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    1. RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.8.9

      This page is made for easy access to the most recent RJW updates. I host the files here on behalf of the modders and I did not create and/or own this mod. Now enjoy:
      RimJobWorld for Rimworld 1.0!
      ⤷ by Ed86, if you like what he does: support him on Patreon!
      What is this?
      This is the ultimate ADULT mod for Rimworld!
      sex genitals rape prostitution sex need STDs human pregnancy human babies bondage bestiality necrophilia sexchange options to enable/disable/tweak features and much more!  
      Requirements: (load in this order)
      Rimworld Version 1.0 Hugslib [] [] [] [] Age Morphosis Cells (optional) by TheSleeplessSorclock - ageing casket mod RimJobWorld (load always last)  
      Delete all files from previous RJW versions Unpack the the zip content into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/RJW" Activate it & the other required mods Restart game  
      Issues: (FaQ)
      Here Infos will be updated to current version later
      Can I add this mod mid game?
      Yes, you can. But you cannot remove it mid game.  
      Recommended Mods:
      How to report a bug?
      Check first if you have all the required files from the newest version in the right path, reinstall if in doubt. If there is still an issue try getting support in the support section. If it's an error or warning bug: attach a screenshot or copy of your logfile and optionally your modlist.
      You can also check out the official Discord!

      Special Thanks to:
      Void Main Original Author
      Superhotsausage ex. Developer
      Ed86 Developer
      Zaltys Developer
      UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld
      pardeike Harmony library
      Loverslab Hosting this mod
      TheSleeplessSorclock Coding, addon
      Artrer Fixing
      rwmeow Coding
      luythen improving and RJW Lite
      Cypress Mod Compatibility
      Pantheress Patching
      Ziehn milk addon
      SlicedBread new Icons
      Bucky Bondage sprites
      Asdiky Russian translation
      exoxe Korean translation
      agraph, Mr. Wick Screenshots
      Skömer hi
      As well as anyone mentioned in the old threads and whom'st'd've we might have missed.
      Changelog & older Versions:



    2. [CK2] DZ Flavor

      DZ Flavor
      V. 0.2.6
      I'm now on the House Irae Discord channel.  Hit me up!  My sincere thanks to lockeslylcrit.

      Why am I making this?
      I liked the genetic traits from CK2+/HIP and I like the capital improvements from Personal Castle.  I mostly want to add new roleplay/flavor/useful things without changing much of the base game.  The capital improvements are mostly where I want them to be for the moment, so I've moved on to the magic system, but there is no particular scope or goal for this mod. 
      Incomplete.  It's definitely in a playable state, but I'm not done adding things.  I'll be slowly (?) chipping away at "missing" features at random.  Let me know if anything appears to actually be broken so I can address those bugs before anything else.  I will try not to make new versions break save games, but this won't always be possible.  On the odd chance that a new save is necessary, I'll make not of it in the change log... so... read it!  The features listed on this page are CURRENT features, not features to come in the future.
      New: Ambidextrous, Brutal Strength, Charming Voice, Fertile, Imposing Visage, Infertile, Necromancer**, Nimble, Perceptive, Prodigy, Supernatural Beauty, & Tall
      Genetic Traits: Now have a higher chance of passing on to children.  Significantly higher if both parents have the trait.  They're also more likely to pop up randomly.  Expect less AI characters with no traits.
      Lifestyle Traits: You can now collect them all if you live long enough.***
      Personality Traits: You can now collect 11 of them before the game starts to remove them via events.
      * Includes in entirety my other mod, DZ Traits.
      ** You can find random Necromancers in the world if you are aware of magic and befriend them.  The Necromancer trait is tethered to the Mystic trait, think of it as an expansion rather than an upgrade.  If a character is not a Mystic, he/she is not a Necromancer.  Not all Mystics are Necromancers.
      *** It still takes 5 years to switch focus. 
      Feudal Capital Holding Improvements
      Sovereign's Tower: Required for the facilities in this group.
      Personal Study: Can be used to lose the depressed & stressed traits, gain the poet, erudite, proud, & slothful traits, or increase your plot power.  Results influenced by traits.
      Personal Library: Provides a slow trickle of tech points (all 3).  Study to improve diplomacy, martial, intrigue, learning, or stewardship (up to 14).  Results doubled by scholar trait..
      Expanded Personal Library: Doubles the tech point gain.  Increases the study cap to 20.  Gives you the chance to gain the scholar trait from studying.
      Private Shrine: Provides a small amount of monthly piety.  You can seclude yourself to lose any of the 7 sins or arbitrary or gain any of the 7 virtues or just.  Cynical characters will struggle.  Zealous characters have high success chances.  Losing a sin or gaining a virtue will remove the cynical trait.  Gaining a virtue gives you a chance of gaining zealous. Trait changes require Supernatural Events rule.
      Tinkerer's Workshop: Provides a slow trickle of military and economy tech points.  You can seclude yourself in your workshop for a month for a boost in tech points in one of the 3 categories.
      Underground PassagesT: Required for the facilities in this group (more to come).
      Mage's WorkshopT*: Can be used to gain the Mystic & Necromancer trait.  Can be used to assemble a grimoire.
      Courtyard Garden: Provides a bit of monthly prestige.  Enables an event where you visit your garden solo to eliminate stress/depression for you or with your spouse/lover (in your court) to eliminate the same for him/her.
      Private Training Yard: Allows you to raise your combat rating either solo or with a partner.  Training with a partner has better results.  You can train with your spouse, your marshal (if he's not busy), a commander, a friend, or a lover (if they're not busy and in your court).  The duelist trait will improve your results.  Training with someone can lead to you becoming friends or lovers.

