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Sexout mods that primarily deal with sex started through dialog

13 files

  1. SexoutSexMS

    MS stands for male straight. I know, I am about as creative as a brick.
    This file is an addon for SexoutSex. You need a working SexoutSex mod in order to use this. If you try to use it on its own it WILL crash your game.
    The original mod lacks conditions for preventing homosexual sex and sex with old people.
    With this file the dialogue option for just going male on male between PC and NPCs is now gone.
    Male on male action is still possible if you set up threesome actors for it.
    I've also added checks for old age in order to disable banging grandmas.
    This is intended for player characters that are male and straight. If you're playing a female character this mod will do absolutely nothing for you.
    How to install? If you've managed to get SexoutSex going, you know what you're doing by now. Load MS after SexoutSex and you're good to go.
    New version, july 2018
    1. The mod still does what it initially set out to do. Prevents sex dialogue from appearing between male PC and male NPCs.
    2. The mod now prevents sex dialogue from appearing between male PC and old female NPCs. This was something the original file intended to do but the function I used to check for age wasn't supported. This now works.
    3. Failing to initiate sex has been removed. The original SexoutSex has some randomly chosen dialogue that can end in a goodbye and no sex. Obviously, the solution for that was to just restart the dialogue and try again. These random turn downs have now been removed.
    4. The selections for kind of sex have been condensed under one single dialogue choice. Previously, there were two dialogue options because of the animation packages, the normal sexout one and the amra animations. Also, the expanded choice dialogue looks awkward and fills half the screen, though this is not an issue as you should be having other concerns at this point.



  2. Sexout Bang

    Simple plugin that adds dialogue to initiate sex with people, using a custom formula derived from player stats. The higher your speech, charisma, luck and more people like you, the higher the chance that someone will want to fuck you. Depending on the person's preferences, you will be able to choose what kind of sex you can have with them.
    Does contain dialogue to initiate sex with creatures.



  3. Working Man

    Commissioned by [ANONYMOUS]
    Just a simple plugin that allows you to work as a whore in Gomorrah. Just talk to Carlos and begin your life as manwhore. Only works for male characters.
    If you keep up the good work, you can even earn a promotion, which gets you a bigger cut or even VIP's to treat in a seperate room for even more caps.
    Also, I'm not going to continue working on this in the sense of adding stuff, I'll maintain it if necessary, but as far as content goes, this is as far as it goes. If someone wants to take over whatever's here, feel free to PM me and I may hand over the mod to someone who wants to work on it.



  4. Sexout Kennel Show

    After almost a month of work I'm ready to release the first version of my new expansion for Sexout Kennel (more content will be added, look in the "planned" spoiler for more details). Also please write any suggestions (that are somewhat realistic and fits the mod) here: CLICK ME!
    What this mod does:





    Full changelog (change logs that aren't the newest version):




