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  1. [Stellaris] Vanilla Framework

    Vanilla Framework (Beta 0.6)
    What is it?
    Vanilla Framework is is a small(ish) mod I made to replace all the vanilla portraits with ones that are a bit more interesting. I used a mod to remove them, and it did decent enough, but the little blighters always managed to sneak into my games through things like events or Pre-Sapients. Not the sort of thing you want after going through the trouble of installing all those other portrait mods.
    What does it do?
    This alpha version is a working minimum, so it has at least One portrait set for each species. At present it adds;
    3 Arthropoid sets (124 images) 3 Avian sets (126 images) 1 Fungoid set (23 images) 5 Humanoid sets (290 images) 1 Lithoid set (17 images) 5 Mammalian sets (329 images) 1 Molluscoid set (29 images) 4 Necroid set (192 images) 1 Plantoid set (26 images) 3 Reptilian set (190 images)  
    I've also rolled in the portrait sets from my other small mod, Fembots and Gynoids which add 2 portrait sets to both Machine empires and Robot workers with a total of 164 images.
    Total Mod Images: 1,510
    This mod is designed to be fully compatible with Lustful Void's gender traits but can still be played without them.  This mod is incompatible with other mods that use the base games Species Classes file.  Compatibility patches will be made as mentions of conflicts arise.  
    By default, each species will use the Male and Female image sets, but when used with Lustful Void, you can also use the Futa images. When creating a species, select their appearance, then a gender trait (All Male/Female, Futa), then change the rulers appearance.  The rulers image won't update itself in the creation menu when you choose a gender trait, so you'll need to do that yourself.  
    Compatibility Patches
    Only download the patches for the mods you are using, otherwise the result will be missing portraits. Make sure the patches load after their associated mods as well as Vanilla Framework and the More Vanilla Patch if you are using it. Currently, these patches won't remove vanilla portraits if the mods include them in their files but vanilla free versions will be added alter.
    Tons of Tits 2.6.3 (Patch is in the download section) Se Human + Se Humanoid (3 patches in the one folder for whichever versions you need)  
    10/04/2021 - Status Update
    Set up a poll so people can have a say where they think shark and fish type portraits should go.
    Poll closes on the 26th. Can be found at the top of the topic page.
    This update adds 3 new sets to Necroids; Zombie, Mummy, Ghost, for 127 new images. Vampires got expanded with 45 new images. The overdue Humanoid expansion got done with Humans getting 48 and Goblins getting 42. There's now a compatibility patch for SE Human and/or SE Humanoid. There are 3 patches in the one folder for using with either or both of those mods) This update was a bit of a slog. I decided to tone down the gore factor for zombies as I figured most people (such as myself) wouldn't particularly enjoy it, so they're more like Frankenstein's monster, or modern zombies that can mix and match body parts if they have need and thread. Also, there's not a lot of mummy or ghost images, so I had to double down in some places. Werewolves would have been an obvious addition but I'm holding off on them until I get canines done for Mammalians and see if I can make them more distinct. For the next update I'll be lumping in Planoid, Fungoid, Lithoid, and Molluscoid as they seem to be the harder ones to source for.  
    Delete any old versions you might have installed
    Download the latest Vanilla Framework.zip Extract its contents into Documents/ Paradox Interactive/ Stellaris/ mod Make sure there is a folder named "Vanilla Framework" and a file called "Vanilla Framework.mod" This mod should be the last active mod in your launchers mod load order If you want to keep the old Vanilla portraits, then download the latest More Vanilla Patch.zip  Extract it into Documents/ Paradox Interactive/ Stellaris/ mod Make sure it is below/ comes after "Vanilla Framework" in the mod load order  
    Changelog (Old)
    06/04/2021 - VF beta 0.5
    This update replaces the old Reptilian set with 3 new ones, Draconid, Dragon, and Naga, for a total of 160 images. Some code got tidied up from earlier releases, so things should run smoother. To address some concerns over crashes that might be related to not owning DLC, this release is in two versions. The normal version, Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5, has the DLC species set to only appear if you have the specific dlc. Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5 Ex, has my portraits set to always be available. I suspect there might be an issue with not having the correct ships, greetings, etc, if so then at least there's the normal version to use. My schedule is utter chaos so I can't keep a regular release going. From now on, updates come out whenever I get them done. Necroids are next on the list, I'll be doing the humanoid expansion with them this time,( I swear).  
    09/02/2021 - VF beta 0.4
    This took a while to do because I'm short on time for the next few weeks, when I have more time things should pick up again. This update adds 3 portrait sets to Mammalians; Equine, Rabbit, and Feline The Bovine and Ratling sets also got expanded for a combined total of 259 images this update. The Humanoid expansion got pushed back because, again, I'm short on time and wanted to get something out soon. Next update will focus on Reptilians as I already have some images sourced so I should hopefully get the next update out a bit sooner than this one  
    20/01/2021 - VF beta 0.3
    This took a lot long than intended because I'm currently in a busy period.  Next update is likely to be delayed too, but I'm trying to keep a good and regular pace going. This update adds 3 (or 2, depending on how you look at it) portrait sets to Humanoids; Orcs, Elves, and Dark elves I wanted to expand the existing Human and Goblin sets, but thought it better to get something out soon. Their expansion will likely get rolled in with the next update. I was going to include a succubus/incubus set, but thought that they might be better for Necroids (who don't have a wide variety to work with)  
    07/01/2021 - VF beta 0.2
    The old Avian portraits are replaced with 3 new ones (Parrot, Owl, and Duck). I'm no ornithologist, I work with what I find, so if there's and image that doesn't strictly fit into its category then yo can put that down to people incorrectly tagging that image. There were enough images left over from the old set that they'll likely make a return as generic or generic and eagle. Due to Fungoid, Plantoid, and Lithoids being hard to source for, they'll be the last to get new images this round. Current Tons of Tits patch should still work fine, they haven't updated anything and I haven't touched the related file.  
    30/12/2020 - VF beta 0.1
    The mod seems stable, no real issues other than some missing machine portraits I forgot to include. Mod is now entering the Beta phase, which means I'll be focusing on adding more content and putting out compatibility patches. Reformatting should make the mod more friendly with others and allow for easier updates. Beta opens with 3 new Arthropoid portrait sets (Bee, Spider, and Moth), replacing the old one. Will now offer a More Vanilla patch that adds back in the vanilla portraits for those that want it.



  2. [mod] Regula Magistri

    This is a mind-control "Haremocracy" mod for Crusader Kings 3. It mod creates a number of traits, events, schemes, and interactions based around the Player's interaction with the Regula Magistri (Rule of the Master). The intent of these is to create a state headed by a single (male) ruler and his female vassal concubines.  
    Loverlab Forum Page
    Hypnopics-Collective Page
    Git-Hub Page  

      ## Highlights   Creates a mind controller trait for the MC (Keeper of Souls) and charmed traits for female characters (Mulsa, Paelex, Domina and Orba).   Creates a religion, Regula Magistri. This religion has two custom tenets linked to the Magister and his harem. The magister can have unlimited wives, each of which can boost desmesne income and development. The holy sites unlock different character interactions, adjust the sex of newborns, or otherwise changes the base game.   Creates a scheme (Fascinare) to add the Mulsa trait to female characters and convert them to the Regula Magistri religion. Each woman with the Mulsa and at least one landed title (county or higher) can be upgraded to the Paelex trait and added to the MC's harem. Mulsa can also be forced to act against their liege and family, revealing secrets, kidnapping or deposing their husband, and even waging war against their leige for the right to swear fealty to the magister.   Creates a number of new wars linked to the enslavement of other rulers. Free female rulers can be dominated, while those already charmed can be stolen from their rightful liege or allowed to break their former bonds of fealty through a custom faction, Servitude.   Creates two new gender succession laws, Hereditas Magistri and Hereditas Compedita. The MC's titles pass to their male offspring, while those of their vassals pass to female offspring. All MC vassals will adopt Hereditas Compedita on a quarterly basis.   ## Requirements   This mod requires Carnalitas to function. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/152833-mod-carnalitas-unified-sex-mod-framework-for-ck3/   ## Incompatibilities   This mod will conflict with anything that modifies gender succession laws or religious tenets, might_cheat_on_partner_trigger or valid_demand_conversion_conditions_trigger. Otherwise it should run alongside anything up to total conversion mods (not extensively tested).   This version is not compatible with Regula Magestri 0.5 saves.   ## Installation Unzip into your /Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod folder.  Add "Regula Magistri" to your mod playset. Start the mode by taking the "Acquire the Regula Magistri" decision.   ## Known Bugs/Issues Despite the flavour text, those that are One with the Book don't die when the book is destroyed.  
    ## Contributing If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch here or at the links above. Assistance with art or event dialogue would be greatly appreciated.   ## Changelog  



  3. Coetus Anima

    You will need
    This mod does a lot of things, the basic goals are to make a characters body relevant to their attraction, to make this value subjective and individual to each character, to automatically trigger sex scenes with your characters sexual partners, and to try to create some values that modders can use to trigger interesting story lines.
    The mod starts by seeding attraction values. Characters are given a default value with some randomness thrown in. The default values are set in common\script_values in the "default physical attraction values" file and this can easily be adjusted. A character's preference is compared to the physical values set up in the physical attributes mod to get a characters attraction value. 

