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Sex Effects

SexLab mods that provide various effects or utility related to sex started by other mods

89 files

  1. Skade's Cum Sounds Replacer

    Two replacement sounds for the cum splash sounds that happens at orgasm. They're build off the original sounds but have increased power and multiple sounds mixed in for a deeper, more intense effect. 
    I mixed these myself to suit my own tastes, hope you enjoy them 😉
    01.wav - powerfully explosive at first with liquidy finish
    02.wav - big satisfying squirty squish
    No installer, just drop them into this folder:
    Probably want to backup your original sfx first, as this will overwrite them.



  2. Naked bonuses + No Naked Comments

    This is my little take on "Nudity in Skyrim".
    Added bonuses for being totally naked. Can wear Jewelry classifications.
    No Heavy or Light Armor adds minor bonuses to magic spell strengths, that also effect worn enchantments.
    No clothing either. adds more bonuses...
    When Naked by Sexlab Aroused (so you can wear clothes you have marked as 'naked'), and SexLab applied cum effects, the player gets a boost on health, stamina, and magicka recoveries.
    No Scripts, so it could be compatible with SE. (Untested)
    SexLab Aroused  or Redux (as long as it has SexLabAroused.esm it will work)



  3. FootIK OFF for SexLabUtil1

    Disabling FootIK can help animations align better and this mod allows you to set the effect on SexLabUtil1.
    Just drop the contents into the Data folder or use a mod manager to install it. Load order doesn't matter.
    If you can't see the "FootIK OFF" effect in the list, make sure to click "Misc -> Reload effects".
    You are free to set the effect whatever way you want, but I recommend you to use the same settings as the one from the screenshot in "At sex start". Slot doesn't matter.
    The spell/ability is based off FootIK OFF Spell, but it's not required. I did rewrite it to better function with SexLabUtil1.
    Remove the following files from your Data folder: FootIK OFF for SexLabUtil1.esp, scripts\aaaFRFootIKOFFConstantScript.pex, scripts\source\aaaFRFootIKOFFConstantScript.psc and ini\SexlabUtil1.esp\FootIKOFF.ini, or remove it with your mod manager.
    Known Issues:



  4. Apropos 2

    The new Apropos2.

    What does it do?
    1. It displays, using a custom widget, descriptions of sexual-related events within SexLab, related to the Player, and NPCs.
    2. It implements a Sexual Wear&Tear system, including Player, and unique NPC tracking, "abuse" textures/tattoos (requiring Slavetats) and a set of game "debuffs", or penalties that worsen as abuse worsens.
    3. Integrates with SexLab Arousal to generate arousal based adjectives, etc.
    Apropos will describe SexLab events:
    - Animation Start, Animation Change
    - Stage Start
    - Orgasm Start
    And it will describe:
    - Changes to Wear and Tear, either more damage, or healing. ("Your asshole doesn't hurt as badly as it once did.")
    - Perceived size of semen ejaculations, based upon factors like Race and Arousal. ("You just received a huge load from Kordir!")
    - In MF animations, the desire of a male partner (or female with strapon) to "slow down" and essentially move the stage back one notch. ("Draugr wants to fuck your pussy more!")
    Descriptions are pulled from a database of hundreds of constituent description files, each parameterized for randomized synonyms, wear and tear descriptors, and arousal descriptors using a token substitution system.
    Descriptions are versioned for 1st Person ("I fuck Rogdir hard!"), 2nd Person ("You fuck Rogdir hard!"), and 3rd Person ("Dragonborn fucks Rogdir hard!")
    3rd Person descriptions are used for all NPC descriptions.
    Descriptions for SexLab events will include:

    - Vaginal, Anal, Oral/Blowjob, Boobjob, Handjob, Fisting, Cunnilingus, and other acts.
    - Covers DP, and gangbangs (MF, MMF, MMMF, MMMMF).
    - Covers Creature (bestiality), including creature gangbangs (CF, CCF, CCCF, CCCCF).
    Covers scenarios/perspectives:
    - Female Player Character and Male NPC(s).
    - Female Player Character and Female NPC(s).
    - Male Player Character and Female NPC(s).
    - Female Player Character and Creature(s).
    - Female NPC and Female NPC(s).
    - Male NPC and Female NPC(s).
    - Female NPC and Creature(s).

    Descriptions detect:

    - Victim status on one of the actors in the scene, usually set by mods like SexLab Defeat.
    - Animations tagged as Aggressive, Rough, or Forced.

    Tag-based Descriptions:

    SexLab supports, at the animation level, any number of "tags" to be applied. These can be read by Apropos2 to determine some basic information about the animation.

    For a reasonable list of tags most often used see here: 

    When processing a SexLab event, Apropos2 reads these tags and they directly shape the kind of description that is shown for the PC or NPC. 

    With regard to creature sex, tags are important, as multiple creature races can use the same SexLab animation, depending upon how they are registered. Consider as an example that in Skyrim Immersive Creatures, the "Goblin" creature is mapped to use the Falmer race's animations.

    In addition to reading tags pertaining to creature race, the actual Race of the critter will be used, if no reasonable match can be made. This can cover cases where an animator (or person assembling a SLAL package, has failed to apply a standard creature tag to the animation). Additionally, Race is used in specific ways, for instance, DremoraRace (or Dremora) to detect whether a certain tattoo gets applied for sexual abuse/w&t.

