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Skryim mods that add or replace various animations.

26 files

  1. Dragon Vore KillMove Replacer

    this mod replaces the Dragon's bite&throw animation (and sound effects) with a swallowing animation:
    longer video here:
    there are no mod requirements for this animation mod (not even FNIS)
    do note that this mod still needs some work that i don't know how to do, it needs:
    1. a script to even actor hights. (this is NOT a SexLab animation, so SexLab settings wont do anything)
    2. a script to make the prey's body disappear and add it's inventory to the dragon.
    3. a script to add health to the dragon after it's done consuming.
    extra note: this is/was a optional addon from my HCOS mod, i uploaded this copy of it here to make it easier for non-HCOS users to find.
    {0,0}   _______________________________
    /)__)> |creative commons, No One May Profit|
    -"-"-     """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



  2. Slightly Less Crappy Werewolf Animations

    some replacement animations for the werewolf's movement.
    at this time it's just the sprint & swimming animations, but this fixes:
    some of the camera glitches when sprinting.
    the upper body going inside of hills, walls & rocks when you run into them.
    the rear right leg glitching out to the side.
    the turning animation actually looks like a turning animation now.
    the hands & feet continuously being under the ground.
    BUT however the werewolf looks a bit like a rabbit when sprinting forward....i'm still trying to fix that but it's still better than the stock animation.
    comparison video:
    {0,0}   _______________________________
    /)__)> |creative commons, No One May Profit|
    -"-"-     """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



  3. CBBE HDT Racemenu BodyGen Preset

    This is a RaceMenu BodyGen Template.
    Since I struggled like hell to find actual BodyGen Templates so I could look at the Syntax to set up my own, and the Bodyslide to BdyGen generator refused to run on my Rig (Possibly due it it wanting Java 8 and I'm running Java 10 - who knows.) I Figured I'd save anyone else the trouble. It requires Racemenu and NetImmerse Override for it to actually do anything so make sure you have those installed.

    I decided to upload it for 2 reasons:

    1. For anyone wanting to use BodyGen but didn't want to go through the complicated and not very well documented steps to get BodyGen working.

    2. For anyone who wants to set up their own but is unsure about the syntax of the morph.ini and template.ini files.

    Feel free to use these as you see fit.



  4. JexPose

    Have you ever been taking screenshots, flipping through the myriad pose mods that are out there, and feel like something's... missing?  There's piles and piles of good poses for women, a great selection of weapon poses for women, and a bunch of magic poses for women...  Are we seeing the problem?  I don't know every pose mod in existence, but off the top of my head, I can think of a grand total of two pose rings designed for dudes, both from HaloPoser.  Female-oriented rings in that set, meanwhile, number somewhere on the order of 30+.
    Believe me, I like chicks too, but men in Skyrim exist, and they're more than just prop dicks for sex scenes.  Some are brave warriors, suave rogues, and powerful wizards.  I happen to play one of the latter, and the lack of poses oriented around male wizards began to grate on me.  So, I got off my ass and did something about it, and I'm giving it to you all as well!
    This mod requires PublicPoser and uses Public Pose 7.
    This mod contains 81 poses, almost entirely centered around magic users of varying stripes, from the flamboyant sorcerer and the wild hedge mage to the staff-wielding wizard and battle-hardened spellsword.  Though male-oriented in intent, the poses are designed to be largely gender-neutral.
    There is a complete pose reference folder in the main (non-SE) download.  Special thanks to Collygon, Alter Native, and Andreis for providing additional screenshots!  And another special thanks to Andreis for providing an SE-compatible version as well!



  5. Unarmed takedown

    Unarmed killmove replacer for Skyrim. 5 variation of paired_h2hkillmoveslama.HKX
    Recommend to use with Violens mod.
    SLAM (paired_h2hkillmoveslama) Can set to every weapon stance in Violens. Set to Vats-off in mod options.



