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  1. The biggest and most important thing of this community is that the modders come first. They are the ones who make this community worth coming to, they are the ones enabling you to even play these mods.  Meaning if you don't like the way a mod is going, don't be a jerk about it, they can take the mod in whatever direction they want. Don't like it? Then make your own release and put the work in yourself. Find a bug or issue that needs to be fixed? Don't be a jerk about it and raise your concerns and feedback in a constructive manner.
  2. Don't be a jerk. Seriously, does this really need to be said?
  3. We may be an adult-oriented community, but don't be stupid, don't post anything blatantly illegal. Meaning no discussion or assistance with illegal content such as piracy, game cracks, models or textures taken from the assets of other games, or any depictions of underage persons with exposed nudity or in a sexual context.
  4. If you find yourself asking, "Should I post this questionably legal content?" The answer is simply no.
  5. Forum signatures should not be larger than 250 pixels high or 600 pixels wide. They must not contain any affiliate links, or links to paysites, and must be static (no animated gif). Signatures are allowed to contain pornographic content, as long as it is not anything deemed hardcore, which is up to the judgment of the site staff. A certain amount of leeway in regards to signature sizes or avatars is allowed here, the most important thing is to simply not make your signature overly intrusive or distracting. Avatars, like signatures, should also be static images and not animated. 
  6. Simple nudity is allowed in avatars, again nothing hardcore.
  7. Piracy is not provided here. It's not our business where you get a game, but you will not get help with piracy here, and helping somebody else pirate is strictly against the rules. Keep it to yourself.
  8. Bickering, drama queens, or publicly calling out a fellow forum member will not be tolerated. Posts/threads perpetrating any sort of attack or drama will be removed on sight and warnings given to involved parties. This is a forum for helping each other build and mod, leave the drama at the door.
  9. In an effort to keep the site & community inviting and friendly we do not allow several categories of conversation. This is not intended as censorship or endorsement of any particular view, but rather a move to keep this site neutral and open. The categories of conversation that are not welcome include those discussing politics and religion. Too often these discussions descend into pointless bickering and lead to offending one party or the other (if not both). This sends the wrong message of what this site is all about. There are plenty of forums, blogs and other online outlets available for these types of conversations, this site is not one of them.

    LoversLab is first and foremost a gaming community. As such, we wish to be welcoming and friendly to all genders, orientations, nationalities, religions, and beliefs. Those who are not conducive to that environment will be dealt with in whatever reasonable manner we deem appropriate. What is deemed "political or religious" is up to staff discretion and no others.
  10. Duplicate topics will be locked and linked back towards the existing thread that shares the same subject.
  11. Account deletion is handled by the forum admin, if you need your account deleted for whatever reason, go to your Account Settings and select "Delete My Account" from the bottom of the list to the left (direct link to form) and your request will be handled as soon as possible. Posting your request about it elsewhere will result in it being ignored or deleted.
  12. In an effort to keep large threads to a minimum both for performance reasons and to keep things easily searchable; topics with greater than 750 replies may be closed and archived at staff discretion. A duplicate post by the same original author will be put in its place along with the last page replies from the closed thread. The larger archived thread will remain searchable and present.
  13. We are a free and open community; members requiring payment for mods, support, or putting anything behind a paywall will be removed without warning. Donation buttons/links to support an author is fine, so long as nothing is promised, given, or rewarded other than a sense of satisfaction for supporting an author or owner of the content. 
  14. As we are typically associated with being an adult pornographic community, we will not allow any sort of nudity or sexual content involving characters that could be seen as depicting somebody as underage. This includes any character that could be seen as loli, shota, child, or underage teen, regardless of its position as a virtual character or the intent to be passed off as a mystical race who only looks young; the only thing that matters in this respect is what the character appears to be at a glance. For further details on this matter, check the related announcement here.
  15. Marketing spam posts will result in instant ban.
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