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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Creature Overhaul

    Skyrim Creature Overhaul
    USLEEP changes have been forwarded (LE)
    For USSEP changes scroll down to the support page section at the bottom (SE/AE)
    .ESL conversions can be found in the support page section at the bottom as well (SE/AE)
    CO More Creatures:
    - Description -
    - Alternate Versions / Expansions -
    - Compatibility / Precautions -
    CO Creature Edit:
    - Description -
    - Compatibility -
    Recommended Mods:
    Q and A section:
    Credits to Sailing Rebel for the original mod!
    Special thanks to MadMansGun and Corsec for helping me out and contributing to this mod!
    I know my screenshots show obvious Beastiality but please keep in mind that this is all fictional and nonsensical stuff. I do not and never will support anything concerning this act in real life.
    I don't care what people do and especially think about as long as it doesn't hurt any other individual or themselves so let people have their weird fun.
    Keep it civil
    A list of all placed creatures and where you can find them:
    A list of all hostile creatures and where you can find them:
    Important support page links:



  2. Lykaios Overlays

    A simple mod that adds Lykaios based overlays.
    I am by no means experienced with the creation of textures but I find these overlays decent enough to share with others who also want their Lykaios to have more markings. These overlays include more dog-like body markings to match the dog-like face markings in the race mod. Along with overlays for the pawpads and the fingers and toes. 
    One thing to keep in mind is with the belly overlays for males. The schlong will not match the color of the belly. This is a limitation with overlays.
    What's Inside
    Lykaios Overlays 2.0: The latest version. There are UNP and CBBE variants. Choose whichever one you prefer.
    Lykaios Overlays - UNP and CBBE:  These are the old versions of the mod.  If you prefer the original overlays choose this.
    Recommended Mods
    Lykaios Custom RaceMenu Morphs - These only work on females. Adds new morphs to change ear shapes. Scroll down the thread and you should find the download.
    Do whatever you want with it. Just give credit.
    Special thanks to KrittaKitty for the original creation of the Lykaios and Bad Dog for updating and completing the race. This mod wouldn't exist without their work.



  3. Shadow Preset

    This is my gothic character Shadow. You can now look like her!



  4. Horse Charge

    gives horses there own version of the shield change perk ( people get knocked over if horses run into them )
    the "joke" version was my first try at it, the results were....entertaining but not helpful (more so if you increase the spell effect's script property value)



  5. Pama Simple Hunger

    A very simple mod to simulate Hunger and give the Player a reason to actually eat something.
    Unobtrusive and compatible with nearly Everything else.

    Nutrition Value of any Food item is dependent on Gold value.
    Uncooked food has very low nutrition value.
    No critical Effects when no food is consumed, only a Debuff to stamina/magicka/health regeneration.



  6. Archivos SST de Traducciones de Mods al Español (LE)

    Muy buenas (otra vez) a todo@s los Hispano hablantes.

    Si bien es verdad que he dejado (definitivamente) olvidada la versión LE, tengo algunas traducciones.
    Así que simplemente las comparto.
    Espero que sean útiles para alguien.

    Como esto lo hago "por amor al arte", y básicamente para mí, no he pedido permiso a ningún autor original de dichos mods para poder publicar sus ESP-ESM-ESL (y scrips o menus MCM) modificados. Por lo tanto SOLAMENTE publico los archivos SST del prograna XTRANSLATOR (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/134?tab=description) y quien quiera que los haga el mismo.

    Siempre hay algún MOD de LE que sirve en SE, por esa causa algunas de estas traducciones tienen fecha reciente, y por eso mismo tb he decidido subirlas.
    También es verdad que algunas se pueden usar para traducir su equivalente de SE (comprobado), así que pueden ser doblemente útiles en algunos casos.

    Sea como sea, no mucho más subiré de LE, que este archivo. (Puede que alguna que otra suelta, aunque no creo.)

    Un saludo a tod@s!!!

    PASO 1: Descargar el programa xTranslator --------->https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/134?tab=description

    PASO 2: Descomprimir, ubicar en donde queramos dejarlo (por ejemplo, D:) e iniciar por primera vez para configurarlo (instrucciones en la propia página de descarga del programa)

    PASO 3: Cuando esté configurado, aparecerán varias carpetas nuevas, una de ellas UserDictionaries, esta carpeta contiene las carpetas de los juegos que puede traducir este programa.
    Obviamente tendréis que metesr mis archivos dentro de la carpeta Skyrim.
    PASO 4: Abrir con el programa el ESP-ESM-ESL-Scrips o menus MCM a traducir y automaticamente (si teneís la traducción) os aparecerá traducido al lado del idioma original.
    Simplemente quedaría guardar el archivo sobreescribiendo el original.
    PASO 5: Crea de tu archivo traducido un archivo comprimido con winrar o 7zip (más recomendado) y listo para instalar como parche.



    The Forgotten Island 1.0.0:
    COMPLETADA_the forgotten island_english_spanish.7z
    Azuras Club 1.0.0: 

    COMPLETADA_Azura's club_english_spanish.7z
    The Exotic Adventures of Nikita Sky 1.0.0:
    COMPLETADA_the exotic adventures of nikita sky_english_spanish.7z

    Infiltration and Assassination 1.2.0:



    Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System 1.3:



    Bad Ends Revived: Windhelm 1.0:



    Bad Ends Revived: Riften 1.1:



    Prison Alternative - Punishment Pack 0.5:



    Immersive Plugs 20220314:



    Vivi's Cockcages:



    Sextoys bonus 1.0.0:






  7. Body Builders

    The people of Skyrim can now have their bodies reflect their skills and abilities.
    SE Version provided by bved2 is available HERE.
    The bodies of the player and supported NPCs will now be changed through NiOverride body morphs, depending on their current skill levels, to reflect their physical capabilties. Each skill has been given a set of morphs that bodies will start to resemble as the relevant skill increases. Your arms will become burly if you train in combat skills, your legs will become thick and toned if you train in stealth skills, and your breasts will swell from training in magical skills.
    If enabled, Stuffing and Weight Gain are also possible for players and NPCs. For the player, eating large quantities of food will distend your character's stomach, and will turn into body fat over time. Body weight is lost over time as well at a set rate. For NPCs, they can start with a certain amount of body weight based on their vanilla weight and current level. NPCs with high vanilla weight and low level will be larger than NPCs with low vanilla weight or high level. If you have a mod installed where you can feed NPCs, such as a survival/needs mod, feeding NPCs food will also increase their weight. Vampire players and NPCs won't gain or lose weight and will have a constant 'normal' weight by default.
    Players can also reduce their weight by 'Exercising'. After this is enabled in the MCM, the player's weight will be reduced overtime while running, sneaking, sprinting, and fighting
    With SexLab Aroused installed, the bodies of the player and NPCs can also become curvier while aroused.
    For NPCs, their bodies will change to reflect their current skills and situation immediately after they are loaded into a cell or after some period of game time. For the player, the their character's body will slowly change over time as their skills, weight, and arousal changes. Selecting the option "Force Morph Update" in the MCM will immediately update the player's body to their current situation.
    Compatibility and Customizing
    By default, this mod supports armor and bodies based used with UUNP and LE CBBE. So, Male characters, BHUNP and CBBE 3BA are not supported out of the box. However, with 2.0 the mod has been restructured to easily allow other morphs to be integrated by editing and re-compiling the global morph scripts this mod uses.
    The global script "BodyBuildersMorphsScript" contains the morph names and corrections used throughout the mod. The other scripts starting with "BodyBuildersMorph..." are the morph presets assigned to the 18 vanilla skills, weight gain, stuffing, and arousal expansion. Change these as you will, then open the Creation Kit, select at the top "Gameplay"->"Papyrus Script Manager", search for "BodyBuildersMorph" then right-click and select "Compile" for the scripts you've edited.
    If you've made a conversion for a different morph type, or implemented male morphs, either post them in the support thread or upload them to LoversLab and I'll post a link here.
    I also prefer using these mods alongside Body Builders:
    Pumping Iron
    Shieldmaiden Muscle Slider
    For this mod to have any affect, you need to install either RaceMenu or NiOverride, and have morphs built with Bodyslide. Some armor and body mods come with morphs pre-installed. If you see a file ending in ".tri" alongside the "_0.nif" and "_1.nif" files for an armor or body mod, then morphs have already been made. If not, then you will need to re-export the armor or body through BodySlide, making sure the "Build Morphs" box at the bottom left is checked.
    By default, the mod only supports UUNP and LE CBBE morphs, so if your body is morphing oddly or isn't changing you're likely using BHUNP or CBBE 3BA, or haven't built morphs for your armor or body.
    Once those pre-requisites are met, you can install this mod. Beyond the ones listed above, there shouldn't be any incompatibilities with any other mod. If you installed the mod on a new game, it's recommended to select "Force Morph Update" in the MCM, so your character starts off looking scrawny and slowly bulks up as their skills increase.
    If you're using Body Builders version 1.x, you should type into the console "stopquest _BB_Quest", then uninstall the mod and make a clean save before installing versions 2.0 and above.
    Upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1 does not require any special instructions.
    Before uninstalling the mod, you should disable it through the MCM and select "Reset Player Morphs" in the MCM. If you had NPC morphs enabled and want to reset them, you can use the "Reset NPC Morphs" option in the MCM. If you don't want to do this manually, you can also use NetImmerse Override Cleaner.



