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  1. We were very proud at Lidija, especially my Prince when she told us that she invited Gabriela in the Hotel bar and treating her with juice, she told her why she was hostile toward her. She also apologized to her for being rude and she promised to her she’d be much nicer to her. She started with inviting her to have a lunch with her and Ivan in Sunday. Gabriela gladly accept it and she apologized for sending wrong signals that she tried to push her away from my Prince. It wasn’t her intention especially because she highly respect my Prince and because she saw how much she loves him as her friend. My Prince warmly hugged Lidija and kissed her on her forehead as the sign of his love and approval.



    Yesterday morning started cold and rainy. I wasn’t feeling sick but I didn’t feel going to work. I stayed home. My children were around me all the time and they always returned to me in the house office whenever our moms took them away telling them that their mommy is working and they should let me alone. Although I love my children very much I have no my Prince’s patience with them, so, when they started to bother me I locked the office telling them to go play somewhere else or to bother their grandparents. It wasn’t nice of me. Very soon I remembered my Prince who was dead tired many times and in the need for sleep, but he was never angry at them when they woke him up or climbed all over him letting him no sleep. He joyfully played with them. I felt guilty and sorry. I let them in the office and placing her into my lap I listened to my daughter’s “important things” she MUST to tell me and Mikey’s often: “Mom, this” and “Mom, that” and similar stuff. My time with them means a lot to them and I have to respect that as a parent.



    My luvs worked for the major yesterday as his bodyguards. Before the meeting the major asked the journalists to sustain from taking pictures and from asking certain type of questions. As it is always, there are those who break the rules. There were two journalists that asked the major forbidden questions and often interrupting the other journalists. After two warnings, the major told them to leave the room. They didn’t want to demanding answers. My Prince and Ivy took them out by force ignoring their insults and swear. But, when the female journalist said to them: “I heard about you two! You think you are something, but I’ll prove to everyone you aren’t!” my luvs decided to talk to her boss after the bodyguarding job. So, they visited him. He received them and they told him that she threatened to them. They wanted him to talk to her for she obviously doesn’t know whom she threatened. The boss was very cooperative. He knows Antonio and the chief of the police. After short talk to them, he said to her that she forgot herself thinking that she is big shot and irreplaceable because she works long time in the newspaper agency. He told her that they are very respectful members of our community who are helping the law in their free time and that she has no right to question their way of doing things based on the rumors and unchecked stories. He also told her that she crossed the line by threatening them that she will expose them. She had to apologize to them or she will be fired. He warned her that if she ever publish anything about them or against them, she will harvest heavily consequences. After that, they thanked to director and left the office.



    Anyway, coming home they kissed me and our children and ran to the beach to swim since it was windy and rainy. Knowing that we long to be with them, they didn’t stay long. They joined us after quick shower. Since I missed my “dose” I fucked them good in our bedroom when our children took the nap. Then we had great time playing with our children when they woke up. Oh my, they joyfully screamed aloud when he was playing the hungry lion chasing us around on all four and roaring. They also loved to ride on his back and they laughed a lot. After the evening routine, we watched “Kate” movie online. We didn’t like it. It was one in the serious of female assassins movies, but badly done. Since we weren’t in the mood to search for new movie we kept watching it. At the end of the movie my Prince said:

    - Her legs were only worthy thing to see in the movie. Everything else is shit!

    My Ivy and I blasted in laughter and we were all over him making him very aroused. Then we fucked him good and having two orgasms, we slept very content.

  2. ScreenShot3013_batch.jpg.6d02e953ab23f823d972cd05894a5907.jpg




    I can't believe you had the audacity to enter Fort Dawnguard as a vampire. You should be in the dungeon for this.





    Isran please I can explain everything!




    I'm still the same Anya you know.




    Please listen...



















    You know I can't trust a vampire - but...





    Because its you,





    I've decided to hear you out.




    This better be good.



















    The most powerful vampire clan in Skyrim is after that elder scroll.










    And they want you to read it.





    The vampires want us to read the scroll?












    That doesn't make any sense.




    Its all true.








    And they have a spy.








    One of your hunters has been enthralled.






    Her name is...












    How did you...








    Lower your weapon Celann.





    I believe her.




    I've been noticing changes in Beleval's behavior the past few days. 




    The disappearances...




    The sleeplessness, nervousness, self-isolation, and lack of focus...




    All possible symptoms of vampiric enthrallment.




    I had my suspicions.







    Now I have to ask.

    If your clan wants us to read the elder scroll why are they capturing the only moth priest who can do it?









    What??? Vampires have captured the moth priest?
    Lord Harkon ordered everyone to lead the priest to you, not capture them. 








    What if that vampire high-elf has something to do with this.














    The vampire we've captured is being interrogated now. All we know is that the moth priest is being led to a cave near Dragon Bridge.




    Sofia is leading a team of hunters to look for them as we speak.





    Does Beleval know?
    No. We haven't had the chance to tell her.






    That's a relief.

    Isran, how many hunters is Sofia taking with her?







    Three, why?







    That's not enough. These aren't regular vampires, they're powerful







    If we don't do something their entire party is walking into their grave.






    Damn vampires.






    There's dozens of caves in this area.









    Where the hell are you hiding.







