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Lovers with PK mods that do not fit into any of other categories

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  1. Lovers Prima Books Series 2

    For adventurers that are tired, stuck, and generally having a bad time because they cannot figure out how to finish the quest given to them.  Look no further.  The good folks at Condom House Publishing have released five new tomes which can aid those heroes and heroines in distress.  
    * Working with Godiva
    * Lady Sauria
    * A Reputation Sullied
    * M'aiq's Little Black Book
    (ie Guide books for Lovers Horse Rider, Lovers Fanged Vengeance, LoversGGBlackmail, and LoversSituations
    These fine books have wonderful illustrations from the talented artists at Hentai Foundry, and are available at the following book stores:  The First Edition, Mach-Na's Books, Renoit's Books and Southern Books.
    Be ready though.  These books are spoilers, and have plenty of information about the adventures they follow.
    Not required to have any of the adventures they describe.  They do not require any mod except for Oblivion itself.



  2. Lovers Prima Books Series 1

    For adventurers that are tired, stuck, and generally having a bad time because they cannot figure out how to finish the quest given to them.  Look no further.  The good folks at Condom House Publishing have released five new tomes which can aid those heroes and heroines in distress.  
    * How to be a Lovers Bitch
    * Book of the Shadow Brotherhood
    * Guide to the Crowning Isles
    * Guide to the Underground Slave Port
    * How to Handle Being a Slave
    (ie Guide books for Lovers Bitch, Dark Bloodlines, Crowning Isles, Bravil Underground and Player Slave Encounters)
    These fine books have wonderful illustrations from the talented artists at Hentai Foundry, and are available at the following book stores:  The First Edition, Mach-Na's Books, Renoit's Books and Southern Books.
    Be ready though.  These books are spoilers, and have plenty of information about the adventures they follow.
    Not required to have any of the adventures they describe.  They do not require any mod except for Oblivion itself.



  3. DerkBloodlines Fix

    Dark Bloodlines Fix
    V 1.2
     by LongDukDong
    thanks to Odema, Vorpal and Galgat for the initial mod
    This mod is an add-on  to Dark Bloodlines originally by Odema  (translated by Vorpal, and tweaked by Galgat if you're lucky).   The purpose for this mod is to take care of a few issues, including some that relates to its use with the current version of the LAPF package.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Fixes issue that occurs if/when the player chooses two hookers Ports all sex animation poses into an INI file Adaptive Token for use with LAPF Extended Patch   
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Mod Order:
    This mod must be placed after DarkBloodline...  duh.  
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    As this is a patch for DarkBloodline, , it would not do any good to use this mod without the mod.  You can find this entertaining mod  at the link:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/423-darkbloodline-galgattweaked/
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Version History:
    Version 1.0   - Original Version
    Version 1.1   - Fixed Issues with Dryad actions
    Version 1.2   - Corrects dialog mis-naming a character.  Applies flag application to certain rapes.  Permits an already existing topic to function.
    OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better Dark Bloodline  
    LAPF Extended Patch (if LAPF Extended is used)  



  4. LBGW Trainer Start

    This is an add-on for LBGW and Alternative Beginnings by Arthmoor (both are required) that gives a new option on the second page of start locations called Dog Trainer. Selecting Dog Trainer will give you the key and start you in the loft above Renas dog shop.



  5. LoversNeed

    The Other Need


    - Simulates need for sexual activity.

    - Effects manifest depending on percentage of need met.
    Effect types and magnitudes are customizable.
    Option for positve bonus effects when need is fully met.

    - Choice of act(s) that satisies sexual need:
    sex, rape, being raped, masturbation. Satisfied only by sex with virgins is also an option.

    - (Optional) peace after an act, which temporarily pauses need and effects neither improve nor worsen.

    - (Optional) cooldown after act that must elapse before more need can be satisfied.

    - (Optional) Mate or Die! In "Pon Farr" mode, player dies when need met is zero (timer runs out).

    (Recommended) HUD Status Bars (Enhanced)
    HSB/HSBE Sample:

    Comrade Fienyx
    Contributors of LoversSatisfaction, Aphrodisia Realism Edition, Lovers with pk extender that I may have missed

    Version History
    - feature: effect customization

    - initial release



  6. Lovers Heartbeat

    Just a basic mod which plays heartbeat sound effects during player sex and for a period of time afterward.
    Please let me know about any bugs. Enjoy



  7. Animal compilation

    If you use the SlofsAnimals mod I uploaded, this will replace it.
    Copy Meshes, Textures and NameThatHorse.ini to data folder, then choose 1 esp.
    Kurama - Ninetails "fox" from Naruto. Can be found at IC Waterfront, near the player home
    - There is a food dish and bone near his location.
    LBGW - No special pet, but you can play fetch with any of the dogs you get from the store.
    - no food dishes, but when you activate a dog from Rena dog shop, you will get a bone whistle and the bone will appear under your dog. If the bone gets lost, use the whistle. Be patient, it takes a little bit sometimes.
    harisonzamperla for the scripting to play fetch
    Skingrad24 and idkrrr for the naruto mod I got the ninetails from
    MofoMojo for Stolen Horse Ownership
    misterMcCoonie for Name That Horse
    AlienSlof for the dog and horse meshes/textures (dogs compatible with LC3 animations)