    Unique-Animation Descriptions:

    While Tag-based descriptions provide the greatest breadth of description generation, and also can handle future animations, assuming reasonable tags are applied, they aren't always the most immersive. When time permits, unique animation descriptions have been authored to provide the most precise, stage by stage, descriptions of what is happening in a scene. 

    An example unique-animation description: "LeitoCunnilingus".

    Generally writing descriptions can be fairly labor intensive, and animators like Anub and Billyy provide a continual supply of new animations, so the best system is the hybrid approach that Apropos2 takes:

    Processing Rules:

    Step 1: If the animation has been listed already in the UniqueAnimations.txt control file (and enabled), attempt to locate a file for the unique animation db path.
    Step 2: If the file for this stage for the unique animation is found, use that description, and continue processing with this file. Goto Step#4
    Step 3: If the animation has not been listed as unique, or the file from Step#2 was not found, look for a file using a tag-based folder.
    Step 4: If there is a file to process, Process file.
    Additional Messages:
    Normally Apropos2 will generate one message per stage, and messages during Orgasm, and AnimationStart. It is possible, if you have long timers setup in SexLab, there will be some "dead time" where no descriptions are shown.
    Enter "Additional Messages": It will look at your timers configured in SL MCM and if an additional message can "fit", it will display one additional message per stage. Generally, if you have a 30s (or greater) stage timer, you will see two messages for that stage - one is the original Apropos2 description, the second the "additional" message. 
    It will, currently, only display ONE additional message per stage. That may change in the future.

    It is possible to opt-in to a Hotkey mechanism, instead of a timer. Keep in mind that the Widgets have timers themselves. They generally will display (unless changed in MCM) each message for 7 seconds.  They also use a queuing mechanism that will save display requests in memory until prior messages finish displaying.  So, if you mash the hotkey, you may get unexpected results as the widget system attempts to catch up and display queued requests.
    Wear and Tear
    - Detects 'abuse' during SL orgasm events, and if the character qualifies, then their abuse state is tracked over time. Continued abuse accrues and weakens the character, and time (and certain consumables) will heal the character.

    - Abuse is defined as one of two conditions:
      - The actor was tagged as a victim in an animation, most often - SL Defeat.
      - The animation itself is tagged with: Aggressive, Rough, or Forced.

    - Currently, only female Player characters and female NPCs that are marked as unique are tracked. Generic female "bandit" characters are not. Up to 50 characters, including the PC can be tracked.

    - Abuse is tracked against three body areas:
      - Vaginal
      - Oral
      - Anal

    - Abuse also is tracked against different scenarios:
      - General abuse (e.g. against humanoids)
      - Creature abuse
      - Daedric and Dremora abuse (Seeker, Lurker, plus Dremora Race)
      - These scenarios are tracked separately to control which abuse textures get applied (e.g. Daedric 'scars' for daedric abuse).

    - Each area/scenario are tracked with two variables: Level and State. The State variable uses a scale system that ranges from 0 through 9: 0 represents virginal, and 9 represents the absolute most destroyed state for that area. 
    - If you are curious about the 'definitions' of each state, read the control file: WearAndTear_Descriptors.txt.
    - The Level part of the area/scenario tracking is the internal amount that represents the total 'raw' amount of W&T damage to that area. Eventually, the Level is mapped onto the State, through a hard-coded table lookup.
    - The amount of 'damage' applied to each area is determined by a few factors, but primarily is driven by a lookup in WearAndTear_Damage.txt, which maps generally Race->Damage amount.
    - For example, the humanoid W&T damage is 20.0, and the damage for a Bear is 60.0. It is completely subjective (as is this whole mod), but generally reflects the size of the actor, that is - the penis size.
    - While the Level->State lookup is hard-coded, it is possible to get similar level of customization by adjusting the values in WearAndTear_Damage.txt to your tastes, but remember to Refresh Apropos2 in MCM afterwards.
    - Given a "Real Life" prostitute could service 4 customers in a day, a Skyrim prostitute could do the same and at the end of the day she would have a 'nice' (State 3) pussy (,ass, mouth).
    - Given a "Real Life" prostitute could service 10 customers in a day, a Skyrim prostitute could do the same and at the end of the day she would have a 'pliant' (State 6) pussy (,ass, mouth).
    - Each body area W&T is potentially increased during sex. It depends upon how the animation has been tagged ("Vaginal", "Oral", ...). 
    - Animations that have been improperly or insufficiently tagged will not be included in any W&T calculations.
    - Animations that have be improperly or insufficiently tagged can be 'patched', by adding entries in the AnimationPatchups.txt file and Refreshing Apropos2 in MCM. 
    - In some cases with Beast sex, the proper beast tag sometimes is missing (e.g. "Falmer").
    - If enabled, and Slavetats has been installed, Apropos2 will apply specific abuse textures, included in the mod. This is an optional feature - Apropos will detect the presence of Slavetats and enable/disable MCM features accordingly.
    - Currently, only the included abuse tattoos/textures can get applied to the character.
    - In addition to abuse textures, Apropos2 can apply character 'debuffs' which are gameplay penalties. The penalties are applied based upon the severity of the accrued abuse and the body area.
    - The debuffs include impairments to: Speed, Speech, Health/Stamina/Magicka regen, 
    - "Debuff" effects - progressively worsen as the abuse accrues on the actor. Includes penalties to movement speed, health/stamina/magicka regen, speech impairments, and occasional staggering and crying.
    Debuff Table:
    - Current state of abused areas (Vaginal, Oral, Anal) are considered when main descriptions are generated, using the Synonym replacement system.
    - Apropos2 will generate abuse change messages when substantial damage or healing has occurred in the recent past (usually also corresponds to different levels of Abuse textures being applied).
    - General humanoid abuse W&T stats map to "After Effects" textures (see MCM)
    - Creature abuse W&T stats map to "Cuts and Scratches" textures (see MCM)
    - Daedric abuse W&T stats map to "Daedric Scars" textures (see MCM)
    - Also, face textures are applied for "Tears and Sobs" which are mapped to general abuse.
    - If installed, the Slavetats-makeup tats will be used to show running Mascara effects.
    Abuse Tattoo Table:
    Healing Mechanics
    Wear and tear will heal over time, assuming abuse has ceased. The longer the character has rested, the greater amounts of healing are applied (its non-linear). Three MCM settings directly affect healing:
    #1. Frequency of Wear Tear Degrade: How often will checks be made whether or not healing has occurred.
    #2. Chance of WT Heal: How likely that healing will occur during any particular check in #1.
    #3, Wear and Tear degrade factor. Scales the amount of healing applied during a check/healing period.,
    #1 and #2 are easy to conceptualize. Basically how often does healing occur (healing "periods") and how likely does it occur? If you set #2 to 100%, healing will always occur during each checked period. If you set #1 to 1 hour, and rest for 8 hours, there will be 8 separate healing periods/checks. For example, depending upon how you want to play you could make W&T linger longer by setting it as:
       Every 12 hours, and 5% 

