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Sex Effects

SexLab mods that provide various effects or utility related to sex started by other mods

106 files

  1. Extra Voices: Voice Packs for DoA: Marie Rose and Kokoro

    Voices ripped from the game, sorted for quality/ relevancy, resampled to 41k. 
    Requires extra voices expanded, Replaces voice packs 4, 7, and 8 but can go into any one, so long as it's made for 15. 
    Voice Descriptions are as followed 
    Voice Pack 4 Marie Rose: 
    Voice Pack 7: Kokoro, more breathy until climax
    Voice Pack 8: Kokoro
    I tried my best to keep words to a minimum and in context, but things won't always be right. 
    I also had to combine some voiceless Japanese audio with English. No Japanese words or anything.
    I don't check here often, so if anything doesn't work, make sure you reload the voice registry. If that doesn't work, use audacity or equivalent to ensure audio is sampled around 41k, not 48k. 
    Paste sound files into Skyrim data folder. No clue if it works with modloaders, but it's literally just audio files. 



  2. Apropos2: Resistant and Nonconsentual rape descriptions DB

    This is an edit of descriptions and synonyms for the mod Apropos2.
    I've made a different, (and subjectively better) overhaul here. It's incompatible with this database, and far more intensive.
    Apropos2 is great, but with the removal of theme options it's jarring to go from a message about a character struggling and fighting to non-rapey "I actually wanted this"/"Weee I love rape" type themes back to struggling.  If possible I'd want to not have the 2nd type at all.  My personal preference is for the rape themes to be cruel/merciless and unwanted, and the pleasure messages to be forced/shameful and explicitly nonconsensual.
    Without theme/filtering options, the only way to make sure ONLY those type of descriptions were used during rape was to edit the descriptions themselves.
    I went ahead and spent way too many hours doing just that. Since it became a massive time sink, I decided to only change the 2nd person descriptions. This DB removed descriptions that didn't fit the theme, and editted many more. Editted descriptions add usage of synonyms, change the flavor of the descriptions to nonconsensual, and occasionally fix a few minor grammar issues. I also customized synonyms a bit. Many of the editted messages use the new synonyms to work correctly, and might say odd things without the editted synonym file. The most editted descriptions tended to be for creatures.
    With gooser's permission I'm posting this to share to share the customization with others have the same preference.
    Remember to update the database in game to have working synonyms.
    If you want 3rd or 1st person perspectives, you can simply copy/paste the 2nd person descriptions into 3rd or 1st person and update the grammar. I'd recommend something like notepad++ for quick ease of use with copy/pasting over the apropos editor. CTRL C + CTRL V will save you loads of time. Notepad++ also lets you use CTRL+F to find and replace words, for easy grammar changes.



  3. Sexlab - Cum Overlays

    Changes Sexlab cum effects from magic effect shaders to Race Menu overlays. Option to make Npc cum persistent. You can set separate cum timer sliders for Npcs, followers & Zaz slaves Random cum texture set selection. Set the opacity of a cum texture set in the Mcm  
    This allows cum to coexist with magic effects and other overlays. See the screenshot. Bathing In Skyrim dirt + Sexlab cum + Oakflesh spell all playing nice together. Rejoice filthy mage sluts of Skyrim! \o/
    Note that BiS dirt is with my tweaked version of BiS that adds dirt as overlays - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/
    With vanilla sexlab when you change cell the cum effects attached to Npcs is often forgotten. This mod makes cum on Npcs persistent. There's another mod that does this but I think it only works for followers. This works for all female Npcs. 
    Random cum texture sets. If an Npc has no cum effect a random cum texture set is selected to be applied. If an Npc already has a cum effect then another texture from the same set will be applied. This is to keep things varied. This mod does not include any texture sets. Texture sets need to be installed into: '\textures\Sexlab - Cum Overlays\Setx'. The dds files go directly into the set folders. There shouldn't be any subfolders beyond the 'Set' folders. Texture sets MUST replace all 26 vanilla texture files for it to be considered by the mod. Install sets in order. Ie: first set into the 'set2' folder, second set into the 'set3' folder etc. Do NOT install a set into 'set2' and skip a folder to install into folder 'set4', If you change any of the sets folders (add/remove sets) then you should use the MCM option 'Re-detect sets'. If you are removing a set you should 'Remove All Npc Overlays' first! You do NOT need to install all sets or any sets at all really for the mod to work.
    I need your help to find good cum replacer mods that contain a full or nearly full set of replacement textures. Remember there should be 26 files. Please post if you know of any. 
    Should be OK to add mid game. 
    Set Sexlab's cum timer to maximum and set the timers in SCO to let SCO handle expiry. 
    If you want to uninstall or clean save SCO you should 'Remove All Overlays' in the Mcm first to be on the safe side.
    Sexlab (duh)
    PapyrusUtil - It's included in Sexlab but you should make sure you have the newest version - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/484-papyrusutil/
    RaceMenu or possibly just NiO (not sure)
    A free overlay slot in all slots (Face, Body, Hands, Feet or possibly just Body and Face for this tweak)
    Set Sexlabs own cum timer to it's maximum and let SCO handle cum expiration
    Cum Texture Packs:
    SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 5 By QuiteUnfortunate - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2568-sexlab-quite-the-sperm-replacer/
    Insane Cum Retexture 1.0.1 By Mr. Wick - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5943-insane-cum-retexture/
    SexLab Cum Textures Remake + Slavetats 1.2.5 By Vacaliga - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2968-sexlab-cum-textures-remake-slavetats/
    The SexLab Cum Textures Remake + Slavetats 1.2.5 By Vacaliga isn't a complete set. Here is a modified version with all cum texture files: SlaveTats CumTextures Remake v1.2.5 By Vacaliga - Complete Set Modification.7z
    I can't remember who created the modified version. Let me know if you know. Also remember to endorse the original mod if you like it. 
    If anyone knows of any other good cum re-textures let me know. I now think a full pack is actually 26 files but I need to investigate and the mod still expects 33 files so...
    If you are getting some pausing while cum textures are being applied you should try running the textures through Ordenador - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801/
    Overlays not appearing? Try increasing the number of overlay slots to 14 (or more if you want).
    Mod is not detecting additional cum texture sets? You're likely using an old version of PapyrusUtil or you have another mod installed that includes an older version of PapyrusUtil. Download the latest version and make sure it overwrites everything. Sexlab does NOT include the latest version!