  5. Human Trafficking - Punishing Slaves

    Human Trafficking - Punishing Slaves
    ** What is it? **
    The Nexus-Mod Human Trafficking aka slavery Simple allows you to enslave and sell NPCs. This mod patches into HT to give you new options of punishing and having sex with your slaves.
    Important Note: This mod keeps the style of forced slavery that the parent mod establishes. So if you're looking for consensual power play, this is probably not for you.
    ** Features **
    - Vanilla Sex:
    The mod adds the dialog option "Service your master...", which wraps different kinds of Sexout sex options. These are the vanilla Sexout animation and are not marked to be rape, but the dialog is kept in the style of HT and doesn't give the impression of the slave to have any choice.
    - Punishment:
    There's also the option to rape your slaves in different ways, as well as whip them.
    - Pillory:
    You can put your slaves into a pillory. They will stay in the pillory until you let them out again. You can activate some machinery like an auto-whipper as well as actively rape the slave while he/she's in the pillory. You can even get another slave to participate.
    - Punishment post:
    You can also tie your slaves up in a punishment post. You can impale them on a dildo or hang them upside down, as well as actively whip them while they are in the post.
    - Bitch box:
    You can also put your slaves into the "Bitch box", a box with the head poking out on top, and use the slaves mouth.
    - Extra Items:
    Talk to a slave and say "Have you seen my stuff?", he/she will give you three custom "weapons" as well as two strap-ons.
    The strap-ons are nothing special, they are just so female PCs can do some of the animations meant to be done by male characters without looking stupid. One for you, one for if you want a female slave to participate in 3-way pillory animations. You have to equip them yourself, the ZAZ animations do not check for gender.
    The "weapons" you get are a cane, a riding crop and a special cattle prod called "Discipliner". These are all scripted to do no regular damage at all, but they do cause a little fatigue damage, so excessive beating can cause the victim to fall unconscious. Also, hitting your slaves with these will not cause panic among bystanders, or any kind of fighting to start. This only applies to hitting slaves, though, other NPCs will not get any damage either, but they will fight back.
    Warning: The dialog option "Have you seen my stuff?" only works once, if you loose any of these things, you can't get them back in a regular way (only the strap-ons, they are from Sexout Common Resources and can be bought at the Sexout Store, if you have that mod).
    ** Requirements **
    - Fallout New Vegas (duh)
    - SexoutNG
    - Sexout Common Resources
    - Human Trafficking aka slavery Simple
    ** Load Order **
    If you use the expansion Slavery expanded, put HumanTraffickingPS.esp after HumanTraffickingEX.esp
    ** Problems **
    Known bugs:
    - The pillory/post/box can be pushed around, and animations including them will cause them to end up in a different spot, too. I haven't found a solution yet that doesn't require a complete overhaul and doesn't impact the ease of use.
    - The mod has been primarily developed and tested with a male PC and female slaves. I tried to keep all dialogs as gender-independent (is that a word?) as possible, but there is at least one situation where the female pronouns are used, no matter the persons sex. I couldn't fix it at the time (not sure if it's possible), so I decided it is intentional to further degrade the person talked about
    - I had a bug once where a slave wouldn't move after I got her out of a pillory. It has been some time and I have changed a lot since then, but it may still happen. If this happens to you, try to put him/her into a device, then out again, and see if that works. In any case you should always have a clear save before you start any shenanigans.
    - I also had a bug where an actor wouldn't stand up anymore after a rape pass-out. Always save before you do anything.
    - The sound of any oral sex and oral rape in particular is unlogical, since the default sexout sounds don't consider that the mouth is full. I recommend using Sexout Sound Replacer and deactivating talk.
    Possible bugs:
    - Created with Slavery simple V5.6, could be incompatible with newer versions
    - Created with SexoutNG (not Beta), Core Version 2.9.92, Data Version 2.8.83, could be incompatible with newer versions (unlikely though)
    - There's a change in the idle animations to keep restrained slaves from playing hit animations, this could lead to incompatibilities with mods that mess with hit animations as well
    - I'm not am English native speaker, so there might be errors in the dialogs
    ** Credits **
    Created by MeanGreenBean83



  6. Sexout Sex Change

    Quick Note: While it's not a dialogue mod per se, this mod does impact what dialogue options you are able to access.
    Play a male character and feel like you're missing out on the fun quest mods that female characters get?
    Play a female character and want to...something kinda like that?
    Congratulations! Now, at no price to you*, I present you with a quick, easy, painless insta-sex change option!
    * - Except bandwidth and one more hit to your mod limit.
    How It Works
    Under Aid in you pip-boy, there's a book called :Sex Change. Equip it, and use the menu.
    Keep Sex Change ON while in 1st Person Camera and Not in Combat: Enabled by default
    If you don't enable the retain sex change in 1st person camera option, when you initiate a conversation or an NPC initiates a conversation, your sex will temporarily be changed. Since you're in 1st person, you won't see the change. What you will see are the dialogue options that would only be available to characters of the opposite sex.
    If you enable the retain sex change while you're in 1st person cam option, NPCs that would normally only approach the opposite sex to initiate dialogue will approach you as that the sex change will be held over. When switching to 3rd person, you're auto-switched back to your starting sex. On entering combat, you are forced back into your starting sex so that the appropriate sex-based perks apply for damage. Of course, you'll get the opposite sex's NPC dialogue in passing (guys referred to as "lady," etc.), and taking damage outside of combat will result in the opposite sex's "ouch" sounds.
    Perk Conversions: Enabled by default.
    What is a perk conversion?
    When enabled, your perks convert to the equivalent perk of the other sex. This allows you to access the additional dialogue options. Your original perk is temporarily removed and then added back after you leave conversation.
    Black Widow <--Converts to--> Confirmed Bachelor
    Lady Killer <--Converts to--> Cherchez La Femme

    What It Doesn't Do
    If you always use 3rd person or choose not to use the retain sex change in 1st person option, NPC approaches that check the character's sex BEFORE approaching will not work since the check is performed before the switch can occur after initiating dialogue. Want that part to work? Create your own race.
    Come with a guarantee. Only perfunctory testing was performed.



