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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that add or replace various animations.

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  1. Mutated Lust

    This is an expansion of my other mod, Atomic Lust. I'll be uploading all of my creature animations to this mod. I decided to make these separate from Atomic Lust to keep my animations organized, and because they wouldn't quite fit in with what Atomic Lust is about. Of course, I will continue to add more animations to this in the future, but I also have to focus on Atomic Lust, so please be patient. All current animations are shown in either the screenshots or GIFs above. Enjoy!
    Ghoul schlongs available here!:
    To install the meshes, zip up the data folder provided with Leito's latest file and install it with a mod manager of your choice. Big thanks to Leito for making the meshes!
    Advanced Animation Framework
    Known Issues:
    Sometimes, beginning the animation with a Glowing One will cause a CTD  
    I'd like to show my appreciation for those who help make AAF the fine framework that it is, and to those who have helped me with animating in any way. Thank you all!
    @CEO 0S
    @Flashy (JoeR)



  2. RXL 's No More Lazy Hookers and other AAF patches

    This is a repository for my aaf patches, so they are easier to find.
    Currently there are the following files:
    rxl No More Lazy Hookers HotC Full
    Hookers of the Commonwealth (HotC)
    Make those Hookers work for their Caps, instead of simply knocking you out and take your caps.
    Known Issues:
    The Hooker might start wandering quite a bit between the teleport and the animation, depending on your papyrus load. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do about that, without going much further into the mod and changing much more than I intended. I will have to see about how to handle this.
    rxl No More Lazy Hookers HotC SE
    Hookers of the Commonwealth (HotC) - Settlement Edition
    Make those Hookers work for their Caps, instead of simply knocking you out and take your caps.
    rxl_bpanims 1.0.4 for aaf.7z
    BP70s anims (WIP) (ONLY REPLACERS) 1.0.4
    This patch adds aaf support for bp70's animations.
    The 8 original *.hkx files need to be in
    Many thanks to @CGi who helped me a lot getting papyrus set up and has spent a lot of time answering my sometimes stupid questions,
    @dagobaking for aaf and also a lot of help on his discord, @blankproject for his animations and all the other modders I forgot.



  3. My Animation Pack

    This mod adds a bunch of animations, based around a female protagonist, that lets her "get to know" other men better. The pack contains many animations designed to be played in sequence which may come in the future.
    If you're looking for group animations, specifically one girl and lots of guys, this is the place to be. I made a fair few and plan to expand upon the ones I've already made so that they get an entire sequence from start to finish, with atleast four full animations to be played in any sequence.
    Other than that, I have plenty of animations tied to specific objects in the game; single beds, double beds, various chairs, stools, tables, desks, benches, couches, pillories, shackles. Go somewhere in the world and you might find a place to initiate an animation, or build something in a settlement and see what you can do with it.
    These come with sound included but no voice lines. I have some to use but decided against it. Some animations I made when I was still heavily in the beginner stage of learning animating this kinda thing but I left them in there anyway. Maybe in the future I will go back and redo them. I have already redone some.
    Also, if you want to take the sounds for your own work, feel free to do so. No need to ask me for permission.
    Definite Requirements: AAF. It won't work without it. AAF EVB Morphs (AAF Compatibility Patch).
    Full Version Requirements: Contraptions Workshop, Nuka World, SSEX (Settlement Supplies Extended), Homemaker, Torture Devices and Prisoner Shackles for certain animations. I think if you don't have these DLCs/mods it might give you an error.
    There are three files:
    *Full, with all animations and DLC/mod requirements, if you want to install manually.
    *Vanilla, which only requires AAF and the compatibility patch, if you want to install manually.
    *FOMOD so you can smartly pick and choose which features you want installed, if you want to install through a mod manager.







    All the people involved in animating here, sorry if I can't remember you.