  4. SexLab Sound Effects Alternative

    Modifies the sounds associated with penetration, oral, and orgasm. If you are also using SL Survival it will change the BJ swallow sounds. If you are using the Projectile method in the "Cumshot" mod, then each cumshot will have a double sound like a "spurt - splat" as if its hitting the ground or wall (or top end of the vagina? lol)
    The sounds last longer than the base Sexlab ones, so I recommend going into Sexlab's MCM, Voice Tab, and increasing the Female delay from 3 seconds up to about 12 to 17 seconds.



  5. Sexlab Framework Sound Replacer

    This is a replacement for the 8 female voice sets that are included in the SexLab Framework. They are a by-product of my replacement mod for „Nusbie’s Voices for SexLab“-mod. You'll find that mod here: Nusbie Voices Sound Replacer 
    Originally I wanted to use them in that mod but I didn't get to extract enough files. So I used them to replace the SL-sets.
    What you get
    * real moans
    * no dirty talk (or words at all)
    * no shrill, strident voices
    Three Sets contain mild and medium voices only (their hot folder are missing in original SL).
    Just install them with a mod-Manager, or you copy and paste them. The files are available separatly or in an All-In-One-File.
    If you want to make your own sets I posted a tutorial in the second post of my Nusbie Replacer Mod or you just dl the pdf here. 
    Ashal for SexLab



  6. [SSLX] Succubus Skill Loss (LE+SE)

    This is a rewrite of the SexLab Skill Loss mod to make more of a game out of SLSO. The mod is very lightweight. I have now added SXP integration so it works with that too.
    It matches a succubus style character (hence the name) but is very flexible if you want to use it for a different sort of game / PC. Importantly, you don't have to use the skill loss/gain features to be able to use the SexLab Sex Skill Loss feature. Also you can completely disable just the gain features or switch them to loss features. I have made this to be as flexible as possible for anyone that wants skill gain or skill loss events added to their game.
    [SE USERS] Perk debt feature does not work on SE. If you lose a level and regain it, you will have an extra perk point above what you would normally have at that level.

    [MODDERS] You can now use this mods skill loss and gain functionality by sending a simple mod event. There is examples of this below under "By SendModEvent [MODDERS]".
    So how this version works is...
    On Sex End 
    - You will GAIN skills on sex end
    Gain Per Partner Orgasm
    - You will GAIN skills on partners orgasm
    NOTE: Works with group and creature scenes.
    Loss Per Orgasm
    - You will lose skills when your character orgasms
    SexLab Sex Skill Loss
    - With this enabled, you will lose SexLab sex skills from rape. This only applies to oral, anal and vaginal types. 
    SLSO Player Succubus Addon
    - You will GAIN skills on drain
    - You will GAIN skills on drain kill
    NOTE: Patch is required for PSA that is in downloads (SLSO_PSA_SSLX Patch)
    SexLab Defeat
    - You will lose skills when defeat triggers post rape scenario.
    Prison Overhaul Patched
    - You will lose skills every X hours in prison (only works with POP but not required)
    Whipping (Punishing Lashes)
    - You will lose skills per whip received. This should act on all whipping from all mods.
    - Scaling whipping skill loss to Punishing Lashes whipping injury level.
    SexLab Survival - Cum Addition
    - You can set to lose X skills every X seconds while cum addicted and ravenous. 
    - You can set to lose X skills every X hours while starving, dehydrated and/or fatigued.
    You can enable/disable any of the above and alter the amount of skills lost per event, as with previous versions.
    By SendModEvent [MODDERS]
    - The mod now listens for a SendModEvent that can be used to trigger skill loss or gain, it also takes a string for notification. It's super easy to use, see spoiler text below if you want to use this.
    Other features:
    With SXP, you can set to lose SXP experience instead of levels. There is a debt that is stored when you go below 0. Experience gains through SXP itself or this mod will be reduced by the debt. No longer gain SexLab sex levels/stats (Vaginal, Anal, Oral) from being raped (non-configurable). You lose experience when you lose skills, and gain experience from skill gain. This is at the correct rate in vanilla but other mods editing experience/stat gain may mess this up. You lose H/M/S when you lose a level. This is chosen randomly, but weighted so your more likely to lose higher stat. If you lose stamina, you lose appropriate carry weight. This feature uses INI settings so if you use something like SkyTweak keep that in mind. You can lose levels and there is a perk debt feature when you regain a level, it will take the perk so you don't have 1 extra.  Skill MCM menu where you can choose what skills you want to disable gain/loss. Skill increments below 1, the loss/gain is applied when you accrue 1 or -1 in a new float. Key set in MCM to report SexLab stats. Key set in MCM you can use to switch between victim/consensual in the current animation. This is for mods that don't tag animations properly, I was considering not adding this feature because it can easily be abused. If you don't have mods that incorrectly tag you as victim in animations etc, I would leave the key unset. Sound effect from skill gain and loss. Option "Always lose from sex" to switch consensual scene gains to losses.  
    Changes/fixes from SexLab Skill Loss not mentioned above:
    I have added a patch for PSQ to the file downloads. This is the same as the PSQxSLSO patch except I have brought over the SLA arousal tied to succubus energy feature from PSQ Tweaks. This patch needs to overwrite PSQ and is not compatible with PSQ Tweaks. To use the arousal bound to energy feature, you need to lock your characters arousal gain in SLA/SLAX.  
    This is what I use, same as above (PSQxSLSOxSLA) but you will no longer drain health and stamina from your sex partners (and no longer kill them even if you turn the setting on in MCM) .If you are using PSQ  just install one of the 3 patches depending on your preference. The PSQxSLSO patch is available on SLSOs page.  
    PSQ Tweaks
    The other option is to use PSQ Tweaks and disable the drain functionality. It won't work with SLSO or any of the patches so you will need SexLab Survival to regain energy. Use alternative energy mode if you do use this as you will not be able to gain Succubus levels in PSQ.  
    SexLab Framework  
    Optional mods:
    Prison Overhaul Patched Defeat SLSO Player Succubus Addon (Requires patch SLSO_PSA_SSLX patch from downloads) SLSO (Essential for best usage)
    I recommend you turn off female orgasm bonus and multi-orgasm to low setting OR set your skill loss from orgasm in SSLX to a low amount. Play around with the settings and get this working how you like. ZaZ Animation Pack (should work with v7+) Slaverun Reloaded Required patch from Punishing Lashes page for whipping scene end losses to work with Slaverun Reloaded. Punishing Lashes iNeed SexLab Survival SXP Whorecrux  
    Recommended mods:
    Special thanks and credit to Huan (Huanrenfeng) for weight calculations and improvements made for [SexLab Skill Loss]. (See Huan's Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/modderHuan). If you like this mod, please consider donating to Huan - it would really help him out.

