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Sexual Content

Adult oriented Skyrim mods that add Sexual related content.

116 files

  1. Devious Dremora - Summons

    Summon female dremora, wearing devious gear.  If they aren't fighting, they might rape the player.
    The staff which summons them is in the Arch-Mage's quarters, at the College of Winterhold.
    Outfits come in locked and unlocked versions.  They start locked, but to use the girls in combat you should unlock them soon.  The spell book which does that is at  Urag Gro-shub’s desk, in the Arcanaeum.
    They are meant to be used in combat like dremora lords, the main difference being they level with the player rather than being fixed at 46.  The girls have better perks, but devious gear offers no armor. Sex with the player converts them to thralls.
    If your character has high magic absorption which causes the atronach bug with the staff, use its spell version “Conjure Devious Dremora” instead.
    Devious Devices (DD4 or DD5) is required, and Dawnguard and Dragonborn.  It shares files with Conjure Bikini Dremora, but those files are the same so load order won’t matter.  They work together fine, and neither is dependent on the other. 
    Credits and thanks to Corsec and DontTouchMeThere for collaboration, ideas, support, and testing.  Hairs come from KS Hairdos.  Some eyes, horns, and face decals come from Dremora Assets by Hallgarth.  The primary face decal comes from Dremora Head Detail Re-imagined by Nikoli Grimm.



  2. Dragonborn in distress PTBR

    Mod dragonborn in distress em português brasileiro.
    Pode conter erros.



  3. Submissive Lola - an Extension

    This extension to an existing mod seeks to expand upon Submissive Lola: the Resubmission by MrEsturk & Hexbolt8. Whilst I appreciate how little the parent mod interferes with standard gameplay, I personally prefer heavier bondage elements during my experience as a slave to my follower. I therefore included a few events and quests of my own, mainly to incorporate some of the animations I have cooked up over the years. The goal of this mod is to stay within the spirit of the original work and to remain as lightweight as possible, all the while avoiding any modification of the parent mod.
    The animations and items used in this mod were designed chiefly for female players. Although I don't actively check for the player's sex during any of my quests, several of the devices will look rather odd when used with males. Furthermore, some paired animations were also made with female owners in mind and might therefore appear, although less severely so, somewhat effeminate.
    As a spoiler, to keep things fun for the more adventurous sorts:
    Hard dependencies:
    Submissive Lola: the Resubmission, and all of its dependencies.
    >>> Make sure you use this link or to at least use the newly updated version hosted by Hexbolt8, as the original version by MrEsturk is no longer being updated.
    Soft dependencies:
    > Not required per se, but necessary to apply the brand after Marked property.
    Installation Notes:
    As per usual, dropping the relevant folders and plugins into your Skyrim\Data folder. As this mod includes new animations, remember to update your FNIS.
    MrEsturk & Hexbolt8 for their wonderful work on reviving Submissive Lola.
    alexvkj, for the initial edition that started it all



  4. Devious Mimic Clothing LE

    There are rumors around Skyrim: the devious curse, loot was inflicted with, has altered itself. No adventurer will be safe anymore!
    The twisted new effect of this mad magic affects now every single piece of clothing. They may be devious mimics now, transforming itself into restrictive items as soon as an unwary person tries to wear them. Some say, this even may happen while trying to unequip those mimics or even randomly while being worn, giving only false safety anymore to every armored adventurer out there ...
    Link to Special Edition
    What this mod does
    This mod is intended as an extension to the popular mod Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy.
    It tries to randomly transform worn pieces of armor into Devious Devices, giving only safety in nudity.
    New Savegame required!
    As of v2.0 a new savegame is required! I don't know, if a clean save attempt will work, I won't support it, though
    SKSE - current classic build Skyrim LE DawnGuard HearthFires DragonBorn SexLab Framework SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - for the release version 1.0 of DMC you absolutely need DD v5, no backwards compatibility! Assets Integration Expansion  
    DD For Him - included in DD 5.0, if installed it will allow mimics for male characters AS-LAL - if installed, mimics work only after start quest is finished ZAP - checks for ZAP device keyword, should work with all versions (also 8.0/+)  
    Armor can transform into a random Devious Device on three events: when equipping, while trying to unequip or randomly for a worn item. Gold can tranform into golden items or binds your hands if you're unlucky Device choice based on body region Device filter, based on type Various chances for different trigger events Arousal may impact chances Already worn or enchanted armor is recognized MCM to personalize the settings  
    How to help
    When you come across any problems (you probably will), it could help if you can attach a Papyus log to your message. To get one, search for the following lines in your Skyrim.ini
    [Papyrus] bEnableLogging = 1 bEnableTrace = 1 bLoadDebugInformation = 1 If they are set to zero, change them to one. You'll then find the logs in [User]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script
    Attach the file Papyrus.0.log to your report, it maybe can give hints.
    What doesn't work
    Doesn't take any treatment of items (smithing) into account for chances Won't affect followers unless triggered by third party event
    Probably still has bugs I'm unaware of  
    For modders
    I've added an event hook for you to trigger mimics and do stuff based on the outcome. As it's event driven, you won't even need to add my mod as requirement!
    You can find the details in the source code file dmcTriggerEvents.psc together with an example how to set it up.
    @Kimy - for patiently answering the questions of a bloody modding noob
    @Laura 'Lokomootje' - for giving me additional tips how to dive into this rabbit hole called Creation Kit
    @JimmyJimJim - for letting me use his idea as well as the mod Devious Magic as boilerplate
    @davisev5225 - for his mod City Bondage that offered me some more code snippets
    @stas2503 - providing the Russian translations



  5. Genderless Female Bodies for the Transsexual PC & Genderless Naked Body as an Armor for PC...

    Three "Genderless" bodies as "No-Vagina" UNP female bodies and a body as an armor item.
    For using them as a transsexual, the three bodies require:
    Schlongs of Skyrim (a.k.a. SOS)
    SOS Schlong for Females - UNP 0.9
    And their requirements...
    For using the bodies much easier in the game, please use this mod:
    BodyChange - A Multi-Bodyshape System
    "Genderless Naked Body" requires:
    Schlongs of Skyrim (a.k.a. SOS)
    Suggested, but not required:
    Fair Skin Complexion for UNP

    What are the requirements:
    SOS, SOS Schlong for Females - UNP 0.9, and their requirements...
    Not required, but suggested: Fair Skin Complexion for UNP

    What I prepared in the packages:
    Genderless Female Body Meshes & Fair Skin based Genderless textures:
    1x UUNP
    1x Dimonized UNP
    1x Blessed UNP
    Fair Skin Textures for SOS UNP Add-on

    Fair Skin/UNP Meshes and/or Textures that I use for head, hands, feet.


    Genderless Naked Body as Armor:
    It's like a body armor.
    It has no power, no magic, no weight, no protection, nothing...
    It has UUNP Genderless Body as a main body shape.
    When you use it, it covers your body, your armor.
    For a transsexual PC, you need SexLab and SOS mods.
    It has its own schlong.
    It doesn't need B3lisario's SOS Add-on.
    You don't have to select "Revealing", because it's already selected.
    It has fully functional SOS.
    So, when you use SOS with the Genderless Naked Body, you'll have a "Transsexual Naked Body" in your "Inventory".
    Disadvantages of this body:
    As you might know already, when you wear an item, it switches by the other item(s) that use same slot(s).
    This body uses slots:
    32. Body
    33. Hands
    37. Feet
    52. Unnamed (SOS, etc...)
    PS: You can see the total list of biped slot in here:
    So, if you want your PC wear boots/heels/lingerie/armor/gloves/shoes, shortly, all armors that use any slots that are above, you can't make your PC to use the Naked Body simultaneously.
    I couldn't find a way to assign the naked body to another slot. I tried. But, when I did that, I got bigger problems.
    (If someone knows how to do it, I would appreciate if he/she shares it with me).
    It means, you'll have an almost totally naked transsexual PC, who walks, runs, does SexLab animations all around Skyrim...
    If you're OK with this, that's cool...
    If you use this body for SexLab or similar purposes, it would be better.
    If you want to use it for leveling up in the game...
    The body is fragile...
    I suggest you to have at least two very powerful followers to make them do your dirty works.


