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    1. Maximus Portraits

      Maximus Portratis
      By Maximus
      Maximus Portraits is a mod that assigns a portrait to your character, and every other character, depending on their culture. As such, there are a very wide range of portraits in this mod! Around 800 or so...
      As of right now, only female characters are supported, but male character support is in the works!
      This portrait mod is meant more for style rather than authenticity, so you'll see plenty of "historically inaccurate" portraits and characters that look like they don't belong.
      ...but you don't really care for that, do you?
      All of the portraits are automatically assigned at the start of the game depending on the game rules you choose! Portraits can also be assigned manually, through the Intrigue tab, or through using the console [instructions located within the readme]. As of right now, since males are not supported, "gender bending" portraits are not supported. Please make sure that game rule is set to "Off", as it's not done yet!  
      Incompatible with Cheri Portraits. Compatible with Luxuria Fantasia. Compatible with Tentacle Dreams, with custom portraits for brood characters too! After the End and After the End Old World, if you install the appropriate version of Maximus Portraits!  
      Special Thanks
      Cheri Portraits, for providing the base inspiration [and lots of good code to work with] The House Irae discord for being very helpful with modding!



    2. Stellaris - Furry Femboy Portraits.

      Isn't really enough male focused content for Stellaris so I decided to make this, a furry femboy portrait pack containing 50 portraits.

      Simply extract the contents of the zip to documents/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod



    3. DZM Expanded

      DZM Expanded

      DroZzhat is taking a break from modding and I have been given permission to keep things updated and to expand upon content.
      What to expect?

      -Expanded Holding Options
      Tribal and Feudal, and some Republic, holdings can build all sorts of game play enhancing content. You can have access to Court Assassins, Thieves Guilds, Mercenary and Fighter's Guilds. Create hidden tunnels and your own mystical workshop to tap into the arcane. Build a private library to improve your mind. Build a workshop to improve your tech level!
      -Soul Forging.
      Find relics of old and from other worlds to create and/or summon heroes to serve you in whichever way you see fit.(A lot of video game and anime characters)
      -Magical Mastery
      Find or steal mysterious spells to become a master of the mystical arts. Raise a spirit army, drain life force from your enemies, courtiers, or random wildlife. Regenerate from fatal wounds. Enhance yourself! Be it your mind, strength or beauty!
      For a more in depth explanation of content please check out the Original Description.

      What's the difference?
      DZM Expanded started out to expand primarily just Soulforging. Now that I am supporting DZM I will be fleshing out other features and adding new ones as my skills progress and my time permits.
      You will not be the only one summoning minions. Soulforges have been sorted into various classes and the AI has the potential to have one of each class. This is primarily based on the Fate Stay series. Each having traits and bonuses I expanded to reflect their class. I have it set that you will not be able to steal these servants from other lords to create your own little Chaldea from Fate Grand Order. For the time being I am focusing on adding more Soulforges to the world. When I am happy with the results I will slowly remove some of the ones spawning in the world and add them to the list of player Soulforges. Right now you just have the chance to duel other mystics for their tomes to expand your own spells. I added localization to unfinished traits and some systems. This adds for more uniqueness and individualizes many Soulforges.
      More differences will become apparent as I progress in development.
      :To Do:
      Finish implementing all of the servants from the Fate Franchise. After that I'll add Zelda and Fire Emblem characters. I'll jump off into other franchises.
      Not all of the Soulforges I've made have their own unique artifacts. This is mostly because the process is soul crushing and I have no ability to make custom artifact art. I will get this done however.
      Complete and expand non-Soulforge content. I haven't really touched it yet but I will expand after I finish my prioritization list.



      Luxuria Fantasia: Various traits will be given to characters if active.
      Ala's Body Mod: Fully supported if you have it activated.
      Dark World Tentacles: The vast majority of characters will be immune to tentacle content but a handful of them will be supported and some will even feature scenes and add content
      Tale of Nine Tails: Kitsune characters will have their traits replaced with the ones ToNT uses and they will be given the appropriate number of tails.

      Mods that add new religion icons. All that happens is that the icons in this mod will look odd but it's nothing game breaking. I'm looking into fixing this.
      Overhaul Mods: This is waaaay out of my skill range right now. If you want to help make patches or something I welcome the aid.


      Q: Will you make mod A or B compatible with DZM Expanded?

      A: Unless it's a minor conflict, no. DZM in general has very few conflicts with non-overhaul mods. I may be willing to change a trait name or something but don't expect something that would require major alterations.

      Q: Will you be adding content to nomads?

      A: No. A lot of stuff relies on remaining in one place and I'm not gonna make that huge of an alteration.
      Q: Will you be adding content to Republics

      A: It's not the priority but I will give a definitive yes.
      Q: Can you add [Insert thing here]?

      A: I'm gonna copy paste DZ's response.

      Q: All of the added Soulforges use official anime looking art.




