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Holy Shit

Pretty old, pretty dumb. But since the actual Chapter takes a while longer (My Vacation is over, god damn) Here, for anybody who finds that bullshit funny (I did). Cheers 🥴    


Gukahn in Skyrim

Episode 23 - own little hive

Max and Xiimi seemed to be grounded here. Not that they were complaining - they built a fully functional outpost and their own little hive, so in fact they were really happy. They almost forgot about the disturbing incidents that had occured on the way...                                      

Sci-Fi Lore Special Edition: The Monkey In The Middle, or: Gundam Wing happens in UC 0094?? (Part 1 of 2)

So in our last long-form lore post, we talked about the implications of Ɐ Gundam for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, and in particular how it moves the "alternate universe" shows back into the main chronology. We explored the clues contained in the various series about their positioning and built a tentative chronological viewing list. For the most part, the alternate universe shows appear to necessarily exist in discrete periods of time. Two programs, however, coexist to a degree with the mai

Speaking my mind yet again

I'm still slowly working on that continuation of Jillian's story. It'll probably be out around Halloween or 1st week of November but don't quote me on that.   I still hate coming back to TS4 but I just don't have it in me to abandon what I love doing (writing stories). I've been working on the story on and off, and that's what's taking it so long because I really can't tolerate being in the game for too long anymore, even despite *ahem* "sailing the high seas" and reverting back to pre


JMTe in Intertwined Fates

Inceli - terrifying people

(Link is in English) https://kurziv-net.translate.goog/inceli-online-supkultura-ocajnika-u-nedobrovoljnom-celibatu/?_x_tr_sch=http&_x_tr_sl=hr&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc   > I was wrong earlier about them thinking that it is only a males' extreme women haters fraction, but this article showed that females are their members too. No matter how many male or female members they have (although the majority are males), they are mentally disturbed people dang


Evaloves4 in general

Sian's Story part 23 - The Devil's in the Details

The house looked pretty well taken care of, for a place that had been supposedly abandoned. Fresh food was set on a table, well-kept weapons were stored along some of the walls, a cheery fire burned in the fireplace. I surreptitiously took some cheese and nibbled on it as the Vigilant stepped with excruciating care through the doorway.   "Well, looks like someone's been here recently," I said in an encouraging voice. For some reason, that only made him look more nervous.   "D


jfraser in Sian's Story


Ana is now available to download for The Sims 4.         Knock knock. There she was, one rainy night, at the Red Mansion's front door.         Said she was an actress. Her accent was to die for, but there was no time to die. The Mansion took her in.         Be careful with her. She's like swimming in deep water. You don't know what you're getting into.         One day, she's


TheRealReverend in Galleries

"NIVANFIELD" Chapter 3

"NIVANFIELD" Chapter Three   After the attack, Chris Redfield is afflicted with post-traumatic amnesia. Piers Nivans finds his Captain missing. Filming a new scene stirs up the actors’ feelings for each other, as well as their hormones.     For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter.  Subscribe to Patreon to download HD files w/o watermarks & Bonus Videos. Did you enjoy this video?  Leave a comment below.     Pixboy_Nivanfield_0

Pixboy Tales

Pixboy Tales in NIVANFIELD


> And ...covering long history pedophilia and lying about it is OK, but baptizing the child of lesbian couple isn't? 😡 Double standards - that's what it is! > We aren't believers and we wouldn't baptize our children in any church or religious organization but this is outrageous.


Evaloves4 in general

It takes only one person ….

Every guest at my birthday party received a small package of cakes and cookies when going home. The rest of it and beverages were distributed among Hotel workers the next day. I received so many various gifts but the most often were perfumes, makeups, and similar which I shared with our moms, my Ivy Lidija and Sandra. They took the one they liked the best. Since I still had too much, my Prince suggested giving it to our poorest lady workers. So, I did it. Actually, Lidija did it but we asked her


Evaloves4 in Diaries

Filthy Commonwealth Files: Vol. 3; "Monster in the Metro"

Chapter 2 of Volume 3 of my webcomic series, "Filthy Commonwealth Files" (NSFW/Hardcore)   A novice engineer begins her journey to become the 'hero the Commonwealth needs' by searching for parts and schematics to upgrade her robot sidekick! However, she soon discovers just how dangerous the Commonwealth can be for a fledgling do-gooder.   For those curious about the entire series up to this point, go to my personal Blogs section to see what you missed!   


DracoInsanity in nsfw

“NIVANFIELD” Chapitre 2 (Français)

“NIVANFIELD” Chapitre 2 (Français)    Aiden et Beck tournent la scène de l'attaque destructrice de Neo-Umbrella qui extermine la plupart des membres du BSAA et blesse Chris Redfield. Parallèlement, la relation intime des deux acteurs se retrouve dans une impasse.   Traduction par cocoooo01   For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter.  Subscribe to Patreon to download HD files w/o watermarks & Bonus Videos.   Pixboy_Nivanfield_02_LL_

Pixboy Tales

Pixboy Tales in NIVANFIELD

Voices Test Part Deux

So I have four new characters I need to pick voices for.  I also downloaded a lot of new voices.  I already have the voice I used for Kintyra, but I may switch.     Kintyra FNV Veronica [I think I like this one more than what I used already] Hello there. I am a voice.wav Dragon Age Leliana [What I used before.  I'm trying to keep the british accents to High Rock Natives, but it's not 1:1] Hello there. I am a voice.wav     Oddvar Ob


EnragedBard in Offtopic

Such a perfect day

Dear Diary. Today is  saturday, the 23rd of October. Yesterday was both exhilarating and exausting as i met my new colleagues since finally my work has been aknowledged and i was transfered to the research team working on the new models of assalutron. I was getting really tired of these clunky protectrons, and also of the invasive glances and sweaty hands of M. Mac Phearson, the head of my former research team. I woke up today to a sunny day at half past eight, Shaun still sleepin


Lianeline in Titania

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