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  1. [Stellaris] Lustful Void

    Lustful Void Download Page
    A Stellaris lewd mod! I plan on fully updating and integrating old mods (with permission from the authors), with ideas and mechanics from other mods such as SG (Sexual Gameplay) and SSX (Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more) as well as completely new ideas. A lot of progress has been made so far, and LV has grown to a point where it has many of its own unique things made by me and others that contributed to it so far.
    Although a little less so these days, this is still very much a WIP. However, I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible while still maintaining quality. This mod is made with ALL dlc's in mind, but should still work just fine if you don't have a specific one or any. Also unless stated otherwise, it should work with the latest Stellaris version (look at the upload date and any paradox major update release dates!).
    Current Features:
           Many lewd leader/species traits, such as Huge Breasts, Dominant/Submissive, Natural Anal Lube!        Some traits have synergy bonuses with each other and more will be added with time.        Origins, Civics and Sexual Technologies., which have various special mechanics, policies and decisions.        Lots of anomalies and events, many of which have been updated and integrated from MASSA, but also new ones unique to LV.        Hybrids system with inspiration from other mods like Sexual Gameplay and MASSA.        Mono-gender and Futanari mechanics with the ability to convert entire planets to one or the other with the right tech.        Lots of sexual jobs from Milk Cows and Whores to Gem Incubators and Sexologists. All which are affected by LV traits in some way!        Lewd Megacorp branch office buildings and civics which can change by combining them with certain base game civics.        All non-leader traits affect LV jobs, usually in the form of a bonus or negative to production (bigger breasts give more milk ofc).        Breeding tradition (first of many!)        Lewd (and optional) rooms.        Lots of optional loading screens as a way to say sorry for taking so long (all credit goes to the actual artists!)        Many things I can't remember! lol  
           Lewd Advisor (voiced by LalaLexxi).        Dominant Advisor (voiced by PhoenixTuft).  
           MASSA is now for the most part integrated. (Thanks Darkspleen!)        Sexual Gameplay integrated for the most part.        Sexopolis fully integrated. (Thanks Buttson117!)        Kinky Void fully integrated. (Thanks Beelzibob!)        LVEx integration in progress!  
          (if something hasn't been added from a mod listed as integrated, I probably decided not to add it for some reason)
          (need to make a proper wiki, if you want to help let me know!)
    You can also find an options menu in the edicts tab where you can turn off any event pop-ups if they start to get annoying. Also please report any bugs you might find! (preferably on the discord server)
    Loading screens have been moved to their own download page to unclutter the main mod a bit. You can find them here!
    Required: The main Lustful Void archive (Lustful Void.zip). Extract the contents to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod), if you don't have a "mod" folder create one there. Portrait Patches: You need the Base Game Portraits Gender Patch for pops to change when using mono gender (and futa) traits. Unfortunately I don't have time to make patches for other species mods any more, but I did write a basic guide you can find here to make your own! Optional: Everything else. Also, only use one loading screen set! All credit for loading screen art go to their respective artists (see credits).  
              Load order:
              Mods you want LV to overwrite
              Lustful Void (main mod)
              LV Base Game Overwrites (if you use it)
              LV Balance Patch (if you use it)
              Mods you want to overwrite LV
              UI mods
    Another note...delete all the old mod folders and .mod files! then extract the new .zip file's contents to the mod folder. You will have duplicate and broken mods if you don't do this!
    If you experience any weird problems, I've heard it helps some people to extract the .zip file's contents to a separate folder first, then move them to the mod folder after.
    Any portrait mods that change base game files or have separate sets of portraits for genders will need a patch. Basically, pops won't change gender without it, only leaders will. Here's a quick way to know if you need Portrait Patches.
    You use the mod it patches. (Note you actually need the original mod!) Do you need all of them? No, look at the first step. Do you need them at all? No, they are optional. LV works just fine without them. How do you install them? Just like any other non-steam mod, extract in (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod).  
    I recommend using this UI mod - UI Overhaul Dynamic...or gene modding will be a nightmare. Seriously though get a UI mod!
    Q: Why does x feel empty or unfinished?
    A: Sometimes it's just a placeholder and sometimes my time is taken up by something else. But just because I'm not working on it at the time doesn't mean I won't move back to it in the future, so just be patient.
    Q: Is "Lustful Void" a community project with a team of people working on it?
    A: Nope, it's mostly just me (Lithia). People do provide ideas and contributions now and then though, and many parts of LV are from old mods I updated and maintain. The credits section can tell you who contributed what.
    Q: Are there any translations for this mod?
    A: Yes! But new ones have to be made with every update and relies on people here on Lovers Lab or Discord to share their hard work.
    Q: Where can I share any translations?
    A: Here!
     New Changelog:
    Old Changelog:

    You can join the discord server here (clicky the icon). If you want help, you're more likely to get it there.
    Tip Jars!

    Any support helps keep me motivated! ❤️
    Please ask me before using anything within this mod. This does not include artwork from the listed artists and any directly copied ideas from other mods. Also don't upload this anywhere else please!  

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



  2. Lustful Void Building Limits 16-108

    This is my second mod publishing effort, and it's rather simple. I've created a series of building limit mods that affect the Sex World and the Sex Ring. I've matched these to the building limit mods released by the same folks behind UI Overhaul Dynamic so they come in 16, 20, 24, 36, 60, 66, 84, 108 building limits to match the ones they've released. Just thought I'd release these as a premade option to save people going in and having to edit the file themselves.
    Use the one that matches the one with the same number limits as you are using.

    1 download


  3. Deep Deep Space Lustful Void Patch

    Welcome one and all! This is my first published mod so go easy one me!! What this mod does is add the All-Male/All-Female/Futanari trait functionality from Lustful Void to TPEHEP's excellent Deep Deep Space mod. Now I've dabbled a little with portraits and some minor Stellaris modding in general but this is my first time doing something like this and publishing it, so please bear with me if their are bugs but some minor testing showed no issues so far but please report and I'll attempt to fix the bugs when I can. I'll try to keep up with updates to the primary mod and add any new portrait sets as I can.
    Edit: For now due to a lack of assets the Futanari trait defaults to the Female Portraits. If TPEHEP ever adds Futanari Portraits I'll make the change when I can...



  4. Calcifire's Portrait Pack

    ::100% Custom Artwork for STELLARIS:: -made by me, an internet guy
    ::if you like my artwork, you can find me over on Newgrounds
    Other than that, this is yet another "portrait pack" you can just thrown into the dumpster. *ugh... We got enough of those.
    REGULAR VERSION:: stellaris v3.9.*
       x98 Species - some have more variants than others... some are half assed. (examples shown above)
       Know that the original intention of this mod was to replace all of the vanilla portraits with hot pics. And, while I've been working on this project in secret for almost 5 YEARS, I've decided to pull the trigger on it because there is no way in hell I'll ever reach that goal. If you don't want a replacer, then just download the "Regular Version". It shouldn't conflict with your other mods. The "Directors Cut", however, adds a bunch of unnecessary fluff. The main reason I wanted to make a replacer pack was because well... How am I supposed to enjoy all the lewd mods that can be found for this game, with all those ugly ass vanilla MONSTROCITIES randomly spawning into my galaxy. Who would wanna fuck that thing?!?!? But that's it. That's the gist. No promises on any future development for this mod, other than me poppin' in to update it to the latest game version of stellaris every now and again. All in all, I'm satisfied with only having x5 of each archetype, as having the x176 total species I would need to match Paradox Interactive is WAY too much work.

