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Sexual Content

Adult oriented Skyrim mods that add Sexual related content.

83 files

  1. SexLab Drunk 1.1 en Español

    Traducción del MOD SexLab Drunk 1.1 en Español
    Necesitas el MOD Original y puedes descargarlo desde Aquí



  2. SeXtreme Loading Screens V2.65 BST en Español

    Aquí iré subiendo las traducciones de estas Pantallas de Carga
    Por ahora están:
    BST Series
    Lycan Series



  3. SexLab Animal Sex Español 2.2b

    Traducción completa del MOD SexLab Animal Sex 2.2b en Español
    Necistas el MOD Original y puedes descargarlo desde Aquí



  4. SexLab Aroused Redux en Castellano

    Esta es la trducción de SexLab Aroused Redux al Español
    Se Tradujo el MCM y el ESM pero no los scripts, se hará después



  5. Dragongodmod's SOS Addon - Vertical Diphallism

    Dragongodmod's SOS Addon - Vertical Diphallism
     -Bodyslide and Outfit Studio-
    -Schlongs of Skyrim (and its dependencies)-
    You have to build the schlong in Bodyslide before playing as I have not packaged default meshes.
    I did some modifying to the textures of SOS Schlong for Female - UNP. Any texture that fits that schlong addon will work with this.
    Might want to realign some of the sex animations for it to look more "realistic."
    Please do not re-upload this anywhere else.
    Please do not take anything of mine and say it is your own.



  6. Player Succubus Quest Transformation Sound Replacer

    This replaces the transformation sounds in the Player Succubus Quest(PSQ) mod by @ojanen. I used a new voice with some classic expansion and ripping sounds. I think it works well with players who use the Force Transformation through Arousal setting in PSQ.
    To install:
    Download and install PSQ located at https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/667-psq-playersuccubusquest-for-sexlab/
    Drop it in NMM and install.
    If you want to do it manually that's fine too.



  7. Traducción de SexLab Pleasure Light Español

    Traducción al Español de SexLab Pleasure Light



  8. Inconsequential NPCs Sexlab Patch

    Trying to make a patch for Inconsequential NPCs and sexlab. So far it doesn't work. The addicts and flower girls will masturbate, but that's it. The player isn't involved.
    I am officially ready to farm this out to people who are better at this.



  9. FunnyBizness' ArmBinder Creatures SLAL PACK

    This is an SLAL PACK which has animations created all thanks to Soaryne! Credits also go to Leito, Llabsky and Billyy for their Help and AMAZING Animations!! BYTION for creating the pack and MadMansGun for fixing and Updating!
    It consists of Bound Armbinder Vaginal and Anal animations for the following creatures: *NOTE it's Bound Player raped by Creature!*
    This is a work in progress! SO there are MANY more to cum...hehe... I will try to upload pics and gifs when I get a chance. Stay Brutal!
    CREDITS: Soaryne,Leito, Llabsky, Billyy, MadMansGun and Bytion!



  10. PAH - And you get a slave!

    We all like slaves, right? They are useful around the house, and some of the more annoying denizens of Skyrim deserve attention of the whip. But after a while you might want to get rid of them, after all they are expensive to feed and they always try to run away at the worst possible moment. Wouldn't it be great if you could sell your surplus stock to other NPCs for them to abuse?
    With this mod you can. Offer your slaves from Paradise Halls to shopkeepers, citizens, farmers, mines or inns, or set up shop yourself with a Home Sweet Home camp and some slaves and perhaps entice passers-by to buy a slave from you. What the slave will end up doing depends on the buyer and on what kind of training the slave has received. A shopkeeper or farmer will want a helping hand around their business, a travelling merchant might want to add a slave to his stock, and an innkeeper might want a slave to pimp out to his best customers. Others might simply want a footservant to kick around and keep their beds warm!
    This update adds a lot of new stuff, please read the following information:
    Skill and perks Acceptance of slavery in towns Slave ownership Jobs: Prostitution Events MCM Menu  
    Skill and perks
    Whenever you sell a slave to someone, you will gain a little skill at slavery. With enough skill and experience you will qualify for various perks (see below) that unlock new options. You can check the requirements for each perk and your progress in the MCM menu by hovering the mouse over a perk.

