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Skyrim mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Better faces for Reguard females

    This is a submod for "Better Hair -Redguard NPCs" from Lynnaria on Nexus. Changes the faces of most female Redguard NPCs to look more African. They will also have slightly different skin tones.
    Lynnaria for the original mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/103047)
    Roggvir for Rayya headmesh and help in making this mod. Tlam99 for SE port.
    Earlier version without head meshes (vanilla sliders only) can be downloaded in this topic:
    Link to SE version:



  2. Eternal Rat Prism Thing

    "Print and glue together the rat prism and have a friend for eternity! It's OK because the rat likes it."
    basically a meme rat pyramid thing that does nothing and may get lost in the floorboards if your not careful with it.
    it can be found in the Winking Skeever.



  3. Super Paario

    (MNC compatible)



  4. Aki Collection

    For work related reasons I am taking an extended break from modding skyrim. I have to redo the setup and I don't have the time to actually do that anytime soon. But my guide is available and you can try to make tattoos yourself in the meantime. If you have patience its possible to do without mudbox but i don't have a guide on that.
    Added Venom tats. Textures are courtesy of my friend Wakahisa. They weren't created with the intention to be tats, but he had me make slave tats of them to test the textures in game and he gave me permission to upload. For best results use the STMM mod by GenioMaestro, and set the black skin textures to have transparency 70%. That way it can have a sort of glossy look. Otherwise it will be solid black and not look super great. A link to STMM can be found in the description further below.
    Wakahisa is giving permission to anyone who wants to try to improve on the Venom textures. Just can't charge for them. (All of my tats still require permission before anyone modifies them).  
    Introducing "Aki Clothes." These are tattoos that look like clothes. The set comes with: Jeans, a White T shirt, White Panties, Black Lace Panties, a Black Lace Bra, an attempt at Yoga pants, and a wet version of both the T shirt and white panties. There are 2 versions with only minor differences. Version 2 uses a lighter color for the jeans and attempts a slight cleanup of the white panties and wet white panties. You should only install one version. Each version has all the pieces, just a matter of the minor edits I made.
    You guys have no idea how long and how frustrating the bra was to make. I was going to include a white bra but couldn't find a good sample image to use as model, and the difficulties of the black bra made me not even want to try doing another lol. The Yoga pants, IMO, are a bit too dark. I might try to adjust them in the future.
    I am hoping this will inspire other tat makers to create clothes tattoos. Part of my reason was that I was sick of not every pair of clothing fitting my characters or skirts that occupied the same slot as panties forcing my character to either have a skirt or panties but not both. These tats allow a pair of clothes with no clipping because it is their skin, and it takes up no armor slots.  I might make more in the future.
    LL being very slow today and I think only one image uploaded. I will try to upload the others.
    5/28/2023: I have once again gained access to Mudbox. I tried other programs and found they were too confusing, less efficient, or some other issue. In the end I decided to shell out and pay for the subscription. Now I still won't be around often, but I am going to start making some new tats here and there. At this time the only requests I will consider are text based tats, rather than more detailed images. Text based ones require a lot less time, and my time is super limited for the time being. But I will consider suggestions. Once I have time, and remember how to do this, my next planned set of non-text tats will be the markings on Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen.
    9/11/2022: For those coming here from the link to Melodic's Raven outfit who are looking for Raven's forehead gem tattoo, you should be able to find it in the "Aki Fandom Set." And for those who are reading this and going "Someone made a Raven outfit from Teen Titans Holy Shit!" here is a link to Melodic's Patreon, although there are other options to obtain it. I'm not going to do every link melodic has, just the patreon one. (https://www.patreon.com/posts/melodic-raven-71823452). Check Melodic's discord if you want to find the other sources.
    As of 3/12/2021 my Mudbox free trial expired early (it was supposed to last 3 years, it did not). Student free trials require verification now and since I was already "verified" in the past I can't redo it. I tried to learn how to do this in Blender but it is so much more confusing and no matter what I try, nothing works. Until I find a user friendly 3d modeling program, I am unable to make new slavetats. This also means my instruction set on how to make your own slavetats is a bit broken since it requires mudbox and that's no longer availible without buying a subscription more or less. As much as I would like to, I cannot afford a subscription and it was a little too glitchy for me to justify spending money on anyway. (If Aki-chan spends money, the product better be close to flawless).
           Not that I condone it, but as far as I can tell piracy and cracking of mudbox isn't an option. For one, my tech skills are so low I don't know how to pirate. I certainty don't know how to do it without risk of infecting my computer. And my random googling suggests it is just generally unavailable anyway. So my Hiatus is now permanent until further notice and I have no say in the matter.
    As of 8/15/2020 I am on full hiatus in tat making and requests until further notice.  I am back to school and with rare exception, I usually try to give my tats the best quality I am capable of.  With someone lacking a steady hand or artistic talent, that takes much more time than I will have.
    A collection of Slavetats created by me (Aki).  There are multiple packs.  Details for each pack will be in the update section at the bottom, sorted by date.
    SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE!  If you have installed any of my tats prior to 3/2/2020 please read the update with the same date!  It is related to game stability!