      T These are also available in Tribal holdings.
      * Requires the Mage (Dark World), Mystic, or Perceptive Trait
      -Using your facilities will generally require you and whomever you're using it with to be otherwise unoccupied (not leading troops, not pregnant, not incapable, not ill, not away from court, etc).  This should (hopefully) also prevent them from screwing up other event chains.  Let me know if you find an exception.
      -Using your facilities (unless otherwise stated) will pull you away from your court and will temporarily negatively impact your abilities (including plot defense!) to simulate you ignoring your other responsibilities at court.  It will install your regent for the duration of the event chain to rule in your stead.  Make sure you trust him/her!
      Minor Titles
      Court Mystic: Can be assigned to any individual in your court with either the Mystic, Necromancer, or Mage (Dark World) trait.  He/She must not have any other title.
      Seek Out Mystic: Send out messengers to find a mystic and invite her to your court.
      Seek Mystical Text: Send your Court Mystic to locate a tome to teach you new necromancy spells.  Court Mystics with higher learning will take less time to search.
      The Hunt*: Absorbs life energy from wildlife.  Takes two weeks and results vary based upon hunting talent (hunter & falconer traits). GAIN: 0.25-1 Health
      Banish Disease: Cures any disease.  May be cast on yourself or anyone else in your realm. COST: 1 Health
      Beautify: Enhances beauty by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form. COST: 1 Health
      Bolster: Enhances strength by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form. COST: 2.5 Health
      Homunculus Horde: Summons an immortal extremely low maintenance army consisting of light foot soldiers and archers.  Higher tier characters summon more soldiers.  Count: 250 Duke: 500 King: 750 Emperor: 1000 COST: 3.0 Health
      Insight: Enhances intelligence by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form. COST: 3.0 Health
      Insinuate: Gives a chance to gain a favor from a character in your realm.  Can fail.  Critical failure will result in opinion penalties across your realm. COST: 2.0 Health
      Regal Feast: Consumes the life energy of a prisoner of at least Count tier, killing him/her.  Higher tiers give more energy. GAIN: 1-4 Health
      Regenerate: Heals any physical injury (including scars, missing limbs, blindness etc). May be cast on yourself or anyone else in your realm. COST: 1.5 Health
      * This will ALWAYS be the first spell you learn.  This is for practical reasons.

      -If the individual you cast a positive spell on is close to you in some fashion (close relative, spouse, friend, etc), you will cast the spell in their presence, granting you a positive opinion modifier, and they'll keep your secret out of gratitude.  If it's just say, some vassal/commander/etc that you chose to heal for whatever reason, you'll cast the spell in secret, hoping that they'll just see it as a miracle (mostly to avoid exposing your identity as a Necromancer).
      If turned on in the rules, they will be distributed at random across the world to rulers capable of meeting their activation requirements.  Most are quite powerful.  They are all indestructible so they should persist through the entire game.  Summoning is not yet implemented, but coming across them should hint at which summonable characters are on their way.  More artifacts to come in the future.
      Events have been implemented to allow necromancer characters to pass on the trait to their children/wards, you merely have to have the trait and be in the same court.  The AI doing this will mostly be invisible to you, especially if you don't have the trait.  Children with traits making them idiots will not get the events (dull, slow, imbecile, zealous, etc.).  Children with supporting traits will have better results (shrewd, quick, genius, diligent, curious, etc).
      The AI:
      I think the AI will currently try to build the capital improvements.  It's currently set so that only King tier characters will attempt to build them.  The player can still do so at any tier.  The AI will currently NOT use the new decisions.  They may eventually, when I get a better grasp on how often/why the AI does what it does.  It's not a priority.  The AI is already unpredictable enough the way it is.
      Mod Plans/Goals:
      I'm not the kind of person that has or understands plans or goals in any facet of my life.  Features will likely be added entirely at random with no specific focus.
      Paradox Interactive -- for the awesome game
      The authors of the Personal Castle mod -- for inspiration
      DroZzhat -- coding
      Regarding Art Assets
      I used a CK2 modder's resource from the PDX forums for the green heart in the traits..  I can't seem to find the post anymore.  If you know where it's from, let me know, so I can credit the person here.  Otherwise, almost everything else was made by altering assets already in the game with GIMP.  I'm not an artist, so that's the best I can manage.  Feel free to contribute if you can do better than my feeble attempts.
      Hey, can you add the thing?
      -I'm not an artist.  If there's something you think I should add, and it would require artwork you're going to have to provide appropriate artwork that either you or someone else (get permission) has created.  Unless it's something I can just toss together from vanilla assets, that is.  Also, I'd have to know how to code it, but my coding knowledge is getting better.
      Why is that thing so OP/weak?
      -You might disagree on the balance, feel free to open it up and tweak as you desire.  I feel like the regency requirement and the cooldowns appropriately balance things out, but I'm sure some will feel otherwise.  If there is something that just looks like a major exploit that I overlooked, please bring it to my attention.
      Can you put this on St-
      -The uploader finally worked!  It's on Steam now, too...  I will probably make updates on LL more often than on Steam.  Get it wherever you like.
      Is this compatible with Dark World or the sub mods?  Will this ever contain explicit content?
      -Compatible, yes.  I use them, myself.  Explicit content?  Probably not.  I don't have the talent for writing good smut.  Still, I will endeavor to keep things compatible/integrated wherever possible.
      What about other mods?  How compatible is this?
      -Probably not compatible with overhaul mods that include traits.  You MIGHT be able to make them compatible by editing the .MOD file to make that one a prerequisite of this one, forcing my trait changes to override theirs.  It MIGHT be compatible with Personal Castle..?  But, why would you use both?  This already has more features.  I'd imagine it's compatible with most everything else.
      Will you ever add the rest of the capital improvements to Tribals/Patricians?
      -This is being thought over...
      What if I need to determine if this mod is active for compatibility reasons without setting this as a dependency?
      -You can use  " dz_has_dz_flavor = yes ".  It will fire as true if my mod is present. 
      Known Issues:
      I make typos...
      Please let me know when you find them.
      Anything else.
      Leave a comment and let me know!



