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An Aside

So I figured I'd just take a moment and talk.  For one, part of the original premise of the blog was that Destana was pregnant in Windstad, and I've already passed that point.  I'm going to continue writing in past tense first person semi-omniscient.  Also, I'm going to do a summary of everything up 'til now, so everyone (including myself) can keep it straight.  I kept pretty detailed notes and took a decent amount of screenshots while I was playing, because I had an inkling I wanted to do somet


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Mod Cleanup Case Study - Ambient Slaves 0.2b - Part 4

Welcome back, folks. When we left off in part 3, we had just concluded that AS had a major conflict with navmesh FC127, where substantial navmesh fixes from the unofficial patch were getting reverted by AS. However, we also determined that the changes did not overlap (other than existing in the same mesh). Today, we are start by cutting the FC127 navmesh at the lines marked in green below. We'll keep the north pier area from AS and weld it onto the rest of the USLEEP version of the navmesh. At t


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Simzzers House

Last year, because of COVID-19 pandemic and I had to be at home all the time, I watched so many porn. I found scenes from Brazzers called Brazzers House, a bunch of pornstars stay in the same house, having sex all the time. I got so turned on by watching those scenes. Then, I remember I could create these orgies in The Sims 4. So I gathered some of my female (slutty) sims, and made them do things like what happened in Brazzers House. I put efforts on this because at the time, I have 18+ Indonesi


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Odin's Legacy, A Biography for the Faithful

From teh Society For The Protection and Promotion of Polytheism, Facebook   In Germanic and Nordic Traditions Odin (from Old Norse Óðinn) is a widely revered god. Odin was known in Old English as Wōden, in Old Saxon as Wōden, and in Old High German as Wuotan or Wodan, all stemming from the reconstructed Proto-Germanic theonym *wōđanaz. Odin is depicted as one-eyed and long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear, Gungnir, and wearing a black, blue grey and green cloak and a broad hat. He


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Shaala Bha - [New Faces of Skyrim]

The Memoirs of Ramke Hrafneldur - My Nights and Days in Skyrim   I first met this off-worlder, nine months ago.  Yes, that is correct,  She is an off-worlder and not of Skyrim or Tamriel.  I have sen her battle prowess first hand and her choice weapon slugged the head of my steel hammer with ease.  She called it a light saber and invokes her "sorcery" as a priestly discipline called "The Force."  Provocative and passionately clothes as she may seem, her Order's code stifles her innate


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The Oral Blessing of the Deep-Throating Priestess and his Cumming Epiphany

Senna knelt before Hod Jarnsmidur and marveled at the hardness of his manhood.  "By Dibella's Succulent Lips, you're thick.  I know your paying a good fortune for my services, but swallowing this beautiful cock is to its base going to be a challenge."   "Can you do it?" quipped the Blacksmith, "or must I seek another lover for the evening?  Maybe the dark-skinned beauty Anwen could fair better with her lips?"   "Oh, I'm up to the challenge but I'll need a little compensation,


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> Seeing these pictures on Pinterest I was angry and the first thought that came to my mind was: these girls love the horses in more inappropriate way like, they would love to ride them, but not on their backs. Even if the horses on these pictures might be mares, their showing of affection to them is very wrong - it is very sexual. But what is interesting that some people would less criticize and judge bestiality and zoofilia than homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals. Having sex with same gend


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Deleted Scene: The Simsfather, Part I - Meeting Rosa's Family

Rosa brings Vito home to meet her family in Pedula View.  Her father, Francisco, has a word with Vito (1945).   This scene takes place somewhere between Chapters 6-10 of my story, The Simsfather, Part I   (Speaking Italian in the backyard)     Francisco: (Smoking) I take it my daughter has told you about our family?   Vito: Yes, she mentioned it to me.   Francisco: Trapani will always be my home, but we have been given a second chance

TDF Testreport , leassons learned last week

I dont know how or where to start.   A LOT happened this week... Most important TDF aggresive prositution get a new version. or somethign similar.    here is the link the topcik where more details can be read about and current happenings:   My part of this effort testing TDF aggresive perositution 2.5.5 SE Thep lan is re use old script codes and expand on it.  My gaol this time to find out many bug as possible and cause of the bugs.   i reported 10 b

Entry 21: A Date with Destiny

Hey, it's Destana.  I'm a vampire now.  I have a mission to kill the emperor very soon and I need to kill the Gourmet to steal his clothes.   My first thought was that the Dawnguard, being slayers of vampires, know more about vampires than probably anybody else.  So I thought I'd pay them a visit.  I rifled through my junk and found a full helm and slapped it on.  It seemed to go with my Crusader armor.  Make me look very paladin-like.  And also, hid my big GLOWING GOLDEN EYES.  

Starting with weapons. Bow

Ok. It's my first attempt to make weapons for Skyrim. I decide to start from worst case - bow   Base model almost done, just few details left. My friend left me his notebook with ZBrush so it will be my first work with sculpting too (for creating detailed normalmaps).          


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Mod Cleanup Case Study - Ambient Slaves 0.2b - Part 3

Welcome back, everyone! After a little break during the busy part of the week, it's time to get back to work on Ambient Slaves 0.2b. If you haven't read Part 1 and Part 2 yet, I recommend you do so first, as by now we're pretty deep into the project.   To recap, here's what's on the agenda still:   We need to go through the navmesh conflicts and create determine which ones need compatibility patches. We'll review the two ways to accomplish this. After working with t


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[Mod Release LE/SE] Karlov Jewelry Collection

Description This mod adds 2 necklaces and 2 earrings in 6 different colors to the game. Use either the console or the "additem menu mod" to access the outfit. Version:               1.0  Release date:       05.12.21 Language:           English Dependencies:    Skyrim LE/SE   Download LE/SE               Requirements XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by XP32 (XPMSE) AddItemMenu   Credits

Alter Native

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Entrails: My Settlements

🚧  UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🛠️   🚧   This little blog post is describing my FO4 settlements. I'll try to get the balance between some kind of journal and an atlas or tour guide thing.   History of the settlements in my little Empire My first settlement was obviously Sanctuary as in almost all vanilla game starts. For the story telling perspective it is just a safe place for desperate people. Yet, I cleaned my old house there and have it as a storage of mementos and rare stu


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Impolite bouncer

Instead of posting one extra-long diary in Monday, I decided to post only Saturday diary which I tried to keep short as much as I could. Sunday will be added to my next diary. We worked in yesterday morning, but everything was smooth and easy. My Prince talked to my Ivy in my office and he asked her not to tease Lidija hard and much tonight when we are going out. She said she’ll try. My Prince told her that she always says that, but she never fulfills her promise. My Ivy said she’ll really


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Ideas and Feedback

Please read before posting anything   Please note that this mod is still in early development and anything is subject to change. I will try and take a look into every idea and see what's possible but I will not guarantee that every idea will make it into the final mod.   Ideas so far: Improving dialog (Better, less repetitive conversations) Less hard dependencies/light alternative Small improvements to quests More dialog options and paths to take


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