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  1. Depends on what you mean by compatible. If you mean, does the game freak out and everything crashes to the ground in a cacophony of destruction and sorrow? I would not think so, and someone would have mentioned something by now if there were any hard conflicts. I use Sexlab Approach and Horrible Harassment (as well as BaboDialog) so all the BakaFactory stuff is fine.
  2. In the case of Defeat you can set the tags to define what kind of animations it should pull. for this you would set the tags to pull your spanking animations
  3. From an immersion stand point it should almost be the other way around. Once one person slaps your ass more people will do it, same as cat calling. These actions in a real world environment tend to build to a frenzy. If the game could simulate that it would force the player to run for shelter or someplace to hide from the now frenzied cat calling ass slapping mob. 😊
  4. what other mods? I ask because I have actually seen this behavior where concentration spells will continue to fire even after mana is gone, but I never tracked a source of the issue and it was never persistent (which is why tracking was hard.) I had sort of written it off long ago as being a quirk of skyrim 😊
  5. Out of curiosity what lead you to think it was caused by SLS? That may help in the diagnosis. 😊
  6. The Pumpkins armors are added to the default categories, no categories are added as that is more complicated. For example the Heavy Imperial Armors are under the Steel Okay so something different is wrong with these. Because those are valid ARMO records Do you have a copy of your load order with the load order numbers on them? Like is Pumpkins really 03 (the third plugin on your load order)? How is it below Sexlab Survival if it is that high up?
  7. perfect thanks! That was the part I was missing 😊
  8. Greetings it's me again 👋 Where does SLS get its tears textures from? I want to change them and I thought it was getting from ZAZ but that didn't work...
  9. probably all pumpkins since remastered doesn't change any form IDs just the esp plugin name changed. 46 is still too many. can you post the papyrus? Yes
  10. no YOUR too late! 😂 I posted the updated json an hour ago. 🥰
  11. Try replacing your json file with this one please. 😊 Bikini Armors Json file for Sun and expanded.7z
  12. So some of the records are addon records? I forgot who I got that json from 🤔 The thought of rebuilding a json list gives me a headache
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