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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. [Tobi] MfgBinder

    Ohh... Hello !...
    What is MFG Binder?... its upgrade for MFG Console!...
    Animated Expression and more ^_^...

     Hey, join Discord :o !...
    :: Discord -> https://discord.gg/CDkcv22 ::
    So what You can do with MfgBinder?...
     :: Play lips Animations ( PushToTalk ) 
     :: Play Random Face Animations ( WIP !... )
     :: Bind Keyboard Keys with Face Expressions using Scripts to Animate them ( 8 Slots for use )
     :: Save and Load Expression Presets with MCM Menu ( its same thing as MFG Console Commands -> mfg z18 / mfg f5 etc. ) ( 30 Slots )
     :: Import and Export Expressions with MCM ( WIP !... )
     :: Mfg Console
     :: Sky UI
     :: SKSE
    Permissions?... Who the fuck cares... You can do with it anything You want :3...
    Look at  Video to see how it Works !...
    You are a Modder and You want to see Source Code?...
    Or maybe You want that Sex Toy from Pics?... both downloads here :3...
    I got angry... Toxic text deleted but Preset gonna be still Deleted...
    I rly don't understand why some ppl are stopid...



  2. Sunrise Mansion 2.0

    This mod is a request for a friend. A new vacation home in the Sea of Pearls. This is a small taste of what you can expect in the upcoming DLC the Forbidden Island.
     How do I get to the Island
    Go to the Dawnstar sanctuary, there you will see a new ship. Or go to Mara's Temple, near the shrine there is a new teleport spell.
    Help I can get inside the Sunrise Mansion:
    The Sunrise Mansion is reserved for rich nobles, you need 150,000 to purchase the property. If you don't have that kind of gold then press ~ & type in player.additem 0000000f 150000
    How do I get back to Skyrim
    There is a teleport spell in the living room of Sunrise Mansion
    Player Mansion
    Small tropical Island
    New Soundtrack the beach from DJ Red Rad
    12 custom paintings from DJ Red Rad
    Bathing Suite area
    New books The Forbidden Island Myth or Fact, The mind of a Pirate, The Red Sabre Pirates
    New letters and journals
    Uncover a new plot, find out who killed Esmeralda
    Chef & Maid
    and much more

    Sunrise Mansion contains it's own climate settings, as well as it's own water settings and LOD (Level of detail)
    Authors Note
    This is practically the prologue, it's the introduction of the Forbidden Island. The Forbidden Island is an upcoming DLC. The upcoming DLC already has 14 voice actors, it will contain a large tropical Islands, made from scratch. It will contain a new jungle area, towns, swamps, an underground city. Join-able factions, and much more. If your feeling creative and want to offer voice acting, join us, contact me.
    This mod is free from copy righted content. DJ Red Rad created the soundtrack & permission has been
    granted to use the custom asset's, DJ Red Rad personally spoke with the mod authors mentioned in the hall of fame, the rest are free modding resources. the jungle sounds have also been retrieved from freesound.org. The author has aquired the license 
    and is free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material. for any purpose, even commercially.
    The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.
    http://www.freesound.org/people/folkart films/sounds/122767/

    Hall of Fame 
    MannyGT - Modding resources, ruins,buildings etc. (Personally spoke with the author, received permission to use certain assett's) 
    Breti -Modding resources, houses etc (Personally spoke with the author, received permission.)
    Insanity Sorrow 
    CD Projekt Red & Oaristys- (Modding resources) Armor
    Gendundrup (Free Modding resources, personally spoken with the author)
    testiger2 - Armor, Mesh Resources
    Ladyonthemoon - Level of detail expert thank you for showing us how to understand and generate LOD. 
    bfadragon - For the resource extra food. 
    morganmarz betterbecause jet4571 - HQ Real Paintings Modders Resource
    mindboggles - Water Meshes
    Garnet/ flintone - Wicker Set
    Blary - Modding resources
    CAD345 - For The Airship. Big thanks.  
    Mirrou4ka, 1ndajone5 - New beddings
    MuppetPuppet - Modding resources, thank you. 
    Leodoidao - Arab art resource
    LOLICEPT, lolikyonyu - Modding resources
    Tamira and mr_siika  - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc (Personally spoke with Tamira & recieved permission, big fan of her work)
    Stroti - Modding resources
    Elinen, Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince - Modding resoures grass, flowers
    MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island, Modding resources. (Personally spoke with MJY and received permission to use his assett's (Thank you appreciate your work MJY.)
    Blackflag & Hyperactivechild -Landscape Textures 
    Markus Liberty (Tellmann) - for the modelling and texturing Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource 
    Ga-Knomboe Boy - GKB Green Trees (Modding resources) Thank you.
    ps46183 and Galadreal  - Platter With Goblets Cups Modders Resources
    WesleyWalesAnderson - (Personally spoke with the mod author, received permission to use the outfit.)
    Antony Bellingham (Tutorial videos, thank you for your wonderful videos.
    berticus0001 - Modding resources. Purchase property scripts (Thank you so much for your modding resources, respect.)
    Alexander J. Velicky (Thank you so much for the tutorial on LOD)



  3. [Tobi] Tatsu Preset

    Ohh Hello!... I'm Tobi!... God of Chaos :o...
    What this Mod do?... completly NOTHING !... Because it is just a preset :3
    She is crazy Wild girl that don't like to wear clothes.
    Do lewd things to her and send nudes ❤️
     ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 
    ps. she like ur dick in mouth
     Hey!... You want to talk about this?...
    :: Discord -> https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
    :: Patreon -> i do have Patreon... but i'm not gonna give u my patreon!...

    What Mods I'm using?...
    :: This is little update for face NIF ( Download: ---TatsuV05.nif )
     - removed elf ears ( You can bring them back with RaceMenu Ear Shape )
     + Fixed Skull mesh ( hair was not touching skin with some Hair Styles )
     + Fixed teeths
     + Little edits around lips
     + Edited Brows
    If You want to download new version download this file: ( its only NIF File Update ( Mesh ), you still need jslot file - Main Download )
    Idk... if You want u can try this High Poly version: ( You need High Poly Head from Vector Website !!! )
    HighPoly Test.ddsHighPoly Test.nif
    Update: 2021-03-08
     Added "Download E42"
    its new High Poly Head Preset, here You can see how E42 Look:



  4. Vampire Quality of Undeath Tweaks

    This is a vampire makeover I mean overhaul I made because I didn't feel like fiddling with the MCMs in other vampire overhauls.
    I had it for awhile so I figured I'd share. This has a few interesting things to keep me from going nuts. One is that you no longer run like an overweight fat man in sunlight. In fact as long as you stay in stage 1 you won't have any penalties whatsoever. Just keep from going above that or that scary mudcrab will be doing up to 4 times the damage to you. Ouch! The frost resistance has been reversed to fix what I felt to be an issue which is that feeding should make you stronger not starving yourself. Molag Bal is the lord of Domination and feeding on humans seems pretty dominating to me. I added some shock resistance to the mix due to inspirations from Frankenstein. The vampire powers are still linked to starving yourself until I can figure it out. For now call it Bal's way of throwing you a bone. Also you can breathe underwater.
    The vampire lord has also gained a few tweaks. The perks have been rewritten to show more of the nitty gritty data such as spell durations. The max default armor rating has been increased from 300 to 500 as well as a magic resistance of 75 at level 50. You are also immune to sunlight while transformed no matter which stage of vampirism you're at. You're welcome~



  5. Uniform Character Heights

    Uploaded DLC version - requires all 3 dlcs
    Races have different heights (nords slightly taller, altmer way taller), some sexlab animations look like air humping or penis stabbing, sexlab even actors feature in mcm disables ctd fix (some say it works some say its irrelevant), couldn't find plugin to make them all the same height so I did it myself very quickly didn't even check for conflicts because I forgot how and its just height change what could go wrong? Doesn't even have prerequisites just skyrim.
    I changed male and female heights for vanilla race, vampires too. I even changed astrid's race (she's nord but almost as tall as altmer) if you're into her.
    I did this very quickly I don't even know if changing astrid's race in CK has any effect in-game. I only checked my imperial against an altmer in-game and see if it made any difference in sexlab animations, and it did. I don't care about realism I just want some animated tender sexing with properly placed dongs and boobs.
    Hopefully it doesn't break anything, if it does I apologize. Also if anyone with more experience would care to look into this see if anything is off, that'd be great. Would be even greater if they made a better version of this that wasn't pieced together by an amateur who struggled to remember how CK works.
    Do whatever you want with this it took me about 10 mins to make this.
    Installation is business as usual its just an esp.



  6. What am I - Transforming Mod & Framework

    !!! File moved to SE page !!!
    Hi Folk,

    first i have to execuse myself for my bad English. This is my own first mod and its still WIP i have pretty big plans to go on with it ^^

    What is this?
    Well basicly its a transformation mod triggered by different events (i will list them below) u will recieve a random Transformation to become a Fury, part for part.

    Which Tf's are implemented?
    I will add a list for it too look below. The list also contain the implemented systems like curse etc
    Just why?
    Because i love the idea being transformed and fucking hell, FURRY!!!

    Framework usage:
    You can also look on the Function script in the source folder. I wrote comments to each function.
    All Dlc's (exept hearthfire) SkyUi XP32 Racemenu Slavetats Po3 Papyrus Extender  
    SE AND LE Version Here



  7. Sinistrera My Presets

    I am part of the Skyrim mod community  for several years, I always wanted to contribute but as I'm not a Programmer
    my options are limited, so I came to share something that I lose my time in the game... YES
    create characters!!, I’m just addicted to creating Chars in every RPG I play, I spend at least 2 hours creating and recreating
    Anyway, here are some of my creations one more random than the other.
    (English is not my first language sorry if i made a mistake)

    🔷All Pesets
    Kratos - Nord General Kratos - Redguard Kratos Ghost of Sparta - Orc Madness - Nord Shrek the Raper - Nord ("irony") Hentai King - Orc NightShadow - Khajiit Nemesis - Nord 🔷Mod Requirements - mods that I used to create this characters.
    RaceMenu  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624 The Witcher 3 Eyes  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79622  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 Ixum's Tattoos  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73605 Flamebringer Tattoos  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96745 Eyes of Aber  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59192 SAM — Shape Atlas for Men  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/10-sam-%E2%80%94-shape-atlas-for-men/ ⭐More Characters Soon.



  8. YPS Crafting Recipes - Making Makeup in Skyrim

    If you're like me a female dragonborn on the go,  you know how hard it is to stay lookin good in the land of Skyrim.
    That is why when @emily1673 released Immersive hair growth and styling I was like...  🙀💃
    But when I got to the local makeup merchant and saw the prices, I was... 😭
    You see, my dragonborn is poor and looking good can be expensive in Skyrim. 
    This mod provides crafting recipes for a few of the makeup items in YPS Immersive fashion (You will still need to buy some of the more exotic things). But it will allow you to look decent on a budget. 
    To start making makeup you will need the book "Making Makeup in Skyrim"* which can be crafted at a tanning rack with 1 ink and 1 roll of paper. Once you have that in your inventory you will see recipes at your local cooking pot for making Lipstick, Eyeshadow, and Nail Polish. There are some sub components that need to be made first on a few of those (namely lipstick, and remover pads) but most items will be pretty straight forward and made from things you can find around Skyrim fairly easily. 
    *It's not really a book it is really just a misc item. I didn't make it as a book and didn't notice I had done that till it was a condition on a bunch of constructible objects. Sure I "could" fix that, but why?
    This mod should work on both LE and SE with no conversion needed. 
    Skyrim and Dawnguard - Coming up with recipes for colorful makeup took more than base generic Skyrim can handle.
    Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - needed for immersive ingredients
    YPS Immersive Hair Growth and Styling - duh! 😄
    @emily1673 - For making YPS in the first place! 😍
    kryptopyr -  For Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul 😎
    @Ashal - For LoversLab 🤗



