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Fallout: New Vegas mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Simply: eyeglasses w/ Helmets

    This is going to require some explaining:
    The Four eyes "trait" is considered an "enchantment" and has a single slot available to any headpiece for whatever enchantment needs to be on that headgear (i.e glasses have the Four Eyes Trait and the Riot Helmet from the Lonesome road DLC has a special enchantment that enables the player to effectively have night vision)…
    naturally I could not overwrite previous enchantments without losing what makes them special so I removed a tag that overrides the eyeglasses slot, did a brief bit of testing with the NCR Ranger Helmet (with good results) and in theory the same change having been made to all other helmets (let me know if I missed one) should have the same effect.
    … its a shame I cant make the eyeglasses invisible with the condition that they are under the helmet (I might be able to but I haven't found a way yet)
    TL;DR - eyeglasses can be worn with helmets to appeal to those who took the four-eyes trait.
    also - this mod was made with THIS mod in mind



  2. YRegen - a regeneration mod

    A small mod I made when learning how to use MCM and timer scripts.
    I decided to create a regeneration mod, since I never found one with all the features I wanted.
    2. CURRENT VERSION: 26.03.2020
    The mod offers an ability to control the regeneration of the character. Configurable through MCM.
    It allows you to:
    set the base Healing Rate of the character set an Endurance multiplier and choose it's type (either Endurance value or Fallout 1/2 Healing Rate) set a multiplier for Fast Metabolism perk make regeneration only work out of combat set a bonus regeneration for sleep set a multiplier for Well Rested perk turn on and off limbs regeneration set limb regeneration multiplier turn on and off crippled limbs regeneration allow sleep to heal crippled limbs set minimum hours of sleep required to heal crippled limbs You can set the multipliers to either multiply each other or to be added together so that you can emulate Fallout 1/2 style Healing Rate.
    Healing Rate of 1 means regeneration of 0.066 HPs per hour.
    Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



  3. [New Vegas] Hair Patcher Two - 15 dec 2019

    If you never used the Hair Patcher:
    In games like FONV, when you install mods of hair / eyes / races you need to make patches to make these work together. Mind you, it's quite easy to patch them, however you could decide to let the hair patcher handle it for you. But this comes to a cost: the more races / hair / eyes you introduce, the more it slows the loading of the game. I don't mean when you load a savegame, I mean the first time you load the game, the time needed to arrive at the Main Menu.

    If you were fine with the previous Hair Patcher, you can stick with it; or, you can check the few new differences with the Hair Patcher Two, and then decide. I rewrote most of it and I feeled it was better keep them separated.
    Differencies with the previous one:
    Hair Patcher Two comes with a .ini file, located inside \Data\Config, called HairPatcher.ini
    You can edit it with a common text editor, like Windows Notepad, or Notepad++. These are the settings:
    >>> DEBUG: if 1, it will enable debug mode. You don't need it.
    >>> MESSAGE: it will show you a message on the main menu, where it tells you how much time it took to process, the quantity of hairs / eyes / races and the IDs of the mirrors, if you need them. It's enabled (=1) by default.
    >>> HAIRS: this is very important. If you set it to 0, the mod won't process the hair styles. This is very helpful when you install a mod with eyes, and you don't really need to process hairs, setting this to zero will reduce drastically the loading time.
    >>> EYES: same as for HAIRS, but for EYES. Just don't put both to zero, or the mod won't patch anything.
    >>> MIRROR: on every new save, you will always receive a couple of Mirrors, one to change hairstyle and one to change eyes. However, if you lose them, you won't receive them again, you should add them via console. This parameter is an alternative to that: if you set this value to ZERO, the next time you will load the savegame you will receive a new couple of Mirrors (assuming you don't have them already in your inventory)
    This section initially is empty, it will populate on its own the first time you will load the game. Later, if you'll change your load order/add/remove mods, this section will change eventually when necessary, but well this is not important. What's important is that you can manually edit the value of the races, to exclude them from processing, greatly increasing the loading time.
    Let's make an example. After running the game, you'll find something like this in this section:
    MojaveDelight.esp:415A='Posh' #1
    MojaveDelight.esp:415C='Posh' #2
    FalloutNV.esm:424A=African American
    Now, let's assume that you installed Mojave Delight but you want to play with an African American and you're only interested on the hairs and eyes contained in that mod. All you need to do is delete the name of the race on the right, and replace it with a zero (0), like this:
    FalloutNV.esm:424A=African American
    The next times you'll start the game, the hair patcher won't tell you "I found 3 races", but it'll tell you "I found 1 race", and the script will only do one third of the necessary operations.

    - NVSE
    - JIP NVSE

    You can both do it manually, extracting the archive inside \Data, or using a mod manager.



  4. [New Vegas] Inspector

    It's a small mod which gives you few informations about the reference you are pointing with your crosshair. These informations go from the base ID, to the position, the angle, the cell, part of the inventory (if Actors or Containers) etc.

    Examples: you find a flying tree and you don't know what mod moved it. Or, more complicated, some aspects of the game are unbalanced and you need to inspect deeper (especially when using complete overhauls)

    To activate it, just press the Hotkey while not having anything under your crosshair, you'll see INSPECTOR ACTIVE on your screen. When the UI is active, you just need to point your crosshair to some reference and if you are close enough (=activation distance) then the infos will appear on the screen. Everytime you'll move your crosshair over a new reference, the infos will automatically update. To close the interface, just go into a Menu (i.e. Pipboy, Main Menu) or point your crosshair to nowhere and press the Hotkey again. The only MenuMode exception is the console: when you open it, the interface won't close and the informations will stay on the screen.