  6. Faster Book Animations

    a must have mod for speed readers, it makes flipping book pages much less aggravating.
    demo video:
    tip: adding this to your skyrim.ini will help speed things up even more
    lower numbers are faster but it tends to bug out sometimes (100 seems to be the best setting for the "ludicrous speed" version)
    {0,0}   _______________________________
    /)__)> |creative commons, No One May Profit|
    -"-"-     """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



  7. Slightly Less Crappy Swimming Animations

    i made new swimming animations (including the tail's animation) to replace the stock animations.
    note: this mod was made in a day.
    demo video:
    {0,0}   _______________________________
    /)__)> |creative commons, No One May Profit|
    -"-"-     """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



  8. Render Poses

    Render Poses 1

    81 different poses


    My first pose pack made through the community's help and for the community. I hope you guys enjoy using this small collection!
    There are three files to choose from:
    Standalone esp with ring select and pose Public poser version for Halofarm's public poser Standalone esp for SSE



    Use any mod manager to place the files Run Fnis after esp is active In game there will be:
    - Pose ring for select
    - Pose ring for play If using Halo's public poser, drag and drop files to the appropriate Public folder and run FNIS

    HaloFarm for starting it all and providing the Public Poser framework Spoons666 for getting me started on blender animation and providing me the base files, tutorials, motivation Arsenic for the template I used to make ring select and play work via creation kit WidowPuppy for bug fixing the poses and making the Halofarm's Public Play Number 5 version General Andreis for converting the poses to an SSE compatible version


    Flickr Link for high resolution reference pictures (if interested)



  9. First Person Magic Animation

    Hello, this is my first mod here, This will replace first person magic casting animation in Skyrim for
    1. Idle, ready and charge
    2. Self release
    Fast healing, Oakflesh, etc
    3. Far Release
    Lightning bolt, Fireball. etc
    4. Self Concentration
    Healing, etc
    5. Aim Concentration
    Flames, sparks, etc
    6. Telekinesis
    7. Ward
    8. Dual casting
    Spell type that didnt touch yet master ritual spell
    Video for dual casting v3.0

    Video show telekinesis, new self release spell, fix for flames and ward with comparison to vanilla v2.0

    Video show idle, fast healing, healing, oakflesh, conjuration, lightning bolt for v1.0
    Installation, Data/meshes/actors/character/_1stperson/animations
    please double check your download file is it correctly placed in destination folder
    dont mistake it with 3rd person folder and you have to remove the file manually if you dislike some spell in particular. for safety
    For example delete mlh_idle.hkx and mrh_idle.hkx if you want to keep vanilla movement and my new animation will play only when casting spell.
    - left hand spell prefix mlh_xxx.hkx
    - right hand spell prefix mrh_xxx.hkx
    Thats it thanks, and enjoy



  10. SkyrimAnother360RunAndWalk

    If running, then the elves are ass up, if the walk - the hypertrophied victoria secret. So I saw myself as something in between.
    I do not remember where I took run animation, it was many years ago. However, it too made a little smoothed. Walk reference - Victorias High Heel walk with a less shaking ass and a bit smoothed.
    In the complete set the plug-in changing speed at movement by a step, in the original painfully slowly.
    Why run and walk should be put together?
    Because the rotation type is 360 degrees (in vanilla the torso always forward), if you put just one thing, there will be an incorrect blending animation for three movements: backward / backward-left / backward-right, the body will be rotated by +/- 90 degrees relative to correct position.



  11. Skyrim nif-data anim utils

    First of all. Great thanks to all 2.49 NifTools creators!!! They did a GREAT job, but for too old version of Blender.
    Time to go further? I'll try.
    Blender 2.7+ (I'm using 2.78)
    Pyffi 2.2.3 and nifxml- from https://github.com/niftools
    Works ONLY with SKYRIM's nif-kf files.
    Works with humans and creatures ones (if they have 'NPC Root [Root]' NiNode as reference point - seems all they have).
    We have enough good looking armors (really?), but lack of good animations. This tool IS NOT for creating/editing armors, my goal - animations.
    Import bodies and skeletons '.nif' files. Export .kf-file for futher hkxcmd convertation to hkx. You may save skeleton's .nif file from Blender with unchecking 'create .kf', but I didn't see any reason and it will be unusable.
    Goto Blender's 'File->User Preferences->Install From File" and so on...

    Usage and Tips.
    'File->Import->Skyrim nif-format Data (.nif)'
    About importing body nothing to say, just select .nif, import.
    1.1 After import select attached to imported body Armature and delete it. A skeleton (except XPMSE) can be imported without ANY preparations, i.e. as is (only scaling female's 'NPC L Hand [LHnd]' and 'NPC R Hand [RHnd]' to 1.0 have to be done). Non-standard scaled skeletons have to be prepared to 1.0 scaling or in-game you can get twice scaling. Due to a HUGE amount of bones in XPMSE skeleton is used it causes pyffi's scripts to raise an Exception while exporting '.kf', but import OK. So you have to delete with NifScope all unused branches, like ArmLeftDismember, LowBodyEviserate,... etc, all CME NiNodes nodes too. It will not affect on animations but will help you also do not mess with huge amout of bones in Blender and speed up the convertation.
    Note: I do not plan to modify pyffi's code to eliminate crash!!! At least, you have to reduce XPMSE skeleton's nodes amount only once and re-use it. Note about attaching MESHES to skeleton.
    3.1 With body selected, go to modifiers. Add Armature deform modifier and change 'object' property to imported skeleton. And repeat for other parts: feet, ...etc.
    3.2 Any 'Vertex Groups' that exist in body but absent in skeleton may be deleted (SPB_32_BODY, SPB_33_HANDS and so on)  