    Not all perks are active yet!
    Acceptance of slavery in towns
    The more slaves you sell in a town, the more people there will accept slavery. This also affects what happens with the slaves there, where they will be able to work, and so on. You can check the level of slavery in each town in the MCM menu. The guards will also inform you how common slavery is in their town.
    Slave ownership and trade
    You can sell HSH or PAH slaves, but not all people will buy slaves. Guards and priests generally aren't interested. Shopkeepers and farmers will want an obendient slave (high submission) who can help out on the job. Some people want a slave with specific traits, as a personal servant or lover. Innkeepers will take slaves useful for serving drinks, or for prostitution. You can infer the seller's intent for the slave from their dialogue.
    You can ask slave owners if they are happy with their slaves. Once they have owned them for a week (and if you have the Trader perk), they will offer you to buy back their slaves, but if they are happy with them you can expect to pay a premium!
    Once slavery is fairly common in a town, people will start buying slaves from elsewhere. These slaves may come from HSH auctions or captured bandits, but if the civil war is over, you might spot some ex jarl walking around in chains. These former rulers may sometimes also be found in the Restless Hunter on the auction block.
    Jobs: Prostitution
    Slaves may be sold or set to work as prostitutes, depending on which perks you have earned. Slaves need to have sufficient Submission, respect and sex training.

    Selling a slave as prostitute to an innkeeper won't earn you any money beyond the sale price, but... you can still pay to make use of the slave's services in the inn. Note that you can buy a prostitute's services for a friend or follower: pay for the prostitute, then tell your friend you got them a plaything.
    You can also have your (PAH) slave turn tricks once you gain the Handler perk: they will continue to follow you, but they will approach customers or be approached in places where prostitution is tolerated. Simply tell your slave "your body is going to make me some coin". If you have one more more "working" slaves with you, you can approach customers yourself and ask if they want to make use of their services.
    With the Pimp perk, you can leave your slaves unattended in inns, in the streets of cities where slavery is common, and have them turn tricks by themselves.  Tell them to "stay here and turn tricks".  You can also leave your slaves tied to a tree or in stocks, so passers by may avail themselves of their services. Tell them you will "tie them up and leave them helpless", then choose how to tie them up.
    Working slaves make money, you can ask them to hand over whatever they have made at any time.  Note that prostitution is allowed in the following places:
    In the wild In inns In the streets of towns and cities where slavery is common If your slave doesn't show the appropriate dialogue for prostitution, check whether the location and your slave are eligible, and if you have the right perk.
    When you gain the Madame perk, you can turn your HSH home or player home into a brothel. Set the slaves to work there, and when you return next to your home, you'll see that some customers will be around as well. The slaves will serve them drinks and have sex with them.
    Events are not implemented yet. You may see a pit master or auction master wandering around town, but they won'd actually set up the events. It's safe to talk to them though.
    MCM Menu
    The MCM menu lets you keep track of slaves working for you, check the level of slavery in each city, your skills and perks, and set some options.

    The Difficulty setting governs how many slaves you must trade before a town will become more accepting of slavery. You can also change if slaves and owners prefer straight sex or will like both genders equally.

