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    1. [RimWorld] [B18] RimJobWorld 1.6.0


      |#| DOWNLOAD
      |#| REPOSITORY
      |#| DISCORD
      $ Latest stable version for {B18] : 1.6.0 
      $ Latest stable version for [A17] : 1.5.4j
      Adds body parts: genitals, anus & breasts. Adds sex need to the game. Adds rape to the game. Adds comfort prisoner feature. Adds pregnancy (this feature will be automatically disabled if you have Children & Pregnancy mod). Adds 'simple' baby (this feature will be automatically disabled if you have Children & Pregnancy mod). Adds whore bed: a colonist assigned to this bed will try to hook up with others. Adds STDs.  
      \\\ NEW FEATURES
      [NEW] Random rape mental breakdown. Insects will now inject eggs while raping. Mechanoids will now inject microcomputers while raping. Added an option to sterilize vanilla animals. Overhauled bestiality rape mechanism. Added comfort colonist and comfort animal buttons. (NOTE: comfort animal button is still experimental and might not work as intended) ABF is now a part of RimJobWorld! In case you're wondering, ABF was an extension of this mod that adds a new rape mechanics. Raiders will now rape incapacitated/knocked down/unconscious pawns who are enemies to them. New whore beds and severed body parts textures. Sex need decay rate option. Ever wonder what RimJobWorld means? Set this value to 1,000,000! Wild mode option. No rules for sex. All limiting requirements are turned off. You can find it in options > mod settings. Check the changelog for more info.
      \\\ REQUIREMENT(S)
      HugsLib. Get it from GitHub or Steam.  
      Make sure you have all the requirements installed. It's recommended to download the mod from here or from the repository tags. Downloading directly from the master branch or other branches from the repository is highly not recommended as they might have been WIPs which don't have proper DLLs yet. If you're unsure, check the #development channel at Discord. If you're upgrading the mod, DO NOT OVERWRITE THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF THE MOD. Delete the previous version from your 'Mods' folder before installing a newer one. Files & folders might have been changed/renamed/removed thus removing the previous version is the best way to avoid conflicts. Extract the downloaded mod archive into 'Mods' folder. Open the game, then enable RimJobWorld in the Mods menu. Rearrange the load order of the mods based on recommended load order below. You can then alter the mod settings in Options > Mod Settings to your liking. Play & enjoy! :D  
      \\\ LOAD ORDER
      Sample load order:
      Core Hugslib (required) EPOE Some mods Some mods [A17 only] Romance Diversified [A17 only] Children & Pregnancy RimJobWorld  
      IIntegrated mods:
      EPOE [A17 only] Children & Pregnancy [A17 only] Romance Diversified ABF It is now a part of RJW!  
      Reported incompatible mods:
      The Birds and The Bees Animal Armor (RJW's generated private body parts on animals will disappear if you put on armors on them) Rim of Madness - Vampirer. It's harmless to install this, but the vampires won't rape others.  
      \\\ KNOWN BUGS
      Exception: Whore unable to reserve target. To avoid this, don't assign more than one whore. Sometimes on a rare occasion, there gonna be exceptions about pawns unable to reserve things. Any pack of manhunters will try to rape your incapacitated colonists. Rapists were supposed to be humans, insects, and mechanoids only. But well ... let's see how you like this bug before fixing it. Rarely, female animals spawned from developer menu don't have genitals. [Fixed] Options on mod settings reverting to their default values. [Fixed] Zoophiliac bugs. [Fixed] Null exception: on creatures that have no gender when you start a new game with RWJ enabled. [Fixed] Double pregnancy. [Partially fixed] Relationship bugs. [Fixed] Whore bed button appears on normal beds. [Fixed] Designate as comfort prisoner button sometimes randomly stop working. [Fixed] Endless notification on right click on CP. [Fixed] Standing bed fap (the pawn is supposed to be lying down). [Fixed] Exception: on raped pawn function. [Fixed] Exception: clothes container error.  
      Before reporting, make sure you check the known bug section above and https://gitgud.io/SuperHotSausage/RimJobWorld/issues. The bug you encountered might have been reported.
      Open a new issue on https://gitgud.io/SuperHotSausage/RimJobWorld/issues, and if you do, be sure to add BUG tag to it. Or just post it here or on Discord. Name your the mod version you're using. List the mods you're using and their load order. Better yet, attach/paste your ModsConfig.xml (or screenshot of load order if you downloaded mods from steam workshop). it's located in C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config\. Attach the log file if it's a red (error) or yellow (warning) bug).  
      Check https://gitgud.io/SuperHotSausage/RimJobWorld/issue
      Q: Can I add this mod mid game?
      A: Yes you can. But you can't remove it midgame.
      Q: My pawns won't rape comfort prisoners/anyone.
      A: Rape has perquisites. let me break it down for you:
      Does your pawn have rapist trait? In the current state, the code won't allow your pawn to rape without rapist trait. This is subject to change in the future. We will add something like 'random rape mental breakdown'. Sexual orientation matters (only if you have Romance Diversified mod). Sexual need. Your rapists will not rape people while it's full. If you want your female colonists to be able to rape, check mod settings and alter them to suit your taste. Your pawn needs to be assigned to 'warden' job to be able to rape comfort prisoner. Object's vulnerability. Again, check mod settings and edit 'em to suit your taste. Lastly, if you don't want to go through all those requirements, go to mod settings and activate Wild Mode, which bypasses all those requirements.  
      Q: How does whore bed work?
      A: A pawn assigned to it will be given whoring job by RJW. Mean she/he will try to hook up with other pawns most of the time. Whore service is around 20-40 for visitors & caravans (and free for all colonists). Note that visitors rarely bring silvers with them thus they're unable to use the whore service.
      Void Main Original Author
      UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld
      pardeike Harmony library
      Fluffy Architecture Sense mod DLL
      Loverslab Housing this mod
      Skystreet Saved A16 version from nexus oblivion
      nethrez1m HugsLib / RimWorldChildren fixes
      prkr_jmsn A17 compatibility, Genital injection, sounds, filth
      Goddifist Ideas
      shark510 Textures, testing
      Soronarr Surgery recipes, monstergirls
      semigimp General coding
      AngleWyrm Textures
      Alanetsai Chinese traditional translations
      nizhuan-jjr Chinese simplified translations, general coding, bugsfix, whore system, broken body system, balancing, testing, textures, previews, etc.
      g0ring Coding idea, bugfix
      StarlightG Coding idea, bugfix
      SuperHotSausage Coding, stuff
      Sidfu Coding, XML modding
      NEPH Graphics & textures. testing, Korean translation
      hogehoge1942 Coding, Japanese translation
      And anyone we might have missed.
      \\\ CHANGELOG
      v1.6.0 changes:
      - Compatibility patch for Rimworld B18.
      - Removed integration with Children & Pregnancy mod.
      - Removed integration with Architect Sense mod.
      - Removed integration with Romance Diversified mod.
      - Updated Korean translation by NEPH.
      - Fixed visitors & traders raping CPs bug.
      - Fixed nymphs backstory layout bug.
      - Changed random rape mechanics. It's now triggered by mental breakdown only. (Will make an option for it)
      - Added random rape mental breakdown. (This feature is experimental and may not work as intended)
      - Added a notification when somebody is attempting a rape.
      - Added a notification when somebody is getting raped.
      - Changed some descriptions.
      - The wild mode now allows targets designated for rape to rape other designated targets.
      Complete changelog:



    2. [Stellaris] Kagami Species

      Having survived the calamities brought on by man's inhumanity to his fellow man, Earth's human survivors sought to rebuild their society on their homeworld and beyond. Was it the collapse of the Universal Federation brought on by brutal prison revolts? Or the unending war between mankind and bloodthirsty demons? Whatever the case, it has ironically left "man" disproportionately young, female, bosomy and ruthless. Calling themselves "Kagami" they might still bring that inhumanity upon the stars.
      This mod is pretty simple, befitting a first-time STELLARIS modder: it adds a custom human-style species with static portraits for use in STELLARIS, alongside four "example" prescripted empires. Almost all the artistic assets are from visual novels, web and graphic art by Kagami Hirotaka (alias KAGAMI), particularly his artwork for visual novels by eroge companies LILITH and BISHOP, along with Mizushima☆Oonari and other Japanese artists known for their work with Kagami...and a few easter eggs thrown in for fun.
      As such, the species has what I'd consider a fairly consistent across-the-board style lacking in other "anime-style" species graphic packs, despite its limitations.
      This is an species graphic pack that directly utilizes art assets from, primarily, erotic visual novel games. Even though I did not utilize the nude 2D artwork that every single female protagonist features in the pack does include, for reasons mentions below, it should be considered "NOT SAFE FOR WORK". To paraphrase the mod's original creator, you should expect enormous breasts, cavernous cleavage, engorged nipples and even occasional female nudity. If this offends you, don't use this mod.
      So, for some history: this idea wasn't mine originally, nor do I intend to take lone credit for it. The genesis for a species graphic pack using KAGAMI's portrait work for LILITH titles came from ReMeDy on the LoversLab Adult Modding Community (the only place this mod should be distributed for the time being). ReMeDy began this as a spin-off concept from another series of "anime-style" portrait packs, with 59 different portraits, the majority of them implemented in-game via the code as, appropriate called the "Lilith Species". Struck by the simple elegance (and being a fan of the art style), I approached ReMeDy about it and upon learning that he'd moved on from STELLARIS to other PARADOX INTERACTIVE titles, asked his permission to expand upon it and, potentially, distribute it on LoversLab, which he gave. This mod was a far more realistic project for a struggling STELLARIS modder than my other ideas, in particular desire for a Ctarl-Ctarl Species and Empire from the popular anime OUTLAW STAR, and the idea is ReMeDy's--without him, you wouldn't be reading this. Some of his code is still in the mod, which I'll refer to later.
      Extract the contents of the archive into your DOCUMENTS/PARADOX INTERACTIVE/STELLARIS/MOD folder. There should be two items: a 'Kagami' folder, and a Kagami.mod file. Activate this like any other mod in the STELLARIS launcher, listed under the Mods tab as 'Kagami Humans'. Chose one of the five pre-made empires (listed below, though they'll be hard to miss with their ruler portraits) or create a new empire and select 'Kagami' in the 'Appearance' menu under 'Species'. This mod should not conflict with any other mod, nor require any other mod, as it relies on either base game assets or the mod files itself.
      The mod is (mostly) simple: expand on ReMeDy's original concept and address one of its primary issues, graphic asset repeats, alongside a lack of character role-specific portraits and male character portraits. To do this, it uses mor ethan three hundred unique portraits from several dozen LILITH and BISHOP visual novel characters. There remains a lack of male portraits which can only partially be explained away by entertaining "flavor text" means, and character role categorization will raise the percentage of male graphic repeats further. I considered this a worthwhile trade-off, as demonstrated by the female graphic assets: more than a dozen distinct female ruler portraits, graphically distinct from female leader portraits (scientists, governors, admirals and generals), and with acceptable overlap with planetary population (or "pops") portraits.
      A few methods were done to accomplish this: first, repeat use of character portraits in distinct clothing. STELLARIS has a surprising level of distinction between separate pools for gender-specific static character portraits (at least five as mentioned above), along with a non-gender-specific pop pool.
      For demonstration, take the character Yatsu Murasaki from the popular TAIMANIN ASAGI franchise: multiple distinct portraits of her are available in this mod, with those in her ninja attire being in the general pool, those in her teacher outfit being in the scientist pool, those in her school uniform being in the pop pool, and so forth. This was repeated across many dozen characters of both genders: character wearing school uniforms going into general pops (excluding those with a military-look about them), characters wearing business suits going into governors, characters wearing nurse or doctor dress going into scientists, characters wearing combat attire going into generals (or occasionally admirals). Characters in bikinis and lingerie (when they appear, believe it or not quite a few did not make the cut) were put in general pops, along with characters in "civilian dress", whereas characters in cheerleading outfits (all from BISHOP titles) were usually made admirals (as a a matter of necessity).
      Rulers (the portrait you pick when creating your empire and, when your ruler is replaced, is drawn from a specific pool) were selected by the female and male leads of various visual novels (or otherwise distinguished individuals). As you might expect, aside from the actual heroins like Igawa Asagi or Cara Cromwell, this also includes the most dominant or otherwise bustiest female protagonist in a title where a faceless male player character was otherwise unsuitable. There's also a few "cameo" rulers from both ReMeDy and myself, purely out of whimsy (see if you can find which two). This goes to another issue: until someone proves otherwise, I'm going to state this as an authoritative fact--in STELLARIS, with a custom static portrait species, you can either have a A) portraits organized by leader role or portraits mostly (though not fully) compatible with the succession and election system in STELLARIS. If you want ( A ), all successors, heir or elected, will look like the generic specices portrait (presently Lieri from KANGOKU SENKAN). If you want ( B ), all portraits will be randomized across all non-ruling leaders. The "solution" for this problem probably doesn't exist--as this mod is primarily a graphical asset mod, trying to find one was my top priority; unfortunately, even in unmodded STELLARIS, the game will often break elected or heir leaders by changing some aspect of their appearance unintentionally (in addition to their attire), and the game was never intended to function entirely on static portraits. With that in mind, I've included a relatively simple, fast way to modify your save file in the below section, FIXING RULER PORTRAITS. Until PARADOX INTERACTIVE completely overhauls their portrait allocation system (which I'm not expecting), that might be the best fix there ever is. There is also a smaller issue, brought to my attention by helpful testers: as character portraits are defined by phenotype, and not clothing, the Kagami species shows up as not wearing clothes (like certain alien portrait sets included in the game). I'm not sure if there's any way to fool the game into treating the species as wearing clothing, but that only seems to matter for certain clothing related insults in diplomatic dialog. Additionally, one user with more dated GPU hardware (it would seem to be sub-8800GT video cards, or their limited AMD equivalent) reported that all portraits over 200 kb in side (the vast majority of them, with the most compressed art assets at around 160 kb) appear small and distorted in game. Until I can find some way to automatically compress more than 300 portraits to a smaller size (rather than remaking each graphic and hoping I can get them under sized), I don't think I'll have a solution for this, but it's a very rare issue thusfar.
