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Greetings, dear traveler! And here I am, once again eager to present you a new part of this big and long-going story! With a new(!) and old(!) characters, same old' places, and same concept! And I hope you'll find it interesting! ^_^             Your feedback, comments and ideas are always welcome ^_ Wish you a nice week! And may the force serve you well! 

(Progress) Quest for better clam

After making 2 longer videos, I decided I need to upgrade video quality in many aspects to make something actually worthwhile. Thus began weeks long messing with different mods and settings that yielded some results. Body, it's physics and groin details for close-up looks were easily the first target, and so I abandoned AiO HDT Animated Pussy. After some unfortunate dalliance with BHUNP body and HDT-SMP physics (Imagine penis touching hyperactive jelly. Yeah.) I settled on using COSIO (C


PaleFire34 in Video

Bad daddy

The death of 5 years old boy hit my Prince very hard. Every time he is with our children he spends it maximally like he wouldn’t’ see them again. Here is one of many examples. Recent days were very hot. One day he came home exhausted after the work that he didn’t have enough strength to take a shower. He didn’t see our children because they were on our beach with my mom and Silvano. My Ivy told me that she helped him to undress. Then he just dropped on our bed and slept. She started to prepare c


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Nier Automata

Nier Automata  preset for Racemenu   Requirements :    UUNP / CBBE SMP Skeleton for armor    NieR Automata Armor english V.1.5  Download with Google Drive . In the Set, also the hairstyle applied in Racemenu    Nier Automata 2B - RaceMenu Preset v2  racemenu Preset with Sculpture    The Witcher 3 Eyes   Better Females Eyebrows - Standalone        


Lestat1627 in Presets for racemenu

Ephedrina 05 - Expanding Horizons

Their next target is a group of bandits with a bounty on their heads. The sentries are dispatched with brutal efficiency.     The bandits are holed up in a waterlogged cave. Ephedrina and Gascayn approach cautiously, but with confidence.     The bandits fight back as best they can. Their leader is tougher and more cunning than the others, but it's not enough. He too is ruthlessly slaughtered by the two Dunmer.     "Gascayn... I...."


Anunya in Ephedrina

The Mind Realm (Shadow Over Solstheim - Part 6)

Previously on "Shadow Over Solstheim" You can also check the link on the blog's banner to get to the index if you're looking for previous entries   ~Amy and her friends had just passed through the city of Nchardak in order to find the Black Book. Supposedly, the book would hold another clue to defeating the evil that had taken roots over Solstheim and enslaved its people.~   A bit of background... (Nexus image link)   _____________________________________


Myst42 in Narrative

Ephedrina 04 - A Taste of Things to Come?

"Shit, you're one persistent little minx aren't you?"   Ephedrina's back first thing in the morning to get her licenses.   "Fine fine, just get the fuck out of my face."     Ephedrina stops by the court wizard's quarters and purchases a few spell tomes. Nothing super fancy - she's not as rich as she'd like to be (yet), and you have to account for study time too - but she's looking forward to expanding her horizons and growing intellectually.   (


Anunya in Ephedrina

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