    The list of your slaves shows each slave, their location, current job and skill at that job. It is possible that slaves wander off sometimes, in this case the location may end up blank. The Teleport button will teleport all slaves in unknown locations to you. Keep in mind that some legtimate locations (especially in mods) also show up blank; your slaves may still be wehere you left them.
    Available Perks
    Trader: Lets you buy slaves from their owners. Requires 10 slavery
    Handler: You can have your (HSH) slave turn tricks under your supervision. Requires 20 slavery, and you must have sold at least 2 prostitutes to innkeepers
    Pimp: You can have your prostitute slaves work without your supervision. Requires 40 slavery, and your prostitutes must have served at least 15 customers
    Madame: Lets you turn your home or HSH slave house into a brothel. Requires 60 slavery, and you must have at least 5 prostitutes working for you.
    Mod status:
    Install using a mod manager.
    You will have the option to install patches for the two recommended mods (Home Sweet Home and Interactive BDSM).
    If you install one of these mods at a later point during your playthrough, you can safely re-install this mod and select the appropriate patches.
    Uninstalling: make sure you use the Uninstall option in the MSM menu before removing this mod!
    Paradise Halls Enhanced Repacked and its requirements (Sexlab, Zaz) PapyrusUtils (I think this is installed by SexLab already, at least my mod manager thinks so) Sexlab SKSE SkyUI (MCM) ZAP 8+ (older versions will work but are somewhat limited)  
    PAH - Home Sweet Home Interactive BDSM: will let passers-by interact with slaves who are locked in stocks or tied up.  
    Not compatible with:
    Lively Inns and Taverns (LIAT): Enslaving and selling an NPC from LIAT will crash your game when you return to the slave's area.  



  11. Tropical Island Experiment

    This is a rough concept for my linking of Tropical island and Radiant Prostitution.
    I made a few more male vacationers, gave everyone on the island some kind of name, and made everyone naked; it's a nudist resort, after all.
    Radiant Prostitution
    Storage for Radiant Prostitutes
    I have more ideas, but I have no internet at home, so things will be slow in coming.
    Have fun.



  12. Secret Rooms

    I actually created this mod for my own to make some good places for some scenarios after i gto familiar with the CK....
    This Mod adds some Places and edits some already existing places around Skyrim.( actually just some around Whiterun atm.)
    So you will find new cellars or new rooms in houses that offer a good environment for some sexual scenarios with ZAZ-Furnitures and sometimes NPC´s int it. I have just started creating this mod, so there could be some bugs and conflicts since im kinda new to CK, fell free to write me when you find some...
    There is nothing scripted yet nor quests or dialogues, just these places with npcs and some furniture....
    Getting started:
    You can find the Places around Whiterun, the red light guides you...
    (If you don´t wanna search them, check the spoiler)
    Could Need Help:
    Just tell me About Suggestions, ideas and bugs you find...
    If you have some requests or know some good places/ kind of rooms you like to see in the mod, just leave a comment in the thread
    -ZAZ Animation Pack
    -ZAZ Resources
    Hope you enjoy