    or heal up more quickly:
       Every 4 hours, and 25%.
    Or very quickly:
       Every 1 hour, and 100%.
    (as an aside, from an internal Skyrim Papyrus point of view, making the period larger, will result in fewer times the script has to wake up and do its calculations).

    Each healing period will apply some healing to all areas:
    The amount that is applied in healing towards Vaginal, Oral and Anal depends upon how many periods have transpired since the last abuse on that bodily area. If you let  abuse rest for one healing period, that area will be healed by 15 points. If you heal for two periods, without any abuse, then the amount applied on the second period is increased, that is, it is more than 15 for the second period. This system implements a non-linear form of healing, so it "rewards" the character by avoiding continued abuse. It seemed "more realistic" (again totally subjective fantasy here) that it would not be a fixed amount per healing period.  So, potentially the sequence of healing values over time to an area might be something like: 15, 34, 56, etc. and not just 15, 15, 15, ...

    As soon as the character experiences damage to the said area, the amount of healing that can be applied (once abuse again ceases) will be reset back to 15.

    The Degrade factor is a non-integer scaling factor that is used to scale (reward) the amount of healing applied to the character. The default value of 1.2 is used to generate the following example:

    If a character had accrued a raw vaginal damage of 1000 over time (equivalent to a maximum State of 9), and began to rest and heal, a Degrade Factor of 1.2 would heal completely after around 9 periods. A Degrade factor of 1.5 would heal up around 7 periods.

    The Maximum Wear Tear Value applies to the maximum accrued damage to any particular area. It is possible, without this cap, that a character getting gangbanged by a camp of Giants would perhaps be so abused that it would take forever to heal (more immersively, the character probably should just die, but that's a discussion for another day). So this just provides an upper maximum damage that cannot be exceeded. Any value above 800 really doesn't push the State above 9 anyways (in other words, accruing more raw W&T damage beyond 800 or so, will not apply even greater visible tattoos, or worse debuffs; it's just a higher damage value that has to be healed from).

    Healing with Consumables:

    The other mechanism to heal abuse is for the player to eat or drink specific consumables. The control file WearAndTear_Consumables.txt lists the current potions and/or ingredients that will apply healing and the amount of healing for each. 

    { "Skooma": 25, "Redwater Skooma": 40, "Double-Distilled Skooma": 50, "Cyrodilic Brandy": 25, "Balmora Blue": 25, "White-Gold Tower": 25, "Velvet LeChance": 25, "Cliff Racer": 25, "Spider Egg": 15, "Chaurus Eggs": 15 } If you edit this control file, be sure to [Refresh] in Apropos2 MCM afterwards.
    For maximum roleplaying and immersion, it is recommended that the items in this list should be relatively rare ingredients OR directly imply some other consequence as the result of another mod, for instance: Skooma Whore, SexLab Parasites, etc.

    Healing via consumables is currently only available for Player characters. 

    Healing is applied evenly to all bodily areas (e.g. Drink a skooma potion, you get 25 applied to Vaginal, Anal, and Oral separately).

    Also, healing via consumables does not consider the three variables above (period, chance, and factor). It always applies healing immediately, and the amounts are determined by the values in the control file, and are not computed.
    It has been a while since I started working on this version, so I am probably forgetting some features, but here goes:
    - Restructured code, taking cues from SL internals, hopefully improves reliability during installs and upgrades.
    - Wear&Tear consumables is now genericized (see WearAndTear_Consumables.txt) for applying healing to W&T values.
    - Adjustable Widget width (defaults to 300px, varies between 250-500 in MCM)
    - Additional PC messages. Not only do we generate messages during Animation Start, Change, Stage, and Orgasm, but now messages for the Player can either be enabled to be automatic (default), or hotkey.
    - W&T texture tint color and mascara tint color controls in MCM
    - Mascara and crying tats will start being removed when the NPC /PC starts to heal. As long as W&T damage continues to acrue, the crying/mascara remains.
    - Arousal-based, post-scene messages regarding "load" size. Currently limited in code, but will be expanded to full messages. Uses {HUGELOAD} and {LARGELOAD} attributes.
    - One/one rape scenes can have the animation changed by the rapist, and/or animation stage backed up (stepped backwards to the previous stage), all based upon chance and arousal. It is possible to get more than one orgasm from an aggressor.
    - New tags to support Dwemer animations (Sphere, Ballista, Centurion, Spider): {MACHINE}, {METAL}, {UNTHINKING}, {FOREIGN} and others.


