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  1. And by that, I mean I wouldn't make it Super Saiyan at all. The Super Saiyan form, as we know it in my concept, is a false one, a transformation created by the body to compensate for the fact that the Saiyan lacks a tail, and thus an output for their most bestial, primitive nature. True Super Saiyan would be only accessible by the Legendary Super Saiyan, and be the one true all powerful Saiyan, as it was always described to be, a power that put fear into the heart of Frieza, not something that even small children could master or be gained through back tingles in a poor attempt to use chakras, much less "S Cells."


    So we have true (Legendary) Super Saiyan and false Super Saiyan as forms. Legendary is locked to Broly, or whoever you want to use in place of him in whatever canon regardless of having a tail, but false Super Saiyan is only accessible to those without a tail, and thus lack any access to the giant ape transformation. Because of this lack, a Saiyan cannot express their true, primitive nature, much less have a power boost that is inherent to the species. As such, the path to false Super Saiyan starts with rage, one of the most base of emotions, something that Saiyans tap into on a daily basis in combat. Goku would basically gain the form as he did normally, through the power of his rage and desire to hurt Frieza. His primitive Saiyan nature would overcome his normal personality and manifest his Saiyan base nature, his body increasing its power output like he was transforming into a giant ape, however it would be contained in his humanoid form. Hence his muscles would expand and his power would increase, but because he does not change into a far larger form, it becomes more compact and thus amplified, hence the massive power boost compared to the giant ape form. So much power would be produces, as a matter of fact, that it would leak from his body, giving him both the aura and change the way light was reflected off of his hair and eyes, giving them a different color, or even that the energy pouring out gives them a radiance in those colors.


    Frieza and Vegeta could still both believe it to be THE LEGEND, even though it isn't. If we take it at face value, true Legendary Super Saiyan is the most powerful thing ever, it's enough to simply beat everything. The Super Saiyan forms we see later on are proof that this is some kind of falsehood, as they keep growing in power and are different forms, a far cry from the one form to rule them all. Even Broly says that his ki kept increasing during combat, and in the second film, a zenkai boost was all he needed to put him on the level of a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (and yes, he was in Super Saiyan 2 even without the electrical bolts), rather than him gaining some kind of Legend Super Saiyan 2.


    The series would go as normal, Vegeta would get it, Future Trunks and Future Gohan would have it, present Gohan would get it, just showing how it's not a truly legendary power if everybody can just get it. This is where things further change in my concept.


    There are two paths that Super Saiyan took, and it fits in well with my idea. The second and third grades, dubbed Ascended and Ultra by the fans, are simply giving into the more primitive nature and trying to force more power out of it. They grow larger in mass in both cases because they are simply pushing more toward their bestial nature and a lust for combat, which is seen in Vegeta and Future Trunks doing it to beat Cell in raw terms of power. Goku sees through the flaws of Ultra, but on a more basic level in this, he sees the flaws of pushing toward the primitive, as it will forever dominate you if you give into your baser nature. Like in the series, Goku and Gohan go on to stay in the form permanently, harmonizing themselves with the power and controlling their emotions, overcoming their base instincts. With this, they maximize the power and have full mastery over themselves, thus Full Power Super Saiyan is the most complete False Super Saiyan form anybody could ever get in the series based on how I have structured it.


    Gohan, however, is a special case. His power has always been the strongest due to rage. He has powerful emotions. In the series, he hits Super Saiyan 2 because of his rage. In my version, this is Gohan exclusive and based on his more powerful emotional state, and the fact that he goes from being in harmony with his primitive nature to being pushed deeper into it due to his extreme rage. He gets so angry that his power explodes, manifesting his true latent potential, which the franchise has hammered into our heads time and again that he has whenever he needs MOAR POWAR. This rage mode is so intense and his power so vast that his energy pours out in such a constant stream that electrical energy floats about him, almost threatening to consume him, just as his emotions and Saiyan nature threaten to consume his mind and ability to think. He becomes sadistic and cruel toward Cell, wanting him to suffer, and to further extend the fight to fulfill his desire for combat. He fights both Perfect (and later Super Perfect) Cell as his natures also fight, which is why Super Perfect Cell appears to be stronger. When he overcomes the Saiyan nature, all that held back power comes flowing out, allowing him to easily crush the bio mechanical bug man.


    After this, nobody else can access that form. Full Power is the highest anybody can get. Super Saiyan 3 could appear as a continuation of the Ascended and Ultra line of thought, a deeply flawed form that burns energy like nothing else in exchange for temporary immense power that could reach, or surpass, Gohan for short bursts. Going further and into the land of GT, which I know everybody just LOVES, Super Saiyan 4 could be the idealized merger of both Saiyan transformations. Goku, through regrowing his tail, would gain access to the golden great ape, a form that isn't supposed to exist. It's an immense power boost, but again he loses himself in his own primitive nature, amplified by his immense power. When he finally overcomes it, like Gohan, he instead forces the two transformations to fuse and compress, shrinking down to a humanoid form, yet retaining traces of his bestial nature, showing the true fusion of two disparate transformations that should never be able to coexist naturally. It is a mutation, an oddity, immense in power but so easy to lose, as his nature must always be kept in check. It is, in essence, the nearest thing anybody else could get to the Legendary Super Saiyan who isn't the actual one.


    Beyond that, nothing else exists. There are no God forms. That's stupid. Everybody knows they're already stronger than the gods, so why would they need a God form? How foolish.

  2. Saturday was very busy day for my Prince. Although he did most of his “job” about organizing our wedding anniversary from home talking to the people over the phone and hiding from Ivy and me, he had to go to certain places and see the things with his own eyes. I said many time before and I’d say it again: when he’s organizing something he is 200% into it. Everything must be ready and tidy. But he found the time for Ivy and me. Beside fucking us 4 times during the day, he took us out for lunch and he also talk to Ivy about her addiction to him. Although Ivy’s arguments “holds the water” from her standpoint (she is crazy in love with him) my Prince, seeing that she didn’t listen to him, had to tell her that if she doesn’t learn to control her emotions on the job and when being with me, he will reduce their common activities and will be less together on the work. He will be forced to assign her to other duties and take someone else on her place. Oh, my, his words almost broke her heart. She couldn’t stop crying at the beginning. When she calmed, she admitted that he was right and she promised she’ll work on her “emotions control”. Knowing my Prince, I’m sure that it wasn’t easy for him to tell her that but it was the only way to awake her. She was still all over him afterwards but she wasn’t possessive and extremely addictive. She and I were excited about tomorrow and we talked how much fun we’ll have on the wedding anniversary party, we kissed and giggled a lot. We also agreed that we will watch on our dads to not to make my Prince drunk and ruin our wedding anniversary.



    During the evening jogging we had small incident. Passing by the group of *kids (* they were between 15 -17) in the park who were drinking on the bench, some of them complimented our look (asses and legs) while the only girl among them said:

    - Fucking Barbie dolls … Just showing off. I don’t see what you like on them since they are all bones and skin.

    My Ivy stopped. Prince told her:

    - Drop it, honey. Let’s go.

    Ivy begged him:

    - Honey, I won’t hurt her. Let me just say few words to her. Please.

    He let her and she approached to them while the girl was drinking Vodka from the bottle.

    Ivy took the bottle from her hand and threw it in the bushes. Guys protested and she sharply told them to shut up. They went silence after seeing my Prince who was in “stand by” position ready to fight. Then she leaned over her and said:

    - Listen, stupid cunt …. If you would have a brain instead of draught in your head, you will be with your boyfriend tonight and not drinking in the park with the bunch of worthless dicks. You are fucking sarcastic, jealous and poisonous for you are miserable. I was once like you…… but I changed (pointing the head toward us she continued) – you see that tall blond guy over there? That’s my husband. Thanks to him my life changed. I have a tip for you: put yourself together and do something with your life while you still can. You can be happy too if you stop wasting your life making your parents worried where are you and what you have been doing. Drinking isn't cool and it won't comfort your disappointment in life or whoever and whatever the fucking reason is.


    She tapped her cheek twice and she joined us. The words she said to her were rough and straight, but, that’s my Ivy. I believe the girl got the message. My Prince deep kissed her and complimented her approach. He didn’t criticize her for he knows that she is still in the process of learning communication skill.