    I'll ask you one last time...




    How do you know about the scroll.
















    I already told you everything I know.









    Don't make me laugh.





    All you've told me is that you were taking the moth priest to a cave near Dragon Bridge.











    It's all I know please, you have to believe me.





    How about the vampire from Dimhollow Crypt?
    Know anything about that?




    No, I know nothing about her!
    I don't even know what you're talking about.










    I never said the vampire was a woman.













    You have no idea who we are and you never will.




    Mmm... you're a fiery one after all.






    Why is it that you monsters always have the best bodies?












    You're attractive and repulsive at the same time.





    We're gonna have some fun, you and I.







    Widen your stance a bit more.








    Like this?














    Sort of... Try to plant yourself more firmly.
    A vampire's life-drain spell has quite a kick to it.




    Thanks Ingjard.










    Do you have a moment?









    Sure. What is it?













    Since you know Beleval...
    I was wondering if you've noticed anything off about her lately.













    Actually, now that you mention it,
    I think she started acting different after our trip to Redwater Den.














    You guys think something happened?
















    Wait a minute... How could we be so stupid.
    Redwater Den!













    What are you saying?











    Redwater Den isn't just a skooma hub - its a vampire lair.
















    Something isn't right about all this.









    We need to talk to Isran.
























































    Now are we ready to talk?











    I'll never tell you. I don't care what you do to me.


















    Enjoying yourself?














    Lets fix that.
    What are you doing?












    You're going to tell me how you know about the elder scroll or I'm going to turn your insides into outsides.















    Make me.





    Tell me what you know.














    Wait... The girl told us...











    The girl from Dimhollow...




































    Who is your master!? Answer me!
















    Fuuuuqqqk... eyoou...



    Durak, I don't think you'll get anything more out of her like this.




    She's about to pass out.












    We've gotten all we need.





    I knew Serana had something to do with this.
    I should have killed that creature.









    Sir, what do we do with the vampire?










    I don't think she's gonna tell us anything more.








    Give her to the trolls.










    Notice: Dawnguard Retold - Season 2 will return after a short break 



  3. ***Graphic, 18+***


    Since I was 15, I’ve had a sex addiction. To be kind, perhaps it hasn’t been an addiction, but it’s been a coping mechanism and form of pleasure for me. Ha, I guess those are major components of addiction. I used to masturbate around a dozen times per day back then. Internet porn was just becoming available to me, and I had a massive porn stash. I spent hours in my room, alone, watching people fuck and women flaunt their bodies. Tits were my thing, sometimes I’d just spend hours searching the web for “huge tits” and jerk off whenever I found a pair that turned me on. I was mesmerized by the female form and couldn’t think of a more perfect creation.










    Even at 32, I’m constantly touching myself, and quite often unknowingly. For example, if I’m watching tv, my hands are down my pants, gripping my dick. This, unsurprisingly, arouses me and then I need to jerk off. So, imagine just how often I’m doing that.














    There’s not really much to share about myself when it comes to accomplishments though, I do have a B.S. in Information Technology. That’s my line of work – I’m a boring IT guy who spends way too much time on computers. I’ve never been married, have zero kids, and am currently single. I live in an absolute dump, but there’s an explanation for this. From my grandfather, I inherited a generous piece of land which included a shack of a house. It’s set far off the street, buried deep within old, towering trees. It’s incredibly quiet and serene. I hear owls hooting during the night and the leaves rustling with the wind. Once all the legalities of it were complete, I decided to move out of my outrageously expensive and small apartment to live there. With the land came a hefty inheritance, so, I also quit my IT job to focus on other things for a while. My plan was to tear down the shack, clean up the property and build a new home. I didn’t want anything extravagant, of course, but a new house suitable for a man like myself – single and needing an obscene amount of privacy, it would certainly do.






    I haven’t started renovations just yet, I’m compiling information about logistics and what I’ll need. So, for now, it’s in complete squalor, but at the very least, I had somebody come out and connect me to the internet. Lord knows I need my porn.


    One of the very first questions I tend to be asked is why I’ve never been married. I’ve been told by many that I’m a good-looking man. I mean, I’m tall, big, strong, and very masculine looking. I suppose one could say I have attributes of the ideal, “sexy man”. And to that, I can nod my head in agreement, however, there are quirks about me that others generally don’t know. As I’ve previously explained, there’s the sex addition thing. Basically, all the women I’ve dated couldn’t match or refused to submit to my overwhelming need for sex. So, there’s been no serious monogamy for this guy.






    There’s another thing I haven’t mentioned. My theory is that women often can’t physically handle sex with me. Period. I have a monstrous cock, as in, it’s fucking huge. My cock can outshine any pornstar out there, believe me, I’ve probably seen it all. Even with my own large hands, I can’t fully grip it at its thickest girth. I quite literally have injured women with it, though that’s never been my intention. I, like anybody else, want love and sex, but with this heavy beast between my legs I scare women away.