  8. oblivion mod tutorial

    a tutorial for my mod setup on naughty machinama



  9. Lovers Hiyoko Shooter - Dukky Version

    This is a remake of LoversHiyokoShooter version 1.02 (June 2012).
    Lovers Hiyoko Shooter is a Hiyoko Add-On mod that allows the player to see the birth of Hiyoko children, whether coming from an NPC or if being delivered by by the player herself.
    Unlike the original version which used 'normal' sex settings and animations to present childbirth, this version opted to use 'rape' settings as childbirth is quite painful for the mother. And you will not hear any vocals from the hiyoko child being borne. Checks were put into place to ensure their 'sex' voice is disabled until after they have been delivered.
    One of the big changes between the Dukky version of Lovers Hiyoko Shooter and the original is that this revised version has a system which will track hiyoko children related to the player. Children borne to a female player, or that are fathered by the player, will be recognized as the player's offspring. And their children will be recognized as the player's grandkids.
    But not only that, you can give your hiyoko offspring commands, though only a scarce three. Of these, you can tell the little tykes to stay put, keep up with you or ask them to show you what they're carrying. Yes, it is true. Your own hiyoko children are now companions.

    Included in the Initial Download: Text Extension


    Included in the Hiyoko Shooter package is an additional mod that overrides visible text/dialog that will appear when either an NPC or the player goes into labor, preferring the newly supplied text over any sex-based dialog. Basically, it is a collection of 'ow', 'ooh' and various groans as the mother gives birth.  

    It is not an extensive add-on, and can be tailored to suit your tastes. These override (but does not actually replace) rape dialog. Rape dialog is still untouched. This mod merely uses the contraception and child birth flags already present within Lovers with PK and Hiyoko Club itself.  

    MOD DOWNLOAD TITLE: LoversHiyokoShooter.zip ( The Main Mod )

    * * * * *

    SUPPLEMENT 1: Lovers Slave Trader Patch

    While I wrote Lovers Hiyoko Shooter , it was a basic system which did not easily work with other add-ons. One of which is the Lovers Slave Trader v1 by HanPL Gregahit, Gaebrial, mem4ob4 and its original Japanese modders. The NPC dialog for enslaved characters was still fixed towards the traditional "Master and Mistress", even if it were the player's own children. And it seemed a waste to have two different methods to command the NPCs to follow when only one was needed.  

    So, a new patch was made to fix this problem.  

    The patch changes and adds new greetings from the children, whether they are the player's children or not. These changes have been made to utilize the custom flags used by Lovers Slave Trader. So each child borne will have three types of greets, the first when not enslaved, the second when enslaved, and the third when the slave is broken. Options for Training, Flower Sales, and more can be enabled or disabled to suit the player. You can even let the movement system from Lovers Slave Trader be used by normal Hiyoko children instead of the one built into Lovers Hiyoko Shooter.  


    * * * * *

    SUPPLEMENT 2: Lovers Immoral Guards Rape Patch

    This addon prevents a glitch when Lovers Hiyoko Shooter is used with the Lovers Immoral Guards mod. It prevents the player from being raped after going through labor and giving birth.  

    A simple patch, it merely attaches a bit of code at the end of a script within Lovers Immoral Guards, to disable the possiblity of being raped if the player has the 'Delivery Token'.  

    MOD DOWNLOAD TITLE: LHS Immoral Rape.zip

    * * * * *

    SUPPLEMENT 3: Lovers with PK Extended Patch

    This addon changes the way Lovers Extended performs 'sex acts' when it is used to display the mother giving birth. Instead of stating the mother is being raped, it says she is going through labor. And at the end of the act, it displays that she had endured a successful birth.  

    As a bonus, it alters sex acts with creatures to ensure the session ends with the creature orgams. This may fix a few issues with other mods where the creature has extended orgams such as LoversBitch.  