  9. Focus Pokus

    Focus Pokus by Corsayr!
    (Okay @Monoman1 did like most of it. 😊)
    Focus Pokus adds a spell that tracks various armor slots (configurable in the MCM) and depending on what you are wearing in that slot (also configurable in the MCM) increases your MagickaRateMult and thus increases your magicka regeneration. 
    🤨Why would I want that? (You ask)
    I'm glad you asked!
    What it can also do is set that MagickaRateMult to 0 as default this will make it so that you have no natural magical regeneration, and will require some outside assistance to regen magicka. So if you as a mage are wearing cloth items in the tracked slots, the mod checks the number of slots filled VS the number of slots tracked and provides a global rating. Based on that percentage it triggers magicka regen 
    Changed to this in 1.3 from 25/50/75/100
    20% filled slots = 20% Magicka regen. 
    So if you track 5 slots
    1 slot = 20% regen
    2 slots = 40% regen
    3 slots = 60% regen
    4 slots = 80% regen
    5 slots = 100% regen
    as an example. 
    Obviously the more slots tracked the more items that have to be worn to achieve the percentage thresholds. But the magicka regen is always at the 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent. (So to get 50% regen when tracking 12 slots you need to be wearing valid items in 6 of those slots.) 
    🤔 I'm still not getting, why would I want this (You ask)
    Well, it's simple, the mod is basically designed to work with mods that damage or destroy your armor like Loot and Degradation, Mortal Weapons and Armor, Bikini Armor - Break, Equipment Durability System, etc, etc. 
    So as you become more naked, and un-able to equip armor in those spots you become more helpless. (less magicka regen)
    That's right! This is just another perv mod in disguise! 😄 Designed to make your poor magic character vulnerable when naked so she has to scrounge for any scrap of clothing to put on so she can use her boom magic!  😈
    🤨 Is it for LE or SE (You ask)
    That's a great question! you are so smart! The answer is BOTH! Doesn't matter it can be installed without conversion into either platform. (You will get a File 43 error in SE on the esp, but just ignore it, if you are here on LoversLab and using SE you probably already have a thousand File 43 errors already. What's one more? 😊)
    Recommended Mod(s)
    Obviously as mentioned before this whole thing works better and is more meaningful if your gear can be lost, stolen, or damaged in someway. So any mod that does that (I already mentioned a few)
    I like Widget mod for monitoring your Magicka Regen this mod is actually a corner stone of a larger magicka philosophy that a characters magicka regen shouldn't be something that happens without outside intervention. So knowing what your regen is at all times is helpful.
    Widget Mod LE or Widget Mod SE has an attributes widget that is helpful for that. Although it tracks the less useful MagickaRate stat and not the MagickaRateMult stat. This can be fixed by replacing the script pex in widget mod with this
    This script was made for me by @Blackbird Wanderer to change the Attributes widget in Widget mod to track MagickaRateMult. Just put that in the Widget Mod Scripts folder and allow it to overwrite (SE or LE doesn't matter works on both)
    Anyway, I am sure there is stuff I am missing, but I can always add more info later.
    For now I leave you with
    Special Thanks!
    @Monoman1 For basically making this mod (He made me do the spell myself so I'd learn, but the Scripts, the MCM, the FOMOD... all him) 😍
    @Ashal for LoversLab and bringing us all together here to digitally beat our favorite games into the games we actually want. 😄
    @Blackbird Wanderer for the Widget Mod Script and for being an inspiration for me 🥰



  10. Mandatory Training

    This mod prevents progressing skills at certain levels unless you visit a skill trainer. It is a modified version of the Experience Multiplier mod by skepmanmods. I removed the MCM and instead added a script which automatically changes your experience gain rate to 0 at certain levels.
    I created this mod to combine it with SexLab Demanding Trainers by HexBolt8. The whole puropse is to add a reason for visiting a trainer even if you are short of money.
    Install this mod like any other by adding the files to your Skyrim data directory.
    You can check if the mod is working by using the console command "incPCS restoration". You should get a notifycation when you exit the console.
    The default version prevents your progress at levels 24, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89. I also added an alternate version with fewer levels: 24, 49, 74, 89
    You can also set your values by using Tes5Edit and changing the MaTr_PresistentScript Quest-Script properties "XpLockedLevels" and "SkillTierNames". Both properties have to contain the same number of entries.



  11. [Tobi] OsaPoser

    Hmm... what this "Mod" do?... Its small XML plugin file for OSA Engine!...
    With this Plugin you can play any animation You want from any Animation Pack ^_^
    Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
    If You are new or dont know those Poser Packs
    but You want to download best of best look at Score ( amount of * - stars :3 )
    :: Supported Animation Packs ::
     - GS Poser                      ( Finished: 100% ) ( Score: ***** ) - Animated Poses
     - Fuwa Poser                  ( Finished: 100% ) ( Score: **** )
     - GomaPero Poser         ( Finished: 100% ) ( Score: ***** ) * NEW - Fixed ( download V3 ) ( 2020-07-21 )
     - Halos Poser                 ( Finished: 25% ) ( Score: *** ) - NOT FINISHED ( Download [Tobi] OsaPoser )
     - Pinup Poser                 ( Finished: 10% ) ( Score: ** ) - NOT FINISHED ( Download [Tobi] OsaPoser )
     - Zaz Animations           ( Finished: 5% ) ( Score: *** ) * NEW ( This will be deleted soon )
    Working on:
     - *
    !:: Requirements ::!
     << PLUGINS >>
     - OsaEngine ( and all its req. )
     - At least one Animation Pack
    !:: Instalation ::!
     1) Download "Declare.rar" and all Pose Plugins You are using
     2) Drop all files to: -> <SKYRIM> ...\Data\Meshes\0SA\_MyOSA\anim_1... <HERE>
    - If You don't have req. folders >> just make them !...
    !:: Update ::! ( 2020-07-21 )
    + GomaPero Animations finished
    + New ZaZ Animations ( very early WIP )
    + Some fixes in other Animation Packs



  12. Restore Potions converted to crappy EXP potions

    A simple mod that replaces the all too common restore health/magicka/stamina potions found all over the game with potions that give the player a small, borderline worthless, boost in experience to a random skill.
    This was a mod I made for my personal use I decided to share for the heck of it. I felt the rather spammed occurrence of healing potions made the game a little too easy. Especially if you are like me a prefer to make the game more difficult in manners other that the default, rather lazily setup "everything kills you in two hits" vanilla higher difficulties. I wanted to replace the potions with something that wasn't particularly useful but would still be desirable enough to be something the player would want to pick up. This seemed like a good solution without playing into some other mechanic that is too easily broken already (such as turning them into money items for example: it is too easy to farm gold in Skyrim already).
    - Using one of the new potions will give a very small experience boost to a random skill of any type, regardless of the potion's color. The potions all also have a 1/18 chance to give a permanent +1 boost to your maximum health/magicka/stamina, depending on the potions color.
    - This mod does not effect fortify or recovery rate potions. They are much rarer and not quite as directly useful as the restore potions.
    - This mod does not effect restore potions crafted through alchemy. I feel like that was more of a specialized skill rather than just finding massive amounts of restore potions just lying around the game world everywhere.
    - The potions function as their vanilla restore effects when an NPC uses them, so this mod will not nerf enemy NPCs carrying restore potions.
    - The new potions are keyworded as "VendorNoSale" so alchemy/general shops will not sell them to you. No pay-to-win exp here. You can still steal any of the potions on display in towns though.
    - None🙂 Not even any of the official expansions. Just vanilla Skyrim. Well maybe SKSE but can't remember.
    That's actually The Apprentice standing stone symbol. I thought it was fitting to the concept. Plus this mod was something of a personal rush job so just call me lazy😛
    Mainly because the red (health) potions tend to be far more common than blue (magicka) or green (stamina) potions. That would heavily shift this mod in favor of warrior builds for what little it would be worth. So I decide to make the RNG completely even, with the rare +1 stat boost being the only thing unique about the colors.
    Maybe. I'm not able to test it. Can't think of any reason it wouldn't as long as you have the SE SKSE.
    - Just me this time.