    A character's preferences will change over the course of their life. Every year a character gets an event where they fantasize about a character that they have met in the previous year. You are given five choices and your preferences will move slightly toward that characters physical attributes. The AI will tend to choose famous characters to fantasize about, since you are (probably) the most famous person at your court, this will generally be you. So your character's appearance and what your character finds attractive will tend to influence what people at your court find attractive and over the years this will filter through your realm.

    The attraction value is further modified based on a players age and sexual orientation. Sexual orientation has also been changed to not be absolute. Instead sexuality is a sliding scale, heterosexual and homosexual characters will still have some degree of attraction to the opposite/same sex and bisexual individuals may be more attracted to one sex than the other.

    The game also sets up monthly sex effects that replace the monthly fertility check. For the player you are also given a sex scene once per year per partner. Your character is given a value called "desire" that represents the amount of sex your character can have. Every time your character has sex it uses 10 libido. Libido may be higher or lower depending on the character's traits but on average it should be at 40 (this is so a character can generally have 4 sexual partners, which is the max number of spouses in the base game).

    The game also seeds a monthly value called "desire" this represents the amount of sex your character wants to have and is also dependent on a characters traits. Every time your character has sex their desire is reduced by an amount determined by their attraction to their sexual partner. This is of course a reductive representation of sexual pleasure, but I really couldn't figure out how to add another element while keeping it relatively simple. Desire right now has no effect on your character (though I would like it to in future) but it has an effect on ai behavior. Characters with low sexual desire will generally not use the seduction scheme and will be difficult to seduce. So if you want your partners not to cheat, its best to make sure their desire is kept low. If your character does not have enough libido for all of their sexual partners you won't be able to have sex with all of them, which means their sexual desire will start to go up.

    You can see a character's attraction to you and your attraction to them next to their opinion of you. The exception is that marriage interaction window will instead show you the relative attraction of the people being married.

    There are no hard limits to how many children your character can have, or how many people your character can marry. If at any point you want to have less children with any given sexual partner, you can just select the character interaction "Avoid Pregnancy" (its essentially pulling out so your partner can still get pregnant it's just much less likely) of course this can be reversed at any time with another character interaction. 

    Edit: Forgot to mention the sex effect is called every month. A monthly sex scene would be excessive for the player, so the player is only given a sex scene once per year per sexual partner.

    Edit: Please note that as is the case with the physical attribute mod, these values will not be present on starting a new game or loading an old game. There are on_actions that are set up to seed the values but it takes anywhere from a couple in game days to a year to seed. All new characters will also take some time to seed.

    Full disclosure making this work takes a bunch of calculations, so it may slow your game down a bit. I've taken some short cuts to keep it within reason and I think its worthwhile on the whole. I'm sure I'm missing something, and there's some other aspects I want to add, but its playable at this point and if I wait until its perfect I'll never upload it. 



  4. Carnalitas Arousal Framework

    Carnalitas Arousal Framework
    Version 0.6.3
    Adds Arousal as a player-only game resource similar to stress. Just as stress, arousal goes from 0 to 400 and has 4 levels. The current arousal state is shown in a widget next to the stress bar.
    Carnalitas Arousal Framework offers a basic gameplay loop around finding sufficient sexual partners, and then sexing the shit out of them. The most important features in a partner are physical attraction (at start of a relationship), a matching personality (at later stages of a relationship), and being on good terms with your partner (always). But if you can't find this qualities in your designated mate, you can always take a lover that is better suited to satisfy your desires...
    Oh, and why bother? Because high arousal can give you debuffs (see below), or fire events analogous to stress events when reaching a new arousal level (supported, but not included - but see Carnal Consequences).
    Default settings should be good to go, but everything can be tweaked or turned off if required. Using the "Make Love" action from Carnalitas is highly recommended. Without it, you probably won't have enough possibilities to have sex and consequently your arousal will run rampant.
    Note: Carnalitas has a game rule called "Arousal causes Stress". This has nothing to do with Arousal as a game resource as introduced by this mod.
    Arousal Difficulty
    The game rule "Arousal Difficulty" lets you fine-tune arousal gain and loss from all sources, to make managing arousal more or less challenging. If you have a lot of sex mods installed you might want to offset that by ramping up the difficulty. Conversely, if you do not play with the "lay with" action you should reduce difficulty. It all depends on your mod loadout, experiment.
    Arousal Gain
    Player gains arousal over time based on partner opinion, sexuality, traits, stress, health and illnesses, life circumstances, and age: The "simple" setting disregards all these modifiers and just adds a constant value. I don't use or test this setting anymore since it completely bypasses the whole "take more lovers to combat arousal" gameplay, but you do you.  
    Sex Effects
    Whenever a sex event is fired by any mod that uses Carnalitas ("Male Love", for example) the quality of sex is determined by a multitude of factors, such as attraction, personality, what they think of you, how aroused you are, matching kinks and some randomness. Most of these apply differently for consensual and non-consensual scenes. Choose your spouse carefully: At the beginning of a relationship, attraction is most important. Later on, it's more about a matching personality. Keep your partner happy: A partner that hates you is a surefire way to kill joy in the bedroom. The result of each sex act is one of seven effects: Mind-blowing, amazing, satisfactory, ordinary, unsatisfactory, lousy or atrocious intercourse. Good sex reduces your arousal a lot, increases the opinion of your partner, and reduces stress. Bad sex still reduces arousal, but a lot less, reduces opinion, and adds stress. Average, ordinary sex only reduces arousal. Overall, arousal reduction via sex effects is roughly balanced with sophisticated passive arousal gain setting and yearly "Lay with Lover" action, but it all depends on your mod loadout.  
    Arousal Effects
    This game rule adds passive debuffs depending on your current arousal level. Level 0: No modifiers Level 1: -10% stress loss Level 2: -30% stress loss, -10% hostile scheme resistance, +10% fertility Level 3: -50% stress loss, -20% hostile scheme resistance, +20% fertility "Hardcore mode" applies harsher debuffs and weaker buffs. This is recommended if you do not use a mod that provides arousal threshold events (e.g. Carnal Consequences).  
    For Modders
    Recommended Mods
    Carnal Consequences for the arousal threshold events Intimate Encounters for the "Masked Orgy" decision, which is a great way to transform gold into arousal loss  
    This mod overwrites hud.gui to display the arousal bar and conflicts with any mods that do the same. Does work with "Better UI" and "Show More Traits", both of which are already included in Carnalitas.  
    Coding help for the hud by ErnieCollins Arousal icons by Triskelia



  5. Sex Animations, More Character Shapes, and Models for Easier Animation

    Credit to WaffleIron, whose Simple Shafts/Simple Slits mod provided a lot of the assets I used to make this mod.

