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    1. [CK2] Dark World Tweaks

      Dark World Tweaks
      Version 1.9.3
      Dark World Tweaks is a collection of tweaks to make the DW experience more enjoyable.
      The available tweaks are:
      Dark World Tweaks
      Fleshed out the Fairy race and added a campaign gamerule to start as one. Motivate a Court Chaplain or a tribal Steward in their conversion efforts the same way you motivate the Chancellor. Changed the Serpent's Purge potion to allow you to choose if you want to keep the child or abort it on birth. Added the Dark Elf race and three religions to give more flair to the fantasy setting of Dark World. These are obtained by interacting with the House Irae offmap empire. The empire can be disabled with a gamerule if you don't want to play with Dark Elves or the religions. Can directly recruit most exotic races from the intrigue menu. Replaced the Dark World Kitsunes, Fairies, Nekos, and Tentaclekin with Dark World Tweaks-specific races, fixing their inheritance chance. Added a Dark Elf starting campaign if you wish to bypass the whole recruit/marry/convert mechanic. Added a gamerule if you wish to preserve the old DWR racial traits. Added merchant republics for Dark Elves, even matriarchal ones. Added new artifacts.  
      Dark World Reborn file replacements
      Dark World Reborn v1.68
      Download the file
      Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder
      Mark the Dark World Tweaks checkbox in the launcher
      For Dark World Beyond Heresy and School of Sappho/Lesbocracy users:
      Install Dark World Tweaks as normal.
      Download the DWTW Compatibility Patch
      Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder
      Known Issues:
      If you use any other mod that has succession_laws.txt that isn't DWBH or SoS, you may run into file conflict. Blame Paradox for having to use their default files.
      Using DWBH but not SoS (or vice versa) may result in oddities in the tooltips for gender laws. Rest assured, this is only a cosmetic problem.
      There's no good workaround for all the Seldarine Republic's starting patricians being male. Sorry. Again, blame Paradox.
      Dark World Serpent Expansion: Full compatibility.
      Dark World Toska: Mod is dead and outdated, use Dark World Toska Remix instead. DWTweaks calls for some Toska traits (raped/rapist) but is optional.
      Turtle's Dark World - Extra Traits and Other Stuff: Mod is dead and outdated. NOT compatible.
      Dark World Beyond Heresy: Full compatibility with DWTweaks Compatibility Patch.
      School of Sappho/Lesbocracy: Untested. Use the DWTweaks Compatibility Patch.
      NoxBestia's Darkest Perversions: Untested. Mod calls for multiple vanilla DW traits that are changed with DWTweaks. Set the Race Swapping gamerule in DWTweaks to Disabled.
      Dark World Reborn Dollarsmy: Untested. May or may not be compatible.
      Dark World Genealogy: Untested. Should be fully compatible as the only change is to the event DWCore.8000.
      Ala's Body Mod: Full compatibility.
      Version History:



    2. School of Sappho/Lesbocracy

      Disclaimers (yes, there are several):
      1. This mod was not intended to propagate any socio-political views or ideas, whether pro- or anti-LGBT, pro- or anti-feminism. It's just a thing that I've made for anyone to enjoy at their leisure. That's it.
      2. Yes, this kind of organization did not exist within the time frame of the game. I know. Everyone knows. You don't have to tell me. Really.
      3. This is my first published mod.
      Support me on Patreon! Please? I'm very hungry...
      Check out Lesbocracy on Steam Workshop
      Have you ever played Crusader Kings II, controlling your lesbian empress with a half-dozen lovers and thought: "I wish I could fill out my council with my lesbian lovers... No, scratch that - I want all my vassals to be lesbians with those sweet, big... +30 opinion bonuses!" Maybe you haven't - not everyone is a perv, sure. But if you have - I bring you...
      The School of Sappho: a secret lesbian society!
      WARNING: This mod should be played with "Gender Equality" set to "Default", otherwise... well, nothing will really happen, but some features may become completely pointless
      Short description:
      It's a society for lesbians. Yes, sex is included.
      Long description:
      Any lesbian character with a lover (or lovers) can create a new society for other lesbian characters. The main themes of the society are: Ancient Greece, Greek mythology and, of course, Sappho herself, a poetess from Lesbos who is known to have had several relationships with women. Some scholars have speculated that she had operated a school for girls. Hence the "School" part. Of course, I needed a main focus for the society. Making it a "school" allowed me to focus it on boosting the stats of its members (otherwise known as "education"). In other words, you're going to have a lot of lesbo chars with ridiculously high stats.
      Other perks:
      1. You can start a relationship with virtually any member of the society;
      2. Your female wards have a much higher chance to pick up your sexual habits;
      3. You can (under certain conditions) marry your lover - though it is described more as a civil partnership; not every ruler is going to take kindly to such "perversions";
      4. Whether single or in a lesbian marriage, you can use a servant to get yourself pregnant. Your child is going to be a bastard (obviously), which is a good thing, actually, if you want to exclude your male children from inheritance. NPCs will definitely be doing it, by the way;
      5. You can "convert" certain straight women into lesbianism;
      6. You can have threesomes with your lovers, with said lovers becoming each other's lovers as well;
      7. Higher ranked members can engage in research, literature or art. These may or may not unlock some new possibilities, provide a tech boost, as well as give you new personality traits. Be careful, though - once you receive the "Scholar" or "Mystic" trait, you will not be able to start the scholarship focus event chain. Build the observatory as soon as you take the focus.
      8. Lovers will tend to move to the same court.
      9. If your liege has agnatic succession, you can organize a faction to make him change to agnatic-cognatic;
      10. You can change gender succession laws in the entire realm once certain requirements are met
      There are also several new quests. Some were repurposed from the vanilla game, modified to fit with the theme, others were built from the ground up. All quests are available to the Mistress of the School (aka the grand master).
      Side note: if you're expecting to find female pederasty (korephilia) in this mod(because Ancient Greece), there isn't any. And I am NOT planning to add it in the future.
      How is this mod different from other female-centric mods?
      The main idea was to create a believable premise: though there was no lesbian society in Medieval Europe, there was a so-called "Golden Orchid society" in China in a later period. Of course, such an organization in Europe could only be created by noblewomen who were powerful in their own right (which kind of fits with the game) and it would definitely receive a lot of backlash from the Church and more or less everyone around. Expect your characters to be imprisoned, burned alive, maybe even raped or mutilated. Yay for historical accuracy!

