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Oblivion mods that add or modify quests

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  1. Enhanced Daedric Invasion - Revived

    Enhanced Daedric Invasion - Revived
    Release 1
    I merged the esp to the esm, converted the new esm to esp, fixed a bunch of errors in AI packs and some scripting errors.
    ==== ORIGINAL ===
    - quest change:  Now Karina Wolfspeed will accept a combination of 10 Signet Rings and/or Dremora Longswords
    To enhance the action involving the Daedric Invasion of Tamriel
    It would seem that an invasion of the Empire by the forces of Oblivion should be a big deal. Oblivion the game does address the effect of the invasion on the people of Cyrodiil, but not enough. I want to make the invasion come alive, where even if the player doesn't decide to do the main quest exclusively they will still have to deal with it. Wouldnt the Daedra be attacking the cities? Wouldn't other heroes from the Empire be heading out to tackle the bad guys? This is what this mod addresses. It adds more Daedra vs Empire interaction by creating new spawns that force some conflict between the two sides.
    (If you are currently using Beta v7 you SHOULDNT have to do anything like restart a character or uninstall or anything.)
    The EDI questline has this structure:
    Phase 1:  The Captains
    Each city captain has his own quest that you can take on.  Some of these quests are very high in difficulty and I wouldnt recommend for low-level characters.  I wont give away too much of what these quests involve but go talk to each of the EDI Captains at each city.
    Difficulty of quests is in this general order (from low to high):
    (big jump in difficulty from here on)
    Some of the quests can bleed over into the others but they are all pretty straightforward.
    Phase 2:  The Defenders
    After you complete all city quests and the Oblivion invasion has begun (post Kvatch) a new phase will begin.  Just talk to the EDI city captains and they will tell you what you need to do next.  I dont want to give away too much of what you have to do, so I'll let you figure it out.
    - I. Adds new NPC that will go out and search for Daedra at Oblivion Gates. You can find them at all cities except for IC. Each city will have a group of soldiers tasked with attacking open Oblivion Gates in the area. Do you dare head out with them and get a piece of the action?
    - II. Adds new spawnable Imperial Legion/allies at Oblivion Gates. Have you ever stumbled on a random Oblivion Gate and wondered to yourself "why am I the only guy who knows about this? where is the Legion when you need it?" Well know you will have a chance of some help at the gate. After all, this is an invasion of the Empire. you will be able to command these also.
    - Fighters Guild. Many Fighters Guild members have volunteered to go to the Gates to protect the Empire and maybe gain a little glory. In addition to the Volunteers, you may find some more seasoned Fighters Guild Champions out there fighting the good fight.
    - Mages Guild. What better way to fight the invaders than with some good old fashioned magic. Volunteers from the Mages Guild have flocked to the countryside to battle the demonic hordes from Oblivion. Several high-ranking Master-Wizards are rumored to be getting their hands dirty as well.
    - Partisans. These are just normal citizens who have dusted off their weapons and gear from their attics, and headed out to do their part. You will find normal melee, archer, and magic trained commoners out there.
    - Partisan Marauders/Bandits. I guess sometimes war makes some strange bedfellows, and a interplanar invasion makes them even stranger, as groups of Marauders and Bandits have decided to temporarily put their grievances aside with eachother and, well with EVERYONE, and get their thirst for blood quenched by taking on some tourists from Oblivion. Although these tourists arent bringing cameras...
    - Imperial Legion.  The legion is doing all it can to combat the enemy, with soldiers, archers, battlemages, and officers heading out to the battlefield.  Will this be the Legion's finest hour?
    a total of about 50-60 new NPCs make up these groups so there is a good variety of folks showing up now. By and large the Legion has taken up most of the fight, so the other groups will not be as present as them, but they will be there.
