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    1. The School of Sappho: a secret lesbian society

      Disclaimers (yes, there are several):
      1. This mod was not intended to propagate any socio-political views or ideas, whether pro- or anti-LGBT, pro- or anti-feminism. It's just a thing that I've made for anyone to enjoy at their leisure. That's it.
      2. Yes, this kind of organization did not exist within the time frame of the game. I know. Everyone knows. You don't have to tell me. Really.
      3. This is my first published mod.
      Have you ever played Crusader Kings II, controlling your lesbian empress with a half-dozen lovers and thought: "I wish I could fill out my council with my lesbian lovers... No, scratch that - I want all my vassals to be lesbians with those sweet, big... +30 opinion bonuses!" Maybe you haven't - not everyone is a perv, sure. But if you have - I bring you...
      The School of Sappho: a secret lesbian society!
      WARNING: This mod should be played with "Gender Equality" set to "Default", otherwise... well, nothing will really happen, but some features may become completely pointless
      Short description:
      It's a society for lesbians. Yes, sex is included.
      Long description:
      Any lesbian character with a lover (or lovers) can create a new society for other lesbian characters. The main themes of the society are: Ancient Greece, Greek mythology and, of course, Sappho herself, a poetess from Lesbos who is known to have had several relationships with women. Some scholars have speculated that she had operated a school for girls. Hence the "School" part. Of course, I needed a main focus for the society. Making it a "school" allowed me to focus it on boosting the stats of its members (otherwise known as "education"). In other words, you're going to have a lot of lesbo chars with ridiculously high stats.
      Other perks:
      1. You can start a relationship with virtually any member of the society;
      2. Your female wards have a much higher chance to pick up your sexual habits;
      3. You can (under certain conditions) marry your lover - though it is described more as a civil partnership; not every ruler is going to take kindly to such "perversions";
      4. Whether single or in a lesbian marriage, you can use a servant to get yourself pregnant. Your child is going to be a bastard (obviously), which is a good thing, actually, if you want to exclude your male children from inheritance. NPCs will definitely be doing it, by the way;
      5. You can "convert" certain straight women into lesbianism;
      6. You can have threesomes with your lovers, with said lovers becoming each other's lovers as well;
      7. Higher ranked members can engage in research, literature or art. These may or may not unlock some new possibilities, provide a tech boost, as well as give you new personality traits. Be careful, though - once you receive the "Scholar" or "Mystic" trait, you will not be able to start the scholarship focus event chain. Build the observatory as soon as you take the focus.
      8. Lovers will tend to move to the same court.
      9. If your liege has agnatic succession, you can organize a faction to make him change to agnatic-cognatic;
      10. You can change gender succession laws in the entire realm once certain requirements are met
      There are also several new quests. Some were repurposed from the vanilla game, modified to fit with the theme, others were built from the ground up. All quests are available to the Mistress of the School (aka the grand master).
      Side note: if you're expecting to find female pederasty (korephilia) in this mod(because Ancient Greece), there isn't any. And I am NOT planning to add it in the future.
      How is this mod different from other female-centric mods?
      The main idea was to create a believable premise: though there was no lesbian society in Medieval Europe, there was a so-called "Golden Orchid society" in China in a later period. Of course, such an organization in Europe could only be created by noblewomen who were powerful in their own right (which kind of fits with the game) and it would definitely receive a lot of backlash from the Church and more or less everyone around. Expect your characters to be imprisoned, burned alive, maybe even raped or mutilated. Yay for historical accuracy!

      Requirements (-ish):
      - Crusader Kings II, the main game (v2.8 at least);
      - Republic Equality
      - Conclave (needed for the Status of Women law);
      - Way of Life;
      - Monks&Mystics;
      - Legacy of Rome.

