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Fallout: New Vegas mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Simply: eyeglasses w/ Helmets

    This is going to require some explaining:
    The Four eyes "trait" is considered an "enchantment" and has a single slot available to any headpiece for whatever enchantment needs to be on that headgear (i.e glasses have the Four Eyes Trait and the Riot Helmet from the Lonesome road DLC has a special enchantment that enables the player to effectively have night vision)…
    naturally I could not overwrite previous enchantments without losing what makes them special so I removed a tag that overrides the eyeglasses slot, did a brief bit of testing with the NCR Ranger Helmet (with good results) and in theory the same change having been made to all other helmets (let me know if I missed one) should have the same effect.
    … its a shame I cant make the eyeglasses invisible with the condition that they are under the helmet (I might be able to but I haven't found a way yet)
    TL;DR - eyeglasses can be worn with helmets to appeal to those who took the four-eyes trait.
    also - this mod was made with THIS mod in mind



  2. YRegen - a regeneration mod

    A small mod I made when learning how to use MCM and timer scripts.
    I decided to create a regeneration mod, since I never found one with all the features I wanted.
    2. CURRENT VERSION: 26.03.2020
    The mod offers an ability to control the regeneration of the character. Configurable through MCM.
    It allows you to:
    set the base Healing Rate of the character set an Endurance multiplier and choose it's type (either Endurance value or Fallout 1/2 Healing Rate) set a multiplier for Fast Metabolism perk make regeneration only work out of combat set a bonus regeneration for sleep set a multiplier for Well Rested perk turn on and off limbs regeneration set limb regeneration multiplier turn on and off crippled limbs regeneration allow sleep to heal crippled limbs set minimum hours of sleep required to heal crippled limbs You can set the multipliers to either multiply each other or to be added together so that you can emulate Fallout 1/2 style Healing Rate.
    Healing Rate of 1 means regeneration of 0.066 HPs per hour.
    Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



  3. Pace Yourself

    Pace Yourself is a small utility that you can use to remind yourself you've been playing for a certain amount of time and should probably stop for a while. You can then simply dimiss the message, choose to be reminded again later, or leave yourself a note that will be displayed next time you start the game in order to remember what you were about to do.

    NVSE 5.1.4
    JIP 55+
    JohnnyGuitar 2+

    Both the messages you send yourself, and when they should be displayed, are easily customizable in the .ini file that comes with it. You can be as passive-aggressive to yourself as you like.

    Every section in the ini comes with the following fields:
    Msg=the actual message that is displayed to you.
    Time=after how many minutes it should be displayed since game start (FirstMsg) or the last time you got a message (the Reminders).
    DismissOption=the text for the button where you simpy want the message to go away
    SnoozeOption=the text for the button where you ask to be reminded again later
    NoteOption=the text for the button where you want to leave a note
    By default, there is one first message, and 3 reminding messages for when you hit the proverbial snooze button before. You can actually add more reminding messages if you want: simply follow the conventions of the previous ones, and leave the SnoozeOption empty for the last one.
    Dedicated to the public domain with CC.0
    Whipped this up in about an hour. Untested, I have other things to do. Should be fine. If not, I'll hear about it. If you want it to do more, or less, or do things differently, you're welcome to do it yourself, see Perms.
    As always, kudos to the coders who made the script functions I use.



  4. AutoClicker

    Index finger cramping up on you? Annoyed at having to click on things all the time when in menus? Try AutoClicker, the tiniest mod I ever made.
    When in any kind of menu, AutoClicker will try to click on any clickable button that you hover over, about once a second. Feel free to adjust the quest frequency in the geck to suit your tastes - I'm not making an MCM menu for something this small.
    Don't start complaining about how AutoClicker clicks on stuff without waiting for you to give the go-ahead, that's exactly the point. You can, however, stop it from clicking at any time by holding the key you use to crouch.
    It won't work on menu elements that are not clickable, or have no <id> tag. (Sadly, this includes many mod-added menus, such as MCM sliders and the like). Still, it *should* work fine in most vanilla menus. And if not, well, then not. At least it saves you some RSI-inducing clicks in others.
    Tested fine in the main menu, the pip boy, & the skills & perks menus that show up on level-up. I have no idea if it somehow messes up other sorts of menus like lockpicking and hacking. If so, I'll probably hear about it.
    Requires NVSE 5.0.3+ & the JIP plugin (18+, but hey, download 34 while you're at it).
    Kudos to hlp & JIP.
    Public Domain.
    (Image used is PD too, from http://www.clker.com/clipart-3730.html)