    Here’s another theory. I’ve often wondered if my libido is through the roof because it’s so big. I mean, it’s always just….there. It’s visible through my pants, at least, there’s a huge bulge. When I sit, it forms a big mound in my lap. I’m constantly adjusting myself and sometimes just the simple gesture of my hand moving my dick gets it all excited. It brushes up against things because its, well, out there. I’m hyper aware of it being noticeable, too, when just out in public. I constantly feel it brush against my thighs because I usually wear boxers. Other types of more supportive underwear tend to fit too tightly, especially because I get so many erections throughout the day.






    I don’t know, maybe those are just side notes, not reasons. To put it plainly, my sex drive is out of this world and because I have a massive dick, there’s little I can do about it when it comes to women. Therefore, I’m left sexually frustrated, angry, anxious, and uncomfortable. I’ll just say it, I’ve been unfulfilled by never having a long-term partner and honestly, it’s quite depressing. I do, though, have hope that I’ll find a woman who is the perfect fit. Ha! See what I did there?


    Here’s another fun fact. I’ve never been able to insert my entire cock into a woman. When watching porn, I’m envious of the guys who can plunge all the way into a pussy. It’s so fucking erotic how close and intense that looks. And God, watching women ride a cock, sit all the way down and grind on the guy is, for me, the stuff dreams are made of. I want to feel her warm, tight pussy grind against me as I fill her up. For huge-dick guys like me, if there are any others, this is only a fantasy.


    I don’t know if I’ll ever find what I’m looking for, but I’m becoming achingly desperate. Desperate people can commit horrendous acts, so lately I’ve been jerking off even more often as a means of taming myself. I, at the very least, get some temporary relief from my worries after I cum. But the urges are becoming too frequent and are becoming increasingly powerful. The possibilities as to solving this are taking me to some dark and unexplored places…

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    From dance studios to swinger clubs, here’s how the world’s most powerful vibrator was created.


    Dave Lampert is a studious family man from Illinois. He’s also the creator of perhaps the world’s most legendary sex toy, the Sybian. How did a humble farmer and dance instructor come up with such an obscene idea?


    Like many great inventors, the inspiration came from outside. More specifically, from the many women who, for some reason, complained to Dave about their infrequent orgasms after dancing. I can only imagine for what reason.


    He thought the concept of Sybian over for more than 10 years, talking to regulars at swinger clubs and 18+ bookstores, as well as sexologists, researchers, and even engineers.

    Throughout the course of his racy research, Lampert noticed that women had an easier time cumming in the cowgirl position (can confirm). Not a stranger to the saddle (remember – Lampert was also a farmer), in 1983 he set about his work and designed something rather unique.


    The result was a machine equipped with two motors that produce a vibration of 6500 rpm, which is 6 times faster than the drum of a washing machine. Considering what regular sex on a washing machine does to me, I’m afraid to imagine what effect the Sybian produces.


    “The Sybian Orgasm” is a porn industry legend


    This clitoral stimulator is especially popular with women, who, as I’ve mentioned before, come quicker and easier with clitoral stimulation. Meanwhile, the additional combined vaginal and anal stimulation multiplies the sensations. This combination brought on an unspoken term, “The Sybian Orgasm”, which is an orgasm of incredibly intense proportions and often leads to multiple orgasms and even squirting. Every woman experiences pleasure in her own way, but it has been proven many times that no one can last “in the saddle” for too long 🙂


    In 2021, the legendary “Sybian” found a use in online gaming as well. The Yareel3D multiplayer adult game successfully implemented the best and most real “orgasmic ride” experience and adapted it for virtual sex between players. All poses and facial expressions are real and are taken from numerous videos. 


    The Sybian phenomenon: why has the sex toy stayed popular for 30 years?


    As I’ve written before, Sybian’s cultural relevance has only grown in three decades, despite growing competition and innovation in the sex toy market. Like most trends, it’s hard to say for sure why some things become popular.


    I think people have had enough of fake orgasms and pretend moans on camera. The viewer easily recognizes every fake orgasm on camera, but porn stars, for some reason, continue to furiously wriggle around pretending that they’re experiencing a non-existent pleasure. As my grandfather used to say, “Can’t do it? Don’t.” In our case, if you can’t cum, get on the Sybian! :)))

    There is another theory about the popularity of the sex machine that is no less interesting: futuristic Matrix-style sex, where the combination of man and machine makes scenes with the Sybian so hot. I can’t say for sure, though, because I’m not a fan of neither post-apocalypticism nor impersonal sex. But, who knows, maybe in 1000 years the Earth will have been invaded by highly evolved mechanized aliens who will leave humans alive only out of respect for Lampert’s invention? :)))


    My theory is also supported by the fact that since the launch of Pornhub in 2012, searches containing the Sybian have multiplied. The Internet has become flooded with professional porn, staged and boring to the teeth. And people, especially women, want to feel alive! People want to see sincere, genuine feelings on faces. And in the case of the Sybian, it’s pretty obvious that they’re real. Watch this video for proof. There’s a whole range of emotions on the girl’s face. You have to admit, this performance is on Monica Bellucci levels. I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off!


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  6. "The Warrior's Oasis" Chapter Seven


    Samir faces many perils on his quest to see Jace again, yet his biggest obstacle may just be waiting at the end of his journey. 



    The Twitter Challenge

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    For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter. 
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    Let me know what you think of the season finale.  Leave a comment below.



