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  1. A 3D Only Girls Mod

    Hey!!!! You!!!! Like beautiful girls and in 3D, congratulations today is your lucky day!!!
    Initial update of 40 images in high resolution.
    URGENT!!!!! Finally, after a lot of patience, I managed to put 100 pictures at once, now I'm setting a goal of 200 playable pictures !!!
    Future Plans:
    Expand race portraits by up to 150 images.
    Creation of a futanari sub-race.
    Now the goal is 250 !!!!!
    Artists involved
    AERO3DX - Slushe
    Aero3dx🔞 (@aero3dx) / Twitter
    😋Katie3DX😘 (@katie3dx) / Twitter
    KATIE3DX - Slushe
    xaqqtin a fool (@xaqq13) / Twitter
    XAQQ'tin a fool is creating 3DCG THICC Asians | Patreon
    MadeinLC (@MadeinLC3DX) / Twitter
    MadeInLC is creating (18+) Erotic & 3DX contents | Patreon
    Nord Fantasy 😈🏳️‍🌈 (@NordFantasy) / Twitter
    Nord Fantasy is creating Erotic Fantasy 3D Art | Patreon
    NORDFANTASY - Slushe
    Daz Studio
    Double_Eagle12 (@Vorhauzen1) / Twitter
    All credit for the images used must be directed to the artists



  2. Hentai game portrait mod

    All I did was remove the leading slash from the mod file path. I booted up the game and the portraits show up so it seems to work.
    8 portrait groups from hentai games in one species. All female.
    Bishop / various x 210 Milk Factory / derauea x 120 Eiyuu Senki x 79 Empress / Seishoujo x 126 Miel / Ishii Akira x 258 Rance 10 x 419 Taimanin RPGX x 256 Erectlip / Takahashi Record x 47 Random fantasy games / Aoi Nagisa, Akagi Rio, Huracan, Pizza, Hikage Eiji, Hormone Koijirou, Neromashin, Sian x 122 "All in one" x a lot  
    Old version:



  3. Loading Screens (WIP)

    Just a Mod I felt like making cause I had a spare hour and felt like making a mod, This is a Work In Progress! Let me know what's your favorite image and I'll try to add more of those kind of images in a week or so when I feel I got time.
    I know of the Sizing issues!!
    I'll fix it before the next addition of images.
    How to install:
    I remember the first time I manually downloaded a mod so I tried to make as easy as possible:
    1. Right Click and Extract the File
    2. Drag the Folder into the "mod" folder in Crusader Kings III\
    3. Open the Folder and Take out the Descriptor called "Alt Loading Screens" out of the folder.
    4. Open the CK3 launcher and click the enable mod button
    5. Enjoy the enlarged Pics!!
    For anyone trying to create a mod like this you gotta use the image type DDS, it causes unnecessary tears if you don't know that.
    Future Versions Will contain more images and maybe even music (probably not)



  4. Preds in Space

    This is a small mod that was made to go with the Apex xenos mod by adding some portraits with a vore and unbirth flavor to them. Although you can use them if you want big bellies of any kind.(Screen shots are coming soon! sorry I did not have them ready with the upload.)
    I have added 4 sets of portraits for vore, unbirth, tight bellies, and insects. As well as some empires made with these portraits.
    Apex xenos is not needed to make the portraits work, but the included empires where made with traits from that mod so they might need to be reworked if you don't have it.
    Disclaimer I made none of the pictures in this portrait mod, nor do I own any of the characters shown, all I did was modify them into being useable as stellaris portraits.
    xniclord789x on Furaffinity
    archangemon on Deviantart
    forfun41 on Furaffinity/Deviantart(I found the colorized version on derpibooru)
    ForcesWerwolf on Furaffinity
    l-block on Furaffinity
    8Aerondight8 on Furaffinity
    himitsudragon on Deviantart
    drpolice on Ekas portal
    RemnArtX on Ekas portal
    Saito-The-Dragon on Deviantart
    GirlsVoreBoys on Ekas portal
    BoysVoreGirls on Deviantart (I think this might be an alt of GirlsVoreBoys)
    https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=10936177 (I'm giving a URL because I don't have a way to put the artists name in this .txt, so here is a direct source)
    ultimoknight on Furaffinity
    fuzzle-buttz on Furaffinity
    Variant on Ekas portal
    PFH on Furaffinity
    footballlover on Deviantart
    TaiRedFox om Furaffinity
    deigoanen on Furaffinity
    Gruine on Furaffinity
    doruvon on Furaffinity
    evan555alpha on Furaffinity
    bastiel on Furaffinity
    White_Kitachi on Furaffinity
    pkmn57 on Furaffinity
    JackHereTheRealOne on Ekas portal
    large-rarge on Deviantart
    LapizAcuario on Deviantart
    DoodleDan86 on Deviantart
    Katar789 on Deviantart
    ThereBeMonsters on Furaffinity
    Spacesauce1 on Furaffinity
    Killboi on Furaffinity
    Gracedmarcus on Furaffinity
    NovaSpark on Furaffinity
    StationarySpoon on Inkbunny
    chubbyjam on Eka's portal
    SpaghettiCultists on Ekas portal
    Skeksi on Ekas portal
    Tarrangor on Furaffinity
    Maiesen on Furaffinity
    LudashMoogle on Inkbunny
    SamagthraV2 on Furaffinity
    Once again I did not make any of the images in this pack nor do I claim to have.



  5. The Sexopolis Project and More

    After playing a couple runs with Lustful Void and Planetary Diversity on I got the idea to make a sex-themed planet with districts that'd use the jobs from lustful void. That's pretty much what this mod is, it adds a new planet class called the "Sexopolis" that features 4 unique districts:

    The "Residential District" adds extra housing as well as 3 streetwalker and 3 whore jobs

    The "Dairy District" 15 Milk cows (mimicking the dairy arcology but without the stability decrease)
    The "Sexology District" which adds 10 researchers

    And the "Red Light District" Which adds 5 Call Girls and 5 Escorts

    If you want to start on a Sexopolis, there is an Origin.

    In addition to the planet, there are also Pleasure Ringworlds and Pleasure Habitats with similar districts to the Sexopolis but scaled to their respective type (Less jobs and housing on the Habitat, more on the Ringworld). All of these can be built once you get the "Sexual Megaprojects" Ascension Perk.
    With the Gigastructural Engineering mod, you can build an Alderson Sexopolis slice for your Alderson Discs! Possibly more gigastructure variants in the future.


    This mod requires Lustful Void which can be found here (Great mod btw!). Lustful Void goes before Sexopolis in your load order.
    If you're using Gigastructural Engineering, then you'll need to place it before Sexopolis as well

    If you're running Planetary Diversity you no longer need to download a patch, and the load order shouldn't make any issues whether it's before or after this mod.

    For example, a your load order can be: Lustful Void, Gigastructural Engineering, Sexopolis, Planetary Diversity
    But NOT: Sexopolis, Lustful Void, Gigastructural Engineering, Planetary Diversity


    To install this mod, download the zip file, extract it, and take the folder and .mod file and put them into your mod directory (C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod). Once you do that, just make sure to enable it in the launcher and you're good to go.


    - When you select the Origin you'll see that the preview of your city is in the void, this is because the background for the Sexopolis isn't meant for Tier 1 cities (it looks fine in-game)
    - For some reason, you can convert pleasure ringworlds and pleasure habitats to ecumenopoli DESPITE them being set as artificial worlds.