      Requirements (-ish):
      - Crusader Kings II, the main game (v2.8 at least);
      - Republic Equality
      - Conclave (needed for the Status of Women law);
      - Way of Life;
      - Monks&Mystics;
      - Legacy of Rome.

      1. Download the mod and unpack it;
      2. Throw everything into the "C:....Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod" folder;
      3. Also install Republic Equality.;
      4. Open the launcher and tick both mods;
      4. When starting a new game make sure your "Gender Equality" setting is set to "Default".
      Updating from v1.52 and earlier versions:
      Delete everything: the old version, the old compatibility patches. Install the newest version of the mod. If you use Ck2Plus, also reinstall the compatibility patch.
      How to unlock the content in-game:
      1. Be a lesbian;
      2. Get a lesbian lover or two (there is a new event that will spawn a lesbian in your court, so you don't have to use cheats anymore);
      3. Earn 250 wealth;
      4. Don't be tribal, nomad or celibate. Also, don't be in a harem, if that's even possible;
      5. In the intrigue menu you will have a new decision that will create the society and make you the Mistress.
      - If you have 2 lovers instead of 1 when you are creating the society, both of them will be given the 4th rank;
      - When recruiting, target your lovers, friends & close relatives first to avoid a cooldown;
      - Recruit characters with lovers - they will recruit their lovers, friends & close relatives automatically;
      - Use the "Mark for recruitment" power to have other members recruit a certain character. It's useful if the character is still too young and you want her to be recruited as soon as she comes of age, or if your suspicion levels are too high and you want to lay low for awhile. Be mindful, though - this power will not have any effect if the character is not eligible for recruitment by any other member of the society;
      - Some events can...
      Possible issues:
      - "I am not getting the event to join the society" - there are no society members in your realm that can recruit you;
      - "I'm not getting the option to marry my lover" - It does not unlock immediately upon the creation of the society - you have to wait about 60 - 70 years;
      - "I'm not receiving any new missions" - If you are the Mistress, you need to have at least one other Grace (4th rank member) to give you the missions;
      - "The text does not fit into the event window" - Yeah, I might have overlooked that. Tell me which event it is and I will fix it;
      - "I've launched the [insert decision name], but nothing happened!" - Oops, I've mixed up the scopes again!
      - "After the threesome event, my spouse didn't get any new lovers" - Yes, she did, you just can't see them because the game doesn't allow you to. Use the debug mode to see them.
      - Make sure your game is at least v2.8;
      - Install any available patches for other mods;
      - Check if the other mod overwrites "common/laws/succession_laws.txt". If it does - it's incompatible.
      - Any mod that changes the sound.sfx file in the interface folder might mess with my mod. Delete the sound.sfx from my mod, it's not really important;
      - Don't use this mod in conjunction with total conversion mods (e.g. A Game of Thrones), because it will not be lore-friendly and besides that some unexpected issues might arise;
      - This mod overwrites a couple of vanilla files. If some other mod overwrites the same files... some things might not work properly.
      Mods that should be compatible:
      Dark World: Reborn
      Darkest Perversions
      Compatibility patch needed (in the downloads section)
      DWR: Beyond Heresy
      Incompatible mods:
      Christianity Mod
      Eugenics mod
      CK2:AGOT (though there should be a patch for it some day)
      Same Gender Succession - I'm told that it causes weird bugs with children's dynasties
      Any total conversion mods
      Tutorial for creating compatibility patches:
      1. Look for files with the same name in both mods;
      2. In "School of Sappho" versions of these files search for entries with the [edited by LES] comment;
      3. Copy these entries into the other file;
      4. ... Profit
      - Paradox Interactive - for creating this amazing strategy game hire me!;
      - TomatoEddie - a wonderful composer who created the soundtrack for this mod;
      - livevil - for making the society background image;
      - A host of classical artists, whose work is not protected by copyright, because they dead;
      - And a couple of artists who are very much alive, but I couldn't really find their names to credit them properly (don't sue me);
      - Muffinuh - former authenticity adviser and tester
      Full change log:



    3. [Europa Universalis IV] Female advisor replacement 10/14/2018

      Everything is in the title, i'm suprised no one uploaded something like that before.
      This mod replace the visual of the Female Advisor portrait, in the game Europa Universalis IV
      It's purelly cosmetics
      I'm playing with 1.27 , all DLC .
      Still looking for pictures



