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Continuing my lazy attempted tale at Dragonborn quest (Which is more of a documented "let's play" than a new story, but I added variations)  🤣   Previously What happened are you OK? I... I think I am. My head is still spinning... You got me really worried there for a second, it's like you were  completely gone. What was that? It's all a big blur, but I think I saw something... I think she knows... She's helping me remember, she there, in my head too... The Daedra


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Dark Ascension Horizon: Chapter 13, Part 1

Captured. Selenia assumes the worst as Jenna has been possessed by a sadistic, malevolent force controlling her.  Selenia hopes she can break free and escape, but fears her chances of saving Jenna may be slim.         Dark Ascension: Horizon, Book 2 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7: Part 1 Chapter 7: Parts 2 and 3 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 "SPECIAL" Chapter 10 Chapter 11: Parts 1 an


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100 followers, a positive set up for a week and a champion that nobody asked for.

Greetings there, dear traveler! Well, it so happened that not so long ago I crossed the line of 100 subscribers. I am extremely happy about this event, and also very happy to be a part of such a wonderful community as LoversLab. So today I would like to bring to your attention something different! A follower whom I am placing in your care.     She is a melee fighter with a unique Daedric one-handed sword, but she is also great with weapons in both hands, if you giv

Fuck tha gang #1

See 4 horny thugs fuckin' 'round in tha gang's headquarta.    A little gay porn machinima created with Sims 4, wicked whims, basemental drugs and basemental gangs. My first attempt to add sound - I am always thankful for any feedback to become better! 670710239_Yeahfuckthegang.mp4


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Honorable family members

The morning my Prince and Antonio went to Istria on the meeting with the chief of the police, we stayed shortly afterwards because dad Boss had to say something to us. Dad Boss: My beloved, I’m glad to see how every one of you is very concerned about Prince’s safety. I am too, but have you noticed that we pressed him hard lately? We criticized his upbringing, his deeds as a bodyguard, his life philosophy …… we were after him for almost everything …… That is not right. He isn’t a child but f


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The Paladin

Introducing Ansel, one of my only 2 male characters, and a Paladin by profession 😆 Sorry, no lewds this time. Those happen in stories from other characters...   Bleak Falls Memento   A knight's quest is not only a physical quest, but a spiritual quest as well. From the very moment Ansel arrived to Skyrim, he had a clear purpose in mind, to fulfill his oath, and to vanquish evil wherever he found it. Unlike the many tales that have been told over the ages, it was neve


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[Screenshots] Vels Favorite Toy

After returning home to learn that the Slave maid has been punished. Mistress Phoenix submits herself to her Mistress for failure to teach the Slave Maid a proper lesson.   Oh man, I am so jealous of this! I was locked up in the next room. So I guess next time guys, next time  

Agent Tex

Agent Tex

Collygon's Official Mod Page

Newest Update: Ranger Nomad Armor Added!   Hey guys!   This is my official mod page for all my mods. Whenever I release a mod, be it on the Nexus, tumblr, or twitter it can also be found here! This page will be republished every time I release a new mod as well.   To download the mod, simply click on the image. It will redirect you to the download location. Some mods have additional downloads or features. If so, it will be listed below the image.   NEWEST


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Pizzazzed. Chapter 12. You've Got Pizzazzed!

It was a glorious time to see this whole thing unravel. Daan was reading the interview in his new leather chair, feeling absolutely glorious. They actually did it. And now finally Penny told the whole story. It actually was a bit of a fling and hookup that happened the first time Daan and Penny met. She was head over heels for him and they started hooking up on a regular basis. It was just two people focused on their careers and having fun with each other up until Daan started filming Za


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