    Thanks for the suggestions, while I can't say whether or not I'll get to them I do read and consider all of them! I don't have much experience running Hive or Machine empires with Lustful Void so some suggestions on how I can rework districts or add new planets with them in mind would be great!
    Also, I don't log on here too much so it may take me a bit to see what you've sent, but I do read everything when I do get on.
    Thank you saqqdf for creating the Chinese translation
    Thank you Bznboy for fixing various bugs
    Thank you to the folks behind Lustful Void, without you this mod would never have been created.
    Thank you to the folks behind Planetary Diversity and Gigastructural Engineering, your mods were a huge inspiration and help when making this.
    Thank you to all the folks that give me suggestions, let me know when there's a bug, and enjoy this mod.
    And a big thank you to the folks in the Stellaris Modding Den, who helped me figure out a ton of the problems I had while making this mod.



  6. [Mod]Demonic Blood

    Demonic Blood
    This is a small mod primarily inspired by the incubus and succubus powers that are part of Dark World and Luxuria Fantasia. Full disclaimer at the start this is primarily a personal modification I created for my own games and is now in a state where I am happy to play with it. This means that it would be best not to expect any big content updates anytime soon. If someone finds bugs I will try to fix them however it will in all likelyhood not be my first priority. In addition this mod might potentially be somewhat overpowered and caters primarily to my own tastes. I do not plan to change that. If anyone wishes to pick this up and continue development on it they are free to do so as long as I am properly credited as the original author.

    The Three Hierarchies
    The path to becoming a truly almighty demon is the path through the three hierarchies. Each making you more powerful than the last. In order to start your journey you must posses the Demonic Blood trait. Which can be added in the ruler designer (currently there is no possibility of getting demonic blood without the ruler designer or console commands). If you possess demonic blood you may make your way through the hierarchies and at their end stand immortality. Growing in power is hard and ardouos and it is unlikely that you will reach immortality within your lifetime. However do not worry once you reach the first layer of the second hierarchy you gain the ability to after death enter the body of your heir with all knowledge of the hierarchies you have completed entering with you. This allows you to progress beyond your first lifetime.
    The demonic arts grant access to abilities others might consider unnatural.
    -Healing oneself: The ability to heal oneself is gained in the third hierarchy. While you are initially able to heal only minor wounds you will be able to heal more and more afflictions as you reach the second and first hierarchy. The ability is accessible in the decisions menu.
    -Demonic Rebirth: The ability to enter your heirs body is gained with the first perk of the second hierarchy. This is an automatic process that happens two days after your death.
    -Demonic Heritage: As you powers grow you are able to mend the gender of your children while in the womb of their mothers or you own womb if you are female. As such you are able to decide freely what gender your children will have. You may decide between male only, female only and mixed male and female. The decision to choose can be found in the decision menu.
    -Demonic Clearsight: If you spouse sires a child that is in truth not yours you will always know who the real father was. Gaining multiple options to decide what to do.
    -Bodily Perfection: Upon reaching the first Hierarchy you are able to perfect your own body making you the most beautiful, strong and intelligent person.
    -Demonic Infusion: One step before immortality is the ability to infuse others with demonic knowledge and powers raising them to the highest hierarchy you have fully comprehended.
    To make some abilities work the seduce scheme has been completly overwritten as well as the might_cheat_on_partner_trigger. Mods that overwrite either the seduce scheme or this trigger will not be compatible with this mod. It would probably still work tough some perks might break.
    I have tested this mod playing with carnalitas and have encountered no issues so far. However there is no integration between this mod and carnalitas.



  7. [Europa Universalis IV] Cosmopolitan Universalis


    Give feedback/Report Bugs/Get help/Join the modding team/Complain

    Join our Discord

    Mod requires "TGE" The Grand Exhibition to substitute vanilla pictures for larger 512x256 versions.  Please use the version of TGE found on moddb or The Great Exhibition on steam (they are the same mod).  Cosmopolitan includes Doann's advisor mod (you don't need to enable it separately, though it shouldn't cause any issues if you do).

    The estates portion of the mod is not compatible (without a patch) with other mods that add estate icons, the building part of the mod is not compatible with mods that alter the province map dramatically, adds buildings, adds religions, or trade goods.  If you are interested in a compatible version of a specific mod request it in the support thread or discord channel.

    Cosmopolitan requires several (possibly most) DLC, but most crucially Dharma as centers of trade feature heavily in the mod and no prostitution related feature will work without them.

    Download all zip part files (.z01, .zip) for cosmomain, cosmoestates, and cosmobuildings.  Unzip the parted files by unzipping from the .zip files.  Place all contained .zip files and .mod files into your documents/paradox interactive/Europa Universalis IV/Mod folder, then enable them via the game launcher.

    ✔️Check for updates each time you play, the mod is a work in progress and updates/patches are save game compatible

    If you already have installed the a previous version you only need to download the update, and do not need to download all the parted zip files (.z01 etc.) every time the mod is updated unless there is a specific graphical update being offered separately.  Just download the latest main_update, estates_update, and buildings_update .zip files.  You will need to unzip these and replace the cosmopolitan_main.zip, cosmopolitan_estates.zip, and cosmopolitan_buildings.zip in your mod folder.

    Credit to doan77 for providing 99% of the graphics used in the mod.

    Main mod features

    Adult Content Description



    Polygamous Estates

    Personal Unions

    Anathanist Religion



  8. Ius Virginalis

    This is a simple mod that allows you to add one more tenet when creating a new religion or reforming your faith.
    If you meet the conditions ("Male Dominated", "Temporal Head of Faith", "Adultery Men Accepted" and "Adultery Women Accepted"), you can set one of the following religious laws:
    Ius Virginalis
    Upon entering the adulthood, every young woman is expected to go on a pilgrimage to their head of faith to offer her virginity to him. If a child is born from such union, it is considered out of wedlock.
    Ius Feminibus
    All new female members of the faith are expected to go on a pilgrimage to their head of faith to offer their body to him. If a child is born from such union, it is considered out of wedlock.
    Ius Feminibus Absolutus
    All new female members of the faith, be married or not, are expected to go on a pilgrimage to their head of faith to offer their body to him. If a child is born from such union, it is considered out of wedlock.
    That's all, nothing less and nothing more.
    I made this mod as an idea that was shown to be less interesting that I originally thought, so consider it abandoned from the very start. I won't be doing any more versions and I won't update this mod to the newer versions of the game.
    Despite that, this mod is made in a very special way, so it should be compatible with ALL other mods and even if the wrong version warning appear, this should still work without any issues, becasause it's fully independent on the official game files, too.
    In a sense, those files itself have no issues, but the implementation may suck depending on the other mods or settings.
    For example, if your faith doesn't have "Polyamory" tenet, the head of faith may get into trouble for sleeping with his believers despite it's technically also part of the faith. I was unable to remove this mess, because the game is quite forceful about this and I would have to change a lot of its content for it.
    The idea of the children not being "bastards", but "holy bastards" or something like that is also much easier said than done, because I'm not good enough to force the game to implement it without rewriting a huge part of its code, so unless you're gonna pick it up and make it yourself, this won't be ever done.
    You're free to use all files of this mod in your own mods if you desire. There is no need to ask me first.
    Have a nice day!



