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  1. I'll look into it, but it seems to me like I had the same issue with the original ESP. Something to do with how Sun injected the keywords into her mod... /shrug
  2. The heel requirement can be turned off or even turned down in the MCM under licenses.
  3. I believe SLS MCM lets you set this as consensual or non-consensual giving the user the choice. Some people (Like me) would call coerced sex non-consensual as it is similar to your boss telling you to give him a blow job or your fired.
  4. Devious Followers also changes room prices by changing the global directly. So you wouldn't need RRR just go into DF and change the global to whatever you want.
  5. The price of rooms is a global, but I think SLS uses a script to change it not an esp record. Try deactivating it in the MCM exit the menu, wait a few, then go back in and turn it back on again. The script may have timed out at start up or something so you might need to retrigger it.
  6. It appears to be linked to the trauma system. MM1 is aware of it, I personally think it happens when all the trauma slots are full and it is cycling through swapping out textures and hiccups. hitting the button in the MCM to clear the overlays (instead of clearing the blank one in racemenu) "seems" to make it go away for a longer period of time. But as the effect appears to be random it is hard to say it that is true or just a placebo. Also rebuilding the trauma textures in the MCM also "seems" to make it go away longer. But in the long term MM1 does know about it, and
  7. try removing anything from the merge patch that is not under the containers or race sections, and see if that works.
  8. Well I have changed my set up drastically since then and it still happens, and the reset button does not work.
  9. One for the bug list. Your rape event never releases the rapists. After the rape is over any NPC that was involved continues to have the dialog block added when it starts (The you deserve this, type comments) which can be bad if a quest NPC is involved.
  10. Like none of their armor is being removed? Or they suddenly are using the never nude vanilla body?
  11. The JSON file is for injecting bikini armor into the leveled list for chest around Skyrim, it only impacts finding bikinis in chests. The Bikini curse is from wearing items not identified as bikinis with the keyword. That is fixed by either adding the keywords yourself or replacing the bikini armor esp you use with one of the ones posted on the top mod page (they are toward the bottom of the post)
  12. Does your merged patch create a section called 'Non-player Character (actor)'? If yes, then click on that right click and remove (On the Merged patch in xEdit)
  13. I guess the first question would be, do you have an example of a mod without a DLL that is difficult to convert? Every instance of a mod that doesn't want to convert may have their own particular reason for problems to arise. the broad spectrum answer would be that the mod depends on something in SKSE that was changed in SKSE64 or some other interaction with a mod that is somehow different in SE than LE (there are a few mild differences in Sexlab for example, not big things to be sure but they are there none the less.) Outfits can also be a problem if they use HDT-PE w
  14. I seems to be much better with male voices, it would be nice to see it being incorporated into things like Sexist guards.
  15. Form Ids are in Hex, but the system needs them in decimal to do this function. So you take the first 2 digits off the form ID (which is the load order reference) and then convert the remaining to decimal and that is the numbers you see in the json file. In my build the Iron Bikini top VI is 780033B2 or 0033B2 without load order reference (don't need a load order reference because you tell it what .esp to look for it in) (fyi the leading 00 can also be dropped as they don't matter in decimal) This can be expressed in decimal as 13234 This how th
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