    4. Situational Nudity

      A.K.A. Fully Automated Luxury Nudist Space Communism.
      This is a mod with three major features, each with its own section below.
      This is both Ironman and—if you don't use the optional insult fix—Achievement compatible. I assume it works fine in multiplayer but I have no idea what it'll do when one player has it and another doesn't. Try it and let me know. Better yet, run a Nudist Communist Xeno-Compatibility build in a game with Stefan Annon and let me know.
      To install, unzip the files in your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod folder. Situational Nudity is currently intended for Stellaris version 2.7.1.
      Situational Nudity
      Pops, leaders, and rulers will be naked when:
      they're slaves, they're part of a hive mind, they have the servile, docile livestock, or nerve-stapled traits, or you're running Shared Burdens. Fully Automated Luxury Nudist Space Communism. I wanted a way to easily get a nudist empire without running a hive mind and this civic made the most sense to me. Clothing is IMO one of the biggest indicators of socioeconomic status and I can absolutely see a communist paradise doing without it. I'm not claiming it's realistic, just that it makes enough sense to me and I think it's fun. Humans and humanoids 2 through 5 will all be fully naked, courtesy of Nessa's artwork. Unfortunately I can't undress every portrait because the portrait artwork literally isn't finished most of the time. I should also add that all of the nude portraits are pretty tame aside from Nessa's additions. There's also no fancy nipple rings or chains or extra clothes or anything crazy. Just the regular Paradox clothing and good honest nudity in the appropriate conditions.
      You'll get to enjoy the following portraits naked (ignoring the ones that already are):
      Humans Klingons Ridged baldies Tentacle people Elves Yetis Horses Warthogs Otters (sexy little otters) Bat people (Otto Abnormalverbraucher's mod even gave the females nipples. I'm aware this is the best feature, try not to get too excited). Ketlings/rackets Brown Sonic the hedgehog The chinless wonders Feathery cyclops (I fixed these portraits up myself for this mod actually. This is the only avian in the list). None of the arthropoids are affected. I'm sad too. Squiddy cyclops (This is the only molluscoid in the list). None of the fungoids are affected. They don't even have genders but I guess they're shy. All of the clothed plantoids are affected. If you like this mod then this is the DLC to buy. Somebody at Paradox was committed and didn't want to be lazy when they were drawing these portraits. Or they really like plants. Who knows. Of course, the lithoids and robots never needed clothing to begin with, the magnificent nudist bastards. All of the other portraits are either already naked full-time or literally aren't drawn with bodies. If you're an artist, I'd love some help with this (please?). Some of the portraits are damn close to finished already, they just lack arms or they get cut off or something. Or just add reasonable looking titties and nipples to some of the nicer looking portraits, that's cool too.
      Credit for this section goes to Nessa for both the idea (Real Human Slaves) and for the artwork.
      Situational Nudity also includes, updates, and polishes the following mods:
      Cat Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Fox Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Horse Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Warthog Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Monkey Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Otter Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Squirrel Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Llama Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Ox Dimorphism portraits by Silfae Void Dimorphism portraits by Rivershaw Space Goat Dimorphism portraits by SoulDoubt Dragon Dimorphism portraits by NullPointer and its fix by shredtilldeth Bat Dimorphism portraits by Otto Abnormalverbraucher Reptilian 2 Dimorphism portraits by Forte Avian 2 (Space Duck) Dimorphism portraits by Gnefitisis一三 Reptilian12 (Space Angler Fish) Dimorphism portraits by Gnefitisis一三. I actually fixed this on my own (along with a lot else, see below) but to avoid accusations of plagiarism or unfairness or whathaveyou I may as well say I included its fix by shredtilldeth. Might be worth clarifying that I haven't just cobbled them together with a few minutes of copying and pasting, I've compared each of them line by line to vanilla and cleaned it all up. Superfluous files are removed. Errors from the error log are all cleaned up. I redrew clothing to ensure all clothing is a perfect match for vanilla, so the royal outfits have been added everywhere and all of Silfae's females have every single item of clothing the men do. It's intended to be as seamless and vanilla as possible. The animation lists have been matched with vanilla, pops now have appropriate clothing types (many of them had old tile-system code just commented out, so all female pops would dress alike...) I'm no artist but I also cleaned up Silfae's cat female graphics a bit. Lightened the eyes and matched the males in color, along with minimizing the 'thick eyeliner' look they had. I'm an obsessive man. I am both proud and ashamed.
      I'm not claiming credit for any of the above and I respect all of their work.
      No Bad Hair
      We got a lot of new hair in a patch and not all of it was great. Situational Nudity removes 3 of the 4 new human hairstyles, 7 of the 8 new elf hairstyles, and the silly male elf bowl cut. All of the recolors and new clothing are kept.
      Known Issues
      You might still get insulted for wearing clothing, even if you aren't. You similarly can't belittle other empires for wearing clothing. You can fix this by downloading my optional fix, but it comes at the cost of achievement compatibility. This is the only line in error.log I get from this mod, and I don't know what causes it. In testing I haven't noticed any issues in-game but I'd love to hear from anyone that knows what this is and how to solve it, if it's even caused by this mod ([empire_design.cpp:831]: Failed to migrate government type [gov_despotic_empire] to authority for empire design. Mods?). Not all instances of your pops will be naked. For example, pops on your species screen will remain clothed and the 'pop growing' image will also remain clothed. I don't think this can be fixed either, at least not without making the portraits entirely nudist (which I don't want to do). A few of the portraits actually have an existing nude portrait for pre-sentients, often with extra details. Shoulder flaps that stick out, for example, or more feathers. The cthulhu humanoids should have bulkier shoulders. Your naked pops won't look like this, both because I haven't drawn those into the portrait and because I'm pretty sure they'd peek out from the clothing. Since I really want normal empires to not look weird, I don't think I can fix this. I'm open to ideas. When you go to the empire portrait selection screen some of the humanoid pops will have their naked outfit selected. I have no earthly clue what's happening here. I replicated this bug with a LITERALLY EMPTY mod folder, it still defaulted to outfit 5 with ONLY my EMPTY mod enabled, outfit 1 without. Who the hell knows. Because the naked outfit doesn't show up at the end of the clothing list, your existing empire rulers might be coincidentally naked (or they might have the wrong outfit). I've included a fix for the Commonwealth of Man (their leader was a little more spartan than the developers intended), but I can't fix your own empires. Your existing communist and hive mind empires probably won't have naked rulers. You'll need to change their outfit yourself. Or maybe that's a feature, only Dear Leader gets to wear clothing in socialist paradise.  
      Questions & Answers
      Q: Can I have any of these modules by themselves?
      A: No, it's an all or nothing affair.
      Q: Why are the communists naked? That makes no sense.
      A: Mostly because without this feature I can't play with a nudist empire that's not a hive mind. The best solution to this would be to let any empire be nudist if you undressed your default ruler, but I don't think this is possible. At least not while keeping things achievement compatible.
      Q: Is this compatible with X?
      A: I have no idea, but I edit a bunch of vanilla files. I recommend you copy my mod to your desktop and then copy the other mod over top of it (eg their gfx folder over my gfx folder). If it wants to overwrite files, it's probably not compatible.
      Q: Do I need every DLC?
      A: I have no idea. I have all of them. I'd assume it'll work even if you don't have some.
      Q: Why is this on Lovers Lab but not the Steam Workshop?
      A: I don't feel like fighting with admins about whether my mod is appropriate or not, mostly. Also the subject matter invites inappropriate discussion, even if the actual graphics are pretty tame. It's also nice that if an artist does decide to contribute I don't have to weigh how appropriate it is and it can be discussed.