    Special thanks and credit to Hilaribad for his LevelUpEventPlugin used for applying perk point reduction (and perk debt functionality) on level up + POP integration + Defeat integration from [Defeat Skill Loss].
    GPL 3.0
    - RMCW for this version (Succubus Skill Loss)
    - Hilaribad for the original Defeat Skill Loss mod Link to mod
    - Huanrenfeng for his version (SexLab Skill Loss) Link to mod
    If you like my mods and tweaks and would like to ask any questions or have suggestions, feel free to chat with me on Discord linked below.



  7. Nusbie Voices Sound Replacer

    This is a replacement of the sound files for „Nusbie’s Voices for SexLab“-mod. You’ll find the original mod here: Nusbie Voices for SexLab
    What you get:
    * real moans
    * no dirty talk (or words at all)
    * no shrill, strident voices
    Nusbie’s Voices for SexLab
    Just install them with a mod-Manager, or you copy and paste them. The files are available seperatly.
    01 English Female A
    02 Elf Chick B
    03 Elf Chick C
    04 Elf Chick J
    05 Elf Chick Ja
    06 Elf Chick K
    07 Elf Chick M
    08 Elf Chick S
    09 Englisch Female H
     10 Englisch Female K
    This was one of the first set I did, and it got a bit too quiet. I also had a hard time to find orgasm sounds for that actress (real, fake). So I suggest not to use it for your PC. But it still good enough to hear it from NPCs.
    11 Englisch Female Lb
    12 Englisch Female M
    Same problems as mentioned above at "10 Englisch Female K"
    13 English Female Pinn
    14 Orc B
    15 Orc J
    16 Orc Ja
    17 Demon 1
    18 Demon 2
    19 JGTen
    20 Sexbot
    21 Human Female Eliz
    22 Pigmy
    I also made replacements for the female sets that are shipped with SexLab. You find it here: SexLab Framework Sound Replacer

    Nusbie for the original Oblivion mod, MeMe for the port to Skyrim, Ashal for SL and everyone else I forgot.




    ver 2.0 cum




  9. Sexlab better blowjobs

    Simple edition to expression applied to the character when they are required to open their mouth, it opens their mouth wider and in a more realistic shape for oral. Simply install via mod manager and load after Sexlab Framework or you can replace your sslBaseExpression.pex manually
    here's a few examples:
    You "may" need to adjust your teethforward slider a little in racemenu in order for the teeth to not clip through the lips
    V101 is just a different expression, choose whichever one you prefer.
    Added source script as attachment to this post



  10. SexLab Skill Loss (Huan's Edition of Defeat Skill Loss)

    SexLab Skill Loss (Huan's Edition of Defeat Skill Loss)
    Original mod:
    Add non-victim skill loss option. Now if the mod is enabled in MCM, you'll lose skills by default unless you checked the "Only Victim Loss" option.
    Call it SexLab Skill Loss. (Did not change the mod name in the MCM or the esp name, so you should uninstall the old edition)
    Remove the unmentioned ConsoleUtil Dependence. (The mod was supposed to print promt in console, if you didn't install ConsoleUtil then you won't see them. In this edition you can still see them no matter installed or not.
    Improve the code. Rearrange the MCM.
    Future Features:
    NPC support, gender options, and skill gain (The oppsite of skill loss). 
    Why did I think "NPC support" feature is not practical.
    GPL 3.0
    Financial support:



  11. Sexlab Sex Sound Replacer

    Just some wetter replacer sounds for anal and vaginal sex. That's it.
    I have three version up at the moment, after more testing I found the louder versions to be a little much in quieter areas.
    I recommend the quieter option, which is closer to the vanilla ones,
    SexFX Version requires:
    Recommended orgasm sounds:
    (What i use at the moment)
    (I personally like number 6)
    Sauce for the sounds:



  12. Cumshot - Improvements for SexLab

    This is an extension/improvement over the Cumshot mod for SexLab.
    Changes include the ability to control SexLab orgasms manually through cumshots, add SexLab's cum effects through cumshots and many other tweaks to allow you to better control when characters should orgasm.
    All the new options can be found in Cumshot's MCM; Nothing from the original mod was removed, and as such, the original behavior can be implemented just as easy through the MCM.
    This extension is not compatible with SexLab Separate Orgasm (SLSO). Both change the way orgasm works and as such both change the same SexLab core scripts.
    Either use this one if you want full manual control over orgasms, or use SLSO for a more dynamic system-controlled separate orgasms.
    Just drop the contents into the Data folder or use a mod manager to install it.
    Make sure the scripts from this mod overwrite the ones from the original mod and make sure this mod's esp loads AFTER Cumshot.esp.
    Known Issues:



  13. SexLab Daggerfall Undead Voices

    Adds Daggerfall Skeleton sounds to Sexlab.
    Plays for Draugr, Skeletons and Ashman.
    There will be a lot of noisy screaming, beware
    Drop in Data Folder/Install with Mod Organizer. Overwrite All.
    If you have mods that change the Draugr Sounds, this has to overwrite them.
    This overwrites some of the Vanilla Sounds for Draugr atm. 
    I am looking into it if I can change it. But that would require TES5edit changes to Sexlab.esm. 
    Sexlab uses the Draugr Sounds for several types of actors.
    I will make a loud version of this
    I will add more voice packs for other creatures.