    - File format for database files has not changed. AproposEdit users can continue for now to use that utility to make edits.
    - Apropos2 will compete with Apropos Classic. The widgets will try to occupy the same locations. Apropos2 scripts, quests and other objects have been named to avoid conflict with Apropos Classic.

    Best testing advice: Start a new character after uninstalling Apropos Classic.
    If you really need to: Uninstall Apropos Classic, and use "Save Cleaner" etc on the character save you really want to keep using with Apropos2.
    Wear & Tear Potential Problems:
    #1 PC or NPC appears to be tracked in Apropos (see MCM).
    #2 Active debuffs that never improve or get removed.
    #3 Tats that stay on and never change.
    If you see #3 but not #1 or #2, then it most likely is a Slavetats issue. If you see all three then possibly Apropos, or Load order, stack frame dumping, etc. Slavetats linger on PC or NPC.: Slavetats has been observed to bug out from time to time, which can cause requests for application or removal of tats to fail silently. In those cases, manually removing the tats in Slavetats MCM is one course of action. Another is to force all W&T to clear (affects both PC and NPC), in Apropos MCM. Currently, Apropos doesn't clean W&T on actors if W&T is disabled when there are active debuffs/tats on actors. Please clear W&T in Apropos MCM prior to disabling W&T.  
    Face Tats not appearing at all:

         2 things to check:
      The NIOverride.ini disables face overlays by default (whether from RaceMenu or NIOverride).  This is due to a CTD caused when PC (or NPC) is beheaded in a kill move while having an overlay applied.  To enable it, open the NIOverride.ini and find the setting bEnableFaceOverlays and set to 1.  Not enough face overlay slots.  Default is set to 3.  Remember that the overlays are used by all tattoo/overlay mods, so if you applied face tats in the RaceMenu, that reduces the number of overlays available to SlaveTats.  You can increase that number of face tats in the same NIOverride.ini.  
     *.STRINGS files must be in the UTF8 format. 
    User @egon123 wrote a quick guide for people using localized (e.g. German) versions of Skyrim whose .STRINGS files need to be converted into UTF-8: 
    - Before reporting a problem, please verify you have installed/have the requirements above.
    - Before reporting a problem, please enable both Debug and Trace messages in MCM.
    - After reproducing the problem in-game, look under "My Documents\my games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\User" for specially named "Apropos0.log" file.
    - Send the Apropos0.log file along with normal Papyrus0.log file.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this mod on any site, unless you are translating.
    You are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you have patches or edits to scripts, PM me directly.



  5. Sexlab Oral Sound

    First, I can't speak English well.
    I got a new sound material, so I made this.
    This is not much different from the default sound.
    Currently, I am struggling to make voice replacer.
    I made it to suit my taste.



  6. "Fucking Sound Replacer" Sexlab Sound Replacer

    I can't speak English well.
    Update 1.0.2。
    It is a replacement of the sound that sounds during sex.
    If you hear it unnatural, or if you can not install it please report it to me in some way.
    My own solve.
    お  ま  ん  こ  こ  わ  れ  る



  7. "Cum Sound Replacer" Sexlab cum sound replacer

    First, I can't speak English well.
    Update 2.0.1
    add "Cum Sound Replacer 06"
    If you can't install my mod.
    Cum Sound Replacer XX → sound → fx → SexLab → fxOrgasm01 → 01.wav and 02.wav →↓
                 common → skyrim → data → sound → fx → SexLab → fxOrgasm01
    I made it to suit my taste.
    W O R L D  W A R  3



  8. Cumshot effect replacer for "Follow me for sex" and "SexLabCumshot"

    Hi everybody!
    I guess, most of us are using either the Mod Follow me for sex or SexLab Cumshot for a working visual cumshot effect.
    But I was not really satisfied with neither of them.
    I always thought, they look too unreal, still.
    So I tried my very best, to make a visual cumshot effect.
    And yet, it´s done and here for all of you!
    This is a replacer for those cumshot effects.
    Follow me for sexs´ low / medium / high cum amount is still provided, but a little bit increased, like: "reality-style / porn-style / insane-style" amount of cum. 
    SexLab Cumshot has three different styles now, too. Just like above. But of course, you can only choose one of them
    I´m a bit more satisfied with the ones for SexLab Cumshot;
    because , the effect in Follow me for sex just suddenly stopps.
    But I can´t change that without interferring the script.
    Alas, I think it´s some way better than before.
    At least it´s quite realistic.
    Works best, if you are using a tool, like NMM or MO,
    it´s all packed up and ready to use!
    With SexLab Cumshot remember to choose only one sytle!
    Better not install it manually, because it will replace your old files (ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS!!!)!
    But if you wish, just put my provided "data" folder into your skyrim directory!
    Just search my files and delete them!
    Credits and permissions:
    Referring to SexLab Cumshot, most of my work is made with vanilla effects.
    The Follow me for sex effect is based on CPU´s provided work.
    My work is always free!
    Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold:
    It is NOT allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms
    Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points:
    It is NOT allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets
    Upload permission:
    It is NOT allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances!
    Modification permission:
    It is allowed to modify my files to improve it, as long as it stays free and you list me in the credits!
    Conversion permission:
    It is allowed to convert this file to work on other games, as long as it stays free and you list me in the credits!
    Asset use permission:
    It is allowed to use any of the assets in this file, as long as it stays free and you list me in the credits!
    Added a fix for SAM light.
    Re-did "SexLabCumshot" file, made it from scratch.
    It´s now the better looking effect, imho.