    3. Costume Customizer Framework Mod

      CostumeCustomizer Mod for DOAXVV
      What it Does
      This mod allows you to mix-and-match portions of suits that have been provided by the CostumeCustomizer mod-packs you've included. It replaces the Black/Red Bikini w/ Pareo R suit. It uses a 2D overlay menu to customize your outfit to your liking. Note, this mod only provides the framework and the menu, all costumes are provided by CostumeCustomizer_ModPacks
      Topic thread can be found: 
      Replaced Suit:
      Step 1:
      Follow the 3DMigoto mod set-up for DOAXVV if you haven't already.
      Step 2:
      Update the d3dx.ini from the 3DMigoto base mod v1.8 using the latest version from here. (Alternatively check the notes below regarding the bare-minimum required modifications to the d3dx.ini).
      Manual d3dx.ini modifications if you don't to replace your d3dx.ini
      Step 3:
      Disable/Delete any other mods that replace the replaced suit (such as my original ReplaceBlackPareo_wNudeStraps mod).
      Step 4:
      Download the latest CostumeCustomizer mod: 
      Step 5:
      Extract the CostumeCustomizer_v#.#.zip into your root DOAX-VenusVacation game folder.
      Verification: After extraction, you should have the following ini file correctly located:
          Extract CostumeCustomizer_PATCH_v#.#.zip into your root DOAX-VenusVacation game folder and overwrite. (Patches include everything but the 01-24 Slot folders to not touch your currently installed ModPacks)
      Step 6:
      Download one of the available skin texture sets originally designed for the Square Bikini Nude mod. (Example: HI-METAL's V3 release)
      Step 7:
      Install Mod Packs
      Mod Pack Installation
      I plan to develop a quick Mod Management and User Preset generation in the future, for now here are the manual installation instructions for mod packs.
      Step 1:
      Download your desired mod packs from this topic.
      Example: CostumeCustomizer_NudeStrapsSet1_v1.0.zip
      Step 2:
      Extract your mod pack into the CostumeCustomizer folder, such that they reside as follows:
      Example: DOAX-VenusVaction/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/CostumeCustomizer_NudeStrapsSet1_v1.0
      Check that you have the following ini files correctly located:
      Step 3:
      Disable or delete an unused ModPack slot.
      CostumeCustomizer currently supports 24 mod pack slots designated by folders 01 - 24.
      Example: Delete unused mod slot folder 01
      Step 4:
      Rename ModPack to fill in the recently disabled/deleted mod slot
      Before: DOAX-VenusVaction/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/CostumeCustomizer_NudeStrapsSet1_v1.0
      After: DOAX-VenusVaction/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/01
      Step 5:
      Start the game, or reload mods if already running using F10.



    4. [CK2] House Irae

      House Irae
      Version 1.12.1
      House Irae brings the world of the dark elves to CK2. Conquer the world as the Matriarchal Lolth religion or the Patriarchal Vhaeraun religion, or just enjoy equality with the Eilistraee religion.
      Added the offmap empire, House Irae, to buy and trade from. Added a gamerule to allow the spawning of a certain long-lost family member of House Irae to make a violent reappearance in the world. 52 new portraits, 26 for each gender. One portrait for children. Added new retinues and feudal/tribal buildings for dark elves. New minor titles. Added a gamerule to start as a dark elf with or without the new religions. Religious events for all three religions. A book of lore (decision) that gives the player more in-depth detail of the lore behind the mod.  
      CK2 3.0.1
      Holy Fury is suggested, but not required.
      Bigger Interface mod is suggested, but not required.
      Download the file
      Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
      Mark the House Irae checkbox in the launcher
      If upgrading from 1.4 or 1.4.1, delete the /HouseIrae/ folder BEFORE unzipping the file.
      If a file says "hotfix" in it, you will need to download and install the previous version first.
      If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
      1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
      2. Delete the House Irae folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
      3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
      4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for House Irae.
      5. Restart the game.
      If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of House Irae are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #house_irae channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
      Dark World Reborn: Full compatibility (use Dark World Fantasy instead)
      Dark World Fantasy: Full compatibility.
      Dark World Serpent Expansion: Full compatibility. House Irae will call for the dwse_lizard trait, but is completely optional. DWSE is fully integrated into Dark World Fantasy
      Dark World Toska / Dark World Toska Remix: DWT is dead and outdated. Remix has full compatibility, but use Dark World Extras instead.
      Dark World Extras: Full compatibility. House Irae calls for various traits (raped/rapist) but are completely optional.
      Turtle's Dark World - Extra Traits and Other Stuff: Mod is dead and outdated. NOT compatible.
      Dark World Beyond Heresy: Full compatibility.
      School of Sappho/Lesbocracy: Untested.
      NoxBestia's Darkest Perversions: Untested. Likely full compatibility.
      Dark World Reborn Dollarsmy: Untested. May or may not be compatible.
      Dark World Genealogy: Untested. Should be fully compatible as the only change is to the event DWCore.8000.
      Ala's Body Mod: Full compatibility.
      Wait, didn't I see this somewhere before? Yes, yes you did. Dark World Tweaks (my other mod), had this included. I have now separated the two in case players wanted one or the other.
      I chose the Dark Elf Start campaign but I cant pick Vhaeraun as my god! Males can't choose Lolth as their starting goddess, females cant choose Vhaeraun. You are going to have to use the in-game force convert mechanics if you want those religions but aren't the right gender.
      ngppgn - For providing LL with the Bigger Events mod. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/
      elQuanto - For providing the portrait files and event picture for the half elves
      Version History:



    5. Dark World - Beyond Heresy

      What this mod does:
      This mod is intended to serve as a religious addition to Dark World, adding in new religious options first for Succubus/Incubus characters, and possibly later for others (at least those that aren't covered by another mod, such as NoxBestia's). It is meant to serve as a more quasi-historical potential alternative to mods such as Christianity, which alters all of Catholicism right away, and includes a long struggle to replace the entrenched male-dominated Roman Catholic church.
      The current version is just an initial test mod, but one that I wanted to go ahead and share in case anyone wanted to play with it (and will add newer versions as I put in new things and refine old ones).
      -Adds Lilith-centric alternate versions of existing religions that can be discovered by Incubus/Succubus rulers in the Dark World mod:

      How to access these religions:
      -Catholic and Orthodox versions can appear as normal for a heresy at random (I intend to find a way to disable this in the future, until events introduce it to the game as below)
      Other Additions:
      Any child that gets the "Demon Child" event chain should now also get the incubus/succubus trait.
      Angelic Powers:
      Angels now receive supernatural abilities based on their piety score. These include the ability to heal themselves or others, to smite wicked or sinful people (including demons), to atone for their own sins, and request blessings from the heavens. Many of these powers do not work, or are less effective, the more sinful/wicked traits the Angel has.  
      What you need to play this Mod:
      This mod requires the Dark World Fantasy core module.
      Dark World Extras is also recommended, but should not be required.
      It also requires the latest version of CK2, along with the Holy Fury expansion (and probably others) to take advantage of all features.
      Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with any other Dark World sub-mods, including Dark World Extras, DW Mercenary Commander mod, and worked in the past with Dollarsmy's mod (though I haven't tested that recently). It also works fine with House Irae, as well as any mods that add more reformation choices for Pagans. I suggest playing without any other mods that alter the core religions, but that is merely for the sake of historical appropriateness, and it should work fine with any that do.
      Future additions planned:
      -Prevent the random spawning of Lilithanist/Reversionist heresy prior to the event chain creating it by setting a global flag and overriding certain default events/functions.
      -Expand the event chain (Presently it costs nothing, and simply leads to an event 90 days later) to include a more difficult/more interesting hunt for the knowledge, possibly similar to the pursuit of the Necronomicon event chain.
      -Add similar variant heresy versions for Judaism, Dharmic, and possibly Pagan versions.
      -Add a religion head mechanic for Catholic, as well as associated events for the capture and conversion of holy sites.
      -Add quasi-historical flavor events related to the rise of a feminist antithesis in Catholic (and other) lands.
      -Add fantasy/magical themed events, such as the occasional influence of Lilith or other powerful beings.
      -Add Vampire, Werewolf-centric religions (likely Pagan), possibly others.
      -Adapt more mechanics such as the hajj, Ramadan, and Furusiyya tournaments for Lilislam.



    6. Elven Expansion

      This is my first mod released for the dark world tweaks it expands the elven race.
      new buildings  a new elven religion, 4 bloodlines of which you can pick one when you reform the elven faith  a new court event for all characters  a decision for a elf of the wrong faith to take up the elven faith. Please feel free to post feedback in the comments below. a set of seasons to provide buffs and debuffs throughout the year new Decision to summon a elven commander new battlefield and victory events(more to come)  
      Note: This is a submod it Requires Dark World Tweaks to run.
      to update just remove old version and drop in the new one.



    7. [Starbound] Sexbound API

      Sexbound v2 installs a framework and custom artwork that can be used by others to create prefab and custom sex interactions in Starbound.*
      Note: Please choose between downloading the PAK or the UNPAK version, but do not download both. Place one or the other inside of your Starbound mods directory. The UNPAK version allows quick and easy access to the configuration files. Whereas the PAK version must be manually unpacked to access the configuration files. If you are unsure or new to Starbound modding, please download the PAK version.
      Lead Artist - ChesterPiece
      Creator of all core couples artwork and particle effects.
      Current Announcements
      December 1, 2018 | Bug Fix
      In beta version 2.6.3, the Fellatio position configuration file was fixed to enable the correct genital mask to be applied to each actor's head.
      Previous Announcements
      Dropdown the below spoiler if you would like to read the previous announcements. 
      Support by Donating
      Clicking the below donation button will take you to Locuturus's Patreon page.

      Note: The mods folder is located here for Steam users on Windows:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2, and it has been verified to be compatible with v1.3.4.
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      Sexbound v2 provides a framework that can be used to create adult themed interactions in Starbound, and it does so by injecting new functionality into the various scripts that control NPC behavior. Currently, modders may apply the 'lust' or 'sexbound_mind_control' status effect to a targeted NPC which will cause it to transform into an interactive furniture object - a SexNode. Aphrodite's Bow is a Sexbound compatible mod that can be used to apply the 'lust' status effect to an NPC.
      Documentation (Work in Progress)
      Modding Guide: Add Support to Sexbound API for Custom Species
      Custom Species Support
      Objects (SxB Enabled)
      Currently, the below objects are packaged within this mod, but they may be placed in their own mod in the future. Essentially, each furniture object is a sex-enabled version of its vanilla counterpart, and you can spawn an object by using the /spawnitem command. Please reference the below list of object names for objects that you can spawn:
      sexbound_apexbed sexbound_birdbed sexbound_sacrificialaltar sexbound_tribalbed2 sexbound_rainbowwoodbed sexbound_floranbed sexbound_florancouch sexbound_woodenbed sexbound_woodenbed2 sexbound_medievalbed sexbound_medievalcellbed sexbound_wheelbarrow sexbound_prisonmattress sexbound_frontierbed sexbound_tier1bed sexbound_tier2bed sexbound_tier3bed sexbound_tier4bed  
      Featured Mods
      Compatible with Sexbound API v2 (BETA):
      Alluring Toys Co by Locuturus Go F*** Yourself by Locuturus Pregnant Males 2 by Red3dred Sexbound Loungeable Patcher by Locuturus  
      Compatible with Sexbound API v1 & v2 (BETA):
      Aphrodite's Bow by Locuturus  
      Compatible with Sexbound API v1:
      Fuchsia the Floran Slut by Dibzz666 Kitty the Space Cat by Dibzz666 Maid for Sex by Locuturus
      Species Support Mods
      Note: Please consider the following when browsing the below species support mods.
      1) Some of the below mods have not been upgraded to work with the new artwork in Sexbound v2.6.x and up.
      2) In the case that a species support mod has an issue with the latest version of this mod, then please inform the mod author via direct message.
      3) In the case that someone did not request permission to modify your artwork, then notify both the author of this mod and the species support mod author via direct message.
      Argonian by [Void Watcher] Alastor Avali by Darkninjawolf64 Avali (Furry) by Red3dred Bunnykin by DargotDruid Demon by Timmeh Draenei by Timmeh Eevee by Darkninjawolf64 Elunite by [Void Watcher] Alastor Espeon by Darkninjawolf64 Everis by [Void Watcher] Alastor Familiars by [Void Watcher] Alastor Felin by Kawaoneechan Gardevan by Darkninjawolf64 Half-Breed Draconis by [Void Watcher] Alastor Latexians by Xentor Lopunny by [Void Watcher] Alastor Kazdra by [Void Watcher] Alastor Kemono by [Void Watcher] Alastor Mauskin by [Void Watcher] Alastor Miine by Darkninjawolf64 Pikachu by Darkninjawolf64 Neko by [Void Watcher] Alastor Sergal by [Void Watcher] Alastor Shadow by Madameglitch SU Gems by SyntaxError73 Super /sbg/ by Timmeh Umbreon by Darkninjawolf64 Viera by [Void Watcher] Alastor Zoroark by Darkninjawolf64
      If you have any suggestions for the mod, you can submit them to the official suggestion box!

      The Devs of Sexbound will look over your responses and may consider your ideas depending on how unique and/or possible the suggestion is.
      Click here to send a suggestion!
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      Please check if your question has already been answered before posting in the support forum.
      1) How can I protect myself and / or my family members from experiencing the content of this mod?
      Don't install it. All end-users of this software must be at least 18 years old to view, download, and / or install this mod.