    Thanks & Credits...
    Please, do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, or to tell if you have any comments/suggestions.
    PS: Please, do not ask me "unrelated" questions. My knowledge about Skyrim/SexLab/NifSkope/GIMP/Creation Kit/BodySlide/Outfit Studio and other mods is really limited.
    When you have a different kind of problems, please prefer making a Google Search, and/or ask to the "Technical Support".
    If you ask me questions that I have no idea, I would just say: "I don't know. Sorry...".
    Have Fun...
      & &  & ...
    You can download these files from MEGA too. Here are the MEGA Links:
    All-in One - BodyChange Files.7z

    SOS Textures & Meshes.7z



    Genderless Naked Body as an Armor:
    If you want back the original B3lisario's textures, you can use  Original 'SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon' Meshes & Textures.7z
    Original 'SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon' Meshes & Textures.7z
    The ultimate difference between the regular Female Body & the Genderless Female Body:



  6. [WIP] New Tattoo for SlaveTats

    Simply two new tattoo add for SlaveTats
    Requirements : 
    SlaveTats, SlaveTats whore , JContainers, RaceMenu (or NiOverride), SkyUI, SKSE
    Simply extrat ; copy/drop into Skyrim data folder , overwrite where required.
    Into game : 
    for body : MCM/SlaveTats/Body , select a part , whore advertising  , back_pay
    for hands : MCM/SlaveTats/hand , select a part , whore advertising , left_hand_cock 
     ATTENTION :  if you don't want to change the SlaveTats basic JSON file , simply open this with NOTEPAD ++ and edit this two strings  at the bottom of everything else . 
    {"name": "Pleasure (right breast)", "section": "General", "texture": "basic\\right_breast_pleasure.dds", "area": "Body"},
    {"name": "The first is paid the second is free", "section": "Whore Advertising", "texture": "whore\\back_pay.dds", "area": "Body"}
    For Special Edition : As these are simple DDS, they should still work
    What's New in Version 1.2.0
    Update to Version 1.2.0 
    Add new tattoos . Add a new folder and new JSON file . New folder and new JSON file is nymphomaniac
    The new tattoos are applied to the legs and belly
    Extrat , copy/drop into Skyrim data folder .



  7. Conjure Bikini Dremora SL

    Conjures female versions of dremora lords, wearing bikinis.  They might rape the caster, if summoned out of combat, or the combat is easy.  Spell books are found under Urag Gro-shub’s desk in the Arcanaeum.
    Other items are found in Cradlestone Tower.  The spell “Stendarr’s Deliverance” protects the caster from this indignity.  They are intended to be balanced replacements for Dremora Lords in gameplay, having the same base stats.  They level with the player (25-65) rather than being fixed at 46 and bikini armor offers very little protection to the torso.
    For a quick impression of what this mod does, give yourself the “Staff of the Abyss” and use it 20 times or so.  Use its spell version “Writ of Primal Chaos” if you have high magic absorption and the Atronach Bug prevents the staff from working.  If they have sex with the player, they convert to thralls, which last 10 minutes if cast with the staff or writ, or 1 hour if cast with a regular conjuration spell.  But their hold on the material plane is tenuous--they lose health over time, and can only heal with sex! 
    Elektra, Sindare, Graelund, and Ashlyn use aggressive SexLab animations. Xolei and Jezebel use regular animations.  Bronwen and Alysse play the victim role in aggressive animations. 
    The mod is designed for nearly all SexLab settings to be turned on.  Given the increasing range of positions they use, I use height scaling, at this point.
    Body Fix: for body issues like neck seams, I have included a patch their replaces their bikini dremora body with your female body.  It requires The Amazing World of Bikini Armor to be installed and body-slided.
    Skyrim SE Users: I've learned this mod can be installed in SSE using Mod Organizer 2 and it runs ok. Also, AceOfWind made an SSE version that incorporates the Body Fix patch (which requires TAWoBA) available here as one of the files for download; I think it requires MO2 to convert the scripts as well. A big thanks to AceOfWind and KCOLL for getting the mod to work in SSE!
    Credits and thanks to the Amazing World of Bikini Armor, KS Hairdos, Dremora Assets by Hallgarth, and Dremora Head Detail Re-Imagined by Nikoli Grimm.  The skin is a mix of files from Mature skins (by Maevan and Shiva182), Sporty Sex Normal Map (by xp2reality), and Vanilla Skyrim with edits from me.  The female bodies come from Heavy Metal Bodyslides, by me.



  8. Skinny-Dip Skyrim SL

    This mod adds magic rings ("Nereid Ring") and spells that remove armor and clothing from affected players or NPCs when they stand still in water, and dresses them again back on land.  Every minute there will be a chance for an erotic encounter among those affected.
    I’ve included a short quest that will take you to most of the items in the mod, which begins by reading a letter in Wuunferth the Unliving's chambers in Windhelm. Otherwise, most items in the game are found at the bottom of Pilgrim's Trench, inside the intact ship there, or in Velehk Sain's locker. 
    The mod works on every body of water in Skyrim and Solstheim that is represented by a water type. For the vast majority of water, this will be the case, but parts of some lakes do not have water types, in which case the mod uses swimming as a backup trigger.
    The mod works well with Realistic Water 2. Anything that affects water types could potentially conflict with this mod.  Any new water types not in the base game will not work.



  9. Cum All the way through Mod

    Hi,Hentai domo-yo !
    i modified FunnyBuizness's  ''Cum In Mouth Addon'' located here : 
    In order to create an All The Way Through Cum Mod for ''All the way through / Cum through'' Fans like myself.
    i tried to do this 4 years ago but i hadn't unlocked enough of my brain potential to manage it back then, this content is the result of meditation.
    In order to use this you will have to install the aforementioned ''Cum in mouth addon'' and its perquisites/requirements.
    Install Steps :
    1-Install Cum in mouth addon + its requirements linked in the above post.
    2-choose a variation,i recommend the Ears Eyes Nose Mouth FINAL variation,but its just preference.
    3-replace the existing file with the same name , located in  ''mods\ZazAnimationPackV\Meshes\ZaZ-UltimateDataPack\ZaZ - Animated Equips\ZaZ Fuidity 2.0\02 Equipable Fluids'' for MOD ORGANIZER USERS or  if your not using mod managers  then   ''Data\\Meshes\ZaZ-UltimateDataPack\ZaZ - Animated Equips\ZaZ Fuidity 2.0\02 Equipable Fluids'' , with the file i provided.
    4-load a game and in the MCM/SKYUI menu for SexlabUtilOne set the EquipHelm effect to be activated with ANY sex type.
    -if this mod drops your fps during the effects being played out then use HiAlgoBOOST it saved me some 20fps.
    i will upload some gifs or video demonstrations of this later,just wanted to get it out ASAP for fans of the Genre.

    TESV 2020-09-05 20-11-45-79_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 20-03-03-11_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-49-44-57_x264_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-46-41-88_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-37-50-37_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-35-03-29_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-33-32-46_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-29-44-76_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 19-27-48-87_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 21-36-43-08_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 21-35-58-94_x264_001_VP8.webm TESV 2020-09-05 20-15-21-86_x264_001_VP8.webm



  10. Skyrim Bump Ride

    This is simple mod to initiate sex. All you need to do is to bump into NPC or creature. There are different ways to achieve that:

    1. SPRINT towards NPC and collide whit it.
    2. WALK onto NPC until collision is detected
    Before sex scene start you should be able to see notification like "Player bumped onto NPC".
    To check if mod is installed and running type "sqv _sbrBumpRide" in game console, you should be able to see quest status and variables.
    This is initial version so any feedback, suggestions are welcome.




