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  1. NVSE Extender (aka NX)

    This is a plugin for NVSE, providing new script functions for modders.
    This FOMOD install requires my custom FOMM build from right here @ loverslab. The original/vanilla FOMM will not install executable files like dll's. At least, if I remember correctly, it won't. I don't know if NMM will install them either.
    Extender Version: 18
    Released: 5-Jan-2019
    Requires NVSE 4.5.7 or later
    Project source code: nvse extender. Send myself or jaam a message here or there if you'd like to contribute to the project. We are both admins.
    What does it do?
    NVSE Extender provides additional functions available to modders. Some will provide information via the console as well. It uses the save/load notifications to save (and load!) its data whenever the game is saved.
    How do I install it?
    Download the FOMOD for the version you want and install it with FOMM. You do not need the other files, and you only need ONE fomod.
    Advanced users:
    What functions are available?
    There are many functions available. I need to redo this documention to list and explain them all.
    Current implemented function list:
    Can I include this with my mod, upload it elsewhere, etc?
    Sure. You can do whatever you want with it.
    If you screw up your players by installing an older version than they already have, you deserve a slap. If you upload it somewhere else and claim to be the author, you can field the bug reports and write the fixes, while rotting in hell.
    I'm all about letting people do whatever they want with stuff I create, but be responsible about it and don't be a dick.
    What does the future hold?
    Many other functions are planned, they are discussed in the support thread.



  2. Babe Nude Body Replacer

    This is the Babe Mk3 body, originally on the Nexus. I wanted to try uploading it here in hopes it would get some renewed attention. Since it hasn't had any support for a while now and the Type 3 has been dominating the Fallout world. It's available in both a C-Cup and D version, in two files that contain all the needed meshes and textures. It was made for Fallout 3 but as you can see by the screenshots, it works perfectly with NV as well. Just follow the same installation procedure. There are a few clothing and armor options available at the moment over on the Nexus. Such as the Gantz armor and the Gypsy clothing mods. Both shown in the pictures. Also there is a complete conversion of all the vanilla Fo3 armors and clothing available. Unfortunately thats about all that available at the moment until someone decides to make more. Finally, i'd like to thank the talented authors of this mod, Brurpo and Luchaire. All credit goes to them for making this mod. You can find a link here to the original body as well as it's author. If i made any mistakes or anything here, just let me know and i'll try to correct them. This is my first time uploading a mod anywhere.
    I also suggest taking a look at this. It's a texture enhancement for fallout bodies called XCE. I used it to get the effect in the pics and it does help pretty up the body and give it a bit more realism.
    Here are a few links to some of the clothing and what not that goes with this for anyone interested in checking them out.
    And here is to the original mod.



  3. Respawn

    A simple little, but useful mod to change the respawn time for npc/creatures in the Mojave wasteland of FNV. It is addressed to those who don't like the incessant and unrealistic default time respawn of FNV set on 72 hours/3 days. I created it with GECK, everyone can easily edit it with FNVEdit, at will of course. This one is set on about one year (game time).
    This one is a esp file flagged as esm, but it can be also used as simple esp file.



  4. YRegen - a regeneration mod

    A small mod I made when learning how to use MCM and timer scripts.
    I decided to create a regeneration mod, since I never found one with all the features I wanted.
    2. CURRENT VERSION: 26.03.2020
    The mod offers an ability to control the regeneration of the character. Configurable through MCM.
    It allows you to:
    set the base Healing Rate of the character set an Endurance multiplier and choose it's type (either Endurance value or Fallout 1/2 Healing Rate) set a multiplier for Fast Metabolism perk make regeneration only work out of combat set a bonus regeneration for sleep set a multiplier for Well Rested perk turn on and off limbs regeneration set limb regeneration multiplier turn on and off crippled limbs regeneration allow sleep to heal crippled limbs set minimum hours of sleep required to heal crippled limbs You can set the multipliers to either multiply each other or to be added together so that you can emulate Fallout 1/2 style Healing Rate.
    Healing Rate of 1 means regeneration of 0.066 HPs per hour.
    Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



  5. [New Vegas] Hair Patcher Two - 15 dec 2019

    If you never used the Hair Patcher:
    In games like FONV, when you install mods of hair / eyes / races you need to make patches to make these work together. Mind you, it's quite easy to patch them, however you could decide to let the hair patcher handle it for you. But this comes to a cost: the more races / hair / eyes you introduce, the more it slows the loading of the game. I don't mean when you load a savegame, I mean the first time you load the game, the time needed to arrive at the Main Menu.