    5. The House of O - A Society for BDSM

      Do you want to take a break from ruling over others and serve them for a change? 
      Do you want to dominate your lover and make them submit to you?
      Do you like lots of events?
      Then this mod is for you!
      This is a beta version. Although it was tested and is fully playable, there are probably still some bugs left.
      Join the House of O and complete slave training. Find a dominant partner and submit to becoming their plaything. Become dominant yourself and start collecting a stable of slaves, or just keep the special one. Rise to the top and become the Master or Mistress of the House, enforcing your will on slaves and dominants alike. Explore the House of O in over 500 unique events  
      Hotfix available
      You can download and install the full mod as normal or update v1.0 or v1.0a with the hotfix.
      Extract the hotfix archive into your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ folder and override existing files
      Joining the House
      Unconventional erotic practices are not exactly forbidden, but widely frowned upon. As such the House of O does not openly recruit new members, but sends personal invitations to promising individuals. As with any secret society you need to show interest in it for someone to approach you with a careful offer. Other than that, you need only your curiosity, and a healthy interest in carnal pleasures.
      Start a new game. Savegames that were started without the mod will not work.
      To be able to show interest in joining, you need to be:
      An adult Neither tribal nor nomadic Not imprisoned Neither chaste nor celibate  
      Rank 1 - Slave
      The first few years you will spend entirely at the House and train to become a good slave.
      Rank 2 - Servant
      As a servant you are free to come and go as you please. You may be called upon to keep the House running, and maybe you will find a friend or even something more among the other servants.
      Rank 3 - Domina / Dominus
      Not everyone has what it takes, to be a dom. Many are content with staying submissive, but those who rise above enjoy all the benefits the House offers.
      Rank 4 - Master / Mistress
      The Master or Mistress oversees all the aspects of the House, but they share not their secrets in ensuring the society stays safe and prospers.
      Offer Submission
      Offer to become the submissive part in a relationship.
      Craft Devices
      Using plans and instructions from the House of O you‘re able to craft restraints, toys, or accessories suiting your fancy. You will additionally need to acquire tools and materials. More learned characters have a higher chance to create quality works.
      Choose Slave Lifestyle
      While all members of the House share some common tastes, everyone has their own kinks. With this power you can choose a special lifestyle trait from a list of diverse fetishes.
      Commission Devices
      Don't want to work yourself? That's what servants are for. Upon reaching rank 3 in the House, you have the option of commissioning various devices used in your Sessions, paying for them with money or society currency.
      What would a dominant character be without the ability to dominate others? It might take some time, but you know just how to coax a lover or spouse into submitting to you. Of course you can also make the slaves and servants at the house yours, and while a slave can only have one master, a dominant can have many slaves.
      Hold Session
      Not a society power per se, but a decision any dominant can take to start a session with their submissive lover. It will most commonly become available to you by dominating someone, but is also possible if a member of the House offers submission to you regardless whether you're a member or not.
      Demand to manage your slave's finances and use them to their benefit ... or yours.
      Take Private Slave
      Choose among the fully trained servants and take a special private slave that is reserved for your own use. Assign proper housing and a daily duty to them, and reap the profits of an obedient minion that id fully dedicated to you.
      Dominate Ruler
      Project your dominance outside the House of O and dominate an Independent ruler into becoming your vassal. Some rules of the feudal system must be adhered, but this presents an opportunity to build your political power base without waging war.
      Some slaves are perfectly content with obeying their betters. Others must be reminded of their station every now and then. But there are those annoying few who just won't give in. Well now you have a way to make them obey, by thoroughly breaking their spirit and turning them into mindless thralls or some other entertaining and useful form.
      Extract the archive into your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ Enable the mod "BDSM Society: The House of O" in the Crusader Kings 2 Launcher Enjoy  
      Delete the folder "bdsmSociety" in your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ folder Extract the archive in that same folder and override existing files  
      No DLCs are required, but some events do not show the intended picture if Monks and Mystics is not enabled.
      Portrait Packs are recommended for more variety and prettier charaters, but no features depend on them.
      Compatible with version 3.3.3 of Crusader Kings 2. Older versions will probably cause issues, and are not supported.
      Compatible with the Lesbocracy-Mod, formerly known as "School of Sappho".
      Saves made with older versions of the mod may work, but I recommend starting a new game.
      There may be issues with mods that add new sounds.
      Other mods should work fine.
      Total Conversions will cause issues and crashes.
      Development Diaries
      DevDiary #1: Missions for Dominants
      DevDiary #2: Powers of Domination
      DevDiary #3: BDSM Sessions
      DevDiary #4: Master's Private Slave
      DevDiary #5: Boons of Being Master
      DevDiary #6: Master Powers
      DevDiary #7: New Relationship Interactions
      The Road Ahead
      Session Rework
      One major gripe I have with the current state of the mod are the sessions for SM-relationships. There are way too many repetitive events with no real choices and little gameplay consequences. I'm planning to completely remake the session system to offer a more varied narrative with fewer event popups and more actual choices for both doms and subs. For those who like the current sessions better, there will be an option to switch back to the legacy system.
      Tweaks and Fixes
      Although most of the features I wanted are fully implemented now, there are still bugs and and other mishaps that need to be corrected. I'll continue to read feedback and provide updates for the mod.
      This is a work of fiction meant for entertainment. It does not represent realistic relationships between humans. Some of the methods described in the mod may be unsafe. Please don't try them at home.
      Although most of the content depicts consensual relationships, this work also contains descriptions of forced slavery, non-consensual intercourse, and sexual violence. The author of this mod does not promote nor condone these practices.
      Special Thanks
      tacomarine – for ideas concerning interaction events between sub and dom lovers
      Buzhidao – for working out compatibility between our mods
      Korbah & SaintDaveUK – for providing easy to use trait icon templates for modders



    6. [CK2] Luxuria Fantasia - Updated: 18MAY20

      Luxuria Fantasia
      Version 1.7.1
      Updated 01APR20
      Potion Seller - allowing you to buy potions to enhance various parts of your character for a short time.
      Initiate Sex decision - Can right click a lover/spouse/consort's portrait for sexy funtimes. This may result in pregnancy.
      Racial seeding (Holy Fury required) - Starting on a Shattered/Random World will allow you to seed the entire world (or some of it) with LF races.
      Check Stats decision - For some reason, CK2 doesn't allow you to see hidden stats like fertility normally. This decision will give you an exact number to those hidden stats.
      Futa trait – Give your woman a dick and allow her to impregnate other women!
      Masculine/Feminine traits – Be a tomboy/girl!
      Slavery - Wish you could turn prisoners into gold? Enslave and sell them! Or just keep them. I don't care. I'm not your mother.
      Mage trait - Yer a wizard, Harry! Obtain the Mage trait and from your Wizard Tower, and start casting spells! Certain magically-aligned races will be able to naturally cast spells without needing the Mage trait.
      Sexual Role Selection - Take your sexytimes to a new level and become Dominant, Submissive, or a Switch! Two doms or two subs won't like each other. Switches are the universal role.
      Fantasy races - Demons, Half-demons, Divines, Nekos, Kitsunes, Dragons, Half-dragons, Elves, Orcs, and Fairies are all included. 
      Society of Seduction - A devil-worshiping society that isn't devil-worshiping, the Society of Seduction aims to bring the world of demonic seduction to virgins and the old alike.
      Ghosts - Sometimes when a ruler dies, they cannot accept their deaths and live on as a shade. Spoopy!
      Special NPCs - Charlotte the Bard, Mwamba the Warrior, Desmona the Vampire, and others join the cast.
      Custom Pagan Religion - For when you want to craft a religion just the way you want it before reformation.
      Join us in Discord!
      Crusader Kings II version 3.1+
      Way of Life for certain decisions involving focuses.
      Holy Fury if you want to play around with bloodlines.
      Download the file.
      Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
      Mark the Luxuria Fantasia checkbox in the launcher
      If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
      1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
      2. Delete the LuxuriaFantasia folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
      3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
      4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for Luxuria Fantasia. Optional: Include the modules.
      5. Restart the game.
      If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of Luxuria Fantasia are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #luxuria_fantasia channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
      Playing a total conversion mod?
      Sometimes total conversion mods overwrite things that LF does, such as the narrative event window. You can easily prevent conflicts by opening up the LF's .mod file in Notepad or Notepad++ and adding in this line:
      dependencies = { "XXX" }
      XXX being the exact name of the total conversion mod, as it appears in the CK2 launcher or its .mod file. If there is already a dependencies line present, add in "XXX" somewhere in the brackets.
      This will ensure that LF is loaded after the total conversion mod to prevent conflicts.
      Should be compatible with most things. Some mods may be out of date.
      dewguru - For the original Dark World Reborn and his permission to use the localisation
      zia - For allowing me to integrate v0.12 of Serpent Expansion into LF
      Everyone who beta tested 1.0 on the discord.
      R0nin78 and Jim Raynor for the localisation of the sexytimes events.
      Roll1d2Games for his valiant sacrifice of any possibility of YouTube monetization in order to support LoversLab mods. Go take a look at his channel.
      Help Support Me
      Have some pocket change lying around? Why not toss me a dollar over on SubscribeStar?
      Offmap Empires cluttering up the minimap?
      Click here!
      Looking for the dark elf content?
      Click here!