    DIRECTORS CUT:: stellaris v3.9.* + lustful void v0.7.4
       x89 Species - x3-x6 for each species class, + x13 bonus species
       x34 Extra Unplayable Species - unique portraits for all x3 endgame crises, all x3 enclaves, and some of the special event species, etc.
       x71 Extra Traits - designed for fleshing out each species with even more erotic flavor. lite on mechanical depth and perfect for building a diverse list of custom empires with
       x2 Civics - Patriarchy and Matriarchy. ensures you Rulers will either be male or female, regular leaders will continue to be random.
       x5 Prescripted Empires - some are WiP but each one comes with a collection of small bonus features such as....
    TRAIT PACK:: stellaris v3.9.* + lustful void v0.7.4
    Brought to you by viewer request. This is a visual overhaul to Lithia<3's Lustful_Void and expansion pack.
       Visual Overhaul - all Traits and Leader Traits have been redrawn
       Increased Trait Limitss - at this point, game balance is not the objective anymore. Species can now have up to 15 traits so that players can design species to be as lewd as they want
       x71 Extra Traits - a list of all the new traits can be found in the spoiler bellow
       1a. download either the "REGULAR" or "DIRECTORS CUT" versions
          1b. if you have selected the "DIRECTORS CUT" download the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3 as well
       2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
       3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
       4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
       5.(optional) Highly recommend the UI Overhaul Dynamic mod on the steam workshop so you can actually see the portraits
       REGULAR:: this one shouldn't conflict with any mod, though it isn't designed to properly integrate with them either. Just a safe pick overall.

       DIRECTORS CUT:: this one obliterates a lot of vanilla files. Don't be surprised if shit don't work with other mods.
          REQUIREMENTS:: Lustful Void, I didn't make this version of the mod to run along side any other mod other than Lustful Void. It was primarily built for my personal use, and not exactly meant for the masses.
          Specifically this mod edits::
             1. Prescripted_Countries, files wiped clean
             2. Species_Classes files, wiped and modified
             3. Scripted_Triggers files, modified
             4. some files inside Anomolies, Decisions, Diplo_Phrases, Solar_System_Initializers, and Events folders are also modified
       TRAIT PACK:: lite, but does make one edit to vanilla.
             1. Species_Archetypes, increases trait limit to 15 for biological and 10 for machine species
       Vasaya_135 - for requesting "inexpressible tentacled horror" gf
       Predeiter and unwashed biomass - for requesting(inadvertently) futa-mecha-robo deathclaws
       Wobobo123 - for suggesting and producing cybernetic giantess assets
    "So Calcifire?.. Were you even trying at all when you made the male portraits?"
       Lol, shit. I'm just a cis het male, I don't know what's good. I just drew the bare minimum of dicks that I had to, alright.
    Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod
    I've also made a Visual Novel based on the mod found ::HERE::



  5. Deviant's Mask

    Mod that focuses on adding perverted events, activities and flavour.
    Update: Basic brothel prostitution and immortal punishment trait track management events for a female ruler.

    -If you have ever played those "heroine corruption" RPGmaker games, you know what I at least try to do, success may vary. Start as a proper male or female ruler and turn them into a degenerate sadist or lustful pervert.
    -Contains low fantasy elements. Some borderline natural explanations but some go beyond the edge. As you progress along a path and accept certain options, more odd things start showing up. Currently this mainly means the end of the lustful female path.
    General Content:
    -After install, you have a decision to have the dream that gives you the mask that is used as the trigger for the events.
    -Large pool of events, some random, some with variations and conditions.
    -Small orgy activity, needs at least 4 invitees to show up to start.
    -Go streaking through random events. Choose your own adventure with random chance.
    Lustful Female Content:
    -Being camp slut to your men-at-arms/look-alike prostitute. (Level up trait and events)
    -Blackmail content. (Level up trait for you/your blackmailer and events.)
    -Dildo fucking. (Level up trait and events.)
    -Cursed immortality bimbo content. (Level up trait that you do not want to level up that fast unless you want to get fucked in more ways than one and events.)
    Pimp Content:
    -Hire lustful/sadistic +18 female courtiers to entertain your men-at-arms via event. Events work as long as they are your courtier.
    Sadistic Content:
    -If you have an adult female prisoner, quarterly event to mess with them.


    Content Warnings:
    -This mod contains sadistic and humiliation content but there are some limits I won't cross. Humiliation and sadistic content can have either you or someone else as the victim. Sadistic ruler is rarely the victim unless they go out of their way to get those results and lustful rulers tend to be humiliated because of their decisions.
    -Sadistic content usually lacks consent since you are imposing your will on others as a feudal ruler.
    -The current incest filter is manual. Though there are no events that notice the relationship, but the base game does if you manage to impregnate your daughter as a sadist or get impregnated.

    -Should not conflict with most things as it just adds events/trait/activity without overriding anything.
    -Should not need any DLC but haven't tested without them.
    -This mod works on its own and currently has no hooks into other mods.

    -Currently only in English.

    -Unzip and drop into CK3 mod folder in the documents/paradox/ck3/mod
    -Be sure you have deviants_mask_mod folder and deviants_mask.mod file in the mod folder.
    -You should see a new decision and the orgy activity if the installation was successful.
    -Install in the middle of a game at your own risk, should work but you can never be sure.
    Load order:
    -Usually the best spot is on the top of the list to give the other more demanding mods a priority.
    Updating the mod:
    -Delete deviants_mask_mod folder and deviants_mask.mod file and replace them with the new version. Or if you are feeling lucky, just overwrite both. Usually it won't matter since I try not to change file names or do other weird stuff.
    -Update in the middle of a game at your own risk, should work but you can never be sure.
    Troubleshooting if the mod/manually installed mods don't work at all:
    1-Is it in your playset? ("Add More Mods" button to add manually installed mods to it)
    2-Is that playset selected when you launch?
    3-Do you have a windows username with non-english characters? (causes path issues)
    4-Are you using onedrive, or other weird cloud services and your documents folder with the mods is there? (causes path issues)

    -If the events bug or you find an event that does not send you to another and you end up naked and with the mask, just wait to trigger the streaking events again and use it to remove it. Or any mod that removes the naked modifier. Though you might still need to use the event again to remove the mask.
    -AI does not use the start decision, and thus gets none of the events as they can't get the Deviant's Mask.
    -If you don't have the Deviant's Mask trait, you have no access to any of the content in the mod, besides the decision to get it. And the orgy activity that does not need it.

    Where is the documentation?
    -Inside my head, I really hate doing documentation. At least I somewhat commented the code... some of the time, with poor grammar.

    Okay, but what is this really? Why do you do this?
    -This is my practice project to try out CK 3 modding, it began as a simple streaker mod that got infected with some feature creep.
    Old Changelog:



  6. Citizen's Sex Rights

    ::I didn't include this with my portrait pack, because I know there are plenty of people who don't use it, but still might enjoy having this
       I often find myself defaulting into authoritarian empires during my Stellaris playthroughs, but what if a multispecies democracy could be just as kinky as despotic despoilers? I have the power, so why shouldn't I?... Well, I thought I did, it turns out that you can't add new "species rights" categories to Stellaris, and can only expand on the currently existing ones. I had this whole plan to do new category based on the boundaries between interspecies relationships, but sadly the game won't let me. Damn. Well, kk, so it'll have to be another replacer mod. Luckily for me, not a lot of mods on the workshop even do this, so I don't think I'm stepping on too many toes.
       Mechanically speaking, all these different rights essentially make citizen species happy and resident species unhappy. By spreading misery "the love" across your Empire you can stack all those little citizenship happiness bonus's onto just a few of them. That way, your desert habitability overlords might be willing to tolerate living on a frozen death planet if there are enough xenos to bang.
    CITZEN's SEX RIGHTS:: stellaris v3.9.*
       x9 citizenship rights(examples in the screenshots above)
       x3 living standards
       x2 military service types
       x5 slavery types
       x3 livestock types + x3 lewd livestock jobs
       x2 purge types
       x2 job type - sex addicts(a type of unemployment), den mothers(a type of unemployment for creature breeders)
       1a. download the mod
          1b. the mod plays nice with the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3, I don't know why you'd download this mod and NOT LV
          1c. the mod also plays nice with the Trait Pack I have also made available in the mod's download section
       2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
       3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
       4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
       any mod that modifies the game's "species_rights" folder is gonna blow up. So you'll have to choose between the two. Other than that, it should play well with Lustful Void.
    Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod
    I've also made a Visual Novel based on the mod found ::HERE::



  7. Tentacled Dreams (WIP!)

    Tentacled Dreams
    (Crusader Kings 3)
    This is the official discussion topic for the CK3 port of Tentacled Dreams! I will share any progress I make here and update the roadmap as phases are completed. You can also chat about it on the LV discord server here. I will probably make a new server for TD with the first release.
    (The downloadable image is a placeholder only! I can't add a downloads page to a normal topic after creation, so I'd have to create a whole new post with the first update if I don't do it like this.)
    I will update this as phases get completed. Feel free to discuss the phases or anything related to the mod, but keep in mind I won't work on any suggestions until the final phase.

