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Sexout mods that are heavily focused on quests

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  1. The Hole

    "I'm Frankie and yer standing in 'The Hole.' Best damn bar for a hundred miles!"     You ever find yourself playing Fallout New Vegas and thinking, darn, I miss Fallout 2. I miss The Den, and the sombre atmosphere. But most of all, I miss Frankie. I miss The Hole. I miss Billy, and Sheila, and *sniff sniff* just the whole crew, really. Well stranger, miss no more, because here is the complete, unadultered, FNV reimagining of Fallout 2's classic "The Hole" bar and leisure establishment,   Here you can listen to the classic "Khans of New California" soundtrack when entering The Hole cell without a radio activated, engage in some tried and tested sexual activities, and just godamn have a good time!    But seriously. If there is ONE thing you can all help me with right now is - report EACH and EVERY bug. I am an inexperienced GECK user.  ANY issue right now you might find is immensely helpful, like:   - Dirty edits - Crashes - Any major issues, bugs, errors, mistakes, etc.   [YEAH YEAH BUT WHAT DOES IT DO?]
    Impatient little tick, aren't ya? Well, it does what it says on the tin. It's a complete copy paste of Fallout 2's "The Hole", same dialogue as cut from each msg file from Billy, Frankie and Sheila in Fallout 2's the Hole. That means...
    - You can sleep with Billy for 50, or 200 caps as a female player.
    - You can sleep with Frankie as a female player. (Originally commented out in Fallout 2, but restored here in all its glory)
    - You can sleep with Sheila, the average, run of the mill prostitute as a fame player. (She only sleeps with dudes, sorry)
    - You can buy a very expensive, over-priced Whiskey from Frankie.
    Right outside of Freeside East Gate. So basically south and under the Crimson Caravan Compound, and North East of the Gun Runner's Shop. It has a big "The Hole" neon sight above the building, unmissable!
    This is the SFW version. You don't even need Sexout right now. Just the "default" Fallout New Vegas DLCs. In the future, the Sexout version will require... well, Sexout. Stay tuned!
    OK, so this is what it does so far. Each character (Frankie, Billy and Sheila) will react differently to you as you approach them, and after sex, depending on your core stats. That is, each one has different dialogue options for different stats. For example, you get different greetings and post sex topics with these stats for each character:
    Billy (Only for Females)
    - Charisma
    - Endurance
    Sheila (Only for males)
    - Intelligence
    - Strength
    - Endurance
    - Agility
    - Luck
    - Strength + Intelligence
    Frankie (Only for Females)
    - Agility
    - Charisma
    - Endurance
    - Luck
    This means for each of these, you may get different dialogue depending on these stats when you talk to them before and after sex.
    This has been extensively tested, but please feel free to report and call out these bugs if you see any.
    - Red Exclamation Marks on top of building, and on wall Sheila rests against. (In front of entrance)
    - Can't hear Gomorrah Sex Sounds when you trigger sex scenes.
     - Sexout Version - already tested, will be released in a few days - with actual anims, etc.
    - Pimping by Frankie - if Frankie catches player propositioning Billy, he will set a fee the player has to pay Frankie for every sex act you perform in The Hole.
    - A scanner that enables Patrons to solicit player and engage in above behaviour.
    - Better lighting.
    - Packages for the NPCs so they leave the bar at certain times, move around, order drinks, hang out, etc - in a manner that does not resemble musical chairs.
    - Nefarious stuff.
    - Scripting could not have been done without t3589 - seriously, he did basically everything!)
    -  Quetzlsacatanango (For his NEON signs)
    The Hole.rar The Hole Sexout.rar



  2. Sexout Tryout - FR Version

    About this file
    This is a French adaptation of the Tryout mod created by Loogie. I like his mod because it fits well with the lore of the Fallout series and offers a fairly realistic extension of what one would expect to find in a post-apocalyptic world like FNV.
    So I first translated this mod for myself because I don't like having a mix of French and English text in a game (I find it kills the immersion). I then asked Loogie if I could share this translation with the rest of the community and he advised me to create my own page.

    So I copied his main page and translated the main elements. However, I didn't put all the files that can be found on his own page. To get the rest of the files that appear in the description below, I refer you to his page.
    Here, there will only be the contents of "TryoutMain 20220101.7z" which has been unzipped, translated and rezipped.
    I translated then I proofread it a few weeks later where I could make many corrections.
    Now, testing the mod to get screenshots, I see that there are still a lot of adjustments to make.
    I just released a correction of all the little things I saw but it means that there is still some work to do to improve the translation (let's also say that I'm quite a perfectionist).
    For my part, I first carefully followed all the tutorials to install all requirements. Then I just installed "TryoutMain 20220101.7z" and that was enough, everything was operational. So far I've just tested on a new game as well as a game in progress by "uninstalling the English version" then "installing the French version", it works but it should reset all progress in the mod.
    Since TryoutOut and workingGirl are both declared as masters there should be a way to upgrade without losing progress.
    À propos de ce fichier
       Ceci est une adaptation française du mod Tryout créé par Loogie. J'aime bien son mod car il s'inscrit bien dans le lore de la série des Fallouts et offre une extension assez réaliste de ce qu'on pourrait s'attendre à trouver dans un monde post-apocalyptique comme celui de FNV.
       J'ai donc d'abord traduit ce mod pour moi-même car je n'aime pas avoir un mélange de texte français et anglais dans un jeu (je trouve que ça tue l'immersion). J'ai ensuite demandé à Loogie si je pouvais partager cette traduction avec le reste de la communauté et il m'a conseillé de créer ma propre page.

       J'ai donc recopié sa page principale et traduit les principaux éléments. Cependant, je n'ai pas mis tous les fichiers que l'on peut trouver sur sa propre page. Pour obtenir le reste des fichiers qui apparaissent dans la description ci-dessous, je vous renvoie sur sa page.
    Ici, il n'y aura que le contenu de "TryoutMain 20220101.7z" qui a été dézippé, traduit et rezippé.
       J'ai traduit puis fait une relecture quelques semaines après où j'ai pu apporter de nombreuses corrections. Là, en testant le mod afin de récupérer des screenshots, je vois qu'il y a encore pas mal d'ajustements à faire. Je viens donc de sortir une correction de toutes les petites choses que j'ai vues mais ça signifie qu'il y a encore un peu de boulot pour améliorer la traduction (disons aussi que je suis assez perfectionniste).

      Pour ma part, j'ai d'abord suivi minutieusement tous les tutoriels afin d'installer tous les éléments requis. Ensuite j'ai juste installé "TryoutMain 20220101.7z" et ça a suffit, tout était opérationnel. Pour le moment j'ai juste testé sur une nouvelle partie ainsi que sur une partie en cours en "désinstallant la version anglaise" puis en "installant la version" française, ça marche mais ça devrait réinitialiser toute la progression dans le mod.
       Vu que TryoutOut et WorkingGirl sont tous les deux déclarés comme des master il devrait y avoir un moyen de faire une mise à jour sans perdre la progression.
    Ci-dessous, la traduction de la page tryout de Loogie :



  3. NCR CF - Sexout Version 2.5 by Macaca22

    Since the NCF CF - Sexout Version 2.5 doesn´t exist any longer on nexus i asked Macaca22 for Permission to upload it here on LL he was okay with it.
    Have fun
    All Credits to Macaca22



  4. Sexout Tryout Resistance Overhaul

    First of all let me get one thing out of the way:
    I am not the author of everything in the file. A lot of it is parts of Sexout Tryout Resistance patch made by thatpartoftheinternet. The whole thing started by me doing small tweaks for my own use to the awesome mod he  made. I never assumed it's gonna grow into something that warrants being a separate mod.. Then the amount of tweaks grew and I added new content. I'd love to separate my content into a new file, but I don't know how to do that now. I tried reaching thatpartoftheinternet for permission to publish this file but he hasn't read my PM for over five months. I sincerely hope he has nothing against it, but if he has I'll take it down in a heartbeat.
    You can find the original version here:
    2. CURRENT VERSION: 19.03.2020
    The mod is an effort to make the Sexout Tryout more realistic, unpredictable and offer more player agency.
    Currently the mod only slightly overhauls NCRCF content of Sexout Tryout, as well as tweaks Sexout Spunk lust tracking. It also makes use of Sexout perks and drugs.
    4. CONTENT:
    Here is a detailed description of what the mod does. If you want to be surprised don't read, although I do recommend reading at least the 'generic changes' part.
    The .esp has been cleaned thanks to DBORG, but I still have to clean it against the older SCR. Also, update to use the new SCR. The chance of being able to reject approaches based on Lust is wrong, and the many conditions in dialogue topics bloat the file size. This is definitely something I have to change. When you're being led to NCRCF by Joe Cobb he won't tell you to go to the Administration building even though he should as soon as you walk into the yard. Joe Cobb might get stuck during escorting the PC to the NCRCF. Unintentionally overwrote the voiced "yeah" dialog line of Joe Cobb. A chance of CtD when speaking to Eddie.  
    Old World Blues Honest Hearts Sexout SexoutSCR SexoutTryout SexoutSpunk  
    First of all I have to say that I have very little free time, so I can't guarantee anything. I've been working on this for 2 years at the speed of around 2 days a year.
    Okay, so here are things I'd like to work on if I have the time - in the order of priority:
    rework the way the chance of not being able to reject the approach works. Change it so that it works based on lust, charisma and speech of the approaching NPC and appropriate perks, while reducing the dialogue conditions which should lead to better performance. integrate it better with Goodsprings quests. Non violent solutions to the quests. create an integration with Sexout Hookups so that would also take into account the above system. make every approaching PG have a chance of enslaving the PC and leading her to NCRCF. (Not sure how difficult this will be. I might give up on it.) separate all the lust / perks / drugs changes to a new mod  
    My ideas for NCRCF:
    My ideas for Primm:
    Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



  5. Sexout Breeder

    This version contain fixes for almost all content from episodes of the original Sexout Breeder, but the goal was to restore the Deathclaw route, so if you will notice bugs in other episodes, just notify me about that and maybe we can find a way to fix it.

