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    1. Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

      Welcome to Sexout Common Resources
      The aim of this produce an ESM that holds all the common assets used by SexoutNG Plugins like NPC's, Drugs, Creatures & Clothing, Weapons etc so that other plugons can refer to them without needing to have each other as masters. It doesn't include meshes or textures themselves, merely point to them. it will have minimal scripting, only scripts required by the objects and plugins it contains. The DataPack provided is only some of my additions and minimum requirements of SCR itself. SCR Includes support for all DLC and TTW but does not require them.
      SCR adds some Perks, but they don't necessarilily add any effects, they are mainly flags for other Plugins to know the players preferences in dialogue.
      To explain in detail how it works, there are 2-3 parts to most outfits, the first is the Item ID which contains all the Armor ratings, weight, value, etc of an outfit and also where to get the mesh model and textures from, that is what I have copied from the original mods into SCR. The other parts are the model mesh and optionally textures for which the original download is needed, because I don't have permission to add other peoples work to the SCR download and it would be too big. Doing it this way gives users the option to not install Ghost suits etc. The Item ID itself uses next to no space in SCR compared to meshes & textures, but having outfits in there means that outfit can be incuded in formlist groups of SCR, this means a plugin can just check if the player is wearing something in the "Heavy Armor" group formlist and then change their dialogue or sex options based on that. Optionally people can also add their custom outfits to those lists too.
      it contains a percentage of Lore unfriendly assets but they should be only added to the game world by plugin modules calling them, mostly SexoutStore.
      Before you install Sexout use the Steam Backup function and backup your game as there's a good chance new users will completely screw their game on the first attempt of installing Sexout because they didn't read something properly and install things they shouldn't. If you aren't using Steam then you'll find Sexout won't work for you anyway so give up here or buy the game.
      SCR adds some Sex related Perks but their effects are up to the Plugins referencing them
      Dominant, Submissive.
      Brood Mother & Bitch in heat are added but only activated by Pregnancy.
      There's a few changes here:
      SporeData is only required for the SporeRace in Breeder.
      HalstromsData contains a few textures & meshes I've modified for some content, like the Camo, Nurse, Vault69 & Nun and other Textures for the Mantis suits, most people won't need it, they were in the original Data pack, I just split them to save download & installation space for those not using them.
      GynoChair.rar contains the mesh & animations for the GynoChair used in Pregnancy at the New Vegas Medical Clinic.
      SCR Integrated Plugins:
      Drugs: SexoutDrugging is now a separate plugin for SCR. The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider.
      Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. You will also need to download the clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them.
      RitualClarity has written a great installation guide in the link below for installing SCR.
      I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab
      Russian Translation: http://gamesource.ru/index.php?s=&showtopic=2618&view=findpost&p=51428
      FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version)
      NVSE Latest beta
      NX_Extender Latest version
      SexoutNG Stable Release
      And Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton from here:
      You will need MCM to change any settings
      Other Supported Assets:
      Assets used in SCR mods you may need to install if you are getting diamonds and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them:
       For most of these clothing mods as noted you can remove or deactivate the original esp if you are using Pregnancy or Sexout Store, you only need to install the meshes, textures & sounds etc. Those that are FO3 downloads definitely need the esp removed or they will crash the game.
      Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game:
      The ingame version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2.
      When reporting issues please state what version of SCR you are using. If you can please post in font size 14, it's a lot easier for me to read too
      The Torrent isn't necessary, it's just an alternative download for the data pack, not the esm.

      Translations are cool, just don't claim my stuff is yours.
      No uploading elsewhere than LoverLab.
      No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
      If I disappear or am inactive on Lovers Lab for over 3 months, others are free to take over my mods, don't claim its yours unless you do a reasonable amount of upgrading, then just thank me in the credits
      Basically I don't have FONV installed anymore and the time to continue work on this other than the occasional bugfix if enough information is given. If anyone wants to submit updates or overhaul it and use any of my code or assets for the enjoyment of the community go for it, just keep free and on LoversLab and give me some credit
      Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/33-scr-sexout-common-resources/



    2. SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

      CORE: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016
      DATA: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016
      BODIES: 1.1.1 -- 25-July-2015
      MIRROR - SexoutNG.torrent - All files also available via bit torrent. May be faster, and saves loverslab bandwidth. You need a bit torrent client, such as qBitTorrent.
      Sexout code is hosted here on the GitLab. Please use the Issues link to report confirmed bugs in Sexout, or to ask for features!
      The sexout BETA can be found here, if there is one. Note that to use the beta, you must still have SexoutNG Core and SexoutNG Data installed.
      Fallout New Vegas. Should be obvious, but a few people have tried to use it with Fallout 3 (works with TTW). NVSE 5.0b2 or later; This is now the stable version. NX 16 or later (NVSE Extender) SexoutNG - CORE and DATA. SexoutNG - Bodies OR Nude male and/or female bodies manually installed, see spoiler below.

      Since '94, a compatible skeleton (AJ's BodyMorph) is included with 'Core'. Astymma's compatability or Deede's The Skeleton will also work if you prefer.

      Known issues


      FAQ / Troubleshooting - Read this before posting support questions
      First, please read the requirements section above carefully.
      The game doesn't even start, it freezes before main menu!
      ==> Usually corrupted plugin. Disable all plugins except Sexout. If it works, sexout is innocent. If not, validate your install via STEAM, and try downloading sexout again.
      The game starts, but sex doesn't work!
      ==> Did you install NVSE? Press '~' to open the console in game, and type GetNVSEVersion. If it does not return a number you did not install it correctly. Check the instructions for it and try again.
      ====> GetNVSEVersion works! ....but I also get this annoying message box appearing every time I start game!
      ======> Maybe try reading it . You have not installed the requirements correctly. Sexout requires NVSE 5.0 or later, and NX 16 or later. It will not work without them. See above for links.
      ~~~> But I installed NVSE and NX!
      =====> No. You didn't. There are no exceptions. If you think you did, you installed them wrong, check their own respective instructions and try again.
      ==> ...Okay, NVSE and NX installed. Uhhh, how do I actually start sex?
      ====> Sexout is just a framework for other mods to use. It does nothing on its own. Try installing some sexout mods.
      ==> ...I have sexout mods, but the actors just stand still inside each other! (maybe with sounds)
      ====> Usually a conflicting mod that adds idle animations in an inconsiderate way. Disable all mods except sexout. If it works, enable them one by one to figure out which is guilty. More info:

      ==> I definitely definitely definitely disabled all mods except FalloutNV.esm and Sexout.esm, and actors still stand inside each other but no animations!
      ====> Did you install 'SexoutNG - DATA'? Because, that's where the animations are.
      ======> Yes, with NMM!
      ========> Use FOMM. NMM has known issues with Fallout New Vegas mods in general.
      Animations work, except...
      ==> Infinity tits!
      ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly. See requirements section
      ==> Infinity dicks!
      ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly, or you do not have a compatible male body suit installed. See requirements / Bodies section above.
      ==> Invisible male bodies / big red boxes‽‽
      ====> You do not have meshes for one or both of the sexout body suits installed. Either install "SexoutNG - Bodies" or manually add them- see the spoiler in the requirements section above for more information.
      More Useful Posts:
      How to GET HELP!! Help us help you. RitualClarity's tutorial on animation trouble BruceWaynes installation guide Another Sexout FAQ


      - Want to make your own sexout mod? (or modify an existing one). First stop is the API guide. See also: Tips and Tricks.
      - See the Gitlab project for more info on sexout status, or if you want to contribute.
      - API documentation is a WIP, if you can't find/understand something, please post here on loverslab.
      Sexout is free. Free as in BSD license free, except even freer. This work is public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.
      Release History




    3. Maternity Pack Overkill +Addons

      About Maternity Pack Overkill
      Fallout New Vegas, its DLC's, TaleOfTwoWastelands (Fallout 3 and its DLC) and Sexout Common Resources contain lots of outfits. Unfortunately Sexout Common Resources / Sexout Pregnancy only cover some of these outfits with a pregnancy-version. Maternity Pack Overkill covers all outfits, and has most of them go all the way to P7.
      Maternity Pack Overkill is created to work fluently with Sexout Common Resources and Sexout Pregnancy.
      - Sexout Common Resources and all resources from the tutorial made by Ritual Clarity
      - Sexout Pregnancy
      - Download the 1.7GB rar-file named '8J0XBChY', that I stored on my MEGA folder. (Because it's too big for LoversLab).
      - If MEGA doesn't work for you. You may use Google Drive. '1yLbES77ZPXAmuGJA6STJRIrdlVxt-yEV'. I have the free version, so I might be capped at maximum upload.
      - I tested the FOMOD under Mod Organizer 2 and Vortex and it worked for me in both. Friends tried NexusModManager and FOMMM and these seem to have issues.
      - If you need to install it manually, or you don't get the appropriate MPO Script Addon, you can open the FOMOD in Winrar or 7Zip and manually copy the appropriate files over. See below for which ones you need.
      About the Addon Packages:
      Fallout New Vegas, it's DLC's and TTW have a lot of scripts, quests and dialogues, that will only trigger if you wear outfit X. With Sexout Pregnancy creating the risk of you being knocked up and carrying a pregnancy version of outfit X, those scripts, quests etc wouldn't trigger. The addon-packs are created to fix that oversight. So the 5 esps contain fixes for scripts, quests and tons of dialogues so that they will function properly. I also tried to incorperate fixes to outfits, dialogs etc from YUP/TTWFixes without making those mods a requirement.
      Some examples were the addon packs fix someting:
      - Sarah from Vault 21 will now accept pregnancy versions of Vaultsuits and Boomer suits. And I also added the Sexout specific outfits, like the Vault 69 Mantissuit.
      - Ceasars Legion and NCR will now become hostile if you wear their opponents faction-gear while pregnant.
      - Lucas Simms will now recognize you, coming from the Vault, even if you had too much fun there.
      - You will also be able to enter Tranquility lane and operation Anchorage, while carrying a future litter of puppies.
      Due to the size and scope of these addon packs, I've not been able to test each script, quest and each dialogue in all it's versions, as that would require me to do 2 or 3 full playthroughs. And I don't want you all to wait for this to happen. I also fixed various scripts and dialogues, that would never have triggered, because the target is male. But I fixed them anyway, in case somebody in the future decides to feminaze New Vegas/The Wasteland. Because TTW had the most types of scripts, dialogues etc, I only tested the TTW-addon for approximatly 95%. Howerver, due to reused logic, I can guarantee that 90% of the other addon's scripts will also work.
      Explanation of the different esps:
      - MPO scriptaddon Base.esp fixes stuff from FNV. It is fully merged into the other plugins and therefor not needed if you have the other ones.
      - MPO scriptaddon HH.esp fixes stuff specifically Honest Hearts. Of course you need the Honest Hearts DLC. It also incorporates all fixes from MPO scriptaddon Base.esp, So you don't need the 'Base' plugin anymore.
      - MPO scriptaddon DM.esp fixes stuff specifically for Dead Money. Of course you need the Dead Money DLC.It also incorporates all fixes from MPO scriptaddon Base.esp, So you don't need the 'Base' plugin anymore.
      - MPO scriptaddon OWB.esp fixes stuff specifically for Old World Blues. Of course you need the Old World Blues DLC.It also incorporates all fixes from MPO scriptaddon Base.esp, So you don't need the 'Base' plugin anymore.
      - MPO scriptaddon AllDLC.esp is a merged mod containing all fixes from MPO scriptaddon HH/MPO scriptaddon DM and MPO scriptaddon OWB (and also MPO scriptaddon Base)
      - MPO scriptaddon TTW.esp contains all fixes from "MPO scriptaddon AllDLC" and also fixes stuff from F03, it's DLC and TTW.
      - MPO scriptaddon Troutout only contains fixes for Sexout Tryout outfits.
      In your Loadorder these files should be loaded in this order.
      (Gun-runners-Arsenal, Lonesome Road and the PreOrder packs didn't need any fixing)
      These addonpacks are now inclusive. For instance, if you are running TTW, you'll need MPO scriptaddon TTW.esp, 
      About RemoveWorkStationNeeds.rar
      In Sexout Pregnancy some outfits won't automatically swap, but need to be altered by a workstation.  This file works with and without Maternity Pack Overkill and removes the need to change the outfits with a workstation. The outfits will auto-swap just like all the other outfits included in Sexout Common Resources (or Maternity Pack, if you use it in conjunction with that mod)
      For users that use Wrye Flash to make a bashed patches. Wrye Flash completely undoes all changes that RemoveWorkstationNeeds does, so make sure that that plugin is not included in the bashed patch and loads AFTER bashed Patch, 0.esp.
      About Maternity Pack Overkill TTW32addon.esp.
      Maternity Pack Overkill.esp is written to manage TaleOfTwoWastelands 2.9, if you have it. TaleOfTwoWastelands 3.2+ added even more outfits. The Maternity Pack Overkill TTW32addon.esp. is an addon ON Maternity Pack Overkill.esp and only changes 1 script to handle the newly added outfits.
      Also note that Maternity Pack Overkill.esp is an ESP file with an ESM flag, and should be handled as a master file. (My GECK somehow dislikes me making it a full ESM, so I solved it in this matter. So sorting tools and FOMM gives ignorable warnings for it)
      I have repurposed my Sexout Breeder Discord server and asked fellow Moderators there, to also assist users with Maternity Pack Overkill issues.
      If you have issues, or want to report bugs, and I'm not online, other moderators might be able to assist you there too.
      You can also PM me
      Request to convert outfits, or prioritze outfits can be done by PM or on the Discord server.
      Note though that the releases take about 6 to 10 months and once testing has begun, no new outfits can be added to the list. (except bug fixes)
      Sexout Tryout is prepared to complete in the next release, and Kristina's Closet (with over 100 outfits) is a long term project.
      Also planned in the coming few releases is, that all outfits can go to P7, and not stop earlier.
      - Pepertje for making Maternity Pack Overkill 1.0 and updating his download page with all the stuff I've been adding to it. And for all the advise he has given me
      - Ritual Clarity for all the advise he has given me, and for making SMMP (Super Mega Maternity Pack), combining my mods, and all other pregnancy mods to an easy to install package
      - Halstrom for his Sexout Common Resources and Sexout Pregnancy mods, and for help getting MPO to work with those mods
      - jonas66 for allowing me to convert the outfits from Kristina's Closet
      - Loogie for allowing me to convert the outfits from Sexout Tryout
      - Neutron_rus for script advice and for fixing some of the more annoying mesh bugs. He also made a difficult outfit set.
      - DoctaSax for helping me improve performance on my swap-scripts
      - BADShadow and 1trevdog1 for reviewing my noobish meshes and suggestions.
      - A.J. for my scripting issues
      - All users that helped me test the mods iterations and for the bug reports



    4. List of Sexout Mods

      Hello new users,
      This is a list of Sexout Mods that are verified to work with the current version ‘97 of Sexout NG, and also the Beta ‘98 of Sexout NG.
      While it depends greatly on your fetishes, almost all mods require the following:
      There are some more Frameworks that work fluently with most Sexout-mods, but aren't a requirement. Some of these add fetishes to otherwise ‘harmless’ mods below.
      Other Framework mods
      Note that even if you install all the mods above, you still don’t get any sex. All mods above are just the framework on which the sex-enabling mods are build. Below we start with basic mods and test mods.

      Simple unimmersive mods:
      Before you continue it’s advisable to start Fallout New Vegas, start a new game, run up to an NPC or animal and press ‘X’, to test if you’ve installed SexoutNG Correctly.
      Once you’ve tested that you can have sex, we can get to the fetishes. For this I'm very biased as I'm involved in some of these and at the same time haven’t played many others. At the top of each section are the bigger mods, at the bottom the mods that only add a bit of dialogue, or a small simple quest, etc.

      Normal Sex - Adding Sex-related stuff to existing quests and dialogue.
      Normal Sex - New content
      Forced Sex/Player Slavery. "They want your butt, so bend over"
      Making Slaves
      Other fetishes
      TTW Specific mods
      Special mention
      Some more advice:
      New Vegas has a plugin limit that for decent computers is at 135. Going over it causes mod malfunctions. Also before you head into the Mojave, or DC, make sure to run LOOT. This will make the game load the plugins in the right order.

      Once you start a new game, or load a save game, wait for all plugins to load (can take a minute) and dive into the MCM. About 50% of these mods come with their own MCM menu and you want to check if all options are set to your liking.



    5. Sexout Sound Replacer - Voicepack

      This is just a simple voicepack I put together for Sexout Sound Replacer that should replace Voice C. It will not work without it.
      The main reason I'm uploading it is so I don't lose it when my laptop inevitably gives up the ghost.



    6. YLustDrugsRocknRoll - Configurable lust and stress overhaul

      This mod will let you customize a lot of aspects that are included in SexoutSpunk, but are not configurable by default. It also includes several new features as well, as provides an optional integration of Wasteland Stress mod with Sexout.
      Also includes a small patch for Wasteland Stress mod.
      2. CURRENT VERSION: 06.05.2020
      Expands spunk drugs system: splits drugs into several groups with customizable effects Allows customization of lust generation effects of SleepEz, LustOh Provides minimum lust effect of aphrodysiac Allows customization of combat's effect on lust generation Adds customizable sneaking effect on lust generation Increases lust generation effects of Horndog, Nymphomaniac and Frigid perks to more noticable values (5% -> 75%, 5% -> 75%, 5% -> 20%) Adds an optional Sex addiction mechanic using the Horndog, Nymphomaniac and Frigid perks: configurable chances of raising Horndog or Nymphomaniac perks by 1 rank (or lowering Frigid perk by 1 rank) on orgasm chance of lowering Horndog or Nymphomaniac perks by 1 rank or raising Frigid perk by 1 rank when abstaining from sex with high Lust for a period of time chance of lowering sex addiction is governed by this formula: (Lust - 50) * 2 * DaysPassedSinceLastCheck / DaysToLoseAddiction Provides integration of Sexout and SexoutSpunk with Wasteland Stress: Configurable Lust effect on stress generation Configurable effect of orgasms on stress Configurable effect of frustration (effects of sex that ended close to orgasm) on stress Configurable effect of rape trauma on stress Slight change to Lust level actor effects, so that they reduce the Charisma level by lower amount. Compensated by speech and barter reduction. I did this because I want to use Charisma as an attractiveness measure in my future work. Also, added a slight difference between male and female effects (a sexually frustrated man is much less attractive than a sexually frustrated woman) Optional patch for Wasteland Stress mod changing stress level actor effects, so that they reduce the Charisma level by lower amount. Compensated by speech and barter reduction. Also, added a slight difference between male and female effects.  
      4. KNOWN ISSUES:
      Sexout SexoutSCR SexoutSpunk  
      Soft dependencies:
      Wasteland Stress  
      6. CHANGELOG:
      Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



    7. Sissy Slut Comix #1

      Probably the most perverted comic I've ever made...and that's really say'n something.



    8. Sexout Affairs

      Current version: 0.055a, Release date: Nov. 13, 2012
      This mod aims to give you the opportunity to date different women (currently only one) all across the wasteland.
      You can find Inga either in the Vikki & Vance Casino or the Mojave Express in Primm.
      A detailed description with hints and explanations to some of the gameplay mechanics and things to come are in the second post.
      If you don´t know what to do, check the SexoutAffairs Discussion thread for additional info. If it isn´t answered somewhere, feel free to ask.
      Current status Version: 0.055
      one working character, ~400 lines of dialogue, repeatable date quests, repeatable sex quests. New Features in 0.055:
      Different greetings and responses, depending how much she likes/dislikes you ~150 new lines of dialogue (total is roughly 350 lines now for Inga alone; Jacob has ~70 lines extra) Dates at her new home Dates at the bar Gambling is now an option for dates as well, given that the Vikki & Vance Casino has reopened Sex now in her own bed New sex scenes! Some are only available under certain conditions. She comments on your performance after sex. So you better be prepared! If you suck, she likes you less... Sex available in different locations The bar in the Vikki & Vance Casino now has a bartender that can help you on your quest to get some lovin'. All NPCs added by this mod have daily routines If you possess certain items related to Primm's history, new dialogue options will appear Requirements
      SexoutNG by Prideslayer @LoversLab
      Sexout Common Resources by Halstrom @LoversLab (courier merc armor meshes and textures by Neverclock (@newvegasnexus))
      Drop SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder.
      If you are upgrading from an earlier version, I recommend doing a clean save.
      Versions that have letters attached to them don't need a clean save, unless stated otherwise. (0.051 to 0.055, clean save necessary; 0.055 to 0.055a, 0.055b,... no clean save necessary)
      There are so many changes from v0.0.5.1a (or 0.051a) to v0.055, that I can't guarantee for anything, if you don't do this.
      The following steps are necessary, in order to do a clean save:
      create a new savegame. (no auto- or quicksave) Exit game Remove SexoutAffairs.esp, any customization esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa from your data folder. (DON'T just UNCHECK them in your mod manager, REMOVE them!) Start and load your savegame from before Wait for 20-30 seconds and create a new savegame (no auto- or quicksave) Exit game Drop new SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder Start game and load last save. You're done! If you don't know which version you have, you can check the version number in the mod description in FNVEdit, Wrye or FOMM.
      Alternatively you can open the console in-game and read the version number.
      Optional requirements (Customization options)
      Mojave Delight by Glosshouse (@newvegasnexus)
      Lings Coiffure NV by earache42 (@ModDB)
      Beauty Pack PLUS -Project Mikoto- by Matteius (@newvegasnexus)

      I will provide customization options for Lings, Mikoto and Mojave Delight. It goes without saying that you can only use one of the customization esps at the same time.
      The esp of your choice has to be loaded after SexoutAffairs.esp.
      My personal preference is "Mojave Delight" by Glosshouse, because it doesn´t change Vanilla races, works alongside either Lings or Mikoto and comes with its own non-replacer Type3-compatible skins. And it looks fantastic!
      Delete SexoutAffairs.esp and SexoutAffairs.bsa in your data folder. If you installed either one of the customization esps, delete those too.
      Known Issues
      This mod is in a early stage, so expect some bugs/oddities/things that might annoy you.
      ChancellorKremlin (spell checking, fixing dialogue, ideas, merciless bughunting)
      Kainschilde209 (Inga's room, bughunting)
      zippy57 (initial spell checking, fixing dialogue)
      http://soundbible.com/ for sound effects (list of authors is included in download)
      Uyrgen - Russian translation
      To Bethesda and Obsidian for F:NV
      To the LoversLab community for creating and hosting the best adult mods around the web.
      The Sexout crew in particular for creating a framework to make this possible in one of my favorite games of all time
      prideslayer for sexoutng
      Halstrom for SCR
      astymma, ChancellorKremlin, DoctaSax, jaam, Kainschilde209, srayesmanll, zippy57
      Sexout Affairs contains explicit sexual situations, drug use, strong language and other fun stuff.
      You have to be at least 18 Years old or of legal age, depending on your countries laws, to play this mod.
      Sexout Affairs is only available at LoversLab.com. It is free of charge and shall not be used for commercial purposes. If you paid for this or any other mod, you got scammed.
      You are not allowed to upload, modify or change it in any way, unless you have my permission.
      Resources used have permissions of their creators or are subject to public domain.
      If you want to translate Sexout Affairs in other languages, send me a PM.
      I would allow translations, provided that they are maintained and distributed in this release thread.



    9. YRegen - a regeneration mod

      A small mod I made when learning how to use MCM and timer scripts.
      I decided to create a regeneration mod, since I never found one with all the features I wanted.
      2. CURRENT VERSION: 26.03.2020
      The mod offers an ability to control the regeneration of the character. Configurable through MCM.
      It allows you to:
      set the base Healing Rate of the character set an Endurance multiplier and choose it's type (either Endurance value or Fallout 1/2 Healing Rate) set a multiplier for Fast Metabolism perk make regeneration only work out of combat set a bonus regeneration for sleep set a multiplier for Well Rested perk turn on and off limbs regeneration set limb regeneration multiplier turn on and off crippled limbs regeneration allow sleep to heal crippled limbs set minimum hours of sleep required to heal crippled limbs You can set the multipliers to either multiply each other or to be added together so that you can emulate Fallout 1/2 style Healing Rate.
      Healing Rate of 1 means regeneration of 0.066 HPs per hour.
      4. CHANGELOG:
      Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



    10. Sexout Tryout Resistance Overhaul

      First of all let me get one thing out of the way:
      1. DISCLAIMER:
      I am not the author of everything in the file. A lot of it is parts of Sexout Tryout Resistance patch made by thatpartoftheinternet. The whole thing started by me doing small tweaks for my own use to the awesome mod he  made. I never assumed it's gonna grow into something that warrants being a separate mod.. Then the amount of tweaks grew and I added new content. I'd love to separate my content into a new file, but I don't know how to do that now. I tried reaching thatpartoftheinternet for permission to publish this file but he hasn't read my PM for over five months. I sincerely hope he has nothing against it, but if he has I'll take it down in a heartbeat.
      You can find the original version here:
      2. CURRENT VERSION: 19.03.2020
      The mod is an effort to make the Sexout Tryout more realistic, unpredictable and offer more player agency.
      Currently the mod only slightly overhauls NCRCF content of Sexout Tryout, as well as tweaks Sexout Spunk lust tracking. It also makes use of Sexout perks and drugs.
      4. CONTENT:
      Here is a detailed description of what the mod does. If you want to be surprised don't read, although I do recommend reading at least the 'generic changes' part.
      5. KNOWN ISSUES:
      The .esp has been cleaned thanks to DBORG, but I still have to clean it against the older SCR. Also, update to use the new SCR. The chance of being able to reject approaches based on Lust is wrong, and the many conditions in dialogue topics bloat the file size. This is definitely something I have to change. When you're being led to NCRCF by Joe Cobb he won't tell you to go to the Administration building even though he should as soon as you walk into the yard. Joe Cobb might get stuck during escorting the PC to the NCRCF. Unintentionally overwrote the voiced "yeah" dialog line of Joe Cobb. A chance of CtD when speaking to Eddie.  
      Old World Blues Honest Hearts Sexout SexoutSCR SexoutTryout SexoutSpunk  
      First of all I have to say that I have very little free time, so I can't guarantee anything. I've been working on this for 2 years at the speed of around 2 days a year.
      Okay, so here are things I'd like to work on if I have the time - in the order of priority:
      rework the way the chance of not being able to reject the approach works. Change it so that it works based on lust, charisma and speech of the approaching NPC and appropriate perks, while reducing the dialogue conditions which should lead to better performance. integrate it better with Goodsprings quests. Non violent solutions to the quests. create an integration with Sexout Hookups so that would also take into account the above system. make every approaching PG have a chance of enslaving the PC and leading her to NCRCF. (Not sure how difficult this will be. I might give up on it.) separate all the lust / perks / drugs changes to a new mod  
      My ideas for NCRCF:
      My ideas for Primm:
      8. CHANGELOG:
      Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



    11. Sexout Breeder

      V0.9.66 (Version number has been moved one step to the right)
      This version contain fixes for almost all content from episodes of the original Sexout Breeder, but the goal was to restore the Deathclaw route, so if you will notice bugs in other episodes, just notify me about that and maybe we can find a way to fix it.

      Coming back to the Deathclaw route; it has a lot of improvements to storytelling, level design, background stuff and it contains a lot of new content for the story.
      All Deathclaw route content from Riverside and beyond contain a LOT of sex so PLEASE SAVE OFTEN (casm), because bugs like vanishing NPC's and stuck tokens can happen.

      If you get lost, you can try to check the walkthrough section. It has walkthroughs for almost for all episodes. (But it does contain spoilers)
      This plugin features a series of stories and encounters that lead the player to get ambushed (or sometimes tricked) into situations, that lead to impregnation. Usually with the various mutated animals around the mojave. Also features a tiny amount of domination, some player slavery and a hint of (mostly) optional transformations ( including deathclaw, giant ant, bloatfly, wolf, and breast growth). I do not condone any of the explicit concepts explored in this plugin and believe they should remain in the land of fiction. But they are very entertaining to play in a video game, so have fun.
      To install Sexout Breeder successfully you must first install ALL of it's requirements & ALL the requirements of the requirements. After all requirements are installed it's a matter of using your preferred mod manager (NMM, FOMM, MO) to install the full version.
      Required Mods:
      NVSE 5.1b2+ http://nvse.silverlock.org
      JIP LN Plugin 51+https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58277/?
      NVSE Extender (aka NX) 16+ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/ 553-nvse-extender-aka-nx   (Remove the space between 'file/'and '553'
      Recommended mods:
      CASM https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45652  (For autonomous saving)
      4GB solution like https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55061 or https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62552
      Compatible with:
      Fertile Breeder - only vanilla w/o of any addons
      BodyMorph - can be used in lactation, instead of SOB one
      Incompatible with:
      New Vegas Bounties (changes to Sexout Breeder locations. player gets stripped of tokens and mutations)
      NVEC (changes to Sexout Breeder locations)
      Run The Lucky 38 (changes to Sexout Breeder locations)
      Solid Project (Users reported an increase in the chances of disappearing actors)
      WastelandExtended.esp (Removes invisible walls. Causes NavMesh conflicts in Nipton, causing forced dialog to fail triggering - Mod no longer available on Nexus)
      "For the Enclave" has multiple issues with factions and landscape changes that directly conflict with the Deathclaw episodes.
      YUP - According to Daniel5152: "Spunk, Pregnancy, SCR, MPO. and Breeder are all working fine, I'm using the latest Breeder esp and I'm getting dialogue boxes after I clean each item in the sheriff's house, So it was YUP that was overwriting Spunk, Pregnancy, Breeder and MPO.  If fellow members are still having problems have them re-install the above Mods overwriting everything.and that should fix the issue"
      Morgan Town places a shack in the middle of the super mutant compound.
      If you'll find more, please notify me
      If you have a feeling that a character has stuck SexoutTokens, you can use SexoutSexKey to engage the NPC/Animal in Sex. If it doesn't work, it has a stuck token and you should go back to a save, before it had sex.
      If you need help with installing, you can follow this guide
      How to Report a Problem:
      Frequently Asked Questions:    
      Detailed Description:
      Note: It is recommended to set your Pregnancy length to at least 3% for bighorners and 7% for bloatflies otherwise weird things can happen. Only set fertility to Player and followers (and future followers), but don't set it to 'all NPC's' as that will remove similated pregnancies from characters and break immersion. Also don't forget to enable pregnancy by animals.
      Another note: If you would like to contribute to one of these walkthroughs please pm me. I don't necessarily have time to go through each scenario in depth and write a walkthrough for it. Also some of the current walkthrough can be a copy-paste from the older version and be inaccurate.
      The first post/download page is already so big that the walkthroughs didn't fit on them. You can find updated walkthroughs on post #2.
      MCM short list of new things:
      New reworked lactation system:
      For giving your favourite follower some mutations. (Note. Sam can get Deathclaw mutations in game)
      Now about the future of the mod. We (Neutron, 1trevdog1 and Dborg2) have a lot plans for the expanding the deathclaw route as much as you will be complete the game through the deathclaw episodes. But adding all these plans is a daunting task for us, so if you want to help us with continuation of the mod, we will always accept any help that you can give us.
      Final Notes from Neutron
      We worked so hard restoring the original content for Deathclaw episodes, by added a lot of new content and restoring the original ones. Dborg2 also helped and still helps me to improve it with new cool dialogs or just more enjoyable additions. It was really hard to make it to a release state. So, I think you will be enjoyed a lot with new stuff that was added during this period of time.

      We are always looking for more testers for the content, especially the deathclaw content. If you would like to contributed screenshots, walkthroughs or volunteer to test the content or maybe be you want to be a part of us and helping with a new cool ideas and stuff, just pm me or Dborg2.
      Also, We have an our Discord server for getting any kind of information about the mod, getting support and just random fun stuff.
      User29 - Original creator of Sexout Breeder
      Gamedude711 - For fixing and working at SOB before me and Neutron
      Neutron_rus - For making it compatible with the latest Sexout versions, for expanding Sexout Breeder and for helping people with modding issues.
      1Trevdog1, BAD_Shadow and Whym for ideas, testing and helping with the dialogs.
      Odessa - for SexoutNG and all its current updates
      Halstrom - for SCR & Pregnancy
      Ritualclarity - for tutorial about SCR and stuff (that I never used:cry:) and for his mental support, and just for his supportive words (also for some testing things)
      pepertje - for some icons and stuff for Sam and for some help on my way to learning Geck, and some correction stuff
      DoctaSax - for Sexout Spunk and guide about NX variables
      jazzisparis - for JIP LN NVSE Plugin
      Nickolos1818 - for original walkthrough for Riverside Takeover, that was updated and added here.
      Also many thanks to the all testers, that I probably don't remember. Sorry for that.
      If I missed someone, please, notify me with a pm.



    12. Spectrum's Toys Remeshed

      As someone interested in both men and women, I was always frustrated that the plugs and tails in Spectrum's Toys are only meshed for female bodies. 
      This mod simply adds male body support to the toys. 



    13. [New Vegas] Hair Patcher Two - 15 dec 2019

      If you never used the Hair Patcher:
      In games like FONV, when you install mods of hair / eyes / races you need to make patches to make these work together. Mind you, it's quite easy to patch them, however you could decide to let the hair patcher handle it for you. But this comes to a cost: the more races / hair / eyes you introduce, the more it slows the loading of the game. I don't mean when you load a savegame, I mean the first time you load the game, the time needed to arrive at the Main Menu.

      If you were fine with the previous Hair Patcher, you can stick with it; or, you can check the few new differences with the Hair Patcher Two, and then decide. I rewrote most of it and I feeled it was better keep them separated.
      Differencies with the previous one:
      Hair Patcher Two comes with a .ini file, located inside \Data\Config, called HairPatcher.ini
      You can edit it with a common text editor, like Windows Notepad, or Notepad++. These are the settings:
      >>> DEBUG: if 1, it will enable debug mode. You don't need it.
      >>> MESSAGE: it will show you a message on the main menu, where it tells you how much time it took to process, the quantity of hairs / eyes / races and the IDs of the mirrors, if you need them. It's enabled (=1) by default.
      >>> HAIRS: this is very important. If you set it to 0, the mod won't process the hair styles. This is very helpful when you install a mod with eyes, and you don't really need to process hairs, setting this to zero will reduce drastically the loading time.
      >>> EYES: same as for HAIRS, but for EYES. Just don't put both to zero, or the mod won't patch anything.
      >>> MIRROR: on every new save, you will always receive a couple of Mirrors, one to change hairstyle and one to change eyes. However, if you lose them, you won't receive them again, you should add them via console. This parameter is an alternative to that: if you set this value to ZERO, the next time you will load the savegame you will receive a new couple of Mirrors (assuming you don't have them already in your inventory)
      This section initially is empty, it will populate on its own the first time you will load the game. Later, if you'll change your load order/add/remove mods, this section will change eventually when necessary, but well this is not important. What's important is that you can manually edit the value of the races, to exclude them from processing, greatly increasing the loading time.
      Let's make an example. After running the game, you'll find something like this in this section:
      MojaveDelight.esp:415A='Posh' #1
      MojaveDelight.esp:415C='Posh' #2
      FalloutNV.esm:424A=African American
      Now, let's assume that you installed Mojave Delight but you want to play with an African American and you're only interested on the hairs and eyes contained in that mod. All you need to do is delete the name of the race on the right, and replace it with a zero (0), like this:
      FalloutNV.esm:424A=African American
      The next times you'll start the game, the hair patcher won't tell you "I found 3 races", but it'll tell you "I found 1 race", and the script will only do one third of the necessary operations.

      - NVSE
      - JIP NVSE

      You can both do it manually, extracting the archive inside \Data, or using a mod manager.



    14. [New Vegas] Inspector

      It's a small mod which gives you few informations about the reference you are pointing with your crosshair. These informations go from the base ID, to the position, the angle, the cell, part of the inventory (if Actors or Containers) etc.

      Examples: you find a flying tree and you don't know what mod moved it. Or, more complicated, some aspects of the game are unbalanced and you need to inspect deeper (especially when using complete overhauls)

      To activate it, just press the Hotkey while not having anything under your crosshair, you'll see INSPECTOR ACTIVE on your screen. When the UI is active, you just need to point your crosshair to some reference and if you are close enough (=activation distance) then the infos will appear on the screen. Everytime you'll move your crosshair over a new reference, the infos will automatically update. To close the interface, just go into a Menu (i.e. Pipboy, Main Menu) or point your crosshair to nowhere and press the Hotkey again. The only MenuMode exception is the console: when you open it, the interface won't close and the informations will stay on the screen.

      By default, the Hotkey is the bar on the numpad ( / ), but it can be changed with a key (see later), or replaced with the Control for Aim / Blocking (default Alt or Right Mouse button)

      Some references (Actors, Creatures, Containers) can have more pages of informations. To access them, stick with your crosshair on them and press the Hotkey ( / by default) more and more to turn the pages. Since this could be complicated if you're doing it on a moving actor, you can target it and see the first page of the inspector, and then immediately open the console so the game will stop and you can browse through the pages (again, with the Hotkey) safely.

      I did it few days ago as request from a user, I ended up adding few more features I needed myself. If you need to add few extra infos, please let me know and let's see if it's doable.

      You can set them on MCM. If you don't use MCM you can edit with a notepad the config file inside Data\Config\aDT\Settings.ini
      - Enable Mod: when you disable this, the hotkey will stop working
      - Debug Mode: will spam something in console, don't use it if unnecessary
      - Modifier: if you choose HOTKEY, in the next option you can choose to assign whatever key on your keyboard (default is / on the NumPad). If you choose CONTROL, the hotkey will be the Control for Block / Aim (default is Alt, or Right Mouse button)
      - Vertical Alignment: the number of pixels from the top of the screen to the Inspector's informations
      - Horizontal Alignment: it can be Left, Middle or Right
      - Vertical Line Spacing: you can decide the space from a line to another, in pixels. This is useful to tweak when you change font. Default is 22 for Font 3
      - Font: allows to use one of the 8 fonts.
      - Alpha Background: the transparent black background you see on the Inspector, 0 is invisible and 255 is full black.
      - All the other flags under Interface Options: they decide what to output on the Inspector

      The same options are basically replicated inside Data\Config\aDT\Settings.ini, for those not using MCM. In the INI, the hotkey will always take precedence: to switch to the Aim/Block control you must set Key to 0 (zero).

      - NVSE
      - Latest JIP (release 30/11/19)
      - UIO
      - MCM (Optional)

      You can both do it manually, extracting the archive inside \Data, or using a mod manager.

      Known Issues
      There's a bunch of meshes which can't be targeted, so the Inspector won't find them. Fortunally I found not many for now. I'm still thinking what to do with them.
      I.e. treejoshANV.nif, some cactus
      Added new page "Active Effects" for creatures and actors. Corrected small error in previous version.
      Added check if a reference has a script attached, with the ref ID of the script. It's on the bottom, in the group of the Extra var.
      Rearranged few lines of script.
      Added recipes for MISC items (abraxo, egg timer etc.) and ALCH items (food, drinks etc.), they're in second page
      Added Export button on MCM, so that you can save your actual configuration and you won't have to reconfigure it next time you'll start a new game. Small fix on a script. If possible, make a clean save.
      First release



    15. Sexout Intimacy

      Sexout Intimacy Project.
      SexoutIntimacy is a framework that simplifies many of the features one might use when crafting dialog/quests for FNV.  It provides a set of functions that give entry level modders/dialog authors access to more complex scripting. If you know how to edit dialog in the GECK, you can create your own mods with this.
      While SexoutIntimacy.esm does little on its own, dialog/quest hooks were created as proof of concept examples in order to test the system.  These generic 'test' mods are relatively playable.  Full documentation is included in the packages.
      - Thanks to Bruce Wayne for fleshing out the framework!
      - Clothed Penis Prop thanks to Amra72!
      - Alt SoundFX for headphones thanks to 7KeysCurtain!



    16. SMMP (Sexout Maternity Mega Pack)

      2019.10.16.01 BETA EDITION RELEASED!!!
      This is a new edition (As of 2019.10.16) and I don't have the game installed to test it.
      So please report any issues related to this compilation here first before posting request on the component mods included in this compilation.
      There isn't any date or such added to the download. Please be sure you properly handle the file when you download it. (I.E. put it into a folder with a date etc. The date is added to the top of the page here. This is where you will see any updates or new info added. (You many see some info and details to patches and such on the second post on the support thread. You may need to patch the files obtained by this download with the updated files from the authors for this to work properly. Due to size this is updated from time to time when needed. Won't necessarily have the newest files or options included.   Best practice is to download this, then update with the mods most current files from the authors pages. (Links have been provided to you)  
      Thank You.
      Sexout Maternity MEGA Pack
      What is this?
      It is the combination of the HUGE Maternity Clothing pack AND Maternity Clothing Overkill mods. There is a listing of the included mods below.
      The intent is to provide a one stop shopping experience for those starting a new Sexout with Pregnancy setup. However, due to the nature of the modding community with constant updates and changes, this compilation might become out of date. 
      Reasonable attempts will be made to keep it updated and current but if it does become out of date a simple solution would be to download the updated mod(s) and install over this compilation.  If/when it does get outdated, just download the needed updates and install over this unless told otherwise by the authors of the mods included.
      It is only currently released through MEGA download as it is HUGE and there is little that can be done about this in order to keep the goal of easy of use and access. The original files are still current and functional and can be gotten from their individual threads. Support for this pack downloads and possible glitches due to repacking and such should be directed here. Issues with the actual clothing or esp should be directed to the appropriate mod's thread.
      Link contains three files...
      OPTIONAL PLUGINS. These contain the optional plugins that you will need to select for your particular setup. Download the 7zip file and extract. Grab the files you want and use, place them in a folder name it something you will  know later. Use windows to compress the contents and then a manager to install them. SMMP. This is the main download. Largest and contains all the textures meshes and main files needed to run this. Just download and use your favorite mod manager to install.  As time goes by you might need to download one of the main files contained in this compilation and "patch" the game by installing over this to update it. SMMP Documents. This contains the documents from the various files included in this compilation. You are strongly advised to download this and place it somewhere save for future reference. It also contains info on the current  Ref ID info on the armors and various clothing etc.  
      Added value:
      Outfit refids 2.6 by @dborg2 This is a spreadsheet with all the code (refID) needed to call all sorts of armors and outfits not intended to be worn in the game. Warning: it can cause serious graphical glitches and such and should only be used on a game that you aren't serious with, have a strong save and/or testing purposes.  
      Second Post:
      Contains a live version of the files posted in the download where you can go and select a specific plugin or document you want. It is also a place where patches and updates might be uploaded before the main update / release. @dborg2 has access to that folder through Mega (If I did it right :P) and can make changes as needed to help the process since he knows way more of what is going on   Keep in mind, if you download anything from that section, you need to know how the folders work (Textures, Meshes, Sound. BSA, esm & ESP) in order to setup the folder for proper installation using your favored mod manager. (If this causes troubles or issues, those options will be removed.)  
      Requires: (Current versions)
      Fallout New Vegas (DUH!)
      NVSE (Currently 5.1 beta 2)
      Sexout (Most current version)
      NVSE Extender
      (SCR) Sexout Common Resources (and all the required resources) Tutorial for this found HERE
      Mod(s) to have sex to get you pregnant & pregnancy options in the MCM that will allow for the pregnancy to happen.
      Maternity Clothing
      Maternity Pack Overkill
      Sexout Pregnancy v3
      Note: This covers the pregnancy versions of armors you might use. You may still need the original (non-pregnant) clothing mods. (I.E. Mods from Nexus for Non Pregnant versions)
      I claim no ownership or control over these files, they are presented to the members of Lovers Lab as a convenience for quick access, nothing more. Anything distributed in this download is owned by the original creators and is not to be taken and used. If there are assets you desire, please check with the original threads and authors for permissions.



    17. Cass Outfit Replacer T6M Bouncing

      A replacer for Cass's outfit. I took Nagothm's T6M Bouncing version of her vanilla outfit and just made her shirt shorter and cut her jeans down to hot pants.
      All the parts I used have permissions from the authors to use freely, and I grant those same permissions to anyone who wants to convert this to other bodies.
      This requires the animations from Bouncing Natural BreastsBouncing Natural Breasts, a Type 3/4/6/N (am I forgetting any?) compatible body texture, and a compatible skeleton, but chances are if you're hanging out here you already have all of these things.



    18. Veronica Outfit Replacer T6M Bouncing

      This is a mashup of one of Exeter's refugee outfits, his Veronica replacer outfit, and one of his Freetribes outfits using his Veronica replacer textures. The mesh has been fitted to Nagothm's T6M bouncing body which in turn was made from Izumiko's original T6M. Talk about standing on the shoulders of giants.
      All the parts I used have permissions from the authors to use freely, and I grant those same permissions to anyone who wants to convert this to other bodies.
      This requires the animations from Bouncing Natural BreastsBouncing Natural Breasts, a Type 3/4/6/N (am I forgetting any?) compatible body texture, and a compatible skeleton, but chances are if you're hanging out here you already have all of these things.
      This is my first NV mod in two years, so if I done fucked it up, let me know, but it's working fine on my machine.



    19. Playable Companion Clothes

      Looks like KDC took down his mod that set companion outfits to playable so you could dress them how you like. I remade it from scratch.
      It comes in two flavors - a regular New Vegas one and a TTW one covering the vanilla TTW companions. The TTW version is all-inclusive so there's no reason to have two ESPs clogging up your load order, and it of course requires TTW to be installed. There is no special requirement for the NV version.



    20. TES Artifacts

      I had these Skyrim weapons that I ported over to New Vegas on my hard drive for +5 years and almost completely forgot about them. Finally, I decided to share them with anyone who interested in having Skyrim weapons in their Fallout: NV playthrough. I also made an esp file that will add these weapons to the game world with almost similar enchantments from past Elder Scrolls games.
      You can find each artifact in remote locations throughout the Mojave wastelands waiting to be found.
      - Volendrung can be obtained from the Devil's Gullet, you'll first have to defeat a Super Mutant Overlord to gained this powerful weapon.
      - The Mace of Molag Bal can be found inside a Deathclaw infested cave call Dead Wind Cavern, it can be found right beside a dead prospector.
      - Mehrunes' Razor is located inside of Bloodborne cave and is on top of a large rock towards the end of the cave. It requires a bit of jumping to reach.
      - Keening is found at an irradiated area call Toxic dumpsite and can be pick up immediately where all the containers sit in the center.
      - Sunder is located at Nellis Air Force Base inside one of the buildings call Nellis workshop.
      - Wuuthrad can be found on the outskirts of Jacobstown on the left side of the hills near an unmarked location call Griffith Peak. It requires a bit of jumping to reach.
      Each artifact also has a unique effect.
      - Volendrung can send enemies flying and paralyze them temporarily and reduces their health by 5 points for 20 seconds. 
      - The Mace of Molag Bal will drain an enemy strength for 10 seconds and can KO enemies temporarily knocking them out. Also, it does bonus damage against limbs.
      - Mehrunes' Razor has a new effect call Daedric Banishing which is a replica of the Oblivion enchantment which will increase the death chance the higher your luck is, from 1% to 10%. Also, each hit ignores 15 points of DT.
      - Keening will empower you with Keening's Craft which increases your overall S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and heals you slowly over time. However, you will be inflicted with a mortal wound that reduces your health by 50 pts.
      - Sunder will empower you with Sunder's Craft which increases your overall S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and regenerates AP slowly over time. However, you will be inflicted with a mortal wound that reduces your health by 50 pts.
      - Wuuthrad is especially deadly to robots and power armor users and can deliver a tremendous amount of electrical damage to them.



    21. Pace Yourself

      WHAT IT IS
      Pace Yourself is a small utility that you can use to remind yourself you've been playing for a certain amount of time and should probably stop for a while. You can then simply dimiss the message, choose to be reminded again later, or leave yourself a note that will be displayed next time you start the game in order to remember what you were about to do.

      NVSE 5.1.4
      JIP 55+
      JohnnyGuitar 2+

      Both the messages you send yourself, and when they should be displayed, are easily customizable in the .ini file that comes with it. You can be as passive-aggressive to yourself as you like.

      Every section in the ini comes with the following fields:
      Msg=the actual message that is displayed to you.
      Time=after how many minutes it should be displayed since game start (FirstMsg) or the last time you got a message (the Reminders).
      DismissOption=the text for the button where you simpy want the message to go away
      SnoozeOption=the text for the button where you ask to be reminded again later
      NoteOption=the text for the button where you want to leave a note
      By default, there is one first message, and 3 reminding messages for when you hit the proverbial snooze button before. You can actually add more reminding messages if you want: simply follow the conventions of the previous ones, and leave the SnoozeOption empty for the last one.
      Dedicated to the public domain with CC.0
      Whipped this up in about an hour. Untested, I have other things to do. Should be fine. If not, I'll hear about it. If you want it to do more, or less, or do things differently, you're welcome to do it yourself, see Perms.
      As always, kudos to the coders who made the script functions I use.



    22. NVGeck Syntax Highlighter for NP++

      It's pretty damned handy to write scripts in NP++ with.
      - Separate style for script blocks and loops
      - Separate style for command-style functions (let, set, to, return, label, GoTo, continue etc)
      - Separate style for, and all functions as keywords for NVSE (up to 5.1.2)
      - Separate style for, and all functions as keywords for Lutana (up to 19)
      - Separate style for, and all functions as keywords for JIP (up to 55.10)
      - Combined style for and all functions as keywords for MCM, Project Nevada, NX (up to 16) and JohnnyGuitar (2.35).
      - Combined style for var declarations, globals (vanilla), AV function string parameters (vanilla), and unquoted string parameters to ar_construct.
      - Loops are treated as code blocks that can be folded and unfolded (same goes for if-conditions and script blocks)
      - Elseif & else parts can be folded and unfolded separately.
      - Pretty colors (totally adjustable ofc)
      How To Install:
      - open notepad++
      - Pick "language" in the menu, then "define your language"
      - "import", then find the xml uploaded here, and... import it
      - done
      This highlighter will attach itself to the .geck file extension. You can change that if you want, same as anything else. In Notepad++, the syntax is called "DSGeckSyntax10" because I'm so vain I think this song is about me. No, actually, that's because all these syntaxes are called something similar and if you've gone over a few to figure out what you like, you can't remember which is which.
      It's made with Notepad++ (whatever version I'm using now), which uses UDL 2.1. If you've got an older UDL version, you probably want to upgrade.
      Public Domain



    23. Sissy Slut Bondage Gear and Sex Toys

      This is a Big Pack! Bondage outfits, fetish pet kitty and bunny outfits, chastity stuff, butt plugs, body piercings and manicured nails.
      LOCATION: *coc K2SissyRoom03 and coc K2SissyRoom04  to get the items.  They are in the trunks in front of you.  Fast Travel to exit the cells.
      PERMISSIONS:  The contents of this mod are NOT resource material.  You may not redistribute my content without my expressed permission.
      If you want to use my content then ASK ME first.



    24. Sissy Sluts Heels and Stockings

      Heels and silk stockings, and sissy French maid stuff.
      LOCATION: *coc K2SissyRoom02 to get the items.  They are in the trunks in front of you.  Fast Travel to exit the cell.
      PERMISSIONS:  The contents of this mod are NOT resource material.  You may not redistribute my content without my expressed permission.
      If you want to use my content then ASK ME first.



    25. Sissy Sluts Tiny Bikinis

      Tiny bikinis and matching accessories in 8 color variations.
      LOCATION: *coc K2SissyRoom01 to get the items.  They are in the trunks in front of you.  Fast Travel to exit the cell.
      PERMISSIONS:  The contents of this mod are NOT resource material.  You may not redistribute my content without my expressed permission.
      If you want to use my content then ASK ME first.



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