  13. vlkFuta

    Some people asked me to make Futa addon for "Animals and Followers" to be separated from this mod. Here you are!
    I'm very empressed with "FloppySOS" and "Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs" ideas but there is some lack of immersion that with flaccid-erect cycle commonly grows penis angle but size is affected very little.
    Also I'm catching randomly CTD's with using "SKSE - Register Custom Animation Events" regardless FloppySOS used or not (maybe my fault).
    So I took EvilReFlex's horse penis ver 0.6a (thanks to EvilReFlex for permission to use sources) as base and ...
    ONLY FOR FEMALE PC (at current moment).
    It's not COMPLETE SOS-addon with ability to Schlongify all females of Skyrim, but will be added support to schlongify female NPC by your choice as it was for female followers before.
    1. Full HDT bounche - balls and schlong.
    2. Flaccid penis is really small in comparison with erect position. And as arousal grows both size and shape are changed too.
    3. Not relies on debug.SendAnimationEvent() with "SOSBendN" etc. Instead uses actor's arousal (scan every 60 sec).
    4. While animating via SexLab automatically turns to erected 'strapon' version (a bit - 93% - smaller shape against non-animating one for better fitting to animations) if PC in male position or female stage position is marked as use strapon and react to SexLab's SOS position adjustments.
    5. In MCM may be defined a key for quick switching to Futa state and back.
    6. For shape states arousal levels may be redefined in MCM.
    7. Automatically reequips SOS pubes when PC un-schlongified. If enabled in MCM and 'SOS_Pubic_Hair_for_Females_Addon_(AIO)' (or similar) is installed.
    1. It's so hard sometimes to upload on LL big-sized files (if take into account that I'm on 'mobile' inet). So download is separated to:
    1.1 'meshes and textures' archive which not planned for updates, also removed optional textures for different texture-packs to reduce file-size. For changing textures suited to yours, refer to original "EvilReFlex's horse penis ver 0.6a" and endorse author's work. They must be put in 'textures\actors\character\vlkFT_Horse' folder.
    1.2 Mod itself.
    2. Load order has no matter.
    How to get:
    In MCM you'll find all you need.
    Notes and known issues:
    1. I use COS-body so collisions is set in conjunction to that body. (Not really tested for fitting well)
    1. Fix current bugs.
    2. After testing add NPC support.
    Any arousal mod ("SexLab Aroused (Redux)" or "vlkSexLife") by your choice.
    XPMSE (with SOSRaceMenu.esp installed)
    EvilReFlex - meshes and dds-files
    jopie123 - HDT xml's taked as base
    Bad Dog - Hoodie Schlongs idea
    b3lisario and all SOS authors
    Ashal - SexLab
    Groovtama - XPMSE
    Expired - RaceMenu
    Version History:
    03 June 2017 without version stepping increase
    - Added option for automatically switch SexLab's gender when (un)schlongified. Some mods can compare Skyrim's sex and SexLab's gender for determination of transgender NPCs

    Kind Regards.



  14. Luciver's Ahegao Expression Presets

    First of all, be warned, this is barely a mod, just some txt files, if I uploaded to wrong section, please let me know or just move it to where it belongs.
    So, ever wondering you Skyrim sexlab doesn't get the expession you often see in Hentai comics and animes?
    Don't worry, here comes your help.
    Ahegao Faces? Rly? Is that the best you can do?
    I suck at modding, to be honest, and that's probably the main reason I don't even want to touch CK though I was planning on my follower mods, but still there's something I can do for the community.
    OFC I'm pretty sure some of you folks can do better than me(there is, his name is trickerfu, check out his expressions in screenshots, they're divine), but this is a "novice friendly" file so please don't get offended.
    Anyway, here comes my presets of ahegao faces for your sexlab expression.
    One thing I need to make clear is that these expressions work best for characters with big eyes but relatively small pupils or you would barely notice the difference.
    Also, screenshots are needed for this post cuz damn I need some of that.
    What I'm gonna do with it, Luciver!?
    Oh yes, good that you asked, this is not a "NMM or MO whatever ready" pack, this is just some txt files you can adapt into your game with two possible means:
    1. Use Mfg console, which you can get it from Nexus:
    Just put all these files into your Skyrim folder, get in game, open console, click somebody and then use bat XXXX(file name) then just give it a good look.
    2. Play the hardball, adopt them in you sexlab expression presets.
    Just go into the sexlab mcm menu and edit one of the expression presets according to the txt files.
    3. Sell your soul to me and you will get an personal Amen from me.
    What's in the BOX???
    The pack contains following tweaked expressions in form of txt files.
    Now it contains folloing expressions:
    Disgusted (fuckdisgust)
    Slightly silly (silly)
    Fucked silly (fucksilly)
    and 3 other different variations/tweaked versions of Fucked silly goes by the name of fucksilly2, fucksilly3 and fucksilly4...
    Yes I know it's silly...
    (Added in ver 1.1) Fucksnuffground: Her eyes rolled up then left, perfect match for a murderous fest.
    (Added in ver 1.2) Fucksnufffear: Nothing other than fear goes better with your pervy urge.
    (Added in ver 1.2) Fucksnuffed: Can someone from medical school tell me whether a man's eyes stop rolling back after killed? I only studied forensic science back in college...
    (Added in ver 1.3) Fuckunreluctant and Fuckunreluctorgasm: Looking away won't help you to ignore the pain and the pleasure passing through your womanhood.
    (Added in ver 1.3) Fuckpuzzle1: I forgot about this at all XD...
    (Added in ver 1.3) Fuckhitbelow: Looks good with any animation contains vag/belly brutality contents.
    (Added in ver 1.4) Pleasured1: What? I do know what a happy face looks like ok?
    (Added in ver 1,4) Fuckunreluct2 and Fuckunreluct2alt: Embarrassed and eager to relieved from shameful deeds.(alt version features looking at another direction)
    I fully admit these presets are largely influenced by the comic of Markydaysaid, I'm a big fan of his work.
    You can find him here:
    Please don't be shy to adapt it to your game or mod or whatever you create or simply tweak them if you don't like'em, it's nothing but some silly gigs to help.
    PS: You're also welcomed to leave a comment below and tell me which type of ahegao you would like to see.
    Faces of PLeasure 1.4.zip