    - III. spawnable Imperial Legion/allies INSIDE Oblivion Gates. When you arrive, there could be friendly forces already there. They have the same features as feature 'II' above with the same restrictions.
    NOTE: all appearances by friendlies in II and III above are configurable (see below)
    - IV. Adds additional Daedra spawns to the Oblvion Gate areas. For all of the Oblivion Gates except Kvatch, as the player gets close to them, Daedra will randomly spawn at the gate. The longer you wait, the more Daedra will spawn. The chance of spawning is configurable (see below). After the gate has been destroyed, the spawns will cease. NOTE: these are IN ADDITION to the vanilla spawns that already might show up, 1 to 4 daedra (I dont touch these). Unlike the vanilla spawn lists, however, you could get some Dremora/NPC type daedra, since I have included them in my custom levelled lists. Beta v4 update: Any EDI-spawned Daedra that are created at these gates will be immediately be given an AI package to attack the nearest town OUTER gate.
    NOTE: because these Daedra are 'no low level processing' creatures, the effect of giving them AI packages to attack the cities might be minimal. If there are no good guys around that attack these guys and distract them, and you don't attack them, they should proceed towards the town. In order for them to get there, you will have to follow them so the game-engine keep processing them. I only added this feature because people kept asking for it.
    - V. Adds Daedra spawns in two other locations. A) just outside of cities and B.) within the walls of the cities. Whenever the player is near the outskirts of a city or within its walls (but not indoors), Daedra have random chances of showing up at the city gates. The base chance is configurable (see below). In addition, the base chance is also dependent on how many open gates are in the vicinity of the city, so its very dynamic.
    - VI. Adds in random Dremora War Parties. Their likelihood of spawning and the size of the party is configurable (see below). These guys have been set to allow low-level processing so they will move to the city no matter what you are doing, and you dont have to be near them to make them move. So you may run into them in the wilderness on the way or after they have already got to their target city. Each war party will be commanded by a Chieftain a pretty beefed up Dremora, and the party will be then made up of Dremora Soldiers, Archers, and Mages. They are not to be taken lightly. They will travel to the targeted city, either to just outside the city or inside the city, its configurable (see below).
    - VII. Generic Battle Control. Area of effect spells are used to keep the civilians and guards from killing eachother from friendly fire when the daedra attack. Its not perfect but its as good as I can get it. If you really are scared of daedra attacking into the city, just use the config (see below) to set the "inside cities" to 0. That will prevent daedra from spawning right inside the gate, but daedra CAN still follow fleeing people into the city.
    - VIII.  Getting the good guys to join up with you.  All allies added by EDI (and ones already in your game) will be commandable by the player when certain criteria is met.  Summarized below...
    Partisan Civilians
    - must have closed 5 gates OR
    - fame of 60+ OR
    - Grand Champion of Arena
    Partisan Bandit/Marauder Grunts
    - must have closed 5 gates OR
    - infamy of 30+
    - Grand Champion of Arena
    Mages Guild Grunts
    - must have closed 5 gates OR
    - rank of 4 in Mages Guild (Conjurer)
    Fighters Guild Grunts
    - must have closed 5 gates OR
    - rank of 4 in Fighters Guild (Protector)
    Imperial Legion Grunts
    - must have closed 10 gates
    ANY Partisan/Bandit incl. Bosses
    - must have killed 1000 NPCs OR
    - must have murdered 50 NPCs
    ANY Fighters Guild incl. Champions
    - must be Master of Fighters Guild
    ANY Mages Guild incl. Master Wizards
    - must be Arch-Mage
    ANY spawnable EDI NPC (all of the above AND spawnable Imperial Legion Officers) PLUS
    ANY Normal non-EDI NPC in the game that has 50+ Responsibility, 70+ Confidence, and 80+ Disposition to Player
    - must have closed 20 gates OR
    - must have 110+ Fame
    Finally, the hardest group, ANY of the EDI non-spawning City Soldier groups
    - must have completed all of the EDI City Soldier quests (will be about 10-15 quests)