      2) Does this mod support my character's race?
      All major playable vanilla races and many custom races are supported. You must download a separate support mod for your custom race. If you cannot find a support mod for your character's race, then make a request for the community to create a support mod.
      3) How do I have sex with an NPC?
      There are currently three ways that you can have sex with an NPC.
      A- Download and install a compatible mod named Aphrodite's Bow. Please read this mods instructions on its own page. (Fastest Method).
      B- Download and install another compatible mod named Sexbound Loungeable Patcher which will patch many vanilla furniture items to be sex-enabled. The NPCs will spontaneously decide to use the patched furniture object.
      C- Spawn and place a Sexbound furniture object within an NPC village. The NPCs will choose to lounge in the placed furniture item spontaneously. Interact with the furniture item to lounge with the NPC.
      4) Why can't I have sex with a certain NPC?
      You can have sex with vast majority of NPCs in the game, but they may not be located in a protected area (i.e. The Outpost). Currently, companions and ship crew may not be used for sex, but they may be enabled for sex in a future update. Most tenants should be sex enabled.
      5) Can I have sex with another player?
      Yes, you can have sex with another player. Currently, the only method to have sex with another player is to lounge together in a sex-enabled furniture object.

      * You must be at least 18 years old to view, download, or install this mod.



    8. Dark World Extras

      What this mod does:
      This mod is a continuation of DocToska's add-on mod for Dark World Reborn, DW:Toska,  that contained various events, including many carried over from the original Dark World mod. Unfortunately his mod hasn't been updated in some time, and is no longer functional with the current version of CK2 or Dark World Reborn. I posted a few fixed versions in the support thread, fixing issues as well as removing some of the content that had been re-added to the core DW:R mod. However, as that makes it rather hard for people to find the latest version and information on the mod, I'm going ahead and forking it here. 
      This mod contains everything that was in the DWToska Remix that I posted in the DWToska support thread, as well as a few other events I wrote that were originally in Dark World:Beyond Heresy (my first mod). I felt they're more appropriate in a mod such as this, so I'm moving them over.
      This comprises a number of events and decisions/actions. Note that some of these include topics such as rape and bestiality, although I've altered the latter to be avoidable via the Dark World Fantasy settings.
      Note that as of version 0.8.1 this mod requires Dark World Fantasy rather than Dark World Reborn or Dark World Tweaks (DWF being the most updated version of the core DW mod).
      Credit goes to DocToska for most of the original work on this - I'm just trying to continue on that (original mod here ).
      This should be compatible with most other Dark World mods, though I haven't tested it extensively.



    9. {CK2} Ala's Body Mod V1.5 for Dark World Reborn

      Ala's Body Mod
      I made this originally to have access to some traits I missed when not using Harem or NDPA
      but has since grown to include other traits I wanted to see in my games.
      The traits use a similar variable system as the DWR dick/tit traits do but was changed to allow a good amount of randomness on game start,
      but use a separate less random system to better represent the genetics between parents and their children.
      The traits will start showing on a character when they reach adulthood.
      Trait trees included are Height, Shape, Butt, Balls, Pussy, and Anus.
      Each trait tree has a separate game rule so you can have the traits you want and not the ones you don't. 
      Pussy traits always start at tiny and increase with marriage, pregnancy, and birth but do shrink over time if not being 'used'.
      This shrinking/healing lasts until age 45 and then does the opposite to represent age taking hold.
      Anus also starts tiny but only grows larger slowly, with age.
      Immortals have a bigger regen for pussy that doesn't stop at age and their anus does not grow larger.
      I mostly added pussy and anus so this mod could be used as a core to other mod(s) I will make but doesn't do a lot beyond the description above, for now.
      You are welcome to use this as a base to your own submods but please at least provide credit to Dewguru and Herring for their contents I used making this.
      To install unzip the file provided and place the ABM folder and ABM.mod file into your mod folder. Yup, that's it.
      Keep in mind you will need to start a new game to use since it adds traits.
      Updating to Version 1.5 from V1.4 does not require a new game, though.
      Should be compatible with anything, including any version of DWR.
      I do believe this requires CK2 to be 2.8.2+ since it uses scripting introduced in the spring cleaning patch Paradox released.
       IF using Harem or NDPA then just set the game rules to no butt, no balls, no pussy, no anus and it should work fine alongside them.
      Required/Recommended Mods
      Dark World Reborn
      Not a hard requirement for compatibility purposes, don't know why you would want balls without a dick or an ass and pussy and no tits but maybe that's your thing. 
      No, I will not add them in.
      Bigger Interface / Somewhat Bigger Interface 
      Recommended  *helps fight trait spam, a must have for me since I first tried it.
      Ala's Cheat Menu
      Recommended  *because I made it
      Liqui Turtle for the concepts behind this mod and being absent long enough to make me want to make this. (I'm sure he will come back now that I've made this)  
      Herring for the fancy trait icons that help put my own to shame and the permissions that allowed me to use them!  
      Noxbestia for the descriptions on some of the traits.  
      Dewguru for creating Dark World and allowing us to mod it. Seriously, thank you! Also uses a large chunk of his variable coding to blend in with DWR but also avoid breaking compatibility over time as DWR is updated.