    4. Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.7

      SSX 1.7 for Stellaris 2.1.x
      Only the SSX and SSM species classes have the portraits. It's normal if the other species classes are empty, it's because it's impossible to add a new cityscape without his own species classes.
      I do not know how to write english, but i will do my best. I am a french amateur modder, i'm watching the mods in this site for stellaris for more than one year. But with the recent arrival of new modders, i am encouraged to come out of the shadows.
      In my mods you can find:
                                              .16  species traits
                                              .17 leaders traits
                                              .4 technologies
                                              .5 civics
                                              .6 cityscapes
                                              .18 species :
                                                   142 xeno furred nekos (yay!)
                                                   84 nekomimis
                                                   106 xeno furries by dr.comet
                                                   90 xeno deers
                                                   120 xeno horses
                                                   97 egyptian themed humans (2 genders)
                                                   102 xeno rabbits (2 genders)
                                                   72 lewd humans
                                                   80 daenei
                                                   108 fox furrys
                                                   84 dog furrys
                                                   250 more manga styled humanoides
                                                   113 manga elfs (gendered and more)
                                                   90 succubus
                                                   73 overcustomized dragon furry sexy horrors
                                                   85 Blue succubus
                                                   48 animes girls by Oota Yuuichi
                                                   119 sharks and orcas
                                              .2 machines models (experimental) (need synthetic dawn)
                                                   30 cat bots
                                                   6 chromed bots
                                                   126 anime synths ( specialized )
                                              .1 prescripted countrie
                                              .4 events:
                                                              1 minor event for the "chosen" trait
                                                              2 rare multi pictured events for "adorable innocent" and "terrifying sadist" traits.
                                                              1 purge like event for the snu fever civic with arts by dr comet
                                              Localisation: english
                                                                  french, german (partial)
                                                                  All others localisation are minimaly supported (english text, no more "trait_leader_warm_nuts" or others things like this)
                                              Installation :
                                                      (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos contain all portraits and the main city
                                                      (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos cities contain all others cities
                                                      (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos traits and more contain the traits, civic, technologies, and the events
                                                      ( requirements!  )  Sexyxenos Countrie contain the prescripted nations
                                                                                         For this last part you need Just more flags, Sexyxenos and Sexyxenos traits
                                                      ( fixes ) Sexyxenos compatibility patch archive, not required but nice if you play with massa, enhanced gene modding, life engineering or if you want to build the ssm synths like vanilla synths.
                                             Unpack the rar archives in document/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod
      I dont mind if you take the files for your mods.
       Feel free to give me some feedbacks and ideas.

      All graphics belong to their originals authors
      Credits :
                      Thanks to Abominus for the german localisation
                                      Akinaruto for the french localisation
                                      Lockeslylcrit for the english localisation
                                      Ailine for the russian localisation
                                      Pravus for the succubi species
                                      Powaqqatsi for many portraits
      tips : if you did not like the event frequency go to sexysxenos/event, open the pop event text and find the
                mean_time_to_happen = {
                 years = xxx                   <-  and change this value
      There is one for the adorable event and one for the terrifying.   
      Do not put a extremely low value for the adorable event, this can cause sexual battles.                                     
      The idea box: .find cool xenos with tentacles
                            .wolf portraits
                            . even more nekos
                            .monster girls ?
                            .add husbandos to make space sexier for more peoples    Not my kind of stuff, my bad.
                            .more prescripted countries
                            .make space more sexy
                            . unfurred xenos
                            .wow elves



    5. Touhou Diablo - Treasure Hunter G Save 100% with mane game and Oni patch

      save0.txt my 100% game of Touhou Diablo - Treasure Hunter G 
      Touhou Diablo - Treasure Hunter G 100% Save game I will tall you here you put at C:\Users\YouName\Downloads\TD - THG Next go to C:\Users\youname\Downloads\TD - THG\Touhou Diablo - Treasure Hunter G next go to .ttg put my save in and you good to go for the have suika in you game download save2.txt and put it in .ttg 




    6. Darkest Desires

      1. Go to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\mods
      2. Delete folder 999999_darkestdesire (if present)
      3. Extract zip file into folder
      4. Activate mod in ingame menu
      5. ???
      6. Profit



    7. [Starbound] Bunnykin Nude NSFW

      I did not see anyone on the internet doing a Bunnykin NSFW edit, so I took a few hours to learn to pixel and took care of that. Designed with the Bunnykin Sexbound API in mind so there's not a jarring transition, but subtle enough that it should not clip any clothing or have a problem with users not using the API.

      Requires: Bunnykin Race Starbound Community Forum Link
      Instruction: Replace the files in [Starbound Install]\mods\Bunnykin\humanoid\bunnykin with the files in the zip file. This overwrites two png files.
      Conflicts: Any mod that modifies the vanilla cosmetic appearance of the Bunnykin.



    8. Sims 4

      Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.
      Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.
      What's New in Version UPDATED - 19/09/2018
      Released September 30
      ANOTHER HUGE UPDATE - 30 ANIMATIONS - 22/07/2018
      -Les Trib On Sofa 01
      -Les Trib On Sofa 02
      -Les Trib On Sofa 03
      -ForePlay Les 01
      -ForePlay Les 02
      -ForePlay Les 03
      -ForePlay Les 04
      -ForePlay Les 05
      -ForePlay Les 06
      -Cunnilingus On Sofa 01
      -Cunnilingus On Sofa 02
      -Cunnilingus On Sofa 03
      -Cunnilingus On Sofa 04
      -Cunnilingus On Sofa 05
      -Cunnilingus On Sofa CLIMAX
      DF UPDATE:
      -3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - 01
      -3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - 02
      -3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - 03
      -3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - 04
      -3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - 05
      -3P MMF - BED - ROUND 2 - CLIMAX




    9. Defiler Wings 1.4.1 English translation (not machine)

      Attention Russian speakers!
      Looking for help from you guys! There is a section in the What's new section where I put the lines which I couldn't figure out from the machine translation. If you are willing to help, please check it and give me a rough translation. It is okay if it has bad grammar or not really English - it will be still a hundred times better than the machine translated texts. I'll fix it if necessary and of course you will be listed in the credits for your contribution.
      What is this?
      This is an English translation for Defiler Wings 1.4.1. You need the original game to be able to use this.
      Defiler Wings is a dragon simulator game. You take the role of a dragon and bring destruction to all kingdoms. You also kidnap virgins and work on your dynasty...
      It was developed by Old Huntsman and Co, a russian(?) dude and Co. When I tried it, it was obvious at once that the English version is mostly a machine translated one. Except from a few small parts (which was made by people) it is simply horrible.