    (Edit: I realized this needed to be placed somewhere visible. If you have the animation coded into an event you will now need to click on the event theme icon in the top left hand corner of the event window. I've turned this icon into a button that toggles whether to use the multi character cameras or the vanilla cameras. This will prevent any issues with floating characters, enable you to code your animations to any of the five portrait character slots, and eventually it will enable up to five characters per animation (if the engine can handle it) without messing up every vanilla event animation.)
    (Edit: I get this question a bit so here is the way you would code this animation into the Carnalitas example sex scene.)

        left_portrait = {
            character = scope:carn_sex_player
            outfit_tags = { no_cloak no_hat no_pants no_clothes }
            animation = sex
        right_portrait = {
            character = scope:carn_sex_target
            outfit_tags = { no_cloak no_hat no_pants no_clothes }
            triggered_animation = {
                                    trigger = { scope:carn_sex_target = { sex_opposite_of = scope:carn_sex_player } }
                                    animation = sex
            triggered_animation = {
                                    trigger = { scope:carn_sex_target = { sex_same_as = scope:carn_sex_player } }
                                    animation = hom_sex

    (Edit: After update 1.3 the mod grew too large to be included in a single upload. I've divided it into 3 files that you need to combine on your end. As a plus this should resolve issues people were having with unzipping I believe. Just copy the gfx folder from the unzipped male and female folders into the unzipped char_body_overhaul file and install as normal.)

    (Edit: In order to be compatible with Simple Shafts/Slits this mod needs to be lower in the load order)

    (Edit: I've added the functionalities of disrobed ruler designer and nude outfit designer. As such I want to give credit to PerpetualPanic and WardenofEphara for creating the original mods, I just updated them so that they wouldn't use the clothed body shapes. )

    Quick disclaimer in terms of compatibility and installing. This is only the second mod I've uploaded on here. The first one (Sex Event Window, which is included here only slightly modified) was small and was only really a modder tool/proof of concept. This mod is honestly massive (I'll get into why later). Although I've been able to do stuff in game that I know is in demand, I don't have any experience actually uploading mods onto here. Its very possible I left out a mod file or something that's needed to install it, so please let me know. Also although I know these files work on my computer I'm very disorganized and have bits of code everywhere, I've tried to clean it up but its a mess. So I created this mod specifically to be uploaded and only included the files that are necessary. It's possible that I left a necessary file out. If that's the case please let me know.

    Animations - Included in the mod are 2 animations per gender "sex" and "hom_sex" neither of these are coded into any events. In order to use these animations you need to create an event with the animations coded in. If the event is meant to refer to heterosexual sex both characters need to be coded with the "sex" animation, if the event is referring to homosexual sex one character needs to be coded as "hom_sex." For males the character with the hom_sex animation will be the bottom, for females the character coded as hom_sex will be on top.

    Base Character Models - The base character models have been rigged to be more easily animated. I've added 6 bones to the male body (penis, left/right breast, stomach, left/right butt cheek) for females 7 bones have been added (same thing but left/right vagina lips instead of penis). The difficulty in getting this to work is kind of why I uploaded this. In order to maintain compatibility with the base game's clothing/animations I needed to create new versions of every animation/article of clothing. 

    In terms of the shape the male is based on WaffleIron's penis size min. The female is based on WaffleIron's pussy blendshape (they also use WaffleIron's diffuses and textures). 

    Clothing - All of the clothing in the game has been updated so that characters won't clip out of them (not much at least).

    Shape Overview - In order to upload the base models I needed to include blendshapes that would be compatible. This gave me the motivation to finish up some files that give characters a wider variety of shapes. The screenshots pictured above are the sizes that are in the gene file included in the mod. However, it's not my job to tell you how big is too big, so where possible I doubled the shape. This means that the gene file is only set up to use half of the potential of any given attribute. I figure if you think something is too big you can easily reduce the number in the gene file but you can't go higher than 1.0. I'll not which shapes can be doubled below.

    Bigger Breasts - I've seen a couple mods that increase breast size, but I've felt that most of them seem too high up. Here I've brought the breasts down a little, so that they seem more affected by gravity. As in the base game there are two breast sizes, breast_size_2_max that represents naked breasts and breast_size_max that is represents breasts being held up by clothing. Both the clothed and naked breasts can be doubled.

    Bigger Butts - I've seen this requested a lot, but to my knowledge this is the first mod to include variable but sizes. I've included a butt size min (that I'm sure you will all be excited about) and a butt size max, two for females, one for males. For females butt_size_max increases hip size in addition to butt size, butt_size_2_max doesn't make the hips any bigger. Butt size 2 was basically just an early attempt and then I realized the variety was nice. The gene file includes three different butt size versions. Two that only use one shape, and a third that uses a mix of the two. If I've coded the ethnicity file right 50% of characters should get the mix gene, and 25% get narrow/wide hips. The wide hip version can be doubled, the narrow hip female version cannot be doubled (without increasing hip size making the butt any bigger would look weird). The male version cannot be doubled (making guy butts is surprisingly difficult because of the shape).

    Penis Sizes - I've included a larger penis size then was in the simple shafts mesh, I've also tried to give it a head shape, since even an uncircumsized penis will have a head shape. This could really benefit from a diffuse/texture but I don't have any skill in creating those. As I said before the base mesh uses the simple shafts penis size min, this allows the erection morph to work properly (otherwise you get a flat penis). The simple shafts penis size gene has been modified to include two templates penis_size and erection_size. People should only inherit the penis_size version but if an animation is created with portrait modifier "erection" the gene will be modified to use the erection gene for that animation. This means that the erection in the animation will be based on the characters penis size outside the animation. Finally because having a giant penis with normal sized balls just looks weird starting at 50% of gene value the characters balls will start getting bigger too. Penis size, erection size, and ball size can all be doubled. 

    Pregnancy - I've increased breast size in the pregnancy mesh and tried to shape them so they look like they are sitting on top of a pregnant belly. So a pregnant woman's breasts will grow along with her stomach. Also included is a mesh called "pregnancy_2" but it isn't included in any gene file. I intend for it to eventually be used so that women with twins (or more) get larger, but that is a future plan not in the scope of this mod. Pregnancy can't be doubled (although you could add pregnancy_2 to your pregnancy gene if you want).

    Fat Max - I always felt that the way the base game references fat characters makes it seem that they are fatter than they look (I also feel like a person whose religion says they should eat to excess would be massive. Honestly if I knew how much work would need to go into making this work I wouldn't have done it, but I constantly thought I was almost done. Regardless it is still the mesh most likely to clip. What's in the gene file is about double the paradox mesh (although the stomach sags more). This mesh can be doubled.

    Fat Min - This mesh is here to make you feel even worse when you forget a person in your dungeon for a decade. It is a doubled version of the paradox gaunt mesh with the stomach slightly sunken.

    Muscular - The arms were created by adding two (maybe three?) paradox muscular meshes together. Although I understand that the paradox muscular mesh has the stomach expand because the abdominal muscles are getting larger, its kind of disappointing to have a more muscular character look fatter. So I flattened the stomach on both meshes and added definition the the abs. So that it doesn't look like the character perpetually skips leg day I increased the butt size of the meshes. Finally it seemed like the base mesh didn't do much of anything to increase the size of the pectoral muscles. For male characters I sculpted the pecs from scratch. For female characters I just increased the size of the chest above the breast (since I didn't want to mess with the breasts themselves) to create an effect that (I think) looks like the pec has grown underneath. As noted above the gaunt mesh is added at the lower value of the muscular mesh. Base game has the muscular gene coded 0-1 I've coded it (-1)-1 so that the increased muscles size doesn't result in a world of muscle bound characters. This mesh can't be doubled (if the muscles get any larger they become sharp looking and clip each other.

    I think that's it. Sorry if its a bit of an info overload. My intent in adding this is hoping other people can animate too. So I wanted to go into detail to allow other people to build off this.



  6. Lewd Succession Laws

    Lewd Succession Laws
    Version 1.0
    Some straightforward changes to succession laws that might supplement your average lewd playthrough.
    Unrestricted Gender Laws
    Players can select any gender laws regardless of their faith doctrine. Does not affect AI. As the workshop mod "Gender Laws without Requirements", which I've used before but got broken with the 1.3 update.  
    Ultimogenitary Partition Succession
    A "ultimogeniture" version of all Partition laws. They have the same restrictions and costs as their primogeniture counterparts. The AI never chooses them on their own, but can continue playing with them if they inherit it from you.  
    In the future I would like to add succession laws for "most attractive/fertile/promiscuous/virgin heir inherits" or "heir closest to adult age inherits", but from a cursory glance I don't think it's possible right now except for voting succession.
    Incompatible with mods that change gender or succession laws.