  14. Sexlab Extra Voices - Dremora Voice Set

    Sexlab Extra Voices - Dremora Voice-set
    I couldn't find a Sexlab voice-set for Dremora, so I put this together.
    It includes 20 dremora sound files that will play during Sexlab animations.
    There is good variety, with a selection of insults, threats, heavy breathing, groans, sadistic laughter and other sounds.
    Perfect for any malicious Dremora, Xivilai or Xivkyn.
    Sexlab Extra Voices Expanded is required: 
    The sound pack occupies the empty slot 19.
    Install the aforementioned mod, then install Dremora Voice-Set and overwrite.
    Go to Sexlab MCM, reset voice registry, then select voice slot 19 as voice.
    Recommended Mods for a Dremora play-through:
    - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48763
    - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53778
    - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/86470
    - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69574



  15. SexLab Extra Voices Expanded + Voice Packs

    Uploaded individual Voice Packs and new Voices!
    This is a continuation and expansion of the Sexlab Extra Voices mod by sunspotz.
    I did not receive any answer from him, he is absent since 2015. 
    I do not want to profit from his work, but I modified his mod for quite some time now and I hope it is ok for him if I re-release it like this.
    The Original Mod is not required.
    What does this Mod do?
    Ìt adds about 20 new Voice slots (10 male, 10 female) to SexLab (this is what the original mod does)
    Each Voice had 15 voice slots to be filled by the user. It had no voice packs.
    My expansion does:
    1. Increase Voice File Slots for the profiles bit by bit. I plan on having 2 females and males with over 100 files support each (for PC and 1 Follower) 
    2. the other profiles will get 25 files support and some others 40-50 files. This will be a long process over several versions
    3. I will add voice packs to fill the mod, suitable for the different voice slot file sizes.
    4. maybe increase the number of voice slots available from 20 to 30 new voices
    My expansion does not:
    Differentiate between Hot/Medium/Mild sounds. All three folders contain the same sound files currently.
    This will maybe, just maybe change in the future.
    Normal Download (just the main File: SexLab Extra Voices Expanded - X-X)
    What VOICE PACKS are already included?
                                    Hot   Med  Mild*
    Female Voice 01        80    80    80            Overwatch    Tracer (80)**
    Female Voice 02        30    50    30            Custom        Karen (50)
    Female Voice 03        30    50    30            Custom        Meghan (50)
    Female Voice 04        15    15    15            Overwatch    Sombra (15)
    Female Voice 05        15    15    15            Overwatch    Widowmaker (15)
    Female Voice 06        15    15    15            LOL               Ahri (18)
    Female Voice 07        15    15    15            Overwatch    Zarya (15)
    Female Voice 08        15    15    15            LOL               Evelynn (15)
    Female Voice 09        15    15    15            Pure Rape     NoNoPlease (80) (contains only crying. not suitable for consensual scenes)
    Female Voice 10        15    15    15            Pure Rape     MissMoanAlot (60) (contains only crying. not suitable for consensual scenes)
                                   Hot  Med  Mild*
    MALE Voice 01        60    60    60            Overwatch    Junkrat (100)**
    MALE Voice 02        25    25    40            LOL               MonkeyKing (30)
    MALE Voice 03        25    25    40            LOL               ArmsmasterYi (25)
    MALE Voice 04        25    25    25            LOL               BlindMonk (30)
    MALE Voice 05        15    15    15            LOL               Aatrox (25)
    MALE Voice 06        15    15    15            Custom         Alex (40)
    MALE Voice 07        15    15    15            Overwatch    Winston (60)
    MALE Voice 08        15    15    15            Overwatch    Reinhard (105)
    MALE Voice 09        25    25    25            Overwatch    Roadhog (120)
    MALE Voice 10        25    25    25            Custom        NoTalking  (60)
    *indicates the number of voice files the slot supports. The more files the more variation in the sounds played.
    **indicates the actual number of voice files in the given named Voicepack. If the number is greater than the "slots" you will not hear all of the available voice files (for now)
    How does it work?
    Sexlab uses 3 different types of Sound files. Hot, Medium and Mild.
    To my knowledge (and some testing), the "Mild" sounds play at the beginning of a consensual Sex Animation. With each Stage more Hot sounds will be played.
    In the final stage mostly hot sounds will play. This is true for both actors.
    "Medium" Sounds will only play for victims in aggressive animations.
    Aggressors will only play "Mild" Sounds in aggressive animations. 

    Download the main File (usually on top: SexLab Extra Voices Expanded - X-X)
    Just drop into your Data Folder or install with a Mod Organizer of your choice like usual.
    It should not overwrite anything (but older versions of this mod)
    Its no problem to install this on a running game.
    To activate the new voices in SexLab Framework on a running game:
    in Sexlab Framework MCM > Rebuild & Clean tab > Reset Voice Registry > Done
    You can now toggle the Voices you want in "Voices & SFX"
    (Tutorial kindly provided by donttouchmethere) (expand for guidance)
    I use my Voice packs with 2-4 second delay for both male and female. If you want a bit more silence, just set the timer a bit longer. 
    - Download the Voice Pack you want to try.
    - Unpack the archive (with 7-zip or similar)
    - choose 1 of the 10 female or 10 male slots you want to use and delete everything inside (3 Folders +1 txt file)
     path: data\sound\fx\SexLab\Voiceslot XX (gender)
    - copy the content (3 folders and 1 txt file) of the Voice Pack you want into the slot folder. 

    Should work right away, if not just reset voice registry (might even be possible to update while the game is running) 
    I dont know of any conflicts of the original mod.
    This should overwrite the original Mod, so I recommend not using them at the same time to avoid confusion.
    Yes. At least from what I was told. Please report any problems that might occur. 
    The full version of this mod I want to have:
    80 voice filesfor 1 female and 1 male slot (33% complete)
    25 voice files for 4 male and 4 female slots (0% complete)
    15 voice files for the other 5 male and female slots (100% complete)
    add more voice slots (0% complete)
    I also want to add more Voice packs made from Overwatch and League of Legends game sounds.
    Make Voice packs that have also voice lines instead of just moaning and screaming
    Differentiate between Hot/Medium/Mild sounds.
    How you can help?
    Test the mod and give feedback
    Provide me with links to suitable voice files for making voice packs.
     How can I make my own voice packs?
    See the original mod for description.
    The only thing I found out is, that it seems the 44100Hz Mono 16-Bit Uncompressed!
    is not needed for this. In my tests the game played also 48000Hz Stere 16 Bit and 88000 Stereo 16 bit.
    I did not test 32 bit. 
    Meghan, Karen, Ian, Alex and Sean are free sounds but they can only be used when given credit: 