  11. Wartimes - a daughter's tale LE (Alternate start scenario)

    Wartimes - a daughter's tale LE (Alternate Start Scenario)
    "Alternate start scenario with multiple endings. A sandbox base for various roleplays."
    2020 Reupload & Dev Restart
    Since I've got a bit more free time on my hands than before, I've got back to developing this mod. Updates should go in the way of "indentured servitude", with player motivation primarily being in the hope of saving the Mother.
    Two additional dependencies were added since I've started to build a second Alternate start scenario, but abandoned it. I may get back to it eventually, so it will remain there.
    Warning, story spoiler - I've added a "process map" of the possible scenarios and routes.
    Blocks marked in red text are not developped yet, but are planned to. Blocks in bright red background color are meant to be "bad endings" Blocks in bright green background oclor are meant to be "good endings" Orange blocks are possible dialogues, leading to different outcomes or variable adjustments  
    Introduction & Foreword
    The war has come. Your family is struggling to survive. How will your young, girly life develop? Will you become a servant of your "Father" in a pursuit to save your Mother from a terrible illness, or will you rather find your own luck outcasted? Decide yourself.
    Some parts of the mod/story will lead your hand while some other parts are actuall empty and assume certain level of roleplay involvement.
    Requirements & Credits
    Hard requirements
    SexLab by Ashal
    ZazAnimationPack by Zaz, Xaz and Tara
    Alternate Start - Live Another Lifeby Arhmoor
    Amputator Framework by Haeretic
    Sanguine Debauchery Enhanced: SD by DeepBlueFrog and jbezorg
    Sanguine’s Debauchery Cages by Inte
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus by Lozeak and jfraser and HexBolt8
    I'll Take The Display Model by darkconsole
    Soft requirements
    SkyUI by schlangster
    Devious Devices Expansion by Kimy (in order to get meshes and textures for heels, esm does not need to be enabled)
    Beeing Female by milzschnitte (enabled esm required for recognition of pregnancy)



  12. Object Digester

    A mod that makes you able to eat almost any item in the game, and lets you digest them fr either permament buffs, or to turn them into raw ore
    Description: Adds two spells to the players menu, one that gives you access to your stomach, and another that lets you digest the contains of your stomach.
    You have an upper limit that how much you can store in your belly, but you can stretch this limit periodically. Having weight in your belly also slowes you down
    Depending on the material of the items digested, you gain buffs, wich are:
    Additionally, metals have a chance to be not full digested, making them into ore inside your intestines. You can get them out with pressing sneak
    Includes an MCM menu, where you can: Set weight limit, Stretch period/increcement, digestion speed/power, metal failchance for each metal, and sound effect volume
    So far you gain buffs by digesting: Most clutter items around the world, non-unique weapons/armor/jewelry, bones, ores, ingots, and most other items you can pick up all from the base game, expansion items may not give buffs (But you're able to digest them regardless)
    Note: Ingredients gives no buffs, and digesting food/potions/ingredients applies the same effect as if you ate them normally
    Credits: for the stomach container of this mod I used the code of the Extra Pocket mod from Code Serpent, credit goes to them for that part of this mod



  13. kziitd 2.1 Toolset CBBE Bodyslides Patch

    Description: kziitd 2.1 Toolset CBBE Bodyslides v 1.0.0
    CBBE Bodyslide conversion of the UNP Mod by @kziitd:
    Includes the English Translated ESP by @Hermicide
    And the Pre 2.1 CBBE Bodyslides by (I am unsure who made this)
    Changes Made:
    -Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide 
    -Oily Body Options added
    -Slot change of Belly/Butt Semen to 48, Breast semen to 46
    -Prepended all Named items with "Kziitd"

    -Download the "All in one" version from the page linked at top.
    -Install the All-In-One Version.
    -Delete KziitdXXXToolset.esp
    -Install this CBBE Update.
    Group-[NIND] CBBE Kziitd 2.1 Update
    BUILD IN Bodyslide
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Kziitd"



  14. SexLab Demanding Trainers

    Vanilla skill trainers will demand sex before training you.  That's it.
    You still must pay for the training.  Trainers will just expect extra benefits.
    There are two versions:  one for Dragonborn + Dawnguard, and one for no DLC.

    What's the point?
    Just a bit of flavor to reinforce how unimportant you are.  If your character strides across the land like a god and dragons tremble at your approach then move along, there's nothing for you here.

    Trainers (which ones is configurable) will insist on having sex with you before allowing you to then pay for your training.  From the start of sex, you'll have 6 real-time minutes to buy your training.  If sex averages about a minute, you'll have 5 minutes to train.  (That's a lot of time; the limit is not intended to be a challenge.)  After that, the trainer will require sex again.  All of the normal limitations still apply (Trainer A can only train to skill level 50 but Trainer B can train to 90).  This mod is a speed bump, not a short cut.  There are no speech checks or appeals for mercy, though as the player you can configure which trainers will be mean to you.

    Only vanilla skill trainers are supported.  Unfortunately, Skyrim's trainer dialog has the NPC IDs embedded in the dialog conditions.  Any mod that adds a skill trainer will either add its own new dialog (and this mod won't be aware of it) or modify an existing trainer dialog (conflicting with this mod's changes).  As long as mods that add trainers don't make dialog changes that conflict with this mod, they can be used alongside it; however, those added trainers will not demand sex.
    This mod is not aware of devious devices and has no restrictions based on worn devices.  You'll have to use SexLab's hotkey for choosing an animation to select one suitable for whichever orifices are available.

    Female and male player characters are supported.  The PC is the sex receiver (getting fucked, not doing the fucking) so female trainers will be in the giving position using a strap-on for males.  You can always use SexLab's hotkeys to swap positions.
    Trainers with a relationship to the PC higher than a customizable threshold will not demand sex.
    Trainers that you manually add to this mod's exclusion faction will not demand sex. 
    Trainers can be excluded by gender so that only males or only females will demand sex.
    Khajiit & Argonian trainers are excluded by default (their sex demands can be enabled).
    Child trainers (like Babette) will never demand sex, though for consistency the PC's lead-in dialog will be the same ("I'm ready to learn.  I can pay.")  If for whatever reason some other mod changes a vanilla trainer into a child, that trainer will not demand sex.
    Trainers above a customizable arousal threshold will use rough sex (not rape).
    Trainers that don't like you (relationship less than zero) will use rough sex (not rape).


    Mods that alter the dialogs in OffersTrainingTopic will conflict with this mod.  If you have such mods, place them after this one in your load order so that they will win.  Those mods should then work as normal, but they will break this mod's sex-demanding behavior of the trainers in the dialog topic that they modify.  Example:  If a mod adds a trainer and piggybacks on Aela's training dialog, placing that mod after this one will make it win, overriding this mod's changes for Aela so that she won't demand sex for training.  If instead that mod adds a new line of dialog, it should be okay.

    Delete this mod's esp file and its one script.  You can safely remove this mod during your game.  The script is only triggered by dialog; it never runs in the background.


    Bromm83 and SexLab Trainers for inspiring me to do this mod.  I wanted to make life harder for the PC, not easier, but I liked the concept of sex before training.

    Do not upload this mod to another site.  Do not upload a modified version of this mod in a different topic.  If you have a conversion or translation, please post it in a comment and I will link to it here.



