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WIP / Beta

Sexout mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

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  1. Sexout - The Lost (WIP Mod)

    Hi Everyone
    This is my first mod so please go easy on me, any and all feedback, suggestions etc welcome. Please also note that this is still a work in progress.
    (This is a reupload with hopefully the correct version this time as previously uploaded to the wrong place. if you have downloaded the version from that post please delete it and replace with this version as it fixes several bugs)
    What the mod does:
    Adds a new location (The lost vault) and faction (The Lost) to the game led by Mistress Sasha, a former mercenary turned slaver amongst many other business interests.
    There are two main questlines allowing you to either become enslaved and trapped in the vault yourself or (by discovering a secret) enslave sasha and take over the lost.
    The lost also have their own prostitution system using tokens which can be bought from the cashier who can be found in the vault. While enslaved you can earn these by servicing the various patrons and trade them in for caps, earn enough and you can even secure the freedom to leave.
    Where to find the vault:
    The vault can be accessed via a hatch on the ground located just off the road between Helios One and The Scrapyard.
    Requirements and conflicts:
    The mod requires the latest version of sexout and the sexout common resources as well as the base game. As far as i know there shouldn't be any conflicts (tested on my game with a large amount of other mods and no issues) however please let me know if you find any.
    Move the esp file to your fallout new vegas data folder. Then unzip the data file and drag the contents there too.
    Known Bugs:
    After recieving the slave outfit from the guard (as part of choosing to become sasha's slave) the game can sometimes then
    crash when opening pip boy or travelling to the other part of the vault.
    After recieving the outfit save the game and then reload. This appears to solve the issue as a workaround and you can then
    continue playing as normal.
    Dialogue with Dr. Kate as part of the slave travel freedom quest won't always begin automatically after being teleported
    to her.
    Simply talk to her as normal and you should see a dialogue option there to get things moving again
    Player crucifixtion (as part of earning your freedom while enslaved by sasha) seems to cause some weird camera bugs
    After being put on the cross I recommend going to third person camera and then doing tfc via console to switch to free
    camera. When released then do tfc again and switch back to first person. This can still result in bugs with first person
    camera mods however a quick save and reload should resolve this
    Currently Implemented:
    Prostitution system (Currently two prostitutes and two patrons in the vault, more to be added in future version)
    Main Questlines
    Vault Location
    Main Npcs and related dialogue (Mistress Sasha, Head Slave Jenny and Dr. Kate)
    Various terminals and backstory
    In progress:
    Second office location located in freeside
    Additional npc's (Primarily patrons and slaves/prostitutes) for the vault areas
    Future Plans:
    "Lost Agent" Npcs scattered around the mojave with associated quest lines
    Further fleshing out of existing quests/mechanics
    Additional quests
    Regular income from taking over of vault
    Additional Locations including slave market
    In it's current form the mod is very much a beta/wip. Some bugs are to be expected and this should be viewed as more a demo/playtest version than anything else. There should be an update out in the coming weeks with a more fleshed out version and any additional bug fixes necessary.