    Slavetats is required of course (Put link in spoiler tag to be less intrusive.  It didn't want to just stay as a text link.)
    If I knew how to make them for Racemenu as regular warpaints and tats, I would.  But I don't understand the end part of the process for that.
    As long as I am credited people may turn my tats into racemenu mods, adapt them for another bodytype better, etc.
    You may not charge money for my tats, and ideally do not ask for donations in regards to my tat mods (you can do so for your own mods, just not mine.  it just seems inappropriate since I am not charging for my own tats.)
    If you want to use any of my tats as a part of your mod, please ask first.  I'll probably say yes, I just prefer prior knowledge.
    I do take requests, and the chief determinator of whether or not I take requests is if I have the skill to do it or not.  However the following tat categories are things I will not take requests for, nor do on my own:
    1. I don't do modern politics from any country. (Obvious reasons).
    2. I don't do Christmas stuff, or anything from the season. (Plenty of other people have done it.  I don't need to do it too)
    3. Nothing that can get me banned (of course).
    4. And nothing illegal (not sure how that could come up, but if it does I don't want people saying it wasn't in the list), specifically nothing illegal in my home country.
    For the most part I'm happy to do anything else by request.  I don't mind certain political symbols as long as they don't relate to current political issues.  If you ask nicely for a party symbol, sure.  But no political figures from the past 20 years.  I also won't do symbols for obviously negative things.
    In general though, you can ask me for anything if you can make a good case for it.  The above list is just a heads up that these specific ones will most likely be turned down unless you do a really good job arguing your point.
    (Put original pics into a spoiler tag to be less intrusive.)
    I recently discovered SlaveTats Magic Manager/STMM.  Though it had a bit of a learning curve for me, this tool as since become a favorite of mine and I highly recommend it.  It isn't a requirement, just very useful and allows for greater customization of Slavetats.  It also allows you to save configurations of tats to quick load later onto your character, or rapidly look through tats before applying them via a spell using hotkeys.  It can even copy and paste specific color/glow choices from one tat to another.  Definitely check it out.



  5. Tents - No Collision

    Simple mod that disables collision for the small nordic and imperial tent by removing the collision flag in the
    nif files, which enables you to start sex scenes in the tent. It always bothered me that I couldn't get in there.
    Install the file with your mod manager.
    Have fun.



  6. Curly Lykaios Tails

    A new curly tail for the Lykaios race.

    What you get:
    There are two versions to choose from.
    Replacer: Gives all Lykaios the new curly tails in place of the original wolf tails.
    Standalone: Adds the tails as an equippable item that can be worn. The tails were intended for the Lykaios race, but it can be worn on other races as well. 
    The tails will take on whatever skin tint you have. Be aware that the skin tinting on other races will not be exactly the same as the Lykaios.
    How to get them:
    In the standalone version you can get the tails in three ways.
    1. Use AddItemMenu
    2. Type help "curly" in the console
    3. Craft the tails at a tanning rack. You only need a single wolf pelt.
    Do whatever you want with it. Just give credit.
    HS-Dog: For the original Shiba model where the tails were taken from.