      The overall result, while far from perfect, is generally workable: accepting the reappearance of Asagi or any character in multiple wardrobes for multiple roles, you should see few female repeats (generally on the same level of repetition you'd get with the base game's portrait assets for a given species), and graphic art fitting the leader in question. For those who actually enjoy my attempts at fiction, I've included five, prescripted empires, two in the style of BISHOP games and three in the style of LILITH games: the militaristic Sovereign Sol Federation, the benevolent Intersolar Union, the brutal Makai Dynasty, the valorous Taimanin Authority, and the collectivist vampiric Sanguine Hive (one for each authority model). All five, of course, draw from the same portraits, and are disproportionately female, like a extreme version of the post-Second World War Soviet Union. All five also make use of the custom "Kagami" name list (based on the "Hum4" name list) and at least one of the new traits, "Well Endowed" and "Makai Kishi". Both of these new species traits are subject to change (and balancing) and mostly intended to make the prescripted empires a little more distinct.
      Thank PARADOX INTERACTIVE for their, frankly, insane and largely obscured system of portrait selection for any ruler you don't start the game with. Fortunately, the effects of the glitch (a ruler, or the ruler's heir, having the generic species appearance) are actually easy to fix, only needs to be done once per inaugeration/coronation, and can take less than a minute with a little experience.
      You need:
      - A way to open ZIP files (I strongly suggest Window 10's own tool built into explorer, 7ZIP won't recompress the files correctly without crashing.)
      - A way to edit STELLARIS save files (Notepad++ is the standard, though Notepad might work)
      - A backup of your save (in case one of the above doesn't work), the name of the ruler/heir with the bug, and the name of the portrait you want to assign it (check KAGAMI/GFX/MODELS/PORTRAITS/HIROTAKA)
      After backing up your save file, enable Windows to show file extensions. Change the save file's extension from *.SAV (the game's own format) to *.ZIP (the name will be the date of the game). Open it, copy the gamestate file (ignore the meta file) to another location and open it in Notepad++. Search for your ruler (or heir) by name, and insert the following under the line "agenda=", with both the start and end brackets and above "roles".
      design={ gender=female name="" portrait="" texture=0 hair=0 clothes=0 }
      Enter the name as appropriate, and your portrait entry (e.g. "asagi2"). It's possible that the entries will be there, but the portrait line will be blank (just fill in then). If you want to change the name, make sure to change the first_name and second_name entries to match. You may notice that what you're doing is adding missing design portrait data identical to what your ruler SHOULD have because of that annoying bug. Save the file, copy and paste it back into the zip file (overwriting the unmodified gamestate file), and then change the extension back to *.SAV. Open the save (if done correctly, it should load normally--otherwise the save will probably crash around 10%). It's actually easier than it sounds, and will actually let you set the name and appearance of your leaders in a simple, non-insane fashion.
      First off, this mod is completely free. It should never be paid for, using existing art assets from commercial releases. Likewise, PLEASE DO NOT distribute this mod under any circumstances! This is more temporary request, as it is my first STELLARIS mod (and a rather crude one at that), and once I'm feeling a little more confident on my work that situation may change. PLEASE DO NOT modify and distribute this (whether or not you claim it as your own work). If you'd like to add a custom portrait for your own use, by all means, but do not distribute the mod with any changes. Sorry to be so pushy about that.
      As stated above, credit for the original concept goes to ReMeDy, and all art assets are property of their games and other media of origin, primarily LILITH and BISHOP. Thanks also goes out to Nessa at the same forums for a great deal of help with configuration coding.
      Likely (and possibly immediate) updates will include more portrats (I simply picked this moment to release the mod, it is far from complete but adequate as a modest first effort). I can think of at least two VNs I did not rip for portraits, and will be moving onto next which would add approximately a dozen portraits. I may also do some further cleanup of specific portraits (though in some cases, it's an unavoidable limitation of the original material). Other custom traits appropriate to the pack.
      On top of more portrait diversity for both genders, I would like to impliment one more unique portrait pool: slaves/slave caste pops. I'm very confident that this is possible (existing mods and the basic game allow unique portrait elements for slaves), and even think I can add it into the mod with some work, though fixing any bugs and adding more portraits across the board takes priority. The slave "pops" portrait pool, being a subset of the general "pops" pool, would be almost exclusively female (even more so than the leader pools), and probably be filled with characters wearing bikinis, lingerie, maid outfits, collars, etc., and possible "fitting" nudity. I'm less certain whether it's possible to distinguish between actual caste slaves, and domestic servitude (as distinguished by the in-game policy mechanic following the UTOPIA update).
      Possibly a fix for the heir portrait generation issue. Probably not. Likewise, a way to trigger the game to "see" the portraits as having clothing, and not just phenotypes.
      LILITH and BISHOP visual novels include separate art for clothing, bodies, eyes, and mouths. As such, it should be possible for a competent modder to implement separate character portrait elements (and even animated portraits) like the base game. Imagine it, Sakura wearing Kiryuu Kaede's school uniform, with Naomi Evans's hair, blinking every so often! Too bad I'll never be able to do it.
      For further details, implementation, and possible issues, consult the readme!