  2. Sexout: Sexist Dialogue w/ Tryout Add-ons (WIP)

    What is this mod? In short...It's a primarily a immersion adding mod via the dialogue system.
    Description: This mod aims to add multiple new lines, to various NPC's around the wasteland. The things the NPC's vary based on your reputation with that current faction. I also add plans to lines towards males as well. I've already told the NPC's to only say these newly added lines only if your character is female, not male. What sort of things do the say? LIke I said it's based on your reputation, but it always includes a comment about you being a female, although it may not always be directly sexist or derogatory. The vanilla game does a really good job at making you feel immersed, especially when characters talk about your sex. However those lines are few and far between and normally only include pronouns like miss or Ma'am. With this mod NPC's will give you lines based on your sex much more frequently and in a descriptive way.
    Short Term Plans: Slowly adding dialogue
    Long Term Plans: Ill start taking requests and see If I can do them:)
    *Important* I put this in Requirements, but you either need SmallTalk or General Subtitles on, because the characters are not voiced. Also some of the lines will make more sense or feel more appropriate if who have Sexout mods or specifically Tryout.
    *Author's Note* I'm going to try and make a new version as much as I can, it would help immensely If you guys could give some suggestions or let me know If something is not working right, or dialogue's aren't showing up at all. This is my first mod so please bare with me, Thanks.
    UPDATE 4/26/19: No new updates planned anytime soon. 
    UPDATE 12/23/21: I have returned. Need to get used to modding the dialogue again though, suggestions are very welcome!
    How to Install:
    1.) Download the "ESP" File
    2.)Drop it into your Fallout New Vegas "Data" folder.
    3.) Use a Mod manager to activate the "ESP" in your load order
    Armor in Screenshot: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45141
    DO NOT make any changes to my mod for redistribution, without my consent, Thanks.
    V1.5.1: The Fix
    I removed Ringo's piece of dialogue that was messing with The Goodsprings Quest. Not really sure why it was, as it was just a greeting. If anyone has any theories let me know. Also let me know if its fixed for anyone who had the problem before, or if anyone downloads this fresh, let me know if you don't have a problem.
    V1.5.0: The Boomers  ***Player testing needed, didn't get to test myself, thanks***
    -I forgot to list all my changes but I added around 10 new lines of dialogue for the boomers.
    V1.4.2: The Game was Broken
    -Sorry But I have been very busy with work, and didn't even notice a weird glitch, that broke the game.
    -I've also removed some new lines of dialogue that were messing with the legion.
    V1.4.1: Tryout Legion Fixes
    General Fixes:
    -I fixed some of the issues with the legion. Yet some of the reputation conditions are cancer. More specifically the random greetings they give you, based on reputation.
    V.1.4.0: The Legion and Sexout/Tryout
    Before I start listing things I've added I'd like to thank the creators of Sexout.
    They have pre-written code already done, so all I'm really doing is just copying
    and pasting onto dialogue I'm adding. I would also like to say this is first time I've done
    something like this say please any feedback and help checking if things work would be great.
    **Sexout/Tryout** Currently having a problem, where instead of legion soldiers forcing you into a convo, they just walk upto and don't say anything, hopefully I'll have a fix out by tomorrow.
    -I fixed some lines where legionnaires will still be dicks to you even though you’re Liked-Idolized.(Tryout)
    -Added another about the “Mark of Caesar” in your possession.(Tryout)
    Cottonwood Cove: It always bugged me that when the first legionnaire approached you he didn't treat negatively or positively. So what I’m adding is that when you arrive to Cottonwood cove, and are approached for the first time, they will say something based on your reputation, and then continue to call you a profligate even though you might be idolized in their faction that's what I’m going to fix in this and later patches
    -Added 1 “Say once Greeting”  for “Disliked” reputation(Tryout) Working
    -Added 1 “Say once Greeting”  for “Unknown/Neutral reputation”(Tryout) Working
    -Added 1 “Say once Greeting”  for “Liked” reputation(Tryout) Working
    -Added 1 “Greeting”  for “Disliked” reputation(Tryout) Removed
    -Added 1 “Greeting”  for “Unknown/Neutral reputation”(Tryout) Removed
    -Added 1 “Greeting”  for “Liked” reputation(Tryout) Removed
    General Fixes:
    -Fixed some spelling and grammar issues.
    V1.3.0--This Update has a lot of variables involved, I didn't have time to test it all, so feedback would be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Johnson Nash:
    -Added a gender based "Greeting" he gives you when you first walk into the V&V Casino.
    -Added a "Greeting" dialogue, post-rescue of Deputy Beagle.
    -Added a "Says once Greeting" once you've brought 'law' back to Primm.
    -Added a "Goodbye" dialogue.
    Ruby Nash:
    I was gonna add dialogue to Ruby, but every time I finished adding it, it deleted itself:(
    Primm Residents:
    -Added 2 "Greeting" dialogue pre-rescue of Beagle.
    -Added 1 "Greeting" dialogue post-rescue of Beagle.
    -Added 1 "Greeting" dialogue Post-rescue and pre-law in Primm
    -Added 2 "Greeting" dialogue post post-law in Primm (NCR)(One Greeting is positive and the other negative).
    -Added 2 "Greeting" dialogue post post-law in Primm (Meyers)(One Greeting is positive and the other negative).
    V1.2.1  General Fixes: -Fixed some grammar issues Goodsprings: Sunny Smiles: -1 "Greeting" added. -1 "Goodbye" added. Trudy: - 5 "Goodbye" for Trudy (They are more like pieces of advice before you leave). -1 "Greeting" added and hopefully fixed the old one. Joe Cobb: Needs Testing -He had a problem with his greeting as well.  Chet: -1 "Greeting" Dialogue added. -1 "Goodbye" Dialogue added. Easy Pete: -Added a "Greeting" and "Goodbye" dialogue for players with a skill of 25 explosives or higher. Ringo: Needs Testing. -1 "greeting" dialogue added.  -1 "goodbye" dialogue added (Once RIngo has left Goodsprings). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sexist Dialogue V1.2.0 {{This patch and the next few one's will focus on the early game}} GoodSprings: Doc Mitchell: -I added a greeting as well as a goodbye to his dialogue. Settlers: -1 Dialogue Greeting added for each reputation tier (Good,mixed,Bad). -1 Dialogue added in the even Goodsprings is taken over by Joe Cobb. Trudy: -I added 1 time use greeting for after you beat the powder gangers Not Working -Added 1 goodbye dialogue Joe Cobbs and/or Powder Gangers: -Added a line while you are fighting for Goodsprings -Added a line for before the fight and/or after. -added a line specifically meant for victory over Goodsprings. -[Joe Cobb] added 2 Greetings and 2 Goodbyes (1 for each is only for a victory) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V1.0.1 General Fixes: -Fixed some spelling errors Powder Gangers: -Apparently The NCRCF powder gangers don't have the same dialogue topics as generic powders powder gangers, So added a couple lines for them. ------------------------------------ V1.0.0 General Legionnaires: -2 Dialogue added for "Neutral" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Disliked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "MIxed" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "liked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Hated" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Wild Child" Reputation.(F) NCR: General Troopers: -1 Dialogue added for "Indirect/Generic talk"(F) -2 Dialogue added for "Neutral" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "liked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Idolized" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Mixed" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Wild Child" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Disliked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Hated" Reputation.(F) Powder Gangers: General Thugs: -1 Dialogue added for "Indirect/Generic talk"(F) -1 Dialogue added for "liked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Mixed" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Wild Child" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Rascal" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Thug" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Hated" Reputation.(F)