  9. "My Semen Replacer" Sexlab Cum Retexture

    Update 1.0.2
    My Semen Replacer → anal1.dds anal2… →↓
     common → Skyrim → Data → texture → Sexlab
    I recommend not to use NMM,MO,Vortex.
    I introduced "My Semen Replacer" using Vortex. The texture was reflected, but it returned to vanilla sexlab semen when restarting Skyrim.
    My own solve.



  10. Widowmaker Sexlab sound replacement

    This is my sexlab sound replacement. It replaces average female voice for Widowmaker sound.
    Use version Widowmaker sound.7z or version 1.5. Recommend version 1.5
    Added ogg file collection for modding resource.
    You need Sexlab and its requirements. Then install Widowmaker sound.7z or version 1.5 and let it overwrites sexlab sound.
    In the game open sexlab MCM menu in voice option choose Average female for your character.
    It's only sound file may be it is compatible with SSE



  11. SOS - Grower Extended

    SOS - Grower Extended 2.3 (2018.11.29)
    Schlongs of Skyrim - Grower not a Shower has finally received an advanced version that works with all supported SOS sliders!  This plugin can use an actor's arousal level or weight to scale their genitals.  Formerly known as SOS - Grower - RaceMenu, this mod's requirements have been broadened to not require it any more - however, THE FILE NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED.  Please make sure to use the new file in your load order if you are upgrading from version 1.0!
    Each of the sliders can be set individually, both for arousal and weight scaling - there is a threshold for each.  Each arousal slider setting is what will be applied at the arousal threshold (and beyond, but default is 100); lesser arousal values will scale up to the slider value.  Weight settings work the same way (although they won't really matter unless you have another mod that alters weight as you play).  The scales you set in RaceMenu (if you have it) are what will be used at 0 arousal, 0 weight. Genitals will be scaled as if at full arousal during a SexLab scene, provided the actor is not in the passive position (first slot). Test sliders in the MCM allow you to see how everything will look at any arousal/weight combination.  It will be shown for ten seconds once you exit back to the game. There is an option to shorten the schlong when flaccid (Shortening Factor).  This works differently from the other slider settings in that it is applied at maximum at 0 arousal and has no effect above half of the arousal threshold.  If you want a realistic "grower not a shower", this should be all you need. The mod now supports NPCs, but you must add each one to its tracking system.  They may be added through the MCM when they are in your crosshair.  Up to 10 may be added.  
    Now available for Special Edition!
    SexLab Aroused
    A SOS compatible skeleton, such as XPMSE
    RaceMenu 3.4.5+ or NetImmerse Override
    Schlongs of Skyrim (normal and light versions should work)
    SoS RaceMenu plugin
    Note for FloppySOS Users:
    FloppySOS was not designed for the dynamic size changing this mod does.  I have added a script call that should prevent the worst scaling issues, but that is the limit of what I can do.  Please be mindful of submitting bug reports related to FloppySOS - I almost certainly won't be able to fix the problem.  In short: Use at your own risk!



  12. SLSO x UT

    With DC's permission, this modifies untamed to work with SLSO.  
    UT triggers on SLSO orgasm only
    Player untamed level increments on beast orgasm
    Post-sex add to pack processes after a scene where the PC orgasms
    PC orgasms level up all beasts in anim
    Darkconsole - Untamed
    Ed86 - SLSO



  13. SexLabCumRegenerator

    SexLab Cum Regenerator = SLCR

    The cum over my followers DISAPPEAR when cross a door with loading screen or make a small fast travel. Not always but YES a lot of times.
    If you have the same problem, and want a solution, this mod is for you.
    How work?
    Easy and fast...
    I catch the EndAnimation event and store the cum info ONLY for human followers.
    Every 30 seconds the mod verify the cum effects and cast or REMOVE the SexLab cum spells with the stored info when need.
    No MCM... No config file.. Simply replicate SexLab functionality....

    The mod can control up to 32 concurrent HUMAN followers
    Work in vanilla followers (like Jenassa and Aela)
    Support modded followers (like Giada and Sassy)
    Support special followers(like Serana and beastess follower)
    Teorically must work on SE 64 bits, but i not have it and can't test.

    Use any mod manager or copy the esp and the script's in your Skyrim/Data. Activate the esp.
    First Time Usage (IMPORTANT):
    In the first run the cum data are empy. 
    You must run some sex actions over the followers and wait to end the animations. Not need include player.
    You can speed up the process controling the animation and pressing the advance stage key (space bar by default).
    The mod is now in FINAL Mode. I remove ALL the messages EXCEPT Clearing by Swiming and let only minimal info in the game console.

    Use any mod manager or delete the esp and the script's in your Skyrim/Data. 
    The mod store the cum data in your save game for re-use it. 
    After UN-Installation, open the game and make a new save. Use SaveGameCleaner or ReSave to finaly clean all data.
    The Mod only depend from SexLab and cast the same SexLab spells that use the cum textures of Sexlab.
    Must be compatible with any cum texture replacer.
    Appear to be compatible with SexLab Separate Orgasm = SLSO
    Can have some problems with (ScocLB) Skyrim Cum on Clothes & Layered Bukkake because use another spells.
    Can have some incompatibilty with Cum On Anything because use another spells.
    Teorically must work on SE 64 bits, but i not have it and can't test.