  9. Carnalitas Dominatio

    Carnalitas Dominatio
    A Flavor Mod for Carnalitas
    Version 1.0.0
    Carnalitas Dominatio is a flavor mod for Crusader Kings 3. The primary goal of this mod is to seed additional slaves and more options for slavery throughout the game. It also adds some other more generic content. Do not get over excited, it's all pretty basic right now. I am mainly uploading it now as the complier is not throwing up any {1} error warnings.
    As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.
    New Decisions
        A decision to search the Slave Market for available slaves     A decision to host an orgy (Because all mods must add this feature)  
    New Events
        Added a maintenance event that spots when your slaves have wandered off and allow you to attempt to recapture them.     Added various {5} background effects to make ai owners interact with their slaves.     Added several {9} new general events to do with slavery, prostitution, etc.  
    Installation Instructions
        Download the archive and extract it somewhere.
        Go to your \mod\ folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\
        Copy the content of the archive ("Carnalitas Dominatio" folder and "Carnalitas Dominatio.mod" file) into the \mod\ folder.
        In your CK3 launcher go to Mods > Manage Mods > Add More Mods (in bottom right corner) > Select this mod and add it.
        Restart your launcher if it doesn't show up in the list when you try to add it.
    Load Order
        This has to go after Carnalitas
        Requires Carnalitas.
        Tested with Carnalitas Mundi, AdroitReligion, Intimate Encounters and Submissive-Partners
        Should be compatible with just about everything compatible with Carnalitas.



  10. Tentacled Dreams Extended

    Tentacled Dreams Extended
    By SuccinctScriver (a.k.a ThrowAwayToThrowAway)
    Tentacled Dreams Extended is a collection of features and tweaks that I developed for Tentacled Dreams that either didn't make it into the main mod for whatever reason or that I finished after active development on Tentacled Dreams ceased.
    New images for tentacle culture holdings, with separate images for each tentacle brood. Icons! New icons for tentacle troops, a new death icon for characters killed by tentacles, and a new icon for the Scarlet Sisters targeted decisions. A new image for the tentacle scepters. New smithed items. Tentacle religion characters can now have their smith forge a whip for them that gives bonuses to tentacle monster units. Player-only MtF TG tentacle event chain. Only occurs for male rulers under 30. Configurable and disableable in the game rules. A new random tentacle encounter for players that aren't openly pro tentacle. A reworking of the way that tentacle monster units from pregnancies are generated. The troops are now stored in your lair until you have enough, and are then spawned in units of 50. Reworked Infest Stables slightly. The cultural unit buildings now only block construction of the Tentacle Breeding Chamber, not the other buildings, and only in that holding, not the entire province. Infesting Stables now also automatically builds the Tentacle Breeding Chamber in addition to the Tentacle Lair. The Consign to Tentacle Pit decisions are now treated as an execution by non-pro-tentacle relatives of the victim. Tentacle culture rulers can castrate prisoners similar to the Byzantines. You can also no longer attempt to castrate tentacle monsters. For players only, a new more versatile recruit option for tentacle monsters to recruit unlanded prisoners even if they are married, related to their liege, etc.  
    As a sub-mod of Tentacled Dreams, Tentacled Dreams Extended requires Tentacled Dreams version 4.6 or higher, as well as all dependencies thereof.
    The TG event requires that you have Luxuria Fantasia (NSFW version) or Dark World Reborn installed and have futa content enabled.
    This mod is compatible with whatever Tentacled Dreams is compatible with, with the caveat that there may be graphical conflicts with any mod that also edits death icons or special troops icons.
    Tentacle Dreams Extended will also require starting from a clean save.
    Thanks to:
    Cheri Song for all the hard work she's put into her wonderful mod
    lockeslylcrit for all her work on her mods and her discord server.
    Version History:
    1.0 - Initial release
    1.0.1 - Fixed text running over in an event



  11. Elemental Love

    Elemental Love is a Submod expansion of Luxuria Fantasia focused on elves
    .Six new nymph races
    .Custom NPCs and breeding event mechanics
    .Reformable Elven religion
    .New circle government, tribal elves that seek to eliminate city civilizations
    .Powerful new temple buildings
    .Powerful new traits
    .Unlockable Elven Bloodline
    .Seasonal events, 6 festivals each year
    The Songtresses sing of the first age when
    The Great Mother's children lived in harmony
    Mana flow free and bountiful, a realm of magic
    The Fae were pure and untainted, stewards of her creations
    Then man ended peace with war, plague and iron
    A veil of banality made of dogma suppressed mana
    Magic dried out, banishing the Great Mother and her children
    Vile gods and Demons tempted the weak Fae
    Their souls forever twisted and corrupted from its true nature
    The Pure were fractured, only the strong willed remain
    The remnants of the Elvena scattered to pockets of unsullied wilds
    But one day the Mana will return
    The six elements will sing again
    The Fae will not fade into the night
    Nymphs are picky sex pots, only mating with Elves of Virility and Virtue
    .Nymphs will only visit circle elves during annual festivals
    .Male or Female futa
    .Piety = 600
    .Health => 1
    .A virtue trait will correspond to one of the six Nymph breeds (Other then chaste of course)
    .Free of Sin, except lustful
    Good luck becoming a saint, it will be rewarded
    But Beware, a Nymph's love and powers are great but come at a equally great cost of life
    Do have a few elven heirs, just in case your balls dry up, literally
    It you manage to be a sex god, you can form an unique Bloodline
    Required mod
    Luxuria Fantasia
    Recommended mods
    House Irae
    Alaratt's Orc Horde
    Mystical Selection
    Compatible with most LF Submods as well
    This is a spiritual successor of stalindlrp's Elven expansion
    while technically not incompatible, it is not compatible lore and mechanics wise
    Great thanks to Kekvit, Cheri, Rascalov and the others in House Irae for teaching dis noob how to mod
    stalindlrp for inspiring me to make this mod
    Team Nessassity for creating the wonderful Elves of stellaris mod
    Check out their Stellaris mod at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915432220
    Nessa - Portraits, Outfits
    Valerius - Portraits
    Bluezium - Space Chinese elfs
    Human Revolution Team - "Sexy bangs" hairstyles (Never used them but still awesome)
    Mon_EsPeace - Stock Jewelry
    Last Leviathan - Background
    Blackfyre - Background
    Nayumi Arata - Thanks you for making the sweetest elf girl ever
    Sakimichan - Elf boi portrait