    7. [CK2] Dark World: Reborn - Updated 17MAY2020

      Dark World Reborn
      Requires Crusader Kings 2. In my testing I used version 3.3.3
      Part of the Succubus Seduction path uses the Way of Life DLC (you can just opt to not use the Kiss of Seduction if you don't have that DLC)
      Part of the Societies may call on content from the Monk and Mystics expansion.
      Dark World Reborn v1.82
      Mod Installation:
      With the game getting so many new players since it went free to play, I've finally broken down and put together some installation instructions. So now folks can simply be referred to the front page of either the mod download or the support page.
      The goal of Dark World Reborn will to make it as compatible as possible with other mods, when it is reasonable. Make me aware of an issue and I'll see if it can be addressed.
      What is this mod:
      Dark World Reborn is intended to be an adult fantasy mod. If you're not interested in the fantasy elements, there is still other content in the mod - from buildings such as brothels and slave markets, to events such as spending time with your loved one.
      This game has numerous Game Rules that can be used to fine tune your play experience if something doesn't interest you.
      Man kind rules the Earth. The mod includes the potential to have non-human races. However, this mod doesn't introduce them in any large numbers. That is because mankind has driven the non-human races into near extinction. Those that survive are in hiding, living in the fringes of civilization. So outside of a pair of major NPC's that get seeded (Fenris the wolf, Vlad the vampire), other non-humans may or may not be encountered during game play.

      It is important to note that Mankind predated many of the races and outnumbered them when they appeared. The appearance of many races took place during a phenomena that sages sometimes refer to as The Crossing. For about a century, Earth and the world of the Fae had a convergence, where some of their natives crossed over. To most of the world, this convergence is nothing more than another fable, yet the genetic mark of those that crossed over remains.

      NOTE: Some other mods go heavier on the non-human races, seeding them throughout the world. Dark World Reborn strives to be mod friendly, so using DWR with those other mods should be fine.
      Game Rule - Dark World Campaign:
      One of the Dark World Reborn has a game rules is 'Dark World Campaigns'. It is important to realize that this is just a quick start way to get some traits (such as starting as a Vampire), along with a narrative to help create a mind set for play. You can totally ignore the narrative, it's just meant to help those interested with a role-playing angle. A few campaigns do include special events specific to that campaign. For example - Rise of the Pack where you start as a Werewolf, gives you a narrative of being tasked by Fenris with helping the werewolves achieve dominance over mankind. At some point after you start, you'll get an event unique to this campaign where he sends you some aid and a potential courtier.
      If you select a campaign, you'll need to trigger it manually. Look at the Decisions on the Intrigue menu for your campaign start.
      Note: If you do something like select the 'Rise of the Pack' Campaign, but turn off 'Classic Monsters' - you'll bork things up and not get your decision. Reason being, Werewolves are considered Classic Monster content. So don't defeat yourself.

      So why start with a campaign option? Some folks want to start as a Vampire. Due to randomization, if you don't start as one, it could be years into the game before the chance appeared, and then, it might result in death instead of being turned.
      Non-Human Races:
      Note: there are no 'True Bloods' in DWR. While mankind was successful in pushing non-humans to extinction, those non-human races live on via descendants that are part human/part non-human. It's one reason non-human races are able to largely hide, by passing off as normal humans, unless they do something that exposes their heritage. So it's a planet with a bunch of half-breeds if you want to get picky.

      Now, many of those half-breeds have been accepted over time. Especially those who don't have a history of violence against humans. Still, people in general still are wary of the weird, and while they may not be automatically hostile towards some, there may still be a negative opinion hit.
      Non-Human Tolerance Law
      There are three stages. By default, any non-human race that is viewed as generally being a violent non-human species, can be arrested (via targeted decision). The law can be changed from the middle, to be completely tolerant (all non-humans are accepted), or to completely intolerant (all non-humans are criminal).
      Outside of the targeted decision to attempt to arrest someone, additional events may be influenced by the level of the law. For example - if your land sees all non-humans as criminals, then a non-human may opt to avoid your lands (thus preventing an event from firing).
      Heroes and Villains Content:
      What is coming next:
      - More content (new events)
      - Vampire feeding tweaks (feed on slaves!)
      - Simplify, overhaul slavery
      What is planned for the future (in no particular order):
      - Overhaul the arena interaction
      - Revisit Alchemist and Emporium shopping, merging some into the Wizard Tower shopping.
      - Revisit the 2 societies and determine whether they'll get more content or be removed
      Special Thanks:
      - ReMeDy for the assistance on the Custom Portraits mod, and your time in answering both my questions and those of some other folks in the support thread.
      - Genericlogin for his Christianity mod that got me interested in modding for CK2 in the first place
      - Lockeslylcrit and the work that was done over the past year with DWF.
      - Drax70 for a variety of image resizing and event contributions.
      - Jim Raynor for some event contributions.
      - Aliris, RustiYeti, YiffMeister, ngppgn, JIBECaid01, Veedanya, Sybreal for code or icon art contributions.
      - ngppgn's work on making a larger event window (original resource: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/)
      - Dem8840 for contributing some story and item ideas
      - Black Yoru, NeoSniper and others for various compatibility/patch mods that have helped others enjoy the mod.
      - Lover's Lab for having this environment.
      - Paradox for making CK2 so mod friendly and the continued support and content releases.
      Dark World Reborn Change Log History




      WILD LASCIVITY 1.3.1
      I consider this mod as an essential complement for a highly lacivious immersion of the space.
      >>>Lustful Void Mod<<<

      Special Thanks to:
      Progenitor2000 (German Localisation)
      Coolcoop (Corrected English Localisation)
      Meiton_88 (Finding and Fixing Minor Things)
      This is a mod that is still being tested, until what is proven the complements and mechanics that it brings for now are functional.
      Probably the results and rewards, and even the costs of the decisions, seem strange or exaggerated.

      If you have better ideas to balance the mod and make it more playable just contact me. 
      If you notice errors in the texts, it's because I'm not a native english speaker and much less professional. So, if you want to improve my texts you can help me.
      Any help and hint is welcome.

      Lustful Void
      Wild Lascivity
      If you use LV Smaller Pics Patch, place it in the middle of both.

      FIXES AND PATCHES: (READ before Downloading or Reporting an Error)

      Summary of the Mod:
      This mod is focused for the moment on the interaction with hives, animals and ancient entities.
      What this mod contain exactly? (I will mention only some of the main features of this mod)
      -MOTHERLY HIVE (Hive Mind ORIGIN) (UTOPIA DLC Required - Under Test)
      A new type of hive with fewer penalties and more ability to cooperate with other species. (Not compatible with Devouring Swarm or aggressive and intrusive civic.) It provides a bonus in relationships.
      It includes special mechanics with unique events for its type.

      -Fauna Breeding (Planet Decision)
      You can force your people to mate with the planetary wildlife to boost social research.
      For now there are only 4 possible outcomes of single-line events.

      -Titanic Life Breeding (Planet Decision)
      You can force your people to mate with the Titanic Life to boost society research.
      For now there are only 4 possible outcomes of single-line events.
      -Exotic Fauna Search (Planet Decision)
      Start an expedition in search of unknown, strange and probably highly dangerous specimens.
      More than 10 possible results.
      While the expedition is in progress you receive a 10% boost in society research on the planet.
      -Uplift Exotic Fauna (Planet Decision)
      Create a random species using the Exotic Fauna as test subjects.
      This will start a special project on the selected planet. The species class is selected randomly and their base Traits are always the same.
      -Allow exploration for the scientific leader. (Planet Decision)
      This decision will initiate a special project with multiple results.
      (It must be a non-artificial habitable planet without a colony that is within your borders.)
      -New Strategic Resource: Exotic Fauna
      Only obtained by Exotic Fauna Search (Planet Decision)
      The amount can vary, but it is common that you almost always find even one creature if you are lucky.
      This new resource can be used for other projects.
      And More Decisions.
      -Archeological site: The Eternal Spirit
      This archaeological site will rarely appear randomly or with small probability with the decision of scientific exploration on uncolonized planets.
      Keep in mind that the archeological site is generated on any planet within the borders of who manages to activate it.