  7. Skyland A Landscape Texture Overhaul 2K-Version - I am an SSE-To-SLE Conversion

    This fantastic mod came by Skyking.
    Because the older MODS with same name were made for SLE, but looking different, I converted the SSE version finally to SLE. This is no difficult task as soon you know to change the texture-files and the few meshes become suiting also for SLE.
    THis one is now an permanent mod in my listing because THIS is one of the best texture-overhaul I´d ever seen for SKYRIM.
    I converted the 2K version and I had NO problems with that version during my gameplay.
    The roads do have a completely new stone-surface, coming together with a dedicated MESH-change.
    The mod has to become downloaded from MEDIAFIRE.
    Enter the text-content into your browser and download the 1,3GB file for LE, then.
    Install it by using your beloved MOD-MANAGER !!!
    SSE users should take the original-anyway can you also install this for some more light game-handling, up-to-you as usually:-))



  8. B & B NPC Replacer LE

    This is my English translation of the popular Korean B&B (Beauty & Brilliant) NPC. Previously only found only on gall.dcinside and arca.live, I just translated them to English and uploaded them to here.
    The mod completely changes the appearance of 126 female NPCs and makes them look like something out of Lost Ark or Black Desert Online. 
    [NPCS Koreaned]
    Bryling, Elenwen, Elisif the Fair, Endarie, Victtoria Vici, Gisli, Illdi, Lisette, Sayma, Pantea Ateia, Rikke, Silana Petreia, Sybille Stentor, Taarie, Una, Vivienne Onis, Alessandra, Dinya Balu, Haelga, Ingun Black-Briar, Marise Aravel, Maven Black-Briar, Mjoll the Lioness, Nivenor, Svana Far-Shield, Ghorza gra-Bagol, Lisbet, Sigrid, Delphine, Camilla Valerius, Gerdur, Idgrod the Younger, Jonna, Annekke Crag-Jumper, Lynly Star-Sung, Boti, Fastred, Arob, Gharol, Shel, Saffir, Carlotta Valentia, Olfina Gray-Mane, Saadia, Hulda, Arcadia, Danica Pure-Spring, Ysolda, Alfhild Battle-Born, Irileth, Adrianne Avenicci, Ahlam, Voldsea Giryon, Adelaisa Vendicci, Hillevi Cruel-Sea, Jora, Silda the Unseen, Suvaris Atheron, Niranye, Arivanya, Elda Early-Dawn, Nilsine Shatter-Shield, Hermir Strong-Heart, Ugor, Garakh, Nocturnal, Aela the Huntress, Ria, Njada Stonearm, Urog, Karliah, Astrid, Gabriella, Birna, Brelyna Maryon, Faralda, Nirya, Mirabelle Ervine, Vex, Fjotra, Aranea Ienith, Nimriel, Gwendolyn, Leonara Arius, Illia, Temba Wide-Arm, Brelas, Uthgerd the Unbroken, Margret, Argis the Bulwark, Lydia, Jordis the Sword-Maiden, Iona, Tonilla, Jenassa, Sapphire, Sylgja, Dulug, Ghak, Serana, Fura Bloodmouth, Salonia Caelia, Sorine Jurard, Valerica, Galathil, Modhna, Ingjard, Beleval, Rayya, Valdimar, Gregor, Llewellyn the Nightingale, Sonir, Oriella, Varona Nelas, Frea, Aphia Velothi, Cindiri Arano, Tilisu Severin, Mirri Severin, Dreyla Alor, Milore Ienth, Bralsa Drel
    Should be compatible with any version of Skyrim SE and AE
    Requires SG 350 Hair Pack (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to upload the file here, it apparently has gotten into trouble with copyrighted content)
    If any NPCs have purple or blank eyes, try installing Eyes of Beauty
    All credits go to the original author (00) and porter (sunny day 화사한날씨) for their amazing work!



