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SexLab mods that are heavily focused on quests

82 files

  1. Amorous Adventures Extended

    About This File
    Hello, friends. I am JackP
    First of all, I have to say English is not my first language, so the dialogue here and in the quest may be a little weird. If you want to help me to improve the English version, just tell me and rework for it.
    I am preparing to continue the work of FoxFingers, and I have made the first version of Amorous Adventures Extend.
    This mod is going to make up more stories about Dragonborn's remance adventure, just like Amorous Adventures did.
    I still use the framework of FoxFingers, so you will feel familar with the lover system. Be involved with the girls, help them and then make them be dragonborn's lovers.
    The preparing work is Vittoria Vici (help her not be killed by brotherhood),  Muiri, Sorine Jurard (the machinist girl in Dawnguard) and some others. But as I am a student, maybe I will  not update quite frequently, it will be a project  updating as long as I am alive (we called 有生之年系列) or I can push me into TES VI haha.
    You can post the bugs, as if I have time to make up them I will do.
    Requirements :
    Amorous Adventures and all of it required https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/984-amorous-adventures-v34-20180602/
    (Recommend) SexLab Tools https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2018-sexlab-tools-v30/
    (Recommend) SexLab Privacy Immersive version added https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3530-sexlab-privacy/
    Using Sexlab Tools, you can change the animations so you can find one agreeing with the situation
    Using SexLab Privacy, you can make the love scene more private, not happening in some guys view.
    FoxFingers and the Amorous Adventures mod
    It's Okay to alter the mod dialogue, putting new spins on the stories and and re-uploading it.
    It's Okay to make a language translation. 
    It's Okay to create a version of this Mod that works on a particular platform, or with a particular sex animation framework.
    All credit / props must be given back to the original Mod and Mod author.  That's just courtesy.
    It's NOT OKAY to pass this Mod off as your own.  This Mod is fairly well known anyways.
    It's NOT OKAY to try and make money off this Mod.
    Yes, just like AmorAdv
    Changelog :
    v 1.0.0  Finish the quest of Love of Mara, it will lead you the lore quest The Book of Love, so please use a save that not finshing the quest, talk with Dinya Balu in temple of Mara, and Do not get the lore quest.



  2. Devious Regulation Fix

    Devious Regulation Fix For Devious Device Integration Version 4 and 4.1
    Several Fix Serende "Devious Regulation 1.7e Version"
    - Fix Galmar Screen When Begging (When Galmar Replace the Belt)
    - Fix Plug Slot
    - Fix Plug And Chastity Belt Color (Now With Fraction Color)
    - Add Key On Table (With Map) in Castle Dour and Palace of King
    - Fix Chastity Belt Container Inside Palace of King
    - Fix Chastity Weight
    - Punishment Collar now unlock with Regular Restraint Key
    - Fix Several Wong Keyword
    - Can Craft Master Key After Reading Devious Device Book
    -- Same With My Devious Armor Mods, But This one no Armor Version.
    -- Replace Devious Regulation Old ESP



  3. Neophytes of Dibella

    A very small mod for completing the excellent SisterHood of Dibella Mod (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/392-the-sisterhood-of-dibella-2016-06-21/)
    You'll find inside :
    - 5 neophytes of Dibella, in Markarth, Whiterun, Solitude and Riften (Not Windhelm : too cold!)
    - and actor event : the neophytes will spread Dibella blessing to Skyrim citizens.



  4. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    S_L_U_T_S Redux, by MrEsturk and DocClox
    This is an updated version of DocClox's Skyrim Licensed Universal Transport Serivice mod, released with his permission. 

    The carriage drivers of Skyrim have banded together to form the Skyrim Licenced Universal Transport Service, and they're looking to take on staff.

    Talk to a carriage driver, one of the stewards or an innkeeper to get started.


