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  1. You might like Slaverun Reloaded. It's done a little differently than what you stated but has most of what you've outlined.
  2. Too bad she's not human. You could use the SexLab Strip Item Editor and it would remove it.
  3. Get ReSaver from Fallrim tools and be certain that you are not carrying around unattached script instances or other "junk" that are the source of your problem.
  4. Don't apologize. Do keep the mod off. If you aren't making progress try posting your new load order and papyrus log. However, be aware that papyrus logs only rarely tell you the cause of a CTD. However, when they do nothing else would have (except trial and error). I've used LOOT for years and it was a turning point for me in getting a stable game. I can't understand why anyone would just de jure say don't use it. I admit that if you have sufficient knowledge and experience that you don't need it. That being said I always run LOOT, FNIS and Bodyslide before starting a new game.
  5. Uniform Code (of Laws and Statutes) (you're welcome as always. that's what friends are for.)
  6. @moovlu I know that you've moved your question to SE per @Grey Cloud's suggestion but I am putting this here for a reason. First, listen to GC's advice about LOOT. It can make errors (it's just an algorithm) but it was put together by people who know what they are doing. You'll learn how to tweak it with experience but, until you have that experience, use it blindly. Second, I told you above what you're issue probably is. Since you didn't acknowledge it let me reiterate: it is probably Majestic Mountains.
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