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Fallout: New Vegas mods that add or modify existing quests

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  1. Nina

    TEMPORARY ISSUE with the voice, my bad... it can be easily and manually solved, see under Technical

    Nina is a small quest mod, a pretext to introduce and place in the Mojave a voiced (...barked?) and lip-synced (...muzzle-synced?) female dog companion I created for another mod. The result is a half hour / one hour quest I created following the same rules of freedom and RP I usually adopt, with the exception that this time the goals are marked on the map.
    There are a total of 5 new cells and about twenty enemies to kill, but they are quite hard and well equipped. The only real pre-requisite for the player is 25 science (even if there's still a way to avoid that). DUE TO MY INABILITY IN FINDING VOICE ACTORS, THE TWO NPCs YOU WILL HAVE TO TALK WILL NEED SUBTITLES...
    It starts near Goodspring, in a shack near the Canyon Wrechage, west of Primm. It can be start by new players, but concerning the difficulty of the enemies it would be better if the player levels a little before going too far in the quest stages (north of the map).
    The shack can be used as player home: it has an usable working bench (the wooden table), a working mirror (to change hairstyle), a bedroll, a fireplace and various containers.
    The small quest has a precise path of clues, but it can still be done in more ways, the few steps can be faced concerning the NPC attitude and it has no ways to be broken, all the places are accessible since the begin and the player is not forced in the decisions.
    The last fight will be quite hard in my opinion: some enemies will heal themselves, other will buff themselves, everyone is well armed.
    IN A COUPLE OF STAGES YOU WILL NEED NINA WITH YOU! So don't fire Her even if She's annoying you.

    The dog has some peculiar features, some of them will be unlocked with time (but during the beta they're already active).
    If you don't want to read the wall of text, here's a video with some of Nina's features:

    - After the recruitment, a new item will be given to the player, under the Help section (as for consumables). Clicking on it and exiting the pipboy will trigger a menu with some choices.
    Some will be disabled for testing purposes, other are not for the player... the only two interesting ones for now are the possibility to set the follower as Essential or not (Default is Essential) and the configuration of the whistling key, which is good to do that at start.
    After choosing the option for the whistle hotkey, few seconds later a new message box will ask to keep pressed the new hotkey: if the hotkey is already assigned, IT WON'T BE NOTIFIED, but in case of mistakes you just need to repeat the procedure and choose another key.
    IN CASE OF DOUBLE CLICK ON THE DOG MENU INSIDE THE PIPBOY, it will disappear. But closing the pipboy after few seconds it will reappear, so... no worries!

    Using the configured hotkey, the player can whistle. If in third person and without a weapon wielded, an animation will occur. The sound of whistles is different between male or female player, and there are 3 different kinds of sound. To whistle, you must keep pressed the hotkey until you will hear the sound. Whistling can't be spammed (it has around 3 seconds of cooldown).
    The type of whistle determines the situation when it's used and the consequent dog reactions, you just need to play a little to understand in which way.
    Whistling is an important feature which has different effects.
    - If the dog is waiting, She will start following you automatically.
    - If the dog is fired and near the player, She will Arouuu (She wants to go with the player!)
    - If the dog is following or doing something on Her own (see Her behaviours below), She will come back to the player. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: the dog can get stuck because of nav-mesh and the engine, so whistling will force Her to come back and She will unstuck.
    - In any cases, after a whistle the dog usually answers with a bark ("Here I am!")
    - The whistle can be used as fighting tactic: if the player aims to an enemy and whistle, the Dog will approach it and start a fight when near it. This works even if you are aiming with a scope. If the dog will obey your order, you'll hear Her Grrrrr; if the target is a friend, She won't attack and instead She will Woof-Woof