    3. [CK2] Dark World Reborn: Toska (Submod)

      [CK2] Dark World Reborn: Toska (Submod)
      I loved the initial "Dark World" and also like the current "Dark World: Reborn" a lot. However, even with the add-ons available here there are still some events that I missed from the original "Dark World", but also from mods that are now incompatible with the curent versions of Crusader Kings II. Such as "ArgleBargle2".
      In particular I missed the Tentacle and Dog events, some prisoner and random court events, such as Harley running amok and killing off rivals and performing her usual kind of mischief. This mod is my attempt to add these events and options back to Dark World Reborn as an optional addon module.
      Beyond that the release of "The Reaper's Due" and "Monks and Mystics" opened up the possibility for some Lilith related contend in those areas as well. This mod covers that.
      Upgrade Instructions:
      If you had a previous version of this mod installed, then please remove the old "DWToska" folder from your mod directory first. Then extract the contends of this archive into your mod folder. Please do not skip this step, as certain files from older mods (such as the religion related changes) have been removed in later releases of this mod. So just overwriting the old DWToska folder with the new one will cause problems.
      Crusader Kings 2.8.0 (or newer) - mandatory DLC "The Reaper's Due" - highly recommended, but optional DLC "Monks and Mystics" - highly recommended, but optional Dark World Reborn v1.56 (or newer) - (dewguru) - mandatory Bigger Events - (ngppgn) - mandatory Dark World - Slavery Expanded - (zia) - optional Dark Workd Beyond Heresy - (Aliris) - optional Dark World The Mercenary Commander - (Mr_Treason) - optional Noxbestia's Darkest Perversions - (noxbestia) - optional
      This mod is tested with CK v2.8.0 ("Jade Dragon", "The Reapers Due" + "Monks and Mystics"). Aside from the mods listed above as "mandatory" it is fairly neutral in dependencies and was tested in conjunction with the mods marked as "optional". Some features of this mod only become active if the mentioned DLC is active.

      What this mod does
      This mod enhances your gameplay possibilities if you have chosen to follow the path of the Children of Lilith. The goddess of love and sex encourages procreation in all forms - may they be civil, loving, violent or brutal. This mod gives you the tools to live out your debauchery to the fullest extend.
      Secret Society "Lilith's Own": If you are a child of Lilith (i.e.: have the trait "lilith" or "incubus") or are generally a lustful or hedonistic ruler, then you may attempt to join the secret society "Lilith's Own". This society has four ranks and on each rank you gain specific new powers and (occasionally) are asked to perform missions that will please Lilith. All these missions have sexual context custom tailored to Dark World Reborn. Please note: In the Game Rule screen (when starting a new game) you can disable Lilith's Society completly if you do not want to play with it.
      Society Abilities:
      Rank 1 ability 'Sacrifice to Lilith', which triggers a pretty graphic event chain with various acts that result in sure death of the victim. Rank 1 ability 'Initiate for Lilith', which triggers a pretty graphic event chain with various acts that result in victim becoming a slut. Rank 1 ability 'Corrupt Priest'. Rank 2 ability 'Demonic Possession' which turns the target into (possibly loyal) a sex crazed maniac (trait: 'sexcrazed') or a vegetable. Rank 2 ability 'Summon Familiar' that spawns a spirit animal that gives some extra boni. Rank 3 ability 'Dark Divorce' where you can (once a year) fuck a spouse to death. Or not. Rank 3 ability 'Dark Healing' where Lilith may heal you from maimimg, diseases and ailments. Also removes raped/rapist/sexcrazed traits and lilith_plague disease. Rank 3 ability 'Invite Disciple of Lilith' (see intrigue menu), which adds a lilith/incubus to your court. There is a pretty good chance that it will be a professional slut. Rank 4 ability 'Holy Impregnation' that brings a Lilith demon child into this world. Rank 4 ability 'Lilith's Touch', which can be uses against foes, rivals and mission targets to make them sexmad and rape their own subjects with all the consequences this causes. Rank 4 ability 'Absorbe Lifeforce' that allows to sacrifice your own children in order to sustain your life. Non-sexual and mostly stock, because targets must be underage.
      'Corrupt Priest' 'Sacrifice someone' 'Holy Impregnation' 'Lilith's Touch'
      Lilith's Seducer Lilith's Scepter Lilith's Dagger Lilith's Bow Lilith's Armor Lilith's Crown  

