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  1. Nuka Ride RU

    Только перевод актуальной версии. Сам мод здесь



  2. Animal Seducer

    This mod contains graphic depictions of bestiality. If this is
    (understandably) not your cup of tea, this mod is not for you. The story, all
    names, characters, and events portrayed in this mod are fictitious. They are
    part of a perverted fantasy, set in a video game. I ask that you treat them as
    such. Any resemblance with actual persons (living or dead), places, buildings,
    or animals is completely coincidental. I do not in any way, shape, or form,
    endorse, condone, or support acts of REAL-LIFE bestiality or any other forms of
    animal abuse. No animals were harmed during the making of this mod.
    This mod was made by an adult, for adults.
    Alright, with that out of the way, allow me to introduce:
    Animal Seducer
    (formerly Animal Lover and Wasteland Seducer)
    My first proper LL mod!         ~Yay!
    What's new in version 2.0.0?
    You can now seduce creatures using hotkeys instead of the old system that used the Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer perks. This allows you to seduce friendly creatures and command them to mate with characters other than the player. I've also hopefully fixed a bug where the ceremonial knife would not spawn. The mod has been renamed to Animal Seducer. No new quests have been added.
    What does it do?
    This mod adds two new perks to the game. Animal Lover and Wasteland Seducer. They expand upon the Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer Perks, and allow you
    to have intercourse with pacified creatures, and command them to mate with people. The mod also adds two short quests to unlock the perks, with a unique and hand-made magazine for each of the perks as reward at the end.
    How do I install the mod?
    First, make sure you have a working installation of AAF with creature animations
    installed by following this guide:
    AAF Fucking Manual
    Next, at the time of writing this, the mod has a bit of unvoiced dialogue.
    If there are no voice files present, the lines will whiz by faster than you can read them.
    Either install F4z Ro D-oh, or if for whatever reason you can't or don't want to use that mod, you can download the silent voice files for this mod.
    F4z Ro D-oh
    Then install this mod (and the silent voice files if you downloaded them) using your mod manager of choice. I personally use mod organizer 2.
    How do I get started?
    To have sex with pacified creatures, you first need to unlock the perks.
    This can be done in two ways.
    By cheating them in through the MCM (Should be pretty straightforward. Not recommended.) By completing the quests (The fun way.)  
    The quests to obtain the perks will begin automatically when you get close to
    where the magic happens. If you need a hint to get started, there's an edition
    of Publick Occurrences on the table in the Dugout Inn in Diamond City. Piper
    has been documenting some of the crazy rumors that fly around that place. They
    might be a good place to start!
    If you really want to know where to go, the spoiler section below will
    have screenshots of the exact locations.
    Note: To unlock the Animal Lover and Wasteland Seducer perks you need to
    already have the Animal Friend and Wasteland Whisperer perks unlocked,
    respectively. Don't worry if you forget, both the MCM and the quests will
    prompt you to unlock them if you haven't.
    How to have sex with pacified creatures
    After you've unlocked a perk and the quest ends, a small tutorial will play
    to explain how to have sex with creatures. In case you missed it or forgot the
    details, here's what to do (new method):
    Have the hotkeys bound in the MCM Use the pacify hotkey to pacify a creature If you're successful, you can now command them using the other hotkeys to either mate with you, or to mate with another NPC Press the pacify hotkey again over a pacified creature to release them from your spell.  
    The old method is still available, but does not allow you to command creatures to have sex with other NPCs.
    There is a cooldown on attempts to seduce of 1 in-game hour!
    (You can only have sex with creatures for which you have animations installed, of course.)
    Reporting bugs
    This is my first mod, so please bear in mind that there might be a few hiccups here
    and there. If you encounter a bug or know how to fix one, please let me know!
    Do check the known issues down below first, however, so that I don't get
    duplicate reports.
    Known issues (Spoilers!)