      So I started to make my own version, simply by writing directly in the python files. I thought I might as well share it with you.
      It is not an easy job, because:
      - I don't speak Russian, so I don't know what was the original text and what style the text had.
      - I don't speak Google translate (nobody does...)
      - I don't speak python
      - English is not my 1st language.
      - I am a Grandmatser of typoing.
      An example: "Yes, if all women Floor was such a Dark Lady and her offspring would have very salty!"
      Basically I have to figure out what the original text was by reading lines like this. Since I look at the python code, I don't have much context, just some variable names and comments. Sometimes there are still Russian words in it, which I may or may not find in online translators. Most of the time I think I know what was the text about, but in cases like the above, I just don't have the foggiest idea. So I come up with something which fits the text around it or just leave it out.
      How to install
      (Optional) Do a safety copy of the "game" directory in your game folder (or just the files which are in the zip).
      Unpack into the game directory, overwrite when asked.
      I'm aware that the texts I "fixed" are still full with errors, typoes, etc. At the moment I made only 1 pass on them, meaning I didn't recheck them. IMO it is better to get all texts in "somewhat good" state before I start spending more time on shining them. That being said if you report problems I will fix them.
      - Old Huntsman - the creator of the game
      - the people who made the current translations, English menu, etc.
      - Akmed - helped with countless lines from day 1. Kudos!
      - LightSpectr, Graiden and<Censored name> - their help was invaluable in making sense of some tricky lines




    10. [CE] Conan Sexiles

      version number: 3.0.0
      workshop mod ID: 1206493209
      Detailed informations and user guide
      The mod features intimate animations for players, thralls and restricting apparels like shackles, cuff and collars; a new item that makes you able to put other players unconscious; a leash that can be used to drag around collared players and other new toys for a savage and barbaric world
      To access the animations and features of this mod target a player or a thrall and interact with the E key to open the radial menu.
      For vocalizing your lustful intentions press H
      During animations key press A and D changes the speed, W and S sets the animation stage while X can change the camera focus and pressing TAB will stop the action
      Every new item are craftable at the torturer's worktable with a Taskmaster thrall (T2/T3/T4).
      The restricting apparels can be unequipped anytime without penalty, and taking off the collar breaks the leash setting the player free.
        I made a discord server where we can have productive conversations, feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports and announcements. Discord invite link
      2.3.0 : MergedMechani/Legion's  Mechani/Legion's Warpaint Fix Mod into Conan Sexiles
      Animations made by Corintio,
      Rest of the framework/scripts/models/textures made by Gomolyg? ((Shendelzare))
      Thanks to OXYG1N for the original mod idea. The older animations are the work of Mike24 and starchildmoon.
      [h1]Compatibility with other mods[/h1]
      The mod overwrites the following original assets of the game:

      Uses item and recipe table ID in the range of: 195500-199551,195998,295500-295502
      The leash function now check if the player has an equiped item at the slot (head/arms/upperbody/warpaint) with a "Collar" modification text from the ItemTable, this means that any mod adding new collars will work with the leash function if they have the tag Collar.
      steam workshop link
        Conan Sexiles user guide.pdf



    11. Stellaris Natural Nudity

      This mod makes humanoids always naked.
      All credit to this mod goes to Nessa as far as I know.
      I didn't make the nude portraits, so the credit goes to the creator.
      All I did was rename some files.
      Check the install file to make sure you install it correctly!



    12. Additional Maps for LifePlay

      This is the download page for all additional maps currently available for LifePlay. Obviously, the game itself needs to be downloaded and installed first from this page before these additional maps can be installed. I decided to keep the download pages separate as to not spam update notifications for the game's download page whenever I merely update or add a map.
      By default, all game releases already include the Central London map. These maps are entirely optional - pick and choose as you see fit.
      I built these maps based on OpenStreetMap geodata, which is a fantastic open source project, but without the huge financial resources that Google and co have, OpenStreetMap is not flawless. You'll find that some cities inevitably have better quantity and quality of data than others. Fear not! I have included the 'Randomize Unknown Buildings' option in the City Selection menu + you can manually edit each building in game. 
      |Full Releases| |Additional Maps| |Source Code| |Documents| 
      How to install each map:
      Extract the archive then copy and paste its content into {GameInstallationFolder}\LifePlay\Content\Heavy\StreetMap Make sure that {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap folder, and another (much heavier) pair of {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap\Static subfolder. (For those curious: the first pair holds the map data, while the second pair holds the 3d shapes of the map itself)
      List of maps completed so far:
      Central London (included by default) Batch 1 (x31, 6 April): Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cambridge, Chicago, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Nairobi, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, and Vienna. Batch 2: (x30, 4 May, requires v1.2 of the game): Tucson, Helsinki, Detroit, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Beijing, Pittsburgh, Bucharest, Prague, Mykolaiv, Dublin, San Francisco, Havana, Athens, Honolulu, San Juan, Warsaw, Birmingham, Seoul, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Bern, Philadelphia, New Orleans, St Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur Batch 3 (x30, 12 Jul, requires v1.6 of the game): Ottawa, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Turku, Charleston, Salvador, Brno, Giza, Cleveland, Dallas, Bristol, Auckland, Nassau, Lübeck, Rosario, Buffalo, Phoenix, Stockholm, Bath, Austin, Anaheim, Grand Rapids, Thessaloniki, Wellington, Branson, Gloucester, Christchurch, Reykjavik, Bali, Zagreb Batch 4: (x38, 17 Aug, requires v1.9 of the game): Oulu, Tampere, Melbourne, Invercargill, Freeport, Shanghai, Boston, Seattle, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Jacksonville, Columbus, Charlotte, Denver, Washington DC, Memphis, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Kansas, Omaha, Salt Lake, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City Batch 5: (x15, 20 Sep, requires v1.11 of the game): Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Towne Lake, Annapolis, Salisbury, Ocean City, Agen, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Biarritz & Aachen Batch 6 (x12, 6 Oct, requires v1.12 of the game): Benidorm, Mislata, Pre-Saint-Gervais, Saint-Mande, Monaco, Pateros, Macau, West New York, Maywood, Sunny Isles Beach, Cambridge (MA) and Central Falls Batch 7: Keep your map requests coming!  
      Which cities do you want to be playable in LifePlay next? Keep the requests coming. I'll do 10 -15 new maps for each new version of LifePlay
      Special thanks to the OpenStreetMap community, without whose geodata, these maps wouldn't be possible.