    It's a ponygirl mod. You get locked into a yoke, hooked up to a cart and told to pull it to another city. For which you get paid. Unless too many bandits have their way with you on the way. If that happens they'll pilfer from the cart as well, and you can end up owing money to the Company. But that's not a problem: They'll just send on another run until you can pay off all the arrears. Isn't that nice of them?
    For more details, check out DocClox's original mod.
    It is recommended you use a cleansave for the redux version, or at least save your game with the old mod disabled then load with the redux version installed. If you are using an old save and the MCM menu isn't working properly, go to the debug section and select "Reset to Default". That should correct the menu.
    Sexlab Framework
    Devious Devices 3.0
    Devious Devices Expansion 4.0
    Devious Devices Intergration 4.0
    Zaz (Might possiblely be covered already by Devious Devices, I can't remember)
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton or a similar skeleton (Or try this older skeleton suggested in DocClox's version)
    Obsolete: HdtHeels is not required for the redux version. Yay
    Recommended Mods:
    Come together N Out of the way: Allows you to tweak the distance your companion follows you at. You can use it to set them to stay farther away so they don't spend most of their time dry-humping the back of your cart while following you during a run. I'm going to be lazy and insist you use this if you want to control your companion's spacing 
    Fus Ro Doh: Used to make unvoiced dialogue work better and always display subtitles. Yep, neither me nor DocClox recorded any spoke dialogue for this mod. Seems to be a theme with the fetish mods of this site, lol.
    I also recommend using a mod that increases the encounter of bandits and other hostile humanoid NPCs on the roads. Such as one of the following:
    Extra Encounters Reborn
    Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary
    Enemy Encounter
    - New Customizable Costume:
    The ponygirl costume has been updated to incorporate many of the newer ponygirl themed items that have been released in the last few years. Choose one of five color themes (black,red,white,blue,pink) ,four tail styles, and a choice between a Yoke/Breast Yoke/Armbinder/Handcuffs from the MCM menu.
    - Base Pay Affected by Distance and Tweakable in MCM:
    Instead of a flat rate of 500 gold your pay will be calculated on the distance of your haul. A longer run = more pay! And is the 500 base modifier seeming a bit low for your lvl 255 Dragonborn? No problem! You can increase the payout to something that feels much more endgame in the MCM menu.
    - Overtime Bonus:
    So you've decided your character is better suited to make her living as a pack horse than an adventurer? S_L_U_T_S loves a dedicated ponygirl willing to go above and beyond the call of duty! For each delivery in a row you complete without collecting your escrow you will receive an ever increasing overtime multiplier to your pay (multiplier rate can be set or disabled in MCM). Disclaimer: Overtime benefits only apply to voluntary ponies who make perfect deliveries. (And yes, that annoying bug where you only got payed once when doing multiple deliveries has been squashed.)
    - Choose Your Own Destination:
    Need to be somewhere for a different quest and want to turn the walk into a little money on the side? Now you can specify with Hold you want to make a haul too. Of course you won't get paid as much and don't get this option if you owe debt to the company, but more choices are more choices!
    - Spontaneous Failure:
    Did some super stealthy thief plunder your cargo without your notice? Or maybe you where in such a hurry you didn't notice your cargo got knocked loose on one of the bumpier roads. Set a % chance in MCM that your perfect run will turn out not so perfect when you reach your destination. Great for those who don't want to flood their Skyrim with armies of rapey bandits or just want to add one more random risk to the pile. Or you can set it to 0% and forget this feature ever existed.
    - S_L_U_T_S Rehabilitation Program:
    So you have a criminal fine under 10000 gold you don't want to pay or go to jail for? No problem! S_L_U_T_S will be happy to convert your fine into a reduced (or increased) arrears debt you can work off hauling freight! Just turn yourself in to a local guard and ask about our world class rehabilitation program! (Conversion rate costumizable in the MCM menu)
    - No talking on the job:
    You're supposed to be working, not chatting! While on the job you won't be able to communicate with most NPCs. Well you can try, but you'll likely just get a demeaning comment then ignored...
    - Pit stops for voluntary workers now allowed:
    Did you drop off a delivery, get released, but then change your mind? Not to worry! Just talk to the last S_L_U_T_S agent you delivered cargo to instead of claiming your escrow and we'll have you back on the road where you belong! We'll even retain any overtime bonus you built up! Neat, huh?
    - All nine holds now supported:
    Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, and Winterhold now have dispatchers that can deploy/receive deliveries.
    - There is one other small Easter Egg to be had. See if you can find it!
    - Misc Stuff:
    - Humiliation System: Want to skip the walk to your Escrow Chest? Ask your dispatcher the right questions and he'll teleport it to you! Just so long as you don't mind a doing questionable return favor as well as doing some advertisement duty.
    - Simple Slavery support now includes a MCM menu to set three possible debts owed when bought from the auction house.
    - Needs Mods/Frostfall support added.
    - Normal Devious Devices that conflict with the ponygirl costume will now be removed before the ponygirl costume is applied. This does not cover extreme devious devices, such as some of the nastier items found in Deviously Cursed Loot or Captured Dreams.
    - The Livery Tattoo is now properly removed when you are released from service.
    - Grammar fixes and some new minor dialog added.
    - Male PCs can no longer enter this questline. Its not that I have anything against those that would like to place their male PCs in a bunch of restraints and make them into a pack animal. Its just that neither most of the costume pieces nor much of the dialog is set up for male characters. Sorry.
    - Known Issues:
    - For now gags are removed when a guard takes you to rehab, due to dialog conflicts they cause (for some reason even giving the rehab dialog massive priority didn't always work)
    - Sometimes the carriage drivers will cast their ponygirl spell twice. This doesn't have any apparent negative effects however.
    - When agreeing/forced to do consecutive runs the S_L_U_T_S tattoo is removed temporarily between cart change outs. This is to allow possible MCM changes to the tattoo design to take effect. It was something I added at the last minute, so didn't want to set up any coding too fancy for it just yet.
    - The process of removing conflicting devious devices is very slow. Nothing that can be done about this, but thankfully the script is only run when conflicting devices are detected.
    - The cart is as buggy as its always been.
    - Incompatabilities:

    - Complete Fast Travel Overhaul: This one removes all the stock carriage drivers and replaces them with clones.
    - Note to Bestiality Fans:
    - I find bestiality to be a huge turnoff to put it nicely. Thus I have no intention spending countless playtesting hours being forced to watch it. So the answer is no: there will be no stallion fucking/etc added to this mod while I'm in charge of it. Sorry if that disappoints you, but its not happening.
    - Credits
    - DocClox: For creating the original mod and giving me permission to make this upgrade.
    - El Duderino: For creating the ponygirl mittens used in this mod.
    - CGi: For creating an FMOD friendly version as well as various other minor tweaks.
    - The many, many people behind Sexlab and Devious Devices.
    - Rob_J: For the custom S.L.U.T.S. cart texture.
    - Additional ponygirl screenshots provided by: LatexLuger, max99max, valcon767, random11714
    That's all for now. Feel free to share your ponygirl pics in the comments section!



  5. Radiant Prostitution Español

    Traduccion para el mod Radiant Prostitution
    Primero necesitas instalar el mod original y después reescribir el .esp
    Si hay algun error por favor avisenme.



  6. Deadly Pleasures

    DEADLY PLEASURES : a Komotor and Delzaron joint project.
    Co Authors : Komotor (animations, synopsis)
    Dependencies :
    Skyrim Sexlab FNIS Komotor animations of course !  
    What do you need to know :
    This mod is for females characters. This mod is a complex project. Special animations are planned. We both plan to make prerelease on Patreon, like lot of people do for Sims mods. For more details : https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron. And Komotor's patreon : https://www.patreon.com/komotor How to start the mod : talk to an In keeper, and follow the story.  
    The Mod content :
    Follow the track, and meet Jezera, a dark seducer, and her pets.... don't worry, you'll be one of them. You'll done exhibitions and missions for her... voluntary or not.
    This mod is designed to use the excellent Komotor's animations... so expect things you'll never saw
    Core Quests : They are the story quests.
    aDP0_starter : the starter quest aDP1_begin : the prologue aDP1_fourdays : your firsts days as a pet... aDP2_begin : a new run aDP_2Quai : meet Anna Venicci, Jezera's business partner, and her sins...  
    Side Quests : each side quest unlock a new animation, and explore the past of NPCs. You need the Komotor patreon pack for playing these animations.
    aDP_SideQuest_Giant : a story about Miquote's past, and her giant friend. aDP_SideQuest_Dwemer : a story about Lamiae's past, and some researches on dwemer artifacts. (on project)  
    Radiant Quests :
    aDP_Rep_Analpendelum aDP_Rep_Komachine3kw aDP_Rep_komachinetable aDP_Rep_komEnduro aDP_Rep_KomBrutalDildo aDP_Rep_KomGiant  
    aDP_ActorEvent_Party1 : for animating Anna's manor. aDP_ActorEvent_Dungeon1 : girls will ask for training on the brutal dildo.  
    Some of the mod's NPCs :
    Jezera : the Mistress. A young, beautiful and dominative Dark seducer. Lamiae : a falmer teenager from Ibn. Miquote : a chocolate young elf. Quai : Jezera's slave. Seems depressed. Chuul : Jezera's older sister. She totally submissive. Anna Venicci : Jezera's business partner, and sinfull noble. Molag Bal : I really need to present him ?  
    Musics and other ressources :
    Medieval from Aticca Blue. Masked Bal form Eyes wide Shut (Jocelyn Pook) Venitian Masks from CPU Molag Bal outfit form Vigilant mod.
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. Animations and AnimObjects are from Komotor.



