there's and image that doesn't strictly fit into its category then yo can put that down to people incorrectly tagging that image. There were enough images left over from the old set that they'll likely make a return as generic or generic and eagle. Due to Fungoid, Plantoid, and Lithoids being hard to source for, they'll be the last to get new images this round. Current Tons of Tits patch should still work fine, they haven't updated anything and I haven't touched the related file.  
    30/12/2020 - VF beta 0.1
    The mod seems stable, no real issues other than some missing machine portraits I forgot to include. Mod is now entering the Beta phase, which means I'll be focusing on adding more content and putting out compatibility patches. Reformatting should make the mod more friendly with others and allow for easier updates. Beta opens with 3 new Arthropoid portrait sets (Bee, Spider, and Moth), replacing the old one. Will now offer a More Vanilla patch that adds back in the vanilla portraits for those that want it.



  9. Calcifire's Portrait Pack

    ::100% Custom Artwork for STELLARIS:: -made by me, an internet guy
    Other than that, this is yet another "portrait pack" you can just thrown into the dumpster. *ugh... We got enough of those.
    REGULAR VERSION:: stellaris v3.4.*
       x88 Species - some have more variants than others... some are half assed. (examples shown above)
       Know that the original intention of this mod was to replace all of the vanilla portraits with hot pics. And, while I've been working on this project in secret for almost 5 YEARS, I've decided to pull the trigger on it because there is no way in hell I'll ever reach that goal. If you don't want a replacer, then just download the "Regular Version". It shouldn't conflict with your other mods. The "Directors Cut", however, adds a bunch of unnecessary fluff. The main reason I wanted to make a replacer pack was because well... How am I supposed to enjoy all the lewd mods that can be found for this game, with all those ugly ass vanilla MONSTROCITIES randomly spawning into my galaxy. Who would wanna fuck that thing?!?!? But that's it. That's the gist. No promises on any future development for this mod, other than me poppin' in to update it to the latest game version of stellaris every now and again. All in all, I'm satisfied with only having x5 of each archetype, as having the x176 total species I would need to match Paradox Interactive is WAY too much work.
    DIRECTORS CUT:: stellaris v3.4.* + lustful void v0.6.5
       x86 Species - x2-x6 for each species class, + x13 bonus species
       x24 Extra Unplayable Species - unique portraits for all x3 endgame crises, all x3 enclaves, and some of the special event species, etc.
       x61 Extra Traits - designed for fleshing out each species with even more erotic flavor. lite on mechanical depth and perfect for building a diverse list of custom empires with
    TRAIT PACK:: stellaris v3.4.* + lustful void v0.6.5
    Brought to you by viewer request. This is a visual overhaul to Lithia<3's Lustful_Void and expansion pack.
       Visual Overhaul - all Traits and Leader Traits have been redrawn
       Increased Trait Limitss - at this point, game balance is not the objective anymore. Species can now have up to 15 traits so that players can design species to be as lewd as they want
       x61 Extra Traits - a list of all the new traits can be found in the spoiler bellow
       1a. download either the "REGULAR" or "DIRECTORS CUT" versions
          1b. if you have selected the "DIRECTORS CUT" download the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3 as well
       2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
       3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
       4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
       5.(optional) Highly recommend the UI Overhaul Dynamic mod on the steam workshop so you can actually see the portraits
       REGULAR:: this one shouldn't conflict with any mod, though it isn't designed to properly integrate with them either. Just a safe pick overall.

       DIRECTORS CUT:: this one obliterates a lot of vanilla files. Don't be surprised if shit don't work with other mods.
          REQUIREMENTS:: Lustful Void, I didn't make this version of the mod to run along side any other mod other than Lustful Void. It was primarily built for my personal use, and not exactly meant for the masses.
          Specifically this mod edits::
             1. Prescripted_Countries, files wiped clean
             2. Species_Classes files, wiped and modified
             3. Scripted_Triggers files, modified
             4. some files inside Anomolies, Decisions, Diplo_Phrases, Solar_System_Initializers, and Events folders are also modified
       TRAIT PACK:: lite, but does make one edit to vanilla.
             1. Species_Archetypes, increases trait limit to 15 for biological and 10 for machine species
       Vasaya_135 - for requesting "inexpressible tentacled horror" gf
       Predeiter and unwashed biomass - for requesting(inadvertently) futa-mecha-robo deathclaws
       Wobobo123 - for suggesting and producing cybernetic giantess assets
    "So Calcifire?.. Were you even trying at all when you made the male portraits?"
       Lol, shit. I'm just a cis het male, I don't know what's good. I just drew the bare minimum of dicks that I had to, alright.
    Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod



  10. Lite LV

    This is a very niche mod that completely redoes LV so it doesn't greatly impact the stellaris paradox mess of a 'balance'. This takes the ideas around LV and reduces them to a similar but more integrated version. 
    What it does:
    If the species has the civil of sexual industries, they get some job replacements:
    Clerks are relabeled as  Prostitutes. Entertainers are relabeled as Porn stars.  
    With the civil you can build milk factories which milk cows produce primarily milk (a new resource). Milk is used for a ship aux called a milk booster. It is probably the best aux but nothing that should break the game balance.
    Adds some new sexual traits but attempts to keep inline with paradox's lame traits.
    This mod is primarily for odd folks like me that want a little LV but attempt to keep stellaris's terrible game balance.
    Race mod
    I included my animated race mod the drixian. (see pic)
    I didn't do any events yet but if I do they'll be non balance breaking events.



  11. Ultimate Nudity

    Ultimate Nudity is a one-for-all mod, because it offers any way to introduce nudity into the game, I know. I developed 8 different nudity doctrines. Also, I adapted the nudist traditions from Nudist Kings by Neo5niper and the nudity decisions from Nudity Toggle by bokomaroko. I asked them for permission, but received an answer yet, so I guess it’s okay.
    Ultimate Nudity introduces a new group of religious doctrines named View on Nudity. You’ll find it in the clergy section of your faith’s window. This group includes the doctrines:
    Vested Adherents (which serves to deactivate any other nudity doctrine)
    Vested Priesthood (which serves to deactivate any other nudity doctrine for priests)
    Nude Priests
    Nude Priestesses
    Nude Priesthood (which is the relocated special doctrine Naked Priests)
    Nude Men
    Nude Women
    Nude Adherents
    The adapted cultural traditions are:
    Nudist Males
    Nudist Females
    Nudist People
    They are located in the societal cultural traditions.
    The included nudity decisions are:
    General Nudity
    Male Nudity
    Female Nudity
    No Nudity
    Furthermore, you’ll find for any character within diplomatic range the friendly actions Undress Character and Dress Character in the interaction menu.
    All these denominations are self explaining, I guess.
    Right from the beginning, every faith has opted for one of the choices, each doctrine group offers. Of course, the nudity group introduced by this mod won’t be included. But that’s no problem. As soon, as you decide to create a new faith, the vested adherents' doctrine will be shown and preselected. It’s available for the lowest possible piety costs.
    The different approaches to nudity don’t interfere with each other in that way, that deactivating one won’t switch off any others. So a priest of a faith with the nude priests’ doctrine, and belonging to a culture with the nudist males’ tradition, won’t enrobe himself after giving up the nude priests’ doctrine.
    The backbone of this mod is the should_be_naked_trigger, that overwrites the vanilla trigger in 00_clothing_triggers.txt within the game files at common > scripted_triggers. In this trigger I placed some limitations to nudity, to increase the immersion (and for my fun):
    The nudity doctrines are incompatible with the natural primitivism tenet. And you can’t choose the nude priests’ doctrine or the nude men’s doctrine as long as the culture of your head of faith follows the nudist females’ tradition and vice versa.
    And there is an age limit for nudity, because humans of a certain age (which is 50) easily get cold and need to wear clothings (Okay, you might as well say, they look a sight). I made some exceptions from this restriction. Of course for the player, its consorts and also for independent rulers and immortals.
    NOTE: I decided to merge the consorts patch into the base mod. That will be easier to maintain in the future. You’ll find all this in ultimate_nudity_#-#-#.zip.
    And for marshals and knights, I cancelled nudity during times of war, because nothing looks more ridiculous, than a nude fighter during battle.
    For all those, who don’t share my special kind of humour, I made a version without these limits. Just download ultimate_nudity_#-#-#_unlimited.zip.
    I also spiced up the descriptions and explanations, to increase the immersion.
    This mod contains an English and a German localization. For all other standard languages, I added a localization using the English language.
    Surly every other mod, that overwrites the should_be_naked_trigger too, is incompatibly with this mod. The good news is, that the Community Flavor Pack doesn’t use this trigger and therefore doesn’t cause problems AFAIK.
    Unfortunately, the Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded (EPE) mod includes this trigger. But as far as I can judge, my should_be_naked_trigger will overwrite it without problems, because it’s the same trigger as in vanilla and in a file also named 00_clothing_triggers.txt.
    The names of the parameters, set by activating a nudity doctrine, are the same as used in the should_be_naked_trigger from the Carnalitas-framework. So you might switch without losing the nudity features.
    You can play any saved game with this mod and deactivate it anytime without getting problems, because my should_be_naked_trigger only refers to functions, included in this mod. Therefore, after deactivating this mod, none of its features should be missed.
    Furthermore, the relocation of the special doctrine Naked Priests shouldn’t cause any problems with existing save games. I didn’t change its name special_doctrine_naked_priests, just the localization files. So, if you already added it to your faith, it’s still valid, but moved from the special section to the clergy section.
    This mod is only compatible with ironman, but not with achievements.



  12. Situational Nudity - Lustful Void compatch

    Compatibility for Situational Nudity and Lustful Void
    also fixes bug with Situational Nudity where leaders are naked but none of the pops are
    may or may not cause slowdown in pop view when you need to render in 200 portraits at once
    Situational Nudity [this patch] doesn't matter where you put Lustful Void
    in fact, the mod functions well without Lustful Void, if you just want the modified script
    overrides following scripted triggers:
    should_be_naked should_pop_be_naked  



  13. Situational Nudity - Human Variety compatch

    Compatibility for Situational Nudity and Human Variety
    because base game human phenotype 2 is atrocious
    Situational Nudity Human Variety [this patch]  
    overrides 3 files: 2 selector scripts for male/female humans and 1 dds for human phenotype 2



  14. FredsAlias Lewd Factions

    I'm new to Stellaris modding (which is why I put this in the wrong place first, doh!), but I seem to have made something that works - hooray!
    This mod overwrites the existing vanilla factions, rather than adding new factions.  As such, its likely not compatible with other mods that overwrite vanilla factions.  I've tweaked some of the flavour text and descriptions.  Its not a huge mod, but should hopefully support RPing, where factions didn't previously work well with, for example, Lustful Void. 
    Let me know if you find mistakes and I'll try and fix them, but please don't expect magic results or instant replies, very much a noob!  If you've additions, or an alternative theme you'd like, feel free to post.  



  15. Situational Nudity

    This is a mod with three major features, each with its own section below. It isn't achievement compatible but it's extremely close to vanilla in both art style and gameplay.
    To install, unzip the files in your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod folder. Situational Nudity is currently intended for Stellaris version 3.4.5.
    Situational Nudity
    Pops, leaders, and rulers will be naked when:
    they're slaves, they're part of a hive mind, they have the servile, docile livestock, nerve-stapled, or zombie traits, they live in an empire whose founding species is always naked, they’re aquatic, or, the empire they live in has the Shared Burden, Agrarian Idyll, Anglers, Pleasure Seekers, or Corporate Hedonism civics. Humans and humanoids 2 through 5 will all be fully naked, courtesy of Nessa's artwork. Unfortunately I can't undress every portrait because the portrait artwork literally isn't finished most of the time. I should also add that all of the nude portraits are pretty tame aside from Nessa's additions. There's also no fancy nipple rings or chains or extra clothes or anything crazy. Just the regular Paradox clothing and good honest nudity in the appropriate conditions.
    Several more species are now always naked. If a species is naked in the Species or the Contact view but not elsewhere then that means they can support situational undressing.
    Credit for this section goes to Nessa for both the idea (Real Human Slaves) and for the artwork.
    Situational Nudity also includes, updates, and polishes the following mods:
    Cat Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Fox Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Horse Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Warthog Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Monkey Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Otter Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Squirrel Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Llama Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Ox Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Void Dimorphism portraits by Rivershaw Space Goat Dimorphism portraits by SoulDoubt Dragon Dimorphism portraits by NullPointer and its fix by shredtilldeth Bat Dimorphism portraits by Otto Abnormalverbraucher Reptilian 2 Dimorphism portraits by Forte Avian 2 (Space Duck) Dimorphism portraits by Gnefitisis一三 Reptilian12 (Space Angler Fish) Dimorphism portraits by Gnefitisis一三. I actually fixed this on my own (along with a lot else, see below) but to avoid accusations of plagiarism or unfairness or whathaveyou I may as well say I included its fix by shredtilldeth. Eyeshadow Remover by orc_junior Pangolin Sexual Dimorphism by Tony Starch Dolphinettes by Tony Starch Plantoid 7 Dimorphism by Tony Starch Might be worth clarifying that I haven't just cobbled them together with a few minutes of copying and pasting, I've compared each of them line by line to vanilla and cleaned it all up. Superfluous files are removed. Errors from the error log are all cleaned up. I redrew clothing to ensure all clothing is a perfect match for vanilla, so the royal outfits have been added everywhere and all of Silfae's females have every single item of clothing the men do. It's intended to be as seamless and vanilla as possible. The animation lists have been matched with vanilla, pops now have appropriate clothing types (many of them had old tile-system code just commented out, so all female pops would dress alike...) I'm no artist but I also cleaned up Silfae's cat female graphics a bit. Lightened the eyes and matched the males in color, along with minimizing the 'thick eyeliner' look they had. I'm an obsessive man. I am both proud and ashamed.
    I'm not claiming credit for any of the above and I respect all of their work.
    No Bad Hair
    We got a lot of new hair in a patch and not all of it was great. Situational Nudity removes 3 of the 4 new human hairstyles, 7 of the 8 new elf hairstyles, and the silly male elf bowl cut. All of the recolors and new clothing are kept.
    Situational Nudity probably won't be compatible with other portrait mods. There’s a few important files that I’ve edited, that might cause conflict with other mods.
    Known Issues
    The error log seems clean as a whistle when I run this. Some of the first contact screens seem too use the species portrait even when it looks like a diplomatic window, which results in nudity when it's not expected. Because the naked outfit doesn't show up at the end of the clothing list, your existing empire rulers might be coincidentally naked (or they might have the wrong outfit).  
    Questions & Answers
    Q: Can I have any of these modules by themselves?
    A: No, it's an all or nothing affair.
    Q: Do I need every DLC?
    A: I have no idea. I have all of them. I'd assume it'll work even if you don't have some.
    Q: Why is this on Lovers Lab but not the Steam Workshop?
    A: I don't feel like fighting with admins about whether my mod is appropriate or not, mostly. Also the subject matter invites inappropriate discussion, even if the actual graphics are pretty tame. It's also nice that if an artist does decide to contribute I don't have to weigh how appropriate it is and it can be discussed.



  16. Carnalitas Slavery Expansion

    If you want to support me: You could buy me a coffee❤️
    Check out my other Mod Gender Laws Expanded!
    Carnalitas Slavery Expansion
    expands on the Slavery System introduced in Carnalitas and tries to flesh out that part a bit more.
    This mod introduces several new slave types and new interactions to work with.
    Balance might be a bit wonky, but will improve based on your feedback!
    Slave Prostitution Doctrine:
    Adds a Slave Prostitution Doctrine to the existing Prostitution Doctrines.
    Basically Prostitution is still shunned, but you won't lose piety by forcing your slaves into prostitution.
    Also increases the money your slaves make.
    New "Demand Sex" Interaction:
    You will no longer be able to "Make Love" with your slaves. Instead you will be able to demand Sex with your slave.
    This new interaction gives you the opportunity to have sex with anyone you have a hook on, including slaves.
    Sex slaves are an exception though, demanding sex with them does not use their hook.
    New Birth Control Interactions:
    Instead of having a decision to use birth control you now get an interaction to start birth control on yourself, your consorts, your unmarried children, unmarried lovers at your court or slaves.
    Players can choose between two options:
    Classic Birth Control Chastity Belt Classic Birth Control gives a -100% fertility penalty and does reduce the pregnancy chance when having sex.
    The chastity belt gives a -1000% fertility penalty, affects adultery triggers (treating the character like a chaste person) and will undress for sex.
    New Gender Focus Interactions:
    Players will be able influence the gender of newborns by using the interaction on yourself, your consorts, your unmarried children, unmarried lovers at your court or slaves.
    New Slavery Tab:
    Instead of being listed under relations, slaves will have their own tab on the character window, giving you a good overview which of your slaves is working in which category.
    This is needed to keep track of the newly introduced slave types!
    Labour Slaves:
    A labour slave earns gold by working for their owner. The performance of a labour slave is based on their prowess.
    An especially skilled labour slave levels the hunter lifestyle trait. The health of labour slaves take a hit due to the hard work.
    Slave Soldiers:
    A slave soldier gains prestige by serving in your army. The performance of a slave soldier is based on their prowess. An especially skilled slave soldier may become a talented Blademaster or even a great Commander, enabling them to lead armies as slave commanders. Skilled slave soldiers and commanders do cost gold though, as they are paid like mercenaries (see Mamluks).
    Sex Slaves:
    A sex slave is sexually available for their owner. They gather experience by having intercourse. Sex slaves with high attraction can be offered to other characters as a gift.
    New Interactions to reveal or adopt children of Slaves:
    Reveal the fathers of the children born in slavery and even adopt them by using one of two new interactions!
    New Abdication Interaction:
    Right click on your character to use the new abdication interaction, which also transfers all of your slaves to your primary heir!
    Replaces/edits some vanilla files:
    might_cheat_on_partner_trigger in 00_romance_and_seduction_triggers.txt can_be_warrior_trigger in 00_war_and_peace_triggers.txt can_be_commander_basic_trigger in 00_war_and_peace_triggers.txt window_character.gui  
    Replaces/edits some files in Carnalitas:
    carn_doctrine_prostitution in carn_doctrines.txt carn_accepts_prostitution_trigger in carn_prostitution_triggers.txt carn_slave_prostitution_values.txt carn_slave_prostitution_events.txt carn_prostitution_doctrine_seeding_effects.txt carn_prostitution_default_religious_doctrine in carn_game_rules.txt carn_birth_control_decisions.txt carn_had_sex_with_effect.txt carn_sex_interaction_triggers.txt carn_force_start_prostitution_interaction.txt slave in carn_slave_relations.txt carn_sex_interaction.txt carn_slave_events.txt  
    This mods also contains a fix where slave prostitutes would not stop working when freed.
    This mod is save-game compatible! If you already have slaves in your save-game, right click on yourself and use the interaction "Setup Slave Categories". Please delete older versions of this mod (Including my stand-alone mods "Forced Labour" and "Slave Prostitution Doctrine") before installing!  
    Supported Languages:
    English German  
    Load Order
    LOAD ORDER without PA:
    Carnalitas Carnalitas Slavery Expansion  
    LOAD ORDER with PA:
    Carnalitas CBO Physical Attributes Carnalitas Slavery Expansion Carnalitas Slavery Expansion - PA Compatch  
    Permissions Policy
    You may use Slavery Expanded in your mod, but you MUST credit the author on your mod's description page.
    Interaction icons taken from Interaction Icon Project Full
    Everyone on the CK3 Mod Co-op Discord Server for answering my numerous questions!
    Cheri for creating Carnalitas
    Tutorial on how to add the slave tab to your custom window_character.gui



  17. No Fertility Loss

    A very simple mod that removes the fertility loss after a woman gives birth, for both player and AI alike. Should be compatible with pretty much everything, however if another mod edits the same value, then this one should be loaded after it



  18. Extra Lewd Religion

    This is a quite simple fusion of the Carnalitas Dei and More Religion Tenets Slots mods, and as of the first version, pretty much Carnalitas Dei but with 20 tenet slots on religion creation, but i do plan on adding more stuff to this mod, be either original ideas thought by me or suggested by someone else, or just compiling more stuff from other religion mods
    For a better detailed description of the features, i suggest going to the pages of the two mods mentioned before. Also, just like Carnalitas Dei, the main Carnalitas mod is required for this to work



  19. Mango's Lewd Diplomacy

    Mango's Lewd Diplomacy (Formally The Lupanarius Project)
    What is this mod?
    This mod adds one new specialist subject type and one new federation type to vanilla Stellaris called the Lupanarius. A Lupanarius Subject is one who specializes in maximising pop growth speed through breeding and mating as opposed to resource output. A Sensual Liasion federation type focuses on improving the health of their population, through extensive breeding. Just a heads up though, this is my first ever Stellaris mod, so bugs and terrible coding are present and I encourage any suggestions or bug pointers as I've only started learning how to mod Stellaris.
    Why make this mod?
    Honestly, I felt that diplomacy was lacking in some other Stellaris mods, and hoped to fill the void with this mod. Not to mention that after having played around with Vassals Expanded (Steam Workshop::Vassals Expanded and Reworked - FunEFork (steamcommunity.com) I felt inspired to create a lewd subject version of my own. Obviously though, my ideas for diplomacy may sometimes be terrible, so feedback would be welcome.
    Currently Added Features:
    -New Lupanarius Subject Type (Available through regular diplomacy, as well as through the Imperial Thief Dom Origin)
    -New Federation Type (Available through regular diplomacy, as well as through the Lewd Bond Origin)
    -2 New Civics (Obedient Breeders and Striptease Culture, both having unique megacorp and hivemind equivalents)
    -2 New Origins (Lewd Bonds and Escaped Gene Sex Slaves)
    -2 New Branch Office Buildings (Pornography Arthouse and Tantalizing Nightclub, accessible through the Lap Dance Marketing Civic )
    -2 New Diplomatic Stances (Serviceable and Affectionate)
    -A New Edict (Mating Festivals, accessible as a level 4 president reward in the sensual lision federation)
    -A New Empire Policy (Libido Specialization, accessible as a level 5 member reward in the sensual lision federation)
    -Various New Graphics for the Lupanarius Subject Type (Quite poorly done I might add as I'm no artist)
    -New Overlord Holding (The Cathouse Sanctum)
    -New Subject Buildings (5 in total, including the Lupanarius Ghetto, Lupanarius Genetic Labs, Lupanarius Carving, Lupanarius Bio-matter Plant and the Lupanarius Orgy Manor. Bare in mind all buildings apart from the Ghettos are upgradable, and have their own hive mind unique counterparts with machine counterparts hopefully coming soon.)
    -New Jobs for both Subject Buildings and Overlord Holding
    -New Subject Starbase Buildings (Including the Proliferation Ship Bay, Reconditioning Complex, Breeding Experimentation Facility, Mating Training Grounds, Aphrodisiac Dispenser and the Mind Control Centre)
    -3 New Lupanarius Governor Traits (Lupanarius Harlot, Lupanarius Incubator and Lupanarus Inseminator)
    -3 New Species Trait (Unlocked by Brainwash decision, Escaped Gene Sex Slaves and Obedient Breeders civic, including equivalents, respectively)
    -A New Subject Decision (Requires the Mind Control Centre)
    -3 New Planetary Modifiers (Triggered by Cathouse Sanctum Holding, Hyper-Relay Network or Brainwash Decision)
    -7 New Technologies that Unlock Buildings / Starbase Buildings
    -2/3 ish New Event (Pretty bland though, hope to add more in the future)
    Changelog Archive: 
    The Vanilla file should be compatible with most other mods and overrides the following Vanilla Stellaris files:
    However, I've made a few compatibility patches for certain mods as to assimilate their features with this mod for QOL, or ensure they work correctly. This includes patches for the Vassals expanded mod (Steam Workshop::Vassals Expanded and Reworked - FunEFork (steamcommunity.com)) , the Sexy Xeno Traits mod, and QOL Jobs patch for Lustful Void.
    Lupanarius Vassal Patch:
    This patch allows a Lupanarius subject to use the more precise subject tax as well as special subject terms seen in that mod. I have however left the default terms for the new terms as to allow for more freedom in negotiating terms. Load Order:
    -Lupanarius Vanilla
    -UI Overhaul (OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED Steam Workshop::UI Overhaul Dynamic (steamcommunity.com))
    -Vassals Expanded
    -Lupanarius + Vassals Patch
    Lupanarius Lustful Void Patch:
    This patch acts more as a QOL patch, where certain jobs from this mod are instead replaced with jobs from Lustful Void that make more thematic sense. Still however, this isn't required as LV and this mod are innately compatible. Load Order:
    -Lustful Void
    -Lupanarius Vanilla
    -Lupanarius + LV Patch
    Lupanarius Sexy Xeno Traits Patch: 
    This patch is a new version of the Sexy Xeno Traits mod that works alongisde the new room graphics for the Lupanarius subject type. Bare in mind though that all Sexy Xeno rooms are removed from this mod version as it would cause the Lupanarius Room to not show. Load Order:
    -Lupanarius + Xeno Patch 
    -Lupanarius Vanilla 
    Potential Future Features: 
    This list includes features that I either don't know how to code, or would take too long to implement normally. However, these are features I want to eventually add to the mod, come it sooner or later. If you're someone who knows coding well, then I'd appreciate any tips on implementing these kinds of features.
    -More Events (Events revolving around the special Lupanarius starbase buildings in particular)
    -More Traits (Both positive and Negative)
    -More Negative Traits (Both positive and Negative)
    -A Lupanarius Colossus type that gives all the inhabitants on a planet a crippling and unremovable trait
    -More Lupanarius Exclusive Technology (Primarily Buffs to resource production or special Lupanarius only features)
    -A Federation version of the Lupanarius (Bonuses more balanced for all members)
    -Possibly new galactic resolutions for the Lupanarius (or at least integrating the Lupanarius into the Intergalactic Directives resolution)
    -New Espionage mission maybe? (Literally have 0 clue how to actually make this)
    -New civics that synergise with the Lupanarius
    -New Precursor Chain??? (Very ambitious though)
    -Different Versions of the Lupanarius for hive , machine and megacorp empires entirely with their own bonuses
    -A way for the subject to pay the overlord a tax of pops every 5/10 years, similar to the blood tax in the Vassals Expanded mod (HIGH PRIORITY, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME)
    -Unique branch office buildings
    -Better AI Weights and Building Usage
    -Trade Conversion Policy (One that allows the player to focus on a sex economy without having to worry about other resource deficits)
    New suggestions may be added or removed from here, depending on if they're completed or even feasible.
    Bugs and Glitches:
    I'm sorry if bugs or game breaking stuff is in this mod, its just that testing everything in this mod is, at least for me, very time consuming and adding new features is sometimes tricky to fully figure out. Pretty much 99% of the coding in this mod is copied and modified from Vanilla or other mods as I have 0 coding skills of my own so yeah. Just a fair warning to keep your expectations low. Also, do note that I really have no idea of how to balance the different job output/upkeeps or manage ai weights effectively so those parts of the mod may be atrocious.  
    If you do want to change something in this mod, be it the icon graphics, certain job stats or implement your own feature, then by all means you can edit this mod yourself. If you do plan on uploading it though, I would appreciate you asking me on discord beforehand. And just in case I disappear and never update this mod again, then you have full permission to change or integrate this mod into your own mods.
    Extra Notes:
    The mods used in the various screenshots: 
    UI Overhaul Dynamic - Steam Workshop::UI Overhaul Dynamic (steamcommunity.com)
    SE Humans 2 - Steam Workshop::SE: Human 2 (steamcommunity.com)
    SE Humans 2 Nudity + LV Patch - SE Human 2 LV Patch + Nudity - Stellaris - LoversLab
    My discord is 'Catch a Mango #4814' if you want to DM me or have any concerns
    Thanks for reading this wall of text, I know I wouldn't.



  20. EctoBukkake's Adventures

    EctoBukkake's Adventures is made to add lewd flavor to CK2 by letting the player go on adventures to various locations. Adventures include RPG style loot, smut and decisions.
    This is a very early functional build of the mod. I decided to release an extremely early alpha version to get feedback on my work. There is only one area made, with 5 lewd scenes to play through. Two are focused on bestiality and four have the potential to be noncon.
    An adventure is triggered through a decision that can be made every 180 days. Available to female players with 5 prestige to pay.
    All events are written for females, and men do not have access to them. They are also geared towards Christian characters in Europe. Player choices are affected by traits. For example, a chaste character will not willingly engage in sexual acts. A Lustful one will find it difficult to resist. Characters can gain traits through choice in events.
    There are currently lewd images for four of the scenes. I'm currently focused on writing the content of the mod, so I don't have much time to scour for images. It would be greatly appreciated if anybody would like to contribute to the by finding good hentai/drawn graphics that suit the scenes. 
    Current Features:
    One adventure area (The Forest) accessible through a decision.
    5 Sex scenes with different choices, outcomes and modifiers.
    Lewd Images for 4 of the Sex Scenes.
    Multiple character modifiers that are added based on by choice in events. Choices that are influenced by character traits.
    Multiple character traits gained through events.
    Planned Features:
    New Areas
    More Scenes Per Area
    More Choices and Branches for Events
    Artifacts and More Loot
    Character Traits
    Rules to Toggle Kinks
    Graphics for Events
    More Effects Post Event
    Event Choices and Results Based on Character Traits.
    Bad Ends
    Prestige/Piety gains and loses from events.
    I plan to make this mod as kinky as possible. In the future they will be able to be toggled through game rules. Kinks that are currently in the mod include:
    Bestiality (Horse, Wolf) Breeding Rape Noncon/Dubcon Cumplay Cumflation Orgasm Denial Gangbangs Forced Poisoning/Drugging  
    I would love to hear feedback about my mod. I made a very short survey on Google Forms, please fill it out if you have any ideas!
    This scope of new content is fairly small as I spent most of my time preparing other features and content to be added in a future version.
    New in V0.01.05
    Rebalanced Traits and Modifiers
    Added New Random Events to Find Loot
    Made Some Event Chains More Consise
    Fixed a bug in an event chain.
    I made a Discord Server to show off what I'm working on as well as interact with the community.
    To install the mod, just unzip it into your correct ck2 mod directory.
    EctoBukkake's Adventures is fully compatible with all other sex mods available on Loverslab.
    I will try to make an update every other week.
    Feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Author: EctoBukkake
    EctoBukkake's Adventures uses Bigger Events by: ngppgn.
    Bigger Events: ngppgn



  21. Sexy Lovecraft

    This mod has two purposes.
    1. It is a compatibility mod for Cheri Song's Carnalitas Dei and Harald B's Lovecraftian Religions.
    2. It adds some tentacle sex.
    Mod made by SensualTentacle, based on an idea by Sensate. Tentacle scenes written by GateKeeper.
    Special thanks to Cheri Song and Harald B for creating the mods that this is a submod of.
    Also special thanks to all the wonderful people in the Carnalitas Discord server (including Cheri again) for answering all my noob questions about modding.



  22. [ck2] True Immortal Cultivation

    Hello everyone!
    This is my first mod release on LoversLab, I chose a somewhat bad timing to start the project, a few months ago - as just over a week CK3 was released (which won't exactly hype the popularity for an "old" game). In any case, the mod has seen many improvements and additions over time and I hope it is suitable for use. I tagged it "Alpha Test" as I have been the only one playing with it so far - and I know many things stay hidden from the programmer. I'd appreciate it if you could point out any flaws / problems / inconcistencies etc. you encounter.
    - Thank you! -
    To join Immortal Mountain and start cultivating you need to open the society view and click the (!) symbol next to Immortal Mountain to show interest in joining the sect.
    Join conditions are are now much more lenient with version 0.1.0:
    - below 16 years of age with 10 learning or genius trait
    - below 20 years of age with 20 learning and virgin (no children, unmarried, no concubines, no lovers, not lustful, no master seducer, no great pox - unless you use a mod that manages a virgin trait)
    - below 40 years of age (should you not fall into the categories above)
    Also WARNING: Use with a new game only, as new traits are added - and this will usually wreck your savegames!
    True Immortal Cultivation
    Recommended Mods:
    Bigger Interface - Recommended for many Consorts/Children/Traits (You will get VERY OLD, even though you don't look it)
    Compatible Mods:
    DarkWorldReborn - Will use Traits and Checks
    Luxuria Fantasia
    Cheri Portraits - I wanted to mention it, as I used it in the screenshots as well
    Special Thanks:
    dewguru - for making DWR and inspiring me!
    Ngppgn, Drax70, and TrxXx - For customizing the event windows for DWR, which I reuse in this mod!
    Change Log:
    v. 0.0.1 Initial Release (Alpha)



  23. Divine Prostitution Faith Pack

    This mod adds two new faiths which both utilize the features added by Divine Prostitution. This is optional; if you want to make your own faith in game or modify an existing one, you do not need this mod to do it.
    The faiths added in this mod are the result of about a quarter hour total of haphazard reading on wikipedia, and aren't meant to be historically relevant or realistic.
    For anyone wanting the original submod, Triskelia has it working with royal court here:
    Will conflict with mods that modify the Christian and Islam religion files - HOWEVER I built this on top of Carnalitas Dei, so it is compatible with AND requires that mod Carnalitas (required) Carnalitas Dei (required) Other Carnalitas submods Adroit's Divine Prostitution This mod  
    You may not agree with my doctrine choices, which I tried to ground in some kind of reality. Fortunately it's extremely easy to change. Just go to the mod files and change any doctrines you wish to remove or swap out. Feel free to post in the support topic or contact me on the Carnalitas discord if you need help.
    Christian faith without ecumenism - everyone will hate you Based roughly on sacred prostitution that supposedly took place in the temple of Aphrodite in Corinth, don't think about it too much Tenets: Tantric Sex (from Carnalitas Dei), Sacred Childbirth, Ritual Celebrations Holy sites: Corinth Nicosia in Cyprus (another site of supposed Aphrodite cults) Jerusalem, Antioch, Cologne  
    Islamic zandaqaza faith - everyone will hate you Based roughly on the idea of an ancient Mesopotamian mystic cult kind of thing, don't think about it too much Tenets: Struggle & Submission, Taqiya (false conversion sanction), Inner Journey Holy sites Babylon Siffa Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem



  24. Far Eastern Cultures CK3

    A mod that adds far-eastern cultures and religions to CK3, as well as adding some dead religions.
    Currently, it adds Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Malay, Javanese, Batak, Achanese, Cham, Thai and Khmer cultures and the Shinto and Muist religions. It also adds Celtic Paganism, Basque Paganism, Egyptian Paganism, Atenism, Canaanite Pagnaism, Mesopotamian Paganism, Arabian Paganism, Roman Paganism (separate from Hellenism), Mithraism and Etruscan Paganism. It also adds new Gypsy cultures, and an opportunity to hire Gypsy and Jewish courtiers - currently as a decision, with plans to reintroduce the old CK2 events later.
    The mod also adds sacred languages for religions, like Latin for Catholicism and Sanskrit for Hinduism.
    Discussion topic:| Git Repository | Discord group | Compatibility patch for Human Phenotype Project
    The mod depends on Carnalitas Dei. Extra credits to 痕 for letting me use his assets from Chinese headgear and clothing.
    Is this mod save-game compatible?
    Obviously not.
    Can I use your mod as part of my mod? Or recycle any other parts of your mod for mine?
    Yes. You don't even need to ask. Just do it. Sure, crediting would be nice, but otherwise, feel free to.
    Just what the heck does this mod do?!
    Originally, this mod started off as exactly what it is called, as of now - "Far Eastern Cultures & Religions for CK3". It added certain Far-Eastern cultures into the game (namely Japanese), originally intended to be nothing more than a dependency of a personal mod of mine called "LulzMod" (a mod that simple adds me, my personal friends - some of whom are Japanese - and some joke stuff into CK3. It was before the ruler designer!). As time went on, the scope of the mod expanded. I started adding in dead religions that obviously weren't Far-Eastern (Basque, Egyptian, Mithraism, Etruscan, Ashurism, Canaanite, etc.), I brought back the Jewish courtiers from CK2, added Gypsies, started adding new Christian denominations, new religious doctrines, sacred language doctrines, new traditions, etc. I also took the liberty to re-implement features of mods that I loved but stopped being updated, such as the pet preferences mod.
    All in all:
    New offmap Far-Eastern Cultures, such as Japanese, Ainu, Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Thai, Khmer, Malay, Batak, Cham and Javanese New Chinese clothes (taken from a mod that stopped being updated with the permission of the author, 痕) for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures Dead religions rescurrected: Celtic, Egyptian, Semitic, Mithraic and more! Hire Jewish courtiers Borrow money from the Jews! Hire Romani spymasters, if you live in an apropriate region! New regional traditions for East Slavs, Hungarians and Dravidians New cultures: Icelandic, Albanian, Crimean Gothic, Arpitan, Moravian, Székely Italian is split into Romagnol, Tuscan, Laziale, Umbrian, etc. Cultures and religions have authentic localized names, rather than Modern English Sacred language doctrines for religions, including Latin for Catholicism Expanded religious doctrines: final disposition, afterlife, syncretism,  various tenets turned into doctrines, etc. More Christian denominations: start the Protestant Reformation 500 years early, if you wish! Resurrect dead denominations like Ebionitism, Pelagianism or Donatism!  
    At this point, the name "Far Eastern Cultures & Religions" doesn't even do this mod justice! In fact, the focus has shifted so much, that the offmap East Asian cultures - that are only accessible via the Ruler Designer - are merely the icing on the cake, with the mod being more like a general culture and religion overhaul mod.
    Maybe a name change is in order?
    Holy sites?
    Shinto: Socotra, Maldives, Dakhina Desa, Ras Hafun, Suzhou Muism: Socotra, Maldives, Dakhina Desa, Ras Hafun, Suzhou Celtic: Ynis Mon / Anglesey, Orleans, Wiltshire (because Stonehenge), Lugo, Breifne, Vannes Egyptian: Giza, Asyut, Qus, Alexandria, Cairo, Basque: Navarre, Viscaya, Labourd, Bordeaux, Andorra Hellenism: Athens, Sparta, Alexandria, Lesbos, Knossos/Chandax Mithraism: Rome, Yazd, Sparta, Alexandria, Carthage Roman: Rome, Ravenna, Baalbek, Montpellier, Carthage Etruscan: Firzente/Florence, Rome, Augsburg, Grisons, Lesbos Ashurism: Lalish, Baghdad, Damascus, Antioch, Colonea Canaanite: Jerusalem, Baalbek, Acre, Carthage, Antioch Al-Asnam / South Arabian: Mecca, Aksum, Aden, Yamama, Bahren  
    Requires Carnalitas Dei and Carnalitas Mundi. Sorry not sorry, puritans.



  25. CBO Carnal Court Lite

    If you want to support me: You could buy me a coffee❤️
    From the creator of the Royal Court Expansion for Weddings Expanded.
    CBO Carnal Court Lite
    is a modification of CBO Carnal Court with the aim to introduce royal court sex without giving everyone access to a royal court.
    No Royal Court for Everyone:
    Similar how I trigger Weddings Expanded's court events for every realm tier, this mod no longer requires to give everyone access to a royal court to experience the court sex scenes.
    No separate "Make Love" Interaction:
    This mod will trigger whenever Carnalitas triggers the "Make Love" Interaction and therefore does not need its own interaction anymore.
    Integrated Free Cam for Royal Court:
    I integrated Free Camera for Royal Court into this mod, so you no longer need it when running this mod. Press F during court sex to look around!
    If you use Community Flavor Pack (CFP), you will need "CBO Carnal Court Lite - CFP Compatch" If you use Weddings Expanded (WE), you will need "Weddings Expanded - CBOCCL Compatch" If you use CFP and WE, you will need "Weddings Expanded - CBOCCL + CFP Compatch"  
    This mod is save-game compatible! Please delete older versions of this mod before installing! Don`t use together with the original Carnal Court.  
    Supported Languages:
    English Other languages use english localization  
    Load Order
    LOAD ORDER without Weddings Expanded and Community Flavor Pack:
    Carnalitas CBO CBO Carnal Court Lite CBO Carnal Court Lite - Animation Pack (optional)  
    LOAD ORDER with Community Flavor Pack:
    Carnalitas CFP CBO CBO CFP Compatibility CBO Carnal Court Lite CBO Carnal Court Lite - Animation Pack (optional) CBO Carnal Court Lite - CFP Compatch  
    LOAD ORDER with Weddings Expanded:
    Weddings Expanded Carnalitas CBO CBO Carnal Court Lite CBO Carnal Court Lite - Animation Pack (optional) Weddings Expanded - CBOCCL Compatch  
    LOAD ORDER with Weddings Expanded and Community Flavor Pack:
    Weddings Expanded Carnalitas CFP CBO CBO CFP Compatibility CBO Carnal Court Lite CBO Carnal Court Lite - Animation Pack (optional) Weddings Expanded - CBOCCL + CFP Compatch  
    Permissions Policy
    I wish for @Mange2020 to fully integrate this mod into his main mod so I no longer need to maintain it
    @Mange2020 for creating CBO Carnal Court



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