    13. [UE4] LifePlay - Free LifeSim RPG

      LifePlay is a life simulation RPG being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

      - Play in real world cities with real world buildings, using OpenStreetMap geodata (157 cities and counting)
      - Extensive character customizations for the player and NPCs, catering to all body shapes
      - Non-grindy gameplay combining lifesim and RPG elements, with user-friendly UI and controls
      - Come across a diverse range of life situations, sexual or otherwise, realistic or fantasy (528 scenes and counting) where your choice matters
      - 3D sex scenes that allow player control without forcing it, enhanced by well-written erotica 
      - Completely free and open source
      - Highly customizable, editable and moddable
      Brief demo video: https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/31307/lifeplay-free-lifesim-rpg  
      |Full Releases| |Additional Maps| |Source Code| |Documents| 
      The game has been under development since the end of 2017. You can already play and replay it for hours easily with different character builds in different cities.
      The game will always be free and open-source. All contents, with full sources, will always be publicly released to everyone as soon as they are ready. Nothing will ever be exclusive or put behind a paywall. You can support the game's development by spreading the word about it and by making mods for it. 
      Made by a modder himself, LifePlay is very moddable and even if you've never modded before, you could easily make a new scene, actor stat, action, sex description or dirty talk for it in a few minutes. Even in game, there are editors to generate character presets and map expansions. Check the Docs folder for instructions.
      The game isn't demanding in terms of PC specs, but if you do get low FPS, reduce the Post Process Quality in the Settings section of the main menu and there should be a dramatic improvement.
      Inspired by:
      - Games: The Sims series (my intial concept was 'A free, open-source and moddable The Sims with sex, dialogues and real world cities'), NewLife by SplendidOstrich, GirlLife by TFGSite
      - Mods: SexLab, OSex, Apropos, Schlongs of Skyrim, BodySlide, LooksMenu and Mod Organizer
      Special thanks to: the OpenStreetMap community, Manuel Bastioni and the MakeHuman community. Without their open-source projects, this game would not be possible.




    14. [CK2] Herring's Stuff for CK2

      Here's some stuff I made for CK2.
      Trait Icon Replacements
      I think a lot of the icons for traits used by DWR and it's sub-mods don't really fit with the rest of the games icons.
      As such I thought I'd make my own. Here are the current icons:

      There are 3 different downloads:
      Trait Icon Replacements These files are to actually replace a mod's icons For normal users Trait Icon Replacements - Premades for modders These are premade icons made from the templates, they come in PNG, DDS & TGA For modders Trait Icon Replacements - Templates for modders The actual templates the icons were made from For modders  
      You are free to include any of these icons in your mod & make your own with the templates, if you meet the terms from the "Terms for re-use for own mod" section further down below.
      Premade & Templates also both come with python scripts to convert all PNGs in the current directory to DDS or TGA, these do require ImageMagick to be installed though to work.
      Currently supported mods:
      Abos Lovers of Harems Bosom Fantasy Christianity Dark World Reborn Dark World: Toska Remix Turtle's Extra Traits and Other Stuff  
      Trap Portrait Swaps

      This creates new cultures through a patch and patcher program which are used to swap a characters appearance to the portrait of the other gender.
      I have made a few premade patches for the following mods with either no DLC or all DLCs:
      DW:R 1.68 DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 DW:R 1.68 + Nox's DPAα ( + Supplement) DW:R 1.68 + Nox's DPAα ( + Supplement) + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 HIP (All modules) 2018-06-21 + DW:R 1.68 HIP (All modules) 2018-06-21 + DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 CK2Plus 4.07.8 + DW:R 1.68 CK2Plus 4.07.8 + DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 Elder Kings 0.2.1 + DW:R 1.68 Elder Kings 0.2.1 + DW:R 1.68 + TFG 1.11 AGOT 1.7.1 + DW:R 1.68 AGOT 1.7.1 + DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 NOTE: I don't know how well in practice these work, I tried a few with starting up a game and looking if a few things loaded properly, testing each extensively would be way too time consuming. CK2Plus at least for me has errors, even when playing with only it loaded, even though it has the right checksum & even after checking the integrity with Steam, so I don't know if it really works. I'm also not going to make new premades, this is a one time only thing as it is way to time consuming to make these in bulk, see further down how you can make a patch yourself.
      A few other notes:
      Additional mods usually require a newly created patch of their own (either if they have new graphical cultures, do something with the trap trait or overwrite a file that is also overwritten by the patch), if you want to create a patch yourself look further down. By "All DLCs" I mean all DLCs that include graphical cultures. The patches don't do much on their own, the only thing that is actually included is to make someone a trap is a game rule for a debug mode which enables a decision to make characters into traps. The patches also create trap portrait swaps for women, I don't know if this will create problems, but usually people only set the trap trait if someone's male, so it hopefully won't. When creating a character don't change the culture to a trap culture, the patch only affects ethnicity, so if you want to play as one change the ethnicity.  
      Creating own patch:
      Stuff for modders:
      Trap & Futa Genes

