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  1. I have two questions/issues. I am using the newest version of PAHE, HSH and AYGAS. I still use LE. I am playing on the "easy" level. 1) I was recently in Bruma and enslaved a bandit. I sold them at the Bruma Stables but the AYGAS report says "0" for Bruma. When I sold one slave in Markarth later, it showed up in Markarth as "1" (underground). 2) The Pit fights actually worked (better than the older version I had). However, I couldn't seem to get the pit master to take a bet and, after the fight was over, I got no credit for attending (that is, I made no progress on the Patron perk). Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. Foot fetish (which seems to be common among Skyrim's vampires with all the shoes that they tend to collect)
  3. Don't change your sex in the console. You won't like what you look like. If you want to do this change it by running racemenu. Then run a save cleaner like ReSaver (part of Fallrim Tools found on Nexus). You're likely to be able to get away with it.
  4. Paradise Halls to capture (enslave) people: and Home Sweet Home to torture them: With Hearthfire add-on to give more options:
  5. BANNED! for dealing with sad songs in such a parochial fashion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vdY60p2Ye8
  6. And this (11856) to get you started:
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