    Major difference from 2.49 NifTools:
    Instead of old NifTool's logic with using F-Curves (or IPO in 2.49 terms), current scripts in 'POSE' mode moves through ALL bones and FRAMES with reading real matrixes and offsets of bone's position.
    So with creating just a pose, you don't need to insert keyframes at all.
    Why logic was changed?
    If using constraints all affected by constraint bones DON'T have F-Curves (only constraint itself has), also they pose_bone's 'matrix_base' and 'location' properties stay unaffected.
    Now you can implement ANY constraints for creating completely functional rigs, especially with implementing 'Inverse Kinematics' constraint.
    Any rotations are allowed for any bone via constraints.
    But there is a limitation in changing location:
    At first, any location change (except ROOT bones) will deform body. For example, moving 'L Thigh' left/right/up/... will make from your character a cripple. If you want to move bone anyway, move it directly, but not via constraint. Or while export dialogue add to the field 'Moved bones' ones that scripts will recognize as allowed to be moved by constraints and calculate they offsets. By default only 'NPC Root [Root]' and 'NPC COM [COM ]' are allowed. Use ',' as separator. I added this field only for creature's skeletons, because they don't have 'NPC COM [COM ]' node, but they have 'Canine_COM", for example.
    Don't care about added by you bones: Controllers, Drivers, Targets... Anyway hkxcmd will just ignore them while convertation.
    Accepted ONLY 'LocRot' keyframes and they 'Visual' variants.
    Scaling are not implemented at all. I don't see any reason to do it.
    'File->Export->Skyrim nif-format Data (.nif)'
    Armature must to be selected and active.
    Simpliest but slow export method: Frame-by-frame. This mode not require additional preparations after creating animation. All frames and all bones are scanned and resulting .kf can have a huge size. About 'Moved bones' field, see ANIMATION' section. Fast 'F-Curve' method only for those who is familiar with Blender. Only real keyframes are exported to .kf, so before export you have to create 'Visual' keyframes for bones that not rotated directly by you, but with constraints.
    Sometimes with upgrading to new version I have to change format of stored data. I'll try when able to give user an ability to update without loosing all work that have been done.
    Select armature in 'object' or 'pose' mode, in Properties Panel goto Armature (to be more precisely in ObjectData Space).
    At buttom of all panels you'll see 'io_nifdata' panel with 'update .blend file' button.
    Click on it. But anyway, before upgrading make a copy of your file. And if something with old but updated work goes wrong, rollback,
    restore file and finish your work using previous version of scripts.

    1. Nothing at current moment as I'm not playing Skyrim until....

    22 Nov 2017 v1.00 beta
    - just reuploaded as zip-archive with proper folder location for being recognized by Blender.
    - also for those who having troubles with installing Pyffi and Nifxml in description added steps for installation
    09 May 2017 v1.00 beta
    - Added patch from post
    - Added option from post
    - Added .kf animation import. see post for how-to
    08 March 2017 v0.10beta
    - Added. Import meshes
    - From archive removed examples .blend files. With importing meshes added functionality i see no reason for them.
    12 Feb 2017 v0.05beta:
    - Added. Direct reading of F-Curve data. See this post.
    11 Feb 2017 v0.04:
    - Changed. Sequence of exporting bones is going from root to children. As result it's easy to find in exported .kf desired node for check/edit...
    - Added. Bone priorities management. See EXPORT section.
    - Instead of store data in textblocks of Blender file (which can be accidentally corrupted) all internal data are stored in properties of objects.
    - Added. Update functional. Because data is moved, use UPDATE ability. See UPDATE section.
    10 Feb 2017 v0.03:
    - Fix. 'Import/Export scale correction' different from 1.0 settings don't causes error. Now editing F-Curves in 'Graph Editior' may be more comfortable.
    09 Feb 2017 v0.02:
    - Allowed to implement constraints for bones and create completely functional rigs. See ANIMATION section.
    - Changed (is it really necessary?). With extracting vanilla Skyrim .hkx-es to .kf, user_version is dispayed as 11, i.e. 11/83, not 12/83 as for .nifs, so now 11/83 is used.
    - Changed (is it really necessary?). With same tries in NiControllerSequence->Controlled Blocks->[block]->priority I always got 0, but NifTools means 26 as default. 0 now used.
    Again and again, sorry for my English.
    Kind Regards