  16. Apropos2 Text DB Update

    I consider this pre-release but ready to use (see "Future Work" below to see what I believe is missing from full release version).
    Oh look, colors!  This must be a professional mod that I will try immediately!
    What is this?
    Apropos 2 is great.  It's a well-designed engine for translating animations into descriptive text on the screen, increasing immersion.  However, the text database is large and (Gooser's words) "labor intensive".  I decided that I wanted to add some text to it, and found that the database needed some love.  So I did that.
    It bears note that I speak, read, and write American English, so the output of this project is going to reflect that localization.
    *  W&T: Added Succubus Heart and Skooma Whore consumable compatibility
    *  W&T: Healing potions now affect W&T
    *  Synonym definition updates
    *  Dramatically increased the places that the synonyms are utilized in the database
    *  Added missing Female/Creature and Female/Female content
    *  Fixed typos and grammar 
    *  Added patchups to animation tags that needed it
    *  Other text description additions to the DB
    Why do this?
    Synonyms are a quick, cheap way to add a ton of variation to the text displayed by Apropos 2.
    Known Issues
    *  Some synonyms get capitalized when they're parsed, sometimes in very odd ways.  This is a code issue that will need to be fixed in Apropos2 itself.
    *  Female/Female animations make it hard to predict {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} actor assignments, making 1st and 2nd person narratives come out odd sometimes.
    *  NMM chokes when trying to remove this mod.  You might consider switching to Vortex if you're still using NMM.
    *  MO makes some assumptions about mods that can be tricky, worik wrote a walk-through!
    Future Work
    *  Animation patchups - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Consistency: remove 3rd person strings that discuss internal thought processes - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Consistency: change strings said out loud to start with ({ACTIVE/PRIMARY}) - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Add missing Female/Creature content (Spriggan [OHV], Wisp [V], Canine [G], Horse [G], Skeever [H], HighlandCow [O], Scrib [OV], Lurker [A], StormAtronach [V]) - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  Add missing Female/Male and Female/Female Foreplay content - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  Add Dwemer Estrus-specific text and UniqueAnimations assignments - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  GoBack, HugeLoad, and LargeLoad refresh or implementation for all content - 0.7 versions
    *  Convert Female/Male content in order to fill out Male/Female - 0.7 versions
    *  Place content into files that are blank templates - 0.7 versions
    *  Replace Female/Female {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} tokens with pronouns
    *  "Rescue" strings utilized for unique animations and generalize them
    *  Perform manual/editorial review of all Male PC content
    *  Develop "Kink Kit" system so content of certain types can be swapped in and out of the DB
    Make sure you have Apropos 2 installed!
    1.  Use your mod manager to install this file
    2.  In the Apropos 2 MCM, go to "Message Preferences" and click "Refresh from Database"
    3.  In the same MCM menu, click "Sexlab Animation Patchups"
    Recommended Mods
    * Skooma Whore: Play the balancing act between body aches and pains and addiction!
    * Sexlab Pheremones: There are now plenty of consumable options for managing W&T.  Some of them include ingestable potions with a risk of contracting pheromones.
    * Apropos DB Filter: Is there something weird you don't like in the DB?  Why remove it manually when you can be lazy AND thorough?
    @gooser: for creating and maintaining the original database, not to mention the whole of Apropos2!
    @Vauria: for reporting broken JSON.  Repeatedly. 



  17. No Overpenetration

    NO OVERPENETRATION 1.0 (2019.09.08)
    Ever put a giant penis on your character and had your immersion ruined when it pokes out the other side of your lover?  This mod aims to fix that.
    Whenever a SexLab scene starts, this mod will shorten the schlongs of the human actors involved to roughly a natural length.  Larger schlongs will be shortened more drastically, but girth won't be changed.  There are some additional criteria that must be met before a schlong is shortened:
    The animation must be be tagged Anal, Vaginal, or BlowJob. Only actors in positions that the animation will use as males will be shortened. The actor in the first (passive) position will not be shortened, unless the animation is also tagged 69.  
    There is also a Mod Configuration Menu with a few options:
    Enable/Disable the mod.  It will need to be enabled before it does anything. Shrink Scale, which can be used to fine tune how aggressively large schlongs are shortened. Shrink Testicles, an optional setting that can make oversized testicles less intrusive.  
    RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override
    A SOS-compatible skeleton, like XPMSE



  18. Wintersun - SexLab Integration

    The goal of this mod is to provide a way for Wintersun deities to react to SexLab-related events in a lore-friendly fashion, integrating them into this great role playing mod.
    Special Edition conversion of the mod by nomkaz can be found here
    Attention! I need your feedback and ideas on how to balance the mod and what reactions to what events different deities should have. I know the Nine Divines and daedra princes fairly well, but Wintersun adds much more than just them, and I need people to help me figure out personalities and attitudes of less common deities. Of course you can suggest ideas regarding any divine, I'm just most interested in ones I don't quite know myself.
    Current functionality under the spoiler. Don't read if you want to figure it out by yourself.  
    Hard requirements:
    SexLab Wintersun - v. 3.0.1  
    Devious Devices (assets, integration, expansion) - for the optional "WintersunSLI - DD expansion.esp" file  
    Hope you enjoy the mod.



  19. TDF Aroused Sexy Idles Plus

    More Aroused Idle Animation
    This is a combination version  from two modder.
    Sexy idle Animation by Kamo1

    TDF SexLab Aroused Rape and Aroused Sexy Idles v3.2 by TheDriedFinger

    Aroused Idle now have 7 idle animation.
    4 Aroused Animation from  Kamo1
    3 Horny animation from TheDriedFinger.
    I tried to fit some animation based on arousal level... 
    Aroused 1 40-60
    Aroused 2 60-70
    Aroused 3 70-80
    Aroused 4 80-90
    Horny 1     90-95
    Horny 2     95-99
    Horny 3     99-100
    You Can change it manualy into MCM Setting.
    ** Still need "TDF SexLab Aroused Rape and Aroused Sexy Idles v3.2 by TheDriedFinger" File, and Replace it with this modification mods.
    This is my first time argued with script. looks like MCM setting didn't Show Well... Sorry about that.



  20. Skade's Cum Sounds Replacer

    Two replacement sounds for the cum splash sounds that happens at orgasm. They're build off the original sounds but have increased power and multiple sounds mixed in for a deeper, more intense effect. 
    I mixed these myself to suit my own tastes, hope you enjoy them 😉
    01.wav - powerfully explosive at first with liquidy finish
    02.wav - big satisfying squirty squish
    No installer, just drop them into this folder:
    Probably want to backup your original sfx first, as this will overwrite them.



