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Part 1: If No One is Doing It, You'll Just Have to Do It Yourself

Picture it: the dead of winter, 2014. Was it only six years ago? Feels like so much longer.   Anyway: the dead of winter, 2014. I had stumbled upon LoversLab  just under a year previous in the same way everyone probably does – by Googling some version of “Skyrim” and “sex.” And I found the motherlode. I also found the reason that I still, after all these years, have never got around to finishing the main storyline. I downloaded a bunch of mods and started the game in excitement, t


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First Half of the First Level Done

Well, I intended this to be a separate blog, from the one about getting the mods running in VR, but even though I was under the impression I was creating a new blog, the post ended up in the old blog. I guess the topic isn't that far off, so I'll continue my modding efforts posts here. If anyone can tell me, how to start a separate blog, I'd be happy. The tab says "Blogs", in plural, after all. But there's no button for a new Blog. I tried to start one using the black button that leads to ever


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Maer 11 - A New Challenge

Maer's Master snaps his fingers and gestures a certain way. It means "get on your hands and knees; keep your knees apart." She obeys without pause.   "You've trained her well, Thane," says Lydia.   "Look at her pussy. It's already dripping in anticipation," scoffs Leona. She is right. It is.   Maer moans softtly as he gently runs his hands over her body. He's dragging it out, teasing her. "You love this," he says matter-of-factly. She does.   "Remember whe


Anunya in Maer

A Perilous Maze – a First Attempt at a Mod

Having managed to get most of my favorite mods working, more less, in VR, now I'm ready to start making my own mods, to create the perfect fantasy world for my fantasies. I have a little experience back from the days of Morrowind and Oblivion, in sculpting architecture and dungeons, but I was never able to get scripts working, as the Construction Kit would always crash on me, when I tried. Now, with TESedit, this might no longer be an issue, and with an audience, there may be some additional mot


gargamel9 in My First Mod


Maybe some of you heard (read) about earthquakes in South-Central part of our country (Banija) and that cities; Petrinja, Sisak and Glina were almost devastated and in which 7 people lost their lives. Well, all Croatians rose up to help them in every way: collecting money, food, furniture, camp houses, heaters and blankets and doing any job that was needed. Unfortunately, usurers, profiteers and mobs rose along with them trying to cheat naïve and uninformed people and to get rich on poor people’


EvalovesEP in Diaries

The Adventures of Pervitis Sexius

following off form last time Pervitis Sexius has broken into the Room of Idgrod the Younger and waits to Kidnap her       he Knocks her out and grabs her form bed and carries her off into the wilderness     He comes across a Shack in the Mountains and decides it will do for his Lair, but first he makes sure it is empty      PS : Hello ? anyone home ?   With the house is clear then he tosses Idgrod on the floor an

Go Llamas! - Chapter 2

Go Llamas! - Chapter 2   That was a close call. Malcolm and Wolfgang had spent the day at the Goth house and have just managed to sneak out before Alexander Goth found them balls deep inside his mother. His mother, Bella, retires to her room to freshen up after spending the day keeping her boys entertained.   And after weeks of being nothing more than a means of sadistic pleasure for her son's bullies, she takes a brief trip drown memory lane to how it all started.  


freebreadalpaca in Sims 4

More Cyberpunk

No still not posting any screenshots from Cyberpunk and thankfully it won't just be about that game in this entry since I've recently been playing Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the duelist.   So first things first yugioh, I've not played since I was unemployed (so about 6ish years) when I used a site called Dueling Network in order to play online (it no longer exists unfortunately, Konami sent them a cease and desist order) and I had actually forgotten how much I enjoy playing the game, it's fair


Kpnut in Cyberpunk

Workaround for Submissive Lola: the Resubmission and Simple Slavery ++ integration when unable to designate auction winner in VR

I accidentally found a working "fix" for the inability to designate your owner in Simple Slavery++ and Submissive Lola: the Resubmission integration. I got the SE version of the game, not really to do this, but rather to be able to compare how certain mods behave in one, as compared to the other, I modded the SE version with the same mods, apart from those which are VR-specific (like VRIK), or VR alternates (like SKSEVR vs SKSE64), and since the VR version is built on the SE version, I thought I


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Aithne’s story part 1 – Death on Ice

It made no sense, Aithne thought. The crow’s nest was the highest point on the ship, which meant it was the closest to the sun. That should make it the warmest spot, shouldn’t it? She glanced off-port at the distant mountains of Skyrim. They stared back, their icy crowns glittering in the bright light of day. They were even taller than the crow’s nest – they should be the warmest spots on the planet. Instead, they were the coldest.   It made no sense.   She sighed and re-focu


jfraser in Aithne's story

The Adventures of Pervitis Sexius

After a Crushing Defeat and a grinding halt of his Offensive  and The prospects of a Long drawn out war General Tulius Devises a Drastic Plan   Tulius : Send in the Prisoner Rikke : Sir, are you sure ? this is a Bad Idea  Tulius :  Damnit Woman! its this or Fight the Rebels forever ? if we can ensure the Generation of Nord is no longer a True Nord we will demoralize the Enemy Rikke : But Mass Rape ? of my Fellow Nords  I can't approve of this... even if I disagree


Midnight19 in Operation 1

When you're not the cause but everyone blames you...

Tried the Deadly Dragons mod recently and took a few shots where something struck me.   This was the old animation "Tongue" but the position was just about right...  It doesn't line up right for me and the tongue isn't usually visible, but I think that is due to what happens with the camera for me on this one.       SLEN triggered a couple times, and I had the idea after the first one was a non-con type that the villagers and guards might have thought the Dragonbo


karlpaws in random screenshots

Sloan's Story part 1 - Free at Last

The Bee and Barb hummed with the normal activity of the day as locals, taking a break from their daily routine, came in for a pint and the latest news from the rest of Tamriel via the merchants and other visitors fresh through the Cyrodiil gate. To Sloan, it felt anything but normal. Funny, it was, that she had spent all of her eighteen summers within four blocks of the place yet had never been inside.   Not really funny, though, given the reason. She had not been allowed outside the c


jfraser in Sloan's story

Shera - Standalone Follower - LE / SE

Shera, a hidden beauty. She used to work as a secretary for a wealthy businessman, but things between Shera and her boss got out of hand when she was invited to a company party. She had to flee and now Shera has rebuilt her life in a small settlement in Skyrim.   Soft NSFW Screenshots: Here. Normal NSFW Screenshots: Here.   Let me know what do you think about her, giving me your feedback is a great way to support my work!   Follower: Shera.


Anuketh in Followers Without Background

Serve it up.

This is well overdue. I wanted to get this out a few days ago, but the last week or so has been a mood, y'know?    Anyway, here it is, fuckin' finally. I've done so much fucking stuff for this in the last year that I can't even begin to keep track of everything that I probably ought to be saying about it. I've already spent all night trying to cram in what I could remember, so just hit the note in the reserved post for the highlights.      And seriously, please let me k



Maer 10 - Life in Whiterun

"Where's the rest of the money?"   "What do you mean?" Maer is confused, she almost forgets to add "Master."   "I gave you some money to hold earlier. It's time to return it."   "But... but... you told me... I spent it on the upgrades to the house...."   "Don't worry," he says with a smile. "We'll just add it to your tally." He reaches out and caresses her breast ever so gently.   The tally is something he instituted back when he was Maer's frien


Anunya in Maer

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