      1. Download the mod and unpack it;
      2. Throw everything into the "C:....Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod" folder;
      3. Also install Republic Equality.;
      4. Open the launcher and tick both mods;
      4. When starting a new game make sure your "Gender Equality" setting is set to "Default".
      Updating from v1.52 and earlier versions:
      Delete everything: the old version, the old compatibility patches. Install the newest version of the mod. If you use Ck2Plus, also reinstall the compatibility patch.
      How to unlock the content in-game:
      1. Be a lesbian;
      2. Get a lesbian lover or two (there is a new event that will spawn a lesbian in your court, so you don't have to use cheats anymore);
      3. Earn 250 wealth;
      4. Don't be tribal, nomad or celibate. Also, don't be in a harem, if that's even possible;
      5. In the intrigue menu you will have a new decision that will create the society and make you the Mistress.
      - If you have 2 lovers instead of 1 when you are creating the society, both of them will be given the 4th rank;
      - When recruiting, target your lovers, friends & close relatives first to avoid a cooldown;
      - Recruit characters with lovers - they will recruit their lovers, friends & close relatives automatically;
      - Use the "Mark for recruitment" power to have other members recruit a certain character. It's useful if the character is still too young and you want her to be recruited as soon as she comes of age, or if your suspicion levels are too high and you want to lay low for awhile. Be mindful, though - this power will not have any effect if the character is not eligible for recruitment by any other member of the society;
      - Some events can...
      Possible issues:
      - "I'm not receiving any new missions" - If you are the Mistress, you need to have at least one other Grace (4th rank member) to give you the missions;
      - "The text does not fit into the event window" - Yeah, I might have overlooked that. Tell me which event it is and I will fix it;
      - "I've launched the [insert decision name], but nothing happened!" - Oops, I've mixed up the scopes again!
      - "After the threesome event, my spouse didn't get any new lovers" - Yes, she did, you just can't see them because the game doesn't allow you to. Use the debug mode to see them.
      - Make sure your game is at least v2.8;
      - Install any available patches for other mods;
      - Check if the other mod overwrites "common/laws/succession_laws.txt". If it does - it's incompatible.
      - Any mod that changes the sound.sfx file in the interface folder might mess with my mod. Delete the sound.sfx from my mod, it's not really important;
      - Don't use this mod in conjunction with total conversion mods (e.g. A Game of Thrones), because it will not be lore-friendly and besides that some unexpected issues might arise;
      - This mod overwrites a couple of vanilla files. If some other mod overwrites the same files... some things might not work properly.
      Mods that should be compatible:
      Dark World: Reborn
      Darkest Perversions
      Compatibility patch needed (in the downloads section)
      Incompatible mods:
      Christianity Mod
      DWR: Beyond Heresy
      CK2:AGOT (though there should be a patch for it some day)
      Same Gender Succession - I'm told that it causes weird bugs with children's dynasties
      Any total conversion mods
      Tutorial for creating compatibility patches:
      1. Look for files with the same name in both mods;
      2. In "School of Sappho" versions of these files search for entries with the [edited by LES] comment;
      3. Copy these entries into the other file;
      4. ... Profit
      - Paradox Interactive - for creating this amazing strategy game hire me!;
      - TomatoEddie - a wonderful composer who created the soundtrack for this mod;
      - A host of classical artists, whose work is not protected by copyright, because they dead;
      - And a couple of artists who are very much alive, but I couldn't really find their names to credit them properly (don't sue me);
      - Muffinuh - former authenticity adviser and tester
      Do not re-post this mod anywhere. When time comes, I might add it to Steam or wherever, but for now it stays here.
      Any translations are welcome! Contact me if you want to translate or have already translated my work into your language
      Full change log:



    2. Additional Maps for LifePlay

      This is the download page for all additional maps currently available for LifePlay. Obviously, the game itself needs to be downloaded and installed first from this page before these additional maps can be installed. I decided to keep the download pages separate as to not spam update notifications for the game's download page whenever I merely update or add a map.
      The 38 new maps released on 17 Aug are meant for the upcoming v1.9. Therefore, in order for them to work with the current version v1.8 right away, you'll also need this patch.
      By default, all game releases already include the Central London map. These maps are entirely optional - pick and choose as you see fit.
      I built these maps based on OpenStreetMap geodata, which is a fantastic open source project, but without the huge financial resources that Google and co have, OpenStreetMap is not flawless. You'll find that some cities inevitably have better quantity and quality of data than others. Fear not! I have included the 'Randomize Unknown Buildings' option in the City Selection menu + you can manually edit each building in game. 
      |Full Releases| |Content Updates| |Additional Maps| |Source Code| |Documents| 
      How to install each map:
      Extract the archive then copy and paste its content into {GameInstallationFolder}\LifePlay\Content\Heavy\StreetMap Make sure that {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap folder, and another (much heavier) pair of {CityName}.uasset and {CityName}.uexp go inside StreetMap\Static subfolder. (For those curious: the first pair holds the map data, while the second pair holds the 3d shapes of the map itself)
      List of maps completed so far:
      Central London (included by default) Batch 1 (x31, 6 April): Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cambridge, Chicago, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, Nairobi, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, and Vienna. Batch 2: (x30, 4 May, requires v1.2 of the game): Tucson, Helsinki, Detroit, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Beijing, Pittsburgh, Bucharest, Prague, Mykolaiv, Dublin, San Francisco, Havana, Athens, Honolulu, San Juan, Warsaw, Birmingham, Seoul, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Bern, Philadelphia, New Orleans, St Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur Batch 3 (x30, 12 Jul, requires v1.6 of the game): Ottawa, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Turku, Charleston, Salvador, Brno, Giza, Cleveland, Dallas, Bristol, Auckland, Nassau, Lübeck, Rosario, Buffalo, Phoenix, Stockholm, Bath, Austin, Anaheim, Grand Rapids, Thessaloniki, Wellington, Branson, Gloucester, Christchurch, Reykjavik, Bali, Zagreb Batch 4: (x38, 17 Aug, requires v1.9 of the game or v1.8 with this patch applied): Oulu, Tampere, Melbourne, Invercargill, Freeport, Shanghai, Boston, Seattle, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Jacksonville, Columbus, Charlotte, Denver, Washington DC, Memphis, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Kansas, Omaha, Salt Lake, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bonn, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City Batch 5: Keep your map requests coming!  
      Which cities do you want to be playable in LifePlay next? Keep the requests coming. Frequently requested cities should make an appearance at some point. I will build and release new maps in batches of around 20 - 30 cities each time.
      Special thanks to the OpenStreetMap community, without whose geodata, these maps wouldn't be possible.