  7. SexoutSex

    Sexy Time is here!


    This is a re-upload of the old SexoutSex, of which I am not the original author. I have, along the way, helped shape it and added extra features. This upload is one such instance. To see what I've added in this version, please see the Update Log. Primarily though, I've re-uploaded this because it is a really versatile plugin that was missing from the LoversLab download system, and was instead forgotten about seven pages back in the threads gathering dust.
    What This Plugin Does:
    It allows you to have sex with most NPC's via dialogue. There are no chances of failure - this is done on purpose as it provides a good way to test new animations. If you have Slavery mods installed (Cortex Scrambler, Reactive People - Ultimatum, Slaver's Life, etc) it will identify slaves and allow you to initiate appropriate sexual dialogue with them. This also runs true for prostitutes - soliciting only. Misc - allows you to have threesomes, use strapons, hetero and homosexual sex, in addition to adding a versatile "Follow me" package to the chosen NPC that can be used in conjunction with other mods to take an NPC to a place where you want to have sex, ie a bed.

    What This Plugin Requires To Work:

    - SmallerTalk (To initiate the dialogue)
    - SexoutNG (For the Sex)
    - SexoutCommonResources (For sex toys)
    - That you read instructions and follow them. If you don't install the above properly with all their respective requirements, don't expect this to work properly, either.
    Known Bugs:
    - Some NPC's in particular have a peculiar effect on certain dialogue trees (Cass is notorious for this) or their AI packages simply hijack certain topics. Ways to get around this include opening and closing the "Let's trade equipment" screen, and on returning, the new dialogue options should appear. This is not always the case, however. Some NPC's simply won't add the sex dialogue. Others aren't included intentionally - ie, if they are from another Sexout mod and the modder added them to an exclusion list.
    - Threesome's for some reason only work if you toggle the Sexout MCM menu for sexual preferences to both PC and NPC sexual orientation from the default "straight" to "bisexual."
    - A.J's kiss is currently misaligned. Working to fix it.
    The Wish List:
    String animations, ie - start off with a blowjob, progress to vaginal, end with anal, all in one go. Support for all the available strapons/dildos in Spectrum's Toy Pack. A bunch of other things.

    Bromm83 as the author of the mod. jaam for helping with coding and many other issues. Dazmaz and Spectrum Warrior, whose images I mashed up together (badly) to make the new SexoutSex logo. Amra72 for his amazing modder's resources animations. A.J for her beautiful kissing animation, and for fixing the jaggedness of the cover image for me. Odessa for fixing the 1.6 version by making Amra's modders resources work again. A string of enthusiastic testers and members who helped hone this over the years. The LL community for allowing mods like this to exist and thrive.

    What's New In This Version: (1.5a - 29/06/2014)

    - Removed superfluous positioning script causing issues.



  8. Sexout TTW Encounters

    A TTW-counterpart to SexoutConsequences, adding simple Sexout content throughout the Capital Wasteland.
    Content so far:



  9. SexoutRex TTW Edition

    A reiteration of SexoutRex by reivzje to include Tale of Two Wastelands functionality.
    Basically, this mod lets Rex and Dogmeat fuck your female companions. Veronica, Cass, Sunny, Cross, Clover, Sydney, Lucy West, Bittercup, Brianna, Willow, ANY Female companion, And yourself.
    For dog on female sex, talk to the female in question. There will be a top level dialogue option allowing you to sic your dog on her. For yourself you'll have to talk to dogmeat or rex.
    Didn't include Amata because there's like 4 versions of her and I'm not sure which version the mod uses (if it's even TTW compatible at this time.) Should work now.
    Requires Sexout (Duh) And Tale of Two Wastelands. If you do not use TTW use the original version posted in the link above.
    The Willow version requires companion willow. Willow version no longer necessary.
    The Willow version re-added. It's not required for Willow per se, as dogmeat and rex will still fuck her just fine without it. However, using the willow version will add support for J.T... and a bonus for Willow*J.T.
    A little warning though: J.T. is more than a little defensive of Willow, and won't allow any other dog to screw her while he's following.