    None for now, but see forum.
    Old problems of version 0.5 (solved in version 0.6)

    Why make this mod?
    Because appear to be a problem in the resource manager of the game. This problem is not exclusive to SexLab.
    Can be related to video memory size (i only have 2g) or/and number of followers.
    Enb Boost not solve the problem because i have it.
    When the problem appear ALL the magic effect with timer over ALL NPC's disappear.
    If you have the problem can verify it casting a calm spell over any follower, cross a door with loading screen and see the calm spell vanished before time expire.

    To do:
    Monitor unique npc's not followers like Jarl's, Steward's, Barkeeper's, Companion's... 



  14. Insane Cum Retexture + Queen/Lite Version

    This is currently my first released mod.
    What this mod currently does is just replace the Sexlab textures for cum with some insane versions of it.
    Three Versions:
    - Regular (I mean, compared to the Queen edition at least, it still looks like realistically speaking, 10 trolls circled around you and nutted 5 times each)
    - Cum Lover Queen (You need to be obsessed with the man milk to really enjoy this one)
    - There is a little patch for regular edition however, ( REGULAR ONLY ) that adds uniqueness and touches up on somethings, you'll notice it around the legs with anal and vaginal cum (Optional Though, so if you don't like it, no need)
    - Lite Version (To Reduce glow and such)  - Therefore Patch not required for Lite
    Feel free to give thoughts and feedback, I do not know yet if i can like make request versions to change things.
    This file is mod manager friendly, so feel free to use NMM or whatever you desire.
    and........... also, if you want to take pictures ingame and send me them if you want. Go Ahead! leave them right down in the support forum!
    I could always use more screenshots to demonstrate to the public  (For Example: Need cum lover queen photos)
    -Plus its always fun to see all the different characters you have and seeing the fun time they had,
    (The support forum would be fun to be a little sharing place for anybody to stop by and "stick" around )
    QuiteUnfortunate : SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 4.20 Ridiculous Edition
    Vacaliga : SexLab Cum Textures Remake + Slavetats 1.2.5



  15. SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Legendary Edition

    Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon
    XPMSE 2.0+ FNIS SkSe SexLab Framework 1.59+ SkyUI Racemenu or Netimmerse Override, Or download netimmerse scaling Body/armor replacer with "NPC Belly", "NPC L Breast" and "NPC R Breast" nodes  
    install dependencies install this mod* run FNIS Play *if you want to use bodymorph scaling(better pregnancy body visuals), you need to install bodyslide patch and build morphs for your armors/body
    SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Legendary Edition (SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition)
    This is continuation of SexLabHentaiPregnancy by flyingtoasters with bugfixes and new features:
    Simplified pregnancy for SexLab. Does not run simulations(yet?), the script gets attached to a NPC only for the duration that they are pregnant. Intended for PC and NPCs.
    Increases the breast and belly size of females using node scaling Body morph option also increases  nipple areolas, milk increases nipple size Works for player, followers and NPCs, (creatures?) Pregnancies from creature sex Soulgem Pregnancies Mod supports up to 50 Pregnancies for NPCs at the same time. Milking (with ability to milk in jugs of milk if hearthfire dlc installed) Everything is configurable through MCM Support for old HP plugins if you want child birth options Native support for SexLab Inflation Framework(if using node scaling) Native support for SL Separate Orgasms  
    Having sex can cause cum inflation, which can then cause pregnancy or deflation.
    Soulgem Pregnancy
    Characters can birth soulgems after having sex.
    Soulgem pregnancy does not produce child.
    Belly doesnt grow bigger than amount of soulgems it holds.
    Every time female is fertilized soulgem count increases (up to a maximum set in MCM) and size reduces, thus needing more time for gems to grow.
    To birth Black soulgems "father" must be human npc(non creature).
    PC can choose to birth soulgems prematurely.
    During 1/3 pregnancy time - 1/3 post pregnancy time, characters will lactate.
    PC will get spells to self milk, NPCs will milk them selves.
    If you have Hearthfire DLC, characters can lactate in Jug of Milk, which can be used later for crafting, consuming or sale.
    You can get milked by using zaz dwemer machines or MME milkpumps.
    You can check pregnancy through "HentaiPregnantFaction" its ranks are:
    1- actor is cuminflated
    2- actor is cuminflated and will be pregnant
    3- actor is pregnant
    You can check lactation through "HentaiLactatingFaction" its ranks equal to milk, not in faction = notlactating
    MCM is handled through HentaiPregnancy_ENGLISH.txt
    Script strings is handled through HentaiPregnancy_Strings
    Thanks to jbezorg for the fluids Thanks to GECK.O for leaky nips Thanks to flyingtoasters for original mod Thanks to Zaz/Zax for ZAP(milking animation)  