  8. Vulkan for Skyrim LE

    Improved DXVK for Skyrim LE.

    Can cause problems with SKSE mods that call up their own configuration interface via hotkey



  9. Skyrim LE - Picturesque - ENB - Customized

    This file contains the picturesque-ENB, available on NEXUS.
    As this ENB has very nice basic settings but always dropped the colors to visualize a to hard sepia-effect and I wanted a quick edit-access, I simply modded it to become one of my best ENBs, ever. It also is working on SKYRIM SE. I maybe changed there something to work well too, but I can share that SE version later as soon it ´s more "tested".
    I guess this comes originally for SE.
    So here we have a LE-version now:
    It includes the ENB-helper and it has the wet-skin in rain-effect as well. It it is to HARD for your computer-power, you can deselect different main settings. It has one of the latest ENB-version for SKYRIM LE included.
    The pic shows the opened secion, which I replaced to get a quick and useful access to the overall and global parameters, independent of the weather-settings.
    All credits belong to the original mod-author. The "quick-access implementation" is added by myself.
    This maybe is helpful for all of you, who had/ve problems with the coloring and some other lighting-problems, which come with lot of ENBs.
    Please install it manually: the top of file-section is the SKYRIM-folder !!! I´m not sure if this can be handled by a mod-organizer !!!!
    P.S.-Tip: The different replacement-textures for raindrops and for the sky-pics are alternative options for the game as a "replacer"....you can also use or check out the original textures and leave the content of the texture-folder aside, means you can....stick to "vanilla" or use other textures as well



  10. Morphology

    Morphology is an expansion mod that adds potions, enchantments, spells and other mechanics that can change the player's body or NPCs bodies.
    Note: If your character's body isn't changing when using the aspects of this mod, it is due to:
    Your body/clothing meshes don't have Morphs Enabled. Rebuild them with Bodyslide with 'Build Morphs' checked in the bottom left. You don't have NiOverride or RaceMenu installed. You're using body/clothing meshes built with a different set of morphs. This mod was built on LE UUNP/CBBE morphs. If you're using CBBE SE or 3BA, or other newer sliders, you likely won't see any changes. BHUNP is reported to be compatible, however.  
    wm46 has made an incredible Config Menu for Skyrim Special Edition that should fix issues with CBBE SE or 3BA morph sets. See here:
    Morphology - Morph Config Menu
    Illicit Ingredients

    Humanoids and many creatures and animals can be dissected to obtain powerful ingredients. Some of these ingredients can be converted back into normal ingredients at Alchemy Tables. Others can be cooked into odd meals.
    To perform dissections, the minimum you need is a simple dagger. Activating corpses with a dagger equipped gives the option to harvest flesh of the cadavers. To obtain the other ingredients, you will need more tools. Specific embalming tools found in warlock lairs and nordic ruins allow you harvest fluids and organs. The scalpel, pick, and scissors aid with organs, while the screw tool aids with fluids. If you come across a dwarven extractor, that will also help you drain fluids. Whenever you are dissecting a cadaver, you can choose to dissect either flesh, fluids, organs, or all. Selecting only one type of ingredient to harvest reduces the amount of time taken to finish the dissection.
    If you obtain a human heart or flesh, or one of the ingredients added by this mod, you can craft Dissection Tools at a forge, which allow you to harvest most cadavers easily. Warlocks, vampires, falmer, and other mages may carry a set of these tools, in addition to the ingredients themselves.
    Hunters and Apothecaries may carry some creature ingredients, while Vampires, Necromancers, and Warlocks may carry humanoid ingredients.
    These ingredients, by themselves, only cause bodily changes. Each creature and humanoid race increases or decreases the size of certian body areas, like torso, belly, legs, etc. Also, the size of the creature or animal determines the effectiveness of the ingredients. You can review the cheat sheet in the images to see exactly what creature provides what.
    Additionally, you can refine normal ingredients with them with an Alchemical Refinery to make elixirs, salves, and cures with experimental effects. These effects are different from normal alchemical effects, in that they can stack over eachother, with the 'draw-back' of causing bodily changes. Also, these experimental ingredients each have only one effect, so they can be added to other potion mixtures to easily add an additional effect, or three of them can be combined to easily make a potion with 3 effects.
    To refine ingredients you need an Alchemical Refinery, which can be bought from an Apothecary or found on some warlocks or mages. Activating the Refinery in your inventory, or placing it and activating it, brings up a menu allowing you to insert ingredients. You will need at least one 'normal' ingredient, and two different kinds of 'illicit' ingredients body ingredients like fat, flesh, bone meal; fluids like blood, marrow, bile; or organs. The type of illicit ingredients you add determines what effects you can refine.
    -Body and Fluid ingredients together can refine Fortify Skill effects, making Experimental Salves.
    -Body and Organ ingredients together can refine Resistance effects, making Experimental Elixirs.
    -Fluid and Organ ingredients together can refine Health, Magicka, and Stamina effects, making Experimental Cures.
    These experimental ingredients can also be carried by Apothecaries, Warlocks, and Vampires.
    The bodily changes caused by these ingredients and potions can be partially reverted by making Blood Elixirs at an Alchemy Table, or by buying morphing potions from Apothecaries.
    Unstable Enchantments
    Soul gem fragments from Black Soul Gems can be warped at an enchanting table, and used to Destabilize the enchanted armor you find. Placing enchanted armor in the world and then activating it while carrying at least three of the same kind of warped soul gem will make the enchantment unstable. If you disenchant the item, the unstable enchantment can be applied to any type of equipment. However, the enchantment will slowly alter your body if you wear it for extended periods of time.
    The warped soul gem fragments can be combined with a roll of paper at an enchanting table to make a Scroll of Restore Form, which will revert some of the effects from unstable enchantments.
    Morphing Spells