    3. Dickplomacy Reloaded 1.10 for Mount and Blade Warband

      Forever free and open source!
      A submod for Dickplomacy that expands features!
      Created by ☆ LilyModzStuff ☆
      View Github Nightly! Features
      ☆ Custom Troop Trees
      ☆ Dynamic Troop Trees
      ☆ Rubiks World Map
      ☆ Polished Landscape
      ☆ Freelancer (Play as a soldier in a lords party)
      ☆ Diplomacy
      ☆ Autoloot
      ☆ Formations mod
      ☆ Change player gender in camp menu
      ☆ Gambling in taverns: (Find the Lady, Dice Game)
      ☆ Bodyguards/Escorts in Town/Village Scenes
      ☆ Village Raids & Sieges--Allow Player Party Actions
      ☆ Alive horses (In Towns)
      ☆ Custom banner creator
      ☆ Single screen character creator 
      ☆ Brothels & Animated sex (Consensual / Non-Consensual. Able to be turned off / on.)
      ☆ Warband UI Retexture by Rohzdear
      ☆ Tournament Play Enhancements
      ☆ Meet guild master from town menu without going to the town first.
      ☆ Build from, and contains Source!
      ☆ Corpus face textures
      ☆ Polygamy with bug fix (There was a bug with the original dickplomacy)
      ☆ Clothed looters (Looters were all naked in the original dickplomacy)
      ☆ New menu textures



    4. Defiler Wings 1.4.1 English translation (not machine)

      Attention Russian speakers!
      Looking for help from you guys! There is a section in the What's new section where I put the lines which I couldn't figure out from the machine translation. If you are willing to help, please check it and give me a rough translation. It is okay if it has bad grammar or not really English - it will be still a hundred times better than the machine translated texts. I'll fix it if necessary and of course you will be listed in the credits for your contribution.
      What is this?
      Defiler Wings is a dragon simulator game. You take the role of a dragon and bring destruction to all kingdoms. You also kidnap virgins and work on your dynasty...
      It was developed by Old Huntsman and Co, a russian(?) dude and Co. When I tried it, it was obvious at once that the English version is mostly a machine translated one. Except from a few small parts (which was made by people) it is simply horrible.
      So I started to make my own version, simply by writing directly in the python files. I thought I might as well share it with you.
      It is not an easy job, because:
      - I don't speak Russian, so I don't know what was the original text and what style the text had.
      - I don't speak Google translate (nobody does...)
      - I don't speak python
      - English is not my 1st language.
      - I am a Grandmatser of typoing.
      An example: "Yes, if all women Floor was such a Dark Lady and her offspring would have very salty!"
      Basically I have to figure out what the original text was by reading lines like this. Since I look at the python code, I don't have much context, just some variable names and comments. Sometimes there are still Russian words in it, which I may or may not find in online translators. Most of the time I think I know what was the text about, but in cases like the above, I just don't have the foggiest idea. So I come up with something which fits the text around it or just leave it out.
      How to install
      (Optional) Do a safety copy of the "game" directory in your game folder (or just the files which are in the zip).
      Unpack into the game directory, overwrite when asked.
      I'm aware that the texts i "fixed" are still full with errors, typoes, etc. At the moment I made only 1 pass on them, meaning I didn't recheck them. IMO it is better to get all texts in "somewhat good" state before I start spending more time on shining them. That being said if you report problems I will fix them.
      - Old Huntsman - the creator of the game
      - the people who made the current translations, English menu, etc.
      - Akmed - helped with countless lines from day 1. Kudos!
      - LightSpectr and<Censored name> - their help was invaluable in making sense of some tricky lines




    5. Bayonetta 100% Complete Game Save

      This is 100% complete save game files for Bayonetta (Steam/Codex version).
      Just copy and paste (overwrite) the content of zip file to C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Bayonetta or "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\460790\remote".




    6. Mofme's CamGirlToys for VaM 1.10

      Simple scene excellent Virt-A-Mate VR game.
      - Some new sex toys - Custom room environment - New look with custom high quality FaceGen textures, 8k genital textures and decals  
      Unpack scene to Saves folder in your VaM installation folder. Don't change file paths.




    7. [UE4] LifePlay - Free LifeSim RPG

      LifePlay is a life simulation RPG being developed on Unreal Engine 4.

      - Play in real world cities with real world buildings, using OpenStreetMap geodata (92 cities and counting)
      - Extensive character customizations for the player and NPCs, catering to all body shapes
      - Non-grindy gameplay combining lifesim and RPG elements, with user-friendly UI and controls
      - Come across a diverse range of life situations, sexual or otherwise, realistic or fantasy (434 scenes and counting) where your choice matters
      - 3D sex scenes that allow player control without forcing it, enhanced by well-written erotica 
      - Completely free and open source
      - Highly customizable, editable and moddable
      Brief demo video: https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/31307/lifeplay-free-lifesim-rpg  
      |Full Releases| |Additional Maps| |Source Code| |Documents| 
      Although this is only the 9th release, the game has actually been under development since the end of 2017, I just didn't want to release anything that wasn't worth people's time. Obviously more gameplay horus will come over time with more scenes, animations and models; however, all key features are already in there and the game itself feels quite 'complete'. You can already play and replay it for hours easily with different character builds in different cities.
      The game will always be free and open-source. All contents, with full sources, will always be publicly released to everyone as soon as they are ready. Nothing will ever be exclusive or put behind a paywall. You can support the game's development by spreading the word about it and by making mods for it. 
      Made by a modder himself, LifePlay is very moddable and even if you've never modded before, you could easily make a new scene, actor stat, action, sex description or dirty talk for it in a few minutes. Even in game, there are editors to generate character presets and map expansions. Check the Docs folder for instructions.
      The sexual content currently included in the base game is relatively vanilla (with the exception of some optional mild NTR). This is intentional because vanilla content is the common denominator for everyone. I will continue to focus on vanilla content for the next few months before going into more fetishes. Of course, nothing stops you from making mods featuring fetish content right now!
      The game isn't demanding in terms of PC specs, but if you do get low FPS, reduce the Post Process Quality in the Settings section of the main menu and there should be a dramatic improvement.
      Inspired by:
      - Games: The Sims series (my intial concept was 'A free, open-source and moddable The Sims with sex, dialogues and real world cities'), NewLife by SplendidOstrich, GirlLife by TFGSite
      - Mods: SexLab, OSex, Apropos, Schlongs of Skyrim, BodySlide, LooksMenu and Mod Organizer
      Special thanks to: the OpenStreetMap community, Manuel Bastioni and the MakeHuman community. Without their open-source projects, this game would not be possible.