  5. NX Insight (MCM NX Data Viewer)

    NX Insight
    An MCM mod that allows the user to view associated NX data of the target reference (Player if no reference under crosshair).
    NX variables to be displayed are defined inside the INI files located in "Data/Config/NXInsight/SubMenuFolder/INIFile.ini".
    Requires Lutana NVSE plugin to work.
    Directory Structure:
    - SubMenuFolder (SubMenu, MCM has a 10 submenu limit, so 10 folders are possible)
    - INI file (contains section names and NX variables to be displayed)
    Folders inside directory "Data/Config/NXInsight" will act as MCM submenus.
    There are no hard rules on organizing keys inside the INIs, just make sure you got the NX key of the NX variable you want to display right.
    See attachments in the first post for sample INIs.
    INI Format:

    SectionName = Section name
    NXKey = NX key of variable to display
    Enabled = Determines if this variable will be displayed in the MCM, set it to 1.
    Mod Configuration Menu
    NX (NVSE Extender)
    Lutana NVSE
    Having an ini file with the name "System.ini" apparently crashes the game when initialized, probably some engine level stuff conflicting, so avoid the name "System.ini".
    Attached are some INI files for BodyMorph, SOIntimacy and Spunk:



  6. Deserted Radio Station - Couriers Home

    Welcome to the Deserted Radio Station - Couriers Home Mod
    Version 1.0
    by Morgan Riggs
    The Deserted Radio Station is my first mod for Fallout New Vegas. It is a smaller but organized and functional player home.
    The home includes the absolutely amazing mod "Sortomatic - Modders Resource" by tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8, for sorting equipment from your inventory to your home.
    The Radio Station is a lore friendly home with a cozy vibe to it. It is located between the strip and Vault 34 upon the hill of Vault 34.
    Other mods I've made
    WoSD - Weapons of Sex Destruction
    Boxing Gloves retexture - RENO

    When you are updating to newer versions please make sure that you equip all your stored items and move your character out of the building and area.
    This is in case of updates that could interfere with your placement of your character or storage of items.
    A lore friendly home for you character
    Fully functional equipment sorting system to sort your inventory to containers in the radio station for both the lower and upper floor. (See the Sortomatic mod for more information on how to use it)
    A nice view overlooking the strip, Helios and Lake Mead
    A map marker for fast travel
    A small quest that gives some history of the place and its previous owner
    A unique weapon found later in the quest. It is slower than the original weapon but has more of a kick to it and uses a different kind of ammo!
    A bird pet static in the radio station
    Compatibility / Requirements
    This mod is using various items and clutter from four different expansions of Fallout New Vegas it also uses Sortomatic Mod.
    Dead Money
    Old World Blues
    Honest Hearts
    Lonesome Road
    "Sortomatic - Modders Resource" by tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8

    If you would notice or experience any bugs please do contact me via private message or in the posting section of this page. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Try to get photos or video capture of the bug that you've experienced.
    Many thanks goes out to
    - tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8
    For making an excellent mod tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8, Sortomatic - Modders Resource
    - Mike Hancho
    For making some excellent mods and tutorials on youtube that actually got me started modding Fallout New Vegas
    I hope that you will enjoy this new home, and please take a moment to endorse and give me some feedback so that I can improve and become a better modder.
    mod by Morgan Riggs



  7. Old World Blues Self Cannibal

    This is a simple mod that lets you eat your Brain , Heart and Spine after you obtain them in Old World Blues. Message me or post on the topic if there are any bugs in the mod. Ensure its near the end of the load order.
    Download Link: https://userscloud.com/idlo9rtg4fjm



