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  1. Is that your character or NPCs? If it's NPCs is it all NPCs or just certain ones?
  2. I was just sauntering around Solstheim over the weekend and noticed that they had an insect noise that sounded a lot like a zap. It might go nicely with the taunt the master gives about ZZZZT, did I scare you?
  3. If the music is from 1995, why does the title indicate "96"? 12887:
  4. BANNED! for jinxing the relatively cool summer I've had thus far.
  5. All excellent suggestions except that the OP said that he is using SE.
  6. I appreciate your approach. Mine is a little different. I don't enslave anyone I might need later (NPCs in quests, followers, etc.). I don't enslave anyone in a location (dungeon, mine, fort, etc.) that I might have to return to. The exception to this are the forts that are controlled by bandits or rogue wizards since, when the fort is cleared, they are replaced with Imperials or Stormcloaks anyway. I don't mind having the occasional Thalmor, Vigilant, Thief, etc. (from Wilderness Encounters) show up naked so I don't hesitate to enslave them. My favorites though are from those locations where you have little or no chance of returning. My earliest slaves, for instance, tend to come from Dustman's Cairn (Companions Quest) since there is virtually no chance that I'll ever return there (i never have so far). I can usually get three female slaves from there easy early in the game. Another popular spot for me is Illinalta's Deep (College of Winterhold Quest). Again, no chance that I'll go back and I can usually get a few more female slaves.
  7. Did you just have this waiting to go? That was fast! 12878:
  8. I'm not and neither is anyone else that I've heard of (at least, no one has posted such a thing). I've used AYGAS in every city and town in Skyrim without the problem that you describe. I suspect there is something else in your load order responsible.
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