  7. Physical Attributes

    I'm not really sure how many other people will be interested in this but this mod is a part of a larger effort to make physical attraction more subjective (and make the way the characters look have an actual effect on game play). The big obstacle with this is that as far as I know there is no way to reference a characters gene strength in the code.

    Obviously the Carnalitas traits do this to a certain extent but traits can only get you so far. Inherently the traits divide people into one of seven groups, which isn't very specific. Also there is no way to code a genetic trait to be neutral, if you don't code it as "good" the game inherently marks it as bad. But the biggest issue is that as you add more and more genetic traits it messes with the way the base game gives out other genetic traits (inheritance of good/bad traits is linked to how many good/bad traits characters already have.

    My solution to this was to make my own genetics system from scratch using variables. Essentially every character is seeded to start the game with two variables that have a random value between 0-100 (you can see these values in common\script_values in the file called "default_physical_values" if you want to play around with them, just don't go over 100 or under 0) this is essentially a genotype. When characters are born they are given one value from each living parent with these size variables.  Every character is then given a random value between those two genes that actually determines how they look. These values are then used as portrait modifiers so that all the characters actually look like the numbers say they should.

    The short version is that it gives us a number that represents what the character looks like. I'm trying to code this into a system where an individual characters subjective preferences make a difference in their sex lives but in the mean time I've finished coding this part and I figure some people might be interested. In order to display these values I used them to create numbers that people will recognize like height, weight etc. and coded those into the GUI. The tooltips for these numbers will display the actual values from which they are derived.

    The only real effect on game play this has is that I've created modifiers that effect health and prowess based on your characters physical appearance. Taller characters get a prowess bonus, shorter characters lose prowess. Fatter and skinnier characters lose both health and prowess (the base game has the obese/malnourished modifers but I've added more to go along with it so its more of a slow progression.

    I've also totally changed the muscularity works. In the base game your muscles are entirely determined based on prowess. Instead I've made it so that muscles are determined based on your traits (and some other factors) and being muscular increases your prowess, instead of the other way around. So now its entirely possible to have skinny characters that are good at fighting and muscular characters who are incompetent in a fight. Since height/muscularity now effect prowess by themselves I've also removed the prowess modifiers from Dwarf/Giant/Physique. These traits still help/hurt your prowess indirectly through their effects on your height/muscles.



  8. Sex Event Window

    This mod is entirely a tool for modders and should not change your game in any way by itself. Its just intended as a way to solve the issue that you can't animate multiple characters in one window, and if you use two windows the last one rendered always overlaps the other (so they can't interact with each other). 

    The mod adds a new event window that is triggered if an event has a character coded as a "right_portrait", and a "lower_right_portrait" but not a "left_portrait." Since the left_portrait is the default one used by the game I don't think that any paradox events are coded this way. The window is actually 20 windows (10 per character) on top of each other. Each window has a limited depth of vision, so when they overlap it creates the perception of depth.
    The biggest issue with this workaround is that it creates a black line at the point where any of the windows intersect. By disabling the portrait SSAO these lines have become much less prominent (the SSAO is basically a program that generates shadows). The lines still exist but I think its workable. As an added benefit, by disabling the SSAO you don't get any of the weird shadows that are so problematic when creating new blendshapes.



  9. Intimate Encounters

    Intimate Encounters
    Version 0.1.3
    Erotic content with focus on quality, historic plausibility, and seamless integration into Crusader Kings III.
    Carnalitas Sex Scenes
    A modular sex scene generator to improve variety and quality for Carnalitas sex scenes, for both genders (consensual only so far). These scenes may show up whenever a mod requests a Carnalitas sex scene. Example: Using the Carnalitas "make love" interaction.
    Erotic events for different occasions. Ideally you will only recognize it's from Intimate Encounters when the content is more explicit than usual. There are 10 events so far, most of which require specific circumstances. Be patient, it may take a while until one shows up.
    Content spoilers:
    Host a masked orgy. Who knows who will show up?
    Content spoilers:
    Feedback and bug reports are always welcome. You can visit our discord server at: https://discord.gg/P7ng6WnD8E
    Project Amatorius Rex: A test/example project with partially duplicate content. Do not use, leads to localization clashes with Intimate Encounters.  
    Writing and Coding by Ernie Collins Writing by Inerrant Coding by Siudhne



  10. Carnal Consequences

    Carnal Consequences
    Version 1.5.3
    Carnal Consequences is my personal gameplay mod. The goal of this mod is to fix all kinds of mechanics related to lewd gameplay, and to make CK3 a harsher and more unforgiving game in general. But if that is not your cup of tea, wherever possible features can be configured and are disabled by default.
    Arousal Coping Events
    Always enabled. Requires the Carnalitas Arousal Framework 2 event that fire upon reaching a new arousal level (one for reaching level 1 and one for reaching level 2). They are pretty generic and have no follow-up events, but at least there are 7-8 randomized options to pick from each.  
    Fertility Reduction
    Fertility is already not the greatest stat to begin with and is in danger of being trivialized further with the addition of more sex scenes. To counter this, you can reduce your own fertility to make fertility buffs as important as they should be. Can be set from 0% to a punishing -80%. Player only Affects both passive pregnancy chance and pregnancy by events. This is important, because vanilla mods that reduce fertility have no effect on Carnalitas pregnancy chances!  
    Younger Rulers
    Large age differences between spouses or concubines result in an opinion penalty (can be used separately). Probably not for everyone. This is a not very historical solution to the problem of "all my rulers are old when I get to play them". It assumes that in YOUR dynasty, people are expected to rule once they are old enough (with "old enough" being defined by the game rule). Once a year, when your primary heir is old enough, they may demand that you abdicate. Yearly chance increases the older they are. You can accept right then and there, or you refuse for a stacking opinion debuff with your vassals. Works with titles with voting succession, but your primary heir needs to be at least 15 years younger than you to prevent an abdication loop. Also, to prevent an early game over, you are never asked to abdicate by an primary heir that is not of your dynasty.  
    Harsher AI
    "Harsher seductions" removes the -50% chance penalty the AI has to seduce players, and players no longer have full control over seduction outcomes targeted against them. After all, you are being seduced! However, you still have some degree of control. If the seducer fails to seduce you, you can no longer make them your lover regardless, and having one-time sex with them causes stress. If the seducer succeeds in seducing you, you can no longer turn them away completely, and not making them a lover causes stress. "More abductions" gives AI players with high intrigue the ability to start abductions without having the abduction perk  
    Other (always on)
    Rakish brothel visits trigger a sex scene Being recently raped incurs a fertility debuff  
    Required/Recommended Mods
    Carnalitas - for fertility reduction of sex scenes Carnalitas Arousal Framework - for arousal coping events  
    Overwrites the brothel event (rakish_brothel_night_effect) to add a carnalitas sex event Overwrites seduce_interaction to remove the -50% AI->player penalty Overwrites the abduct scheme to loosen the requirements  



  11. Kinky Void

    Kinky Void v1.0.3
    A Lustful Void Submod
    My first mod for any game, focusing on what I felt were gaps in LVs otherwise excellent content, pulse what ever other kinky ideas struck my fancy. Employ sexologists to lick tease and probe the mysteries of the universe, use the power of psionics or cybernetics to enhance your sex industry, train cheep and enthusiastic slut armies and send into battle,  accidently get your leaders addicted to robotic pleasure suits, or make your pops so insatiable that you actually need the stupid amount of amenities your sex industry creates. 
    Current contents:
    6 Techs
    1 Civic/Job
    2 Species Traits
    4 Leader Traits
    1 Edict
    2 Army Type
    Extra Files:
    More loading screens: Love Lustful Voids loading screen options but hate how their mutually exclusive? Download the Lustful Void Loading Screens (All) pack and enjoy over 200 possible lewd loadings screens. All credits go to the original artists and to Lithia<3 for putting the packs together. All I did was change the file names to make them work as a single mod.
    KV-Sexopolis tweaks:
    Requires "The Sexopolis Project and More" by Buttson117. 
    Adds Kinky Void sexologist jobs to the sexology district found in Sexopolis mega structures and habitats. Regulars empires will now get a 50/50 split of researchers and sexologists, while those with the sexology civic will get all sexologists. The patch also removes the unnecessary housing from dairy districts as Milk Cows don't require it. Credit to Zorlond who came up with the idea and made most of the changes.
    1.0.3-1.0.2 Change log
    1.0.1 Changelog:
    1.0.0 Changelog:
    As this is my first mod, expect some bugs and questionable balance, I'm happy for any feedback/subjections.
    Possible Future Plans:
    More sex jobs that produce things other than Trade Value and Amenities, both because its more interesting, and far easier to implement. More techs. Pleasure Suit trait for rulers, why should your other leaders have all the 'fun'. Pleasure Suit policy system, to ban, encourage, or even mandate that your leaders use them. Black market smuggling den for space stations to help reduce space piracy at the cost of planet crime. Find a way to make ship components sexy. A new submissive themed origin  
    Not Happening:
    Custom Art assets more complicated then messing around in blender for 10 min. A level of maturity above the level of making slut armies take 69 days to train.



