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  1. Does this version of Aroused support the Baka Keywords? (the ones that start SLA_ like SLA_ArmorHalfNaked)
  2. Is there a way to turn off the schlongification of armor? (The automated process it uses to add the 52 slot to body armors that do not have it, unless that armor is marked as revealing)
  3. Sexlab Approach (also by BakaFactory) and yes Babo Dialog is fully translated now. -There was a slight mishap involving bread, but that has been cleared up. 😆
  4. Try this. Sexlab Survival 0.623 SE (23-Oct-2020).7z
  5. You can modify approachers intent in the MCM and weight it more to the rapey side if small talk isn't your thing*. 😊 I really liked TDF but it was a heavy mod to carry. *Fun fact though, someone asking how your day is going counts as helping one of the Yarl's people out for the purposes of the 3 quests you need to complete for Thanehood. 😆
  6. Thing about SLHH is it is more of something other mods are meant to trigger, it has it's own ad hoc mechanism just so it isn't just framework. But it's full potential is in the hand off script for other mods to use it as an event. I get hit by it from SL Adventures, SLAP, and Babo Dialog can't even remember the last time I triggered it via its mechanic.
  7. I have the stand alone. This is the Stand alone version with craftable undies Remodeled Armor for UUNP BodySlide HDT updated ESPs Bikini Keyword.7z
  8. on which the stand alone or the replacer?
  9. I am not 100% sure that is true anymore, BakaFactory made a lot of changes to the bump triggers, and MM1 has made some changes to bump spanks I think. Initially SLHH was set at a low priority and was frequently stepped on by other mod triggers (It also requires you to actually bump someone like you literally have to sprint into them), and now bump spanks mostly work off greet mechanics I think. (At least it no longer seems necessary to actually "Bump" into anyone to trigger them.)
  10. Does everything appear to be going in slow motion during sex? if yes Are you running SE, and do you have Osmel's Sexlab Utility Plus installed? (I am having what may be a similar issue, and so far in testing it doesn't happen when I disable Osmels sexlab tweak. Though I am not 100% sure that is the cause yet, because it didn't happen every time before. Periodic bugs are such a pain to track down)
  11. Tolls can be made irrelevant by setting the doors to unlocked, removing the follower requirement and setting the toll amount to zero. Everything in this mod can be turned off (afaik) in some way or another.
  12. Using SKSE plugins can do some pretty magical things*, but (and this is a HUGE but!) it also makes converting between LE and SE nearly impossible (Effectively impossible for most lay people) You would need to start maintaining an LE and SE version of the mod. If the mod was to be supported in both platforms. *See almost everything Felisky384 does, like Dynamic Animation Replacer mod.
  13. I think so, but you can just run Cathedral on the top folder (The SL Survival folder) and it will catch everything
  14. in that case the answer is no There is no proof of a human/*Cat* hybrid race in Elder Scrolls lore as far as I know. Even if you remove the magical/Mythical aspects of the Neko race (from their own lore) to make it just a human fox hybrid. *Edit I had fox on the brain after reading about the Lilmothiit 😆
  15. you need the base mod because you need the texture files. Legraf's version is already UUNP
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