  7. Harder Devious Crafting - From Vol 2 Book

    Devious Crafting - From Vol 2 Book
    Simple Description:
    -       Using SkyUI for Read The Book Without Getting Caught?
    -       Create A devious and Keys Item So Easily?
    -       Avoid Forbidden Tome Quest because is Unnecessary?
    This Mods Force Player To Complete “Forbidden Tome Quest” To Get “Devious Devices: Chastity Belts, Volume 2”.
    Now To Create A Devious Items And Key, You Need That Book.
    I Also Renamed A Price and Name of The Book. So It’s Looks more Expensive And Devious.
    -       Devious Devices: Chastity Belts (Price 25 Gold)
    -       Forbidden Tome: Devious Devices - Chastity Belts (Price 2500 Gold)
    -       Devious Devices: Chastity Belts, Volume 2 (Price 25 Gold)
    -       Forbidden Tome: Devious Devices - Chastity Belts, Volume 2 (Price 2500 Gold)
    And, Replace A Vol 2 Book Text with Devious Ingredients. Looks Screen Shot to More Details.



  8. Sorlis Balarn's Treasure

    This is a little dungeon/quest mod designed to take advantage of komotor machines animations in a lore friendly way. To begin, talk to Julia, an archeologist looking for adventures, who rests in a small camp, south of Darklight tower in the Rift.
    In addition, finishing the quest will offer you a nice dwemer styled house and a permanent lover similar to the ones from amorous adventures. Be aware though that the outcome of the mod will depend on your speechcraft skill^^.
    Very important: please add bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in your C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini file, under [general]. Otherwise the quest won't progress normally, since it will require you to go beyond the game borders. If you have Mod Organizer, you also need to modify your Skyrim.ini in the profile directory.
    This mod also has many fade to black, so if you want them to work, make sure that your enb uses ApplyGameColorCorrection.
    Komotor public Slal pack (the mod will work without it, but will lose much of its interest^^). Don't forget to register Komachine and Kom table animations.
    Fuz roh d'oh (not a hard requirement, but it will allow you to read the dialogues more easily)
    Watch out, this mod retextures Both Komachine and Kom Table animation, so back up your files if you want to revert the changes afterward.
    Note that some clothes meshes are made for cbbe body, I'll probably make a UNP patch soon.
    Machines animations from komotor: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/61588-slal-komotors-animations-the-future-is-on-the-way/ Many thanks for your help : )
    Witcher 2 - Nilfgaardian Mage Outfit by WesleyWalesAnderson :https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37012/?
    Morrowind Dwemer Resources by David Brasher and Enter_77 : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76379/?
    Dwarven Colossus - Mihail Monsters and Animals (Mihail immersive add-ons - ESO) by Mihail Romanov: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82055/?
    Dwarven Bikini Armor by nisekoflio:https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76214/?



  9. Ravenous Rus

    Русский перевод мода Ravenous. Только esp и скрипты.

    Orginal Mod:http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2036-ravenous/



  10. Dovahkiin's Infamy Español

    Esto es una traducción al Mod Dovahkiin's Infamy, que tiene un par de misiones no lineares y en las que pudes decidir como llevarlas a cabo.
    Necesitas el mod original
    Si hay algún error por-favor avisar.



  11. Amorous Adventures español

    Este mod es una simple traduccion para Sexlab Amorous Adventures 3.4
    Necesitas el mod original
    Mis agradecimientos al usuario Dark_Fenix ya que he usado su traduccion de la version 2.11 como base y yo solo traduje lo que faltaba.
    Si hay algun error porfavor avisarme.



  12. Shout Like a Virgin Rus

    The archive provided here contains only ESP and some scripts of the mod "Shout Like a Virgin". In order to use this archive, you will need to install the original mod according to the VirginMarie Instructions and then copy the contents of the archive, agreeing to replace it.
    In the future, I will also try to update my translation to the current versions.
    Description in Russian.

    Additional translation support here
    -Full changes are read here and Here (Rus)
    I remind you that to use the new functions of the mod requires DDI 4.0/4.1 and DDX 4.0/4.1, which in turn requires a new game.



  13. Dovahkiin's Infamy

    Episode 2 Released - 6 new quests (each with their sub-quests), completing Whiterun content. See the uploaded "Starting Ep 2 Quests.pdf" for how to start them (although even without the doc, you should encounter them naturally)
    Non-linear quest mod that blends in with the vanilla game by adding lore-friendly backstories to (previously unimportant) vanilla NPCs.
    A tale of love, purity, drama, religion, corruption and blackmail. Player's personality affects what options are available at each quest's stage, which in turn affect the quest's outcome. Story-driven, although there are plenty of sex scenes, these fit in with the stories and its characters (i.e. the player doesn't have to be in 'whore mode' - in fact they can remain a moralist virgin the whole way through; and the NPCs act consistently with their vanilla personalities - no porn dialogues).
    Suitable for player characters of all sexual orientations. Some bestiality and non-consensual content, both of which can be turned off.
    Click on "Follow this File" above to keep updated with the mod's development. Hopefully, over time, this will be turned into a DLC-sized 18+ quest mod.
    SexLab Framework - change "NPCs Use Bed" to Always, I also recommend unticking "Disable Teleport".
    Fuz Ro D-oh - I may do the vanilla voice mashing thingy eventually, but for now I'd rather prioritize actual quest content.
    Features in Version 2.0:
    10 main quests with multiple endings each + many sub-quests to accompany these 12 'court-able' NPCs during and after these quests with unique benefits, emotional attachment and marriage proposal mechanics. Radiant events: nightmare, wet dream, voyeur, cheating & blackmail Public sex and spectator behavior Personality parameters affecting and affected by player's decisions: Perversion, Sadism and Infamy. You won't neccesarily start at zero with these - when first installed, DI will check your SexLab Journal and gameplay statistics to give you your starting parameters. Tie in with vanilla quests without forcing the players to do them: completing vanilla quests will simply unlock/ change content
    Special thanks to Nazzzgul666, Pauduan, Vithiss, DrMojoDoc, indyskyho, karlpaws, valcon767, Saber2th, Aire, TheSpirit, emes
    , Ticklebear, Yuni, Krh and everyone else in the suggestion thread. I have incorporated some of the ideas into the first version and have kept the rest in a document to refer to for future updates.