  12. Dancer Module for OSA Skyrim Ascendancy Engine

    Module for OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine that lets you play dance animations from the common dance animation packs. Please take note that unlike in the animation packs there will be no music during the dance. I'll have to look into the OSA features to see if it's possible to play the music during animation (I guess it should be, as there are sounds playing back in the OSEX module using this engine).
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS OSA | Skyrim Ascendancy Engine Shake It - Dance Animations Shake It Some More - Dance Animations Addon and Framework If you want Selene Kate animations - you will need Selene Kate mod and some work described on the Shake It Some More! page.


    CE0 - OSA -Skyrim Ascendancy Engine
    IndexMemories - Shake It - Dance Animations
    Gruberix - Shake It Some More - Dance Animations Addon and Framework
    Kasprutz - Companion Selene Kate - Kiss Me
    Morra - Poser Module for OSA
    1) OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine is required. Otherwise this module won't do anything - install it first if you don't have it already.
    2) Install animations packs from the above list. You don't have to install all of them.
    3) Install the Dancer Module.
    4) Run FNIS.
    5) Remove the Animation Pack's ESPs from you load order - you don't need them.
    6) Run the game, open OSA (numpad Enter by default), then you can find Dancer Module in the "Inspect Self -> Interact -> Animate" menu.
    7) Have a beach twerking party.



  13. Animator

    This is a mod that is meant for two things:
    Easy way to look through large number of "Simple Idle" type animations, this is for mod makers that plan to use custom idels in their mods but do not know what is available. Easy way to showcase animations for animation makers who may have limited scripting or CK skill.

    Forget about coins, rings, spells, tedious clicking in CK and other nonsense. Included animations are ready to play with one push of a button.
    Adding new animations is also easy: Batch treating folder full of hkx files with included tool. Sure this requires some actions in the magnitude of copying files, executing files, copypasting text from one place to another, but it is relatively imple and fast.

    In addition to this mod one requires FNIS for users,FNIS for modders, SKSE, StorageUtil, being able to compile a script file, and some hkx files.
    How to use (Adding new animations)
    Add .hkx files to \Animator\Meshes\actors\character\animations\Animator\Put your new hkx here first and look in\ Run AnimatorProject.exe Type in file prefix that makes all the copied files unique Type in Author name and category to separate animations to their own categories Copy the created text on the left to \Animator\Meshes\actors\character\animations\Animator\FNIS_Animator_List.txt Move the renamed hkx files up one level to \Animator\Meshes\actors\character\animations\Animator\ Use GenerateFNIS_for_Modders, do this outside Mod Organizer. Copy \Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS\Meshes\actors\character\behaviors\FNIS_Animator_Behavior.hkx to \Animator\Meshes\actors\character\behaviors Open adcAnimatorMain.psc and navigate to SetAnimations() function Add the generated text from the right, lines such as: PushAnimation("aaa", "bbb", 1.5) where first parameter is the hkx file, second is description, and last is time it takes to play the animation in seconds Compile the script Run FINS for users

    Good reading also FNIS for Modders manual.

    This is so easy to use that I'm willing to add any .hkx to the default package that people post to this thread.
    How to use (Play animations)
    Go in game, use comma and dot to cycle through animations. Numpad-1 to cycle through categories. The actor in crosshair will play the idle, otherwise the PC

    Included animations
    Dance Animation Modder Resource by umpa (in 0.3) Crawl on fours animation by DarkAngel1265 (in 0.3) Halofarm's by Halofarm (in 0.31)

    Please send your own work if you want it added, or link me to orphan or permitted animations. You may also make animators aware of this mod so we can have more content in it. Someone with Japanese skills could also help since there are huge amounts of awesome animations but I have no idea what the files say.

    Known issues
    May not update new added animations on a savegame that have had this mod on previously.
    Do whatever you like with this mod, excluding the animation files which are subject to their authors as listed above.
    Well pose picker does not tell you the filename of the animation which is a big problem otherwise it's great.



