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    1. [Kemono Race Support for SexboundAPI 1.0 Starbound] Kemono Race Support for SexboundAPI

      This mod add support for sexboundAPI with Kemono custom race mod.
      unzip in starbound mod folder.
      Kemono Race ver 1.5:https://steamcommuni...s/?id=739437569
      The mod is outdated
      Future plans: None have I stopped working on the mods for now



    2. [Starbound] Ningen Race Support for Sexbound API

      This mod add support for sexboundAPI with Ningen custom race mod
      unzip in starbound mod folder.
      If you have the old version, delete it and replace it with the new version.
      The mod is outdated
      Sexbound API 1.16.1: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      Ningen Race Mod 1.8a: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/ningen-race-mod.191/
      Future plans: None have I stopped working on the mods for now



    3. The School of Sappho: a secret lesbian society

      Disclaimers (yes, there are several):
      1. This mod was not intended to propagate any socio-political views or ideas, whether pro- or anti-LGBT, pro- or anti-feminism. This mod is just a... thing. It's not a work of art (my head is not that far up my rear end, don't worry ), nor is it strictly speaking educational. It's just a thing that I've made for anyone to enjoy at their leisure. That's it.
      2. Yes, this kind of organization did not exist within the time frame of the game. I know. Everyone knows. You don't have to tell us. Really.
      3. This is my first published mod.
      Have you ever played Crusader Kings II, controlling your lesbian empress with a half-dozen lovers and thought: "I wish I could fill out my council with my lesbian lovers... No, scratch that - I want all my vassals to be lesbians with those sweet, big... +30 opinion bonuses!" Maybe you haven't - not everyone is a perv, sure. But if you have - I bring you...
      The School of Sappho: a secret lesbian society!
      WARNING: This mod should be played with "Gender Equality" set to "Default", otherwise... well, nothing will really happen, but some features may become completely pointless
      Short description:
      It's a society for lesbians. Yes, sex is included.
      Long description:
      Any lesbian character with a lover (or lovers) can create a new society for other lesbian characters. The main themes of the society are: Ancient Greece, Greek mythology and, of course, Sappho herself, a poetess from Lesbos who is known to have had several relationships with women. Some scholars have speculated that she had operated a school for girls. Hence the "School" part. Of course, I needed a main focus for the society. Making it a "school" allowed me to focus it on boosting the stats of its members (otherwise known as "education"). In other words, you're going to have a lot of lesbo chars with ridiculously high stats. Perfect for filling out your council!
      Other perks:
      1. You can start a relationship with virtually any member of the society;
      2. Your female wards have a much higher chance to pick up your sexual habits;
      3. You can (under certain conditions) marry your lover - though it is described more as a civil partnership; not every ruler is going to take kindly to such "perversions"; oh, and I do plan to change this feature quite a bit in the future;
      4. Whether single or in a lesbian marriage, you can use a servant to get yourself pregnant. Your child is going to be a bastard (obviously), which is a good thing, actually, if you want to exclude your male children from inheritance. NPCs will definitely be doing it, by the way;
      5. You can... donate to charity, because reasons. Your capital county will receive a prosperity increase, so stop complaining
      6. Certain straight women can be "converted" into lesbianism... (no raging in the comments pls, it's a necessary game mechanic);
      7. Higher ranked members can engage in research, literature or art. These may or may not unlock some new possibilities, provide a tech boost, as well as give you new personality traits. Be careful, though - once you receive the "Scholar" or "Mystic" trait, you will not be able to start the scholarship focus event chain. Build the observatory as soon as you take the focus.
      8. Lovers will tend to move to the same court.
      9. Society members that are married off to men can sometimes use the help of their fellow members (aka "sisters") to escape from their husbands if their marriage is sour or if their lover is far away.
      10. You can change gender succession laws in the entire realm once certain requirements are met
      There are also several new quests. Some were repurposed from the vanilla game, modified to fit with the theme, others were built from the ground up. All quests are available to the Mistress of the School (aka the grand master).
      Side note: if you're expecting to find female pederasty (korephilia) in this mod(because Ancient Greece), there isn't any. And I am NOT planning to add it in the future.
      How is this mod different from other female-centric mods?
      The main idea was to create a believable premise: though there was no lesbian society in Medieval Europe, there was a so-called "Golden Orchid society" in China in a later period. Of course, such an organization in Europe could only be created by noblewomen who were powerful in their own right (which kind of fits with the game) and it would definitely receive a lot of backlash from the Church and more or less everyone around - which is also a feature that I want to develop alongside the perks and boosts. Expect your characters to be imprisoned, burned alive, maybe even raped or mutilated. Yay for historical accuracy!