    By default, the Hotkey is the bar on the numpad ( / ), but it can be changed with a key (see later), or replaced with the Control for Aim / Blocking (default Alt or Right Mouse button)

    Some references (Actors, Creatures, Containers) can have more pages of informations. To access them, stick with your crosshair on them and press the Hotkey ( / by default) more and more to turn the pages. Since this could be complicated if you're doing it on a moving actor, you can target it and see the first page of the inspector, and then immediately open the console so the game will stop and you can browse through the pages (again, with the Hotkey) safely.

    I did it few days ago as request from a user, I ended up adding few more features I needed myself. If you need to add few extra infos, please let me know and let's see if it's doable.

    You can set them on MCM. If you don't use MCM you can edit with a notepad the config file inside Data\Config\aDT\Settings.ini
    - Enable Mod: when you disable this, the hotkey will stop working
    - Debug Mode: will spam something in console, don't use it if unnecessary
    - Modifier: if you choose HOTKEY, in the next option you can choose to assign whatever key on your keyboard (default is / on the NumPad). If you choose CONTROL, the hotkey will be the Control for Block / Aim (default is Alt, or Right Mouse button)
    - Vertical Alignment: the number of pixels from the top of the screen to the Inspector's informations
    - Horizontal Alignment: it can be Left, Middle or Right
    - Vertical Line Spacing: you can decide the space from a line to another, in pixels. This is useful to tweak when you change font. Default is 22 for Font 3
    - Font: allows to use one of the 8 fonts.
    - Alpha Background: the transparent black background you see on the Inspector, 0 is invisible and 255 is full black.
    - All the other flags under Interface Options: they decide what to output on the Inspector

    The same options are basically replicated inside Data\Config\aDT\Settings.ini, for those not using MCM. In the INI, the hotkey will always take precedence: to switch to the Aim/Block control you must set Key to 0 (zero).

    - NVSE
    - Latest JIP (release 30/11/19)
    - UIO
    - MCM (Optional)

    You can both do it manually, extracting the archive inside \Data, or using a mod manager.

    Known Issues
    There's a bunch of meshes which can't be targeted, so the Inspector won't find them. Fortunally I found not many for now. I'm still thinking what to do with them.
    I.e. treejoshANV.nif, some cactus
    Added new page "Active Effects" for creatures and actors. Corrected small error in previous version.
    Added check if a reference has a script attached, with the ref ID of the script. It's on the bottom, in the group of the Extra var.
    Rearranged few lines of script.
    Added recipes for MISC items (abraxo, egg timer etc.) and ALCH items (food, drinks etc.), they're in second page
    Added Export button on MCM, so that you can save your actual configuration and you won't have to reconfigure it next time you'll start a new game. Small fix on a script. If possible, make a clean save.
    First release



  5. Pace Yourself

    Pace Yourself is a small utility that you can use to remind yourself you've been playing for a certain amount of time and should probably stop for a while. You can then simply dimiss the message, choose to be reminded again later, or leave yourself a note that will be displayed next time you start the game in order to remember what you were about to do.

    NVSE 5.1.4
    JIP 55+
    JohnnyGuitar 2+

    Both the messages you send yourself, and when they should be displayed, are easily customizable in the .ini file that comes with it. You can be as passive-aggressive to yourself as you like.

    Every section in the ini comes with the following fields:
    Msg=the actual message that is displayed to you.
    Time=after how many minutes it should be displayed since game start (FirstMsg) or the last time you got a message (the Reminders).
    DismissOption=the text for the button where you simpy want the message to go away
    SnoozeOption=the text for the button where you ask to be reminded again later
    NoteOption=the text for the button where you want to leave a note
    By default, there is one first message, and 3 reminding messages for when you hit the proverbial snooze button before. You can actually add more reminding messages if you want: simply follow the conventions of the previous ones, and leave the SnoozeOption empty for the last one.
    Dedicated to the public domain with CC.0
    Whipped this up in about an hour. Untested, I have other things to do. Should be fine. If not, I'll hear about it. If you want it to do more, or less, or do things differently, you're welcome to do it yourself, see Perms.
    As always, kudos to the coders who made the script functions I use.



