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    1. Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

      Welcome to Sexout Common Resources
      The aim of this produce an ESM that holds all the common assets used by SexoutNG Plugins like NPC's, Drugs, Creatures & Clothing, Weapons etc so that other plugons can refer to them without needing to have each other as masters. It doesn't include meshes or textures themselves, merely point to them. it will have minimal scripting, only scripts required by the objects and plugins it contains. The DataPack provided is only some of my additions and minimum requirements of SCR itself. SCR Includes support for all DLC and TTW but does not require them.
      SCR adds some Perks, but they don't necessarilily add any effects, they are mainly flags for other Plugins to know the players preferences in dialogue.
      To explain in detail how it works, there are 2-3 parts to most outfits, the first is the Item ID which contains all the Armor ratings, weight, value, etc of an outfit and also where to get the mesh model and textures from, that is what I have copied from the original mods into SCR. The other parts are the model mesh and optionally textures for which the original download is needed, because I don't have permission to add other peoples work to the SCR download and it would be too big. Doing it this way gives users the option to not install Ghost suits etc. The Item ID itself uses next to no space in SCR compared to meshes & textures, but having outfits in there means that outfit can be incuded in formlist groups of SCR, this means a plugin can just check if the player is wearing something in the "Heavy Armor" group formlist and then change their dialogue or sex options based on that. Optionally people can also add their custom outfits to those lists too.
      it contains a percentage of Lore unfriendly assets but they should be only added to the game world by plugin modules calling them, mostly SexoutStore.
      Before you install Sexout use the Steam Backup function and backup your game as there's a good chance new users will completely screw their game on the first attempt of installing Sexout because they didn't read something properly and install things they shouldn't. If you aren't using Steam then you'll find Sexout won't work for you anyway so give up here or buy the game.
      SCR adds some Sex related Perks but their effects are up to the Plugins referencing them
      Dominant, Submissive.
      Brood Mother & Bitch in heat are added but only activated by Pregnancy.
      There's a few changes here:
      SporeData is only required for the SporeRace in Breeder.
      HalstromsData contains a few textures & meshes I've modified for some content, like the Camo, Nurse, Vault69 & Nun and other Textures for the Mantis suits, most people won't need it, they were in the original Data pack, I just split them to save download & installation space for those not using them.
      GynoChair.rar contains the mesh & animations for the GynoChair used in Pregnancy at the New Vegas Medical Clinic.
      SCR Integrated Plugins:
      Drugs: SexoutDrugging is now a separate plugin for SCR. The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider.
      Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. You will also need to download the clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them.
      RitualClarity has written a great installation guide in the link below for installing SCR.
      I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab
      Russian Translation: http://gamesource.ru/index.php?s=&showtopic=2618&view=findpost&p=51428
      FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version)
      NVSE Latest beta
      NX_Extender Latest version
      SexoutNG Stable Release
      And Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton from here:
      You will need MCM to change any settings

      Assets used in SCR you should install before reporting red diamonds and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them:

      Other Supported Assets:

      For most of these clothing mods as noted you can remove or deactivate the original esp if you are using Pregnancy or Sexout Store, you only need to install the meshes, textures & sounds etc. Those that are FO3 downloads definitely need the esp removed or they will crash the game.
      Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game:
      The file version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2.
      When reporting issues please state what version of SCR you are using. If you can please post in font size 14, it's a lot easier for me to read too
      The Torrent isn't necessary, it's just an alternative download for the data pack, not the esm.

      Basically I don't have FONV installed anymore and the time to continue work on this other than the occasional bugfix if enough information is given. If anyone wants to submit updates or overhaul it and use any of my code or assets for the enjoyment of the community go for it, just keep free and on LoversLab and give me some credit
      Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/33-scr-sexout-common-resources/



    2. SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

      CORE: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016
      DATA: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016
      BODIES: 1.1.1 -- 25-July-2015
      MIRROR - SexoutNG.torrent - All files also available via bit torrent. May be faster, and saves loverslab bandwidth. You need a bit torrent client, such as qBitTorrent.
      Sexout code is hosted here on the GitLab. Please use the Issues link to report confirmed bugs in Sexout, or to ask for features!
      The sexout BETA can be found here, if there is one. Note that to use the beta, you must still have SexoutNG Core and SexoutNG Data installed.
      Fallout New Vegas. Should be obvious, but a few people have tried to use it with Fallout 3 (works with TTW). NVSE 5.0b2 or later; This is now the stable version. NX 16 or later (NVSE Extender) SexoutNG - CORE and DATA. SexoutNG - Bodies OR Nude male and/or female bodies manually installed, see spoiler below.