  15. Namira's Skyrim + Decorations

    Namira's Skyrim
    What does it do?
    This mod swaps all human bones placed all over skyrim for some of the bodypart items from Namira's Goat mod. You won't see any more placed bones, but girly bodyparts instead. This mod is probably considered gore, so beware those who are not into it.
    Additionaly the Decorations plugin adds several wallmounts (the same as the wallmounted wolfs, goats, cats, etc.) but with various bodyparts (breasts, vaginas, penises, uterus). It also replaces vanilla placements of such wallmounts (i believe that mostly wolfs and bears) with some of the mentioned assets.
    Further development?
    I plan to do the same swap for food all over Skyrim - replace it with grilled girls.
    Want to help?
    Create more meshes of similar nature. It's not my area of expertise, but I can surely utilize them.
    Namira's Goat
    Schlongs of Skyrim (for Decorations - texture of a penis)
    Schlongs of Skyrim Leito Addon (for Decorations - textures)
    Namira's Goat by tengma for the precise meshes and overall idea
    b3elisario for SoS
    Leito86 for SoS addon



  16. SOS schlong for females and males - Penzor addon

    Just a new addon for SOS for females and males.
    Big, extra thick, and veiny.
    Inspired by some Futamagus works.
    Female archive contains
    Two version of the mod - with balls and without balls.
    Custom made textures and normals.
    Textures made for match to FairSkin (still visible seams).
    BodySlide data for customization.
    Male archive contains
    One version of the mod (only with balls).
    Custom made normals, textures - modified SoS VectorPlexus Regular.
    BodySlide data for customization.
    Equipable version archive contains
    Standalone equipable schlongs - no SOS or main mod requirements. For males and females (slot 52 and slot 60). For females in two variants (with balls and without balls).
    Data for BodySlide.
    Other stuff
    I'm still new in 3-d modeling and modding, so, don't be mad, if something goes wrong =)
    ATM only "addon version", no equipable schlongs. Maybe i make it later.
    Size differs from "just big" to "absolutely enormous" =)
    I used HD Extended version of UNP schlong as reference, so this mod shall be texture-compatible with any UNP-based schlongs. 90% sliders for customization also converted from this mod. And, if you want to adapt my mod for your body shape, you shall use this mod too.
    Textures for beast races is a placeholder for both versions.
    If someone want make textures for this mod (seamless, or better looking, or for beast races) - you are welcome.
    XPMSE skeleton
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim
    Future plans
    Bug fixes
    Various improvements
    Thanks and Credits
    b3lisario, VectorPlexus and Smurf for SOS and textures.
    EvilReFlex for SOS HD mesh that i use as a reference, and for sliders.
    Donegan for testing and for base idea.
    And sorry for my bad english =)



