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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Caregiver and i am pretty new to this, I wanted to ask you all what mods i may need to get an Character looking like the pic i attached, thanks for all answers. The picture below is from the tumblr user "FearfulEuphoria" all credit for the picture goes to him/her/_
  2. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Post here your screenshots of your character in action. It will be good to share what mods you are using during the sex time, let people see your intimate life and fantasies. Photos: Videos:
  3. Blackmail

    Was thinking of an idea, following the lines of blackmail by NPC. Like if your (Female) character was caught Nude and or having sex with an NPC. and you were caught by another NPC. they would threaten to report you to the guards for Public Indecency if you refuse sex with them. Or whatever kind of kink they would have.
  4. Race Mod Projects and Ideas

    Hi all. This is a thread created to talk about race mods I am currently, will plan, and might work on. As well as an area to discuss with the people I will be working on them with instead of a PM section for those interested in the projects themselves and updates. It is also an area to read your ideas, your requests (if interested), and to see if anyone is interested in being a part of the projects. Projects that will be discussed here. All heads will be morphed from the Citrus Heads. All males will be made with SOS and females with UUNP Special bodies in mind. Some of the projects may not be uploaded by me or managed by me, but by another. Or just incorporated into another mod for less plugins. New Body Models: MSSA Bodies - (Highly) Modular Semi-Sex Anatomy bodies. Female: (in progress) Male: (Planned) It will have a uterus, deep anal, with an optional anal>stomach>throat options. It is for my UE4 project (without organs) and the head, mouth, and eyes will not be made available. It will not be pre-separated, but will be set up in such a way that you can conveniently separate sections around the elbows, wrists, ankles, mid shin, knees, nipples, underwear shape, multi crotch areas, etc with good grouping for ab formations around the stomach on a low poly model. The name is not final and will be available as a modders recourse that is for Free modding and personal use only. New 3-Layered Eye Meshes - Multiple morphs for humans and beast races. Possible RaceMenu sliders to change the iris and or pupil size. This can allow one texture to seem like many. The normal map will remain smooth based on the high poly mesh, so the main detail will be in textures for multi-texture compatibility. When the mod is finished, I'll upload the high poly mesh as a recourse for multi-normal map variations to be made by other modders. Leviathan Race - from Yu Yu Hakusho: (Slowly in progress) Sergal Race - Was adopted/taken over from Here. (Planned) Renamon Race - Only the female head from the transition of making of making Sergal heads. (Planned) Fox Race - Fennec Race Alternative. (Planned) Gargoyle Race - Based on the show and likely a solo project if Skyrim is excluded. Planned for CGTrader, etc. Maybe for Skyrim too. (Maybe) K9 Wolf Race - Solo project for UE4, maybe not Skyrim. (Possible) Lizard Race - Solo project for UE4, maybe not Skyrim. Possible Argonian Overhaul. (Possible) Satyr/Faun Type Race - Similar to a Dranei with leathery skin and hair only on the head and end of the tail. Solo project for UE4 and maybe not for Skyrim. (Maybe) Other Projects Khajiit Overhaul - Link Variouse Khajiit races at Yiffy Age My files or mod pages for "Khajiit Body Overhaul" and "Detailed Khajiit Heads" will be taken down and replaced with just "Khajiit Overhaul" by the next DKH update. The new body still won't be available for quite some time. You can see posts, projects, and progress on projects I helped/helping work on in the following links. Like the Sharkmer Race by Blaze69, or the Cheetah race being worked on at Yiffy Age of Skyrim by Bad Dog. The new Cheetah race will be uploaded by Bad Dog. Free Recourse Files ______________________________________________ Human and human type races are so over worked on in the Skyrim modding community that it's just not worth it for me and these types are so neglected. Making other types of races is actually quite fun, they look cool and interesting, and helps to build more unique skills as a 3d modeler. If you are interested in making new or existing races but concerned of being labeled, well that's too bad. You shouldn't let that discourage you. So most of you that look at this topic think I'm a furry right? Well, maybe or maybe not. I don't know where that line is drawn and not to my perspective. So with that and anyone wondering and or want to try and friend me on FurAffinity or anything similar because of what I make here, I don't have any such accounts and don't plan on making them. Am I and will I be working on human and human sub races as well? yes, but most of them are not for Skyrim and may post pics when they are done, or not. Some of them are good Ideas that I do not wish to share to the public. Project Members NightroModzz Blaze69 Bad Dog (partially)