  3. Problems of Survivor

    Warning: Disguising, sexist, humiliation and violent content!
    Fallout 4's version of my Skyrim mod Troubles of Heroine. Adds NPCs, quests and events to make a woman's life in a post-apocalypse crueler and more degrading.
    The mod  contain hard choices of an universal scale.
    There is the hidden parameter Your Dignity, which changes from communicating with Brutus or Xana. To unlock the full potential of it - use the code: set aaayourdignity to 100. Perks, global variables and quest's ids in the readme. In dialogues, if you do not have a needed perk or a SPECIAL, then you won't see that option. There can be two perks for one dialogue option. In Non-XDI version some options are hidden by other options.
    Males have a less content than females - something will be missed, and some will be completely inaccessible. To play a female content for a male use code: set AAAiamsissy to 1.
    The safe in the AAAPOSSpecialRoom has the mod items.
    POSScripts - for modders only!
    Put this mod at the very end of your modlist!
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) + animations
    Extended Dialogue Interface (optional)
    F4z Ro D'oh (recommendation) to skip dialogues
    1.4.4 RUS:
    Silent voice files for 1.4.1:
    Basil's Desat-English dictionary:
    Future plans:
    More dialogs; More quests; More situations; More followers; More filth.  
    Do what you want with the mod.



  4. Sanity Framework 2.0

    Sanity Framework 2.0 (Upgrade and Expansion Release)  -- Coming soon.
    The story thus far... You are the sole survivor, and you just left the vault with the burden of the loss of your son, the loss of your spouse, and the end of the world.   How can you possibly help them if you can't help yourself?  Dread grips your mind and heart as you explore Wonderland, or now, Wasteland, just like Alice.  You find cryptic messages leading you around the ruins of the Commonwealth.  The more you follow these leads, the less you care about the problems in the world around you.  Your choices will ultimately decide your fate.  Your spouse, your son, your world is gone now.  And deep down you know, nothing will end well.
    Again, thank you all for your continued support.  There is a lot coming in this new edition.  I've completely redesigned the framework to integrate with several other major mods, as well as make the experience more consistent.
    Hard Requirements:
    AAF and all its requirements: by @dagobaking  If you don't follow this guide, from @Saya Scarlett my mod will not work.  A word on animations, I would install all animation packs as I will be calling specific animations, rather than random animations.   All The DLC + Unofficial Fallout Patch -- Far Harbor and Nuka World Sex Attributes (Most recent version) (Spirit, Willpower and General Stats) @twistedtrebla MCM  
    Mod Integration: There are several key mods I intend to integrate with that will affect sanity.  The following are planned to date:
    Just Business (Slaves) by @ignotum_virum Family Planning Enhanced Redux (Pregnancy effects, Post-Partum, Abortion and Miscarriage outcomes.) Works with either version of the mod by @Invictusblade & @EgoBallistic Wasteland Dairy Framework This is in process with the new version by @Invictusblade AAF Violate (Completed) @EgoBallistic Hardship Beggar Whore by @Tentacus This is one of the most realistic mods I've seen to date around prostitution and addiction.  I plan to monitor this mod for the prostitution and addition attributes associated. Crackle by @Tentacus: I really like this realism of this mod. I highly recommend KitCat's Camping Gear for this. Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save : (Nexus Mods) This adds smoking, which reduces stress.  Joints Remove depression.  Not a hard requirement, but if its there, you'll get those extra bonus items. AAF Sexual Harassment by @twistedtrebla Already hooked into Sex Attributes.  I want to have a light integration with this one.  Hypnotism adds many possibilities. Sex Education by @spicydoritos Really nice expansion on the player's sexual history. Expanding this support.  
    Recommended Mods:  These Mods are my personal favourites, and they do add to the immersive experience. Not at all necessary. 
    AAF SexEmUp: by @EgoBallistic Nice for light prostitution and other sex approaches Cum Overlays: by @Nebuchadnezzer2 works perfect for me now that I installed Wash Out That Cum by @megururu Raider Pet by @stobor This mod is the best at abduction for raiders. RSE hasn't been updated in a while and causes many issues unfortunately. Devious Devices: by @Kimy I'm sure everyone has this, but it warrants a mention. Real Handcuffs by @Kharos Again, goes without saying. AAF Tattoo After Rape by @twistedtrebla This is perfect for the Sanity Framework as a reminder of what has happened to the Player over time.  (I will post recommended settings) AAF Bad-End: Purgatory: By Ego.  I love this mod because there are so many things you could do with sanity on this.  I may do an integration once I work through the other things. AAF Autonomy Enhanced Redux: By @Invictusblade At first it seemed silly that NPCs were randomly having sex, but when you think about it, what else do they have to do? AAF Dangerous Nights by @Jahem_kinkaid Truly a must for realism in the wasteland. Captive Tattoos by @JB. These are a must for Tattoo after Rape, and to be realistic with Hardship  
    Thank you for your support ❤️