  14. Combat Fatigue

    Ever wonder why, after being beaten to a slither of health, the residents of skyrim just keep on fighting unburdened, and then after taking that lst hit, collapse into a embarassing pile of failure? Well no more!
    Thanks to @Funnybizness and his Injured Animations I am happy to present
    Combat Fatigue changes some animations for humanoid characters after their health passes a certain threshold. The character's movement speed will also be reduced as long as their health is below the threshold. The threshold and speed reduction are both MCM configurable.
    How To Use
    Install mod using your favorite mod manager or extract contents to your data Folder
    Activate the ESP in your load order to apply the effects to the PC and NPCs
    Open the MCM to configure Mod for the PC and NPCs
    Injury Threshold - Determines the health percentage the character has to hit before the animations trigger
    Injury Speed Reduction - Determines the movement speed reduction that will effect the injured character
    Randomize NPC Values (NPC Only) - Randomizes the threshold and speed reduction of every NPC character.
    In order for Combat Fatigue to work, you must have the following mods and all of their dependecies.
    SKYUI 4.0+ (for MCM)
    SKSE 1.7.3+
    FNIS 6.0+ (For Alternate Animations)
    Due to the nature of FNIS Alternate Animations, this mod is technically incompatible with any mod shares animation vraibles via FNIS AA, including Break Undies Plus and PCEA2. Do not fret, for I am working on a mod which acts as an intermediary between FNIS AA mods.
    I am collaborating with FunnyBizness with this mod, and any additional updates will come out as he continues to improve and create animations.
    If you have any suggestions, bugs to reports, complaints about the mod, or whatnot, then let them be known!



  15. FunnyBizness Injured Animations RESOURCE

    Just a MODDERS RESOURCE. This is not a mod. Its just some injured animations I made to add immersion to my game and decided to share them. I hope everyone likes them and I used FNIS PCEA 2 to add them to my player character. I plan on making injured animations for all weapon types and magic. Stay Brutal! Here is a video I made to show some of the animations-->
    V.5 Youtube Vid

    V.6 Youtube Vid



  16. 3ds Max Rigs by AnubiSs

    This are a 3ds max scene files containing rigged skeletons.
    At the moment creatures included are:
    - Falmer
    - Bear
    - Sabrecat
    - Horse
    - Wolf
    They work similar to pornphiles famous human\draugr and canine rigs but far less advanced.
    Make animation process much simplera and quicker.
    WARNING: Some ring controllers (like orange ones on bear) will force unatural deformation of the skeleton if you move them instead of rotating them. It can be problematic but can be used to you advantage aswell if you know what you are doing.



  17. Pose-Picker

    ## What?
    This is a solution aimed for screen-archers (the ones struggling from pose -rings, -spells), to load poses from ESPs, apply poses on actors and PC, create collections of poses in-game. Collections are plain text files and are shared across all playthroughs
    ## Why?
    Because I can. Just for reference, there are more than 4K poses which were be added by various mods
    ## Concept
    There are two pose collection slots. Each slot may contain one pose collection, you can select and put any pose collection into the slot.
    - Edit slot - to edit its pose collection. (delete, copy, rename, add or remove poses from it & etc)
    - View slot - to browse its pose collection i.e. apply poses on actors, add (favorite) or remove current pose into Edit's collection.
    By 'current pose' here I mean the ONLY pose applied with Pose-Picker. Select NPC with cursor to be able to apply poses on them
    I have added bunch of hotkeys, everything must be pressed in conjunction with left Alt key. There is MCM to adjust keys, disable/enable the mod
    - L - load poses from selected ESP/ESM, create collection containing loaded poses, and put it into the View slot
    - O - select pose collection, put it into the View slot
    - Mouse wheel - iterate over View's collection poses, apply the poses on actors. You can move back and forth
    - Z - perform various actions on Edit's pose collection - delete, rename, copy etc
    - X - select pose collection, put it into the Edit slot
    - V - visit nearby poses - i.e. the ones from the same plugin, the ones having Idle ID close to current pose, the ones looking similar(?) to current pose. Questionable feature
    - G - favorite current pose. Add the pose into Edit's pose collection
    - U - un-favorite current pose. Remove the pose from the collection in the Edit slot
    ## Notes
    - The collections you created in-game located in "Data\PosePicker\PoseCollections" folder
    - The concept may change with time or the mod may stuck in its current state
    - Despite WIP state, it's safe to use this mod, and you can uninstall it anytime, just disable it in MCM first
    ## Requirements
    And of course it requires some mod which adds poses. The mod comes with "Halo's Poses" collection, IF you want to use this collection you'll have to install Halo's poses
    ## Legal stuff
    Don't re-upload the mod without my permission



  18. Pinup Pose MCM Expansion

    An expansion file for Pinup Pose MCM, which let you use hotkeys to cycle the poses and store your favorite poses. The original Pose MCM already has Halo's Poser S 1.0 included and sorted, so you don't need to install original Halo's.
    Pinup Pose MCM, password: f045
    Check the box(PinupPoseMCM 3_3_1 English Version) and click the down arrow button. See here if you have download problem.
    At least one of the pose mods below:
    Aloe Poser Kinoko Pose Larmir Pose 4.0WIP GomaPero Poses 4.0

    SkyUI 3.1+
    SKSE 1.7.1+
    FNIS 5.1.1+

    Do it step by step.
    Install requirements.
    Disable the esps and delete the scripts from the installed pose mods. Anything related to that ridiculous ring function is not needed.
    Run FNIS.
    Overwrite the file from Pinup Pose MCM by this mod.
    In game, wait for SkyUI register the MCM, and enable the player/NPC function.
    Everytime you change pose mod (add or delete), refreshing the pose list is needed. Enable "CustomPose" to 1 (CustomPose=1) in PinupPoseMCM.ini to do this. It will revert to 0 after done refreshing.
    Q: Only numbers when cycling. List is empty in MCM.
    A: You didn't install the original mod correctly.
    Q: There are names and numbers while cycling, but no action.
    A: Run FNIS. Set CustomPose=1 in PinupPoseMCM.ini
    Pinup Pose MCM by Jianeddie



  19. Shake It - Dance Animations

    Videos as requested(audio added to the videos):



    Requires: FNIS 5.5+, SKSE, SkyUI.
    Optional: Animation Speed Control.
    Install and activate it via NMM
    Drop everything into %skyrimrootdirectory%Data (replace if asked) ; activate it via SkyrimLauncher.exe -> Data files

    Please run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after you install this mod.
    Disable ShakeIt!.esp, clean save with Skyrim Script Cleaner, type skit into the box, hit delete selected and save.

    You receive 2 new spells:
    "Dance for me" - Makes NPC dance. (Default: random animation+music)
    "Dance for you" - makes Player dance. (Default: random animation+music)
    To configure your preferred dance/music navigate to MCM menu "ShakeIt!"
    To use music download MUSIC PACK and unzip it into DATA folder.
    On the first page you will be able to choose whether you would have specific spell, dialogue or both.
    If you want to modify animations speed you will have to get Animation Speed Control 3 SKSE Plugin
    On the second page select your preferred dance or use random dance selection system.
    Third page lets you choose between 27 music tracks or disable them.
    Last page gives an option to modify dance/music reference for instance you can play po pi po song while dancing cirno's perfect math class.

    At the moment we have following animations.
    Hatsune Miku Po Pi Po Dance - 1
    Perfect Star Dance - 2
    Megu Megu Fire Dance - 3
    Matryoshka Dance - 4
    Kero Destiny Dance - 5
    Honey Honey Dance - 6
    Suzumiya Haruhi OP Dance - 7
    GEDDAN Meme Dance - 8
    Elektrika Dance - 9
    Cpt. Murasa Dance - 10
    Cirno's Perfect Math Class Dance - 11
    Belly Dance - 12
    Affection - 13
    Balalaika - 14
    CaramelDansen - 15
    Go My Way - 16
    Levan Polka - 17
    Nyan Nyan - 18
    Parajiku Miku - 19
    Watch the Ending Point - 20
    MeikoNostalgic - 21
    LoveCirculation - 22
    NumaNuma - 23
    PandaHero - 24
    Shuffle - 25
    WhiteLetter - 26
    WorldIsMine - 27

    Incompatible with:
    Joshs Skyrim Behavior File Patcher
    Any other behavior patcher.


    ~ RSV's, livedoor websites for tutorials, fore for FNIS, CPU]CPU[/url] for scripting the whole new mod and Japanese people for awesome animation work and sharing it with the world.
    ~Bethnesda for an awesome game and Loverslab.





  20. Better Vampire Feed Animations

    Well I just started animating two days ago and figured I'd share my work with the community. When playing as a vampire i didnt feel like a vampire. I mean the main thing vampires are known for is DRINKING BLOOD and i just didnt like the animations in the game. (I'm not a pro like the animators at Bethesda but it couldn't hurt to try!) Hopefully everyone will enjoy these and if there are ANY bugs please let me know and I WILL fix them. I've got nothing but time. (old Army Vet so I get paid for sitting at home now.) lmao
    I think it requires FNIS bc you may need to run the FNIS Update tool thingy...BUT if I'm wrong let me know.
    PREVIEW: If you like what you see then great if not hey no harm done!