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    Another one idea - body tattoos for my PC. Something from Sanguine and dark seduction themes. Work is still WIP. On final stage it will be tattoos for RM (with ability of color selection) and psd file with some finished colored variants.

















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    A Bad End for Sirrae and the Soldiers searching for the Jagged Crown. Takes place mid Chapter Eleven.








  9. I've had alot of fun in skyrim recently, and I wanted to share some of the fap material I managed to produce along the way!

































    And some gifs!



















  10. Diva - Guardian of Paradise...


    Lady Diva is the strongest of the daughters of Dibella and the caretaker of her own island realm, an obscure island paradise, far to the west.

    Few mortals have ever laid eyes upon it.








































































    To be continued?...


    Wait... Have some bonus shots of Valk!


    Meanwhile, somewhere else on the island...
































    To be continued?








  11. In contrast to the plodding days of nothingness in the pen, once they stepped inside the building events proceeded at a breakneck pace. They were whisked to a large room containing some ingenious system that turned the entire thing into one huge communal shower. It was like standing in a moderate rainfall. Slaves, faces blank and impersonal, washed them off with brusque, efficient swipes of rough cloth. They were then led to another room where the chain that linked them together was removed. Three of their members were led out of a side door, for no reason that Sloan could determine. Then it was a simple matter of waiting as they were picked, one at a time, and brought through the main door of the room.


    The first time this final step happened, the woman who had been linked to the man who was chosen automatically started to follow him, and the person who had been linked to her likewise started forward. When the door slammed in their faces, a small shock ran through the group. Between one blink and the next, the tenor of the room changed. It was as if their individuality had been given back to them when they hadn't realized it had been taken away in the first place. The room erupted in noise - babbling and crying and shouting created a miasma of discord which only subsided when a guard banged on the cell door and shouted for silence.


    The silence was worse because it bred fear, a fear that seemed to reflect off the walls and the low ceiling and come bouncing back at them, compounding their turmoil and making the room seem smaller than before. Soon Sloan began to feel claustrophobic, as if the fear had replaced the oxygen in the room. She moved without thinking toward the barred door to the room, where she could see the guards and the narrow hallway beyond. The hallway represented everything they feared but, in that moment, that fear held far less impact than the explosive panic behind her.


    Because of where she stood, she saw them coming, and so had time to steel herself. The others had, for the most part, become oblivious to everything, wrapped up as they were in their inner turmoil. Thus, when the door banged open, several people screamed. This catharsis did help relieve the pressure in the room, but it began ratcheting back up only a heartbeat later. Sloan knew she could not go through that process again without going mad, so she stepped forward, volunteering herself to go next. The guards didn't look surprised. They took her arms with stoic expressions and led her out of the cell. The door clanged shut behind her and Sloan took a deep breath. Happiness, she decided, was a relative thing. Here she was, chained and walking toward an uncertain future that very likely involved a lot of pain and misery, but after the experience in the cell she felt relieved, even buoyant. She had found a gap between two pits of despair and was able to find enjoyment and peace for that brief length of time it took to take twenty-four steps between the cell and the block.


    The murmuring sound of the audience grew louder, then spilled over into the hallway when they took a turn to the left and Sloan got her first look at the auction house. it looked very much like she had expected: a single chain hanging from a support beam in the open ceiling over a small dais in front of several benches, a couple of armed guards standing at attention near the dais, wealthy-looking people seated or standing about. The room itself looked incongruously like a church or temple (which, although she didn't learn it until much later, was because the building had once been a temple of Mara).


    Most of the murmuring stopped when they entered, only to pick up again immediately after as she was led to the dais. She stepped into her spot on the dais without struggling - what would be the point? - and the guards lifted her arms above her head and connected her wrist manacles to the chain above. She had worked at the Vixen for months, but this was a new kind of exposure, and she found herself trying to shy away from the voracious stares.


    The bidding began, but she found she didn't want to know the outcome. It was a last little moment of hope, perhaps, or maybe it was despair. Whatever the cause, she hung her head as the bidding went on because she didn't want to see the faces of the people who were doing the bidding. To look upon them invited imagining who they might be, what they might want of her. Watching her future take shape before her eyes only started that future the sooner. At least, so her mind insisted.


    She could still hear, though, so even though she had never been to an auction before, she recognized when the proceedings took an unusual turn. Something in the feel of the room changed, the tension began to increase. The ubiquitous ambient noise of people talking to each other during the bidding stopped, so that the only sounds were three voices - the auctioneer and two bidders, both of whom seemed dead set on claiming her. In a different context, she may have felt a sense of pride, but here the ongoing battle only grated on her frayed nerves until she wanted to shout.


    Fortunately, the auction ended two bids later. The auctioneer slammed his gavel and pronounced her sold for what he pronounced to be a near-record-breaking nine thousand septims. The crowd sounded appreciatively impressed.


    A flat female voice said, "I want her delivered bagged," and only seconds later, as one guard released her hands from the chain, another dropped a bag of some rough material over her head.


    She was led, stumbling, from the dais, and guided to the left-hand side of the room. She only knew they had left the room when the sound of the audience got slammed away by the closed door. Several minutes and stubbed toes later, fresh air tickled her skin and the darkness in the bag became a little less dark.


    They were outside. She had a pretty good idea where they were, but she soon lost all sense of direction as she was led through the streets of Riften, taking unexpected turns and going up and down several flights of stairs. The smell of the canal waxed and waned with no discernible pattern, and by the time she heard a door close behind her and the sounds of the city streets were cut off, she had lost all sense of place. It took some moments before she realized that the feeling of panic that was slowly clamping down on her lungs stemmed from the fact that she had not taken a breath since the door closed. She opened her mouth and sucked in air with a ragged gasp just as the hood was yanked from her head and she got her first sight of her new master.

  12. you approach the other women, you notice that each of them, on a buttock has a "C" followed by a number, you try to talk to us, but no one cares, as if to ignore you, but at a certain point you see that all the women, looking behind you, open their eyes wide and run away in a corner, you turn around and find yourself in front of 4 giant orcs, one of them grabs you and drags you towards the walls, where you open a door, you are thrown inside a room, after you the 4 orcs also enter, one of them presses you to the ground, when suddenly you feel a lick burning in your butt, you scream with pain, but the orc presses you even harder to the ground, pressing your face to the floor.
    after that, an ogre gives you a spank they say something to his companions, they speak in a language you have never heard before, you can't understand what they are saying, but one of them grabs you and throws you back out into the field, only now do you notice what happened to you, on your ass, clearly you see marked "C26", you don't have time to get up when one of the orcs grabs you by the leg, dragging you towards him, and then grabbing your other leg too, forcing you to open them, then he starts licking your vagina aggressively, rather than making you feel pleasure, he only causes you pain, biting and pulling your clitoid, you squirm in all ways, punching the ogre, but he doesn't give up on the grip, on the contrary it makes him even more violent, he grabs you by the hips and turns you upwards, starting to press his penis towards your anus, managing without too much effort to slap it inside, it's really gigantic, you feel it slam against your stomach, the ogre starts raping you, spanking you, he comes several times, filling your cavity, until it flows out, once satisfied, he throws you to the ground.
    you are in pieces, your whole body is sore, cum still comes out of your anus, you can't move a muscle, you let yourself go completely, lying on the ground, hoping for a quick death.
    but after a short time you still feel something else grabbing you and pulling your hair, it's another orc, with a horse next to him, terrified you start screaming and begging for a quick death, but the orc smiles wickedly, approaching the horse, with the corner of your eye, you notice the swinging cock between the legs of the horse, the beast climbs on top of you, pressing his penis into your vagina, making you scream and wriggle in vain with pain.
    the horse fucks you for several days, with each cumshot you beg heaven to give you a quick death, but the days pass, when the horse finally stops, you lie almost helpless in a puddle of cum, in the middle of the field.
    in the distance you see three figures coming, you can't distinguish who they are, you are exhausted and so you faint.

  13. Gascayn helps Ephedrina out of the worst restraints, but there's a price of course.




    At least she gets the chance to wash of the filth. Normally a bath makes her feel better about things, but today it doesn't really help.




    "What happened?"


    The fact that he's calm and seems understanding is somehow more oppressive. She expected punishments and other repercussions (beyond the added debt for unshackling her), but there's none of that. She feels like puking from the worry and the shame. What will he do. How will he punish her?


    "They... I was picking a lock and they found me. Maybe they heard me."


    "Go on...."


    "They tied me up... they took everything... they used me...."


    "Oh?" Gascayn's eyes light up a little bit. "How so?"


    "Two of them... one in my mouth, the other in my... in my pussy...."


    "That's called a 'spit roast'. Did he cum in your mouth?"


    She nods.


    "Did you swallow?"


    She nods again. "He made me."


    "Did you like the taste?"


    "I... I don't know."


    "That's okay. Then what happened? It looks like they whipped you." He runs a finger over one of the welts. It stings.


    "Yes. And they put on the... these..." she gestures at the shackles and collar.


    "And then they let you go?"


    "No... I ran. When they weren't looking. They were chasing me...."


    "But you got away. And you came back here, so you can fulfill your obligations." He caresses her cheek and smiles "given how you fucked up, that's not that bad. Well done milady."




    "I... Gascayn... I messed up..." she whispers. She did mess up. "Please spank me. I deserve it. I failed."


    "Of course my pretty," he smiles.


    He spanks her hard. She cries, both from the pain he's inflicting and from the build up fear and tension. She lets it all out.


    She can feel his erection pushing into her abdomen. She knows what she has to do.




    "Please Gascayn. Please fuck me. I feel so bad and I need you to make me feel good."


    He grunts and smiles as she gets to work on his cock.




    Gascayn takes his time before he enters her, teasing and touching her. He really does have a gift for stimulating her in just the right way. By the time he starts to fuck her, Ephedrina is only thinking about her body and its needs. The time at Goldenglow recedes from her mind, as does the fact that people at the Ragged Flagon are watching as Gascayn fucks her.




    Ephedrina is just on the verge of climaxing. Gascayn slows down just a little, enough that she can't quite get there.


    "You'll have to go back, Ephy" he whispers, his breath tickling her neck. "You'll do that, right?"


    "Yes! Please!"


    "... and you'll have to find the money to replace what you lost."


    "Yes, yes! Please!" She knows she's whining and snivelling. Her sexual frustration makes it impossible not to.