    Elementai wheel by Kemosiri https://www.deviantart.com/kemosiri/art/The-Occurian-Crystals-113794768
    Tales of Ylemia: Elements by akiVinz https://www.deviantart.com/akivinz/art/Tales-of-Ylemia-Elements-495206611
    Spirit child picture, Artist: sakimori, https://www.zerochan.net/1444483
    Fae lord picture, https://crocordile.tumblr.com/post/76362925092/squirrelwrangler-hegets-silmarillion-sigil
    Ritual picture, Bethesda, I know eww but couldn't find a better pic, https://en.uesp.net/wiki/File:LG-cardart-Namira's_Shrine.png
    Night elf lady army, Blizzard, eww again...... https://www.pinterest.com/pin/330099847682955639/
    10,000 years ago, Silver hair elf by Tatiana Hordiienko, https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z5gDmm
    Pregnant elves by Dandon_Fuga, http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/3323576
    Lez elfs, http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Moonbound/424058/C-Tyrisla-and-Taleanna
    Creampied draenei, Evasolo https://i.imgur.com/2arCbES.jpg
    Reclaimed by Nature: Daniel Wachter https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Y8dYK
    Tree city, Blizzard (Self exorising with lady elf pussy juice) https://www.wallpaperflare.com/world-of-warcraft-art-fantasy-scenery-3d-and-abstract-wallpaper-tvdho
    elf threesome, Evulchibe http://thatpervert.com/post/3906566?
    Future plans
    .6 new societies
    .New events, nymph bonding, moresomes
    .Will continue modding ED for my fellow die hard ck2 ppl
    .Thanks to Bloody for generously gifting me the game
    .May port over EL to CK3 one day, for now I don't fancy the available elven portraits at all
    .In desperate need of a graphic artist to help with the nymph portraits
    .Hit me up if you're interested



  12. {CK2} Ala's Orc Horde for Luxuria Fantasia

    Ala's Orc Horde
    Orcs! Ok they were already in LF but I am working on getting them some much needed content.
    My orcs are violent, cruel, and if you have a weak stomach either turn off violent shit in the intrigue
    options menu for AOH or move on.

    The Feast of Bloodied Stone
    Orcish Culture
    Orcish Religion
    Slave-Born Content
    Should be compatible with anything Luxuria Fantasia is.
    Required/Recommended Mods
    Luxuria Fantasia - Required (Duh, it's in the title)
    House Irae - Recommended for Dark Elf Content (drow slaves can be found but no real events yet)
    Tentacled Dreams - Recommended if Tentacles are your thing (nothing extra included in current version....yet)
    Tale of Nine Tails - Recommended for Kitsune Content (nothing extra included in current version....yet)
    Elemental Desires - Recommended for Elven Content (nothing extra included in current version....yet)
    Elven Expansion - Recommended for Elven Content (currently no longer supported by author, might still work though)
    Cheri Portraits- Recommended to match the LF portraits Cheri made and lockeslylcrit now uses in LF
    Loading Screens - Recommended if you want some lewd styled loading screens
    Smaller Offmap Buttons - Recommended if using multiple mods adding Offmap Empires
    A Bigger Interface - Recommended to improve the UI and fight trait spam
    ACM - Recommended for spreading fantasy races around the world or cheating/debugging problems.
    ABM - Recommended if you want body traits
    lockeslylcrit - The Matron Mother of CK2 modding. This mod would not exist without her patience with my stupid questions.
    Dewguru - The creator of Dark World



  13. {CK2} Ala's Cheat Menu for Luxuria Fantasia

    Ala's Cheat Menu
    Yes this is a cheat mod, however, as long as you do not install the optional AddOnTraits file then this can be used to just seed your games with fantasy races and removed afterwards,
    mid-game, for those who do not actually want to cheat, and do not use Random/Shattered World game options.
    Instructions to use
    In the intrigue menu are new options.
    The Classic Menu is everything from before version 3.0.0
    The ASCM Menu is either pieces of Slvrbuu Cheat Menu or added by me post 3.0.0
    All options except the diplomacy options require the ASCM Intrigue On to be pressed and stay open,
    though it can be safely closed to keep the cheats you used. Just open again next time you want access to the cheat options.
    The ASCM Diplomacy On button needs to be used to see the diplomacy options(right clicking on a character portrait) and,
    same as above will hide those options after pressing the Off buttons. This is to prevent clutter in the various menus. 
    Automatic Race Seeding
    Classic ACM Menus
    ASCM Content
    To install unzip the file provided and place the ACM folder and ACM.mod file into your mod folder
    Should be compatible with anything that is compatible with Luxuria Fantasia.
    No idea about large overhaul mods like Elder Kings and such.
    I will NOT be making versions for these types of mods.
    Required/Recommended Mods
    If says supported with ACM options then if you use this mod you will have extra options in my menus
    If not in this list I don't use, have never used, or just haven't tried yet
    Luxuria Fantasia - Required (duh! it's in the title.....😝)
    House Irae - Recommended for Dark Elf Content (supported with ACM options)
    Tentacled Dreams - Recommended if tentacles are your thing (supported with ACM options)
    Tale of Nine Tales - Recommended if you are into Kitsune (no special ACM options)
    Elemental Desires - Recommended for Elf content (no special ACM options )
    Elven Expansion - Recommended for Elf content (no special ACM options )
    Ala's Orc Horde - - Recommended for Orc content (no special ACM options )
    Cheri Portraits - Recommended to match the LF portraits Cheri made and lockeslylcrit now uses in LF
    Loading Screens - Recommended if you want some LF styled loading screens (ignore the DWF tag, works fine)
    Smaller Offmap Buttons - Recommended if using multiple mods adding Offmap Empires
    Bigger Interface - Recommended to help against trait spam
    Ala's Body Mod - Recommended if you want body traits
    Slvrbuu for his cheat menu in the Steam Workshop, the inspiration to make cheat mods, and permission to use his mod in mine as long as credit was given.                  - A large chunk of the new ASCM Menu options are directly from his mod and renamed, or modified versions of his original ideas.
    Dewguru for not only creating Dark World but then allowing us to mod it.  
    lockeslylcrit for keeping Dark World moving forward with DWF which later became Luxuria Fantasia



