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  1. Psalam

    Guess This Location.

    How about an easy one?
  2. Psalam

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    Absolutely true and gloriously well said.
  3. Psalam

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    Glad to hear it. It's the conclusion that, over my many years, I have also reached. Of course, it may just mean we're both wrong.
  4. I agree with your assessment. My personal problems with this have been with creature animations. However, that should also have affected the dungeon (thus my questions about your use of them - since they can be skipped with the cheats). If you would care to post your load order I'll be happy to give what help I can. I recognize that you have for more experience than I have with this BUT sometimes having a different set of eyes (even if less qualified) look at the problem may give the desired result (or not).
  5. Psalam

    Mod Rewards on Nexus?

    I genuinely value your opinion so I'll ask. Does money really change people or does money bring out what was already there and never had the opportunity to see the light of day?
  6. Psalam

    Slave Mod

    Not to put too fine a point on it but one of the things DeepBlueFrog is working on is the next update. The beta version is located here:
  7. Psalam

    CTD when entering any city

    I'm glad to hear it.
  8. That one is a poser. Since you made it that far into the SR mod it would appear that the most likely thing causing the crash would be a mod incompatibility that only (or first) appears when you enter the Coliseum. There are a number of things going on in there that could give you a problem. To my mind, first is a conflict with creature animations. Have you avoided sex acts with creatures to this point? Alternatively, have you avoided going into the SlaveRun dungeon in Dragonsreach to this point? If the answer is no I suspect that it will be necessary to view your load order to see if there are any obvious conflicts. PS. Have you loaded crash fixes since that is now listed as a HARD requirement for this mod?
  9. USLEEP has its detractors certainly. Most of them complain about the minor things that it changes (or not) in Skyrim. It should not be an issue with the game or with any particular mod. A mod that conflicts with USLEEP would have that listed prominently on its modpage.
  10. No, I can't. Just kidding. You need to update your creature mods. You should no longer need the SexLab Nude Creature mods. You might also want to consider eliminating Hentai creatures. While it SHOULD work with it in the load order creature animations are finicky. I recommend that you leave it off now - you can always add it in another playthrough once your game is otherwise stable. You should also turn off the esp for XPMSE. While downlooading it is necessary the esp causes it's own issues. Unless you need it for a specific mod (and I didn't see any I recognized as requiring it in that list) I would turn it off. Likewise, unless you are wedded to it, I would replace KS hairdos and the HDT version and get KS hairdos renewal. Or, even better since you have had some problems, leave them off entirely for this playthrough (Apachii will give you good choices for one game). While KS is unlikely to cause you to crash HDT mods that you don't absolutely have to have (and high res textures that you don't absolutely have to have) are best avoided since they can significantly slow your game. Otherwise it looks eminently playable. I would encourage you to go through the mods again with an eye toward "how do I expect to use these mods in THIS playthrough?" There are a TON of great mods out there that I have played with over the years. Like many other mod users I often go back to many of my old standbys. However, it pays to keep the number of mods in any playthrough to the bare minimum that you can stand. The fewer mods, the fewer interactions (expected and unexpected) and the fewer problems (read CTDs). In modding, less is more.
  11. Listen you two. You are confusing the nice newbie who is trying to find out some basics. I have the greatest respect for you both but can we keep our collective eye on the goal here. These two are both very accomplished in the ways of LoversLab and deserve to be respected and heeded. They are both right but with (as GreyCloud) pointed out in one of his posts) different approaches. There are a number of "basic" mods that anyone who wants to achieve your goals are going to need eventually. These constitute the mods that GreyCloud is pointing toward. You will discover that many, perhaps most, of the mods that you want have prerequisites (other mods that you mus have to get the ones that you) in order to work properly. Others of the mods that GreyCloud has suggested simply make the modded Skyrim game work more efficiently. While some of these may be skipped early and with a "light" load order, you will probably want them all eventually. Nazzzgul666's approach is different. He is working toward getting you the immediate mods that you described in your post. There is nothing wrong with any of his suggestions in that regard either. You need to learn a lot of terminology as well. Currently Skyrim is available in two editions, The older version referred to in many ways including Legendary Edition (LE) or Oldrim and the newer version referred to as Special Edition (SE or SSE). This is important since mods will work only on the edition for which they are made. So (as a general rule) a mod listed as LE will crash you SE game and vice versa. The people here on LL (LoversLab) on generally glad to help. Don't be afraid to ask questions. But remember, we are just people. We have strong opinions that you are likely to hear whenever you post. PS: listen to the lemming, he's usually right!
  12. Psalam


    Before you drop this entirely, let me point our that UIExtensions is part of the Extensible Follower Framework (EFF). If you are playing with a follower mod or desire a follower mod you may choose to simply install that instead.
  13. Psalam

    Merchant npcs not using animations.

    I don't know how to "fix" your problem. You have already received good advice from two of the best for technical support. I will make some suggestions based on the Load Order that you have posted. Get rid of SexLabNude Creatures and the old MNC - Get the MNC for SLAL (SexLab Animations Loader). It is more up-to-date and cleaner. Be careful to carefully follow the directions on the modpage. Get rid of the High Resolution files and patch and get the Vanilla Textures Optimizer from Nexus. This will improve your performance and open up esp slots. I assume you have the XPSME skeleton and have simply turned off the esp (which is fine, in fact, it is good). If you do not have it - get it. If you do have it you can safely eliminate Realistic Ragdolls as that mod is included in the newer versions of XPSME. Then follow GenioMaestro's advice. Look through your modlist carefully and eliminate any mod that you don't absolutely have to have IN THIS PLAYTHROUGH. I would hope that this will get you well under the 100 mods that he recommended. Then, when your game is stable, add mods back 5-10 at a time until you find the one(s) that are giving you the problem and leave them off. Modding Skyrim is like cooking. First, it takes patience (good food can not be rushed). Second it requires the proper ingredients (make sure you have all the prerequisites for your mods and be certain that they are in the proper load order). Third, it can be seasoned to taste (there is IIRC a thread under Skyrim/General Discussion devoted to the topic of what makes your Skyrim playthrough unique). Fourth, and often hardest to take, is that no matter how much you may like two foods individually sometimes they simply don't belong together (and so it is with some mods).
  14. It is not Newmiller's but there is a fine chain bikini with Bodyslide files by Chronotrigger. These can be found on the BodySlide modpage. It is a complete replacement of the vanilla armor/clothes but also includes many non-vanilla items - like the chain bikini.