  9. Mysterium Xarxes - UNP Tattoos (RaceMenu)

    This is a pack of tattoos I made out of Mysterium Xarxes pages from Oblivion. Can be applied through Racemenu overlays, looks cool with glow. All textures are in 4k resolution. Made for UNP body. Kinda works with vanilla male/female body, but the hand seals will be a bit out of shape
    List of tattoos:
    Thanks to Mehrunes Dagon for creating an awesome book



  10. dw's Palm and Sole RaceMenu Overlays for Dark-Skinned Characters LE/SE (CBBE & UUNP)

    I was never a fan of how uniformly coloured dark-skinned characters looked in Skyrim, so I made these overlays to add light palms and soles on my character. You'll find them in the Hand and Foot Paint sections in RaceMenu, respectively.

    Female only.

    Based on Sapphire's Overhauled Skin, by Novelyst (which itself is based on Sapphire's Skin by Vobla)

    Update 04/09/2022: With version 3.0, the overlays were entirely redone and are now based on the excellent Sapphire's Overhauled Skin by Novelyst and Vobla.




  11. HG Hairdos 2

    More hairstyles for you, I don't know what else to say
    300+ hairstyles
    Unpack the files or drag them into your Data folder to install, I don't use any mod manager, I installed mod manually 
    No hairstyles chart, ain't no way I drag 300+ images one by one into photoshop, too many, this is a hobby not my job, and I already did the fun part, relaxing weight painting therapy seassion
    If you use any of them in your mod just credit KS Hairdos, and Kalilies, this mod wouldn't exist without her porting tutorial and KS Hairs as structure in CK and more, also she's a genuinely nice person too, her Twitter @Kalilies
    and thank to khisi for creating all the best stuff, and for the inspiration 
    Hair are ported from sims 4, daz, xps on deviantart, etc...
    Don't send me PM, I don't read them, I only come back to this game every 4-5 month, sometimes longer to check, I don't use social media or watch the news, and as clueless as my dog and cat, but we all get along, life is too short for pessimism and finding new things to get offended about, but the most important thing is my tomatoes plant is alive, im good
    post your pics in the comment if you want, I will put them in the main page, I accept any pic ( if there any...)



  12. Female Breton Racemenu preset

    Breton preset.
    Not a big deal, but I noticed that this face also fit nicely with other human races without deformities, it needs just a little adjustment.



  13. Litia Nord Preset

    As some requested here is the preset I used a while ago.
    Mods used:
    Brows by :  Hvergelmir
    KS Hairdos by : Kalilies Stealthic
    Eye's of Beauty by : Gabriel Mailhot
    racemenu by : Expired

    I prefer rather a manual installation to the location:
    Otherwise it will also work for NMM or MO



  14. Uthgerd The Unbroken

    Uthgerd the unbroken desperately needed a makeover. This was not included in Whiterun dolls because I didn't think gamers would care much for Uthgerd, but I was surprised how some gamers wanted a makeover for Uthgerd so here it is, I also wanted to stay true to the lore, enjoy!
    Who should I bless next? What city or girl needs a makeover? feel free to comment down below,
    I'm now accepting requests
    DJ Red Rad
    KS Hairdos
    Hello Santa
    SG Eyebrows
    MAK - Armor resource



  15. Whiterun Dolls

    Requested by many fans
    Standalone high quality replacer for most of the ladies of Whiterun.
    Visual overhaul
    new hair & skin textures
    and much more
    Stay Tuned  
    DJ Red Rad
    KS Hairdos
    Hello Santa
    SG Eyebrows
    MAK - Armor resource



  16. Solitude Dolls

    I wasn't satisfied with none of the replacer for the girls of Solitude so I created my own. Enjoy!
    Requested by anonymous Standalone high-quality replacer for most of the Ladies of Solitude. Features Visual overhaul new hair & skin textures and much more.
    DJ Red Rad
    KS Hairdos
    Hello Santa
    SG Eyebrows
    MAK - Armor resourceRequested by anonymous 