      Since '94, a compatible skeleton (AJ's BodyMorph) is included with 'Core'. Astymma's compatability or Deede's The Skeleton will also work if you prefer.

      Known issues


      FAQ / Troubleshooting - Read this before posting support questions
      First, please read the requirements section above carefully.
      The game doesn't even start, it freezes before main menu!
      ==> Usually corrupted plugin. Disable all plugins except Sexout. If it works, sexout is innocent. If not, validate your install via STEAM, and try downloading sexout again.
      The game starts, but sex doesn't work!
      ==> Did you install NVSE? Press '~' to open the console in game, and type GetNVSEVersion. If it does not return a number you did not install it correctly. Check the instructions for it and try again.
      ====> GetNVSEVersion works! ....but I also get this annoying message box appearing every time I start game!
      ======> Maybe try reading it . You have not installed the requirements correctly. Sexout requires NVSE 5.0 or later, and NX 16 or later. It will not work without them. See above for links.
      ~~~> But I installed NVSE and NX!
      =====> No. You didn't. There are no exceptions. If you think you did, you installed them wrong, check their own respective instructions and try again.
      ==> ...Okay, NVSE and NX installed. Uhhh, how do I actually start sex?
      ====> Sexout is just a framework for other mods to use. It does nothing on its own. Try installing some sexout mods.
      ==> ...I have sexout mods, but the actors just stand still inside each other! (maybe with sounds)
      ====> Usually a conflicting mod that adds idle animations in an inconsiderate way. Disable all mods except sexout. If it works, enable them one by one to figure out which is guilty. More info:

      ==> I definitely definitely definitely disabled all mods except FalloutNV.esm and Sexout.esm, and actors still stand inside each other but no animations!
      ====> Did you install 'SexoutNG - DATA'? Because, that's where the animations are.
      ======> Yes, with NMM!
      ========> Use FOMM. NMM has known issues with Fallout New Vegas mods in general.
      Animations work, except...
      ==> Infinity tits!
      ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly. See requirements section
      ==> Infinity dicks!
      ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly, or you do not have a compatible male body suit installed. See requirements / Bodies section above.
      ==> Invisible male bodies / big red boxes‽‽
      ====> You do not have meshes for one or both of the sexout body suits installed. Either install "SexoutNG - Bodies" or manually add them- see the spoiler in the requirements section above for more information.
      More Useful Posts:
      How to GET HELP!! Help us help you. RitualClarity's tutorial on animation trouble BruceWaynes installation guide Another Sexout FAQ


      - Want to make your own sexout mod? (or modify an existing one). First stop is the API guide. See also: Tips and Tricks.
      - See the Gitlab project for more info on sexout status, or if you want to contribute.
      - API documentation is a WIP, if you can't find/understand something, please post here on loverslab.
      Sexout is free. Free as in BSD license free, except even freer. This work is public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.
      Release History




    3. List of Sexout Mods

      Hello new users,
      This is a list of Sexout Mods that are verified to work with the current version ‘97 of Sexout NG, and also the Beta ‘98 of Sexout NG.
      While it depends greatly on your fetishes, almost all mods require the following:

      There are some more Frameworks that work fluently with most Sexout-mods, but aren't a requirement. Some of these add fetishes to otherwise ‘harmless’ mods below.
      Other Framework mods

      Note that even if you install all the mods above, you still don’t get any sex. All mods above are just the framework on which the sex-enabling mods are build. Below we start with basic mods and test mods.

      Simple unimmersive mods:

      Before you continue it’s advisable to start Fallout New Vegas, start a new game, run up to an NPC or animal and press ‘X’, to test if you’ve installed SexoutNG Correctly.
      Once you’ve tested that you can have sex, we can get to the fetishes. For this I'm very biased as I'm involved in some of these and at the same time haven’t played many others. At the top of each section are the bigger mods, at the bottom the mods that only add a bit of dialogue, or a small simple quest, etc.