  10. Tamago Fertility Clinic Inducement Addon

    Tamago Fertility Clinic Inducement Addon
    v 2.5f
    by LongDukDong

    This is an add-on to the Fertility Clinic add-on found in the link below:
    While the original Fertility Clinic creates a set of potions which can induce pregnancy, this add-on greatly expands the system with potions to induce ovulation. Along with that, you can purchase a book that has some exceptionally powerful spells. This tome, entitled 'Spells of Child Bearing' can be purchased at both Lelles Quality Merchandise and at The Mystic Emporium.
    * OBLIVION  
    * Lovers with PK  
    * TamagoClub  
    * LoversFertilityClinic (as linked above)   RECOMMENDED   * HiyokoClub 1.10 rev 3.7z LDD edit  
    * TamagoSetBody  



  11. Open Cities Reborn Lovers

    Just 2 replacer esp's for now that give compatibility with OCR.
    What does it do precious?
    These will replace the esp of the same name. They require all the resources of the original.
    Lovers Bitch
    Rena's dog shop is moved to outside Chorrol, across the street from the stables.
    Dogs are moved to the open world spaces
    Did nothing with the IC, this and the original will conflict with BC
    Just removed the temporary city dogs from city worlds spcace, IC dogs still there
    ADDED 1-25-17
    Moved Ghanredels Basement door to behind her house in the OCR space
    Moved the cave exit door to just outside OCR Bravil, tucked in a rock face
    Added markers in OCR spaces for the Imperial Justicar in Rough Justice
    Did not move any bedrolls.
    Tested DogDays and Rough Justice, both working, think these were really the only
    things that actually needed to be moved.
    ADDED 1-28-17
    GG Blackmail
    Moved all the stuff from the city spaces into the world spaces
    Versions for people who use OCR without the New Sheoth add on and for with it.
    Not tested, if any issues arise, please let me know.
    Crowning Isles 1.03.06K
    Moved the porter and related things to OCR Anvil. Will still work with fejeenas no MBP replacer
    as that made no world edits.
    -Why not patches?
    I keep all lovers mods below the bashed patch, so any kind of patch would just add another esp.



  12. See You Sleep DLL PSE

    This will replace the esp for SYSDLL, you still need LogicDragons Original SYSDLL.
    Changed the script to check for enslavement, and if it returns 1, it stops SYSDLL from doing it's stuff.
    Play tested with sleep enslave chance 100%, enslaved 3 times, once to the whore house, no crashes.
    I did it this way to avoid needing to add more esps.
    If you haven't already, please endorse LogicDragons original.



  13. Anatomic Anomolies

    Gives bodies with detailed vagina and anus, and anus for males courtesy of BloodyMess.
    Has replacer meshes for loversAP, setbody hgec, futa hgec textures, and an option if you want all females futa.



  14. Slof's Animals

    Merge of Slof's dogs, horses base, extra horses and extra horses 2 all with penises and penis bones
    Has skeletons included for horse and dog with penis bones.
    Suggested to install after Lovers Creatures and any other creature replacer that has dogs or horses
    Shadowmere uses the nightmare meshes and textures
    Satan - dog added buy slofs dogs to Cheydinhal uses slofs hellhound meshes and textures.
    The meshes and textures are the same, it's just an updated esp to use with Qarl's Harvest.
    All horses, zorses and unicorn can be fed a hay bale, and adds horse and dog meat to the animals respectively.
    This esp does require Qarls Harvest.



  15. Enhanced Grabbing Lovers compatibility patch

    Put it in its Place - Enhanced Grabbing Lovers compatibility patch v2.0
    *Refined code to make it more reliable (should be 100% now).
    Retains original controls and functionality while preventing grabbing and slapping during LPK sex when using Z to cycle animations.
    Requires original version and OBSE to be installed:
    Put it in its Place - Enhanced Grabbing by shadeMe
    Place the patch after Enhanced Grabbing in your load order.



  16. Lovers Purification LITE

    What this mod does: (I put this part at the very top! Positively unheard of!)
    Basically this mod removes rape and modifies behaviors in other ways to increase immersion. While it hardly adds anything new itself, it changes how the prerequisite mods operate. It hides all things pertianing to the xLovers mods until, for the most part, you're ready to use them.
    When you install this as well as the prerequisites you can: (Most of the credit goes to the prereqs)
    1. Invite an NPC to become your lover after you've reached a disposition of 90 or higher - LoversVoice + This mod's restriction
    2. Select their personality type - LoversVoice
    3. After an NPC becomes your lover, you can open your diary/settings through dialogue - LAPF + This mod's change
    4. Choose whether or not you want to be able to take additional lovers (disabled by default) - This mod
    5. Talk with your lover(s) about love and sex - LoversVoice
    6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have sex with your lover(s) - LoversAdultPlay
    What this mod changes:
    1. Spells are not added to your character - Instead a new section has been added to options that allows you to manually add/remove those spells
    2. Sleeper Sex has been removed entirely
    3. Options refering to rape have been removed
    4. You can no longer suggest sex with NPCs who are not your lover
    5. It is now possible to restrict the ability to add additional lovers - This allows you to play through the game without seeing the dialogue option appear over everyone with whom you raised your disposition above 90
    6. It is also possible to restrict the ability to suggest sex in public (restriction off by default)
    7. The previous two settings can be found in a new options section in your diary which includes all of the old options as well as change your personality
    8. The options menu is now accessed through dialogue when suggesting sex, you may elect to give yourself the spell as well
    9. You will not even see the lovers dialogue until you achieve a disposition of 90
    10. Modifies the behavior of the diary screens not to exit unless [back] or [Close] is clicked. A blank space has been added at the end of the NPC diary to workround a render bug that hid [back] or [Close] under the border
    Who is this mod for?
    It's for anyone who is JUST looking to add love/sex into the game and nothing else.
    It's for the squeemish. It's for the bored. It's for the righteous devouts of the Nine Divines. It's for the loyal, the faithful and the somewhat-perverted-but-rather-reserved-still...
    ...But mostly it's for me and anyone else who may have similiar interests.
    Why make these changes?
    I embarked on a quest to add a bunch of mods to Oblivion that were going to increase the content and features without standing in the way of playing Oblivion for Oblivion's sake. I found the current marriage mods rather lacking in any NPC interaction so I decided to delve into sex mods. I wanted something that was going to add sex as an option, but not as a reccuring theme that appeared everywhere.
    I did not find that. I instead found these mods that I could patch-over to make that happen myself.
    These changes remove the spells and dialogue options added to your character until you achieve a disposition with an NPC of 90 or higher. After taking a lover, you will never see the dialogue option appear anywhere else unless you choose to allow them. This greatly increases the install-and-forget value of the mod. You won't be constantly reminded every time you talk to an NPC that the mod is active. In addition, it aims to allow every option without needing a single spell in your spellbook. (However, virgin checking and NPC diaries still require you give yourself the spells.)
    How do I install this thing?
    If you're already familiar with xLovers and Oblivion modding, just place this in your load order after/below your other xLovers files.
    If you're new and just want the functionality I mentioned above, read the "Installation.txt" file contained in the zip.
    Requirements are: LAPF + Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP + Lovers Voice SSP Plus
    This is the LITE version. I plan to make a standard version including mass dialogue edits with immersion in mind as well as marriage/partner's mod integration.
    Yes, this is still an adult mod. However, I totally retain the right to sit here and silently judge you if you: A. Install this in conjunction with a body type far exceeding the D-cup range. B. Cannot do the Vulcan sign with your fingers. C. Run a Bearbow in Guild Wars 2. or D. Tell anyone I was here.



  17. Real High Heels Lovers Edition

    Overhauls Vipcxj's Real High Heels to correct alignment during Lovers sex.
    If real high heels are worn during sex or set to be stripped, the character will automatically lower to preserve alignment with their partner and rise again after sex.
    Also corrects floating when sleeping with real high heels (must activate bed while in third person).
    Based off of Chupa's FPS fix version:
    Tested with vanilla Lovers / LAPF and with Lovers Extender and LoversMB2.
    If it breaks any other Lovers mods please let me know.
    Lovers with PK
    Original Real High Heels mod if not already installed (be sure not to overwrite your LPK/LAPF skeleton):
    Install enclosed ESP overwriting the original when prompted.
    1.1 changelog
    No longer mastered to Lovers with PK.ESM