  12. [Europa Universalis IV] Cosmopolitan Universalis


    Give feedback/Report Bugs/Get help/Join the modding team/Complain

    Join our Discord

    Mod requires "TGE" The Grand Exhibition to substitute vanilla pictures for larger 512x256 versions.  Please use the version of TGE found on moddb or The Great Exhibition on steam (they are the same mod).  Cosmopolitan includes Doann's advisor mod (you don't need to enable it separately, though it shouldn't cause any issues if you do).

    The estates portion of the mod is not compatible (without a patch) with other mods that add estate icons, the building part of the mod is not compatible with mods that alter the province map dramatically, adds buildings, adds religions, or trade goods.  If you are interested in a compatible version of a specific mod request it in the support thread or discord channel.

    Cosmopolitan requires several (possibly most) DLC, but most crucially Dharma as centers of trade feature heavily in the mod and no prostitution related feature will work without them.

    Download all zip part files (.z01, .zip) for cosmomain, cosmoestates, and cosmobuildings.  Unzip the parted files by unzipping from the .zip files.  Place all contained .zip files and .mod files into your documents/paradox interactive/Europa Universalis IV/Mod folder, then enable them via the game launcher.

    ✔️Check for updates each time you play, the mod is a work in progress and updates/patches are save game compatible

    If you already have installed the a previous version you only need to download the update, and do not need to download all the parted zip files (.z01 etc.) every time the mod is updated unless there is a specific graphical update being offered separately.  Just download the latest main_update, estates_update, and buildings_update .zip files.  You will need to unzip these and replace the cosmopolitan_main.zip, cosmopolitan_estates.zip, and cosmopolitan_buildings.zip in your mod folder.

    Credit to doan77 for providing 99% of the graphics used in the mod.

    Main mod features

    Adult Content Description



    Polygamous Estates

    Personal Unions

    Anathanist Religion



  13. Same Sex Marriage

    PLEASE NOTE: This mod doesn't by itself allow same sex marriage. There are hard blocks that need to be removed for that to happen. But WaffleIron just uploaded a patch to the Paradox interactive forums. So you will need to successfully run the patch first.


    This mod creates a second set of marriage interactions specifically for same sex characters. Essentially this just bypasses the non-hardcoded checks.

    That's pretty much it for now, I intend to add religious doctrines and the ability to have surrogates/donors to allow same sex couples to reproduce in a different mod. But I figured it would be good to have something basic first.



  14. CK3 Human Phenotype Project

    Github access | Discord group
    The CK3 Human Phenotype Project is a mod aimed at making the appearences of characters more realistic and diverse by replicating various phenotypes found on the website humanphenotypes.net and assigning them to in-game cultures. This mod also ensures that hairstyles and beards are set by culture rather than ethnicity. A whopping 77 ethnicities have been added into the game, making character more varied and vierse in appearences, with people looking like their supposed geographic origins.
    If you love physical anthrophology, or just want characters to have more regionally varied looks, this is the mod for you!
    Is this mod save-game compatible?
    Absolutely not. This mod edits ethnicities, which the game uses to randomly generate the looks/DNA of characters (historical and new alike). Once the character was generated - or has scripted appearance - this mod will not modify them. For this mod to truly have effect, you need to start a new game, otherwise it will only affect newly generated characters.
    Will you put this mod to Steam Workshop? Why not?
    For legal reasons, I cannot do that. What legal reasons? Well, it's against the rules to disclose that, but here's a hint: I cannot upload any mods to the Steam Workshop at all. The less we talk about it, the better.
    Nevertheless, if you wish to upload this mod to the Steam Workshop in my name, you have my full blessings to do so. No, really, you'd be doing me a big favour.
    Can I use your mod as part of my mod?
    Yes. You don't even need to ask. Just do it. Sure, crediting would be nice, but otherwise, feel free to.
    Many of the characters within a region look samey / Many characters look like caricatures / Some traits seem exaggerated
    Yes. This mod is still a work in progress, and there is much to be refined. Stay tuned for more updates   Or better yet - contribute to the progress



  15. [CK2] House Irae - Updated 01APR20

    House Irae
    Version 2.7.2
    House Irae brings the world of the dark elves to CK2. Conquer the world as the Matriarchal Lolth religion or the Patriarchal Vhaeraun religion, or just enjoy equality with the Eilistraee religion.
    Added the offmap empire, House Irae, to buy and trade from. Added a gamerule to allow the spawning of a certain long-lost family member of House Irae to make a violent reappearance in the world. 52 new portraits, 26 for each gender. One portrait for children. Dynamic portraits for all dark elves, static portraits for half-elves. Added new retinues and feudal/tribal buildings for dark elves. New minor titles. Added a gamerule to start as a dark elf with or without the new religions. Religious events for all three religions. A book of lore (decision) that gives the player more in-depth detail of the lore behind the mod.  
    CK2 3.1+
    Holy Fury is suggested, but not required.
    Bigger Interface mod is suggested, but not required.
    Download the file
    Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
    Mark the House Irae checkbox in the launcher
    If upgrading from 1.4 or 1.4.1, delete the /HouseIrae/ folder BEFORE unzipping the file.
    If a file says "hotfix" in it, you will need to download and install the previous version first.
    If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
    1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
    2. Delete the House Irae folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
    3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
    4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for House Irae.
    5. Restart the game.
    If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of House Irae are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #house_irae channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
    Luxuria Fantasia: Full compatibility.
    Wait, didn't I see this somewhere before? 
    Yes, yes you did. Dark World Tweaks (my other mod), had this included. I have now separated the two in case players wanted one or the other.
    I chose the Dark Elf Start campaign but I cant pick Vhaeraun as my god! 
    Males can't choose Lolth as their starting goddess, females cant choose Vhaeraun. You are going to have to use the in-game force convert mechanics if you want those religions but aren't the right gender.
    Offmap Empires cluttering up the minimap?
    Click here!
    ngppgn - For providing LL with the Bigger Events mod. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/
    elQuanto - For providing the portrait files and event picture for the half elves
    lonelyneet - For providing the Mandarin Chinese translation
    Help Support Me
    Have some pocket change lying around? Why not toss me a dollar over on SubscribeStar?