      This mod provides game rules for both trap & futa traits through which you can control:
      the % of characters that can randomly get one of the traits the % of how likely it is that a child with a trap/futa parent inherits the trait if children of parent with trap/futa trait only get a chance to inherit the trait or in addition to the chance to inherit it, also have the chance to randomly get it if the traits should be given to the characters on adulthood and don't mess with the children's development OR given on birth as is default by DWR if the mod should always remove other mod's assignment of the traits, try to be as compatible as possible or just never remove the traits.  
      The mod is overkill if you want a fixed percentage (just change the "birth" and "inheritance" flags of the traits), but if you want to change percentages between saves it's pretty useful.
      It also should have pretty good compatibility to other sub-mods, as it doesn't change any of the files from DWR, but this is also my first mod, so take that statement with a grain of salt.

      Here's a graph from one of the dev diaries that show how many NPCs are alive at a given time, to help you choose what percentages you want: https://i.imgur.com/vMnckpc.png CK2 usually creates less women at startup, because of that if you set the percentage for random traps and futas to be equal, you will very likely still end up with less futas when the game starts. Changelog:
      Herring's Math Stuff
      For another mod I needed the functions: nth root of x and x to the power of n. As such I (painstakingly) created some scripted effects for them, because I couldn't find an example of it one the Paradox forums.
      Functions / Operators included
      NthPower - x to the power of n NthRoot - nth root of x Factorial - Factorial of a number LogisticFunction - Logistic growth function  
      Some things to remember:
      CK2's Engine supports a maximum of 3 decimal places as such I can't improve the accuracy in that department. Large numbers can lead to overflows  
      3rd root of 5.54 = 1,769443...

      3rd root of 50 = 3,684031498....

      -2nd root of 5 = 0,44721359...

      52.5 = 55,9016994...

      -54 = 625

      -55 = -3125

      For other problems and restrictions see the main file.
      How to use
      Since all variables are declared as local_, once the event chain is broken the variables will disappear with it.
      Terms for re-use for own mod
      If you want to use anything from these assets & mods for your own mod then you can do that, as long as your mod is available for download without having to pay & preview/newer versions are also freely available without having to pay for them.
      So, in short:
      No complete paywall lock Neither a temporary paywall lock Donations are fine. Credit would also be nice.



    15. [Starbound][SexboundAPI]Asari Race patch

      Sexbound support for my asari race:



    16. The House of O - A Society for BDSM

      Do you want to take a break from ruling over others and serve them for a change? 
      Do you want to dominate your lover and make them submit to you?
      Do you like lots of events?
      Then this mod is for you!
      This alpha version is fully functional up to rank 2 (servant). Dominant content will be added with the next large update.
      Join the House of O and complete slave training. Find a dominant partner and submit to becoming their plaything. Craft or find a variety of BDSM-themed artifacts. Be obedient, or unruly, but prepare to face punishment. Experience the House in over 350 unique events.  
      Joining the House
      Unconventional erotic practices are not exactly forbidden, but widely frowned upon. As such the House of O does not openly recruit new members, but sends personal invitations to promising individuals. As with any secret society you need to show interest in it for someone to approach you with a careful offer. Other than that, you need only your curiosity, and a healthy interest in carnal pleasures.
      Start a new game. Savegames that were started without the mod will not work.
      To be able to show interest in joining, you need to be:
      An adult Neither tribal nor nomadic Not imprisoned Neither chaste nor celibate  
      Rank 1 - Slave
      The first few years you will spend entirely at the House and train to become a good slave.
      Rank 2 - Servant
      As a servant you are free to come and go as you please. You may be called upon to keep the House running, and maybe you will find a friend or even something more among the other servants.
      Rank 3 - Domina / Dominus
      (not yet implemented)
      Not everyone has what it takes, to be a dom. Many are content with staying submissive, but those who rise above enjoy all the benefits the House offers.
      Rank 4 - Master / Mistress
      (not yet implemented)
      The Master or Mistress oversees all the aspects of the House, but they share not their secrets in ensuring the society stays safe and prospers.
      Offer Submission
      Offer to become the submissive part in a relationship.
      Craft Devices
      Using plans and instructions from the House of O you‘re able to craft restraints, toys, or accessories suiting your fancy. You will additionally need to acquire tools and materials. More learned characters have a higher chance to create quality works.
      More to come with rank 3...
      Extract the archive into your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ Enable the mod "BDSM Society: The House of O" in the Crusader Kings 2 Launcher Enjoy ?  
      just install the new version over the old one and overwrite all files.  
      No DLCs are required, but some events do not show the intended picture if Monks and Mystics is not enabled.
      Portrait Packs are recommended for more variety and prettier charaters, but no features depend on them.
      Compatible with version 2.8.3 of Crusader Kings 2. Older versions will probably cause issues, and are not supported.
      Compatible with the "School of Sappho"-Mod.
      There may be issues with mods that add new sounds.
      Other mods should work fine.
      Total Conversions will cause issues and crashes.
      The Road Ahead
      Version 0.9 - Dominant
      The Dominant update will grant the ability to reach rank 3 alongside all perks this position brings. Dominate others into becoming your sub, experience intense sessions with your slave or your dominant lover, force prisoners to become slaves at the House. You will have all the tools at your hand to assert your dominance.
      version 1.0 - Master
      Become the Master of the House and learn about the secrets that keep it going. You new position will grant you power, but also demand hard decisions off you. Will you be a benevolent Master, or continue the tradition of ruling with an iron fist gripping a barbed whip? Do you even have a choice?
      Special Thanks
      tacomarine – for ideas concerning interaction events between sub and dom lovers



