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  1. Well looking at the file contents for that mod, they are not lying, it is only a head replacer. so in this picture are you and Serana wearing the same outfit? What mod manager are you using MO, MO2, Votex, NMM, etc ?
  2. I tried it using the BHUNP Optimized both the base 7B0 Oppai and the BHUNP folders using Cathedral Assets Optimizer Built the outfit in BodySlide and it worked. It looks like ass of course because I am not using BHUNP in SE I am currently running 3BA so the textures and collision stuff was all wonky but that is to be expected. It didn't crash though.
  3. Looks like it is called the Mods tab That is where you see the asset priority I wish I could find a decent screen shot
  4. I don't know vortex very well but it uses a virtual file system like MO does so it will have two lists one is the load order for plugins (what you have posted already) that has all the ESM and ESP and ESLs in it the other will just be a list of mod folders that hold all the various assets. The high on the priority a folder is the earlier it is loaded. So if an asset like Female Body textures is in 2 mods the one with the bigger number of priority is going to overwrite the one that was loaded earlier that make sense?
  5. Not a load order issue, it will be an assets issue. Are you using MO or MO2?
  6. It's just a bad texture issue The texture it is pulling in is not the correct one for CBBE Something is probably overwriting your fair skin complexion mod If you are using MO or Vortex move Fair skin lower on the left side to give its assets priority
  7. Ya that plugin is not for everyone. 😊 But on the subject of your post, Crash fixes I believe outputs a log file that can sometimes point to a culprit. However, if as I suspect, it is a memory issue, the mod that was trying to use memory when it crashed will not really be the problem. It will just be whatever random thing was asking for memory when the cookie jar finally ran out. 😉
  8. Crashes that seem to happen based on time (like 30 minutes into playing) it is usually memory based. I had some success increasing play time by using this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/102610 Which has more dynamic memory management than something like crash fixes. however, a lot of virus protection software gets really touchy when something starts playing with memory the way this does. So it sometimes gets reported as a malicious program. read the instructions carefully, and read a few of the comments to get an idea of what you are getting into. For my part when used right it worked wonders. (but a system restart was sometimes needed after I closed out of Skyrim because of the way it manages the system memory can make windows run funny if you don't reset everything.)
  9. If that is what is happening, then you should switch to Which is by the same author but made for SE
  10. Are you trying to convert it to SE? If so, it won't work. The effects appear to be packaged in a DLL file (extratools.dll) that will not be compatible to SE
  11. in Sexlabs there is a selection called limited stripping. When that is checked it uses foreplay stripping setup (I think that is the one it uses). You can then set that one up to only strip what you want in the timers and stripping menu.
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