  5. Duke Your new Best Friend

    Duke Is Just your normal Follower dog
    Warning Piss play, Humiliations, forced exhibitionism, Rape, and Beasteality are in this mod if you are of faint heart Do not download. This is an extreme fetish mod. 
    I do not condone any of these things this is purely for RP and in no way affects anything based on reality.
    This is my first mod and is in early Alpha. Currently, the mod is Duke and a player home.
    but alone Duke has over 1000 lines of dialog. 
    Currently their are 2 perks  and 5 consumables that have buffs and debuffs. 
    Dogs Slave: 20% damage reduction when naked.
    Just kidding Duke is a extremely Dominant German Shepherd. Duke will dominate the player after a small amount of time adventuring.

    Warning Piss play, Humiliations, forced exhibitionisms, Rape, and beastality are in this mod if you are of faint heart Do not download. This is a extreme fetish mod. 
    I do not condone any of these things this is purely for RP and in now way affect anything based in reality.

    Duke Can be found in the concord playground.

    This is my first mod and is in early Alpha. Currently the mod is
    Broodmother: 20% damage reduction but 20% less damage with all weapons. (If I can figure out how to make it buff duke I would.)
    Consumables; (These are all forced on the player by duke. I don't know how to just add the effect for a set amount of time without having the player consume a item. )
    Dog Piss: Per +2 RadResist +3 Int -1 Cha -3 Luk -2 End +3 Rad +6
    Dog Cum: Char -1 Agi +1`Int -1 Rad +4 Luk +1
    Wet ass: Per -1 RadResist +1 Per -1
    Ass Pain:  Str -2 Per -2 Agi -2 random 1 damage
    Puppies are kicking: periodic Damage 5 Stagger
    Duke pushes the player into being a stat tank being forced to rely on Duke being the protector and Duke actively encourages the player to rely on him by forcing the player to be naked or punishing her for disobeying by Forcing DD Items on them. where does a dog get these thing? He finds them and forces you to were them,(Some parts are broken as I haven't tested all parts)
    But why use duke that will fuck you on the regular rather then stick with dogmeat. well Duke is stronger then dogmeat having double the stats across the bord that also scales with the player. 
    Duke Thinks of the player as a female dog and sometimes refers to the player as Bitch but this is not derogatory in Dukes mind duke loves his bitch even if she rebels or submits to him. Sometime Duke is sweet and sometimes duke is aggressive the player never knows when duke will be aggressive towards the player or is just playing with the player. 
    This is reflected by nearly every option being random with many options on what could happen. 
    If the player gets annoyed by duke talking to them or interrupting dialog (I have yet to have duke interrupt dialog.) just talk to duke and say "Lets Talk About Us For a second" then press the debug button this will block all randomly prompted dialog. you can also just walk away from dialog and nothing will happen.
    Known Bugs:
    After leaving the player home Duke will not be their. to bring Duke back then just fast travel.
    The door is support to lock behind the player when entering if duke tells the player to go home. for some reason the door only locks outside if you are locked out type help Duke 0 Look for the dukehomekey and type player.additem XXXXXXXX . the X's being the code from DukeHomekey. in order for the key to not be removed talk to duke inside your home and ask him "Hay Duke lets go out and see the world a bit." 
    dismissing Duke will cause him to walk off into the sunset after finding the player home. He will be in the player home but you will be unable to recruit him again. I forgot to add the dialog. I will add it once i get all dialog for the player home written up
    Sometimes Pregnant Dialog will play even when player is no longer pregnant. I kept getting it and i don't know why 
    Planned Features 
    Not going home consequences. If duke tells the player to go home duke will slowly get angrier at the player for ignoring his order. I will add this feature once the player home is bug free
    More Home Dialog
    ambient Dialog based on location
    NPC across the world that will comment on nakedness and Duke
    Raider questline involving dukes origins and your place in dukes life. will have branching story based on the job you choose to do. Jobs will be Doctor/Kennel Bitch/Mercenary.
    Looking for idea's on what else
    Children story line.  meet your puppies and watch them grow. you are their mother but Duke actively discredits your authority leading to your children bulling the you. try your best to raise a good litter of puppies.
    AAF Family Planning Enhanced Redux: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/16429-aaf-family-planning-enhanced-redux/
    ArmorKeywors: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091/
    XDI: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/27216
    Torture Devices: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3341-torturedevices/
    Devious Devices:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3796-devious-devices/
    Soft Requirement
    A Pipboy replacer mod. any type that removes it from the body. 



