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Adult oriented Skyrim resources for other mods or modders to make use of.

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  1. Pama´s Deadly Furniture (scripts)

    This is an ongoing work to bring actual functionality to Execution/torture devices added by zap ZAP (or any other source if i can get my hands on them).
    Already implemented:
    -The Garotte
    -The Wayrest Guillotine
    -The MK2 Guillotine
    -The chopping Block
    -Impaling Machine
    -Gravity Impaler
    -Deadly tree stump
    -Spitroast (and accessories)
    -Generic painfull script for stuff like static Racks/Crosses/spikey stuff/....
    General Features
    -works on player and NPC´s
    -Fully interactive. The garotte for example allows to slowly suffocate your victims, or to keep going until their necks break.
    -Nonlethal mode available which will knock you/NPC out for a adjustable time rather than killing.
    -Fully reusable
    -MCM with tons of options (death camera duration, knock out duration, amount of chocking damage to PC/NPC ...)
    -sound Options
    -Spells for spawning the devices, as well as commanding NPC´s into them, are included.
    Hard requirements! (if you complain about any error thats caused by ignoring these, i WILL make fun of you!)
    Powerofthree´s Papyrus Extender
    For LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95017
    For SE/AE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22854  
    For LE: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4688-zaz-animation-pack-v-80-2017-11-15/
    For SE/AE:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5957-zaz-animation-packs-for-se/
    (You need to scroll down a bit to see the links for version the 8.0 version)  
    I believe that you can find one of these on your own.
      mfgConsole (Optional. required for Facial expressions to work properly)
    For LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44596
    For SE/AE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11669  
    -Install with mod manager of your choice.
    -Run FNIS/Nemesis.
    -when upgarding version, please use a new savegame
    Demo Location
    -outside of the regular world.
    type the following into your console
    "coc pamaTestZone"
    How to summon Devices into the World
    -Go into the MCM and klick "Enable Spells on the first page. (spells are hidden by default to preserve immersion)
    -you will now find spells for spawning devices, as well as commanding NPC´s into devices under the "Alteration" magic tab.
    -see images below:
    Issues/Compatibility :
    Crash when using Guilloutine/Chopping Block
    This is caused by Nioverride. A quick workaround:
    Open Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini try to find [Overlays/Face] and make it look like this
    [Overlays/Face] ; "Face [Ovl#]" and "Face [SOvl#]"
    ; Determines how many face overlays there should be
    iNumOverlays=0 ; Default[3]
    iSpellOverlays=0 ; Default[1]
    For special Edition users, this setting can be found in
    SMP hair/bodies doing weird stuff when using the gravity Impaler
    Known issue on my end. Nothing you can do about it.
    For Sexlab-Defeat users:
    Use Baka´s version: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/18689-sexlab-defeat-baka-edition-lese/
    The old original version wont work!
    Devious Devices
    Not supported and untested.
    DD is extremely invasive and has an uncanny talent to break other mods. I´m not saying that its absolutely incompatible, but if it DOES cause issues for you, I cannot help you.
    -All mods which place the Player or NPC´s under an Essential Alias will be problematic, since these characters cannot be killed by anything
    -Certain scripted followers or NPC handled by follower frameworks might be impossible to kill or might do weir shit on Death
    -If heads dont get chopped of, you probably forgot requirement number 1. Or installed the wrong version.
    -When using the spitroast, its sometimes possible that the head/hair wont change color when being roasted (especially when you are still using LE).
    This is due to some technical limitations when headparts dont follow common naming conventions.
    If it happens to you PLAYER CHARACTER, AND you are using SE or AE, feel free to contact me, otherwise there's nothing I can do.
    If you want to vote on which device i should do next, Want exclusive early access to new Stuff, or Just like my work, consider supporting me:
    https://www.patreon.com/Pamatronic   https://subscribestar.adult/pamatronic   https://pamatronic.fanbox.cc
    Or join the Discord to get more news on Dev-updates and a steady stream of Images featuring the Stuff.
    Details for Modders:
    TheGarotte (pamaGarotteFurniture):
    The Chopping Block (pamaHeadChoppingBlockFurniture)
    The Guillotine:
    The Gallows:
    The Generic Painfull Furniture (pamaGenericPainfullFurniture):
    -If you want any modifications or explanations for Use in your own mod, just ask. I´m always happy to help
    Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA
    -That means you can NOT use it for commercial purposes.
    -if you want to use/upload it somewhere else, please give proper credit and include a link to the original.
    Also, check out this Thing. I cant make it into a spawn-able version, but its still neat:
    Special Thanks / Credits
    -T.ara for all the Furnitures/animations/Motivation
    -very Special thanks to Erholung/Ceblue for Fixing the Wayrests collision Model
    -Kalmah for the permission to use some of his animations
    -To All my Patrons for the support, love you Guys



  2. Pama´s Interactive Gallows

    This is the definitive Solution if you want to execute your followers by hanging, or want this Experience for your Dragonborn.
    An easy to set up kit to build a fully Physics enabled Gallow, which can be used to torture/kill characters.
    New Features
    - An All new System which allows for the use of a real Havok-enabled rope to be connected to the victims Neck during Ragdoll phase AND animations(!)
    - virtually seamless transition between animated -> Ragdoll phase
    - Fully self contained. doesn´t require any Quest scripting to work. Just Place in the world, set references to Lever/wheel, and you´re good to go.
    - Torture functionality: Hoist victims up to choke them, rather than killing them outright.
    - victims can be released without killing them
    - Dead victims remain Tied up
    - corpses can be removed from the rope, without breaking the bindings
    - automated mode available. useful if you want to kill yourself
    - nonlethal mode available
    - tons of customizable options available via script properties (detailed explanation further below
    How to install
    -Use mod manager of your choice or drop into your data-Folder manually
    -Let it overwrite ZAP8, ZAP8+ and Heretical Resources if asked
    -run FNIS!
    How to use on yourself
    -You should see the notification "Gallow Ready" when approaching. if not, punch it (or just try activating the lever/wheel) it will then ready itself.
    - It is set to automated if used by the player, so just enter it and see what happens.
    How to use on NPC´s
    -Command your follower to use the Gallow Furniture. Or use the SetFavorStat command for any other NPC
    -using the Lever now will do the obvious thing.
    -you can use the Wheel at the side of the Gallow to hoist your victim up, as seen in the screenshots. Victim will loose HP if you do this.
    -punching the Gallow will bring the victims back to its feet. ("punching" = "attack")
    -punching the Gallow AGAIN will completely release the Victim
    -if your victim IS DEAD, punching the gallow will remove the corpse and reset the Gallow
    Location of this Demo
    -GallowsLanding, East of whiterun.
    -There is a identical named cell, if you want to find it in the Creation Kit
    -If you want to try out the nonlethal mode, but don't know how to use the Creation Kit, replace the .esp with this one
    Minitutorial for those who have a basic idea on how to use the Creation kit:
    SE Version
    -Available Now!
    Known Issues
    -This does NOT work twice on the Player character. If you Kill yourself with this, you have to restart your Game, or change Character for it to work again.    Solved
    -When Loading a savegame in close proximity to this thing, it might fail to initialize properly. Punch It to solve.
    -Visual Results in General might vary, depending on victims size. Its optimized for Vanilla characters without any bodyscale alterations. (and maybe a bit smaller)
    -3rd Person view can break when PC´s using it. This might happen to larger characters.
    Solution: IF this happens to you, try scaling down your character to 0.97-0.95 BEFORE using the Gallow.
    Compatibility Issues:
    For Sexlab-Defeat users:
    You need this version: SexLab Defeat v5.3.5 fixed - Eng 180903 Bane Version Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018) ESP
    which you can find here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19941-sexlab-defeat/page/505/
    The old default v5.3.5 WON´T work properly!
    Interactive BDSM
    Not compatible right now.
    If you want to use it, you need the non-Lethal version of this Gallow (see above)
    For Modders
    How to set up? -> Manual with images is available as separate download.
    Script properties
    Functional Properties
    -rope: Select the Rope in Render Window
    -Dummy: select the Rigid body dummy. (you might want to look for its FormID in the Cell View)
    -wheel: Select the Wheel in Render Window ( Any kind of Activator can be used instead of the GarrroteWheel)
    -Lever: Select the Lever in Render Window ( Any kind of Activator can be used instead of the this specific Lever)
    -Trapdoor: Select the Trapdoor in Render Window ( Can be any Kind of Trapdoor, including Vanilla ones)
    -zbf: select ZBF from the dropdown menu ( this is for recognition of ZAP keywords)
    optional properties
    -Collar: The Rope around the victims Neck. recommended: zbfCollarRopeExtreme02
    -cuffs: the restraints you want to have equipped on the victim. used in demo: zbfCuffsRope02
    -tieFeet: leave unchecked if you dont want the Victims Ankles to be Tied up
    -damageModifierPlayer: damage/sec to the Player when being choked
    -damageModifierNPC: damage/sec to NPC´s when being choked
    -automaticForPlayer: check if you want the furniture to go through an automated sequence when activated by the player
    -automaticForNPC: same for NPC´s
    -removeCuffsOnRelease: check if you want to remove cuffs on (Alive)Released Victims
    -nonLethal: toggles the nonlethal mode on. Characters will go unconscious rather than die and will be released after a while.
    -deathCamDuration: deathcam duration after you died. also controls the unconscious Phase when nonLethal is toggled on. (This value Only Applies, when you are killed by the Gallow, it doesn't interfere with other mods that alter deathcam duration.)
    -onlyRopeShootdwn: NOT YET USED
    sound Properties
    should be self explanatory. no sound files are selected yet. suiting files will hopefully be included in the upcoming ZAP9
    You can use this However you like. Just send me a link if you include it somewhere.
    If you need additional info/Help/alterations for usage in your own mod, just let me know. I´m always glad when i can help
    If you like my work and want to support me, consider you can do taht here!
    https://subscribestar.adult/pamatronic or https://www.patreon.com/Pamatronic
    Special Thanks / Credits
    -t.ara for all the ZAP Stuff, a swell as the initial impulse to start this thing in the first place
    -Musje for Technical support
    Check Out my other scripts for ZAP Furnitures:



  3. Bound Hanging Script

    Check Out the extended/bugfixed/Polished version:
    In an Attempt to make executions by Hanging possible, i wrote this little script.
    I made it back in 2015 as a little plaything for myself and never meant to upload it, but upon seeing this: 
    i thought it could be an interesting addition. so am uploading it here.
    It is in essence is very similar to every other script that allows to place hanged Ragdolls in the world, with a few additions.
    -Its meant for actual executions, not just to have bodies hanging around.
    -it allows for transition from animated hanging scenes as seen in ZAP, to hanging Ragdolls upon death.
    -does not require any furniture which makes transitions a lot less glitchy and doesn´t cause missalignments of gallows and victim (especially interesting for npc´s, or scenes, where player is AI controlled.
    -Havoc constraints keep the hands and feet of the victim tied together when in ragdoll state.
    -can be triggered remotely with buttons or levers. useful for timing it with a trapdoor.
    As seen in the screenshots, I included a little playground for testing. Its located East of Whiterun (use console command "coc gallowslanding" or fast travel to Gallowslanding on the map)
    (I know its not overly aesthetic. i was a horny teenager when i made it. leave me alone)
    How to install
    -download the 1.0.0 version
    -Install via Mod manager of your choice or manually drop in your data folder.
    -run FNIS!
    How it works
    -The first character who activates a rope (either directly or trough the Buttons/Lever) will be the victim. (NPC´s cannot reach the rope so just command your follower to activate the button)
    -If you want to hang yourself, use the Lever rather than the button. otherwise it will translate you through the air, with counts as airborne and breaks the wait animation.
    -The Victim will now be locked in the Gallowswaitanimation below the Beam.
    If you activate the Button/Lever Yourself, you will be registered as the victim, even if you break the animation via jumping. If you activate it a second Time, it will kill you.
    And it doesn't care if it has to break laws of physics to do that!
    -if the Button or lever is activated now, the Grate doors will open, The victim falls unconscious (Ragdolls), and Havokconstarints are applied)
    -also if you try to hang yourself  and are locked in the wait animation, you can reach the tip of the Lever to activate.)
    -The victim will now remain hanging in unconscious state and will die after a while. (5 secs i think)
    The script doesnt provide restraints, so you need to equip them beforehand. For convenience, I placed some in the coffin below the Platform
    Does it work in SE?
    Special thanks to WandererZero for the Converted animation.
    -right now its impossible to remove a dead actor from the Rope without breaking the constraints for Arms/Legs (can only use enable/disable)
    -dead actors sometimes keep spinning forever.
    -If you try to kill yourself 2 times in a row, the rope will fail to connect or cause ctd. This can be fixed by restarting the Game.
    since I originaly didnt itend to upload this, i didnt care about bloated dependencys, so this is a bit messy, iam sorry. i might clean it up at some point.
    from testing with the old NMM, I can say that the only Hard dependencys are ZAP and Heretical ressources. It worked fine with only these to esm´s enabled.
    The Reason ZAZ Expansion Pack and its requirements are listed, is because this mod needs the zbfxGallowsEnterIdle animation. if you know how to install that, you should be good to go with just ZAP and HR.
    -(optional) for maximum fun i recommend ZAZ 8, or anything else that provides actual restraints.
    For Modders:
    If you want to use this somewhere else. Go find it in the Creation kit. Its Called "SHORT_HANGING_ROPE" (the long one works differently)
    -The Property "basis" is for the trapdoor. insert your trapdoor here as linked reference. (you can leave it blank)
    -"TieFeet". self explanatory. if you dont want the victims ankles to be tied, leave this unchecked.
    -ignore the other properties. these have been removed for the sake of being standalone. I might reintroduce them in a separate upload.
    -Place an Activator. The Worldobject "NooseButton_HR" comes with the required script attached, But you can attach the script "Noosebutton_SRC" to any activator item you want.
    -For the "noose" Property of the Activator script, choose the Rope.
    -Gandaganza from Nexus for some of the Gallow Meshes
    -t.ara for the waitanimation
    -Haeretic for the HDT-Rope



  4. Milky Anims (Now with SLAL Pack by wolfbread)

    I got some request to host the hkx files I've made while practicing here.
    Feel free to use them(with credits of course) 
    THIS IS NOT AN SLAL PACK. That is a plan for another day. 
    If you want to view the animation in your own game, just replace with a default SL animation in:
    Update 1: SLAL Pack compiled by wolfbread https://www.loverslab.com/topic/95813-milky-anims-slal-pack-by-compiled-by-wolfbread/?do=findComment&comment=2197672



  5. Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For modders - 3ds Max Rigs

    Animated Beast's Cocks
    ABC - For Modders
    3ds Max Controller Rigs
    I am sick and tired of watching their daed stony dicks... And I even felt sorry about them endeavoring to have sex with a girl, which would suffer a cold stony dick. You know, watching them overly shaking their pelvis to align their dicks and putting them in her pussy looks painful to me... I feel pity... I don't like it... I couldn't see the whole animations go stiff and bad only because of that ugly dick. No... Not any more...
    They deserve more 'living' dicks!!!!
    So here it is... BAD!!
    BAD... It sounds real bad, isn't it?  I changed the name for it sounded too bad! Anyway... Right Now there's no animation that is newly made for ABC. This is modder's resource for now. But I believe every animator will definetely use this. Of course, you can use this without any harm in existing giant animations. They will do fine with it. Don't worry. But this is not like SOS. If there's no keyframes on his privates, no moving Penis. I just launched it starting from Giant. Who will be next?
    For Modder's Note
    It's really easy to import his organ and implement it in game.
    Also It's really easy to import and merge the dick rig with your existing animation works.
    Just align it with pelvis bone and link to it.
    A Personal Note to Modders
    When you make SLAL motions using these rigs, let's tag 'ABC' or 'MovingDick' perhaps?
    'MovingDick' seems better. Please tag it, ok? I beg you guys... I want a common tag keyword to sort them out.
    !Warning!   [When you animate, be careful of these]
    [Collisions for Horse - Schlong]
    [Collisions for Giant - Schlong, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Werewolf - Schlong, Tongue]
    [Collisions for Troll - Schlong]
    [Collisions for Falmer - Schlong, Hands, Middle Fingers]
    Chaurus / Chaurus Hunter / Chaurus Reaper: When you export Chaurus Hunter and Chaurus, you'd better set its NPC Root scale to 100. Otherwise everything will be messed up.
    [Collisions for Chaurus Species - Ovipositor, Larva, Eggs]
    Dragon Priest: Dragon Priest has its own invisible collision that can be used in so many ways. (Ctrl_DPMA01~Ctrl_DPMA06 & Ctrl_DPMB01 ~ Ctrl_DPMB07)
    [Collisions for Dragon Priest - Schlong, Invisible Collision Sticks]
    [Collisions for Gargoyle - Schlong, Hands, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Lurker - Schlong, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Riekling - Schlong, Tongue, Hands, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Ash Hopper - Stinger, Mouth, Jaw]
    [Collisions for Netch - Two ovipositors]

    Requirement(for modders, not for users.)
    3ds max 2012 or above
    Some knowledge with animating
    BakaFactory's ABC HDT Skeleton Patch
    Or Here
    Special Thanks to
    9204 from Team TAL
    for technical 3ds Max Collision Support(HDT) - He surely knows what he's doing. His skill is beyond your expectation. Thank you for your time, pal.
    Groovtama - XPMSE modder
    for technical advice - You're a genius.
    Anubis - For his effort on the original horse rig
    Compare the old rig with the new one
    The old dick bone

    A new dick bone




  6. Demonic Creatures Manager (xEdit Script)

    Demonic Creatures Manager, or DCM, is a xEdit Script (aka Delphi GUI app) that allows to disable the spawn of any selected creatures from Thor2000's Demonic Creatures mod. If you find some creatures too disturbing/hard/scary/non-immersive/etc, now you have a convenient way to put them into eternal metadata jail! DCM implements sophisticated algorithm that removes the records that enable creature spawn via known mechanics. Please do note that DCM is considered to be in alpha testing phase either until I get multiple confirmations from users or until Thor2000 will be so kind to confirm that I haven't miss anything.
    Even though I've tried my best to ensure the DCM to be as bug-free as possible, as well as to force the algo to respect the reference chain integrity, DCM still needs to go through the testing phase. If you notice any error message, please let me know about it.
    xEdit 4.0.4 / 4.1.4 Demonic Creatures SE/LE (should be compatible with all future versions of Demonic Creatures as long as the spawning methods stay the same)  
    Install the xEdit. Make sure to run it with correct launch arguments (-SSE for SE, -TES5 for LE, -TES5VR for VR)! [Optional] Install the NifSkope. If you don't want to be able to view 3D models of creatures, you can skip this step. Unpack and place 'DemonicCreaturesManager.pas' to the '\Edit Scripts\' directory of your xEdit installation.  
    How to start DCM:
    Run xEdit through Mod Manager of your choice or directly from xEdit's .exe if you don't use any Mod Manager. In 'Module Selection' popup window right click any file and click 'Select None'. Input 'dem' into the 'Filter' filed and check the checkbox of DemonicCreatures.esp. Press 'OK' to close the popup and wait until you see 'Background Loader: finished' in 'Messages' tab. It may take up to several minutes for the first time. Right click 'DemonicCreatures.esp' in the left tab and click 'Apply Script'. Input 'dem' into the 'Filter' filed, make sure that DemonicCreaturesManager script is selected and press 'OK'.  
    How to use DCM:
    [Optional] Press 'Bind NifSkope', go to the location where it was unpacked, select NifSkope.exe and press 'Open'. NifSkope status will change to 'Bound'. From this point you'll be able to double click any creature to view its (sadly untextured) 3D model. Uncheck creatures you want to stop from spawning, feel free to use categories filter or full-text search to make navigation a little bit easier. Please do note that 'race' categories are based on the mod's metadata and may not be always accurate. Press 'Unlink All Unchecked Creatures' and wait until unchecked creatures become 'bricked' in the list (filled with black square). This action is global and doesn't respect the filters, but you always can double check the list of creatures that are going to be unlinked in '< Unchecked >' category! Close the DCM. [ALPHA TEST WARNING] Right click 'DemonicCreatures.esp' in the left tab and click 'Check for Errors'. Make sure xEdit says 'Errors found: 0' in the 'Messages' tab. If any errors found, please follow the Bug Reporting instruction. I strongly recommend to do this step until the DCM officially leaves testing phase. Close the xEdit, the 'Save changed files' window will pop up. To save changes check the 'Demonic Creatures.esp' and 'Backup plugins' checkboxes and then press 'OK'. To cancel changes uncheck the 'Demonic Creatures.esp' and then press 'OK'.  
    Hint: DCM also has a handy profile system. Path to NifSkope and states of all checkboxes will be saved on pressing the 'Unlink All Unchecked Creatures' button or closing the DCM's window and loaded on launch by default (data is stored in xEdit's '\Edit Scripts\Demonic Creatures Manager Default Profile.csv'). Also you can manually save profile to any file (including the default one) with 'Save Profile' button and load any file with 'Load Profile' button.
    Reverting the changes:
    The only way to restore any creature that was unlinked in the already saved DemonicCreatures.esp is to manually replace modified .esp with backup. If you previously checked the 'Backup plugins' checkbox during saving, backuped .esp's will be located in '\Data/SSEEdit Backups\' directory ('\Data\TES5Edit Backups\' or '\Data\TES5VREdit Backups\' for LE/VR versions). Also you can always use default .esp from downloaded Demonic Creatures archive.
    Bug Reporting:
    Algo Description:
    Thor2000 (Demonic Creatures)
    ElminsterAU and co (xEdit)
    NifTools team (NifSkope)



  7. MiniDragonGrawi

    Заменяет всех крыс на вот этих прикрасных дракончиков.
    мод сырой только начал но уже можно побаловаться 
    надо еще переделать весы и арматуру
    Replaces all the rats with these pretty little dragons.
    the raw mod has just started, but you can already indulge 
    we still need to redo the scales and fittings



  8. DD 5.1 to DAR (Python script)

    A Python script to build a Devious Devices 5.1(+?) animation set package for Dynamic Animation Replacer mod.
    The script requires Python 3.+ (tested on 3.8.9), and should work for DD 5.1 SE/LE (possibly also 5.2, but i didn't test it).
    Place the contents of this package somewhere Add unpacked Devious Devices mod package Run the included Python script to build a DD animset for DAR. Tell FNIS AA good bye.  
    Of course, to fully move your DD from FNIS AA to DAR, you also need to modify DD's zadBoundCombatScript, but i have no permission to upload modified DD scripts, so you will have to do that yourself (for instructions see README.TXT included in the download package).
    Full README (also included in the download package):




  9. Physical Characteristics Framework

    The goal of this mod is to help mod makers creating quests/dialogue mods to understand the physical characteristics of the player, beyond the simple gender and race conditions offered in the base game.

    The mod itself is a very lightweight plugin that does nothing on its own, it just provides an MCM menu that you can fill with all the physical characteristics of your player ( everything that can be directly seen by other NPCs and does not change over time like clothing, etc...). The mod will translate your choices to global variables that can be used by mod makers in dialogues, quests, events etc... For exemple, it makes possible for NPCs to address your character by his/her hair color, or to have a different approach toward you depending on your attractiveness, etc...

    I've seen a few options like this in some mod's MCM, but I think it's probably better to have a unified system that everyone can use, so users don't have to fill plenty of different menus and mod makers don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime or to clutter their main menus.

    I've included a list of variables for interested modders, it will probably grow over time and suggestions depending on the time I have and if the framework is actually used or not.
    Feel free to do everything you want with this mod (modify, redistribute in your own mod etc...), as long as you don't create too many different versions, since the goal is to have a unified system in the end.
    Have fun creating mods.



  10. Strip What You Must - abandoned

    Absentee author's note: I've been away from Skyrim for a year, and I don't see much hope of being able to continue this.  The keyword system is still potentially useful I think, but I don't really expect anyone to make use of it.
    If anyone wants to take this over, they are very welcome!
    What this mod does:
    Provides six coverage keywords to indicate what sensitive body areas are blocked by an equipped item. These keywords are injected into the 01xxxxxx address space (update.esm), and so can be incorporated into any game with no heavy requirements. 01010800: BlocksOral    (masks and gags by default) 01010801: BlocksVaginal    (clothing/armour/belts/plugs) (basically, blocks insertion) 01010802: BlocksAnal    (clothing/armour/belts/plugs) 01010803: BlocksBreast    (any coverage) 01010804: BlocksGrope    (breasts, armor or other rigid covering only) 01010805: BlocksSpank    (rigid armor, not cloth or short skirts) 01010806: BlocksClutch    (crotch, rigid coverage, protects pussy/penis) Sorry, I couldn't come up with a better term!  I tried "grab", but too close to "grope"! Provides patches for all vanilla outfits, as well as those modified by various common mods.  Additional patches are easily created, and can be simply merged. Includes two simple functions which are DD-aware but do not require DD: SWYM.Report: returns whether one or more areas are blocked SWYM.Strip: removes only those items blocking one or more of the areas, as selected The Strip function respects DD's Quest and BlockGeneric keywords, removing only generic items, with keys found on either of two actors passed to the function  
    The reasoning:
    There are certain coverage/accessibility checks that are needed by many mods:
         Is a character's mouth free (for eating or dialogue)?
         Are various openings or regions "accessible" for sex?
              If not, can we use a limited stripping routine to remove just those items necessary to make a particular location accessible?
         Is a character "indecently" exposed, for crime checks, for modified dialogue, etc.?
         Is a character sufficiently exposed to permit groping, spanking, etc.?
    Trying to determine these things case-by-case based on occupied slots is challenging, since different clothing and armor items can be inconsistent in their slot use, and in what coverage is really represented by such use.  "Slot 32" full body outfits can vary from full plate to a bikini.  Some items have keywords to indicate less-than-typical coverage (EroticArmor for instance, or the various "PermitsXXX" tags in DD), but these keywords are mod-dependent, still rely on first checking whether some "standard" slots are occupied, and also can not be simply checked on a whole-actor basis - a "Sexy" keyword on an item means nothing if that item is hidden underneath non-revealing armor.
    Instead of keywords to indicate exposure, what is needed are keywords that indicate an area is blocked.  If an area is covered by one or more items, a simple and quick WornHasKeyword will indicate this, and no other items can make the actor less exposed.  The problem, of course, is that most items do not have these keywords... and that such keywords, to be universally useful, must not be tied to heavy dependencies.  Hence injecting the keywords into update.esm - and this injection can be duplicated in multiple mods without harm, resulting in no hard dependencies whatsoever.
    I had intended just to provide the keywords, but as a proof-of-concept produced the Report and Strip functions.  These can be used by other mods, or can be replaced by better ones of course.  I am hoping people will have suggestions, ideas, or better ways of doing things.  This framework is supportive, but useless on its own!
    I recommend a mod manager, of course.  SWYM can be dropped into a running game.  Uninstallation: I do not recommend removing mods from a game in progress; this mod can be ignored and will have nearly no impact on a game.  If you must, remove and clean your save.  But by itself, there is NO reason to install this, it is a resource for other mods.
    There are four files provided:
    SWYM: the Report and Strip functions.  Also includes keywords. swymMCM: an MCM I used for testing, ugly and clunky.  You don't need this, but can use it to try out the Report and Strip functions if you wish (only on the player). lgKeywords: a bare-bones file that does nothing but provide the keywords.  This can be used as a base for additional patches.  It is not needed by itself. SWYM_keyword_patches: a collection of .esp files which add keywords to clothing/armor provided by vanilla/DLC/mods as shown below.  Use only those you need, placing them below the files to be patched (though I recommend merging, or at least doing bashed patches & TES5Edit merges).  More must be added!  
    How these keywords connect to clothing & armor, how I've interpreted them:
    The interface of SWYM (the API!):
    Thanks to lupine00 for the original idea of using blocking keywords, to HexBolt8 & Corsayr for keyword advice, and Kimy for helpful pointers to DD functions that are called by Report and Strip., and Monoman1 for the method of more careful soft-dependencies (for which I apparently owe thanks to lupine00 also).
    Other notes:
    I do not have SE, and assume these files are not compatible with SE, but I suspect they should be easy to adapt. The current patches reflect what I happened to have installed.  It is easy to add more keywords for more mods - I can do so, but so can anyone, and I will gladly add any such patches to this collection. At this early stage, it is still quite possible to change the keywords, or add new ones though I am cautious about adding many keywords for every possible Blocking region. The current patches do NOT reflect any mods that change meshes to make armor more revealing than standard.  For the most part these particular regions are probably still correct, but we could have patches for different armor replacers, for instance. The main patch assumes all 3 DLCs, since they are included with Legendary Edition.  These can be split, if there's a need.  



  11. WOW Druid Cal Elph

    WOW Druid Cal Elph
    replaces the wolf model with an elf so far only 1 model later I will add a coloring 
    summon wolves and you will be lucky
    заменяет модель волка на эльфа  пока только 1 модель позже добавлю расцветку 
    призывайте волков и вам повезет 


    HentaiCreatures.esp (можно сразу вызывать )
    slal Billyy_Creature рекомендую



  12. Gryphon in Skyrim LE SE

    Gryphon Bless Skyrim 
    Finally, I finished the gryphon mod,
    use it at your discretion, change and edit it as you want, add it to your mods.

    наконец доделал мод грифона,
    пользуйтесь на свое усмотрение  изменяйте и редактируйте как хотите добавляйте в свои моды.


    HentaiCreatures.esp   (you can immediately summon skeveers)
    SexLabMatchMaker.esp   (to invite multiple users at once)
    slal Billyy_Creature  recommend
    incompatible with my other mods and everything that replaces rats
    You will have to choose one thing or create your own mod



  13. Spyro in Skyrim

    Spyro in Skyrim
    replaser skeever - Spyro 
    not compatible with dolphins

    You can-download, modify, edit, add to your mods. use it in your mods and even without mentioning me -



  14. OhMiBod female sex toy modder's resource

    3D model (Blander 2.9) of a hugely popular female sex toy known as an ohMiBod.



  15. 3ds Max Tail Animation Guide

    it's a guide for creating tail animations, mostly for SLAL Pack animators that use 3ds Max.



  16. Mimic Mesh

    new Mimic Mesh for animators to use.
    please remove all clothing and jewellery before feeding, also give it some water to drink and occasionally some extra goodys like sweet rolls & boiled creme treats.



  17. Bulls

    This mod adds  Bull
    Console team change sex: sexchange
    Adds to Creature Framework Bulls
    I added the bull myself using meshes from a free resource and pulling it on Skyrim skeleton.
    You can use and modify.
    Used materials:
    Used model from a free resource cadnav
    Used programs :
    Nif Plugin for 3ds Max 2015-2018
    3ds Max Nif Importer-Exporter
    3ds Max 2011
    3ds Max 2017



  18. Skyrim Female Gore Resource (Bodyslide Preset)

    Just want to share what I worked on. Resource created from Skyrim Deadly Mutilation mod. 



  19. Spriggan Sex Voice

    This is a simple sound replacement for people who wants to be immersive with there gameplay.  ( During sex at least ) 
    This replaces the Average female voice in Sexlab to the Spriggan voice. 
    How to install:
    Sexlab with it's requirements of course. Download the Spriggan sex voice.7z and make sure it overwrites Sexlab. 
    Then open your game and go to the MCM menu. Once there head down to Voices/Effects tab. Choose Average Female Voice and it should be activated. 
    If the voice is not activated head down to Repair tab. Then reset voice or register voice. Then it should be working. 
    Start a new game if needed. 
    Not sure if it's compatible with SSE, but sense it's just a voice or sound effect I think it would work just fine.  ( Haven't tested it yet on SSE ) 
    Tell me if it does work for SSE so I can change it in the future please. 
    NOTE: Does not replace monster type Spriggans. 



  20. Human Biped RIg by BakaFactory

    Human Biped Rig by BakaFactory
    (3BBB / TBBP Compatible)

    I hope you work for your animations both in a easier way and in an optimized way.
    I hope you like it! I made the rig compatible with 3BBB skeleton. It has controllable Anus, Belly as well.
    With this, you can control your belly as well. Cheers.
    3ds Max 2012(only for exporting motions)
    HCT Tool - [HavokPcXsContentTools_X64_2011-3-1_20120402]
    3ds Max version over 2014(for making motions)
    Your animation skill
    Note for Modders
    Use 'XPMS 4.64 RIG TBBP 3BBB Bone Skeleton' for exporting motions.
    If you want to use your own rig or old rigs from other sites, you should use either 'XPMS 4.64 RIG HDT Extension Bone Skeleton' or 'XPMS 4.64 RIG HDT Extension Bone Skeleton.txt' at least.
    Do not use other bone lists other than these three txt files!



  21. Branding Device of Doom

    This 3-axis (2 linear and 1 rotary axis) CNC (Chimpanzee Numerical Control) Dwemer device was used to bake cookies by the Dwemer. Then some bloody dwarves started stealing cookies and they were branded by the same device with the hot iron end. Oh the irony.
    to go to branding dungeon type in the console
    coc xxbrandingdungeon
    to teleport the device to you type
    set xxBDODTeleportToPC to 1
    You need to be standing on even terrain
    If you saved your game with previous version
    Disable the .esp
    run the game, load your save
    Delete old version
    check your save with SaveTool for xxbranding.... scripts if they are there, delete them, save
    Install new version
    Load save
    Manual mode for testing and stuff:

    Example of how to use it in a mod: read their code lol http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2338-slaverun-reloaded-10sep-2016/ http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2928-shout-like-a-virgin/
    version 0.46: You will have to make your own ways of getting slaves in and out of stocks since moveActorToStocks() and moveActorOut() won't work. All you need is a package of type SitTarget to make the slave get into the stocks and supply it with an ObjectReference... I hate packages

    To teleport BDOD with a script:

    Teleport with a console:
    set xxBDODTeleportToPC to 1
    Don't move for a few seconds
    help xxbdod will list the proper variable names
    There's a counter xxbdod... something that counts how many times the bdod was teleported which you can read to detect if any other mod has teleported it and now you have to teleport it back when the player enters your cell LOL

    Zaz Animation Pack 6.04+by Zaz, Xaz and others http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-2015-02-10/
    SKSE, http://skse.silverlock.org
    Sexlab Framework by Ashal and others http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159c-updated-oct-3rd/
    Deadly Mutilation by Lamer1000 and others http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34917 <<<< you don't need to enable deadlymutilation.esp, just copy the mod into \data
    SlaveTats by murfk http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25398-slavetats/
    skyuilib - for old versions only if the menu doesn't show up http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57308/
    ^^^ aforementioned mods & authors ^^^
    some sounds are from Player Slave Encounters by Ichabod (sound resources by Walther) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15074-player-slave-encounters-v0694-updated-23-aug-14/
    Known issues:
    2 male branding marks don't show up.
    Player character can't get out (stuck in collision with zaz vertical stocks?)



  22. TaraUltimateFurniturePack [2017.07.27]

    Tara Ultimate Furniture Pack
    This furniture release is created for all of you, who like to play skyrim with BD / SM content.
    People who do not understand or do not like stuff like this should not be here and better leave the page.
    The contence is more BD - orientated and can be activated within other master-mods to become SM-stuff. That depends on the fact, what you like to play.
    This mod is use-able as a "resource for modders" , made for people who are writing quest - mods, or it can simply be played without any other dependencies.
    In future I´ll use this stuff inside of my personal mods as usually.
    This mod got actually an intergration for all "Maria Eden" Gamers and I am very happy about that: Please "keep your eyes" on the Maria Eden Pro.- release 2.5 !!
    Dependencies: none, you only need ("Skyrim")
    Guide and Intro:
    For all Gamers, who do not have access to the modding-world, I created an area to play with, that is integrated completely inside of the sky rim world.
    If you do not like to wait and if you want to test the stuff:
    ALL FURNITURES ARE AROUND THE RIVERWOOD AREA WITH FULL ACCESS PLAYABLE in and around the "Lost Secret Castle". This is on the map and you can use FAST TRAVEL to reach the area at once. A big Bridge is leading to an old small house in the cliffs of the river, and there you are !
    A huge area with over 200 furnitures is awaiting you. Beneath that stuff, I created a bunch of new Cages and some very individual stuff.
    I payed Attention to create more fine and suiting textures for the wood and for the metal. And I hope you will be injoying that!
    The whole area inside the castle is not NAVMESHED and ONLY for the gamer!
    NPS´s won´t coordinate / orientate there and for now it will stay as is.
    Guide for the modders:
    Please USE ONLY the furnitures, who are listed inside of the creation kit.
    IF YOU TRY TO USE nifs that are not connected to the Creation Kit, you may cause game-crashes or CTD´s.
    The reason for that is, that some nifs are under developpement. Let me please bring the stuff up into CK, then you can go on.
    This would be nice to prevent nonsence and texture issures...
    What You get:
    You get lot of new furnitures with new animations and alternative animations. If you use a furniture twice, it may happen, that you get
    into a different pose (Animation) because some furnitures are "multi-Animation"- furnitures. I did this to prevent a "stereotype" gameplay.
    (For this feature, you please use ZEP, Zaz Extension Pack -by zaira: this is needed to see the alternative animations of version 1.01 and 1.2)
    You should experiment with different textures to change the outlook of your furnitures. Don´t forget to rename them, to Keep the original furniture as a
    base model. If you want "leopardy-style", you can create "leopard gibbets" - texture-names point to their furniture origin, and so on.
    If you prefer more darker Wood, I made 3 different textures or it...from light to dark. Please have a look on it and feel free to do experiments with
    this feature.
    One of the main Job here, has been the texture-changes for the gibbets: now the UV-mapping is like "vanilla" again and you can use every
    texture on gibbets, beginning from Wood and ending with the originally texture.
    I specially was trying to find textures for glas and we have quite fine results.
    I created again a lot of cages/gibbets with doors and this time, I really had a luck with all my workarounds. I´m really happy to be able to offer this stuff, because it´s quite close looking like vanilla and like originally "SKYRIM". For the gibbet textures, I prepared also the original vanilla barrel-iron textures who are available now also for gibbets and straight iron bars. You can use this textures on every gibbet, on my created jail set and straight iron bars and of course on the custom made cages "bird´s cage", "disco-cage", "big cage" and so on. The new colored bed-textures can be used on every noble bed-furniture.
    CK coordinator
    how to find the stuff...
    activators....some wheels for the furniture with wheel use (garrote, rack, torture rack)..and a round water plate
    activators...gibbet lifts with examples inside the cell, they need to be started by different levers and/ or trigger
    weapons....2 irons for branding (one "3" and other one named "slave")
    armor......shield: the "nimbus5000"..will be animated in next updates
    quest......tfp main quest
    animated objects...a bunch of different AO´s for different animations
    texturesets...everything with: tfpTSet...to be used a a variation for the standard...
    doors.....a lot of new doors, most of time they are customized to be set into their suiting static object, incl. 2 gallow-traps
    furniture.....all the tfp-prenamed furnitures, there should be 200 and some doubled, as a dark version
    (racks and garrote): are created as simple furniture and also as "torture machines" with wheels (activators))
    movablestatic...the waterbondage sign
    static....all the static clutter that is made for gallows, water bondage, cages which need doors, pyre setup, bed pillow, rain water barrel, wells, sagophargus for the wall and so on...
    keywords....tfpKW ....
    -MEP-Team , "nameless701" and "zaira" (for the continuous support and their patience and 100% teamwork)
    -Pornphile (Animation rig)
    -BRUMBECK (SMIMM-textures)
    -ZaZ and XaZ (Zaz Animation Pack)
    -Ousnius & Caliente (for the possibility to play such a "superhot-tight"-"caliente" Body)
    -Groovetama (SKELETON)
    -Nosdregamon (scripts, and spending a lot of "exotic" furnitures)
    -HALO POSES (30poses), (Chris) [ not yet integrated inside V.0.0 and also not in V.1.0 and not in 1.0.1 and not in V.1.2 ]
    -all others who I did not list here-please forgive me
    -all the visitors and interesting and interested people, who came and visited all the last month and weeks my thread-thank you for your patience !
    All previous permissions regardless of conditions are hereby rescinded effect (2018/May/20).  The content in this upload is not open source or resource material.  You may not use my content or derivatives of my content without my expressed permission.



  23. LATESHIFTER Game Sound FX

    First of all, LATESHIFTER is an amazing free to play sex game featuring fully animated sex scenes found here:
    and the Authors Patreon
    I simply recorded and organized some of the sex sounds from the game as they are truly amazing and I wanted them in my Skyrim game for myself.
    As of now, I have included 51 sound files:
    Estella 15
    Mola 17
    Oral 8
    Orgasm 2
    Stace 9
    As far as I know, sexlab only supports 2 orgasm sounds so they might have to be replaced if you want to use them or the oral sounds.
    I have converted these sounds to .wav form @ 44100 Hz 16-bit Uncompressed



  24. Custom UUNP Slider Mash-Ups & Guide

    Custom UUNP Slider Mash-Ups
    Here's a little christmas present for you. This is a collection of custom sliders i made with Outfit Studio for UUNP Bodyslide, and a short guide how to make your own.
    Note #1: This is a modder's resource, not a mod you can install & play with. It requires a few clicks in Outfit Studio for every outfit / body you want to use it with.
    Description and Preview:

    Same like the original mod by AlpineYJ, plain and simple 7B Bombshell body with UNPB breasts.
    Presets to use this with: UNPB-High (hands), 7B Oppai-High (Feet)
    Suggested low weight body: 7BUNP-Low (add 30% thighs and shoulder width)

    Body from 7BO, breasts from UNPBO. Might work for you as better nude body and for certain cleavage / bikini mods.
    Presets to use this with: UNPBOv3.2-High (hands), 7B Oppai-High (Feet)

    MCBM with breasts from ZGGB-R2. Awesome.
    Presets to use this with: MCBM-High
    Suggested low weight body: 7BUNP-Low (add 30% thighs and shoulder width)

    MCBM with breasts from UNPBO. Might work as "cleavage" preset for the 7MZ body above, with some tweaks.
    Presets to use this with: MCBM-High
    How to use this:



  25. Vector's Modding Tools For SAM: NIF's, Body Morph's and More for Shape Atlas for Men

    A lot was lost when Hall of Torque stopped hosting files including everything needed to mod SAM, so i'm re-uploading these files for modders who want to make SAM even more amazing then it already is, the main highlight of this package is the ability to refit or make new armor and clothing for SAM.
    1. I'm not a modder myself and won't be able help anyone with these files, if you need help, please start a thread in the forum's.
    2. The PDF Refitting Tutorial included was made for Body Slide 2 and Nifskope 1.1.3, Not for current versions, interface and other changes are likely to appear.
    S.A.M, Tools and Original Release by Vector  Plexus
    Backups Were Provided by Chompy
    Body Slide by Ousnius & Caliente  
    Rebol by REBOL Technologies
    Body Morph by Expired
    NifSkope by NifTools
    Download SAM Here
    Previews of the SAM Body Can Be Found Here



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