  17. SexLab Framework en Español

    SexLab Framework en Español


    Ésta es la traducción de SexLab Framework en Español
    Requiere el mod original ya que solo es el archivo ESM y el MCM Translation file, podés descargarlo de Aquí
    La versión es la 1.62
    No incluye los scripts traducidos todavía pero se agregarán en un futuro próximo



  18. ZaZ Animation Pack en Español

    Zaz Animation Pack en Español


    Ésta es la traducción de Zaz Animation Pack en Español
    Requiere el mod original ya que solo es el archivo ESM y el MCM Translation file, podés descargarlo de Aquí
    La versión es la 6.1
    Se agregó el Parche 6.11 en Español



  19. Devious Devices Integration Español

    Devious Devices Integration en Español


    Ésta es la traducción de Devious Devices Integration
    Requiere el mod original ya que solo es el archivo ESM y el ESP, podés descargarlo de Aquí
    La versión es la 3.3b
    Va a haber un cambio ya que voy a traducir los scripts (Bueno, voy a intentarlo...)



  20. Devious Devices - Expansion Español

    Devious Devices Expansion

    en Español


    Ésta es la traducción de Devious Devices Expansion
    Requiere el mod Original que puedes encontrar Aquí
    La versión es la 2.0c
    Va a haber un cambio ya que voy a traducir los scripts (Bueno, voy a intentarlo...)



  21. Devious Devices (Assets) Español

    Devious Devices Assets en Español

    Ésta es la traducción de Devious Devices Assets
    Requiere el mod original ya que solo es el archivo ESM, podés descargarlo de Aquí
    La versión es la 3.0e



  22. Cum On Anything! Seriously, pretty much anything.

    Do you ever feel like your quantity doesn't quite match up to your quality? Do you often find yourself falling short of truly conveying your love and lust after Skyrim and chill? Do you wish to show your most sincere appreciation for followers in Tamriel, but find that it is difficult to do so? Are you an artist, and find that the world is your canvas--but you lack the most basic color?
    If so, you're in luck! Introducing...

    Adds 5 new spells to the game: Magical Cum Spray, Magical Cum Shower, Masculine Cum Spray, Magical Milk Spray L, and Magical Milk Spray R Adds 8 new 4k texture effect layers of "magical" cum and milk. Adds female and male sound effects to XPMSE's "MagicNipple" feature The current version works for futa player characters. Support for males added now in version 1.1!


    How it works
    Magical Cum Spray allows you to use your shout to "rub one out" wherever you like! The results can end up seemingly anywhere: on a tree, on your favorite female follower, on every wall of Ysolda's house, or on that stupid mudcrab that won't stop chasing you. The Magical Cum Spray shout acts as a spell that applies multiple layers of cum, from "lightly-sprayed" to "drenched." The longer you hold down the shout button, the more you'll drench your target (or yourself!)
    Word 1 "Oh..." -> +30HP for 2min
    Word 2 "Ohhh..." -> 30% Damage Resistance and +90HP for 2min
    Word 3 "Ahh!" -> +5HP/Magicka regen per second for 2min.
    If you're looking for even more tools to engulf your followers with your immense lust, I've also added Magical Breast Milk! Using the MagicNipple animations included in XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (or from ElPsyCongroo's mod here on LoversLab) you can spread the bountiful essence of your bosom all over Tamriel! The Magical Breast Milk spell can be equipped to either the left or right breast (or both). Endowing others with your nourishment, healing them for 50HP and Magicka if you land it.
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (with MagicNipple enabled)


    Make sure that you have MagicNipple animations installed in XPMSE's installer, and that you've enabled the Breast and Schlong animations in Racemenu or XPMSE's MCM Menu.

    Step 1: XPMSE MagicNipple install settings:


    Step 2: Open Racemenu and enable Magic Nipple and Schlong Shout:

    Step 3: Alternatively, enable Magic Nipple and Schlong Shout from XPMSE's MCM Menu:

    Step 4: Add the spells to your player character by reading the book titled "Magical Cum and Milk Spray Techniques" located in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. You can also use the console to add the book by typing help "magical cum" into the console.

    If for some reason you need to add the spells and shouts manually, use the steps below:
    Type help "oh." (with quotes) and then player.teachword xx005e55 (where xx is the load order for the mod) Type help "Ohhh." (with quotes) and then player.teachword xx005e56 (where xx is the load order for the mod) Type help "Ahhh!" (with quotes) and then player.teachword xx005e56 (where xx is the load order for the mod) Type help cum or help spray and then player.addshout xx0012d1, xx004e24, & xx00538e (where xx is the load order for the mod) Type help "nipple milk" and then player.addspell xx001d9c & xx001d9d (where xx is the load order for the mod) Make sure to unlock the shouts by spending dragon souls.


    None (requires testing)
    Troubleshooting & reporting issues
    *IMPORTANT* If you find that any of the animations break or are not playing properly, try this:
    Open up your MCM and go to XPMSE's options Disable Nipple Magic and Schlong shout by setting them to default Exit MCM and go back to your game Repeat the last steps, except this time re-enable Nipple Magic and Schlong Shout.

    If you you're having trouble with the mod, or just reporting issues, you can ask for help in the thread.

    Simply uninstall CumOnAnything.esp using NMM or Mod Organizer.
    ElPsyCongroo for creating the MagicNipple animations and spells.
    toxsickcity's textures from ScocLB (The textures used in this mod are his, not mine!)
    ashal for his female sound effects from SexLab
    groovtama for his skeleton and adding MagicNipple as an option to the installer
    Recommended Mods
    SOS Schlongs of Skyrim. This mod really wouldn't be much fun without it!
    Mana Tanks by darkconsole. Recommended for better breast-milk-casting immersion.



  23. Diet Based Butt

    "Would you like a sweet roll, thane?"
    "I shouldn't, it'd go straight to my ass."
    "One won't hurt."
    --- 5 sweet rolls later ---
    "Damn, my ass is huge now. What do they say about exercise?"
    Classifies the foods from Skyrim, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn (Dawnguard didn't add any food) into standard, healthy, fatty, sweet and booze. Each class has its own calorie count, configurable in MCM. As you eat, your butt gets bigger. As you work out, by swimming, sprinting, or fighting, your butt gets smaller.
    Requires a body (like CBBE or UNP) and skeleton (like XPMSE) that support butt scaling.
    Also requires the basics: SKSE and SKyUI as well as Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs.



  24. Bistro SlaveTats

    My collection of Slave Name Tattoos for the excellent mod SlaveTats.

    Seperate Tattoos are included for all Slave Names for:
    Back Ass Chest Belly Left Arm Right Arm

    The Following Slave Names are included:
    *New as of 1.1
    Anal Whore Big Tits Bimbo Candy Ass Candy Cunt *Cheap Whore Cow Cuddles *Cum Addict Cum Bunny *Cum Drinker Cum Dumpster Cunt Dumb Slut *Everybody's Bitch Fat Ass Floppy Tits Fuck Hole Fuck Meat Fuck Pig Fuck Slave Fuck Toy Fuck Whore Honey Cunt Honey Pot *Honey Snatch Jiggles *Kitty Slut Kitty Whore Meat Milk Maid Piggy Piss Pot Play Thing Puppy Cunt Puss Puss *Sex Addict *Sex Slave Skooma Slut *Slave Slut Spanky Sticky Tail Stupid Cunt *Submissive Slut *Sugar Crotch Sugar Pussy *Suger Snatch Sweet Roll Tickles Tiny Tits Tittie Fuck Wet Pet Worthless Cunt

    I am willing to add extra names, so please feel free to suggest even more!