    A handful of new Alteration spells allow you to siphon body sizes to and from NPCs. You can find their associated tomes wherever you normally find Apprentice and Adept level spells. All spells are split into 8 body regions: Arms, Torso, Belly, Breasts, Nipples, Ass, Hips, Legs.
    Endow - Apprentice Level Spells that transfers a portion of one random morph from the caster to the target.
    Embezzle - Apprentice Level Spells that transfers a portion one random morph from the target to the caster.
    Plump - Adept Level Spells that transfers a portion of all relevant morphs from the caster to the target.
    Pilfer - Adept Level Spells that transfers a portion of all relevant morphs from the target to the caster.
    Size Effects
    Having a ridiculous voluptous body now has some effect on your gameplay. At increased sizes, your Health, Magicka, Stamina, and associated regeneration is increased, at the cost of mobility debuffs, all depending on what parts of your body were enlarged. For example, enourmous breasts increase your maximum Magicka, but cause you to trip and stumble while running or sprinting; while having an enourmous ass increases your Magicka Regeneration, but causes you to stumble and make noise while running or sprinting.
    The effects take into account all body changing mods, not just Morphology. So, if your character is enlarged by some of my other mods like Body Builders or Corruption, or through another mod that uses NiOverride Morphs, then you will still succumb to these effects.
    You can toggle the effects off in the MCM if it doesn't mesh with your gameplay. You can also set 'Size Offsets' in the MCM if you use a Bodyslide preset that is large by default.
    Vanilla Effects Plugin
    If you don't want to go through the effort of finding and using these ingredients and enchantments to start changing your character's body, you can download the Vanilla Effects optional plugin. This causes all vanilla armor enchantments and beneficial potions to cause changes similar to Experimental Ingredients and Unstable Enchantments.
    This mod requires NiOverride or RaceMenu, CBBE RaceMenu Morphs, and Armor and Clothing Models built through Bodyslide with Morphs Enabled.
    If you don't know about anything I just said, do some Googling or ask in the forums.
    This mod should be compatible with everything else. It just needs a bashed-patch due to some item list edits.
    Thanks to Blary for the model for the Alchemical Refinery.
    Change Log:
    3.1.0 (9/26/22)
    -Changed tripping from large breasts and stumbling from large asses. Tripping only happens when stamina is below a threshold.
    -Fixed potion morph effects. Apply remaining morph on effect end.
    -Skeletons can now be 'dissected', which gives random human/elf bone meal.
    -Dissecting Vampires now give 1-3 vampire dust.
    -Added Stamina threshold options to the MCM for size effects.
    -Fixed refinery breaking when it runs out of vanilla ingredients but still has morphology ingredients.
    3.0.2 (7/19/22)
    -Removed some debug items that were causing crashes with AddItemMenu
    3.0.1 (7/18/22)
    -Added Breasts size offset option to MCM that I somehow missed
    3.0 (7/16/22)
    -Redid script structure to better allow different morphs and male morphs.
    -Made size effects less extreme by default.
    -Reverted changes to creature drops.
    -Changed vanilla variant ingredients (Giant's toe, hagraven feathers, falmer ears) to morphology ingredients (liver, eyeballs)
    -Added maxs and mins to alchemy and enchants.
    -Added adept rank morphing spells (Plump- and Pilfer-).
    -Made blood elixirs and restore form scrolls always available at apothecaries and mages.
    -Made alchemy and enchanting effects cause weighted random morphs, rather than specific morphs.
    -Made unstable variants of robes.
    -Added restoring scrolls for NPCs.
    -Added morphing potions to vendors.
    -Added soul gems and unstable rings to court wizards.
    -Added unstable rings to warlocks, forsworn, vampires.
    -Made experimental ingredient effects last longer.
    -Rebalanced experimental ingredient values.
    -Added npc reactions to morph spells.
    -Added global max/min morph limits.
    -Added Nipple spells.
    -Changed size effect updating.
    -Added morphology spell tomes to vanilla spell tome lists.
    -Rebalanced tools when dissecting, so certain tools are more useful, and depreciated others.
    -Moved alchemy refining to a seperate tool. Alchemical Refinery.
    -Removed Specific Morphs from Alchemy/Enchanting effects. Now Alch/Ench effects randomly increase a random morph from a body section.
    -Alch/Ench effects now increase/decrease randomly, based off the total morph value that is being manipulated.
    -Added many more creature parts, so it's easier to use the alchemy system without playing as a ghoul or cannibal, reused depreciated 'fresh' ingredients.
    -Added size offsets for large Bodyslide presets.
    -Added mcm option for size exponent.
    -Added mcm toggle for removing items from dissected bodies.
    -Added mcm options for base dissection time.
    -Added multiple base dissection times for different corpse sizes.
    -Added cancel option to dissection.
    -Added force size update option to MCM.
    -Added player weaponspeedmult fix, and MCM option to disable it.
    -Decreased value of alchemical morph effects.
    -Added creature ingredients to hunters.
    -Added Reset Morphs debug options to MCM.
    Previous Versions:



  11. Personalized Music - MMORPG Style

    A very long time ago someone uploaded this... and it disappeared into the oblivion (and Mehrunes Dagon ate it).
    So I created something like that (but with major differences). This is a music pack for the Personalized Music Mod for both LE and SE.
    This is just the songs, so you need both the Personalized Music Mod and also a No Combat Music mod (here's for LE and SE) since I didn't put any Combat music on it (optional but the music will get interrupted every battle, it's up to you).
    This is just a set of BGMs to give you that Asian RPG feel (which consists of lots of Techno, Electro-symphony, and a little Metal on the side) or you just want to go down and bust some moves. This currently has BGMS for Exploration, Holds, Homes, Dungeons, Dragonborn and Dawnguard maps.
    Here are some of them:
    1. You must have Personalized Music Mod installed (LE link and SE link). I installed the no Vanilla Music version. But if you still want the Vanilla Music together, you can still use the basic one.
    2. Then install a No Combat Music Mod (LE Link and SE link). Make sure the No Combat Music plugin is on the bottom of the Personalized Music Plugin. Optional but recommended if you don't want the music getting interrupted.
    3. Then install my file.
    4. Now get your dancing shoes and light sticks and prepare to rave like it's the 2000's all over again.
    Note: You can actually skip installing a No Combat Music mod if you still want combat music, it will still work. I just don't have any combat music set up and I like not getting my jam interrupted.
    Note: The file has been extracted into 3 parts (because of size limit).

    Personalized Music (Iinks above)
    No Combat Music (links above, Optional but preferred if you don't want getting the music interrupted from time to time)



  12. Berserk Music Replacer - Personalized Music Preset


    This is a preset for Personalized Music Replacer. You must have that mod, which you can find here: Personalized Music - Add your own music to Skyrim at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
    This preset for Personalized Music Replacer will replace your ingame music with the music from the 2016 Berserk anime and the Golden Age Arc movies.
    Optionally, you can download a file which replaces the main menu music with "Dragon Slayer," and the wallpaper with this:

    This was achieved with help from this mod: Easy set up for Changing your Main Menu Background and Music at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
    Please enjoy putting the fear of Akatosh back into those pesky dragons with this epic music replacer. The One They Fear is You (See what I did there?)
    Although it is for Legendary Edition, this mod should also work for Special Edition, but if it makes you feel better you can download a Special Edition version here: 



  13. Potion Pouch

    This mod gives you a convenient place to carry potions that you've set aside for use in combat.  You receive a lesser power to store potions in an invisible container.  MCM settings control the maximum capacity and weight factor for stored potions.
    Compatible with SE.  It's just a simple ESP file with a few scripts.  It's small enough that it could be made into an ESL mod.

    I dislike the ease with which any and all potions in inventory are freely available during battles, but I don't want to use a heavy-handed mod that locks inventory in combat.  I decided that a character might reasonably carry a small number of potions in a pocket, tucked in the belt, and/or strapped to the arms or legs.  These potions would be accessible in combat.  All other potions would not be.  That vampire won't wait patiently while I rummage around in my backpack for the potion I need.
    I used to keep a list of my "ready" potions on a piece of paper.  I would use only these in combat.  This was awkward, particularly with crafted potions that tend to all have the same name.  I built this mod to have a place in-game to keep my "ready" potions.  Using equip mode (pressing shift while clicking an item) on a potion in the container causes the character to drink it, so this was fairly convenient.  I added weight management so that potions in the virtual pouch are not weightless.
    A secondary benefit of the potion pouch is not having to worry about accidentally selling the good combat potions when selling other ones.
    Since this worked pretty well for me, I decided to clean it up, add an MCM, and make it available to others.

