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  1. Gee, I'm glad I didn't ask for anything for my birthday!
  2. Psalam

    SexLab Pheromones

    But, but ... where do you think I got the original bear pheromones from?
  3. My experience with using Notepad is: 1) write what I want without placing things in lines, 2) add a symbol where I want a line break to occur (I like @ but any symbol would work), 3) copy the text and 4) remove the symbol and replace with a new line. Thus: I think that Worik@ would make an ideal hostess@ since she is gracious, considerate and fun - would then be easily converted to: I think that Worik would make an ideal hostess since she is gracious, considerate and fun But that may be more work than you want.
  4. Of course you can do, or not do, whatever you like. I use SD+ as a way to get my PC enslaved. I can do it directly through this mod or through a number of others that then send me to SD+. DeepBlueFrog is still working out the kinks of Dreamworld and you can try the beta5 version if you like (the link is on his signature on any of his posts). I'm sorry if my reply came across as abrupt or rude. I tend to be terse.
  5. A Night to Remember is the Daedric Quest for Sanguine as part of Vanilla Skyrim. Doing it is not needed to play this mod.
  6. Psalam

    SexLab Pheromones

    Damn! I didn't think of that! Maybe she just couldn't read the box!
  7. Psalam

    SexLab Pheromones

    Version 1.07 is working much better. I've been through canines and bears without any problems. The pheromones show up nicely under active effects - thank you. I do have one minor niggle - there is a typo in the message box about "suddently" feeling dizzy. I'm sure you'll clean it up when any bigger issues are resolved.
  8. This is what you want: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/93211-zaz-animation-pack-v80-plus/ The download is merely a link to MegaNZ and a password to open the file so that you can download it. If you try downloading the link into your load order you are going to get the kind of messages that you are receiving.
  9. Psalam

    Ask A Lemming

    Well, in that case, how are your cousins dealing with pink ice. The red algal blooms look pretty but I'm sure that has messed with their ecosystems (since they've already messed up their cooling systems).
  10. Psalam

    Ask A Lemming

    Why are there no lemmings in my neck of the woods? We have squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, field mice and many other types of rodent species. Why not lemmings!
  11. Psalam

    I have a problem!

    Please, let's get serious. These are the commonly used mod managers (all are free to you but all work differently). Nexus Mod Manager (found on GitHub not Nexus, go figure) and Mod Organizer (found on Nexus) are the two most common. There are many people who are very fond of Wrye Bash (also on Nexus) including their recent convert T.ara. Nexus is working on another one called Vortex but that should be considered a beta and you use it at your own risk. So let me reiterate mnervik's excellent question, what mod manager are you using?
  12. Unless T.ara has changed it what you get in the "download" is a link to MegaNZ and a password that will then allow you to download the file. So, your mod manager doesn't see an .esm because there isn't one. The fact that the download is a .txt file can be a clue if you run into this kind of thing in the future.
  13. Psalam

    SexLab Pheromones

    I'm sorry I meant to post this part hours ago. This time I got rabbits. I wandered the wilderness from Falkreath, emptied Bannermist Tower, Moss Mother Cavern and Bloated Mans Grotto. I was not accosted by a single rabbit. Every time I entered a new location I got a message to the effect that my pursuers had given up. Yes I have rabbit animations. Between this and the goats I have come to realize that I really need to set up which creature pheromones I want active. I am really looking forward to that indicator of what pheromone is active. The most common time for me to take drinks is in combat. When I chugged 5-10 potions (healing and magicka) while fighting in Ironbind Barrow I got a lot of messages about the pheromones I had taken and how they became more powerful. Sadly, in the midst of combat, I didn't get the chance to read them at all. I admit that I simply console commanded in the Super Pheromone Cure since I had no way of knowing what I was afflicted with.