  21. Naked bonuses + No Naked Comments

    This is my little take on "Nudity in Skyrim".
    Added bonuses for being totally naked. Can wear Jewelry classifications.
    No Heavy or Light Armor adds minor bonuses to magic spell strengths, that also effect worn enchantments.
    No clothing either. adds more bonuses...
    When Naked by Sexlab Aroused (so you can wear clothes you have marked as 'naked'), and SexLab applied cum effects, the player gets a boost on health, stamina, and magicka recoveries.
    No Scripts, so it could be compatible with SE. (Untested)
    SexLab Aroused  or Redux (as long as it has SexLabAroused.esm it will work)



  22. FootIK OFF for SexLabUtil1

    Disabling FootIK can help animations align better and this mod allows you to set the effect on SexLabUtil1.
    Just drop the contents into the Data folder or use a mod manager to install it. Load order doesn't matter.
    If you can't see the "FootIK OFF" effect in the list, make sure to click "Misc -> Reload effects".
    You are free to set the effect whatever way you want, but I recommend you to use the same settings as the one from the screenshot in "At sex start". Slot doesn't matter.
    The spell/ability is based off FootIK OFF Spell, but it's not required. I did rewrite it to better function with SexLabUtil1.
    Remove the following files from your Data folder: FootIK OFF for SexLabUtil1.esp, scripts\aaaFRFootIKOFFConstantScript.pex, scripts\source\aaaFRFootIKOFFConstantScript.psc and ini\SexlabUtil1.esp\FootIKOFF.ini, or remove it with your mod manager.
    Known Issues:



  23. Apropos 2

    The new Apropos2.

    What does it do?
    1. It displays, using a custom widget, descriptions of sexual-related events within SexLab, related to the Player, and NPCs.
    2. It implements a Sexual Wear&Tear system, including Player, and unique NPC tracking, "abuse" textures/tattoos (requiring Slavetats) and a set of game "debuffs", or penalties that worsen as abuse worsens.
    3. Integrates with SexLab Arousal to generate arousal based adjectives, etc.
    Apropos will describe SexLab events:
    - Animation Start, Animation Change
    - Stage Start
    - Orgasm Start
    And it will describe:
    - Changes to Wear and Tear, either more damage, or healing. ("Your asshole doesn't hurt as badly as it once did.")
    - Perceived size of semen ejaculations, based upon factors like Race and Arousal. ("You just received a huge load from Kordir!")
    - In MF animations, the desire of a male partner (or female with strapon) to "slow down" and essentially move the stage back one notch. ("Draugr wants to fuck your pussy more!")
    Descriptions are pulled from a database of hundreds of constituent description files, each parameterized for randomized synonyms, wear and tear descriptors, and arousal descriptors using a token substitution system.
    Descriptions are versioned for 1st Person ("I fuck Rogdir hard!"), 2nd Person ("You fuck Rogdir hard!"), and 3rd Person ("Dragonborn fucks Rogdir hard!")
    3rd Person descriptions are used for all NPC descriptions.
    Descriptions for SexLab events will include:

    - Vaginal, Anal, Oral/Blowjob, Boobjob, Handjob, Fisting, Cunnilingus, and other acts.
    - Covers DP, and gangbangs (MF, MMF, MMMF, MMMMF).
    - Covers Creature (bestiality), including creature gangbangs (CF, CCF, CCCF, CCCCF).
    Covers scenarios/perspectives:
    - Female Player Character and Male NPC(s).
    - Female Player Character and Female NPC(s).
    - Male Player Character and Female NPC(s).
    - Female Player Character and Creature(s).
    - Female NPC and Female NPC(s).
    - Male NPC and Female NPC(s).
    - Female NPC and Creature(s).

    Descriptions detect:

    - Victim status on one of the actors in the scene, usually set by mods like SexLab Defeat.
    - Animations tagged as Aggressive, Rough, or Forced.

    Tag-based Descriptions:

    SexLab supports, at the animation level, any number of "tags" to be applied. These can be read by Apropos2 to determine some basic information about the animation.

    For a reasonable list of tags most often used see here: 

    When processing a SexLab event, Apropos2 reads these tags and they directly shape the kind of description that is shown for the PC or NPC. 

    With regard to creature sex, tags are important, as multiple creature races can use the same SexLab animation, depending upon how they are registered. Consider as an example that in Skyrim Immersive Creatures, the "Goblin" creature is mapped to use the Falmer race's animations.

    In addition to reading tags pertaining to creature race, the actual Race of the critter will be used, if no reasonable match can be made. This can cover cases where an animator (or person assembling a SLAL package, has failed to apply a standard creature tag to the animation). Additionally, Race is used in specific ways, for instance, DremoraRace (or Dremora) to detect whether a certain tattoo gets applied for sexual abuse/w&t.

    Unique-Animation Descriptions:

    While Tag-based descriptions provide the greatest breadth of description generation, and also can handle future animations, assuming reasonable tags are applied, they aren't always the most immersive. When time permits, unique animation descriptions have been authored to provide the most precise, stage by stage, descriptions of what is happening in a scene. 

    An example unique-animation description: "LeitoCunnilingus".

    Generally writing descriptions can be fairly labor intensive, and animators like Anub and Billyy provide a continual supply of new animations, so the best system is the hybrid approach that Apropos2 takes:

    Processing Rules:

    Step 1: If the animation has been listed already in the UniqueAnimations.txt control file (and enabled), attempt to locate a file for the unique animation db path.
    Step 2: If the file for this stage for the unique animation is found, use that description, and continue processing with this file. Goto Step#4
    Step 3: If the animation has not been listed as unique, or the file from Step#2 was not found, look for a file using a tag-based folder.
    Step 4: If there is a file to process, Process file.
    Additional Messages:
    Normally Apropos2 will generate one message per stage, and messages during Orgasm, and AnimationStart. It is possible, if you have long timers setup in SexLab, there will be some "dead time" where no descriptions are shown.
    Enter "Additional Messages": It will look at your timers configured in SL MCM and if an additional message can "fit", it will display one additional message per stage. Generally, if you have a 30s (or greater) stage timer, you will see two messages for that stage - one is the original Apropos2 description, the second the "additional" message. 
    It will, currently, only display ONE additional message per stage. That may change in the future.