  15. Dancing Penis (instant arousal) for Oldrim and LE

    Dancing Penis (instant arousal) for Oldrim and LE
    This mod gives you full control over the penis and futas of all the characters and creatures in the game. You can use this mod together with other SexLab-Mods to instantely controll the arousal level of you PC, NPCs and all creatures. You can configure that they getting hard or limp during combat or that they cumshot on death/kill or if they should getting hard if they are aproaching your PC...
    This mod runs on Oldrim, LE and SE

    This is a link to my arousal mod Dancing Penis that i made for SSE.
    The mod is 100% script based so runs for Oldrim and LE.
    If you want to know what the mod does just have a look at my demo videos below and read the detaild description on the SSE site.
    For the mod download please follow the link to the SSE version (it is the same). On this page you only can download some demo videos.
    Here is the link to the mod download and to the detailed description:
    Demovideos: DP with other mods
    Demovideos: on Hit and on Death or Kill
    Demovideos: "non Combat Arousal"
    Demovideos: the "Dancing Penis" Spell



  16. Dhiley Drisana - Racemenu Body Preset

    A typical brunette tropican girl.
    Hello people, once again remembering that I am Brazilian and my English is bad.
    I created this mod following requests when I published Necromantrix 2.0.
    And here is the Racemenu Preset to define the same body shapes as in that MOD.

    Note: It is not possible to convert this into SLIDES for BodySlide because those do not reach the required volumes for this body especially thighs and butt. If anyone knows a way around this, I appreciate the information, as I would like to create armor with this body.
    * RaceMenu (with UUNP Morphs) and all dependencies.
    * Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
    * UUNP Body.
    The instalation is very simply.
    There are two files for you to download.
    One is for those who use The Eyes of Beauty AND KS Hairdos and the other is for those who do not use these two MODs.

    After installing the mod enter the game and follow the steps below:

    1 - Open console, "type racemenu", press ENTER and close console pressing the same key than you used for open. Then click in "Presets" like the image below.

    2 - Select the preset "Dhiley.jslot" and  confirm.


    Optionaly, you can download the textures used in this body, on download page.
    Consider supporting my work on Patreon.com




  17. SexFactions

    ------------ No new content in this mornings update(3/22/20)  cleaned 1 quick nothing prior to SE Conversion that is headed our way  ------------------------------
    V3 is up and so is an optional "Update" file, very small fix for the 3way system I set up for Svetlana, would not work right for npcs that has had Svetlana's Sexfaction,faction,added to them. 3way dialogue will only fire for Svetlana now, hopefully next weekend I can expand system so other npcs with Sexfactions faction will also have 3way dialogue.  
    -- V2 users, copy and paste new esm provided in "Update" file,over old one.
    New file is up. Mostly cleaning and renaming and improving of the scripts. Svetlana was not being recognized by "Are you There" mod,but is now. Named npcs from other mods that have Hunter as a faction will not have dialogue,lost a few hunters in the wilds that are not at camps. Svetlana has a few more options for sex,including some 3way actions!
    -Svetlana's 3way dialogue:  I set it up to only fire when your inside an Inn,first go at it so we're gonna be okay with that. This dialogue is like the rest of her dialogue,its random. Most of the other dialogue options have a time of day condition check and your best bet to get some 3way dialogue is when inside an Inn after 6pm,the 3 way dialogue can fire at anytime whilst inside an Inn but some to most of the other dialogues wont fire after 6PM, I snuck this in to up the chances at least during some part of the day.  You can leave Inn if you don't want to 3way with any NPC's currently present,Svet will follow. 
    -3way dialogue will have Svetlana tell you she wants some pussy play. You have to go up to another chick and ask them if they want to join,they say yes every time. If Svetlana is not your follower she'll follow you anyways,till sex is over. 
    -If you MHYH her, your gonna have to drag her to an Inn to get that 3way dialogue to ever show again. In some time I see myself uploading an Update file for this.                                                                                                       
    -Users will benefit from having Nibbles animations and Billyy animation installed. 
    -I uploading separate file with Source files, I had a good fight getting 3way sex script to work right.Might help someone?
    -Sex Factions is a quick,easy,lightweight dialogue for sex mod. SexlabFramework,SKSE,and Fus Ro D-oh are Reguired. 
    - All users when installing mod needs to do a save and load.
    - 1 Scene is looking for Leito Kissing
    -This mod is geared for a male PC
    What does this mod offer?  -Follower Svetlana,Sleeping Giant Inn,Loves taking dick,sucking cock,and being treated like a dirty slut
                                                 -All female fishermen have dialogue for sex
                                                 -Most female hunters have dialogue for sex, this does not include Volcanic Springs, nudist named Hunter.Nor does it affect Esja!                                                   
                                                 -Voada of Markarth: Do a few favors for Voada and get a fuck buddy, starts after giving her spiced beef from Banning
                                                 -Fuck Wylandriah and confess your love for her,might get a personal fucktoy out it
                                                 -New faction, SexFaction, which can be added to any npc so they have dialogues for sex. 
                                                 -No vanilla npcs are referenced in the .esm, very compatible 
    Adding "SexFaction",faction, to other npcs:     
    Outside of cell,Sleeping Giant Inn,where Svetlana was cleanly placed,Nothing from vanilla got touched. Voada and Wylandriah are not referenced in the esp nor are the 3 factions I am attaching dialogue to.   
    All dialogue except for hunters,which can fire more than once, will have a 1 hour cooldown. 
    I have pictures of Fastred from Ivarstead, in my game I tested giving her new SexFaction, and she had dialogue. This file currently does not reference/use Fastred,it was testing
    **  I did not script in Player Character/Sex target the option of finding a good place to bump uglies, I recommend a mod like SexLab Privacy, so NPCs will sex in comfort. Also, when sexing Hunters,           and sometimes Fisherwomen, I recommend you DO NOT use mod to find spot for sex, it will lead you to a tent, no good. Disengage from conversation as soon as females replies and quickly move       a few feet in game if your not conversing in good place to sex. 
    Credits:                 Botox for Skyrim:           https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89635/
                                 Sexlab Framework
                                 Fus Ro D-oh                  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14884                                     
                                 HG Hairdos                    
    Thanks:  User Trepleen for good info in this post: 
    Recommended:   Sexlab Privacy:    
                            My Botox Files:   



  18. ILuvLoading PLus

    Loadscreen & Main Menu Replacer (366 new HD Loading screens)

    contains ADULT content/ nudity
    iLuvLoading PLUS
    it's a simple Loadscreen and Main Menu replacer included are 366 new Loading Screens and a new Main Menu.  
    the Loadingscreens are no Ingame Sreenshots. They are not even from Skyrim.  So you probably won't be able to get the armor etc.
    Download and install with NMM or MO and Activate or Download manually and into your Skyrim Main file (e.g. C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data), overwrite when prompted

    //Credits Thank mattiiz for original ILuvLoading  
    Balassa Hitmanx3z
    Nemain Ravenwood
    WiL³D Things
    Sedorrr TrophiHunter POWERUP3DX thedude3dx taziota
    //visit them and comment their amazing art     Say your opinion about this mod. At the best i wanted make Loading Screens from beautiful sexy screenshots just from game, but not founding much resources so had to just find likely  beautiful sexy arts. May be some screens need remove for some reason, say about it with the point. And it will be cool if any drag me link with gallery of sexy nude screenshots in skyrim.