  10. April+May, 2 very basic Sexout-ified companions

    This mod adds 2 very basic companions, April and May, young blonde caucasians, to the Goodsprings Prospector Saloon. They can be hired for free, with no karma or other requirements. They will follow you and fight on your side. They both sneak, and April has unarmed.
    They have some dialog topics with which you can induce them to have sex with themselves, each other, and you, individually and collectively. In the latest version, they can be instructed to have sex with Arcade, Boone, Cass, and Veronica.
    They look the same, so you can pretend they are twins, if that is your thing, but they do not talk about it, so you can imagine it's a coincidence, if you'd prefer.
    Consider this an alpha, more a proof of concept than anything. There is no story. I have not spent much effort to make their dialog sexy, or really to flesh them out in any way.
    Requires Sexout and Mikoto Beauty. (http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/35878)



  11. SexoutCompanions

    This is a re-upload, I am not the author of this mod.

    This is a very basic plugin that lets you have sex with your companions, no more, no less. It's lore friendly, so sexual orientations are respected. To start the ball rolling, begin dialog with a companion and say, "So... want to have some fun?" Originally by Loogie.
    Cass' dialogue tree is a little weird utterly broken in the vanilla game and topics don't reliably appear.



  12. SexoutStraponSex

    Simple way to have any type of sex, using cyclic dialogs.
    Girls with strapons (or without), guys, creatures, consensual sex or rape, threesome and gangbang, all done through cyclic dialogs.
    There should be a dialog line "Wanna try out my new toy?" available with almost anyone (except children), followed by dialogs for selecting specific sex type. You can also have "usual" sex without strapons.
    Answers are mostly random (with a few scr lists checks), so you won't allways get what you asked for
    If you have your favorite strapon, equip it before dialog, or one from inventory will be automaticaly equipped. If you don't have one, a random strapon from SCR will be equipped. I've found 11 different strapons that are adequate, but not all line up perfectly. There's nothing I can do about this.
    This mod does not care much about genders, and enforces just a few restrictions on the player. You can use it with female or male Courier, but some dialogs may be silly for males. You should be able to use it as a quick way to have any kind of sex available with minimal Sexout setup.


    Compatibility, bugs, latest news
    Shouldn't have any conflicts, or major bugs.
    ToDo: Test and find bugs, rework dialog flow
    SexoutNG - 2.10.96 (or newer)
    Sexout Common Resources - 20160615.1 (or newer)
    (don't forget [sCR] Spectrums Toy Pack)
    SmallerTalk - or something similar
    The Mod Configuration Menu - for menu with settings
    Prideslayer for making SexoutNG, and answering all my silly questions.
    Halstrom, Spectrum Warrior, Odessa and many others for making sexout mods.
    zippy57 for being so helpful with his blinding speed
    LL community and all Fallout fans..
    Do a clean save if updating (big save without this mod active), you really MUST or it won't work right!



  13. SexoutHookups

    I am uploading this file because no one is currently actively maintaining it. I am not taking over development.
    So what does it do?
    It adds people looking for hook-ups.
    You get the option of taking them to a more private place for the fun.
    If you say no to them, they might offer you gifts.
    Or they can decide to just rape you.
    This plugin is for FEMALE PC only! This because let's face it, they are the ones getting hit on all the time.
    This is basically a plugin that adds some more realistic approaches in the wasteland. It should not happen as often as many other plugins (10% chance) but they will serve you pick up lines, they can get angry, and there is a slight chance of you getting raped depending on how tactful your approach is.

    1. This is needed to use the plugin at all
    - Sexout
    2. These are "requirements", use them to get additional features.
    - Smalltalk Let's you talk to characters that don't have dialogue from before. Only needed when they are following you to a more private location and you want to start conversation with them.
    - MCM adds a menu system where you can:
    - change the multiplier for approaches
    - enable/disable some factions from approaching you.
    Jezzy for concept, 90% of the dialogue, and the original design docs.
    UDLR and prideslayer for the Sexout framework.
    Bromm83 for the original plugin.
    zippy57 for adding MCM support.
    Jaam and baermoon for subsequent updates.
    ChancellorKremlin for putting the newest version in the OP so I could find it.
    Loverslab.com for the community where it could be made.

    When you have someone following you, just talk to them when you are in a private spot to begin the action. Remember with smalltalk there might just be the need to close conversation and open it again to get the right dialogue up.
    Have fun!



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