  6. FEEL - Facial Expression Editor (Limited *pfft*) [FONV]

    - UPDATE -
    V.4 - Added a correction on the code during the initialization.
    V.3 - REQUISITES CHANGED, check description. Introduced new check version with JIP and corrected small typo on player selection with R
    V.2 - Added a full reset. Now when you press DEL to reset the values, it should also reset your face.
    An in-game facial expression editor, if you used something like that in Skyrim then you're already used to it.
    You open an Edit mode, it goes in TFC (Fly cam), an UI with the list of phonemes appears on the screen, you choose a phoneme, you choose a value, you apply it, your character's face will change.
    So why "limited"? because after a while that you are using it, you probably will start wondering "what if..." "can you..." - well, the answer is 99% of times No. Just because what was viable was already made. And I'll add, "unfortunately", because it could have given a lot of pretty opportunities. However, while I can't change the game engine's behaviours, I can still change the "mechanics", the way I wrote the editor, if it helps the user's experience, so please drop me a line with a feedback if you have an idea to share.
    - KEYBIND -
    All the keys can be changed via MCM. Here's the default ones:
    I - Enters / Exits the Edit mode, to edit the facial expression. It also calls the TFC (flycam) if you're not on it.
    Up / Down arrow - browses through the list of the phonemes
    Left / Right arrow - decreases / increases the value of the highlighted phoneme
    Left Shift - Hold it to speed up the previous actions
    Return (the main one, not the one on the numpad) - Applies the highlighted value
    Del - Zeroes all the values (which doesn't mean it resets your facial expression v.2 should reset the face too)
    Page Up - Changes category / page .There are 3 categories: phonemes, modifiers, expressions
    Numpad numbers 1-6 - They allow to store a preset. To STORE a new preset, you must HOLD the key for a couple of seconds, until you hear a sound and a message on top right of the screen will warn you. To LOAD a preset, you must TAP the key and you'll hear a different sound, and a message on top right of the screen will warn you.
    R - cycles through the targets in the list (see later). The selected npc will have a blue cloud on it for a couple of seconds.
    - USAGE -
    I will describe the usage with an example, so you can understand part of the limits by yourself.
    - I press "I" and I go in edit mode, to change the player's expression.
    - I put my freecam in front of the face, I modify the Aah phoneme value, I press Return to apply it.
    - I don't like it, so I increase that value, I press again Return to apply it.
    - I move on another phoneme, i.e. Big Aah, I select a value, I press Enter to apply it.
    - Now I want to see how the Big Aah would show without the Aah, so I go back on the Aah, I select a zero value, I press Return to apply it.
    - I proceed in this way until I find a good expression, then I HOLD the Numpad 1 for a couple of seconds, until I hear the sound and the message tells me that it's stored.
    - Now I want to make a new expression, I press Del to zero all the values, BUT FIRST I memorize which ones I changed, i.e. Aah, Big Aah and Ooh, because I will have to go over them one by one and apply the zero pressing Return and since v.2 this should also reset my facial expression.
    - Now I stored some expressions. I prepare myself to make a screenshot, I load back the first stored expression TAPPING Numpad 1, the sound effect and the message on top right will tell me that it's loaded, but the face won't be changed - to do that, I will have to browse through every single modified phoneme and press Return to apply them.
    If you simply press I, you'll go in Edit mode and the player will be the only target.
    If you press I while having a NPC on your crosshair, you'll go in Edit mode with both the player and that npc as viable targets.
    If you press I and you are using Sexout, it will load Sexout's targets (actor A, B and C) in the list of viable targets - UNTESTED, please report issues.
    - If you Apply two values too fast, the second one will reset the previous. The necessary time for the game engine to apply it, is about a second.
    - If you Apply many values too fast, even if only the last one will be applied, every command will still be queued and will need (number of operations x 1 second) seconds to end up the queue. Queue is persistent through saves, so don't think to trick it loading a save, you just need to wait
    - A facial expression is PERSISTENT THROUGH SAVES: if you have a open mouth, you'll have to close it. If you don't, and you simply load a previous game, you still will see the mouth open.
    - A facial expression is NOT PERSISTENT if you exit the game or go back to main menu. This also clues you something important - whatever you do, you can't do any real damage, don't be scared.
    - It shouldn't clash with any mods that use Special Idles, so it should be compatible with them (i.e. Sexout)
    - It should clash with FAFF and any other mods that introduce a reset of facial expressions inside an animgroup (i.e. I can think to... uhm... animated chems or something like that). If they give you troubles, remove the added animgroups (like, mtidle etc.)
    - There could be some cases where some specific expressions don't apply - you could need a different skeleton, let's talk about it.
    - My ARES doesn't morph Eee phoneme. Didn't inspect too much the reason.
    - Last NVSE
    - JIP NVSE
    - MCM (optional but strongly recommended)
    - JIP UIO
    Extract the content under Data and activate the plugin, or use your favourite mod manager.
    I guess it's a final version, you can do whatever you want with it, if it's non-commercial / doesn't involve money.
    - CREDITS -
    hlp for NVSE
    Pelinor for MCM
    Doctasax for uMCM
    JIP for UIO and JIP NVSE
    panthercom for testing



  7. AutoClicker

    Index finger cramping up on you? Annoyed at having to click on things all the time when in menus? Try AutoClicker, the tiniest mod I ever made.
    When in any kind of menu, AutoClicker will try to click on any clickable button that you hover over, about once a second. Feel free to adjust the quest frequency in the geck to suit your tastes - I'm not making an MCM menu for something this small.
    Don't start complaining about how AutoClicker clicks on stuff without waiting for you to give the go-ahead, that's exactly the point. You can, however, stop it from clicking at any time by holding the key you use to crouch.
    It won't work on menu elements that are not clickable, or have no <id> tag. (Sadly, this includes many mod-added menus, such as MCM sliders and the like). Still, it *should* work fine in most vanilla menus. And if not, well, then not. At least it saves you some RSI-inducing clicks in others.
    Tested fine in the main menu, the pip boy, & the skills & perks menus that show up on level-up. I have no idea if it somehow messes up other sorts of menus like lockpicking and hacking. If so, I'll probably hear about it.
    Requires NVSE 5.0.3+ & the JIP plugin (18+, but hey, download 34 while you're at it).
    Kudos to hlp & JIP.
    Public Domain.
    (Image used is PD too, from http://www.clker.com/clipart-3730.html)



  8. Stamina [FONV]

    - 03/06/2016: CRITICAL UPDATE - v2.5 is up; added safecrack to manually force PN values after uninstall if something goes wrong
    - 28/5/2016: CRITICAL UPDATE - v2.4 is up
    A mod that introduces a stamina / fatigue bar in the game, with its own hud on the screen, fully configurable via MCM. You'll get tired while doing normal actions, like run, sprint (if PN is installed, instead than using APs), swimming, grabbing items, wearing heavy armors or heavy weapons, shooting (because of recoil) etc. etc.
    Can be used by other mods, no need to be a requisite.
    Compatible with Project Nevada Sprint
    Fast start
    - Load the game, wait few seconds, then go on MCM and activate the mod under GENERAL(picture)
    - Go under ADVANCED and choose IMPORT (picture)
    - Whatever list of files you'll find, select ANICE.INI and load it (picture)
    - Go on MCM, under PLUGINS, check that everything is alright (picture)
    - Under ADVANCED, check that DEBUG is NOT selected (picture)
    - Play! Play!
    I had two main purposes. One was trying to introduce some mechanics that were allowing me to differentiate more the character's builds, because in my game I wasn't feeling enough differencies between a trained / strong character and an untrained / weak-but-smart character (leading to high INT as an easy choice and a better deal). The second was coming from Skyrim, and how I'm completely in love for my gameplay there (mainly based on Requiem), so I'd love to bring some of its features on NV, introducing few extra features concerning realism and immershun.
    Actually, I still make tweaks and add features, so I don't expect that everything is perfect and smooth.
    Here's an ingame test of v2.1 (the previous one), with old options based on Anice template:

    (The bar's on top right, the first one is not much visible at low resolutions when the sun is shining and I turn my ENB off to grab videos)
    The mod's prenty configurable, there's many options in MCM to tweak better the game experience.
    General aspect and basic options.
    It contains the parameters (consuption) used by the formulas in the scripts, for the interaction between the environment and the stamina bar.
    This section contains advanced tweaking. Some of these parameters shouldn't be touched if you don't really know what you are doing.
    This section shows relationships with external plugins
    Install / Uninstall
    Install requisites:
    - Latest NVSE (mandatory)
    - MCM (mandatory)
    - JIP UIO (mandatory)
    - JIP NVSE (strongly recommended)
    - Lutana.
    Then install the mod, check under PLUGINS if everything is fine, eventually check console to see if there are issues.
    To make a cleaner uninstall, go under ADVANCED, then click the option UNINSTALL. Follow instructions on the screen, save, quit, uninstall, reload that save, make a new save.
    v2.5 - I introduced a safecrack to prevent that Project Nevada AP draining isn't restored after the uninstall.
    To manually force its value, open console and write PLAYER.CIOS xx00FC2D, where xx is the number of the stamina mod in the load order.
    That ID is also written in MCM (under Plugins), if Debug mode is active. Also described during the uninstall.
    Due to the scripted nature of the mod, I strongly suggest a clean save everytime there's an update. Since most of the options can be exported, it shouldn't be too much a chore.
    - You can import / export your personal settings (templates).
    Templates are located on Data\Config\Stamina. To create a new template, simply copy paste one of these and rename it.
    Ten files is the max that will be loaded, in alphabetical order.
    - You can use a custom bar without making a replacer. Put 2 files (a foreground and a background) inside the proper folder, located in
    The files must be named with a specific prefix, see Picture. Size is 320x40.
    Ten files is the max that will be loaded, in alphabetical order.
    The fish bar I included is more like a joke.
    - For modders:
    A small example ESP is included in the download section.
    A bunch of infos in this TXT
    Credits and Permissions
    hlp for NVSE
    JIP for JIP NVSE and UIO
    Luthien Anarion for Lutuna
    Pelinor for MCM
    Adam, TommInfinite, CK for testing
    The two wondrous Daytunas' sisters of ARES, for being such kind testing scapegoats
    My general rule on permissions - you can do whatever you want but not for commercial use; if it's marked as Beta/WIP, then do not use it, it's
    better if you contact me and we cooperate; if you use something from my mods, some credit would be nice, but if you can please inherit the permissions, so that others will be able to use your mod too, mods deserve to be spreaded.
    May 2016: this mod is still updated by me



  9. Hairs - Races Auto - Patcher [FONV]

    24/03/2017 - Added JIP NVSE version.
    Everytime you install custom hairs or custom eyes, if you want them to be used in your favourite custom race you must open the GECK and add them in the list - basically you must patch them manually.
    This small script does it for you, everytime you load the game.
    You'll be able to load any hairstyle and eyes, and it will spread it on any race you have installed. IIl will execute when you load the game, when you'll arrive in the main menu - the game will freeze when loading the arrays, and when it has finished it will show you a message box. NOTE: if you'll open the console at this point, you'll be able to see how many eyes / hairs were added to records.
    If you have slowdowns / freezes after the message box, they're not caused by this mod. How much time it will take? it varies by some factors. It makes many operations, it can make *some thousand* operations. I tried with ARES + Mojave Delight + Mojave Delighted + Mikoto, it took about 4 seconds to load everything. Considering how big Mikoto is, it was a very fine result for me. If your loading times are too high, then consider to reduce the number of races / hairs or not use this small mod.
    The mod also provides you an item under Apparel, named [Mirror-Hairs ] and [Mirror-Eyes]. f you click on them, it will close the pipboy and after 1-2 seconds it will open the barber menu for hairs and the plastic surgeon menu for eyes, so you'll be able to change your hairstyle.
    - NVSE 5+
    - JIP NVSE
    Drop the ESP under Data and activate it. To uninstall, simply remove it and make a clean save.
    Issues and Conflicts
    Sincerely, I can't think to any possible downsides right now. Let me know if you'll have issues posting your experience on the thread.
    For hairs, maybe you could have some improper hairstyles if you play with child races, it's not made for child races. If you find any issues please use the thread to warn me.
    A note about eyes: there are some mods that introduce a new kind of eye, with a different UV. Basically, its texture can't be adapted over a vanilla eye and vice-versa. Translated in practical terms, it means that since this mod knows nothing about which model you install and it only merges them all together, you'll find yourself with some eyes that look well and some other eyes that have obviously a wrong texture over them. You can't do anything about it. To use a fantasy comparison, it's like if you install UNP body on Skyrim and then you want to use CBBE textures over it.
    Update: there are essentially a couple of issues I managed to find during further tests.
    - One is well known since always, you can read about it on some race pages too (i.e. Mojave Delight if I remember well). It is about the fact that under some circumstances you can't change eyes and hairs together. If you want to change eyes, you should first choose some vanilla hair and then change eyes and then change hair back to your custom model. I say "under some circumstances" because for Mojave Delight and its eyes / hairs it always happened to me, but on other races it doesn't, so I still can't say what's the real cause.
    - The second is a lil more strange. It's still about eyes, they cause me random freezes if I change them on the fly in game. As it is, it seems game engine related, and it depends by the kind of custom race I'm using. For example, with vanilla race and custom eyes + hairs I didnt' have problems, while on ARES I had it often.
    This, for me, means that you probably will be able to use every hair and eye you want (but keep in mind the point number One for some races) during the character creation, but changing them later could lead to problems, so save your game before changing something to avoid to loose where you arrived, because of the freeze. This also means that you probably could avoid further freezes if you swap race, but it causes other downsides, in every Bethesda game changing race resets things like attributes / skills etc.
    Also, it could be that some mods like NVAC or some specific tweaks / settings could reduce or avoid this issue, it could be nice to make further tests with these.
    hlp for NVSE 4+
    JazzIsParis for JIP NVSE
    Luthien Anarion for Lutana
    raschau on Nexus for the idea of adding eyes
    My general rule on permissions - you can do whatever you want but not for commercial use; if it's marked as Beta/WIP, then do not use it, it's better if you contact me and we cooperate; if you use something from my mods, some credit would be nice, but if you can please inherit the permissions, so that others will be able to use your mod too, mods deserve to be spreaded.