  5. Last Exception

    I am getting a Last Exception file. I've been getting them and so far I've been able to figure out the different problems. However, this one is different. This is what I am getting below; <?xml version="1.0" ?><root> <report><version>2</version><sessionid>823f8523788cb0e55a6010a5</sessionid><type>desync</type><sku>ea.maxis.sims4_64.15.pc</sku><createtime>2018-01-17 22:47:50</createtime><buildsignature>Local.Unknown.Unknown.</buildsignature><categoryid>scheduling.py:631</categoryid><desyncid>823f8523788cb0e55a6010a5</desyncid><systemconfig/><screenshot/><desyncdata>Exception while processing the Master Controller. (HardStopError: Attempting to stop active handle to element &lt;SubclassableGen; _run_gen@52; running&gt; &lt;Gen; None; not-started&gt;)&#13;&#10;Traceback (most recent call last):&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Core\sims4\utils.py", line 195, in wrapper&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\areaserver.py", line 203, in c_api_server_tick&#13;&#10; File ".\WickedWhims\turbolib\injector_util.py", line 8, in _wrapped_function&#13;&#10; File ".\WickedWhims\turbolib\events\core.py", line 219, in _turbolib_zone_game_update&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\zone.py", line 436, in update&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\time_service.py", line 112, in update&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\scheduling.py", line 217, in simulate&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\elements.py", line 385, in _resume&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims\master_controller.py", line 74, in _run_gen&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims\master_controller.py", line 655, in _process&#13;&#10; File ".\WickedWhims\turbolib\injector_util.py", line 8, in _wrapped_function&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims\master_controller.py", line 568, in _process&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims\sim.py", line 3231, in get_next_work&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\interactions\interaction_queue.py", line 944, in _get_head&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\interactions\interaction_queue.py", line 104, in get_next_unblocked_interaction_cancel_incompatible&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\interactions\base\super_interaction.py", line 2326, in get_sims_with_invalid_paths&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\interactions\base\super_interaction.py", line 2290, in _generate_connectivity&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\postures\transition_sequence.py", line 1438, in compute_transition_connectivity&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\postures\transition_sequence.py", line 1459, in run_transitions&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\postures\transition_sequence.py", line 1238, in reset_derailed_transitions&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\sims\sim.py", line 1334, in validate_current_location_or_fgl&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\base_object.py", line 266, in reset&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\services\reset_and_delete_service.py", line 298, in trigger_reset&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\services\reset_and_delete_service.py", line 416, in start_processing&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\services\reset_and_delete_service.py", line 440, in _process&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\services\reset_and_delete_service.py", line 538, in _process_one_record&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\elements.py", line 87, in trigger_hard_stop&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\scheduling.py", line 554, in hard_stop&#13;&#10; File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\scheduling.py", line 631, in _stop_element_tree&#13;&#10;scheduling.HardStopError: Attempting to stop active handle to element &lt;SubclassableGen; _run_gen@52; running&gt; &lt;Gen; None; not-started&gt;&#13;&#10;</desyncdata></report> </root> I usually can find a mod name but I can't find one here, help?
