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  1. Given the source of this mod I would leave it up and HOPE that someone on LL is familiar with it and can help. I am not familiar with it and will be of no use in this matter, however. That being said, Grey Cloud is correct and future questions about specific mods should be addressed on their support threads.
  2. As a general rule, a problem with a specific mod should be posted on that mod's support thread. So, for example, if you had a problem with a mod posted here on LoversLab (LL), you should go to the page where you downloaded the mod and hit the "Get Support" button just below the "Download" button and then post there. The process is similar on Nexus.
  3. How about running FNIS and putting the output here? This should begin with a description of your skeleton and end with the number of animations successfully loaded.
  4. GRANTED! Oops! Too late! I wish I were caught up on my sleep.
  5. GRANTED! there will no longer be ANY "competitive gaming communities" so it will no longer be an issue. I wish I were on vacation.
  6. There are many mods that can do that. I use Puppet Master. More commonly used is SexLab Matchmaker. There are also many others most of whom cause that to happen organically as part of the game.
  7. GRANTED! sadly you have to get the technique from CPU (actually if you go back on the Count to a Million thread, you'll see that CPU and Worik have done something like that). I wish my father were still alive.
  8. In view of recent events I couldn't let this one pass:
  9. Nor, evidently, are all bottoms: Wholesale White Sleeveless Tunic Top 9079
  10. Or, perhaps, something to hold your top together? Johnathan Kayne Johnathan Kayne 9077
  11. Things? What sorts of things? DOUBLE TAPE 9075
  12. Yes, thank you. Nice and quiet and unassuming: (that is number 9073 if you can't read it) Off Shoulder Crop Top & Package Hip Short Skirt BN-9073
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