    We woke up in Sunday morning and Ivy and I were disappointed: it rained. But my Prince was thrilled with the weather. He likes it. So we went jogging and doing other activities as we usually do. During the morning coffee tradition Ivy and I cuddled and smiled talking about the wedding anniversary. My Prince didn’t say a word about it but he enjoyed listening us and seeing us happy. Our parents came for morning coffee and we had a great time with them. But, none of them said a word about the wedding anniversary. When they left, my Prince told us the plan. He said that two hairdressers and pedicurist he hired will come to our house at 13:00 and make our hairdos, makeup and nails for us. Oh, my god! We were thrilled. Then he said that Nick and Adriana will pick him up at 15:00 and take him to the restaurant we had our wedding and the limo will pick us up at 16:30. The wedding anniversary will start at 17:00 and will officially end at 22:00 since many people are working in Monday. He is going earlier to check that all is set and ready. Before he left he asked us to give him our wedding rings. We gave them to him not asking questions. Anyway, to make the story short, everything worked as he planned and we were ready for the limo to pick us up. Ivy and I were thrilled with our hairdos and the makeup. When the limo arrived we went to the restaurant.



    When we entered in we “woooowed” how beautifully it was decorated. Every place was full of various flowers, balloons and there was a very big nice sign “Happy 1th anniversary” above the pulpit. Our new Hotel band was there, our parents, our friends and Antonio with his guys. The waiters stood at the side and were also dressed very solemn. My Prince was standing at the pulpit and waited for us. Seeing us, the guests gasped and complimented our beauty and my Prince was very stunned. He crossed his hands and placed them above his crouches for he had erection. LOL. Thank god he had a coat long enough to cover it too. The Hotel band started to play wedding song and our dads led us to the pulpit. Then Fran said:

    - Good evening everyone ….. My dear friends, I think we are in the wrong place.

    Everyone was looking at each other trying to figure out what he was talking about.

    Fran: Seeing these three beautiful and perfect angels in white I had impression we are in heaven.

    We all laughed and then he said:

    - Brides, groom, are you ready to renew your wedding oaths?

    We: Yes, we are.

    Fran: Not so fast, sweethearts. Before you do it you have to pass three trials. (My Prince didn’t know about trials. It was completely Fran’s idea which he didn’t tell him. He only requested our rings from him not telling him why). The first trial: you have to find your wedding rings. Three persons in this room have your ring in his packet. You have one minute to find who has your ring. But, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not your parents. It’s the person who, beside your parents knows you the best and the longest and who loves you very much.

    It was easy one. My Fran is my best friend so he must have my ring. I reached into his packet and I found it. Ivy went to Antonio and she found her ring and my Prince found his ring at Nick. Everyone clapped when we showed our wedding rings. Fran told us to give the rings to our best man.

    Then he said: The second trial. I invite your parents to give their approval or disapproval for your, let’s call it: “Marital second phase”. They must explain why they approve it or disapprove it. Since Prince’s parents aren’t with us, Miss B.W. and Mister Boss adopted Prince as their son and they will speak as his parents. If they are against your second phase, you will not be allowed to renew your wedding oaths and exchange rings.

    My Ivy was shocked. She understood that Fran was serious and she told him quite sharply:

    - You must be fucking kidding me! Nobody will stop us to love each other and live together! I don’t give a damn ……

    Fran interrupted her saying gently:

    - Ivy, dear, it’s a symbolic trial. It has no real power and influence on your marriage. We just playing….

    My Ivy relived and she said:

    - Why didn’t you say so. You played with your life, Fran!

    Everyone laughed hard. So each of our parents came at the pulpit and say why do they approve our marriage and “allow” us to continue. My Ivy and I cried being happy listening their praises about our incredible love for each other and commitment and how our marriage is example to all of them. Of course, my Prince was praised the most and people laughed seeing him blushing, making faces and whispered “Oh, dear god!” when they talked about him. Haha. He is still uncomfortable with it.



    After the second passed trial Fran said:

    Our groom and brides passed first two tests. And here is the last test of their love for each other. (to us) - groom, brides, each of you have the opportunity to have seven days in the country according to your choice; the place you always wanted to see but never had a chance. So, tonight, your dream may come true. The plane ticket, accommodation and allowance will be fully covered. The only condition is: you have to go alone for it is a trip for single person. What do you say?

    We unanimously said very loud: NO WAY!

    Ivy: You can stick your offer ……. You know where!

    Everybody laughed loudly and applauded. Its’ true, we don’t want to spend a single day without each other. Seven days of separation will kill us. LOL.

    Then Fran said:

    - You passed the third test. We witnessed tonight that you’d rather stay together then have fun as single persons. Congratulations …… Since Uncle, who was Eva’s best man on the wedding isn’t with us, let’s honor him with the minute of silence. We all closed our eyes and bow heads. My Prince sobbed quietly. After that Fran said: ”rest in peace, dear Uncle.” Then he invited our best men; Nick, Davor and my boss explaining to the guests that boss is my new best man. After that he invited my Prince to say his oath to us. He went toward the bend, took his guitar and gave head sign to the Hotel bend to follow him. He kneeled before us on one knee and he sung his father’s love song as the oath to us while Hotel band played and sung back up voices. My Ivy and I melted and we started to cry. When he finished we kissed him passionately and Fran commented:

    - Whoa, whoa, brides, kisses come after. Don’t skip the procedure.

    We all laughed.

    Then we said our oaths to Prince and Ivy and I said it to each other. After that, Fran let us kiss saying:

    - Since your parents gave their blessing and you passed the trials, you are allowed to kiss and exchange rings.

    We hugged each other and we merged our lips in one and kissed passionately putting the rings on each other’s finger while guests applauded. Our moms, B.W., Lidija and some other cried being very happy for us.

    Then our dads made toasts. My dad was first, then Marko and then Boss.

    I will spare you from some things and say only important ones. The whole evening was perfect. We had a lot of fun, we laughed a lot, danced a lot and we fucked in the restroom with my Prince while Antonio kept the guard that no one enters until we are done. The Hotel band played love and dancing songs whole night with pauses and they did excellent job. My Prince told us that they wanted to play and sing for free as the gift to us, but my Prince didn’t let them. Each of them got 150 Euro plus they had a free meal and drinks as much as they want. Fran invited few members of entertaining team and Lidija to perform short humoristic play called “Love triangle’s alternative reality” in which my Prince was presented as bootlicker and coward who was molested by us and served as our house servant and Ivy and I were bitches who fought with each other who will be the lady of the house. Our parents were presented as ones who hates each other and who always prank each other. The sketch ends with Prince’s running away from us and founding the refuge at boss and his wife, and Ivy and I returned to our parents. We died laughing and cried laughingly how funny the sketch was. We had to fix our makeup for it was ruined by our tears. Fran and my Prince made screenplay and all the dialogues. Everyone clapped hands very loud and long.



    The rest of the evening passed in dancing and having fun. We laughed hard when Fran asked my Prince for a dance. He accepted and they were the only male couple dancing after Fran danced with Tibor. Our dads got drunk and they tried to get my Prince drunk too, but he resisted. Our moms and B.W. constantly complimented our look and the party. Nick was thrilled too and he said he can’t wait to marry Adriana. When the guests started to leave one by one, they came to us first, congratulated us and wished us all the best. Fran and his team packed the cookies, food and cakes to every guest before they left and he said that he will take the rest and treat our teams in the Hotel tomorrow. We hugged him and thanked him for perfect wedding anniversary. Indeed, I dare to say that it was even better than our wedding. All was recorded on digital camera and every participant will get the copy when it will be made.



    Boss and his wife took us home and before they left, boss grabbed my Prince for his hand and placed a white envelope into his palm saying:

    - Not a word, son. This is from my wife and me for you, children. Buy something nice to your wives. Thank you for inviting us to your wedding anniversary. It was very beautiful.

    We thanked them and they left. When we entered into the house, my Prince said to us:

    - Honeys, I don’t want you to dress off. Put on your white stockings and let’s fuck lie crazy.

    That’s all what we wanted to hear after great party. We rushed into the bedroom. When we did it and showed ourselves to him he got very strong erection and we had wild sex on the sofa in the living room. It was fantastic and we all had three orgasms. Then we went under the shower and straight to the bed. We didn’t sleep long for we were excited. Before we go to jog I finished this diary.



