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5: smol update

More:   I didn't post anything for a month or two. But now I got a nasa supercomputer pc upgrade, thanks to a very special person I know. Now that I'm not restricted by hardware, I can do whatever I want. Which means I can pump out more content with more framerate and higher quality! I don't know if I should write this here but. Thank you, again. I'll record more stuff this week. I'm excited about all the things I can now do, that I previously just couldn't do due to bad fr


ugraine in Screenshots

BONUS - Chapter 30 | Destiny (P1)

Back to Goodneighbor. These events are directly related to the History chapter, from a different perspective: the character who was captured and brought here.       I am Isabel. I used to be known as the Queen, and I ruled my little world with an iron fist. All that came to an end when I was betrayed and tortured by my former slave, who took revenge on me. I underestimated her then she turned me in to Goodneighbor's rulers, whom I'd tried to con by allying myself with the T


Stanoth in FO4 - Calista's adventures

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