    EDI will now come in a ESM/ESP combo. the ESM will contain all the new content (NPCs, quests, scripts, objects), and the ESP will contain any vanilla objects EDI overwrites. I removed the compatability PATCHES.  If you run EDI with FCOM just use the nice FCOM_EnhancedDaedricInvasion plugin that comes with FCOM.  For any other mods, the compatability issues are very minor and shouldnt effect gameplay, since they are just some minor faction relationship tweaks.  You will be able to play the whole EDI questline with no problems.  
    To install, just put the ESM and ESP into your /Data directory. Activate the plugins and You are done!!
    It doesnt matter what order you put the ESM or ESP in, but if you are running FCOM, just put the "FCOM_EnhancedDaedricInvasion.esp" after the FCOM_Convergence.esp AND the EDI.esp.
    A configuration menu with all configuration options is now provided with EDI. You bring up the menu by going to the console (hitting the tilde ` key) type the following:
    startQuest EDIConfig
    a large menu will popup and will give you many options:
    - set percentage chance of Daedra being formed just outside the cities. For example, setting it to '1' means there is a 1% chance every 5 seconds of producing a levelled list creature in the secret rally area just around the city. The levelled list it produces is a 25% list, meaning that in effect you will be running a one-quarter of one-percent chance (0.25%), so on average, 1 group created every 2000 seconds. REMEMBER: this is only running when you are NEAR the particular city. Also remember that the base percentage is also affected by how many oblivion gates are actually open around the city. Most cities have around 15-20 possible gates around them, and for each 5 that are open, the base percentage is risen by 1. So if 15 gates are open near the city (unlikely), the effective percentage is 3% * 25%, which ends up as 0.75% chance, or one group every 625 seconds or so.
    - set percentage chance of Daedra being spawned right into the cities. Every 5 seconds that you are in the confines of a city (not indoors) there is a chance of daedra being formed just inside the city gate. All of the same rules of the 'outside' daedra (above) are in play here, so I wont explain it in detail again.
    - set percentage chance of Daedra being spawned AT oblivion gates. Every 5 seconds that you are near an OPEN oblivion gate, daedra could be spawned coming out of the Oblivion Gate. This is NOT the same kind of levelled list as the ones above, and has a 100% chance of spawning if the random number check passes. It also isnt affected by the number of gates open in the area, so whatever you select in this menu, thats it, straight up.
    - War Party has its own SUBMENU. War Parties are generated every 20 seconds at ONE random open gate, depending on the percent chance. When the party is generated, it will be comprised of some number between the MIN and MAX you set. Every war party will have as a default one Chieftain, and then the rest will be assorted Soldiers, Archers, and Mages. You cannot set the MIN to 0, instead if you want none, just set the percentage to 0 and no war parties will form. You can also set the max number of Dremora this process will have active in the game at one time, by configuring the "Max Dremora Anywhere" option on the menu.  Remember this number is the max number of INDIVIDUAL Dremora, not number of war parties.
    There are two SUBMENUS for friendly config...
    - As you arrive at the area around an Oblivion Gate, a group of Friendly forces can be spawned, depending on the percent chance. When the group is generated, it will be comprised of some number between the MIN and MAX you set. You cannot set the MIN to 0, instead if you want none, just set the percentage to 0 and no allies will form.
    - As you arrive INSIDE an Oblivion Gate, a group of Friendly forces can be spawned, depending on the percent chance. When the group is generated, it will be comprised of some number between the MIN and MAX you set. You cannot set the MIN to 0, instead if you want none, just set the percentage to 0 and no allies will form.
    I provide a EASY-MEDIUM-HARD choice for oveall difficulty settings.  If you dont want to think too hard on configuration just choose one of these.  You can then go to any of the specific settings and see what is currently selected.
    There are two settings you can toggle in the menu to make EDI more challenging
    - a variable EDI.warPartyAttackIntoCities can be set to 1, if you choose. If it is set to 1, any generated Dremora War Parties (see above) will travel INSIDE the target city instead of just outside the gate. This can be set back and forth from 0 to 1 at your choice. However, any war parties still alive prior to you setting this will be under the previous setting's orders.
    - a variable EDI.startInvation can be set to 1. If it is set to 1, in effect, the Daedric Invasion that normally starts after the "Finding the Heir" quest is completed will now be moved up to start immediately. This will not setStage on any quest, and it will NOT break the main quest in any way, it will simply allow gates to start opening randomly around Tamriel. It will also allow any features in EDI that require the invasion to be underway, like commanding EDI friendly troops. Once it is set to 1, you cannot set it back, so think long and hard about it before setting it to 1. If you try to be cute and set it back to 0 using the console, It will probably break alot of scripts and quests, so do it at your own risk. I warned you. Just load a saved game prior to setting it to 1 and you will be fine. Once you pass the Kvatch quest, the vanilla Main Quest will take over the opening and closing of the gates.
    there is only one compatibility setting...
    So far I have only ran into one mod that I can make EDI compatible with without using compatibility patches, and that is QUARN'S OBLIVION GATE MAP MARKER REMOVER v1.1. His mod basicall makes the Map Markers go away when the gate is closed, and possibly reappear if you have set the gates to reopen. To make EDI compatible with this mod, simply toggle the setting on this page to 1. WARNING: The default value of this variable is 0, meaning it is assuming you dont have Quarn's mod. If you dont use that mod, then you dont have to do anything. So only do this if you use that mod!! If you set that variable to 1 and you DONT use that mod, or if you leave it at 0 but DO use the mod, it may totally screwup the Daedra spawns at the Oblivion Gates. its a simple 2 second job to set it correctly, so just do it, will ya (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)