  21. no more females walking like "machines". "NMFWLM"

    no more females walking like "machines". "NMFWLM"
    VANILLA -> NMFWLM_vanilla.esp version: 2 (2012-12-12)
    list of edited NPCs -> vanilla

    You have to activate that mod BEFORE you've met the edited NPCs.

    HEARTHFIRE -> NMFWLM_hearthfire.esp version: 1 (2012-12-06)
    list of edited NPCs -> hearthfire

    You have to activate that mod BEFORE you've met the edited NPCs.

    DAWNGUARD -> NMFWLM_dawnguard.esp version: 1 (2012-12-06)
    list of edited NPCs -> dawnguard

    ATTENTION: You have to activate the Dawnguard version BEFORE you start the Dawnguard Questline!

    DRAGONBORN -> NMFWLM_dragonborn.esp version: 1 (2013-02-06)
    list of edited NPCs -> dragonborn

    ATTENTION: You have to activate the Dragonborn version BEFORE you start the Dragonborn Questline!

    LEGENDARY EDITION -> NMFWLM_legendary_edition.esp version: 1 (2015-01-05) (merged esp with TES5Edit)
    list of edited NPCs -> legendary edition

    You have to activate that mod BEFORE you've met the edited NPCs.
    ATTENTION: You have to activate the LEGENDARY EDITION version BEFORE you start the Dawnguard Questline!
    ATTENTION: You have to activate the LEGENDARY EDITION version BEFORE you start the Dragonborn Questline!

    FALSKAAR -> NMFWLM_falskaar.esp version: 1 (2014-04-05)
    list of edited NPCs -> falskaar v1.1.2

    ATTENTION: You have to activate the Falskaar version BEFORE you start the Falskaar Questline!

    i think it will be good to load this mod as soon as possible.
    i've disabled at the females the option "Opposite Gender Anims" from the Tab "Traits" at the actors menu from the creation kit.
    how to use: for vanilla use vanilla, for dawnguard use vanilla + dawnguard and so on.

    sample before;Jenassa -> male walking style    
    sample after;Jenassa -> FEMALE walking style    

    sample of female walking style; showcasing: Iona, Lydia (legs right; Jordis))

    sample of female walking style; showcasing: Jordis

    if you decide to use one of those .esp and you find some female, which are walking like a man, most of them are warriors like soldiers, mercs, bandits or unique npcs. please feel free and report them here at this thread.
    there's a possibility of some random generated female npc spawn, like guards or orcs, which are still walking using male animations, because they are random generated by using a male template. i think a sharp sword or using the console cmd "disable", if you prefer the "clean way", should solve that problem.


    CHANGELOG (2015-01-09)
    special service:
    NMFWLM_editedNPC.xlsx.zip version: 4 (2014-04-05)



  22. vwr Idle Markers

    This mod adds a spell which must be obtained through the console. It's called Idle Markers, and it allows you to place markers that can be selected by NPC's and the player. These markers will cause the character to sit, lay, read, and pray. This is an early release, but I'm not sure when I'm gonna work on it more. Use it to command your followers into these poses, or just give them somewhere to relax in their 'Sandbox'.
    Open the console, type 'help "idle marker", then add it to your inventory using player.addspell (FormID) . Stand somewhere in Skyrim, cast the spell, then choose which type of marker you wish to place from the pop up menu (sit, lay, read, or pray). The marker will be invisible so just look down at your feet to select it. Now you can use the marker, tell your follower to use it, or just watch idle npc's randomly use it. If you want to delete the marker you created, just select it while sneaking.
    I'm working on adding Pinup Poser support, but I need help attaching Idle information to furniture meshes. If you can help, please PM me.



  23. Elegant Archers

    So this is apparently a version of Elegant Archers... What ever happened that that mod? I mean this stuff is great!