    I kept the description brief and the screenshots all from very early in their respective quests to avoid spoilers. My suggestion is just install and play the game normally - the quests will find their ways to you quite naturally. Then just follow the flow for your first play-through. Then, if you're a bit of a completionist, feel free to ask questions in this thread on how to unlock all various paths and endings of each quest.



  14. Absolute Necro

    Absolute Necro
    A mod that bring love in the afterlife ... sort of
    New in Release 1.93 : Tokens  & Shake

     - Ernst’s skull is no more. If you still have one, well keep it, it can be a good paperweight. Tokens replace it. Once dead, you must use a Token to call a Necroist. Every call consumes one token, so be careful with them. You'll start with 5 and to get some, you need to earn them by having sex with a dead body. You have a spell for that in the healing tab. Every necro gives you one Token. If you don't have enough Token .... too bad for you: better never be in this situation.
     - When your body is necroed, a special link is made with it, and you may fell something. (If you play with a pad, it may shake during necro on your body)
     - A workaround HDT hairs problem is added: your dead body may have a vanilla haircut. This option is selected in the MCM menu. Use it only if you have this issue.

    Now, your underground prison full of slaves may be of a great utility. Attacking a Forsworn camp can have a purpose now.  Someone may ask if the dragonborn is still a savior ;)
    What is it?

    This is the rework of my mod. The original one was too cinematic oriented, and probably not fun to play.
    The work is in progress, but I have something I want to share. The resurrection thru necro is now generic, and can be used outside the mod. This is the first thing I have worked on for the V2. So, I decide to share it.
    Disclaimer: this is just the power part, you can test it easily, just die in fight, and it’ll pop up, there is no explanation of how and why ... everything’ll be revealed in the mod to come.
    How to use:
    easy die in fight. You may have tokens in your inventory, use it, and you’ll be noticed if someone hear your call, or if nobody is coming.  The NPC which answer your call will follow you. Lead him to your body. You must repeat this a given number of time to revive (set in the MCM Setup panel). After using the Token, if you don’t want to be helped by the NPC that come, just say him “Booo”, it’ll flee. You need to perform some necros while alive to gains Tokens.
    There is a spell to earn Tokens. Select a dead body and cast it. It may behave differently if your character is a man or woman:
    -    Man: standard Necro scene
    -    Woman: your target will be resurrected, and it’ll have sex with your character.

      -    as a ghost, you may not be able to pass a door, or use anything.
      -    Necro power only come if you die from a fight. Upon not honorable death (falling ,  drowning) you'll die
      -    There is no marker for your body (it’s wanted) so be very careful to find it back: if you die in the wilderness, you may need to go to the nearest town to seek help.
    Bugs and other:
      -    There is a trigger area for your body, if your body move after your death, you may have to lead your savior to the original position of your body
      -    It’s highly not compatible with Mods that use combat bleed out (DAYMOL, Defeat …) so better disactivate them before activating the power. Make sure you are flagged as "Essential" in the MCM. If not, just disactivate the power, close the menu, and activate it again.
      -    Currently the Token selects the closest NPC, so if you want a specific NPC, move close to him
      -    Don’t die attacking guards, even if you die in the process, they may still try to send you to jails
      -    As a ghost, NPC may try to attack you anyway if you directly go to them. Instead try to use the skull far from them.
      -    If you are about to die, try to move out from the place where your aggressors stay, it’ll be easier for you to revive
      -    If you say “booo” he may try to attack you, even if you are a ghost. He may also try to attack your savior
      -    to manage your follower, and his/her essential flag (if he/she’s essential, he/she won’t die), it’s recommended to use a Mod like UFO to manage follower’s flags.
      -    There is no Token protection or warning, if you die while not having enough Token, you'll be screwed. No token will be given except for the 5 on a new game: you must earn them
    Strong Requirement:
      - SexLab V 1.62 (and all his requirements, including SKSE)
      - Enable creature framework to have the creature option working
      - Fuz Ro Dho
    Must have / Highly recommended
      - SLAL
      - FunyBizznes SLAL package since there is a lot of Neco anims
      - More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition
      - UFO to manage essential flag on follower

    Mods that are not compatible
    - HDT hairs are not compatible, there is a workaround in the MCM menu, but better not use a HDT haircut with this mod



  15. Night Mistress Mansion

    NIGHT MISTRESS MANSION : A Mansion Management mod (Aka Quo Vagis for Skyrim!)
    Co Authors : CPU (dance animations and scripts, pictures conversion tutorial, Humongous tears of gratitude), Glev (pictures).
    Dependencies :
    Skyrim Dawnguard Dragonborn Sexlab FNIS  
    Night Mistress Manssion beta 0.4 prereleased soon on Patreon !
    Available on my patreon : https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
    SSE : When the mod will be finished, I'll try to convert it to make it compatible with Skyrim Special Edition (if SSE contains also the Dawnguard and dragonborn DLCs)
    How to start the mod : talk to an In keeper, and meet Axia Lilvahi, in the Night Mistress Mansion.
    The Mod content :
    Axia Lilvahi is not like pimps you can meet in Skyrim : whore herself, she takes care of her girls, and she's very ambitious...
    No bestiality and slavery in that mod : it's a classy prostitution mod.
    Mansion girls have different status, and it have consequences. Sex skills and money are based on that rank.
    - Apprentices don't choose their jobs, and get 30% of the profits.
    - whores will be able to negociate, and get 30% of the profit + a margin (so, player negociate the sex scene, and the price in a marge).
    - dancers can propose sex, and dance.
    - special are... special. Only the Night Mistress Mansion will propose special employees.
    - courtesans are expensive (almost 500 gold, 50% for the girl), and can also make some interesting tasks (like spying, art, or just chat/accompany a noble for a party...).
    30 %, that's a little... but every whores have a bed, food, and washed clothes, and can use the Mansions as their homes... so, they don't need to spend that money in the brothel, unlike Maria Eden or Radiant prostitution ones.
    In every brothel, player will find a chest where she can store her gear safely.
    At the beginning of the mod, player can make money by whoring, or by receiving it from Axia during the quest line... at a step, player will become an associate, be able to publish erotic posters, and will be able to earn a part of the daily profits of each brothels... if there are profits... that's mean you're in charge to make profits !
    Core Quests :
    aNMM0_starter : the starter quest, where player meet Axia Aoada. aNMM1_Hire : get your job position ! aNMM2_ begin : the beginning of the Night Mistress Mansion : recruit whores, make add, and turn this ruin into a profitable Mansion. aNMM2_book : erotic books publication. More than 150 girls to photoshoot : Catch them all ! aNNM2_Dance : dancing lesson. aNMM3_Riekling : Tiak Chek have a dream : being a dancer. aNMM3_Vampire : find the dark side of Axia Aoada. Your first real moral choice. aNMM4_begin : acquire the Red Button Mansion ! aNMM4_Courtesan : convince Kahedec to become a courtesan, and recruit another one. aNMM4_End : Help Amélie Malibue to find Axia's past... and defeat Axia old ennemies.  