    Coming back to the Deathclaw route; it has a lot of improvements to storytelling, level design, background stuff and it contains a lot of new content for the story.
    All Deathclaw route content from Riverside and beyond contain a LOT of sex so PLEASE SAVE OFTEN (casm), because bugs like vanishing NPC's and stuck tokens can happen.

    If you get lost, you can try to check the walkthrough section. It has walkthroughs for almost for all episodes. (But it does contain spoilers)
    This plugin features a series of stories and encounters that lead the player to get ambushed (or sometimes tricked) into situations, that lead to impregnation. Usually with the various mutated animals around the mojave. Also features a tiny amount of domination, some player slavery and a hint of (mostly) optional transformations ( including deathclaw, giant ant, bloatfly, wolf, and breast growth). I do not condone any of the explicit concepts explored in this plugin and believe they should remain in the land of fiction. But they are very entertaining to play in a video game, so have fun.
    To install Sexout Breeder successfully you must first install ALL of it's requirements & ALL the requirements of the requirements. After all requirements are installed it's a matter of using your preferred mod manager (MO2, Vortex) to install the full version. Because of size limits, the download comes in 2 parts. Future ESP-updates may come as seperate downloads, to be installed over the big files.
    Required Mods:
    NVSE 5.1b2+ http://nvse.silverlock.org
    JIP LN Plugin 51+https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58277/?
    NVSE Extender (aka NX) 16+ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/ 553-nvse-extender-aka-nx   (Remove the space between 'file/'and '553'
    Recommended mods:
    CASM https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45652  (For autonomous saving)
    4GB solution like https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55061 or https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62552
    Compatible with:
    Fertile Breeder - only vanilla w/o of any addons
    BodyMorph - can be used in lactation, instead of SOB one
    Incompatible with:
    New Vegas Bounties (changes to Sexout Breeder locations. player gets stripped of tokens and mutations)
    NVEC (changes to Sexout Breeder locations)
    Run The Lucky 38 (changes to Sexout Breeder locations)
    Solid Project (Users reported an increase in the chances of disappearing actors)
    WastelandExtended.esp (Removes invisible walls. Causes NavMesh conflicts in Nipton, causing forced dialog to fail triggering - Mod no longer available on Nexus)
    "For the Enclave" has multiple issues with factions and landscape changes that directly conflict with the Deathclaw episodes.
    YUP - According to Daniel5152: "Spunk, Pregnancy, SCR, MPO. and Breeder are all working fine, I'm using the latest Breeder esp and I'm getting dialogue boxes after I clean each item in the sheriff's house, So it was YUP that was overwriting Spunk, Pregnancy, Breeder and MPO.  If fellow members are still having problems have them re-install the above Mods overwriting everything.and that should fix the issue"
    Morgan Town places a shack in the middle of the super mutant compound.
    If you'll find more, please notify me
    If you have a feeling that a character has stuck SexoutTokens, you can use SexoutSexKey to engage the NPC/Animal in Sex. If it doesn't work, it has a stuck token and you should go back to a save, before it had sex.
    If you need help with installing, you can follow this guide
    How to Report a Problem:
    Frequently Asked Questions:    
    Detailed Description:
    Note: It is recommended to set your Pregnancy length to at least 3% for bighorners and 7% for bloatflies otherwise weird things can happen. Only set fertility to Player and followers (and future followers), but don't set it to 'all NPC's' as that will remove similated pregnancies from characters and break immersion. Also don't forget to enable pregnancy by animals.
    Another note: If you would like to contribute to one of these walkthroughs please pm me. I don't necessarily have time to go through each scenario in depth and write a walkthrough for it. Also some of the current walkthrough can be a copy-paste from the older version and be inaccurate.
    The first post/download page is already so big that the walkthroughs didn't fit on them. You can find updated walkthroughs on post #2.
    MCM short list of new things:
    New reworked lactation system:
    For giving your favourite follower some mutations. (Note. Sam can get Deathclaw mutations in game)
    Now about the future of the mod. We (Neutron, 1trevdog1 and Dborg2) have a lot plans for the expanding the deathclaw route as much as you will be complete the game through the deathclaw episodes. But adding all these plans is a daunting task for us, so if you want to help us with continuation of the mod, we will always accept any help that you can give us.
    Final Notes from Neutron
    We worked so hard restoring the original content for Deathclaw episodes, by added a lot of new content and restoring the original ones. Dborg2 also helped and still helps me to improve it with new cool dialogs or just more enjoyable additions. It was really hard to make it to a release state. So, I think you will be enjoyed a lot with new stuff that was added during this period of time.

    We are always looking for more testers for the content, especially the deathclaw content. If you would like to contributed screenshots, walkthroughs or volunteer to test the content or maybe be you want to be a part of us and helping with a new cool ideas and stuff, just pm me or Dborg2.
    Also, We have an our Discord server for getting any kind of information about the mod, getting support and just random fun stuff.
    User29 - Original creator of Sexout Breeder
    Gamedude711 - For fixing and working at SOB before me and Neutron
    Neutron_rus - For making it compatible with the latest Sexout versions, for expanding Sexout Breeder and for helping people with modding issues.
    BAD_Shadow and Whym for ideas, testing and helping with the dialogs.
    Odessa - for SexoutNG and all its current updates
    Halstrom - for SCR & Pregnancy
    Ritualclarity - for tutorial about SCR and stuff (that I never used:cry:) and for his mental support, and just for his supportive words (also for some testing things)
    pepertje - for some icons and stuff for Sam and for some help on my way to learning Geck, and some correction stuff
    DoctaSax - for Sexout Spunk and guide about NX variables
    jazzisparis - for JIP LN NVSE Plugin
    Nickolos1818 - for original walkthrough for Riverside Takeover, that was updated and added here.
    Also many thanks to the all testers, that I probably don't remember. Sorry for that.
    If I missed someone, please, notify me with a pm.



  6. Kidnapped By Fiends - Sexout Patch

    Patches the sex scenes to be fully animated via sexout, rather than fade to black. No additional changes.
    I think I got them all, let me know if you find one I missed, or any other issues.
    Macaca22's original mod, 'Kidnapped By Fiends': http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62655/? Tested with v1.0, though may work for future versions.
    Sexout version '95 or later: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/548-sexoutng-stable-release-97/
    License / Permissions
    CC0 / Public domain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license#Zero_.2F_public_domain Do whatever you want with it. Obviously, this only covers this patch, not the original mod, which is not included.
    Macaca22 for the original mod. Loverslab community for sexout.



  7. FalloutTTW QuestOverhaul Addons and Patch

    *For those who downloaded 1.02E and are having troubles with Mary, it's because I screwed up and uploaded the wrong file. I uploaded the correct one now.
    Version 1.02E (Epsilon) is out. From now on, only the rar file will dictate what version the mod is so users don't have a billion versions spamming the data folders.
    Removed due to it being out of date and unstable. Check my posts for the latest developer test version.
    What this mod is:
    This is a poor attempt at continuing and fixing minor issues in the mod FalloutTTW QuestOverhaul.
    Due to my lack of save files and general ineptitude when it comes to modding, I usually don't get to thoroughly test the mod (if I even test it at all). There will be bugs/errors (lots of them), so as always keep a backup save file. If you find an issue, let me know and I'll try to fix it whenever I get the chance.
    What this mod currently does:
    Fixes one minor issue with the original FalloutTTW QuestOverhaul mod (During Reilly's Rutters, Reilly is incorrectly set to move back to base after her session if she is persuaded to give up her mercenary job. She now goes to where she's supposed to, the 9th Circle in Underworld.
    Adds a couple quests and options for both female and male (at current moment, everything added has been catered towards female PCs):
    File Options: (CHOOSE ONE ONLY)
    TTWQO Reilly Patch: For those who just want a very small fix for Reilly not spawning in the 9th Circle, you can just download the Reilly Patch. It should send her to the correct place now. This fix is already included in the main Addons and Patch, so you don't need to download it if you are already using the TTWQO Addons and Patch file.
    Version 1.02E (Epsilon):
    Do not download if you want a completely stable or working experience. However, if you'd like to do me a favor and test the mod, I'd appreciate it. Or, if someone could provide me some save files at certain points, that'll work too. This continues from the previous version that I took down previously and includes some new quests (and hopefully some damn fixes).