  16. Far Eastern Cultures CK3

    A mod that adds far-eastern cultures and religions to CK3, as well as adding some dead religions.
    Currently, it adds Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Cantonese cultures and the Shinto and Muist religions. It also adds Celtic Paganism, Basque Paganism, Egyptian Paganism, Atenism, Canaanite Pagnaism, Mesopotamian Paganism, Arabian Paganism, Roman Paganism (separate from Hellenism), Mithraism and Etruscan Paganism. It also adds new Gypsy cultures, and an opportunity to hire Gypsy and Jewish courtiers - currently as a decision, with plans to reintroduce the old CK2 events later.
    Discussion topic:| Git Repository | Discord group
    Is this mod save-game compatible?
    Eh, so-so. Afaik, mods that add new stuff without replacing vanilla stuff are vanilla-compatible... But this mod also edits some ethnicities, and that effect might not be applied on an already running game.
    Will you put this mod to Steam Workshop? Why not?
    For legal reasons, I cannot do that. What legal reasons? Well, it's against the rules to disclose that, but here's a hint: I cannot upload any mods to the Steam Workshop at all. The less we talk about it, the better.
    Nevertheless, if you wish to upload this mod to the Steam Workshop in my name, you have my full blessings to do so. No, really, you'd be doing me a big favor.
    Can I use your mod as part of my mod? Or recycle any other parts of your mod for mine?
    Yes. You don't even need to ask. Just do it. Sure, crediting would be nice, but otherwise, feel free to.
    Any future plans for the mod?
    I am planning to add a Hunchback of Notre Dame event chain. I also have the radical idea of having province modifiers called "Thriving/Modest/Small Jewish/Gypsy Settlement", which would have various effects on the province - possible spawning rebels when you decide to expel the Jews or Gypsies. These province modifiers would spread around organically and dynamically, rather than the current way of doing things, which is to simply tie the presence of Jews and Gypsies in a province to the province's geographic area + the current date. However, that idea of mine would be probably hard, if not impossible to implement, so I'd need a more experienced modder's help for that.
    As stated above, there are also plans to reintroduce old CK2 events.
    Holy sites?
    Shinto: Socotra, Maldives, Dakhina Desa, Ras Hafun, Suzhou Muism: Socotra, Maldives, Dakhina Desa, Ras Hafun, Suzhou Celtic: Ynis Mon / Anglesey, Orleans, Wiltshire (because Stonehenge), Lugo, Breifne, Vannes Egyptian: Giza, Asyut, Qus, Alexandria, Cairo, Basque: Navarre, Viscaya, Labourd, Bordeaux, Andorra Hellenism: Athens, Sparta, Alexandria, Lesbos, Knossos/Chandax Mithraism: Rome, Yazd, Sparta, Alexandria, Carthage Roman: Rome, Ravenna, Baalbek, Montpellier, Carthage Etruscan: Firzente/Florence, Rome, Augsburg, Grisons, Lesbos Ashurism: Lalish, Baghdad, Damascus, Antioch, Colonea Canaanite: Jerusalem, Baalbek, Acre, Carthage, Antioch Al-Asnam / South Arabian: Mecca, Aksum, Aden, Yamama, Bahren



  17. Carnalitas - Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3

    Version 1.4.2
    Carnalitas is a unified sex mod framework for Crusader Kings 3. It provides a set of systems that modders can use for their own projects, such as a database of sex scene events. It also implements features that were common in many CK2 sex mods. All these features can be toggled by players through game rules.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads) Carnalitas Wiki Carnalitas Discord Server Important: We will never upload this mod to Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza. If you see it on either of those sites, it is against their Terms of Service and a breach of the GNU General Public License.

    Features for Users
    Sex Interactions: Adds character interactions allowing you to have sex with your spouses, consorts, and lovers, or rape prisoners. Slavery System: An immersive slavery framework allowing you to enslave characters, free slaves, and buy and sell slaves, depending on your faith's attitudes toward slavery. Prostitution System: A prostitution framework allowing you to force your slaves into prostitution or work as a prostitute yourself. Lactation System: A lactation framework allowing you to lactate from pregnancy and keep track of your milk production through a widget in the character window. Fetish System: A framework for characters to gain fetishes upon becoming Deviants, which are shown in the character window and can be tracked by mod scripts. Body Part Traits (Dicks & Tits): Adds new congenital traits for breast and penis size, which can be seeded on game start. Stress from Arousal: Adds a game rule which makes you gain stress over time if you are lustful. STD Immunity: Adds a game rule to turn off Lovers' Pox and Great Pox, as well as the ability for modders to make characters who are immune to STDs. Remove Pregnancy Complications: Adds a game rule to turn off stillbirths, sickly children/mothers, and deaths from pregnancy. GUI Improvements: Includes custom GUI that combines Better Character UI and Show More Traits, while also showing fetishes and lactation in the character window, slaves in the relations tab, and Enslave buttons in the prison window. Comprehensive Tutorials: Provides in-game tooltips and encyclopedia entries for all new gameplay concepts added by Carnalitas. International Localization: Carnalitas has been translated into French, Spanish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Full User Control: All features can be toggled on or off in game rules. Features for Modders
    Sex Scene System: Provides a unified tag-based database for sex scene events, allowing other mods to easily add new sex scenes or request sex scenes with specific tags. Character Initialization Pulse: Adds on_character_initialization_pulse, allowing you to easily seed characteristics like racial traits on all spawned characters with a single on_action (with only a few delays here and there because it's impossible to catch certain guests). Custom Pregnancy System: Provides a timer-based framework to define your own pregnancy-like effect (e.g. oviposition) that will override vanilla pregnancies and play nicely with other modded custom pregnancies. Pregnancy Suppression Library: Provides flags to suppress the vanilla on-birth and on-pregnancy events and replace them with your own custom events under specific conditions. Abortion Library: Provides scripted triggers for mods allowing termination of pregnancies to play nicely with mods that add custom or scripted pregnancies. Absolute Birth Control: Provides a way to silently replace all pregnancies of a character without affecting her fertility stat in game. Health and Transformation Library: Provides a huge amount of effects for transforming characters by stepping up/stepping down genetic traits, healing wounds and diseases, setting disease immunity, and so on. Personality Replacement Library: Provides scripted effects to easily replace personality traits for slave training, brainwashing, and the like. Dominant/Submissive Relation: Adds a unified relation for Dominant or Submissive lovers. Extensive Character Flags to Expose Vanilla Triggers: You can make a trait grant immunity to disease, force nudity, disallow granting of titles, etc. without having to edit vanilla files and break compatibility with other Carnalitas submods. Heavily Customizable: Hook into any of Carnalitas's features with extensive documentation, scripted effects and triggers, and mod-friendly design. Comprehensive Documentation, Examples, and Wiki If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, join the Carnalitas Discord Server.
    Upcoming Features
    Futanari (WIP): Adds new traits for futanari characters, which can be seeded on game start. Unfortunately, futanari characters are not currently able to marry or impregnate other women. This is due to a game engine restriction that we hope will be fixed in the future. Same-Sex Marriage and Concubinage (whenever the devs make it possible) Improvements for Existing Features  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Carnalitas and a file named Carnalitas.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Carnalitas and Carnalitas.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas to your current playset. On this page you can also download my submod, Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines, which adds religious doctrines for slavery that are accurate to every faith in vanilla CK3 based on historical research. The submod is separate from the main mod for improved compatibility with total conversion mods.
    Load Order
    total conversion mods all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines (if using it) mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Submods (Requires Carnalitas):
    Carnalitas Dei Carnalitas Dominatio Carnalitas Mundi Carnalitas Arousal Framework Carnal Consequences Daughters of Lust Intimate Encounters Project Amatorius Rex Regula Magistri
    Atalantea: A Tentacle Themed Hyperpregnancy Mod Harem Doctrines Love Diplomacy (Not So) Simple Shafts Sex Animations, More Character Shapes, and Models for Easier Animation Most mods not mentioned here  
    Adroit Religion Debauchery in Crusader Kings Sex Slaves for Carnalitas Submissive Partners World of Sexcraft  
    Not Compatible:
    Earthly Desires - CK3 Carnalitas edits the character window and court window. If another mod edits the same windows (such as Better UI Scaling) then one of them will end up overwriting the other. Will conflict with other mods that edit sex, pregnancy, or adultery effects. For best results, only use Carnalitas with sex mods that are designed to work with it.  
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Does Carnalitas include sex animations?
    A: We're planning to incorporate Mange2020's body and animations soon. However there can always be more animations added, so if you're an animator interested in helping Carnalitas grow, feel free to contact us.

    Q: Can I use Carnalitas with an existing save game?
    A: No.

    Q: Are the bust size traits shown on the portraits?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I turn off (feature)?
    A: Yes. Every single feature can be turned off.
    Q: Where are all the body part traits?
    A: Only characters with extraordinary penis or breast sizes will have body part traits. Everyone else has "average" body part sizes.

    Q: When do children get body part traits?
    A: When they become adults.

    Q: I don't like the Make Love cooldown.
    A: There is a game rule to turn off the cooldown, see above. Also, that's not a question.
    Q: My username contains non-English characters (e.g. accents, Chinese characters) and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is a known bug with the Crusader Kings 3 launcher. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory that doesn't include non-English characters (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.