    THE COMMANDS WILL BE GIVEN BY DIALOGUE. This is because I really don't believe in the companion wheel, I've never seen a dog with some sort of display where I can click to command Her.
    - The commands are much or less the sames of the other companions: fighting tactics, wait, follow etc. but when She's puppy She won't understand them.
    - SHE WON'T CARRY ANYTHING! Where is She supposed to put all that stuff?!?
    - She must eat. After a while She will be hungry and She will need to eat. You can give Her food by dialogue. If She will answer with Grrr, She's not hungry, but if She will Arf-Arf or Arouuu She will need to eat. There are 4 stages of hunger, you should hear that by the way She will answer (if She Arouuu, She's desperate)
    She won't die for starvation, but She will suffer a progressive debuff on Her stats. Also, at stage fourth She will start attacking brahmin on sight! Merchants and farmers won't be very happy for that...
    - She won't regenerate after combat, as other followers: you can heal Her by dialogue using stimpaks. You won't be able to use super stimpaks until She becomes adult, because She's scared by that big syringue.
    - She can get irradiated, this will lead to another debuff or Her stats. You will see that because She will light on as a Xmas tree. You can cure her by dialogue using Rad-Away.
    - She can look for food if you ask Her, much or less the same thing Dogmeat was doing in FO3. After She finds something edible, She will bring it to you.
    - She can hunt: this is a funny feature in my opinion. She will look for creatures in the nearby cells, all you need to do is following Her. During the hunt it's possible to whistle, to recall Her or manually point Her to a target.
    If, after asking to hunt, she will Arouuu, it means there are no creatures nearbie. IF SHE WON'T HUNT OR SHE WON'T AROUUU, WE'RE IN DANGER! See below under Technical.
    - Even if Her name is Nina, The Courier doesn't know that. So you can give Her the name you want. You just need to select the right option by dialogue (I think I'll call you...) and then insert the name on the box, after that She will be renamed. You can change the name all the times you want.
    - You can set Her a new home location, when She's fired She will go back there. The Default location is the starting shack. If She will be disappointed, She still obey your order. Simply She's making you notice that She doesn't appreciate your choice.

    - Nina hates crows. She will attack them on sight, you can't do anything against this.
    - When the time passes, Nina grows. She will pass through 4 different stages (4 ages), you can notice it because... well, She becomes bigger, first, and then She will change the sound of bark, from acute to low. Her stats will change, When She will be big She also will be able to knockdown enemies. PS NINA WON'T GROW IF SHE'S LEFT AT HOME... She must be your companion.
    - Nina must... pee. Everyone has to pee from time to time, right? She will look for a tree and She will go there to pee. If there's a combat, first She will fight and then She will pee. On interiors, she won't pee (she's well educated). If you whistle, She won't pee. So, if She gets stuck going to pee, whistle!
    - Nina will get stuck. This is because of the engine / navmesh of the game. Whistle to unstuck Her! Fortunally the more She grow, the less these problems will happen.
    - When Nina's small, She won't be able to climb over the stairs. Since puppies have serious difficulties in that, I find it quite pretty. Don't worry, because She can warp (see below).
    - Warp: if Nina will be too far from you, She will warp automatically behind you. She won't warp if She is going to pee or if you told her to hunt. But since whistling will stop Her current behaviour, She will automatically warp to you.

    While during the tests I didn't find peculiar problems, I'm aware to the fact that a heavy modded environment could cause problems to Her hunt script: I tested with many mods and everything was working fine, but then I activated an ENB and it broke the script.
    How to understand better if your environment is too "heavy" to be handled: If you tell Her to hunt, She will take 10-15 seconds to decide what to do. In case She can't hunt (no enemies near Her), She will Arouuu. IN CASE SHE NEITHER RUNS TO THE CREATURE NOR AROUUU, THE SCRIPT CAN'T BE HANDLED IN TIME BY YOUR ENVIRONMENT. This is a dangerous situation, it could even lead to bad consequences on new savegames
    Anyway, I suggest to not overwrite important saves until She will be out of the beta (next stage will be script optimization)
    CAREFUL: the last place (the factory) is heavily cluttered, it could lead to slowdowns on older computers.
    I renamed the file's extension so it wasn't bothering the managers... but this led to break the path for Nina's voice! Two manual solutions:
    - Rename the folder under Data\Sound\Voice\Nina.esp in Nina.esm
    - Rename Data\Nina.esm file in Nina.esp
    I will correct it in a future patch

    The beta is much or less complete, but the Debug mode will be On: messages will appear on top left of the screen.
    Until it's classified as beta, many behaviours of the dog will be already unlocked since the begin, for testing purposes.

    Unpack manually everything under Data or use FOMM package manager

    There could be problems if Nina is hired at the same time with Lenoire from Beyound Boulder Dome. But I never checked it. It's just a feeling.

    CK for the invaluable help on dialogues and translations
    Viktoria K. for the amazing skin of Nina
    M. for the music
    LoversLab for the host
    Beth / Zenimax for the wonderful playground (doghouse, in this case)
    No permissions granted until it will be out of beta



  2. Alice in Wasteland - The Rabid Hole



    Alice in Wasteland - The Rabid Hole is an uvoiced tale, inspired by some movies (neither Alice in Wasteland nor Alice in Wonderland...). It is composed by a main quest and seventeen side quests, with different ways to complete them. There's also a hidden quest and a bonus quest that will lead to a little reward if the main quest will be finished in a certain way.
    There are some hard fights, but it's mainly dialogues, situations, thinking how to put together every single piece of the puzzle, trying to figure how to reach the end.

    It doesn't take a lot from the story of Alice in Wonderland. The characters are references from the tale, also they sometimes could tell you sentences from the book. But everything else is inspired from some movies I love.
    Beyond that, it brings an important concept I've gained reading that story, the same feeling I had watching those movies. What you see, what is happening, what NPCs tell you: everything can be read in different ways.
    And about the lore... It doesn't care about Enclave, BoS, NCR, Legion and everything happening in the Mojave, NPCs live their own separated story and it seems as they don't care about anything else. No, it's not in lore and it isn't supposed to be. And... well, there will be some bit of magic in the air, but... it's a tale.

    This is essentially what I had in mind and I tried to follow when I did this mod:
    - I love Fallout's sense of freedom and I tried to stick to it as much as it was possible for me.
    - I tried to give the player the opportunity to use different approaches. The GOOD one is the hardest one, as always. The BAD one can be easier sometimes, but also more dangerous: you can end up in a cul-de-sac, breaking the quest, as it can happen in the vanilla too. But until you won't break the main quest it's all ok.
    What really counts for me is giving the opportunity to do it, it's tied with that freedom concept I was trying to achieve. No essential people (only the "mothers" are essentials...), few doors impossible to be open, you can attack whoever you want, rob them, it won't be the quest itself that will judge your actions, the consequences will be quite natural. Sometimes a bad approach could even be useful.
    - All the speech challenges are hidden and you won't take XP from them: this means that playing with two different characters you'll see "natural" changes in the dialogues with the NPCs.
    And remember that you can only ask about things you actually know: you can't ask mr.X about mr.Y if you still have not met him or heard about him.
    - Male and female characters will have a slight different playthrough and dialogues.
    - The pipboy will be used as a log, in first person: you'll find "that guy told me to go there" and not simply "go there".
    - What you see, usually, is what you perceive: you'll meet a "well dressed man" and he will be such until he won't tell you his name, or someone else who knows him. I find Perception is very important, i think it's the way your character has to tell you what's happening, this doesn't mean it is really the truth.
    - There won't be arrows to point you to your destination. But usually the informations given are enough, if they're not it means you can still achieve more informations in some way. Or it means I forgot something, yes. Anyway, you shouldn't end up roaming the whole Mojave looking for a spot, at least not the main ones.
    - I didn't place a lot of notes written in first person. I preferred putting some "details": they, all together, help picturing the whole situation.
    - Freedom applied to the quest: as I said you can finish them in different ways, but since few places will be closed, you can do some quests even if you... still don't have them, simply they'll trigger different situations.
    To start the main quest, take a look in Freeside. But if you are playing the vanilla NV, you can also forget about this mod and simply wander around the Mojave to find the few new spots etc. they are part of the landscape. Just like in vanilla side quests, you don't need to do them following a certain order.

    I tested very much the mod, mainly with a female character. My main concern were the fights, they weren't easy in my opinion and I nerfed enemies a lot. The weapons you carry with you are what really makes the difference.
    If you find a hard place you can still level up and go there later, as in vanilla game.
    Anyway here some examples:
    - I tried it around level 15, Hard settings: I did it, but still there were some places not really easy. If you like hard challenges, and your Mojave economy isn't made easier because of some mods (as adding expensive weapons etc.), I suggest you to be around this level. But you should have nice equipment.
    - I tried it around level 5, Hard settings with basic weapons: it was really a pain, but still I went through a bunch of contents.
    - I tried it around level 32, with Project Nevada, Very Hard settings and a lot of weapons: I found it easy.
    - I tried it around level 22, with ED-E, Project Nevada, Very Hard settings: a nice ammo consuption as always, but a companion definetely makes your life easier.
    - After nerfing the fights, last playthrough: I did it at level 7, Hard settings, Delilah, PN and AWOP (without nerfing the loot): I ended it at level 11, I found it not very hard. I preferred sticking with this difficulty, I like the story, I think it's more important than the fights themselves.
    For what concerns the abilities, it is done in a way that many kinds of players should be able to do it, no matter their stats. The only real requisite is a base of 25. Essentially, 25 Lockpick and 25 Repair. Low levels should still be able to play it. High level players will find ways to skip some parts of the mod thanks to their stats or moneys, but... less fun.
    There's only a certain point where it can happen that you "don't feel ready": this means exactly that, you are not ready. Not for your level, but for your combat abilities. Not a huge value anyway. There's an alternative end which requires some stats, just like in vanilla.
    Playing as it was the first time, it took me about 8 hours to complete it and unlock all the contents, with many reloads because I was dying etc. because I'm soooo slow, I take my time exploring and reading everything.
    I suggest to leave your companions at home. No, better: essentially, they can come, but there are some things in Chapter IV that "shouldn't" be made for companions, it's a matter of concept. Also, in chapter III a companion will break your... "view". But it won't break your quest, don't worry... Anyway, places are navmeshed and you already know how it works: when you snap your fingers they will follow you, always. So... when you find a hard fight, you can still bring some backup with you.

    I'm a fan of survival mods and low loot. I thought very much about this aspect. I think I didn't place a lot of stuff around, but I did sometimes, following some rules I gave to myself.
    The quest provides something useful for your playthrough. But it could be a nice ammo consumer, based by your difficulty level. There are some spots and quests that aren't useful for the main one: they are there as a source of equipment and moneys.
    You won't gain a lot of experience from the quests. Still, I took 1-4 levels (depending by my level of course) when I killed all the enemies and I unlocked all the contents.
    The only time you'll gain a bigger experience will be at the very last, especially triggering a certain end. As I said, there are more ways to finish the main quest. Essentially, if you'll finish it and you still will have A question haunting your mind, it means you still didn't do everything. But the ability to unlock the contents depends by how you played through the quest.
    In some cases you'll be able to trigger a couple of extra contents that should in some ways answer to that and also you'll be able to build your own house: not a luxury aseptic attic, it will be my concept of confortable wasteland home.

    - 01/04: added TTW Compatibility Patch. Thanks to nyaallich for this. Adding this .esp on the bottom of the Load Order will move the Alice door to the modified station of TTW. You will be able to enter both in Alice station (the one with the rabbit graffiti near) and TTW station.
    - 28/02: v3 is online.
    Many grammar corrections by Chancellor Kremlin
    Knockdown fix by Chancellor Kremlin
    Solved an issue where "the black guy" stalking AlChestBreach was breaking the start of the mod
    Soundtrack included as loose file
    MAYBE Beatrix fix (can't test it, it's just a feeling)
    Installation Instructions:
    - Requirements: Fallout NV and NVSE. Archive Invalidation enabled for the textures.
    - Install: manually extract the archives (Alice - Assets, Video and Alice.esm) under Data folder, then tick the Alice.esm in your load order. You will have: Alice.bsa and Alice ESM inside Data, four bik files under DataVideoAlice. Better if the ESM is on the bottom of your load order.
    - Uninstall: manually remove from Data folder the files Alice.esm and Alice.bsa; manually remove the four Chapter files from the sub-folder VideoAlice.
    - Cleaned and checked errors with FNVEdit and PU.
    - Conflicts: I tried with AWOP and NVInteriors, everything was good. But I'm aware it could conflict with other mods. I THINK it could create a little issue with CotW in a certain quest, I'll test that when I'll have some more time.
    - General issues: even if I tested it many times, I'm aware that due to the complexity of some things there will be errors. Essentially I started this quest when this summer I wanted to learn how to use the GECK and the other things concerning general modding. If you have troubles don't hesitate to write me. If you find it will change the name of certain cells (in a different language than english), please PM me with details, it's a thing I couldn't check on my own.
    - Console: its use is dangerous, really weird things can happen. Following the main quest, you can TGM but avoid to TCL, COC, UNLOCK doors that can't be open or SETAV SPEEDMULT.
    - ENB users: I'm one of you, I love ENB. But I used IMODs, some effects can't be visible if you are using certain ENBs. I suggest you to turn them off. Also, the lights are tweaked for vanilla without ENB.
    If still you want to use them, nothing bad will happen of course: if you get stuck for some seconds, it's simply because a fade to black effect is running.
    - I really can't figure if the quest itself is hard. So I included some extra documents under Downloads. One is the list of the quests: useful if you want to see if you did everything, not a great spoiler. Then, I included the list of the locations: this is a spoiler, I would avoid that, you will loose the sense of the exploration, the quest already should provide all the infos to reach these places. I also included some General Tips if you feel lost at start and you don't want to give up: the first page is general tips, the second page is Chapter I small walkthrough, the last page is what you could do to continue the quest if you still are lost. As last resource I included the complete walkthrough: I know it could be frustrating when you are stuck and you can't realize if you had an issue with the quest or if you still can't figure what to do, that's why I included it. It's the definitive spoiler, you will loose all the fun, so... don't use it until you are crying or banging your head against the monitor. Or both.

