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Adult oriented Fallout: New Vegas resources for other mods or modders to make use of

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  1. Forno Sexy Vault Girl Bobbleheads - Modder Resource -

    Hey guys, i'm back with something familiar but different! Since in the last week i wasn't in the mood for drawings and some users both here on LL and the Nexus have asked if i ever gonna made the Bobbleheads, here we go! i've made all the twenty Bobbleheads of the game (i think you need TTW or some mod that implement the bobbleheads in FNV -or Fallout 3 itself if you want them there-). as usual this is just a MODDER RESOURCE, so you have to CREATE YOUR OWN MOD. Thanks for all the support about the icons, we're almost at the end!
    As for the icons, if you want to upload your mod both here or Nexus, you have to tell me first: in this way we can agree about the pipeline and the release. thanks in advance.
    the file you're gonna download is a .rar and it contains:
    - The folder with the Meshes, materials and uv's sets (the texture size is 1024X1024)
    - The rigged Vault girl as separated FBX
    -The photoshop project for the texture (more or less is in order )
    - The maya project if you want to make your custom Vault Girl Bobblehead (don't use it to create other things!) - about the project, i lost the rigged various poses, it contain only the meshes already freezed...sorry for the inconvenience!
    oh, obviously i continue to work on this bad girl for free, but if someone of you want to make a donation for all of the work i've made and i'm gonna made, here's a link!



  2. Forno Sexy Vault Girl Interface - Modder Resource -

    ----- READ ME -----
    Hey guys! this is a complete set of resource files for whoever wants to make a nsfw mod (there's only .PSD files here). Otherwise, you can find the official mod both here on LL and on the Nexus, just search for "Forno and Flufflepuss" here or "Forno and Vaanknight" on the Nexus. If you want to use one or more of these assets in a mod you want to upload on the web, you have to let me know first, so that we can organize about the possible release and the credits, thanks in advance. Enjoy!
    You can find the .psd of:
    - S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
    - Skills
    - Traits
    - Karma icons for the Pip-Boy
    - Limbs Status for the Pip-Boy
    - Contextual HUD heads (for the messages in the top left corner of the screen)
    - Fallout New Vegas perks (base game, unarmed unique skills and Challenges ones)
    - Honest Hearts DLC perks
    - Dead Money DLC perks
    - Old World Blues DLC perks
    - Lonesome Road DLC perks



  3. GSB's BDSM files

    Just Uploading thes SCR resources tilll GSB has a chance to sort them
    I had to break them up due to my crappy upload speed.



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