    Q: Are you going to add (feature not in the upcoming feature list)?
    A: Probably not. We are building a framework first and foremost, and leaving actual content or game balance changes to other modders. That said, if you have a good idea for a basic feature that could be implemented, contact us.
    Contact Us
    For various reasons, we will not be looking regularly at the LoversLab forum thread for this mod. If you have a pressing issue or suggestion, contact us through the Carnalitas Discord Server  
    Cheri - lead developer, project director, systems programmer, English localization Triskelia - senior developer, git manager, artwork, French localization Ernie Collins - senior developer, systems programmer Full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Support This Mod
    If you are a lewd modder, feel free to use Carnalitas features and scripts for your own projects. If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, you can fork our git repository and join the Carnalitas Discord Server I am the project lead for this mod, responsible for overall direction and about 80% of the code. If you like this mod and want to support its development, please consider donating to me on SubscribeStar.  
    Carnalitas is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. You are free to use it for any purpose. You can modify or redistribute it, as long as you use the same license, provide the source code, and acknowledge the work and copyright of the original contributors.
    Note that the requirement to use the same license prevents you from posting Carnalitas on Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza, as mods there are placed under a more restrictive license. An easy way to credit Carnalitas's creators is to provide a link to the full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki.



  18. Monster_girl Potrait mod

    this is a a mod of monster girls it work with Lustful Void
    its 19 difrent monster girls
    it 10 difrent futas monster_girls
    and its 6 monster_man
    sorry for my english
    and this is my first mod



  19. Carnalitas Dominatio

    Carnalitas Dominatio
    A Flavor Mod for Carnalitas
    Version 1.1.0
    Carnalitas Dominatio is a flavor mod for Crusader Kings 3. The primary goal of this mod is to seed additional slaves and more options for slavery throughout the game. It also adds some other more generic content. Do not get over excited, it's all pretty basic right now. I am mainly uploading it now as the complier is not throwing up any {1} error warnings.
    As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.
    New Decisions
        A decision to search the Slave Market for available slaves     A decision to host an orgy (Because all mods must add this feature)  
    New Interactions
        An interaction to train slaves (with scheme)     An interaction to demand sex (uses a hook)     An interaction to brand your slaves     An interaction to make your slaves work as Pit Fighters     An interaction to secretly murder your slaves  
    New Minor Title
        Court Slave Master  
    New Events
        Added a maintenance event that spots when your slaves have wandered off and allow you to attempt to recapture them.     Added several {17} general events to do with slavery, prostitution, etc.     Added several {10} orgy events to occur at the associated activity.     Added several {6} slave training events to occur during the associated scheme.     Added several {7} random sex scenes that can be called by Carnalitas.  
    Installation Instructions
        Download the archive and extract it somewhere.
        Go to your \mod\ folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\
        Copy the content of the archive ("Carnalitas Dominatio" folder and "Carnalitas Dominatio.mod" file) into the \mod\ folder.
        In your CK3 launcher go to Mods > Manage Mods > Add More Mods (in bottom right corner) > Select this mod and add it.
        Restart your launcher if it doesn't show up in the list when you try to add it.
    Load Order
        This should go after Carnalitas in your load order.
        Requires Carnalitas.
        Tested with Carnalitas Mundi, AdroitReligion, Intimate Encounters and Submissive-Partners
        Should be compatible with just about everything compatible with Carnalitas.
    Some code and localization text used heavily based on the following excellent CK3 mods:
     - Carnalitas Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3 (by Cheri Song)
     - Adroit Religion (by Adroit)
     - Carnal Consequences (by Siudhne)
     - Intimate Encounters (by Ernie Collins, Inerrant and Siudhne)
     - Submissive Partners (by Caffey)
     - Regula Magistri (by bobbily)
     - VIET Events (by cybrxkhan)
    And the following mods for CK2:
     - Dark World Reborn (by Dewguru)
     - Slavery (by s-w-a)
    Other ideas and localization text based on:
     - Jack o'nine tails (by Old Huntsman)
    Also Used:
     - CK3 Localization Helper script by erri120



  20. Elemental Love

    Elemental Love is a Submod expansion of Luxuria Fantasia focused on elves
    .Six new nymph races
    .Custom NPCs and breeding event mechanics
    .Reformable Elven religion
    .New circle government, tribal elves that seek to eliminate city civilizations
    .Powerful new temple buildings
    .Powerful new traits
    .Unlockable Elven Bloodline
    .Seasonal events, 6 festivals each year
    The Songtresses sing of the first age when
    The Great Mother's children lived in harmony
    Mana flow free and bountiful, a realm of magic
    The Fae were pure and untainted, stewards of her creations
    Then man ended peace with war, plague and iron
    A veil of banality made of dogma suppressed mana
    Magic dried out, banishing the Great Mother and her children
    Vile gods and Demons tempted the weak Fae
    Their souls forever twisted and corrupted from its true nature
    The Pure were fractured, only the strong willed remain
    The remnants of the Elvena scattered to pockets of unsullied wilds
    But one day the Mana will return
    The six elements will sing again
    The Fae will not fade into the night
    Nymphs are picky sex pots, only mating with Elves of Virility and Virtue
    .Nymphs will only visit circle elves during annual festivals
    .Male or Female futa
    .Piety = 600
    .Health => 1
    .A virtue trait will correspond to one of the six Nymph breeds (Other then chaste of course)
    .Free of Sin, except lustful
    Good luck becoming a saint, it will be rewarded
    But Beware, a Nymph's love and powers are great but come at a equally great cost of life
    Do have a few elven heirs, just in case your balls dry up, literally
    It you manage to be a sex god, you can form an unique Bloodline
    Required mod
    Luxuria Fantasia
    Recommended mods
    House Irae
    Alaratt's Orc Horde
    Mystical Selection
    Compatible with most LF Submods as well
    This is a spiritual successor of stalindlrp's Elven expansion
    while technically not incompatible, it is not compatible lore and mechanics wise
    Great thanks to Kekvit, Cheri, Rascalov and the others in House Irae for teaching dis noob how to mod
    stalindlrp for inspiring me to make this mod
    Team Nessassity for creating the wonderful Elves of stellaris mod
    Check out their Stellaris mod at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915432220
    Nessa - Portraits, Outfits
    Valerius - Portraits
    Bluezium - Space Chinese elfs
    Human Revolution Team - "Sexy bangs" hairstyles (Never used them but still awesome)
    Mon_EsPeace - Stock Jewelry
    Last Leviathan - Background
    Blackfyre - Background
    Nayumi Arata - Thanks you for making the sweetest elf girl ever
    Sakimichan - Elf boi portrait

    Elementai wheel by Kemosiri https://www.deviantart.com/kemosiri/art/The-Occurian-Crystals-113794768
    Tales of Ylemia: Elements by akiVinz https://www.deviantart.com/akivinz/art/Tales-of-Ylemia-Elements-495206611
    Spirit child picture, Artist: sakimori, https://www.zerochan.net/1444483
    Fae lord picture, https://crocordile.tumblr.com/post/76362925092/squirrelwrangler-hegets-silmarillion-sigil
    Ritual picture, Bethesda, I know eww but couldn't find a better pic, https://en.uesp.net/wiki/File:LG-cardart-Namira's_Shrine.png
    Night elf lady army, Blizzard, eww again...... https://www.pinterest.com/pin/330099847682955639/
    10,000 years ago, Silver hair elf by Tatiana Hordiienko, https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z5gDmm
    Pregnant elves by Dandon_Fuga, http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/3323576
    Lez elfs, http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Moonbound/424058/C-Tyrisla-and-Taleanna
    Creampied draenei, Evasolo https://i.imgur.com/2arCbES.jpg
    Reclaimed by Nature: Daniel Wachter https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Y8dYK
    Tree city, Blizzard (Self exorising with lady elf pussy juice) https://www.wallpaperflare.com/world-of-warcraft-art-fantasy-scenery-3d-and-abstract-wallpaper-tvdho
    elf threesome, Evulchibe http://thatpervert.com/post/3906566?
    Future plans
    .6 new societies
    .New events, nymph bonding, moresomes
    .Will continue modding ED for my fellow die hard ck2 ppl
    .Thanks to Bloody for generously gifting me the game
    .May port over EL to CK3 one day, for now I don't fancy the available elven portraits at all
    .In desperate need of a graphic artist to help with the nymph portraits
    .Hit me up if you're interested