    8. Yakuza 0 Erotic Video Swap

      This mod swaps all of the original girls softcore videos out with their much more racy and intense hardcore versions and let me tell you, they're indeed very racy in my personal opinion.
      Super Easy Installation. Yay!
       Download the Yakuza0 Erotic Video Swap.zip (mega or mediafire link. A file may not show up, but just click the "Download this file" button and then the "Download" button and it'll redirect you.)  Backup your "Yakuza 0\media\data\movie_w64\iv" folder.  Drop the iv folder from within the downloaded zip to "Yakuza 0\media\data\movie_w64" (overwrite all.)  Enjoy  

      The majority of these videos are censored. I did search for uncensored versions, but couldn't find many. (18 Censored and 12 Uncensored)
      List of censored & uncensored JAV models.
      Blame Japan for their weird ass censoring laws. Anus is okay, but flash a bit of pussy and you have to censor it. I still think it's pretty hot personally, but if that's not your cup of tea then move on and wait for a different pack. I'll be changing all the models completely soon. (cards & videos) to fully uncensored, different models. (This will probably take a while because i still need to figure out how to change the text when you pick up a card "you got "name" type C card" and i also need to find out how to edit the tiles in the video store.)
      Videos are edited by myself so don't expect anything too flashy. Audio included. - I'd advise you to use headphones because these girls love to scream. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Video length is between 1-5 minutes and some are longer than others. Didn't know what length to put the videos at so i set myself the limit of 5 minutes max. If you get bored, just skip. (I'd be awesome if there was a fastforward button, but alas there isn't.) Tried my best to compress the .usm as best i could without impacting on the video quality so this is the best i got. (There are 30 files that total at 1GB. The original 30 files total at around 750 MB for comparison.)  



    9. Yakuza 0 Card Swap

      Decided the cards you pickup in this game are a little tame for my liking, so i decided to fix them. The cards are just naughtier versions of the models already in the game. Some are obviously censored because they're idols/very strict laws and only a few of them went the un-censored route. If i decide to make another pack, i'll probably just use different models that are uncensored, but i won't do that until i figure out how to swap the videos in the erotic video store.
      Requirements - 
      PARC-Archive-Importer zip/winrar  
      Installation is a little annoying and sadly not just a drag and drop situation.
      Download and extract the telecard.zip file to a folder on your Desktop. (or wherever you'd like.) Download "PARC-Archive-Importer" and run it. Click "Open Archive" and navigate to your Steam Yakuza 0 data directory then into "pausepar_e" folder. (In my case, this is it: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Yakuza 0\media\data\pausepar_e) < Yours maybe different so find your own path. Click to open "pause.par" (Make sure to backup the "pause.par" by copying it to your Desktop or renaming it "pause.par.bakk") Once loaded, select "Widen" When that's done select "Open Files" and navigate to your saved telecard folder that you just downloaded, ctrl + a to select them all and click open. This will load all of the images into right window, now just click "Inject" to inject all those images into the .par file. (This can take a long time and will lock up the application so just be patient. It usually takes around a minute.) Once that's finished, click save and save it in the same location as the original "pause.par" file overwriting it when asked. (You're good to overwrite because you have a backup, right?) Done, load up Yakuza 0 and the cards will now be changed in your album as well as new cards you pick up off the floor. Enjoy.  
      Side note: (Tester needed.)



    10. The House of O - A Society for BDSM

      Do you want to take a break from ruling over others and serve them for a change? 
      Do you want to dominate your lover and make them submit to you?
      Do you like lots of events?
      Then this mod is for you!
      This alpha version is fully functional up to rank 2 (servant). Dominant content will be added with the next large update.
      Join the House of O and complete slave training. Find a dominant partner and submit to becoming their plaything. Craft or find a variety of BDSM-themed artifacts. Be obedient, or unruly, but prepare to face punishment. Experience the House in over 350 unique events.  
      Joining the House
      Unconventional erotic practices are not exactly forbidden, but widely frowned upon. As such the House of O does not openly recruit new members, but sends personal invitations to promising individuals. As with any secret society you need to show interest in it for someone to approach you with a careful offer. Other than that, you need only your curiosity, and a healthy interest in carnal pleasures.
      To be able to show interest in joining, you need to be:
      An adult Neither tribal nor nomadic Not imprisoned Neither chaste nor celibate  
      Rank 1 - Slave
      The first few years you will spend entirely at the House and train to become a good slave.
      Rank 2 - Servant
      As a servant you are free to come and go as you please. You may be called upon to keep the House running, and maybe you will find a friend or even something more among the other servants.
      Rank 3 - Domina / Dominus
      (not yet implemented)
      Not everyone has what it takes, to be a dom. Many are content with staying submissive, but those who rise above enjoy all the benefits the House offers.
      Rank 4 - Master / Mistress
      (not yet implemented)
      The Master or Mistress oversees all the aspects of the House, but they share not their secrets in ensuring the society stays safe and prospers.
      Offer Submission
      Offer to become the submissive part in a relationship.
      Craft Devices
      Using plans and instructions from the House of O you‘re able to craft restraints, toys, or accessories suiting your fancy. You will additionally need to acquire tools and materials. More learned characters have a higher chance to create quality works.
      More to come with rank 3...
      Extract the archive into your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ Enable the mod "BDSM Society: The House of O" in the Crusader Kings 2 Launcher Enjoy 😉  
      just install the new version over the old one.  
      Monks and Mystics DLC is required for the society to function.
      Portrait Packs are recommended for more variety and prettier charaters, but no features depend on them.
      Compatible with version 2.8.3 of Crusader Kings 2. Older versions will probably cause issues, and are not supported.
      There may be issues with mods that add new sounds.
      Other mods should work fine.
      Total Conversions will cause issues and crashes.
      The Road Ahead
      Version 0.9 - Dominant
      The Dominant update will grant the ability to reach rank 3 alongside all perks this position brings. Dominate others into becoming your sub, experience intense sessions with your slave or your dominant lover, force prisoners to become slaves at the House. You will have all the tools at your hand to assert your dominance.
      version 1.0 - Master
      Become the Master of the House and learn about the secrets that keep it going. You new position will grant you power, but also demand hard decisions off you. Will you be a benevolent Master, or continue the tradition of ruling with an iron fist gripping a barbed whip? Do you even have a choice?



    11. Nudestone

      Nudestone - a Hearthstone nude patch
      8 August
      The Boomsday Project began!
      73 cards of Boomsday Project added
      New hero portrait - Mecha Jaraxxus
      To download click on the second link (there is an empty field)
      This is a mod for card game from Blizzard that changes the art of many cards into a nude versions that still have similar content to the original motive or otherwise fit the card name.
      I tried to do without guro content, but it's still NSFW, be careful
      You do not get a ban for using the mod, because its use can not be tracked
      More than 1000 cards of minions, spell and hero powers has changed Added almost 200 animations of golden cards that have been changed Changed portraits of heroes: Jaina, Valeera, Thrall, Andduin,  Alleria, Liadrin, Tyrande, Maiev and Lunara Replaced the login screen, backgrounds in the main menu and on some battlefields  

      Download the Nudestone zipfile ( Do NOT unzip this file) If you haven't used it yet, download the uMod application (This one you can extract) Start uMod, click Main -> Add Game Browse to your game folder and select the Hearthstone.exe Activate "Use Global Hook" under "Main" Start Hearthstone via Battle.net Hearthstone should now show up as running in uMod. There, Click "Open Texture/Package" and select Nudestone.zip Make sure you have your ingame Graphics options set to "medium" or "high". It won't work on "low" Optionally, you can save a template via the Main Menu of uMod and use it as default. This will automatically launch the mod with Hearthstone  
        Since the game has switched to the use of directx11 additional instructions are required for correct operation:
            1. Go to your Blizzard App
            2. Click the logo in the Top Left
            3. Go to "Game Settings"
            4. Enable "Additional command line arguments"
            5. Enter "-force-d3d9" (Without the ")
            6. Click "Done"

      Known issues
      Animation of some cards (not even changed) are displayed in black textures. Some people get an error "could not allocate enough memory". Try increasing the paging file  
      A few words
      The author of the idea of the original mod called Whorestone - Eddyboy.
      English is not my native language, so I can make some mistakes, sorry!



    12. [EU4] [WIP] Female advisor replacement 7/31/18

      Everything is in the title, i'm suprised no one uploaded something like that before.
      I'm playing with 1.25 -love that mission exploit-, all DLC .
      Still looking for pictures
      The graphics are linked to the cultural group of the advisor:
      global is the base material : all european
      specific overide the base material : but irish are different
      Done so far :
      Global :
      Native American
      Specific :
      Oceanian - from polynesia to thailand, might remake thailand with actual asian later-
      Irish -RedHaired-
      Iberians -BlackHaired-
      Scandinavian -BlondeHaired-
      Alps people -yes my english is broke, Dirndl-land-
      SouthAmerican -global-
      Turkish and Magrebi -same but different-
      India -global-
      Dravidian and Western Aryan - in india-
      Byzantine -my favorite so far-
      South asian
      Latino kind ? something for the mesoAmerica
      Split african 
      Japanese /chinese



    13. [CK2] Circumcision Mod

      == Circumcision mod ==
      This mod add new traits to male character allowing them to be uncircumcised or circumcised.
      Other characters migh have preferences on the matter and will have varing opinion of the characters. Using targetted decision on yourself, on your family and on your prisonrs, you can also change the status of a man (obviously, it is only available one way!). There are also a few events and actions available that will trigger when appropriate. The various cultures and religions will act as appropriate when it comes to making the circumcision decisions.
      As per some request I have received, options and traits relating to female circumcision were added. This content is turned OFF by default and needs to be enabled in the game rules (when starting a new game). Some of these decisions can be usefull, for instance when having issues with a wife who is generating too many bastards.
      If you notice something wrong, let me know and I will try to fix it. Suggestions are also more than welcome.
      Note that althought this mods works extremely well with Dark World Reborn, it does not require it. This mod is completely compatible with the vanilla CK2 (no required DLC). But it does require version 2.8 or later of the game.
      == Installation ==
      Simply download the zip file unzip it in your crusader king mod folder (make sure the CircMod.mod file and the CircMod folder are  DIRECTLY in the mod folder). Your mod filder is in your users document (~Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\) When launching CK2, the mod should be available in your mod list.
      == Credits and thanks ==
      A big thanks to the Dark World Reborn by dewguru. The inspiration of this mod came from his excellent work. Some of this mods mechanics are also heavily inspired by his work and the way he handled other "dick related" status.
      A huge thanks to Herring for creating great new custom icons for the traits of this mod.



    14. Pregnant Males - Sexbound API

      A set of files and instructions to enable male pregnancy on Sexbound, like the old bug allowed, and adds a few sprites to reflect this. This functionality is already integrated into VanillaCream (Sprites).



    15. [Stellaris] Tsar's Animated Dryad Portraits

      This is my first ever Stellaris mod. I spent about two and a half weeks learning to use Maya so I could create a custom mesh and animations for this. I am also only a beginner artist so be gentle with any criticism! >.<
      What this mod adds:
      -Animated portraits of Dryads.
      -3 Phenotypes (for now)
      -7 Colour Variants (slight body marking patterns)
      -11 Hairstyles
      -11 Clothes (or lack thereof!!)
      -2 Animations (blink included!!)
      -Dryad centric Namelist
      -Science and Military Leaders wear a specific outfit.
      -Enslaved Pops, Pops on Alien Visitor Center, Paradise Dome and Gene Clinic all wear skimpy clothes... for thematic reasons!
      -Pops on Military installations such as Fortress, Military Academy and Shield Generator will wear a Military uniform.
      -Pops on the Temple and upgrades will wear a white dress.
      -Dryad Leader names mostly derived from mythology and pop culture.
      This mod does not add an actual empire, however, in my mind Dryads should probably be Fanatic Pacifists (to take Agrarian Idyll civic) and Spiritualists!
      Thematic traits: Agrarian, Conservationist, Rapid Breeders, Sedentary (cause trees don't like moving) and maybe Deviant!
      Thematic civics: Agrarian Idyll and Environmentalist.
      Government Type: Imperial (cause "Dryad Queen" sounds a hell of a lot hotter than "Dryad President" @_@)
      Plantoid Ships and City background are ideal for them but not required obviously.
      How to Install:
      Unzip contents into your mod folder. Usually found in My Documents -> Paradox Interactive -> Stellaris -> mod
      Activate in the mod tab of the launcher by ticking the "Tsar's Animated Dryads" mod.
      Make an empire and play!
      Please don't repost this mod on steam, I'll do it myself when I make the SFW version of it!



    16. No More Inbred

      A simple mod for CK2 to allow you to get rid of the Inbred trait. 
      AI should automatically remove the traits from all characters in the game, and if you ever happen to get it on your current character then you can simply get rid of it by decision at any time.



    17. Sexbound Argonian Race Support

      This patch adds support for the SexboundAPI for the Argonian/Saxhleel of Blackmarsh
      Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder
      [Sexbound API]
      Sexbound API by Loxodon = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
      [ Argonian Race Links ]
      = Non-Steam Version =
      = Steam Version =
      Be Advised:
      For those who wants to edit this mod, please ask for permission from the author of this mod first before you make changes, and reposting this mod and changing the author of the mod will be reported and the reposted mod will be taken down. Thank you for your cooperation.



    18. The Sims 2 MoonwalkerSims Naked Clothes♥

      Naked Clothes For The Sims 2 Created By MoonwalkerSims,Made In Body Shop, Available For Now Everyday Wear & Many More! For Female Only Sorry.(DON'T CLAM OR RE-UPLOAD TO ANY SITES).Thank You,Enjoy☺ (Picture From Goggle)




    19. FratValley (GaySDVMod)

      After 1.3 i suggest you dont redownload this mod.. it wont work until the modding tools are updated.
      (Game Update 1.3 lands on 1st August 2018).
      Update decription of strange Un-reachable npc in Bugs (Spoiler, not a bug   )
      To Install :
      You Need SDV pre-1.3   (Not the beta or the 1.3) (this will be until mod tools update and i update this mod to that version)
      Download the modding tools and their RQUIREMENTS.
      (Don´t download any beta from these files)
      https://smapi.io/  Smapi              (Smapi have a miniguide to enable SteamOverlay/achievements also have his own installer and launcher)
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1915 ContentPatcher
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1607 CustomNPC
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1254?tab=description  Custom Furniture       (Sorry i miss this one the first time)
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/991 CustomFarmingRedux
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1068 CustomElementHandler
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1726 PyTK
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1720 JsonAssets
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1348 Spacecore
      Download My file  "FratValley"
      Merge "Mods" with "Mods" folder in your SDV directory replace all.
      I based Clint animations on my red beard variant. You can download my Content Patcher version
      OR the "No shirt red beard" version from an author i gave permision.
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/63  Red Beard+clothes
      https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1188?tab=description Red Beard no-shirt
      Run game = Profit!
      Folders added/modified:
      And a txt file with most of this info.
      ---Content Alert!
      This mod contain sexual animations and tons of gay sex, fantasy erotic themes about humillation, slavery, blackmailing,  and more. (Nothing over the top). Of course i dont endorse these in real life. Male and female farmer can play it normally (No pronouns used). And if you dont like this kind of content, just keep searching what you really like in this amazing site! and be respectful about the ones who like this.
      Behind Sam´s house there is a new apartment rented to a nerby school boys and one of their professors.
      Expect new npcs, events, "crafting equipment",new produce, mail rewards and more!.
      Inside the Apartment :

      -You can gift them as normal, and at X´s Hearts an Event will happen in some place. (apartment, apartment-rooms, beach, mountain, forest etc...)

      -MOST of the events last FOREVER (For your amusement), so in the lower left corner, you can hit the "Skip" icon anytime to end the event.
      -Expect some rewards by your mailbox after watching some events. (in form of golden bars and other valuable items)
      -New and some Vanilla Npc will joint the fun (with some custom graphics) like Willy and Clint. bachelors like Shane,Sam and Alex. and even one or two scenes with Demetrius!.
      -You can´t marry the new Npcs. And they wont appear in festivals.    :´(
      -In the Professor house, go to his desk counter, and r-click it...  thats "his shop".

      He will sell you :
      +Crafting dudes - they will process an especific crop into something else.
      +Milking dudes - they will produce milk from one day to another. (no materials needed)
      +Forniture - placeable animated forniture for the floor and walls..  (only work inside the house and Sheds)(Dont know if inside the     SlimeHatch and greenhouse would work.. Needs confirmation*)

      B: In the Realationship Window,,, a Blank "????" space "NPC" with no graphics may appear in the list.
      S: First of all.. he have a name.. i Called him "Steldrim"! (You should see his name on the sampi window)..   He is an extra NPC i made to store extra animations. Animations can take large chunks of space in the vanilla character sheets, so, to lessen the burden i created him to even add more characters or special stuff.  The downside is, you will never meet him (MAybe you will in an update, he doesnt need to be just a tool, ;D )
      (Also, the green guy is Trevor, he is the Npc i stripped, but will update in a future)
      B: If you exit to main menu and then return to any saved file.. the outside blue building will dissapear (This is a CustomNPC mod bug)
      S: Just Quit/close the game and relaunch it, and will work as normal.
      B: Like 1 in 10000 times, the music overlaps with another, not a big deal.
      B:Crafting dudes produce items may turn invisible if you update the mod,
      S: Just trash/sell them and produce new ones. (Jason Assets Bug)
      B:Eating animations for the new produce items are an "Eating" and not a "Drinking" animation.
      S:Not a bug, is just a modding tool limitation.
      B:Forniture cant be placed ouside. 
      S:At least for "Custom furniture" it works that way. And  I THINK, vanilla furniture cant be placed outside either (Needs confirmation*)
      S2: I think there is mod called "Furniture Anywhere".... I havent tested it yet.
      Smapi Saying you dont have a Manifest for Custom Forniture FratValley.
      *Solved!  i missed the "Custom furniture" link the first time. That mod has the manifest.
      If some animations dont show or looks glitchy, its because the mod was not installed correctly.
      *Either, a bad folder placement, or a missing mod tool.

      If your SDV version is 1.3 or 1.3beta, the mod will likely crash
      *Either, (if you are on steam) tell SDV to not update automatically  Right click on game> preferences
        Or just copy the whole game folder and froze it in time.
      If you (for accident) updated your SDV to beta, click in options to not acept the beta... unistall and redownload.. (i hope that works)
      Its compatible with "Horny bachelors" at this point. 
      But "Horny bacherlors" will break bad in the 1.3 update, because is .xml based and not a "Content patcher" based.
      Typos and not-so-natural lines may be all over the place, if you want to help me improve the text quality, send me a pm and we will check what to do.
      This is quite a big mod, so there may be bugs there, need 2 or 3 things to solve it.
      +When happened,
      +While doing what,
      +And if you can send me the error log, would be a bit better.
      --- Permission
      NO permission to copy/modify or repost this mod anywhere.
      I Worked HARD for this. So please, be respectful about it.
      After the 1.3 update i will check if i can update this mod, and add new things, like the other Npc i stripped (Trevor) the missing Professor events, and other things.
      1.3 will break this mod, so check your autoupdate settings if you want to enjoy this experience a bit longer.
      ---To You
      Would love to see any screenshots of your newly decorated farm/house/sheds, or even your character on any event. Any comments about the mod will be welcome. 
      I Worked really hard to solve and make a lot of stuff, Animations, concept art, coding and more. Even a single emoticon comment would be amazing!.
      have fun!
      (i uploaded this at 4.30am..  so, i may overlooked something.. i hope not,, i´ll check it often, the important thing is about you enjoying this... Good night!)



    20. StardewValley : Male and Female crafting stations [XNB]

      NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)
      (this is a Stardew valley mod/ mostly a reskin mod)
      to Install :
      (Make a back up [optional])
      -Select just 1 of the files: Male OR Female (female screenshots at the end)
      -Drop "Content" on your StardewValley directory
      (It replaces "Craftables" on TileSheets folder)

      Farming has gone too far!
      Your farmer decided he can make profit puting some slaves to work in a very kinky way.
      Content :
      16 crafting stations (+2) +1New
      All the scarecrows
      2 pieces of fornitiure (for the male version just a pair of penis lamps)

      For now i can´t modify the "Loom" crafting station, because it has an odd way of animation in multiple TileSheets.
      Animations CANT be done until an Api its made by modders.
      i´ll try to upload the rest of my Stardew mods, (those are more gay oriented tho..)
      New on version 1.11
      -fixed some offset pixels
      -Added 2 more "crafting" stations, can´t show because spoilers
      New on version 1.0
      Your farmer found new ways to take advantage of slaves
      -4 more crafting stations
      (I had doubts about doing the "bait" one.. in the end i did it)
      -all the remaining Scarecrows (More likely Excitecrows.. hehe. Another reason to collect them all )
      -2 lamps now have a very exotic look
      (O and i forgot to add, one of the 2x2 tables have "stains" of .. happy milk )
      New on version 0.9
      -6 more crafting stations
      -fixed some pixels
      -replaced the keg one with a more fitting male



    21. Stardew Valley : Hot Barn & Marnie Twin Brother [XNB]

      NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)
      Your farmer got a brillant idea!
      Milk, shave, pet and even breed your own slaves!.
      (And yes, 2 male slaves can breed and reproduce... ¡Take that evolution!)
      Hot Barn!
      Content :
      To my knowledge, i replaced all Barn animals
      both cows
      When you purchase new animals, the original icons will show at Marnie´s in her/his shop menu.
      Baby and mature versions have the same look.

      Installation :
      Back up (Optional)
      Drop "Contents" folder on your stardew valley directory.
      It replaces :
      BabyBrown Cow.xnb
      BabyWhite Cow.xnb
      Brown Cow.xnb
      White Cow.xnb

      For immersion pruposes i added too one of my favorite ones :
      Marnie Twin Brother!
      Marnie called his brother (called Marnie) to take care of the new farmer demands.
      She moved away to visit her far away family and let her brother to take care of the "Animals".

      Have fun with your new pets! ;D



    22. Stardew Valley : Hot Cat (Gay) [XNB]

      NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)
      To Install :
      (Make a back up [optional] of the modyfied file)
      -CHOOSE only one file.
      -Drop "Content" folder on your StardewValley directory
      (It replaces "cat.xnb" on Animals folder)
      Run with version 1.2.33 of SDV
      Hot Cat !
      A Man best friend! 
      He will roam, sleep, lick himself "there"  and be gratefull in general.
      You can choose from 3 types
      -Ginger clean shaven
      -Brown Bearded
      or the special :
      -Purple bearded
      Note: it only affects the cat. So if you choose the dog.. then you just have a dog...
      Have fun and be nice with your new friend!



    23. Stardew Valley : Hot Furniture (Gay) (XNB)

      NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)
      To Install :
      (Make a back up [optional] of the modyfied file)
      -Drop "Content" folder on your StardewValley directory
      (It replaces "furniture.xnb" on TileSheets folder)
      This mod works with the current version of SDV as today 06/Feb/2018
      Version 1.2.33   (based on the sdv wiki    https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Version_History)
      Hot Furniture!  
      Again your famer found more devious ways to decorate the farm, glory holes there, chained dudes there...  So much madness! ❤️
      This is a reskin for almost all the paintings and some bookshelves.
      And some museum rewards.
      Most of those items can be purchased from Robin and i think some of them can be found in the Traveling Merchant inventory
      Some rewards from a special currency type 
      (Spoilers*)  Location :
      As a future note..  
      If the game gets an update and the mod no longe show, its because that file was replaced with a new one, probably with updated grpachis or more items. 
      In that case, dont re-install the mod.. it will need a fix, or you may have invisible objects in most cases.
      (And yes, a New StardewValley update is on the works)
      Have fun with the mod! 
      And i´ll love to see some screenshots of your newly decorated farm! 



    24. Naked Farmer Stardew Valley

      Your farmer in stardew valley no long has to be burdened by clothing! He can let it all hang out. This mod only works for the newest version.
      There are a few aspects to this mod, so please read carefully.
      When you download there will be a LOT of files. You only need TWO. The shirts.xnb file and ONE of the farmer_base files.
      I have included eight different skin tones. Look at the graphic in pictures and pick whichever one your character has or could change to. You can only have one farmer_base file at a time. After choosing your number, you can choose cut or uncut. Personally I think the cut dicks look better in game, as you can see the pinkish head, but it is up to you. :3
      the shirt file and the farmer_base file you have chosen should then go into Content/Characters/Farmer. BACK UP and REMOVE the previous files from that folder and if your farmer_base has a number attached at the end (such as "farmer_base12.xnb"), rename it to simply "farmer_base,xnb".
      If you are planning to create a new character, great! When you click "new game" do NOT touch the shirt button. Select your skin, hair, etc, and then in the pants slider, slide the second bar to 0 and the third bar to 100. Congrats! You're done.
      If you are going to use an old character, locate you stardew valley save folder (%appdata%), open the save file with notepad, notepad++, or some equivalent and look up "shirt". Change the number from whatever it is to "0". The look up "pantscolor". Replace the numbers there with this:
      Save and you're done! (a lot of steps to get naked, huh?)
      If you'd like to play as a character with a different skin tone, simply replace the farmer_base with one with an appropriate skin tone.
      I hope you enjoy this mod!



    25. [Starbound] Fuchsia the floran slut

      I made this mod to add another Floran girl to have sex with in Starbound,
      I've done testing to make sure this mod is compatible with BootyRockinNuru so people can still have Nuru at the same time.
      I changed the colors of the sex toys so Fuchsia (The girl in this version) is more unique instead having the same toys as Nuru.
      And the Tail toy model has been replaced by a longer penis model so that you can have anal sex with Fuchsia.
      This mod just like BootyRockinNuru requires that you have Sexbound API 1.5.2 or newer.
      Special thanks & majority credit goes to Loxodon for original scripting & texture work.....Please support him.