    10. [CK2] Dark World Fantasy

      Dark World Fantasy
      Version 1.2.3
      Dark World Fantasy is the official unofficial continuation of the Dark World series.
      Demons – Fully fleshed out races. Campaign starts you out as an alu-fiend or a cambion, the grandchildren of Lilith. You can join the Chosen of Lilith society to upgrade to a full-blooded demon, the succubus or the incubus, the children of Lilith.
      Angels – Only the racial trait is available right now.
      Elves – Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available. See Elven Expansion for more elven goodness.
      Orcs – Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
      Fairies - Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
      Kitsune - Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
      Nekos - Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
      Werewolves – Three distinct racial types, with unique decisions.
      Vampires – Three distinct racial types, with unique decisions.
      Tentacle-kin - Racial trait, portraits, unique decisions, and buildings are available
      Reptilians and Dragons – Racial traits, portraits, an offmap empire, and unique decisions are available.
      Court and commerce:
      Can 'motivate' your chancellor, tribal steward, or priest to perform their claim/conversion actions quicker, using either your own body or other methods.
      Whorehouses to get your groove on. Just watch out for herpes.
      A bordello questline if you are feudal, allowing you to expand on the options available in your whorehouse.
      An alchemist and exotic emporium, allowing you to buy potions or artifacts.
      The Wizards – Yer a wizard, Harry.
      Chosen of Lilith – Fuck your way to the top!
      Nothing yet. See Beyond Heresy for the Lilith religions.
      Futa – Give your woman a dick and allow her to impregnate other women!
      Masculine/Feminine – Be a tomboy/girl!
      Heterochromia – For when your OC (DO NOT STEAL!) just isn't Mary Sue enough.
      Breasts/Cocks – Well... yeah.
      Pop culture characters – Not my cup of tea but other people like them, so here's a bunch of fucking Disney princesses and video game characters that totally fits in with the theme of the game. Totally.
      Crusader Kings II version 3.0.1
      Monks & Mystics (if you want to play with the societies)
      Way of Life (for certain decisions involving focuses)
      Download the file
      Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
      Mark the Dark World Fantasy checkboxs in the launcher
      If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
      1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
      2. Delete the Dark World Fantasy folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
      3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
      4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for Dark World Fantasy.
      5. Restart the game.
      If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of Dark World Fantasy are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #dark_world_fantasy channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
      Dark World Serpent Expansion: Full compatibility.  Version v.12 of Serpent Expansion is now natively integrated into Dark World Fantasy. Please turn off DWSE in your launcher to prevent compatibility issues.
      Dark World Toska / Dark World Toska Remix: DWT is outdated. Use Dark World Extras instead. This mod replaces DW Toska in its entirety.
      Dark World Extras: Full compatibility. Dark World Fantasy calls for various traits (raped/rapist) but are completely optional.
      Turtle's Dark World - Extra Traits and Other Stuff: Mod is outdated. Not compatible.
      Dark World Beyond Heresy: Full compatibility.
      Lesbocracy: Untested, likely full compatibility.
      NoxBestia's Darkest Perversions: Untested, likely full compatibility.
      Dark World Reborn Dollarsmy: Untested. May or may not be compatible.
      Dark World Genealogy: Incompatible with Dark World Fantasy 1.1.1.
      Ala's Body Mod: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
      Herring's Stuff for CK2: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
      DZ Flavor: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
      Hempire Universe: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
      Looking for the dark elf content?
      Click here!
      dewguru - For the original Dark World Reborn code
      zia - For allowing me to integrate v0.12 of Serpent Expansion into DWTweaks
      Version History:



    11. Pregnant Males 2: Parenting Boogaloo

      The same old male-pregnancy enabler mod, now less annoying to install! And with secondary features!

      MPreg 2 brings the same old "free-pregnancy" option, allowing any NPC or Player to impregnate, regardless of genders.
      In addition, "polling of parents" is now a option, allowing the birthed NPC to randomly be the father's or mother's race, should they differ, at a 50/50 chance.
      Both functions include a toggle, allowing to only have FreePregnancy, or Polling of Parents, as you wish.
      To do so, simply reach into the mod's files, inside "scripts", until you find "pregnant.config.patch", where you can alter "true" or "false" to your liking.
      Please ignore the backup included, its only for reference.
      Installation is pretty simple: Extract the ZIP, drop the folder in the mods folder, done. That is, unless you want to enable/disable one of the two.

      Since Sexbound 2.6, male-pregnancy sprites are actually built into the mod, so i don't need to include visuals. The ones you'll see were made by ChesterPiece.
      Thanks to ArgobargSoup for the parent polling code, and ChesterPiece for including the mpreg sprites into the base assets of Sexbound!



    12. SexboundAPI compatability for Pikachu race

      The name suggest, it's a patch for sexbound api.



    13. Umbreon race patch for sexbound api

      this is a patch for sexbound api. just extract the file and put the .pakfile in your mod list and you're done.
      you will need the latest version of sebound api and umbreon race mod
      Link below:
      sexbound api : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      Umbreon race : https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/umbreon-race.3557/
      My nude Umbreon version : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/87478-umbreon-race-with-full-nude-no-clip-version/



    14. Sexbound Kobold Race (Support)

      This Patch adds Sexbound support to the Kobold race.
      (This patch requires the original race mod and sexbound to work properly)
      Required Race:https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/kobolds-revival.4796/
      Sexbound By Loxodon: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/



    15. Apex Xenos

      Updated for 2.2.1 of Stellaris
      Welcome to the Apex Xenos Mod, if you don't like vore, that's cool but you probably aren't going to want this mod.
      What is currently in the mod:
      It adds 4 species traits. 3 civics, and an edict.
      It also adds 3 new government types with their own personalities so you can populate the galaxy with other voraphiles.
      What is currently planned for the mod:
      Anomalies - The galaxy is a hungry place
      Events - A pool of events for the game to draw from that allow the player to increase a leader's vore skill, have a leader be eaten, or even usurp the current ruler
      Prey and predator personalities - so AI should prioritize gobbling up prey rather than federating with them
      Hunger CBs for predators
      And whatever else I happen to dream up
      This is my first mod for any game so it's bound to be a little rough around the edges, that said, feel free to throw out ideas for events, civics, and traits etc etc
      Extract the contents of the archive to docuements/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod so you have a folder named "Vore_mod" and a file named Vore gameplay in the mod folder
      Next, just click on the mods tab in the launcher and find "Vore mod .15"
      You're all set!