  21. Daughters of Lust

    Daughters of Lust
    Version 0.2

    Daughters of Lust is a mod that lets you become a succubus.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)
    Become a Succubus
    Use the Ruler Designer to start as a succubus. Play as a historical character discovering her succubus ancestry with the immersive Starting Scenario game rule. Transform yourself into a succubus through a Witch ritual, or by studying and awakening your succubus ancestry. Wield Sexual Power
    Absorb the health, skills, and traits of your lovers. Unlock Succubus Mastery Levels and grow in power and longevity as a succubus. Gain Sexual Power through sex and use it to fuel a huge range of unlockable powers. Live out the fantasy of a powerful seductress who manipulates rulers and reshapes history. Comprehensive Detail
    Experience unique succubus flavor based on your religion and culture -- be a Malayali Yakshi, an Egyptian Qarinah, or an Irish Leannán Sídhe. Read about all the lore and added mechanics in the in-game tooltips and encyclopedia. French and Simplified Chinese localization included. Note: This is an alpha version of Daughters of Lust and some of the features described in the game concepts haven't been implemented yet. The Suspicion system and Succubus Conversion ability will be added in future updates.
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Daughters of Lust and a file named Cheri - Daughters of Lust.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Cheri - Daughters of Lust and Cheri - Daughters of Lust.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Daughters of Lust to your current playset.  
    Load Order
    Install this mod anywhere after Carnalitas in the load order.
    Requires Carnalitas.  
    Upcoming Features
    More Sexual Power Abilities: Hypnotize others, learn their secrets, and alter their personality traits to suit you. Incite rivalries and start wars between your playthings. Suspicion System: Carefully manage the suspicion drawn by your abilities. Mislead inquisitors, disguise your beauty, or change your identity completely to reduce suspicion. AI Succubi: Match wits with other succubi hiding in the human world. Join forces and create a succubus-dominated realm -- or become an inquisitor and hunt down succubi. ...and more!  
    French translation by Triskelia Simplified Chinese translation by lonelyneet Head textures from Character Beautification Trait icon based off pattern 037 from LewdMarks Check Succubus Stats illustration edited from Succubus 2 by Leevitron Seal/Unseal Womb illustration edited from The Fall of Ionia - Irelia by Firolian Alter Self illustration edited from Scorched/Marama by Nise Loftsteinn Regenerate illustration edited from Blood Succubus by CGlas Perform Succubus Transformation Ritual / Awaken Succubus Ancestry illustration edited from Succubus by Young June Choi  
    Support This Mod
    If you want to support the development of this mod and other mods like it, please consider donating to me on SubscribeStar.  



  22. [Hiatus] LoversLab Event Mod

    5 Events Written by Yrgy
    2 Events Written by honeybutteraddict
    All modifiers are written by me [M4rocks]
    All of the code written was written by me [M4rocks]
    Change Log:
    DEMO - Initial Release
    DEMO V.2 - Fixed Spelling error that caused game to crash (sorry)
    1.0 - Added 1 More Primary event. Added 5 Misc Events. Added 2 Traits (Innocent, for future event chain in works, and eternal fertile, as promised) Forgot to do edits, so thats for next update
    1.0.1 - Edited Events
    1.1 - Added 1 Event Chain fixed Stress bugs (I think)
    How to Install:
    1. Extract the file
    2. Drag file into Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/mod
    3. Open the file and drag the Descriptor into the mod file
    4. Open the game and enable the mod
    5. Play the game



  23. Earthly Desires - CK3

    Mod adds many variations and options to Crusader Kings 3 options for family, prisoners, guest, vassals, subjects and courtiers.  There are affects from your actions, including family retribution, trait changes, war, death, distress, stress relief and pregnancy.
    #1 Drop the Flesh.mod and [\Flesh] folder into your CK3 \mod folder:
    C:\Users\####\OneDrive\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod
    C:\Users\####\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod
    #2 Add the mod to a Playset in the CK3 Launcher
    #3 Selected that playset & enable the mod.  Where able have it load last.
    If you wish to change the age at which you conquest your victims or that the victims can get pregnant, change the variables in the
    file as described in the instructions at the top of that page.  Just the three numbers need be edited.
    ####Age of Consent - when spouse/concubines/consorts can be bedded
    @age_consent = 18
    ####Age can get pregnant - Note there may be hard game rules against this if you too young.
    @age_pregnant = 18
    ####Age of violation - when they can be forced, pillaged or coerced.
    @age_violation = 18
    Note the variable is actually the age... so @age_consent = 18 will actually mean 18 year olds and over. @age_consent = 20 will mean 20yo.
    It goes without saying that this is a computer game.  If you harbour such ill will towards minors or wish to do actual harm to adults in a sexual manner, you are best not use this mod & go get yourself some real help.
    It should be noted that this work has pulled on the 'code in spirit' from some other mod'ers work.  But most of it is my own or repurposed Paradox.  Thanks must be made to https://www.loverslab.com/profile/5813741-waffleiron/ for his work on the models & for sharing them with the community.
    There is a bug where 16-18 year olds dont carry props... like swords or knives... this seems to rest with Paradox as I can't find the code to re-enable it... like I did for the shackles.
    If you get the error: 'The path in this mod descriptors file is invalid or does not exist' error is related to the file path in the Flesh.mod file.  If this occurs, open the file Flesh.mod with a txt editor,  change the path= line from an absolute path ( path="C:\users\USERNAME\..." ) on your system to  path="mod/Flesh"
    #####Delete previous version when updating - This is important.#####



  24. Carnalitas Dei

    Carnalitas Dei
    Cheri's Religion Mod for Carnalitas
    Version 1.3
    Carnalitas Dei is a lewd religion mod for Crusader Kings 3. The goal of this mod is to add sexy, interesting, and immersive religious options to your Crusader Kings 3 experience.
    As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.
    Want more flavor events? Check my other mod for all events and decisions that aren't explicitly tied to religion: Carnalitas Mundi.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)
    Sexy Religion Update
    New religions are cheaper to create and dead religions are cheaper to convert to, allowing you to get started right away on an interesting religion-based run. The Carnal Exaltation tenet has been expanded into a full Sexuality doctrine, allowing you to choose whether sexuality is repressed, accepted, or exalted in your religion. New Religions and Tenets
    Added Madeleinism, a new lewd Christian faith. Added Xuansu, a new lewd Taoist faith. Added Lilithism, a new Abrahamic religion focused on worshipping Lilith as a sex goddess. Lilithism has two faiths: Red Rose and Ebon Rose. Added five new tenets: Fertility Idols, Sacred Hermaphroditism, Sacred Prostitution, Tantric Sex, Youthful Rulership. New Decisions and Events
    Added unique decisions tied to the new religions and tenets, such as restoring Sodom and Gomorrah or becoming a Taoist immortal through sex.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Carnalitas Dei and a file named Cheri - Carnalitas Dei.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Cheri - Carnalitas Dei and Cheri - Carnalitas Dei.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas Dei to your current playset.  
    Load Order
    all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas Dei Carnalitas Mundi other mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Requires Carnalitas. Compatible with mods that add new doctrines (such as Harem Doctrines or Nudity Laws). Not compatible with any other mods that edit religions or tenets.  
    Support This Mod
    If you want to support the development of this mod and other mods like it, please consider donating to me on SubscribeStar.  



  25. Carnalitas Mundi

    Carnalitas Mundi
    Cheri's Flavor Mod for Carnalitas
    Version 1.0

    Carnalitas Mundi is my personal flavor mod for Crusader Kings 3. The goal of this mod is to add sexy, interesting, and immersive gameplay options to your Crusader Kings 3 experience. Currently it only includes a couple of prostitution events, but I plan to expand it to include more content and functionality.
    As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.
    What happened to the old Carnalitas Mundi? Carnalitas Mundi has been split into a religion mod and a flavor mod. The religious features are now in a separate mod called Carnalitas Dei.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)
    New Decisions and Events
    Added 2 new random events that can happen while working as a prostitute.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi and a file named Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi and Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas Mundi to your current playset.  
    Load Order
    all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas Dei Carnalitas Mundi other mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Requires Carnalitas.  
    Support This Mod
    If you want to support the development of this mod and other mods like it, please consider donating to me on SubscribeStar.  



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