    Thank You to heroine sugarsnatch, Karma199696, & VexyRage for their additional tattoo names



  25. SlaveTats Magic Manager(STMM)

    SlaveTats Magic Manager(STMM)
    Store unlimited diferent configurations of tattoos applied to Player or NPC's

    Support SlaveTats Tattoos and RaceMenu Overlay's
    Apply any stored configuration to Player or NPC with a spell
    Including SlaveTats Tattoos and RaceMenu Overlay's
    Steal tattoos applied to NPC and appy to Player for modify, store and reapply
    Show stored configuration sequentially pressing keys ( next and back )
    Show all tattoos of a section sequentially pressing keys( next and back )
    Mark tattoos as Remembered for apply latter
    Apply tattoos to Player Body directly (Whitout pass by Remembered)
    Show all remembered tatoos sequentially pressing keys( next and back )
    Apply tattoos to Player Body directly
    Delete stored configuration
    Clear NPC
    Scan NPC in cell whit tatoos and edit NPC in Racemenu
    Show the path of all diferent tatoos in use by Player and NPC
    Export all the configurations to file
    Import all the configurations from file  

    SlaveTats (Of course)
    UIExtensions (for the special menus)
    In the first run the mod must add 3 Voice Command and 4 Spells in Alteration. All start by STMM.
    If you not have the spells and voices (bad start) you can try use the Menu Key assigned by default to number 5 (over the letters keys, not in numeric pad) and use the option ADD SPELLS.
    If the Menu Key not work (very bad start) you can try in the MCM Console. The mod include a console called SlaveTats Magic Manager for change the key assignements. Put others keys that you want and try.
    If you not have the MCM console (very very bad start) try save your game and reload it. If the MCM console not appear try open the GAME console and write setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 wait 30 seconds and go to MCM.
    If you not have the spells, the Menu Key not work and not appear the MCM Console un-install the mod and report in the forum.
    If all work, open the Menu and select the first option: Store Tattoo Configuration
    You must write a name for save configuration, type that you want and press enter.
    In the upper left corner must appear a message like STMM Stored in Master Data. The same message is writen in the GAME console. Near ALL the notifications are writen to the GAME console for history and verification.
    Open the Menu again and select the second option: Show and Load Configuration
    You must have a line with the name that type in the first step followed by ST:X RM:X
    The X represent the number of tattos stored (ST for slavetats, RM for racemenu)
    You can have 0 in ST OR in RM, but if you have 0 in ST AND 0 in RM, something bad as append or your player body not have any tats. Put some tats and try again.
    If you have any number in ST or RM click in the line. Your Player Body must be cleared (removing all tats) and must be painted with the stored info. If not work report in forum.
    Look carrefull if the tats are exacly the same in the same position and with the same COLOR. If you not are sure, not save your game. Load it and try again.
    If all work, save your game.
    Load your savegame, open the Menu and select the second option: Show and Load Configuration
    If you NOT see the line with the saved configuration, you can have a problem with JContainers.
    If you see the line click over it for apply the configuration and verify that THE MOD IS WORKING.
    After that, you can make another store of the tats of your player with other name. The names for the stored configuration MUST BE DIFERENT. I not permit overwrite it for name.
    Or can equip the spell Steal Tattoos from NPC and store yours diferents configurations of each NPC.
    Or can paint some NPC with diferent configurations.
    Or can see a SlaveTats section over your body pressing the keys back and next (by default 8 and 9). If you see a good tat you can mark it with the equiped voice comand. You can see other section and mark others tats and finaly you can see the remembered colection for make a new configuration over your player body. If you like it, open the menu and store it.
    I wait yours comments and problems, of course.
    But i think the mod is usefull and FUN.
    EDIT: I not make color management. I respect the colors and glow of the tats but you must use SlaveTats and Racemenu for change the color of the tats. Remember store your new color configuration. You can have diferents configurations with the same tats and diferent colors and glows.