      New Disease: (Requires "The Reaper's Due") Maybe you have heard of "The Dancing Plague"? Where people dance uncontrollably in the streets until they are totally exhausted? Well, this plague has inspired Lilith to unleash her own plague, called "Lilith's Plague". Instead of dancing to exhaustion the victims of this plague do a lot more than just shake their legs and engage in mindless procreation to the point of total exhaustion. This plague hasn't killed anyone yet, but anyone under the influence of it will end up thoroughly fucked and with a smile on their face.
      New traits:
      raped: A person that was sexually molested against their will receives this trait. It has some negative side effects, but they have been lowered from previous versions of this mod and are no longer that severe- rapist: A person that (at least once) has violated someone else sexually against their will. asocial: This trait can only be gained by male (and female) rulers in command of armies during a special event. It indicates that this person is not averse to sexual violence and will make certain events more severe or even fatal for the victims of his debauchery. dwtstablewhore: Available for female rulers with a certain affinity for horses. sexcrazed: A cursed trait that turns the afflicted into a nymphomaniac without, conscience self respect or compassion. lilith_plague: People affected by the Lilith Plague might temporarily get this trait while being under the influence. birthctrl: A trait that grants infertility. It is only available to children of Lilith who are members of the Society "Lilith's Own" and it can be activated and deactivated through the decisions panel. However: It comes at a price of loosing monthly piety and prestige while active.
      Exotic Caravan: Off and on an exotic caravan passes through the lands and aside from bringing stories it may also allow you to get some presents. This event chain was fixed up by Aliris, so many thanks for that!

      Tentacle: If you have the trait "Lilith" from the "Children of Lilith" mod, then you have the option to send the tentacle monster after selected characters to have some fun with them. This might prove fatal for the selected characters and will certainly not do them any good.
      Procreo: Through your character menu you can visit the "Exotic Emporium" to buy a dog. A female ruler can "entertain" herself with the dog. Both a male and female ruler can send the dog after select characters. Strong characters might resist, causing damage or fatalities to themselves or the dog. In any case: Sending your dog after a member of your court will not make you extremely popular with them.
      Lovers Embrace: A female or a male ruler with the "Lilith" trait can choose to drain the life power of their lovers to gain piety. Simple usage causes discomfort and recoverable illness for the target. Repeat usage can be fatal for the target.
      Court Events: Several court related events have been added and may happen at random. Female rulers not in command of their armies might get taken advantage of on a (low) chance based bi-yearly basis. Additionally female rules with the Lilith trait might consensual 'have fun' with a male courtier without going through the seduction events.
      Harley related: If you have Harley as court jester, then she will tempestously cause mischief and also a bit of grief on certain occasions. Sex and violence plaster her path. Starting with v1.1.0 she is even wilder than before. And starting with v1.3.0 she also might develop "special" friendships with your male offspring when it comes to age.
      Dog related: Under certain conditions your pet dog (purchasable from the Exotic Emporium" might chase female courtiers on its own incentive.
      Adulthood related: Once your daughters and sons (but also some offspring of courtiers) come of age, they might discover their sexuality. Which can bring you into stick and tempting situations. Will you remain strong? Or will you just be your usual self?
      Prison related: If you are a male ruler and have female slaves in your prison, then on occasions you might feel tempted to sample the goods.
      Rape of courtiers and prisoners: A new option has been added that allows you to rape courtiers. Slightly different scenarios exist depending on the gender of the ruler and the gender of the courtier or prisoner. This is basically the same multiple choice menu that is part of "Dark World", but has been slightly adjusted to the different scenarios. Especially this now allows for a female ruler to have some fun, too. However: If you treat your courtiers this way, neither them nor their families might like you very much anymore.
      Army related: Female rulers in command of armies can gangbang their troops. Male and female rulers in command of armies also might get some chance based surprise sexual encounters which are triggered on bi-yearly basis.
      Combat related: Male and Female (since v1.3.5) rulers in command will get the option to 'have fun' with members of the opposite sex that are found in the besieged enemy settlement once the siege is won. Up to three suitable candidates might be offered as selection. Spouse and children of the ruler get first pick, then it prioritizes by desirable characteristics such as age, virginity and appealing appearance. Female rules in command of an army that spectacularly looses a battle might get taken advantage of by an enemy commander.
      Major changes between 1.0.2 and 1.3.5 include the following:
      The negative side effects of the trait "raped" have been tuned down, as my longer non-consensual sex related changes in v1.1.0 have some staggering effects that might add up and deteriorate the health of a victim to a point where the victim will die. This might still happen if you have a violently resisting victim who was already at poor health before you started. Additionally: Any violation of a victim will now not only affect their opinion towards you. Nope. You also might offend their liege, their dynasty, family spouse and perhaps their children. So if you go on a rampage, then you won't make many friends and even the best chancellor can't undo the diplomatic damage that you do by bedding lots of unwilling women from influential families. But of course this also opens some possibilities for new gameplay styles. The Religion changes are gone for good and 1.3.0 saw a major extension of content with the addition of "Lilith's Own", the new artifacts, missions and even a "fucking plague" in the most literal sense.
      Starting with 1.3.1 the random events for 'ruler in command of troops', 'female stay at home ruler' and the Harley random events can be disabled or enabled in the DW:Toska menu in the intrigue menu.
      This mod borrows extensively from the old "Dark World", "ArgleBargle2" and also a bit from (I think) the "Christianity" mod. My profound thanks goes to the original makers of these mods. I started by just improving their original work a little (eventually I went further than that!) and a hell of a lot of praise should go to the initial makes of these mods and of course also to our hero dewguru for his continued support of "Dark World Reborn". Their tireless work and their stellar mods kept my love for CKII alive and prompted me to make this mod for my own usage. As thanks and tribute to them I am giving it back to the community and hope it will be accepted in the spirit that it was offered.
      The route from v1.0.2 to 1.1.0 involved slightly over two weeks of almost full-time coding and testing and I'm about half way of where I want to be with this mod. In the progress of it I learned a lot, but there are still things I want to do that I haven't had the time for yet, or haven't found out how to do them. The work on 1.2.0-1.3.0 took another two weeks of full-time work and I am really appreciative about the feedback and praise (and also the occasional valid criticism) I have gotten for this mod.
      I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it.
      All blame for bugs or things that might not work perfectly should be directed to me and I'll try to fix it ASAP.



