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  1. Psalam

    Crashing, Need help with Log

    If you are really using XPMSSE then you have probably diagnosed your problem (assuming that you are playing the original Skyrim aka Legendary Edition, LE or Oldrim as opposed to Special Edition (SE)). Try swapping out your skeleton for the one found here: When you hit the download button you want the file ON THE TOP. The one on the bottom is for Special Edition. Without going into too much detail all your mods need to be for either LE or SE. With very rare exceptions if you use SE mods in LE (or vice versa) you will get a crash.
  2. Psalam

    CTD randomly during sex and other bugs

    Is your armor problem unique to certain armors or is it all of them? Have you tested any other races with racemenu yet?
  3. Psalam

    CTD randomly during sex and other bugs

    Let's start with basics. Do you have crash fixes and ENBoost? Is your skeleton up to date? Did you run LOOT and FNIS? Move More Nasty Critters before SLAL (not doing this can cause problems but it shouldn't be the cause of what you are describing). Along the same line how many animations are you running? (This is available when you run FNIS - it will be the last thing in the upper box when FNIS is done). If you are not using a mod that requires the XPMSE.esp then tick it off (do NOT disable the mod, you need the skeleton, just tick the .esp off). Finally, are you really positive that you need all those armor mods? As my father used to say, "a man can only wear one suit at a time."
  4. Psalam

    Crashing, Need help with Log

    Your load order WOULD be helpful but I am afraid that my 62 year old eyes can not make out any detail. Could you please download your load order from LOOT (it is the icon on the upper right hand in the blue bat that looks like 3 vertical dots or buttons). Would you please also place it in a spoiler (I'll put directions for that at the end if you don't know how to do it). Could you also better explain the circumstances of your CTD. Does it occur when you are loading a new game? If so does it happen BEFORE you get to the main menu screen or only after you hit NEW? If it occurs while p-laying what sorts of things tend to be occurring when you get the CTD? Some basics. Do you already have crash fixes and ENBoost? What skeleton are you using? To use a spoiler. When you are typing a post there is a bar that runs across the top that starts with "Size" and "Font." About halfway across there is an icon that looks like an eye (it is just to the right of the smiley face emoji icon). When you press that you will get a spoiler (like the one you see at the top of my post where I quoted you. By the way, since I quoted you - see the button at the bottom of a post - you will get a notification, that can expedite communication). Now, if your cursor is not already inside the spoiler box use your mouse to put it there. Then simply paste whatever you need to inside the box and you're done. Using the spoiler box for "walls of text" (like the load order I just asked you for), for multiple screenshots or videos helps to improve the site's performance.
  5. Psalam

    Quicksave limping through travel

    Funny that. You are the first person I've helped who couldn't get a .jpg on site. Are you sure you dragged the file onto the paperclip? You can also use the choose files option and point at your screenshot. Anyway, what outfit is that supposed to be and from what mod? Does it happen with any other outfit?
  6. Psalam

    Random CTD's

    Time to go back to basics. Do you have crash fixes and ENBoost? Edit: And what skeleton are you using?
  7. Psalam

    Random CTD's

    Are the crashes happening with a new game? A lot of "stuff" gets carried over in saved games. To really test out your load order you must start a new game. Your description sounds like something that happens with SexLab Aroused Creatures when the radius and time effects are too "broad" for your system. When you try next, at he beginning when you are setting your MCM menus, go into SLAC and decrease the radius of the effect, the number of creatures that it polls and increase the time between polling. That may be the issue.
  8. Are all your mods SE compatible? It was not just JContainers that your papyrus log complained about (frankly it was pretty much everything-or, at least, it felt like it).
  9. Psalam

    CTD as per usual

    Please post your load order here on the thread, preferably from LOOT and preferably in a spoiler. In addition, please post a papyrus log here. If you don't know what I'm talking about please look at my blog, the link is in my signature.
  10. Which of the many NPC Overhauls is the one that you are using? It is not that I know anything about it (or I wouldn't ask) but at first glance it appears to be the only mod in your load order that might affect men and mer without impacting the beast races.
  11. Farengar's Study is NOT required. There is a unique (but NOT needed) spell book, collars and collar making items and, most importantly, a whip. The PAHE whip is unique to PAHE but even that is not absolutely required. It is considerably easier to use for enslaving and punishing slaves than any other item. You can get with the console. The code should be XX00BEEF (easy number to remember)!
  12. Psalam

    Help with fixing CTD on menu

    From your description you're missing a master. Devious Devices - Expansion (DDx) perhaps?
  13. Others have posted this since I did mine. I have no idea what causes it and, since my game is stable and plays well, I just chuckle at the occasional "weird quirk."
  14. I didn't spend a LOT of time on it but what jumped right out of your papyrus log is that it doesn't think that you have JContainers loaded. Do you?
  15. Psalam

    Quicksave limping through travel

    Looks and sounds like missing meshes and textures. First step is to reload the mod. Second step is to make sure that nothing else is overwriting it. Next, it is considered appropriate to load all screenshots into your post rather than making people open them on their computer or, worse still, go to a third party site. So, let me tell you how this is done. You are probably aware that you can not load your standard screenshot into LL. This is because it is in .bmp format. To deal with that load your screenshot into Paint (or similar program) and save it as a .jpg file. Now you can upload. The simplest method is to open the folder that has your .jpg screenshot and "drag" it onto the "paperclip" found just below where you type your post. You will see a miniature version of the picture appear in a bar below that after about 5 seconds. When you are ready to put the picture into your post simply make certain that the cursor is located where you want the picture to appear and hit the "+" sign on the miniature. In a couple seconds your picture should appear in the post. If you are posting multiple pictures it is also considered appropriate to put all except the first one into one or more spoilers. When you post a lot of pictures, videos and even text the site's performance takes a hit. So, it is better for everyone to put things into spoilers.