      Normal Sex - Adding Sex-related stuff to existing quests and dialogue.

      Normal Sex - New content

      Forced Sex/Player Slavery. "They want your butt, so bend over"

      Making Slaves


      Other fetishes

      TTW Specific mods

      Special mention

      Some more advice:
      New Vegas has a plugin limit that for decent computers is at 135. Going over it causes mod malfunctions. Also before you head into the Mojave, or DC, make sure to run LOOT. This will make the game load the plugins in the right order.

      Once you start a new game, or load a save game, wait for all plugins to load (can take a minute) and dive into the MCM. About 50% of these mods come with their own MCM menu and you want to check if all options are set to your liking.



    4. Sexout Breeder

      V0.9.62 (Version number has been moved one step to the right)
      This version contain fixes for almost all content from episodes of the original Sexout Breeder, but the goal was to restore the Deathclaw route, so if you will notice bugs in other episodes, just notify me about that and maybe we can find a way to fix it.

      Coming back to the Deathclaw route; it has a lot of improvements to storytelling, level design, background stuff and it contains a lot of new content for the story.
      All Deathclaw route content from Riverside and beyond contain a LOT of sex so PLEASE SAVE OFTEN (casm), because bugs like vanishing NPC's and stuck tokens can happen.

      If you get lost, you can try to check the walkthrough section. It has walkthroughs for almost for all episodes. (But it does contain spoilers)
      This plugin features a series of stories and encounters that lead the player to get ambushed (or sometimes tricked) into situations, that lead to impregnation. Usually with the various mutated animals around the mojave. Also features a tiny amount of domination, some player slavery and a hint of (mostly) optional transformations ( including deathclaw, giant ant, bloatfly, wolf, and breast growth). I do not condone any of the explicit concepts explored in this plugin and believe they should remain in the land of fiction. But they are very entertaining to play in a video game, so have fun.
      To install Sexout Breeder successfully you must first install ALL of it's requirements & ALL the requirements of the requirements. After all requirements are installed it's a matter of using your preferred mod manager (NMM, FOMM, MO) to install the full version.
      Required Mods:
      NVSE 5.1b2+ http://nvse.silverlock.org
      JIP LN Plugin 51+https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58277/?
      NVSE Extender (aka NX) 16+ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/ 553-nvse-extender-aka-nx   (Remove the space between 'file/'and '553'
      Recommended mods:
      CASM https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45652  (For autonomous saving)
      4GB solution like https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55061 or https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62552
      Compatible with:
      Fertile Breeder - only vanilla w/o of any addons
      BodyMorph - can be used in lactation, instead of SOB one
      Incompatible with:
      New Vegas Bounties (changes to Sexout Breeder locations. player gets stripped of tokens and mutations)
      NVEC (changes to Sexout Breeder locations)
      Run The Lucky 38 (changes to Sexout Breeder locations)
      Solid Project (Users reported an increase in the chances of disappearing actors)
      WastelandExtended.esp (Removes invisible walls. Causes NavMesh conflicts in Nipton, causing forced dialog to fail triggering - Mod no longer available on Nexus)
      "For the Enclave" has multiple issues with factions and landscape changes that directly conflict with the Deathclaw episodes.
      If you'll find more, please notify me
      If you have a feeling that a character has stuck SexoutTokens, you can use SexoutSexKey to engage the NPC/Animal in Sex. If it doesn't work, it has a stuck token and you should go back to a save, before it had sex.
      If you need help with installing, you can follow this guide
      How to Report a Problem:
      Frequently Asked Questions:    
      Detailed Description:
      Note: It is recommended to set your Pregnancy length to at least 3% for bighorners and 7% for bloatflies otherwise weird things can happen. Only set fertility to Player and followers (and future followers), but don't set it to 'all NPC's' as that will remove similated pregnancies from characters and break immersion. Also don't forget to enable pregnancy by animals.
      Another note: If you would like to contribute to one of these walkthroughs please pm me. I don't necessarily have time to go through each scenario in depth and write a walkthrough for it. Also some of the current walkthrough can be a copy-paste from the older version and be inaccurate.
      The first post/download page is already so big that the walkthroughs didn't fit on them. You can find updated walkthroughs on post #2.
      MCM short list of new things:
      New reworked lactation system:
      For giving your favourite follower some mutations. (Note. Sam can get Deathclaw mutations in game)
      Now about the future of the mod. We (Neutron, 1trevdog1 and Dborg2) have a lot plans for the expanding the deathclaw route as much as you will be complete the game through the deathclaw episodes. But adding all these plans is a daunting task for us, so if you want to help us with continuation of the mod, we will always accept any help that you can give us.
      Final Notes from Neutron
      We worked so hard restoring the original content for Deathclaw episodes, by added a lot of new content and restoring the original ones. Dborg2 also helped and still helps me to improve it with new cool dialogs or just more enjoyable additions. It was really hard to make it to a release state. So, I think you will be enjoyed a lot with new stuff that was added during this period of time.