  24. Animation Pack 6-23-14 removed

    File Name: Animation Pack 5-27-14 UPDATE
    File Submitter: emilio
    File Submitted: 19 Apr 2014
    File Category: Animation
    Requires: PCEA, FNIS
    Here's a compilation of animations for use with PCEA and FNIS. I've looked at nearly every animation mod released and drew from the best to make this. It includes some animations you've probably seen before, and others that should be completely new (see new strafing run left/right animations, and completely new 2-handed animation).
    I removed the attack animations responsible for causing actors to attack multiple times in one swing, but it still may be a tiny bit buggy. You can further reduce this by downloading a mod that slows combat speed (I know Ultimate Combat does this)
    Remember to run FNIS before starting and to tick all boxes excluding 'xp32 1hm' and 'mounted combat'.
    - Bow animations for NPC's changed from preivious (I think?)
    - changed NPC* male and female run, sprint, & jump again
    - removed 1h power attack animations.
    - martial art attacks for custom race male & female
    - redid the female 2h animations
    - redid female sneak animations
    - removed red3113's idle for custom race PC, (it causes clipping on my char, you can reinstall it if you want)
    - ...and spent the whole afternoon doing some quality assurance to make sure every thing works as best that it can. double attacks might still occur but should be very rare,
    -Changed npc female run & sprint
    -removed animations which caused custom race female to attack multiple times with one swing.
    would be better to just remove entire animation folder (or backup), before installing.
    5-27-14 NEW UPDATE
    Okay, no more funny business. I've play tested and tweaked this new version animations for hours and am pretty sure this is stable and has minimal bugs.
    I've learned that redirecting the animation path by way of FNIS or PCEA invites the possibility for buggy behavior. For example, you might encounter NPCs and PCs T posing/scarecrow-ing while trying to perform those loose animations in the female, male, or PCEA folder whenever the game is loading up new cells, meshes, papyrus stuff or whatever. Not to mention, the multiple-attack-in-one-swing bug that occurs with PCEA left me not even touching custom attack animations for awhile.
    Solution to all this: You've never noticed the default animations in the Skyrim - Animations.bsa skipping have you?! It's possible to pack/replace as many custom animations as you can in the Skyrim - Animations.bsa, have the game load from that, and use the FNIS female, male, and PCEA folders for those animations that absolutely need to be different.
    -1 handed, 2 handed, magic, staff and respective attack/cast animations
    - male and female and PCs idle, run, walk, jump, sprint
    - Some misc animations.
    Step-by-step Install Guide
    tl;dr any *loose animations remaining in the animations folder are going to override the ones coming from the BSA, so it's going to be necessary to delete, or move/backup those animations to make room for this mod.
    *5-28-14 This all may not be necessary when using Mod Organizer. see post
    To get the full extent of what this mod provides:
    1. Install FNIS
    2. Install PCEA
    3. Backup Skyrim - Animations.bsa and delete the original. Or if you trust NMM, or MO, to handle backup, this may not be necessary.
    3. Navigate to meshes/actors/character/animations folder
    4. Delete/move/backup PCEA, female, and male folders.
    5. delete/move/backup any loose animations remaining in the animations folder
    6. Install this mod.
    7. Run FNIS for Users. Tick boxes
    8. Check them out in game. Take note of the animations you don't like. As most of the animations are in the BSA, you can piece-wise replace* them by simply dropping new animations in their respective path in the animations folder then re-running FNIS. Or if you're really feeling like getting your hands dirty (actually really not that hard), unpack my Skyrim - animations.BSA with a tool like BSAopt to your desktop, modify the folder to your desire, then *repack the folder as a BSA with the Archive.exe tool in your skyrim folder that comes with Creation Kit (I think?)
    *5-28-14 Not necessarily true when using Mod Organizer. BSAopt can also be used to repack meshes. see post
    -Unarmed Warfare - WarriorKeke
    -Pretty Combat Idles
    -Shaydow's animation pack
    -All of Xp32's work
    -Yukl for the YYAnimation Series
    -The modder who did Elegant Archers
    -Bergzore's Immersive Animations
    -Red3113's Idle Animation
    -...And everyone who has ever submitted an animation mod to the nexus.
    There are too many here to really credit. I've scoured all of the Nexus, and even foreign sites like 3DM (thanks google translate chrome extension) to find these animations. If you think your name should be mentioned in this list, let me know. OR, if you don't like that I've uploaded this pack with your animation, let me know about that too and I'll wholesale take this file down, no argument, no questions asked.



  25. Shaydow's Animation MASHUP v2

    Shaydow's Animation MASHUP v2



    What is this? :
    This pack includes over 560 animation replacers picked by myself. Almost EVERY ANIMATION from vanilla Skyrim has been replaced. The above video only shows a small amount of the overall changes, as the video would be way to long if I tried to show off everything.
    The animations in this pack have been picked and set up for use with female characters / npc's. The mod includes a male folder for your male character / npcs, but know that it currently has VANILLA SKYRIM ANIMATIONS in it. I did not replace anything for males.
    F.A.Q :



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