  17. Riften Dolls

    I never really found a replacer I liked so I decided to make my own High quality standalone replacer for most of the girls of Riften. Enjoy
    Visual overhaul
    new hair & skin textures   
    and much more
    DJ Red Rad
    KS Hairdos
    Hello Santa
    SG Eyebrows



  18. HTools+ (equippable tongues with auto mouth open)

    A simple yet useful modification of HTools mod by Halo (https://dysintropi.me/mods-archive/)  containing equipable tongues and feet, which makes tongues open mouth when equipped. Original mod not needed.

    - MFGConsole or Sexlab (bundled with it)

    - Probably SexlabSurvavial, since it uses the same assets.

    - Halo for 99.9999% work

    - Move mouth open values to MCMconfig
    - Check out possible SL Survival conflicts




  19. Fix texture mismatches (LE/SE/Whatever)

    tl;dr: This is a Windows batch file that copies files from one place to another.
    The problem
    Mod authors who make new NPCs (or beautify the vanilla ones) often have a very specific idea of how they want their characters to look like, so they bundle custom textures with them for they to look exactly like envisioned. And they look exactly as intended... on THEIR OWN COMPUTERS.
    The problem with using fixed textures for your NPCs is that you (modder) basically coerce players to use the same textures as you. If you (player) don't use them, you get the kind of color mismatches and seams between body/hands/feet/neck you see in the first picture of this file.
    For example, do you use Leyenda Skin and installed The Ordinary Women (an NPC beautifier)? All bodies (naked, armored, clothed, whatever) will use Leyenda, but faces, hands and possibly feet of NPCs modified by The Ordinary Women will use the textures its author made for them. And you will be getting ugly color mismatches and seams as your prize.
    The solution
    It's quite simple, really. You just copy the textures you actually want to the folders with the custom textures made by the culprits; thereby, replacing them.
    But that's a really tedious job. You copy one file by one, hoping you didn't forget to replace any of the textures. Or you can brute force and carelessly copy all files from the folder with your textures, but textures files are big and you can easily rake many gigabytes of useless files if you do so.
    The best solution is using my script, of course. This script copies only the files that already exist in the destination folder.
    Better yet, it also replaces files found in subfolders, so you don't need to run this script many times; once is enough (people that have ever had to mess with Bijin's textures will really apreciate this feature).
    Put my script (bat file) in the folder with the textures you actually want (in my case, Leyenda). Drag and drop the root folder you want replaced (Bijin in this example) to my bat file and you are done.  
    Example pictures on how to use it are in this file's description.
    I suggest to backup the folder with the textures you actually want before using my script.
    Not because it's prone to errors, but because we are the ones prone to make mistakes
    I made this script some time ago and I forgot how to use it, so I ended up replacing the files I wanted with the files I didn't want... twice
    If you ever forget how to use it, you can open it with Windows Notepad and read how it works. I certainly wrote those instructions specially for me
    Once you are familiar with how to use my script, you can stop backing up your folders.
    This is a simple script that replaces files by name. It won't work on files that:
    Don't have the very same name. Exist in the target folder, but not in the one where you put this script.  
    Since it just copies files, it doesn't matter what game you use it for.
    Hell... for all I know, it could even work for Fallout (I don't play it, btw).



  20. No More Hay Beds

    It's so simple that I'm amazed it hasn't been done.
    Do you hate straw beds? Cringe whenever you see one and lose the urge to sleep? Well, lose your sleep no more! No more hay beds, no sir. Noble beds for all.
    This is a simple model replacer mod with no scripts - it should be safe to install or uninstall on any save. It changes the "common" and "upperclass" beds - both single and double, to "noble" beds. You know, the nice green ones that actually look somewhat fit for human use.
    As an added bonus, they're color coded so you still know what's "really" supposed to be there. Green is noble - that's vanilla. Red is "upperclass" and blue violet is "common."
    Yep... you're welcome.
    Re-use is free as long as credit is given.



  21. Female Nord face preset

    Little Nord girl...



  22. Female Breton Racemenu preset

    Just a female Breton preset...



  23. ElfNord Preset SE

    The mods I use for the exact character in the screenshots are:

    -KS Hairs
    -Eyes of Beauty
    -SG Female Eyebrows
    -Bijin Skin
    Do whatever you want with this, tweak it, reupload it, idc. Would love to see screenshots if u have any tho



  24. All-In-One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Setup

    All-In-One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Setup


    Download Links
    Skyrim LE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YUBtbOF23wG67zq-x3nFYcgxKVHo4ys6/view
    Skyrim SE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SEydbBFpsztglCRuW2MswkrcZhY1aSJm/view
    CBBE SMP Ground Collisions

    Skyrim 2020-11-13 01-01-00.mp4  
    UUNP SMP Ground Collisions

    Skyrim 2020-11-16 03-30-43.mp4     
    This mod will install HDT Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP) for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE) and will Install an new SMP 3BBB female body, both UUNP and CBBE, for both the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE) and Special Edition (SSE). This mod comes with all the binaries for Skyrim Legendary Edition for SMP to just work and be compatible with HDT-PE (you must already have downloaded HDT-PE before you you download this mod in order for this mod to function properly and this mod must overwrite HDT-PE's .dll files). This mod will also include all the xml files for the SMP to work in both SLE and SSE, all the meshes and textures for both versions of Skyrim with UUNP and CBBE, all the necessary Bodyslide files, the Schlongs of Skyrim compatibility patch, and addons such as creature SOS SMP support, floppy SOS (SLE only), HDT weapon slings (SLE only), and SMP Tongues (both SLE and SSE).
    Physics Support:
    Collision Support:
    InnieVag Slider:

    Featured Bodies:
    CBBE Maximum SMP
    Skyrim LE:
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS
    NetImmerse Override
    Skyrim SE:
    HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Schlongs Of Skyrim SE
    Texture Blend:
    Texture blending folders, TextBlendUUNP and TextBlendCBBE, the innards are located in the "CalienteTools" folder in you Skyrim Data folder.
    You need to have Photoshop and all it's necessary plugins for the texture blend:
    Recommended Mods:
    Skyrim LE: (SKSE) Havok Fix
    Skyrim SE: (SKSE64) Havok Fix
    Other alternatives for Skyrim Special Edition if these body mods don't work:
    BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE
    All rights reserved to Bethesda Studios for making the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    hydrogensaysHDT - for creating HDT physics into Skyrim
    Team XPMSE - for the skeletons and animations 
    fore - FNIS
    Ousnius and Caliente - for Bodyslide and Outfitstudio 
    Vector Plexus - for SOS



  25. DirtMania for Bathing in Skyrim

    This contains 4 full Sets of Textures for Bathing in Skyrim. It is already organized for use. 
    Comes in 4K, 2K and 1K
    The textures are not mine. I just merged them in Photoshop to fit the requirements of Bathing in Skyrim (added feet and neck dirt to the body textures). 
    They are from this mod on Nexus and somehow escaped my attention for almost 3 years (!!!!). 
    Freckle Mania 2
    The mod author has written this in in the permissions.
    Hard Requirements:
    Bathing in Skyrim
    Bathing Tweak by monoman1 (important, without this the textures will not show up)
    Texture Sizes
    I uploaded 4K (tested)
    2K (untested)
    1K (untested)
    Please report any issues.
    I seem to not be able to use cathedral yet... it wont convert the textures. 
    maybe the dont need to? no idea. just new to that.
    So for now, dunno if this works on SSE without further conversion work by the user. Plz update me. Thx.
    Future Plans
    I want to further improve these by adjusting them better for the body parts they are on. I think they were never really meant to be shown in full nude. 
    I also want to add more smaller dirt parts on the areas that are not covered to make them look more realistic. Possibly even merge them with existing dirt mods and more cool dirt textures from the interwebs.
    tetrodoxin for making these awesome dirt textures - really nice to have some updates



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