    There is no time frame for now. I'll work on it as I get time! If you'd like to support my efforts, you can find links for that on the LV page or Discord. I won't post any links here until I have something ready to download. 😉
    Cheri Song for making the original CK2 Tentacled Dreams mod and allowing me to port/update it for CK3!



  8. Regula Magistri 2

    Regula Magistri 2
    Regula Magistri is a mind-control "Haremocracy" mod for Crusader Kings 3.

    This is a continuation of the mod Regula Magistri by bobbily plus others included in the credits file.
    Regula Magistri is a mind-control "Haremocracy" mod for Crusader Kings 3. The mod creates a number of traits, events, schemes and interactions which the Player can use upon gaining the power of the Regula Magistri book.

    The intent of this mod is to create a state headed by a single (male) ruler (the Player) alongside his harem of female vassal wives/concubines.
    Old Thread - https://www.loverslab.com/topic/205473-mod-regula-magistri-2/
    Main Features
    How to start
    Start the Regula Magistri religion by finding the book from a travelling peddler. Read the book to begin your ascension to the Magister Begin your Harem by showing the book to your female vassals, you must have two of your most powerful female vassals under the spell of the book to Free the Keeper of Souls. Once the Keeper of Souls is freed, your Realm will convert to Regula Magistri and you will gain access to your powers.  
    Do not use the character creator to start with the Regula Magistri religion or convert to the religion in-game (through any other method aside "Free the Keeper of Souls" decision).
    This will disrupt the mod initialization.
    Using the Regula culture during character creation is fine, you don't have to use it but I consider it a "quickstart" culture that fits the religion.
    Regula Magistri
    The Regula Magistri religion has two custom tenents linked to the Magister and his harem. The Magister can have an unlimited number of wives, and can dominated his wives to turn them into his Paleax/Domina, each one boosting the income and development of the Magisters realm. The holy sites of the religion each unlock a special feature, such as empowering certain character interactions, adjusting the sex of newborns and increasing the stats of the faithful. The Magister can use special powers such as: Fascinare: Charm a female character into a Mulsa. Charmed characters are very loyal and get extra stats. Charmed characters also have a number of schemes that can be used to make them reveal secrets, take over their husbands titles or cause disruption in foreign courts. Domitans Tribunal: Turns a landed Mulsa (County title or higher) into a Paelax, Gives a bonus Mutra Corpus interaction as well. Mutare Corpus: Improve a charmed female character, boosting their mental, physical or sexual attributes. This will heal wounds, increase congenital traits and also sometimes give other beneficial traits. The power/effects of Mutare Corpus depends on your Piety level. Creates a number of new wars linked to the enslavement of other rulers. Free female rulers can be dominated, while those already charmed can be stolen from their rightful liege or allowed to break their former bonds of fealty through a custom faction, Servitude. Creates two new gender succession laws, Hereditas Magistri and Hereditas Compedita. The Players's titles pass to their male offspring, while those of their vassals pass to female offspring. All Player vassals will adopt Hereditas Compedita on a quarterly basis.  
    Carnalitas is needed for this mod to function.

    CBO (Character Body Overhaul) is a soft requirement which allows the "Lewd" clothing option to be enabled.

    Cheri - Lewd COAs is used for Regula Coat of Arms generation for the Magistri custom culture. Can be disabled via a game rule to use vanilla Coat of arms for the Magistri culture instead.
    No Death Cascade is highly recommended not but essential. As you will end up having large factions this mod helps by reducing the "death cascade" when members of your family pass away. I use the mourning period of two years option.
    Compatible with Royal Court.
    This mod may conflict with any mod that overwrites or replaces the following files:
    02_genes_accessories_misc adultery_events hair_palette.dds skin_palette.dds story_cycle_infidelity_confrontation  
    might_cheat_on_partner_trigger can_set_relation_lover_trigger valid_demand_conversion_conditions_trigger  
    You can download the full source at the GitGud Repo
    A Zipped version of the mod will be available on LoversLab (In this thread!).
    Unzip into your /Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod folder. 
    Add "Regula Magistri" to your mod playset, after Carnalitas.
    Tips and Tricks
    Freeing the Keeper of Souls
    Remember, to start you require two spellbound female "powerful" vassals that are landed with a county title or higher.

    Once a female character is spellbound (You've shown the book to them) you can give them titles through a special interaction, regardless of your current faith/culture laws.
    Ideally, this would be your wife and another female vassal, which would then give you a Domina and Paelax after freeing the Keeper of Souls.
    If you have a large realm, you can change the succession of your male vassals to female only, or charm their wife and get her to force their husband to abdicate through an interaction.
    Surviving as a new religion
    Under normal game conditions, most faiths (especially Christian and Islam) will hate you for your Faith! This will make it hard for you to survive as a vassal (Your liege can revoke your titles) or as an independent realm (other nations will declare holy wars on you). Focus on charming the women of nearby realms as fast as possible, ideally charming your liege and nearby states to act as "buffer zones".
    Before freeing the Keeper of Souls, get yourself prepared for war through gold and a solid army. It will make it much less riskier for you to be quickly attacked by a hostile realm.
    You can modify religious tolerance through the game rules to make your start much easier, but where's the fun in that?
    Known Issues
    Can be found in the file ISSUES.MD
    New Ideas/Features
    Feel free to post them in the thread, my current list can be found in the TODO.md
    If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch here or at the GitGud Repo. Assistance with art or event dialogue (including translations) would be greatly appreciated.

    You can contribute with Issues/Pull Requests at GitGud Repo

    Can be found in the topic, here 

    Or on GitGud, here https://gitgud.io/ban10/regula-magistri/-/releases



  9. CBO Animations+

    CBO Animations+
    Adds more animations to Mange's Character Body Overhaul.
    All of this is a work-in-progress as I'm still trying to figure out how CK3's animation system works.
    Changed cuddle scenes in CBO to be a animation set selection menu.
    Default CBO animations are not removed
    Sex Animations added:
    Missionary 2 male variations. 4 arm position and 3 leg position variations for female. (This set still needs adjustments) Doggy 2 male and female variations. (This set still needs adjustments)  
    Sex Animation Previews:
    Recommended Load Order:
    Character Body Overhaul 1.8.0 Character Body Overhaul Community Patch CBO Animations+  
    Note: I've previously tested version 0.1.1 of this mod with Physical Attributes before Wards & Wardens came out. I don't know how it behaves right now.
    Change Log
    Note: I'm currently going through a rocky phase in my life so I might not be able to reply as quickly as I'd like.



  10. Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded (CBO Patch)

    Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded (CBO Patch)
    Patches conflicting files between EPE and CBO.
    Recommended Load Order:
    Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded (June 26, 2023) Better Barbershop (if you're using it) Carnalitas Character Body Overhaul 1.8.0 Character Body Overhaul Community Patch CBO Animations+ (if you're using it) Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded (CBO-CBOA+ Patch) (if you're using CBO Animations+)  
    Note: I've previously tested version 0.1.2 of this patch with Physical Attributes before Wards & Wardens came out. I don't know how it behaves right now.
    Change Log
    Note: I'm currently going through a rocky phase in my life so I might not be able to reply as quickly as I'd like.