    Our wedding anniversary was perfect in every way. If I wrote about every single thing we did during the night, it will take me hours and it will be 10 pages long. My Prince, our parents and our friends made it perfect. Next big event is Ivy’s birthday in March.


  3. An animation preview I am working on. Enjoy. 


    Follow my Tumblr





    1080p version;


    Widowmaker 3.mp4

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    Just two stages from each animation in Pack001, because it is just too much of a pain in the ass to do each one, sorry


    You might notice some bugs and glitches with the rig but they are not a problem in game














  4. Alpha for Battle For Azeroth started and some crazy shit theories as well! Let's sum them up.


    1: Varok Saurfang goes rogue and make deal with Anduin.


    This is the first biggest theory! But it may makes sense why? Ion Hazzikostas confirmed, that Draenor orcs will be playable allied race! But all stars in sky shows things might be not such easy why? In battle for Lordaereon scenario there is disscus about honor and Saurfang want fight for honorable horde, while Sylvanas is undead and knows nothing of honor. She used her blight arsenal to deal with the alliance soldiers. Later on Saurfang was captured by alliance and wanted an honorable death, but instead Anduin healed him and ordered take him to Stormwind stockades and treat him as he deserve.




    Keep in mind, this is early alpha so no VO is yet added. But as you can see Anduin says to guards escorting Saurfang. "Treat him with respect he due" and adding later. "When i return, we will speak of honor... And actions"


    Also worth to notice that durning horde scenario Stormwind extraction, Saurfang was to be rescued but instead he stayed and buying time for his rescue team to escape. So instead of Saurfang horde rescued Princess Talanji, king Rastakhan daughter and Dark Prophet Zul. Yep the same guy, who call the tribes in patch 4.1 durning Cataclysm and Vol'Jin rejected to join. But Saurfang durning rescue he demand from Stormwind guards. "Take me to your boy king. I would have words with him" This might not lead anywhere, but if we look at this VO from WoWhead.



    Honor means nothing to a corpse, Saurfang. You have the luxury of underestimating death, but it is something with which I am intimately familiar.

    Maybe you don't care if your people die so long as it is honorable, but to me, this Horde is worth saving. Anyone who disagrees does not deserve to stand among us.
    So die your warrior's death, High Overlord Saurfang. It means little to me. Perhaps I will raise your broken body to serve me once more.
    Or perhaps you will have a chance to say hello to your son.


    Sylvanas definetly hited Saurfang hard point. He find no honor on what Sylvanas is doing, so he might got good reason to turn rogue and deal with Anduin. Horde under Sylvanas leadership might become an second Scourge, and we must remember Saurfang is a veteran from Northrend, he lost his son there so. He got very good reason to introduce orcs to alliance, but question is... It is orcs from today Outland? Or it is Draenor orcs? This is an question, because durning alpha it is discovered an draenor orcs starting zone, placed in Gorgrond, and it is map from Warlords Of Draenor alpha. Also there is Mag'Har Direwolf mount added lately.


    2: G'Huun is blood god, no wait! He is an old god? And what the fuck is about Hakkar and blood moon thing?!


    Durning the questing in Nazmir, horde new zone in request of King Rastakhan we will deal with blood trolls who worship an blood god? No wait old god? FFS is with it?!




    This theory tells us about what is going on right now in game. When you defeat Argus in Antorus raid, Argus is gone and istead in Azeroth sky we see a red star. But right now is getting even bigger. Theory suggesting about incoming eclipse at 7 march when Darkmoon Faire will be still around. Also Xorothian Cultists started fel channeling in Broken Shore and it will end at 2:25 AM pacific time 7 march. Is this related to the red star? Or simply final chapter in Silithus, where we get rid of our artifacts and Seething Shore battleground will become avaliable? But what if this red star is an sign of Hakkar return? Yes the Soulflayer in revamped Zul'Gurub mentioned, he will deal with us another time so this is now?


    There is much more of theories, but i will tell about them later, i need do my work in game! ;)


    Btw. How i can put videos here not as urls but to watch? In old LL it was automatic but now?

  5. I'm slepping at the woods.  In my dreams a guard appeared .




    He was wondering about my behaviour. (As I was stroking my fur). Lightly my nails were moving over the body hairs and my cock gets more excited.
    I've shaken my head as I was watching his cock. //OMG//
    He advise'd me to go to the "bannered mare", because I've seem to be tired.
    What he's knowing about my sexual needs?



    seduced -my diary 3.mp4


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    Seeking Freedom

    –The Journal of a Woman Sold–


    ---Last Seed, 17th, 4E 201---
    Aerius sold me to an elf calling herself "Master". I don't know what for, but it seems Aerius owed her a great debt or maybe tried betraying here. I remember him fetching me from below deck on the Shadow Empress. I did as he said. As always. Because he hits me if I don't. But as soon as he and I went above deck he hit me with something in the face. My face hurts. The next thing was just nightmares. I don't know. Master said I have to work in her mine. There is a quota. She doesn't seem to care much, she didn't even wanted to know if I could do something more useful. But I can read, and write... most here can't. Except Mecius, who is the overseer here and keeps the mine's ledger. Unlike the other slaves in the mine I am locked into a cage for the night. I don't have anything to write, I just have to keep it in my head, for now. Maybe if I show I can be useful I can get out of this mine... I already dread the darkness here.


    ---Last Seed, 19th, 4E 201---

    I worked very hard these last few days. Mecius asked what I can do. I said I received education, I can read, write, read maps, make correspondonce, he cut me short. He doesn't care. I'm not dumb, I know they "made" me their property. Mecius is probably some sort of property as well. He wears a collar. But he is a "finer grade" of property, you see.

    He send me to bring some ore to the ork stronghold Nazulbur. I didn't know where it was, he showed me on a map. It is on the other end of Skyrim... this mine, this slave owner's compound, for a lack of better word, is near Falkreath (I didn't know). He said I have to get back by tomorrow. T o m o r r o w. Or there will be consequences. He said the belt would kill me.

    He gave me my fur clothes for this, instead of the rags I have to wear in the mine. "The collar stays on". For everyone to see.

    The ore is heavy, and it is far. I must hurry.


    ---Last Seed, 20th, 4E 201---

    It was tortourus. To make it anywhere near time I couldn't just hike there, I had to run all the way there and back with the ore and the ingots. The smith tried to cheat me, saying the order was just for 15. But I can read. He commanded me to suck him, even said he would give me "extra". Right there, at his forge. It was degrading. At least he actually kept word. I came back with 25, too late. Mecius didn't complain about that. Noticed I brought 25 back, said "you really love to serve others, don't you?". There really isn't anything like shame, or dignity, left for people like me. People like me who have been stolen from their people, sold over and over again. Used and abused countless times.

    On the bright side, I did get to see the day of light. There were some dead imperial soldiers by the wayside, probably killed in a skirmish with the stormcloaks. One of them kept a journal, he had ink and an almost empty journal. Mecius allowed me to keep it.


    ---Last Seed, 21st, 4E 201---

    Today Mecius sends me to fetch something from Beirand, the smith in Solitude. I have until tomorrow sunset to return, which actually is reasonable. Perhaps the first time was just a test?

    I passed by an ending skirmish between about twenty Imperial soldiers and a dozen Stormcloaks. The imperials easily overpowered the Stormcloaks, it looked really bad. These days they just leave all the corpses and blood to rot, but not before the wolves and other animals chew on them.


    ---Last Seed, 22nd, 4E 201---
    As I arrived in Solitude, a gate guard was executed for high treason. They said he let Ulfric Stormcloak escape after killing High King Torryg (something I only overheard... Aerius obviously didn't buy any paper let alone let me read them, but sometimes you just overhear people talking of rumors...).

    Beirand wanted De'Zras opinion on something, but since she wasn't sent there, he "retrieved" it from me instead. He put some chains and restraints on me (... in public, right at the feet of Castle Dour). Then, while I was gagged, he asked questions: "are they holding? do they pinch?". Figuring that I'd rather not upset him, I answered them by shaking and nodding. After that ordeal he removed them again and I was "free" to return to the mine.