  16. SEXLAB VoicePack SR3 Male (Cockney Accent) for Skyrim

    This is another male voice pack for SexLab Extra Voices 1.1b by sunspotz
    Decided to compile a British cockney accent for the male voice set using the male voice asset from the protagonist from Saints Row 3 (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes)
    Adds more grunting and verbal masculinity for to the sexlab scene  
    SR3 Male (Cockney Accent) Uses Slot 14
    In game, to register new voice set, you need to open SexLab in the MCM and update voice registry in Build
    To add the voice set to a specific NPC, make sure you select that NPC by pressing N, then open Sexlab in MCM to change the targeted NPC's voice set 
    1. You'll need Sexlab Extra Voices by sunspotz. (If already using slot 14 just copy the files over to whichever slot you want.)
    2. And Obviously Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016 v1.62 by Ashal
    Current Version: 1.0
    SR3 Male (Cockney Accent) SEXLAB VoicePack for Skyrim.rar
    Saints Row 3 Male Boss 3 Voice Set by Robin Atkin Downes Sexlab Extra Voices by sunspotz Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016 v1.62 by Ashal



  17. Sexlab Morrowind Orc (Male) Voice Pack for Skyrim 1.0

    This is my first mod I ever made for skyrim
    This is another male voice pack for SexLab Extra Voices 1.1b by sunspotz
    Decided to make an orc male voice set using the voice assets from the male Orcs from Morrowind.
    Adds more grunting and a hot gruffy masculine tone for orcs to the sexlab scene  
    Morrowind Orc (Male) Uses Slot 11
    In game, to register new voice set, you need to open SexLab in the MCM and update voice registry in Build
    To add the voice set to a specific NPC, make sure you select that NPC by pressing N, then open Sexlab in MCM to change the targeted NPC's voice set 

    1. You'll need Sexlab Extra Voices by sunspotz. (If already using slot 11 just copy the files over to whichever slot you want.)
    2. And Obviously Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016 v1.62 by Ashal

    Current Version: 1.0
    Morrowind Orc Male SEXLAB VoicePack.rar



  18. SLSO Player Succubus Addon

    Mod was sponsored by Rosalia \o/
    If you like my mods, you can support me on Patreon
    Required Mods 
    SexLab Sex Animation Framework
    SexLab Separate Orgasm
    In\Suc-cubus role-play\Consequences mod for SexLab Separate Orgasm mini game.
    Mod allows you to soultrap your sex partners and drain their souls, underperformance wont be tolerated, so you better suck them dry.
    You probably better not try this in crowded places.
    Mod supports PC males and females.
    Description pt.2
    With this mod, when you have sex, you can press hotkey to activate drain. Drain can only be activated before any actor of sex scene has orgasm, activation costs 25 mp, so no, you most likely cant use it while enslaved.
    When drain is activated SLSO widgets will change color.
    When Npc orgasms it will get soultraped and drain power will increase.
    When Pc orgasms all actors will get soultraped and drain power will decrease.
    Soultrap is hostile spell and all actors will hate you for trying to steal their souls, duh!.
    After sex act is finished, soultraped actors will receive X damage and, maybe, die filling your soul gems.
    Damage is calculated with this formula
    Damage = (PC("Health") + PC("Stamina") + PC("Magicka")) / 3 * drainmagnitude
    where drainmagnitude = npc orgasms - pc orgasms
    Therefore you performance during SLSO game actually matter
    Or... you can turn that fancy crap off and just insta-kill everyone. FUN!!!
    Description pt.3
    Oh and this is independent succubus mod and has nothing to do with "Player Succubus Quest"... unless you use included patch



  19. ScocLB Glitched Texture Fix

    For anyone using ScoLB and this occurs, this is a simple fix for textures. There are two solutions
    1.)Set Texture Quality to Very High
    2.)Download this to run on any Texture Quality. I saved it in Paint.net as Fast but low quality, so expect the textures as low quality.



  20. White Nasties



    Hello all....
    I made this for myself a while back and thought other people might enjoy it.
    ...Not such to say here
    Feel free to provide screenshots



  21. SLSO x SSR patch ( Sexlab Separate Orgasm + Sexlab Squirt Reborn )

    Makes Sexlab Squirt Reborn's effects occur from SLSO's orgasms. Make it rain!
    How to install:
    Drop into your data folder, overwrite if prompted



  22. Pearl Juice Continued

    See the original mod Pearl Juice for information about the mod.
    Continuing the mod instead of @ffabris.
    Just replace the old version, the new version is save compatible, so just plug and play.
    Be sure to not overwrite the generated file PearlJuice.json, as a tip for Mod Organizer, place it in a new mod named "Pearl Juice Generated Files" for example.



  23. SL Extra Voices - Custom voiced followers files

    I had to delete this file.
    Good day.



  24. SexLab Arousal Enhancement

    SexLab Arousal Enhancement
    Have you ever wondered why after a kiss or a blowjob your character doesn't become more horny? Well, because there was no mod that made it so...
    The idea is to have a mod that would increase player character arousal based on what SexLab animation the character has participated.
    To be more exact : at the end of each stage of SexLab animation, the mod will look at the animation tags and increase arousal accordingly. Currently, the following tags are taken into account:
    Vaginal Anal Kiss Blowjob Forced Dirty

    Also, SexLab's lewdness of PC is taken into account - lewd characters are aroused more by various naughty activities. In several cases, PC gender and sexual preference (gay/straight) is also taken into account.

    In short, the decision process on how to increase arousal has a bit involved logic, so in order to see the big picture you can take a look at the mod's source code in it's GitHub repository. The code is relatively short and should be self-explanatory I think.
    So, what mods to I require for this to work?
    Not too much:
    SexLab Framework 1.62 SexLab Aroused Redux


    Future TODO
    Currently implemented logic is only part of what I would like to do here. I plan to expand the logic to include more animation tags. Also, I am planning to tie this into Devious Attributes (I am rewriting Devious Attributes - moving into SKSE as much functionality as possible. If curious, you can see the progress here )
    This mod is somewhat play-tested by me, and should not have any issues - it is simple and lightweight. But take into account that it might suffer from works on my machine syndrome (since the mod is very simple and except arousal increase is without side-effects, I'd be a bit surprised to hear about issues, but who knows...)
    Aaaand... any criticism, thoughts or suggestions are welcome.