  18. HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge

    HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge v1.00b

    A family shot. PC's second daughter, second daughter's first daughter (so PC's first granddaughter), PC's 4th daughter.
    Don't ask why there are only girls... It's sheer coincidence.
    HiyokoGenerator GeneForge is an extension of the well-known HiyokoClub core plugin, HiyokoGenerator, which is responsible for generating child-NPCs for our pregnancy framework, TamagoClub. The primary aim of this plugin is to improve HiyokoGenerator by utilizing Blockhead functions, and at the same time, removing the (possibly) annoying dependency to the Modular Beautiful People 2ch Edition aka MBP.
    However, this plugin is intended to be used as an add-on, rather than a replacement. It is strongly recommended to read this page and the included manual text file very carefully prior to installation, even if you are already a seasoned mod maker and/or mod user. Plus, it is important to understand the difference between this plugin and the orignal HiyokoGenerator.
    < Features >
    * So Many Faces *
    There are over one hundred of pre-made NPC faces in this plugin, and several racial assets (meshes, textures) are provided together. They dynamically produce various different half-blooded faces - for example, an Orc-Nord couple may produce a human child with green skin, or an Orc child with human skin.
    There certainly is a limatation to this implementation, as I cannot include every custom race's assets, but still this will be a fresh change to your game.
    * Proper Proportion *
    Furthermore, those in-game children will grow up over time.
    Each racial assets include four variants of head assets - x125, x117, x110, x100. Younger children will have a bigger and younger-looking head, while elder children have a relatively smaller and mature-looking head.
    * Batteries Included *
    Technically, this mod is only mastered to the Oblivion.esm, meaning that you no longer need to have MBP and x117 races loaded just to run HiyokoGenerator. The exact requirements will be listed below.
    * No Missing Head *
    There has been a small problem in the way that the original HiyokoGenerator handles the born children NPCs. If you significantly change your load order (such as re-ordering master plugins), some of the hiyos' head were entirely gone.
    This issue is no more with this mod... you will not notice it. This mod does not "fix" the issue, though. It is not a good idea to change your master load order during the same playthrough in the first place.
    < Requirements >
    Oblivion Script Extender v21
    TamagoClub v1.15c and HiyokoClub v1.10a
    The original HiyokoGenerator (HiyokoClub bundle)
    Blockhead v8.1 or higher
    * v10.2 may cause CTD problem. If that happens to you, first report it to ShadeMe here (http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1489385-rel-blockhead/) and use v9.2 instead.
    Read the attached manual text file to install this mod correctly.
    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Seriously, it will CTD. I generally prefer making forum posts and don't bother attaching a readme.
    < Technical Background >
    * There is a small bug in the main HiyokoClub.esm. Apparently this bug has been there forever because there wasn't many attempts to make and use multiple generators at the same time. I attached a patch to fix this issue. If you have any other generator-type plugin other than this - such as HiyokoGeneratorCreature or HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother, you must install this plugin as well, or modify the HiyokoClub.esm yourself.
    * The original HiyokoGenerator is supposed to be "fail-safe". Various situation could happen during your game session, and your partner may be or may not be a human. But, no matter what the combination was like, the original HiyokoGenerator WILL fetch a valid child NPC. This is guaranteed.
    * Unlike that, the only concern of HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge is to handle humanoid-humanoid matings. If a creature is ever involved, this mod will simply ignore it. In this case, TamagoClub fails to get a child to deliver while expecting one, the consequence will be a miscarriage at best, unpredictable behavior sometimes, CTD at worst. This is one of the reasons why this mod requires the original HiyokoGenerator.
    * On top of that, this mod uses some of the functions in the original HiyokoGenerator. You need it anyway.
    * The main reason to this is because I was too lazy to write a new random name generator.
    * Assuming that this mod does not use any function from the orignal HiyokoGenerator; It is possible to remove the original HiyokoGenerator if you have this mod AND HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.
    < Gameplay Informations >
    * By default, it takes 100 in-game days for the children to become fully grown up. This lengh is configurable.
    * At the moment a child is born, their height starts from 0.60. The maximum height of the child is equal to the average height of their parents.
    * For example, The maximum possible height of the child between a 1.00 / 0.90 couple will be 0.95, whatever their race or their parents' races were, and it will take 100 in-game days to reach 0.95 from 0.60.
    * Head scale thresholds (default values):
    * 0.60 <= height < 0.71 children will have a x125 version head. <SCALE_START=0.60>
    * 0.71 <= height < 0.81 children will have a x117 version head. <SCALE_117_THRESHOLD=0.70>
    * 0.81 <= height < 0.91 children will have a x110 version head. <SCALE_110_THRESHOLD=0.80>
    * 0.91 <= height children will have a x100 head. This is identical to the default vanilla races' head scale. <SCALE_100_THRESHOLD=0.90>
    * Note the 0.01 offset in each variable.
    * Head scale threshold values can be changed by setting these values in game:

    hggfMain.SCALE_STARThggfMain.SCALE_117_THRESHOLDhggfMain.SCALE_110_THRESHOLDhggfMain.SCALE_100_THRESHOLD * There are 22 pre-made races in the plugin. These are different from the actual race record.
    * When a certain combination (half-blood) is not found in those presets, a new race is "created" by mixing up two existing race informations. This remains in the save game.
    * When a new race is created, the mod chooses the meshes and textures from parents. For the texture, the father's will likely be chosen. For the meshes, the mother's will likely be chosen. The mod attempts to combine them in a credible way, so something like an "abomination" will not likely happen. (If that ever happens you should report it to me)
    * Each race entry in this mod holds its own gene information as well. Those of the preset races are relatively "pure", but if the children grow up in the future and produce their own children, such custom races' gene can be quite unpredictable.
    2ch Japanese Modders, for Lovers with PK / TamagoClub / HiyokoClub and the original HiyokoGenerator.esp, Modular Beautiful People 2ch Edition
    Lovers Lab Modders, for Lovers Animated Penis Framework
    8k, for 8k sims hair: *webpage closed*
    Capucine, for Aquamer race: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16366
    Flonne, for custom races' eyes
    Junkacc, for Seamless Head auxiliary files and templates: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44360
    Kuma Kuma Kokuma, for KKK hairs and Lop-ears Elf race
    Lacon and SleepyD, for Evy race for Oblivion
    Nequam, for sotck races' eyes
    QTA, for QTA09 hair
    Renzeeken, for Resident Evil Leon Hair: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/10236
    Robert, for Dunadan hair: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/8744
    ShadeMe, for Blockhead OBSE plugin: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43752
    Spike4072, for Ice Elf race: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16988
    VanillaBeans, for Khajiit-ish eyes
    Ziitch, for High-resolution Ren hair 01 texture
    Dalkill, for Silke Lop-ears Elf character save file
    Varenne, for an Evy-Fenbo character save file
    WineVictor, for Solania, Sylvania Evy character save file
    Yuravica, for Len, Tieria and 1 other Lop-ears Elf character save file