    The belt has something attached to it, it is inside me, I could feel it from the beginning but wasn't sure. During the journey it started to move... it felt good. I wanted to touch myself, but the belt prevents that. It is the ultimate sign of ownership. Putting a belt on someone, so that they can't even touch themselves, pleasure themselves, procreate, or spend any living second without feeling the belt, knowing exactly what it means. That they are owned.


    ---Last Seed, 22nd, 4E 201---
    Today Raccan (a guard of some sort, but he's also wearing a collar?) moved me to the Smithy. I now sleep in the Barracks; still in a cage (albeit a bigger one shared with many slaves), but I have my own cot now. I don't need to sleep on the cage floor any more.

    In the smithy I have to smith rough shapes meant for further refinement. I'm not a smith by any stretch of the imagination, but I've worked with a smith before. De'zras expectations are high to say the least. Today I was supposed to make 40 belts and 120 plugs, which in itself is a lot. But due to her high standards, I had to retouch about two thirds of them, and some another time after that.

    I am completely exhausted now and almost falling asleep writing these lines.

    PS: I have my own chest now... of course I still don't have real property, I "belong" to them, and so does everything I might consider belonging to me.


    ---Last Seed, 24th, 4E 201---
    De'zra was overall pleased with my hard work.

    I am being sent out again. I am looking for someone called Rayani, which works for Master in some Dwemer Ruin, but De'zra does not actually know where. Rayani apparently sent a letter requesting someone to pick stuff up, but a part went missing and the courier is a drunkard who doesn't remember even in which city he picked the letter up.

    All I know is: she is probably in or near some dwemer ruin, and I'd wager it is one close to a city, or at least an inn (due to the courier).

    I have two days to find her. Two.

  6. Getting back to Oblivion


    Well as the title suggest I started playing Oblivion again and set up the mods. Managed it to work with Mod organizer :smiley: , working fine so far. I think I might do few story with it :smile: , the Skyrim stuffs will came as usual, but with a little late, since I was occupied setting the game up.


    So there is a few shots of Cyrodiil, close to the Imperial city.  I choosed divine crusader set, since most of the times I used that as gear :smiley: , so it has kind of nice nostalgic feel due that.


    Since this is Pelinal's armor a little bit of lore of him :smile: 




    Pelinal Whitestrake,

    was known as the Divine Crusader, champion of the Eight divines, warrior from the Future who helped won the Alessian rebellion and defeated the mighty Umaril. To the nords he was Shor, to the Ayleids he was a batshit crazy insane lunatic who killed anything what resembled elven, even Khajiit's was victim of it. Pelinal was crazy, he acted normally around his comrades, but when the battle came his brutality emerged, his acts even disguisted the Divines enough, Alessia needed offer sacrifices and plead for their support everytime he went to battle. Pelinal battle prowness was legendary, he was invincible, by himself was enough to exterminate the Ayleids and single handly won all battle by himself, only Umaril and his seven kings had some chance against him. He defeated Umaril along with his legions of Auroans enchanted by the starlight, after the battle he was worn out and the Seven faced him, he was teared apart seven parts and was dropped around Cyrodiil. The later Era's romantised him, many knight order tried reclaim his armor, such as the Knights of Nine. The Divines put many trials to prevent the future Divine Crusaders even being similar to Pelinal, his succesor was worthy being champion of the Nine, who passed all of their trials. Pelinal was an avatar of the dead divine Lorkhan.


    Each part of his armor are artifact of the Divines.















  7. C4S9.png


    This is the second last entry of chapter 4 and Nora returns to the vampire ball after her adventure with Ahtar and Vasil.



    A complete summary of the first three chapters of this story as well as short character summaries can be found here.


    Chapter 4
    Section 1
    Section 2
    Section 3
    Section 4
    Section 5
    Section 6

    Section 7

    Section 8

    Section 9






    Short Summary of the previous entries:



    Nora was invited to the vampire assembly of Queen Isabella in High Rock.  




    She received a private audience with her Queen. 




    She offers her the title of a Baroness in the Queen's realm in exchange for Nora slaying the current Baron Eric Beauvais. Nora promises to so and the two skip the official banquet and instead celebrate her new title privately.
    Two days have passed since then and the vampire assembly comes to an end with a final ball.




    During this time she took the chance to farewell with two of her close friends








    Chapter 4 Section 9 - Darkest Before the Dawn







    Thanks for reading, the short bestiality scene in the end was and is going to stay a rare exception.

    The Khajiit vampire you see walking around in the first scene is the guy who has to stay sober and prevent the blood frenzied vampire elite of the realm from killing each other in case some fight breaks out. ;)

    There will be one more entry in the coming weeks and afterwards I'll start posting the more story driven and better paced chapter 5. Have a nice weekend guys.


  8. So pretty much wrapping up the Tattoo Pack. I also figured out how to convert everything into an esp thanks to a friendly post :smile:











    Are there any other suggestions on where on the body to place tattoos? lol. I am adding forearm, shins and butt. No breasts because stretching ruins it.

    No face tattoos at this time as well, that's a whole other can of worms. Also, this is all done on a UUNP body.

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    Not sure what to really put here but I figured I may as well kick start this blog finally. :blush:



    Hi Everyone!


    Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day! Below is my gift to you.  Hope you enjoy Adrea’s story!  


    Adrea: Sanguine Valentine   





    Late Night, Retching Netch




    Adrea: *sigh* Another Valentine’s day gone by and yet again I’m alone… for a while there, I understood it.  New girl in town, trying to make a name for herself, being flirtatious, but now, it’s like everyone avoids me during this time of year...




    Adrea:  At least you don’t avoid me Sujamma...nor your friend, Shein.  I think you’re both pretty cool guys I’d like to get to know better.  Bottoms Up!.......It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone I know wasn’t with someone tonight.  Dior, Varina, even Eira found someone!  Eira even kicked me out of my own room tonight!  


    Adrea’s Room   




    Eira:  Evan...I’m not sure how much clearer I can make it.  NO! The bear it NOT watching you!  Get over here NOW and FUCK ME!  




    Eira:  Oh Evan….OOOOHH! EVAN!  YES!!! YESS!!






    Back at the Netch




    Adrea(softly): Stay Strong, Mr. Paws…


    Bartender:  Adrea, there’s someon………...to talk to you….


    Adrea: Huh?  What was that Bartender?



    Bartender:  Adrea! I’m saying this man here wants to have a word with you...Looks like another lonely slod on Valentine’s day.  Maybe you’ll make a friend...if he can put up with your abse…..


    Adrea drowned out the bartender and had a look at average looking man standing in front of her.  He seemed a mage, but wore very basic clothing.  She wondered how someone like him made it through life.  At the very least it could be an interesting story.  




    The average looking man spoke:  Hello there, I’m Sam.  I’m new to these parts after leaving Skyrim and could use a friend.  What’s your name and would you like some help with all those bottles?  




    Adrea:  Hi Sam, I’m Adrea.  And no, unless you like empty bottles!  Then they’re all yours!  Great joke, Adrea…haha...not...



    Sam:  Huh?  


    Adrea (embarrassed):  NOTHING!  I run a small group around here called the Scarlet Sylphs and we do odds jobs for the locals.  What do you do Sam?  




    Sam:  Well, how to put this….I’m a trader of sorts.  I mostly export goods from my home to here, but, I entered into an agreement where I can’t sell my goods for a time.  So I’m using the opportunity to look for new markets.  I tried to convince your Innkeeper here to stock my wine, but he wants to know if there’s a local market for it.  Would you want to try it?  




    Adrea:  Well Sam, that's a very lovely offer and I’d love to help, but I’m not sure I should be taking drinks from stra…


    Bartender:  The product is just OK, Adrea!  I just need to make sure the regulars will buy it.  Go on, I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything strange.  


    Adrea: Ok Then, Sam.  Let’s see your wine.  


    Sam’s Room at the Netch




    Sam:  Here it is, my pride and joy.  Reformulated and brought all the way from…...erhm, Skyrim.  Careful now, it’s pretty potent.  Let me go get a mug for you.  


    5 minutes later…




    Sam:  Sorry it took so long….what in the?


    Adrea:  Sam! *hic* You came back! ….Iiiiii….might have started with you...and...ahhh...drank all your samples….yes...I drank all your samples….samples is a funny word….samples….like your name...SAM-ples.  I’m sorry, I usually don’t get this drunk.  But your SAM-ples (hehe) were SO good….