    - Eronel, Kendo and Xazomn to allow me drawing one of the characters based on their amazing Mojave Delight.
    It was definetely too much important for me. As I always love thinking... "if Beauty had a name, it would be Mojave Delight"
    - A Big Thank you to Chancellor Kremlin for his grammar corrections
    - A big Thank you to LL for this hosting
    - A big Thank you to Bethesda for the amazing playground
    - A big Thank you to the modders and their creations. It is thanks to them if this past summer I started exploring the wonderful world of modding
    - A big Thank you to LL's nice scripters and everyone that found a minute to answer my questions, you really showed me the light everytime I was ending in a dark tunnel with the GECK
    - A big Thank you to Desert Bufalo and his neverending search for perfection
    - A big Thank you to DigitalMemories, Randagio, The Doctor, Snake, Spikes and Cary
    - A big Thank you to "Suiko" and "Evan": in some ways... if it wasn't for you, I would have never found this passion
    - A big Thank you to those I forgot
    PM me if you need anything.

    - The files are split due to file size limits -

    You only need Main, Assets and Videos



  3. Another Kick in the Head

    Instead of always dying, this mod adds an effect that simulates you being knocked out, robbed and then rescued- bandits are now more interested in your loot than your life, and like the NV intro, death isn't inevitable.
    You will lose some of your equipment, but it can be recovered from either your attackers, a stash box or wasteland merchants.
    Since you'd otherwise load game, it makes 'dying' a lot worse, and stops the game getting too easy because you have all the best gear. The wasteland becomes a much more threatening place and you start to think twice before entering combat if you can avoid it, and selling rather than stashing your spare gear.
    There is a short dream sequence between your knockout and rescue. Most of these become available only after completing different game events and link in to them. Some dreams are connected in an overarching story. The dreams are lore friendly, although sometimes there are surreal elements (they aren't real after all).
    The mod features a difficulty option which affects how much gear you lose, optionally companions may lose gear too.
    Who you are rescued by depends on your location and standing with the various factions, your 'hero' will give you some new equipment dependent on the same factors and what you have left to get you back on your way- you will always have a weapon and armor. You may also be required to complete a quest to repay them and get back some of your gear, or risk minor infamy.
    There are 14 possible Heroes, if the local one is unavailable (enemy/dead etc) or you fail an easy luck save then there is sometimes a small luck chance to be rescued by the next closest hero or by the Mysterious Stranger (with perk), otherwise you will wake up wounded and alone at some nearby shelter, having lost more equipment than otherwise- Your character blacked out and managed to crawl there.
    Local enemies and opportunist characters may steal some of your caps, equipped and aid items.
    The Merchants who may have your stuff are random major ones.
    If knocked out by bandits, the Loot Box will be in one of the bases of the faction who knocked you out.
    When your health drops to an adjustable low level, your character begins to black out and while this occurs any further hits may trigger a knock out. (In engine terms, damage taken is greatly reduced whilst blacking out which prevents you from dying and instead triggers the knock out effect). You will sometimes still die as normal, especially with options set low and/or massive damage.
    Mod options:
    Requirements and Extensions
    The main .esm requires only its included data and New Vegas with NVSE (the script extender, like most mods)
    Sexout extension plugin
    This optional plugin adds some additional dreams... details and availability is here
    Known Issues
    - Up to 7 non-vanilla companions are supported at once. If you have more than 7 non-vanilla companions hired at the same time then problems may arise. In some dreams non-vanilla companions might briefly appear and then disappear when moving through doors.
    Future Plans
    You are welcome to link to this page but please do not upload these files (except data pack sounds) or versions of them you have modified yourself anywhere without my explicit permission. I am actively developing this mod.
    Upgrade Note
    August 2
    - DLC extension is now redundant and does nothing. AKH and included data updated.



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