    It is possible to opt-in to a Hotkey mechanism, instead of a timer. Keep in mind that the Widgets have timers themselves. They generally will display (unless changed in MCM) each message for 7 seconds.  They also use a queuing mechanism that will save display requests in memory until prior messages finish displaying.  So, if you mash the hotkey, you may get unexpected results as the widget system attempts to catch up and display queued requests.
    Wear and Tear
    - Detects 'abuse' during SL orgasm events, and if the character qualifies, then their abuse state is tracked over time. Continued abuse accrues and weakens the character, and time (and certain consumables) will heal the character.

    - Abuse is defined as one of two conditions:
      - The actor was tagged as a victim in an animation, most often - SL Defeat.
      - The animation itself is tagged with: Aggressive, Rough, or Forced.

    - Currently, only female Player characters and female NPCs that are marked as unique are tracked. Generic female "bandit" characters are not. Up to 50 characters, including the PC can be tracked.

    - Abuse is tracked against three body areas:
      - Vaginal
      - Oral
      - Anal

    - Abuse also is tracked against different scenarios:
      - General abuse (e.g. against humanoids)
      - Creature abuse
      - Daedric and Dremora abuse (Seeker, Lurker, plus Dremora Race)
      - These scenarios are tracked separately to control which abuse textures get applied (e.g. Daedric 'scars' for daedric abuse).

    - Each area/scenario are tracked with two variables: Level and State. The State variable uses a scale system that ranges from 0 through 9: 0 represents virginal, and 9 represents the absolute most destroyed state for that area. 
    - If you are curious about the 'definitions' of each state, read the control file: WearAndTear_Descriptors.txt.
    - The Level part of the area/scenario tracking is the internal amount that represents the total 'raw' amount of W&T damage to that area. Eventually, the Level is mapped onto the State, through a hard-coded table lookup.
    - The amount of 'damage' applied to each area is determined by a few factors, but primarily is driven by a lookup in WearAndTear_Damage.txt, which maps generally Race->Damage amount.
    - For example, the humanoid W&T damage is 20.0, and the damage for a Bear is 60.0. It is completely subjective (as is this whole mod), but generally reflects the size of the actor, that is - the penis size.
    - While the Level->State lookup is hard-coded, it is possible to get similar level of customization by adjusting the values in WearAndTear_Damage.txt to your tastes, but remember to Refresh Apropos2 in MCM afterwards.
    - Given a "Real Life" prostitute could service 4 customers in a day, a Skyrim prostitute could do the same and at the end of the day she would have a 'nice' (State 3) pussy (,ass, mouth).
    - Given a "Real Life" prostitute could service 10 customers in a day, a Skyrim prostitute could do the same and at the end of the day she would have a 'pliant' (State 6) pussy (,ass, mouth).
    - Each body area W&T is potentially increased during sex. It depends upon how the animation has been tagged ("Vaginal", "Oral", ...). 
    - Animations that have been improperly or insufficiently tagged will not be included in any W&T calculations.
    - Animations that have be improperly or insufficiently tagged can be 'patched', by adding entries in the AnimationPatchups.txt file and Refreshing Apropos2 in MCM. 
    - In some cases with Beast sex, the proper beast tag sometimes is missing (e.g. "Falmer").
    - If enabled, and Slavetats has been installed, Apropos2 will apply specific abuse textures, included in the mod. This is an optional feature - Apropos will detect the presence of Slavetats and enable/disable MCM features accordingly.
    - Currently, only the included abuse tattoos/textures can get applied to the character.
    - In addition to abuse textures, Apropos2 can apply character 'debuffs' which are gameplay penalties. The penalties are applied based upon the severity of the accrued abuse and the body area.
    - The debuffs include impairments to: Speed, Speech, Health/Stamina/Magicka regen, 
    - "Debuff" effects - progressively worsen as the abuse accrues on the actor. Includes penalties to movement speed, health/stamina/magicka regen, speech impairments, and occasional staggering and crying.
    Debuff Table:
    - Current state of abused areas (Vaginal, Oral, Anal) are considered when main descriptions are generated, using the Synonym replacement system.
    - Apropos2 will generate abuse change messages when substantial damage or healing has occurred in the recent past (usually also corresponds to different levels of Abuse textures being applied).
    - General humanoid abuse W&T stats map to "After Effects" textures (see MCM)
    - Creature abuse W&T stats map to "Cuts and Scratches" textures (see MCM)
    - Daedric abuse W&T stats map to "Daedric Scars" textures (see MCM)
    - Also, face textures are applied for "Tears and Sobs" which are mapped to general abuse.
    - If installed, the Slavetats-makeup tats will be used to show running Mascara effects.
    Abuse Tattoo Table:
    Healing Mechanics
    Wear and tear will heal over time, assuming abuse has ceased. The longer the character has rested, the greater amounts of healing are applied (its non-linear). Three MCM settings directly affect healing:
    #1. Frequency of Wear Tear Degrade: How often will checks be made whether or not healing has occurred.
    #2. Chance of WT Heal: How likely that healing will occur during any particular check in #1.
    #3, Wear and Tear degrade factor. Scales the amount of healing applied during a check/healing period.,
    #1 and #2 are easy to conceptualize. Basically how often does healing occur (healing "periods") and how likely does it occur? If you set #2 to 100%, healing will always occur during each checked period. If you set #1 to 1 hour, and rest for 8 hours, there will be 8 separate healing periods/checks. For example, depending upon how you want to play you could make W&T linger longer by setting it as:
       Every 12 hours, and 5% 

    or heal up more quickly:
       Every 4 hours, and 25%.
    Or very quickly:
       Every 1 hour, and 100%.
    (as an aside, from an internal Skyrim Papyrus point of view, making the period larger, will result in fewer times the script has to wake up and do its calculations).

    Each healing period will apply some healing to all areas:
    The amount that is applied in healing towards Vaginal, Oral and Anal depends upon how many periods have transpired since the last abuse on that bodily area. If you let  abuse rest for one healing period, that area will be healed by 15 points. If you heal for two periods, without any abuse, then the amount applied on the second period is increased, that is, it is more than 15 for the second period. This system implements a non-linear form of healing, so it "rewards" the character by avoiding continued abuse. It seemed "more realistic" (again totally subjective fantasy here) that it would not be a fixed amount per healing period.  So, potentially the sequence of healing values over time to an area might be something like: 15, 34, 56, etc. and not just 15, 15, 15, ...

    As soon as the character experiences damage to the said area, the amount of healing that can be applied (once abuse again ceases) will be reset back to 15.

    The Degrade factor is a non-integer scaling factor that is used to scale (reward) the amount of healing applied to the character. The default value of 1.2 is used to generate the following example:

    If a character had accrued a raw vaginal damage of 1000 over time (equivalent to a maximum State of 9), and began to rest and heal, a Degrade Factor of 1.2 would heal completely after around 9 periods. A Degrade factor of 1.5 would heal up around 7 periods.

    The Maximum Wear Tear Value applies to the maximum accrued damage to any particular area. It is possible, without this cap, that a character getting gangbanged by a camp of Giants would perhaps be so abused that it would take forever to heal (more immersively, the character probably should just die, but that's a discussion for another day). So this just provides an upper maximum damage that cannot be exceeded. Any value above 800 really doesn't push the State above 9 anyways (in other words, accruing more raw W&T damage beyond 800 or so, will not apply even greater visible tattoos, or worse debuffs; it's just a higher damage value that has to be healed from).

    Healing with Consumables:

    The other mechanism to heal abuse is for the player to eat or drink specific consumables. The control file WearAndTear_Consumables.txt lists the current potions and/or ingredients that will apply healing and the amount of healing for each. 

    { "Skooma": 25, "Redwater Skooma": 40, "Double-Distilled Skooma": 50, "Cyrodilic Brandy": 25, "Balmora Blue": 25, "White-Gold Tower": 25, "Velvet LeChance": 25, "Cliff Racer": 25, "Spider Egg": 15, "Chaurus Eggs": 15 } If you edit this control file, be sure to [Refresh] in Apropos2 MCM afterwards.
    For maximum roleplaying and immersion, it is recommended that the items in this list should be relatively rare ingredients OR directly imply some other consequence as the result of another mod, for instance: Skooma Whore, SexLab Parasites, etc.

    Healing via consumables is currently only available for Player characters. 

    Healing is applied evenly to all bodily areas (e.g. Drink a skooma potion, you get 25 applied to Vaginal, Anal, and Oral separately).

    Also, healing via consumables does not consider the three variables above (period, chance, and factor). It always applies healing immediately, and the amounts are determined by the values in the control file, and are not computed.
    It has been a while since I started working on this version, so I am probably forgetting some features, but here goes:
    - Restructured code, taking cues from SL internals, hopefully improves reliability during installs and upgrades.
    - Wear&Tear consumables is now genericized (see WearAndTear_Consumables.txt) for applying healing to W&T values.
    - Adjustable Widget width (defaults to 300px, varies between 250-500 in MCM)
    - Additional PC messages. Not only do we generate messages during Animation Start, Change, Stage, and Orgasm, but now messages for the Player can either be enabled to be automatic (default), or hotkey.
    - W&T texture tint color and mascara tint color controls in MCM
    - Mascara and crying tats will start being removed when the NPC /PC starts to heal. As long as W&T damage continues to acrue, the crying/mascara remains.
    - Arousal-based, post-scene messages regarding "load" size. Currently limited in code, but will be expanded to full messages. Uses {HUGELOAD} and {LARGELOAD} attributes.
    - One/one rape scenes can have the animation changed by the rapist, and/or animation stage backed up (stepped backwards to the previous stage), all based upon chance and arousal. It is possible to get more than one orgasm from an aggressor.
    - New tags to support Dwemer animations (Sphere, Ballista, Centurion, Spider): {MACHINE}, {METAL}, {UNTHINKING}, {FOREIGN} and others.


    - File format for database files has not changed. AproposEdit users can continue for now to use that utility to make edits.
    - Apropos2 will compete with Apropos Classic. The widgets will try to occupy the same locations. Apropos2 scripts, quests and other objects have been named to avoid conflict with Apropos Classic.

    Best testing advice: Start a new character after uninstalling Apropos Classic.
    If you really need to: Uninstall Apropos Classic, and use "Save Cleaner" etc on the character save you really want to keep using with Apropos2.
    Wear & Tear Potential Problems:
    #1 PC or NPC appears to be tracked in Apropos (see MCM).
    #2 Active debuffs that never improve or get removed.
    #3 Tats that stay on and never change.
    If you see #3 but not #1 or #2, then it most likely is a Slavetats issue. If you see all three then possibly Apropos, or Load order, stack frame dumping, etc. Slavetats linger on PC or NPC.: Slavetats has been observed to bug out from time to time, which can cause requests for application or removal of tats to fail silently. In those cases, manually removing the tats in Slavetats MCM is one course of action. Another is to force all W&T to clear (affects both PC and NPC), in Apropos MCM. Currently, Apropos doesn't clean W&T on actors if W&T is disabled when there are active debuffs/tats on actors. Please clear W&T in Apropos MCM prior to disabling W&T.  
    Face Tats not appearing at all:

         2 things to check:
      The NIOverride.ini disables face overlays by default (whether from RaceMenu or NIOverride).  This is due to a CTD caused when PC (or NPC) is beheaded in a kill move while having an overlay applied.  To enable it, open the NIOverride.ini and find the setting bEnableFaceOverlays and set to 1.  Not enough face overlay slots.  Default is set to 3.  Remember that the overlays are used by all tattoo/overlay mods, so if you applied face tats in the RaceMenu, that reduces the number of overlays available to SlaveTats.  You can increase that number of face tats in the same NIOverride.ini.  
     *.STRINGS files must be in the UTF8 format. 
    User @egon123 wrote a quick guide for people using localized (e.g. German) versions of Skyrim whose .STRINGS files need to be converted into UTF-8: 
    - Before reporting a problem, please verify you have installed/have the requirements above.
    - Before reporting a problem, please enable both Debug and Trace messages in MCM.
    - After reproducing the problem in-game, look under "My Documents\my games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\User" for specially named "Apropos0.log" file.
    - Send the Apropos0.log file along with normal Papyrus0.log file.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this mod on any site, unless you are translating.
    You are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you have patches or edits to scripts, PM me directly.



  24. Sexlab Oral Sound

    I got a new sound material, so I made this.
    This is not much different from the default sound.
    Currently, I am struggling to make voice replacer.
    I made it to suit my taste.



  25. "Cum Sound Replacer" Sexlab cum sound replacer

    Update 2.0.1
    add "Cum Sound Replacer 06"
    I made it to suit my taste.



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