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  1. Suit yourselves guys but you don't have to quote EVERYTHING in a post. If you highlight some text, or a picture, or anything, you can then mouse over he highlighted part and hit "Quote Selection." I like looking at these fine outfits too but when you do that it can cause issues with the site - slowing it down, and it actually makes it harder to find the appropriate post when you want it (since there are so many copies of the pictures. More tips on posting can be found here:
  2. I can't quite place it - but I know I just read something about wisdom and learning from other's mistakes. Now where was that?
  3. Please, please ... anything but that! 😉
  4. That's odd since the CONTRIBUTOR designation appears under your avatar where yours says Member. What can be changed is at the top.
  5. Canals. Well done. Have another avocado. 🥑 Time for me to take a break.
  6. With that out of the way how about this one (I had to throw two away because I couldn't remember where I took them)
  7. Spot on! Have an avocado, no wait, have two! 🥑 🥑
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