  6. Version 1.0.3


    Bikini Ascend Bodyslide UUNP Conversion Full version, contains all sets (Orc, Elves, Thalmor) Also contains an updated plugin (fixed 1st pp bug with Elves and Thalmor gauntlets, fixed Elven weapons (sword and mace): damage, weight and value (based on vanilla weapons), added weight slider for some armor parts) Requires: Bikini Ascend WIP Please report any bugs You can also download this file from my Tumblr: Click here (Registration/Club is not required)
  7. I set-up a Games Hobby channel on Youtube. Some other (Random) fun stuff too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqUsxELsz5q-_zh9P-U8R-A Normal Costumes: Sweetheart Dress on Marie Rose Sweetheart Dress for Honoka Christie - Latex Dominatrix Gear + Makeup Mai - Leather Biker Mai - Venus Swimsuit (Fans now included! Please Re-download.) Ayane - Purple "Sling-suit" Uploaded Better Version Kasumi - White Underwear (Original by Huchi001) Christie - Black Ceremonial Kimono Kasumi - Sexy Strapsuit Lei-fang - Hippogriff Bikini (Doa Xtreme 2) Hitomi - Tina's DOA 2 Ultimate Outfit Naotora Ii - Kokoro's Falcom Outfit Kasumi - Xiao Qiao Lisa - Sexy Black-Belt Honoka - Tulip Rachel - Monokini (HDM) Naotora Ii - Kasumi SW DLC Tina - Olive (HDM) Ayane - Koshoso Skirt (HDM) Sarah - KaiHime Ayane - Purple Hearts Bikini Tina - Kasumi Contest Mod Marie Rose - Hwa Kun Mai - Sandwich (Request) Momiji - Red Bunny HDM (Request) Lisa - Open Swimsuit Helena - DOAX3 Golden Hiei Swimsuit Sarah - Blue Country Bikini Ayane - Y-Kini Ayane - Blue Schoolwear Tina - Melia (DOAX2) Rachel - Strap-Kini Mai - Whirlwind Bikini Special Packs: Multiple Outfit Swaps for 5 Girls (One for Each) Anemone Pack Rachel & Christie - Black Lingerie Ayane - Purple Slingkini Recolor/Update Pack Face/Skin and/or Hair Mods: Ayane - Bael Altarus F/H Adult Costumes: Pantyless Anemone Tina and Lisa : Bottomless Anemone Peeking Nurse - Mai Momiji - Sheer Monokini Thank you for being so nice to me, I love that my simple contributions are appreciated.
  8. View File Olivia Custom Voiced Follower UNP HDT Description This mod add to your game a teenage girl named Olivia Face is based on this ECE preset I do not use ECE, so I recreated this face in RaceMenu Olivia use custom teenage voice type, the same as popular mod Sassy Teen Girls You can find her in Proudspire Manor (Solitude) Requirements XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended HDT Physics Extensions Not required, but highly recommended aMidianBorn Hide and Studded Hide Credits HHaleyy - Fair Skin Complexion triptherift - Teenage Female Voice Type nisetanaka - The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Please do not upload this mod to other sites Submitter ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir Submitted 10/22/2017 Category Companions Requires XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, HDT Physics Extensions Special Edition Compatible No  
  9. Dear LoversLab: Please make mods for DBX. Love, AwfulArchdemon How to extract movies - Video, audio, or both
  10. Hello! I am a long time Lurker (Used to Mod Skyrim, a lot) and I am here to present my EU RP [+18] Server. I really wanted to play in all the advertised servers around, but my ping was terrible, and I thought a European Option could be nice. So I got one! I have ran a Vanilla server since Early Access Start, but I handed it over to another admin to focus on this project. If you are from USA, and want to try it out, feel free if you're comfortable with your ping. My Idea is to build a server around immersion, not only do I want a sexy Conan Exiles, I'd also like regular RP! So I focused on Pippi Management Mod to add Class Kits, Legendary Class Kits, Emote Kits, and Offline Leveling & Farming Bundles. I believe these Kits can help people focus on every kind of Role Playing. It also should fix the lack of progression felt after playing two weeks in any server... and you grow offline! (so it's Full time Job compatible) I am also keen on the Economy System from Conan