    Example Load Order (for FCOM)
    Enhanced Daedric Invasion.esm
    FCOM_Convergence.esm (the order of the ESMs doesnt matter)
    Enhanced Daedric Invasion.esp
    simple isnt it?

    Upcoming Features
    - I dont know really.  Maybe Blades or Mythic Dawn



  2. My Save the Babes Mod WIP

    Here is another "console time" saver for those who take the time to "bring" back numerious in-game hotties from the dead.
    IN-game you are often unable to consummate any type of relationship with these NPC's and it's a shame because I and many other modder's spend a lot of time making them worth looking at in the first place.
    To be able to "save" any of the babes I've done so far you will need to find a priest who is NOT a follower. Or at least not currently following you or someone else.
    Everything is dialogue driven and if you want to change what factions they get when they come back or what factions I take away, you're gonna have to crack open the CS and change 'em.
    Most of the evil ones get the HORSEPC faction, because your horse LOVES you.
    IF it was an evil necro, I'll put them in the mages guild with the idea that your actions "REFORMED" them.
    I think the boat bandits get put into the Thieves Guild. Something that makes sense based upon their actions BEFORE you KILLED them. (or had them sent to jail, i.e., Myryna Arano, or is it spelled the other way? <shrugs>)
    Haven't gotten very far because usually I just console all this, but for those who LOATHE doing that, here's a more immersive way to "Save a Babe."
    IF you have a favorite, please let me know and I'll include them in the next update.
    Done so far:
    Capt Renault
    Yellow Team Arena Champion
    Chanel (Depends upon if you ratted her out of course. I always do, because the countess has a better greeting that way.)
    Arielle Jurard
    Signy Homewrecker
    Faustina Carta
    MaelonaGuard - YES, you will have TWO Maelona's to play with. (I always edit her GREETINGS to "say once" all that quest related guard crap.)
    Saveri Faram
    Biene Amelion
    Jolie Retiene
    Marie Alouette
    Camilla Lollia
    Jeanne Frasoric
    Selena Orania
    Hrota Cave Hotties - Thiirchel, Idrolian, Denilwen, & Githriian.
    Noveni Othram
    Three Fighter's guild hotties from Forsaken Mine.
    Rayelynn the Gravefinder.
    Mariette Rielle
    Margarette Diel
    Planned but not implemented:
    2. Roxy Aeric (spelling)
    3. Gogan's Cronnies
    4. Darma IF she's dead.
    5. Any female that gets DISABLED during a quest for no good reason.
    Special thanks to Gaebriel for his input.
    BUGS - Eletta won't enter into dialogue. Her script should allow it, because it only checks to see if her REF is dead, then sets the quest stage. Don't want to mess with her script so, she's mostly just eye-candy.
    IF you don't see the NPC suddenly appear when you ask the priest to resurrect them but you DO get a set stage notification that it was done, then SAVE your game right there and reload it. The NPC should suddenly show up then. Not sure why that happens but it does.
    My Save the Babes Mod UOP PATCH:
    USE ONLY AFTER SANGUINE QUEST IS COMPLETED. MAY BE MERGED IN TO BASHED PATCH. Changes script to allow the enabling of a Enable Parent Ref. UOP edits this same script which is only necessary during the quest and is irrelevant after quest completion.



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