    Epsilon adds: (Kept for later updating)

    Thanks goes to the creators of the original Quest Overhaul mod, as well as the team that made Fallout TTW in the first place. I would also like to thank the multitude of modders whose mods I've looked at, tinkered with, inevitably broke, and eventually learned from. Trial and error while learning from other mods works wonders.



  8. [WIP] Sexout NPCs

    This mod allows you to roleplay Sexout from the point of view of a real nymphomaniac / sex addict (No, it's not just a person who has more sex than you). This mod will be pretty story heavy, and it isn't about immediate sexual gratification either. Sex here is the destination, the plot is the journey. If you don't swing this way this mod isn't for you.
    This mod will add several new NPCs to the Wasteland with their own story and personality that doesn't fall below vanilla quality. Right now there are only two characters, but quality over quantity right? Let's say that this part is the Prologue.
    First character is Ben and he can be found in a new tent in the Old Mormon Fort.
    I always wanted to write a character like him after I dropped out of university but was never sure of the setting I'd place him in. Writing him took an awful long time. He's one of the main characters in this mod.
    Second character is called Alan. He can be found in the Train Station in New Vegas.
    There's one more guy though he's not 100% my work. He's the ridiculous, nonsensical part of the mod(most of him anyway), and he's only a temporary character. You can find him in the Saloon in Goodsprings. Talk to him last.
    The big influences:
    The rest can be found inside the GECK as well as several editor notes.



  9. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
    An addon for Fertile Breeder.
    For the Voice Files, head to the main Fertile Breeder page.
    This is the collection of all Fertile Breeder plugins made for TTW. This means that you'll need TTW for them to work, as well as all previously released Fertile Breeder mods. Normally I'd post every plugin on a seperate page, but I felt that would become a bit too confusing, so from now on I'm placing everything on as little pages as possible.
    Current releases:
    Fertile Breeder - Zeta (0.2.6)
    Fertile Breeder - Jade (0.7.4)
    Fertile Breeder - DC Breeder (0.2.6)



  10. Sexout Breeder [v8.8] Riverside Beta

    v8.8 Riverside Beta is Now Available & Please Read the Paragraph below!
    Riverside contains a LOT of sex PLEASE SAVE OFTEN (casm) in preparation for vanishing npcs
    Riverside walkthrough available please check the walkthrough section of the page if you get lost
    This version contains the long awaited Riverside content. Please be aware that there are still bugs in this version that I didn't get around to fixing before shit happened. Therefore, Riverside does still contain a few bugs, nothing major though. I was also forced to leave the entire deathclaw questline unlocked in this version. Feel free to play as much of it as you're able to, but be warned I have not gotten to restoring this part of the mod yet so there will be bugs and probably big ones at that. If you want to avoid any issues just stop when you finish the riverside content. Truthfully I didn't want to release v8.8 like this, but shit happens and I have been unable to do any modding for the past month, and I don't see that changing in the next few weeks. As of now (08/08/16) I am unsure as to when I will be able to continue with the restoration of this mod (or modding in general). Please check back in September as I should have a better idea of my situation by then. That was a bit of a ramble and it's late, so if you have questions post in the support topic. I also post the latest news updates for the mod on my profile feed.
    All OTHER content should be working at least as well it did before Sexout Breeder became outdated.
    Note: Parts of this description have been taken from the old Sexout Breeder description while others are my own words. All parts should be relevant to the current version of Sexout Breeder.
    This plugin features a series of mini stories or encounters that lead to the player getting ambushed (or sometimes tricked) into situations that lead to her impregnation. Usually with the various monsters around the mojave. Also features a tiny amount of domination, some player slavery and a hint of (mostly) optional transformations ( including deathclaw, giant ant, bloatfly, wolf, and breast growth). I do not condone any of the explicit concepts explored in this plugin and believe they should remain in the land of fiction. But they are very entertaining to play in a video game so have fun.
    To install Sexout Breeder successfully you must first install ALL of it's requirements & ALL the requirements of those mods. After all requirements are installed it is a simple matter of using your preferred mod manager (NMM,FOMM,MO) to install the SexoutBreeder.esp & the current version of BreederData.
    Required Mods:
    SexoutNG http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/548-sexoutng-stable-release-94/ (SexoutNG BETA - '95 beta 4 2.10.95b4 OR > REQUIRED FOR ANT ANIMATIONS)
    Sexout Common Resources (SCR) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/33-sexout-common-resources-scr-stable-version-201507151/ (version 20150804.1 OR LATER; the version number is the date so that's any version after August 4, 2015)
    Sexout Pregnancy http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/47-sexout-new-vegas-pregnancy-stable-version-201507151/
    Sexout Offspring http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/47-sexout-new-vegas-pregnancy-stable-version-201507151/
    Sexout Spunk http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/580-sexout-spunk/
    New Vegas Anti Crash aka NVAC (make sure you're using this before reporting the bloatfly crashing issue)
    HIGHLY Recommended Mods:
    SexoutNG BETA http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2019-sexoutng-beta-95-beta-3/ (you MUST install SexoutNG FIRST)
    SCR Beta (should a version currently exist it can be found in the SCR support topic)
    Sexout Pregnancy BETA (should a version currently exist it can be found in the Pregnancy support topic)
    Sexout Offspring BETA (should a version currently exist it can be found in the Pregnancy support topic)
    HIGHLY Recommended Other:

    (Triicell tutorial can be found in spoiler below in case it is made public again) 
    How to Report a Problem:

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    If you have a question, check here first. It might be answered.
    Detailed Description:
    Note: It is recommended to set your Pregnancy length to at least 3% for bighorners and 7% for bloatflies otherwise weird things can happen.
    Another note: If you would like to contribute to one of these walkthroughs please pm me. I don't necessarily have time to go through each scenario in depth an write a walkthrough for it.
    MCM Options:

    Lactation System (bigger titties)

    Bighorner Ranch Walkthrough:
    Bloatfly Cave Walkthrough:
    Deathclaw Promontory Walkthrough:
    Riverside walkthrough: NEW!
    Coyote Den walkthrough:
    Fenris walkthrough:
    Super mutant tribe walkthrough:

    Ants Homegrown / Hiveminded walkthrough:

    Here's the deal I have several things on my plate right now beyond the restoration of SOB including my own original (non sex related) mod & Fallout 4 is fast approaching which I'm sure will further diminish the FNV community. As you can imagine then my primary intention here is the restoration of SOB & not adding new content. That said, I will be making general improvements where I see fit & there is probably about a 50/50 chance that I finish the super mutant tribe, since there is already a good chunk of content there & I would hate to see it go to waste. Other than that I would have to be REALLY in love with an idea to actually implement new story/quest based content. I'm sorry if this disappoints some (more like the majority) of you, but I cannot predict the future so it is entirely possible I will change my mind at some point.
    Final Notes
    Sorry for the poor screenshots. I was in a rush & I probably shouldn't have used that old save. I may be looking for more testers for the deathclaw content in the near future. If you would like to contributed screenshots, walkthroughs or volunteer to test the deathclaw content just pm me.
    Big Thanks to:
    User29 - Original creator of Sexout Breeder
    jamilnielsen - For continuing SOB after User29
    Everyone who contributed to bringing SexoutNG to where it's currently at
    Odessa - For currently bringing all of us SexoutNG updates
    Evilrunner - for dialogue and Deathclaw Episode framework
    MasterChris - for creating an absolute ton of animations that I requested
    Vane000 - for dialogue contributions
    jimhsu - for the deathclaw mutation rework and new textures
    Halstrom - For SCR & Pregnancy
    ritualclarity - For creating an amazing tutorial to help users install all related resources for SexoutNG, keeper of sexout files
    DoctaSax - For providing the sexout breeder compilation, also for his FNV Scripting: NX Variables tutorial
    atrix - For his attempted restoration of SOB before me & his idea of using notepad++
    pepertje - For bring me in on the restoration effort & his work on Sam's new (pure) outfit & the new mutation icons
    vurt - For some of the assets used in the spore race (check out his awesome WFO mod)
    Kendo 2 - For some of the assets used to create Sam's new look (check out his stuff it's all great)
    zzjay - For the rest of the assets used to create Sam's new look (again great stuff to make your char look amazing)
    Nickolos1818 - For the riverside recruitment walkthrough
    Special Thanks
    If I missed anyone or you would like your name taken off the credits please let me know via pm.
    And Finally Thanks (once again) to User29 for making this great mod.