      Be careful when making decisions. Since for the moment many results are random and conditioned by few traits. So Spamming decisions means a possible loss of resources.
      In Scientific Exploration it is very rare for your scientist to die and a quick way to get experience.
      Fauna Searching and Scientific Exploration is an easy way to get advances in Society Research during the Early Game.

      Decisions require certain technologies that are in the vanilla game and complete another set of conditions. "Allow exploration for the scientific leader (Planet Decision)" is not available for Gestalt Empires. (UPDATED: Exploration available but with generic texts for common organics species. Using it with machines breaks with immersion.) The AI empires cant use the decision functions, since they could spam events.  At the moment the limit of projects that you can take simultaneously was removed. So you can make the decision on other planets while doing it on one, so you can spam events. Genocidal Empires cannot use this content. Or at least most of its content. This mod does not take into account the Machine Empires, in a next update maybe i will create a variant for events. But at the moment they can use some features.  
      (There is more variety of images in the events, but I made quick captures.)
      (Not all events are strictly sexual btw. Sexual content depends, in some cases, on the traits of each species.)

      Future Planned Content/To Do:
      -More events (Fauna and Titanic Life) In queue
      -Interestings Chain of events for "Scientific Explorations" and "Exotic Fauna Search" In queue
      -Anomalies and Random Events In queue
      -Interventions in primitive worlds via decisions. (Make a crop circle and abduct a cow or some shiet) In queue
      -Work in content for Hive Empires. <<<
      -Correct writing errors and improve texts. Volunteers are needed
      -Extra THICC Species Portraits. (Vanilla Alternative Versions) In process
      Notes from versions:

      Compatible with everything. For the moment. Balanced game not promised.



    9. Man Up! 0.2 - A "Everyone Is Female" Sub-Mod

      A little mod I made. Contains 2 decisions:
      - Turn yourself into a male through the intrigue tab.
      - Turn other females into males through a targeted decision, with toggle in the intrigue tab.
      - On effect:
         - Removes trait:
            - Futa
            - All female body traits from DW and LF
            - Homosexual 
      WARNING: Once turned into a man, you will not be able to turn back to being a female since all characters that are targeted through these decisions get the special_npc flag.
       - "Everyone is Female" and it's requirements: required
       - DWR: required(?)
       - Luxuria Fantasia: most-likely (made with it in mind, untested)
       - Everything else: untested.
      V 0.2 - Had time cause of the pandemic and school year ending, so thought I would update this.
      V 0.1 - I'm most likely going to abandon this mod since I'm sure you lot or the original creator of Everyone Is Female can make a better version. If you do so, dm me and i'll take this down, or ask the mods to do it.



    10. Titillating Text

      This is my first mod. The messaging mod "Titillating Text" was inspired by the great work of Moncoyoule42. He created the mod Lood Diplomacy that has a much more humorous and playful tone. My mod instead assumes that the player is playing an all-female, highly submissive Empire (courtesy of Stellaris LV in my case).
      I have replaced a bunch of the standard diplomatic phrases and messages with some more titillating text. I hope you like it.
      It's compatible with Stellaris LV and should be compatible with anything that does not affect messages. So for instance, this mod will not be compatible with Lood Diplomacy.
      Download and unzip the file. Then move both the Titillating Text folder and the .mod file to your Stellaris mod folder located here: documents/ParadoxInteractive/Stellaris/mod.
      To update the mod, simply replace the old "Titillating Text" files with the newest version.
      Do whatever you please with this mod. I simply created it for my own enjoyment, and I do hope to update it in the future so that as much text in Stellaris as possible is made sexy.



    11. Animated futa portrait

      there are 20 variation
      each has one(or two) animation, which is breathing and humping(may look crappy&funny)
      Not include name, banner or etc. Only portrait
      there are two version
      Animated futa portrait.zip
      Change humanoid 2 portrait into this one
      doesn't effect checksum thus achievement still enabled
      However, not compatible with Lustful Void and any other mod that affect humanoid portrait 
      Animated futa species.zip : 
      Come Into independent species
      disable achievement, but should be compatible with most mods
      1. sometimes animation stop for moments, I have no idea why this happening
      2. Some(maybe 1 or 2) variation are looks distorted in small size portrait(like shown on species list tap)
      3. Size of image and mesh are big(So FPS may drop but I hadn't felt it yet)
      4. If you use 'Animated futa portrait' mod that change humanoid 2 into this one, there is a chance of vanilla-game event which you can change your species into that of you ancestor. If you do change, it changed portrait into another humanoid portriat, so no more futa portrait
      Source of artworks(all credit to these talented artists)
      Deleted 3d portraits(not going along and not looking good too)
      add 11 variations form 2d style one
      Forgive me for crappy quality
      Content may not be periodically added or updated, Also forgive me



    12. Seedbed portrait

      Download screen description:Seedbed portraits for use in Stellaris. goes with Lustful void+lewd arachnids (no requirements but suggestion)
      i got bored thought id fix up the lewd arachnid mod
      to be used with 2.7.1  and while i was at it since i wanted to use a Hive minded Drider brood parasite with the Syncratic evolution from Lustful Void thought id make some fitting portraits
      now this does not require either of those mods but was made and intended to be used with them. enjoy 
      Contains 12 portraits
      5 pregnant
      1 oviposition
      6 bound in web



    13. Sexy Flags

      I wanted to take a break from editing images for portraits so I did something else and this is the outcome:
      A mod that adds a bunch of flags. (see screenshot)
      I don't think there is much else to say.
      Notify me if there are problems and you can also recommend images for flags if you want.



    14. Smut traits and nicknames

      My first try with modding CK2. I added just a few smut traits and nicknames. I do not modified any existing traits and nicknames.
      How to install? 
      Simply put the mod folder "SmutTraits" and mod file "SmutTraits.mod" into your CK2 mod folder and check the launcher to activate the mod. 
      How it works?
      I added a txt.file "called how to cheat". Also sadly these traits do not appear in ruler designer but npcs will use them from the start if they fullfill the conditions.
      The traits and nicknames are also obtainable trough just playing but if you want to know the conditions or how to get them then you just need to open the sm_trait.txt and smut_nicknames.txt in the folder common and press ctrl+f and search for them.
      Can I use them if I play with german/french/spanish language? 
      Yes you should because I added in the localisation file the descriptions in every language via google text translator. Dont expect valuable lyric shakesspeare novels and perfect french or spanish because my native language is german and I can speak some broken english aswell.  
      Is this compatible with any other mods? 
      Yes it should because it does not change how things work.
      Is this iron man compatible? 
      I dont know maybe?
      Is this nsfw? 
      Well yeah, look around where you are right now. There is a reason why I posted it here. 
      Do I need help with modding or do I need your feedback?
      Yes. I want to improve and add more custom things. Any advice is helpful. 
      Do I need mental health?
      Yes, so does you, if you lurk here around. 
      how to cheat traits.txt
      how to cheat traits.txt



