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These Sims 4 mods are all related to the WickedWhims mod by TurboDriver and thus are of an adult only nature.

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  1. WickedWhims

    HAVING ISSUES? CHECK OUT THE WICKEDWHIMS HELP CENTER WANT TO KNOW WHAT CHANGED? READ PATCH NOTES GOT AN EXCEPTION FILE? CHECK OUT THE LE ASSISTANT       Supported game versions: 1.99.305 (August 3), 1.100.147 (September 5), 1.101.290 (September 26)       Latest Update Patch Notes       Topic | Website | Tutorials Care to support development? Check my Patreon!         What is WickedWhims? WickedWhims is a mod that offers animated sex, nudity interactions, exhibitionism interactions, relationship enhancements, gameplay and visual improvements. Do you want your Sims to have sex? Do you want to try naturism or flash your neighbors? Try WickedWhims!   New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom whims, custom objects, custom animations, custom reactions, nudity autonomy, sex autonomy, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay.   View screenshots on the Download page.     - Features -   FULLY ANIMATED & INTERACTIVE SEX
    Get on a bed, or on a sofa, or the floor, or anywhere you want to get freaky with anybody you want.
    Experience 10000+ sex animations from various creators and try animating yourself.
    Fully controllable — invite, join, leave, swap, move, reposition, undress, and perform many other actions during sex.
    Compose your own playlists, manage locations and animations, readjust context, and other delicate specifics.
    Supports animated genitals, strapons, custom props, visual effects, special overlays, and other things to look at.
      Undress individual pieces of clothing with support for underwear and dynamically transforming custom content outfits.
    Become a Nudity Enthusiast, socialize about nudity with others, and grow nudity skills to increase confidence and unlock new options.
    Give Exhibitionism a try and enjoy the thrill of flashing others.
    Style and maintain dynamically growing pubic hair.
    Don’t be shy, Undress anything you want at any moment without censorship getting in the way.
    Whether you like them big, affectionate, or sticky; You can adjust preferences and behavior to your liking.
    Live in a world of Attractiveness where everyone has their own style and preferences that influence, encounters, storytelling, and even lewd dreams.
    Make a good Impression by sharing your unique view of the world in hopes to find like-minded individuals.
    Expand, modify, solidify, or even avoid relationships with many special traits like Polyamorous, Eternally Faithful, or Asocial.
    Become Casual Sex Partners with someone and receive booty calls.
      Experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with PMS, periods, bleeding, tampons, pads,  and variable fertility.
    Keep track of fertility by using the Period Tracker app and the Fertility Awareness Test.
    Avoid pregnancy by using condoms and birth control pills or terminate an accidental pregnancy.
    Birthing people can play with the extra challenge of managing a menstrual cycle.
    Run a fully playable business with your own club and dancers.
    Begin your adventure with the fully playable Strip Club business.
    Pick a location, hire dancers, place dancing poles, designate lap dancing spots, and let the clients enjoy the view.
    Invite clients to buy a drink, manage supplies quantity and quality, and keep the place clean.
    Requires the Get to Work expansion pack.
      Watch bodies get all shiny from sweat when working out or having sex.
    Peep into Windows for a chance to see someone naked or having sex.
    Use the Nudist Hangout lot trait to make everyone more open to being naked.
    Manipulate nudity autonomy behavior with Build/Buy signs.
    Additional nudity features, traits, settings, and activities.
    Encounter random occurrences of nudity in the wild, like naked yoga, losing a piece of a swimsuit, or putting a towel too low after a bath.
    Get creeped out by Creeps that show up to stare at your naked presence in public.
    Additional sex features, traits, settings, and activities.
    Enjoy watching others have sex, and if you’re really into it, consider equipping the Cuckold trait.
    Increase your chances with the Sexually Alluring reward store trait or exclude yourself from sex with the Sexually Abstinent trait.
    Control any and all NPCs with a cheat setting to make everybody have sex everywhere.
    Manipulate sex autonomy behavior with Build/Buy signs, the Hypersexual lot trait, and the Sex Control menu.
    Layers of Cum on bodies appear after or during sex with the ability to control it.
    Contract, spread, and medicate the Crabs STD.
    Turn on your TV or computer and watch porn with the ability to “release the pressure”.
    Plan Sex Party social events with different themes like Swingers, Watchers, Impregnation, or Masturbation.
    Experience 40+ flavors of satisfaction moodlets, sentiments, context moodlets, and other effects.
    Customize the sexual experience with many traits like Cum Slut, Selfish Lover, or Generous Lover.
      Control all features with settings.
    Acquire new traits using the Wicked Attributes personalization menu.
    Keep track of everything you learn with the Wicked Notebook tab.
    Use Sims Protocols for altering sex, nudity, relationship, and other behaviors.
    Special and technical features, settings, and functionalities.
    Many packs offer additional functionality to play with, but you don’t need to own any of them.
    Get Together — Create clubs that are all about having sex or nudity.
    Vampires & Realm of Magic — Manipulate the world of sex and nudity with magical powers.
    Get to Work — Upgrade the SimRay to manipulate the world of sex and nudity.
    Seasons — Establish official holidays that involve sex or nudity.
    Discover University — Influence your grades by convincing your professor using naughty tactics.
    Get Famous — Be careful when being lewd in public, that can cost you your reputation.
        - Installation - Check out the Manual Installation page. Check out the Animations Installation page. Check out the Common Mistakes page.     - Required Mods / Packs - No mods are required to use all available functionalities of WickedWhims. Consider downloading Sex Animations linked below, which are required for more sex positions.   No packs are required to use WickedWhims, but certain features will not be available.
    Check Topic for more details.     - Additional Mods - Click Here to go to the Additional Mods List
        - Animations - Click Here to go to the Animations List



  2. Trap And Shemale Hypo Poster V2 Bt gearz01

    I'm Come back. This is a V2 My hypo Poster. I hope you love this

    1 download


  3. Ass Paint By Gearz01

    This is a Ass painting And Wait For update
    Every Photo Make By Ai 😁❤



  4. Milf Japanese anime

    Including MILFs from various anime such as Doraemon, Shinchan and others.



  5. POSTER HYPO Tran And Trap

    mod was created for my needs and will keep updating. can request what you like Then I'll arrange it when I'm free.



  6. Tran & Trap Wall paint

    mod was created for my needs and will keep updating. can request what you like Then I'll arrange it when I'm free.



  7. Muscle Worship Mod 2.0

    Hey all, 
    This is a rerelease of my Muscle Worship mod, one of the first mods I've ever made. 
    The mod features two traits, obtainable via phone interaction (or via the Muscle Growth Aspiration) Aspiring Bodybuilder and Muscle Worshipper. Aspiring Bodybuilders wanna get big as possible and show of their muscles, while Muscle Worshippers just want to see and touch muscles and encourage as much growth as they can! Once they get big enough, Body Builders show of their muscles with custom animated interactions! The mod also comes with a custom lot trait called "Hard Core Gym" where the gym goers are much bigger than at a normal gym. 
    While not required, Roburky's Fitness Controls is highly recommended for this mod, specifically with the Muscle Limit setting of 2.5, and Change Multiplier Setting of .4. Non-Bodybuilders are design to taper off at what would be 100 fitness without the extended fitness settings, meaning that with both mods only Aspiring Bodybuilders can grow passed the unmodded limit. 
    Previously this mod featured a bodybuilding competition, which I'm in the process of rebuilding from the ground up. I'm also planning on adding a Fitness Model Gig/work from home based custome career, as well as more animations- including actual worship animations between worshippers and Bodybuilders.
    All flexing animations are also available as Wicked Whims Strip Club Dances.
    If you enjoy this mod and would like to help with it's development please consider supporting me over on https://www.patreon.com/chrispyre. I am currently working on developing the new venue for Bodybuilding Shows, as well as more poses. 



  8. Genital Randomizers for WW

    I personally love some variety and surprise in my wicked game play, and in adding cock shrinkage to my chatity mod, I thought of a way to randomize the genitals of all the sims in my the world by default. First let me clarify: these will not change the parts for body selector. The genital randomizer will randomly assign penises and vaginas to sims (regardles of their gender). Penis Size Randomizer will randomize the values for WW native Penis Size Modifier and will therefore need that setting turned on to function. There is a cheat to reroll penis sizes, just in case.
    I've also added Like/Dislike options in CAS to each to allow you turn off randomization for your sims. 