  8. Wild Wasteland Perks

    Just a fun little mod I made because I lost a bet to someone a while ago. I figured that instead of keeping this on my Nexus, I could upload it on LoversLab as well because we all appreciate a good laugh every once in a while.
    Questions you may have:
    What does this mod do, exactly?
    It replaces the descriptions of all perks and traits to something more goofy. That's all, really. There's two versions: the Vanilla and GOTY. Download Vanilla if you don't have all DLC's, download GOTY if you want all descriptions of the base game and the official DLC's to be changed.
    What's happening with the mod from here on out?
    Not much. Unless, of course, people show high demand for stuff like a TTW version, in which case I'll probably make one of those as well.
    Why nothing sex related?
    Because I can.



  9. Wasteland Stress

    Adds a Stress mechanic to Fallout: New Vegas's Hardcore Mode.
    How it works:
    -Stress piles up every second you spend breathing. (5 Stress/second)
    -Six tiers of stress, with 2500 Stress for every tier.
    -Stress increases even faster under certain conditions (being in combat, having low health, radiation poisoning or low weapon health)
    -Stress can be decreased by either sleeping, using alcohol/relaxing chems or playing a minigame (caravan, blackjack etc.)
    -If you can't keep your stress low, you will experience debilitating side effects (the vanilla hardcore diseases are nothing compared to this.)



  10. Heaven's Motel

    Welcome to Heaven's Motel.
    A nice FALLOUT 3 megaton style house (or whatever you wanna call it)
    Its located near repconn HQ (one with the "demons" inside), you cant miss it walking to repconn HQ after the Checkpoint its to the right when going down hill

    Requires Fallout NV and Honest Hearts DLC.
    This mod is not to be released anywhere else then Loverslab and Gunetwork. If found else where Send me a message VIA inbox.



  11. (TTW) Chargen Quest Overhaul

    Overhauls parts of the Chargen Quests in Vault 101, with the center of attention being neat goodies you can get once Amata wakes you up.
    -During Baby Steps, you're now given a child's outfit so it doesn't look so awkward when using a 1st person camera mod.
    -During Future Imperfect (where you take the GOAT), your normal haircut will now show, rather than the default hairstyle.
    -When Amata wakes you up during Escape!, there is a unique piece of equipment somewhere in your room (either clothing or a weapon), this is different for every job you're assigned as result of your GOAT exam, so be sure to pick different options every time you play



  12. TTW Colored Tranquility Lane

    Just a simple mod which adds color to the Tranquility Lane Simulation so you can have all the bright colors the assets deserve to catch.
    Sorry for the interiors still being black and white, now fixed



  13. Gun Runners Home

    5th mod on Loverslab!!
    Gun Runners Home
    Located next to Gun Runners Store
    Uses Dead Money house textures!
    Uses OWB television (thats the only reason it needs OWB lol )
    Hope you enjoy!!
    The pictures are dark due to my ENB. (nevada skies enb stuff)
    Requires: Fallout New Vegas
    Dead Money and OWB
    Do NOT release this mod or alter it in ANY way.



  14. Searchlight Airport Home

    This Player home is located in Searchlight Airport, But to get there you use the helicopter next to the gas station in good springs.
    Raz mods are no longer needed and come with the Rar included in the download, I put it as a mirror cause apparently loverslab didn't want me uploading a giant file and ran into problems >_<
    Install this mod like you would install anything through NMM. The raz folders go directly in the right place.
    Also, bug fixes ha.


    This mod is intended for LoversLab and Gunetwork. For use of my mod in other mods PM me
    Also dont go posting it on other places!