    15. More Futas - WIP

      Did you ever browse through the Stellaris mod section here and found the lack of futas disturbing? I mean Lustful Void has a futanari trait but mods with futanari portraits are mostly missing. So I thought "Fine, I'll do it myself" and so I made this mod.
      Most of the species consist of only one artist but some more specific themes will probably be mixed.
      As of now there are these species and classes:
      - More Human Futas (the current class with humanoid futas)
                -[105] Dmitrys normal (mostly standing characters)
                -[53] Dmitrys slaves (characters that are sitting, laying, fucking, getting milked...)
                -[33] Boobgames (that's the name of the artist)
                -[27] Authoritarian Dmitrys (a mix of Dmitrys with futas that look very dominant)
                -[43] Aroma Sensei
                -[50] Bimbo Futa
      -More Anthro Futa
                -[24] Centaurs
      - Robot Futa (This one was difficult because fitting content is rare. I decided to use one picture and edit the colors to create variety.)
                -[9] RobotFuta
                -[5] RobotFuta2
                -[8] Robotfuta3
                -[6] Robotfuta4
                -[8] Synthetic furry
      Additional contet:
                -Primitive Futa Civilization (spawns with extra special deposits)
                -optional file which replaces a bunch of vanilla event pictures with futas
      Planned content:
      -more species
      -maybe some traps/femboys



    16. Beyond Heresy Overhaul

      A rework, expansion and adaptation of Luxuria Fantasia - Beyond Heresy by @Aliris as a HIP submod.
      Arwa Reborn mod - a version of Sultana Arwa al-Sulayhi tweaked to both bring her back to her base game glory and act as the re-founder of Khadimist Islam;
      Demonic Bloodline - the bloodline unlockable at level 4 of Luxuria Fantasia's Society of Seduction now works very much like an infernal mirror to the Carolingian one and it's active for all demons, half-demons and fallen angels who worship Lilith;
      Mending of the Great Schism - Lilithanist and Reversionist emperors can now mend the Great Schism;
      Hajj and Ramadan - Khadimist rulers on Hajj experience a slightly different chain of events, as they no longer risk losing either Greedy or Deceitful, have the chance of gaining Hedonist by losing either Gluttonous, Drunkard or Temperate and can be accompanied on the journey by one of their adult daughters. They also can't Observe Ramadan;
      Piety Economy - triggered modifiers turn Piety gain and loss through traits upside down for Lilithanists, Reversionists and Khadimists;
      Religion and Theology Events - Khadimism is now a Shiite heresy, a better fit since its unlocking event pretty much accuses Abu Bakr of sacrilege, with Samarra as a unique holy site. Also, both Lilithanist and Reversionist characters in religious seclusion can lose Chaste or gain Lustful;
      Wonders - demons, half-demons and fallen angels can build pyramids from scratch and restore the Giza complex without any other requirement, aside from the coin to do so. Grand cathedrals and great mosques can also be upgraded with a sacrificial altar by Lilith-worshiping rulers.



    17. Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.11.5

      SSX 1.10 for Stellaris 2.1.x to 2.3.x
      Only the SSX and SSM species classes have the portraits. It's normal if the other species classes are empty, it's because it's impossible to add a new cityscape without his own species classes.
      I do not know how to write english, but i will do my best. I am a french amateur modder, i'm watching the mods in this site for stellaris for more than one year. But with the recent arrival of new modders, i am encouraged to come out of the shadows.
      In my mods you can find:
                                              .27  species traits
                                              .17 leaders traits
                                              .7 technologies
                                              .10 civics
                                              .7 cityscapes
                                              .20 species :
                                                   139 xeno furred nekos
                                                   86 nekomimis
                                                   128 xeno furries by dr.comet
                                                   91 xeno deers
                                                   154 xeno horses
                                                   97 egyptian themed humans (2 genders)
                                                   102 xeno rabbits (2 genders)
                                                   83 lewd humans
                                                   80 dreanei
                                                   104 fox furrys
                                                   86 dog furrys
                                                   219 more manga styled humanoides
                                                   126 manga elfs (gendered and more)
                                                   91 succubus
                                                   76 overcustomized dragon furry sexy horrors
                                                   85 Blue succubus
                                                   48 animes girls by Oota Yuuichi
                                                   119 sharks and orcas
                                                   56 same xeno horses but only with the arts by Twistedscarlett60
                                                   43 gardevoir inspired sexy aliens
                                              .3 machines models (experimental) (need synthetic dawn)
                                                   61 cat bots ( A.R.A. from Fluff Kevlar )
                                                   6 chromed bots
                                                   126 anime synths ( specialized )
                                              .1 prescripted countrie
                                              .3 events
                                              .And many content not listed.
                                              Localisation: english
                                                                  french, german, russian (partial)
                                                                  All others localisation are minimaly supported (english text, no more "trait_leader_warm_nuts" or others things like this)
                                              Installation :
                                                   With Stellaris 2.1:
                                                      (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos Portraits contain all portraits and the main city
                                                      (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos cities contain all others cities
                                                      (  standalone  )  old Sexyxenos traits and more for stellaris 2.1 contain the traits, civic, technologies, and the events
                                                      ( requirements!  )  Sexyxenos Countrie contain the prescripted nations
                                                                                         For this last part you need Just more flags, Sexyxenos and Sexyxenos traits
                                                      ( compatibility mods ) Sexyxenos compatibility patch archive, not required but nice if you play with massa, enhanced gene modding, life engineering or if you want to build the ssm synths like vanilla synths.
                                             Unpack the rar archives in document/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod
                                                    With Stellaris 2.2 and beyond:  ( standalone )Sexyxenos Portraits
                                                                                                    ( standalone ) Sexyxenos Cities
                                                                                                    ( standalone ) Sexyxenos traits and more 2.3
                                                                                                      But rewrite species_has_happiness in 00_rules and opinion_friction in 00_opinion_modifier file, it's not critical, the game                                                                                                   wil not crash if it's re-rewritten by an other mod.
                                                                                                      The ui for the ruler window and the pop window in the planet view are also modded, it's fully incompatible with any mods
                                                                                                       changing those windows ( crash), it's still compatible with mod menu ( mode menu must be loaded before trait and more).
                                                                                                    ( requirements! ) Sexyxenos Countries = Just More Flags, Sexyxenos, Sexyxenos Traits     
                                                                                                    ( compatibility mod ) You have in the patch archive a patch to play with Species Engineering
      I dont mind if you take and/or change the files for your mods. Do not put the NSFW pictures on steam workshop if you don't like to live dangerously. If you really really want to do a repost, write at least a description and give the source. Check the rules of the website where the repost is done. If the loverlab is difficult to reach from your country you are more than allowed to repost it in a better place.
       Feel free to give me some feedbacks and ideas.