  10. Weapons Hot Keys [FONV]

    Yesterday I've installed the last Lutana, and this small script is the result. I wanted it since a long time, and I loved to share it.
    This mod has 2 purposes:
    1) Automatically store and restore the weapon hotkeys when you enter / exit casinos
    2) Allow to store / restore on the fly 3 different presets for the weapon hotkeys
    The first one is done automatically, all you can do is deactivate it via MCM if you don't want it. The three places where this automatic script fires are the Ultra Lux, the Gomorrah and the Tops. I can easily add more places if it's necessary.
    The second one is done manually. It -is- very simple, but I have some hard time to explain it right now. Later in the description I'll do a practical example, which is how I use it in game.
    MANDATORY: Lutana 16 (march 2016) - new versions could not work
    However, the optionals are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Without them, weird things can happen, like cows with 2 heads roaming Mojave etc.
    Drop everything under your \Data, as usual, or use a Mod Manager that is so kind to do it for you. But it must do it diligently and in a correct way of course.
    Remove the files and make a clean save, traces of the mod will be removed automatically.
    Initial recommendations
    This is not mandatory, but it's still a nice thing to do for scripted mods.
    Before installing, go inside a calm interior and save your game, then install the mod, then reload that save and wait few seconds: the mod will make its own initial settings and if no bad things happen then you're ready to go.
    Regarding this specific mod: at first, I suggest to go on MCM and make your own initial setup - decide if you need both the features, or unflag what you don't use (it reduces script workload). Then, unflag Debug if it's flagged and you don't have issues. Then, if you decide to use the preset hotkeys, configure the hud position with its option. Also, define how many seconds the menu must stick on the screen. Last, decide what keys bind to the 3 presets if you don't like the default ones (NumPad 1, 2 and 3)
    How to use it
    To STORE the hotkeys on a preset, HOLD the preset hotkey for a couple of seconds, until you'll hear a beep sound.
    To SEE what you stored on a certain preset, TAP the preset hotkey: a menu will appear on the screen, showing the keys and the weapons. The menu will close on its own after few seconds (the Menu Time parameter on MCM).
    To RESTORE the hotkeys on a preset, TAP the preset hotkey WHILE the menu is open. Or if the menu is not open, simply TAP-TAP (double tap) the preset hotkey. You then will hear a beep sound (even if slightly different from the store sound)
    What you CAN'T do:
    TAP a preset hotkey to check what you stored on a certain preset, and THEN HOLD that preset hotkey because you assume that it will replace it with your current setup. No, you can't, if you do that you won't STORE but will RESTORE instead. So, after that you checked the menu, wait few seconds that it will go away and THEN HOLD the preset key to STORE your current setup.
    Practical in-game example (how I usually use it)
    - I set some weapons on the hotkeys. Generally I reserve 1 for melee, 3 for shotgun, 4 for automatic, 5 for rockets, 6 for nades, 7 and 8 are extra
    - I then STORE it on the first hotkey (default Numpad 1). To do that, HOLD the Numpad 1 for a couple of seconds, until you hear a *beep* sound
    - After that, I open again the pipboy and I go under Apparel. I store some outfits on the hotkeys, i.e. a combat set and a "sunday clothes" set, you know, for roleplay when you walk on the Strip...
    - Then I STORE it on the second hotkey (default Numpad 2), HOLDING the Numpad 2 for a couple of seconds, till the *beep* sound.
    - Last, I open pipboy and set some drugs / stimpaks on the hotkeys, i.e. 1 for stimpaks, 3 for psycho, 4 for jet, etc.
    - Then I STORE it on the third and last hotkey (Default Numpad 3), HOLDNG the Numpad 3 for a couple of seconds, till the *beep* sound.
    Now, in game, everytime I need to switch weapons, I'll have to recall the Preset 1. To do that, I'll TAP-TAP (double tap) the Numpad 1. Then, if I go to the Strip, I'll change my outfit so I'll TAP - TAP Num Pad 2 and then I'll choose the hotkeys for some classy outfit. Then, if I'm fighting and I'm hit, I'll TAP - TAP Numpad 3 and then I'll press 1 to inject myself a stimpak.
    Possible issues
    - The mod doesn't work
    It's pretty generic... however, in order:
    1) Check if you really have the requisites installed and working
    2) Check if the files are in the correct folders
    3) Please report your experience on the thread, possibly checking the console messages after you enabled Debug on MCM
    - The mod doesn't store / restore some items, sometimes, randomly
    During my tests, it never happened to me. However, if it will ever happen, I won't be able to do anything because it all relies on some miracle made by some function, and not by me.
    - Conflicts?
    Mmmh, nothing I could think about. Pretty hard that it could conflict, no vanilla ID were touched.
    - DarnUI et similia?
    On MCM, you can change the aspect of the hud, the ratio, the fonts etc. So if the default hud is not nice, you can configure it in game as you prefer.
    - Gamepad?
    90 % of the mod uses "controls" and not "keys", so if you can bind the 3 presets hotkeys on some gamepad button, I think you're ok.
    hlp for NVSE
    Luthien Anarion for Lutana
    JazzIsParis for UIO
    Pelinor for MCM
    My general rule on permissions - you can do whatever you want but not for commercial use; if it's marked as Beta/WIP, then do not use it, it's better if you contact me and we cooperate; if you use something from my mods, some credit would be nice, but if you can please inherit the permissions, so that others will be able to use your mod too, mods deserve to be spreaded.