    4. FAPU

      Current Version uploaded: 0.74 Uploaded on November 1, 2017
      Q. What is that Mirror Link?
      A. The Mirror Link points to a directory where I have placed the software for you to download. There are two versions. One is for PC's (Windows or Linux) and the other is for Mac's. Select the one that applies to you, unzip and play as desired.
      Q. What is FAPU?
      A. It's my having fun learning how to use Ren'Py and Python, while also building on an idea I had after playing a similar game called Ashford Academy. Ashford Academy has you playing the role of a High School Principal, while FAPU has you taking on the role of a University Dean, in the future where Earth isn't alone in the universe. Since universities (at least in America) enjoy using acronyms a lot, I opted to do the same. FAPU stands for Federation of Allied Planets University.
      Q. But what kind of game is FAPU?
      A. Well, it's a hybrid of sorts. A lot of RenPy games are linear style visual novels. While FAPU uses some of those elements, it's not linear, nor is it a visual novel. The university has specific stats that can be increased through events. Events are triggered by visiting different areas during the course of the day. It uses a day-planner like set-up, where you've three periods (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) where you can go to certain locations. Each location visited triggers an event. Some events are purely random - other events require you to achieve certain thresholds (such as a certain social rating, a certain building level, a certain affection level) - and there are some unique events that only run once (and many of these require certain thresholds be achieved). Plus, some events can change over the course of a game. For example, an event where you interact with someone may result in different dialog or choices as you progress and reach different thresholds. For the most part though, it is intended to be an open game, where you control the flow of what you experience. It does have some Game Over points, and just how many can be tracked in the event chart below.
      Q. Why are the right choices in some areas are completely obvious?
      A. When I hear this, I feel that is someone thinks a 'right' choice is obvious, then they're over simplifying the game. If you do a play through where you're a 'good' Dean, then you're missing content that would be there if you play a 'bad' Dean - and vice versa. Some NPC's prefer one approach over the other. So if you're very complimentary to someone who likes the bad or aggressive type, then you may either get a negative rating with them or get placed in the *shudder* friend zone. That said - I'm not trying to trick people either, so it would hopefully be relatively easy to figure out what kind of interaction someone may prefer. But for those that think you HAVE to be either good or bad in the game, that's not true at all. Good, bad, or a mixture all work - and each has some rewards and risks.
      Q. What's with the mirror and a lack of actual LoversLab download links?
      A. The game has grown to over 100MB in size, which means it exceeds the upload limit for Lover's Lab. Once I decide I'm done, I'll likely upload a version that is broken into parts, but for now since it is still largely a work in progress, I'm just going to be using the file link feature.
      Q. It seems a little sparse in some areas.
      A. Yes, I agree completely. From a features point of view, it's largely at the point where I plan on taking it. From a content point of view, it still needs work, and that's my primary focus going forward is adding more events.
      Events by location (include random & story type events):
      (Location: # of run once events, # of always random chance events, # of conditional random events)
      Arcane College: 1 6 2 = 9
      Beach: 0 6 3 = 9
      Cafeteria: 1 7 3 = 11
      Campus: 3 7 9 = 19
      Catacombs: 1 3 2 = 6
      Church: 1 3 7 = 11
      Classroom: 6 5 18 = 29
      Dance Club: 1 3 4 = 8
      Dean Home: 6 2 2 = 10
      Dean Office: 13 3 4 = 19
      Dormitory: 0 6 5 = 10
      Downtown: 2 6 8 = 16
      Gym: 1 5 5 = 11
      Infirmary: 0 3 2 = 5
      Library: 0 5 6 = 11
      Onsen: 0 2 5 = 7
      Pool: 0 7 4 = 11
      Science Lab: 2 3 5 = 9
      Security: 3 2 4 = 9
      Sports Field: 0 4 1 = 5
      Student Lounge: 0 4 1 = 5
      Good Endings: 0
      Bad Endings: 5
      Potential Dean Potential Sex Events (some are available only to certain genders): 11
      Potential Dean Adventures: 0.1