  13. [Tobi] Double Dint Mod

    - Ohh so u want to know what this mod =DO=?...
    It's pretty simple, it use Facial Hair as Second Hair Slider ^_^
    So u can pick Second Hair for Your character and use them both at same Time !...
    Dint HDT Hair Mod have around 90 Hair Styles
    Double Dint hair Mod have 82 Hair Styles
     >> That gives You OVER 7380 POSSIBLE combinations
    If Dint999 Make more Hair styles it means You can make even more combinations
     + Yes, it do works with other Hair styles ( KS, HG, KI etc. )
    Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
     - Updates ( or KS / HG / KI version ) only on Discord!...
    !:: Requirements ::!
     << PLUGINS >>
     - RaceMenu
     - Dint999 Hair Textures and Meshes
    !:: Update ::!
    @Swe-DivX Reported few problems with Mod so i fix it
     - Removed unneeded items from *.esp file
    Look: ( Combination of Dint999 Hair Styles and HG ( Holliday Gift Styles )

    Thats how it Works:



  14. More Female Guards(Botoxed)

    This file adds more female guards(12 more) to the lvl list used for female guards. No longer are there only 3 female guards.
    This file requires Botox mod, MY Files or Nexus version
    You need to rerun your bashed patch and then check it in Xedit if you use WryeBash's BashedPatch.
    I place this Mod in load order with other npc replacer mod. 
    I used photos of guards that featured dialogue in a test mod that I am making so I can learn to mod better. Note, these were easily accessible photos,but since it was asked about in mods forum I uploaded,into post on mods forum, the file that generates these dialogues. Requires DLC's and SL,+SL Aroused, I think. Have fun. 



  15. [Tobi] Yuri Preset

     - Not much to say :o...
     Just a Face and Body preset I'm using ^_^ LeL... You can try it in Your Game :)...

     Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
     Sky-Preset: http://skypreset-warehouse.eu/Preset/ADetails/292 ( Here u can find my other ( OLD ) Presets ) ( And also Updates for Yuri )

     !:: Requirements ::!
     << EDITOR >>
     - RaceMenu
     - XP32 + BodyScales    ( Body ( Legs + Hands ) )
     - Janky Sliders+            ( Body overall )
     - BodyMorphs              ( Build with Chapi or 7BOT Sliders Preset - or use any other bud remove BodySlides settings in Game ( in RaceMenu ) )
     << BODY >>
     - UNP HDT                   ( 7BO ( or Chapi UUNP / BHUNP ) ) - Chapi is BodySlide defaulf Preset ( inside BS by Default )
     - Tobias 7BOT body     ( Textures + Normals ) - no Download -> But You can use Demoniac 8k / 4k
     << FACE >>
     - AdorableFace            ( Mod was deleted, ask me on Discord for Download ) - or Try with different Meshes
     - Yyev Makeup 4K 
     - Eyes of Aber
     - SG Eyebrows
     - Dint HDT Hair           ( May not be loaded by RaceMenu - KS Glow )
     << Colors >>
     - Custom Snapdragon
     - GrayLights               ( Custom Lights )
     - Sausan Hotel          ( ImageSpace + DirectLightning ) * Deleted around 2 weeks ago ( 2020-06-?? )

     !:: WARNING ::!
    Do =NOT= think That Yuri will look same in Your game as in mine.
     I'm using Custom Mods and some of my own Mods...
    For example i can Share AdorableFace( 61178-1-2-1 ) but I'm using custom AdorableFace
    Same with Lights and ENB ( i can upload Snapdragon ENB - but only regular version ) 
    Here You can see difference between Lights:
    Skyrim VS Sausan:
    Vanila VS GrayLights
     !:: Permissions ::!
    - You can do anything You want, she is a Slave...
     If You want to make Follower Version of her, let me know  ( i want to try Your follower Mod ^_^ )
              *I can help u if u need *
    Q:A?... Don't ask me Same questions over and over again...
     This type of Question is rly sad: 
    Q: Where do You put preset?...
    A:  ...\skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\chargen... < HERE > ( Drop all files from .Zip )
    Q: Can You upload Sausan?
    A: No, this Mod is already over 11GB ( and it still grow ) It was deleted And I don't want to spend another 10 hours reuploading it
    Q: How to make my ENB look like Your?
    A: I don't know what would You want to do this... and You can't anywaa... Its not about ENB, its about GrayLight and Sausan ImageSpace / DirectLightning
     tbh, You can use any ENB u want, I'm using Snapdragon but everything looks very similar on all ENBs ( its about IS / DL and GrayLight )
    Q: Can You upload 7BO or/and Body Textures?...
    A: Maybe i will... but no now... My textures are still WIP... well my textures are in WIP Stage for last 2 Years xDDD
     I'm trying to make as most realistic Body i can... ( I'm not Graphics Designer - I'm Programmer / LevelDesigner ) so it may take while... ( like 50 years )
    On left:     vagina based on real human body photo ( 8k ) - maybe i watch too much Porn :o...
    On Right:  regular vagina that everyone download... ( ofc. texture on left use texture on right as base xD lol )
    You think kid that You already saw Good Textures?...
     What You gonna say about this:



  16. Pooled Shouts

    Pooled Shouts
    Shouts are pooled together. Unlike vanilla where you need to wait for the cooldown to expire and unlike individual shout cooldown mods where each shout cools down separately, with pooled shouts you can use the same shout more than once. So for eg you can do a wuld, another wuld and then do a fus ro dah in quick succession as long as you have enough 'voice pool' remaining. It's more like casting spells from a mana pool. This might allow for interesting combos. Because of the implementation of using an unused actor value as the 'shout pool' it might also allow for the creation of potions and enchantments that increase the size of the voice pool or increase the regen rate of the pool or instantly restore a portion of the pool. Or vice versa, debuffs to those aspects. You can gain shout experience by starting off with a small pool and gain pool size every time you unlock a shout. This means you can't immediately go to high gate ruin and learn storm call because you won't be able to cast it anyway. 
    You can customize the position, transparency & fill direction of the shout meter in the Mcm.
    The colors can be changed by modifying the json MeterColors.json. Use a site like: https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html to pick a color and convert it to decimal and change the corresponding value in the json. 
    0 = Exhausted - The shout pool is exhausted and you don't have enough pool to use any words. Default Red.
    1 = Level 1 - You have enough pool to use the first word. Default yellow.
    2 = Level 2 - You have enough pool to use the second word. Default green.
    3 = Level 3 - The meter is full.
    As you unlock more shouts you'll gain more 'voice pool' to use. This makes useless shouts just a little bit more desirable for the extra pool they provide. You can set your 'starting pool' and 'pool per word' in the Mcm. You'll need to sleep after unlocking a word to gain the extra pool. 
    Why Bother?
    For the lolz I guess. I think it might be a little more interesting this way.
    Vanilla cooldown is a bit boring. And it's got the 'elixir of life' effect. Meaning you build this mentality of only using shouts when you need them because otherwise they'll be in cooldown and you'll be fucked. And so you kind of end up never using them. 
    Individual shout cooldowns I find pretty OP. Enter combat, cast absolutely every shout you have and obliterate the enemy with a massive alpha strike. All shouts cooldown separately so you might as well. The sooner you shout the sooner you'll be able to use that shout again. 
    I think pooled shouts might strike a more balanced strategic effect where you can still be badass when you want to. 
    The mod will 'allow' you to shout up to the max word you've learned even if you don't have enough pool to cover the cost of that word but the actual spell effect fired will only be what the pool can cover. Eg: You know all 3 words of Fus Ro Dah but only have enough pool to cast Fus. You can hold down the button and she will say 'Fus Ro Dah' but only Fus effect will be fired. I can not find a way to limit the number of words your character speaks when she shouts but at least the effect fired is correct. SetNthWord does not appear to work. I'm not sure I'd use it even if it did as it'd probably change the description in the magic menu and confuse people. 
    Obviously other shout mods like individual shout cooldowns.  Mods that have broken shouts also aren't supported. Shouts must have 3 words otherwise it's sort of broken. Try to unlock a broken shout and see for yourself. Broken shouts shouldn't mess things up but they won't behave like normal pooled shouts.  Anything that modifies the unused actor variable LastFlattered. I'm currently not aware of any other mod that uses it.   



  17. [full_inu] Hunter's Dream

    * FROM SOFTWARE - models, textures
    * full_inu - meshes porting, texture edit
    * Betsujin - artwork

    "Welcome to the Hunter's Dream!.."
    This is my port of Bloodborne hub location. A very polygon-heavy mod and in general not very suitable for Skyrim engine, it comes with fomod installer, which let you choose perfomance patches to replace various objects with empty files to decrease polygon count; if you tick all patches at once, overall number will decrease from 7.4 millions to 3.5 millions. Removing grass will free more polys, while removing foliage will make location look empty. There are two big areas: cemetery and main hub, different patches for different areas.
    First revision was developed in December 2018-January 2019 and was never made public except early testing version, but only now I have redone whole location from scratch and made appropriate changes in textures, shaders, weather (kinda) and lighting with sound environment. It doubles number of polygons and even still perfoms much better, than 1st version.
    To enter location, use teleport marker located around Bleak Falls Barrow between some peak stones. To exit Hunter's Dream, use one of chalice tombstones.

    Or type in console:
    coc hunter

    Music can play night track at daytime.
    Mod does not contain navmeshes and I dunno if they can be generated for this huge location at all (my CK was "thinking" too long), please use teleport marker to enter location (if you use map marker to fast travel to location, your companions might follow you and get stuck in any place in location).
    It looks like on Skyrim LE you can experience CTD when opening quest and inventory menu due to high number of polygons.
    To fix CTD on Skyrim Legendary Edition, you need to install Crash Fixes and activate memory allocator patch in confg:
    This will prevent CTD on weak hardware. Perfomance patches coming with the mod also able to resolve CTD issue, but I recommend to try Crash Fixes first. On Skyrim SE everything works just fine, because of 64-bit engne.



  18. Morphology

    Morphology is an expansion related mod that adds powerful enchantments and potions, with some odd side-effects.
    Illicit Ingredients
    Several creatures, and all humanoids can now be dissected to obtain powerful ingredients. Currently, Dwarven Automatons, Chaurus, Spiders, Spriggans, Trolls, Skeevers, Hagravens, and Giants can all be harvested. Some of these ingredients can be converted back into normal ingredients at Alchemy Tables. Others can be cooked into odd meals.
    To dissect these creatures, all you need is a dagger to get started. Activating corpses while crouched while holding a dagger will allow you harvest hunks of flesh from these creatures and humanoids. To obtain the other ingredients, you will need more tools. Specific embalming tools found in warlock lairs and nordic ruins allow you harvest fluids and organs. The scalpel, pick, and scissors aid with organs, while the screw tool aids with fluids. If you come across a dwarven extractor, that will also help you drain fluids. Whenever you are dissecting a cadaver, you can choose to dissect either flesh, fluids, organs, or all. Selecting only one type of ingredient to harvest reduces the amount of time taken to finish the dissection.
    If you obtain a human heart or human flesh, you will have the insight to craft Dissection Tools at a forge, which allow you to harvest most cadavers easily.
    Additionally, most flowers, mushrooms, and other flora can be harvested for fresh ingredients that have experimental effects. Crouching while wielding a dagger or carrying dissection tools will allow you to harvest flora for multiple samples.
    Warlocks, vampires, and apothecaries may have some of these new ingredients on hand as well.
    Experimental Potions
    The ingredients from creatures and flora will have beneficial effects similar to those found in vanilla ingredients. However, unlike vanilla effects, these can be stacked without dispelling each other. Multiple resist or fortify potions made of these experimental effects can be active at the same time. The draw-back is the side effects. Each effect changes your body by some amount, relative to the strength of the potion you made. The changes are dormant until you have a night's rest, but will be dramatic afterwards if you overuse them.
    Ingredients harvested from humanoids have no pragmatic effects, but can counteract the side effects of the other ingredients.
    If the side-effects of your potions are getting out of hand, you can craft Blood Elixirs at an Alchemy Table, which partially restores your original shape.
    Unstable Enchantments
    Soul gem fragments from Black Soul Gems can be warped at an enchanting table, and used to Destabilize the enchanted armor you find. Activating enchanted armor while carrying at least three of the same kind of warped soul gem will make the enchantment unstable. If you disenchant the item, the unstable enchantment can be applied to any type of equipment. However, the enchantment will slowly alter your body if you wear it for extended periods of time.
    The warped soul gem fragments can be combined with a roll of paper to make a Scroll of Restore Form, which will revert some of the effects from unstable enchantments.
    Vanilla Effects Plugin
    If you don't want to go through the effort of finding and using these enchantments to start changing your character's body, you can download the Vanilla Effects optional plugin. This causes all vanilla armor enchantments and beneficial potions to cause changes.
    This mod requires NiOverride or RaceMenu, CBBE RaceMenu Morphs, and Armor and Clothing Models built through Bodyslide with Morphs Enabled.
    If you don't know about anything I just said, do some Googling or ask in the forums.
    This mod should be compatible with everything else. It just needs a bashed-patch due to some item list edits.
    I also recommend you install a mod that makes the morphs actually detrimental to your character. SexLab Disparity is one I can think of.



  19. DDAccessories 1.0 - Glowing Halos and Rings


    - Description -

    Made-from-scratch halos and glowing rings around the wrist/ankles as accessories.

    These have no gameplay benefit. They are made for character screenshots/aesthetics.

    I plan on adding more accessories to this mod over time, but this is the first major update.

    Partially inspired by one of ShinglesCat's mods.

    - Known Issues -

    May be clipping depending on your character's head, hair, and body.

    - Requirements -

    None...or, there shouldn't be any.

    - How to Get -


    - Credits -

    ShinglesCat, for inspiration.

    The modders on Discord who have personally helped me with my work and about modding in general.

    My wonderful Patrons for being generous enough to support me ❤️

    - Tools Used -

    Marvelous Designer
    Outfit Studio

    - Permissions -
    - Body(slide) conversions can be shared without asking, so long as I'm always given credit and the original mod is linked.
    - Otherwise, do not re-upload the meshes/textures elsewhere or use them in your own mod without my express permission.
    - Recolors and retextures are permitted provided that the meshes are not included - if they have to be, for some reason, contact me.
    - No part of this mod (textures, meshes, etc.) is allowed be paywalled or otherwise sold personally adjusted or otherwise.

    - Links -


    Please feel free to post screenshots! I'd love to see them.  



  20. Creature Overhaul

    Skyrim Creature Overhaul
    CO More Creatures:
    This mod simply places 280+ vanilla creatures around Skyrim. More specifically, it only adds them in notable places so that you're sure to encounter them on your travels but you won't see them scattered randomly in the most unseen places.
    I've tried to achieve that by sticking to immersion. Big word, I know. What I mean by that is that you're not going to find creatures in place where there usually are none of that type. For example: You won't find a Frost Troll roaming around in the city of Riften. On the other hand, I've made sure that a place like Falkreath has a tendency to tame more wild Wolves than for example Whiterun due to Falkreath being a more forest-y (?) area where a lot of Wolves roam the area. This also means that the citizens of Falkreath for example are more accustomed to seeing and handling these kinds of beasts and are therefor more willing to have them as a sort of pet in their inn or their home. Additionally you won't find many animals - especially not wild beasts - in a place like Solitude. A harsh region like Eastmarch however is likely to have a few more feral furry companions. Hopefully you get the picture here.
    Having said all that, I have included some exceptions to my own immersion rule. A few placed creatures may not really fit somewhere but I can safely say that it's not the end of the world if a few more creatures exist in your world, now is it :)? Creatures like Frostbite Spiders, Chaurus and Werewolves for example don't seem like they can be tame at first glance but you can even find examples of them being passive towards humanoids in vanilla Skyrim: Sinding the werewolf, the Dark Brotherhood which has a tame spider and Chaurus in general obey and cooperate with the Falmer, who are just blind and savage Snow Elves
    Another sort of exception to my immersion rule is the inclusion of creatures near POIs like shrines or standing stones for example. And lastly, you will also find region specific animals inside of almost all Jails. You're not in there for fun - the guards want to see you perform behind those bars or they might just want to intimidate you with their new critters...depends on what kind of mods you've got installed
    Oh, and the creatures are by no means completely harmless. They are passive until provoked. If you think that you can simply attack a tame wolf or a tame troll without repercussion then you're in for an ass whoppin'. They are still animals after all. Oh, and don't worry if they get killed. They'll also respawn after some time has passed after they've been killed.
    It places passive creatures all around Skyrim. Limited to Inns, Farms, Hunter/Fisherman Camps, POIs, Orc Strongholds, Cities and Jails.
    Types of creatures placed by this mod:
    Atronachs - Flame, Frost and Storm
    Bears - Black, Brown and Snow
    Chaurus - Normal, Hunter and Reaper
    Death Hounds
    Huskies - Normal and Armored
    Ash Hoppers
    Mounted Rieklings
    Dwarven Constructs - Centurion, Sphere and Spider
    Foxes - Normal and Snow
    Frostbite Spiders - Normal and Large
    Horses - Black, Piebald, Bay, Dappled and Palomino
    Sabre Cats - Normal and Snow
    Spriggans - Normal and Earth Mother
    Trolls - Normal and Frost
    Wolves - Black, Red and Ice
    Some creatures may get stuck inside of walls or something if you have mods installed that edit cities.
    Other than that, it should definitely be compatible with anything else. It just places stuff and is 100% vanilla.
    You can even recruit some creatures if you have the mod Vokrii installed.
    You also might wanna set the engage arousal of SL Aroused Creatures to something above 50 at least.
    Highly recommended:
    I got your back. These creatures are just edited duplicates of vanilla records. I did not add any meshes of that sort. It's just an .esp anyway. As a consequence they will use meshes that you've installed. The creatures I've added will NOT have genitals if you don't have MNC installed.
    CO Creature Edit:
    This one simply edits the values of a lot of vanilla creatures. Edited values include PC level multiplier, min/max level, movement speed, Starting Health, Damage, Attack effects, aggression level and aggro distance (but only for Slaughterfish because these fuckers are so annoying).
    This means that almost all enemy creatures are a threat to the player...as they should be. "Elite" enemies, like the snow variants, also have a higher PC level multiplier so that they feel like a real threat instead of just a slightly stronger recolour of an existing enemy type. With this installed, you won't be able to tank most creature attacks. To be more specific, a single wolf can kill you in 2-3 hits when you're not wearing armor and have 100 health points. Brutal creatures with serious killing power like the chaurus variants will easily kill you in 1-2 hits - even with decent defensive stats. This should make you way more cautious of the predators of Skyrim.
    Preparation and in-combat attentiveness are key.
    Highly recommended:
    Any dodge mod. Trust me, you'll need it.
    OBIS to make bandits stronger. Complements my mod as both drastically increase the difficulty.
    Compatibility: IMPORTANT!
    Anything that modifies creature-specific records in the Non-Player Character and Race tab will conflict with my mod (Use TES5Edit to check for possible conflicts). This unfortunately also means that my mod overwrites some of MNC's height and skeletal model edits. The following creatures are affected: Chaurus, Frostbite Spider (all 3) and Chaurus Hunter.
    My reason for this is because I always play with the setting "Even Actors Height" unchecked due to all my races being the same height. I was never satisfied with the misalignments caused by this option so I just created an esp that set every race to the same height while also reverting MNC's changes to the aforementioned creatures. This was way back in 2018 and since then I've never had to fiddle around with the alignments of actors all the time. You can download my SnoiPersonalEdits file which just sets every race to the same height. Fortunately, this change can easily be reverted so please do that yourself if you have problems with my way of doing things.
    Q 'n' A I guess... :
    CO More Creatures
    Q: Why did you make a mod that does exactly what the old Sexlab More Creatures mod does?
    A: I've used Sexlab More creatures before and I find that it adds WAY too much creatures which are also WAY too close to each other. I don't wanna get chased by 10+ horny dogs/horses on my way past Whiterun Stables. I also didn't think cramping a ton of animals inside and outside of cities was neither immersive nor a pleasant way to help initiate creature sex. Cities felt like they were designed as a breeding zoo instead of being a place where actual humans live that may want to keep a certain animal as a pet. I'm exaggerating as you can tell but you hopefully know what I mean. Then there's also creature variety which the original mod lacked.
    Q: Will you place chickens, slaughterfish, goats, cows, rabbi-
    A: By order of the Jarl stop right there! I have no intend to place these kinds of animals. Ever.
    Q: Can you add [insert valid animal name] in [insert region name]?
    A: If it fits immersion-wise and I think it would make a good addition then yeah, I will consider your request.
    CO Creature Edit
    Q: Dude, enemy creatures do insane amounts of damage. Even a single wolf can easily fuck me up.
    A: Git gud.
    Q: I don't like how you set the values of creature X. I'd recommend setting them to Y.
    A: Just open TES5Edit and edit them to your liking. It's as easy as it sounds.
    Q: ENB?
    A: Mainly Caffeine ENB but with a bit of Tetrachromatic ENB. To get the cel-shaded effect you need to go into your enbseries.ini, scroll down to [EFFECTS] and set EnablePrepass to true. Like this:
    EnablePrepass=true. Tetrachromatic ENB offers the required ENBEFFECTPREPASS.FX.INI file. Or you can just download my enbseries folder from the download section of this file (SHIFT + BACKSPACE opens the ENB menu ingame jfyi). Just install the requirements as well as the recommended Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB from Caffeine ENB and well just read the description in general.
    Q: What armor/clothing are you wearing in your screenshots?
    A: The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, Bikini Ascend, The Book of UUNP, Dragonscale Bikini and Vanilla TMB Armors and Clothes.
    Q: Why do your dogs look like red wolves?
    A: I replaced the dog meshes and textures with the ones from the red wolf because the vanilla dog is SO INCREDIBLY HIDEOUS. No retexture is EVER going to fix that.
    Q: Nice Poses. Where'd ya get them from?
    A: GSPoses & SLAL by Gunslicer
    Q: Woah nice Screenshots. I wanna make my Skyrim look just like yours but how did you do it?
    A: Here's a small incomplete list of the most noticeable things found in my Screenshots. (I guess you can see the following as some sort of credits list...?)
    Credits to Sailing Rebel for the original mod!
    (Special Thanks to MadMansGun for helping me out. Amazing guy!)
    I know my screenshots show obvious Beastiality but please keep in mind that this is all fictional and nonsensical stuff. I do not and never will support anything concerning this act in real life.
    I don't care what people do and especially think about as long as it doesn't hurt any other individual or themselves so let people have their weird fun.
    Keep it civil
    A list of all placed creatures and where you can find them:



  21. TES V Time Traveler Stories







  22. Flawn's Argonian Overlays

    -Flawn's Argonian Overlays-
    For all of your two-tone lizard needs!
    (Make sure you enable face overlays in "SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini")
    ("SKSE\Plugins\skee64.ini" if you use SSE)

    Here are some neck and torso overlays you can apply to your argonians. (or anyone really, they're only overlays after all)
    These overlays were made with my other mod in mind, but they will work with other retextures just as well.
    Special thanks to Dark Shasion for making some of the base-work for this



  23. APRiverwoodVersion.rar

    APRiverwoodVersion, Aesthetics Project Riverwood Version is a mod that replaces NPCs of the game.
    These characters will use any meshes and textures you are currently using, which means that they will be slightly different from the pictures.(apart from the hair and eyes)
    This Riverwood Version includes:
    Camilla Valerius
    The Outfits used in the screenshots are not included.
    This mod is intended for low-end systems such as mine, so no enb.
    To improve my visuals I use:
    Enhanced Lights and FX - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27043
    Realistic Lighting Overhaul - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30450/
    As well as some ini tweaks. 
    I have no idea if it is compatible with Special Edition...(if anyone wishes to check it out, if not your are welcome to convert it as long as you give credit to the respective modders.)

    DIMONIZED UNP female body - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709
    Fair Skin Complexion - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602/?
    Freckle Mania - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52841
    Ks Hairdo's Renewal - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311
    Lind's Human Eyes - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75674
    Lind's Elven Eyes - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74948/?
    Racemenu - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624
    SG Female Eyebrows - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35327/?
    [Schlongs of Skyrim] Fair Skin for Men Overhaul Textures - WARNING NSFW SITE - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8483-schlongs-of-skyrim-fair-skin-for-men-overhaul-textures/

    Mods used in screenshots
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
    Gwelda (Little) Red Riding Hood Outfit UUNP - CBBE - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/67952/?
    Nezzar' s Lingerie - GOOGLE IT
    BDO Orwen Travel - GOOGLE IT
    Real Bows - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64440
    F.E.P. Facial Expressions Project - GOOGLE IT
    Halo Poser - http://mod.dysintropi.me/
    UNP Minidresses Collection - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/47376
    UNP Spice Gear Collection - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68028
    Face Light - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13457/



  24. Animation Limit Crash Fix

    SSE version released

    The patch fixes the crash on game loading when you install too many animations with FNIS. The one mentioned in the article by Fore. May also give you increased fps and loading speed by skipping a redundant part of code. More technical information you can find in the Developers section below.
    - SKSE 
    - (SSE only) Supported runtime versions*: 1.5.73, 1.5.80, 1.5.97. Others can be supported too, but wasn't tested. It's safe to try, you'll get an appropriate message in case of incompatibility.
    Just copy the dll to Data/SKSE/Plugins
    Continue Game No Crash (LE) or analogs to fix FootIK error
    CrashFixPlugin (LE) for other stability patches
    EnbSeries for additional memory patches
    You can also check my topic for additional fixes and information related to game stability for LE version of the game.
    - Animation Loading Fix [LE only] - does the same job and (since ver 1.1) edits the same instruction. This solution does not skip, but doubles the existen limit, also preload animations what helps to skip FootIK error. Version 1.0 is compatible.
    - SSE Engine Fixes [SSE only] - has the same change to the patching instruction as Animation Loading Fix v1.1 for LE. To make it compatible you need to disable AnimationLoadSignedCrash option in EngineFixes.ini file. 
    - There're several limits related to animations, this article will help you to understand them.
    - If you want to know more about performance impact by the patch, you can find more info in the article.
    - The patch successfully passed the beta test with several thousands of downloads with no negative feedback (LE version), however, side effects not yet completely discovered. If you find something weird and you sure that it's related to the patch, please, inform me and other users with a post in the topic. 
    Q: I'm getting "Invalid segment" error on game startup, what should I do?
    A: It means to the place, that should be patched by the plugin, changes was already made. Please, check the compatbility section.
    Q: I'm getting CTD on loading / My game doesn't load after installation, what should I do?
    A: Highly likely it's caused by incompatibility. Please, check the compatbility section and be sure you're using the latest version of the patch.
    Q: Will the patch really give me a performance boost?
    A: The question was very detailed explained here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/52477
    Q: How to understand do I need the patch or not?
    A: If you have installed several thousands of animations another bunch of new anims may break your game in a state where you'll always get CTD on loading or starting a new game. In that case the patch will help you to cure the CTD. If you have no installed animations by FNIS you can try the patch just for performance purpose.
    Q: What's the difference between the patch and SSE Engine Fixes (SSE) or Animation Loading Fix v1.1 (LE)?
    A: SSE Engine Fixes and Animation Loading Fix (since v1.1) changes movsx -> movzx instruction, what doubles the existen limit of numStaticNodes. A crash or unpredicted behavior still may happen when you will have more than 65535 numStaticNodes (instead of 32767) using the Engine Fixes or Animation Loading Fix solution.
    This patch always put 0 instead of incorrect value to the numStaticNodes register, what always help to cure the CTD and frees CPU from additional work.
    Q: (SSE) I'm getting "does not appear to be an SKSE plugin" message in skse64.log, is it okay?
    A: Yes, it's okay, just ignore it. The message notifies that the plugin was loaded not through SKSE64 API, but classical way with dllmain. I didn't find yet a proper solution to attach the plugin through classical SKSE API for 64-bit version.
    Q: (SSE) Will the patch work with 1.5.XX runtime version?
    A: I have personally tested its work on 1.5.73, 1.5.80 and 1.5.97 versions, everything works good. If you have a different runtime version you can just try it, it's safe. In case of incompatibility you'll get an appropriate message.
    Q: But the limit still exists in FNIS?
    A: Please, check the article for better understanding of animation limits: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/52476
    Contact me for permission if you want to reupload the fix somewhere or want to include it in your project.
    For Developers
    If you're interesting in the technical part of the fix here you can find useful information: 
    Reverse info for LE version
    Render impact finding
    Animation affection tests
    SSE Reverse info
    (SSE Only) Pattern matching added. Now it should be compatible with any SKSE and runtime version, including future official patches (unless Bethesda will do their own changes to the patching segment).
    Added segment checking for both LE and SSE. Now it's safe to use with any SKSE and runtime version. If something incompatible you'll get an appropriate message.
    SSE version released
    No internal changes in the mod. Restructured download archive, for comfortable installation with mod managers. Source file now in a separated download.



  25. Charmers of the Reach - LE

    After years of downloading mods from LL its time to upload something to LL 
    So first of all:
    For me personaly Lovers Lab is thomething like scool of modding. I learned a lot by studying the creations of local mod makers, topics on forums, and tutorials. In many senses, this mod exists thanks to you and your work. So my thanks and my respect to all of you people.
    Release for Skyrim SE is here
    We are happy to present you the result of the work of a team of the modders - Viverna
    - НиЧЁтак@Я
    - Distortion217
    - Trixter (aka m4mk203 here on Nexus)
    - rnk_khv 
    - ilVobla
    - Dammit     We create things from the point of view of our understanding of beauty. 
    We do not compete with anyone and do not pretend to be better or more exclusive than others.
    If you do not like our mod - this is your right. We respect that.

    The mod is provided to users exclusively free of charge and cannot be sold for money under any circumstances.   Description  
    The main goal of this modification is to make flexible and quality male and female characters creation possible for every player. Thus we have ported a new high quality head models to the game with sufficient amount of sliders for RaceMenu.

    Its not a new race in sense of game lore. It is a tool. This is not a gallery of finished paintings but a set of new brushes and a canvas for the artist. It is best to take this mod as addon for the Race Menu which adds a lot of new sliders, new improved head model and more other features in future releases.
      What this mod gives to you

    1. New head model more detailed, smooth and poligonal then vanilla head model. Males and females characters support.
    2. A lot of new sliders for head and face ajustments
    3. Female character resources are completely separated from the game. Thus, your character's appearance will be completely unique in Skyrim. Body, head, skin ... Male character will use your in game body.
    4. Our head model fully compatible with UUNP and CBBE bodies and vanilla male bodies.
    5. Race Compability supported.
    6. Vampirism supported
    7. Lycanthropy supported
    8. Our races are completely identical to their respective game races according to their characteristics.
    9. For now our mod supports Breton, Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer. We have some ideas about Orcs and Khajiits but its will be later
    10. For now mod support Fair skin and SOS body textures but soon will be more
     Special mod features 1. Check "Face part" slider in "Head" section of Race Menu
    2. "EXTRA" tab in Race Menu. Here you can find our prebuilded face presets for males and females. Just move any slider to pisition 1. 
    Why custom races?
    Many reasons...
    1. To make Character resources completely separated from the game 
    2. Because we decided to leave vanilla races as is for the additional option for creators

    Future plans

    - Compability with other race mods
    - Compability with other texture packs: SG, Mature, Pride of valhalla ...
    - Compability with SAM male body
    - Makeups
    So if you want you can support us on our COR Patreon Page
    1. Skyrim Legendary Edition 2. SKSE 3. RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard 4. Race Menu Install

    1. Install mod as usual, best with a mod manager. 
    2. If you will play with female character then build in BS your female body with "Build morphs" option and copy your body nif and texture files to COR folders. (See FAQ Technical below)

    Possible conflicts

    You may have conflicts with other custom races (need to check)
    Credits and thanks
    - Bethesda for a great game
    - Race Menu by Expired
    - Body slide and outfit studio by Ousnius and Caliente
    - Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy 
    - Morphs Tools by apenov
    - Laxire for support and inspiration in creation of this mod
    - Thanks from Trixter to the Discord channel
    "Мастерская модов" and its owner НиЧЁтак@Я for help, support and connection with many talented people.
    - Raven Reginleif for eyes textures
    - LogRaam  permission for  The Eyes Of Beauty compability patch.
    - Many thanks to MisterB1969 from COR Team  for the video review of the mod
    - Xenius for warpaints assets
    - Northborn scars by Northborn
    - Brows by Hvergelmer

    - My personal thanks to LadyWasabi for her great male and famale screenshots!

    For asset we used for mod creation:

    - www.daz3d.com
    - Victoria 7   (Interactive license)
    - Genesis 3 Female Head Morphs  (Interactive license )
    - Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit  (Interactive license)
    - Vladimir 8 (Interactive license)
    - Genesis 8 Male Head Morphs  (Interactive license)

    Big thanks to the beta testers team:


    Mods used on the screenshots

    - Tundra ENB by wiplashwang
    - KS Hairdos by Kalilies
    - Northborn scars by Northborn
    - Brows by Hvergelmer
    1. You not allowed to reupload this mod anywere without our direct permission
    2. Assets. You can do anythyng you need with our assets BUT if its not violate DAZ EULA.
    3. Presets, translations, compability patches - you have our permission.
    F.A.Q. Base
    F.A.Q. Technical
    If you need Nexus dowload links Charmers of the Reach LE

    Happy gaming!



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