    If you were fine with the previous Hair Patcher, you can stick with it; or, you can check the few new differences with the Hair Patcher Two, and then decide. I rewrote most of it and I feeled it was better keep them separated.
    Differencies with the previous one:
    Hair Patcher Two comes with a .ini file, located inside \Data\Config, called HairPatcher.ini
    You can edit it with a common text editor, like Windows Notepad, or Notepad++. These are the settings:
    >>> DEBUG: if 1, it will enable debug mode. You don't need it.
    >>> MESSAGE: it will show you a message on the main menu, where it tells you how much time it took to process, the quantity of hairs / eyes / races and the IDs of the mirrors, if you need them. It's enabled (=1) by default.
    >>> HAIRS: this is very important. If you set it to 0, the mod won't process the hair styles. This is very helpful when you install a mod with eyes, and you don't really need to process hairs, setting this to zero will reduce drastically the loading time.
    >>> EYES: same as for HAIRS, but for EYES. Just don't put both to zero, or the mod won't patch anything.
    >>> MIRROR: on every new save, you will always receive a couple of Mirrors, one to change hairstyle and one to change eyes. However, if you lose them, you won't receive them again, you should add them via console. This parameter is an alternative to that: if you set this value to ZERO, the next time you will load the savegame you will receive a new couple of Mirrors (assuming you don't have them already in your inventory)
    This section initially is empty, it will populate on its own the first time you will load the game. Later, if you'll change your load order/add/remove mods, this section will change eventually when necessary, but well this is not important. What's important is that you can manually edit the value of the races, to exclude them from processing, greatly increasing the loading time.
    Let's make an example. After running the game, you'll find something like this in this section:
    MojaveDelight.esp:415A='Posh' #1
    MojaveDelight.esp:415C='Posh' #2
    FalloutNV.esm:424A=African American
    Now, let's assume that you installed Mojave Delight but you want to play with an African American and you're only interested on the hairs and eyes contained in that mod. All you need to do is delete the name of the race on the right, and replace it with a zero (0), like this:
    FalloutNV.esm:424A=African American
    The next times you'll start the game, the hair patcher won't tell you "I found 3 races", but it'll tell you "I found 1 race", and the script will only do one third of the necessary operations.

    - NVSE
    - JIP NVSE

    You can both do it manually, extracting the archive inside \Data, or using a mod manager.



  6. [New Vegas] Inspector

    It's a small mod which gives you few informations about the reference you are pointing with your crosshair. These informations go from the base ID, to the position, the angle, the cell, part of the inventory (if Actors or Containers) etc.

    Examples: you find a flying tree and you don't know what mod moved it. Or, more complicated, some aspects of the game are unbalanced and you need to inspect deeper (especially when using complete overhauls)

    To activate it, just press the Hotkey while not having anything under your crosshair, you'll see INSPECTOR ACTIVE on your screen. When the UI is active, you just need to point your crosshair to some reference and if you are close enough (=activation distance) then the infos will appear on the screen. Everytime you'll move your crosshair over a new reference, the infos will automatically update. To close the interface, just go into a Menu (i.e. Pipboy, Main Menu) or point your crosshair to nowhere and press the Hotkey again. The only MenuMode exception is the console: when you open it, the interface won't close and the informations will stay on the screen.

    By default, the Hotkey is the bar on the numpad ( / ), but it can be changed with a key (see later), or replaced with the Control for Aim / Blocking (default Alt or Right Mouse button)

    Some references (Actors, Creatures, Containers) can have more pages of informations. To access them, stick with your crosshair on them and press the Hotkey ( / by default) more and more to turn the pages. Since this could be complicated if you're doing it on a moving actor, you can target it and see the first page of the inspector, and then immediately open the console so the game will stop and you can browse through the pages (again, with the Hotkey) safely.

    I did it few days ago as request from a user, I ended up adding few more features I needed myself. If you need to add few extra infos, please let me know and let's see if it's doable.