  11. Sexout Cyber Kennel

    Ever wanted to get captured inside of Big MT and used by slavers? if so this mod is for you xD
    This mod adds a new faction to the Old World Blues DLC called the 3X Faction. Unlike the other Lobotomites these do not want to kill player instead they want to use her for their own selfish needs. You can find the 3X Faction just outside the sink.




    Full changelog (change logs that aren't the newest version):




  12. Fertile Breeder - Captured

    Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
    This module for Fertile Breeder takes you through the darker sides of the Mojave. Rather than being paid for your services and doing it at your leisure, you are about to find out that some people aren't as forthcoming as the people you've dealt with so far.
    You will be imprisoned and forced to breed for your captors. It will not be a Sunday trip, so be warned.
    The Garden
    The Call of Callville
    The Remnant
    Quest ID's (in case you have to force a stage)
    Halloween Countdown pictures



  13. Sexout Rule The World

    These mods add some sexout stuff in the mod 'Rule the World'.
    See thread for more informations on each mod



  14. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

    Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
    Please note that this mod is a module to Fertile Breeder, and will require the main module in order to work.
    Part of the Fertile Breeder series, this mod allows you to begin your very own farm. Talk to Paula after setting her free from Jeff's basement and help her revive the Matthews Animal Husbandry. Watch it grow as you bring new women to the farm to give in to the large bighorner fest. And once it is all done? What will you do? Well, you collect the bounty, of course!
    In order to start the quest, you'll have to complete Paula's quest from the FB Main Module. To do this:
    New episodes (Version 1.5+)



  15. Fertile Breeder

    Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
    If you like this, please support me on either Patreon or PayPal, any donations are completely voluntarily and will, in no way, be forced on any member of the community. Further details in the spoiler section.
    The sequel for Fallout 4 is up: Boston Breeder
    Please carefully read the final spoilers describing the path to the Primary Beacon and especially the credits! If you don't read this, it will be a long sit without any music.
    -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky.
    -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.)
    -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously)
    On a quick sidenote: the main module is now complete. If anyone feels like contributing to one of the other modules, feel free to PM me and we could definitely work something out.
    Fertibe Breeder is built with the most recent beta versions of most LL mods. When experiencing issues, such as being stuck on main menu, upgrade these first. Also (this should go without saying) make sure you get all the required files for these requirements.
    -Fallout New Vegas
    -Sexout Common Recources
    -Sexout Pregnancy V3
    -Sexout OffSpring
    -Maternity clothes (likely included in Sexout Pregnancy V3)
    -Maternity Pack Overkill
    New Vegas Anti-Crash (NVAC) - Research Vessel Rho is prone to crash, this solves the issue.
    -Using Alternate Start and beginning in a Breeder area causes the animals to disappear. Use console commands to summon them.
    -The CAM mod (Chems Alcohol and Meds) messes up dialogue, specifically the GREETING topic, version 6.4 seems to give no trouble, though.
    No known bugs within this mod at the moment.
    How to report a bug:
    1. Discover bug
    2. Describe bug
    3. Wait until either I or someone else helps you
    Other modules
    Voice Files
    These are consensual encounters in which the Courier is offered caps in exchange for breeding services. There isn't much of a story leading up to this and these episodes are come-and-go.

    How to start and complete the final episode
    These are non-consensual encointers in which the courier is held captive and forced to breed for her captors. These episodes are started by completing the associated consensual episode (this not only makes sense but also makes it more reasonable that the player would know a couple things about breeding already.)
    Aside from the bighorner scenario, the non-consensual episodes will be moved into a seperate module. For any suggestions on this module or others, resort to this thread.
    Load Screens
    As of April 16th, 2016, the Load Screens are included on this page. Simply download them and install it manually or with a mod manager. What it does:
    Ref ID's (in case actors suddenly go missing)

    Plans yet to be planned (maybe I will/maybe I won't)
    (Something which is stricken through means I'm already working on it or have already done it.)
    -Setting up a similar but simpler version for the Capital Wasteland for TTW players
    -Rigging Mothership Zeta to be more in line with this story (also for TTW players)
    -Learning how to do scripting/asking someone with experience for help to make the NPC's act more NPC-like
    -Creating a "sequel" focusing more on running your own farm/expanding your own pack.
    -Giving you the option to let a female companion (Cass or Veronica) join in with the breeding fun.
    -Creating a follower who ties in to the events of all the Fertile Breeder events.
    For other modders:
    The code added below contains a script I'm currently using to allow progressive pregnancies on NPC's without requiring them to be impregnated through Sexout Pregnancy, for aestetics. Feel free to use it. EDITED: 09-09-'15 15:16

    My load order (may be of some help to anyone running into any issues.)



  16. SexoutVanessa

    - SexoutNG by Prideslayer
    - Vanessa by GePalladium
    Replaces the fade to black sex scenes in the ' Vanessa ' companion mod with sexout animations. I haven't actually played with the companion yet so if there's something I missed let me know.
    Drop the .esp inside your FNV Data folder and activate it in your load order.
    GePalladium for the companion mod
    Prideslayer for SexoutNG



  17. Sexout Slavers 3

    Here is the first episode of SexoutSlavers3 entitled 'The revival of slavery' which allows you to start a slave career that I hope will be long.



  18. Sexout Tryout

    "Nobody's dick is that long, not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick. Thus, the name." - Cass

    Stable Release: SexoutTryout - 20210101
    SexoutNG Beta (ALWAYS USE THE NEWEST VERSION, BECAUSE I AM) Sexout SCR SmallerTalk or SmallTalk Old World Blues DLC Honest Hearts DLC And anything those requirements require!
    Tryout is a lore-friendly mod that puts contextual sex into Fallout: New Vegas. Named after the part of the game where the Legion slave Siri says to a female player character that Legionaries were talking about "trying you out," it has several hooks into the vanilla story, and expands on sexual ideas found in the base game and other Fallout titles - and adds some twists of its own.

    Tryout is geared mainly towards situations involving female player characters, but there's also opportunities for male player characters to have sex with prostitutes and slaves. I'm a straight male, so there isn't much gay content - though I welcome anyone who wants to add it to make their own plugin.
    There are three parts to the mod. Each has a date after them to help you know what was updated and when. The SCR datapack is going to see the smallest amount of updating while the main package will see the most.
    The plugin SexoutTryout contains several quests, in addition to random approaches for solicitations of sex from various factions. If you don't want to be approached by a particular faction, set the approach rate to 0 in the MCM menu and that will turn the scanner off for them. This will not disable quest or other content, but will stop the approaches.
    The factions covered by SexoutTryout.esm are the Legion, Powder Gangers, Khans, NCR, Kings and fiends. There is a summary of their content below. Trigger Warner: several scenarios include non-consent (either the player being assaulted or the player doing the assaulting) and bestiality with both real-world and fictitious creatures.
    Legionaries demand sex from female characters if scanner is turned on. Female characters can become enslaved at the Fort for refusing Legionaries' advances or mouthing off to Mistress Marissa. Stay in bondage until they deem you worthy of freedom, or fight your out. Female characters can help Antony, Master of Hounds at the Fort, keep his dogs calm and disciplined. Characters of both genders can pay Canyon Runner for access to the slave pen at Cottonwood Cove to abuse the Weathers family. Male characters liked by the Legion can make use of their slave girls. QUEST: Whore of Babylon. Female characters can talk to Adficio Animicus at Cottonwood Cove to get started.
    Makes the fugitives in NCRCF, Vault 19 and Primm demand sex of female players if scanner is turned on. Female characters can be enslaved at NCRCF and Vault 19. While you can fight, talk, or sneak your way out of these situations, sometimes patience is a virtue. Chloroform Sunny and Trudy during the quest "Run Goodsprings, Run!" to keep them alive for other uses. For female characters, there are now options in the "I Fought The Law" quest series to resolve most conflict with sex. QUEST: Customer Satisfaction. Deliver a customer satisfaction survey from Harvey Zaz to Epstein in Vault 19. QUEST: Walk of Shame. Escort Sunny Smiles to NCRCF. QUEST: Let's Go To Prison. Talk to Sergeant McGee about infiltrating NCRCF. QUEST: Have It Your Way. Help Francisco Flambe make Primm his kind of town for an alternate Vikki and Vance experience.
    Female character will be approached for sex if the scanner is on. QUEST: Golden Whored. Get "fucked in" into the Khans.
    Kings are always looking to party with cute girls. Will approach you with such offers as long as the scanner is on. QUEST: Whole Lotta Shakin'. Retrieve an important music collection for the King.
    Talk to Major Dhatri at Camp McCarran to start your exciting stint as an NCR prostitute! Scanner must be turned on and you must be advertising for troopers to approach you; otherwise you can approach them. Dhatri will be able to give you special assignments after banging 20 random troopers.
    Female characters will be approached for sex so long as the scanner is above 0. Female characters can become friendly with the fiends by giving in to Motor-Runner's demands. Male characters can barter drugs for sex with fiends of both genders inside Vault 3. Trade sex with Daniel for the Vault 3 jail key. After making friends with the fiends, talk to Cook-Cook. Play his game. After making friends with the fiends, talk to Violet. She will attempt to give you and your companions free puppies. After making friends with the fiends, talk to Nephi.
    Visit the mysterious X-69 Research Station and acquire the most technologically advanced dress in history, created by the Think Tank at BIG MOUNTAIN! Gain the power (or curse!) to become irresistible to lobotomites!  