  11. Carnalitas Love Reimagined

    A rework of the Carnalitas Make Love interaction and its related effects aiming at better realism and immersion, more variety, and improved player experience.
    The latest version is compatible with CK3 1.10.x and Carnalitas 2.1.
    Carnalitas introduces a Make Love interaction that allows the player character to have sex with their lovers, spouses, concubines, or slaves. This feature is quite popular with players, and there are plenty of other mods that extend it or build upon it. However, it also has certain limitations that have never been addressed so far in any mod.
    By default, Make Love uses the vanilla sex scene generator originally used for some of the Seduce and Romance scene events. While this generator is quite nice, it is only really appropriate for situations when both partners are deeply in love with each other. This breaks the immersion when Make Love is used on partners different from lovers, e.g. a spouse that has a negative opinion of you or has previously been unfaithful, or a slave who deeply hates you, the master who enslaved them.
    As can be seen in the Carnalitas code, originally the author intended to have 3 different types of sex scenes: "consensual", "dubcon", and "noncon", and there is logic to select the appropriate type based on the target's opinion of the actor and the actor's attraction. Unfortunately, this logic is flawed and never produces any other result but "consensual". Fixing the issue would not make things much better, as there are actually no events in Carnalitas or other mods that would satisfy the "dubcon" or "noncon" condition - the event used in the Rape Prisoner interaction is an exception but it's clearly not at all appropriate for Make Love.
    Even the name Make Love itself is not appropriate when demanding sex from a slave who is neither a lover nor an official consort. Historically such acts were often condemned by religion as adulterous or worse, and should have all sorts of consequences in the game, ranging from stress impact to piety loss and opinion loss with the victim. For this reason, the Carnalitas Slavery Expansion mod introduces the Demand Sex interaction that partially addresses some of these points, adding however its own fanciful quirks, and not addressing the above issues so that slaves, while losing 20 opinion, are still acting in the sex scene as if enamoured with the player.
    This mod improves and expands the Make Love interaction in order to properly address these limitations. It does this by adding a new sex scene generator that generates animations, backgrounds, and texts appropriate to many different attitudes and their combinations in both "consensual" and "dubcon" situations. It also re-introduces the Demand Sex interaction with its negative consequences, fully integrated with the new generator, and makes a number of other changes to make Make Love more immersive and enjoyable.
    Since I am not a good writer myself, I opted for not generating the sex scene text sentence by sentence as in the Paradox generator, except for a few introductory sentences that are intended to reveal the partners attitudes. The rest of the text is a quote from a work of literature that is randomly chosen from a large number of such quotes to correspond to these attitudes and other circumstances.
    The other changes to Make Love (and Demand Sex) introduced by this mod include:
    You can only make love to someone who is currently at the same location as you. Both you and the target may lose (or gain) additional stress and piety depending on your traits and faith. The pregnancy chance is dynamic instead of hardcoded. Important actions such as Can Make Love list all characters that can be targeted. This mod and Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined have been designed to complement each other, but could be used independently as well.
    For detailed information on all features and changes, see the full README.



  12. Lite LV

    This is a very niche mod that completely redoes LV so it doesn't greatly impact the stellaris paradox mess of a 'balance'. This takes the ideas around LV and reduces them to a similar but more integrated version. 
    What it does:
    If the species has the civil of sexual industries, they get some job replacements:
    Clerks are relabeled as  Prostitutes. Entertainers are relabeled as Porn stars.  
    With the civil you can build milk factories which milk cows produce primarily milk (a new resource). Milk is used for a ship aux called a milk booster. It is probably the best aux but nothing that should break the game balance.
    Adds some new sexual traits but attempts to keep inline with paradox's lame traits.
    This mod is primarily for odd folks like me that want a little LV but attempt to keep stellaris's terrible game balance.
    Race mod
    I included my animated race mod the drixian. (see pic)
    I didn't do any events yet but if I do they'll be non balance breaking events.



  13. Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined

    A comprehensive rework of the Carnalitas slavery system aiming at improved balance and better integration with other aspects of the game.
    The latest version is compatible with CK3 1.10.x and Carnalitas 2.1. If you are still on CK3 1.8.x, download version 0.9.x instead, and use it with Carnalitas 1.7. A compatibility patch with EK2 (for CK3 1.8.x) is provided as a separate download.
    Carnalitas added a much-needed slavery system to CK3. While this is great in itself and the basics of the original system are solid, there are certain things that could be improved, perhaps due to Carnalitas ambition to be a "unified sex mod framework" rather than a well-balanced mod in its own right.
    In particular:
    Slave prices don't correspond well to other aspects of the game, they are way to high with claims and way to low otherwise. The reasons behind the AI accepting or initiating slave interactions are not convincing, and the AI never initiates some of them. It's not exactly easy for the player to find rulers willing to buy or sell slaves, and there are rather few slaves owned by the AI to begin with. Enslave is possible on free courtiers, which doesn't make much sense. Once a prisoner is converted to a slave, it's no longer possible to ransom him or her. Religious doctrines that govern whether owning slaves of certain faiths is considered a crime, shunned, or accepted, are not followed consistently when determining if someone should be enslaved, freed, bought, or seized. In a nutshell, what you can do as a player is easily enslave a lot of people, sell any you don't need to the AI, and buy any you may fancy from the AI, while the AI mostly passively obliges. With mods such as Carnalitas Slavery Expansion you can also assign them "professions" for additional benefits. However, these are also human-only, the AI never assigns them. All of this undermines the realism and immersion, and makes the game both a lot easier and less interesting than it could be.
    This mod introduces a redesigned slavery system, one aiming to better integrate slavery with other aspects of the game, make interacting with slaves and other rulers more interesting and rewarding, achieve a better game balance, enable more roleplaying options, and maintain a reasonable challenge for the player. It does this by reworking most of the slave interactions, introducing some new ones, making slaves more desirable for council and court positions, adding slavery attitudes and slave-related events, and rebalancing or fixing many of the original effects and outcomes, while still maintaining compatibility with other Carnalitas features, other mods based on Carnalitas, and total conversion mods.
    With this mod:
    The AI competes actively in obtaining and keeping the best slaves, and evaluates them better taking into account their skills, aptitudes, claims, attraction, age, price, current jobs and more when buying, selling, enslaving or freeing. Slave prices better reflect the actual usefulness of slaves. Slaves can be also ransomed, gifted, or liberated, and the AI will occasionally do it as well. It's much easier to find rulers willing to buy, sell, or ransom slaves via special convenience interactions. Slavery doctrines have a significant and consistent impact that better reflects their original meaning. Slaves can be assigned to (some, but not all) council and court positions for additional benefits, and the AI is fully capable of doing this as well. There are also new court positions reserved for slaves or former slaves, such as Slave Concubine, Slave Eunuch or Mameluke Captain, available depending on religion, culture, and government form. You can choose a slavery attitude, one of Slaver, Liberator, Slave Trader, or Slave Employer to get a minor modifier and a unique slavery-related perk. This unlocks additional roleplaying options for players and results in actual "human trafficking" when used by the AI. Additional slaves fit for specific occupations are spawned into the world via events. Useful characters are more likely to be captured (and then enslaved) instead of killed during raids and sieges. There are slavery-related flavor events, such as a slave running away, demands for a slave's freedom, etc. There are also hidden events for AI rulers to interact with their slaves in ways that were previously only available to the player, e.g. have sex with them. There are fame traits that add roleplaying flavor, such as the negative Slaver trait and the positive Liberator trait. All taken together, slaves are now genuinely useful to their owners, there is an actual demand for them conditioned by religion and culture, and this demand is satisfied by warfare, raiding, slave trade, and slave-related events. As a player, you can choose between many different ways to interact with the system to either roleplay or use it to your advantage, and it's more challenging and hopefully more interesting to do this.
    For detailed information on all features and changes, see the full README.



  14. (Not So) Simple Shafts Community Update and Patches

    Community Update (Not So) Simple Shafts Community Update and Patches 1.10.1

    Added Update from @yoyoman69.
    CTD fix for Simple Slit and Shaft
    Added Carnality compatibility to read penis size
    Move the latest community update link here (with download link added to the old simple-slit and shaft forum)
    This is a update named [1.10.1] that provide compatibility patches for various mod with (Not So) Simple Shafts authored by @wuffleton.
    Please keep in mind that the original mod wasn't updated since 2020 so it is NOT COMPATIBLE with latest CK3, but you can find the link to the community update within this post.