  19. ZAP - Whipping Sound Expanded

    This is (finally) my first Mod.
    1. It expands the "ZaZAnimationPack.esm" to allow up to 10 different whipping sound effects to be played.
    NOTE: The only change to the ESM is the number of sound files. No other changes have been made.
    2. Adds 10 Whipping Sound files with screams that I made from the basic whipping sound and Overwatch Tracer Screams. 
    (the 10th file is currently from Immersive Torture Sounds as a filler, with permission from Kircheis. 
    The whipping sounds will be the same for all NPC too, not only the player.
    Meaning that also MALE NPC will have these sounds playing. 
    I will make a neutral Sound Set, too, so just the whipping sounds are more varied, but will have no screams.
    Without Mod Organizer:
    Overwrite "ZaZAnimationPack.esm" and the sound files. 
    With Mod Organizer:
    Install Zaz Animation Pack 8+ as usual.
    Then overwrite it in the left pane with my files. 
    With any other Mod Organizer:
    Dont know, I think you get it done 
    This is a Tutorial for changing the "ZaZAnimationPack.esm" urself.
    You need:
    - an audio editing program of your choice (Audacity i.e. I used Adobe Audition).
    - the screams/moans you want
    - whip sounds from the ZAZ directory
    You now merge the two. I would suggest that the "screams" should start a bit after the whip hits. This way it sounds more realistic.
    It is very important, that the sound files are converted to .wav with 44100 Hz Mono 16-bit Uncompressed or they will not play
    Should be compatible with the same stuff as Zaz Animation Pack 8+
    I dont know if this also works for earlier Zaz Versions.
    If not, please let me know and I will maybe release a modified ESM for older Zaz Versions.
    The sound files, most likely.
    The ESM changes (if there even is a ZAP SE) should be not a big deal with TES5edit. 
    I will make more sound files for different Voice types, so the whipping sounds match your Sexlab Screams.
    I will also release my own version of Sexlab Extra Voices with more voice files (up to 80) and Voice packs for Overwatch and League of Legends Characters.
    Every Voice pack will receive its own whipping sound files, too.



  20. Devious Devices, Luxury Collection & Bikini Armors Patches for Vanilla and Various Mods

    Making too many NPCs wear DDs at the same time can cause script overload and result in bugs in your savegame. Read the following post for more information. You can use the Non-Devious Devices Patches instead to reduce your script load.
    Support for these patches has switched to Non-Devious Devices which will not run scripts. This will avoid the script overload problem. You can still download the older DD files from the download section, they are marked as 'Devious Devices Patches' rather than 'Non-Devious Devices Patches'. However, do so at your own risk. Too many DDs on NPCs may break your game.
    Normal Devious Devices will not be supported for future versions of these patches. Only Non-Devious Devices will be supported.
    Non-DD Patches now require universal masterlists to work correctly. Make sure to download the correct Non-DD masterlist files and install them. All masterlists are included in a single downloadable file in the download section, install whichever ones are required by my patches.
    Almost all of the Devious Devices patches have a Non-Devious Devices equivalent available for you to use instead. The only exception is the patch for Captives 1.1, which only affects a small number of follower NPCs.
    If you choose to use the Devious Devices patches, the responsibility is yours alone, because I can't predict or reccomend a safe limit of DD items in your game.
    This is a collection of patches mostly to add Devious Devices, Luxury Lingerie or Bikini Armors to the outfits of female NPCs from both vanilla and mods. I have used the plugin from 'Deviously Patched Hydra Slave Girls' by Gameplayer as a base, so original credit goes to him. Since Captured Dreams is no longer available Gameplayer's mod is obsolete now and I have made many extra patches, so I'm putting this on it's own page rather than posting in his thread.
    These are patches to distribute Devious Devices, lingerie items from the Luxury Collection for CBBE HDT Bodyslide, and the Bikini Armors from Amazing World of Bikini Armor. These patches will assign these items to female NPCs from vanilla and the also mods Hydra Slavegirls, Immersive Wenches, Slaverun, Captives, SD Cages, Simple Slavery Plus and 3DNPC.
    You can choose to use either the Devious Devices patches or the Luxury Lingerie Collection patches for any particular mod. You can't use different patches for the same mod. But you can mix and match different patches for different mods. I recommend using the Devious Devices patches for Hydra Slavegirls and SD Cages, and the Luxury Lingerie Collection patches for Slaverun and Immersive Wenches.
    These patches contain no scripts, only outfits and levelled lists.
    There is also an extra patch to assign the zaz slaver faction to selected vanilla NPCs. This will enhance the experience if you are using the mod Deviously Enslaved Continued.
    There are SSE versions of the Bikini World/Ascend patches available.
    This mod is incompatible with the Nexus mod Wet and Cold if you allow it to modify NPC outfits. Disable that feature if you want to use it with these patches.
    If you want to change the outfit worn by an NPC affected by these patches then I recommend you install Dress Up Lover's to handle it for you. To remove all DDs you can choose [empty outfit] for an NPC.
    Summary of Available Patches
    NOTE: All the Devious Devices patches also have Non-Devious Devices versions available. The Non-Devious Devices are the unscripted versions of Devious Devices, I recommend you use them to avoid script overloads.
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for Slaverun
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for Immersive Wenches
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for Hydra Slavegirls
    Devious Devices and/or Luxury Collection patches for SD Cages
    Devious Devices patch for Captives
    Devious Devices patch for vanilla female NPCs
    Zaz slaver faction patch for selected vanilla NPCs
    Zaz slaver faction patch for selected vanilla NPCs, modular version
    Bikini Armors for Vanilla NPCs (both LE and SE versions)
    Bikini Ascend Armors for Vanilla NPCs (both LE and SE versions)
    Merged patch for Bijin + Bikini Armors
    Bikini Armors for Deadly Wenches
    Bikinis and Devious Devices patch to add items to female NPCs from 3DNPC
    Simple Slavery Plus - Devious Devices Patch
    The available outfits sets in the Devious Devices patches are-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Chastity Bra and Belt (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours, also gold, steel and silver)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    Ponygirl (black ebonite only)
    Hobble Dress (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Pet Suit (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Breast Yoke (iron only)
    Chain Harness (iron only)
    Prisoner Cuffs (iron only)
    Rope Full Body Restraint (plain/red/black/white colours)
    Also slaves will be assigned boots, gags, gloves, collars, cuffs, plugs, piercings etc wherever appropriate.
    I have implemented as many item variants as possible for ebonite/leather/metal materials and red/white/black/gold/silver colours.
    The Luxury Lingerie Collection patches have the following sets of clothes-
    Amore Lace (2, black/white)
    Apathie:Illusions (5 mixed colours)
    Bodystockings (5, mostly black)
    Carlotta Bodystockings (16, mixed black or white)
    Hypnotic Lingerie (9, mixed black or white)
    Impacts:Lies Lingerie (5, mostly black)
    Laced Up Dresses/Gloves (7, mixed black or white)
    Leather Corset, Gloves, Stockings (17, mostly black)
    Leather Harness (2, black or white)
    I've haven't included all possible sets due to bodyslide and armor slots issues creating bugs during playtesting. I've only included the sets that were bug-free in my game.
    NPCs will receive gloves, stockings and footwear from Luxury Lingerie Collection where appropriate. I've tried to match colours within sets of outfits I have excluded items with colours that are difficult to colour-match with other items. I have also excluded colours that are too bright and gaudy. NPCs will also have a chance of receiving collars, cuffs, boots and gloves from Devious Devices.
    Note that with Luxury Lingerie Collection patches you won't get the more extreme outfits that are in the Devious Devices patches, such as ponygirls, hobble dresses, chastity, ropes, pet suits, yokes etc.
    The patches for Amazing World of Bikini Armor will distribute the following sets of armors to replace armors for vanilla females-
    Nord Plate
    The patches for Bikini Ascend will distribute the above bikini armors plus the following sets of armors-
    Thamor Robes
    Simple Slavery Plus - Devious Devices Patch
    This patch distributes devious devices to the slaves and makes cosmetic improvements to all NPCs. There are many non-cosmetic changes to improve the NPCs and make the SD+ owners more competent in combat and better-balanced as followers/companions/owners.
    There are two versions of this patch. Use only one. Both change all the faces of the SS+ NPCs. The one without 'Beauty' in the name makes all male and female NPCs use the faces from other vanilla NPCs, mostly warlocks and bandits. The one with 'Beauty' in the name differs in that it also makes all females use heads from the mod Immersive Wenches. The Beauty version is the prettier version.
    3DNPC Patch for Devious Devices and Bikinis
    Distributes both devious devices and bikini armors to female NPCs from 3DNPC. This conflicts with any beauty mods you may be suing for 3DNPC. Load this patch before any 3DNPC, and resolve conlicts with a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch.
    Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers
    This patch is only useful if you are using the mod Deviously Enslaved Continued. When an NPC is a member of the Zaz slaver faction it will be eligible for a higher risk of enslaving the player during DEC events. This patch will make the following NPCs join the Zaz Slaver faction-
    Bandits, alik'r, thalmor, warlocks, vampires, orc hunters, forsworn
    Orc chiefs and male orc followers
    Powerful/rich/noble females or males
    Male shopkeepers or tavernkeepers
    Senior guild members
    Court wizards, stewards
    Males who are creepy/sleazy to women (Mikael, Calixto, Talsgaar, Aerin, Sven, Faendal, Jzargo)
    Hireling followers
    Dominant female followers (Mjoll, Uthgerd, Aela, Frea, Serana, Annekke)
    The patches are based on USLEEP and includes its fixes. This will be conflicting with any other mod that edits vanilla NPCs, including your favourite beauty mods. So in order to ensure compatibility, load any version of this patches early in your load order before any other mods that edit vanilla NPCs. Use a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch to fix compatibility issues.
    This will also conflict with my patches for Bikini Armors for NPCs. You should load this patch BEFORE the bikini armor patches, then use merged/bashed/handmade patch to resolve the conflict.
    Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers- Modular
    This the same as the above patch, except that it only adds the slaver faction to selected groups of NPCs. You can use this to pick and choose who you do and do not want to be slavers.
    A note about the Enemies Only modular patch-
    Hostile NPCs cannot make a DEC approach to the PC for enslavement, unless they are calmed. This is only worth using if you use a combat defeat mod that calms enemies after you are defeated, such as Sexlab Defeat or Naked Dungeons. Otherwise you will never get a DEC approach to be enslaved by enemies, they will stay hostile and thus cannot make a DEC approach for enslavement. If you don't use Sexlab Defeat, Naked Dungeons or another mod with similar defeat functionality, then don't use this patch. The reason for using this patch is if you want no enslavement risks from neutral/friendly NPCs, but if you DO want an enslavement risk from enemies after you suffer a combat defeat.