  19. LoversBitchPuppyMill

    NOTE: If you have issues with the concept of selling livestock that you breed, then delete the plugin. You may voice your concerns on that subject in a seperate thread if you desire to do so.
    This plug-in is an Add-on for LoversBitchGoneWild.
    It adds a Commodities Agent that specializes in Canine Livestock.
    He will buy any livestock that can physically trace a bloodline to the Player and a canine. (Generally up to 3 generations)
    The Agents office is near Maeras' house (east of Chorral). Direct dialog is strictly business only. You may get more information from his occasional 'comments' (is it a lie or truth?). Read the book.
    The value of Livestock is based on the breed of the canine blood.
    Three bonuses may apply:
    1. The LoversBitch faction rank of the Player. (LBGW)
    2. Any breeding experience of the Livestock. (LwPK)
    3. Any experience in 'slave training' (LoversSlaveTrader/BravilUnderground)
    It recognizes all vanilla canines (guild dogs, etc.) and those added by LBGW, including werewolves.
    It will not recognize the breed of a leveled list canine (wolf in the wild).
    If you sell a second generation Livestock that sired a third generation, that third generation may
    not be able to trace bloodline (Pedegree). So keep your bloodline and breeding stock alive.
    (At this time, all canines are assumed to be male)
    This plug-in is mastered only to Oblivion.esm
    The scripts call a4hccGetHiyokoData in Hiyokoclub so we will say the Tamigo/Hiyoko system is required.
    Using this with out LwPk is useless.
    Using this with out LBGW is untested and possibly quite boring.
    LoversSlaveTrader is not needed but will allow for higher bonuses.
    If you have released revisions of any of the above plugins that may affect this mod please contact the Authors.
    NOTE: this was built and tested on NON-MBP systems.
    LoversLab exclusive. Do not repost to any other site without expressed written consent of the Authors.
    Resources may not be used without expressed written consent of Fejeena.
    Script concepts may be used in any way desired (short of monetary gain), just give credit where credit is due.
    Visuals (including setting up the office and decorating it)- Fejeena
    pictures: All artists in the world (all pictures are changed more or less by me (Fejeena),
    I downloaded the originals from "hentai foundry".)
    Code- Memrosh
    Thanks to those I have learned from. short list that does not include all:
    Goranga, Galgat, WappyOne, Gaebrial, Movomo, Chase Roxand, LwPK originators.
    Special thanks to: Ashal (without whom we have no voice) and Gregathit.



  20. LoversHelpRapeVPlayer Updated

    This is a rewrite of LoversHelpRapeVPlayer (part of the Lovers Supplemental Plugin Pack), where the player's companions were supposed to attack the rapist when the player is being raped. It didn't work very well, so this version makes the following changes:
    - Besides companions, nearby Guards, Knights, and Imperial Legion menbers will now help if can see the rape occurring. (They must have a Line-of-Sight to the player).
    - Prevents rescue if the rapist is essential.
    - Script is cleaned, optimized, and now has an early return to save FPS when player not being raped.
    INSTALLATION: The file goes in the Oblivion\Data folder, needs to be activated, and requires that Lovers with PK.esm is installed. If you're already using the original version, this should be a drop-in replacement.
    NOTE: Although gender doesn't matter, this mod assumes the player is the person being raped. It does nothing if the player is the attacker or if the rape doesn't involve the player.
    Credit to the unknown Japanese author of the original mod. If anyone knows who that is, please let me know so I can credit them properly. Thanks.



  21. LoversSexSense

    Do you want to know a character's most intimate secrets? Sure you can find out using the old-fashioned way (i.e. hokey magic spells).
    Well, with this mod your character gains a sexth sense, if you will. Just by glancing at someone, you'll know all their sexploits.

    Do you want to be the very best like no lover ever was? Is poking them your real quest? Is training them your cause?
    Well, while you travel across land, searching far and wide, this mod will instantly notify you of those you haven't "caught" yet.
    So you can, indeed, poke 'em all.

    HUD Status Bars Enhanced alternative.
    The HSBE ini has been moved from the main LoversSexSense download to the forum.
    (see post #26)

    -NPCs' Lovers "sense exploits" info is diplayed in your HUD.
    -Tags are shown for the various experiences a NPC has had.
    -Customizable INI file to only show the tags you're interested in seeing.
    -Slave mods support (LoversRapeSlave and LoversSlaveTrader)
    -TamagoClub and HiyokoClub support
    -LoversHiyokoShooterParentage support

    Approaching a NPC (target) close enough to display their name will "sense" their sexual diary.
    The diary includes sex, being raped, and having raped.

    The player related tags function as reminder (or log) of your encounters with the target.

    The general tags give a deeper "sense" of their past.