      We are always looking for more testers for the content, especially the deathclaw content. If you would like to contributed screenshots, walkthroughs or volunteer to test the content or maybe be you want to be a part of us and helping with a new cool ideas and stuff, just pm me or Dborg2.
      Also, We have an our Discord server for getting any kind of information about the mod, getting support and just random fun stuff.
      User29 - Original creator of Sexout Breeder
      Gamedude711 - For fixing and working at SOB before me and Neutron
      Neutron_rus - For making it compatible with the latest Sexout versions, for expanding Sexout Breeder and for helping people with modding issues.
      Odessa - for SexoutNG and all its current updates
      Halstrom - for SCR & Pregnancy
      Ritualclarity - for tutorial about SCR and stuff (that I never used:cry:) and for his mental support, and just for his supportive words (also for some testing things)
      pepertje - for some icons and stuff for Sam and for some help on my way to learning Geck, and some correction stuff
      DoctaSax - for Sexout Spunk and guide about NX variables
      jazzisparis - for JIP LN NVSE Plugin
      Nickolos1818 - for original walkthrough for Riverside Takeover, that was updated and added here.
      Also many thanks to the all testers, that I probably don't remember. Sorry for that.
      If I missed someone, please, notify me with a pm.



    5. Vault 101 Collar [FO3]

      Vault 101 Collar

      - When you leave the Vault 101 usually you will do it now naked and collared.
      - If the player opens containers there is a chance that the container is trapped and a collar is equipped onto the player.
        If the player is already wearing a collar, than the state is getting worse.
      - Whenever you are defeated by enemies there is a chance that they equip a collar on you. If you are defeated you can say "bye bye" to your equipment
      - The player can create silly stuff, which can be used to undress some NPC's and get  the armor, helmet or weapon (they will redress lateron).
      - Some settings can be changed using the coffee machine in the superduper market
      The worst thing that can happen is an explosive rainbow collar or an explosive pink collar.
      The pink collar usually is equipped by "Somah the Slaver". (It only makes sense to finish this quest with at least 16 points !)
      A pink collar is also equipped from elder Lyons, to ensure the cooperation with the Brotherhood of steel. With the pink collar the player cannot go everywhere !
      A rainbow collar sometimes is equipped from Tobar the ferryman.

      I do not know how this mod will "feel" with a complete playthrough, since the mod is  only partially tested, but that already takes hours and hours.
      A new game is recommended, also you must place the mod last in your load order since lots of system scripts and system dialogues are changed or overwritten.
      I guess there are still a lot of bugs and incompatibilites included, while already a lot are removed. Consider the mod as an  playable alpha.

      I recommend not to disable the console, one of the quest in the pitt DLC hung and I need the command 'setstage' to continue.

      Sometimes mainly in doors, strange effects visual or sound appeared. Than I saved the game and reload the save to continue.
      The robot donkey can follow you into point lookout, and into the pitt but not into every place or DLC ! The robot donkey often looses the name after reloading
      (problem with the setname function - no solution). In that case command the robot to wait, than command to follow.
      Credits goes to
      ComputerDeathglare for the collar textures
      Jokerine, for some modders resource I've used