  9. Compatible with EA base Body of Futa Model

    Hello guy,I......English is pool.....keep it brief~

    It uses Simdulgence - TS4 RealGens Penis as a base modified model
    can be used for create cc clothes or retexturer EA Base Clothes
    I hope Helping Everyone🥰

    I using of Tool:
    Marvelous Designer
    Sims 4 Studio

    Using of Model:
    Simdulgence - TS4 RealGens




  10. Supern4tural Dildos (with Functional Rig for better WW animations)

    As soon as I was not satisfied with most of the dildo mods, which have rigs with no bones (so they can't move if used for animations),
    I decided to get to work and create some dildos that could bend. 
    These ones have a RIG and bones that can move (the number of bones changes according to the type of mesh).
    They are all transparent, and there's 2 versions:
    a STANDARD SIZE Penis dildo and a HORSE VERSION
    (you can check the screenshots below)
    I'm gonna include some animations that use these meshes in my own Animations package very soon, of course (check it if you didn't yet).
    If any animator is interested in making animations that include these dildos, just use S4S to get the rig and the mesh
    (please don't include the mod file in your mods, simply let people know that you worked with them and can download them here if they want).
    I hope you guys find these meshes useful and fun, enjoy.




  11. Functional Chastity Gameplay Mod

    Finally! Functional Chastity gameplay for the sims! There has been chastity cage CC added in the sims forever, however even within wicked whims, their functions have been completely cosmetic. Wicked whim still treats sims in chastity like any other male sims, allowing for weird animations, and phantom cock stroking. 
    First things first, this mod requires Wicked Whims, since this mod relies on and modifies wicked whims game play. Secondly, it requires Simdulgences Simple Gens cage add on, (downloadable here: https://simdulgencemods.tumblr.com/post/691551022272937984/update-simplegens-addons). I chose this since there's only one version to worry about and it does not require any other CAS parts to look decent. 
    Like with my other mods, start by using your phone to register a chastikeep account to become either a chastity lover and a keyholder. 
    As a Chastity Lover you can click your sim at any time and select "Lock Your Cock." This will automatically change your WW body part settings to the simdulgence cage. Anytime you have the simdulgence cage on, you'll get a invisible locked buff which alters your sims roles in bed and prevent them from being selected for any animations that would allow them to penetrate. It also forces them to sit to pee. Having the locked buff will start a timer, which gives you visible buffs based on how long you've had the cage on. Without a keyholder, your sim can also choose to unlock at any time, but you don't really want to do that do you?
    Anyways your sim can ask any significant other or casual romantic partner to become a keyholder (Keyholder sims can likewise convince their partners into chastity lovers). Then the keyholder can take the chastity lovers key away putting them in a permanently locked state until the keyholder decides to release them. Trying to change the sims body parts manually through wicked whims will do you no good, because so long as their key is being held your sims dick will immediately revert back into it's caged appearance. 
    Your sim can always ask their keyholder for release, but the chances of being release start off at zero if it's been less than day, and increase gradually the longer they've been locked in chastity. 
    Once your sim has reached 30 days and chastity, most of the downsides of being locked will be passed and they'll be able to reap the benefits! At that point they can opt to enter permanent chastity, at which point your sim will not be able to remove the cage without cheating. 
    This Mod was released early to and is made possible by the supports over on my Patreon! If you enjoy my content consider joining to get early access to future content! 



  12. Faster shower together

    Reduces the time for showering together from 43 sim minutes to 10.
    Important, this works only as override file. See Simplified Modding (tumblr.com . So follow the instruction there to place the file into the correct location.
    If you want to adopt the file via for example S4Studio for your prefered times, simply search for:
    <T n="max_time">10</T>
    <T n="min_time">10</T>
    and replace the numbers in the 3 "Interaction Tunings" by yours.
    (Sorry for the redords look messy, but I was not in the mood to do all the pretty formatting.)



  13. No loitering at strip clubs

    Prevents loiterers to come to the strip clubs.
    Works with WW v175 and v170k



  14. QOS tattoo for sims

    Hi guys!I've found a lot of great work here in the past, and recently I decided to put what I've been thinking into action, so I made it.
    Here are 6 different parts of the tattoo, and there are more types for you to choose from, I hope you can use these tattoos to make various qos sims.
    This is my first work, I hope you will like it!
    (My English is not good, I hope you all bear with me)



  15. BBC necklace



  16. Sims 4 - Wicked Series Season 1 trailer

    Sex films told in the world of the sims. 
    Link to my videos https://www.naughtymachinima.com/user/blackdra77/videos/https://www.xvideos.com/profiles/villian518#_tabVideos The haunting of Goth Manor pt. 2 👻 Romero(Vampire the Masqurade) hires Alice and Rain to kill Zombies🧟‍♂️ Vampire Crypt of lust ft. ebony adult stars 🧛‍♀️ Jason sexxx ft. adult stars(Friday the 13th) and more......



  17. WickedWhims Animations XML Tuning file generator

    Hello everyone,
    I decided to try making my own animations and, while they are completely far from what I would like to see in my game, I wrote a small application to simplify the process of filling out the WW XML Tuning file.

    So this content may be of interest only to those who are already making animations or planning to.

    Automatic generation of Decimal/Hex values based on your package name Possibility to add many animations Toggle select locations/tags Possibility to add many actors With many interactions Correct destination file name Edit existing XML file (new)Possibility to add animation events  
    This is WIP, so don't expect 100% stable work.
    I look forward to your comments. I have some plans for the development of this utility, but they largely depend on demand.
    Future plans:
    Edit existing XML support (DONE) Extend with other optional XML parts animation_props_list animation_events_list (DONE) etc. Implement .package generation (too many applications are required at the moment to generate one file 🙂 ) 



  18. Gay Wall Art

    Thanks for taking your time to check out my content! 
    These are a small selection of wall items that I will continue to add to as time goes on. I am looking to add some straight versions in the future too. 
    I try to make all my content using base game items so that everyone can enjoy them but in the future I may use items from some of the packs.



  19. QuinSims BDSM Mods (Submit Release)

    1. Posture Sentinel

    This is the first project i started working on besides my animations. It startet as a decorative object for the game and soon became a bondage device with interactions directed to the BDSM (or Kinky) players on Sims 4 community. The idea is to offer several flexible interactions with custom animations and moodlets capable of be suitable to maledom fans or femdom fans with a focus on the discipline aspect.

    2. Kneel and Submit
    Your sim can kneel or ask another one to kneel anywhere on the floor. The sim will stay there until you release him/her (click sim --> Safeword), just like the Sentinel. Others sims will be able to interact with the submissive sim in many ways and the first two interaction are already available, a Punishment and a Funishment.


    Next step of this project is the butt slapping and more spanking animations. Different traits will allow different outcomes for the submissive and the dominant sim so it will possible have a very nice compatibilly with Wicked Whims, Nisa Wicked Perversions and Ella Noir Flirty Fetishes traits.

    I'm finally being able to work with my Sentinel project, womething i always wanted to do. I have studied many many many different projects and looked for many tutorials all overs the platforms we have on the the internet. So my thanks to Necrodog (his amazing tutorial <3), Scumbumbo, Sacrificial, TurboDriver and Kritical.



  20. ♠♠  Interracial  ♠♠   QOS   ♠♠   Blacked  ♠♠ BBC tatoos

    ♠♠  Interracial  ♠♠   QOS   ♠♠   Blacked  ♠♠ BBC tatoos!!!



  21. Vulgar Language for WickedWhims

    Is the dialog in WickedWhims just not nasty enough for you? Time to get vulgar!

    💥Now with even MORE vulgar language!💥

    Vulgar Language for WickedWhims is a PACKAGE file used to change dialog and notification text in WickedWhims to something a little spicier! Words in WickedWhims that will be replaced when using this mod are:
    Bang will be replaced with Fuck Behind will be replaced with Ass Boobs will be replaced with Tits Bottom will be replaced with Ass Breasts will be replaced with Tits Butt will be replaced with Anal or Ass Chest will be replaced with Breasts Climax will be replaced with Cum Crap will be replaced with Shit Cunnilingus will be replaced with Pussy licking Dick will be replaced with Cock Dirty Deed will be replaced with Fucking Doing It will be replaced with Fucking Fellatio will be replaced with Blowjob Getting it on will be replaced with Fucking Going at it will be replaced with Fucking Group Sex will be replaced with Orgy Hump will be replaced with Fuck Lovemaking will be replaced with Sex Masturbate will be replaced with Jack off or Rub one out Orgasming will be replaced with Cumming Penis will be replaced with Cock Phallus will be replaced with Dick Screw will be replaced with Fuck Sex will be replaced with Fuck, Threesome, Foursome, or Orgy Sleep together will be replaced with Fuck The Sack will be replaced with Bed Vagina will be replaced with Pussy  
    NOTE: THIS MOD DOES NOT CHANGE THESE WORDS IN ALL INSTANCES! This mod only changes the notifications about Sims, the dialog between Sims, and the texts Sims receive from SimHub. Most settings and preferences text was left as default.
    How to install
    1. Download the file.
    2. Open the Mods folder (Documents/The Sims 4/Mods).
    3. Place the file in the Mods folder, overwriting any previous version of this mod.
    If you see info for this mod listed in the WickedWhims welcome message, the mod has loaded correctly and you are good to go!
    Please let me know if you have ideas on changing other existing text in WickedWhims!



  22. A Little Wicked - Bar and Strip Club

    Hi! I was recently inspired by the last game package that came out, and I decided to create a bar / strip club with a magical / gypsy theme.
    If anyone is interested in downloading. And I made a bedroom, if you play with the prostitution mod too. Have a good time!
    The only external content you need for the lot to work is the Wicked Whims mod. 
    Mod Whicked Whims                                  DOWNLOAD
    BEFORE PLACING THE LOT ENABLE THE FOLLOWING CHEATS: bb.moveobjects and bb.showhiddenobjects
    The following expansion / game packages were used for construction: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Cats and Dogs, Seasons, Get Famous, Spa Day, Dine Out, Vampires, Parenthood, Jungle Adventure, Realm of Magic, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff, Garden Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Backyard Stuff, Nifty Knitting, Holiday Celebration Pack, Paranormal Stuff



  23. Secret BDSM Club

    Hi! This is my first lot created to share, I hope you like it!
    I realized that I couldn't find many clubs / lots of BDSM ready for download, so I thought about making what I did available to anyone who wants to use it. The lot is a BDSM bar and club, contains rooms for doctor and detective rolleplay. Use your creativity and have fun! Any questions or errors, please report.
    For the lot to work perfectly, the following items must be downloaded:
    Mod Whicked Whims                                  DOWNLOAD
    BDSM YrSa objects                                      DOWNLOAD
    Azmodan BDSM Objects                             DOWNLOAD
    BDSM objects Salarmoj                               DOWNLOAD
    BEFORE PLACING THE LOT ENABLE THE FOLLOWING CHEATS: bb.moveobjects and bb.showhiddenobjects
    I AM NOT ANIMATOR, AND THE ANIMATIONS PRESENTED DON'T BELONG TO ME! They were placed only to demonstrate the functionality of the building. But if you are interested in the ones used in gifs, I suggest the following animations:
    Azmodan          DOWNLOAD
    YrSa                  DOWNLOAD
    Salarmoj          DOWNLOAD
    Zorak               DOWNLOAD
    Bobahloo         DOWNLOAD
    The SIMS 4 list of packages / expansions used - Get To Work,  City Living, Spa Day, Dine Out, Vampires, Jungle Adventure, Backyard Stuff



  24. Golden Banana Strip Club

    Here is my very first upload and I hope you all enjoy it. It is called Golden Banana Strip Club based off of a gentlemen's club in Peabody, Ma on rte. 1. I only took the name and not the floor plan. It has 3 poles and a few dance spots, also has a private managers office and 2 private dance rooms, employee break room, 3 stall employee showers and 2 prostitute rooms. There is a basement with no stairs because I had 5 more private sex rooms down there but sims being sims where hanging out down there so I took them out. The lot should be a 40x30 and it includes all objects from great creators (to many to list and I take no credit for any of them), be sure to give a shout out to them. Thank you Turbo for the best mod ever on sims 4 and to NisaK for the perverts that make it interesting. And for all you animators keep up the great work, all us members appreciate them. I hope I uploaded it right...



  25. jadevow paint, a true cumslut

    This is my first creation with a my favorite big cumslut, JadeVow. Enjoy it



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