    In each of the three act types only one tag will be shown, whether it involved the player
    or any character in general. Tags relative to the player have higher precendence.

    Extra mod support

    Slave mods - identify enslaved NPCS.
    LoversRapeSlave - NPC is enslaved if broken through rape, which is permanent.
    LoversSlaveTrader - NPC is enslaved if LST's spell is successfully cast.
    If dismissed, the slave is no longer considered enslaved, even after having been broken through training.

    TamagoClub - displays Ovum, Sperm, Fertilized Ovum, or Fetus/Embryo in NPC's inventory. In case of multiple items,
    the item with furthest progression will be shown. Fetus->Ovum(Fertilized)->Ovum/Sperm
    Once NPC is recognized as actually being "pregnant", the pregnant tag will be displayed.

    HiyokoClub - identify if NPC is a Hiyoko child.

    LoversHiyokoShooterParentage - identify Player's descendants (hiyoko)

    Wrye Bash:
    Select 00 Core and your choice of UI

    Copy the core files to your data folder as well as a UI folder

    Known issues
    NPC will not show as having had sex (with player) if rape was previously attempted and interrupted. Rape must be completed to get
    an accurate sex and rape count. To remedy, player must engage in consensual sex with an NPC more times than rapes attempted.

    Version Log
    0.6 - 2016-09-03
    -Added support "LoversHiyokoShooterParentage.esp" (player's descendants have their own tag)
    -Added "pregnant" tag for TamagoClub
    -tweaked ini tags and enabled all options (except one)

    Feel free to use in anyway shape or form.

    LAPF modders



  22. Creatures Replacers with Dicks addon Spider Daedra

    Fejeena's Creature Replacer with Dicks: http://www.loverslab...ers-with-dicks/
    This replaces the Spider Daedra from fejeena's Creature Replacers with Dicks . It includes the Spider Daedra used by Galgat's Crowning Isles. You must install this AFTER you have installed Creatures Replacers with Dicks and Galgats Crowning Isles if you use it. Fejeena's Creature Replacers with Dicks includes the needed Textures so after installing her mod and if you use it Galgat's Crowning Isles then just drop in my mesh folder and you're all set.
    Required Files: Fejeena's Creature Replacer with Dicks
    Not Required but Covered in case you use it: Galgats Crowing Isles



  23. Hiyoko Generator Brood Mother (22 May 2014)

    Full replacement for HiyokoGeneratorCreature (HGC), with additions like pregnancy effects.
    HGC is a marvel of simplicity, but sadly the results turn out very buggy because the clone actor commands used by the Hiyoko system just don't work right on creatures. Many statistics get scrambled including health, damage, and aggression. This causes creature children to have crazy high or low stats and often attacking everything in sight causing mayhem. In addition cloning creatures with levelled lists for inventory (very common) and scripts attached are troublesome.
    HGBM is a more 'standard' Hiyo plugin in that every child born is cloned from a specifically editor created entry, best-fit matched to the original creature parent.
    And just because I have to add my own special touch also included is a pregnancy effects system. Now you can have a zombie rape and impregnate a slave just to watch her life force slowly drain away from the unholy spawn within. Or perhaps purposefuly lose to a Troll to end up carrying it's child and enjoy healh regeneration for the duration of the pregancy. Course, you might find it hard to fit into armor carrying something so large to term later on...
    Oblivion+SI latest patch
    OBSE v19 or higher
    Lovers v92 or higher
    Lovers Creature, any version
    TamagoClub, version 1.12+ (for pregnancy effects)
    HiyokoClub, version 1.10+ (for birth/child management)
    HiyokoGenerator (for random names)
    Hiyoko Future Dream (children naming & levelling system)
    SetBodyReloaded+TamagoSetBody (show pregnancies)
    Extract HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp & .ini into Data\ & Data\ini
    Salt .ini file to taste
    Enable in load order anywhere after HiyokoGenerator.esp (if present)
    Disable in load order
    Remove HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp from Data\ and HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.ini from Data\ini\