    You can set them on MCM. If you don't use MCM you can edit with a notepad the config file inside Data\Config\aDT\Settings.ini
    - Enable Mod: when you disable this, the hotkey will stop working
    - Debug Mode: will spam something in console, don't use it if unnecessary
    - Modifier: if you choose HOTKEY, in the next option you can choose to assign whatever key on your keyboard (default is / on the NumPad). If you choose CONTROL, the hotkey will be the Control for Block / Aim (default is Alt, or Right Mouse button)
    - Vertical Alignment: the number of pixels from the top of the screen to the Inspector's informations
    - Horizontal Alignment: it can be Left, Middle or Right
    - Vertical Line Spacing: you can decide the space from a line to another, in pixels. This is useful to tweak when you change font. Default is 22 for Font 3
    - Font: allows to use one of the 8 fonts.
    - Alpha Background: the transparent black background you see on the Inspector, 0 is invisible and 255 is full black.
    - All the other flags under Interface Options: they decide what to output on the Inspector

    The same options are basically replicated inside Data\Config\aDT\Settings.ini, for those not using MCM. In the INI, the hotkey will always take precedence: to switch to the Aim/Block control you must set Key to 0 (zero).

    - NVSE
    - Latest JIP (release 30/11/19)
    - UIO
    - MCM (Optional)

    You can both do it manually, extracting the archive inside \Data, or using a mod manager.

    Known Issues
    There's a bunch of meshes which can't be targeted, so the Inspector won't find them. Fortunally I found not many for now. I'm still thinking what to do with them.
    I.e. treejoshANV.nif, some cactus
    Added new page "Active Effects" for creatures and actors. Corrected small error in previous version.
    Added check if a reference has a script attached, with the ref ID of the script. It's on the bottom, in the group of the Extra var.
    Rearranged few lines of script.
    Added recipes for MISC items (abraxo, egg timer etc.) and ALCH items (food, drinks etc.), they're in second page
    Added Export button on MCM, so that you can save your actual configuration and you won't have to reconfigure it next time you'll start a new game. Small fix on a script. If possible, make a clean save.
    First release



  7. Playable Companion Clothes

    Looks like KDC took down his mod that set companion outfits to playable so you could dress them how you like. I remade it from scratch.
    It comes in two flavors - a regular New Vegas one and a TTW one covering the vanilla TTW companions. The TTW version is all-inclusive so there's no reason to have two ESPs clogging up your load order, and it of course requires TTW to be installed. There is no special requirement for the NV version.



  8. TES Artifacts

    I had these Skyrim weapons that I ported over to New Vegas on my hard drive for +5 years and almost completely forgot about them. Finally, I decided to share them with anyone who interested in having Skyrim weapons in their Fallout: NV playthrough. I also made an esp file that will add these weapons to the game world with almost similar enchantments from past Elder Scrolls games.
    You can find each artifact in remote locations throughout the Mojave wastelands waiting to be found.
    - Volendrung can be obtained from the Devil's Gullet, you'll first have to defeat a Super Mutant Overlord to gained this powerful weapon.
    - The Mace of Molag Bal can be found inside a Deathclaw infested cave call Dead Wind Cavern, it can be found right beside a dead prospector.
    - Mehrunes' Razor is located inside of Bloodborne cave and is on top of a large rock towards the end of the cave. It requires a bit of jumping to reach.
    - Keening is found at an irradiated area call Toxic dumpsite and can be pick up immediately where all the containers sit in the center.
    - Sunder is located at Nellis Air Force Base inside one of the buildings call Nellis workshop.
    - Wuuthrad can be found on the outskirts of Jacobstown on the left side of the hills near an unmarked location call Griffith Peak. It requires a bit of jumping to reach.
    Each artifact also has a unique effect.
    - Volendrung can send enemies flying and paralyze them temporarily and reduces their health by 5 points for 20 seconds. 
    - The Mace of Molag Bal will drain an enemy strength for 10 seconds and can KO enemies temporarily knocking them out. Also, it does bonus damage against limbs.
    - Mehrunes' Razor has a new effect call Daedric Banishing which is a replica of the Oblivion enchantment which will increase the death chance the higher your luck is, from 1% to 10%. Also, each hit ignores 15 points of DT.
    - Keening will empower you with Keening's Craft which increases your overall S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and heals you slowly over time. However, you will be inflicted with a mortal wound that reduces your health by 50 pts.
    - Sunder will empower you with Sunder's Craft which increases your overall S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and regenerates AP slowly over time. However, you will be inflicted with a mortal wound that reduces your health by 50 pts.
    - Wuuthrad is especially deadly to robots and power armor users and can deliver a tremendous amount of electrical damage to them.