  14. Tentacled Dreams

    Tentacled Dreams
    Version 4.6 "Surprise Bug Fix Edition, Part 2" - 6 January 2021
    by Cheri
    Tentacled Dreams is a mod that adds tentacle monsters to Crusader Kings 2.
    Submit to Tentacles
    Randomly encounter tentacle monsters as a young female ruler. Take precautions to guard your virtue... or give in to your lust. Get forcefully impregnated by tentacle monsters and give birth to tentacle spawn or tentacle-blooded baby girls. Keep your tentacle fetish secret for fear of provoking a scandal... or announce your depravity to the world. Spread the Corruption
    Receive transformation and mind control events that slowly corrupt you into a willing, eager tentacle slave. Lure other women into tentacle attacks, or imprison them and forcibly corrupt them into tentacle slaves. Become a secret tentacle cultist and found the Cult of Dagon to convert the entire realm. Become a Monster
    Play as a tentacle monster ruler, unlocking a new form of government and depraved new game mechanics. Stalk women as a tentacle monster and imprison them, then ravish your prisoners until they're mindbroken tentacle slaves addicted to your cum. Found one of four different Tentacle Broods and lead legions of tentacle monsters to conquer the world. Infest the World
    Build tentacle lairs in your demesne and birth armies of breed-hungry tentacle warbeasts. Hold mass orgies in your capital, found a tentacle-worshipping society, and offer your daughters to tentacle monsters. Rewrite history by building an empire of glorious tentacle worship and tentacle slavery. Tons of Content
    Hundreds of stories and flavor events. Extensive settings that let you tweak the frequency of events and enable/disable content, so you can experience tentacles just the way you like. Full alternate start support that lets you generate tentacle monster empires in Random Worlds, ready to dominate and infest their neighbors. Custom coats of arms, steamy sound effects, and over 150 beautiful event pictures. Note: This mod has nothing to do with tentacle-kin from Dark World Reborn. Tentacle monsters in this mod have their own lore and mechanics.
    Crusader Kings 2 version 3.3+ Cheri Scripting Library version 1.12 Conclave DLC is required to play as a tentacle monster in a regency. If you don't have Conclave, turn regencies off. Luxuria Fantasia, Ala's Body Mod, and Crusader Milk are strongly recommended. The most recent version of Crusader Milk can be found here.  
    Compatible with most mods. The main mod is highly modular and designed to be as compatible with other mods as possible. Special interactions with traits from the following mods: Ala's Body Mod, Christianity Mod, Crusader Milk, Dark World Reborn, DZM Expanded, Luxuria Fantasia Not compatible with Lesbocracy. The lesbian governments don't work with tentacle governments. Minor conflicts with other mods that edit vanilla events. This mod overwrites birth_events.txt, health_events.txt, HFP_pregnancy_events.txt, regency_events.txt, wol_lover_events.txt, wol_intrigue_events.txt, and wol_seduction_events.txt. It is hardcoded to work with Everyone Is Female and Free Love but is likely to cause strange behavior with other mods that edit these files, including Historical Immersion Project and Christianity Mod. None of these conflicts will break your game, the worst case is that you experience some events that don't make sense. Sound effects will conflict with other sound mods. This is a limitation of how Crusader Kings 2 reads sound files. Tentacled Dreams is currently hardcoded to work with Christianity Mod and House of O. If you want me to patch it to work with another mod, send me the mod's /interface/sounds.sfx file. If you come across any compatibility issues not mentioned here, please report them in the forum thread.
    Download and install Cheri Scripting Library Download BOTH the Tentacled Dreams and Tentacled Dreams Images archives. Use 7zip to extract them into My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ If you want sound effects, you should also download Tentacled Dreams Sounds and install it the same way. When upgrading from a previous version of this mod, always delete the old mod folder and replace it with the new one. Merging old and new versions is likely to result in weird behavior. You don't have to update Tentacled Dreams Images or Tentacled Dreams Sounds unless their version number is higher than your current Tentacled Dreams version.
    If you aren't sure how to get started with this mod, here are some suggested achievements to try.
    Tentacled Dreams: Starting as Duchess Matilda of Tuscany in 1066, have Tentacle Cultists control all five "historical" Tentacle Cultist holy sites (Baghdad, Damascus, Tortosa, Kerak, and Cairo). The Third Tentacle Empire: Starting as a landless tentacle monster with the Tentacle Invasion game rule, conquer the world. Champion of the Marian Order: Starting as a non-Tentacle Cultist ruler in a Random World with a Tentacle Brood, destroy the Tentacle Brood. Kalyian's Dream: Recruit the Luxuria Fantasia subscriber character Kalyian y Akh, load your save game as her, and then found the Submissionist heresy to become known as the Slave Prophet.
    Tentacled Dreams is no longer being updated, but you can contact me through the forum thread or the Tentacled Dreams Discord channel.

    My sincere thanks to the following community members for their help:
    Support This Mod
    Tentacled Dreams was made possible by my wonderful tentacle brethren SubscribeStar supporters! If you like this mod and want to see more lewd mods for CK3, please consider donating on SubscribeStar.
    Known Issues
    If you come across any other bugs, please report them in the forum thread.

    Info for Modders
    Artist Credit
    All illustrations in this mod are by the following creators, used without permission:
    In addition, this mod uses:
    The BDSM collar sprite from livevil's House of O Sound effects from the Skyrim SexLab Framework Coat of arms patterns from LewdMarks Icons and custom interface elements by Cheri (myself) If you like the art in this mod, consider supporting the artists by buying their stuff or donating to them on patreon.



  15. Cheri Scripting Library

    Cheri Scripting Library
    Version 1.12 - 6 January 2021
    by Cheri
    This mod does nothing on its own. Other mods rely on it to work.
    Cheri Scripting Library is a collection of scripted effects and scripted triggers that I find myself using frequently. Instead of copying it into all my mods, I decided to upload it as a separate mod to make it easier to maintain. Other modders can feel free to use it as a base if they wish.
    Use 7zip to extract the archive into My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/  
    Info for Modders
    This mainly deals with cross-compatibility between different dick/tit size mods. It also has some functions I needed for Ala's Body Mod traits.
    csl_add_body_traits_effect csl_add_gigantic_tits_effect (and so on, for all the sizes) csl_grow_tits_effect csl_remove_tits_effect csl_add_gigantic_dick_effect (and so on, for all the sizes) csl_grow_dick_effect csl_remove_dick_effect csl_remove_balls_effect csl_remove_pussy_effect csl_remove_m_shape_effect csl_remove_f_shape_effect csl_m_to_f_shape_effect csl_f_to_m_shape_effect csl_add_futa_trait_effect csl_remove_futa_trait_effect  
    This has effects that flip characters between genders while also changing their names, traits, and LF portraits. Mainly meant for seeding.
    csl_become_male_effect csl_unsafe_become_male_effect csl_become_female_effect csl_unsafe_become_female_effect csl_sanity_check_portrait_effect csl_become_futa_effect csl_unsafe_become_futa_effect  
    csl_improve_appearance_effect csl_improve_appearance_and_remove_masculine_effect csl_cure_diseases_effect csl_cure_injuries_effect csl_remove_scars_effect csl_set_epidemic_immunity_flags_effect csl_impregnate_check_between_this_and_prev csl_impregnate_check csl_impregnate_cuckoo_if_possible_effect  
    Similar to csl_scripted_effects_body.txt above.
    csl_futa_content_enabled_trigger csl_tits_content_enabled_trigger csl_dick_content_enabled_trigger csl_is_futa_trigger csl_has_gigantic_dick_trigger (and so on, for all the sizes) csl_has_huge_or_bigger_dick_trigger csl_has_gigantic_tits_trigger (and so on, for all the sizes) csl_has_huge_or_bigger_tits_trigger csl_has_cock_trigger  
    csl_has_csl_trigger csl_is_untouchable_npc_trigger (checks for special_npc flag and equivalent) csl_is_gender_locked_trigger (checks whether character has a potentially gendered NPC portrait) csl_is_lactating_trigger csl_is_visibly_pregnant_trigger csl_is_pregnant_trigger csl_can_be_a_father_trigger csl_has_incest_trigger csl_is_virgin_trigger csl_down_to_fuck_trigger (equivalent of Luxuria Fantasia lf_can_have_sex_trigger) csl_has_polyamory_trigger (meaning character does not discriminate between bastards and legitimate heirs) csl_is_not_animal_trigger (is not horse, cat, frog, dragon, ghost, Animal Kingdoms culture) csl_is_a_mage_trigger csl_is_a_slave_trigger csl_is_a_prostitute_trigger csl_is_lustful_society_trigger csl_is_senior_spouse_trigger csl_is_junior_spouse_trigger  
    Supports Luxuria Fantasia, Dark World Reborn, DZM Expanded.
    csl_is_elf_trigger csl_is_orc_trigger csl_is_fairy_trigger csl_is_demon_trigger csl_is_halfdemon_trigger csl_is_angel_trigger csl_is_fallen_angel_trigger csl_is_succubus_trigger csl_is_incubus_trigger csl_is_neko_trigger csl_is_kitsune_trigger csl_is_dragon_trigger csl_is_vampire_trigger csl_is_werewolf_trigger



  16. CK3 Human Phenotype Project

    Github access | Discord group
    The CK3 Human Phenotype Project is a mod aimed at making the appearences of characters more realistic and diverse by replicating various phenotypes found on the website humanphenotypes.net and assigning them to in-game cultures. This mod also ensures that hairstyles and beards are set by culture rather than ethnicity. A whopping 77 ethnicities have been added into the game, making character more varied and vierse in appearences, with people looking like their supposed geographic origins.
    If you love physical anthrophology, or just want characters to have more regionally varied looks, this is the mod for you!
    Is this mod save-game compatible?
    Absolutely not. This mod edits ethnicities, which the game uses to randomly generate the looks/DNA of characters (historical and new alike). Once the character was generated - or has scripted appearance - this mod will not modify them. For this mod to truly have effect, you need to start a new game, otherwise it will only affect newly generated characters.
    Will you put this mod to Steam Workshop? Why not?
    For legal reasons, I cannot do that. What legal reasons? Well, it's against the rules to disclose that, but here's a hint: I cannot upload any mods to the Steam Workshop at all. The less we talk about it, the better.
    Nevertheless, if you wish to upload this mod to the Steam Workshop in my name, you have my full blessings to do so. No, really, you'd be doing me a big favour.
    Can I use your mod as part of my mod?
    Yes. You don't even need to ask. Just do it. Sure, crediting would be nice, but otherwise, feel free to.
    Many of the characters within a region look samey / Many characters look like caricatures / Some traits seem exaggerated
    Yes. This mod is still a work in progress, and there is much to be refined. Stay tuned for more updates   Or better yet - contribute to the progress



  17. The Weird Mod

    so one day i wanted to make an empire with bullshitty simp males and dominant females who dont even wanna go near the guys and rather get alien bois and also some people wanted this cucky shit, so i figured this could work both ways. here u got a few traits for mostly... roleplay purposes? they have some probably unbalanced stats but who cares.
    I may add random shit that comes to my mind or not, this mod aint about some specific thing its mostly for my use but feel free to use it i guess
    i uploaded this cause a friend wanted to check it out or some shit idk
    before you ask yes i asked myself why and what am i doing with my time and i don't know either
    600+ people seriously downloaded this



  18. Carnalitas - Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3

    Version 1.3.5
    Carnalitas is a unified sex mod framework for Crusader Kings 3. It provides a set of systems that modders can use for their own projects, such as a database of sex scene events. It also implements features that were common in many CK2 sex mods. All these features can be toggled by players through game rules.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads) Carnalitas Wiki House Irae Discord Server
    Features for Users
    Sex Interactions: Adds character interactions allowing you to have sex with your spouses, consorts, and lovers, or rape prisoners. Slavery System: An immersive slavery framework allowing you to enslave characters, free slaves, and buy and sell slaves, depending on your faith's attitudes toward slavery. Prostitution System: A prostitution framework allowing you to force your slaves into prostitution or work as a prostitute yourself. Lactation System: A lactation framework allowing you to lactate from pregnancy and keep track of your milk production through a widget in the character window. Fetish System: A framework for characters to gain fetishes upon becoming Deviants, which are shown in the character window and can be tracked by mod scripts. Body Part Traits (Dicks & Tits): Adds new congenital traits for breast and penis size, which can be seeded on game start. Stress from Arousal: Adds a game rule which makes you gain stress over time if you are lustful. Same-Sex Concubinage: Adds the ability to take same-sex consorts/concubines if your religion allows both consorts/concubines and same-sex relations. STD Immunity: Adds a game rule to turn off Lovers' Pox and Great Pox, as well as the ability for modders to make characters who are immune to STDs. Remove Pregnancy Complications: Adds a game rule to turn off stillbirths, sickly children/mothers, and deaths from pregnancy. GUI Improvements: Includes custom GUI that combines Better Character UI and Show More Traits, while also showing fetishes and lactation in the character window, slaves in the relations tab, and Enslave buttons in the prison window. Comprehensive Tutorials: Provides in-game tooltips and encyclopedia entries for all new gameplay concepts added by Carnalitas. Full User Control: All features can be toggled on or off in game rules. Features for Modders
    Sex Scene System: Provides a unified tag-based database for sex scene events, allowing other mods to easily add new sex scenes or request sex scenes with specific tags. Character Initialization Pulse: Adds on_character_initialization_pulse, allowing you to easily seed characteristics like racial traits on all spawned characters with a single on_action (with only a few delays here and there because it's impossible to catch certain guests). Custom Pregnancy System: Provides a timer-based framework to define your own pregnancy-like effect (e.g. oviposition) that will override vanilla pregnancies and play nicely with other modded custom pregnancies. Pregnancy Suppression Library: Provides flags to suppress the vanilla on-birth and on-pregnancy events and replace them with your own custom events under specific conditions. Abortion Library: Provides scripted triggers for mods allowing termination of pregnancies to play nicely with mods that add custom or scripted pregnancies. Absolute Birth Control: Provides a way to silently replace all pregnancies of a character without affecting her fertility stat in game. Health and Transformation Library: Provides a huge amount of effects for transforming characters by stepping up/stepping down genetic traits, healing wounds and diseases, setting disease immunity, and so on. Personality Replacement Library: Provides scripted effects to easily replace personality traits for slave training, brainwashing, and the like. Dominant/Submissive Relation: Adds a unified relation for Dominant or Submissive lovers. Extensive Character Flags to Expose Vanilla Triggers: You can make a trait grant immunity to disease, force nudity, disallow granting of titles, etc. without having to edit vanilla files and break compatibility with other Carnalitas submods. Heavily Customizable: Hook into any of Carnalitas's features with extensive documentation, scripted effects and triggers, and mod-friendly design. Comprehensive Documentation, Examples, and Wiki If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, join the House Irae Discord Server.
    Upcoming Features
    Futanari (WIP): Adds new traits for futanari characters, which can be seeded on game start. Unfortunately, futanari characters are not currently able to marry or impregnate other women. This is due to a game engine restriction that we hope will be fixed in the future. Same-Sex Marriage (whenever the devs make it possible) Improvements for Existing Features  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. Go to your \mod\ folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy the content of the archive ("Carnalitas" folder and "Carnalitas.mod" file) into the \mod\ folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old "Carnalitas" folder present in the mod folder before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to Mods > Manage Mods > Add More Mods (in bottom right corner) > Select this mod and add it. Restart your launcher if it doesn't show up in the list when you try to add it. On this page you can also download my submod, Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines, which adds religious doctrines for slavery that are accurate to every faith in vanilla CK3 based on historical research. The submod is separate from the main mod for improved compatibility with total conversion mods.
    Load Order
    total conversion mods all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines (if using it) mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Submods (Requires Carnalitas):
    Carnalitas Mundi Carnalitas Arousal System Carnal Consequences Intimate Encounters Project Amatorius Rex Sex Slaves for Carnalitas
    Adroit Religion Harem Doctrines (Not So) Simple Shafts Submissive Partners World of Sexcraft Most mods not mentioned here  
    Debauchery in Crusader Kings  
    Not Compatible:
    Earthly Desires - CK3 Carnalitas edits the character window and court window. If another mod edits the same windows (such as Better UI Scaling) then one of them will end up overwriting the other. Will conflict with other mods that edit sex, pregnancy, or adultery effects. For best results, only use Carnalitas with sex mods that are designed to work with it.  
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Does Carnalitas include sex animations?
    A: No, but we would like to. If you are an animator interested in adding your animations to Carnalitas, please contact us.

    Q: Can I use Carnalitas with an existing save game?
    A: No.

    Q: Are the bust size traits shown on the portraits?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I turn off (feature)?
    A: Yes. Every single feature can be turned off.
    Q: Where are all the body part traits?
    A: Only characters with extraordinary penis or breast sizes will have body part traits. Everyone else has "average" body part sizes.

    Q: When do children get body part traits?
    A: When they become adults.

    Q: I don't like the Make Love cooldown.
    A: There is a game rule to turn off the cooldown, see above. Also, that's not a question.
    Q: My username contains non-English characters (e.g. accents, Chinese characters) and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is a known bug with the Crusader Kings 3 launcher. To work around this, you can move the "Carnalitas" folder to a different directory that doesn't include non-English characters (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit "Carnalitas.mod" to point to the new directory.

    Q: Are you going to add (feature not in the upcoming feature list)?
    A: Probably not. We are building a framework first and foremost, and leaving actual content or game balance changes to other modders. That said, if you have a good idea for a basic feature that could be implemented, contact us.
    Contact Us
    For various reasons, we will not be looking regularly at the LoversLab forum thread for this mod. If you have a pressing issue or suggestion, contact us through the House Irae Discord Server.  
    Cheri - lead developer, project director, systems programmer, English localization Triskelia - senior developer, git manager, artwork, French localization Ernie Collins - senior developer, systems programmer Full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Support This Mod
    If you are a lewd modder, feel free to use Carnalitas features and scripts for your own projects. If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, you can fork our git repository and join the House Irae Discord Server. I am the project lead for this mod, responsible for overall direction and about 80% of the code. If you like this mod and want to support its development, please consider donating to me on SubscribeStar.  
    Carnalitas is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. You are free to use it for any purpose. You can modify or redistribute it, as long as you use the same license, provide the source code, and acknowledge the work and copyright of the original contributors.



  19. Nudity Toggle

    This mod was inspired by Undress. You can make everyone (adult) or specific gender (to your liking) naked. You can turn naked on or off via decision tab.



  20. Intimate Encounters

    Intimate Encounters
    Version 0.1
    Erotic content with focus on quality, historic plausibility, and seamless integration into Crusader Kings III.
    Carnalitas Sex Scenes
    A modular sex scene generator to improve variety and quality for Carnalitas sex scenes, for both genders (consensual only so far).
    Erotic events for different occasions. Ideally you will only recognize it's from Intimate Encounters when the content is more explicit than usual.
    Host a masked orgy. Who knows who will show up?
    Feedback and bug reports are always welcome. You can visit our discord server at: https://discord.gg/P7ng6WnD8E
    Writing and Coding by Ernie Collins
    Writing by Inerrant
    Coding by Siudhne



  21. Carnal Consequences

    Carnal Consequences
    This is a gameplay-centric addition to Carnalitas and especially the arousal framework.
    Almost all features are optional and can be toggled off.
    Arousal Coping Events
    1 event that fires upon reaching a new arousal level (only level 1 so far, but gets reused for level 2+3)  
    Arousal Effects
    Adds debuffs depending on your current arousal level. Level 0: No modifiers Level 1: -10% stress loss Level 2: -30% stress loss, -10% hostile scheme resistance, +10% fertility Level 3: -50% stress loss, -20% hostile scheme resistance, +20% fertility "Hardcore mode" applies harsher debuffs and weaker buffs.  
    Arousal Gain
    Player gains arousal over time based on partner opinion, sexuality, traits, stress, health and illnesses, life circumstances, and age: Replacement for the more simplistic Passive Arousal Gain setting in the Carnalitas Arousal Framework, there is no need to use both. Can be set to "simple" if you want to forfeit all those calculations and simply gain some arousal over time.  
    Sex Effects
    Whenever a sex event is fired by any mod that uses Carnalitas ("Lay with Lovers", for example) the quality of sex is determined by a multitude of factors, such as attraction, personality, what they think of you, how aroused you are, matching kinks and some randomness. Most of these apply differently for consensual and non-consensual scenes. Choose your spouse carefully: At the beginning of a relationship, attraction is most important. Later on, it's more about a matching personality. Keep your partner happy: A partner that hates you is a surefire way to kill joy in the bedroom. The result of each sex act is one of seven effects: Mind-blowing, amazing, satisfactory, ordinary, unsatisfactory, louse or atrocious intercourse. Good sex reduces your arousal a lot, increases the opinion of your partner, and reduces stress. Bad sex still reduces arousal, but a lot less, reduces opinion, and adds stress. Average, ordinary sex only reduces arousal. Overall, arousal reduction via sex effects is roughly balanced with passive arousal gain setting and yearly "Lay with Lover" action, but it all depends on your mod loadout.  
    Fertility Reduction (default off)
    Fertility is already not the greatest stat to begin with and is in danger of being trivialized even more with the addition of more sex scenes. To counter this, you can reduce your own fertility to make fertility buffs as important as they should be. Can be set from 0% (default) to a punishing -80%. Player only Affects both passive pregnancy chance and pregnancy by events (fertility does not normally affect event pregnancy chances).  
    Younger Rulers (default off)
    Probably not for everyone. This is a not very historical solution to the problem of "all my rulers are old when I get to play them". It assumes that in YOUR dynasty, people are expected to rule once they are old enough (with "old enough" being defined by the game rule). Once a year, when your primary heir is old enough, they may demand that you abdicate. Yearly chance increases the older they are. You can accept right then and there, or you refuse for a stacking opinion debuff with your vassals. Works with titles with voting succession, but your primary heir needs to be at least 15 years younger than you to prevent an abdication loop. Also, to prevent an early game over, you are never asked to abdicate by an primary heir that is not of your dynasty. Large age differences between spouses or concubines result in an opinion penalty.  
    Other (always on)
    Rakish brothel visits trigger a sex scene  
    How to use
    Default settings should suffice. Currently I'm always testing in conjunction with "Lay with Lover" from Carnalitas. Maybe later on it will be possible to play without, but you would need some other source for sex events, and there are not many mods that use Carnalitas sex events yet. At the very least, use the lowest difficulty if you don't use "Lay with Lover".
    Carnalitas Arousal System for arousal-related features. Other features should work without it (in case you don't like the arousal widget), but will result in spam to your error.log file.
    This mod overwrites the brothel event (rakish_brothel_night_effect) to add a carnalitas sex event, and conflicts with other mods that do the same.