  25. SexLab Separate Orgasm LE

    Make SexLab Separate Orgasms Great Again!
    Issue: SexLab animation always end with orgasms
    Fix: make separate orgasms for actors
    -But.... isn't that option already there?
    -Well yes and no, sexlab always ends animations with orgasm, this was probably left due to compatibility reasons with earlier SexLab versions, and i don't think there any mods that use separate orgasms functionality, therefore that SL separate orgasms option is totally useless as a feature.
    -So what does this mod do?
    -This mod tries to fix above problem by modifying sslThreadController script to only play "OrgasmStart" and "OrgasmEnd" events when player has "Separate Orgasms" option disabled.
    -But doesn't that break many mods that use those events?
    -Yes, authors will have to update their mods, this would take around 5 min to add 1 new event.

    exactly Sex Animation Framework v1.62, not less, not more
    Recommended mods:
    Dripping When Aroused (fancy sex effects)
    SLSO Player Succubus Addon (drain your sex partners)
    Sexlab Shrines (immersive way to raise purity and reduce lewdness turning your nympho characters into something humanlike)
    Rate Mod if you like it, that might keep me motivated, oh and of course support me on Patreon
    2)install with your mod manager
    3)goto sexlab mcm enable separate orgasms
    4)goto sexlab mcm enable ending orgasm effects, if you want camera shake and stuff
    5)probably goto sexlab mcm and disable auto stage advance, or your poor key-bashing performance might be not enough to orgasm
    *use hotkey to enable widgets during sex if for some reason they dont show up
    *widgets will not work if you have mod that disables hud (during SL animations)
    *mod will not work if you overwrite its script, duh!
    Sound packs Installation:
    (not sure how many sound packs game supports but probably from 128 to 65 thousands? if your pc can handle that xD)
    1)download (sound pack you want)
    2)install with your mod manager
    3)wait 10 seconds, see notification in top left corner
    4)goto SLSO mcm and setup/select voice pack
    *seems i've forgotten to tell you to launch game after step 2), yes you need to do that too
    -interactive sex
    -yours/partners actions actually matter
    -yours/partners Sexlab skills and relations actually matter
    -each actor orgasms individually instead of everyone orgasm at Sexlab AnimationEnd event
    -multi orgasms
    -multiple impregnations/inflation by male/futa/beast ejaculation(if your impregnation/inflation mod supports SLSO)
    -lots of logical conditions for orgasms
    -aggressor controls, so animation wont end until aggressor is done with you and you can go... i mean crawl away and carry your burden
    -victim controls, ability to set if victim of rape can orgasm
    -possibility for orgasm denial and punishment(if your slavery mod supports SLSO)
    -depending on relations, npc's may try to pleasure player, i don't know why but mighty dragonborn can return them favour
    -ability to break npc's mentally, or be broken by Sex Grandmaster Lydia and be turned into orgasming mess
    -sex enjoyment widget
    -SLA patch: reduced arousal reduction based on character lewdness, arousal gain for lewd characters from being raped
    -animation speed control based on actor enjoyment/stamina
    useful Sexlab hot-keys:
    SPACE!!! - advance animation stage (+10 base excitement per stage(up to 60 at the end, i think?))
    shift+SPACE!!! - go back 1 animation stage(-10 base excitement)
    O - switch animation
    End - End animation
    PC/NPC interactions:
    Modders stuff:
    SexLab Separate Orgasm GitHub
    Q: No MCM
    A: fix your game, not this mod problem
    Q: Orgasm doesn't happen
    A: make sure your character meet orgasm conditions
    A: disable orgasm conditions
    Q: Orgasm doesn't reduce arousal
    A: use included SLA patch
    A: congrats, you've reached hidden nympho achievement
    Q: Enjoyment doesn't rise
    A: improve your skills/ change or train your waifu
    Q: Animation is broken, character frozen
    A: Disable animation speed control or set minimum speed value above 100
    Supported mods:
    Native support:
    Hentai Pregnancy LE/SE
    Estrus Spider
    Estrus Dwemer
    Dripping when aroused
    Milk Mod Economy
    Devious Training
    Sexlab Aroused(Redux) V28b(patch included)
    Fill Her Up 2 Beta NIO 1.12
    Sexlab Wear and Tear 2.08
    Estrus Chaurus+ v4.346
    Community patches:
    SoulgemOven 3
    Player Succubus Quest
    SexLab Cumshot
    Sexlab Squirt Reborn
    SexLab Hormones
    report supported mods that are not in list
    i might make patches for mods that are no longer updated/maintained and use sexlab default events
    don't even ask(me) for patches for mods that are still actively maintained/updated by someone,... unless you support me on Patreon (LOL)
    Ashal @ Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework
    h38fh2mf @ SexLab Animation Speed Control
    fishburger67 @ Sexlab Aroused Redux
    tanookitamatachi @ Animation-Appropriate Arousal Adjustments
    SKSE team
    SKYUI team
    If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread, my patreon, and provide descent translation of everything written on this page.
    You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that:
    -force to buy premium and sms crap/ have terrible slow speeds.
    -give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks.
    -install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc



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