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  1. No one likes an old man's reminiscences but I'm going to share one anyway. Roughly 50 years ago while attending Public High School in inner city (that is, not the suburbs) Cleveland, Ohio I had the good fortune to take some Honor classes. One of my teachers then was very proud that he felt part of his curriculum was teaching critical thinking to adolescents. He was also wistful that not all teachers had that opportunity. If my experience is anything to go by then, the teaching of critical thinking is not a new absence in American public education, but rather a chronic one.
  2. Or what about "K-type" questions? You remember those (I certainly do). You know: 1. Blue 2. Red 3. White 4. Green What colors are in the flag of the USA? A. 1,2 and 3 B 1 and 3 C 2 and 4 D 4 only E all of the above
  3. Yes, that's what I wanted. What it tells me is that your game is trying to use the vanilla Skyrim skeleton. What you need is this: The third file down (when you click on "Download this File" is the version for LE. The fourth (and final) one listed is the version for SE. If you think you have this file and are getting these FNIS results it means that something is overwriting your skeleton. Move the skeleton further down in your load order.
  4. If it is not too much trouble, run FNIS again (as you usually do). Then copy the output (select and use Ctrl+C) and come back here and post it in a spoiler (the spoiler is the eye icon on the bar above where you type. It is immediately to the left of the smiling face emoji icon. Then paste (Ctrl+V) the FNIS output into it).
  5. Did you, by any chance, load the LE version of DD (as opposed to the SE version)? That appears to be what FNIS is telling you and would be consistent with what you describe.
  6. saints (and) sinners (lucky you!)
  7. Okay. Go back to your first post and edit it. If you're not aware, with the new look you do this by clicking on the three horizontal dots on the right hand side of the blue bar. That will get you a dropdown menu with an option to edit that post. Then, you should be able to change the title (only in that first post) and simply add some version of [Solved] to the title.
  8. You're welcome. Do me a favor and mark this solved so that someone who does a search might find it and not have to start a new thread. Thanks.
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