    Adds slaver faction only to-
    Creepy Males
    Dominant Female Followers (Mjoll, Uthgerd, Aela, Frea, Serana, Annekke)
    Enemies Only
    Guild Members
    Non-Guild Mages
    Traders and Innkeepers
    Captives Devious Devices Patch
    This is for the mod Captives version 1.1 by Heroine of the Night. It will assign Devious Devices to the rescuable NPCs from that mod. They will receive a full bondage set when they are prisoners. After you rescue them and release them in a tavern they will receive a new bondage set that will not restrict their eyes, mouth, arms or genitals.
    Devious Devices for Vanilla NPCs
    163 vanilla female NPCs will now wear bondage as their everyday outfit. I have chosen low and middle ranking females for this who wear the following- farm clothes, barkeep clothes, blacksmith clothes. High ranking females, such as jarls, nobles and powerful women are exempt. Also exempt are sanctioned magic users such as court mages and members of the College. Criminals are not affected, they don't obey laws governing their dress code. This is designed as a companion to the Bikini Armors for NPCs, they don't touch the same NPCs.
    The patches are based on USLEEP and includes its fixes. This will be conflicting with any other mod that edits vanilla female NPCs, including your favourite beauty mods. So in order to ensure compatibility, load any version of this patches early in your load order before any other mods that edit vanilla NPCs. Use a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch to fix compatibility issues.
    Approrpriate females will only from among the following outfits-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    Note that I haven't yet made a Luxury Lingerie Collection version of this patch, but I will consider making one if requested.
    Sanguine's Debauchery Cages
    This has 2 versions of the patches. One assigns only Devious Devices, the other assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. Use only 1 version, not both.
    Since the slave NPCs must use bound poses as part of the mod features, I have not equipped them with restraints for their hands, eyes, mouth or genitals.
    Bikini Armors for NPCs
    Requires the mod The Amazing World of Bikini Armor.
    There is also an optional upgraded version of the patch to also include Bikini Ascend. The Ascend version also includes the patch for Amazing World of Bikini Armor so you can use the Bikini Ascend version alone. You DO NOT need to use both. There is also a variant to assign bikini armors to Immersive Wenches.
    Bikini Ascend has some compatibility issues with Devious Devices. You will have to open the DD MCM page and either disable the device hider or change the slots. Otherwise the bikini top/bottom and some other armor pieces won't all be able to equip all at the same time.
    There are 4 versions of the patches. All patches are standalone and do not require each other. The basic version of the patches will assign bikini armors to vanilla females who use armor. The Immersive Wenches patch does this too but also assigns bikini armors to some NPCs from Immersive Wenches. The patches are based on USLEEP and includes its fixes. They will all be conflicting with any other mod that edits vanilla female NPCs, including your favourite beauty mods. So in order to ensure compatibility, load any version of these patches early in your load order before any other mods that edit followers or bandits. Use a merged/based/zedit/handmade/whatever patch to fix compatibility issues.
    Remember to load this early in your load order and also to patch this! You WILL need to do this!
    The Immersive Wenches versions will have to be loaded AFTER any other Immersive Wenches patches to avoid compatibility issues.
    These patches will also be appropriate if you are using the bikini armor feature from Sexlab Survival.
    This will also conflict with my patch for Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers. You should load any bikini patches AFTER the Vanilla NPCs Now Slavers patch, then use merged/bashed/handmade patch to resolve the conflict.
    List of patch plugins-
    For both Bikini Ascend and Amazing World of Bikini Armor
    Bikini Ascend Armors for NPCs.esp
    For both Bikini Ascend and Amazing World of Bikini Armor and also Immersive Wenches
    Bikini Ascend Armors for NPCs - Plus Immersive Wenches Bodyguards.esp
    Only for Amazing World of Bikini Armor
    Bikini Armors for NPCs.esp
    Only for Amazing World of Bikini Armor and also Immersive Wenches
    Bikini Armors for NPCs - Plus Immersive Wenches Bodyguards.esp
    Bikinis for Bijin AIO by King-Crimson
    This is a replacer plugin for Bijin All-in-One found here- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40038?tab=files&file_id=1000239351&nmm=1
    This plugin will enable compatibility between Bijin AIO and the Bikini Armor patches. it will ensure all Bijin NPCs keep their appearance and also wear bikini armors.
    Hydra Slavegirls 8.27 by hydragorgon
    This has 4 versions of the patches. Two assigns only Devious Devices, the other two assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. The 2 patches with the word 'Beauty' in them will make hydra slavegirls use the facial appearances from the mod Immersive Wenches, so will require that file as a master. Use only 1 version at a time.
    As in Gameplayer's original mod, the patches will assign items to slave NPCs from the mod Hydra Slavegirls. They will receive the full range of outfits, and some of them will also have their hands, legs, mouth and/or eyes bound.
    In the both patches, many will have chastity and/or bondage items that limit their possible sex/movement animations and limit their ability to speak/fight.
    This will allow the travelling slaver NPCs in Hydra Slavegirls to become followers. I have also tweaked them to make them more usable as followers and given them random names using the TES name generator. This should allow them to become compatible with player slavery mods like Devious Followers. All NPCs are Protected and have unique names. The original Hydra Slavegirls mod is unlevelled, so these followers will start with high levels. They are often accompanied by their own slaves, some of which are capable of defending their Owner.
    Here is the list of plugins and their function-
    1). Adds Devious Devices to hydra slavegirls
    "Hydra Slavegirls Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    2). Adds Devious Devices and Luxury Lingerie Collection items to hydra slavegirls
    "Hydra Slavegirls Patch for Devious Devices & Luxury Lingerie Collection.esp"
    3). Adds Devious Devices to hydra slavegirls plus makes them use the visual appearances of wenches from the mod Immersive Wenches
    "Hydra Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    4). Adds Devious Devices and Luxury Lingerie Collection items to hydra slavegirls plus makes them use the visual appearances of wenches from the mod Immersive Wenches
    "Hydra Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Devious Devices & Luxury Lingerie Collection.esp"
    Slaverun Reloaded 3.0 Beta 1
    This has 2 versions of the patches. One assigns only Devious Devices, the other assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. Use only 1 version, not both.
    When the Enforcer from Slaverun runs, it strips all female NPCs naked when in town and leaves them with only boots/gloves but unfortunately it doesn't add Devious Devices. With this patch installed, rather than leaving them naked, instead the Slaverun Enforcer will put women into a full set of Devious Devices. If you want to put as many women in Skyrim as possible into Devious Devices, then this is the best option that I know of. This is MUCH better than just leaving them naked. The patch only changes 4 outfit sets from default Slaverun, and makes them use custom levelled lists to add the Devious Devices.
    To use it you need to go into the Slaverun Reloaded MCM. On the page for 'Slavery Settings' and under 'NPC Enslavement Options' you need to check the option for 'Free NPC Outfits'. The option for 'Free Women Outifts' should be set to any option except 'Naked' or 'Random'.
    In the Luxury Lingerie Collection, NPCs will receive the full range of outfits. In the Devious Devices patch, they will only receive from among the following outfits-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    NPCs affected by this patch will not have their hands or feet bound, and will not have their genitals blocked by chastity items during sex animations. They also won't wear gags and blindfolds. This is because these NPCs are supposed to still be able to do 'normal' things that NPCs can do, like speak and fight. Or whatever counts as normal for a Slaverun game, I guess. Slaverun Enforcer also needs free women to be able to participate in sex animations without restrictions.
    There is also a bug in the current version of Slaverun, it is incompatible with versions of Devious Devices after 4.1. You should also use the following patch to avoid compatibility issues with the latest versions of Devious Devices.
    Immersive Wenches 1.6.0
    This has 2 versions of the patches. One assigns only Devious Devices. the other assigns Devious Devices plus items from Luxury Lingerie Collection. Use only 1 version, not both.
    These patches will assign items to all NPCs from the mod Immersive Wenches.
    In the Luxury Lingerie Collection, NPCs will receive the full range of outfits. In the Devious Devices patch, they will only receive from among the following outfits-
    Restrictive Corset (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Slave Harness (ebonite or leather materials with red/black/white colours)
    Rope Corset/Harness (plain/red/black/white colours)
    NPCs affected by this patch will not have their hands or feet bound, and will not have their genitals blocked by chastity items during sex animations. Note that this may be unbalancing since many wenches travel on the roads and will not be as effective in combat since they will not have their original armour. They also won't wear gags and blindfolds. This is because these NPCs are supposed to still be able to work as wenches in inns and bars, and some of them will travel on the roads and need to be able to defend themselves.
    Luxury Lingerie Patches-
    I should specify that the 1.7fix version of luxury collection has all it's items count as armor. But if you check the last few pages of the mod thread over there you can find custom patches to turn all the items into clothing if that's what you would prefer. All are compatible with my patches. There's actually 3 versions of the luxury collection plugin available. There's the 1.7fix original found on the main mod download page. The other two patches are found here to turn all items into clothes rather than armors (and other things)-
    This mod is incompatible with the Nexus mod Wet and Cold if you allow it to modify NPC outfits.  Disable that feature if you want to use it with these patches.
    The problem is that Wet and Cold uses scripts to make outfit changes and when this happens to NPCS wearing randomized DDs this causes the number of active scripts to spiral out of control. It results in massive save bloat, lags the game and causes NPCs to wear multiple different DD outfits at the same time.
    I strongly recommend just completely deactivating Wet and Cold if you are using my DD patches.
    If you use Radiant Prostitution, NPCs can only start whoring scenes if they wear clothes with the JobWhore keyword. This keyword is only added to the tavern clothes by RP. I think you can use the RP MCM to add the keyword to any clothes but you'd have to do it for several items referenced by this mod. Alternatively, if anyone cares about keeping whoring scenes in RP, I could make another patch to add the keyword to Devious Devices.
    Some items take a while for the NPC to assume the correct animation. This affects everything that binds the hands and feet. Pet suits are especially badly effected.
    When NPCs reset their inventories (like after a cell reset) then sometimes not all worn items are removed from them. This can result in NPCs wearing mismatched items.
    Luxury Lingerie Collection seems to have buggy bodyslide files, so some outfits might not work properly for you. This is not a problem with the patches, but if you post in the mod thread I will try to help you.
    Here's a list of the latest files for you to use, so you don't forget lol.
    It's lists the download folder and the plugin inside that you should use.
    Captives 1.1 Devious Devices Patch 24_05_2020.7z
    "Captives Devious Devices Patch.esp"
    Devious Devices Patches for SD Cages 11_09_2020.7z
    "SD Cages Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    Devious Devices Patches for Hydra Slavegirls 05_10_2020.7z
    "Hydra Slavegirls Beauty Patch for Devious Devices.esp"
    Devious Devices Patches for SimpleSlaveryPlus 11_09_2020.7z
    "SimpleSlaveryPlus - Devious Devices Beauty Patch.esp"
    Credit to Dreamweaver for Non-Devious Devices 1.1 which I converted into the Non-Devious Devices masterlist.
    Credit to hydragorgon for the original slavegirls mod.
    Credit to Gameplay for the original Devious Devices Hydra Slavegirls patch.
    Credit to Cleave, Grey Cloud and donttouchmethere for the screenshots.
    Credit to 4nk8r for the SSE versions of the patches.
    Bikinis for Bijin AIO by King-Crimson