    Prostitution part of the mod. Ask the Gomorrah receptionist if they're looking for talent, tell James Garrett he needs more girls, or talk to the Vikki and Vance floor manager if you completed "Have It Your Way" and the rest should explain itself. When you're done whoring, talk to the NPC again to exit whore mode and receive your payment for the shift.
    You can freelance inside of casinos, but it's frowned upon and will see you kicked out on a first offense and attacked if you try it again. You can also offer your services to the Bright Brotherhood and Jacobstown, in addition to random gamblers outside of casinos.
    This mod also allows you to approach Gomorrah prostitutes for sex, regardless of your or their gender, and also get whores for your companions. When hiring prostitutes, the sexual orientation of the your companions is respected (you can't make Arcade bang a chick, or Veronica a man) and the player is free to have sex with prostitutes of either gender.
    TryoutAudio, Textures and Meshes
    These packs contain all the audio, mesh and texture resources used in Tryout. Download this or you'll get a bunch of red triangles and glitchy textures on the mod's outfits. Doesn't get updated every time the main mod does.
    This is the Improved Sunny Smiles companion specifically tailored for Sexout. If you're used any version of the Sunny Smiles Companion from the Nexus, overwrite it with this. This currently supports Sunny as a normal companion, and also gives you the option to take her as a slave if you help the Powder Gangers during Run, Goodsprings, Run!
    If you re-engage in dialog with Motor-Runner after the very first time he has his way with you, you'll need to repeat the sex sequence. This won't harm any of the stuff you have in the locker; my recommendation for the first time he does you is grab your stuff, leave and come back the next day if you want more. In Sexout's settings, you want to make sure Rape KOs are disabled for both rapist and victim, and the timer for rapist is set to be a couple seconds higher. Not doing this will break dialog after non-consensual sex scenes. Check the screenshot in the spoiler below for how I have it setup.  
    In Sexout Spunk's settings, under the Arousal tab, ensure Fixed Act Duration is checked. Otherwise, dialog after group sex scenes can break.  

    - Fixed issue with companions stealing your clothes during NCRCF enslavement - fix will not work for enslavements in progress.
    - "Fixed" some scripts that moved inventory around between companions/player and slavery containers - the scripts were working fine but there was a a syntax error pointed out in them.
    - Made several edits to dialog conditions to get the correct voice types for synthetic voices down the line (I'm actively working on this)
    - The NCRCF admin building will now work properly. Previous issue was actors being called to do callbacks might be still locked by Sexout; I got around this by making sure the NPC doing the callback wasn't having sex in the previous scene or current scene. This may cause a wait of up to 30 seconds between approaches to start new rounds of sex if any of the participants decide to wander to the first floor of the building.
    - Modified mod description to make it clear that this includes non-consent and bestiality for those who complained there were no trigger warnings despite the screenshots and description of content making it obvious rape and bestiality are going to be things you run into.
    Previous Changes:
    Populated Casinos: Adds numerous patrons to casinos. In addition to helping with immersion, it gives you several more clients in the Gomorrah and Atomic Wrangler. Playable Companion Clothes: Makes the companion armors playable so you can dress them, or undress them, however you like. This spot used to recommend KDC's mod that did the same thing, but it looks like he removed it from Nexus. This is a from-scratch remake by me. Bodymorph: An awesome mod by AJ and Prideslayer. Allows breasts to change size during milking if you install it.
    One of the things that's truly marked the project is it's been a community effort since it's inception as Workgirl Tryout. Below are all the people who have worked on something that got jammed inside of here.
    Loogie for dialog, clothing meshes, scripting, and SexoutTryout itself UDLR for Sexout Prideslayer for SexoutNG, major scripting overhaul of Tryout, dialog and maintaining this during my hiatus Orangey and Ustesting, whose work this was originally based off of Bromm83 for most of the scripting of advanced systems, porting from Sexual Innuendo to Sexout zippy57 for MCM support and scripting help, and for rescuing my mods during my freak out Riggswolfe for major scripting help Astymma for Smallertalk and other scripting help Jaam for making Working Girl work and other scripting help Chase Roxand for scripting help Evilrunner for fixing the hole in the CaliL body's foot User29 for making the slave corset fit better Revanag for Type 3 bouncing bodies Iron_Jack for the NCRCF Powder Ganger enslavement sequence Halstrom for Sexout Common Resources Mastercchris for his ZAZ stuff Brocules for the Type 3M versions of the Tryout outfits ChancellorKremlin for dialog Jonas for letting me use the resized top of his sexy sleepwear as part of the showgirl outfit. NatanusLikens for locating the source of the PG Scrambler issue Destynova99 for dialog mojodajojo for script fixes and bughunting NismoMan for perk icons Kozzz for outfit meshes/textures Nagothm and Alex3474 for meshes/textures The lovely Nightwynd for supplying the pictures in Vault 19 AJ and Prideslayer for Bodymorph Exeter for making clothing a lot of my outfits are based on. YOU for bug reports and for playing! The lovely and talented LadyM for providing the voice of Mistress Marissa km678 for compatibility patches for popular mods Doctasax for help with array-related scripting AND A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MY EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME ON PATREON!