    Radiant Quests :
    aNMM_Main : the mod management quest. aNMM_Main_book : the magazines management quest. aNMM_RedButtonMain : the Red Button Brothel Management quest aNMM_NightMistressMansion_Main : the Night Mistress Mansion management quest aNMM_Recruit : recruit NPC from the mod, and from vanilla skyrim (who says "Ysolda" ?) aNMM_Recruit_Model : recruit NPC from erotic pictures, for the magazines publications.  

    Actor Events :
    aNMM_ActorEvent_WhoreQuest : NPCs whores, dancers and courtesan working quest. aNMM_ActorEvent_DancerQuest : NPCs dancers working quest. aNMM_ActorEvent_CourtesanQuest : same, for courtesans. More money... aNMM_ActorEvent_WaitressQuest : waitresses have their event too... aNMM_ActorEvent_slaveWhoreQuest : another whore actor event... aNMM_Events_NightMistressMansion : a uest (thanks CPU) to trigger lot of scenes...  

    Side Quests :
    aNMM_Rep_Vamp1 : play Truth or Dare with three vampiric girls. aNMM_Rep_ImpClient : an important client came. Fuck him good, and increase the Mansion's reputation. aNMM_Rep_Client : please the client... and make an extra money. aNMM_Rep_Book : publish a book. aNMM_Rep_Courtesan : a whore delivery outside the Mansion. Ley with the client, get paid, come back home. aNMM_Rep_Spy : work with the thieves guild aNMM_Rep_GuardBandit : execute some bandits who are annoying the Mansion aNMM_Rep_GuardEscort : Escort a Courtesan to her client aNMM4_sideQuest_GirlBard : acquire the Burning Thigh Mansion.  

    The Brothels :
    The Night Mistress Mansion is more a company. During the mod, several establisments will be established. Brothels I planned :
    The Red Button : a Mansion near DragonBridge and Solitude. The Night Mistress : a manor based on Volkihar castle. It's near Lake Ilinata, not far from Captured dreams Mansion. The Burning Thigh : a wood manor based brothel, near Riften.  

    Some of the mod's NPCs :
    Axia Lilvahi : a woman from a far country. Exasperated by skyrim pimps (mostly slavers and brutes), she decided to build her own business! Aeta and Aesta Merith : two sisters, they lives in Dawnstar. Aeta will be the local brothel keeper. Carmen : a experienced redhead whore from HighRock, she have contacts with the Penitus occulatus. But she don't hesitate to use illegal means to reach her goals. Amélie Malibue : a scout Axia hired some times ago... she will be the bar keeper, and her morality will temper Axia and Carmen choices. Iolia : a yound dunmer, Axia's "niece". Kahedec Gra Limai : a young orc noble. Bula Gro Labrom : Kahedec's bodyguard Haley, Badcia, Laren : three vampires girls. Azor Avaj Sonderbilt : a powerful warlock, who have only one weakness : women. Lalum : a yound dancer and Axia's daughter in law. Asilia : skilled maid, and Iolia cousin. Violet, Lily and Favani Arelas : Iolia former colleagues.  

    NPC to recruit : (in progress)
    NPC can be recruited for two purposes : as nude models (around 150 NPCs available !) for "Skyrim Beauties" Publication, and as "employees". The list of Potential employees (vanilla and mod NPCs) is below :
    Markarth : Cairine and Hroki. Falkreath : Sally Sheep Jumper, Narri. Whiterun : Ysolda and Ahlam (as courtesan) Solitude : Elissif (if she lost her Jarl position), Vala Sestius (included in the Red Button Quest) DragonBridge : Julia and Juliette Lylvienne (included in the Red Button quest) Windhelm : Shahvee. Shorstone : Joldi (but only for the Mansion near Riften) Riften : Svana (as a maid) Ivarstead : Lynly and Fastred. DLCs : Mirri Severin. Old Hroldan : Uale the Sicambre. Dawnstar : Bodil. Rorikstead : Alarvyne Winterhold : Arameya. Morthal : Abelone All Followers !
    In Night Mistress Mansion mod, these NPCs and followers are the key : linear quest recruits are mostly mod NPCs, but it's not enough for making the Mansions profitable. As Associate, you need to complete the staff, and more the quest advance, and more you'll need to recruit. For example, the Night Mistress Mansion can consume 10 followers as whores. It's a good way to make followers useful, profitable, and grouped in the same place.

    Night Mistress Mansion edition :
    Publish porn magazines! You'll be able to talk to NPCs , pay them to pose. You need 4 pictures to publish a magazine. The more kinky it is, the more money it make.
    A board will appear each time you publish the related picture. Some themed magazines will be published each time the appropriate pictures are obtained.  

    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.



  16. The Sisterhood of Dibella Español / Spanish

    Este es mi primer aporte después de tantos años de pertenecer a esta comunidad. El cual es la traducción del maravilloso mod de skyrimll: The Sisterhood of Dibella version (2016-06-21) 1.3.2 (La hermanda de Dibella entre nosotros)
    Se necesita instalar el mod original y sobrescribir con esta traducción
    Cualquier error que encuentren con la traducción o alguna frase que crean que tenga más sentido, favor de repórtalo para corregirlo.



  17. Being a Guard WIP Alpha 0.94 (Female Version) (2017-01-02)

    Note: Do not Rush this mod or you might break the quests. Wait for the dialogue and all the prompts to finish.
    This is basically a female version of ffabris Being a Guard quest, with a less silly story involving... blackmail, mystery, slavery, humiliation, stalkers and rape.
    Brief Story Explanation
    Start the quest by speaking to any guard in Whiterun (within the city).
    Mods required - Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, SexLab, SexLab Aroused Redux, Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Heartfire, FNIS, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, HDT Physics Extensions
    "Before the Storm" must be completed, or use a mod that removes the quest, such as Skyrim Unbound. You must be a thane of Whiterun, and you also need to have enough male guards available. Up to 4 are needed, depending.
    Problems by Priority
    The captain shows up invisible during Part 11. The Sleeping Giant scene between Gata and Orgnar will not play. Cum outfit will not stay equipped on Gata during A Guard in Distress quest. Grammar and story tweaking.l The first sex scene won't make sense. If anyone knows of an animation involving the player getting a physical or some sort of an examination, please let me know!  