    "Who takes good care of you?"


    "You do!"


    "Will you ever leave me?"




    He increases the rhythm enough that she starts moaning and quivering. The way he's holding her makes it difficult for her to make any movement to control the sensations, but she's doing her best, straining against his strong arms.


    Again he slows down just a fraction of a moment before she reaches orgasm.


    "I asked you a question."


    "Please Gascayn. Please," she moans. Then she gives up and whispers "I will never leave you. Please."




    Ephedrina's screams echo throughout the Ragged Flagon as he finally lets her climax.




    After they fuck, Ephedrina agrees to more deals. The weight of metal on her body reminds her of the magnitude of her debt.




    "Gascayn is nicer that I would've been. Rewarding you for your failure like that."





    "Everything has a price, my pretty greyskin girl."


    If Ephedrina wants new armour, if she wants new weapons, she'll have to pay. She has no money. It's all at Goldenglow. Even worse, so are her permits. Even if she gets new gear, she won't be able to leave Riften without it being taken away.


    Gascayn will spot her some gold, without a doubt, but that means more debt and potentially more "deals". She doesn't know how deep the deal-hole is, and she's pretty sure she doesn't want to find out. She should be careful.




    The other members of the Thieves Guild make it clear that she has little choice. She has to return to Goldenglow.


    Not that she'd know what to do with herself otherwise.




    Exhausted and spent, Ephedrina is about to pass out in the dingy hole that's her home in Riften. She spends a few moments performing rituals for Nocturnal, in the hopes she'll receive some sort of guidance. She still has to do something about Goldenglow... should she take the money and buy new permits and gear and risk the consequences from accumulated debt? Or should she do something else?



  14. EvalovesEP
    Latest Entry


    > Some psychologist sees quarrel as something good saying that it is better to speak up your mind than hold the “eruption” within yourself because it can make more damage to yourself than when letting it out. Well, my Ivy and I always speak up our mind but our husband isn’t such person. He would speak up his mind as long his interlocutor co-operates and even when he/she disagree, but if he sees that it will go into the verbal fight, he pulls out of discussion. It doesn’t mean that he do not “fight” for the right thing, it means that he just avoid for him unnecessary quarrels. He has motto: “I speak my mind only once or twice, more than that is waste of time and energy.”

    > What do you think about quarrels?

  15. Zilphia can't longer wait and lift her up into her Arms.




    Zilphia: "Hmmm, should I start or do you want it?"

    Aria: I think we both know the answer to that Zil?






    Zilphia: "Wait, a moment. Let's do it together."

    Aria: Hmm?





    Zilphia: "Uuuuh! Hey, I am ticklish. That's not fair, you're using your Tongue!"

    Aria: What can I say? My Speechcraft is just so good Ha ha




    Zilphia starts laughing and she enjoy it. 

    Aria: Then you stop laughing




    Stops for a moment and she return to her work with her Mouth.














    Zilphia's revenge is now coming an she use her tongue now. She looks so happy, because that is her favorite kind of Kissing.





    Aria: You got something on your face hon

    Zilphia: "Aaaah, that was wonderful. I think your dick is growing a bit bigger. - What, i've got some  of your tasty cum in my Face?"



    Zilphia:"Hmmm. That is so delicious."

    Aria: Hurry up or I steal it.

    Both are starts to giggle and they're shaking their Booties. Until Zil hear some steps.




    Phoenix "Hey hon, hey Zili are you there?"

    Zilphia: "Oh, what a surprise, let's go to her."




    Zilphia: "Hi Phe. Nice to see you."



    Phoenix: Hey Zili I was just coming by to bring Ari home


    Zilphia: "Oh, that I didn't know. I hope you're not waiting too long for her."

    Phoenix: I just arrived, I see you two have been busy

    Aria: Just a little, I promise



    Zilphia: "I know... I'm so sorry, that we forget the Time around us."

    Aria: Time flys when your sucking dick haha

    Phe: So I see, both of you are still hard? Did I cum too early?



    Aria: Funny, but we have not had the chance to cum yet just foreplay.

    Zilphia: "Okay okay. I swear that we take a look at the Time in the Future. Aria told me, that you both having a special kind of Sex. I never try this before. Can I visit you and maybe I learn somethin about it?"

    Phe: Of course Zili, you are always welcome at Bal Lodge



    Aria: You can watch as she spanks me and tears my ass a new one

    Phe: Well if you were a good girl your bum would not be punished as much


    Aria: And since she found out about this thing she has gone crazy on it. She locks it away, she plays with it heck she even drains me for fun

    Phe: Well be a good pet and I'll let you stick it in me next time hon



    Zilphia: "Oh, that is maybe not my cup of tea. But I will take your Invite."

    Aria: We also host parties, sex parties all our friends cum, twice a year

    Phe: Funny Ari





    Zilphia: "Thank you Phoenix. You are such a nice Woman." She take Phoenix a she give her a lovely Kiss, because she loves her and her kindness.

    Phe: Oh Zili, you naughty girl

    Zilphia: "Oh..."




    Phoenix: You both are surprising me every time. You have both have Lost and Found. Come on Ari let's get home.