  9. Pace Yourself

    Pace Yourself is a small utility that you can use to remind yourself you've been playing for a certain amount of time and should probably stop for a while. You can then simply dimiss the message, choose to be reminded again later, or leave yourself a note that will be displayed next time you start the game in order to remember what you were about to do.

    NVSE 5.1.4
    JIP 55+
    JohnnyGuitar 2+

    Both the messages you send yourself, and when they should be displayed, are easily customizable in the .ini file that comes with it. You can be as passive-aggressive to yourself as you like.

    Every section in the ini comes with the following fields:
    Msg=the actual message that is displayed to you.
    Time=after how many minutes it should be displayed since game start (FirstMsg) or the last time you got a message (the Reminders).
    DismissOption=the text for the button where you simpy want the message to go away
    SnoozeOption=the text for the button where you ask to be reminded again later
    NoteOption=the text for the button where you want to leave a note
    By default, there is one first message, and 3 reminding messages for when you hit the proverbial snooze button before. You can actually add more reminding messages if you want: simply follow the conventions of the previous ones, and leave the SnoozeOption empty for the last one.
    Dedicated to the public domain with CC.0
    Whipped this up in about an hour. Untested, I have other things to do. Should be fine. If not, I'll hear about it. If you want it to do more, or less, or do things differently, you're welcome to do it yourself, see Perms.
    As always, kudos to the coders who made the script functions I use.



  10. NVGeck Syntax Highlighter for NP++

    It's pretty damned handy to write scripts in NP++ with.
    - Separate style for script blocks and loops
    - Separate style for command-style functions (let, set, to, return, label, GoTo, continue etc)
    - Separate style for, and all functions as keywords for NVSE (up to 5.1.2)
    - Separate style for, and all functions as keywords for Lutana (up to 19)
    - Separate style for, and all functions as keywords for JIP (up to 55.10)
    - Combined style for and all functions as keywords for MCM, Project Nevada, NX (up to 16) and JohnnyGuitar (2.35).
    - Combined style for var declarations, globals (vanilla), AV function string parameters (vanilla), and unquoted string parameters to ar_construct.
    - Loops are treated as code blocks that can be folded and unfolded (same goes for if-conditions and script blocks)
    - Elseif & else parts can be folded and unfolded separately.
    - Pretty colors (totally adjustable ofc)
    How To Install:
    - open notepad++
    - Pick "language" in the menu, then "define your language"
    - "import", then find the xml uploaded here, and... import it
    - done
    This highlighter will attach itself to the .geck file extension. You can change that if you want, same as anything else. In Notepad++, the syntax is called "DSGeckSyntax10" because I'm so vain I think this song is about me. No, actually, that's because all these syntaxes are called something similar and if you've gone over a few to figure out what you like, you can't remember which is which.
    It's made with Notepad++ (whatever version I'm using now), which uses UDL 2.1. If you've got an older UDL version, you probably want to upgrade.
    Public Domain



  11. Nuska's Women of the Wasteland

    Since Nuska is gone, and their account is closed too. I figured instead of having someone comment every day for a link to the mod I'd just upload it here.

    If this isn't allowed please let me know. Otherwise would just like this to be easier for everyone to grab.

    All credit goes to Nuska who will be missed. 



  12. Youre One Dirty Little Lady ;) [modders resource]

    Youre One Dirty Little Lady
    [modders resource]
    Clear diffuses I drew dirt on for the T3M variety of bodies
    to make my babes look dirty after a long day of prospecting, adventuring,
    murdering, and traveling in the windy desert that is The Mojave. 
    Apply them by "merging down" with GIMP
    or any other app  that handles .dds 
    or get a friend to do it for you if you don't know how.
    sometime girls just want to get down and dirty!
    am I right or what



  13. The Moon Is A Cheeky Little Fucker

    The Moon Is A Cheeky Little Fucker
    Just a moon retexture that puts cute faces on the moon phases



  14. GTFO Josh Tree

    GTFO Josh Tree
    This completely removes the Josh Trees from the Mojave Wasteland.
    I didnt like them all that much and this boosts my FPS.
    I Wiped all vertices and collision properties in Nifskope
    So if you want an FPS boost go ahead and get it after all ask yourself
    would you rather have some dumb prickly trees or more frames?
    also if you regret installing this I included backup meshes
    in the same mod titled "backup joshtree".
    also its esp free.