    Sam:  Yep, that’s my wine!  I told you it was potent stuff.  At least...you’re a fun drunk...not like the last person I let sample my home brew...she got real mad for no reason at all...



    At Sky Jewel Manor…




    Sigrun:  ACHOOO!!!




    Sigrun:  That came out of nowhere.  It’s really weird too, I’m not allergic to anything.  




    Sigrun:  Could it be this Dragon’s Tongue I’m growing?  I suppose Dibella’s love is can be found everywhere, even in plants.  Might need to see the Alchemist about this.  



    Sam’s Room…




    Adrea:  So THAT’S when I told him!  Listen HERE Buddy, I may be wearing a skirt, BUT I still wear the pants around here…hehe, Then I hit him in the face with a Waterball, hehe...So Sam, why are you alone tonight?  You seem nice.  


    Sam:  Guys like me don’t really celebrate holidays like this.  We travel from land to land trading our stock and don’t get too embedded in the local customs.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m down to celebrate love as much as the next guy, it’s just, pragmatists like me don’t have a whole lot of time for fantasies...


    Adrea:  That’s So Sad...I try to live out my fantasies everyday.  But there’s always one that keep eluding me.  


    Sam:  Oh really?  What’s that?


    Adrea:  It’s SO stupid, it’d never happen.  But I want to be a princess and have my prince come for me and take me to his castle so we can do unspeakable things together.  Pretty childish......WOW, never told anyone that before.  But sometimes, I think I’m just a little girl.




    Sam:  Well, it doesn’t sound TOO bad.  Especially for someone so alone on Valentine’s Day or whatever you call it here…


    Adrea:  Thanks a lot, Sam.  :-P


    Sam:  But I think I can help in a way, I’m a bit of a mage myself.  And I think I have a spell which will help make that fantasy of yours a reality.


    Adrea’s eyes lit up:  You can really make it happen?  Do it, now! Wait, go slow, I want to learn the spell too!  


    Sam:  Certainly, don’t blink I’m only going to do this once.





    Misty Grove…




    Adrea:  **COugh**COugh** Sam?  **COugh**coUGH** Sam, I blinked.  Where are you?  


    Sam’s voice:  Over here, I just whisked you off to my realm…




    Adrea turned to see a Dremora clad in daedric finery looking down at here.  


    Sam:  ...and I am a Prince.  Just not the human kind.  I Am Sanguine, Daedric Prince of Debauchery, and I’m going to make your wish...and mine….come true.  




    Adrea starred in surprise at Sanguine.  She had studied the Daedric Princes, but never had she beheld one.  From all the stories she’d heard, Adrea know she should be filled with a mixture of fear, dread, and nervousness but strangely enough she felt comfortable, energetic, and more than that...Horny.




    Adrea climbed to her feet, wrapped herself in her arms and said:  My Prince!  You’ve come for me at last!  Let me free you from that armor.  




    A few seconds of stripping later…


    Adrea:  My Prince, you’re so well chiseled and well endowed, let this fair maiden show you her skills…




    Sanguine:  Foolish Mortal!  I am Sanguine and I…


    Adrea squeezed hard on Sanguine’s cock forcing him to bite down hard and cut his sentence off.


    Adrea (quietly):  Listen Prince, this is my fantasy.  Please, just play the part and be a good wholesome prince for me.  I promise, I won’t disappoint you.  


    Sanguine:  Foolis **Ahem**Fair Princess...I’m eager to see what you’re capable of…




    Adrea:  Oh my, Dear Prince, it is so big!  I believe I’m going to need two hands for this.  Come now, get hard for me…




    Adrea(to herself):  Not a very princess-like thing to say, I guess I’m not good at this whole role-playing thing after I’ve been drinking.  Hmm, how did Varina say to do this again?




    Adrea (to herself):  Right, she said “Work the shaft and blow on the tip, it drives the men crazy”  


    Sanguine:  Fair Mortal, you have teased me enough!




    Adrea:  Don’t worry my Prince, I’m not teasing anymore.  


    She sucked hard on the daedric lord’s meat stick.  




    Adrea continued to suck and Sanguine began to shiver where he stood.  


    Sanguine:  Nines, Mortal.  I’ve never had someone so enthuastically perform fellacio on me before.  You wouldn’t happen to be in the service of your divines would you?


    Adrea wiped her mouth


    Adrea:  I’m not. I highly doubt they’d look favorable on a Mage that fornicates with demora, anyway.    




    Raising Adrea to her feet, Sanguine removed Adrea’s skirt.  He began to play, gently, with her clitoris.


    Sanguine:  Fair Princess, you’ve shown me the skill of your mouth.  Let me show you the skill of my tongue.  


    Adrea:  My Prince, I’m quivering with anticipation…




    He laid her down and, using a select choice of his many techniques, Sanguine began explore the interior regions of Adrea’s pussy.  




    Adrea began to moan as the her daedric prince explored deeper inside her.




    Sanguine lifted Adrea’s pelvis and took her legs onto his shoulders.


    Sanguine:  Princess, you taste wonderful.  I could eat you all day, but I think it’s time for the main course soon.  I will finish you up here.  


    Adrea: hahhh….my Prince….haahh, please, haah.




    Sanguine thought back to his previous experience and began to use this tongue in a variety of thrusts and strokes.  


    Adrea:  OOOoohh, Prince….aahhh!  


    Quivering, Adrea orgasmed and squirted onto Sanguine’s chest.  Sanguine shuddered momentarily as if caught by surprise.  


    Adrea (embarrassed):  I’m sorry, Prince.  


    Sanguine:  Nonsense, you’ve very clearly told me you’re enjoying this.  Strangely so, I am as well.  Come, let us get off this dirt and move to a real bed.  




    After a quick jaunt through the Mist (where Adrea ‘mysteriously’ lost her top) the Prince and ‘Princess’ came upon a bed surrounded by Sanguine Roses.  




    Adrea quickly jumped on the bed and coyly smiled.  It was one of the most comfortable bet she had ever laid in.   


    Sanguine:  You’re quite excited for this aren’t you?  Would you care to take your boots off before we start making passionate love?  




    Adrea :  I could use some help getting out of them, would you mind taking them off with your teeth?  The latches are quite difficult to undo with my feminine fingers…




    Sanguine and Adrea continued their cat and mouse game of foreplay until Sanguine pinned Adrea between the head of the bed and himself.  He eagerly put his daedric lance on her pussy, but stopped short of a full thrust.  


    Sanguine:  Adrea, this is serious now.  Few mortals are able to have sex with a demora and ever go back to any mortal man.  Are you prepared for this?  




    Adrea leaned back, grab Sanguine’s penis and slid it inside of her.  


    Adrea:  My Prince, I don’t believe I would have it any other way...right now. Show me what your big daedric dick can do.  


    Sanguine began thrusting.




    While she was enjoying herself, Adrea was a bit dissatisfied with the missionary position.  This was her fantasy and she wanted to enjoy every moment of it.  


    Adrea:  My Prince,  Let’s try another position.




    Sanguine:  Princess, like this I cannot gaze upon your face.  Turn around so that I may look upon you.




    Adrea:  Flattering my Lord, but you work too hard.  Please, allow me to do some of the HARD work for now.  




    Sanguine: As you wish, while you’re up there lifting, I’ll take this opportunity to look at some of your other ASSets.  




    Adrea smiled: YOu’re so dirty, Prince.  OOOoooohhh, I wouldn’t have it...any other….Way.




    Adrea built up speed with her hips and slapped her cheeks on Sanguine’s pelvis.  The grove filled with panting breaths and heated moans.  




    Adrea leaned back:  How’s the view my Prince?  


    Sanguine:  Satisfactory my dear…


    Adrea (offended): HEY! What do you me…


    Sanguine:  I think I’m going to need to see your booty in action soon :-D.    




    Adrea:  Oh you dirty thing, I’ll make you cum so hard you won’t be able to walk after this.  


    Sanguine grunted as Adrea moved even faster than before.  




    Unfortunately, Adrea was not able to keep it up for very long.  As a mage, she did not have great stamina.  She slowed and began to grind on her Prince.  