    Sometimes I just spend hours making sims and seeing what they get up to (a lot of fucking apparently). I play with them till I get bored then they spend the rest of their life as background dressing.
    Red-haired man with pregnant ginger wife. That's the plot.

     Later they have twin boys, aw.




     Scowls. "Why would you give me model looks and then never play with me?" I can't write good parts for blondes.
    Maeryl from I Roved Out by Alexis Flowers. Starting the pattern of creating Sims out of characters I simp for. 
    Try not to imagine what that ghoul-sex sounds like... Or do, I'm not the sounds like police.
    "Don't you like my pinup look? Couldn't I be a main character?" Makeup on point. 
    "Stop me if you heard this one, remember when the old sliders existed?" That outfit tho.
    That's Create-A-Sim sliders, not burger sliders. Get it right.
    Rejected story idea: You make a house full of pretty people and you think it's gonna be sexy but instead you just get invested in their friendships and careers.
    This one was gonna be an online porn star and then she falls in love with her friend's brother and it's really heteronormative and pure-hearted.
    This Amelie looking Sim was kinda artsy and she became and actress. 
    At the time I was really psyched that this was the most custom Sims I got in a house at once.
    This one focuses on this guy who lives in a trailer, is into woodwork and has an awesome dog. But abandons it all on the road to fame.

    It's a really good dog.
    "Hey beautiful." - "Hello I am looking for the plot, have you seen one around here?"  
    If you must have sex in the bathroom, make sure it's a solid gold toilet.
    Then he lures a wild titty lady into his trailer and it doesn't make much sense but she gives good face.
    That eye make-up and highlighter with the hair and the lips and skin-tone is just 👌
    "I'm more boobs than Sim." 
    Re-enacting the plot of Aliens except it's Strangerville and Neighbourhood Brawl Day. 
    "That'll show you, you naughty, naughty alien." 
    "Hisss... You're next thot." - "GASP! What did I do?"
    "Hey there cutie, do you wanna be a star?" 
    "Don't talk to me!"
    "NEVER talk to mE!"
    10 mins later. "I've got my own plot line in an apartment building, with hookers and blackjack."
    "Nevermind, there's something I always wanted to try."
    "Don't acknowledge the xenomorph! I want him to watch."

    "Hnngaaaah! The alien is my FATHER!"
    "That's too weird even for me." 
    Whooooo's that girl? Style, grace, a perfect face. 
    Jk jk, it's still this guy's story.
    "Uhm, exCUSE me? Why are you talking to HER? She's RANDOMLY GENERATED!"
    "Well you know what they say.."
    "Karma's a BITCH!" ~Tik tok transformation~
    "Hey you look clean, I think something interesting is happening in my trailer over there."
    "Just relax girl, Imma show you a good time."
    "Oh, I'll HAVE a good time."
    "Woah, are you glitch masturbating at my computer!? This challenges everything an easy-going, free-wheeling guy like me has come to believe. Maybe today is the day I stop viewing women just as sex objects for my own selfish alien fantasies. I see the error of my ways. I will stop trying to sleep my way to fame."
    "Little man, like I care about your paradigm shift." 
    "Wait, why are you dressed like that? And why am I dressed like this? And how did we get here?" - "Well it's funny you should ask that because-"
    "Oh my god an actual famous person." 
    Lest we forget the Sim City Acid Factory explosion last year that took out everyone's right eyeball
    ~Sighs~ "I'm getting drunk." 
    "Hey I think you're starting to like me, lady."
    "Guess again man." - "Is there no end to the suffering for an easy-going guy like me?" 
    "Hard day? I'm famous so I can understand." - "Wanna... just talk for a while?" 
    "It has been 3 years and at last I am finally free from the basement."
    "Wow, you have so many interesting things to say, and I think I'm falling in love with you." - "As a famous person I understand, but I think there's something interesting happening in the bathroom." 
    "It sure is hot rubbing my strap on against this other person's dick."
    "Boo hoo hoo, I've gave up everything for fame and now I'm left with nothing."
    "Why did you invite me on a date after having sex with that other Sim?"
    "I'm sorry, sometimes I have sex with other Sims and it doesn't make any sense... Do you wanna go do something interesting outside?"
  17. The shop was soon full of my creations, and I felt like a proud mamma as people perused my wares. I felt a thrill the first time one of my weapons sold. It was a pretty dagger (if I do say so myself). I had used it to experiment with etching the metal, so the blade was covered with random designs. The customer was a woman who saw it in the display case and thought it would be a wonderful gift for her eight-year-old daughter.


    Well, of course. What eight-year-old doesn't need a needle-sharp dagger that's probably as long as her arm? This world, I swear.


     The Plan, part three (I think it was part three. Right?) was in high gear. I spent my free time playing with metal scraps. It wasn't hard to make a piece of metal look like a key, but designing a functional skeleton key was a different story altogether. On top of that, I couldn't just make keys - that would look pretty suspicious. So I made other little metal things too - little animals, flowers, things like that. Of course, I got teased for my new hobby. No one could understand why I never wanted to go drinking with them, and they saw little use in my trinkets.