    16. [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow

      Now, it is time that all players can enjoy having sex with the vast majority of Starbound NPCs. A single arrow from Aphrodite's Bow is enough to place an NPC into a deep trance.
       Switch between roles during the interaction.
       Player usable.
       NPC enabled use.
       Script controlled animation.
       Professional sound effects.
       Custom sprite sheets.
       Future updates.
      Required Mod
      Sexbound API : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      Always download the latest Sexbound API when you update this mod.
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2
      1) First you must download and install "Sexbound API"
      2) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      3) Move the extracted .pak file into your Starbound mods directory.
      4) Finished.
      This mod adds a legendary bow named Aphrodite's Bow to your game, and it can be obtained by using the /spawnitem admin command. The bow is used to shoot an NPC, and it will apply the 'lust' status effect. An NPC with lust will attempt to transform into an interactive object by placing a furniture object on the tile below its feet. The lust status effect is removed from the NPC whether or not it succeeds at placing an object. Generally, an NPC cannot transform into an interactive object when there is another object behind it. Furthermore, NPCs normally cannot transform in protected areas such as the Outpost.
      You may obtain this object by using the /spawnitem command, but make sure that you have admin privileges.
      1) Give yourself admin privileges by entering into the chat: /admin
      2) Spawn the Aphrodite's Bow by entering into the chat: /spawnitem aphroditesbow
      3) Pick up the bow and equip it.
      Use It
      Use it like a normal bow to shoot NPCs. Then approach the still NPC, and interact with it to begin having sex. NPCs will be under the influence of Aphrodite's Bow for up to 5 minutes.
      1) What does it mean when the word 'obstructed' appears?
      'Obstructed' means there is an object behind the NPC that is preventing it from transforming into a SexNode object. Or, it means that the NPC cannot place a SexNode because it is inside of a tile protected area. Currently, crew members and other follower type companions will always display as 'obstructed' because the cannot transform into a SexNode object.



    17. [Starbound] Sexbound Loungeable Patcher

      This mod patches various loungeables to be enabled for sex-only use.
      Sexbound API (Version 2.6.1 and up) - Sexbound API
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2, and it has been verified to be compatible with v1.3.3.
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      In Sexbound API v2.6.1 and up, the furniture is no longer sex-enabled by default, so you must download this separate mod to re-enable that feature. Please see the full list of patched objects below:
      apexbed birdbed sacrificialaltar tribalbed2 rainbowwoodbed floranbed florancouch woodenbed woodenbed2 medievalbed medievalcellbed wheelbarrow prisonmattress frontierbed tier1bed tier2bed tier3bed tier4bed ----



    18. [Starbound] Go F*** Yourself

      The latest version 1.4.0 is now compatible with the new positions in Sexbound v2.6.x and up.
      Note: The mods folder is located here for Steam users on Windows:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2, and it has been verified to be compatible with v1.3.3.
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move all of the extracted contents into your Starbound mods directory. (Overwrite the previous version.)
      3) Finished.
      Latest version of Sexbound
      Optionally, download the latest version of Alluring Toys Co.
      This mod adds the ability to create a platform and controller that enables you to have sex with your own character.
      You may craft this object in the Basic Crafting window (press the 'c' key). Look for the recipes: GFY Platform and GFY Controller. 
      1) Ensure that you have admin privileges. Type /admin into the chat.
      2) Open the Basic Crafting window. ('c' key).
      3) Select 'GFY Platform' - Supply x500 pixels.
      4) Select 'GFY Controller' - Supply x100 pixels.
      5) Find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.
      You can purchase this item from the Alluring Toys Co. vending machine which is another Sexbound supported mod.
      Use It
      1) Drag the GFY Platform from your inventory to a clear surface area. 
      2) Next, place the GFY Controller on the a nearby surface which will enable it to sync to the platform.
      3) Interact with the controller to change among the different modes. (Male vs. Male, Male vs. Female, and Female vs. Female).
      4) Interact with the platform to use it!



    19. [Starbound] Alluring Toys Co

      Alluring Toys Co. aims to supply Starbound with a wide variety of kinky and interesting sex toys.
      This mod requires the latest version of the Sexbound API to be installed in your mods folder.
      Sexbound API Main Page
      *This mod was made for Starbound v1.3.2
      1) Extract the contents from .zip file.
      2) Move the extracted .pak file into your Starbound mods directory.
      3) Finished.
      This mod adds a craftable Alluring Toys Co Vendor to your game. The player may interact with the object after placing it on a suitable surface. The vending machines allows the player to purchase a variety of different sex toys.
      Sex Toys
      By default, the vendor comes stocked with 6 different wearable sex toys to purchase. All sex toys comes in 12 different colors.
      Abortion Pill Fox Tail (Anal Plug) Gag Ball Heart Jewel (Anal Plug) Horse Cock Strap-On Horse Tail (Anal Plug) Silicone Strap-On  
      You may craft this object in the Basic Crafting window (press the 'c' key). Look for the recipe: Alluring Toys Co Vendor, and you must supply 10 iron bars and 5 glass to craft it. After you craft it, you will find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.
      1) Open the Basic Crafting window. ('c' key).
      2) Select 'Alluring Toys Co Vendor' - Supply x10 iron bars and x5 glass.
      3) Find it in the Furniture Items tab of your inventory.
      Use It
      Drag the object from your inventory to a clear surface area. Open the merchant window pane with the 'e' key.
      Lead Artist - ChesterPiece
      Vending Machine Sprites



    20. [Europa Universalis IV] Female advisor replacement 10/14/2018

      Everything is in the title, i'm suprised no one uploaded something like that before.
      This mod replace the visual of the Female Advisor portrait, in the game Europa Universalis IV
      It's purelly cosmetics
      I'm playing with 1.27 , all DLC .
      Still looking for pictures



    21. SexBound Neko-Alternate

      Adds Neko-Alternate support to Sexbound. This includes a extra mod that you can download to have more feminine male nekos, and another extra mod for the normal body sprites, you'll need both to make it look good, and they are both client side.
      This is only tested on 2.7.0-Beta of Sexbound. Please do keep that in mind when using older versions. Should however work on newer ones.



    22. Nudestone

      Nudestone - a Hearthstone nude patch
      8 December

      77 cards of Rastakhan's Rumble added
      11 cards of Boomsday Project added
      To download click on the second link (there is an empty field)
      This is a mod for card game from Blizzard that changes the art of many cards into a nude versions that still have similar content to the original motive or otherwise fit the card name.
      I tried to do without guro content, but it's still NSFW, be careful
      You do not get a ban for using the mod, because its use can not be tracked
      More than 1000 cards of minions, spell and hero powers has changed Added almost 200 animations of golden cards that have been changed Changed portraits of heroes: Jaina, Valeera, Thrall, Andduin,  Alleria, Liadrin, Tyrande, Maiev and Lunara Replaced the login screen, backgrounds in the main menu and on some battlefields  

      Download the Nudestone zipfile ( Do NOT unzip this file) If you haven't used it yet, download the uMod application (This one you can extract) Start uMod, click Main -> Add Game Browse to your game folder and select the Hearthstone.exe Activate "Use Global Hook" under "Main" Start Hearthstone via Battle.net Hearthstone should now show up as running in uMod. There, Click "Open Texture/Package" and select Nudestone.zip Make sure you have your ingame Graphics options set to "medium" or "high". It won't work on "low" Optionally, you can save a template via the Main Menu of uMod and use it as default. This will automatically launch the mod with Hearthstone  
        Since the game has switched to the use of directx11 additional instructions are required for correct operation:
            1. Go to your Blizzard App
            2. Click the logo in the Top Left
            3. Go to "Game Settings"
            4. Enable "Additional command line arguments"
            5. Enter "-force-d3d9" (Without the ")
            6. Click "Done"

      Known issues
      Animation of some cards (not even changed) are displayed in black textures. Some people get an error "could not allocate enough memory". Try increasing the paging file  
      A few words
      The author of the idea of the original mod called Whorestone - Eddyboy.
      English is not my native language, so I can make some mistakes, sorry!