  15. Goodsprings Home

    This player home today will be located in Goodsprings!
    To find this gem, you just need to follow the road going to the Gas Station from the good Doctors house
    This house comes with my Usual set up. Bedroom/Kitchen/Armory!
    Fallout New Vegas
    Old World Blues DLC
    My mods are not to be released or altered in any personal way without my permission.
    Plants outside are consider stealing. Will change tomorrow. Lol forgot to change it XD



  16. Home In The Mojave

    This player home is technically not a home at all. but the courier basically takes it in as there home.
    It's an Abandoned NCR Armory!
    It comes with a box for Each armor type, Each ammo type, Each weapon type, and an extra box! cause you can never have to many boxes!
    Spoiler here if you cant figure out how to get into the Armory
    This one is located in Boulder City
    (if the screenshots dont work heres links, they wasn't showing up for me!)
    JUST Fallout New Vegas
    No other mods/DLC
    My mods are NOT to be released anywhere else then LoversLab.
    Ask for Permission of use if you want to mod them



  17. Home101

    This is a mod i made awhile back but its an updated version never before released.
    It is a simple players home with plenty of storage.
    It is located in-front of Aeritech Office Park
    Go straight back from the door its the house on the left (not the big one, the small one with white fence in front.
    Please comment feedback!!!
    What you would like to see in the next house!!
    Requires All DLC for Fallout New Vegas besides the weapon packs.
    Just main 4 DLC + Gun runner Arsenal
    This mod is not to be released anywhere else then Gunetwork and Loverslab.



  18. SuperCola

    I'm not wanting this to be a god mod, I want to make it a balanced way to progress a more melee path without bulking up in armor & big guns. But it's Super Powers, not necessarily Lore friendly. maybe if it proves popular I'll make a MCM menu with sliders for the effect of Level vs Karma vs Radiation etc.
    It basically endows your Player or any NPC drinking it with buff effects to their Abilities, Resistances & Healing based on their Karma, XP Level, and Sunlight. To a lesser extent powers are also effected by Drug use, Pocket Picking, People Killed, Eaten & Pants Exploded.
    There's an evil version cola that works in reverse of course, powers are dependant on bad karma, darkness and people killed etc. Both are found next to Doc M's chemistry set.
    Radiation is the weakness of both Power Sets. Radiation, by Centaur Spit, Glowing Ones, Radioactive Ponds etc.
    You don't need it but might want to add one of the following:
    It checks NX variables for Lust and Arousal too and applies them positively or negatively depending on if you are good or evil. I think it checks against some SCR formlists but doesn't require SCR. These functions have no effect if neither SCR or Spunk/Lust is installed.
    Superman Outfit:
    SuperGirl Outfit:
    This is a vast improvement on my old version which was full of issues, but I haven't done a great deal of testing so am interested to know how people find it so I can make further improvements. Unlike the old version this won't screw up your stats, you can just turn off or uninstall to remove all the effects.



  19. RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) 1.0.2

    RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) (Could use a better name, but meh...)
    A simple BodyMorph plugin that I originally made for myself causing me to learn scripting in GECK.
    Allows randomization of NPC body morphs based on minimum and maximum values for each bones that can be set for each race and gender via the MCM.
    Use Ctrl+M to quickly access the Activation Menu.

    BodyMorph 1.1.0+, of course.
    NVSE Extender (NX).
    Mod Configuration Menu - Needed to activate and setup the plugin.
    Weighted body, like T3F Body with BnB (look in Files section).
    Weighted armors or clothing, like Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors.
    Or T3FBBR BnB Body Replacer + Rough Outfit Conversions.
    There are alot of changes as of version 1.0.0 (January 3, 2016). To avoid issues from updating from an earlier version, it is advised to install it with a RaceBodyMorph-free save or better yet a BodyMorph-free save, to do so:
    Disable/Uninstall BodyMorph and RaceBodyMorph from your load order, start game and save. Then install the latest version of BodyMorph and RaceBodyMorph.
    Updating RaceBodyMorph or the core BodyMorph to a new version will deactivate the mod and reset all settings on load, so be sure to use the mod's Save/Load Settings function to save time.