  19. Re-Work MSexVeronica

    This is Very much MAVIA's Mod,
    I am tweaking it, and modifying many thing as I go along. They were fine with someone picking it up, and adapting, or working on it, and so I am trying, as it had become some what dated.
    NOW Has MCM
    It is very much a WIP, I have a long way to go with it, and many things I want to adapt to it. I have a lot to learn as I go also, so work will not be super fast.
    I want Very much to give all credit for such a wonderful imagination, and fun mod to MAVIA. I just saw it as a good place for me to start experimenting with FONV modding, and I hope I am helping the mod some as I go along. If it is just a big mess I am sorry, I am just trying my best.
    what it does, as Mavia put it
    Adds sex and dominance/submission/slavery with Veronica and Cass, when they are your companions.
    [From Mavia's Page]
    For a more extreme experience, ask her to make you her slave. This can only be done once per companion (Galgat Not true right now, I have it where you may become slave, and free as much as you want) and adds new domination actions, at your mistress's whim: clothing restrictions, movement restrictions, mini quests to fuck old friends or whore yourself out.
    The frequency of these interruptions can be changed, in case you want some semblance of a normal life. Open the settings book in the Aid section of your Pip-Boy to select the frequency. The options are 40 / 100 / 240 / 480 seconds. Cass/Veronica won't bug you in combat, or if They are not nearby (i.e. you've left her waiting somewhere).
    ((Galgat I believe I have all these setting in the MCM I made now, but the Book is still there))
    A hint if all your stuff is removed, and you need to find it look around the 188 trading post. or try to make your way back to it, and scearch there.
    If you have played MAVIA's Mod, you will see that I have added quite a bit more substance to the Player enslavement part, I will be adding to the Companion latter, but there are many things I need to shore up, and yes it has bug's, and some of them I may have made, or added.
    Please be patient with me, I have home responsibilities too.
    SexoutNG >Latest Version and everything that is needed to make it work.
    ZAZ-DataPack >latest version
    SexOutCommonResources >Latest version
    The Mod Configuration Menu >>Needed for the MCM Menu
    Should have >> [sCR] Spectrums Toy Pack
    It makes use of some of Spectrum Warrior's toys. If you have these installed, use the MCM settings to tell the mod so it can use them. If you don't, the default setting is not to use them (as it creates big ugly missing-object displays in-game).
    GBS_ModderStuff >>I have known them a long time anything you get is really super.
    Populated Casinos light/Medium/heavy, your choice
    Sexout Soliciting >> I have not have it major conflict with this mod, and I like it
    Sexout Tryout >> Great MCM Covers a lot of ground, May need to tone it down some with this mod but its a good one
    Sexout Spunk >> Visuals alone make it a nice extra, and it has so much more
    Lots of other good mods here, and friendly Modders
    Install with FOMM.
    Or you could install it by extracting the Download, and placing the Data folder in your main FONV folder, and let it write it's
    self in, but the better way it FOMM the improved version that Pridslayer set up.
    I hope I have not missed any needed Item's.
    Things I have changed or attempted to fix
    0. I have been concentrating on the PC humiliations mostly right now, and will get to the companions latter as I gain experience with FONV
    1. I fixed the problem with the mistresses moving you to good spring's or Novac, when you were in one of the casinos, thus causing you to leave all your weapons behind.
    2. Fixed a slew of animations that were not numbered properly and would not work because of this, I think my understanding on that was that they had been re numbered, and Mavai never came back to fix them. I did not always use the Piss animation 301 I believe it is, as there is no actual pee stream, and I felt in many case's mouth to genital in some manor or other was more logical.
    3. fixed a lot of dialog,(Added a bunch more randomness to the dialog, and comments, and much more dialogue) and sex routines, and changed a bunch things about them
    4. added a few more bondage items, and clothing that would be placed on the Player. plan to add more.
    4-1. Made fixes to keep from getting to many of some item, as many of them were added each time they were applied.
    5. Added Callback to many of the sex act to initiate Last remarks rather than the NPC to just fuck, and leave, I gave them a last remark before leaving.
    6. lots of tweaks and changes I can not remember them all.
    7. added a dance routine, that the Owner may force you to do,(after being told to dance, there is a 5 sec delay, and the owner will prompt you to get dancing and the dance should begin ) it is set on a 2 min. timer right now I know is long, but I have been testing, I will may make and adjustment to this or set the time to the sexoutNG sexact length. Latter
    8. you can get free, and be enslaved again as much as you want right now, it was best while I was testing, and for entertainment I see no reason why you should not be able to be enslaved any time your feel like it, and enjoy the free your self parts as many times as your wish.
    9. I believe I have rectified the getting to many Prostitution clothes, Mavai did not check if you had the item, and added one every time it was force equipped, hopefully this will keep them from getting stuck on as well.
    10. I have attempted to stop some of the interrupts by the owner during sex act's and talking to other NPC. But the way Mavai did the quest script like a function call, instead of a Loop script. placing return's, at points to keep the script from continuing. I hope over time to include Toggle variable's and then stopping these Interrupts will be better possible. But this takes time, to test, so that while fixing one problem I do not mess something else up.
    11. I have been setting up different dialog for the Male/Female NPC when selling your self, so they sort of seem more gender friendly. (Example Females won't say "I got a Hard on for you" I Hope)
    12. Sunny may have another dialogue added, for her best friend, a humiliation for the PC only right now.
    13. It is very much a work in progress, and many problems it had, May still be there, and I may have added more I am working on them, and in the process, I hope to get better acquainted with FONV, and Sexout.
    14. Clothing should not get constantly changed, Cass/Veronica should only pick another item for you to wear, when you are naked, which they tend to make happen quite often if you allow them to swap your clothing in the setting's book, ( Mavia had it sort of set that way, but they would get past her naked only setting a lot, I think I have stalled that.)
    Once Get main Events functioning right
    I hope to add some minor quest's, and extra event's.
    I will probably set the Go back to places like Good springs, and Novac to once a day, or maybe even a longer period between there happening.
    I want to get away from the timer events some, and more to a random happening, instead of the Owner plowing you with something every 40 sec or 10 min.
    I intend to add and option MCM for if indoors, they will not take you to Good Springs, or Novac, or Mojava, when I have time Maybe. Might be handy if you were deep in a dungeon, and suddenly they take you away.
    If I have messed it up I am Sorry, And if Mavia comes back, and wishes to take it all back, they are very welcome.
    I guess that's about it, if it works for your great, if not I am Very sorry.
    Sense this is a Re-work Of and existing mod you may find many answers to problems already solved in On Mavia's Page http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/35-msex-veronica-ds/
    Problem Mods I have found so far
    1. FalloutNVCheatTerminal. I hope I have addressed this problem in the 0.004 update., but as I do not use the mod, I can not be sure. Be sure to read the Update note on it.
    Thanks Credits
    Thanks to Mavia for this wonderful mod, and imagination
    Thanks prideslayer for Sexout and for answering my questions, I bugged him too Much.
    Thanks Odessa for helping me with script, and encouraging me.
    Thanks tomm434 for giving me heads up on some MCM stuff
    Thanks Panthercom for encouraging me, and testing early stuff
    Thanks Molevalence for encouraging me, and testing early stuff
    Thanks So many others, that have been so helpful here



  20. FalloutTTW QuestOverhaul

    Read this first before asking question in the thread.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------logo by Loogie
    Have you ever dreamed about more immersive Fallout 3 main quest line? Well, here you go.
    This mod allows you to complete some vanilla quests in different ways. It doesn't change vanila dialogues, it adds more dialogue choices.
    Be ware! Some choices may affect your character in the future so don't make decisions lightly. I didn't focus all my enegry to implement only sexual solutions to quest, there are also non-sexual dialogues which bring realism to the game(well, not all of them)
    Mod works well with SecoutTTWencounters(http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/438-sexout-ttw-encounters/).
    Don't forget to download resources (UPDATED ON 24 NOVEMBER 2014) from any of 2 external links.
    What does it do?

    The aim of the mod is to let player complete the game without killing anyone and to bring more immersion to the game. The decisions made throughout the game are stored in savegame via quest variables and I can use them any time later.
    Thanks everyone in Scripting Help 101 thread for helping me with scripts.
    Thanks prideslayer for Sexout and for answering my questions.
    Thanks Panthercom for correcting dialogues and giving new ideas.
    Thanks Loogie for making new content and meshes
    Thanks Keyser Soze and jaam for helping me to remove Courier stash dependencies
    Thanks Nessa for her TypeN armor conversions
    Thanks A.J. for introducing her method of making 3rd person cutscenes
    Thanks everyone who reported bugs!

    For Modders

    If you plan to make translation for this mod - please notify me first. 99% I'll say yes but still you need my written permission to translate this mod or host it on other sites.



  21. Sexout Miss Moo

    What is this?
    If you don't like pregnancy and/or creature content DO NOT install this mod!
    As there are some (maybe) annoying effects, which could remain on the player after playing the quest, I recomend to keep a savegame before installing the mod.
    This mod adds a tiny quest and two perks to your game.
    And what is it about?
    Well ... the name of this mod should tell enough
    If you play this mod your (female) courier will get a big problem, but maybe she will get addicted to it.
    The idea for this mod was cut out of the still unfinished 'Mojave Schoolgirls'-mod. If you have played it and have discovered the 'Moo!' quest, you know what is is. But it contatins a little more. And if I ever keep on working on the 'Mojave Schoolgirls' the old 'Moo!' quest will be removed.
    This mod is basicly a experiment how 'dynamic-perks' could work and it was made because ...
    How can I start it?
    What does it contain now?
    What are the requirements of this mod?
    SexoutNG (and all of it's requirements).
    Sexout Common Resources (and all of it's requirements, too).
    Sexout PregnancyV3 (and once again all of it's requirements). If you have the new stable version (20150402.1 or later) installed, please use Miss Moo V1.23 or newer (20150419 or later). This version should work with any upcoming beta, too.
    If you still have Pregnancy 20140707.9 or older installed, please keep using V1.1 (20150301)
    How should I install the mod?
    Install the 7z-file with the package-manager of FOMM. Or unpack it and put it in your data-folder.
    How should I DEINSTALL the mod?
    Do not deinstall/delete the mod while having some of the perk-effects on your courier!
    They can become permanent!
    If your courier has one of the perks ...
    Are there any known incompatibilitys?
    I don't know.
    Tested it with a lot of other sexout mods installed.
    Maybe you will get some problems with mods which change the place east of Devils Gullett or edit the behaviour of the Bighorners.
    It's rather silly to play it with a companion, because he/she will not react to what happens to the courier. (But this is a flaw of many mods.)
    Are there any known issues?
    I hope I have found all errors I made while changing the mod to the new stable Sexout Pregnancy version.
    So tell me!
    What has to be done next?
    Well ... bugfixing never ends.
    Balancing the perks. I would be happy, if you would give me your suggestions. The first perk, you get, should be simply annoying, so you realy want to get rid of it again. But the second one should keep the game playable. With all the consequences, you have to arrange with.
    The dialogues are very rough and full of errors. As I am a non-native-english-speaker (and writer), don't expect to much.