    23. Sexbound Kemono Race Support

      This is a revival patch that adds race support for the SexboundAPI of Kemono race mod
      Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder
      [Sexbound API]
      Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      [ Kemono Race Links ]
      = Non-Steam Version =
      = Steam Version =
      - Permission -
      Original Race Support & Granted by: KitsuneTakaaki
      Permission Requester by: IsabellesBells
      Changelog :
      1.0.0 - First release of the original support mod by KitsuneTakaaki.
      Deletion - Original race support was been deleted by KitsuneTakaaki.
      1.1.0 - Re-release of the race support mod and changed the original human penis to canine type.
      2.0.0 - Updated prior to Sexbound API 2.6.x
      Be Advised:
      For those who wants to edit this mod, please ask for permission from the author of this mod first before you make changes, and reposting this mod and changing the author of the mod will be reported and the reposted mod will be taken down. Thank you for your cooperation.



    24. [UE4] LifePlay - Free LifeSim RPG

      LifePlay is a life simulation RPG being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

      - Play in real world cities with real world buildings, using OpenStreetMap geodata (178 cities and counting)
      - Extensive character customizations for the player and NPCs, catering to all body shapes
      - Non-grindy gameplay combining lifesim and RPG elements, with user-friendly UI and controls
      - Come across a diverse range of life situations, sexual or otherwise, realistic or fantasy (550 scenes and counting) where your choice matters
      - 3D sex scenes that allow player control without forcing it, enhanced by well-written erotica 
      - Completely free and open source
      - Highly customizable, editable and moddable
      Brief demo video: https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/31307/lifeplay-free-lifesim-rpg  
      |Full Releases| |Additional Maps| |Source Code| |Documents| 
      The game has been under development since the end of 2017. You can already play and replay it for hours easily with different character builds in different cities.
      The game will always be free and open-source. All contents, with full sources, will always be publicly released to everyone as soon as they are ready. Nothing will ever be exclusive or put behind a paywall. You can support the game's development by spreading the word about it and by making mods for it. 
      Made by a modder himself, LifePlay is very moddable and even if you've never modded before, you could easily make a new scene, actor stat, action, sex description or dirty talk for it in a few minutes. Even in game, there are editors to generate character presets and map expansions. Check the Docs folder for instructions.
      The game isn't demanding in terms of PC specs, but if you do get low FPS, reduce the Post Process Quality in the Settings section of the main menu and there should be a dramatic improvement.
      Inspired by:
      - Games: The Sims series (my intial concept was 'A free, open-source and moddable The Sims with sex, dialogues and real world cities'), NewLife by SplendidOstrich, GirlLife by TFGSite
      - Mods: SexLab, OSex, Apropos, Schlongs of Skyrim, BodySlide, LooksMenu and Mod Organizer
      Special thanks to: the OpenStreetMap community, Manuel Bastioni and the MakeHuman community. Without their open-source projects, this game would not be possible.




    25. The Tinder Game [Ep. 1] [Preview 2] [Universal Game Studio] 1.0.0

      The Tinder Game Episode 1 - Short Preview Version 2
      Download Preview Version 2:
      Mega:   https://mega.nz/#!uOwDVYKZ!4ReHoUnAKdVXWZLiRsSSXOpf9vPaBDsQ6_6FJCxOdQo
      Uploadfiles: https://ufile.io/9i3kr  
      Mega:  https://mega.nz/#!aSxEWIKD!4upXvvaH7JHIdYsxpBEgiWiaAjjQ1eU_OvroW0z2JDg
      Uploadfiles:  https://uploadfiles.io/67x13
      Download Full Game:
      Support us on Patreon:
      The Tinder Game video game is about a 28-year old guy, James Walker, an ethical hacker, who lives his life in every day. Next to the information technology, he really likes women. One day he created something new, a hack program wherewith he can increases his chances of online dating by 99%. James lives like fish in the water, but how long time can he enjoys the power of his creation, which is not so legal? Help James to use his creation properly, get the most girls, experience the best affairs of your life, but...be careful with authorities, they can be close to you!
      The Tinder Game is an adult game which is in comedy and crime category too. So it's NOT just a porn game. The game has really erotic, exciting and funny story line. Recommended for over 18 years old people. Be part of this amazing story!
      - Swipe!
      - Get new matches!
      - Help to James to give corresponding answers to the girls and fuck them!
      - Help to James to hack his favourite dating app!
      - Seduce the most amazing girls and fuck them!
      - Learn tricks, how you can seduce girls for fucking easily!
      Updated: 2018-11-26
      Developer: https://www.universalgamestudio.com, https://www.patreon.com/universalgamestudio
      Censorship: None
      Version: Episode 1 Preview
      Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
      Language: English
      Group Sex, Public Sex, Sexy selfies, Sex Toys, Latex, Ebony, Foot and Heels, BDSM, Body Piercing, Hair (Blonde, Brown, Black, Red), Furries, Old-Young, Asian, Spanking, Voyeurism/Cuckolding, Threesomes, Body fetishes

      1- Download the file.
      2- Unpack the game into an arbitrary folder.
      3- Click on "executable_name.exe" to start playing.



      The listed fetishes refer to all episodes not only for the first episode. We are already working on Episode 2 which will be made with a new render technology and will be amazing too. You can see a preview picture at screenshots (girl on a beach). If you support our work, we can get ready sooner with the next episodes. Episode 1 full version will be free when Episode 2 will release.
      We appreciate your support because we want to create more animation game from 2019 spring. We have a lot of ideas.
      We serve you and this is the most important for us. Thank you very much!