    6. Maternity Pack Overkill +Addons

      About Maternity Pack Overkill
      Fallout New Vegas, its DLC's, TaleOfTwoWastelands (Fallout 3 and its DLC) and Sexout Common Resources contain lots of outfits. Unfortunately Sexout Common Resources / Sexout Pregnancy only cover some of these outfits with a pregnancy-version. Maternity Pack Overkill tries to add all other outfits, and all the way to P7.
      Maternity Pack Overkill is created to work fluently with Sexout Common Resources and Sexout Pregnancy.
      - Sexout Common Resources and all resources from the tutorial made by Ritual Clarity
      - Sexout Pregnancy
      - Download the 1.2GB rar-file named '2osENnV', that I stored on my MEGA folder. (Because it's too big for LoversLab)
      About the Addon Packages:
      Fallout New Vegas, it's DLC's and TTW have a lot of scripts, quests and dialogues, that will only trigger if you wear outfit X. With Sexout Pregnancy creating the risk of you being knocked up and carrying a pregnancy version of outfit X, those scripts, quests etc wouldn't trigger. The addon-packs are created to fix that oversight. So the 5 esps contain fixes for scripts, quests and tons of dialogues so that they will function properly. I also tried to incorperate fixes to outfits, dialogs etc from YUP/TTWFixes without making those mods a requirement.
      Some examples were the addon packs fix someting:
      - Sarah from Vault 21 will now accept pregnancy versions of Vaultsuits and Boomer suits. And I also added the Sexout specific outfits, like the Vault 69 Mantissuit.
      - Ceasars Legion and NCR will now become hostile if you wear their opponents faction-gear while pregnant.
      - Lucas Simms will now recognize you, coming from the Vault, even if you had too much fun there.
      - You will also be able to enter Tranquility lane and operation Anchorage, while carrying a future litter of molerats.
      Due to the size and scope of these addon packs, I've not been able to test each script, quest and each dialogue in all it's versions, as that would require me to do 2 or 3 full playthroughs. And I don't want you all to wait for this to happen. I also fixed various scripts and dialogues, that would never have triggered, because the target is male. But I fixed them anyway, in case somebody in the future decides to feminaze New Vegas/The Wasteland. Because TTW had the most types of scripts, dialogues etc, I only tested the TTW-addon for approximatly 95%. Howerver, due to reused logic, I can guarantee that 90% of the other addon's scripts will also work.
      - Maternity Pack Overkill 2.2 or 2.3 and all it's requirements
      - Tale Of Two Wastelands v2.9.4b and TTWFixes 2.2 (If using the MPO scriptaddon TTW.esp)
      Explanation of the different esps:
      - MPO scriptaddon Base.esp fixes stuff from FNV only and is required for all other esp's
      - MPO scriptaddon HH.esp fixes stuff specifically Honest Hearts. Of course you need the Honest Hearts DLC.
      - MPO scriptaddon DM.esp fixes stuff specifically for Dead Money. Of course you need the Dead Money DLC.
      - MPO scriptaddon OWB.esp fixes stuff specifically for Old World Blues. Of course you need the Old World Blues DLC.
      - MPO scriptaddon TTW.esp fixes stuff from F03, it's DLC, TTW and TTWFixes 2.2.
      In your Loadorder these files should be loaded in this order.
      (Gun-runners-Arsenal, Lonesome Road and the PreOrder packs didn't need any fixing)
      These addonpacks are not inclusive. If you are running TTW, you'll need all addonpacks. However if you know how to merge, you should be able to merge them to 1 file easily. I also believe that Wrye Flash can bash some of the DLC-addons, reducing your loadorder.
      If you have mulitple DLC, but not TTW, it's advisable to merge the addon packs together to fix mod conflicts between the addon's and to reduce the number of plugins you need to use.
      You can merge them together using merge-scripts for FNVEdit, or use the MergePlugin tool.
      Wrye Flash can also help remove mod conflicts, but usually doesn't reduce the number of plugins you need to have in your load order.
      Merge scripts for FNVEdit can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37981/?
      Merge plugin tool: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69905
      Wrye Flash: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35003
      About RemoveWorkStationNeeds.rar
      In Sexout Pregnancy some outfits won't automatically swap, but need to be altered by a workstation.  This file works with and without Maternity Pack Overkill and removes the need to change the outfits with a workstation. The outfits will auto-swap just like all the other outfits included in Sexout Common Resources (or Maternity Pack, if you use it in conjunction with that mod)
      For users that use Wrye Flash to make a bashed patches. Wrye Flash completely undoes all changes that RemoveWorkstationNeeds does, so make sure that that plugin is not included in the bashed patch and loads AFTER bashed Patch, 0.esp.
      - Pepertje for making Maternity Pack Overkill 1.0 and updating his download page with all the stuff I've been adding to it. And for all the advise he has given me
      - Ritual Clarity for all the advise he has given me, and for making SMMP (Super Mega Maternity Pack), combining my mods, and all other pregnancy mods to a easy to install package
      - Halstrom for his Sexout Common Resources and Sexout Pregnancy mods, and for help getting MPO to work with those mods
      - Neutron_rus for script advice and for fixing some of the more annoying mesh bugs
      - DoctaSax for helping me improve performance on my swap-scripts
      - All users that helped me test the mods iterations



    7. Fertile Breeder

      Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
      Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
      If you like this, please support me on either Patreon or PayPal, any donations are completely voluntarily and will, in no way, be forced on any member of the community. Further details in the spoiler section.
      The sequel for Fallout 4 is up: Boston Breeder
      Please carefully read the final spoilers describing the path to the Primary Beacon and especially the credits! If you don't read this, it will be a long sit without any music.
      -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky.
      -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.)
      -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously)
      On a quick sidenote: the main module is now complete. If anyone feels like contributing to one of the other modules, feel free to PM me and we could definitely work something out.
      Fertibe Breeder is built with the most recent beta versions of most LL mods. When experiencing issues, such as being stuck on main menu, upgrade these first. Also (this should go without saying) make sure you get all the required files for these requirements.
      -Fallout New Vegas
      -Sexout Common Recources
      -Sexout Pregnancy V3
      -Sexout OffSpring
      -Maternity clothes (likely included in Sexout Pregnancy V3)
      -Maternity Pack Overkill
      New Vegas Anti-Crash (NVAC) - Research Vessel Rho is prone to crash, this solves the issue.
      -Using Alternate Start and beginning in a Breeder area causes the animals to disappear. Use console commands to summon them.
      -The CAM mod (Chems Alcohol and Meds) messes up dialogue, specifically the GREETING topic, version 6.4 seems to give no trouble, though.
      No known bugs within this mod at the moment.
      How to report a bug:
      1. Discover bug
      2. Describe bug
      3. Wait until either I or someone else helps you
      Other modules
      Voice Files
      These are consensual encounters in which the Courier is offered caps in exchange for breeding services. There isn't much of a story leading up to this and these episodes are come-and-go.

      How to start and complete the final episode
      These are non-consensual encointers in which the courier is held captive and forced to breed for her captors. These episodes are started by completing the associated consensual episode (this not only makes sense but also makes it more reasonable that the player would know a couple things about breeding already.)
      Aside from the bighorner scenario, the non-consensual episodes will be moved into a seperate module. For any suggestions on this module or others, resort to this thread.
      Load Screens
      As of April 16th, 2016, the Load Screens are included on this page. Simply download them and install it manually or with a mod manager. What it does:
      Ref ID's (in case actors suddenly go missing)

      Plans yet to be planned (maybe I will/maybe I won't)
      (Something which is stricken through means I'm already working on it or have already done it.)
      -Setting up a similar but simpler version for the Capital Wasteland for TTW players
      -Rigging Mothership Zeta to be more in line with this story (also for TTW players)
      -Learning how to do scripting/asking someone with experience for help to make the NPC's act more NPC-like
      -Creating a "sequel" focusing more on running your own farm/expanding your own pack.
      -Giving you the option to let a female companion (Cass or Veronica) join in with the breeding fun.
      -Creating a follower who ties in to the events of all the Fertile Breeder events.
      For other modders:
      The code added below contains a script I'm currently using to allow progressive pregnancies on NPC's without requiring them to be impregnated through Sexout Pregnancy, for aestetics. Feel free to use it. EDITED: 09-09-'15 15:16

      My load order (may be of some help to anyone running into any issues.)



    8. Maternity Clothes

      By request I am uploading this into a new thread. I am not the owner of this and do not claim any ownership of the attached files. Any desires to use all or parts of the files of this mod needs to be brought to the attention of a moderator or admin as I cannot authorize any such use of the files.I have no way of contacting the original author(s) for proper permissions. However any corrections and or fixes or advancements of this mod is accepted.
      This thread only covers the actual assets of the mod not the issues that might occur in combination with SCR or Sexout. For those issues please post on their support thread for quicker response.
      Currently, there are 2 Options:
      For the first option, you need to click on the Mirror and download through MEGA. After downloading you use your favorite mod manager. Second option. Go and get the complete download (SMMP) through Mega that includes other files like Maternity pack Overkill which is required by many mods here on LL. It is also a single file through MEGA. Current contents of that download listed in the OP.   
      The choice is yours.
      Original Thread is here
      Previous Thread for Maternity Clothes by Soap desu is here
      Fallout New Vegas
      NVSE Extender
      Sexout Common Resources
      Sexout Pregnancy v3
      Sexout Spunk
      Some Sexout mod to have sex
      Optional but advised:
      7 zip
      For those not familiar with this mod it is a requirement for Sexout Pregnancy. The supported clothing should be swapped out when the pregnancy stages progress. Note being "supported" not all armors are supported for pregnancy and not all supported armors have full support. That is will swap through the entire pregnancy.
      If you are new to Sexout there are some tutorials for Sexout setup as well as a tutorial for setup for SCR Resources.
      Credit: (In no particular order)
      Halstrom for his Halstrom Data from SCR
      dborg2 for work on the Slave Rags mesh
      Evil Runner.
      User 29
      Dimon99 for the Type 3 Body
      Exeter for his Type 3 armor meshes
      Loogie for his meshes from Sexout Tryout
      Erthilo,& redhorizon 09 for the Mantis Zero Suit
      LORD DARIUS13 for the female power armor meshes
      Backsteppo & Crayne for the Bunny Suit
      brokencrash for the Ghost Armor Variants
      Ken1945 for the creation of the original mod for Oblivion
      Bunsaki for porting and adding his own resources pack to FO3
      Corehound for creating the bikini meshes for F03
      Dimon99 for Type 3 body
      Kendo 2 for porting Type 3 to FNV
      Sensen for texturing the Sectre Clean Suit
      Alecu for the HGEC Elegance Dress
      All attempts are taken to give credit to anyone that has had a hand in the creation or advancement of this mod. If you have created, added or helped advance this mod please let me know so I can add you to the proper credits.
      7 zip was used to compress these for upload. Your results may vary if you use WinRar or other programs. If you have any problems with extractions using other programs besides 7zip please download the free program and try it before reporting there are errors or issues with extraction.
      Photo credits
      Evil Runner. Found on his original thread's page.



    9. RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) 1.0.2

      RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) (Could use a better name, but meh...)
      A simple BodyMorph plugin that I originally made for myself causing me to learn scripting in GECK.
      Allows randomization of NPC body morphs based on minimum and maximum values for each bones that can be set for each race and gender via the MCM.
      Use Ctrl+M to quickly access the Activation Menu.

      BodyMorph 1.1.0+, of course.
      NVSE Extender (NX).
      Mod Configuration Menu - Needed to activate and setup the plugin.
      Weighted body, like T3F Body with BnB (look in Files section).
      Weighted armors or clothing, like Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors.
      Or T3FBBR BnB Body Replacer + Rough Outfit Conversions.
      There are alot of changes as of version 1.0.0 (January 3, 2016). To avoid issues from updating from an earlier version, it is advised to install it with a RaceBodyMorph-free save or better yet a BodyMorph-free save, to do so:
      Disable/Uninstall BodyMorph and RaceBodyMorph from your load order, start game and save. Then install the latest version of BodyMorph and RaceBodyMorph.
      Updating RaceBodyMorph or the core BodyMorph to a new version will deactivate the mod and reset all settings on load, so be sure to use the mod's Save/Load Settings function to save time.



    10. NX Insight (MCM NX Data Viewer)

      NX Insight
      An MCM mod that allows the user to view associated NX data of the target reference (Player if no reference under crosshair).
      NX variables to be displayed are defined inside the INI files located in "Data/Config/NXInsight/SubMenuFolder/INIFile.ini".
      Requires Lutana NVSE plugin to work.
      Directory Structure:
      - SubMenuFolder (SubMenu, MCM has a 10 submenu limit, so 10 folders are possible)
      - INI file (contains section names and NX variables to be displayed)
      Folders inside directory "Data/Config/NXInsight" will act as MCM submenus.
      There are no hard rules on organizing keys inside the INIs, just make sure you got the NX key of the NX variable you want to display right.
      See attachments in the first post for sample INIs.
      INI Format:

      SectionName = Section name
      NXKey = NX key of variable to display
      Enabled = Determines if this variable will be displayed in the MCM, set it to 1.
      Mod Configuration Menu
      NX (NVSE Extender)
      Lutana NVSE
      Having an ini file with the name "System.ini" apparently crashes the game when initialized, probably some engine level stuff conflicting, so avoid the name "System.ini".
      Attached are some INI files for BodyMorph, SOIntimacy and Spunk:



    11. Allnarta's Animation resources

      Finally managed how to use awesome D_ManXX2's Rig and created few poses. They are pretty simple - i am not skilled at creating dynamic idles so don't expect very much.
      Pack contains 2 new poses atm: 1 male solo fnd 1 blowjob. They are intended for male on male/futa action becaouse ActorB playing with their cock. Hope to manage how to do creature poses but don't even know where to start.
      There is no .esp, just animation files.
      D_ManXX2 for his handy rig.
      Creators of Sexot for Seout itself.



    12. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

      Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
      Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
      An addon for Fertile Breeder.
      For the Voice Files, head to the main Fertile Breeder page.
      This is the collection of all Fertile Breeder plugins made for TTW. This means that you'll need TTW for them to work, as well as all previously released Fertile Breeder mods. Normally I'd post every plugin on a seperate page, but I felt that would become a bit too confusing, so from now on I'm placing everything on as little pages as possible.
      Current releases:
      Fertile Breeder - Zeta (0.2.6)

      Fertile Breeder - Jade (0.7.4)

      Fertile Breeder - DC Breeder (0.2.6)




    13. Fertile Breeder - Farmer

      Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
      Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
      Please note that this mod is a module to Fertile Breeder, and will require the main module in order to work.
      Part of the Fertile Breeder series, this mod allows you to begin your very own farm. Talk to Paula after setting her free from Jeff's basement and help her revive the Matthews Animal Husbandry. Watch it grow as you bring new women to the farm to give in to the large bighorner fest. And once it is all done? What will you do? Well, you collect the bounty, of course!
      In order to start the quest, you'll have to complete Paula's quest from the FB Main Module. To do this:

      New episodes (Version 1.5+)




    14. Fertile Breeder - Captured

      Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
      Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
      This module for Fertile Breeder takes you through the darker sides of the Mojave. Rather than being paid for your services and doing it at your leisure, you are about to find out that some people aren't as forthcoming as the people you've dealt with so far.
      You will be imprisoned and forced to breed for your captors. It will not be a Sunday trip, so be warned.

      The Garden

      The Call of Callville

      The Remnant

      Quest ID's (in case you have to force a stage)

      Halloween Countdown pictures



    15. Sexout LoversBed 1.1.6

      Sexout LoversBed
      As the name implies, it does the same thing as Oblivion's Lovers Bed, except only with NPCs.
      Allows sex to occur between sleeping NPCs that are on the same bed or close to each other (Distance: 150).
      NPCs that are sleeping alone have a chance of masturbating.
      The player needs to be hidden from the NPCs involved for the act to happen.
      New in 1.1.0: Match Finder (Requires MCM to enable)
      When enabled, every 8:00pm - 3:30am, an NPC in the current cell will look for a partner and find a bed to engage in sex.
      SexoutNG 2.10.95 or latest
      Mod Configuration Menu - (Optional) Needed to change default settings and enable Match Finder.
      NPCs in bunk beds are exempted from engaging in an act as bunk beds tend to mess up animation alignment and leave the actors stuck afterwards.
      Match Finder Notes:
      To be a valid couple, the sum of disposition of the selected NPCs towards each other must be 80+, this is of course, false for raiders.
      Changing cells will reset the process, so if you want to see such events, stay in the same cell long enough, frequency of the process is 20secs.
      There's a 260secs (2hrs 10mins in-game) cooldown (monitored via spell) after the start of the process before another one can be started in the same cell.
      There are instances when NPCs are unable to reach the only valid and available bed in the area, in which case they will timeout after 240secs (2hrs in-game).