    What are the planed features?
    I don't want to expand the (quest-)content of this mod very far.
    But as I made this mod 'controlable with NX', maybe YOU want to use some content (the Miss Moo Perk)?
    This are the things, I want to include next:
    How can this mod be 'controled' with NX-variables?
    This is, what I made by now.
    But it is not fully tested!
    Maybe I should make a variable that blocks the conversation topics for bighorners, so you can add own topics without seeing mine the whole time, too?
    Credits and thanks ...
    ... to the crators of sexout and all it's mods.
    ... to all the creative and helpfull people at loverslab. Especially to Halstorm, BruceWayne, DoctaSax and a lot of other people for their patience with a noob asking stupid questions.
    ... to Snakeleafclover for reworking the dialoges in Beta 2!
    ... and obviously to User29 for his gorgeous 'Breeder' and in particular for the 'bighorner'-quest: If you had finished it as I expected, I never would have begun to make my own little farm
    Full changelog:



  22. Sexout Soliciting

    Adds new opportunities for sex and profit to the Mojave Wasteland
    This mod adds a detailed new prostitution system based on creating character depth, and a wide range of interaction modifiers. All Mojave characters affected have a persistent personality, ranging from nice to nasty. It pays to remember faces, and judging characters is the key gameplay feature. If you're getting a bad feeling about someone, its best to trust your instincts and not follow them some place out of sight. If they seem nice then you can make them a regular.
    The aim of the mod is to add personality to the nameless Mojave characters, with interesting conversation trees, whilst also extending sexout coverage of the Mojave to factions and locations missed by Tryouts, with a comparable level of detail to the encounters. Each episode uses unique dialogue, and full time flopping may now be a viable occupation.
    A warning, the nasty NPCs use some rather dark dialogue.. but there are various ways you may find to get even.
    Luck, Karma, Speech, Barter, Reputation, Charisma, Perks, Prostitution Skill, (Wear and Tear and STDs), (Pregnancy), (Spunk Orgasm strength) and game events also affect reactions
    Soliciting Sloan - Misogynistic Miners?
    You may not be able to make it past the deathclaws to the Strip, but now you can take advantage of the bored miners for fun and profit.
    Find Fannie Mae to begin back floppin'
    (Check around town and in the bar)
    Prostitution in Primm - Pioneering Penetrations?
    Need to earn some caps before you take on the Bison Steve, or maybe just bring cheer to the locked up locals?
    The Vikki and Vance Casino needs a premiere attraction
    Copulating Caravaneers - A Good Time Girl For Good Time Guards?
    It gets lonely traveling the wastes from place to place in the caravan trade, but now you can excitedly relieve Mojave merchants and mercenaries of their monies and monotonies.
    Learn their routes, because now every caravan on the horizon is an opportunity.
    You can also be solicited at the Mojave Outpost bar, sit down on a stool and maybe someone will come chat you up...
    Grinding in Goodsprings - Boning in the Bath Room?
    Getting shot in the head might tempt a courier career change, or maybe you just need to earn some supplies for the road ahead.
    Just bear in mind Trudy has a no screwing in the saloon policy.
    Getting to Know Novac - Whoring Helios One?
    A prime piece of real estate like the Novac motel wasn't going to stay unoccupied for long, after Jeannie May passed away. 'Big Nose' Anna Dunton has spied a perfect location on the Mojave trade route for her bath house.. and with an NCR army base just down the road- you may have the chance to earn the prestigious 'passed around at parties' perk.

    See support thread for known issues.
    That's all for version 5. More will come.
    Optional DLC Extension

    Sexout NG '96 or newer
    SCR - Sexout Common Resources
    SmallerTalk or equivalent
    NVSE 5.0.0 or later
    Soliciting DATA PACK and CORE
    SCR's required meshes and textures: Spectrum's Toy Pack, GSBModders BDSM stuff, Nordland's fertility drugs
    Optional Extensions
    The following are not required but extend content if loaded
    Sexout Wear and Tear (v3.5+ for full support)
    Sexout Pregnancy
    Sexout Spunk
    NVAC (New Vegas Anti Crash. Useful for any game, and 1 round-the-world trick is disabled without it due to crashes)
    Lutana v10+ (Let's me do some extra cool stuff, and adds an extra option to MCM)
    Known Issues/Coming Soon
    - You can ask and pay for sex with the girls in Novac, but no animation will result currently.
    - If you accompany an NPC to some location to screw, it is best to let them go through any doors before you, because sometimes the engine resets their location otherwise.
    - Dialog and quests for the bath house strumpets are incomplete and will be expanded.

    Thanks also to everyone who has reported bugs and suggestions, and who created nvse, sexout and its resources and lore.




  23. TwistedMinds.esp

    Adds an different ending to the Nipton Encounter /w Vulpes for females.
    Start's with the dialog options: "I'll do as you ask" or "Your crimes are unforgivable"
    Just downloaded GECK a day or two ago. This is what I came up with while learning...



  24. Sexout FleshedOut (SOFO)

    The pitch

    Those gentle hands, that husky voice, those penetrating eyes, that bushy ‘tache… how could you possibly resist? Doc Mitchell – Mitch to his friends – may be getting on in years a little, but he’s still got his mojo working. And other bits. From the minute you wake up to him watching over your helpless naked body, you feel a connection, no matter how hard you may try to deny that to yourself.*
    How will you worm your way into his life? Heal his wounds as he did yours? Create a small oasis of domestic bliss amid a vast desert of death and perversity?
    (Or will you do none of that and be a total bitch who doesn’t deserve him? Don't!)
    *(“Wait a minute,” you say, “Doc M. is like really, really old – ewww!”? Dude, that’s ageist!)
    There's a little trailer right here:

    So, seriously, what’s it all about? And why does it exist in the first place?

    SexoutFleshedOut (SOFO) is a multi-path story mod for a female PC, centered on Doc Mitchell. It could be a romance story, albeit in a fallout kinda way, but there are funny bits, sad bits, you name it. Don’t worry – there will actually be sex, but it might take a while. It’s a slow mod, with the primary focus on atmosphere. Think of it as an old movie instead of a quest.
    SOFO is the result of trying to implement a bunch of different things I wanted to see in the Fallout universe, like more developed characters and relationships with them, and people who don’t always speak in well-rounded sentences. An old-world sense of eroticism too, maybe. I also wanted some answers: from the very beginning, you know the Doc’s got a chip on his shoulder and in vanilla it’s only by chance you hear he’s actually a widower. What happened? What’s the big secret? How many more secrets and oddities are bubbling beneath the surface in the sleepy town of Goodsprings?
    I also wanted to have a little fun. Some of it’s pretty silly. And then there’s some technical stuff I wanted to try my hand at too, stuff I felt was underused for the purpose of telling stories. It’s all a bit of a mad scientist experiment.


    6 different main story paths, some detours and smaller choices (see the support thread for a mini-walkthrough)
    quite a bit of freeform content (there’s room for more, see the support thread)
    trivial stuff, chatter, little things to make everything feel more alive
    a soundtrack system that adapts itself to your story
    automatic bed sex positioning
    fun with anims, and the occasional special effect

    Alright, I’ll give it a go. Better be worth it! What do I need?

    SexoutNG 2.6.85 or higher <--changed
    A recent SCR Beta or the current stable version <-- changed
    SexoutSpunk 0.71 or higher for its lust tracking functionality <-- changed
    Sexout Clothing Eval
    The data files (NOT the esp!) from the Groovatron
    The armor damage pack from SCS
    The New Vegas Radio Extender does not need to be installed in your game, but you're gonna need it to help you set up your soundtrack (see below).
    If you're upgrading from an older version of SOFO, it's best to make sure that you're not in Doc's house when you do.
    A good grasp of English will be necessary to get the most out of it. This isn’t a “go there, kill everybody you see” kind of mission you’re setting out on – there’s a lot of dialog and stupid wordplay. Also, even if your reading skills in English are pretty darn good, you may still have problems understanding one particular individual – this is intentional.
    Don't use the NVEC patch if you don't have NVEC complete.

    How to set up your soundtrack

    As said above, SOFO has a soundtrack system in the form of a radio station that changes its playlist according to where you are in the story, and some other conditions. In an ideal world, it would’ve come equipped with its own tunes. But because the music industry is bat-shit crazy about copyright and has made it so that sound recordings are hardly ever automatically added to public domain, you’re gonna have to add tunes of your own. Except for maybe thinking of what songs to pick, this doesn’t take much effort, and it really makes all the difference!
    Just click on this little spoiler thingie here - c'mon...:


    How do I play it?

    FleshedOut becomes available the moment Doc Mitchell’s walked you to the door & given you all the indispensable stuff you’re going to need out there in the big wide world. (See? That’s just the kinda guy he is!) Talk to him, take it from there. You don’t need to make a new character, but SOFO won’t work if you’ve killed off the main Goodsprings residents.
    Remember that it’s all about atmos and creating a somewhat believable narrative. Don’t rush through it; take your time. Go out and wander the wastes occasionally. I intentionally use a lot of delaying tactics. Also, quite some dialog is unavailable if the NPC is sitting down (or standing up) because most of it uses handpicked idle animations.
    SOFO occasionally plays an animation on the player; it is recommended to play in 3rd person mode.
    Some parts are determined by lust, both yours and his. Doc is automatically added to Spunk's lust tracking system when you move in; you don't need to switch that on for him. If you do, you're switching it off, and you shouldn't.
    Some functionality may not work if you have your sexout duration set to a low value; 60 secs is recommended as a safe minimum.


    SOFO’s not likely to play nice with SexoutDocMitchell or any other mod that adds *GREETING* topics for Doc Mitchell.
    There are a few changes to Doc Mitchell’s house: ownership of stuff, a handful of items were disabled, a few things added, some items made persistent references so that I could refer to them in scripts. So conflicts can be expected from other mods that change that cell (there’s a patch for NVEC Complete 3.3c). Mods that just drop an item in it for you to pick up on your way out will likely be fine, but if you can’t find it, it’s likely under something else so use console commands like tcl or twf maybe. Them’s the breaks. These changes are needed for the story I built around this character, while mods adding gear could place that anywhere else.
    There are also a few minor changes to the house Easy Pete sleeps in, and I increased the range of Doc M’s sandbox package. That’s about it.
    Underground Hideout NV may have some problem with SOFO. Reasons unsure, see support topic.