Evolved Merchants, I'd love an active Market on the server. At the moment, I have just finished installing everything and tested / implemented mods & kits for 2 days. Everything seems to run smoothly. Now I need you to help me build a relaxed, role playing adult community to have a handful of options to enjoy the game. ...Enough with the caotic intro, below you'll find all the information you need. Or you can check everything at our Website. Mods: You can Subscribe to all Steam Workshop Mods here. Conan Sexiles should be downloaded from loverslab link and installed separately. The right order for the mods here. Server Settings: Server Name: [RP]IMMERSIVE SEXILES 2.0[+18][PVP] ​IP: Slots: 40 // Clan Size: 10 PVP: Activated // Avatar: Off Damage Structures only during Weekends from 15:00 to 2:30 GMT+1 Equipment: Dropped on Death, Anybody can loot corpse Nudity: Full XP Multiplier: 4.0 Harvest Amount Multiplier: 3.0 // Spoil Rate: 0.5 (Slower) Ressource Respawn Multiplier: 0.2 Crafting Speed: 0.5 (Faster) Server Rules: You must be an Adult to play in this server (18+) Cheating is Forbidden. Role play is Mandatory in Local Chat. Role play should direct your actions, especially in PVP. Lore friendly names are Mandatory, This includes Clan names. Do not Build near Important Resources or NPCs. Do not Claim territory through Foundations, Campfires.... Please Destroy Unused Structures. Medium sized, Beautiful Buildings are Encouraged. Out of Character harassment is strictly forbidden. Please send a note whenever you raid or steal from somebody. Checking text channels in Discord is Mandatory Summary: Be an adult, Come to RP, and don't be Rude You can find more information about our Kits, Choice Mechanics, and How to connect on our Website: http://sexiles.weebly.com/ And you can join the community @discord: https://discord.gg/eU6ARgR
  11. Patreon Tumblr News and Updates 15.01.2018 Fixed Ela, Lydia Jorjadze and Velvet Assasin 1st person mesh bug in sneak mode 06.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Ela outfit from Rainbow Six 03.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Lydia Jorjadze 27.12.2017 Release of Combat Girl 26.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Velvet Assassin 07.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Sweet Rebel 29.09.2017 Release of patreon request - Autumn Girl 29.07.2017 Release of patreon request - HoloSuit 10.06.2017 Release of patreon request - Hyper Suit 28.05.2017 Release of Virgin Killer 12.04.2017 Started April Public Voting #4 (12.04.2017 - 12.05.2017) 08.04.2017 Release of March patreon voting winner - Cyber Suit 23.03.2017 Release of Killer Catsuit 09.03.2017 Release of February patreon voting winner - Foxy Girl 01.03.2017 Release of January Public voting #3 - The Scissor Girl 12.02.2017 Release Extravaganza (40 in 1) - BZW birthday edition. 26.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl FishNet version v1_5 Some fixes + vault suit upgrade + decent defense stats 25.01.2017 Fix Wayfaring Stranger TankTop (looks more natural) (v1_4) Full version no longer supported. 23.01.2017 Release Wayfaring Stranger v1_3 - requested by Mr. Evile 19.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl v1_2 (Texture and Neck Fix) 18.01.2017 Release of patreon pick - Cosmo Girl 07.01.2017 Started January Public voting #3 (07.01.2017 - 07.02.2017) 06.01.2017 Release of Janyary patreon voting winner - Anarchy Girl. Starting from today, every new outfit would have separate .esp file. 19.12.2016 Release of patreon request - Action Girl. Add ballistic wave support to Ninja Outfit 13.12.2016 Release of community Christmas present - Santa Baby 04.12.2016 Release of November patreon voting winner - Bullet Girl 27.11.2016 Release of public vote winner - Rough Night 04.11.2016 Finished winner of patreon voting - Street Fox. Fixed stockings in Goth Girl. 01.11.2016 Changes in policy. Thanks to Mr. Evile support, all the new armors and some of old ones have ballistic wave support. 27.10.2016 Western Swing Release and starting November Public Open voting. Workshop Policy 1. All armors are free and available for everyone. No pay-wall. 2. Community decides what armor will be next and what features it support. 3. New armor mods are chosen by Open public voting Monthly patreon-only voting Personal request (More info) "I have a Great Idea" request (More info) 4. Workshop efficiency: 2-4 mods per month. General Info about armor mods 1. All armor mods can be crafted at chem lab. 2. All armor mods have CBBE Bodyslide support 3. Most of the armors have few color themes 4. Some of the latest amor mods have ballistic weave support 5. Some armor mods change it's color at armor workbench. Support me 1. Support me on patreon 2. Create a beautiful screen-shot 3. Create youtube video 4. Use salesfiles download links Media
  12. Haven't gotten an answer on Nexus forums so if anyone who uses Nexus Manager extensively can help, answer me this: On my current & only playthrough, I don't use any texture replacer mods that change NPC faces, hair, or skin quality of their bodies other than CBBE & BodySlide. Reason why is cuz to me personally, all those mods that change faces & shit just make them look like anime characters to me from those popup ads you get on anime streaming sites or porn sites which I don't like. Mods like Better Vampires, pretty much any of the mods I've seen so far that "update, re-texture, or replace" vanilla faces I just don't wanna use. I don't mind using the vanilla faces & shit, even though most female NPCs like vampires have a fairly visible neck seam right where my CBBE body preset starts but it's easily ignored. Point is, I recently found certain mods that let me look like characters from other games like Widowmaker from Overwatch or 2B from Nier that require certain face texture mods or a different body preset from what I have. But I don't want to have to go through the process of turning those texture mods & body presets on/off everytime I want to play either my main character or those characters using said texture mods (plus it'd probably break my game). So my question is Is there a way to use some mods on one save but not have those mods affect other saves I have? Also is there a way to use one CBBE preset in BodySlide on only yourself while other NPCs use a different preset? I was looking through Nexus Manager & it had something called "New Profile". Haven't touched it yet cuz I don't wanna break anything but is that something that would let me use different mods from the save I currently play on? If yes, how exactly does it work? If not, is there another way to use those mods on a separate save without them affecting my normal playthrough?
  13. Skyrim 32bit: - D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ (Steam) Skeleton(hkx) female: XPMS2HDT (115 bones) male: XPMS2HDT (115 bones) Patch: "GENDER Specific Animations" Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix" Reading 0Sex_0MF_D V?.? ... Reading 0Sex_0MF_K V?.? ... Reading 0Sex_0MF_M V?.? ... Reading 0Sex_0MF_R V?.? ... Reading 0Sex_0MF_S V?.? ... Reading 0Sex_0MF_U V?.? ... Reading 0Sex_EMF_A V?.? ... Reading FlowerGirls V1.6.4 ... Reading FNISBase V7.0 ... Reading FNISCreatureVersion V6.1 ... Reading FNISSpells V5.0.1 ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 9 paired, 0 kill, 0 chair, 0 alternate animations) ... Reading SAP V1.4 ... Reading SexLab V1.62 ... Reading SexLabCreature V1.62 ... Reading XPMSE V6.1 ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 0 paired, 0 kill, 0 chair, 164 alternate animations) ... Reading _ESG_0ER_F V?.? ... Reading _ESG_0ER_M V?.? ... All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files... No GENDER directory male No GENDER directory female Alternate Animation mods: 1 sets: 16 total groups: 30 added file slots: 170 alternate files: 164 Create Creature Behaviors ... Reading SexLabCreature V1.62 ... 3898 animations for 17 mods successfully included (character) 322 animations for 1 mods and 18 creatures successfully included.