  21. The Milk Maid

    Because.... why should Elsie LaVache have all the fun?
    This is in response to the folks who wanted something like Elsie LaVache for MME but for a female player character. I kept running into such complex conditions and duplicate scenes that I decided to try this instead. So in this mod you are basically taking Elsie's place as the one who becomes the milk maid.
    Starting: Find an NPC and use the dialogue "Excuse me..." which will start the quest to find a healer. It's short. It leads to Danica in Whiterun.
    If you have a female follower, she may want to be like you. For this, use "Hey Friend..." dialogue. Most other dialogue between you and follower will begin with "Hey partner"
    This mod depends on Ed86's Milk Mod Economy so you'll need MME (and its dependencies)
    There are still a few rough edges. I'm trying to smooth it out a bit, but it's a work in progress and I didn't want to keep delaying uploading it.
    You become a milk maid. If you have a follower you talk to them and say "I need to rethink my availability". If you say you want to be in control then no you really won't have any spontaneous interaction with male NPCs. If you want to be adventurous, well then, anything goes. 
    Female NPCs will admire your rack and want to be like you. You will oblige them and make them cows (not visually like BAC) and then they'll occasionally ask another NPC to milk them or "fill" them.  They may also interact with another female and assist them in becoming milky. 
    So have a look. Have some fun. Let me know if anything blows up.
    known bugs: I have on rare occasions seen NPCs that are apparently "stuck" in a scene. Either they're in a pose or they're standing around where they normally wouldn't be (like... late at night in Riften or something). There is a dialogue option with your follower, "Seems kind of quiet", and this will attempt to stop all running scenes from this mod. If stuck in a pose, go to console, target the NPC and type SAE IdleForceDefaultState and they should go on about their business. 



  22. Futa Edition Sexlab Defeat Addon

    Futa Edition Sexlab Defeat "Add-on"

    Will work on LE or SE

    I take no credit for the making of the mod SL Defeat, all of the amazing work for SL Defeat was done by Goubo
        (This is a requested dialog mod) This is a dialog Add-on for SL Defeat that adds dialog for people playing thier game with all the females as futa or shemales. This does NOT add cocks to the females in the game, the dialog in this assumes you have already done that.
    The reason I uploaded this to its own page is so I didnt have to repeatedly answer the questions after people got confused from multiple different files on the original page
    Since this is technically not a Add-on, but an overwrite instead, it will not add a additional ESP file to your game
    SL Defeat and its requirements 
    Install Sl Defeat, then overwrite the with this esp file



  23. SL Defeat "Add-on"

    Sexlab Defeat "Add-on"

    Is compatible with the LE or SE version
    I take no credit for the making of the mod SL Defeat, all of the amazing work for SL Defeat was done by Goubo
        This is a dialog Add-on for SL Defeat that adds Follower Aware Dialog to the combat rape
    What this adds
       More PC rape aware dialog
       Not so easy to talk/bribe your way out of a surrender
       Dialog that is aware of the following followers:  
    Aela the Huntress (Was already part of Defeat, just remove the condition of faction Silverhand)
    Uthgerd the Unbroken
    Erik the Slayer
    Jordis the Sword Maiden
    Since this is technically not a Add-on, but an overwrite instead, it will not add a additional ESP file to your game
    SL Defeat and its requirements 
    Install SL Defeat first, then overwrite the ESP with the file from this addition, unzip and drop the file in or install with mod manager and click yes to overwrite
    Is this compatible with the SE version?
      Yes this is a esp only file so download the SE version and then overwrite with this esp
    My game crashed after I installed this mod, why?
      No it didnt, its a dialog change, think before making a dumb statement
    Will you do more dialog?
      Possibly yes, we will see what time I have



  24. Sexworker's life 1.0a49

    Live your life as a sexworker. Talk to npc and hope that they are interested in your body and your proposals. If so they will pay you, but only if they are satisfied with your performance! And sometimes a client runs to a guard and defames you. Become better and convince your customers to become patrons so they invest more septims in your services.
    Play as a man or woman and earn your septims as sexworker. You will be rewarded for all challenges you complete. Make love and not war!

    Sexworker's life on Nexus
    Finde die deutsche Version hier!

    What you need:

    - SexLabFramework (( 162 full ) ( it works for me ))
    - SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - 3.00.004 ( it works for me )
    better some Schlongs-Addons ( because the size is different in differnt addons )
    - SexLabArouesd_V28b ( it works for me )
    - FileAccessInterface for Skyrim
    - NetImmerse Override
    - Parent Masters:Update.esm, HearthFires.esm and Dragonborn.esm
    - Sexworker's life animations ( special animations in hkx format ) on Nexus Sexworker's life animations.

    - Bathing in Skyrim for some dialogs ( who wants to "play" with a unclean dirty person? )
    - Swl will work with Paradise Halls together
    Find PaH here
    ( Start a function that is "looking" for new slaves who are in the list of Pah. The function will add those slaves to Swl too and you are able to interact with them in Swl.  This function will only work if you installed paradise_halls.esm ! )
    - Swl will work with other mods together if you want to put in plugs, to train your sexworker skills.
    ( every Plug with the words Plug and Anal or (Anal) and or Plug and Vaginal or (Vaginal) in it could be a training plug now. It must show up with those words in the mcm - dresscode - active slots! So NOT every plug will be able to start training! )
    - ZaZv80  If you want to rent the "Gloryhole Barrel" from Hulda.

    What you get:
    - The ability to sort any animation in menus and decide which game type best suits which dialog options.
    - The ability to customize any animation in terms of hardness and delay time. Because the hardness will make your life more difficult or easier!
    - A pain-scan-system for aa, av, mf pv, mf pa
    - The option to set a harm-level to the schlongs of skyrim which size is given by their faction-rank of sos.
    - A lube-system, because lube saves your ass. ( You need to pick the stuf from the ground to get blooms and activate the bottle )
    - A plug-training-system, because training saves your a...( Forge your carving knife. )
    - A similar system as sos for men only for the female bush. ( 3 types of bushes so far )
    - You are able to chose if or if not you want to wear a bush.
    - A dresscode-system for the player and for the client ( full control to what you wear during your service )
    - A guard-scan-system, because it can be much more interesting to do something forbidden.
    - A automatic-client-seeking-system, you can wait for your customers, and do nothing except staring at your own butt.
    - A small reward-system for small goals that you achieve during your job.
    - A lot of dialogs between you and your clients.
    - A ranking-system for clients ( from casual to patron ( 1-11 jobs with the same client ) ) A patron will require services from you that are paid higher.
    - A tip-system dependency of skills and arousal of the customer.
    - SWL dialogs *reacting* now on Bathing in Skyrim status if you want.
    - Bed support via dialog option.
    - Black list for npc who should not be part of the auto seeking system. - Be able to trigger sex animations between two npc in your area. - Choose between 1/30 chance, to get sick from sex ( two disease: herpes and or gonorrhoe ) - The STD will grow over time on your body and will show up as a "Tattoo" / Overlay! - You are also able to set your own "Tattoos" on your Body. Open the mcm and go to sexworker's life. / SWL Overlays
    Type in a name ( for example "peace" / peace is a dds file with a little peace tattoo )  after that type in color, glow and body part. Close the mcm and peace will show up on your body as a overlay. Create your own dds files and put them on your body as a tattoo if you want. All dds files need to be in the ( Data/textures/actors/character/SwlOv ) file to be ready to found!
    - A well trained slave who is able to do solo shows while you are working with a client, is able to convince the client to tip more gold for your service!
    - During intercourse, you can now grab your customer's pocket (whoever finds it may keep it and whoever does not notice it is your own fault!)
    - Rent the "Gloryhole Barrel"...Enter it and get something to drink while watching your avatar earning gold. (quick sex without talking) It will only work if you installed ZaZAnimationPack.esm .
    - I Added follower dialogs and if you have installed ZaZAnimationPack.esm there will be masturbation.
    - You are able to send your follower to bed and if your rank of speechcraft is high enough your follower will allow you to sleep in the same
    - Send your slave into the barrel to earn some gold for you. Pee on h/h or put a plug in h/h .

    What you do not get:

    - Sex-Animations for Sexlab. Google them, get FNIS, install so many as you want. And SWL will show 4x128 on maximum 4 pages.
    Check out my other mod: Archery training targets



  25. Sexy Standing Stones and StreakerPerks SL Aroused Redux Patch

    I'm a dumb noob in scripting and stuff, but I figured out how to make these two amazing mods into my own liking. I, by any means, do not own these mods. I just did some TES5Edits (I wonder if this is can even be called patch). These perks intended to be used on female character. These are the original link:
    Sexy Standing Perks
    What this thing does?
    I make the perks works with skimpy clothes instead of fully naked character. So, for instance, The Mage Stone from Sexy Standing Stones will still have its effect on when you're wearing clothes/armor that has been marked as naked in Sexlab Aroused Redux.
    I left Sexy Standing Stone untouched but I did some tweaks in StreakerPerks. I buffed some of the perks, and some of the other, I changed it completely (the effect, the names and description so it sounds more kinky lol), so I don't know if this is game breaking or not. This are my version:
    Put it on your Skyrim directory or just use mod tools.
    I don't really know what would happen if you remove this, but as far as I use it and edited it many times I did not encounter any problem. If something goes wrong, please tell me what happened. And educate me how to fix it if possible ehe~
    Known Bugs
    Uhh... help. I don't know either. I don't think there's any... but, I can't completely say its bug free...
    These two amazing people for the mods
    pepertje - Sexy Standing Stones 1.0.0
    ghaan - StreakerPerks
    Like I said before, I am so uneducated with scripting, let alone Skyrim scripts. And apparently with grammars too. So please feel free to tell me what I did wrong and shame me because I get off to it ahn
    shoot i forgot to ask pepertje for permission...



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