    DO NOT MIX this mod with CBO as they edit the same thing.
    Analysis of this mod
    + Comes with leaf removed
    + Lite: only graphics changes are included, absolutely no impact on performance
    + Compatible: compatible with almost all mods on steam as well as carnalities, patches are available to make the rest compatible
    + Simple Changes: Community updates and patches can be expected to be released within days
    --- No animation: All you got is to undress the characters or see them more nude than normal
    --- Existing Known Bug: Shrink Mesh and Animation doesn't work properly
    The community update for (Not So) Simple Shafts is provided at the link: 
    These patches and community update are only meant to keep the mod alive and available for all, since I am not the Original Author @wuffleton and I tried reaching @wuffleton for approval but failed as @wuffleton haven't logged in since 2021.

    I am uploading the community update at the forum of (Not So) Simple Shafts as it is not my own mod, and it was already built on great modder @yoyoman69 who made the (Not So) Simple Shafts 1.7. 

    I am happy to take down the patches and updates when forum moderator and original author(s) has return or request the removal, no reason required.

    Installation guide:
    1. Unzip Community Update of (Not So) Simple Shafts (Check version to be [1.10]) to mod folder
    2. Unzip Patches for (Not So) Simple Shafts (Check version to be [1.10] to mod folder, like POD SS Patch)
    3. Arrange the mod sequence at launch as
    --1. [Your MOD]
    --2. [(Not So) Simple Shafts]
    --3. [(Not So) Simple Shafts PATCHES]

    --1. Prince of Darkness 
    --2. (Not So) Simple Shafts [1.10.1]
    --3. POD SS Patch

    For undressing, use Undress

    Currently Compatible Mods:
    No changes needed:
    1. A Game of Thrones
    2. Oriental Empires
    3. The Fallen Eagle - 'Omens from the Eastern Steppes' Update
    4. The Witcher's Realms*
    5. Tales of Ireland*
    * Main Mod not updated to 1.10 [Tested to be "functional" with (Not So) Simple Shafts [1.10] ND; 1.9 mods seem to be able to run on 1.10 with limitations]

    Patches Available:
    1. Shogunate [See Shogunate SS PATCH]
    2. Princes of Darkness [See POD SS PATCH]

    Pending main mod update to 1.10 (Patch cannot be made as the mod themselves are not compatible with 1.10)
    1. Elder Kings 2
    2. LotR: Realms in Exile
    3. Warcraft: Guardians of Azeroth Reforged (Release Alpha)
    * The official A Game of Thrones has been updated to 1.10.1
    Please arrange the mod sequence at launch as
    --1. [(Not So) Simple Shafts]
    --2. [Your MOD]
    --1. (Not So) Simple Shafts [1.10.1]
    --2. A Game of Thrones

    [Pending fix - Characters seems to either have flatter chest or skinner body than they should, likely because of expected default mesh]
    [INSTRUCTION FOR COMMUNITY UPDATE - Same as the one in forum post]
    Installation guide:
    1. Remove earlier installation, backup elsewhere if applicable
    2. Unzip the folder at mod folder.
    3. No path change needed
    4. DO NOT use it with CBO as they edit the same thing
    [5.] Unlike CBO, this mod is compatible with most mods that doesn't edit body or animation, including A Game of Throne, Eastern Empire, Fall of Rome, Witcher, etc.
    (Personally I love CBO for animations, but the compatibility issues with custom clothes cause me only able to play with vanilla, instead of ahem... animation of Sauron ahem...)
    [6]. Minor patch is needed for overhaul mod that edit body or add animation, like LotR: Realms in Exile, Elder Kings 2, Prince of Darkness, Shogunate
    1. Updated to Crusader King 1.10.0 Quill, added support for new animation like emotion_teen_cry_loop1 and body_emotion_stressed_teaching_loop1
    2. There is no shrink animation as the  @wuffleton  didn't include them, thus graphic will glitch for everyone if native shrink animation and mesh was enabled.
    Early Fixes:
    1. Restore the portrait modifer
    --> I restored all of them (gene, ethnicities, portrait modifier female penis...), as I previously remove them for the sake of achievement compatibility, which is no longer needed in 1.9* onward
    2. Fixed path bug, now a directly unzip will work. 
    --> it was my bad as the paradox will auto repath the mod to your local directory upon first launch, so you actually had my own file directory because of that mistake
    3. Please note REMOVE ALL PREVIOUS INSTALLATION!!!! Do NOT overwrite
    --> back up else where if needed
    --> the CTD is caused by files named [ss_male_clothes_secular_western_nudity_01_diffuse.dds] and [female_clothes_secular_western_nudity_01_diffuse.dds] in the earlier version of Simple Slits + Simple Shafts 1.7
    --> Either you have a fresh installation, or manually remove all of those file, otherwise the game will continue to CTD because of those files
    --> Having incorrect asset from earlier version will give you a direct ctd upon launch
    No idea if female penis work as I haven't checked their corresponding reference in asset files [Tested by community to be working]
    Please give credit to the original author, I only play test, debug, edit the asset and made compatibility files.
    PPS I know quite a lot of users of this site doesn't visit the forum so most are waiting for the update in the download section, but I don't think I am entitled to update this project there. 

    Screenshot that the update is working for CK3 1.10.1 , photo is the demo using Simple Shaft+Slit 1.10.1: A female Byzantine Empress with with new drunk animation and gardens background to prove the screenshot is up-to-date 



  15. Species_Classes and Portraits text file generator

    What does it do:

    I made this file so I could add species to Vanilla Framework and have them 'just work'.
    After looking at the policies and species_classes files, I was deterred.
    So this program was made to look at a series of images, organized by file structure, and then create the required species_classes and portraits files automatically.
    It is also written in python (with comments) and should be adjustable to anyone's file structure.
    Thus, you can collect the images you like and have them show up in game without making/changing the species_classes and portraits files.
    So this script was made for the naming convention in Vanilla Framework, but can work with others.
    The code takes a target path to a mod folder (YourModName for example) and then assumes that you have the path:
    and is this path is a series of folders that correspond to the playable races:

    The code will auto ignore any folders it doens't recognise the name of.
    It then checks for sub-folders to make species from:

    The code will check inside in the Species Type (e.g. Aquatics) folder and ignore anything that isn't also a folder.
    In this case it assumes that Aqua01, Aqua02, ... Aqua06 are all separate species. There is no naming convention requirement here, the species can be called anything!
    Assuming the folder looks like this:

    A list of .dds files are generated such that:
    '01AquaF1.dds', '01AquaF10.dds', '01AquaF11.dds', '01AquaF12.dds', '01AquaF13.dds', '01AquaF14.dds', '01AquaF15.dds', '01AquaF2.dds',
    '01AquaF3.dds', '01AquaF4.dds', '01AquaF5.dds', '01AquaF6.dds', '01AquaF7.dds', '01AquaF8.dds', '01AquaF9.dds' are all female.
    '01AquaH1.dds','01AquaH2.dds', '01AquaH3.dds' are all futa.
    '01AquaM1.dds', '01AquaM2.dds' are all male.

    The code then iterates through all the folders it recognises and using the sub-folders a sspecies it generates ALL of the portraits text files for playable races (and pre-sapients), and all the species classes for playable races (not pre-sapients).
    It will go back to the folder YourModName and look for the two paths:
    If it doesn't find them, it will create them.