  14. Selina Vampire Follower

    View File Selina Vampire Follower Standalone (non-replacer) version of my previous mod NSerana Profile Name: Selina Race: Nord Outfit: Vampire leather armor Skills: Light armor, One handed, Destruction, Alteration Location: Moorside Inn - Morthal Essential/Marriable Level: 10-100 Body: 4K/7B Screenshots on the download page Requirements Skyrim HDT Physics Extensions Instalation Download and install (via any Mod Manager or manually copy ESP/extracted files into your “DATA” folder) Please do not upload this mod to other sites, especially nexus.com Credits nisetanaka - face preset Enhanced Character Edit - ECE team RaceMenu - Expired KS Hairdos - Renewal - Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes - Aipex8 SG Female Eyebrows - Hello Santa Fair Skin Complexion - HHaleyy Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture - Regenbot03 Vampire leather armor set - RavenDier Skyrim - Bethesda Creation Kit - Bethesda Enjoy! Submitter ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir Submitted 08/22/2017 Category Companions Requires Skyrim, HDT Physics Extensions Special Edition Compatible No  
  15. ABOUT Enjoy my MODs and VIDEOs. And please remake for your favorite characters. UPDATE MOMIJI_DLCU_023_&_CHRISTIE_DLC_010 Dead_or_Alive_5_Last_Round_116_MOMIJI_VS_CHRISTIE IMAGE DOWNLOAD MODs: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b6md8ih4gxcxa/Documents VIDEOs: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mvggfo0mt9q5d/Videos STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGx_40a4w822zGvVDYBkcdg INFO / THANKS THESE MAKERS BODY MESH: remaked "HDM_Nude_Mod_3.36 made by Holdenmcclure" BODY TEXTURE: remaked "DLC123456 made by ngewekerz in 3DM (based Harry Palmer's work)" COSTUME: remaked "KoeiTecmo original" (costume part of rope in "KOKORO_DLC_102" is made by Harry Palmer) TOOL: TMC Polygon Tool, TMC Polygon Insert Tool, TMC Object Tool, DLC Tool, Texture Tool, DLC Tool hogehoge TMCsuke, Archive Tool, Ink reshuffle, uMod, Noesis, Gimp, Blender, LoiLoGameRecorder TRANSPARENT MOD MAKING SUMMARY SAMPLE: MARIE_COS_002 BODY: HDM_NUDE_Mod_3.36 / Marie(remaked) BLENDER: installed "for Blender tmcmesh Importer-Exporter" Costume and Body Remaking Tmcsuke Setting Texture Remaking OBJECT CHANGE (Case of High_heels) SAMPLE: KOKORO_DLCU_029,CHRISTIE_COS_003,KOKORO_DLC_004 BODY: HDM_NUDE_Mod_3.36 / KOKORO(remaked) BLENDER: Installed "for Blender tmcmesh Importer-Exporter"
  16. Hey guys. I haven't played with Skyrim for a while now, but I plan on getting myself back into the game. I've generally updated all my mods at this point, but now I keep either experiencing crashes at weird points or I can't load a save without the game crashing. It's very weird, and I have run LOOT numerous times and tried to do some cleaning on the esms and whatnot. I really don't know what to do. I have a lot of mods in here that I don't know if they are required or even working anymore. I remember that some of them were requirements for other mods... but I do not know if those mods are required anymore. In any case, here's my mod list. I'd just like some help with really figuring out what's causing the crashes and whether or not I actually need all of this. I am going to list the mods alphabetically. This is not my load order. My load order is different, having been optimized by Load Order Optimizer. The game used to work, but then I tried to uninstall an old mod (Evil Lair of Hydra) and ever since, my game has refused to load saves properly. I can enter into the game just fine in a new game, but whenever I attempt to load the game it crashes to desktop. actorEvents - As I remember, this was a mod that I installed for a requirement of another mod. Alternate Start Ambriel Follower Quest (With the Ambriel Appearance Change) aMidian Caves and Mines AmorousAdventures v303 SexLab AOF Detailed Mountains ApachiiSkyHair (Basic, Males, and Females) Better Messagebox Controls - I installed this as a fix for another mod that wasn't working properly. Bijin NPCs Bijin Warmaidens Bijin Wives Bodyslide Book Covers Skyrim CBBE Climates of Tamriel Coverwomen Look 3 Cutting Room Floor Devious Devices: Assets Devious Devices: Integration Dust Effects EggFactory29beta-2 Enhanced Blood Effects Enhanced Lights and FX ELFX compatibility patch Estrus Chaurus Estrusv120 Female Facial Animation Fill Her Up FNIS Behavior FNIS Creature Pack Fuz Ro Doh HDT Physics Extensions Helgen Reborn High Definition Ivy Immersive Armors Immersive Weapons Inconsequential NPCs (With Cutting Room Floor Compatibility Patch) Inigo JContainers - I remember this being a requirement for a mod but I honestly can't remember what Legionettes Load Game CTD Fix More Nasty Critters Natural Grass Texture Floor NetImmense Override - Also got for a mod. PAH_HomeSweetHome Paradise Halls Enhanced 7.1.1 PapyrusUtil_v33 ParadiseHalls Script Patch Quiet - Metal Gear Solid Follower RaceMenu Realistic Ragdolls and Force Realistic Water Two Rugnarok Ruins Clutter Improved Seranaholic v1.5 (I go with the old version because I prefer her look then) SexLab Eager NPCs SexLab Inflation Framework SexLab Inflation Framework Patches SexLab Aroused SexLab Framework SexSlavesForVanillaBandits SFO - No Grass ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer Skyrim HD - 2K Textures SkyUI SL Defeat SL Kidnapped Redux SMIM Compatibility patch SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim Static Mesh Improvement Mod The Ordinary Women Skyrim Distance Overhaul Toccata as Elisif TreesHD "Type2-29782-1-1"... I don't know what this mod is or what it does. There's no information on it. Use Human Face Texture For Vampires Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch Verdant 2.2 Vivid Landscapes (Practically all of them) XP32 Maximum Skeleton XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Zaz Craft Zaz Animation Pack There's one mod I have added in myself because I made it myself, but it's just a character mod. If any certain logs or whatever are needed, let me know. I just wouldn't know where to look for them.
  17. View File Elf Lyra Follower 7B HDT Description This mod add a new sexy follower to your game Lyra was created by darkmattd and uploaded here with his permission You can find her in the Meeko's Shack She is a typical tank follower Requirements XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended HDT Physics Extensions Not required, but highly recommended aMidianBorn Wolf Armor Credits MaTTD - Elf Lyra Preset & Lyra Real Skin & Screenshots HHaleyy - Fair Skin Complexion Hello Santa - SG Female Eyebrows & SG Hair Pack 268 nisetanaka - The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Please do not upload this mod to other sites Submitter ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir Submitted 01/07/2018 Category Companions Requires XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, HDT Physics Extensions Special Edition Compatible No  
  18. Elf Lyra Follower 7B HDT

    Version 1.0.0


    Elf Lyra Follower 7B HDT Description This mod add a new sexy follower to your game Lyra was created by darkmattd and uploaded here with his permission You can find her in the Meeko's Shack She is a typical tank follower Requirements XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended HDT Physics Extensions Not required, but highly recommended aMidianBorn Wolf Armor Credits MaTTD - Elf Lyra Preset & Lyra Real Skin & Screenshots HHaleyy - Fair Skin Complexion Hello Santa - SG Female Eyebrows & SG Hair Pack 268 nisetanaka - The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Please do not upload this mod to other sites
  19. Can't level up

    I recently came back to skyrim and downloaded alot of mods, everything seems working together except for one thing, I don't gain any exp please help me here is my load order
  20. Skyrim crash

    Hi, I am experiencing a crash when i am doing a quest for M'rissi Tail of troubles mod and it is always when i get near the tower to get her satchel. Can anyone help me out? I have 112 mods with 113 plugins and i am not sure why it is crashing(it could be hardware related my computer is old) Ill post my mod list and do i need to post my pc's specs as well? Also my save file according to savetool also i have three home mods and i dont really know which one is the best 2 home mods. Since it happens always near this place im pretty sure it has something to do with her mod or a mod that would affect that area but i dont think i have any mod that would change the building or the cell of that building.