    Future Features
    Vanilla, voice acting. Quest Rewards.  

    Drag and drop into your data folder. Run FNIS tool. Activate the Esp in Nexus Mod Manager  

    Update (From 0.93 to 0.94)
    Simply overwrite everything  

    Quest Help & Questions
    Possible Conflicts
    Anything that drastically alters the interiors of the Whiterun guard barracks or jail, Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn, the river edge between Riverwood and Half-Moon Mill, near North Shriekwind Bastion.

    Being a Guard, by ffabris Static dishes and food resource, by Tamira Ready Clutter and Furnishings, by Lilith  

    NOTE: Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I uploaded this mod simply so I can get help completing it.



  18. The Book of Sex

    Remember that vanilla quest "The Book of Love" where you need to travel to a bunch of locations across the map and do nothing but talk to NPCs. This mod expands on this quest by adding more than 1.5 hour of sexual content, which is kept lore-friendly and can be enjoyed by both female and male PCs alike. It not only adds sex scenes but also many plot twists and a bit of humor which will sure keep you entertained.
    I deliberately uploaded few screenshots to not spoil the surprises.
    To start the quest, talk to Dinya Balu when she's inside the Temple of Mara in Riften - just like how you would normally start the vanilla quest.
    SexLab Framework
    Fuz Ro Doh
    SexLab Privacy Normal Version - the scenes will make a lot more sense with it - remember to set "NPC use beds" in SexLab MCM to "Always"
    SLAL Animation by Leito - for the additional threesome animations
    Troubleshooting: You should be able to play through the entire quest without problems, but if you get stuck at one point (most likely due to a mod conflict somewhere), use console command "setstage t02 stagenumber" to advance to the next stafe. The stage numbers are below, obvious spoilers:

    Credits: Edhildil for Sexy Mara Statue



  19. Family ties 0.2 (2017-12-30)

    Introducing Family Ties - a series of small background mods that will make the player character the relative of a family from Vanilla Skyrim.
    The mods feature:
    - Relationships (mother/child, grandparent, aunt.. ) between the player and NPCs from the family.
    - A key and night-time access to the family home.
    - Family NPCs are renamed to Mother, Father, Grandpa etc… names of siblings are preserved.
    - I made small adjustments to houses to give the player a bedroll and a safe storage with starting clothing.
    - I also added map markers to your home town and family house.
    - There is no proper quest yet - just the basic minimum to access a family home so far.
    My goal here is to put together small mods (script free if possible) as templates for others to make their own and share them back. Eventually we could even envision small quests around family secrets.
    Families already implemented:
    - Imperial - start as the son or daughter of Adrianne Avenicci in Whiterun.
    - Imperial - start as the son or daughter of Carlotta Valentia in Whiterun.
    - Nord - start with Birna in Winterhold as a mother and Ranmir, your uncle.
    - Nord - start with Lemkil in Rorikstead as a father, with two sisters and a childhood friend (Erik)
    - Breton or Reguard - start in the Lylvieve family Dragon Bridge. Since the father is Reguard and the mother Breton, it can fit a Redguard start as well.
    - Altmer - start as a sibling of Taarie and Endarie in the Radiant Raiments store
    - Any race - start as a former orphan from the Riften orphanage
    - The Belethor start was provided through the forum and hasn't been tested yet [REMOVED FOR NOW - I need to test it first]
    I didn't make any racial check to keep things simple and script free. Up to you to role play the starts the way you want.
    Obviously, you should only activate one module at a time (unless you want to have multiple parents in different places).
    The mods will not make you start at your home though, so you are free to use Live Another Life or other start mods on top of these.
    I am releasing these Family Ties modules as plain Skyrim mods - not SexLab - as it may be of interest for anyone interested in role play.
    None (see below for companion mods).
    Q: What does the main FamilyTies.esp mod and script do?
    FamilyTies.esp is an optional file and scripts. This mod will grant you treats as you age. This is a complement and it is not required for the other family esps to work.
    The optional esp is loosely based on the Growing in Skyrim mod from Nexus. I tweaked it and changed it so much over time that it doesn't have much left from the original and should be treated as a new mod instead.
    What you can expect in this mod:
    - a script to handle aging. The minimum age is hard coded as 16. The default age is 18. A configurable 'birthday' parameter will count days until the next birthday and will grant you new perk points once you have a birthday. The scale of your character will also change from 0.96 to 1.0 between the ages of 16 and 20 (so it should exclude you from sex scenes if you are too young/short).
    - an MCM menu for easier configuration of anniversaries and aging
    - a custom race for 'teens' (age 16 to 20) in case you want a different body type. This is still experimental at this stage.
    Note: you don't have to use the experimental teen races to use ages lower than 20. You can use your normal race as well. The teen races are there only if you want to use a different body type.
    Q: What about Incest (since this is LoversLab).
    I made a list of potential NPCs and their families broken down by race and activity (noble, mill worker, innkeeper, etc) that I may cover eventually. There is quite some potential for families with the player in the game.
    Q: Why multiple mods instead of a single file?
    Relationships between NPCs are hard coded as form IDs in the ESP file. I can't create new ones on the fly or turn them off.
    Also, to give access to an NPC house at night, I had to edit the cell to make it public and give the place a key to the house. Editing the public flag of a cell is also not doable dynamically and keeping track of all keys would be a mess in a combined mod.
    The only solution I could think of is to create these little modules individually.
    Q: Why are you working on yet another instead of finishing SD+, Parasites, Hormones, Alicia, etc
    I start a lot of new characters to test development of my other mods. It’s a tedious and boring task, and I need some diversity to keep things interesting. Mods like this one help a lot.
    That and … procrastination and distractions are more fun than working on the hard tasks ahead with these mods.



  20. Maiden Raven Overhaul & Riekling Follower WIP 1.01 (SexLab, Voiced) (2016-26-12)

    Maiden Raven Overhaul & Riekling Follower (Sexlab) WIP 1.01
    Mods required - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, SexLab, Dragonborn DLC, FNIS, RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard
    I originally uploaded this mod simply so I can find some help fixing some of the issues... but, everything should be working fine now. Currently I'm just looking for someone who can basically simplify the sex scripts since I can't compile any SexLab scripts without getting any error... (Trust me I tried). I'm fairly basic modder, so the problems should be some what straight forward for any modder.
    Help and feedback is greatly appreciated!
    New types human witches who are yet to be fully transformed into hagraven will be added. They will drop hargraven clothes that a female player can wear. New fully voiced Hagraven Follower (Moira) New fully voiced female Riekling follower (Wak Wak) A Night To Remember modded quest added. A friendly Porter modded quest added.
    Don't save during the quest A Night to Remeber specifically when you first talk to Moira, otherwise that save might be corrupt. Save after you get the wedding ring from her inventory.
    Future Features
    Marriage WakWak will force herself on you when aroused.  


    A friendly Porter (Riekling)

    A Night to Remember

    My Version (Hagraven)
    Drag and drop into your data folder. Run FNIS tool. Activate the Esp in Nexus Mod Manager  

    SexLab Privacy: So that Moira leads you to her bed.  

    Update (From 1.00 to 1.01)
    Overwrite old version Delete rieklingpolymorpheffect.pex & rieklingpolymorpheffect.pcs  

    Quest Help
    Q: How do I get the wedding ring from Moira without killing her?
    A: You can take it from her inventory once she's your follower.
    huelparas: Maiden Raven mod.
    PROMETHEUS_ts: Slave Pack Riekling.
    Dividedbythe9s: Riekling Skintone
    And anyone else I definitely missed. If there are any problems or if you have a specific requests, feel free to leave a response. Your comments are appreciated.



  21. [WIP] Traps, Pitfalls and Dangerous Things

    Traps, Pitfalls & Dangerous Things
    Known Issues
    If you are not encountering any traps at all please try cycling the setting for "Trap Clearable Areas" in the MCM and make sure the "Trap Layer" is active

    If you are seeing lots of Debug Messages then you can now turn them off in the MCM  
    Massively Negative Skill Values

    People using versions before V0.91 may encounter a bug where your skills end up and as a hugely negative number. This was because some of the spells applied a stat modifier which wasn't being cleared after the spell had ended. To return your skill value to normal use the following console command.
    player.restoreactorvalue xxx 1000000 where xxx is the skill e.g. player.restoreactorvalue sneak 1000000  
    When Upgrading

    Please use the options "Restart MCM" and "Restart Quest" debug options. This will shutdown the quests and refresh any altered scripts.  
    Clean Installation

    To do a clean installation...
    1. Remove this mod from your load list.  
    2. Start Skyrim and load up your current save and ignore the warning that this mod is no longer available.

    3. Once loaded, save your game and exit out of Skyrim.
    4. Re-enable this mod in your load list and start Skyrim and load your save game.
    The mod will reinstall and all scripts and quests will be reset.  

    If you've ever thought that the dungeons and crypts of Skyrim are too predictable then this mod should help change that. It is designed to add random events and traps while you are venturing through these areas so that you'll never know exactly what will happen.
    The mod currently has two main parts...
    1. Auto Trap Layer
    This spawns an invisible NPC who will "super speed sprint" around the current dungeon at random dropping traps and extra mobs as they go. You can configure the ratio of traps to mobs as well as the frequency of their creation. The traps triggers are visible so you can avoid them if you are paying attention. Have a look further down this page for a list of currently working traps.
    2. Random Events
    These work on a random timer that will then roll to see if an event takes place. Not all events are bad, some are good (if you're lucky!). You can configure the min and max amount of time before a new event will take place. Events are designed to happen infrequently, they are random and unavoidable.
    Current Status
    The trap laying system is in and working. It will detect suitable trappable areas and plant random traps where ever it can!
    The new trap system allows the mod to build its own traps based on a selection of trap effects. Trap effects range from simple alarms all the way up to spawning ghostly guardians and equipping devious devices. Traps can have 1 or many effects and some may even be able to kill you outright! There is also a very very small possibility that a trap will not do anything.
    Traps take many forms. Some are obvious such as Pressure plates and Runes. Others may not be so obvious such as general clutter. Traps can also take the form of Critter Traps. These use critter related items such as egg sacs to create critter ambushes.
    In addition to traps, the trap laying system can also spawn in mobs of new enemies based on the current location type making every adventure different and unpredictable.
    The MCM allows you to configure the density and ratio of mobs to traps as well as many other things.
    1. All DLC for Skyrim
    2. Fuz Ro D'oh
    3. Latest Version of Sexlab
    Soft Dependencies
    1. Devious Devices - Integration and all dependencies
    Current Traps Effects
    Standard traps can have 1 or more of the effects listed below.
    Alarm Trap
    All traps trigger an alarm, but the strength is randomised - maybe you'll get lucky and it won't alert every single monster to your location!
    Damage Trap
    Instantly applies a random poison, lightning, fire or frost damage effect.
    Spell Trap
    Fires a random spell which may apply a disease, do damage or some other effect!
    Guardian Trap
    Spawns a ghostly guardian which attacks you on sight!
    Paralyse Trap
    Paralyses you for a short period of time
    Naked Trap
    Strips you of your main armour and locks your inventory for a short period of time
    Devious Trap
    Will equip a random magical devious device on you for a configurable length of time. The device will also apply a (realistic) magical debuff for the duration!
    Thanks To...
    All those involved with the SexLab Framework and Devious Devices mods
    user9120975435 for helping with some of the ideas
    Everyone who's downloaded and helped troubleshoot my other mods



  22. SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing (2017-12-22)

    In a nutshell, this mod will add several types of parasites as complements to Skyrim diseases.
    Each will come with their own mesh, trigger, healing method and side effects.
    I am also working on a questline to unify them during gameplay.
    For example (included in this first release), sex with Spiders will come with a chance of vaginal infection by spider eggs.
    You will have to figure out a way to cure that infection (no side effect yet except for increased arousal during sex and inflated belly).
    I will eventually add lore, quests and dialogues to seek help in removing the parasites (or using them strategically).
    Parasites included
    - Spider eggs (vaginal) / sex with spiders / chance of detached spider penis in addition to eggs
    - Chaurus worms (anal and vaginal) / sex with chaurus
    - Estrus Tentacle attacks / harvesting chaurus eggs / EC+ required
    - Tentacle Monster armor / chance of infection when attacked by Estrus Tentacle
    - Estrus Slime or Ooze attacks / harvesting creepy clusters / EC+ required
    - Living Armor armor / chance of infection when attacked by Estrus Slime or Ooze
    - 'hip' and 'facial' Face hugger / sleep naked in Blackreach, caves or ruins
    - Skin spores (barnacles) / sleep naked in Blackreach, caves or ruins
    The Living Armor and Tentacle Monster cannot be removed in-game at the moment, but you can use the menu to roleplay removal when you want to.
    See this post for more details about the parasites ( http://www.loverslab.com/topic/68035-sexlab-parasites-kynes-blessing-2016-10-15/?p=1702419 )
    SexLab V1.62+ and its requirements:
    SKSE (V1.7.3) SkyUI (latest) FNIS - Fores New Idles in Skyrim (Latest version. The spells add-on is not required.)
    Devious Devices Integration v3.1 and its own requirements
    Devious Devices Assets Zaz animation pack V6.11 SexLab Aroused (original or Redux)

    NiOverride (included in Racemenu) is needed if you want proper inflation of breasts and belly during infections, but it is not required for the mod to operate.
    If you want to go that way, you will also need an advanced skeleton like XPMS+
    You will have to install Estrus Chaurus + if you want to see actual tentacle and slime/ooze attacks when you harvest certain items (chaurus egg mounds, creepy clusters). You can still be infected by their related parasite if you don't have EC+ but the full effect relies on EC+ being available.
    I designed this mod to fit in with my other mods:
    SexLab Stories - The Brood Maiden story will be playing a role in the upcoming quest from Parasites. The Stories Devious side of the mod handles the lactation effect when the player wears a Tentacle Monster or Living Armor parasites SexLab Hormones - I added an option in Hormones' menu to better manage the max values of node scales when using NetImmerse Override. When you check that option, the max values of nodes (for mods I manage) are scaled back depending on which effect is currently active (pregnancy, hormones scaling, parasites, lactation). This should prevent abusive growth of belly and breasts especially. Sanguine Debauchery + - Enslavement to Falmers, Spiders or Chaurus provides a good way to experience Parasites since they make these creatures more likely to have sex with you. SD+ enslavement to Falmers and Chaurus will also play a part in the upcoming main quest of Parasites.  

    This mod includes assets from the following mods (with permission)
    Various assets from TERA armors and Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension Blackreach spores / barnacles - from Falmer Bikini 'hip' Facehugger - from Facehugger by Daemonic 'facial' Facehugger - tweaked by Kakabishan and Nosdregamon Tentacle Monster armor - from Tentacle parasite by DixiePig and The Matrix Prime Living armor by Aradia Chaurus worm model from Summon Animated Larvae    




  23. Sexlab Solutions español

    Hoy les traigo una traducción para mis compañeros hispano hablantes
    La traducción esta echa al 100 % exceptuando los pequeños mensajes que salen en la esquina
    superior izquierda de la pantalla.
    Primero necesitas instalar el mod original y después reescribir el .esp
    Si hay algun error por favor avisenme.



  24. Slut

    This is not a fully functional mod. It is uploaded for those interested of it's development for commenting or helping out.
    SLUT is a story of the Dragonborn who had to submit. The mod is intended to be on a whole playthrough. Master is a person in Skyrim who happens to have an artifact that grants great power over a single subject. A good choice is someone mighty, aka the Dragonborn. This mod will be programmed for the master. What is reasonable and feasible from the master’s point of view will stand. I will not add features just because they seem cool for the player; that the opposite of being property of someone. But if you come with a good reason why master would do, or would want something, I will listen. With such approach, the artifact and its powers, and the personality of the Master dictate what sort of mechanisms this relationship will have. I have a good idea about these, but nothing is set in stone yet. Also, I do not want to give out too much information so that some of the dynamics will get revealed only during a playthrough.

    Important points
    Upgrades are not automatically compatible with earlier versions, so a clean or cleaned save will possibly be needed.
    Character in crosshair when entering MCM will be the active selection in the MCM.
    Master can be anyone in the game you managed to talk to who’s fallen thing you picked up.
    This is early WIP version. Released sort of as proof of concept and teaser, to have people talk to me in the forum and keep my motivation up, and perhaps offer help.
    Requirements and installation
    SL SLA Fuz ro d'oh Run FNIS Idler (soft)

    Existing features
    Combat drain: Master on each hit will have the health replenished. Three time the amount is taken from PC magica and if not available, two times the amount from PC stamina, and if not available from PC health. If that is not available then a combination of all three (in same ratios but 1/3 amount of each). Needless to say this may cause PC death. So protect your master. Wardrobe: Master will ask for new garments. All garments will be stored in internal wardrobe and worn according to the mood. Dialogue to become slut Gender-aware dialogue to with master: Intro

    Upcoming features
    Experience bottleneck. You will not receive your due experience or skill increase unless you have satisfied your master. Decadency: Master will want new meals, drinks and drugs. Doesn’t matter if they are bought, stolen or crafted. Probably a good idea to add new mods for more recipes.

    Halofarm for amazing idles



  25. Being a Guard

    NOTE: I consider this mod completed. I have no plans to make further changes, other than fixing any bugs which may be reported.
    This is a silly, cheesy, non-immersive, sex-filled little romp for gay men. It totally breaks immersion! If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, don't download it. I won't make it more serious; there are abundant other mods like that.
    Start the quest going by speaking to any guard in Whiterun (within the city).
    While I have done my best to try to not break the vanilla game, this might still happen. So I recommend this mod for those who have completed the vanilla game, or who (like me) have stopped playing it entirely.
    This mod requires all the ones below - along with their requirements.
    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch SexLab SexLab Aroused Redux KS Hairdos Renewal M2M Gay Animations
    "Before the Storm" must be completed, or use a mod that removes the quest, such as Skyrim Unbound. You also need to have enough male guards available. Up to 4 are needed, depending.

    Fuz Ro D-oh Silent Voice CoP Whiterun Paradise City for Vanilla Skyrim Expanded Towns and Cities Plastered Farmhouses Grimoas Almighty Talos Statue Replacer SkyHunks or Masculinized Level Lists (not both) Helmets Begone No Naked Comments My Home is Your Home and/or a follower mod
    Possible Conflicts
    Anything that drastically alters the interiors of the Whiterun guard barracks or jail, Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn, the river edge between Riverwood and Half-Moon Mill, near North Shriekwind Bastion.
    French - by floranais  
    Static dishes and food resource, by Tamira Ready Clutter and Furnishings, by Lilith

    NOTE: This mod is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. In other words, feel free to make changes to the mod in any way you like, and upload the changed version. You do not need to ask permission. If you do so, you must credit me, and your version must be free. Further, you also need to credit any other mods used as resources, including those used in my original. Your own creation must in turn be released under these same conditions.