    - Use inventory "equip mode" (press shift while clicking) on a potion in the pouch to drink it directly from there.  This also works for poisoning weapons.  It's much more convenient than transferring a potion to your inventory and then having to find it to use it.
    - You can't use a hotkey to drink potions that are in the pouch.
    - Quests that look for a healing potion in your inventory, such as when you're talking to or reviving an NPC, won't see the ones in the pouch.
    - Mods that rob the PC can't be aware of the potion pouch.  Your potions will still be in there even if you lose everything else.
    - If you remove the mod, you'll lose any potions that were in the potion pouch.

    The concept was inspired by the hidden pocket in the Body Search mod by Suzutsuki.

    You may use scripts from this mod in your own mod, as long as you offer your mod for free (no paywall, subscription, or paid membership).
    You may not post this mod on another site.
    You may post a translation of this mod.  I ask that you post that translation on this site, if possible.



  14. Stormcrown Estate

    Short Description:
    A minimal player home just outside Whiterun Stables based on the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. Full adoption support for 6 children, and room for 5+1 followers, and a spouse. Features a tunnel to Whiterun and a dragon translation book.
    I know some people want quests or dungeons to get houses and some hate it so I've done the best of both worlds. There's no quest or dungeon required to gain access to the house however there is a tunnel leading from the house to Whiterun and to gain access to that you'll have to clear a small mini-dungeon - and it's no walk in the park, either! No milk drinker is going to beat it lemme tell ya. You're gonna have to bring your A game. But, it's not frivolous - clearing the mini-dungeon will also grant you passage through a tunnel leading from your house directly to Whiterun. If you're having trouble with the mini-dungeon see the hints.txt included with the download, but at least try first! More fun that way. You'll have to fight level 50's and a level 80 boss.
    As an added bonus to gaining passage between your house and Whiterun you'll also gain a unique Dragon language to Mortal language translation book (Dovahzul wah Joorzul) that details not only the complete dragon alphabet but also all commonly known words, for easy in-game reference. Take it with you on your adventures and you can translate word walls as you come across them! There's a log book included to get you started on practicing your Dovahzul translations.

    That said, I can't just give it to you with no challenge whatsoever, now can I? You can find the key somewhere outside the house. Just have a good look around and think to yourself where you might hide a key - it'll come to you. And well, if you're left completely stumped then you can always get in the hard way, through the tunnel. If you go that route you'll find the key to the house itself in the key holder to the right of your desk - not the same as the key to the tunnel.
    Fully set up and tested for adoption and marriage. Fully navmeshed. Includes all crafting and cooking stations, all very easily accessible. Mannequins. Display cases. Weapon plaques. Beautiful paintings. Everything a custom blue - rugs, display cases, a custom Dovahkiin banner, beds (with real pillows), and so on. Lots of storage to easily organize your stuff but not too much or too complex. Central game location, easy to get to. Houses up to 6 children, 1 spouse, and 5+1 followers (the +1 is a vampire). If you need more then you're crazy!
    This house is all about convenience. As soon as you step inside you're presented with weapon racks on either side of the door as well as mannequins directly in front of you for some quick outfit or weapon swapping for the people that prefer a bit more roleplaying.
    There are, of course, 3 more mannequins in your immediate view as well as two very prominent display cases for something like daggers, and two larger display cases for larger weapons. On the walls there are two full shield/weapon plaques as well as 6 weapon plaques - and all of this is right inside the door. Oh and over to the right in each of the corners there are shrines to all the gods!
    A few steps further in the door and you have your entire crafting needs completely fulfilled. There is a complete smithing setup complete with a ton of organized storage and a pretty cleverly minimal smelter built right into the fire pit.
    Around on the other side of the fire pit you have your cooking setup with a small flashy little dwemer oven with a cooking pot on top, all working seamlessly with the existing fire pit. There's plenty of storage for your ales, meads, and wines directly next to your cooking setup as well.
    Beyond that we have a table completely setup and locked in place so no matter how crazy it gets in your home you won't have plates flying all over the place. I did however leave the food choice to you - you'll have to set your own plates. I'm sure some of the roleplayers out there will prefer that.
    And to finish up your crafting needs - still in the first room you walked into, mind you, we have all of your enchanting and alchemy needs at the far end of the room with some nicely organized storage for each. In addition to that, on your left you have a staff workbench along with storage for your staves and your heartstones. On top of that, there's even a Font of Renewal for when you mess up and just want to start over - it'll completely undo any enchantments or improvements done to an item. If you guys recall when I originally released this mod I wanted to include a disenchanting font which did the same thing but I was unable to get permission to release that... so as of version 3 I scripted my own! Enjoy.
    This place could not be more convenient. I made it for myself. Did I mention it was beautiful? When you step in the door you'll probably notice the classical paintings on the wall, largely of Venus or Sirens. Of course, it already looked pretty awesome before you ever stepped inside, what with those Dovahkiin banners outside and the dragon skull right above your door. Below the paintings there are planters and there are 48, I repeat 48 plots of fertile soil. If you think you need more then you probably need to consider what kind of milk drinker your dovahkiin is and get back to killing dragons!
    Your follower, if you happen to have one, has the first room on the left and although a small room, will basically be living in the life of luxury. They have everything they could need: Their very own mannequin, a weapon rack, a training dummy, a wardrobe, a bed, a chest, along with a chair and a night table with a lamp so they can read comfortably. They also happen to have a golden bed pan. Yeah. You'll likely need something like My Home Is Your Home to get your follower to move in. As of version 2.0 the house now supports 4 additional followers in the new Follower's Quarters located beneath the Follower's Room. Also supports an additional vampire follower with a vampire coffin in the Sinister Room.
    In the second room to the left you have the room where your children, if you happen to have any, will be staying. They have everything they need with beds, dressers, wardrobes, chests, golden candles, and golden bed pans. They don't have dolls or anything like that but let's be serious... just what kind of milk drinkers are you raising if you're buying them that stuff?! Raise a proper Nord child! Just give 'em a big ol axe and send them out hunting. Adoption fully works, by the way. You'll need Hearthfire multiple adoptions mod for it and there's only room for two kids, but this house totally supports adoption! As of version 2.0 the house now supports adoption of 6 children with the addition of a Children's Quarters beneath the Children's Room.
    I haven't forgotten about you, of course. Oh no... you're living the most luxurious life of all. You're in the room on the far right complete with banners, a dragon skull mounted on the wall, more beautiful paintings than you can shake a stick at, and desk that has everything you could need. You sit at the desk and you do so in your throne, because why should you be sitting in some crappy uncomfortable chair anyways? And from there you have access to custom storage for your journals, notes, books, scrolls, coin purses, keys, a strongbox, and a floor safe. There's also a reading chair nearby if you happen to want to sit under a lamp to read your favorite book. In front of the desk there's a big map of Skyrim so you can plan your next adventure while you're organizing all of your things.
    Of course, you have other things too... don't you? You know, things you wouldn't necessarily want anyone else to be around. Well, there's a room for that too! Find it and you have a room for pretty much every daedric artifact, elder scroll, dragon priest mask, dragon claw, paragon, and thieves guild treasures. It's automatically placed on their displays for you as well - just use the big treasures safe right when you walk in. As of version 3, just use the displays directly. Hovering over a blank area will tell you what item goes there and activating it will automatically place it on display. If you look around carefully enough you'll find a secret room - a Dark Brotherhood style torture room for the more sinister players.
    Well, now that you've found this room... you'll surely see the trap door leading down to the Whiterun Tunnels. What are the Whiterun Tunnels you may ask? Well, it's exactly what you've always wanted, that's what! It's a tunnel leading directly to Whiterun. You found some old ancient nord tunnel leading beneath your home all the way to Whiterun with an exit built right under the bridge under the main gate. Except, when you enter this way it can be all hush-hush without any witnesses, and all that.
    The thing of it is... you didn't build this tunnel. You just finished building your house (or maybe it was a gift from the gods?), and this tunnel just up and appears in your basement... more than that, it's locked! What kind of sissy Dragonborn would just stand for something like that? And in your own home no less! You'd better go check it out.
    Whatever's in there you shouldn't have to worry about anymore once you wipe it out as both ends of the tunnel are sealed off. On the bright side, once you deal with whatever it is you'll have a nice tunnel connecting your house directly to Whiterun! You're not going to break your nose running into a wall in the pitch dark, either, because it's well lit with torches all along the way.
    What else? Location location location. Your home is in the center of Skyrim and just a brisk walk away from the Whiterun Stables which means you could be anywhere in a snap! (followed by a long boring ride in a wagon, but hey who's keeping track!)
    I built this home for myself. I sat down and I thought "What exactly do I want in a home?" I knew of course that I wanted all of the crafting facilities and what have you but some houses go overboard with things and you end up spending more time putting each ingredient you have in separate jars or each book in the proper section than you do playing the game. This is a lot more simplified. Everything is compact, it's a really small house even though it will probably feel pretty big, but its smallness gives the added benefit of everything you want being only a few steps away. Building with a finite amount of space also kept my expansion craze in check. Can't very well go adding 10 extra rooms for this-and-that when you're pretty much locked in to the original building plan. But, that just lead to better decorations and a more homey feeling place in the end.
    The downside is... you're going to need all the DLC's to meet the requirements for this place: HearthFires, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard. I had to use them so it can't really be helped. I also used a resource called General Displays for the entirety of the treasure room so you'll need that entire suite: GeneralDisplays, General Displays - DG, General Displays - DB. But, it's not as bad as it sounds. You pretty much need the DLC's and one extra mod to get it to work. So, that's all you'll need. General Displays was completely removed as of version 3.0 with my own display system added.
    How to acquire it:
    So you didn't read anything else up to this point, eh? That's a bold strategy, Cotton. The house is just across the road from the Whiterun Stables, can't miss it. Look around outside the house for the key. Go into the Whiterun Tunnels under the bridge at Whiterun's gate to find the key connecting the tunnels to your house.
    Skyrim 1.9.whatever
    (Required) Dawnguard DLC
    (Required) HearthFires DLC
    (Required) Dragonborn DLC
    (No longer required as of version 3.0) General Displays with GeneralDisplays.esm, GeneralDisplays - DG.esm, and GeneralDisplays - DB.esm
    (optional) Hearthfire multiple adoptions - only required if you want adoptions to work and your spouse to be able to move in.
    (optional) My Home Is Your Home - only required to get your follower to move in; other mods that do similar should work as well.
    Displayed items include:
    All dragon priest masks
    All dragon claws
    3 elder scrolls
    Helm of Yngol (goes into Daedric artifact display)
    Grey Fox Bust (goes into Sinister room on desk)
    Statue of Dibella
    Crown of Barenziah
    All thieves guild treasures
    All paragons
    All Daedric artifacts
    All black books
    All Gauldur stuff
    Auriel's bow & shield
    All divine amulets
    Ysgramor's shield and Wuuthrad
    All bugs in jars (Bee, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Torchbug, Moth) - located at alchemy table
    If you just want all the display items without having to earn them you can grab the bat file in optional files and put it in the directory that your TESV.exe is located (not your Data folder) then in-game type "bat all-display-items" and it'll add them all to your inventory. You may need to adjust the load order on some of the items as my setup uses all of the Unofficial patches in the correct order.
    Note: There's a display case in the Sinister Room for your Blade of Woe but you'll have to put it there yourself rather than just tossing it in the Treasures chest.
    tueffelachtein - General Displays mod which as of 3.0 I'm not using except as a mesh resource
    gentester - pillows
    Blary - bookset, enchanting wall art, open books, ingredients in jars resource, racks, key holder
    Oaristys and Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
    eldiabs - mannequins, weapon racks, display cases, etc pre-set up
    various amazing classical artists - the beautiful paintings adorning the walls
    Artisanix - the picture frames
    (myself) - realistic wooden mannequins - used in screenshots
    raiserfx - detailed rugs (base for the blue rug - all I changed was all the vertex coloring)
    Thuum.org - dragon alphabet font and translations
    Dovah Zul Wiki - further translations
    Elianora - soul gem chest
    Darkfox127 - light toggle script, and his many tutorial videos of which I'd be completely lost in the CK without
    Q: Is the place I found the key outside the house safe storage?
    A: No, it will respawn. I don't advise storing anything there.
    A: Oh come on, don't be such a milk drinker. See the hints.txt included in the mod's archive when you give up.
    Q: I can't find this stupid key... are you SURE it's there?
    A: Yes.
    Q: No really, I can't find it. I think you're lying.
    A: Fine, don't believe me. Go through the tunnel instead. Once you manage to get into your house that way you can find an extra copy in your key holder on the wall next to your desk.
    Q: What the heck, man. These mannequins are walking around, eh!
    A: Vanilla bug. Search the internet, there's a fix out there for it.
    Q: There's random invisible walls all over the place that kinda nudge me around sometimes...
    A: Has to do with the above vanilla mannequin bug. Again, nothing to do with this mod and can be fixed.
    Q: I think I found some missing meshes / textures...
    A: Please report it to me and I'll fix it right away. Packing everything up can miss things sometimes.
    Q: But I wanted a disenchanting font...
    A: And I wanted you to have one! Alas, the author of the script said no and that's that. Such is the life of mod permissions. As of version 3.0 there is one! It's called Font of Renewal, right next to the enchanting station.
    Q: Where did you get those mannequins in your screenshots?
    A: My Realistic Wooden Mannequins mod.
    Q: What outfit are you wearing in your screenshots?
    A: It's a combination of several outfits. The hood is from Hunting Grounds, the main body is from Neo's Selene, along with the boots, and the gloves are from Lustmord.
    Q: What do those banners say?
    A: Well the large icon is the Akaviri symbol for Dragonborn. The text itself is Dovahzul and reads Dovahkiin, or Dragonborn.
    Q: What does the log book say? I'm too lazy to translate it.
    A: It's basically a dated journal that talks about the tunnel collapsing, some building notes, and that she could feel the return of Alduin and a Dragonborn awakening. But more than that she felt that their paths must cross soon, and that your opponent awaits.
    Q: My thieves guild treasures look like they're floating... what's up with that?
    A: Unfortunately if you started your game with a version of this mod prior to their being moved the original positions will have been baked into your save despite the shelves themselves retaining their new positions. The easiest solution is to just start a new game. You could try entering an interior cell and typing pcb into console then waiting 30 days and seeing if that fixes it but there's no promises there. It pretty much sucks.
    Q: My "Treasures" safe does nothing when I try to open it... what gives?
    A: That's... a bug with the General Displays mod. I wish it wasn't, but it happens to some people. The only solution that is known involves the following procedure: 1) Remove all your items to a safe place from all your homes that use General Displays. 2) Uncheck General Displays and the affected house mods from your load order. 3) Go in-game and click okay to loading with missing stuff and make a new save. 3) Re-enable General Displays and the house mods. 4) Go in-game, it should work now... hopefully. What Treasures safe? Update to 3.0 or greater! I completely removed the dependency to General Displays and scripted my very own display system.
    Q: What ENB are you using in your screenshots?
    A: Most now are using Grim and Somber Hircine on Extreme Quality but a few are using an edited version of Natural Lighting and Atmospherics. Some of the newer ones are also using Grim and Somber Sanguine Extreme Quality.
    Also available in Russian: Stormcrown Estate RUS 3-1 Full-61598-3-1.7z
    Grab an optional .BAT file for all display items here: All Display Items bat file-60909-.7z Place it in your EXE directory, not your data directory. Use it with "bat all-display-items" in-game.
    Latest version notes:
    3.2 is the first update in 7 years. Fixed the Elder Scroll (Dragon) display which was only set to display DLC1ElderScrollDragon (xx0126dc). The script was changed to allow for variation between DLC1ElderScrollDragon (xx0126dc), DA04ElderScroll (0002D513), and DA04ElderScrollFurled (00048782). If you somehow managed to finagle an Elder Scroll (Dragon) onto there you'll need to remove it prior to upgrading as I've deleted the previous reference activator. And as it is a script change a new game is advisable, though not necessary. If you didn't follow this advice use TCL in the console to move down below the amulet displays and open the large satchel and take your Elder Scroll (Dragon) out. You should be able to display it normally using the activator afterwards. Also, I've frankly forgotten how to bsa pack stuff so the new script is a loose file - sorry.

    I've also re-uploaded version 2.4 which was the final version prior to the 3.0 upgrade which still used General Displays for posterity for those that really want it. I however cannot advise it as it was causing game issues and it's why I completely reworked the mod.
    Previous version notes:
    Version 3.0 is up. With this major new version all dependency to General Displays was completely removed. As such, I strongly advise you don't upgrade it on an existing save and only use the newest version on a new save (or a save that hasn't had Stormcrown Estate). The scripts are completely different so things likely won't work at all if you just try to upgrade.
    The display system is completely new and scripted by myself. There's no longer a Treasures chest in the display room, you'll just walk up to where a display goes and you'll see a "Place / Take" prompt with the item name so you'll always know what you're missing. It's completely safe for enchanted or improved objects as they'll just be sent to a hidden container then the same exact item given back to you.
    There's a new Font of Renewal added to the left of the enchanting station which will renew any item you place in it instantly, removing any enchantments or improvements. This is the same thing the disenchanting fonts do from other mods but as I was unable to get permission to use that script I wrote this one myself.

    I messed with setting up ambushes in the tunnel but that stuff didn't make it to this version. The ambushes themselves were working fine - I had them coming out of vertical sarcophagi along the walls. Problem is that they wouldn't really venture more than a few yards from their spawning point so it made it nigh impossible for a low level character to defeat them. So, that wasn't included. I may mess with it at a later date.
    Please let me know immediately if you find any missing meshes or textures. I tried my best to make sure everything new was included in the bsa but as always sometimes things can be missed.



  15. Prettier Bandits

    Prettier Bandits v1.0
    Prettier Female Bandits Prettier Female Warlocks Prettier Vaermina Devotees Prettier Witches and Hags Prettier Female Thalmor Prettier Thieves Prettier Adventurers Prettier Vigilants Prettier Stormcloaks Prettier Forsworn Unique Bosses
    Q: What is Prettier Bandits?
    This mod updates the appearance of hundreds female actor types, including all bandit encounters, warlocks, witches and hags, Thalmor and randomly encountered adventurers. It is primarily an appearance mod, removing dirt and grime, adding new hair models and generally making your various hostile female NPC encounters a lil easier on the eyes.  However, I do add some additonal combat perks to the WE adventurer NPCs to make them tougher encounters, particularly at higher level.  Also, as of v0.9 the Vigilants of Stendarr got a complete rebuild with all new NPCs.  They are now organized into two Orders, the Wardens and the Crusaders.  Crusaders are like a religious knightly order, they wear armor and have combat skills for melee, they use maces.  The Wardens are more a scholarly priesthood using spells (mainly flame spells, they will often use a fire spell in both hands).  They use vanilla gear, so any gear replacers or Bodyslide adjustments will automatically be applied.  The Vigilants are also the only faction where the guys as well as the gals got an overhaul, I had to rebuild the male NPCs anyway so I figured why not give them a makeover while I was at it.
    Q: Unique Bosses?
    Certain leveled NPCs have been converted into Unique actors, had their appearance upgraded and given some additional perks and abilities.  These include:
    The Imperial Captian at Helgen (so now you've got a cute gal trying to take your head off, yeah... that never happens...) The Caller from Felglow The Necromancer Cult from Wolf Skull Cave attempting to summon Potema, the ritual leader and the four assistants are now all unique with custom appearances Dalrita, the leader Maela, a Nord originally from Windhelm Tristyn, a Breton from High Rock Alcedonia, an Imperial from Bruma Vinelore, an Altmer from the Rift (?) a sleeping area with some extra loot and Dalrita's journal was added to the ruins Luah al Skaven from Ansilvund is now a unique NPC, I tried to make her MILFy... though I'm not sure what exactly that should look like. ? Minorne from Ruunvald is now a unique NPC with dusky skin to keep her in line with lore speculation that she may actually be an Ayleid. Keeper Carcette of the Vigilants is now a unique NPC to go along with the entire order getting an overhaul. Eisa Blackthorn encountered outside of Frostmere Crypt, now better looking and tougher with some scars, befitting a woman who survived Cidhna Mine! Salma from outside Ironbind Barrow Anska encountered inside High Gate Ruins Fjola from Mistwatch Tower Umana encountered deep within Alftand The "Vaermina Dreamgirls" consists of 6 devotees who awaken as you make your way through Nightcaller Temple Valana, a Breton Safia, an Imperial Jaedya, a Nord Teril, a Dunmer Carellon, an Altmer Enyra, a Nord  
    Q: Does it give NPC any new abilities or make them tougher?
    For the most part no, Prettier Bandits was intended to be primarily an appearance mod only. It does increase the level range of encounters witches and hags to be similar to encountered warlocks.  As I mentioned above it also gives the WEAdventurer's some additional combat perks, but nothing out of line with a vanilla lore friendly game (no super powers).  Also, as of v0.9 a select few leveled NPC bosses have been converted into unique Boss NPCs, these were also given additional perks to make them a little bit more of a challenge as well as making them "prettier".  The Vigilants of Stendarr did receive a complete overhaul, and now appear as either heavily armored "Crusaders" who specialize in melee combat, or robed "Wardens" who specialize in using magic.  The Vigilants also included better looking male NPCs as well as females, since I was overhauling them all anyway.
    Q:  What body type does it use?
    A:  Whatever you have installed, the mod only changes the face and hair of the NPCs, not the body.  So you can use any body type and any gear replacer for that body type and it will work fine with this mod.  It should also work with any skin texture you have installed.  Personally I use Bijin's Skin
    Q: Does it add anything new?
    Not really, there is no new armor or anything include in this mod. It does add a few new NPC encounters, mostly to the roadside thieves you sometimes encounter, I added two more female dark elves and one female wood elf to the possible encounter types. That's really about it, its an appearance mod.
    Q: Does this replace existing bandits or other NPCs?
    Yes, in so far as it updates the appearance of existing NPC actors. It does not alter their outfits, gear, etc.  In most cases it simply adds actors to the leveled list, but in the case of the Vigilants they got a complete rebuild.
    Q: Why use this mod?
    You like eye candy? I made this mod with the intent of supporting Paradise Halls Extension so that captured bandits, warlocks, thalmor, etc. would be nicer looking slaves.  Its since grown beyond that original purpose to simply making random encounters (and now a few unique bosses) look nicer.
    Q: Why is the file so large?
    Over 1,000 sets of face geometry and tint mask sets take a up a lot of space.  The currently zipped file is 450 MB.
    Q: Will you add prettier guards or other NPCs?
    This is in progress.  The current factions included are bandits, warlocks, necromancers, witches, WEAdventurers, WEThieves, Vaermina Devotees, Falmer Servants, Forsworn, Stormcloaks, and the Vigilants of Stendarr as of v0.9. 
    Q: Is this Smexy Bandits?
    No. That was the original form of this project, at this point its abandoned, having been replaced by this project
    Q: Can I use your NPCs appearance in my own mod project?
    A:  Yes!  Copy in any NPC you like, I won't mind.  If anything I'll be a lil flattered.  I'm hoping in a future version of this mod to include a separate resource .esm that will contain all the appearance templates for people to use as a resource.  So yes, if it would help you populate your mod with better looking NPCs, feel free to borrow and copy from this mod.
    Q:  Why are you still using Apachii hair its so old?
    A:  Nostalgia, also, I'M OLD ?   Seriously, I'm tired of it too (too many dependencies for one, and not enough variety second), so one of my goals for the is to convert the entire mod over to KS Hairdo's.  At that point Apachii hair will no longer be required or used, I will not maintain two versions of the mod (way too much work).  I am working on converting to KS Hair, it is now required for the new unique NPCs.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to convert the full mod as I'm also working on laying the groundwork for the eventual 2.0 which will overhaul, rebuild and expand the mod considerably.  So it might take awhile.
    Q:  Will there be a SE version of this mod?
    Yes, I'm working on it now. 
    What's required
    Apachii Hair for Females 1.5
    Apachii Hair 1.6 Full
    Download and install with your favorite mod manager.
    Load order is up to you, you can let other things overwrite it or not as you wish.
    Removal is simple, just uninstall with your mod organizer.
    There are no scripts included in this mod so it shouldn't break anything.
    Known Issues:
    To Do List:
    What's Next?
    Next up will be v1.1.  I'm planning on adding more unique NPCs for that and I'm also planning on adding options for some of the unique NPCs to become available as followers or hirelings.  For now I'm looking at doing this for the following NPCs:
    Salma, after finishing Ironbind Barrow, if she survives her quest will shut down and she will go to the Nightgate Inn where she can then be asked to follow you as a regular follower.  Also, if she dies (or is enslaved) her quest will automatically shut down so that her quest dialog stops and she doesn't despawn if turned into an undead thrall or a slave. Eisa Blackthorn, if she is allowed to leave, she goes to Morthal.  Additional changes would be made so that if she isn't killed you can hire her as a hireling for 500 gold (she is a mercenary after all) Anska, if you help her in High Gate Ruins, afterwards she will be available as a follower Fjola, if you let her leave Mistwatch instead of killing her (or enslaving her) she will show up elsewhere and be available as a hireling.  
    I'm also looking add adding more unique NPCs from Solstheim and possibly adding Alva and Laelette (vampires) from Morthal.
    Mods I Used While Making This Mod
    For the eyes I'm using Improved Eyes Skyrim
    For skin I use Bijin's Skin
    For the brows I'm using Hvergelmir's Brows
    However, the mod should work with any skin, eye or brow pack you choose.  None of these are included.  It will also work with whatever body type you install, the mod doesn't affect the body, just the face and hair.
    Also, I would suggest this mod for the Forsworn, Forsworn Natural if you want topless Forsworn as seen in the preview.
    Special Thanks to my Beta Test Team for a LOT of patience and testing.
    Karlpaws Psalam Valcon767 Worik Blackbird_Wanderer  
    Support Me
    I now have a SubscribeStar account if you want to help support me making mods.  You're support will be very much appreciated and will help me have more time to work on mods and create new content.



  16. Better Heels Sound FX

    Hey folks !
    Did you ever said to yourself : "These heels sounds are really nice, but the quality of some sounds is pretty... meh"
    Well, nothing wrong with that, some files from Heels Sound are encoded with a sampling rate of 11kHz, which is rather low. Say no more !
    What it does
    I replaced most of the heels sounds with better quality audio files, some of which I downloaded from royalty-free sound database websites, and others from the original sound files which I edited myself to reach 44kHz quality.
    I didn't touch the files that had a good quality, like sounds on grass and carpet.
    Good to know
    I started editing these files almost 2 years ago and left the progress at 80%, and finished the last few files I didn't like recently, so there may be a slight inconsistency with some sounds (Nothing serious don't worry, I tested them in game).

    Please let me know if you notice anything that sounds wrong to you.
    Heels Sounds 1.5 SSE reupload by ApoKrytia and ybsj520 his original author.
    High Heel Footstep Sounds by Indrisblake.



  17. Ashes - The Price of Stupid

    This is a small flavor addon for my Death mod of choice, Ashes.
    In the Original, whenever you die, you will respawn with an increasingly punishing debuff, which will reset on Level up.
    All fine and dandy, but if you are like me and are bad at videogames, you might fall behind the curve to far and are left with a crippling debuff which will force you to hide behind Lydia for the next few hours.
    And since nobody wants that, I wrote this small addon which allows you to do the Rich people thing and just throw money at the problem.
    So what does this mod do exactly?
    It adds the "Altair of Greed" to the Whiterun catacombs. Here you can pay a hefty sum (15.000 Gold) to reset Ashes Injuries and Debuffs.
    The Original Ashes mod (duh...)
    -SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19234
    -LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92743
    overwrite the originals esp when asked.



  18. Skyrim Immersion Patch (January 2022)

    [For many years now, I had this small non-sexlab mod hosted only on Nexus. It is time to change that and host it here with my other mods as well.]
    Have you ever wondered how the Greybeards keep themselves warm? or those bandits in that tower above Riverwood? How do they prepare food in those inns?
    And what about beggars...where do they sleep?
    Years ago, mods like 'Cutting Room Floor' or 'Unofficial Skyrim Patch' inspired me to get started with that dreaded CK editor and give back a little to the Skyrim community.
    This mod is not earth-shattering but it provides some useful immersive changes where it makes sense.
    The mod itself is kept as simple as possible, using only Vanilla resources so far.
    Optional esp files:
    Legendary addon - brings assets from the DLCs into Skyrim's mainland (heavy snow trees, dead and broken trees, hints of Morrowind where it makes sense). ESO add-on - adds landmarks from the Elder Scrolls Onlines back into Skyrim Seasonal weather - overrides the weather with seasonal weather patterns in addition to regional ones from the game. Use this console command to set the number of days in a year (you don't have anything to do if you are using Family Ties, the mod will adjust to the duration of a year from Family Ties automatically)  
    set _SIP_GV_DaysInYear to <number of days in a year>  
    FrostFall is not required although many changes in this Immersion Patch were added with Frostfall in mind. Compatibility is extended only through the addition of campfires and other heat sources.
    This mod covers the following kinds of changes:
    - Heat sources in places that make sense (such as where NPCs work all day long in cold weather)
    - User accessible bedrolls in some public places (beggars beds for example)
    - Extra NPCs where you would expect them (such as a Vigilant of Stendarr helping out with daedric curses in them Temple of Kynareth or guarding various Shrines of Stendarr)
    - Small details that were originally missed (for example, Reyda's clothes folded on the shore in Ivarstead)
    - Small updates to vendors and other loot lists (Firewood, torch, linen wraps added to Misc Merchant Items).
    - Cooking Spit added to inns without kitchens (can be disabled by talking to innkeepers)
    There will be more changes in the future as I come across them. Feel free to post suggestions in the discussion area. I will be happy to include them if they are doable with minimal resources.
    Look into the Readme section of the downloaded file (or here on Github) for a full list of the changes so far...
    Future plans
    Here are a few things I plan on adding at some point:
    - how do they transport wood? -> floating wood trunks down the rivers, carts outside of sawmills
    - where is the trash? -> add clutter in streams and sewers, puddles of dirty water
    - how do they keep clean? -> custom items to wash clothes and hang them to dry, people bathing, at least one bath house (like in Kingdom Com Deliverance)
    - how to they make food? -> a few smokers for dried meat and fish, a couple of places with pelts drying off to make leather
    Let me know in the discussion threads if you have ideas.
    This is not meant for a huge overhaul but instead fixing little things that make so sense in the original game.