    17. Dickplomacy Reloaded for Mount and Blade Warband

      Forever free and open source!
      A standalone module based on Dickplomacy that expands features! ALL SEXUAL CONTENT IN THIS MOD IS 18+ AND LEGAL.
      Created by ☆ LilyModzStuff ☆
      View Github Nightly! Features
      ☆ Custom Troop Trees
      ☆ Dynamic Troop Trees
      ☆ Rubiks World Map
      ☆ HD World Map
      ☆ Freelancer (Play as a soldier in a lords party)
      ☆ Diplomacy
      ☆ Autoloot
      ☆ Formations mod
      ☆ Change player gender in camp menu
      ☆ Gambling in taverns: (Find the Lady, Dice Game)
      ☆ Bodyguards/Escorts in Town/Village Scenes
      ☆ Village Raids & Sieges--Allow Player Party Actions
      ☆ Alive horses (In Towns)
      ☆ Custom banner creator
      ☆ Single screen character creator 
      ☆ Brothels & Animated sex (Consensual / Non-Consensual. Able to be turned off / on.)
      ☆ Warband UI Retexture by Rohzdear
      ☆ Tournament Play Enhancements
      ☆ Meet guild master from town menu without going to the town first.
      ☆ Image of local lord, and banner in towns / villages and castles. (by the Floris mod team)
      ☆ Build from, and contains Source!
      ☆ Overhauled faces and eyelashes
      ☆ Muskets
      ☆ Ships and naval combat (ability to rob merchants and fight pirates)
      ☆ Several bug fixes for the original Dickplomacy
      ☆ Disabled the luck system from original Dickplomacy






    18. Sexbound Viera Race Support

      This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of the Veira of Ivalice
      Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder
      [Sexbound API]
      Sexbound API by Loxodon = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      [ Viera Race Links ]
      = Non-Steam Version =
      = Steam Version =
      Be Advised:
      For those who wants to edit this mod, please ask for permission from the author of this mod first before you make changes, and reposting this mod and changing the author of the mod will be reported and the reposted mod will be taken down. Thank you for your cooperation.



    19. Apex Xenos

      Welcome to the Apex Xenos Mod, if you don't like vore, that's cool but you probably aren't going to want this mod.
      What is currently in the mod:
      It adds 4 species traits. 3 civics, 2 edicts and an independent vore skill leader trait that has small bonuses to start with but will increase performance across the board when fully leveled.
      The lethal vore predator trait lends itself well to a powerful military empire, with 2 civics centered around this militaristic attitude
      The unbirther trait is better suited toward more peaceful empires, with a civic that boosts exp gain and level cap
      What is currently planned for the mod:
      Anomalies - The galaxy is a hungry place
      Events - A pool of events for the game to draw from that allow the player to increase a leader's vore skill, have a leader be eaten, or even usurp the current ruler
      Prey and predator personalities - so AI should prioritize gobbling up prey rather than federating with them
      Hunger CBs for predators
      And whatever else I happen to dream up
      This is my first mod for any game so it's bound to be a little rough around the edges, that said, feel free to throw out ideas for events, civics, and traits etc etc
      Extract the contents of the archive to docuements/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod so you have a folder named "Vore_mod" and a file named Vore gameplay in the mod folder
      Next, just click on the mods tab in the launcher and find "Vore mod .1"
      You're all set!



    20. [CK2] Circumcision Mod

      == Circumcision mod ==
      This mod add new traits to male character allowing them to be uncircumcised or circumcised.
      Other characters migh have preferences on the matter and will have varing opinion of the characters. Using targetted decision on yourself, on your family and on your prisonrs, you can also change the status of a man (obviously, it is only available one way!). There are also a few events and actions available that will trigger when appropriate. The various cultures and religions will act as appropriate when it comes to making the circumcision decisions.
      As per some request I have received, options and traits relating to female circumcision were added. This content is turned OFF by default and needs to be enabled in the game rules (when starting a new game). Some of these decisions can be usefull, for instance when having issues with a wife who is generating too many bastards.
      If you notice something wrong, let me know and I will try to fix it. Suggestions are also more than welcome.
      Note that althought this mods works extremely well with Dark World Reborn, it does not require it. This mod is completely compatible with the vanilla CK2 (no required DLC). But it does require version 2.8 or later of the game.
      == Installation ==
      Simply download the zip file unzip it in your crusader king mod folder (make sure the CircMod.mod file and the CircMod folder are  DIRECTLY in the mod folder). Your mod filder is in your users document (~Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\) When launching CK2, the mod should be available in your mod list.
      == Credits and thanks ==
      A big thanks to the Dark World Reborn by dewguru. The inspiration of this mod came from his excellent work. Some of this mods mechanics are also heavily inspired by his work and the way he handled other "dick related" status.
      A huge thanks to Herring for creating great new custom icons for the traits of this mod.



    21. [Stellaris] EoS - Without Apparel Patch

      Without Apparel Patch!!!
      Space elf clothing! Or the lack thereof! Changes some of the Elves of Stellaris girl clothes to be somewhat less than totally decent.
      Slave gear is more appropriate.... for slaves. Sidh clothing is ... breezier. Savage clothing is... more savage. Special modifier clothing... is almost non-existent. Some special clothing... less opaque.  
      Important Notes:
      DO. NOT. UPLOAD. TO. STEAM. The Without Apparel Patch is always current with the main Steam mod, even if the version numbers don't match.