  11. NX Insight (MCM NX Data Viewer)

    NX Insight
    An MCM mod that allows the user to view associated NX data of the target reference (Player if no reference under crosshair).
    NX variables to be displayed are defined inside the INI files located in "Data/Config/NXInsight/SubMenuFolder/INIFile.ini".
    Requires Lutana NVSE plugin to work.
    Directory Structure:
    - SubMenuFolder (SubMenu, MCM has a 10 submenu limit, so 10 folders are possible)
    - INI file (contains section names and NX variables to be displayed)
    Folders inside directory "Data/Config/NXInsight" will act as MCM submenus.
    There are no hard rules on organizing keys inside the INIs, just make sure you got the NX key of the NX variable you want to display right.
    See attachments in the first post for sample INIs.
    INI Format:

    SectionName = Section name
    NXKey = NX key of variable to display
    Enabled = Determines if this variable will be displayed in the MCM, set it to 1.
    Mod Configuration Menu
    NX (NVSE Extender)
    Lutana NVSE
    Having an ini file with the name "System.ini" apparently crashes the game when initialized, probably some engine level stuff conflicting, so avoid the name "System.ini".
    Attached are some INI files for BodyMorph, SOIntimacy and Spunk:



  12. BodyMorph Selector [FO NV]

    A small plugin for BodyMorph which allows to modify values for actors' bones (both PC and NPCs).
    You aim someone, tap the hotkey, it will blink red, then you hold the hotkey for a couple of seconds and the menu will appear in game. If you don't aim anyone, then the player will be selected (it will blink green).
    You can browse the node list with forward / backward (W / S) and change the values with left / right (A / D)
    The list of nodes is picked from the filtered list on the MCM menu, means that if you disabled "arms" you won't be able to select here too.
    When you change value, it won't be instantaneous, it requires a variable quantity of time which could be 1 second or more. You can decide to not wait for the changes and simply choose your value, i.e. if you need to pass from 0 to -10 you don't have to wait for every step, just reach -10 and wait for the last morph queued and see if you like the result.
    When you've finished, jump (default space) will quit the menu. The menu will also be force quitted if an enemy engages you while you're editing, however it's not a bad idea doing it in a calm place.
    When modifying NPCs, you can experience an issue where the morph seems not working. It's not so uncommon, it usually happens if the npc is already doing something, i.e. leaning on a wall.
    > MCM
    Enable / Disable mod: ...
    Hotkey: allows to define a new hotkey to tap / hold
    Hud aspect: will allow to configure the small hud position on the screen. It will be always centered horizontally, you only will be able to move it vertically. You can also change the font and the space among lines - this is useful for users with DarnUI or other font replacers, so they can adapt the hud to whatever font they want. All the keys to use these options are specified in a message when you click on the MCM option.
    Hold time: the amount of time you must hold the Hotkey to let the menu appear.
    Debug mode: it spams my messages on console - you should disable it if you don't have problems.
    > Install
    Use a mod manager or extract the content under Data.
    - Bodymorph 1.1.0+
    - Latest NVSE (5+)
    - UIO
    - MCM (shouldn't be mandatory but it's useful)



  13. BodyMorph 1.x [Fallout NV]

    This is the continuation from THIS THREAD, separated for a matter of practicity.
    >Short summary
    BodyMorph is a framework which allows to change the aspect of in-game humans (PC and NPCs). The core handles the changes, but it doesn't do anything by itself. So, to see its effects you'll have to install specific plugins for that, which will be located in separated pages (i.e. BodyMorph Selector And RaceBodyMorph)

    >Avaiable Plugins:
    RaceBodyMorph - A fully configurable plugin to randomize npcs. Requires latest NVSE and MCM
    BodyMorph Selector - A basic tool which allows to target a NPC (or PC if noone is targeted) and edit the single bone values via hud. Requires latest NVSE, MCM and UIO
    The mod comes with custom 1st and 3rd skeleton. It is compatible with the major skeletons (Astymma, Thaunx BnB body, probably BnB extended too). It is *not compatible* with extra peculiar bones (i.e. tail or wings from Deedes' "The skeleton", resize bones of Malos' resizer - or more in general with any extra bone that I don't know, give me a holler if you need some compatibility added).
    FOR MODDERS: DO NOT RIG or DO NOT ANIMATE with this skeleton. This is not law, it's just a suggestion, this skeleton's not made to be used in that way. But you probably already know it.
    This skeleton is compatible with this mod
    Same as for the previous version. It's a FOMOD, so if you use a mod manager like FOMM you should be able to install it with a click (suggested). Alternatively, you can extract the content under Data using 7zip (not suggested)
    - Latest NVSE (5+)
    - NVSE Extender (NX)
    - MCM (maybe not mandatory but strongly recommended)
    - Lutana (Optional)
    >Compatibility and downsides:
    Mods that alter skeleton.nif could not be compatible. It's not always easy to understand if a skeleton is or is not compatible, between 2 mods, so don't forget to ask for advices to the modders who did the mods or to some user who knows about it.
    Skeleton's compatible with Sexout, it should be the same one.
    It is also compatible with BnB, it shares the same bones.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: ACTUALLY THE WHOLE LOWER BODY IS NOT ACTIVE, i.e. you can't morph thighs, or at least you can change values but you won't see any difference. This should be solved in the future, but it requires a pretty heavy patch and the introduction of a custom body replacer.
    MCM has plenty of options, but I'd want to spend few lines about the bones selections. It is strongly suggested that you deselect all the bones that don't interest you. For example, you find that shoulders are useless? then deselect them on MCM. You only want to tweak the arms on the player, while the npcs should be randomized in all the bones? then select only the arms for the player and all the bones for the npcs (options are separated on MCM). Same thing for the bones which are typical for gender (i.e. breast for fems and penis for males), selecting "Both" wouldn't make sense. In game, you won't see the effect anyway, but deselecting them on MCM is important to optimize the performances of the whole mod.