  19. modern scroll

    this is a modern city is a mod like moderntown but this much better and big also have npcs around,this is a port from original is SE version, i upload with autorization of owner .
    the door is on riverwood a book on the floor is a spell teleport to the city see the pictures for see location of the book
    the place expand twice of the size more npcs and places to explore



  20. A Werewolf Should Know Decency

    A werewolf should really know some decency and dress up after transforming back to human form. No one wants to see that ass, ok?
    It re-equips all your gear and spells when you transform from a werewolf back to human form. Including your power. And it puts your left hand items back in your left hand instead in your right.
    ATTENTION: there is a time lag before the re-equipping happens. It's due to the transformation anim taking longer than it seems to. Just be patient, your char will get dressed. Give it 5-10 sec.
    Those who know my other mods can probably guess that for me it wasn't about decency, but convenience. It truly is a bother to equip every piece of armor, every weapon and every spell again, just because I transformed once. Especially the power. Jeez, I just used the Beast Form transformation power. Why would the game unequip it, come on? Of all the things, why this?
    So here's a fix. It's not the first one around, and being a lazy person I wouldn't make my own if it wasn't out of necessity. All the other mods I found had some serious flaws - incompatible with Dawnguard, with RaceCompatibility, overwriting records I needed for something else, weird handling of crossbows, weird handling of left-hand weapon, ignoring non-vanilla slots (like for example underwear, wings, backpacks).
    I've never written a script for Skyrim before. I tinkered with Morrowind around 2003, but back in the day you wouldn't even need to compile it! The code structure was easier too... Anyway, it's 2019, I taught myself the Skyrim version of Papyrus, and there it is, behold. I managed to work around almost every bug Bethesda has thrown at me, except for the torch. It's bugged so I decided not to re-equip it. Sorry, but Beth fucked up torches badly. Don't believe me? Try mounting a horse holding a torch. See where the torch goes. Enough said. Congratulations, Bethesda.
    Anyway, I was considering not re-equipping the torch in the first place, so it kinda works for me. When you transform back, you should avoid being seen doing it. The torch draws attention, so lighting it should be a conscious choice, rather than a scripted, automatic action.
    This mod was made for use with:
    - Dawnguard (required)
    - SKSE (very required)
    - RaceCompatibility (the script is based on it - will work without RaceCompatibility, but it's better to have it)
    The QF_PlayerWerewolfQuest_0002BA16 script is all good, same in Dawnguard / vanilla and not even covered by RaceCompatibility.
    PlayerWerewolfChangeScript however differs between Dawnguard and vanilla. Analyzing the code, using Dawnguard version but playing vanilla shouldn't break the game, but it might throw errors and maybe, *maybe* bloat your save. RaceCompatibility further changes the script, but not in a game breaking way.
    This mod will conflict with any other that relies on changes in any of the 2 scripts:
    - PlayerWerewolfChangeScript
    - QF_PlayerWerewolfQuest_0002BA16
    Sometimes the script is packed in the BSA, so you may not know you're overwriting it with my mod.
    Every script author who provides the source code. The real MVPs. On the other hand fuck the authors who keep the source for themselves
    Creation Kit Wiki was helpful too, so kudos to all the contributors.
    My code is roughly based on Werewolf Aftermath Re-Equipper by Korodic.
    Oh, and the img idea is from WereWolf Return Form No Naked by aaa. It's crude and simple, but caught my fancy.



  21. SKSE Launch Patch


    Special Edition is so fucked up in terms of how it loads and organizes mods, so that a tool as simple as mine just doesn't cut it anymore.
    You need an actual mod manager (or just don't use mods at all). My personal reccomendation is Mod Organizer 2.
    Because of how mod managers work, my patch is incompatible with them. I'm not going to fix that - if you're using a mod manager, you don't need my patch anyway.

    Just run it. Execute it. Start the EXE file.
    Oh, and of course you need SKSE installed. It's an SKSE patch after all.

    This patch allows you to run Skyrim+SKSE:
    - from your regular Desktop shortcut
    - from Skyrim Launcher
    - from Steam client
    - or even starting TESV.exe directly
    - oh, the shortcut generated by SKSE will work too, but now you don't really need it
    When you run this patch:
    - it extracts it's own version of TESV.exe, which not only starts SKSE, but also hides its ugly command line window
    - right before extracting its own file, it renames official TESV.exe to TESV_original.exe
    - it edits or creates from scratch an INI file (SKSE.ini), which tells SKSE to work on TESV_original.exe instead of TESV.exe

    1. 1. It's neat - doesn't pop up a console window, like regular SKSE does.
    2. Because this patch will work with any version of SKSE, including those yet to come
    3. Because it doesn't conflict with mods, that use their own SKSE.ini file, since it edits the file, not places a new one
    4. In case of new Skyrim or SKSE version you only have to run the patch again
    5. If you overwrite SKSE.ini with some mods, executing the patch again will solve the problem
    6. Although this patch is written in English, it will work with any language version of the game



  22. neptunia room

    just a small bedroom from neptunia
    for access : coc 00neptuniavr
    neptunia bedroom



  23. test 0.3 project urban

    this is one place is wip ,i got the aval of creator to port to le i share with you ppl. is apocaliptic place ideal for take screeen shots.
    for enter to this place find a bike on riverwood after the firts guards gate is easy to see you will no have problem.
    all credits of this place to Rudolph Sergey
    visiti orginal mod here ;
    test 0.3 le



  24. No Kids

    ~ Removes Children and Replaces them With Chickens ~ (or simply hides them)
    ? No Kids

    Previously, I've used Sex Lab - Sexual Fame 'Framework' (LE) (SE) specifically to remove children from the game.
    I wanted a mod which:
    Removes Children from The Game (and that's the only goal of the mod) Allows You to Search for Hidden Children to Enable Them (so you can start/complete quests which require children) Allows You to Re-Disable Children after You Enable Them (so you can make them disappear again) Turns them into Chickens (because... obviously!) ?  
    Mod Versions
    You are viewing the Legendary Edition compatible version of No Kids. Here is the Special Edition version.
    There are two versions of this mod available:
    No Kids - Chickens (this version turns each child into 60x chickens) No Kids - Hide Children (simply hides children without the amusement of turning them into chickens)  
    You can configure what children are turned into (and how many of each) via the Mod Configuration Menu.
    Be default, the options are to turn children into:
    Chickens Dogs Mudcrabs Hods  
    You can customize the options available by editing the Config.json file in the mod's folder.
    Add whatever options you would like under the "nokids_replacement_options" section.
    You can include items from the Skyrim base game or any mods you have installed, just be sure to specify the .esm or .esp name in the configuration.
    "nokids_replacement_options": [ "0xA91A0|Skyrim.esm", "0x23A92|Skyrim.esm", "0xE4010|Skyrim.esm", "0x1347D|Skyrim.esm" ] NOTE FOR LEGENDARY EDITION USERS:
    If you want to edit the .json, the above format does not work. Instead of "0xABC|Skyrim.esm" you must use "12345|Skyrim.esm" where "12345" is the hexadecimal converted to decimal (here is a converter you can use) So, basically search the internet for the Form ID of something in Skyrim, e.g. a cabbage is 00064B3F, and you use the converter to turn that into the number 412479 so you update the JSON with: "412479|Skyrim.esm" When replacing children with actors, e.g. Nazeem, use the actor's "Base ID" (not the "Ref ID"), e.g. for Nazeem it is 00013BBF (which, converted to decimal, would be 80831)  
    Um, what?
    We had this idea on my Twitch stream* so we made it together. Chickens were my idea. Dogs, Mudcrabs, and Hods were my viewers' ideas.  
    Source Code
    This is my first Lovers Lab mod! I've been wanting to support this community for a long time.
    I really hope this helps some users of Adult mods feel better about their kid-free Skyrim world.
    Love y'all! Happy Modding. ~ MrowrPurr
    Support Rules
    The usual. Stay on topic. No trolling. No racism, sexism, homophobia, other -isms and -phobias, or inappropriate remarks.
    Have fun! And remember: everyone is doing their best. Happy Modding!



  25. Adventurers Guild

    This Mod adds more to The Blue Palace..Adding a Large Restaurant an Additional Throne room(Guild Hall) joined together with a prison and many Guest rooms (separate cells) to holds easy 50 followers (on my old pc with large mod load) there are a few Guards and a Innkeeper so far But I intend to add much more as i go ..



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