  4. Atomic Lust - 5/27/18

    I am new to modding and animating, so you may expect to see problems in my work, but I'll do my best to publish quality content. I plan on adding various animations to this page and look forward to contributing to the Fallout 4 modding community.
    Advanced Animation Framework  by dagobaking
    To Use:
    Start the animation via the AAF menu
    Current Animation List:
    Male/Female Animations
    "Atomic Kissing" "Atomic Embrace" "Kissing" "Smooching" "Spooning"  
    Lesbian Animations
    "Rocket 69" "The Scissor" "Make Out" "Cunnilingus"  
    Threesome Animations
    "Atomic Threesome Handjob" - M/M/F  
    Current Pose List:
    Male/Female Poses
    "Atomic Stroke Pose"  
    Known Issues:
    Switching between my animations and other's animations may cause alignment issues (not my mod causing this) Others use their own offsets for positioning, while I position my actors relative to the AAF animation positioning guide  
    Future Additions to This Mod:
    Female masturbation animations Lesbian animations Male/Female animations Creature animations (if/when AAF supports them) Threesome animations  
    I'm also open to suggestions, if you have any. 
    dagobaking for Advanced Animation Framework and for helping me getting started on animating
    CGi - contributor to Advanced Animation Framework
    Flashy (JoeR)
    ShadeAnimator - Fallout 4 Animation Kit
    CE0 - 3ds Max animating guides



  5. BP70s anims (WIP) (ONLY REPLACERS)


    hi all,
    this is my first attempt to create a sex animation for fallout 4 in Max 2014. Its very rough and I havent done animating in a while so im rusting. Still very new to this and cannot figure out how to install certain programs to try and can't even export as an xml file yet.  I couldn't find any readme as to how to install anything for the animation kit, so don't expect much for now. Still I gotta thank Anubis for helping me out a lot with figuring out how max worked and wanna leave this with you all as a possible modders resource.
    couple notes:
    -there are still very wip. i will probably make changes over time.
    -THESE ANIMS ARE REPLACERS NOT STANDALONES. i don't know how to create custom anims in game. if you want to use them you have to replace any existing anims that you don't want with any other existing sex anim pack. I TESTED THESE OUT WITH REPLACING LEITO'S POWERBOMB ANIM BUT THERE IS STILL A LOT OF DISTANCE REALGNMENT YOU NEED TO DO SO THEY CONNECT.
    -If you replace a existing anim please note that there will be quite a bit of misalignment. use the control panel hotkeys to readjust.
    -AGAIN THESE ARE REPLACERS NOT STANDALONE. installing without replacing an existing sex anim will do nothing.
    -i cant guarantee frequent updates. i will take requests if i am interested/able to do it but no guarantees.

    -Until I figure out how to make new anims they will be replacers only for nowq.
    -I didnt include an install address here so you can replace whatever anim you want.

    -Cowgilr and doggy done



  6. Four-Play Community Patch

    This is now an essential patch/ unofficial update to continue Four-Play framework development during DocClox's break, with DocClox's permission. It adds a bunch of fixes and new features to the framework itself. This includes the animation loader for Leito's animations and (optionally) Crazy's animations from the Gun Version here and from here.
    2.6 - To have dog and threesome support, you will need Crazy's latest update.
    Permission and Statement on Unauthorized Child Content:
    (I'll move this lower in the OP in a few weeks)

    From 2.4 onwards, you need to disable or delete FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp also. This is because sounds are now handled internally and dynamically by the framework - keeping Leito's esp would lead to duplication of sounds and potential damage your ears . Don't worry, Leito's actual animations are still used.
    (This used to be called Four-Lei, then Four-Play Alignment Fixes and Animation Loader, but neither names reflect the scope of the patch anymore)
    You will be asked about what animation pack(s) to load during the initial initialization of Four-Play or, if FP has already been initialized, when an animation next triggers.
    To avoid loading screens (at least indoors), add this to your Fallout4Custom.ini :