    Exhausted she lay back into her lover.


    Sanguine:  Shall we switch positions, Love?


    Adrea smiled:  If you don’t mind.




    Adrea moved onto all fours and presented to Sanguine.  Eager to try out a new hole, Sanguine wasted little time inserting.  


    Sanguine:  My dear...urgh...you are a tight little thing.  


    Adrea:  Thanks...I think?  If it doesn’t please my lord, then…




    Sanguine:  No….No, It’s perfect princess.  Just let me do the work.  


    The Prince grabbed Adrea’s arms for support lifting her up off of the bed.  




    Adrea:  ooo….you’re….twitching again, Prince….are you going to cum?  


    Sanguine could only grunt in agreement and sprayed his seed into her booty.  




    After leaning back onto the bed, Sanguine was breathing heavily.  Playfully Adrea teased.  


    Adrea:  Oh, Prince...I’m not done yet.  Please don’t be done yet.


    Sanguine:  Fair Mortal, I am the Prince of Debauchery.  For my lust to be out done by yours is unacceptable.  Let’s continue!




    Tried as he might, Sanguine seemed a little fatigued.  It was obvious to Adrea that their pace was a bit too quick for him.  


    Adrea:  You’re moving a little slower down there, Prince.  Do you need a little assistance?  We can take a break if you want too.  


    A little offended that this Mortal had the gall to think she broke him, Sanguine had an evil thought.  


    Sanguine :  No...No Princess, everything is just fine.  Do me a favor and grab your legs for me…?


    Adrea:  Like this?  




    Sanguine sprung to action trapping Adrea’s legs in his muscular arms.  


    Adrea:  Huh, HEY! No Fair!


    Sanguine:  Now, Dear Princess, you’ve been a naughty girl.  I’m going to show you that Sanguine’s lust eclipses all and make you cum screaming.  


    The demora began to thrust more quickly than he’d done previously.  Pleasurable feelings overcame Adrea once again until.  




    Adrea:  Oh...YES….Oh...Sanguine...Oh, Fuck!...OH...AHH!


    Adrea came and Sanguine allowed himself a smirk.  That would teach this teasing little mortal.




    Adrea sat upon her partner, her chest heaving.  


    Adrea:  My Lord,  that was the hottest thing I’ve ever had done to me.  Can we keep going?  




    Adrea began to casually play with Sanguine’s cock, but even he could see her trembling.  


    Sanguine:  Dear Princess, you needn't push yourself.  As I mentioned before we began, sex with a demora might be too much for a mortal like you.  There may be other times…




    Adrea stopped stroking and put the penis inside of her.  She began grinding as she said:  


    Adrea:  I only have this one opportunity to live out my fantasy.  Ahhhh...I want to...going to...make the most of this...Ahhh-oopprtunity.  For myself...and for you, My Prince.  




    As he looked up in the Mortal’s eyes, Sanguine had a sudden realization.  Adrea was not just a toy he could play with at his leisure, although, he could if he wanted too.  At that moment, he began to see her as a fleeting thing, to grace his long existence of mischief-making and toil.  




    Again, Adrea collapsed on her lover.  The cowgirl position was really too pleasurable for her.  Rather than be disgusted by his partner’s weakness, Sanguine had a different thought.


    Sanguine:  You, beautiful creature, come rest on me.  I will see to your every need, tonight.  


    Adrea kissed him fully and Sanguine began to wonder if Adrea had lied when she said she was not in the service of the Aedra.  




    A short time later, Adrea and Sanguine lay side by side.


    Adrea:  Prince, I wish we could stay like this forever.


    Sanguine:  Be careful what you wish for, Princess.  It is within my power to grant such wishes, but, I know this is not what you want.  Even a Daedric Lord MUST do SOME work from time to time.  




    Adrea: I suppose you’re right.  Besides, it would cruel to my girls if I just disappeared for the rest of my life.  Varina might just go crazy worrying about me, she always was so motherly.  


    Sanguine:  Tell me more of your mortal friends,  Adrea.  You make such cute moans when you talk and fuck.




    Adrea smiled:  Well, my Prince, we can talk about them at length in a bit.  Right now, I just want to enjoy you and the last few moments of our time together.  




    With that, Adrea gestured for Sanguine to come in for a kiss.  As their lips met, both beings passionately kissed and orgasmed.  Adrea forgot the passage of time and just enjoyed her afterglow.  




    After a time, Adrea snapped back to consciousness.  Unwittingly, she had fallen asleep next to Sanguine, but he was no longer beside her.  




    She looked around frantically to find Sanguine, clad in his daedric dress, walking away on his own.  




    Coming to a realization she had fought to delay for so long, Adrea said


    Adrea:  Is the night over?  Is this the end?




    Sanguine stopped and looked over his shoulder.


    Sanguine:  Yes, Princess.  Morning has come, I must prepare to return you to your world once again.  




    Saddened, Adrea asked softly:  Does it have to end?  Can you make sure, I never forget this night?




    The distance between Sanguine and Adrea seemed to be growing larger as the Daedric Lord spoke.


    Sanguine:  I will not warp your mind to relive the same moment in life over and over again.  Nor have I discovered the secret to move throughout the flow of time, but I think I can give you a momento of the night you lived your fantasy.




    The bed Adrea was sitting on was torn apart and she found herself in the middle of a magic circle.  The materials of the bed warped and began to twist around her.  Before she know what was going on, Adrea found herself wearing thigh high crimson boots...




    A backless “dress”...and not very much else…




    The wooden aspects of the bed turned into a living rose of black and magenta hues.  


    Sanguine:  You hold a Black Rose of Sanguine, Princess.  It is a plant that parents my Sanguine Roses.  




    Sanguine:  A mage like yourself should notice an increase in your own magical prowess while holding it.


    That moment Adrea thought of a spell it appeared in her hand


    Adrea:  This is Longstride?  I could never do Longstride without concentration before!




    Sanguine:  Furthermore, you wear the armor of a Black Rose, as your skill in the field of magic grows so stronger will the enchantments on the armor be.  


    Adrea:  Prince, I don’t know what to say…


    Sanguine:  Come, Adrea.  It is time to go.




    Sanguine and Adrea walked down to a bridge overlooking a stream in the Misty Grove.  Before she was summoned away, Adrea pulled her Prince close for one final goodbye.  


    Adrea:  Well, Prince.  I’m not sure what I can say or do to make up for what you’ve done for me tonight.  From the Rose to the outfit to last night, where do I begin?


    Sanguine:  You’ve shown me something, Mortal.  Something which in all of my sexual conquests of other mortals I’ve rarely seen.  A bright light in my long, dull existence.  But you can do me 2 favors.  One, convince your bartender to stock my wine and two, keep up with your mischievous antics.  I so enjoy watching you from afar.  




    Adrea: Have you been watching me for a long time, Sanguine?


    Sanguine:  I keep tabs on all Mortals I feel have potential.  You in particular because you amuse me, and tonight, I learned you could show me more than that.  Farewell, Adrea.  I’m sure we will meet again.  


    With that, Sanguine kissed Adrea and she was sent back to the Retching Netch.  


    Sam’s Room, Retching Netch




    Adrea:  I cannot believe that just happened!  Maybe I need to take a cold shower to cool myself down?  


    Instantly a jet of cold water shot out of Adrea’s hand.  


    Adrea:  WOAH! I didn’t mean now! Geesh, I need to get used to this level of magic.  When I’m in this outfit, it’s almost like I can’t control my magic.  




    Adrea walked into the middle of the Tavern then had a horrifying thought.


    Adrea:  Wait! Where’s my Rose?  


    Instantly the Black Rose appeared in her hand.  It caught Adrea by surprise, this was going to take some getting used too.  




    Bartender:  So I take it you had a good night last night, Adrea?  Judging from your new clothes and new tricks, I guess you and Sam did a little more than just “test”  his product last night.  So what do you think?  Is there a market for it here?




    Adrea:  Sam? Oh! Your supplier from last night...I have a different name for him now...tehe.  Yes, I think you should stock that wine.  Tastes great and...as you can see...no hangover!  Although I did find, I share more of myself than I usually do when I drink it.  




    Bartender:  Well, I’ll believe that.  Are you sure he didn’t “Sway” your opinion with his gifts, that flower or maybe his other talents?  