    I've removed the _test in the picture, so it will now overwrite the Vanilla Framework (or others) if it has the same name.
    File Names:

    How to use:
    Firstly you'll need python installed.
    Later if I get to it I'll see if I can make it an executable or something.
    But in this form it is safer as people can read it to see what it's doing.
    Taken straight from the python file:
    --- HOW TO RUN THE CODE ----
    Assuming something like Linux, run in terminal:
    python3 Stell_VanF.py --folderpath 'Some/Path/To/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/YourModName' --run_all True
    Or Windows:
    python3 Stell_VanF` 1_0_5.py --folderpath 'C:\Users\CHANGEYOURNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\YourModName' --run_all True
    There is a verbose flag that can be used.
    i.e. python3 Stell_VanF.py --folderpath 'C:\Users\CHANGEYOURNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\YourModName' --run_all True --verbose True
    Just be prepared to have your screen flooded if you have many portrait files.
    Or just run it in idle like I do 😛
    I should have explained more, my bad:
    Here is what you need to to in IDLE:

    I'll continue to post updates as I improve the script.
    Feel free to use/modify this script, and to suggest changes if you like.
    Putt all your species pictues (any name as .dds files) into sub-folders (any name) of the Species Type folders shown in the first figure by the red dashes.
    Species Type folders need to be here:
    run the code pointing to:
    C:\Users\CHANGEYOURNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\YourModName
    Done! your species will show up in the game when you load YourModName!

    I also generally recommend anyone to read a script before they use it.
    Example 1: Making A Race From An Old Mod
    Add non_VF mode, and possibly make that the default (currently has no actual effect to the end user, other than clutter in the files) Not so hard... maybe Tackle events Probably very painful Read current entries for species lists and portrait lists time consuming and difficult to decide what to do in edge cases GUI? Would cost lots of time and only add a little functionality at the moment, but would make it more accessible to others. Executable No idea how hard, but guessing hard. Would make it accessible to non-python users  
    What's New in Version 1.0.5
    Fixed two bugs:
    The code would actually pickup non image files and add them if they were in the folder The default image in portraits is now checked only once and not every gender, this prevents a bug when one gender had no leaders, but the others did  
    The names variable is now a list of lists (like the leaders) and will check against each.
    Default behavior is now to check file names as it would for like Vanilla Framework, then look for 'Female','Male' ect. in the file path.

    What's New in Version 1.0.6
    Minor updates:
    Will now name species classes as VF did (with the _classes) Changed the logic it uses to determine gender. Has no effect on the end user, but the profile files (and the python file itself) are much smaller now.  
    What's New in Version 1.0.7
    Minor update:
    run_the_lot will now check the inputs it has received and tell you if it's going to fail, rather than the code failing somewhere random down the line. Hopefully making it easier to pick up typos and missing definitions,



  16. Family romance mod

    A small mod that adds new events that allow your character to become a lover with one of your relatives.
    - Random events where one of your close relatives may fall in love with you.

    - A seduction start event could be randomly relevant to your relative's lifestyle.

    - Somebody could disclose your secret relations. Try to hide it at all costs or ignore?

    - Your lover could challenges you, if some skill is high enough and you are focusing on the same lifestyle.

    - Special events for parent-child relations that requires certain traits.
    "Feastive father and jolly daughter."
    "Wrathfull mother and ambitious son."

    - Your ward could fall in love with you after the end of the education, if you are certain closed relatives.
    Or you could fall for your educator.

    - Your close relative could become your childhood crush and later you could become lovers.
    Version: 1.6.1 (09.09.2023)
    Updated for CK3 version 1.10.x Small fixes.  
    1. Download the .zip file
    2. Open it and extract all files to the Crusader kings 3 mod folder
    Russian, English, Simplified Chinese
    Writing, scripting, translation: Aeons
    Simplified Chinese translation: Aesma



  17. Lum's Extra Traditions (Beta)

    Author's Note:
    Patriarchy Tradition - Geared towards empowering pops and Ruler stratum pops specifically. Works well with civics that create Ruler stratum jobs. Soggy Biscuit Philosophy - Diplomatic Weight from Pops: +25%, Diplomatic Weight: +5% Rule of Cool - Each pop working as a slave or better produces 0.1 Alloys per month Alpha Male Cultivation - Ruler Pop Resource Output: +20% Boys and Their Toys - Pop Amenities Usage: -10% Fraternal Entourage - +1 Escort Job per 20 Pops Finisher Effects: All leaders will gain the Patriarchy Leader Traits. Fragmentation Tradition - For Hive Minds only, geared towards mitigating empire sprawl and manipulating unity generation  Parallel Thoughts - Brain/Experimenter Drone Output: +20%, Brain/Experimenter Drone Upkeep: +2 Unity The Doppelganger Question - Leader Experience Gain: +25% Recursive Libido Reinforcement - Empire Size: -50 Cerebral Gangbang - Sex Jobs Output: +30%, Resources from Jobs: -10% Sexual Personality Composite - Habitat Food Cost: +1000, Habitat Alloys Cost: -1000 Finisher Effects: Unlocks the Fragmentation Expression Policies.  
    All components require Lustful Void by Lithia Patriarchy Tradition Stellaris Federations DLC Fragmentation Tradition Stellaris Utopia DLC  
    Planned Features:
    IMPLEMENTING Nymphomania/Satyromania DESIGNING Fragmentation compatibility with Machine Intelligence PLANNING Matriarchy I will need suggestions on this one Homosexual Centric (name pending)  
    Known Issues:
    Fragmentation Fragmentation Policy tooltips (the policies are working as intended but the tooltip text needs some cleaning up)  
    Update Log:



  18. Summe's Lewd Nicknames

    Hello, I originally intended this to have an interaction to give nicknames but I took this on as a side project while I worked on another mod, and when I realized just how much work that would take I just decided to say fuck it and upload it without that feature. So in order to get a nickname from this you need to have the console enabled, so no Ironman, sorry. The command is set_nick then nickname_id. All the IDs are in the screenshot above and there is a list below as well. I might add the interaction later after I finish my current project. If you have any suggestions for nicknames feel free to post them below.

