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  1. That is not something I have seen or heard anyone else having. You should try full uninstall and and reinstall. Are these things happening on a new game? or an old save
  2. What version of Sun's remastered are you using? The converted ESP requires 6.1
  3. Telling you not to hold weapons is a function of this mod, but no one else appears to have reported black screen freezing afterwards. are you getting a .net crash log?
  4. There isn't any way for it to actually KNOW 🤔 if you are leaving or entering, so it is probably triggered by proximity to a marker (I'd guess the toll box) So ya, just walking by would do it. 😊
  5. Here ya go 😊 TheAmazingWorldOfBikiniArmor key worded for SLS.7z
  6. This is flagging it as an esl Not if it adds things to the world. If it is just craft able armor with no in world pre made items to distribute (including a book needed for making it), then it is probably safe to exclude. If it does than the answer is a definite maybe. It would depend how it added them to the world. But unchecking the ESLs (even the ones Vortex marks light) should take you to 255 max Also side note, careful of that vortex function. If you use SOS it has a known issue with itself or any of its dependent mods being check as light or esl
  7. The automated merge function in xEdit cannot resolve ESL flagged plugins so you may uncheck all ESP plugins. The max number or non-esl plugins is 255 so you should always be able to run it if you uncheck the ESLs After you have created the Merged patch you have to save and exit xEdit then go back in an activate all plugins, then you can go in and manually resolve conflicts with ESLs and the xEdit merge patch.
  8. I said I added all the armors to the json under the closest approximation of the existing header. I did not add any new headers.
  9. SL Triggers is the SE version of Util
  10. I think you should try Sexlab Disparity it can assign all kinds of buffs and debuffs based on conditions like arousal. Can be easily converted using cathedral
  11. When I did the combined Json file I just put the armors the category that was closest to it instead of making new categories. All the armors are in the json though. I think elven is with the dwarven stuff like that.
  12. The boots actually care more about the offset of the high heels than any keyword. If you have high heels required selected in the Bikini license it will look for that skee offset to decide if they are high enough. The default is 5, I however think that is too high. You should set the offset to 3.5 this should capture most high heels.
  13. That is the order I do it in, bash then merge I have seen people say merge then bash, but it always was more work for me when I did it that way.
  14. 1. Are you using MO2? 2. If yes can you post a csv file of your installed mods with all options checked 3. Plug in load order from L00t
  15. Sounds like you may have been putting the alternate json file for Sun's that is on the DL page in the wrong spot. It has to be extracted manually to the SL skse folder, and cannot just be installed like a mod.
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