  22. Carnalitas Arousal Framework

    Carnalitas Arousal Framework
    Adds Arousal as a player-only game resource similar to Stress. Just as Stress it goes from 0 to 400 and has 4 levels. The current arousal state is shown in a widget next to the stress bar.
    For Players
    This mod is a framework and has no gameplay impact on it's own. Right now you need to install Carnal Consequences for Arousal to have any gameplay effects.
    The game rule "Arousal Difficulty" lets you fine-tune arousal gain and loss from all sources, to make managing arousal more or less challenging. If you have a lot of sex mods installed you might want to offset that by ramping up the difficulty. Conversely, if you do not play with the "lay with" action you might want to reduce difficulty. It all depends on your mod loadout, experiment.  
    For Modders
    Mods making use of the Arousal Framework
    Carnal Consequences
    This mod overwrites hud.gui to display the arousal bar and conflicts with any mods that do the same.
    Thanks to Ernie Collins for extensive help with the arousal widget. That was a chore! 😄



  23. [CK2] House Irae - Updated 25DEC20

    House Irae
    Version 2.7
    House Irae brings the world of the dark elves to CK2. Conquer the world as the Matriarchal Lolth religion or the Patriarchal Vhaeraun religion, or just enjoy equality with the Eilistraee religion.
    Added the offmap empire, House Irae, to buy and trade from. Added a gamerule to allow the spawning of a certain long-lost family member of House Irae to make a violent reappearance in the world. 52 new portraits, 26 for each gender. One portrait for children. Added new retinues and feudal/tribal buildings for dark elves. New minor titles. Added a gamerule to start as a dark elf with or without the new religions. Religious events for all three religions. A book of lore (decision) that gives the player more in-depth detail of the lore behind the mod.  
    CK2 3.1+
    Holy Fury is suggested, but not required.
    Bigger Interface mod is suggested, but not required.
    Download the file
    Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
    Mark the House Irae checkbox in the launcher
    If upgrading from 1.4 or 1.4.1, delete the /HouseIrae/ folder BEFORE unzipping the file.
    If a file says "hotfix" in it, you will need to download and install the previous version first.
    If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
    1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
    2. Delete the House Irae folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
    3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
    4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for House Irae.
    5. Restart the game.
    If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of House Irae are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #house_irae channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
    Luxuria Fantasia: Full compatibility.
    Wait, didn't I see this somewhere before? 
    Yes, yes you did. Dark World Tweaks (my other mod), had this included. I have now separated the two in case players wanted one or the other.
    I chose the Dark Elf Start campaign but I cant pick Vhaeraun as my god! 
    Males can't choose Lolth as their starting goddess, females cant choose Vhaeraun. You are going to have to use the in-game force convert mechanics if you want those religions but aren't the right gender.
    Offmap Empires cluttering up the minimap?
    Click here!
    ngppgn - For providing LL with the Bigger Events mod. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/
    elQuanto - For providing the portrait files and event picture for the half elves
    lonelyneet - For providing the Mandarin Chinese translation
    Help Support Me
    Have some pocket change lying around? Why not toss me a dollar over on SubscribeStar?




    I consider this mod as an essential complement for a highly lacivious immersion of the space.

    Currently this Mod mainly contains sexual themes focused on Incest and Bestiality.
    >>>Lustful Void Mod<<<

    Special Thanks to:
    Progenitor2000 (German Localisation)
    Coolcoop (Corrected English Localisation)
    Meiton_88 (Finding and Fixing Minor Things)
    This is a mod that is still being tested, until what is proven the complements and mechanics that it brings for now are functional.
    Probably the results and rewards, and even the costs of the decisions, seem strange or exaggerated.

    If you have better ideas to balance the mod and make it more playable just contact me. 
    If you notice errors in the texts, it's because I'm not a native english speaker and much less professional. So, if you want to improve my texts you can help me.
    Any help and hint is welcome.

    Lustful Void
    Wild Lascivity
    If you use LV Smaller Pics Patch, place it in the middle of both.

    Create a new game, do not use with saves from previous versions. Major changes.

    FIXES AND PATCHES: (READ before Downloading or Reporting an Error)

    Summary of the Mod:
    This mod is focused for the moment on the interaction with hives, animals and ancient entities.
    What this mod contain exactly? (I will mention only some of the main features of this mod)
    -MOTHERLY HIVE (Hive Mind ORIGIN) (UTOPIA DLC Required - Under Test)
    A new type of hive with fewer penalties and more ability to cooperate with other species. (Not compatible with Devouring Swarm or aggressive and intrusive civic.) It provides a bonus in relationships.
    It includes special mechanics with unique events for its type.

    -Fauna Breeding (Planet Decision)
    You can force your people to mate with the planetary wildlife to boost social research.
    For now there are only 4 possible outcomes of single-line events.

    -Titanic Life Breeding (Planet Decision)
    You can force your people to mate with the Titanic Life to boost society research.
    For now there are only 4 possible outcomes of single-line events.
    -Exotic Fauna Search (Planet Decision)
    Start an expedition in search of unknown, strange and probably highly dangerous specimens.
    More than 10 possible results.
    While the expedition is in progress you receive a 10% boost in society research on the planet.
    -Uplift Exotic Fauna (Planet Decision)
    Create a random species using the Exotic Fauna as test subjects.
    This will start a special project on the selected planet. The species class is selected randomly and their base Traits are always the same.
    -Allow exploration for the scientific leader. (Planet Decision)
    This decision will initiate a special project with multiple results.
    (It must be a non-artificial habitable planet without a colony that is within your borders.)
    -New Strategic Resource: Exotic Fauna
    Only obtained by Exotic Fauna Search (Planet Decision)
    The amount can vary, but it is common that you almost always find even one creature if you are lucky.
    This new resource can be used for other projects.
    And More Decisions.
    -Archeological site: The Eternal Spirit
    This archaeological site will rarely appear randomly or with small probability with the decision of scientific exploration on uncolonized planets.
    Keep in mind that the archeological site is generated on any planet within the borders of who manages to activate it.

    Be careful when making decisions. Since for the moment many results are random and conditioned by few traits. So Spamming decisions means a possible loss of resources.
    In Scientific Exploration it is very rare for your scientist to die and a quick way to get experience.
    Fauna Searching and Scientific Exploration is an easy way to get advances in Society Research during the Early Game.

    Decisions require certain technologies that are in the vanilla game and complete another set of conditions. "Allow exploration for the scientific leader (Planet Decision)" is not available for Gestalt Empires. (UPDATED: Exploration available but with generic texts for common organics species. Using it with machines breaks with immersion.) The AI empires cant use the decision functions, since they could spam events.  At the moment the limit of projects that you can take simultaneously was removed. So you can make the decision on other planets while doing it on one, so you can spam events. Genocidal Empires cannot use this content. Or at least most of its content. This mod does not take into account the Machine Empires, in a next update maybe i will create a variant for events. But at the moment they can use some features.  
    (There is more variety of images in the events, but I made quick captures.)
    (Not all events are strictly sexual. Sexual content depends, in some cases, on the traits of each species.)

    Future Planned Content/To Do:
    -More events (Fauna and Titanic Life) In queue
    -Interestings Chain of events for "Scientific Explorations" and "Exotic Fauna Search" In queue
    -Anomalies and Random Events In queue
    -Interventions in primitive worlds via decisions. (Make a crop circle and abduct a cow or some shiet) In queue
    -Work in content for Hive Empires. < < <
    -Correct writing errors and improve texts. Volunteers are needed
    -Extra THICC Species Portraits. (Vanilla Alternative Versions) < < < Made by someone else
    Notes from versions:

    Compatible with everything. For the moment. Balanced game not promised.



  25. Touch of Manhood

    This is just a very simple mod that just adds a hint of penis in nude settings so the males dont have Ken doll lumps. It doesnt change the mesh but simply adds a touch of manhood to the diffuse file to fool the eye. Its just meant is a minor cosmetic fix and not to add an actual penis.
    The DDS files can just be copied to your main CK3 folder if the mod is wonky



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