      Requirements (-ish):
      - Crusader Kings II, the main game (v2.7 at least);
      - Conclave (needed for the Status of Women law);
      - Way of Life (currently, but it might change in the future);
      - Monks&Mystics (some vanilla society content may or may not be locked without it, not sure).
      - Republic Equality - not a requirement per se, but it would make sense to use it alongside School of Sappho v1.5+. Requires a compatibility patch, which is available in the downloads section.
      1. Download the mod and unpack it;
      2. Throw everything into the "C:....Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod" folder
      3. Open the launcher and tick "School of Sappho". Don't un-tick it if it's ticked.
      3.5. Also install Republic Equality. Just trust me on this.
      4. When starting a new game make sure your "Gender Equality" setting is set to "Default".
      Download the newest version, extract the contents into Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod and overwrite anything that comes up.
      How to unlock the content in-game:
      1. Be a lesbian;
      2. Get a lesbian lover or two (there is a new event that will spawn a lesbian in your court, so you don't have to use cheats anymore);
      3. Earn 250 wealth;
      4. Don't be tribal, nomad or celibate. Also, don't be in a harem, if that's even possible;
      5. In the intrigue menu you will have a new decision that will create the society and make you the Mistress.
      - If you have 2 lovers instead of 1 when you are creating the society, both of them will be given the 4th rank;
      - When recruiting, target your lovers, friends & close relatives first to avoid a cooldown;
      - Recruit characters with lovers - they will recruit their lovers, friends & close relatives automatically;
      - Use the "Mark for recruitment" power to have other members recruit a certain character. It's useful if the character is still too young and you want her to be recruited as soon as she comes of age, or if your suspicion levels are too high and you want to lay low for awhile. Be mindful, though - this power will not have any effect if the character is not eligible for recruitment by any other member of the society;
      - Some events can...
      Possible issues:
      - "I'm not receiving any new missions" - If you are the Mistress, you need to have at least one other Grace (4th rank member) to give you the missions;
      - "The text does not fit into the event window" - Yeah, I might have overlooked that. Tell me which event it is and I will fix it;
      - "I've launched the [insert decision name], but nothing happened!" - Oops, I've mixed up the scopes again!
      - "The society interface is just awful!" - I know - I've made the main society interface background myself, that's why it objectively sucks. Sorry
      - "How come I can romance my former lover again?" - It's not a bug, it's an unfinished feature (I promise)
      - "After the threesome event, my spouse didn't get any new lovers" - Yes, she did, you just can't see them because the game doesn't allow you to. Use the debug mode to see them.
      - Make sure your game is at least v2.8;
      - Install any available patches for other mods;
      - Check if the other mod overwrites "common/laws/succession_laws.txt". If it does - it's incompatible.
      - Any mod that changes the sound.sfx file in the interface folder might mess with my mod. Delete the sound.sfx from my mod, it's not really important;
      - Don't use this mod in conjunction with total conversion mods (e.g. A Game of Thrones), because it will not be lore-friendly and besides that some unexpected issues might arise;
      - This mod overwrites a couple of vanilla files. If some other mod overwrites the same files... some things might not work properly.
      Mods that should be compatible:
      Dark World: Reborn
      Darkest Perversions
      Compatibility patch needed (in the downloads section):
      Republic Equality
      Incompatible mods:
      Christianity Mod
      DWR: Beyond Heresy
      CK2:AGOT (though there should be a patch for it some day)
      Same Gender Succession - I'm told that it causes weird bugs with children's dynasties
      Any total conversion mods
      Tutorial for creating compatibility patches:
      1. Look for files with the same name in both mods;
      2. In "School of Sappho" versions of these files search for entries with the [edited by LES] comment;
      3. Copy these entries into the other file;
      4. ... Profit
      Did you know?
      - Paradox Interactive - for creating this amazing strategy game hire me!;
      - TomatoEddie - a wonderful composer who created the soundtrack for this mod;
      - A host of classical artists, whose work is not protected by copyright, because they dead;
      - And a couple of artists who are very much alive, but I couldn't really find their names to credit them properly (don't sue me);
      - Muffinuh - former authenticity adviser and tester
      Do not re-post this mod anywhere. When time comes, I might add it to Steam or wherever, but for now it stays here.
      Any translations are welcome! Contact me if you want to translate or have already translated my work into your language
      Full change log:



    4. Bunnykin Race for SexboundAPI

      Adds Sexbound support for the Bunnykin race mod:
      Obviously requires the Sexbound API, which can be found here:



    5. [Starbound] Bunnykin Race for SexboundAPI

      Adds Sexbound support for the Bunnykin race:



    6. {CK2} Ala's Cheat Menu for Dark World Reborn

      Ala's Cheat Menu
      This mod was made to help me seed my games with Dark World race traits and portraits in a lazier way then console commands.
      It now adds new NPC creation menus to give those to, including new NPCs using 33 Custom Portraits from Dark World Reborn.
      Instructions to use
      In the intrigue menu are new options.
      Race Traits
       To make the race traits available to give, you need to press the Show DWR Race Traits button to be able to see the various race trait options in the diplomacy menu (right click on any character). When you are done using it for a bit, just click the Hide DWR Race Traits button in the intrigue menu again to hide the options.
      With the right game rule the Futa/Trap traits can be assigned to any npc same as the race traits.
      Vanilla NPC Menu
      The Vanilla NPC Menu is mostly meant to be used with the Race Traits options. You can choose several new options, such as;
      New NPCs will be your dynasty, no dynasty, or a new dynasty usually named after a random local place (ex: de Leon) You can change that in-game like normal though.
      New NPCs are chosen from being Overpowered w/ your T4 education of choice, Random traits w/ your T4 education choice, or entirely random.  
      DWR Unique NPCs
      The DWR Unique NPCs button opens the new Menus allowing you to choose new NPCs using portraits from FairyTale, Bordello, Mage and Classic Monster NPCs
      They can be spawned in the same ways as the Vanilla NPC options above minus the dynasty choices, or as Dewguru intended them, same stats/traits but minus any of the
      large questlines that they normally come with. Vlad and Fenris will spawn in your court same as any other instead of becoming a ruler somewhere randomly.
      Spawning Belle before her main quest is finished shouldn't be a problem anymore, but let me know if I'm wrong.
      Notes on modding my mod
      The UNPCs and the VNPC Overpowered options are .... well overpowered, but are fairly easy to mod yourself regardless of skill to give you the best options for your playstyle. I encourage you to open the NPC Event.txt or Unique NPC Event.txt inside my mod with Notepad++ or similar program and try. Add the traits you want to see the same way you see them set up and comment out or remove the ones you don't.
      To install unzip the file provided and place the ACM folder and ACM.mod file into your mod folder
      This mod should be safe to add/remove/update at any time. No new content is technically added, just new ways to use DWR events/traits without overwriting anything
      If updating, you should always remove any old versions of a mod before installing the new version. However, I will give more specifics on what I change/do after
      Version because I only intend for future versions to be bug fixes or updating to a new DWR (which should be just a new ACM.mod file)
      This means you should be able to preserve any changes you made by overwriting your changes into the new versions unless its a file I specify that got changed.
      Should be compatible with anything that is compatible with DWR 1.68
      DW ETOS needs to be updated to DWR 1.67+ to use the new race traits, everything else should work fine though.
      Required/Recommended Mods
      Dark World Reborn - Required
      Bigger Interface / Somewhat Bigger Interface - Recommended  *helps against trait spam
      Slvrbuu's CKII Cheat Menu - Recommended  *you cheaters will love this mod
      Ala's Body Mod - Recommended  *my other mod
      Slvrbuu for his cheat menu in the Steam Workshop, the inspiration to start making myself cheat mods, and permission to use his mod in making my own.  
      Dewguru for not only creating Dark World but then allowing us to mod it. Seriously, thank you, it's what keeps me playing!



    7. [Stellaris] Kagami Species


      Having survived the calamities brought on by man's inhumanity to his fellow man, Earth's human survivors sought to rebuild their society on their homeworld and beyond. Was it the collapse of the Universal Federation brought on by brutal prison revolts? Or the unending war between mankind and bloodthirsty demons? Whatever the case, it has ironically left "man" disproportionately young, female, bosomy and ruthless. Calling themselves "Kagami" they might still bring that inhumanity upon the stars. 
      This mod is pretty simple, befitting a first-time STELLARIS modder: it adds a custom human-style species with static portraits for use in STELLARIS, alongside a number of prescripted empires. Almost all the artistic assets are from visual novels, web and graphic art by Kagami Hirotaka (alias KAGAMI), particularly his artwork for visual  novels by eroge companies LILITH and BISHOP, along with Mizushima☆Oonari and other Japanese artists known for their work with Kagami...and a few easter eggs thrown in for fun. 
      As such, the species has what I'd consider a fairly consistent across-the-board style lacking in other "anime-style" species graphic packs, despite its limitations. 
      This is an species graphic pack that directly utilizes art assets from, primarily, erotic visual novel games. Even though I did not utilize the nude 2D artwork that every single female protagonist features in the pack does include, for reasons mentions below, it should be considered "NOT SAFE FOR WORK". To paraphrase the mod's original creator, you should expect enormous breasts, cavernous cleavage, engorged nipples and even occasional female nudity. If this offends you, don't use this mod.
      So, for some history: this idea wasn't mine originally, nor do I intend to take lone credit for it. The genesis for a species graphic pack using KAGAMI's portrait work for LILITH titles came from ReMeDy on the LoversLab Adult Modding Community (the only place this mod should be distributed for the time being). ReMeDy began this as a spin-off concept from another series of "anime-style" portrait packs, with 59 different portraits, the majority of them implemented in-game via the code as, appropriately called the "Lilith Species". Struck by the simple elegance (and being a fan of the art style), I approached ReMeDy about it and upon learning that he'd moved on from STELLARIS to other PARADOX INTERACTIVE titles, asked his permission to expand upon it and, potentially, distribute it on LoversLab, which he gave. This mod was a far more realistic project for a struggling STELLARIS modder than my other ideas, in particular desire for a Ctarl-Ctarl Species and Empire from the popular anime OUTLAW STAR, and the idea is ReMeDy's--without him, you wouldn't be reading this. Some of his code is still in the mod, which I'll refer to later.
      Extract the contents of the archive into your DOCUMENTS/PARADOX INTERACTIVE/STELLARIS/MOD folder. There should be two items: a 'Kagami' folder, and a Kagami.mod file. Activate this like any other mod in the STELLARIS launcher, listed under the Mods tab as 'Kagami Humans'. Chose one of the pre-made empires (listed below, though they'll be hard to miss with their ruler portraits) or create a new empire and select 'Kagami' in the 'Appearance' menu under 'Species' (and also the Kagami namelist). This mod should not conflict with any other mod, nor require any other mod, as it relies on either base game assets or the mod files itself. Finally, if you encounter strangely small portraits in gameplay, check that your graphic quality under 'Settings' is either 'Medium' or 'High'.
      Finally, it is completely necessary to delete any prior version of this mod you have installed if you are updating. Simply overwriting/merging the mod asset folder will almost certainly leave conflict files that will cause crashes upon loading. 
      The mod is (mostly) simple: expand on ReMeDy's original concept and address one of its primary issues, graphic asset repeats, alongside a lack of character role-specific portraits and male character portraits. To do this, it uses mor ethan three hundred unique portraits from several dozen LILITH and BISHOP visual novel characters. There remains a lack of male portraits which can only partially be explained away by entertaining "flavor text" means, and character role categorization will raise the percentage of male graphic repeats further. I considered this a worthwhile trade-off, as demonstrated by the female graphic assets: more than a dozen distinct female ruler portraits, graphically distinct from female leader portraits (scientists, governors, admirals and generals), and with acceptable overlap with planetary population (or "pops") portraits. 
      A few methods were done to accomplish this: first, repeat use of character portraits in distinct clothing. STELLARIS has a surprising level of distinction between separate pools for gender-specific static character portraits (at least five as mentioned above), along with a non-gender-specific pop pool.