  6. Boston Breeder Voice Files

    this is just a w.i.p. voice files for Boston Breeder by pepertje love the mod but always wanted it voiced so i did it my self. hope to work more with them soon and yes i will try to do the same for fertile breeder for ttw.
    the file is to big so here is a text file containing the mega link



  7. Boston Breeder

    Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
    For this mod to work smoothly, I highly recommend installing the BLANK AUDIO FILES, this allows you to skip through dialogue and keeps the camera focused on the NPC talking. Alternatively, there are computer-generated voiced lines available as of April '22, many thanks to Lestat_Rhodes for putting in the work.
    Alternatively, download this little mod here: F4z Ro D-oh which should do the work automatically.
    A sequel to Fertile Breeder.
    The cherry on top: this time I've taken male characters in account and male characters have some unique dialogue options where appropriate.
    Invictusblade made a handy dandy archive for the loose voice files, which should greatly help reducing load times.
    Install instructions:
    -Add the Boston Breeder .rar file to your mod manager, install.
    -Install the Voice pack as well (Blank audio files. Optional, but not having them WILL be a pain in the ass until something like Fuz Ro D'Oh comes along.)
    >To install the Voice Pack, you will first have to unpack the archives into a seperate folder and then repackage them. Sadly, LL doesn't allow for files larger than 100MB to be posted, so for now this is the only option.
    Required files:
    -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky.
    -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.)
    -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously)
    Plans for future:
    (Items stricken through are already in or are being worked on.)
    -Quests focusing on being captured and forced to breed. (Still trying to find a way to make it work properly for male characters )
    -Settlement implementation.
    -Turning other characters into companions, including personal quests.



  8. Vault 144 Quest

    Make save before installing mod, and delete my mod and save, after finishing quest
    General idea:
    There will be no updates, feel free to use parts I created in your mods, and other parts if you have permission from author
    Thanks to, original authors:



  9. Bad End: Purgatory

    Expiate Your Sins
    This is a death alternative add-on for AAF Violate's Bad End feature.  When you are killed by a Bad End, you will be transported to Purgatory, where you are given a choice: accept your fate and die permanently, or endure punishment before returning to the land of the living.
    Mod Features
    Creepy Atmosphere!
    The Restless Dead!
    Absolutely not a hint of lore friendliness!
    This mod gives you a short quest in a small dungeon, culminating in some BDSM action, after which you will be returned to Sanctuary.  There is an MCM to turn the mod on or off.
    Enable the mod in its MCM menu
    Enable Fatal Bad Ends in AAF Violate's MCM under Mod Integration Options.  You will only be sent to Purgatory if the Bad End is fatal.
    When I added the Bad Ends feature to Violate, I wasn't sure how people would react to the idea of a mod like this killing their character.  So I only made the Bad Ends actually kill you if you were executed by high-level enemies, and even that could be turned off in the MCM.  To my surprise, a lot of people asked for the option to make Bad Ends always fatal.  So I added that option to the latest version of Violate.  But then @WandererZero and I were talking about it, and we agreed that it would be nice if you had the option to respawn in the world afterward, rather than being forced to reload your save.
    We were inspired by Awakened - Immersive Respawn, which is another death alternative mod that lets you choose whether to respawn or stay dead.  We liked the idea, but decided it would be way more fun if you had to endure some kinky torments before being let loose upon the living again.  And so Purgatory was born.
    Notes and Future Plans
    The mod is pretty simple at this point, the focus for the initial release was making a cool looking environment and coming up with a reliable and aesthetically pleasing dungeon scene.  All of the BDSM action is done via AI packages and scripting, instead of using animation files.  This makes it really flexible; the scene randomly picks from two different restraints and four different torture implements, but we could add more and the mod would adapt to them.
    In the future we would like to expand the range of devices and punishments, and maybe add some other action like exotic sex animations.  We are also looking into making this a real death alternative mod, which will send you to Purgatory regardless of how you die.
    AAF Violate, and all its requirements.  Bad End Purgatory requires AAF Violate version 1.0 or higher.
    Gray User's Bad End Animations pack which is needed to trigger Bad Ending outcomes in Violate.
    The Nuka World DLC (DLCNukaWorld.esm)
    The Contraptions Workshop DLC (DLCWorkshop02.esm)
    @WandererZero - concept and level design
    @EgoBallistic - scripting, scenes, etc
    @ZaZ - BDSM assets from ZaZOut4 (used with permission)
    Veav - assets from Skeleton Ball mod (used with permission)
    Crimsomrider - assets from Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture mod (used with permission)



