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  1. No. You can, however, go into CF's McMenu. The author has helpfully noted in the section entitled "Performance" which menu items can be adjusted in order to improve your results. This helps with fps AND with decreasing the rate of CTD.
  2. With Worik here who could pass up a train?
  3. Here I am back to the same old thing:
  4. Sweet! This one reminds me of a sign I saw in New Orleans once upon a time: The sign read: Missing! Husband, shotgun and dog. Reward for return of dog.
  5. I understand. Here's another reptile:
  6. I've never been here either but I don't think that my life is any less for the lack:
  7. No. Nor have I ever been to Spain: But, back to the topic:
  8. I have one of those too! Mine cost less than $107.12 USD:
  9. Nice. Something a little different.
  10. Or, you could just look at the tutorials in the CK. Bendu Olo's tutorial quest includes using Quest stages.
  11. Here's my last one before bed. Sleep well!
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