      All graphics belong to their originals authors
      Credits :
                      Thanks to Abominus for the german localisation
                                      Akinaruto for the french localisation
                                      Lockeslylcrit and PrincessWoona for the english localisation
                                      Ailine for the russian localisation
                                      Pravus for the succubi species
                                      Powaqqatsi for many portraits
                                      Void Node for many portraits
                                      The big amount of artists i have not credited for the huge cultural heritage they create like fluff kevlar, dr comet, iskra, twistedscarlet, 
                                      waero, freedomthai, alfa995, f-r95, kanel, fensu, magnaluna, neoartcore, wisperingfornothing, tsampikos and many missing names I will add over time.
      tips for the old trait and more file : if you did not like the event frequency go to sexysxenos/event, open the pop event text and find the
                mean_time_to_happen = {
                 years = xxx                   <-  and change this value
      There is one for the adorable event and one for the terrifying.   
      Do not put a extremely low value for the adorable event, this can cause sexual battles.                                    



    18. [Europa Universalis IV] Female advisor replacement 24/5/2019

      Everything is in the title, i'm suprised no one uploaded something like that before.
      This mod replace the visual of the Female Advisor portrait, in the game Europa Universalis IV
      It's purelly cosmetics
      I'm playing with 1.29 , all DLC .
      New: compatibility with 1.29
      So far the whole world should have custom pictures, A lot of them are subject to be reworked.
      More than 400 unique portrait so far
      This mod is merged with the cosmopolitan mod, don't use both.
      Advisors.X.X.X is the main mod
      Advisors_script is a standalone mod that add a new decision, that give 100 % women advisors



    19. Dreams of Sodomy-A bestiality mod.

      Dreams of Sodomy
                                                                This is a simple mod, adding bestiality themed events and actions into the world of Crusader Kings II.
      This is super important NOTE: 
      This is the very first mod I made and uploaded, ever. I had to learn how to create one by reverse engineering other mods as well as the base game itself. My biggest inspiration of course, was Dark World Beast Lovers - By Eisheth. Unfortunatelly, Eisheth didn't update the mod for quite some time, so I took the liberty of reviving (and maaybee improving) it in some way.
      The contraption I'm uploading, is still in  early stage. For now it has few scenes, a decision and new traits. The, uh "artwork" are screenshots I took in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I do realize how low quality they represent, but my laptop is no high end or even average machine and I can not afford a new one. You have to forgive me for that. Also the proportions of female model used in them may not be everyone cup of tea, but hey, I love voluptuous women! I'd like you to notice as well, that I'm no writer.
      That should be all, I hope you will have fun using my mod!
      Yours Truly
      Unpack the files into Crusader Kings II mod folder, located in User\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod.
      Luxuria Fantasia (For that nice big event window.)
      Up to date game with all DLC's
      Compatibility issues:
      None I can think of.
      How do I play it?
      Your character has to be female, and lustful!
      Just wait for events to launch, later, you will get access to certain decision.
      What's in it right now?
      See for yourself, lazy ass!
      Initial events that begin the whole adventure, as well as decisions to have fun with a dog and a horse.
      What do I plan?
      In nearest future?
      -Expanding horse and dog events
      -Introducing daughters (yes) as well as willing courtiers and vassals into the bestiality ways.
      In less distant but still far away future?
      -Secret society
      -Religion reformation option
      In distant future?
      Roads? Where we are going we don't need...roads.



    20. [HOI4 MOD] Lewds of Iron

      Since there is no lewd mods for Hearts of Iron atm, I decided to make my own.
      Mod only contains portrait changes for the 7 major countries (USA-FRA-ENG-GER-ITA-JAP-SOV)
      I plan to change all the portraits in the game including ministers and all that. 
      The point of the mod is to make Hearts of Iron "lewder" so I also plan to add events, traits maybe even change the focus trees at some point.
      Right now mod changes the portaits of:
      USA(Democratic-Fascist-Communist), ENG(Stanley Baldwin), FRA(Democratic-Fascist-Communist), GER(Democratic-Fascist-Communist), ITA(Fascist), JAP(Democratic-Fascist-Communist), SOV(Communist)
      I wanted to release the mod while it was very small then work on it as the time goes



    21. Tentacled Dreams

      Tentacled Dreams
      Version 3.7 "Hashtag Not My Emperor" - 3 May 2020
      by Cheri
      Tentacled Dreams is a mod that adds tentacle monsters to Crusader Kings 2.
      Submit to Tentacles
      Randomly encounter tentacle monsters as a young female ruler. Take precautions to guard your virtue... or give in to your lust. Get forcefully impregnated by tentacle monsters and give birth to tentacle spawn or tentacle-blooded baby girls. Keep your tentacle fetish secret for fear of provoking a scandal... or announce your depravity to the world. Spread the Corruption
      Receive transformation and mind control events that slowly corrupt you into a willing, eager tentacle slave. Lure other women into tentacle attacks, or imprison them and forcibly corrupt them into tentacle slaves. Become a secret tentacle cultist and found the Cult of Dagon to convert the entire realm. Become a Monster
      Play as a tentacle monster ruler, unlocking a new form of government and depraved new game mechanics. Stalk women as a tentacle monster and imprison them, then ravish your prisoners until they're mindbroken tentacle slaves addicted to your cum. Found one of four different Tentacle Broods and lead legions of tentacle monsters to conquer the world. Infest the World
      Build tentacle lairs in your demesne and birth armies of breed-hungry tentacle warbeasts. Hold mass orgies in your capital and offer your daughters to tentacle monsters. Rewrite history by building an empire of glorious tentacle worship and tentacle slavery. Tons of Content
      Hundreds of stories and flavor events. Extensive settings that let you tweak the frequency of events and enable/disable content, so you can experience tentacles just the way you like. Full alternate start support that lets you generate tentacle monster empires in Random Worlds, ready to dominate and infest their neighbors. Custom coats of arms, steamy sound effects, and over 150 beautiful event pictures. Note: This mod has nothing to do with tentacle-kin from Dark World Reborn. Tentacle monsters in this mod have their own lore and mechanics.
      Crusader Kings 2 version 3.3+ Cheri Scripting Library version 1.8+ Conclave DLC is required to play as a tentacle monster in a regency. If you don't have Conclave, turn regencies off. Luxuria Fantasia, Ala's Body Mod, and Crusader Milk are strongly recommended. The most recent version of Crusader Milk can be found here.  
      Compatible with most mods. The main mod is highly modular and designed to be as compatible with other mods as possible. Special interactions with traits from the following mods: Ala's Body Mod, Christianity Mod, Crusader Milk, Dark World Reborn, DZM Expanded, Luxuria Fantasia Minor conflicts with other mods that edit vanilla events. This mod overwrites birth_events.txt, health_events.txt, HFP_pregnancy_events.txt, regency_events.txt, wol_lover_events.txt, wol_intrigue_events.txt, and wol_seduction_events.txt. It is hardcoded to work with Everyone Is Female, Free Love, and Lesbocracy, but is likely to cause strange behavior with other mods that edit these files, including Historical Immersion Project and Christianity Mod. None of these conflicts will break your game, the worst case is that you experience some events that don't make sense. Sound effects will conflict with other sound mods. This is a limitation of how Crusader Kings 2 reads sound files. Tentacled Dreams is currently hardcoded to work with Christianity Mod, Lesbocracy, and House of O. If you want me to patch it to work with another mod, send me the mod's /interface/sounds.sfx file. If you come across any compatibility issues not mentioned here, please report them in the forum thread.
      Download and install Cheri Scripting Library Download BOTH the Tentacled Dreams and Tentacled Dreams Images archives. Use 7zip to extract them into My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ If you want sound effects, you should also download Tentacled Dreams Sounds and install it the same way. When upgrading from a previous version of this mod, always delete the old mod folder and replace it with the new one. Merging old and new versions is likely to result in weird behavior. You don't have to update Tentacled Dreams Images or Tentacled Dreams Sounds unless their version number is higher than your current Tentacled Dreams version.
      If you aren't sure how to get started with this mod, here are some suggested achievements to try.
      Tentacled Dreams: Starting as Duchess Matilda of Tuscany in 1066, have Tentacle Cultists control all five "historical" Tentacle Cultist holy sites (Baghdad, Damascus, Tortosa, Kerak, and Cairo). The Third Tentacle Empire: Starting as a landless tentacle monster with the Tentacle Invasion game rule, conquer the world. The Brood That Could Have Been: Starting as a Tentacle Brood in a Random World, conquer the world. Champion of the Marian Order: Starting as a non-Tentacle Cultist ruler in a Random World, destroy the Tentacle Brood. Kalyian's Dream: Recruit the Luxuria Fantasia subscriber character Kalyian y Akh, load your save game as her, and then found the Submissionist heresy to become known as the Slave Prophet.  
      Coming Soon (TM)
      More tentacle societies. A way to organize an anti-tentacle resistance. More fleshed out tentacle heresies. New tentacle heresies. A world-changing tentacle invasion from the depths. Crusades and jihads launched against the tentacle menace. New events, decisions, artwork, game mechanics, and more... A more detailed roadmap is available to supporters on my SubscribeStar page.