  10. [Beta] Barbarous Continent

    Adult Themes
    Consensual Sex, Non-consensual Sex, Humiliation, Mind Control, Watersports, Creature, Slave, Bondage, Domination, Submission, Pet-play
    A new island has been found off the coast and you are given the opportunity to investigate. A short intro quest will take you to the island. To start the quest there is a poster in diamond city next to the guy who sells baseball bats. Content is designed around dialogue where your choices will affect your characters invisible profile which tracks submissiveness/dominance/pervertedness etc. This profile will unlock/block/or change content that your character has access too in the future. This is a work in progress so many choices may lead to dead ends for now.
    Advanced Animation Framework
    All DLC's (requirement for some of the other dependencies)
    Devious Devices and its dependencies (torture devices/armor keyword resource/ All DLC's/etc.) 
    [AAF] Themes
    Leito / Crazy / Vadermania / SavageCabbage / Atomic lust animations packs
    List of Events
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Suggestions: These aren't mandatory they are just for your convenience if you want.
    Q: My character is in a scene and is stuck in place jittering or moving very slowly.
    Zoom into first person and your characters movements should become more fluid.
    Q: My character controls are disabled even though they shouldn't be, what can I do?
    Type in console DumpInputEnableLayers, one of those layers should have bctfunctions associated with it 
    so maybe something like
    layer 0 (something ...)
    layer 1 (bctfunctions ...
    type resetinputenablelayer 1 in console
    type setplayeraidriven 0
    If you are in the middle of a scene and your character is stuck/bugged, you can use the above code to restore your controls, move to a better position, and then type 
    setplayeraidriven 1
    to continue the scene
    Q: Will there be bodyslide support for the outfits?
    A: At some point ya but its something I'll have to figure out how to do. The outfits all come from here Clothing Conversions though and they have all that set up. So you could download that and you would be able to build the outfits however you like and the ones in my mod would change as well because I use the same file paths. There's also a file to add physics to the outfits.
    Support My Work
    If you enjoy my work and want to support me in my modding endeavors consider supporting me at Patreon.
    Bumex for outfits
    SunJeong for poses
    dagobaking for AAF
    CPU for scripting help



  11. AAF Vanilla Fudge

    AAF adaptation for FP Vanilla Fudge by @vinfamy
    If you'll find any bugs or need to add some fuinctionality - report please.
    Original mod page:
    version history:



  12. Raider Pet

    This mod provides a scenario for role-playing a Raider captive.  The quest is basically free-form, few quest markers or fixed objectives; it can be started anytime, simply by putting all your weapons in storage and walking into a Raider camp.  There's a demanding note (found and delivered by Jun Long in Sanctuary) providing some extra motivation, but that's entirely optional.
    The first raider who greets you will take various items (bobby pins, caps, DD keys) and lock you in a collar - with an explosive attached.  If you run away, or just stay away from Raider encounters for too long (20 min.), it will kill you... though there's a chance it'll misfire and spare your life.  If you manage to remove the collar, or equip a weapon, the raiders will turn hostile again (grenades or mines don't count, if you equip them while sneaking).
    The raider boss (if one could be identified) will have some additional dialogue, but other raiders are mostly generic.  He or she will also have a key to your collar.  If no boss could be identified, then the raider who put the collar on will have the key.
    If you don't have Devious Devices loaded, you'll have to use your imagination for the collar, and there won't be any keys to find.  In that case, the timer will be disarmed as soon as hostilities resume.  So DD is strongly recommended - but it isn't a hard dependency.
    The first time you escape, you will gain the Black Widow perk (if you don't already have it).  Every capture & escape will also provide a modest XP reward.
    The scenario is repeatable.
    NPC Interactions:
    Jun Long finds a ransom demand and delivers it to you. Several followers (Deacon, MacCready, Cait, Strong) may have scenes that play after you clear a location (any time after running the base infiltration scenario). Diamond City guards will be abusive, but not hostile, if you've been running with a Raider pack.  
    Start by putting away all weapons and walking into Raider territory unarmed.  Power armor does not count as 'unarmed', by the way. The first raider will collar you and take some items from your inventory. You'll be able to talk to the raiders, and may even get paid a little.  You can probably filch stuff from camp, while you're at it. With the right animations installed, gang options will be available.  Actors will be chosen from among the ones who've already greeted you, whether they previously participated in a scene or not.  Max of 5 actors, including the player character. Equipping a weapon will end the infiltration, and the raiders will turn hostile again.  Immediately. Equipping a mine or grenade (when sneaking) will not end the infiltration - if you can find or steal one.  Neither will placing a grenade in a target's pocket (though that usually kills you too).  Equipping brass knuckles (while sneaking) will also go unremarked. If you've picked up any weapons, particularly while outside the camp, raiders may notice and ask what you've got there.  You might be able to distract them from confiscating the weapons. Removing the collar, by any means, will turn the raiders hostile again. There is a risk that one of the Raiders will attack you in a jealous rage. One of the non-boss Raiders will be chosen as the special actor 'Lucky', who will have additional dialogue. Using a cookpot or chem lab with Rat Poison in your inventory will give you a chance that people you encounter will take tainted food or drugs from you.  Low level raiders may die, others will just be weaker.   Poison is slow acting, and doesn't affect everyone you meet.  Rat poison can often be found in garage cabinets (hint). Poisonings affect the path of Lucky's quest, as well as offering a way out of captivity. Pickpocket attempts are easier, for a short while after sex (i.e. distraction helps), but the DD keys are hard to steal.  Certain targets may react violently, if you're caught. Diamond city jail can be a risky place, for a Raider pet.  Bored guards need to relieve the tedium... This scenario is repeatable.  Assuming you can still walk afterwards.  
    Mod Interactions:
    Uses a collar and tape gag from Devious Devices, if available. Adjusts D/s orientation in SexAttributes, depending on dialogue responses (mostly towards the submissive side). Will try to work with Real Handcuffs, and can even remove them.  
    Current mini-quests, who gives them, etc.:
    The Get Lucky quest runs in parallel with the others, and currently has several endings:
    Modder Documentation and Example:
    This file is an example of various ways other mods can interact with this one, with extensive comments.  It's a working example, tested in game.
    Raiders not recognizing unarmed status:
    AAF Recommendations:
    Thanks go to the LL mods gang, for fantastic mod resources.
    Thanks to @CGi for the German translation, @Caiena for the Russian translation, @A.J. for the Italian translation, @JBpy for the Spanish translation, and @Benjou1 for the French translation.
    This mod requires AAF for animations (minimum version AAF 73Beta).  It won't load without that. 
    The new dialogue is not voiced, so turn on subtitles.
    Optional extras:
    Toxic Raider Armor
    SexAttributes (the AAF version of FPAttributes)
    Devious Devices
    Lord Escobar's Moddable Piercings
    Real Handcuffs
    Slave and Model Poses
    No known conflicts. 
    This covers some of the same territory as my Rogue Sexbot mod, so I don't necessarily recommend using both at once, but they shouldn't actually conflict.
    Version History:



  13. Rogue Sexbot

    There are several excellent mods available that let you wander the Commonwealth as a sexbot, but it's a bit jarring that nobody seems to recognize your nature.  So this mod aims to provide some of the key NPCs with additional dialogue and behavior to make this a more immersive experience.  It doesn't provide a story quest, in the traditional sense - just some extra role-play opportunities to fit into your own tale.
    The A.S.I.A. mod is an excellent option for this, there should be no conflict between these scenes and it's terminal-driven storyline.  Another good choice is the Rogue Prototype armor mod (with Unique Player to create a unique nude body for the player).  But you can use any body you like, it doesn't affect this mod's behavior.   It's written for female characters, but gender roles are not enforced in any way.
    NPC Interactions:
    Sturges may proposition you, anytime after completing the settlement tutorial quest for him. Deacon (as a follower) has several new dialogues, mostly in major settlements, provided you have Devious Devices and/or RSE. MacCready (as a follower) may proposition you, once he gets to know you a bit (kill off the Gunners at the overpass). Piper is curious about how lifelike you feel (does not require that she be your follower) Hancock may demand tribute of a personal nature (does not require that he be your follower, does require Fahrenheit to still be alive). Nick Valentine may comment on your similarities.  And the nicer packaging. Random passerby may make rude (or admiring) comments.  Some of them are specific to Good Neighbor or Bunker Hill, to give each community a more unique flavor. ASIA sexbots have a few new dialogue scenes of their own, including one to cadge Nanite Overclock drugs from the player. Patrick (Trudy's Jet-addict son) has a bit of new dialogue as well. Knight Rhys has a scene of his own, once you've completed your first radiant quest for him (Brotherhood quest line). Travis has an option to start an Infiltration mission, at the appropriate point in the Confidence Man quest (i.e. to scout the Beantown Brewery). Sturges can also start an Infiltration mission, once you've done a scene with him - though he won't follow you.  This makes Infiltration a viable option for the Corvega Factory mission: get in, hack the Protectron, and escape in the resulting confusion. Strong can also proposition you.  Codsworth cannot, but may have other comments from time to time. Several of these scenes are repeatable, and responses are slightly different after the first time.  
    Once they get to know you a bit, either Deacon or MacCready will have a new dialogue option:  they'll offer to hold your guns while you go off and infiltrate a raider or supermutant camp... as their toy.  Should also work with Strong (as of v1_3). You'll be able to talk to the raiders or mutants, and may even get paid a little.  You can probably filch stuff from camp, while you're at it. With the right animations installed, gang-bang options will be available.  Actors will be chosen from among the ones who've already greeted you, whether they previously participated in a scene or not.  Max of 5 actors, including the player character. Equipping a weapon will end the infiltration, and the bad guys will turn hostile again.  Immediately. Equipping a mine or grenade (when sneaking) will not end the infiltration - if you can find or steal one. Using a cookpot or chem lab with Rat Poison in your inventory will give you a chance that people you encounter will take tainted food or drugs from you.  Low level raiders may die, others will just be weaker.   Poison is slow acting, and doesn't affect everyone you meet. This scenario is repeatable.  Assuming you can still walk afterwards.  
    Mod Interactions:
    Uses a collar from Devious Devices, if available. Notifies SexAttributes if scenes are aggressive or consensual, and may defer scenes if the character's too worn out. Adjusts D/s orientation in SexAttributes, depending on dialogue responses (mostly towards the submissive side). Uses 'Pickaxe Body Spray' from RSE in one scene, if available.  
    Thanks go to the LL mods gang, for fantastic mod resources.
    Thanks to @Caiena, for the Russian translation.
    Thanks to @CGi, for the German translation.
    This mod requires AAF for animations.  It won't load without that.  FP-based mods should (mostly) work with it, using the AAF FourPlay proxy.
    The new dialogue is not voiced, so turn on subtitles.
    Optional extras:
    New A.S.I.A with BoS Addon 
    Rogue Prototype ( and Unique Player to provide a unique nude body based on it )
    Recommend adding the SavageCabbage animation pack, if you want gang scenes to work.
    SexAttributes (the AAF version of FPAttributes)
    RSE (either FP or AAF)
    Devious Devices
    No known conflicts.
    Version History:



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