    The alignment fixes currently include:
    Actors will no longer lose interest in the middle of a sex scene and stand up (i.e. Diamond City guard trying to patrol in the middle of sex) Actors will no longer try to initialize a vanilla dialogue in the middle of a sex scene (i.e. merchants). Actors will attempt to find a flat surface near to where the sex scene is triggered and avoid being too close to other actors and furniture - this is a complicated thing to script so it occasionally goes awol. Removed in 1.2 for further work on it. This goes wrong too often as is. Neutral actors will avoid walking straight into a sex scene, screwing up the alignment If a sex scene involves a companion, companion behavior is disabled during sex so that he/she won't stand up when you draw a weapon/ try to interact with him/her. The game's collision is disabled for a split second to help actors position better at the start/ change of sex scene The actors are forced to face the same direction when a sex scene triggers Still, don't expect the alignment to be 100% perfect, but it's definitely better than without those fixes. You can also use Dongs of Fallout's Page Up and Page Down hotkeys to manually align the dick.

    This also adds to the main framework:
    Devious Devices support: Devious devices will no longer be stripped during sex. Bed support: If there is a nearby bed/ mattress/ sleeping bag, any sex scene triggered will ask you whether you want the sex to take place there. Each animation now has its own unique positioning relative to beds, improving bed alignment and virtually eliminating clipping. Perfect for FP Prostitution's brothel building gameplay. No Teleportation: Actors will attempt to walk to where-ever the sex takes place immersively Change Sex Position (Default: Numpad 0): press this change position during a sex scene. You can change the hotkey with console command: set Vin_ChangeAnimation to #, with # from https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=DirectX_Scan_Codes Cinematic Camera: For now quite simple and only for NPC-NPC scenes (you can try to interact with a NPC having sex with another NPC for a nice dialogue camera zoom in) Combat Interrupts Sex: If the player attacks someone having sex, the sex scene will be interrupted immediately. Power Armor Can Opener Fixes: This should now be fully functional and is enabled by default. MCM Menu (accessed with the "Four-Play Framework MCM" in your Apparel section, or with the default hotkey Numpad 7): with quite a few customization options and useful tools that you can use Facial Expressions: Actors involved in sex will now play random facial expressions depending on whether the sex is consensual or forced Sounds: now handled inside framework, just like how they should be (so that Crazy's animations also have sounds and the sounds can be played dynamically based on forced/consensual and the actual genders and races of the actors involved). Cum: very basic for now Threesome Dog support

    This also removes F4SE as Four-Play's hard dependency (purely from a technical standpoint, it's still a requirement for Four-Play in practical terms unless you only want clothed sex). Meaning if a user fails to install F4SE properly (which happens quite often so far), it won't break the whole thing like previously ("Help! Nothing happens!") but the problem is isolated to the functionalities (i.e. stripping and strap-on) where F4SE is actually used. Makes it much easier for us to diagnose and help new users.

    Jaam was kind enough to contribute his code to fix the following issues with the framework:
    Enhancement to strapons: no equipping of strapons on solo animations (unless it is already equipped and set as noStrip). each actor memorize its strapon so multiple actions should not impact each other. If an actor wears or has a strapon, this one will be used rather than a random one. Fix for sex, and sex test placed in a function. Fix for blacklist and ensure whitelist is initialized before any mod can reference it. Fix for loop that could loop forever. Fix for select next animation Fix for referencing DDrender even if not defined Test of a few function parameter for none value before referencing them StopActor function to handle everything depending only on one actor at the end. Slight delay added in redressing loop. CloseAnimation function to cleanup at any moment and guaranty the calling mod will receive the end of animation event even if the animation never starts. Block_race and Block_Race_Inner function to help mod author ban their custom child race Check_Animation verify at least one animation is loaded. make sure that any currently running animation would finish properly using the system they used to get started before the mod update.


    For modders, this patch also expands/ adds:
    CustomEvent animation_start: Actor a0, Actor a1, int Idle_Index, Idle a0_Idle, Idle a1_Idle CustomEvent animation_change: Actor a0, Actor a1, int Idle_Index, Idle a0_Idle, Idle a1_Idle CustomEvent animation_over: Actor a0, Actor a1, string Placeholder, Idle a0_Idle, Idle a1_Idle Function four_play: Actor a0, Actor a1, bool akPreventBed, Actor akVictim, float duration

    Mods like Dongs of Fallout, FP Nudesuits and FP Violate rely on these expanded events and functions

    If you'd rather just have a loader for Leito's animations without these alignment fixes, stick to the original Four-Lei Plus.
    Installation Instructions: (you can also read this for a more comprehensive guide to set up your FO4 sexual experience)
    Install Four-Play 0.8.2 as normal (make sure you install F4SE and enable Papyrus logging as in my installation guide) Install Leito's animations (Optional) install Crazy's latest gun version, but don't let it overwrite anything. Make sure you delete or at least disable Crazy_Animations_Gun.esp. (Optional) Install Crazy's new 2 animations. These don't have an esp. Install this patch, overwriting if asked. Don't worry if you don't see any separate esp for this patch, it doesn't have any and overwrites four-play.esp itself. Load a save, ideally where Four-Play has not been installed on, even better still: a clean save without the [M]. You'll see "Vinfamy: Registered Leito's (and Crazy's) animations and initialized Four-Play". Enjoy!

    Future Plans:
    Cum - just waiting on the textures from CumTec author vane000 Continue to look for ways to improve alignment. Better finding of flat surface - Already second attempt at this, still not happy enough to reintroduce it yet. See what else I can do taking advantage of the dialogue camera system. This has a lot of potential Jaam is expanding massively on the back-end functionality required for Four-Play via his F4SE plugin. If you have some programming knowledge, you can help him with the beta here.

    DocClox for Four-Play Jaam for the amazing code contributions and his F4SE plugin, which is already packaged with the community patch Leito and Crazy for their respective animation packs. Leito also for his compilation of vanilla sounds for sex scenes. Chosen Clue for his suggestions for custom events and prevention of accidental hotkey triggers Everyone else for bug testing and suggestions



  7. Four-Play Animations by Crazy6987

    This file contains my animations made specifically for Four-Play. It contains nothing else, no .esp, scripts, or anything, just the animation files. Will update as I create more animations.
    Animation List
    Jerking & Choking
    Standing Chokehold (Anal)
    Laying Gorilla
    Handstand BJ
    Laying BJ
    Kneeling 69
    Layed-Back Fuck
    Double Penetration
    Dogmeat Style
    DogmeatStyle (Faster)
    Dog Handjob

    Dogmeat Animations, Information for Modders
    Behavior Graph:
    Anim Event:
    Looping Seconds:
    Loop Forever: Checkmarked (I believe this setting is only shown in the Creation Kit)
    Min: 255 (setting both of these to 255 should do the same as the Loop Forever setting)
    Max: 255
    Replay Delay: 0
    DocClox - Four-Play
    vinfamy - All the stuff he does for Four-Play



  8. [Obsolete] Four-Lei PLUS (Patch for Leito's Animation Pack with Supermutants)

    This has now been incorporated into Four-Play Alignment Fixes and Animation Loader. Only use the old Four-Lei Plus in this download page if you absolutely only want to load Leito's animation pack, and not the alignment fixes and other improvements to Four-Play itself.
    This is the compatibility patch for Four-Play to work with Leito's animations , which includes aggressive animations with sounds and supermutant animations! This in turn allows Leito's animations and sounds to work with all Four-Play plugins (Prostitution, Violate, Vanilla Fudge etc). 18 Jun - Support Leito's new supermutant animations and sounds.

    Sorry for the horrible pun! I couldn't resist Screenshot credit: Leito86
    Installation Instructions: Please follow carefully, doesn't matter whether you use MO, NMM or manual installation
    (Optional - only required for solo animations) keep/ install Crazy's latest gun version . Make sure you DELETE or at least disable Crazy's esp Install Four-Play 0.8.2 as normal (make sure you install F4SE and enable Papyrus logging as in my installation guide) Install Leito's animations Install this patch, overwriting if asked. Don't worry if you don't see any esp for this patch, it doesn't have any. Load a save, ideally where Four-Play has not been installed on, even better still: a clean save without the [M]. You'll see "Vinfamy: Registered Leito's animations and intialized Four-Play with Supermutant support.". Enjoy!

    For more detailed installation guide for a whole Four-Play setup, read this.



  9. FO4 Animations by Leito - 04/15/18 -

    Update - 04/15/18 - v1.4b
    -Updated Advanced Animation Framework compatibility files to support Dongs of Fallout.  (Thanks dagobaking for the xmls)

    This mod allows you to craft a gun that allows you to tag actors to play sex animations. This is a stand-alone mod but it can be used with Four-Play and Advance Animation Framework. Just be sure to read the installation guide if you are going to be using this mod with it. This mod is based off the gun version of Crazy6987's Sex Animation mod (big thanks!).
    To use the mod in-game, go to a chem station and craft either Leito's Animation Gun and/or Leito's Two Target Animation Gun.
    Leito's Animation Gun - Allows you to tag a NPC to have sex with yourself.
    Leito's Two Target Animation Gun - Allows you to pick two NPCs to have sex.
    It's best to use the guns on perfectly flat, open areas.
    As of v1.3 you can change the length of time for each stage through the Mod Configuration Menu.
    Animation List (Click on links for previews)
    Carry 2
    Cowgirl 2
    Cowgirl 3
    Cowgirl 4
    Doggy 2
    Missionary 2
    Reverse Carry
    Reverse Cowgirl
    Reverse Cowgirl 2
    Standing Doggy
    Standing Doggy 2
    Aggressive Blowjob
    Aggressive Carry
    Aggressive Cowgirl
    Aggressive Doggy
    Aggressive Missionary
    Aggressive Powerbomb
    Doggy 2
    Reverse Carry
    Standing Doggy
    Standing Sideways
    Mod Configuration Menu

    Use a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager. Make sure you have the latest version.
    -Make sure you have the latest version of F4SE and MCM
    If you want to use this mod with Four-Play, please read the guide.
    Bodies Used
    CBBE - FSM Beautiful Bodies Collection - Runner Preset | Alternate Hands and Feet - CBBE
    Enhanced Vanilla Bodies
    I don't condone having fun with critters or participating in non-consensual acts in real life.  This is purely fantasy shenanigans.
    -Alignments are sometimes off...
    -Sound FX/Voices will sometimes play after the animations have already finished.
    -Ghoul textures sometimes don't appear correctly.
    -Black raider/junkyard dog uses the incorrect texture when tagged.
    -Canine animations are extremely buggy, cross your fingers.
    -Guards are buggy
    -Fourplay currently only uses a few of the animations
    Leito86 - author
    Crazy6987 - Crazy6987 - Sex Animation
    dagobaking - Advanced Animation Framework 
    DocClox - Four-Play
    vinfamy - For the various Four-Play mods
    ShadeAnimator, DexesTPP and whoever else for their work on deciphering FO4's animation.
    Ashal and Loverlab
    Skbs - gun fix
    dragonborn_s20 - alternate female voices
    I don't want this or any parts of this mod Bethesda.net. Obvious Reasons. Don't be that guy.
    You may not use/include any of the content in this mod in any commercial or donation taking mods/projects.  



  10. Four-Play

    Before we start:
    Alpha Software - this mod may destroy your machine, ruin your life or bring about global nuclear Armageddon. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Modders' Resource. No Normally playable content. This is a sex framework, meaning that it doesn't add content itself but rather makes it easier for other modders to add content. Limited Functionality. This is a quick and dirty adaptation of Crazy6987's sex gun into a format more easily used by modders. Compared to Sexout or SexLab, this is severely lacking in features. On the other hand, it has all sorts of advantages over nothing at all. Just, let's keep expectations realistic to start with. Upgrading from 0.0.1: Delete the old BSA2 archives! One of them has been renamed as four_play - Main.bsa2 as per the convention. The other one, the textures archive, has disappeared altogether since I'm not adding any textures. Delete the Data/Scripts/four_play folder as well.

    What It Is

    A sex animation framework based on Crazy6987's sex animations.
    Use the mod manager of your choice. Or just copy the archive contents into Fallout 4\Data. There's no installers or wizards to worry about.
    Software Demo
    Open the console and type "coc 4test" to get to the test cell. The terminals there have some information and some test options that can double as demo scenes.
    How to use it
    The source is included in the archive, and that's probably your best documentation. Briefly however:
    The module name space is "four_play" and the main quest is four_play:Main
    There are two entry points for the module: four_play:Main.four_play and four_play:Main.four_play_main.
    Umm... I could have probably used a little more imagination in some of those names... Nevermind.
    four_play:Main.four_play(actor a0, actor a1=None, float duration=30.0)
    This takes two actors, picks a random two person animation and starts it going for 30 seconds. You can override the time with the duration flag. If a1 is None, a solo animation is chosen for a0. This function tries to make sure there's a male actor in the male role (all current animations are solo or m/f) and will swap a0 and a1 to make that happen.
    There are also a couple of parameters that probably shouldn't be there. "happy" is supposed to set a happy expression on the actors faces. I forgot about it until I came to write this. "start_mark" is a marker that can be used to position a0 before sex starts. This is implements but broken, so don't use it.
    function four_play_main(Actor a0, Idle i0, Actor a1=None, Idle i1=None, keyword arch0=none, keyword arch1=none, objectreference start_mark=none, float duration=30.0)
    This is a lower level function. Actors a0 and a1 are used in the male and female position respectively, So if you want your female PC to ream Kellogg with a strapon, this is the one to call. Both idles are specified separately, and in principle can take any animation supplied. The Arch parameters are facial animation archetypes intended to change the expression, duration is how long the animation lasts and start_mark is broken and should not be used.
    When either of these functions are called, the a1 actor is moved next to a0 and the idles are started. Actors are stripped and re-dressed - usually, anyway.
    The mod sends a custom event called animation_over with the two actor as arguments. This should let you pick up control after an animation ends. There doesn't seem to be a way to raise a custom event on another form., so there's no way to register for events from an actor - you'll need to make sure the event you get is for the actors you expect.
    Known Issues
    No control of a running scene: You can't change the animation, restart, reposition or any of the cool sexlab features most of us are used to.
    Single Stage Only: Only one simple loop is animated. There's no syncing of animation, no multi-stage animations just one loop.
    Ground Pounder Weirdness: The "ground pounder" animation has the female floating about three foot off the ground for some reason. Seems to be an issue with the animation. Maybe.
    Survival Options, v1.62. This mod has an inventory item that saves the game in Survival Mode. It seems to conflict with the mod for some reason.
    And probably thousands more - I'll update the list as I remember them (or am reminded!)
    Custom Races
    Custom races need to be registered from a script. I've made this as easy as I can:
    race property my_race auto; ...four_play:Main.register_race(my_race)
    Troubleshooting Guide
    I can't get to the test cell!
    The test cell is just a cell like any other interior location in the game. You got there by typing
    coc 4test
    from the console. If you can't get there, it almost certainly means the mod isn't loaded. Check your mod manager and make sure the esp is selected.

    Stripping isn't working!
    As of 0.0.4 stripping uses F4SE 0.3.0 So make sure that's installed and up to date.
    No, really! Stripping isn't working!
    Turns out there's a known bug in F4SE 0.3.0 where the GetWornItem function doesn't work right unless Papyrus loads debug information. So do the following:
    Edit %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini. Add the following if absent:

    Those of you who found that stripping started working when you enabled logging - this is why. Which means you can disable the logging if you wish so long as you keep the two lines above.

    The GetWornItem bug is expected to be fixed in 0.3.1 which is currently under development.
    F4SE is installed and up to date, I'm loading debug information and there's still no stripping
    F4SE 0.3.0 also modifies some of the vanilla scripts. In particular Four-Play's stripping code needs the F4SE version of Actor.pex. The easiest way to ensure you're using this is to copy the data folder from the F4Se archive. It's easy to overlook this since the install instructions that come with F4SE 0.3.0 are out of date and don't mention this step at all.
    Stripping isn't working, I tell you!
    A lot of people have reported that enabling papyrus logging fixed their stripping issues. That probably means I need a wait or two somewhere in the code. Meanwhile, enabling logging seems to be a practical workaround. See "If All Else Fails" for how to do this.
    Animations Aren't Working
    Check you have the animations installed. Installing Crazy's Gun Mod will do the job, and you can check that the animations themselves work with Crazy's gun. If that works, go to the test cell (see above) and use the terminals to see if you can start animations that way. If the test cell works, then the problem is likely with a mod calling Four-Play. If it doesn't I'll need to look at it.
    If All Else Fails
    There's a lot that could go wrong and a lot of cases that I almost certainly haven't considered. If it's still not working the best way to proceed is to give me a log file to look at. To do that:
    Follow the instructions here start up a game session coc to the test cell. try and start an animation leave the game edit the log file in notepad post the contents to pastebin.com submit the pastebin page - this will give you a new web page with your pasted log file as its contents post the url of the new pastebin page here along with a description of the problem


    F4SE: Now needed for stripping.
    Crazy's Animation Gun: At the time of writing, Crazy hasn't signed in since before I started on this exercise. As such I've not been able to get his permission, so I don't feel comfortable bundling his animations. So you need the mod installed. You shouldn't need the esp loaded if you don't want it.
    NSFW Strap-on dildo for FO4: Optional. If loaded and if a female actor is in the aggressive role, Four-Play will try and soft-load the strapon. I haven't really had a chance to test that yet, so it may not work.



  11. TortureDevices

    This mod aims at providing animations, furniture, functionality and everything else that could be seen as or used for a torture device.
    Current Content in TD version 1.9 :
    General :
    - A workshop menu "TortureDevices" is accessible via workshops main menu
    - NoFighting MagicEffect ( Blocks the abilitys to fight (Player and NPC´s))
    - RestraintMovement MagicEffect (Blocks Running,Sprinting,Jumping (Player Only))
    Animations :
    Furniture :
    Updates / Uninstall
    - The Bugfix Patch has to be installed after TD 1.7 and has to overwrite the .esm
    - a clean save is not needed, already build furnitures ( only the new (1.7) ones ) have to be stored in the workshop and build again to apply the changes.
    - Before updating make sure to stop all running animations and removing all devices from this mod.
    - Uninstall the Workshop menu with the "TDHoloBand" uninstall function
    - Delete all files of the mod ( use a mod manager ! ).
    - Create a clean save
    - Install new version
    Future Plans
    - More of everything i guess...
    - Providing a complete movment set for Restraints/Bounds
    - Convert the AnimObject Poses to actual Funrniture
    - Make an actual Description and that stuff
    Functionality / For Modders

    TortureDevices itself requires nothing but Fallout 4
    Credits and Special Thanks
    - ShadeAnimator for the F4 Animation Kit
    - Ag12 for helping me getting started with Scripts and AI Package handling
    - The guys who are writing the CK wiki pages
    - The ZaZ Animation Pack Guys
    - DexesTTP for HKXPack
    Full Changelog



  12. Female Masturbation

    This mod adds a potion and a weapon to the game which both trigger a female masturbation animation.
    The Potion is craftable at the ChemLab under Drugs, the Masturbator is currently only available via console.
    To get either of these Items just type help"mastur"0 in the console followed by the Player.additem Item Id amount command.
    Triggering the Animimation on yourself via the potion while in 1st Person view causes some trouble with the Camera sometimes.
    A working version of Fallout 4
    If there is anything you could use in any way just do it
    Credits and Special thanks
    - ShadeAnimator for the Fallout 4 AnimationKit
    - Ag12 for helping me with the Script



  13. Crazy6987 - Sex Animation

    Behold, some of the first "working" sex animations made publicly available. After spending some time trying to get Fallout 4 - Animated Prostitution to work properly, and failing at it (It is in the Alpha stage afterall). I decided I couldn't wait for SexTec or a working version of F4AP. So I took matters into my own hands and created these animations. Enjoy!
    My animations no longer replace vanilla animations. Each animation has its own rug now.
    3/11/17 - Updated Rug Version to v.2.7
    3/11/17 - Updated Gun Version
    Check out my Multi-Tool mod. It replaces the Nude Ray Gun file I uploaded here, as it allows you to do more than just strip someone of their clothes. Sure to compliment this mod and plenty of other peoples mods.
    Multi-Tool: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/71019-the-multi-tool/
    Gun Version
    The Gun version is mostly complete, there are still things I want to implement/add. Like for the bed animations actually getting the Actors to move to the nearest bed, so far my efforts to accomplish this have been unsuccessful. But will keep trying.
    Credit to davethedrunk - Used his mod as a reference for creating the Gun Version
    Mods you Should Use:
    F4SE (Fallout 4 Script Extender)
    CBBE - By Caliente
    Enhanced Vanilla Bodies - By Leito86 (Only the male is needed, I used Male Nude Cut Erect)
    ---- I don't know what other male bodies would look like during my animations. ----
    Install with a mod manager like NMM or whatever else is out there.
    Manual Install for the rug version
    00 Main Files
    Choose only one:
    01 Default Plugin
    02 Default Armor Plugin
    03 Default No Undressing Plugin
    04 Relax Plugin
    05 Relax Armor Plugin
    06 Relax No Undressing Plugin
    Again, Choose only one:
    07 Visible Rugs
    08 Invisible Rugs
    Lastly, Choose only one:
    09 Dildo Black
    10 Dildo Pink
    11 Dildo Tan
    12 Dildo Blue
    13 Dildo Purple
    14 Dildo Green
    How it Works:
    The rugs should be located under Resources -> Misc section when settlement building.
    --- Paired Animations ---
    1. Place the male rug down on the ground
    2. Place the female rug down on the ground
    3. Position the rugs so they are right next to each other, side-by-side, like practically touching each other.
    4. Assign NPCs to the rugs or use one of the rugs yourself
    5. Magic
    --- Solo Animations ---
    1. Place one of the solo animation rugs down on the ground.
    2. Assign a NPC to the rug or use the rug yourself
    3. Magic
    Other Mods that you see in the screenshots (Not Required):
    Mass Pike Loft Player Home - By JPitner
    LMSE (Lots More Settlers and Enemies) - By Recluse
    Improved Skin Texture For CBBE - By kellogsfrostedflakes
    Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures - By Fuse00 (Only Face Textures)
    Place Everywhere - By TheLich
    Homemaker - By NovaCoru
    Resources used to make the animations:
    Credit to Leito 86 for allowing me to use the penis from his Enhanced Vanilla Bodies mod as a dildo in my mod.
    For those that are interested in attempting to create animations themselves.
    Fallout 4 Animation Kit (F4AK) by ShadeAnimator - The description provided on loverslab and nexusmods should tell you what other tools you need.
    Fallout 4 Animation Setup Tutorial - By The Shiny Haxorous
    Exporting Anims Fallout 4 - By The Shiny Haxorous