    ### Summe's Lewd Nicknames
    #Male Nicknames 
    #Female Nicknames



  19. No More AI Abortion

    No More AI Abortion
    Version 1.5
    (for CK3 Update 1.10.*)
    Ever wonder why your lovers are pregnant one minute, and then the next they're mysteriously no longer pregnant, ill, or even dead after trying to cure themselves of some unknown affliction? It turns out that AI mothers may choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, even when the Player is the father. The decision appears to be based solely on the mother's "ai_rationality" value and whether or not they belong to a faith with the polyamory tenet. This means that the game does not take into account whether they are your soulmate, if they are in your court, if they have been pardoned for giving birth to a bastard in the past, etc.
    This mod simply adds a game rule: "Pregnancy Termination", which when enabled, prevents the AI from doing so. This does not affect the Player's ability to do so, nor does is affect pregnancies from ending prematurely due to natural complications. Luckily Carnalitas already has a game rule, that when enabled, prevents natural pregnancy complications and works seamlessly with this mod. For those not using Carnalitas, I've included a second game rule in the standalone version of this mod: "Pregnancy Complications" which has four different options to allow you to tailor your game exactly how you'd like, including the ability to even the playing field by removing a hidden advantage the player normally has over the AI:
    Default (no Player exception): The Player will no longer have the reduced risk of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth that they do by default. No changes are made to the risk of complications for the AI. Default: No changes will be made to the risk of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. The Player has a reduced risk of suffering complications compared to the AI. Disabled (Limited): Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth will no longer occur for the Player and their close family members. No changes will be made to the risk of complications for the AI. Disabled: Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth will no longer occur. Complications may still arise as a result of attempted termination, if enabled.  
    While the options for the "Pregnancy Termination" game rule are as follows:
    Default: No changes will be made to the AI's behavior. The AI may choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, even when the Player is the father. Default (Player exception): The AI may choose to attempt to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, except when the Player is the father. Disabled: The AI will no longer choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard. Pregnancies may still end prematurely due to natural complications, if enabled.  
    Fully translated into English, German, and Russian. When playing in other languages officially supported by CK3, this mod's text will default to English rather than showing the raw code strings.
    Speaking of Carnalitas, to ensure all of the features related to pregnancy from Carnalitas are preserved while running both of the mods together, I've decided to have this mod's file incorporate elements of and carefully override Carnalitas', meaning running this mod without Carnalitas may lead to errors. For those not using Carnalitas, a standalone version of this mod is also available, which does not have any requirements. The standalone version may also be downloaded from the Steam Workshop, found here.
    I've designed this mod to be as lightweight as possible. It should be compatible with all mods that don't change the events/pregnancy_events file. The standard version of this mod is designed specifically to be compatible with Carnalitas. If not running Carnalitas, please use the standalone version of this mod instead. This mod is not achievement compatible.
    Installation Instructions
    If using Carnalitas, download the standard version of the mod, and if not, download the standalone version instead. Locate and open the appropriate .zip file using 7-Zip/WinRAR/etc. Inside, there should be a folder named "No More AI Abortion" and a file named "No More AI Abortion.mod". Locate your mod folder. On Windows this is generally found at C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Delete any older versions of the mod in the mod folder, if applicable. Copy both files to the mod folder. Run the CK3 launcher, navigate to the Mods section, and click the "Manage Mods (x/y)" button. Find No More AI Abortion and click on the grey button to the right of "Disabled". It should have turned green and now read "Enabled." If using the standard version of the mod, make sure you've similarly installed Carnalitas using the instructions found in that mods' Installation Instructions section. If using the standard version of the mod, click and drag the three horizontal lines to the right of the "Enabled/Disabled" button until this mod is placed below Carnalitas in the load order. When starting a new game, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the game rules screen where you will find this mod’s game rules. Here you can select the combination of settings that will give the desired experience. Note: To enable this mod for existing save games, you’ll need to learn how to edit the desired save file in order to add the game rules. The method will also allow you to change the game rules mid-game if you change your mind later.  
    Version 1.5
    Updated for CK3 Version Added German translation courtesy of Doozer64 on Steam Workshop. Version 1.4.1
    Updated for CK3 Version The Player's consorts should now be sufficiently protected when using the "Disabled (Limited)" "Pregnancy Complications" game rule. Version 1.4
    Updated for CK3 Version The effects of the game rules were not always active when they should have been. Includes changes to hopefully correct this issue. Version 1.3
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.8.1 Version 1.2.2
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.7.2 Added Russian translation courtesy of What is Love? of on Steam Workshop. Version 1.2.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.7.1 Version 1.2
    Updated for CK3 Version Added a third "Pregnancy Termination" game rule option, "Default (Player exception)". Improved the game rule presentation to be more in-line with Carnalitas' by adding text color and icons. Version 1.1.2
    Updated for CK3 Version Standalone version of the mod first uploaded to the Steam Workshop, found here. Added a "Pregnancy Complications" game rule with four options to the standalone version. Version 1.1.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.6.1 Added "dummy" localization. When playing in a language officially supported by CK3 other than English, this mod's text will default to English rather than showing the raw code strings. Both standard and standalone versions of the mod are available and will be supported moving forward. Version 1.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.6 "Castle" / Fate of Iberia. Standalone version of the mod that does not require Carnalitas. Version 1.0
    Initial release of the mod.  
    No More AI Abortion
    Myself What is Love? - Russian Translation Doozer64 - German Translation Carnalitas
    Full list of contributions on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Upcoming Features
    I welcome any and all ideas regarding potential features for the mod going forward as well as any constructive criticism. I'd like to incorporate the additional "Pregnancy Complications" game rule options included in the standalone version of the mod to the main version as well. I briefly attempted to do so but had trouble overriding just the necessary components of the appropriate Carnalitas files, (namely carn_game_rules and the carn_game_rules_l localization files), without just overriding the entire file outright. I would really prefer not to do this as it would be unnecessarily messy compatibility-wise. I also wasn’t able to test the "Pregnancy Termination" game rule option, "Default (Player exception)" as much as I’d like, so please let me know if you encounter any bugs with this or any other parts of the mod not working as intended.



  20. Carnalitas - Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3

    Version 2.1
    Carnalitas is a unified sex mod framework for Crusader Kings 3. It provides a set of systems that modders can use for their own projects, such as a database of sex scene events. It also implements features that were common in many CK2 sex mods. All these features can be toggled by players through game rules.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads) Carnalitas Wiki Carnalitas Discord Server Important: We will never upload this mod to Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza. If you see it on either of those sites, it is against their Terms of Service and a breach of the GNU General Public License.
    No DLC is required to use Carnalitas. (Although some submods may include DLC-dependent features.)
    English French - Français German - Deutsch Korean - 한국어 Russian - Русский Simplified Chinese - 简体中文 Spanish - Español Note: Translations may sometimes be incomplete after a new update. Please be patient while the translators are working.

    Features for Users
    Sex Interactions: Adds character interactions allowing you to have sex with your spouses, consorts, and lovers, or rape prisoners. Slavery System: An immersive slavery framework allowing you to enslave characters, free slaves, and buy and sell slaves, depending on your faith's attitudes toward slavery. Prostitution System: A prostitution framework allowing you to force your slaves into prostitution or work as a prostitute yourself. Lactation System: A lactation framework allowing you to lactate from pregnancy and keep track of your milk production through a widget in the character window. Fetish System: A framework for characters to gain fetishes upon becoming Deviants, which are shown in the character window and can be tracked by mod scripts. Body Part Traits (Dicks & Tits): Adds new congenital traits for breast and penis size, which can be seeded on game start. Stress from Arousal: Adds a game rule which makes you gain stress over time if you are lustful. STD Immunity: Adds a game rule to turn off Lovers' Pox and Great Pox, as well as the ability for modders to make characters who are immune to STDs. Remove Pregnancy Complications: Adds a game rule to turn off stillbirths, sickly children/mothers, and deaths from pregnancy. GUI Improvements: Includes custom GUI that combines Better Character UI and Show More Traits, while also showing fetishes and lactation in the character window, slaves in the relations tab, and Enslave buttons in the prison window. Comprehensive Tutorials: Provides in-game tooltips and encyclopedia entries for all new gameplay concepts added by Carnalitas. Full User Control: All features can be toggled on or off in game rules. Features for Modders
    Sex Scene System: Provides a unified tag-based database for sex scene events, allowing other mods to easily add new sex scenes or request sex scenes with specific tags. Character Initialization Pulse: Adds on_character_initialization_pulse, allowing you to easily seed characteristics like racial traits on all spawned characters with a single on_action (with only a few delays here and there because it's impossible to catch certain guests). Custom Pregnancy System: Provides a timer-based framework to define your own pregnancy-like effect (e.g. oviposition) that will override vanilla pregnancies and play nicely with other modded custom pregnancies. Pregnancy Suppression Library: Provides flags to suppress the vanilla on-birth and on-pregnancy events and replace them with your own custom events under specific conditions. Abortion Library: Provides scripted triggers for mods allowing termination of pregnancies to play nicely with mods that add custom or scripted pregnancies. Absolute Birth Control: Provides a way to silently replace all pregnancies of a character without affecting her fertility stat in game. Health and Transformation Library: Provides a huge amount of effects for transforming characters by stepping up/stepping down genetic traits, healing wounds and diseases, setting disease immunity, and so on. Personality Replacement Library: Provides scripted effects to easily replace personality traits for slave training, brainwashing, and the like. Dominant/Submissive Relation: Adds a unified relation for Dominant or Submissive lovers. Extensive Character Flags to Expose Vanilla Triggers: You can make a trait grant immunity to disease, force nudity, disallow granting of titles, etc. without having to edit vanilla files and break compatibility with other Carnalitas submods. Heavily Customizable: Hook into any of Carnalitas's features with extensive documentation, scripted effects and triggers, and mod-friendly design. Comprehensive Documentation, Examples, and Wiki Upcoming Features
    Carnalitas is currently in maintenance mode and no new features are planned. But if you're interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, feel free to join the Carnalitas Discord Server.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Carnalitas and a file named Carnalitas.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Carnalitas and Carnalitas.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas to your current playset. On this page you can also download my submod, Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines, which adds religious doctrines for slavery that are accurate to every faith in vanilla CK3 based on historical research. The submod is separate from the main mod for improved compatibility with total conversion mods.
    Load Order
    total conversion mods all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines (if using it) mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Carnalitas edits the character window and court window. If another mod edits the same windows (such as Better UI Scaling) then one of them will end up overwriting the other. Will conflict with other mods that edit sex, pregnancy, or adultery effects. For best results, only use Carnalitas with sex mods that are designed to work with it.  
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I installed Carnalitas but I don't see any new features.
    A: Check that you turned on the Carnalitas game rule options. If you don't see any new game rules, check your mod installation. The Paradox launcher is notoriously bad at loading custom mods, so you may have to troubleshoot and/or restart your game.
    Q: My username contains non-English characters (e.g. accents, Chinese characters) and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is a known bug with the Crusader Kings 3 launcher. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory that doesn't include non-English characters (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.
    Q: I have Microsoft OneDrive and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is an issue with Paradox's launcher and OneDrive. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory outside of your Documents folder (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.
    Q: Does Carnalitas include sex animations?
    A: No, for animations download Character Body Overhaul.