    Known Bugs

    I place most of the sex in this mod on beds because they’re right there. The positioning is tweaked as best I can, but various factors may sometimes cause that to fuck up. Aside from the usual factors (bodies, not enough space around the actors, the camera getting stuck), bed sex seems a little finnicky when it comes to the combination of NG's knockdown effect and its callback features. This has already been reported. Save every once in a while.
    2 scenes involve the Doc sitting down on specific furniture (a chair and a couch respectively). Due to some bug in the game engine, he will sometimes pick something else to sit on first, but then moves to where he's actually supposed to go. Let's just say your presence is a distraction to him.

    Credits, a mini-walkthrough, a to-do list, faq, how to get support, etc etc will go in the second post of the Support thread.



  25. SexoutAlienSymbioteB

    Alien symbiotes spread through Mojave, making their hosts very promiscuous, but happier.
    Work in progress
    Consider this mod to be in a very early WIP stage, or an Alpha ver. It is not a real mod, just a very, very tiny part of it.
    So, you could try it out, have fun with it, maybe leave a comment (much appreciated), but don't make important saves with it, as it could brake something.
    It is safest not to use it during usual gameplay as a constantly active mod.
    This works only with female courier.
    Couple weeks ago I was thrilled with great ideas found on the Alien Symbiote thread, so I've started working on a mod of my own right away.
    Thank you all for being so creative back there, hope that best is yet to come..
    This is my first "real" mod, and I'm learning my way through this GECK'o thingy alongside making it, and for now it's been a very painful, but fun experience
    So, please don't expecting anything done fast.
    Any bug reports, ideas, comments.. are welcome! For any and all feedback about this mod please use 'support topic' button in upper right corner, and 'reply to this topic'.
    [spoiler=The Story]
    An alien race with highly developed genetic engineering skills wants to infiltrate humans in Mojave, for some(?) reason.
    So, they've created a symbiote, and placed it at a convinient location, where he's waiting for an unsuspecting victim (host).
    When it finds host, it has two goals, mature to reproduction phase, and reproduce finding new hosts, thus spreading through Mojave.
    To ensure this, it's directly attached to human female reproduction system, like an unavoidable sexual companion. It is capable of changing size, shape, hardness and texture instantly, and release different chems that benefit the host (so it wont be rejected), and also raise sexual arousal.. It feeds on vaginal juices and ejaculate that give him energy and genetic material to grow.
    What will happen when there's enough(?) symbiotes happy in their host I don't know.. (but aliens do )
    There will be a way of removing it, and control their numbers, maybe meds that make it go to hybernation, lower addiction etc..
    [spoiler=The Details]
    Done so far (partialy):
    North of Horowitz farmstead (where aliens are), you'll find a hollowed rock with a greenish light. After activating it you'll get some msg challenge, which is not important, but it will release the Symbiote.
    It's attached to you, and develops trough several stages.
    First it enters is incubation period, during which you'll feel some sickness.
    In second stage it's adapted to your imune system, so from now on you'll feel much better. You'll get a message and dialog quest is started. It will hold dialogs with doctors, scientists (etc) to learn more about Symbie, and start other specific quests once they are made. There's only one dialog with Fantastic, as I'm working on functionality for now. During this period Symbiote is young and hungry, so it will raise your lust, and after having enough sex it will go to third stage.
    Third (adult) stage begins with some forced masturbation, a bunch of msgs, and courier will finally see it's new symbiote friend. From now on it can reproduce, addiction is possible, and is wearable sometimes. It gives some permanent bonuses to host, and provides unique dynamic help when in danger. Symbiote behaviour is managed through repro stages, in During Repro stage Symbiote can be equipped, and there should be a dialog line (with anyone) "Wanna try out an alien ?" folowed by few sex options.
    Symbiote maturity stages:
    (mostly done)
    Stage 0: Incubation -> found a host, fighting immune system, duration ~30h (maybe make it a rnd 1-3days, or mcm setting)
    Stage 1: Young -> very tiny and hungry, duration 3 times have sex (maybe a rnd 5-10, or mcm setting)
    Stage 2: Adult1 -> can reproduce, addiction chance, symbiote wearable
    Maybe more.. I have no idea right now
    Effects in each stage:
    These are just some numbers for starters, it's yet to be balanced out.
    Stage 0:
    Sickness (-1 on all special)
    raises lust (in second half of period)
    Stage 1:
    raises lust
    gives temporary positive effects after sex (+1 on a.c.e.)
    Stage 2:
    permanent effect (AG +1, AP +20, Poison resist +15%, Rad resist +15%, Damage resist +15%, Fire resist +15%)
    Dynamic effects (each given once a day):
    - Poison detected -> removes animal poison
    - HP < 20% -> Restore 20-40%
    - SLP > 500 -> Restore 100-200
    - H2O > 500 -> Restore 100-400
    - FOD > 500 -> Restore 100-200
    - RAD > 500 -> Restore 200-500
    - Restore all limb condition by 1-10%
    - STD check once a day -> 10% chance of cure
    Could be based on counting times helped host in danger, and/or time host spent using it (wearing).
    Higher addiction could result in forcing host to have more and more sex, and maybe wear the symbiote more often.
    (partialy done)
    Ways of reproducing (maybe something like):
    Sexual intercourse with another female will give her a chance to 'catch' a Symbi (just like the first host(Player))
    While host is gravid there's a (low) chance that offspring will be born with a symbi of her own
    I don't know, anything could happen.. maybe one day there will be a bunch of little green children runnin' round desert..
    Reproduction stages
    Before -> takes special care of host to be in good health, counts times host had sex. Duration 1 day for now.
    During -> Pumps lust high, and Symbiote is equippable. Also there's a dialog line "Wanna try out an alien ?" folowed by sex.
    If lust is over 75 it forces host to stay naked, and have simbiote equipped.
    If lust is over 90 host will ask nearby NPC to have sex. (not yet implemented)
    Gives positive effects proportional to number of hosts sex acts in Before stage. Duration 1 day.
    After -> Symbiote is sleeping, not helping host. Duration of this stage depends on times actor had sex. For now 2 times.
    [spoiler=Next steps]
    Next few weeks (or months) I'll primarly work on the functionality (wearing (using), addiction, reproduction).
    When equipped, it's size changes with lust lvl, but during sex allways using the same model, so anims could line up.
    The idea is that in During repro stage symbiote is equippable, and possible to use as a dildo in sex scenes. It will keep lust very high, and should be a bit harsh. Any help povided to host is proportional to times she had sex in Before repro stage. In After repro stage Symbie is sleeping, thus not providing any help to host.
    There are two possibilities:
    (partialy done)
    -first is having a "usual" sex anim, (symbiote dissapears)
    -and second, where it would be used as a dildo, thus having host play the male anims.
    [spoiler=To be done]
    Dialogs and quest for doing research on symbiote, interaction with doctors and scientists (maybe others)..
    As English is not my native language, it's very hard for me to write good dialogs. If there's somebody who would want to write down dialogs and/or ideas for interactions with some npc that would be awesome!
    Further interaction with other sexout mods, like pregnancy, etc.
    Make it work on everyone, and be able to activate by male courier (host would be a female companion).
    MCM settings, not anytime soon.
    Ummm, there was a bunch of things, but I realy got tired while writing this, so nothing else comes to my mind.
    A Note
    This is my first mod on LL, so please be gentle, and don't be surprised when I do something incredible stupid, as I'm a noob.
    I hope this wont burn down your PC, will work, and wont completly suck..
    Name is totally uninnovative, but it's ok for a working title, I guess..
    I really think you should not make important saves with this mod active!
    Compatibility, bugs and latest news
    Major bugs removed, hopefully. Should be playable as described in "Done so far" part above. Having sex while symbiote is wearable will always result in using it. This part needs more work, so we can call it a known bug
    After few months I'm back, and about to work on this mod. It will take some time to make any serious progress.
    Besides new NXvars, dialog and spell callbacks from Sexout, it uses Variable04 SexoutNG.FlagInUse for sex detection. There's a world edit for placing "Strange rock", but besides that it should be compatible with other mods.
    SexoutNG -> master
    SCR -> master
    Spectrum Warrior's Adult Resources for SCR
    SexoutLust -> this mod is all about lust, and pointless without it
    SmallerTalk - or alike
    Prideslayer, Halstrom, Chase Roxand, Spectrum Warrior, and many more, for their great work on Sexout mods.
    box888, Coffinbag, sen4mi, and many more, for their ideas.
    LoversLab community, and all the modders out there, for making all this possible.
    Do a clean save if updating, or it won't work! Old version was very buggy, so I hope you don't have it anyway



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