    5. [Starbound] Sexbound API

      This framework aims to enable creators to quickly and easily create prefab and custom sex interactions in Starbound. Documentation is a work in progress.
      Latest Announcement
      November 3, 2017 | v1.16.0 | Sexbound Customizer App
      In version, 1.16, the API has been updated to allow players to begin customizing their own experience with Sexbound. Players must update the 'sexbound.config.patch' file in the SexboundAPI_Custom folder. A companion web application has been created to aid players in updating the 'sexbound.config.patch' file, but it only allows players to configure pregnancy options, so far.
      Sexbound API Customizer App : https://loxodon.github.io/Starbound_Sexbound-API_Customizer/
      Past Announcements
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      Sexbound API provides a framework for creating sexual interactions in Starbound, and it does so by injecting new functionality into the default behavior script that is used by all NPCs. Currently, modders may apply the 'lust' status effect to a targeted NPC which will cause it to transform into an interactive furniture object - a SexNode. Aphrodite's Bow is one example of a mod that can apply the 'lust' status effect to an NPC by shooting them with an arrow.
      Customizer App
      Players are enabled to update the 'sexbound.config.patch' file to customize their Sexbound API experience. The sexbound.config.patch file is included in the Sexbound_Custom folder. A web application has been created to aid players in modifying their sexbound.config.patch files.
      Sexbound API Customizer: https://loxodon.github.io/Starbound_Sexbound-API_Customizer/
      Featured Mods
      Aphrodite's Bow by Loxodon Booty Rockin' Nuru by Loxodon Fuchsia the Floran Slut by Dibzz666 Go F*** Yourself by Loxodon Kitty the Space Cat by Dibzz666 Maid for Sex by Loxodon
      Species Support Mods
      Demon by Timmeh Draenei by Timmeh Kemono by KitsunaTakaaki Nightar by Loxodon Ningen by KitsuneTakaaki Pikachu by Darkninjawolf64 Super /sbg/ by Timmeh Umbreon by Darkninjawolf64

      1) Does this mod support other custom race mods?
      Yes, some custom species are supported. You must download a separate support mod for your custom species, and you may make a request for the community to support your custom species preference.
      2) How do I have sex with an NPC?
      You must download and use a separate mod, named Aphrodite's Bow. It is available for download at the following location:
      This currently the only mod that is used put an NPC in a trance-like state - ready to have sex.
      3) Why can't I have sex with a certain NPC?
      You can have sex with vast majority of NPCs in the game, but they may not be located in a protected area. Currently, companions and ship crew may not be used for sex, but they may be enabled for sex in a future update. Most tenants should be sex enabled.
      Documentation (Work in Progress)
      Tutorial: Add Support to Sexbound API for Custom Species:
      Lust (Status Effect)
      The Lust (lust) status effect may be applied to both players and NPCs. Currently, the Lust status effect will cause NPCs to transform into a SexNode only!
      SexNode (Entity Type: object)
      The SexNode (sexnode) is a placeable object that NPCs with the 'lust' status effect may attempt to place on the ground, and the SexNode will store all important information about that NPC. Spawning a SexNode is currently a destructive process for an NPC because NPCs are unloaded from the world. NPCs are not always able to transform into a SexNode, and the successful placement of a SexNode requires the tile below the NPC to be free from obstruction. The NPC must be located in an unprotected zone that allows objects to be placed.
      Creative Writer (Dialog) - Krystalic
      I plan to continue providing updates and creating content for Sexbound API indefinitely! As it stands, there is a steep learning curve to learning to use Sexbound's API, so I have begun converting Sexbound into framework which provides prefab setups and artwork to creators.

      Sexbound API:



    6. Nude pikachu race

      It's my reuplode of my Pikachu race 2.0 cause I don't know what happen to the original post.



    7. SexboundAPI compatability for Pikachu race

      The name suggest, it's a patch for sexbound api.



    8. [Starbound] Go F*** Yourself

      Alluring Toys Co. has released a new product that aims to make masturbation a thing of the past! Go F*** Yourself allows starbounders to literally have sex with a clone of themselves. It comes programmed with three different modes that rearrange the anatomical features of its occupants. So what are you waiting for? Go F*** Yourself, today!
      [ Video Demo ]
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory.
      3) Finished.
      Required Mod
      Sexbound API : http://www.loverslab...37-sexboundapi/
      *Always download the latest Sexbound API when you update this mod.
      Optional Mod
      Alluring Toys Co. : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4444-starbound-alluring-toys-co/
      This furniture object enables players and NPCs to have sex with a clone of themselves! This mod adds two objects to the game: G.F.Y. Controller and G.F.Y. Platform, and players may choose to purchase both the controller and the platform from the Alluring Toys Co. vending machine. Or, players may choose to spawn the objects using the /spawnitem command.
      G.F.Y. Platform
      The G.F.Y. Platform will attempt to link up with the nearest G.F.Y Controller, and players must place the controller within 3 tiles distance next to the platform.
      G.F.Y. Controller
      The G.F.Y. Controller is used to control the current mode of the G.F.Y. Platform, and players may switch between three different modes. The first mode enables male vs. male, the second mode enables male vs. female, and the third mode enables female vs. female.
      Obtain it
      There are two different ways to obtain both the G.F.Y. Controller and the G.F.Y. Platform.
      1) Purchase both furniture items from an Alluring Toys Co. vending machine.
      2) Use the /spawnitem command to spawn each object into your world, like so:
      /spawnitem gfycontroller/spawnitem gfyplatform
      Use it
      1) Drag the G.F.Y. Platform from your inventory to a clear surface area.
      2) Place the the G.F.Y Controller on the ground within 3 tiles distance of the G.F.Y Platform.
      3) Interact with the G.F.Y. Controller to change the current mode of the G.F.Y. Platform.
      4) Interact with the G.F.Y. Platform to begin using it.



    9. [Starbound] Ningen Race Support for Sexbound API

      This mod add support for sexboundAPI with Ningen custom race mod
      unzip in starbound mod folder.
      If you have the old version, delete it and replace it with the new version.
      Sexbound API 1.16.1: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      Ningen Race Mod 1.8a: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/ningen-race-mod.191/
      Future plans: I will try to support other races, if someone has a request for a support race please send me a message I will try to carry it out if it is within my abilities.