      You can contact me through the forum thread or the Tentacled Dreams Discord channel.
      If anyone is interested in helping write content for this mod, I'm also looking for help with:
      Writing events for the Corrupt Into Tentacle Slavery, Stalk, and Hold a Fertility Festival decisions Writing random flavor events for tentacle slaves and tentacle monsters Sexy name lists for Middle Eastern, African, and Central Asian characters If you'd like to help with any of these things, feel free to contact me in the forum thread or on the Discord channel.

      My sincere thanks to the following community members for their help:
      Support This Mod
      If you like this mod and want to support its development, please consider donating on SubscribeStar.
      Tentacled Dreams is made possible by my wonderful tentacle brethren SubscribeStar supporters:
      Known Issues
      If you come across any other bugs, please report them in the forum thread.

      Info for Modders
      Artist Credit
      All illustrations in this mod are by the following creators, used without permission:
      In addition, this mod uses:
      The BDSM collar sprite from livevil's House of O Sound effects from the Skyrim SexLab Framework Coat of arms patterns from LewdMarks Icons and custom interface elements by Cheri (myself) If you like the art in this mod, consider supporting the artists by buying their stuff or donating to them on patreon.



    22. Simple Buffs mod

      This is simple mod hat adds several interaction options to quickly buff NPC's so you don't have to fiddle with the console.



    23. The Sexopolis Project (Version 1.0.0)

      After playing a couple runs with Lustful Void and Planetary Diversity on I got the idea to make a sex-themed planet with districts that'd use the jobs from lustful void. That's pretty much what this mod is, it adds a new planet class called the "Sexopolis" that features 4 unique districts:

      The "Residential District" adds extra housing as well as 3 streetwalker and 3 whore jobs

      The "Dairy District" 15 Milk cows (mimicking the dairy arcology but without the stability decrease)
      The "Sexology District" which adds 10 researchers

      And the "Red Light District" Which adds 5 Call Girls and 5 Escorts

      The Sexopolis can be built by using either the Arcology Project Ascension Perk, a custom Ascension Perk for those who don't own the Megacorp DLC, the Hive Worlds Ascension Perk, or by using the Sexopolis start Origin. The planetary decision to build the Sexopolis works pretty much the same way as the Arcology project, except that it has half the cost. Machine empires can't build the Sexopolis, but you can always use the command "planet_class pc+sworld" on a planet to turn it into a Sexopolis if you want it for roleplay reasons.


      This mod requires Lustful Void which can be found here (Great mod btw!)
      You'll also need a UI mod like UI Overhaul Dynamic (fixes a bug with the districts)

      If you're running Planetary Diversity you need to use the Sexopolis Planetary Diversity patch (in the downloads list above) and you'll need a Planetary Diversity - UI Overhaul Dynamic patch mod like this one.

      For load order, put this mod after Lustful Void and make sure that any patch mods you download go after the mods they're patching.


      To install this mod, download the zip file, extract it, and take the folder and .mod file and put them into your mod directory (C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod). Once you do that, just make sure to enable it in the launcher and you're good to go.


      - When you select the Origin you'll see that the preview of your city is in the void, this is because the background for the Sexopolis isn't meant for Tier 1 cities (it looks fine in-game)
      - an empty generator district icon will appear before all the other districts, making the Red Light District inaccessible unless you're using a UI mod like UI Overhaul Dynamic.


      I haven't made to many mods, and this one was one hell of a ride. There's probably more bugs in here somewhere that I'll try and squash, but in the meantime I'm going to try and get the custom texture I made for the planet to work (just a recolor of the ecumenopolis but I think it works better than the base one). Also, I didn't really take into consideration balance when I made this mod, so it may be a tad on the powerful side. Either way, this has been my passion project for the past month or so, and I hope y'all enjoy it.



    24. Lood Diplomacy: A Stellaris Message Mod! WIP Version 0.2.1

      Introducing an idea that apparently no one has posted on their own aside from extra lines for other modded species...
      Lood Diplomacy! A quest to make every interaction with anything in the galaxy that has a hole lewd and sexy!
      Or just lewd, some of this stuff is downright cringe....
      Misc update: If you like tuning your empire messages to match an all-female sexualized player species, this mod works just as well! For obvious reasons, it is not compatible with my mod here.
      Version 0.1:
      Hey guys! My first mod ever on Loverslab, and already I feel that sweet, sweaty accomplishment of shame and disgrace.
      This version has only changed the normal greetings within the localization file. From hostile, to neutral, to friendly. And one war greeting.
      This is, heavily, a work in progress deal, and I plan on releasing in increments, hopefully 2 updates per week. Hopefully.
      Version 0.2:
      Welp, that was a lie. Here's the second update. War greetings and some fallen empires are now done. Lost the original file that had all general greetings done, so I have to re-do a bunch of work. Hopefully though I'll get it done by Wednesday.
      Future plans:
      Once the localization file has been completely pervertified and sluttied up, I'll go into some event files and change up first contact and non-empire diplomatic greetings.
      After that, I want to look into making some patches for other mods on this site and making some lood diplomatic messages for civics and traits that other mods have (Imagine an empire's first contact with a species that has fallen into the Snu Fever from SSX).
      Download and unzip the .mod file and the corresponding folder to your Stellaris mod folder located in your documents/Paradoxsomethingsomething/Stellaris/mod directory.
      This will delete all diplomatic messages whenever they are triggered and shown by the other empire, showing just a random code for whatever they were supposed to say. For the diplomatic file, It will be entirely rewritten, but I'll need to figure out how to rewrite the first contact empires without having other random events in the same file (will probably have to finagle some of the common files and learn how to fix that).
      Thanks for stopping by my mod, and remember! The galaxy might be a dark and dangerous place, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some xeno action now and then!
      Xenophobes may want to stay away from this mod.



    25. Hentai game portrait mod

      All I did was update the old file for the new version (thanks @JerichoAzariah). I booted up the game and the portraits show up so it seems to work.
      8 portrait groups from hentai games in one species. All female. Seems to work.
      Bishop / various x 210 Milk Factory / derauea x 120 Eiyuu Senki x 79 Empress / Seishoujo x 126 Miel / Ishii Akira x 258 Rance 10 x 419 Taimanin RPGX x 256 Erectlip / Takahashi Record x 47 Random fantasy games / Aoi Nagisa, Akagi Rio, Huracan, Pizza, Hikage Eiji, Hormone Koijirou, Neromashin, Sian x 122 "All in one" x a lot  
      Old version:



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