  14. Deserted Radio Station - Couriers Home

    Welcome to the Deserted Radio Station - Couriers Home Mod
    Version 1.0
    by Morgan Riggs
    The Deserted Radio Station is my first mod for Fallout New Vegas. It is a smaller but organized and functional player home.
    The home includes the absolutely amazing mod "Sortomatic - Modders Resource" by tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8, for sorting equipment from your inventory to your home.
    The Radio Station is a lore friendly home with a cozy vibe to it. It is located between the strip and Vault 34 upon the hill of Vault 34.
    Other mods I've made
    WoSD - Weapons of Sex Destruction
    Boxing Gloves retexture - RENO

    When you are updating to newer versions please make sure that you equip all your stored items and move your character out of the building and area.
    This is in case of updates that could interfere with your placement of your character or storage of items.
    A lore friendly home for you character
    Fully functional equipment sorting system to sort your inventory to containers in the radio station for both the lower and upper floor. (See the Sortomatic mod for more information on how to use it)
    A nice view overlooking the strip, Helios and Lake Mead
    A map marker for fast travel
    A small quest that gives some history of the place and its previous owner
    A unique weapon found later in the quest. It is slower than the original weapon but has more of a kick to it and uses a different kind of ammo!
    A bird pet static in the radio station
    Compatibility / Requirements
    This mod is using various items and clutter from four different expansions of Fallout New Vegas it also uses Sortomatic Mod.
    Dead Money
    Old World Blues
    Honest Hearts
    Lonesome Road
    "Sortomatic - Modders Resource" by tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8

    If you would notice or experience any bugs please do contact me via private message or in the posting section of this page. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Try to get photos or video capture of the bug that you've experienced.
    Many thanks goes out to
    - tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8
    For making an excellent mod tunaisafish and Gribbleshnibit8, Sortomatic - Modders Resource
    - Mike Hancho
    For making some excellent mods and tutorials on youtube that actually got me started modding Fallout New Vegas
    I hope that you will enjoy this new home, and please take a moment to endorse and give me some feedback so that I can improve and become a better modder.
    mod by Morgan Riggs



  15. Old World Blues Self Cannibal

    This is a simple mod that lets you eat your Brain , Heart and Spine after you obtain them in Old World Blues. Message me or post on the topic if there are any bugs in the mod. Ensure its near the end of the load order.
    Download Link: https://userscloud.com/idlo9rtg4fjm



  16. Wild Wasteland Perks

    Just a fun little mod I made because I lost a bet to someone a while ago. I figured that instead of keeping this on my Nexus, I could upload it on LoversLab as well because we all appreciate a good laugh every once in a while.
    Questions you may have:
    What does this mod do, exactly?
    It replaces the descriptions of all perks and traits to something more goofy. That's all, really. There's two versions: the Vanilla and GOTY. Download Vanilla if you don't have all DLC's, download GOTY if you want all descriptions of the base game and the official DLC's to be changed.
    What's happening with the mod from here on out?
    Not much. Unless, of course, people show high demand for stuff like a TTW version, in which case I'll probably make one of those as well.
    Why nothing sex related?
    Because I can.



  17. Wasteland Stress

    Adds a Stress mechanic to Fallout: New Vegas's Hardcore Mode.
    How it works:
    -Stress piles up every second you spend breathing. (5 Stress/second)
    -Six tiers of stress, with 2500 Stress for every tier.
    -Stress increases even faster under certain conditions (being in combat, having low health, radiation poisoning or low weapon health)
    -Stress can be decreased by either sleeping, using alcohol/relaxing chems or playing a minigame (caravan, blackjack etc.)
    -If you can't keep your stress low, you will experience debilitating side effects (the vanilla hardcore diseases are nothing compared to this.)



  18. Heaven's Motel

    Welcome to Heaven's Motel.
    A nice FALLOUT 3 megaton style house (or whatever you wanna call it)
    Its located near repconn HQ (one with the "demons" inside), you cant miss it walking to repconn HQ after the Checkpoint its to the right when going down hill

    Requires Fallout NV and Honest Hearts DLC.
    This mod is not to be released anywhere else then Loverslab and Gunetwork. If found else where Send me a message VIA inbox.



  19. (TTW) Chargen Quest Overhaul

    Overhauls parts of the Chargen Quests in Vault 101, with the center of attention being neat goodies you can get once Amata wakes you up.
    -During Baby Steps, you're now given a child's outfit so it doesn't look so awkward when using a 1st person camera mod.
    -During Future Imperfect (where you take the GOAT), your normal haircut will now show, rather than the default hairstyle.
    -When Amata wakes you up during Escape!, there is a unique piece of equipment somewhere in your room (either clothing or a weapon), this is different for every job you're assigned as result of your GOAT exam, so be sure to pick different options every time you play



  20. TTW Colored Tranquility Lane

    Just a simple mod which adds color to the Tranquility Lane Simulation so you can have all the bright colors the assets deserve to catch.
    Sorry for the interiors still being black and white, now fixed



  21. Gun Runners Home

    5th mod on Loverslab!!
    Gun Runners Home
    Located next to Gun Runners Store
    Uses Dead Money house textures!
    Uses OWB television (thats the only reason it needs OWB lol )
    Hope you enjoy!!
    The pictures are dark due to my ENB. (nevada skies enb stuff)
    Requires: Fallout New Vegas
    Dead Money and OWB
    Do NOT release this mod or alter it in ANY way.