    10. [Starbound] Kemono Race Support for SexboundAPI

      This mod add support for sexboundAPI with Kemono custom race mod.
      unzip in starbound mod folder.
      Kemono Race ver 1.5:https://steamcommuni...s/?id=739437569



    11. Nudestone - a Hearthstone Nude mod

      Nudestone - a Hearthstone Nude mod
      13 of November 2017
      Fixed all ID's
      A new hero portrait Nemsy Necrofizzle
      Reduced the overall size of the archive (In theory, this will increase performance and can solve problems with a shortage of memory)
      To download click on the link under Umod. Personally, I have an empty string there ..
      A Knights of the Frozen Throne pack released!
      82 cards Knights of the Frozen Throne added, including death knights Jaina and Valeera and battlefield art.
      Since hearthstone has switched to the use of directx11 additional instructions are required for correct operation:
      1. Go to your Blizzard App
      2. Click the logo in the Top Left
      3. Go to "Game Settings"
      4. For Hearthstone, enable "Additional command line arguments"
      5. Enter "-force-d3d9" (Without the ")
      6. Click "Done"
      This is a mod for card game Hearthstone from Blizzard that changes the art of many cards into a nude versions that still have similar content to the original motive or otherwise fit the card name.
      I tried to do without guro content, but it's still NSFW, be careful
      You do not get a ban for using the mod, because its use can not be tracked
      More than 900 cards of minions, spell and hero powers has changed Added almost 200 animations of golden cards that have been changed Changed portraits of heroes: Jaina, Valeera, Thrall, Alleria, Liadrin, Tyrande and Maiev Replaced the login screen, backgrounds in the main menu and on some battlefields  

      Download the Nudestone zipfile ( Do NOT unzip this file) If you haven't used it yet, download the uMod application (This one you can extract) Start uMod, click Main -> Add Game Browse to your hearthstone folder and select the Hearthstone.exe Activate "Use Global Hook" under "Main" Start Hearthstone via Battle.net Hearthstone should now show up as running in uMod. There, Click "Open Texture/Package" and select Nudestone.zip Make sure you have your ingame Graphics options set to "medium" or "high". It won't work on "low" Optionally, you can save a template via the Main Menu of uMod and use it as default; this will automatically launch the mod with Hearthstone  

      Known issues
      Animation of some cards (not even changed) are displayed in black textures.
      A few words
      The author of the idea of the original mod called Whorestone - Eddyboy.
      English is not my native language, so I can make some mistakes, sorry!



    12. umbreon race with full nude. no clip version

      i don't own this mod. I'm just giving my version of the mod for anyone who wants naked umbreon race.
      credit goes to the original creator.
      original: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/umbreon-race.3557/



    13. [Starbound] Ariza's Comic - Hentai

      This mod adds a working hentai manga - named Ariza's Comic by Rukasu - to Starbound.
      Required Mod
      OmniBrowser : http://www.loverslab...nd-omnibrowser/
      OmniBrowser (Steam) : http://steamcommunit.../?id=1186582406
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.3
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      This mod add a fully functional hentai manga named Ariza's Comic by Rukasu. You must have the OmniBrowser mod installed to read this.
      There are multiple ways that you can obtain this item. You may obtain it as a reward from a treasure pool, purchase it from Terramart, or spawn it using the spawnitem admin command.
      1) Give yourself admin privileges by entering into the chat:
      2) Spawn the item by entering into the chat:
      /spawnitem h_arizascomic
      3) Pickup the item after it spawns into your world.

      Use it
      Place the item into an item slot, then select it. Click with either mouse button to pop open an OmniBrowser window and enjoying reading.



    14. [Starbound] Nightar Race for SexboundAPI

      Enables the Sexbound API to support the Nightar Species.
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.3
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      Required Mods
      Both of the below mods are required to be installed:
      1) Sexbound API : http://www.loverslab...37-sexboundapi/
      2) The Nightars : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741550312&searchtext=nightar
      This mod adds support for the Nightar species in Sexbound API.



    15. [Starbound] Lewd TV

      Now, players may enjoy watching lewd porn and hentai clips on the Old Television!
      November 3, 2017 | Background Music
      Sorry for the cringe background music lol. I added it because I knew it would be cringe, and I'll change it to be muted be default soon. In the meantime, you can hit the 'm' key to mute the song.
      October 31, 2017 | v1.1.0 | Requires OmniBrowser API
      Hey all, I updated this mod to require the OmniBrowser API to be installed. OmniBrowser enables players to use keyboard controls to navigate through the media library, and it adds the capability to play music and sounds for each animation. Other mods may choose to take advantage of using OmniBrowser to create their own media libraries for displaying short animations, static images, or comic books.
      Required Mod
      OmniBrowser : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4641-starbound-omnibrowser/
      OmniBrowser (Steam) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186582406
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.3
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      This mod turns the "old television" into an interactive object that enables players to watch lewd animated GIFs. Interacting with the TV causes a window to popup where the player can watch up to ten different hentai animations. At the bottom of the popup window, the player will find controls for zooming in and zooming out. Also, there are controls for navigating through the entire animation library.
      You may quickly obtain this object by using the /spawnitem command, but make sure that you have admin privileges.
      1) Give yourself admin privileges by entering into the chat:
      2) Spawn the Old Television by entering into the chat:

      /spawnitem basictv
      3) Pickup the item after it spawns into your world.
      4) Find it in the furniture items tab of your inventory.

      Use it
      Drag the object from your inventory to an open surface area. Activate the object with the 'e' key.
      <A> : Pan image left. <D> : Pan image right. <W> : Pan image up. <S> : Pan image down. <Left Arrow> : Go to previous image. <Right Arrow> or <Space> : Go to next image. <Down Arrow> : Go to previous gallery. <Up Arrow> : Go to next gallery. <=> or <E> : Zoom in on current image. <-> or <Q> : Zoom out on current image. <,> : Slow down the animation rate. <.> : Speed up the animation rate. <m> : Mute / unmute the gallery music.

      Music: MTC by S3rl