  24. HiyokoFutureDream

    Very simple plugin that changes class/combat behavior/others of hiyoko children.
    This mod explicitly requires..
    Any version will do.
    -Oblivion Script Extender
    Always grab the latest version. I believe the current latest version is v0021, but v0020 should work.
    This mod also implicitly requires..
    With the Shivering Isles Expansion.
    I didn't want to master this to it, just because Tamago&Hiyoko themselves don't require Oblivion.
    Mad Companionship Spells and its add-ons.
    Load Order
    This mod should be fine just about anywhere in your loaded plugins list. If you want to be extra careful, place this below the LoversHiyokoShooter.esp.
    v1.02 update : XP sharing!
    The XP gain among the hiyoko party can now be shared.
    You can add non-hiyoko actors to the hiyoko array.
    v1.01 update : Spell Teaching!
    Now you can teach spells if you want to make the hiyoko more powerful.
    v1.00 update : Creature Compatibility
    Now compatible with HiyokoGeneratorCreature / HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.
    v0.98 update : Hiyoko Auto Training
    When you don't want to keep them in company, you can set the auto mode so they get daily XP without actual killing.
    v0.95 update : Hiyoko XP leveling
    The amount of XP required in each level is fully configurable.
    What exactly this mod does?
    Short version
    This mod mainly does these 3 things:
    1. Assigns random classes to hiyoko's, but not entirely random - based off of a small built-in class data.
    2.1. Also sets their combat behavior stats and gives spells if needed, again in some partially-random way.
    2.2. Additionally, you can grow your offspring by making them kill something.
    3. For some strange reason, this mod allows you to give your child an unique name (if they are your offspring)
    Long version
    I have written this for myself. By default every hiyoko's class is commoner, and basically attempts to avoid any battle.
    My goal was to make them diverse and recruit them as capable companions.
    1. Random class assignment
    Children's future career may vary depending on their parents' job, and evilness.
    Generally speaking, they want financially-sound/influential/looking-cool job like noble/savant/knight, and generally don't want to become a pauper. Because being a pauper doesn't sound too awesome.
    If their parents are evil they are more likely to be evil as well, and tend to choose an evil job - like bandit or assassin. (and remember, becoming an assassin sounds way cooler than becoming a bandit)
    Their parents' job also affect their job. Say, even if they don't want to become a bandit, all they've learned is bullying innocent folks, and they eventually become a bandit when they have realized. Yep, that's the life.
    If you are one of their parents, your fame/infamy determines your color. For NPC parents, responsibility is their black and white.
    If their father is dead or disabled for any reason at the point they are born, their father is considered as evil. Missing parent is bad.
    However, nothing is guaranteed. Everything is random.
    2. Random combat stat assignment
    The parents' evilness determines their responsibility. Children under good parents tend to get higer responsibility and, social grace.
    The class' specialization affects their confidence in combat. Combat classes tend to get higer confidence, magic classes next, and stealth classes the least.
    The class' combat style determines their combat AI. An archer gets different combat AI from a kight.
    Thier level depend on your level and when they were bone. The default offset setting is -50% of your level.
    For example, if your level was 30 when you gave birth of your first child, the child's level is 15.
    if you became level 40, and had the second baby, the second child's level is 20, and the first's level is now 25.
    So, early-born children are tend to be stronger than their brothers/sisters.
    Lastly, if they have any of 6 magic schools in their class major skills, they also receive appropriate spells. If one has the restoration school as a major skill, that kid will learn some healing spells.
    Their combat style also affects on which spell they will acquire. For example, the class "healer" is (obviously!) specialized on healing, so they get bonus on the chance to receive stronger healing spells. Necromancers get bonuses on summoning and evil magic spells, etc. If they are lucky enough, they can even learn powerful master spells.
    These decisions are based on the built-in data array, so it's hard to tell what the general rule is.
    Again, nothing is guaranteed. Everything is random. 
    3. Name your baby
    When a child is born, if you are the father/mother of the baby, a message box will pop up after the birth animation is done, and you can type the desired name of your baby if you don't like random hiyoko name database... or not. Well, this is kinda out of focus of this plugin... but, whatever.



  25. Lovers Supplemental Plugin Pack

    Lovers Supplemental Plugin Pack - version 1
    This is designed to be installed after you install LAPF: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/
    The intention is to help folks be able to quickly install plugins and get to enjoying them.
    Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP
    Lovers Backup 2 - use to backup your animation adjustments from one game character to the next.
    Lovers Bed (this edition does not auto pull you into sex when close to folks that are sleeping).
    Lovers Light
    Lovers RapeSlave - not really needed anymore if you use Lovers Slave Trader. If you don't use that then this works as a light version of it.
    Lovers Voice SSP Plus (hand tweaked by me to correct a few missing items in translation and a few other corrections)
    Lovers Escape Rape V Player - you prevent rape on your own with the block key
    Lovers Help Rape V Player - companions rescue you from rape
    Lovers Paybandit 1.4a - hand tweaked a bit of the dialogue, as well as redid the animation calls to use the revised animations.
    Further descriptions of plugins can be found in the txt file named "ModDescriptions.txt" whch is included.
    Install instructions (after installing LAPF):
    1. To install unzip archive using 7zip to a temp location and then drag\drop the esp and ini folder for the plugins you wish to install into Oblivion\data\
    2. In the "Pick one or the other....." folder - chose only one (if any) plugin.
    3. Enable the plugins via OBMM or Wrye and play.
    Make sure you sort the plugins to match the recommended load order posted here (click the spoiler): http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/
    Ashal - translation of all plugins other than Lovers Voice
    Lovers Voice credits: It was translated by Ashal, Nightwynd, Merctime, Canthics, HoroBoro, Groovlus and had a final update by me (gregathit).



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