      For demonstration, take the character Yatsu Murasaki from the popular TAIMANIN ASAGI franchise: multiple distinct portraits of her are available in this mod, with those in her ninja attire being in the general pool, those in her teacher outfit being in the scientist pool, those in her school uniform being in the pop pool, and so forth. This was repeated across many dozen characters of both genders: character wearing school uniforms going into general pops (excluding those with a military-look about them), characters wearing business suits going into governors, characters wearing nurse or doctor dress going into scientists, characters wearing combat attire going into generals (or occasionally admirals). Characters in bikinis and lingerie (when they appear, believe it or not quite a few did not make the cut) were put in general pops, along with characters in "civilian dress", whereas characters in cheerleading outfits (all from BISHOP titles) were usually made admirals (as a matter of necessity).
      Rulers (the portrait you pick when creating your empire and, when your ruler is replaced, is drawn from a specific pool) were selected by the female and male leads of various visual novels (or otherwise distinguished individuals). As you might expect, aside from the actual heroins like Igawa Asagi or Cara Cromwell, this also includes the most dominant or otherwise bustiest female protagonist in a title where a faceless male player character was otherwise unsuitable. There's also a few "cameo" rulers from both ReMeDy and myself, purely out of whimsy (see if you can find which two). This goes to another issue: until someone proves otherwise, I'm going to state this as an authoritative fact--in STELLARIS, with a custom static portrait species, you can either have a A) portraits organized by leader role or B ) portraits mostly (though not fully) compatible with the succession and election system in STELLARIS. If you want ( A ), all successors, heir or elected, will look like the generic specices portrait (presently Lieri from KANGOKU SENKAN). If you want ( B ), all portraits will be randomized across all non-ruling leaders. The "solution" for this problem probably doesn't exist--as this mod is primarily a graphical asset mod, trying to find one was my top priority; unfortunately, even in unmodded STELLARIS, the game will often break elected or heir leaders by changing some aspect of their appearance unintentionally (in addition to their attire), and the game was never intended to function entirely on static portraits. With that in mind, I've included a relatively simple, fast way to modify your save file in the below section, FIXING RULER PORTRAITS. Until PARADOX INTERACTIVE completely overhauls their portrait allocation system (which I'm not expecting), that might be the best fix there ever is. There is also a smaller issue, brought to my attention by helpful testers: as character portraits are defined by phenotype, and not clothing, the Kagami species shows up as not wearing clothes (like certain alien portrait sets included in the game). I'm not sure if there's any way to fool the game into treating the species as wearing clothing, but that only seems to matter for certain clothing related insults in diplomatic dialog. Additionally, it seems that players running the game with graphics quality settings of 'Low' encounter almost all portraits (all of them over 200 kb in size) being oddly reduced in visible size, possibly as a memory saving measure. This can be fixed by raising quality to 'Medium' or 'High', as previously noted. I believe this is the 'small portrait' glitch previously noted by users. Until I can find some way to automatically compress more than 300 portraits to a smaller size (rather than remaking each graphic and hoping I can get them under sized), changing graphics settings may be the only solution.
      The overall result, while far from perfect, is generally workable: accepting the reappearance of Asagi or any character in multiple wardrobes for multiple roles, you should see few female repeats (generally on the same level of repetition you'd get with the base game's portrait assets for a given species), and graphic art fitting the leader in question. For those who actually enjoy my attempts at fiction, I've included multiple, prescripted empires in the style of BISHOP and LILITH games including the militaristic Sovereign Sol Federation, the benevolent Intersolar Union, the brutal Makai Dynasty, the valorous Taimanin Authority, and the collectivist vampiric Sanguine Hive and more! All five, of course, draw from the same portraits, and are disproportionately female, like a extreme version of the post-Second World War Soviet Union. All five also make use of the custom "Kagami" name list (based on the "Hum4" name list) and at least one of the new traits, "Well Endowed" and "Makai Kishi". Both of these new species traits are subject to change (and balancing) and mostly intended to make the prescripted empires a little more distinct. With version 1.06, I've also added two major "features" the first being unique slavery assets, based portrait artwork in certain lingerie, with collars, maid outfits, and of course BDSM attire. There are now four unique categories of slave artwork: labor (generally "slavish" looking clothes, if that makes sense), domestic (maid outfits), war thralls (variation of the general leader pool) and consumption (...basically naked, because you'd probably strip them before you ate them, you nasty aliens). This is the preliminary implementation of it, so there's not much variation, but if the response warrants it I'll gradually add to it. 
      Also, in case this isn't clear: this mod is NOT an endorsement of slavery. I don't endorse slavery any more than the developer does, in fact, probably less considering I almost never use it. But for those of you who do use the game mechanic, go nuts. Along with slavery specific graphics, I've included "Gender Policy" under the Policies option, with three possible options. The default for Kagami is "General Recruitment", which should cause a female-to-male recruitment ratio of 80:20 (pending adjustment, intended to reflect aforementioned sexual imbalance i.e. the way higher numbers of female portraits). The next option is "All-Female Leadership" which should do exactly what it sounds like with the leader pool, and "Quota System", which will recruit equal numbers of male and female leaders. 
      Thank PARADOX INTERACTIVE for their, frankly, insane and largely obscured system of portrait selection for any ruler you don't start the game with. Fortunately, the effects of the glitch (a ruler, or the ruler's heir, having the generic species appearance) are actually easy to fix, only needs to be done once per inaugeration/coronation, and can take less than a minute with a little experience.
      You need:
      - A way to open ZIP files (I strongly suggest Window 10's own tool built into explorer, 7ZIP won't recompress the files correctly without crashing.)
      - A way to edit STELLARIS save files (Notepad++ is the standard, though Notepad might work)
      - A backup of your save (in case one of the above doesn't work), the name of the ruler/heir with the bug, and the name of the portrait you want to assign it (check KAGAMI/GFX/MODELS/PORTRAITS/HIROTAKA)
      After backing up your save file, enable Windows to show file extensions. Change the save file's extension from *.SAV (the game's own format) to *.ZIP (the name will be the date of the game). Open it, copy the gamestate file (ignore the meta file) to another location and open it in Notepad++. Search for your ruler (or heir) by name, and insert the following under the line "agenda=", with both the start and end brackets and above "roles".
      design={ gender=female name="" portrait="" texture=0 hair=0 clothes=0 }  
      Enter the name as appropriate, and your portrait entry (e.g. "asagi2"). It's possible that the entries will be there, but the portrait line will be blank (just fill in then). If you want to change the name, make sure to change the first_name and second_name entries to match. You may notice that what you're doing is adding missing design portrait data identical to what your ruler SHOULD have because of that annoying bug. Save the file, copy and paste it back into the zip file (overwriting the unmodified gamestate file), and then change the extension back to *.SAV. Open the save (if done correctly, it should load normally--otherwise the save will probably crash around 10%). It's actually easier than it sounds, and will actually let you set the name and appearance of your leaders in a simple, non-insane fashion.
      First off, this mod is completely free. It should never be paid for, using existing art assets from commercial releases. Likewise, PLEASE DO NOT distribute this mod under any circumstances! This is more temporary request, as it is my first STELLARIS mod (and a rather crude one at that), and once I'm feeling a little more confident on my work that situation may change. PLEASE DO NOT modify and distribute this (whether or not you claim it as your own work). If you'd like to add a custom portrait for your own use, by all means, but do not distribute the mod with any changes. Sorry to be so pushy about that.
      As stated above, credit for the original concept goes to ReMeDy, and all art assets are property of their games and other media of origin, primarily LILITH and BISHOP. Thanks also goes out to Nessa at the same forums for a great deal of help with configuration coding.
      Likely (and possibly immediate) updates will include more portrats (I simply picked this moment to release the mod, it is far from complete but adequate as a modest first effort). I can think of at least two VNs I did not rip for portraits, and will be moving onto next which would add approximately a dozen portraits. I may also do some further cleanup of specific portraits (though in some cases, it's an unavoidable limitation of the original material). Other custom traits appropriate to the pack. 
      I'd like to create a unique eroge-themed twist on slavery as well (mostly for comedic value), but I don't know how to implement it without changing slavery for all species.
      Possibly a fix for the heir portrait generation issue. Probably not. Likewise, a way to trigger the game to "see" the portraits as having clothing, and not just phenotypes.
      LILITH and BISHOP visual novels include separate art for clothing, bodies, eyes, and mouths. As such, it should be possible for a competent modder to implement separate character portrait elements (and even animated portraits) like the base game. Imagine it, Sakura wearing Kiryuu Kaede's school uniform, with Naomi Evans's hair, blinking every so often! Too bad I'll never be able to do it.
      For further details, implementation, and possible issues, consult the readme!



    8. [CK 2] Dark World - Serpent Expansion

      [CK 2] Dark World - Serpent Expansion
      Previously Dark World - Slavery Expanded.
      So I was messing around with deguru's excellent mod: Dark World: Reborn and I was ecstatic to find a slavery system with in it. However after a few hours... probably over a hundred.. I found the slavery system rather lacking.
      So after waiting and waiting for more content for the slavery system I decided: Why wait? Why not make it myself? And thus Dark World - Slavery Expansion was born.
      What this mod does:
      -Adds an offmap empire that you can sell slaves to or buy slaves from
      -DRAGONS, because dragons are awesome.
      -Reptilians (dragon/human hybrids)
      - Adds two new ways to get slaves.
      -Adds ways to get various dark world traits into your court, without starting with them.
      -Declare wars to capture slaves
      -Visit any non whore pleasure slave in your court. (If you sent them to work in the brothel, you cannot visit them)
      -Visit slave decision is limited to: Non spouse/lover, non whore pleasure slaves only.
      -Grant favor to your courtiers to allow them to use your pleasure slaves. (Minor title Liege's Favor, limit 5)
      Dark World Reborn
      Dark World ReMeDy Custom Portraits
      -Localization for dragon festival is a bit wonky, it has been fixed in my current build and will be out in the next release. (Had the modifier and the decision named the same thing in the localization, which caused it to be wonky for one of them, simple fix. Just had to rename the modifier to something else, which I should have done in the beginning.)
      German Translation:
      Thanks to Kiara for translating this mod to german. German translation found here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/66201-dwe-dark-world-extended/ (OUTDATED)
      Dewguru and his amazing mod Dark World Reborn: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/57549-ck2-dark-world-reborn/page-1
      -Thanks to the AGOT team for inspiring some of the stuff about dragons, though none of their work was used.
      Paradox Interactive, for their awesome game.
      Various other modders whose mods were torn apart and Frankensteined to teach me how to mod. (None of their work is used in this mod)
      Visit slave code: Copy/paste of the dewguru's Visit lover/spouse and flag clearing event, tweaked to target slaves. All credit goes to him. Uploaded with his permission.
      Kidnap Code: Copy/paste of the dewguru's with slight edits to use dragons instead of spymaster. All credit goes to him.
      -Bah! For locating and gathering the portraits used for Reptilians Race
      Photos gathered form: Google and other assorted websites. 
      -Using this mod may cause untold rebellions in your lands, if you spam the event.
      - I am a Novice Modder and any and all pointers and hints are appreciated!



    9. Sex Life

      I wanted to try and start my first own sex mod for CKII.
      Thanks to all the modders and mods on this site as an source for inspiration.
      I added some events for Sex with a loving wife and loving concubine.
      Each of these event chains start with a event, in which you can choose how to start the act. You can start some oral, missionary, cowgirl or doggy style sex.
      Every position is three events deep and can end in different climaxes.
      Planned Features:
      I plan to add some more events, which will add sex with lovers, concubines, normal spouses.



    10. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 (Steam/Codex version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX".




    11. Megadimension Neptunia VII 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Megadimension Neptunia VII (Steam/Codex version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX".




    12. Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed (Steam/Codex version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file (folder 387340) to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CODEX"
      and folder "savedata" to installation directory.




    13. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (Steam/Codex version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX".




    14. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online (Steam/Codex version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\CyberdimensionNeptunia4GoddessesOnline".




    15. Tekken 7 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Tekken 7 (Steam/3DM version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file to "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\TekkenGame\Saved\SaveGames".