  15. RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) 1.0.2

    RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) (Could use a better name, but meh...)
    A simple BodyMorph plugin that I originally made for myself causing me to learn scripting in GECK.
    Allows randomization of NPC body morphs based on minimum and maximum values for each bones that can be set for each race and gender via the MCM.
    Use Ctrl+M to quickly access the Activation Menu.

    BodyMorph 1.1.0+, of course.
    NVSE Extender (NX).
    Mod Configuration Menu - Needed to activate and setup the plugin.
    Weighted body, like T3F Body with BnB (look in Files section).
    Weighted armors or clothing, like Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors.
    Or T3FBBR BnB Body Replacer + Rough Outfit Conversions.
    There are alot of changes as of version 1.0.0 (January 3, 2016). To avoid issues from updating from an earlier version, it is advised to install it with a RaceBodyMorph-free save or better yet a BodyMorph-free save, to do so:
    Disable/Uninstall BodyMorph and RaceBodyMorph from your load order, start game and save. Then install the latest version of BodyMorph and RaceBodyMorph.
    Updating RaceBodyMorph or the core BodyMorph to a new version will deactivate the mod and reset all settings on load, so be sure to use the mod's Save/Load Settings function to save time.



  16. NX Insight (MCM NX Data Viewer)

    NX Insight
    An MCM mod that allows the user to view associated NX data of the target reference (Player if no reference under crosshair).
    NX variables to be displayed are defined inside the INI files located in "Data/Config/NXInsight/SubMenuFolder/INIFile.ini".
    Requires Lutana NVSE plugin to work.
    Directory Structure:
    - SubMenuFolder (SubMenu, MCM has a 10 submenu limit, so 10 folders are possible)
    - INI file (contains section names and NX variables to be displayed)
    Folders inside directory "Data/Config/NXInsight" will act as MCM submenus.
    There are no hard rules on organizing keys inside the INIs, just make sure you got the NX key of the NX variable you want to display right.
    See attachments in the first post for sample INIs.
    INI Format:

    SectionName = Section name
    NXKey = NX key of variable to display
    Enabled = Determines if this variable will be displayed in the MCM, set it to 1.
    Mod Configuration Menu
    NX (NVSE Extender)
    Lutana NVSE
    Having an ini file with the name "System.ini" apparently crashes the game when initialized, probably some engine level stuff conflicting, so avoid the name "System.ini".
    Attached are some INI files for BodyMorph, SOIntimacy and Spunk:



  17. Metal Gear REX modder's resource

    This is a 3D model that I made using the 3D modeling program Blender, of Metal Gear REX from the 1998 game Metal Gear solid.

    I hope that someone can rig, animate, texture it, and then somehow turn it into a vehicle mod in Skyrim special edition.

    Obviously this would be an extremely long, complex, and daunting task, but if you have the technical know-how or are a career professional in the game development field and think you can do it, then by all means, please do!

    I realize that this mesh is somewhat of a mess, and you have permission to polish and clean it up.

    According to this game footage from Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots, REX"s walks with it's legs slightly outwards and in a steep downward position.

    Also, it's lower legs are move up and down like shock absorbers. They retract slightly when sitting down, and extend slightly when standing up or walking.

    If you're going to animate it walking, study this video very closely and try to replicate it's walk.




  18. Apple Jam Skeleton [FONV]

    Simple 1st and 3rd skeleton resource for FO3 / FONV
    Mods where this is specifically used:
    - BodyMorph
    - Head tracking in Behaviours
    - Lean in Behaviours beta 2.5
    - Any BnB
    - I think Sexout already includes a previous version of this
    List of known incompatibilities
    - Tails and wings
    - Malo resizer
    For modding
    - It's not suggested to be used to rig or to animate, unless you perfectly know what it involves
    - It's a resource, you can do whatever you want with it. However it would be better some cooperation for a new version instead than making brand new mods or include it on other mods, in order to grant more compatibility.
    - No changes in ragdolls, please
    PM me for help or requests



  19. Classic ED-E

    Classic Chassis for ED-E to make him appear as a classic eyebot from fallout 2 based heavily on the cancelled Van Buren concept art.
    Original models and textures Created by SteelHardBurger
    This mod was originally in the Monster mod
                       Created By: DogTown1
    I merely sourced the files and applied them to all stages of ED-E's upgrading process
          There is a minor float issue on his placement in the primm nash residence
        Simply drop the provided file in your favorite mod loader or directly unpack to the data folder
                            make sure to tick that esp if need be. (FloatedBoiImp)
    {I am currently awaiting the "yay or nay" from the original creator, so given that I will remove this mod at his request}
    Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~



  20. Cats Paw Modders Resource

    Hey everyone,
    It's taken me a long, long time to do this, but I guess now is as good a time as any. I'm releasing this as a Modders Resource. It's essentially a massive building (The Cats Paw Publishing House & Brothel) which I've been working on/off over the past several years. There are multiple cells, interiors, rooms, all based around the concept of a publishing house and brothel. It also has a ton of references to old games like Duke Nukem, Fallout 1 and 2, and other media. It includes:
    - Main Reception Area
    - Toilets
    - Games Room
    - Bar
    - Kitchen
    - About 8 different rooms for the girls.
    - A dungeon.
    - Maintenance Area
    - Janitor's Closet
    - Backroom Casting "Audition" Room
    - Security Room
    - 3 Themed HoloSuite Studios
    - Printing Floor
    - Generator Room
    - Storage Room
    - Meeting/Board Room
    - Publishing Office
    - Miss Kitty's Wing
    - Elevator
    - A "Bath" area which is unconnected right now.
    It was supposed to be a complex quest mod where you helped Miss Kitty Junior run her business. Sort of like Coito Ergo Sum, which I was unaware of when I stated developing this mod and only became aware of quite late in development. It was supposed to tie in with Odessa's Sexout Soliciting. You can find the location itself in the Strip, next to Vault 21. There are a few placeholder NPCs running around, and the very beginnings of some quests which aren't implemented properly ingame that reflect that. But the main onus of the mod are the assets and the interior space.
    Bear in mind, as this is an unfinished, WIP project, there are a lot of bugs and issues. The entire front of the building was placeholder. A lot of assets are missing, and the quests don't work. As I've said, it's more about the actual interiors and the space itself, and what you as a modder may wish to do with it.
    Over the years I've realised this is just one of those projects I'm never going to finish. I've been holding onto the files hoping I'd muster the enthusiasm/will to finish it but it just wasn't going to happen. I'd like to offer a massive and sincere apology to both NepoznatiNN and A.J who put tons of time and effort making custom assets for me for this mod. BruceWayne also deserves a mention for the amazing female NPCs he made, which are included in a separate esm file. Many others helped too and I've credited the assets I've included here, all of which are free to use.
    Basically, feel free to use this as you will, so far as you credit me for the environment and obviously all the people and assets I made use of myself.
    Enjoy, and I'm sorry it took so long to do this!



  21. Fallout 3 / Fallout NV Vehicle Resource

    This is a resource, NOT a direct replacer. Some skill with GECK is required to get these meshes ingame. I believe I had to raise the vehicle heights in Blender so the rims and tires wouldn't clip into the ground, but seeing as I haven't played Fallout in over five years I'm not sure...
    Back in early 2012 my house was burglarized and my computer among many other things was stolen. Last week Metro called to inform me that they'd found several of my items including an external 1TB SSD drive that at the time cost me a small fortune. Being more than five years old it's now just a run of the mill drive but a TB is a TB so I tied it into my system. Much to my surprise all my files were still on it.
    A couple of the meshes may have originally been other authors work. If I remember correctly, the boxtrucks and the halftrack were mashups I did in Blender. I don't know who the original authors are anymore. I do recall that I stretched the police car mesh model, remodeled a gas station to have gas pumps (or maybe it was some type of fusion pump), remade the bus, (one with skeletons inside one without), made a flatbed semi trailer model and a flatbed boxcar model, added doors to both types of the mobile home trailers (without collision), and made a new model of the frontloader with a raised bucket, other than that most vehicles now have multiple damage options, multiple texture options, side mirrors, glass, fusion type engines, rims, tires, seats, steering wheels, and the occasional skeleton inside. I also remade some of the blown up versions of them.



  22. AnT - AnimTool (New Vegas)

    11/06: Added an alternative version (it's just an update, main package is required).
    It adds a new option in MCM that allows to bind a new hotkey (Emergency Key). When this key is pressed in game, it will remove AnT key binding on the numpad, and when pressed again it will re-enable it of course.
    This was made because a user made me notice that other mods can use the numpad (i.e. SO Positioning) and there are not so many practical keys to bind on the keyboard.
    03/01/15: Added 2 gorgeous themes for a total of 6, thank you Viktoria
    AnimTool (AnT) - Ver. 1.5 AB Re-Up
    Some days ago I started again working on animations and I did this simple tool to try them in game. Then I found that could have been a nice tool for other people too, so here it is.
    Basically, it allows you to invoke an animation after you chosed it from a menu, on you or on a target (NPC or Creature)
    Everything works in GameMode (realtime), because I can't suffer MenuModes. Actually it contains around 300 animations divided in 8 categories.
    Keys and other stuff are configurable via MCM.
    In future, I still intend to change things, like the default key, the list etc.etc. concerning the needs. Also I hope to *find* soon of some function to write and read a file, it would be pretty useful.
    Machinima, screenshots, testing animations. When I play, I use it for RP (RolePlay: it won't be a karma counter that tells me how good I am... I want to blow kisses to other NPCs. Or taunt them, in case I feel mean. Or drink from a bottle. Or eat something. Etc.etc.).
    So, the main purpose is strictly related to animations. But also I wanted to give the possibility to make custom lists of animations. Basically, if you have some animations and you would like to release them, but you miss a way to invoke them and don't like scripting, you follow a procedure I described inside a pdf and then you re-package everything and re-distribute it.
    The actual limit, in terms of numbers of animations, is 9 categories of 50 animations = 450 animations, + 1 category reserved for AO (=50 AOs)
    How to use it
    Please watch the video here, until the end:

    - Requires last NVSE
    - JIP NVSE. You can find it here
    - JIP UIO is mandatory now, it's pretty stable and works very well. You can find it here JazzIsParis' UIO
    After that, download the Main package v15 AB.zip, unpack it inside your data folder (or use FOMM), activate AnT.esp in your load order. Done.
    Inside the package there are further instructions in case you have troubles.
    - Create your own animation package (GECK is optional)
    Download the file "Optional - Custom Anims package" and follow the instructions included in the file
    NOTE ABOUT LOAD ORDER: the esp doesn't require a specific position, however it contains a dirty edit that should solve some problems with mods that prevent animations to play (i.e. some pose packs). So, if you put AnT.esp lower in your load order, it should "clean" that issue.
    Script itself shouldn't have incompatibilities, except pretty absurd cases i.e. you prolly can't open the menu while you are sprinting with some sprint mod or PN...
    But for what concerns huds, they are a delicate beast to handle, that's why I suggest UIO which should tame the beast for you.
    - Darn UI changes the fonts. So the strings won't be perfectly formatted. Still, it's perfectly usable, just a bit more ugly.
    - Due to no answer from Gopher, I can't provide explicit compatibility with uHud. However, you can still make a manual install of this after you installed uHud and it should work. Don't forget that if you re-activate uHud, it probably will revert the changes you made manually, so you'll have to re-do them
    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only.
    However, from this free permission are EXCLUDED any asset I could list down here:
    - antCat6Anim48.kf and antCat6Anim49.kf
    Credits and love
    hlp, JazzIsParis, luthienanarion, Odessa, prideslayer, doctasax, tomm434, Umpa, Xilandro



  23. Lipstick [Fallout New Vegas]

    Added a patch for those experiencing black face due to ENB, courtesy of MALETIR
    Install this mod, then install his patch, overwrite the files, activate his ESP and put it lower in the load order.
    These are working Lipsticks.
    To obtain them:
    - They can be bought from Chet in Goodspring, Miguel in Westside or Cliff Briscoe in Novac
    - You can COC aLPTestCell and will find them inside a container.
    - You can enable the debug mode on the ini file and receive them at the first execution of the mod (if MCM is installed)
    - You can... uhm... add them via console
    There are 8 colors, some of them are really awful.
    They can be used 10 times, after that you can throw them in the trashcan because they are exhausted.
    In your inventory, they can be found under "Apparel", like armors. After clicking on the lipstick, you will be kicked out from the pipboy, if you had some "obstruction" in the face it should be removed (i.e. a full head helm), after 1-2 seconds if you were in first person you will be forced in third, and an animation will trigger, with the player putting the lipstick on lips.
    You can also hotkey it and put it while you are playing, like for regular weapons etc., i.e. you are walking in some casino and you feel your lips require lipstick so you just press the hotkey and the player will put the lipstick while walking etc.etc.
    If you are wondering why the lipstick shape or alignment is not very much precise, here 2 good reasons: 1) it is tweaked for the MD preset I use ; 2) in NV there are no working mirrors, I really challenge you to put the lipstick in some decent way without a mirror.
    The lipstick provides a boost of +1 Charisma to female couriers and -3 Charisma to male couriers. The "effect" leasts 5 minutes. If for some reason the game removes the lipstick from the lips when it shouldn't, there's a check every 10 seconds which will restore it.
    If you drink from most toilets / sinks / water pumps, the lipstick can go away.
    For Modders, when the player has lipstick effect, every 10 seconds it dispatches aLPPlayerHasLipstick event. When the lipstick finishes, it dispatches aLPPlayerHasNoMoreLipstick
    Unpack everything under Data, as always. If you use a mod manager, check if it does its job (well probably only for the Config subfolder, so if you don't care about it you're fine).
    - No vanilla records or cells were modified, with the exception of 1 ITM.
    - Some ENBs could have weird reactions with alpha, so the head could seem black - it was reported to me, my ENBs never had issues.
    - Due to the nature of the membrane shader, you'll have a wondrous shining coloured reflection on the back of your head, with some vanilla short hairs. Custom long hairs are strongly suggested...
    NVSE 5+
    Lutana (Optional)
    MCM (Optional) - it only requires the dll
    With Lutana installed, some NPCs will have them in their inventory. You can also find them playing the animation of the lipstick, however they won't have their lips color changed, it's just an idle.
    With MCM dll installed, a couple of parameters can be tweaked on the INI file (debug and charisma boost).
    This mod can be considered a resource, not for commercial use. Use it as you prefer, credit me if you think it's good.
    hlp and team for NVSE
    Luthien Anarion for Lutana
    Pelinor for MCM



  24. My Clothcollection 2017 Edit

    This file requires the original to work;
    You should also look for every update/conversion related to the file on LL even if you don't plan on using them. Other authors seemed to have corrected errors (specifically missing textures) as well.
    Hopefully this gets added to the original version as an update at sometime in the future.
    I started rebuilding Fallout New Vegas after years away and I wanted MyClothCollection by Alex3874 as a possible replacer for some of the in game clothes. I remember a lot of problems in the file from the original and I wrote the author at the time with a fairly detailed correction list. Some of the problems may have been corrected but I found several are still present in the latest version I could find.
    (Please note I am using the T6M conversion for the original. If you look at all the different conversion files on LL you will see different textures being added. My edit only covers what I couldn't find in the other files.)
    In the Esp I redirected the coolhair51.nif to the proper file path.
    Character- I added 2 body texture sets that where missing that the esp called for in game. This may be due to a download problem but it happened twice so I added them as a simple precaution.
    Bikini- The American flag was backwards in my game.
    Gantz- I added a left glove texture. See Mesh for reason.
    Loxis clothes- The textures in zxdong seemed to be place markers. (Solid colors that made little sense.) I found what I think are the actual dds files and placed them accordingly.
    Mantrapbear- The collar texture was pulling from a texture that was ok but miniture belt buckles and gaps were showing so I made a modified version.
    Nida Schuuetlich- Textures missing. Pulled original from Nexus Mods.
    Trooper Outfit- Boot texture missing. Copied a replacement from a exact duplicate boot texture already in the file.
    Yes Mistress- LeatherCatsuit missing. Copied a replacement from a generic leather texture already in the file.
    Characters- Coolhair51.nif was pointing at wrong texture paths.
    Trooper Outfit- In both Type3BB Clothes All and Falloutgamecloths every nif texture path points at "OUTFTI" instead of "OUTFIT". Corrected in both sets.
    Bikinni armor- Corrected texture paths for necklace.
    FO3-Oblivion- Conversions for Type3- Corrected texture path on right hip charm.
    Gantz- The nif file for the left glove seemed to be missing the object. I downloaded the original from nexus and another site. All are missing the object. (I don't know if this is on purpose.) I found a similar glove in the file and used the original texture to match the right glove. It's better than nothing but not great.
    Ladoutfit- Corrected texture path for the _n.dds path.
    Mantrapbear- This mesh now points to the collar texture I made.
    Yes Mistress Lux edition- Corrected texture paths.

    Hopefully this gets added to the original version as an update at sometime in the future.



  25. Commander Shepard Companion

    Commander Shepard from the Mass effect series as you own intergalactic follower.


    Commander Shepard is located in Goodsprings, she has the complete companion set up including:


    • Companion Wheel

    • Dialogue for all options

    • Fully function lip

    • Idle chatter

    • Custom Perk

    • Combat dialogue

    • and more to come in the future...


    Note: Fixed random Shepard voice


    Example video:



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