  20. Orphan Tycoon

    Let's not beat around the bush, everyone wants sex but not everyone wants a baby 9 months down the line. Sure, "you should have used contraception", or "couldn't you have gotten an abortion?", all too commonly, it is a bit late for that. Horror stories are whispered of babies being discarded in dumpsters or sold to cannibals, but we pretend not hear them and tell ourselves "What else can be done? It's not my problem. It can't really be that bad".
    Until now. Introducing: Orphan Tycoon
    Now you can find a new home for your unwanted little urchins, and hopefully feel a little less guilty about it.
    - Sister Assumpta can be found at the old Mormon Fort, and runs an orphanage in Freeside.
    - The Legion run orphanages in the East, and Marcus Drusus at the Fort is always interested to acquire new souls.
    Sexout Pregnancy
    NVSE 4.5 or later



  21. Clean Quick Saves

    Reusing the same save game slots causes an increasingly severe performance drop, due to the shoddy Gamebryo engine.
    This simple mod allows you to make clean quick saves in a new slot each time, and also quick load them via keys bindable in MCM.
    Save game names are in the format "Location Date Time"
    You can use the vanilla F5 / F9 keys, just make sure to unbind them in the vanilla options or they'll both trigger at once.
    Requires MCM and NVSE 4.5+.



  22. Bug Fix - Birds of a Feather: Baptiste Won't Kill Cass

    Bug Fix / Fan Patch
    There is a bug in the quest 'Birds of a Feather' (VMS29a) when you bring Cass to Jean-Baptiste. He will say "Well, looks like you came through after all. She's not half bad looking, is she? It's almost a shame...", and then the conversation ends and nothing happens.
    I believe Obsidian intended to remove this greeting dialog, as it's result script is commented out, as is the one on its follow up topic. If it worked, he would kill Cass immediately.
    There is a similar second Greeting topic with more or less the same conditions which allows player response of 'kill her' or 'I won't let you kill her' instead, and works, but it can be blocked by the other.
    This patch simply adds an impossible condition to the broken line, so it always picks the correct one.
    This fix is not in NVEC, as of v3.4DD.



  23. 50 Caps A Day

    hey everyone this is just a simple mod that gives the player character 50 caps every 24hrs. the reason i made this was for immersion reasons and was only intended for my personal use so if you like it great if you don't just skip it.
    if anyone wants me to add more values simply leave a comment and ill eventually upload any number of caps you like.
    and one last thing anyone saying "oh but we have console commands har Har har" i don't care this was intended for me because i dont like having thousands of caps at level 1 and there may be more people like me so here you go.
    dont use my esp anywhere else without my permission which is pointless anyways.



  24. TTW - Train Station Access Via Inventory

    Cheat mod that will allow you to purchase or simply take a train ticket to or from each wasteland and transport you into the train.
    Use it to verify that you've installed TTW correctly, because you have to constantly create new characters for testing or some other reason, or because you feel like being a dirty, dirty cheater.
    If you start in the Capital Wasteland, the [TTW Train Pass] is added under the Aid menu of your pip-boy after you have exited Vault 101 and the Following in His Footsteps quest has started. The DC to Goodsprings option will only display if you have completed Doc Mitchell's Ain't That a Kick in the Head quest.
    If you start in the Mojave Wasteland, the [TTW Train Pass] is added under the Aid menu of your pip-boy after you have finished Ain't that a Kick in the Head.
    NOTE: If you transport from DC to Goodsprings or from NV to Vault 101, the travel does not account for time the way that the train ride, which takes two weeks, does. It is instantaneous. Additionally, a ticket is NOT added to your inventory if you select one of these options as that you are effectively skipping the train.
    Vault Girl Images are NOT included in this mod. If you're interested, download the Complete Vault Girl Interface mod by tragiverse.



  25. Neko Gameplay Changes

    This will change some in-game settings
    No auto aim
    Higher jump
    Faster run when unarmed
    More Gore Explosion and blood
    Camera Angle and View distance minimum and maxed changed
    That new Minimum Fov is so nice in 3rd person
    it is almost first person but its not xD
    i really like it so hope you enjoy!
    View video for moaaar info
    you do not need it but i made this for the nekomimi project have a look



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