    Adrea:  What do you mean?! If you mean did he have sex with me last night to sway my opinion, you’d be wrong on 1 of 2 counts.  My opinion was not changed by his talents in the bedroom!  I’m insulted you’d think otherwise, hmp!




    Bartender: Uh huh, well next time he comes back I’ll be sure to buy a case or two from him.  In the meantime, let’s talk about the issue of payment.  


    Adrea:  I’m not about to pay you a finder’s fee for getting me laid last night!  I was doing you a favor!




    Bartender:  Oh, I’m not talking about that.  Sam’s been renting that room for the past week, but I saw him leave this morning before you came out.  He said you’d pay for the room.  That’ll be 2,000 septims, please.  


    Adrea:  EHHHH!?!?!?!






    Author’s Notes




    Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed this one.  I had a lot of fun with it, but I need some feedback on it.  My production times on things like this is a bit inflated because I think I’m taking too many pictures.  This piece, for example, was only supposed to have about 30-45 frames but ended up being 90.  I blame the sex scenes (giggity). But what I’m looking for is some advice on pair down my sex scenes to just the necessary ones.  There are so many different angles I think look good, but it’s hard for me to just choose 3 or 4 for each animation.  Let me know what you think below.  Or even if you prefer the longer format stories.  Thanks again for reading!




    Adrea:  See you later!  








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    This story isn’t exactly The Sims, but is important in the process of Christianization of you guys. I’m also drawer, multi-instrumental, and the stories of DGH have a merge of drawings, digital images and sound: This one is different, but it has many poses, and, somehow, may be interesting to you guys.

    In mode that, posting anything here, will be always a thanking.





















































    [ Story 1 and 2 are combined in this spoiler tag]


    [ Tel Mithryn ]


    Dova: Wow that was fun, I cant wait to go on that again.


    Neloth: Your... your back. I never thought I'd see you again.

    Dova: Oh so you doubted me, really Neloth?


    Neloth: Yes well, what of Miraak?

    Dova: Defeated and now serves me just as I now serve Hermaeus Mora because we both got our asses kicked by him and one of us got fucked by him, I wont say who but now I cant stop thinking about it.


    Neloth: Yes well, what are you doing here Dragonborn?

    Dova: I'm looking for my friend Lydia. Do you know where the people went after they were freed from Miraaks silly stone?


    Neloth: Hmm... your best bet would be try Raven Rock. See if they have seen this Lydia, although you might want to cover up. I doubt the guard will just let you walk around in that, whatever that is?

    Dova: Do you not like my new outfit? Awww Neloth  your making me sad


    Neloth: I see Hermaeus has already started to drain your mind of your sanity. It wont be long before you one of those crazies on the Island seeking knowledge.

    Dova: I'm not crazy, your the crazy one for living in a giant mushroom. Mr Nuts


    Neloth: I see there is no point in arguing with you anymore.

    Dova: Yay I won


    Neloth: Are you done?

    Dova: Yep, I gotta go. Bye Neltoh, nice beard by the way makes you look old and boring


    Neloth: Oh yes hold on, wait just a second Dragonbon

    Dova: Hmm?


    Neloth: Its not just your outfit that could get you into trouble, your... eyes are glowing I see. I'm not too sure people how will react to that. Perhaps a blindfold to hide them?

    Dova: Oh Neloth I can see fine. See I'm fine


    Neloth: Yes, right well be seeing you

    Dova: See yeah later Alligator


    Dova: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Some Time Later... 

    Raven Rock


    Dova: Lydia is likey waiting somewhere in Raven Rock for me with some nice tea


    Dova: Excuse me Captain Veleth Sir

    Captain Velth: Yes what is it?


    Dova: Have you seen the other Nord I came here with, her name was Lydia. She was under control of Miraak and I'm looking for her now shes free so we can hang out and be best of friends and do each others hair and-

    Captain Velth: Hmm.. no I'm not too sure I do.


    Dova: Oh... ok then. Well guess I could--

    Captain Velth: Although there are a lot of new people in town. Now that the mines are open again. I think I saw a Nord or two around here. You'd bets check The Retching Netch to see if their there.


    Dova: Ok thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    Captain Velth: Right back to it then


    Raven Rock Guard: Looking good Cit- I mean... good day citizen

    Dova: Thank you, you look very good too in that Bonemold Armour, nice and boney




    Dova: Lydia! Lydia!


    Dova: Lydia are you here? Oh please be here!


    Dova: Shes gone... I've lost her... no no no


    Cindiri Arano: Thats an interesting outfit, you should come by to our orgies my dear. You look yummy

     Dova: I'm good thanks.


    Cindiri Arano: Well alright then. Shame I wanted a piece of that ass

     Dova: Damn it... shes gone


     Dova: Lydia has left me...


     Dova: Well... time to move on I guess.


     Dova: I'm going back to Skyrim, to my home.


     Dova: To end this once and for all.







    [ Alert! Alert! Alert! Code 3 I repeat Code 3! New Character inbound]














    [ Blackreach ]



    Ariella: I knew it was a stupid idea to explore these stupid Dwemer ruins alone.


    Ariella: Damn it, I thought joining the Adventures Guild would be a good thing. Now I'm enslaved by the Falmer yay!


    Ariella: Whats going on here? Who are you people, and why are you still alive, why am I still alive for that matter?

    Falmer Servant: The Falmer keep us as workers. Do as they want and you'll get to live.


    Ariella: Funny, you call this living? I call it being a Slave

    Falmer Servant: I call it surviving. I've been down here Gods knows how long and if I want to see my Sons again I gotta survive. You got a name Elf?


    Ariella: Ariella, I'm with the Adventures Guild in Solitude.

    Falmer Servant: Adventures Guild, whats that?


    Ariella: We seek out long lost items of legend. I was hoping to find one in this Dwemer Ruin, only found hordes of Falmer and their sit everywhere.

    Falmer Servant: I doubt you would have gotten fair, the Falmer here are in the hundreds. They watch us 24/7


    Ariella: You do know they are blind yes? They can not see us.

    Falmer Servant: Yes yes I know they are, just a figure of speech Ariella.


    Ariella: Anyone tried to escape?

    Falmer Servant: Many have, all of them are now food for those things the Falmer keep as pets. Like I said you want to live do as they want, thats how anyone is still alive down here.


    Ariella: Damn it, hey where are all the woman?

    Falmer Servant: Ugh.... you dont want to know, but you'll find out soon enough I'm afraid.


    Ariella: Yes I do, thank you very much!

    Falmer Servant: The Falmer... well you wont be here long, this is where the men stay and work.


    Ariella: Right, I'm so looking forward to it now <Sarcastic Toned>

    Falmer Servant: Take off your amour here Ariella


    Ariella: Alright now what?

    Falmer Servant: Um... you gonna put something on atleast?


    Ariella: Why? You got an erection all of a suden?

    Falmer Servant: Nope not at all. Well the Falmer will be here any moment. Just do as they want ok. Hate for you to be some monsters food.


    Ariella: Yeah yeah I dont plan on being some Chaurus food. Thank you very much.

    Falmer Servant: That what those things are called... oh well guess you can learn something new still.


    Ariella: Fuck off freak!

    Falmer: <Falmer points to his pants and then at Ariella>


    Ariella: I'm not sucking your manky old dick, so fuck off

    Falmer: <Again Falmer points at Ariella and then his penis>







    Ariella: Yuck... I feel so gross now, gonna need to take at least 100 baths to get this stench out

    Falmer: <Falmer points at Ariella and then to his chest>


    Ariella: Guess its back to that holding Cell for old Ariella, yay... I'm so going to die down here.


    Ariella: And of course this being all males area that all have erections. I gotta get on top of this before they do something they will regret to me.




    The next day


    Ariella: You, can you get me something?

    Falmer Servant: Um... what do you want?


    Ariella: Some Chaurus Chitin, can you get it?

    Falmer Servant: Um... ok why do you want that?


    Ariella: So I can make some armour you dummy. Now can you?

    Falmer Servant: Um... sure I can get you a few pieces every once in a while


    Ariella: You, can you get me some string or whatever it is the Falmer make to make they're amour stay together

    Falmer Servant: Um.... maybe why?