    Q: Can I use Carnalitas with an existing save game?
    A: No.

    Q: Are the bust size traits shown on the 3D portraits?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I turn off (feature)?
    A: Yes. Every single feature can be turned off.

    Q: Where are all the body part traits?
    A: Like vanilla "Beautiful" or "Strong" characters, only characters with extraordinary penis or breast sizes will have body part traits. Everyone else is assumed to be average.

    Q: When do children get body part traits?
    A: When they become adults.

    Q: I don't like the Make Love cooldown.
    A: There is a game rule to turn off the cooldown, see above. Also, that's not a question.

    Q: Are you going to add (feature not in the upcoming feature list)?
    A: Probably not. We are building a framework first and foremost, and leaving actual content or game balance changes to other modders. That said, if you have a good idea for a basic feature that could be implemented, contact us.
    Contact Us
    For various reasons, we will not be looking regularly at the LoversLab forum thread for this mod. If you have a pressing issue or suggestion, contact us through the Carnalitas Discord Server  
    Cheri - lead developer, project director, systems programmer, English localization Triskelia - senior developer, git manager, artwork, French localization Ernie Collins - senior developer, systems programmer Full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Support This Mod
    If you are a lewd modder, feel free to use Carnalitas features and scripts for your own projects. If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, you can fork our git repository and join the Carnalitas Discord Server  
    Carnalitas is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. You are free to use it for any purpose. You can modify or redistribute it, as long as you use the same license, provide the source code, and acknowledge the work and copyright of the original contributors.
    Note that the requirement to use the same license prevents you from posting Carnalitas on Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza, as mods there are placed under a more restrictive license. Carnalitas contains a very small portion of Crusader Kings 3 script which is needed to make it work properly. These portions are (c) Paradox Interactive and do not fall under GPL 3.0, we are distributing them under Paradox's terms of use instead. An easy way to credit Carnalitas's creators is to provide a link to the full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki.



  21. CK3 Cucked 24/7/365, OnS > Lover

    This is my first mod ever. Simple altering and deletion, nothing special.


    - all religions accept adultery
    - some alternation to communion tenet
    - christian and Slavic religions have now concubines (good for cucking, concubines are less protected by CK3 engine than wives)
    - increased risk of OnS during feast from "5" to "30"
    - AI will less likely have lovers (since I like OnS more), including lovers from travel event, from feast's OnS, from the air
    - bastard events (during and just after the birth) greatly reduced. Cuck and be cucked with even less spam and consequences

    Planned/considered features:
    - further removing/neutering early bastard drama
    - more OnS (one night stand), maybe during other activities?
    - a bull spawning in player's court just after game's start (his character sheet is ready, I just lack of skill to add him)

    This mod is crude, it is a personal mod I published. It alters many files and lacks of true insight into CK3 modding. For now.
    In case you don't like any of above features, alter or delete corresponding file(s) from the mod's directory. Concubine stuff may need a new game.
    Feel free to borrow any code or idea from this mod. No permission needed, mentioning is enough.

    Some technical stuff:
    - "always = no" without "" after a trigger supposes to disable it
    - I altered some AI chances to -1000
    - "#feast_default.3006 - Soiree with another attendee" in "feast_default_events.txt" is about OnS,
    - "30 = feast_default.3096 #Soiree with another attendee" in "feast_on_actions.txt" too!
    - you can put some stuff to "virtues", like "virtues = { lustful pregnant adulterer fornicator lifestyle_mystic }"

    CK3 Mod Discord member gave me a brief guidance how to add a spawned bull, but I still don't know how to do it now.
    "use on_game_start_after_lobby to fire a custom on_action scope to every_player use the create_character effect"



  22. Sexuality Expanded

    Sexuality Expanded offers you to choose carnalitas trait that will appear much more often in your dynasty if you choose it in the legacy of the dynasty added by this mod.
    And such traits as a giant penis and giant breasts, they look more sexy on the character, just like in the screenshots.
    Does not work with Carnalitas Traits Tweaks
    Sexuality Expanded предлагает вам выбрать черту carnalitas, которая будет появляться гораздо чаще в вашей династии, если вы выберете ее в наследие династии, добавленной этим модом. А такие черты, как гигантский пенис и гигантская грудь, смотрятся на персонаже более сексуально, прямо как на скриншотах.
    Не работает с Carnalitas Traits Tweaks



  23. StellarDiffusion [AI generated female-only species for Stellaris]

    AI generated portraits for several species:
    - Humans
    - Light Elves
    - Dark Elves
    - Valkyrie
    - Fairies
    - Tentacle Humans
    - Tentacle Elves
    - Cyborg
    Each species has a distinct portrait set for each job:
    - admiral
    - envoy
    - general
    - governor
    - pop
    - ruler
    - scientiest
    About 4700 portraits in total, for a total size of 600MB.
    roughly evenly distributed, so that is about 600 portraits per species, and around 85 portraits per species and job.
    I batch generated 200 portraits per species and job and then deleted the ugly ones by hand and stopped once I reached 50+. Post a comment if you find  any portraits that are still off, and take a screenshot.

    Thanks to:
    @Armchair for their Stable Elves mod and sharing the prompts they used, which I heavily copied from.
    @XavierMace for their Stable Lewds mod and sharing their workflow and automation (in the end I was able to do the whole thing running off of one python script)
    and finally @Goregath for their text file generator at 



  24. Milfy Mod

    This is a Mod project focused around adding and enhancing Milf content within CK3. My goal with this Mod is to make the act of becoming and being a Mother in and of itself feel like an event and cause actual impact to your playstyle. In addition this mod should expand how a Mother interacts with her children and even gives other characters a few new events as well. This is my first Mod ever for any game and it was rough getting to this stage. This release is not flawless but the idea is there.
    MASSIVE Special thanks to "The Lord" from the Carnalitas Discord server for helping with bug fixing AND proof reading (Helped me add lots of features!) 😃
    **Lex0223 has been working on a simplified chinese localization, check it out here https://paratranz.cn/projects/7907
    UPDATE: Beta V5
    This update fixes some old events and adds more into the pool First Male POV event that triggers if you have a MILF (not a family member) in your court and are bellow the age of 28 Events where a MILF mother will get involved with her Daughter's pregnacies (sometimes) Events where a MILF will judge her Son's new wife Events where MILF's will gift their wards cuddly toys, yay! Big additions to event chain if you recruite the lustful MILF and follow her advice  
    New MILF trait which is naturally aquired by Mothering 5 children 1 other trait related to a MILF's body Numerous random events relating to the changes in one's body and social impacts  
    Upcoming Features
    More events relating to living life as a Milf More events from the Male POV Expanding on some current event's to make them longer chains Additional new traits to better reflect choices and allow for more personal events  
    Known Bugs and Issues
    Opinion gains might not be working correctly Some events might select the wrong character, this shouldn't be common but let me know



  25. Titillating Text Updated

    It has only been updated to work on 3.8+ no changes to dialogue other than the ones made from the original mod, which you can find here: 



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