  22. Searchlight Airport Home

    This Player home is located in Searchlight Airport, But to get there you use the helicopter next to the gas station in good springs.
    Raz mods are no longer needed and come with the Rar included in the download, I put it as a mirror cause apparently loverslab didn't want me uploading a giant file and ran into problems >_<
    Install this mod like you would install anything through NMM. The raz folders go directly in the right place.
    Also, bug fixes ha.


    This mod is intended for LoversLab and Gunetwork. For use of my mod in other mods PM me
    Also dont go posting it on other places!



  23. Havok Bouncer for Deedes' "The Skeleton" [FONV]

    An OPTIONAL file for Deedes' wondrous "The Skeleton".
    It's a very small script that can be used INSTEAD of the TheSkeleton-CorpseFix.ESM
    - It doesn't modify any vanilla ID
    - It solves the "raising dead" glitch on corpses from mods too
    - It works at runtime, so it's slower to start: it requires about 1-2 seconds to poke every corpse everytime you change cell.
    I did a small video that shows the difference in game:

    - NVSE 4.5+
    - MCM
    Unpack the content inside Data, or use a mod manager. It's a single file, so to uninstall it you simply delete the esp.
    The first time you go in game, it must be ACTIVATED in MCM, because it is DEACTIVATED BY DEFAULT.
    Remember: use this one OR Deedes' Skeleton-Corpses Fix, not both. While it won't cause troubles, it will create an additional work for your system that could be avoided.
    It's a simple scanner, whose frequency can be configured on the MCM. Everytime there's a cell change, it scans with depth 1 for corpses and fills an array. Later, it will walk the array in gamemode (frequency configurable via MCM, under the voice "smoothness") and will poke every raised corpse, so that it will bounce back on the ground. The impact should be very minimal on your system, however I would love feedbacks.
    I can't think to any possible incompatibility right now.
    All the credits go to Deedes, hlp and Pelinor.



  24. FPS Counter [FONV]

    Short description
    A simple-but-fully-configurable in-game FPS counter, to check the framerate, mainly for statistic and debug purposes. Or to make fun of your friends with bad rigs, showing them how high your FPS counter can go.
    This counter tracks down the time a frame leasts inside an effect, so it's strictly related to script execution and nothing about graphic. However, since graphic and scripts are related on their owns, you should see similar values to those you could see (for example) with Fraps.
    MCM Options
    - Enable FPS Counter: pretty explanatory... it allows to enable/disable the mod. The first time you load the mod it's disabled by default.
    - FPS Counter Position: clicking on this option, you will be kicked out from MCM and you will be able to decide the hud position. All the controls are written on the screen once you select this option, so don't worry to remember them, however the keys are: arrows or the control movements(WASD) move the hud, speed up the hud movement keeping Run pressed (SHIFT), change the font using Activate / Reload (E/R), enable / disable the infos on the screen using Grab (Z), confirm with Jump (SPACE) or Pipboy (TAB), reset to default pressing Auto-Run (Num Lock).
    - Mode: you can choose between FPS (frames per second) or MS (milliseconds, the time every frame leasts)
    - Refresh time: this parameter could be controversial, so please be careful to its interpretation. If you are unsure, just keep it very low (0.05-0.1), as per default.
    I introduced it only to catch spikes and understand their intervals. The way the mod works is grabbing EVERY frame time and choose the smallest value among the <Refresh Time> interval. This means that if you set the max value (2 seconds) you could notice that the FPS value drastically drops down. THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOUR FPS IS THAT LOW, this means that during the interval of 2 sec. you had at least one frame with that low framerate (= a "spike").
    - Threshold: under this FPS value, the counter will become red. It's just a way to catch the low values more easily.
    - NVSE 4.6+ (note: in date 12/05/2015 it is the Beta version on Silverlock)
    >>>> It wouldn't be bad installing the most recent one, you can find it on hlp's thread on Beth forum (note: in date 12/05/2015, it is the link to v5.0 beta 1 from his Dropbox).
    - UIO
    - MCM
    Personal note about requirements: if, in general, you feel you dont' want to install requirements like the ones stated above, for whatever reason you could have ("they're not safe!", "my computer's old and slow!", "once my cousin installed it and it broke his level 50!", <insert here some other unfounded excuse>), if you love modding then you should really start to think about it seriously. Requirements like these are top-notch modding, made by professional modders, created to break the barriers of common modding, introducing new wonderful features. And this is the same for every other extension you can find around, like JIP or Lutana. In my opinion, they should be considered on the same level of VANILLA, when people make a NV installation.
    Unpack everything inside your Data folder. To uninstall, remove those few files and make a clean save.
    Please report if you have issues so that we can solve them together.
    For modders
    aFPSLowFPS event dispatched everytime it goes under the threshold value.

    hlp for NVSE
    JIP for UIO
    Pelinor for MCM
    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.



  25. Goodsprings Home

    This player home today will be located in Goodsprings!
    To find this gem, you just need to follow the road going to the Gas Station from the good Doctors house
    This house comes with my Usual set up. Bedroom/Kitchen/Armory!
    Fallout New Vegas
    Old World Blues DLC
    My mods are not to be released or altered in any personal way without my permission.
    Plants outside are consider stealing. Will change tomorrow. Lol forgot to change it XD



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