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Oblivion mods that replace or add new weapons or spells

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  1. Kanshou&Bakuya with Faker [calling for help]

    My first Oblivion mod, yet another Kanshou & Bakuya mod, mainly for my personal use.
    I'm not the maker of meshes & textures, just packaged the one KanshouBakuya1.26 form TES, for testing purpose.
    for the rights I will talk to the auther later or just make my mod depends on that one for resources.
    What I have done is make Kanshou & Bakuya boundable, dual bound by one lesser power, for a custom race "the Fakers"
    And there is my problem:
    I can't run CS on my win7 notebook & the latest TES4Edit I've got failed on copy magic effects for an assertion error.
    so what I could do is override bounded shield & bounded priest dagger, using their magic effect for my lesser power.
    What I need help is:
    Can anyone help me copy magic effects using TES4Edit? I cloud do a better mod if I could done that. THX



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