  21. Hello, I'm didn't played skyrim for two years and forgot most things, don't get me wrong I'm not new to mods but I'm not pro either Please share your mods + load orders preferably UNPB body but I will be happy with others too
  22. [Rimworld] Nude Mod

    Long time Loverslab user, first time modder/uploader. I looked everywhere for a nude mod for Rimworld. After doing some research It turns out the reason for this has to be that Rimworld doesn't differentiate between male and female models. You have the Thin, Fat, and Hulk models which are gender neutral. Then you have the Average model for males and females separately. I'm not sure how to fix this problem, but I wanted Nude models in my Rimworld game. So with my very limited paint skills I updated the Vanilla barbie textures. All the gender neutral models now have nipples, bellybuttons, and when they turn around butt cracks. For the Average female model I included breasts and a hairy bush as well. I'm uploading these here for anybody who may want some poorly drawn Nude Rimworld models. I'll probably update these over time to make them look better. Personally I use the Camera+ mod so you can zoom in really close to see the changes, as well as Rimjobworld to have a use for these new naked women running around. Camera+: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=30682.0 Rimjobworld: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/73498-rimworld-sex-mod-rimjobworld-rjw/ To install just unzip the file and place in your Rimworld>Mods Folder. In game make sure to turn the mod on in the mod manager. Load order shouldn't matter. For Alpha 16, will update over time. Nude Textures.zip
  23. All these Mods are up to date including the new Whicked Whims update. Does anyone know why it is coming up as a Broken Mod? Also so does anyone know why one of the Whicked Whims files is conflicting with these other files? Any help on how to get this all sorted would be great!! Thank you
  24. OK this is a tutorial on how to download mods from this site using the following methods. Downloading from the site downloads manager Downloading a mod from a thread in a downloads subforum. Site Download Subforums Threads which have downloads in them can be found in the Downloads subsection of the forums, Downloads - Oblivion Adult & Sex Mods is one example. To download the files from these threads just click on the download links, which should be marked. Inside there will be threads which contain mods for download. You can also find some more mods to download in the site's download area located in the top right of the screen. Site Download Area When you access this area you will be greeted with the following screen. On the left you will have the categories list, this is for what game you want to download mods for. In the centre of the screen you will see a preview of new mods which can be search through using the arrows, above that will be featured downloads and below it will be the highest rated. On the right will be the top downloads section. Below the Highest rated is the Most Watched downloads which can't be seen in the screenshot. Select the game you want from the categories list, we are going to use Skyrim in this case. The screen will now change and the follow will be displayed. The mods can be broken down into categories using the new list on the left and all the mods for that section will be displayed in the centre of the screen. We are going to use the categories list to get the screen to only display mods in the "Regular Mods" section. So we click it in the left box. Now we need to find a mod. I have scrolled down the screen and selected the mod Amame Playable Character 0.1 Now you will be greeted with the following screen. BEFORE you even touch that download button! Make sure that you go down the page and make sure that you have the requirements for the mod. After you have made sure you have the requirements you can hit the download button. If you don't have the requirements you can click on the links under the requirements section and you will be taken to the place you can download them from. Installing mods No pictures for this section. To install a mod simply unpack it to a temporary location. Most mods have a readme which tells you how to install the mod. READ THE THING AND FOLLOW IT FROM WORD TO WORD. Nothing rubs a modder the wrong way then someone being unable to read the readme or refusing to read it. Personally I find it easier to copy and paste the mods directly in the area they need to be without using mod managers. Mod managers which can be used for games are: Oblivion Mod Manager: Oblivion Fallout Mod Manager: Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas For Skyrim it most likely best to use the drag and drop method. In order to figure out how to install a mod using a mod manager follow the instructions in that mods readme or the instructions which came with the mod manager.
  25. Oddly enough, I've never actually BEATEN Fallout 4! Figured I'd fix that by doing a focused playthrough. I'm going to follow a mod order guide for the basics like making the game prettier and improving the UI, but could use some recommendations for the specifics. I'm planning on going full Brotherhood of Steel for this run, and I'm curious what mods folks might recommend for it. There are lots of mods for making Power Armor cooler, for instance, but half of them are incompatible with the others, so picking out which ones will be tough. Same goes for other aspects, like overhauling the Vertibirds, or improving the Pridwin layout. Any good recommendations out there?