    22. Go F*** Yourself

      I'm sorry that version 1.2 of this mod has not been working for many players. This version was configured to work with the new positions that we are working on in the upcoming version of Sexbound, and I have mistakenly uploaded it while forgetting that it is not compatible with Sexbound version 2.5. Please download the latest version of this mod - version 1.3.0.
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move the extracted .pak file into your Starbound mods directory.
      3) Finished.
      Latest version of Sexbound
      Optionally, download the latest version of Alluring Toys Co.
      This mod adds the ability to create a platform and controller that enables you to have sex with your own character.
      You may craft this object in the Basic Crafting window (press the 'c' key). Look for the recipes: GFY Platform and GFY Controller. 
      1) Ensure that you have admin privileges. Type /admin into the chat.
      2) Open the Basic Crafting window. ('c' key).
      3) Select 'GFY Platform' - Supply x500 pixels.
      4) Select 'GFY Controller' - Supply x100 pixels.
      5) Find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.
      You can purchase this item from the Alluring Toys Co. vending machine which is another Sexbound supported mod.
      Use It
      1) Drag the GFY Platform from your inventory to a clear surface area. 
      2) Next, place the GFY Controller on the a nearby surface which will enable it to sync to the platform.
      3) Interact with the controller to change among the different modes. (Male vs. Male, Male vs. Female, and Female vs. Female).
      4) Interact with the platform to use it!



    23. [Stellaris] Real Human Slaves!

      Real Human Slaves!
      I'm releasing this as a more complete example of what to do with: Birthday Suits!
      This mod does exactly two these things:
      Human pops will have randomized clothing. (Just vanilla clothing randomized.) Human pops under the influence of Chemical Bliss... forget about clothes entirely. Enslaved human pops will have slave gear depending on slave type. (Domestic, laborers, etc.) Girls: 12 new outfits. 2 new hairstyles (One from Llossaa's work and the other a new version based on his idea.) And... no more ugly hairstyles! Guys: 9 new outfits. And.. absolutely no more man-buns! (The multitudes cheered! ) Yes, technically leaders can use the outfits but they will disappear with new leaders. (Unless somebody changes the leader section of the asset selectors.) Ugly "skin like a deadperson" Paradox asian girls are now replaced by a much better version by Llossa.
      THE FAQ!

      I thought this would serve as a more simple example of how to mess with clothing. (My Elf/Drow mods are pretty complex at this point.) This mod took me all of 5 minutes. In fact this upload and the screenshot took longer!! (It's more or less a cut and paste from relevant sections of my Elves mod.)
      Hey, I enslaved a bunch of pops and their clothes didn't change!!
      Close the planet view and open it again. They'll have some new fashion. This is a game limitation at the moment.
      Is this compatible with X human mod?
      Probably NOT. To play with human clothing you have to edit vanilla resources. Now if some other mod adds -another- race that is human, than it's compatible. Anything that also messes with vanilla humans will -not- be compatible. (However it should be a simple fix. Simply edit the files in the "asset_selectors" folder!)
      Waaa! I don't have Utopia! Woe is me!
      Well get it! Actually without Utopia the slaves default to the "laborer" type.
      Hey, can I use this for BLAH BLAH?
      Absolutely! I'm just releasing this as a quick example mod. It's really just a modder's resource.
      Where did you get the slave stuff?
      I stole it from my Drow and Elves mods. And for those I stole them (or at least the look) from some Oblivion and Skyrim slave wear!
      Is this mod going to be a thing?
      In fact, no. I have no interest in doing anything more with this. It is just a proof of concept. Anyone else is welcome to take this and expand on it.
      What version does this work on?
      This was designed for human clothing based on Stellaris 2.1.*. If Paradox ever actually gets a brain adds new human clothing, it would be a simple matter to adjust the existing files to work with whatever new stuff they release.



    24. [Stellaris] Real HumanOID Slaves!

      Real HumanOID Slaves!!
      The long awaited (OK maybe not ) humanoid version of Real Human Slaves.
      For Humanoids 2, 3 and 4:
      Slave pops get clothes based on their slave type. Some male humanoids now have their arms again. In some cases where vanilla clothing was extra borked, now fixed. All humanoids now have proper male -and- female clothing selectors. (This is not the case in vanilla!) Pops under the influence of Chemical Bliss shed their clothes. Pops have randomized clothes.
      For Humanoids 5:
      Slave pops have even more clothes depending on slave type. Also run around "in the buff" while under Chemical Bliss. Girls get a few vanilla recolored outfits I had laying around from the Elves mod. Pops have randomized clothes. More colorized Vulcan hairstyles for both male and females.  

      NOTE: This mod is feature complete! From here on I'll only be keeping it current with new Stellaris releases. (Meaning: if I have to do another outfit for a squid head I may jump off a cliff. )
      The FAQTNR!!!
      Frequently Asked Questions That Nobody Reads
      What version does this work with?
      So far: Stellaris 2.1.*. Do I need Utopia for this!?
      Only if you want to see specialized slave gear. If you don't have it, then slaves default to the "laborer" clothing. Can I use this with Real Human Slaves?
      You can! Will this conflict with X mod?
      Not unless X mod also edits the following:
      humanoid_05_male_clothes_01 Why not merge this with Real Human Slaves!?
      Mainly because there are mods that mess with base humans already. Few mess with humanoids. I figured it was better to have two separate mods to make managing conflicts easier. Well this is 1/32 of a good idea. I want to grab this and do something much better with it!
      Please go ahead with my blessing! This is mostly a proof of concept. I don't care about this slave stupidity, can I use the base portraits for some other mod?
      Absolutely! Go right ahead!



    25. [Starbound][SexboundAPI]Karrogan Race patch

      It's just a compatibility patch for the race im making
      You'll also need SexboundApi: