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  1. Lewd Tannis

    This is my first ever mod. I know the modding scene for this game is dead, especially the lewd one so I was trying to revive it but seeing as this is my first mod it doesn't look good at all. Makes Tannis show booba and have cum on her face. Couldn't figure out how to make her boobs actual boobs because I  could only alter the texture not the model and her model was meant to be covered with a shirt so. If anyone knows how to edit the model or would like to give me tips i'd apreciate it.



  2. The Klub 17-0012.png

    The Klub 17-0012.png



  3. Uncivilization V1.0 2019-12-01

    This game is a small game I developed. It is a complete remake of NuclearWar.
    It is a very small version of Civilization, if you like. But way more crazy and simple.
    You will start with a city and you will improve your country. And build weapons and use these weapons to destroy the opponents. until there will be only one.
    All was created by me (code, graphics, sound, logic, etc.) with Unity.
    The title music was created by TrolledWoods and used with his license.
    The game is free for everybody. Just enjoy it.
    And, no, you cannot make money by redistributing the game.
    Quick explanation about how to play:

    Warning. The game is not signed. So your antivirus may tell you that you should not run it.
    Future: implement diplomacy, implement the ability to play the game with other people (multiplayer), fix all bugs that will be found



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