  3. D_ManXX2 Sexout Animation Files W.I.P

    Soon will release a new pack for fallout new vegas Sexout animations.
    This thread is a place holder for release of new animations so i can update just 1 post.



  4. Sexout Compilation Pack v3 9/17/15

    This is a initial release of the sexout compilation pack for new users!
    The pack includes all of the essential mods/plugins for the best sexout experience!
    Warning! The pack includes...
    If any of these themes offend you, avoid the pack!
    The Included mods!
    -SCR 20150809.1 , Sexout PregnancyV3 20150829.1 / Offspring 20150807
    -Sexout FertileBreeder 1.4
    -Sexout Tryout
    -Sexout SexKey 2014.04.28
    -Sexout Spunk 0.93 (20150701)
    -Unethical Deeds v4
    -Sexout Kennel 4.6
    -Sexout Sex 1.6 (19 August 2015)
    SexoutNG Stable (And all of its requirements!) Beta Recommended
    Sexout Bodies
    Lutana NVSE Plugin
    Sexout Soliciting
    Sexout Fertile Breeder Captured,Farm
    Sexout Affairs
    Use any mod manager of choice (I recommend prideslayers FOMM)



  5. SexoutNG Anim management - MCM picker

    Read this first before asking question in the thread.

    REQUIRES SexoutNG 2.10.93 STABLE (Updated on 21 of june 2015)
    Lutana plugin (optional - to save-restore animation ban list across the playthrougs) - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55399/?
    Tired of seeing animation you don't like for Nth time? Want it gone? Then this plugin is for you! It allows you to add and remove animations to\from black list in real time and in MCM menu!
    MCM menu
    Brand new MCM menu allows you to choose which animations you don't like in MCM menu.
    Wait 5-7 seconds after game starts to bring up MCM picker!!
    Use Arrow keys inside MCM menu
    Left and right to switch between avaiable plugins
    Up to see list of blocked anims for current plugin
    "Q" to store all animation in block list to .ini file-----------------Lutana plugin needed
    "W" - to restore all animations in block list from .ini file--------Lutana plugin needed
    Instruction on how to block animation in real time
    When player is having sex press "Attack" button to add or remove currently playing animation to\from random picker.
    If animation is in black list - it will be removed. You will see message
    Removing X from Black list. Origin is Y.
    If animation is NOT in black list - it will be added to it. You will see message
    Adding X to Black list. Origin is Y
    X is the # of animation
    Y is the name of animation plugin.

    Content of black list will be dumped into console. Keep in mind that black list exists for each plugin and that for instance Sexout, ZAZ and Amra all have a #401 animation.
    When player is having sex press "Aim" button to see number of current anim playing
    Hotkeys can be changed via console.
    Set SexoutABKey to N ;--------------button to add\remove anim to\from black listset SexoutABKeyShowAnim to N ;----- button to show current anim playing
    where N is number of control code.

    Control Codes:


    Thanks Odessa for working on Sexout



  6. [WIP] Sexout Slavers 3 TECHNICAL ALPHA

    Base technical test for Sexout Slavers 3. Closed cause perfect. Thanks to testers.
    Required :
    Sexout and all needed dependencies
    SexoutCommonRessouces and all needed dependencies

    Useful :
    Sexout Drugging

    Features and documentation :
    See next posts



  7. [WIP] Some tools oriented NPCs management

    Some sparated tools to manage NPC (see thread for more informations)



  8. Sexout Aftermath

    Read this first before asking question in the thread.

    This Sexout pluign let's you kill\poison\explode player character's sex partners.
    Works for both Male and Female player characters.
    Works for threesomes.

    1)Set Hotkey button via MCM menu
    2)Press Hotkey button when player character is having sex
    3)Choose action
    4) Wait for sex to end
    Don't use this mod for any Sexout quests because it might break the scene.



  9. [WIP] Another Kick in the Head - TTW Extension (Currently Broke)

    WIP - Another Kick in the Head - TTW
    NOTE: I just got back to FONV and I've found several big issues with this that need to be addressed. So for the time being I'm pulling this as it wasn't working anyway. It seems I've got some scripts that need updating. Not sure when I'll get to it however. So sorry for the time being!
    An extension of the wonderful AKiTH that extends support for TTW.
    Like the original AKiTH, this also has a series of dreams and multiple different heroes. Because the DC Wasteland is a lot nastier than the Mojave, chances are more likely you won't end up being saved by a hero. Any lost gear can be found scattered across either the DC wasteland or various DLCs.
    DLCs Currently Supported
    Point Lookout The Pitt (Steelyard and Entrance)

    AKiTH Obviously... SexoutNG TTW Latest NVSE Mojave Delight Resources ONLY! Esp not required! Subtitles ON.

    What is Functional?
    The main point of the mod is completed. Namely: dying and getting saved by heroes or waking up in various areas with lost gear. Only 4 dreams are in a mostly functional state at the moment. Cloud Nine being the one with the most options. I have many other dreams in a partial state of completion.

    What needs testing?
    I haven't tested every single location. So please pay attention to where you are and if you run into issues, post them here! The more info I have, the easier it will be to fix. I'd appreciate players taking a look at The Factory. In the console type "COC RobarTTWPittTrogFactoryMain". (Or it's in the Steelyard if you're in the neighborhood.) I'm particularly interested in input from players with slower computers. Is the area too choppy for you? Hero dialog: typos? A hero doesn't show up or talk? Let me know about it. There is one dream quest that is finished. Be nice to an NPC named Hsui-Ying. (And don't be communist!) Eventually you'll get the sequence started. Are there any giant exclamation points in dreams? (This means I forgot to add something to the data download!)

    Hey I lost my super important item! Where is it!?
    That was stupid! However, there's a loot location map in the support thread that might help. Whatever the case, keep an eye out for Lead-Lined Metal Boxes, clay pots, and the occasional wall safe. Most loot locations are around Raiders. Also check out vendors like Moira, Seagrave, or Panada in Point Lookout. Also might want to have some decent lock-picking skills or a companion that can manage it. Why are you uploading this now!? It's not done!
    I need to be sure I've got the simple stuff working before I release some complex stuff. SO, beta release it is! What's this optional Cloud Nine Band stupidity!?
    That's if players want to hear the band actually play music as was originally intended. I'm probably going to be getting rid of the band entirely when this leaves WIP status however. Why is Sexout required!?
    Currently there is some sexout content. (But not much!) You'll run into most of it by using the Dreaming Door. So beware! Eventually I'll make it so it's entirely optional or put in an MCM toggle perhaps.



  10. Sexout Intimacy

    Sexout Intimacy Project.
    SexoutIntimacy is a framework that simplifies many of the features one might use when crafting dialog/quests for FNV.  It provides a set of functions that give entry level modders/dialog authors access to more complex scripting. If you know how to edit dialog in the GECK, you can create your own mods with this.
    While SexoutIntimacy.esm does little on its own, dialog/quest hooks were created as proof of concept examples in order to test the system.  These generic 'test' mods are relatively playable.  Full documentation is included in the packages.
    JIP LN NVSE Plugin
    Baby Backpacks:
    - Thanks to Bruce Wayne for fleshing out the framework!
    - Clothed Penis Prop thanks to Amra72!
    - Alt SoundFX for headphones thanks to 7KeysCurtain!



  11. [WIP] Sexout - Coito Ergo Sum

    Hey guys, my first post here and my first real foray into modding. I've played around a bit with the TES Construction kit before but never done anything serious. I never even looked at the GECK until about 24 hours ago. So really this is a disclaimer more then anything. Anyway don't care about me, onto the mod.
    SexoutNG: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24614-sexoutng/
    Sexout Common Resources: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13789-sexout-common-resources-stable-version-scr/
    Coito Ergo Sum: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56156/? (You'll want the Breezes compatibility patch for it too.)
    and anything those may require.
    What is it?:
    Basically having Coito Ergo Sum use Sexout animations instead of it's current ones. So nothing fancy really, just making them work together.
    What's currently working:
    Avoiding spoilers, most animations where you ask for/have the opportunity to have sex. Asking your workers for a quality check and other moments in the story when it comes up. If it's a standard hey lets have sex, it should use it.
    Known issues:
    ​Sex with the stag currently uses the default the default CES animation. This is because for story reasons you lose health during it and that is beyond my current very limited abilities but I'm working on it.
    When having sex with Doug he doesn't strip naked (unsure if all instances or only a few, he hasn't in all the animations I've seen with him). You still can have sex with him, and there will be a penis, but it'll be clipping through his already very revealing stripper outfit. Not sure why this is happening, NPCs added by CES seem to have their own unique naked body so Doug might just not have one. Anyway on my looking into list.

    Haven't noticed any problems yet so shouldn't be incompatible with anything the Coito Ergo Sum isn't.
    So that about sums it all up. If anything isn't working right or if you think there should be an animation where there isn't please let me know, I want/need feedback on it. There's a few places I can think of that I might want to add some animations; this is by no means a final release so feedback, feedback, feedback.
    I have received permission from Belthan to work on this
    Belthan for the amazing Coito Ergo Sum mod and everyone working on Sexout. I haven't done anything really, just putting it all together.



  12. [DEPRECATED] SexoutSlavers 2 - Final demo version

    Deprecated because Sexout Slavers 3 is launched.
    Slavery mod
    Requirements :
    NVSE 4 : can be found here
    NVSE Extender 11 : can be found here
    SexoutNG 2.6.82 : can be found here
    Sexout ZAZ : can be found here

    Recommended :
    CASM ( REAL COMPLETE quick saves) : can be found here

    This mod uses intensively NX_Vars so never integrate this mod or any mod depending of it in a bashed patch.
    For more informations on the subject read this.
    No support will be done if an automatic or quick save from vanilla Fallout has been reloaded.
    Please, for any support question, add your load order in a spoiler, thanks.



  13. Sexout Spunk

    "Love Comes In Spurts"

    What it is
    Sexout Spunk is in essence a data communication mod. It was meant as a detailed and flexible system of determining who orgasms, and what happens with the cum. It generates a bunch of data when an actor orgasms - gender, race, species, location where the ejaculate ends up, volume, time of ejaculation etc - and then tracks and recalculates that. Over time, some other systems were added to it, although they are all modular so you can pick and choose. Let's go over all of them:
    1. Lust tracking
    Lust is conceptualized as a primary need. A long-term need that becomes an itch that needs scratching. This is made a bit more real for you with buffs and debuffs.
    In spunk, it goes from 0 to 100. Spunk can visualize this on screen with its own HUD or with the patches that work with oHUD and IMCNNV.
    As soon as lust tracking is on (default), the player is tracked. In order to add an NPC to the system, you get them under your crosshair and press the hotkey you select in the MCM submenu. Do it again to remove the NPC.
    Lust is reduced by sexual acts, if the actor can be expected to be able to orgasm from it.
    Actors who get raped will be set to a negative value which will only be restored back to 0 over time, taking into account a setting you select for that.
    Drugs, alcohol and drug withdrawal can all have an impact on lust increase rate. Some will boost it, others will slow it down. SleepEZ and LustOh from SODrugs affect lust increase rate as well.
    Lust increase can be affected by the Frigid and Horndog perks, by 5% per rank. The Nymphomaniac perk also boosts lust increase, as well as arousal increase by 5%. The masochist perk makes you hornier and easier to please when wounded.
    2. Arousal and orgasm
    During a sex act, an 'arousal' variable will be calculated for each actor in it. When it exceeds the value of 100, this is taken to be an orgasm, kicking into gear the other functionalities below like cum tracking etc.
    Arousal is affected by
    - the lust value the actor had at the time,
    - a gender-specific value you can set in MCM,
    - the experience they and their partners have for their roles in the act if the XP system is used,
    - the personal preference they have for their roles in the act if the enjoyment system is used,
    - lingering rape penalties (see lust tracking)
    - the timing of the act compared to Sexout's default time
    It is possible, then, for an actor not to receive an orgasm when the act is terminated, and this can lead to a lowering of enjoyment for the roles performed in the act, starting a vicious circle! To combat that, when the player is involved in an act, you can try holding down the 'run' control key to speed up your own arousal increase, or the 'crouch' control to slow it down. A HUD readout should give you some indication of how you're doing.
    If an actor can't orgasm from an act, eg performing oral, their arousal will be capped.
    Turning arousal on can affect the duration of the act: if both actors have orgasmed and the current timing's within the window you've set in MCM there's a good chance the act will stop early. Conversely, if an actor is 'nearly there', the act may be prolonged until orgasm.
    The Insatiable perk makes it more likely for you to continue after orgasm.
    3. Cum tracking
    Cum tracking is as explained above, a background core system that the others rely on. It really is only a virtual representation of what happens when people orgasm during sex.
    Depending on settings like 'pullout', 'squirt' and 'overflow', cum will be determined to land on different places, and will be tracked in arrays that I call 'spurts'. They contain information about the actor's species, race, gender, identity, volume and the time of ejaculation.
    4. Sperm tracking
    Any vaginal cum spurts start to release sperm into the sperm tracking system, a copy of cum tracking that replaces "volume" with "sperm count" and carries over the other information. This means that sperm increases gradually over time, and is also killed off after a set time. In between, the number's ready for a mod like Sexout Pregnancy to determine it's enough to trigger a pregnancy. This makes for a system that's fairly realistic, but precludes insta-pregnancy. If you want to increase your odds, try raising cum volume settings in MCM.
    5. Smell tracking
    Upon orgasm, a non-human species will leave behind a 'smell' that makes other creatures of that species friendly to the 'receiver'. MCM settings let you determine how long that lasts.
    Left out of the system are anchorage chimera tanks, lucky 38 securitrons, liberty prime and ZAX computers. Dogs that are faction sniffers won't make you legion, ncr etc.
    6. Cum shaders
    On orgasm, it's possible that cum shaders are applied to the receiver's body. If in your MCM settings you choose to 'let spunk decide', this will depend on how much lands on the outside of the body in the (virtual) cum tracking system (3). You may want to override with other settings to force it to always happen.
    Some creatures' cum may look funny. This is intentional.
    In order to line up the fading out of the 'dripping' shader with the application of the 'permanent' one, the timing of the dripping one is rather short. I've provided intel on how to increase that duration... somewhere in the thread.
    7. Washing
    On interaction with water, you can be prompted to wash yourself if there's cum on the outside of the body in the cum tracking system, a shader is applied, or a smell is applied. This will clear all of these. You can also tell NPCs to wash.
    There are two ways I use to know if you're interacting with water. The effect-based one detects more types of water, such as puddles, but some experience problems with it, so there's also an activator-based one you can choose in MCM.
    8. Experience and enjoyment
    At the beginning of an act, Spunk detects what each actor is doing in it, assigning them 'roles'.
    The role strings are: Sucker, Sucked, Fucker, Fucked, Assfucker, Assfucked, Licker, Licked, Titfucker, Titfucked, Jerker, Jerked, Fingerer, Fingered, Footsier, Footsied, Tribber, Inserter, Inserted, DoggyDo, DoggyDone, MissDo, MissDone, Riding, Ridden, Tantric, Bound, Binding, Dom, Sub, Group, Whipper, Whipped. (Titfucker & Footsier are the owners of the tits/feet.)
    The count system keeps track of how many times an actor has performed a specific role, and how often they've been with a non-human species. It does this in the form of NX variables with the following namespace:
    (The species strings can be found in the outdated documentation that ships with the mod.)
    The XP system hands out experience points based on the existing experience of the actors in the act and how difficult it should be to get the other to orgasm. Experience is always increased a little for everyone, but more for whoever gets their partner(s) to orgasm.
    If you take the Are You Experienced? perk, sex experience gained will be added to your game xp.
    The enjoyment system is based on the premisse that orgasming from an act increases your preference for what you did in it, and not getting to orgasm or even being raped decreases it.
    Enjoyment for a role the actor's never played usually starts at the neutral value of 1, except a few that start higher (receiving oral) and a few that start lower (receiving anal, whipping).
    Both the XP and Enjoy system range from 0.2 to 5, as they are used as multipliers in determining arousal increase during an act. A neutral value is 1.
    If you notice that your character's arousal increases only very slowly, generate a Spunk log before sex and check it afterwards for a line starting with "SpunkSPArousalScpt" and a bunch of numbers. "XPF" there is the experience factor, "Enjoy" gives you the enjoyment factor. Especially enjoyment may be too low for your tastes.
    You can change it by opening the console, clicking on the character and typing:
    Set_EVFL "SO:XP:Role:TheRoleString" somevalue
    Alternatively, you can go in MCM, and turn off xp and/or enjoyment tracking. This should clear out all your enjoyment variables, giving you a fresh start. Wait in game for at least 5 seconds, then turn it back on.
    Spunk assigns a series of up to 66 perks to the player character that depend on their enjoyment for specific roles. On their own, these perks do nothing except give you a clue how high or low your character's enjoyment for a particular act is. You should be able to derive that from the description and rank.
    9. Troubleshooting
    - Definitely make sure you have the correct versions of NVSE, SexoutNG and NX. If Spunk says you don't, you don't.
    - Make sure you run the latest Spunk. Bugs in previous versions may've been fixed, after all.
    - Use the debug tools you can access from MCM, and if you plan to report what you think is a bug, definitely use the "generate log" feature in a way that the bug is captured.
    - If a character, especially the player character, doesn't seem to orgasm from sex, re-read the chapters about arousal (2) and enjoyment (8).
    SexoutNG 2.10.97+, NVSE 5.1.2+, NX 16+, UIO 1.31+, JIP 53+
    Permissions: GPL3
    Jaam, mostly, for porting the fancy NVSE4 stuff I’m using in this mod, as well as fixing the fancy NVSE4 stuff that didn’t work at first, and adding some fancy stuff to nx for me. I pestered Jaam about so many things, and he always came through in record time, so I gave him co-authorship. I honestly hope more modders will start to use this stuff and make some great mods with it.
    ChaseRoxand, for the orginal SexoutLust, which most of my own lust tracking is based on
    A.J. for teaching me how to HUD
    Zippy57 for Lust's original HUD readout addons for pHUD and oHUD.
    Whoever did Lust's anyHUD addon.
    Prideslayer, for a couple of tips along the way
    Hal, for pitching the idea & showing patience as it grew and grew - no Doc mod without a bit of feature creep
    Odessa, for a great debug dump template
    QQuix, for the “DeepDump” UDF found on the TES4 modding wiki, also for several examples of nested array use in assorted posts on the Beth forums, without which I wouldn't have known if that was even possible or how to go about it.
    TSS5062 for cum shaders - yowsa!
    panthercom for perk names
    And, well, some unknown Japanese modders who made the textures I use for the cum shaders (the LoverswithPK bukkake ones).
    Anybody who ever reported a bug in a way that I could fix it



  14. Sisters of Perpetual Chastity Pre-ALPHA Teaser

    This is a Xmas concept test Alpha, some scripters might want to copy my coding for the control of the small group and how I added new members to the pack by their belts controlling them, feel free to ask questions or tell me the easy way I missed
    Go to the Yantzee Memorial Cross giant thing and say hello to Matron Mercy, the Sisters and their Slaves, preferably with a couple of companions, you'll get a warm reception. Should work for males but only tested on females.
    I just got this working, it's pretty rough & Alpha, no dialogue, and goes no where when you are defeated unless you lead the battle into a town,
    Got to slow the messages down a bit, it's probably got some bugs I imagine, but no crashy stuff I know of, got to get better shaders for the effects & force shields too
    Spoilers within
    SCR Debug Number 95
    Requires SCR beta
    And Sexy Bikini, Torn Vaultsuit & MantisSuit Meshes & SexoutLust



  15. Sexout Scorpions Gang

    Readme download is not up to date.
    This is an unfinished beta.
    As of this point in time, you can whore yourself within the gang
    to earn gang rep and caps. If you get enough reputation you get discounts from the gang merchants.
    Gaining reputation will also let you access 2 creatures and 2 humanoid actors that are set up to be followers.
    They're not companion wheel enabled, but you can heal the humanoid ones during combat.
    You can also use their doctor's services, but she's not trustworthy and may 'do things to you'.
    I'm now currently working on this again. It uses NX calls so don't have to have the very most recent version of Sexout, however I don't know which version you need exactly for NX.
    The Scorpions Gang is located at the Monte Carlo Suites:
    You don't strictly need Tryout's Data pack you could place another strapon in Data/Meshes/Armor/Strapon and then name the .nif, Dildo. Alternatively, you could download Tryout's data pack and just use that mesh from it.



  16. Slaver's life

    Replaced by SexoutSlavers2



  17. Sexout MojaveSchoolgirls [Outdated]

    Welcome to the 'Mojave Schoolgirls'
    (Current Version Alpha 0.51)
    This mod is outdated!
    Parts of it will not work with the recent versions of SexoutNG, SCR and PregV3.
    As I currently have no time for mod creating please consider this mod as 'currently death'!
    I still have plans for the teacher/headmaster and his 'school of love and fetish', but maybe I will never make it.
    If you want to rework it, take parts or all of it to make your own mod, feel free to do it. I would be honoured.
    NEWS: Dany2306 has recently asked for permission and has begun to rework the mod. Look here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/37641-rework-of-mojave-schol-girls/
    1. - I was told, that this mod changes some content in Goodsprings (Saves, Names, Descriptions, Topics etc.) to German! By cleaning the dirty edits I ran into some issues, I can't fix as I imagined.
    2. - [2013.10.18] As a lot of things in NG, SCR and Preg have changed since I made this version, a lot of content in this mod will not work anymore!
    3. - English is NOT my first language, so the dialogues need a lot of rework. If someone would like to help I would be honoured!
    4. - I am still an beginner/noob in modding New Vegas and Sexout. There are a lot of bugs and a lot of content that could have been made much smarter. Be free to make suggestions, how to solve the issues!
    What does this Mod do?
    This Mod brings some sex to the Wastelands.
    Basicly this Mod was created to bring some "Fetish-Fun" to the Mojave-Wasteland, especially to Goodsprings for now.
    As (1.) I still have no "Fetish-Clothing" like a Schoolgirl-Dress, a Waitress-Dress, a Nurse-Dress maybe something like a Nun etc. and (2.) by figuring out how GECK and Sexout works, I got astray and made some strange and silly things. Maybe you will like them.
    But still this is the basic-concept:
    There is a group of people in the Mojave who have some special sexual perferences. They are leaded by a man who calls himself The Teacher. He likes to give young women dressed as Schoolgirls some special "lessons".
    After joyning in this "Game" the female Courier can talk to the other Villagers and ask for their whishes how the "Schoolgirl" can be taught a little more.
    Most of this content is NOT included so far (because I don't have the propper dresses, and it is no fun without them.)
    But there are three more Quests included, which can be played after making the basic "Schoolgirl"-Quest.
    Well, there is a lot of sex in it, and someday it will be much more.
    NEW in Alpha 0.5(1):
    Among the still existing Basic-Quest "Back to School" you can get a little glimpse into the first part of the new Main-Quest, called "Curiosity killed the cat!". But it is just a little glimpse. Please be patient!
    What are the requirements for this mod?
    Fallout New Vegas
    SexoutNG (Last edits made with 2.6.77)
    Sexout Common Recouses (Last edits made with ALPHA/BETA 20130328.1!)
    Sexout Pregnancy (Last edits made with ALPHA/BETA 20130325.1!)
    The SexoutZAZ Animations should be installed.
    You have to play a female Courier, Sorry!
    For further Informations, Requierments, Suggestions, Hints, known Issues and the Questlog go to the second post of the Support-Tread or scroll down to the second post, if you are already reading the Support-Topic!
    Playing this mod could be a waste of your precious time!
    It is WIP, maybe full of bugs, could be better done and maybe it would have been better I hadn't wasted my time with modding.
    So I humbly beg your pardon for makeing it.



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