    They did have a point. The pieces soon cluttered up my workspace, which interfered with my real work. So I got some thin twine and made a wind chime out of some of my favorites. This elicited even more laughter until I hung it up just outside the door of the shop. It took all of ten minutes for the first customer to storm in and demand one. I had a minor hit on my hands and could now justify working on smaller pieces during my regular forge time in between the weapons and armor.


    The second biggest upside to working the forge was that Demming no longer bothered me. He just sulked in his own area and stopped pestering me. The third biggest upside was that I got to be close to Jordy. He was funny and self-deprecating, a rare combination in this world, he was strong (as anyone working at a smithy must be) but not too bulky, and he was hot. He probably would have been a model in the old world. We flirted with each other incessantly.


    What's that idiom about too much of a good thing? Every time I find a happy place, something fucks it up.


    Malachite was the best metal for my skeleton key, I was sure. I was equally sure I had the right shape for the bit, and I was close to the right design for the wards. Soon...


    I felt a tug on the back of my robe. "Heya, Shan, whatcha looking at so intently?"


    I squealed and spun around, brandishing the key like a weapon.


    Jordy laughed and raised his hands in mock surrender. "Please, unlock me."


    I joined in his laughter and turned back around. "Just playing with things, as usual."


    There was a silent pause, then I heard him take a step. "Well, perhaps I can help. I like...playing with things, too."


    I stiffened as I felt his arms encircle me, his body press into my back. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling of being held. But I could not allow it to go too far.


    "Jordy...." I said, pushing (sort of) on his hands. "I'm busy."


    "Mmm, me too." He nibbled my ear and one of his hands slid upward and cupped a breast.


    A gasp escaped me and I bit my lip. Not yet... "No, I'm busy with this." I motioned weakly at my forge.


    He laughed in my ear. "That can wait."


    His lips moved toward my neck, and I went cold. "No!" I spun and pushed him away; he stumbled back a step, a look of surprise on his face. "I...I'm sorry. I just...can't. Not yet."


    "I don't understand you. It's been over a year. I know you like me. You were all into it just a moment ago. What's the problem?"


    "I know, I'm sorry. I...made a vow. To my grandmother, on her deathbed, that I would stay celibate until I turned twenty-five."


    "What? What kind of vow is that?"


    "She was very devout. Please, there's not long to go. My birthday's in two weeks."


    He stared at me for a long time as I quietly willed him to believe me. Finally, he shrugged and said, "Well, a vow's a vow. I'm holding you to it, though. Two weeks."


    "Two weeks," I agreed, smiling with relief. "I promise."


    "Well, we know your word is good, that's for sure." He winked and ambled away.


    I turned back to my forge, trembling all over. So close... I had two weeks to perfect my design and get this damn collar off.


    "Let's see what's really going on, shall we?" A voice, right behind me, as hands grabbed at my robe and yanked. It tore, and I felt hot air on my back.


    "No!" I spun around, hands gripping the pieces of robe to my body. Jordy glared at me, hands full of cloth.


    "I thought so. A runaway slave, trying to get her collar off. Think no one would notice your obsession with keys?" He threw the cloth down and grabbed for me.


    "Leave me alone!" I yelled as I ducked under his arms. "It's not what you think!"


    "Oh, it's exactly what I think." He reached for me again, and this time snagged my ponytail as I tried to get by him. My body jerked to a halt as he yanked on it. "Wearing a heavy robe every day in this heat, never doing anything with the rest of us, working on keys. It's pretty obvious." He pulled me to him and yanked the rest of the robe from my hands. "I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time." He ran his hand down my body, and I shivered. But for a far different reason than before.


    "Please, Jordy. Don't..."


    "Don't call me by my name, slave. To you, I am master." He squeezed my right breast, hard. I screamed.


    "Leave her alone! What are you doing?" Demming ran through the smithy toward us, desperation in his eyes. "Jordy! What are you doing?"


    Jordy smirked. "Just having some fun with a slave. What do you think I'm doing?"


    "Slave?" Demming stumbled to a halt, looking at us with uncertain motions of his hands. "What slave?"


    "This one." Jordy yanked my hair, lifting my chin, exposing the dull shine of the iron metal around my neck. "She's been hiding out here all this time. I should have figured it out earlier."


    "You....you're a slave?" Demming's face crumbled.


    "No, Demming, it's not..."


    "Shut up, slave! I didn't say you could speak!" Jordy yanked on my hair again, and I gritted my teeth.


    "I...you..." Demming shook his head, turned, and shambled away. I felt tears form in my eyes.


    "Now, what I've been waiting for all this time." Jordy forced me to the ground, pinning my arms above my head with one muscular arm while forcing my legs apart with the other.


    "Jordy." Adrianne's voice. I felt a trill of hope as he stopped. We both looked up to find her staring down at us.


    Jordy tensed. "Ma'am?"


    A long silence as she looked us over. Then she shook her head. "You know this isn't the place for this. The forge is a business. Take your extracurricular activities somewhere else."


    Jordy grinned and said, "Yes, ma'am." He got up, dragging me up with him.


    Adrianne looked me in the eyes - hers were moist, but she held herself still - and said, softly, "I'm sorry. It's the law. You should have come to me."


    I gave in to despair and made no attempt to resist as Jordy dragged me from the forge - my home - and out into the street.


    Don't feed the bastards - they'll just want more

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