    Ariella: So I can make some armour fool

    Falmer Servant: Um.. maybe... I'll try


    Ariella: I'm going to need a lot of Chitin to make something


    Ariella: Could take weeks... months even. 


    Ariella: I dont want to be stuck down here that long... oh Azura help me






    A few weeks later...


    Ariella: What the.. what was that? A fight? 


    Ariella: Wow... who are you two? 


    Aria: Just kicking Falmer butt, and who are you good looking?

    Seline: Aria stop it


    Aria: What I was just being friendly, look at the poor Dark Elf shes been a Falmer's cum dump for a while.

    Seline: Are you ok? Whats your name?


    Ariella: Ariella, are you with the Adventures Guild?

    Aria: Were with the kick ass and taking names Guild.

    Seline: No, I'm afraid not Ariella. Come on were get you home


    Ariella: Right.. do you have any food.... I'm starving

    Aria: Well Seline has her famous Milk, I'm sure theirs a few jugs of that left back at the base camp right Seline.

    Seline: What my silly friend is trying to say is that we have some back at our camp.


    Ariella: Good....  because I'm not feeling too........

    Aria: Oh no, there she goes

    Seline: Oh no catch her



    Aria: Too late shes gone Seline

    Seline: Damn it...


    Ariella: Zzz...

    Aria: Aww... isnt she cute sleeping. Can we keep her?

    Seline: Aria shh please. I'll carry her while you watch our backs ok.

    Aria: Yay an escort mission, I'll watch your back like a buttcrack




    [ Auriel's Sanctum ] [ Forgotten Vale ]


    Velestra: I would appear I have found a long lost Relic, The Sanctum of Auriel.



    Velestra: How far they have really fallen, such hideous creatures now. Although this is odd, they were killed facing towards the Temple. As if someone was defending it. Odd, are they fighting each other now?




    Velestra: Perhaps this possess something I can use. 



    Velestra: Open, odd. This should be sealed, someones been here recently



    Velestra: Frozen Falmer, strange. Who could have done this?



    Velestra: So much for worshipping Auriel, what good did it do when the Atomoran's slaughtered us, drove us to extinction. Now I am all that remains of a dead race. Velestra "The Forsaken Snow Elf is the Sole Survivor"




    Velestra: They must had fled here, refusing the offer the Dwarves gave us. Still it didnt save them.



    Velestra: More bodies, maybe they ran out of food, maybe they hid as the monsters when came for them. 



    Velestra: The elements have overwhelmed this place. But, this looks like a way to another part of this place. 





    Velestra: A throne? I bet some fool sat on that at one point. Now its empty, just like this place.



    Velestra: If this place wasnt a ruin, I'd enjoy this Throne but still, its a Ruin.


    Velestra: My my, what is this some surviving Snow Elves?


    Velestra: Thats not possible, is it?


     Mirielle: I know that we might be the last remaining two Snow Elves Gelebor, but I do not think it is wise to bring a child into this world. We do not have a home, we do not have somewhere safe to raise a child. The Falmer continue to attack, you must leave this place with me. We can find some where else to live where we will be safe start a family and look for other survivors. I found you didnt I?

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: I'm afraid I can not do that Mirielle, I am a sworn Knight-Paladin and will keep my oath till I die. There is nothing you convince to me of leaving this place.


     Mirielle: I knew you'd say that. But their are hordes of Falmer in the Valley. Just the two of us can not defeat them. If they launch an attack we will be killed. Just like everyone else

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: I know Mirelle, I know that--


    Velestra: Hello there!

     Mirielle: What the, you stay right there!

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: Who are you, how did you get in here?


    Velestra: The names Velestra and I live here, well in the valley anyway.

     Mirielle: What do you what?

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: Wait a moment.... are you... are you one of us?


    Velestra: I was once yes, long ago. Now I am something... different.

     Mirielle: Good different or bad different?

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: We mean you no hard, you are no Falmer.


    Velestra: Depends on my mood really, right now I'm not feeling angry after I killed all those Falmer, but you should be careful with what you say otherwise the Snow Elves will go extinct today.

     Mirielle: You do not need to threaten us, we are no threat to you Velestra.

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: I wasnt aware their were any other Snow Elfs in the Vally. What brought you here to us?


    Velestra: Thats my business and I wasnt looking for you. I live in the Valley because it is away from people

     Mirielle: This place is in the middle of no where.  The Atmoran's have no clue where here

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: Nor do anyone else. The rest of the world believes us dead.


    Velestra: Good, I'd like it to stay that way. Like you I have a connection to this place. I will protect it.

     Mirielle: Alright then, perhaps we can help each other?

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: Yes, we can help one another.


    Velestra: What is it you want? Oh and if I dont like it. I'll kill you both right now

     Mirielle: Look, we want a way out of this place but its surrounded by Falmer. We would use the Wayshrines to leave to the Vally only for some reason something is preventing them from working.

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor: Yes, without you we are dead anyway. What do you say Velestra?








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    Freya, wondering why The Bannered Mare hasn't burnt down yet ... I mean look at it! That's one hot roaring fire about twelve inches away from a big tinder pile of dry wood!

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    After the problems with the operating system I worked intensively on "Carpa98".
    These are some of the images of the week.



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    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all had the chance to share today with a loved one. And if not, just remember: tomorrow offers a lot of good deals on chocolate :tongue:

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    Subbed in the replacement Burned Astrid texture from here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1029-new-astrid-burned-body-texture-unp/


    Seemed appropriate to use it on the Flame Atronoch'd  follower version of Yisra I made for myself ages ago. Works quite well, actually. Although I'm not quite sure what to use to get the head texture working. Have to do some more research.


    Not quite sure what I'm going to do with this, but it seems like it'd be a shame not to use it somehow.




  16. Included are:


    - I. The Magician Ilais -- not sex, but a somewhat sexual exploration of 0sex's WIP wizard sex feature.






    - II. Orc and Musclegirl -- a fit woman has sex with her orc follower. turns out orc dicks have a trippy aphrodisiac effect. fun ensues!





    - III. Bandit BDSM -- a warrior gets captured by a bandit and locked up, once he returns, will she be able to control her growing libido? (She won't)









    ALL THREE VIDEOS: https://mega.nz/#!3wJUFaAD!IJJoLMANzfCzKfw6AIOXYKBF0fxjlgV7nGzGOQyGxV4


    I. The Magician Ilais: https://mega.nz/#!zhpl3YwA!L58g0P-Bc2x_q_AixZLXsTQrsfUcIFzGaIC_yn7H5jE


    II. Orc and Musclegirl: https://mega.nz/#!ithDEDTD!UWl2BdJS2O4qKmQ_e6aWAbjbsJqN4ztWUGkkm4ptE4o


    III. Bandit BDSM: https://mega.nz/#!a4QEAIhC!VEmjqDpJagOuEAZ-BxJMfpQhq6JFZi3eRwZy2jeFjM8




    I. The Magician Ilais: https://xhamster.com/videos/the-magician-ilais-9026142


    II. Orc and Musclegirl: https://xhamster.com/videos/orc-and-musclegirl-9026141


    III. Bandit BDSM: https://xhamster.com/videos/bandit-bdsm-9026140





    All the music is from WoW.
    The majority of the sex is 0sex.
    If you have a question about mods, let me know.



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    Cleaning the junk from my PC I found never published pics from Ivy's "Kinky sisters" story. I asked her what she wants to do with them and she said: Let's make short story.

    So thanks to Triloque and @Crw we bring you short comic sex story.


    Actors are total strangers who have only elven race in common. Wood elf was picking through the window while guards were sleeping. They caught him and they interrogate him.

    Place and time: Guards outpost near Whiterun.












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    Below is the fourth chapter of the story of Benor and Tabrielle, a.k.a. the « White-ash» ; told by the latter.


    After hearing about Urunach's rampage in the Reach, our heroes begin their travel towards their objective. New to Skyrim's travels ? Prepare your backpack, and expect the unexpected ! 

    Previous chapter is a highly recommended read if you wanna understand something of what's going on.

    Need to refresh your memory about the characters ? You'll find a summary into Malicia's library, and also her personal collection of Loverlabs' story blogs !

    Likes and comments are welcome and keep me motivated, so if you want to see more chronicles you know what to do ! :classic_wink: